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Alice 2016年01月18日(月) 15時40分00秒 103390 ID: 5ae547

画像ファイル名 145312799911.jpg - (800.61KB , 2448x3060 , image.jpg )

Alice 2016年01月18日(月) 15時42分19秒 103391 ID: 5ae547

Alice 2016年01月18日(月) 15時49分05秒 103392 ID: 5ae547

Yumm Closet Homosexual 2016年01月26日(火) 06時19分41秒 103447 ID: 9872d2

Sexy pics, all sorts to suck on... got me hard!

Avery 2016年01月27日(水) 16時41分46秒 103457 ID: 0ed253

So damn cute, could you post pics of your ass please?

Closet Homosexual 2016年02月05日(金) 11時47分45秒 103512 ID: dc8dd2

you're definitely cute af

Closet Homosexual 2016年02月06日(土) 05時02分27秒 103516 ID: 8fb20b

okay I'm intrigued, must see moar

Alice 2016年02月14日(日) 10時34分12秒 103562 ID: c6aea5

画像ファイル名 145544245228.jpg - (263.94KB , 960x1235 , image.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 2016年02月16日(火) 12時35分14秒 103572 ID: 8fb20b

Is that some sort of pokesaber :P ?

Alice 2016年02月17日(水) 11時45分35秒 103582 ID: c6aea5

No, just a pokeball. Well a greatball I think

Closet Homosexual 2016年02月17日(水) 13時52分41秒 103584 ID: 8fb20b

Ah |3 interessant

Closet Homosexual 2016年07月17日(日) 02時10分02秒 104682 ID: c118d8

Poor Alice, it's sad how she died 😢

Closet Homosexual 2016年07月17日(日) 18時03分26秒 104683 ID: 8a9868


Closet Homosexual 2016年07月17日(日) 19時09分01秒 104684 ID: c118d8

I heard something about her having really bad depression and everyone abandoning her.

Closet Homosexual 2016年08月27日(土) 19時17分26秒 104904 ID: ef0768

that happened to me. litterally everyone abandons me, even the "chasers" after i dedicate my life to being trans. society is under an evil spell of "what does this nobody think of me here i had better destroy this pure innocent soul to appease the cool kids."

i dont know how i didnt kill myself having endured so many force-you-to-kill-yourself rituals. any young trans who reads this know that this can happen to you and gang stalking is real. keep fighting, or dont even fight just rise above, and dont end your life no matter what the possesed masses tell you the world needs you. youre helping better mankind through example. be strong.

Closet Homosexual 2016年08月27日(土) 19時36分51秒 104906 ID: 15d09d

let go of any human attachments. you can love then but dont let their emotions and opinions enter you. they are on a lower level of perception. being trans means you will have an amazing life full of emotional physical and hopefully spiritual bliss, but other people - dont let them in. you must rxist as a singular individual most of the time. you must learn how to be your own friend, sibling, parent, guatdian, teacher, and doctor for the most part. everyone else will let you dont oppose you or subconsciously try to destroy you. being trans you get to see the underbelly of human social interaction. stay focused on yourself, god, and your hobbies. dont let other people influence you. they may come in the guise of a supporter. dont let that carry you off your feet because their only going to toss you under a bus to appease dad, grand dad, mom, a female etc. your best fruends will abandon you. your lovers will betray you, they will lie about you, they will make you into a clown in their imagination and then spread their opinion of you to your closest allies to destroy any ground work.

you can not be emotionally tied to others at all. deep down trans people are very caring. they will use this to defeat you.

just be ready if this happens to you. if youre freshly famous or living in an "everybody loves me" bubble fine good. just remember what youve read when you have a bad day and everyone you know kicks you when your down again and again. you cannot depend on others to help or understand. when you are knocked down as a trans person the only one to catch you is yourself. depend on only yourself. no one else matters, but be kind still. youre better than them.

Alice 2016年09月09日(金) 23時05分00秒 105056 ID: 85cff6

I died? Since when

Alice 2016年09月09日(金) 23時09分20秒 105057 ID: 85cff6

Alice 2016年09月09日(金) 23時12分06秒 105058 ID: 85cff6

I guess I look pretty good for someone that's supposedly dead

Alice 2016年09月12日(月) 00時23分42秒 105075 ID: 502d98

Alice 2016年09月12日(月) 00時24分57秒 105076 ID: 502d98

Closet Homosexual 2016年09月13日(火) 10時15分32秒 105081 ID: 752bcc

Hot. Can I cum in your butt?

Felix+Chan 2016年09月21日(水) 02時27分36秒 105131 ID: 63f8cf

"they are on a lower level of perceptoin"
yes, in the same way a man who has seen war is on a higher level of percptoin. turmoil will always make one tougher and have better perceptoin, regardless of what said turmoil is.

"deep down trans people are very caring"
no one is inherantly caring, every person is moulded from the same mud. we are all mud. there is no inherently stronger mud. I can tell you for a fact that I know trans people who have hurt me more then any of the "normal" people have. deep down were all shit

stop acting like were special, were all humans, and humans are pretty terrible creatures, be ye trans, cis gay or straight. however I choose to care about other humans because despite being shit, people still have worth. in the end you can't judge every one else of your own expereince. I've been doing this for 2 months and honestly I can tell you've got more flack for being a fan of slipknot. peace out maggots

Closet Homosexual 2016年11月01日(火) 01時03分30秒 105382 ID: e3afb3

Closet Homosexual 2017年05月19日(金) 22時20分40秒 106142 ID: 9618dd


Closet Homosexual 2017年05月19日(金) 23時38分53秒 106143 ID: 6e3b44

looking good mama

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