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/di/ - Sexy Beautiful Traps

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hi /di/ you know me. 14/08/01(Fri)22:07 No. 96787 ID: 4a45ca [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 140692365083.png - (3.25MB , 2130x1581 , IMG_7583.png )


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Closet Homosexual 15/08/23(Sun)16:08 No. 101820 ID: 15a1ac

APB was the shit

Traptions Closet Homosexual 15/02/26(Thu)01:41 No. 99995 ID: 0adbd1 [Reply]

File 142491130832.jpg - (531.88KB , 920x1071 , Luv Cappie 1.jpg )

Let's get a nice collection of traptions and feminization stories going again. Explicitly sexual/detailed ones about shrinking dicks and premature ejaculation are particularly welcome~

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Closet Homosexual 15/08/20(Thu)02:39 No. 101796 ID: b1adf7

;~; but its not readable

Closet Homosexual 15/08/20(Thu)23:15 No. 101806 ID: 19738c

File 144010530134.jpg - (2.47MB , 1280x3552 , 143988622636.jpg )

Whoopsie! Silly me!

Closet Homosexual 15/08/23(Sun)03:43 No. 101819 ID: 039514

File 144029422354.jpg - (191.06KB , 927x800 , tumblr_npe0mslvww1tg48fbo1_1280.jpg )

Bareback Video LunaTrap!!OuZQSyZmVl 15/08/17(Mon)12:14 No. 101772 ID: 3c63d3 [Reply]

File 143980649058.jpg - (62.41KB , 720x942 , M4H05946_MP4_snapshot_00_53_[2015_08_02_23_30_26].jpg )


is this what you guys asked for?
if it is, more is cumming

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Closet Homosexual 15/08/19(Wed)04:47 No. 101785 ID: feaf8a


Closet Homosexual 15/08/21(Fri)18:48 No. 101811 ID: 26a1ee

so much yes!!!

Closet Homosexual 15/08/22(Sat)21:37 No. 101818 ID: 839269


Anybody knows who is this beauty Samwise 15/08/21(Fri)17:26 No. 101808 ID: 9282fd [Reply]

File 144017080193.png - (332.61KB , 383x428 , trap.png )

I need to find her name pls.

Closet Homosexual 15/08/22(Sat)01:56 No. 101813 ID: f61638


Have a good weekend.

tiny gurls nothing 15/08/03(Mon)15:52 No. 101661 ID: b97d8a [Reply]

File 143860996640.jpg - (343.11KB , 960x1280 , myex1.jpg )

is anybody into petite....underfed gurls

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Closet Homosexual 15/08/19(Wed)07:29 No. 101787 ID: e797c0

I'd skewer you in a New York Second.

underfed girls Nick Bozzo 15/08/21(Fri)08:03 No. 101807 ID: 3956b1


Yes, quite interested (:

Closet Homosexual 15/08/21(Fri)23:28 No. 101812 ID: e7af09

You are beautiful, i love your body <3

Closet Homosexual 15/05/28(Thu)13:31 No. 101066 ID: 099129 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 143281267922.jpg - (201.51KB , 960x960 , 012 (2).jpg )

N-not sure if i'm supposed to post this in the image dump thread or make my own but here's some of me >//<

Was told to maybe try this instead of random /b/ threads ^^;

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Closet Homosexual 15/08/20(Thu)07:30 No. 101798 ID: a08751

I've been looking for you everywhere lol i always see
your posts on 4chan, you are absolutley gorgeous

wow Closet Homosexual 15/08/21(Fri)18:46 No. 101809 ID: 26a1ee

you are to fucking gorgeous!!!! i would do horrible things just to go on one date with you XD

wow Closet Homosexual 15/08/21(Fri)18:46 No. 101810 ID: 26a1ee

you are to fucking gorgeous!!!! i would do horrible things just to go on one date with you XD

camwhore!KRbmQghE56 14/08/07(Thu)06:48 No. 96926 ID: 0942fd [Reply]

File 140738691499.jpg - (418.33KB , 960x1280 , IMG_20140806_112417.jpg )

I turn myself on. :| Is this weird? y/n

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Closet Homosexual 15/07/30(Thu)10:19 No. 101627 ID: f09c90

that cat tho

Closet Homosexual 15/08/07(Fri)17:48 No. 101697 ID: 693fdb

thats because you have agp

Closet Homosexual 15/08/20(Thu)16:36 No. 101804 ID: 057ca9

Fuck. I need to suck your big dick and swallow your load. Where are you located?

Young sissy :) My first post... 15/08/14(Fri)22:27 No. 101735 ID: f7ce62 [Reply]

File 14395840399.jpg - (23.80KB , 600x337 , 00U0U_1lmGujkHdH5_600x450.jpg )

Just a part time sissy... Wanted to see what everyone thought of me :)

3 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Closet Homosexual 15/08/15(Sat)04:19 No. 101743 ID: 5297cb

You have a nice butt :)

Closet Homosexual 15/08/18(Tue)21:30 No. 101782 ID: 4efb8e

more of that ass please

Closet Homosexual 15/08/19(Wed)20:28 No. 101792 ID: 876517

definitely agree, youre gorgeous

more ass!

Hope I'm in the right place amberlove 15/03/12(Thu)05:46 No. 100203 ID: f623d8 [Reply]

File 142613557514.jpg - (59.37KB , 640x480 , Photo 95.jpg )

Hello /di/! My name is Amber and I just started dressing recently. I'd like to begin transitioning in the near future but in the meantime I was hoping y'all could give me your opinion on if I'm currently passable or if I need to make my way to /cd/. All opinions welcome!

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Closet Homosexual 15/08/17(Mon)03:53 No. 101770 ID: 5299f8

Veery pretty ! !

J. 15/08/18(Tue)02:37 No. 101777 ID: 999d4f

you're very cute. i'd love to date you. where are u from?

noko 15/08/19(Wed)07:42 No. 101788 ID: 8784c5

69/10 You're stunning.

I may have to take my time in the shower tonight!

Hola beb├ęs Ligia Pamela 15/02/26(Thu)02:21 No. 100001 ID: af55ea [Reply]

File 142491368757.jpg - (501.83KB , 720x1280 , http%3A%2F%2F40_media_tumblr_com%2Fdbb2a923c89c945.jpg )

Hi, I'm Pamela, ever publish some of my photos here, greetings from Mexico. Hope you like my photos.

17 posts and 19 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Closet Homosexual 15/07/29(Wed)11:27 No. 101622 ID: cda0ab

Oh fucking la la for the hat picture. What a beauty!

Vivace 15/08/12(Wed)14:54 No. 101728 ID: a059e5

You look fine as hell!

Closet Homosexual 15/08/18(Tue)21:33 No. 101783 ID: 4efb8e

more please
you are so fine, beautiful face and body

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