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Captions Closet Homosexual 17/02/27(Mon)03:47 No. 105927 ID: e42e4d

File 148816364460.jpg - (221.54KB , 1280x854 , 19186789.jpg )

It's been a really long time, let's get a sissy captions thread going again. I'll start.

Closet Homosexual 17/02/27(Mon)03:48 No. 105928 ID: e42e4d

Closet Homosexual 17/02/27(Mon)03:51 No. 105929 ID: e42e4d

Closet Homosexual 17/02/27(Mon)03:54 No. 105930 ID: e42e4d

Closet Homosexual 17/02/27(Mon)03:56 No. 105931 ID: e42e4d

Vinciini 17/03/03(Fri)21:59 No. 105949 ID: a6f5df

Closet Homosexual 17/04/18(Tue)07:47 No. 106065 ID: 1c6069

File 149249446235.jpg - (191.74KB , 910x786 , 3C7AB20.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 17/04/18(Tue)07:48 No. 106066 ID: 1c6069

Closet Homosexual 17/04/18(Tue)07:49 No. 106067 ID: 1c6069

Closet Homosexual 17/04/18(Tue)07:50 No. 106068 ID: 1c6069

Closet Homosexual 17/04/18(Tue)07:51 No. 106069 ID: 1c6069

File 149249467199.jpg - (172.58KB , 1280x800 , s1-09.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 17/04/18(Tue)07:51 No. 106070 ID: 1c6069

gonna dump a lot

Closet Homosexual 17/04/18(Tue)07:53 No. 106071 ID: 1c6069

let me know if you want more

Closet Homosexual 17/04/18(Tue)07:53 No. 106072 ID: 1c6069

gonna dump a lot

Closet Homosexual 17/05/03(Wed)04:16 No. 106113 ID: e42e4d

Closet Homosexual 17/06/11(Sun)05:33 No. 106180 ID: f541b2

Anyone got the one where a trap is forced to marry her father?

Closet Homosexual 17/06/12(Mon)04:54 No. 106186 ID: a5ecf6

File 149723608156.webm - (1.29MB , 1280x720 , ShowyBlushingAfricanjacana.webm )

Closet Homosexual 17/08/08(Tue)06:04 No. 106329 ID: 3e7e82

Closet Homosexual 17/08/08(Tue)06:06 No. 106330 ID: 3e7e82

Closet Homosexual 17/08/09(Wed)23:49 No. 106339 ID: 24addc

149723608156.webm I need to know who this is

Closet Homosexual 17/08/12(Sat)20:12 No. 106343 ID: a5ecf6


Google Ladyboy Noona fucked bareback, you'll find it

Closet Homosexual 17/08/18(Fri)23:31 No. 106356 ID: 8cf908

Closet Homosexual 17/08/22(Tue)19:56 No. 106363 ID: be759d

File 150342458930.jpg - (2.47MB , 1280x3552 , 143988622636.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 18/02/11(Sun)08:23 No. 106823 ID: fc0ba0

File 151833380650.gif - (2.76MB , 276x216 , brushing-up.gif )


Closet Homosexual 18/05/05(Sat)17:20 No. 106981 ID: 9584de

File 152553362517.jpg - (235.33KB , 1009x1024 , c0a222fedae475d7596d1b4433f7960c-imagejpeg.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 18/05/05(Sat)22:39 No. 106982 ID: e06916

Closet Homosexual 18/05/06(Sun)14:37 No. 106983 ID: df6314


Closet Homosexual 18/07/25(Wed)21:02 No. 107181 ID: 3119e9

Bumping in hopes of getting more gay titboi content. The thread over on /girly/ reached its limit awhile ago apparently.

Closet Homosexual 18/08/04(Sat)15:43 No. 107200 ID: cac997

Yeah it's a shame that thread got maxed out. Feel free to repost some of your favorite titboy stuff here. Here's some new ones

Closet Homosexual 18/08/04(Sat)23:55 No. 107203 ID: d884c8

Hohoho, excellent. I was also a fan of these on /girly/. Glad they're back.

Closet Homosexual 18/08/05(Sun)02:24 No. 107204 ID: a7586a

I'll post the gay hooters saga. It's a really hot scenario. Maybe I'll dump more a different day but I'm sure these will get flamed, if there's anyone still here lol.

Closet Homosexual 18/08/05(Sun)02:25 No. 107205 ID: a7586a


Aye KaZaMa_JiZ 18/08/10(Fri)22:39 No. 107211 ID: 80ae15


Closet Homosexual 18/08/22(Wed)22:09 No. 107226 ID: dd9467

are you gonna continue to post here or should we restart the thread over there? or maybe start a tumblr or imagefap or something.

Closet Homosexual 18/08/26(Sun)18:24 No. 107232 ID: 3d36d4

I guess I'll post here occasionally. There seems to be more activity here

Closet Homosexual 18/08/27(Mon)00:57 No. 107234 ID: 88ed1a

wow the "closet homosexual" auto-anon has never felt more appropo. i'm blushing.

but anyway I love this shit, especially the genital removal to indicate bottom status stuff. i'll for certain be checking back so post whenever you can i guess.

Closet Homosexual 18/10/17(Wed)20:40 No. 107294 ID: 0ca87a

any of your gay tit boys gonna dress up as something sexy for halloween?

Closet Homosexual 18/11/01(Thu)00:52 No. 107323 ID: 3d36d4

File 154102995779.png - (0.99MB , 1238x793 , hallo.png )


Going out in a hooters outfit with breast forms, butt forms and hot pink sparkling lipstick. A masquerade. Maybe I'll find a lucky boy

Closet Homosexual 18/11/01(Thu)18:21 No. 107331 ID: 868a92

hell yah. the not gay ending was a bit of a boner killer, but i like that even w/ this very specific fetish they still aren't all the same. any chance of a few more soon if you have some other ideas floating around?

Closet Homosexual 18/11/09(Fri)02:12 No. 107345 ID: 3d36d4

File 154172592156.jpg - (1.06MB , 2068x1920 , loloolo.jpg )

Gotta love the sometimes trolly endings


Is there a way to make money off of writing captions? I see the feminization station blogger has some kind of scheme

Closet Homosexual 18/11/09(Fri)04:59 No. 107346 ID: ef2e31

idk, full series that comprise a story might be worth putting behind a paywall or a patreon type thing, alongside simpler stuff that's released for free. like if you're doing a full story with many captions, or putting a lot of work into the photoshop, you can maybe charge depending on how popular they are.

also i like the chesticle thing. legit hot and legit lol at the same time. and as always, nipple/dick/ball removal is fun.

Closet Homosexual 18/11/11(Sun)17:23 No. 107349 ID: 3d36d4

File 154195339288.jpg - (413.38KB , 1080x1080 , 45645.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 18/11/14(Wed)20:17 No. 107354 ID: 27a93f

i like that you find classically bimbo-y girls for these caps, it really fuels the hyper-femininity (and thus uber-gayness) of it all.

Closet Homosexual 18/11/21(Wed)00:19 No. 107363 ID: b3db90

File 154275595834.jpg - (76.09KB , 500x490 , 663302292.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 18/12/04(Tue)22:39 No. 107436 ID: ad0800

bump for more gay titbois? christmas is coming, maybe i'll get one as a stocking-stuffer (or cockring-stuffer).

Closet Homosexual 18/12/31(Mon)17:12 No. 107530 ID: eedbfe

with tumblr dying this must live on

Closet Homosexual 19/01/02(Wed)02:19 No. 107533 ID: 050f88

I agree. Would love to see some “New Year, new (gay titboi) me” caps.

Closet Homosexual 19/02/19(Tue)19:55 No. 107639 ID: 074fea

It seems this place is mostly dead; GTB caps are really the only reason I check around anymore (and apparently I'm not the only poster who's interested - not all these requests are me). So hopefully you come back, gay titboi guy. I'd always love to see new content.

Closet Homosexual 19/03/11(Mon)04:52 No. 107667 ID: 98bb3d

File 155227636162.jpg - (233.67KB , 1360x553 , 4444545.jpg )


Glad to have fans at least. Here's a quickie

Closet Homosexual 19/03/11(Mon)05:02 No. 107668 ID: 98bb3d

File 155227692070.jpg - (325.99KB , 1137x798 , 523523523.jpg )

another new one

Closet Homosexual 19/03/11(Mon)05:10 No. 107669 ID: 98bb3d

File 155227743530.jpg - (398.87KB , 1080x1408 , 3254235235.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 19/03/11(Mon)05:17 No. 107670 ID: 98bb3d

File 155227782431.jpg - (533.92KB , 2136x1350 , 235235235.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 19/03/11(Mon)21:55 No. 107675 ID: 69d6ca

awesome. love the top ones with big dicks, love the castrated/penectomized sub ones, love everything about the gay titboi concept. keep going.

Closet Homosexual 19/04/30(Tue)20:12 No. 107745 ID: 3f673a

Can someone help me find this traption that used to float around here years ago? The picture was a POV shot of a (obviously cis) girl in the doggy position, the background was a light blue not dissimilar to the background of the actual board, and the story was about a trap who was caught dressing by their step brother and then blackmailed to fuck

Closet Homosexual 19/05/01(Wed)05:51 No. 107746 ID: 7cf693

File 155668269477.png - (31.82KB , 1856x352 , 1529633801695.png )

Imagine how hot this would be

Closet Homosexual 19/05/17(Fri)19:06 No. 107769 ID: 725a27

File 155811278551.jpg - (128.91KB , 960x663 , 8F794C1C-EC89-4F43-A458-F55BD2F52736.jpg )

Ahem... I think this pic deserves some bulge photoshops and the gay titboi treatment. That is all.

Closet Homosexual 19/05/21(Tue)14:24 No. 107784 ID: dc7853

File 15584414774.png - (1.91MB , 2286x1292 , 345435435.png )


I'll think about it. Anymore requests?

Closet Homosexual 19/05/21(Tue)19:45 No. 107785 ID: 295a3f

After seeing the hooters boys here I gained a serious fetish for that lol. And I’ve always loved castration/penectomy stuff and it’s hits that perfectly too

Closet Homosexual 19/05/21(Tue)19:56 No. 107786 ID: 295a3f

Although, as the anon that made this >>107769
request, I’d rather them be big dicked. Or maybe mix it up and have some be hung while others have had their junk removed.

Closet Homosexual 19/05/22(Wed)02:14 No. 107787 ID: dc7853

File 15584840705.jpg - (548.09KB , 1586x806 , hooters.jpg )

Alright, I guess this one has a kind of Planet of the Apes sci fi back story to it but hopefully it hits your sweet spot.

I'll work on the bulge one too

Closet Homosexual 19/05/22(Wed)02:38 No. 107788 ID: dc7853

File 155848553189.jpg - (363.74KB , 960x1006 , football.jpg )


Here you go

Closet Homosexual 19/05/22(Wed)13:42 No. 107789 ID: f694a7

Miraculous. A fantasy league was an unexpected angle and I loved it. Both of them. Idk why I like this stuff so much, but it sure is hot. And hilarious lol

Closet Homosexual 19/05/24(Fri)03:10 No. 107791 ID: dc7853

File 155866020377.jpg - (764.55KB , 1308x1777 , pink.jpg )


Is this alright?

Closet Homosexual 19/06/26(Wed)00:01 No. 107823 ID: 42cab4

A question for you GTB fans: do you enjoy when shemales still have a kinda male voice? I think Renata Davila is the best example of this. It’s not totally like a guy’s but it’s still low and def not female. That and her huge cumshots I think put her into gay titboy territory. I’ve been thinking about it since I first saw these captions and it’s been driving me even more wild.

Closet Homosexual 19/07/02(Tue)14:00 No. 107853 ID: dc7853

File 156206881167.jpg - (101.52KB , 682x1024 , 94416_11.jpg )


Yes, male/deep voiced women are erotic and make me think about titboys. There's a very hot trans pornstar named bianka nascimento who has an erotic sensual lower than usual voice and it's quite frankly VERY sexy, I recommend you look him up on ashemaletube, his name is Bianka Nascimento. And I know I should be using female pronouns but I'm getting turned on misgendering her.

Ever see that Thailand's got talent clip with the trans singing in a male voice?

Also check this out haha

Closet Homosexual 19/07/03(Wed)00:24 No. 107854 ID: 931133

Just fapped to a Bianka gangbang scene using this exact frame lol. Thanks for expanding my horizons.

And keep the caps coming, GTB captioner. This fetish seems to be pretty specific so we’re counting on you!

Closet Homosexual 19/07/10(Wed)14:19 No. 107862 ID: dc7853

File 156276115141.jpg - (870.59KB , 2006x1126 , 45645654.jpg )

I wish there was a subreddit or something to post these in. I'm glad I could help your titboy addiction. Let me know if you find any other deep voice TS or women. Also, Jonelle Broooks has a really sexy JOI where she calls you a faggot, look for that. (It takes one to know one right?)

Closet Homosexual 19/07/11(Thu)03:06 No. 107863 ID: 5bbc31

File 156280720118.jpg - (142.83KB , 853x1280 , AA17C49F-77E3-450F-A8FF-A6913784ACC4.jpg )

Aw, Jonelle got her nuts cut off recently unfortunately. See tweet below. It’s a shame, she shot big loads and seemed to always love having her balls sucked on (which I wish more gay titboys would do), and those implant scars my god. Anyway I haven’t seen any visual evidence but yeah check the tweet.


Maybe that’d be a hot scenario though. One gtb likes his balks but another, more hung one likes his more, and we both know who’s gonna be the one to come out on top.


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