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Anonymous 13/05/11(Sat)23:46 No. 41303 ID: 99f626

File 136830879788.jpg - (895.50KB , 1291x1308 , Side Effects.jpg )

Looking for feedback about mt captions

105 posts omitted. Last 50 shown.
Anonymous 13/07/14(Sun)09:39 No. 41791 ID: 30d0a0

File 137378755829.jpg - (1.01MB , 1428x1400 , Lotion X.jpg )

random one I did.

Anonymous 13/07/14(Sun)10:05 No. 41792 ID: 30d0a0

More futa cum ones.

Anonymous 13/07/15(Mon)06:17 No. 41798 ID: 30d0a0

so does anyone else have anything they want me to caption or is this thread basically done?

Anonymous 13/07/15(Mon)18:58 No. 41801 ID: 69706f

File 137390748395.jpg - (54.34KB , 550x650 , 0_124.jpg )

Anonymous 13/07/15(Mon)19:01 No. 41802 ID: 69706f

File 137390769220.png - (475.43KB , 800x1059 , 775f727685c786ee42c1309ffe7acac51.png )

Anonymous 13/07/15(Mon)19:04 No. 41803 ID: 69706f

File 137390785672.jpg - (706.88KB , 1777x1050 , 204091.jpg )

Anonymous 13/07/15(Mon)19:23 No. 41804 ID: 69706f

File 137390901263.jpg - (504.96KB , 1316x862 , Troja - Digital Girl.jpg )

Anonymous 13/07/18(Thu)09:08 No. 41823 ID: a812f3

Anonymous 13/07/18(Thu)09:10 No. 41824 ID: a812f3

Anonymous 13/07/18(Thu)15:14 No. 41827 ID: 69706f


Anonymous 13/07/28(Sun)17:15 No. 41888 ID: 69706f

I would love some more please.

Anonymous 13/07/29(Mon)09:14 No. 41898 ID: 1ebfdc


I wrote a few more

Anonymous 13/07/29(Mon)09:18 No. 41899 ID: 1ebfdc

slightly modified version of the one.

Anonymous 13/07/29(Mon)09:24 No. 41900 ID: 1ebfdc

The two ones with the shemale at the bar are different. I was asked to do that one and the first one turned out to be more of a set up for the second.

Anonymous 13/07/29(Mon)09:29 No. 41901 ID: 1ebfdc

Anonymous 13/07/29(Mon)09:36 No. 41902 ID: 1ebfdc

So what do you guys think of my newest batch?

Anonymous 13/07/29(Mon)17:20 No. 41906 ID: 1ebfdc

another two I forgot. These two have a different ending.

Anonymous 13/07/29(Mon)17:57 No. 41907 ID: 69706f

loved the shemale ones. can i have more please?

Anonymous 13/07/29(Mon)18:26 No. 41908 ID: 1ebfdc


You mean the Lotion X ones?

Anonymous 13/07/29(Mon)18:36 No. 41909 ID: 1ebfdc

File 137511578312.jpg - (1.11MB , 1365x1300 , Fault.jpg )


I do have another one I missed.

Anonymous 13/07/30(Tue)07:16 No. 41913 ID: 1ebfdc

does anybody have any good men with tits/ butch shemale pics that I could caption?

Anonymous 13/07/31(Wed)03:35 No. 41919 ID: 69706f


Actually, anything that has to do with a shemale or futa

Anonymous 13/07/31(Wed)03:50 No. 41920 ID: 69706f


Anonymous 13/07/31(Wed)09:23 No. 41921 ID: bc5fc5

Hey, mind if you try these out? I've wanted some sleepymaid captions for a long time, if you could, the one that has the tranny cumming in the ear of the other tranny, could you do something about both of them being under hypnosis and going through some sort of ritual where the pair start off as men but are turned into trannies and to finish the process and cum they have to fuck each other?

Sorry if that sounds picky but you can do whatever you want with the other ones. Besides the lotion x stuff, it's gettin kinda old. Huge fan of male to futa/shemale transformations or feminization of any kind though.

Anonymous 13/07/31(Wed)20:28 No. 41928 ID: 1ebfdc


Would something about a shemale virus work? Like a zombie virus but instead of undead its sexy shemales and instead of bites its cum exposure?

Anonymous 13/08/01(Thu)10:23 No. 41931 ID: bc5fc5


Sure, perfect!

Anonymous 13/08/01(Thu)13:16 No. 41932 ID: 69706f

that sounds hot. Why can't that be real?

Anonymous 13/08/02(Fri)20:46 No. 41943 ID: ef994a

if you're up for a few butch shemale pics, check the galleries of Incase, Sarath and Anasheya in addition to Dmitrys. They all got Hentaifoundry accounts and at least Incase and Sarath have blogs.

Anonymous 13/08/03(Sat)02:25 No. 41946 ID: 74f0f9


Yea but Sarath is a bit to much on the pain.

Anonymous 13/08/03(Sat)03:35 No. 41947 ID: ef994a

There's a few sarath pics that aren't too bad, especially lately on his blog sarathcomix, but you are right, if you want to get some stuff that isn't too extreme, you'd have to crop singular panels from his comics.

Anonymous 13/08/03(Sat)08:22 No. 41948 ID: 74f0f9


All right I will try and to the ear cum ritual thing. I don't know if it really would work with the virus idea. If you have a pic that would I'll definitely do it. Either that or I'll just find a good Dmitrys to use it.

Anonymous 13/08/08(Thu)02:29 No. 41980 ID: 74f0f9


TF? As in transformation?

Anonymous 13/08/08(Thu)07:12 No. 41982 ID: 74f0f9


I am open to different ideas. If you have a good pic for TF post it and give me a direction. I'll see what I can do.

Anonymous 13/08/19(Mon)16:28 No. 42037 ID: 69706f

I want more captions please

Anonymous 13/08/25(Sun)19:33 No. 42090 ID: 1599ce

More please

Anonymous 13/10/01(Tue)16:14 No. 42455 ID: e48f71

I wrote a few more and rewrote an old one

Anonymous 13/10/01(Tue)16:17 No. 42456 ID: e48f71

the same one is two versions. Which one is better?

Anonymous 13/10/05(Sat)18:11 No. 42489 ID: ccf2bf

Can someone tell me what this fetish is called? I'm referring specifically to the captions which mention the Haze.

Any good sources of more?

Anonymous 13/10/23(Wed)06:27 No. 42539 ID: e48f71


I made it up. Its just the effects of futacum

Anonymous 13/10/23(Wed)06:30 No. 42540 ID: e48f71


I mean the effects of the first few hours every time you get fucked.

Anonymous 13/10/27(Sun)07:29 No. 42547 ID: 0806c6

pretty good, except it implies feminists can be smart. i know its fiction, but it seems even a little too ludicrous, even for fiction

Anonymous 13/11/15(Fri)20:15 No. 42602 ID: 1599ce

More please

Anonymous 13/12/09(Mon)04:02 No. 42677 ID: 1599ce

is this dead

Anonymous 13/12/27(Fri)04:54 No. 42746 ID: f7fb9b

What about feminists convinces you that they're stupid? I know several, and they're wonderful people.

Bokasa 14/02/24(Mon)22:35 No. 42882 ID: e20bb4

Hey somebody! Sleepymaid pics really need some manip :3

Anonymous 14/03/15(Sat)20:53 No. 42934 ID: 45d585

He's deeply insecure, basically.

Anonymous 14/05/10(Sat)15:08 No. 43146 ID: 6ac9fc

there is real life feminism which is alright and there is internet feminism which is a cesspit where crazy cunts gravitate towards each other in endless tumblr circlejerks creating a feedback loop of crazy horseshit.

I know feminists irl and they're solid people but when people bitch about feminism they're not talking about their acquaintances in real life and they're talking about the horse-shit spewing nutjobs that have legitimate claim to the title of loudest most obnoxious shits on the planet

Anonymous 15/11/12(Thu)01:37 No. 44824 ID: 8af4f0

If your still taking request then could I request either a futa girl asking to have sex with me or a futa mother and or teacher telling the viewer to be their fucktoy

Anonymous 15/11/19(Thu)20:14 No. 44847 ID: 66b36d

look on the bright side guys at least you're not that canadian faggot from 4chan

Anonymous 16/11/29(Tue)06:32 No. 45389 ID: 00c46f

I doubt he's still following this thread. He's moved over to a subReddit.


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