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More... Lexi 14/12/11(Thu)02:48 No. 99160 ID: b342db [Reply]

File 141826251166.jpg - (0.98MB , 3596x4795 , DSC00348.jpg )

These are more pictures from my blog over at:


I am posting some more gifs and videos soon, so pleased follow my thread ;) xxxxx

Closet Homosexual 14/11/16(Sun)09:46 No. 98696 ID: 7fcf29 [Reply]

File 141612760894.jpg - (28.11KB , 450x336 , 1273480071_04962800.jpg )

Whatever happened to Liu Zhu? She's like one of the hottest traps ever but after that one article about her she just disappeared. Did China just kill her or something?

Closet Homosexual 14/12/06(Sat)05:22 No. 99063 ID: 8265b9

Yes, that's exactly what happened.

Closet Homosexual 14/12/10(Wed)10:56 No. 99156 ID: b10cdb


Closet Homosexual 14/12/05(Fri)13:10 No. 99051 ID: 3eba23 [Reply]

File 141778143682.jpg - (292.56KB , 1280x960 , 20141205_024506.jpg )

Ive been struggling with actually coming out with this for a while.
I wanna start HRT and the diet to soften my features, but im 26.
Is there any hope for me, /di/? Would I ever be passable.
The girlfriend did the makeup. Never had it on before.

Closet Homosexual 14/12/05(Fri)13:17 No. 99052 ID: 3eba23

File 141778182599.jpg - (310.80KB , 1280x960 , 20141202_113523.jpg )

Without anything. Just for refernece.

shayla 14/12/06(Sat)00:44 No. 99055 ID: b3934e

dont lose hope its never with to late to transition. i started a 25 and couldnt be happier.

Closet Homosexual 14/12/09(Tue)07:38 No. 99144 ID: f34a7a

You arent a trap so you shouldnt be here

a little help? Closet Homosexual 14/12/09(Tue)05:34 No. 99141 ID: 1dff43 [Reply]

File 141809969858.jpg - (183.99KB , 667x1000 , xsBtT0h.jpg )

Hi there friend, not entirely sure if I can do this but I'm looking for a particular image that shows ways to make your body more feminine using passing and stuff, if any of you fine people have it it would be much appreciated.

Also general how to trap thread?

Closet Homosexual 14/12/09(Tue)05:41 No. 99142 ID: 1dff43

File 141810011180.jpg - (515.37KB , 960x1354 , 4356_a4ef_960.jpg )


Morrighan 14/04/09(Wed)02:43 No. 94493 ID: 9f0322 [Reply]

File 139700421040.jpg - (137.96KB , 1280x720 , WIN_20140110_162220.jpg )

Um hi.
First time posting here, so tell me if I'm doing anything wrong or whatever..

45 posts and 14 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Closet Homosexual 14/12/05(Fri)08:45 No. 99050 ID: 3ff5a4

Do you do video requests?

Can you please do a video of you doing a cover of Wasted Years by Iron Maiden?

Closet Homosexual 14/12/06(Sat)22:56 No. 99086 ID: a0d374

You should make a video of yourself.
Even like, a vlog post.
I just love an Irish accent and want to hear yours.

Closet Homosexual 14/12/09(Tue)05:28 No. 99140 ID: d3a5c5

You're very adorable. Are you on HRT or anything of the sort?

hey skyhigh 14/09/28(Sun)17:51 No. 98044 ID: c8133b [Reply]

File 141191947197.jpg - (1.61MB , 3264x2448 , 2014-09-26 07_57_05.jpg )

sup :)

13 posts and 14 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Closet Homosexual 14/10/06(Mon)23:18 No. 98193 ID: 58ed68

Really damnnnnn got me biting my fists baby gosh you are so god damn sexy wowwwwwww seeing you in fishnets got my cock rock hard love those cute tities mmmmmm

w 14/12/06(Sat)23:23 No. 99088 ID: 5a87de

i'd love to do all this awesome things to you

Closet Homosexual 14/12/08(Mon)23:47 No. 99139 ID: f2fcbb

where to find this vid ? anyone know

... Closet Homosexual 14/12/06(Sat)16:12 No. 99076 ID: a64f7b [Reply]

File 141787872656.jpg - (103.06KB , 640x454 , image.jpg )

Real trans here. Boyfriends favorite bra..

Closet Homosexual 14/12/06(Sat)16:14 No. 99077 ID: a64f7b

File 141787887885.jpg - (92.39KB , 640x480 , image.jpg )

forgot to mention why it's his favorite..

Closet Homosexual 14/12/06(Sat)16:18 No. 99078 ID: a64f7b

File 141787909637.jpg - (379.65KB , 846x3264 , image.jpg )

What I wear when I fuck

Closet Homosexual 14/12/07(Sun)04:54 No. 99093 ID: e1a749

MOAR! You are gorgeous!

hmm? Closet Homosexual 14/12/06(Sat)09:39 No. 99071 ID: 9d3a47 [Reply]

File 141785517899.jpg - (1.16MB , 4320x2432 , QIo3MyT.jpg )

what do you think?

camwhore!KRbmQghE56 14/08/07(Thu)06:48 No. 96926 ID: 0942fd [Reply]

File 140738691499.jpg - (418.33KB , 960x1280 , IMG_20140806_112417.jpg )

I turn myself on. :| Is this weird? y/n

25 posts and 25 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Closet Homosexual 14/08/29(Fri)09:26 No. 97399 ID: 6b0d58

soo.... hoping you live in canada?

Closet Homosexual 14/09/18(Thu)02:40 No. 97843 ID: 528283

omg michelle black?

Closet Homosexual 14/11/10(Mon)21:10 No. 98609 ID: f09c90


I'm back!! :D Ashley Jones 14/11/13(Thu)05:50 No. 98644 ID: 84c95b [Reply]

File 141585422678.jpg - (388.79KB , 1034x582 , rawr.jpg )

I'm back! :D share/comment/like the video please! Also don't forget to sub! <3 ^_^


Closet Homosexual 14/11/13(Thu)06:44 No. 98646 ID: 6403fb

don't forget to fuck off

Closet Homosexual 14/11/13(Thu)17:33 No. 98652 ID: 14dd0f

The fuck did she do to you, man?

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