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/di/ - Sexy Beautiful Traps

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Skype or kik?? Bk1988 15/07/06(Mon)02:02 No. 101437 ID: 39f135 [Reply]

File 143614093344.png - (2.00MB , 1080x1920 , Screenshot_2015-04-01-14-28-24-20150607-100352815-.png )

Looking to chat with someone tonite maybe more... Message me if interested!! Age 22 NY

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Closet Homosexual 15/07/22(Wed)16:45 No. 101548 ID: 1cbfbf

18 m, NY
add me on kik : psychofrancis ;)

Closet Homosexual 15/08/07(Fri)22:52 No. 101699 ID: 4bd35c

Add me on kik: squildude

Closet Homosexual 15/08/14(Fri)00:30 No. 101733 ID: 926ea8


Help Closet Homosexual 15/08/05(Wed)04:34 No. 101680 ID: e86ac3 [Reply]

File 14387420998.png - (668.74KB , 640x414 , me.png )

I started trapping after my homestay father in Japan made me wear his wife's lingerie and raped me. Does anyone have any similar forced experiences? Am I at all normal?

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Closet Homosexual 15/08/06(Thu)00:42 No. 101687 ID: 754dfe


Yup! Reporting this thing to someone too.

Closet Homosexual 15/08/06(Thu)15:51 No. 101692 ID: 85c7aa

ever play with your ass?

Closet Homosexual 15/08/12(Wed)12:22 No. 101724 ID: a39c18

I think this was just a fantasy this guy wants to play out or trade role playing stories with some other guys

Closet Homosexual 15/08/12(Wed)09:11 No. 101722 ID: 5e7028 [Reply]

File 143936347512.jpg - (124.43KB , 1073x1692 , w1cKqa0.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 15/08/12(Wed)10:08 No. 101723 ID: 787c1f


why life dink 14/10/25(Sat)17:03 No. 98406 ID: d05b95 [Reply]

File 141424939365.png - (27.29KB , 128x128 , avatar_4969c3b725e9_128.png )

So I'm a boy. Kid, really. Not gay, not interested in looking like or becoming a girl. I'm just a regular, boring online teen going through puberty and all that nonsense. This trap stuff is Fucing Confusing though. The more I time I spend on sites like these, the more I get convinced I like to look pretty traps more than biological females?? Why?! I don't have a problem with traps, but it's kind of shooting my chance at ever finding someone nice irl. Traps must be super rare.. how could I ever hope to meet one by chance, fall in love by chance, etc..? Am I basically doomed to never find someone irl I truly like? Ths makes no sense whatsoever. I'm sure traps have it worse in life than me though, I'm sorry for coming in here and complaining - it's just that I can't think of anywhere else to go. I've just been wall to wall for weeks now. I just want to have normal life, go out, have a chance conversation with someone interesting, get drunk, date, hang out, fall in love, etc with someone that happens to be a trap. Can't I just have that? I don't want to browse sites the rest of my life and be baited by vids, blogs and posts of attractive people. =_= How could this have ever happened?

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Little Miss Tickle 15/07/19(Sun)17:50 No. 101526 ID: 4c64dc

Im a tg girl. i feel the same way sometimes, very hard to find someone who likes me.

Closet Homosexual 15/08/05(Wed)17:19 No. 101683 ID: 9f9949

I share your concerns my friend. I see these amazing beautiful traps on the internet, something I came to discover and learn about too late in my life. Until I knew about traps, I was pretty sure "real girls" were the best thing in life. Nope, there was the traps yet to be discovered. Now traps are all I think about and just wanking to pictures on the internet is not enough. I just want to meet a cute trap and date her, love her, have a life. Too bad at this point I already have a life with a woman that I love and now is too much we built together for me to just walk away to live by the chance of never finding a beautiful cute trap to love and live with. Besides, where I live, the closer you get are some pretty ugly shemales who looks like sexdolls, are drug addicts and live of prostitution. Far away from the normal life with a trapgurl I dream about. :(

Closet Homosexual 15/08/12(Wed)03:13 No. 101720 ID: d98597


Move to San Diego or California in general. I'm a pretty passable & normal trap and I can tell you that I know of quite a few here. California is practically the gay capital of the US. New York would be good for that too.

Although, I'll admit that I'm the most normal girl acting trap I know here. Most act like gay men and are prostitutes... :/ That's just the sad reality.

Closet Homosexual 14/12/08(Mon)03:49 No. 99124 ID: 9becfd [Reply]

File 141800698655.gif - (2.01MB , 400x427 , 1417655593556.gif )

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Closet Homosexual 15/05/08(Fri)21:59 No. 100866 ID: 6760b8

File 14311151727.gif - (2.87MB , 384x288 , rtshtjdtty.gif )

Closet Homosexual 15/05/19(Tue)22:12 No. 100991 ID: 6760b8

File 143206634037.gif - (3.11MB , 383x288 , tshsrtfhx.gif )

Names Please..... Closet Homosexual 15/08/11(Tue)06:04 No. 101718 ID: 4e7dcb

Anyone have a name for either of these two beauties? I gotta have MOAR.....

MORE!!!!! Closet Homosexual 13/12/18(Wed)12:14 No. 92434 ID: ae30f4 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 138736525358.jpg - (30.49KB , 306x306 , 75ce6d944a1c11e3a3d112226e1e851a_6.jpg )

More of her. She's hot, but there isn't enough to fap too

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private dropbox backup Closet Homosexual 15/06/29(Mon)07:12 No. 101385 ID: 2f0f57


there's another!

Closet Homosexual 15/08/02(Sun)02:05 No. 101647 ID: ff9ad7

No one got the blue hair vid yet ? =/

Closet Homosexual 14/12/07(Sun)01:59 No. 99091 ID: 659a17 [Reply]

File 141791398159.jpg - (614.16KB , 1728x2925 , WP_20141204_06_26_25_Pro.jpg )

I checked the first two pages and didn't see any sort of general camwhore thread. Soooooo seeing as I'm lazy here have.a picture of me, maybe some more later.

20 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Closet Homosexual 15/03/20(Fri)19:47 No. 100397 ID: 2e0694

Please come back and post some more.
I'm dying of love for you!

nice Jim 15/03/30(Mon)22:27 No. 100509 ID: 33c858

beautiful body. love to play with it too!

Closet Homosexual 15/07/31(Fri)22:02 No. 101640 ID: dfe1eb

You're gorgeous! Can we get some more pics with your face in them?

Witchcraft!tZsGgTBOzw 14/07/26(Sat)07:48 No. 96681 ID: 8a5822 [Reply]

File 140635368255.jpg - (139.78KB , 1080x720 , 1.jpg )

hey y'all

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Closet Homosexual 15/03/15(Sun)07:15 No. 100239 ID: 38c52e


She used to cut her hair short, she's got long hair now but you look just like her.


stoned714 15/06/09(Tue)23:31 No. 101220 ID: 598e6a

hey whats up sexy

Closet Homosexual 15/07/30(Thu)18:16 No. 101630 ID: e785f1

I would fuck you. What is your kik?

tranny ass Closet Homosexual 14/11/24(Mon)04:49 No. 98813 ID: c495e6 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 141680095799.jpg - (115.24KB , 694x977 , 759_1000.jpg )

i want to see your best tranny asses spread and fuckable, plus points if cock is visible.

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Closet Homosexual 15/05/16(Sat)17:38 No. 100960 ID: bd66ee

Closet Homosexual 15/07/28(Tue)19:37 No. 101616 ID: 2a0c26

File 143810505532.jpg - (200.45KB , 1280x960 , 1725545226.jpg )

Who is this beauty Bla 15/07/28(Tue)18:21 No. 101615 ID: 5be9a6 [Reply]

File 143810051282.jpg - (228.34KB , 1280x893 , 20.jpg )

fantastic girl

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