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"Ugly" guys & beautiful girls 黒愛 12/11/07(Wed)17:26 No. 40118 ID: 95258c

File 135230559412.jpg - (468.54KB , 768x1024 , 45a00f71dfb1ca53e6656e560ce1af6a.jpg )

Hi! I am Kuro Ai-chan and was told to come here.

I hope I don't get hated here immediately =(

Anonymous 12/11/08(Thu)01:06 No. 40122 ID: cc1324

Don't worry. I saw the original post on 4chan. I don't hate you at all and they were wrong to say those things to you.
So, I support you.

I love all these images but I didn't know they even existed.

Anonymous ## Mod ## 12/11/08(Thu)12:46 No. 40124 ID: d2d72b

Just don't be autistic or try to pretend you have some sort of infamy to your name because you post porn on the internet, and you should be fine.

Anonymous 12/11/09(Fri)01:56 No. 40133 ID: 132ba0

Yay, you took my advice, I'm so happy!

Hope you like it here, your background will be appreciated, unlike certain other places.

黒愛 12/11/09(Fri)09:20 No. 40135 ID: cfcade


Thank you :)


I won't give you any trouble, I promise.


Thanks for suggesting it :)

I am not sure if I should post the story again though :S

黒愛 12/11/10(Sat)12:24 No. 40148 ID: 5661a6

Redlight's style is so great :)

Anonymous 12/11/10(Sat)19:56 No. 40164 ID: f80304

So glad you found a new place to hang out. <3 This is the hottest thread. I've already fapped numerous times.

Anonymous 12/11/17(Sat)11:11 No. 40186 ID: fb4fa4

I'm so glad you migrated over here. I really loved some of the stuff that was getting posted in your thread. Definitely need more heavyset men in here, though.

黒愛 12/11/20(Tue)10:13 No. 40206 ID: 96a364

Some new content :)

Anonymous 12/12/16(Sun)01:51 No. 40334 ID: 393d43

Anonymous 12/12/16(Sun)01:54 No. 40335 ID: 393d43

Anonymous 13/03/26(Tue)03:29 No. 41129 ID: 3fcdaa

hey aichan i remember that amazing thread, can you repost or let me know the title of that one manga with the fat student fucking all the girls at his school? it was a remake of another manga

Anonymous 13/03/26(Tue)03:34 No. 41130 ID: 3fcdaa

ill post some content to not look like a beggar lol

Anonymous 13/04/05(Fri)05:22 No. 41174 ID: 3fcdaa

still looking for this manga

Anonymous 13/04/07(Sun)10:53 No. 41188 ID: 62b1d7

God I love this shit. There really isn't enough of it.

Anonymous 13/04/23(Tue)08:36 No. 41249 ID: 62b1d7

Um...the end?

Anonymous 13/05/07(Tue)09:32 No. 41286 ID: a92204

not giving up until i get that manga

Anonymous 13/05/12(Sun)08:13 No. 41308 ID: a92204


Anonymous 13/07/23(Tue)11:12 No. 41856 ID: a92204


Anonymous 18/06/22(Fri)20:19 No. 45752 ID: 9cd2c9

Anonymous 18/06/22(Fri)20:25 No. 45753 ID: 9cd2c9

Anonymous 18/06/22(Fri)20:28 No. 45754 ID: 9cd2c9

Anonymous 18/06/22(Fri)20:32 No. 45755 ID: 9cd2c9

Anonymous 18/06/22(Fri)20:36 No. 45756 ID: 9cd2c9

Anonymous 18/06/22(Fri)20:38 No. 45757 ID: 9cd2c9

Anonymous 18/06/22(Fri)20:42 No. 45758 ID: 9cd2c9

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