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/di/ - Sexy Beautiful Traps

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Closet Homosexual 14/09/23(Tue)05:37 No. 97928 ID: 6a9d17 [Reply]

File 141144346256.gif - (469.27KB , 499x350 , tumblr_ljpd2gpcFw1qg39ewo1_r1_500.gif )

How does one find a qt 3.14 trap waifu, /di/?

I live in the northeast and I've been trying to find one for a while now, but it seems like there isn't anyone in this area. Has anyone done it? How did it work out for you?

Also meetup thread, I guess.

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Closet Homosexual 15/01/26(Mon)10:16 No. 99652 ID: d22c3b

you can always try investment
otherwise just get involved with the queer scene

Closet Homosexual 15/01/27(Tue)01:51 No. 99658 ID: 47bd07

If you don't call us "traps" we tend to like you more just sayin'.
OKC lets people flag trans and other various gender options so you can search for us on there.

Closet Homosexual 15/01/27(Tue)05:55 No. 99660 ID: f01fb1

how many gazebos do you shemales need?

Closet Homosexual 14/12/08(Mon)03:49 No. 99124 ID: 9becfd [Reply]

File 141800698655.gif - (2.01MB , 400x427 , 1417655593556.gif )

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Closet Homosexual 15/01/15(Thu)07:43 No. 99550 ID: c17d25

Woops, wrong one


Closet Homosexual 15/01/22(Thu)15:27 No. 99627 ID: 9206da

thats a huge dildo, ive been using a dildo bot nothing that big.

Closet Homosexual 15/01/26(Mon)17:08 No. 99656 ID: dba12f

holy hell, that is an amazing video. thanks a bunch anon.

hi /di/ you know me. 14/08/01(Fri)22:07 No. 96787 ID: 4a45ca [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 140692365083.png - (3.25MB , 2130x1581 , IMG_7583.png )


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Closet Homosexual 15/01/17(Sat)22:48 No. 99583 ID: 9ce970


Where's the vid?

Closet Homosexual 15/01/25(Sun)07:33 No. 99647 ID: e75d7d

link to vid

bacontits 15/01/26(Mon)14:46 No. 99655 ID: 465826

Datass....I would date you so hard!

Closet Homosexual 14/12/29(Mon)21:11 No. 99370 ID: 6cf8dc [Reply]

File 141988386997.webm - (2.84MB , 854x480 , 1402880054221.webm )

so i herd u like webm

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Closet Homosexual 15/01/16(Fri)09:26 No. 99571 ID: 47b8a0


Closet Homosexual 15/01/22(Thu)09:11 No. 99622 ID: f6e11a


Who's the first one?

Closet Homosexual 15/01/26(Mon)09:15 No. 99651 ID: a08b3c

who is muscular girl!!!!

Need to know her name! Closet Homosexual 15/01/22(Thu)00:35 No. 99613 ID: ed537c [Reply]

File 142188333417.jpg - (139.99KB , 495x750 , cuteness.jpg )

I really need to know her name! I'm in love!

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Closet Homosexual 15/01/23(Fri)17:55 No. 99639 ID: f6648d


because they can't proof this shit that it's shopped. Looks legit to me and I added her on fb and read her blog. She's definately trans no cisgirl can get the vibe like this...

Closet Homosexual 15/01/23(Fri)19:10 No. 99640 ID: 669a0f


try that.

Closet Homosexual 15/01/24(Sat)07:20 No. 99642 ID: bebcb5

That's shopped too, dummy. See how the area where pubes should be is lighter than everything else? That's some shitty airbrushing right there. Notice how the pantie pics in the same gallery have obvious bulge in them?

iodine memorial thread Closet Homosexual 15/01/01(Thu)09:28 No. 99391 ID: 3838ff [Reply]

File 142010091047.jpg - (713.21KB , 3456x2592 , 1245237496278a.jpg )

rip in peace iodine, glorious trap goddess. she killed herself in late october

memorial thread go

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Closet Homosexual 15/01/18(Sun)03:57 No. 99592 ID: ef3dfe

File 142154985678.jpg - (243.42KB , 853x1280 , 21.jpg )


Closet Homosexual 15/01/22(Thu)23:36 No. 99629 ID: a2fc6f


That's not Bekki that's Sasha aka the whore who gave her HIV

Closet Homosexual 15/01/23(Fri)01:41 No. 99634 ID: f91d3f

btw whats happened with Sascha?

Sexy beautiful Traps, legendary edition: Closet Homosexual 14/06/25(Wed)22:19 No. 95992 ID: a9201f [Reply]

File 140372754977.jpg - (177.55KB , 999x910 , 2013-07-23 11_55_09.jpg )

Only the sexiest traps or asses.

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Closet Homosexual 15/01/16(Fri)16:50 No. 99576 ID: 97f9e2

source on this?

Closet Homosexual 15/01/20(Tue)10:32 No. 99602 ID: 2a4733

who is this boy/girl with such amazing butt?

Closet Homosexual 15/01/23(Fri)00:42 No. 99633 ID: 5ba713

I also need this source, if you'd please.

Natalie Closet Homosexual 14/09/19(Fri)22:07 No. 97865 ID: a7a3a2 [Reply]

File 141115722327.jpg - (500.10KB , 1280x720 , tumblr_n017xfYKyu1raeoe0o1_1280.jpg )

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Closet Homosexual 15/01/21(Wed)19:57 No. 99608 ID: e767e3

But I would love to fuck a crossdresser. And I think hormones are the tool of the devil.

Closet Homosexual 15/01/22(Thu)01:43 No. 99616 ID: 44273b

wtf are you talking about?

natalie Bea 15/01/22(Thu)07:03 No. 99619 ID: f8b215

Not so into labels except beautiful. You are so beautiful Natalie. This is undeniable

Closet Homosexual 15/01/21(Wed)23:28 No. 99610 ID: 6e182c [Reply]

File 142187931340.jpg - (878.00KB , 1456x2592 , IMG_20150121_160435174[1].jpg )

really wondering what you guys think of my body in girl clothes

1 post and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 15/01/22(Thu)00:15 No. 99612 ID: cbcdae

would take you anytime

Closet Homosexual 15/01/22(Thu)01:41 No. 99615 ID: 44273b

>really wondering what you guys think of my body in girl clothes

we think you should take this shit to /cd/

Closet Homosexual 15/01/22(Thu)02:07 No. 99617 ID: 0db32e


Not trying to be a dick, but in general if you're not passable you're not a trap.

Since we can't see your face, most people will assume you're too manly looking to consider a trap, ergo why this >>99612 fellow told you to go to CD.

You're not bad looking, you just don't have the female feel yet, meaning you don't know how to take cute or sexy pictures yet.

sexy Sunshine7 15/01/18(Sun)03:18 No. 99589 ID: 4b053b [Reply]

File 142154751832.png - (1.41MB , 942x1076 , 3waHnUD.png )

This femboi is lovely!

Closet Homosexual 15/01/18(Sun)23:59 No. 99594 ID: 158b61

Rebeka Refuse

Closet Homosexual 15/01/19(Mon)04:52 No. 99595 ID: 8265b9

Goddamn. I agree.

Closet Homosexual 15/01/20(Tue)06:53 No. 99599 ID: 2a4733


I love her style, one of my favorites.

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