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John Smith 16/01/27(Wed)08:24 No. 45153

File 145387945326.jpg - (23.38KB , 600x600 , 52-100-thickbox.jpg )

I really love soda. I can't get enough it.

Do you like soft drinks?

John Smith 16/01/27(Wed)09:45 No. 45154

I love them, but, I limit myself to one at dinner every day because they are so unhealthy.

John Smith 16/01/27(Wed)18:09 No. 45155

Soda's good. I don't understand how some people drink it and nothing else though. Sometimes water or juice, or even tea, is good.

John Smith 16/01/27(Wed)21:04 No. 45156

Soda is the devil, John, enjoy.

John Smith 16/02/08(Mon)03:18 No. 45168

My favorite drink is the softest of all, water of course. I drink it compulsively, 3 to 5 liters every day. For that reason my pee is always transparent, never even a tiny bit of yellow, which is the disappointing part of all because I really like yellow urine. But one can't have it all in this life.
I also enjoy coffee and yerba mate and drink lots of that stuff. Soda is bad, it hurts when I drink it, I don't understand how people can have it on a daily basis.

John Smith 16/02/10(Wed)14:36 No. 45170

The softest drink of all is a warm pint of melted butter.
- Maximus Triglyceride IV (980.lb)

John Smith 16/02/10(Wed)19:33 No. 45171

Soda's too sweet for me, it hurts my teeth if I drink too much.

John Smith 16/02/15(Mon)23:57 No. 45174

File 145557704663.png - (407.00KB , 444x460 , Penguin_2.png )

Try taking a multivitamin high in Riboflavin, also known as vitamin B2.

Pee will be yellow to bright yellow.


John Smith 16/02/25(Thu)16:32 No. 45188

Is everyone in here really so new as to not comment on the OP's image? Or are we just eh about everything now? I haven't been here the last few years, but things sure have changed. That is life though, I guess.

John Smith 16/02/27(Sat)01:59 No. 45193

I thought it was cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) that did that, but maybe riboflavin does that too.

John Smith 16/02/28(Sun)19:39 No. 45194

As a youth, I was heavily addicted to cherry coke.

Now I hardly drink anything with sugar; only the occasional cocoa with whiskey.

John Smith 16/02/29(Mon)20:44 No. 45198

I really do, maybe more than I should. Drinking a Dr. Pepper right now.

John Smith 16/03/03(Thu)19:58 No. 45208

I stopped drinking soda and lost about 20 lbs.

John Smith 16/04/15(Fri)18:49 No. 45272

I love soft drinks, Coca Cola especially.

It depends on the Coca Cola in question though. I'm not fond of Diet Coke if I'm honest John, and Coke Zero isn't that much better really. Regular ol' Coke is the one for me.

I limit drinking it to when I'm eating on times like Friday nights where I live on the wild side and have something like pizza though.

John Smith 16/04/17(Sun)01:13 No. 45279

Ginger ale is life tbh

John Smith 16/04/21(Thu)06:23 No. 45282

Only as a mixer with alcohol. I've lost weight since halving my glass size and switching to the coke with stevia. Actually it's probably just me gaining muscle mass from moving which has raised by base energy consumption.

John Smith 16/04/22(Fri)01:33 No. 45283

I like sparkling water.

All the carbonation with none of the calories.

And its better for your teeth, John.

John Smith 16/04/22(Fri)06:47 No. 45287

Love is a strong word, John.

John Smith 17/01/03(Tue)11:49 No. 45807

I would have to say that dr.pepper is my favorite.

John Smith 17/01/04(Wed)03:40 No. 45808

Coke and Pepsi taste so similar ya know

Like one has a tablespoon more sugar, big deal
I drink either Dr. P or Mountain Dew

But I prefer A&W Cream Soda

John Smith 17/01/05(Thu)02:03 No. 45809

File 148357820218.jpg - (30.38KB , 450x450 , 13361672.jpg )

I enjoy sugar free fruit punch.

John Smith 17/01/05(Thu)07:32 No. 45811

I like arizona.

John Smith 17/01/15(Sun)13:00 No. 45822

None for me, thank you. I only drink water, herbal tea, and a glass of warm milk before I go to bed. The sugar and caffeine in coffee is too arousing for me.

John Smith 17/01/16(Mon)07:20 No. 45825

I dont drink coffee, either. Caffeine often gives me a stomach ache and the shakes.

John Smith 17/01/17(Tue)23:29 No. 45829

Soda is pretty nice, the sugar at least keeps me awake.

John Smith 17/01/18(Wed)20:59 No. 45831

I like flavored soft drinks. The cheap ones.

John Smith 17/01/19(Thu)10:58 No. 45834

I stay away from anything caffeinated these days. Gets my head in a spin really ...

John Smith 17/01/30(Mon)21:53 No. 45855

I like soda...I've tried alcohol, tea is healthier but soda is pretty decent

John Smith 17/02/02(Thu)02:12 No. 45867

I've more or less cut them out from my diet since break started, besides one small bottle of Coke my dentist told me to drink after my wisdom teeth were removed. We'll see if I can continue avoiding them when I'm back in university next week, though.

It's been a while since I've written last, is there some joke I forgot?

John Smith 17/02/02(Thu)03:17 No. 45869

Well, it's not a p/eh/psi, but it's just a soda like any other soda, really.

John Smith 17/02/05(Sun)04:39 No. 45877

Hate them. A while ago Istopped drinking them and I've never "wanted" one since.

John Smith 17/02/05(Sun)17:42 No. 45878

Does any John have suggestions on what is nice to drink if trying to stay off soda/sugary drinks. Water, despite being suitably /eh/, is not an option.

Many thanks,

John Smith 17/02/07(Tue)15:42 No. 45882

Try to go for drinks that have more good things going for you than soda does, things like fruit juice or milk or something. That's how I kicked it, I just drank something less unhealthy whenever I would have been drinking soda. It's a pretty easy vice to do away with, especially if you're not heavily addicted.

John Smith 17/02/12(Sun)22:56 No. 45891

I drink mineral/sparkling water daily, usually have a smoke with it.

I consider it as /eh/ as a drink can get.

Hope that helps, John.

John Smith 17/02/14(Tue)06:30 No. 45892

i love stars and stripes + it's hella cheap, alas they don't sell it anywhere i'm living right now

John Smith 17/04/04(Tue)00:50 No. 45977

Same here, Coca Cola in particular. I've cut it down to one or two a day, though. Fear of health repercussions later in life.

- John

John Smith 17/04/05(Wed)11:41 No. 45979

Triple ginger brew is rather nice. It hurts to drink, but in a good way (if that makes any sense).

John Smith 17/06/09(Fri)13:24 No. 46063

Occasionally I have a craving for a nice cola. They can be very satisfying however I prefer to stay away from soda, except club soda. It tastes like a bitter beer that I can drink anywhere and I love it, though can never find any at my local stores for whatever reason along with seltzers and other carbonated waters. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places

John Smith 17/06/10(Sat)17:09 No. 46067

File 14971073975.png - (41.05KB , 250x500 , CANADA_DRY_CLUB_SODA_8.png )

John, I see club soda near the wine and beer areas of supermarkets, as these are better known for use as "mixers", rather than the drink themselves.

John Smith 17/06/10(Sat)20:47 No. 46069

I'm really enjoying 7up these days

John Smith 17/06/11(Sun)18:34 No. 46071

File 14971988867.jpg - (34.32KB , 500x246 , green tea ginger ale.jpg )

They've upgraded the firmware and swapped out some cartidges on some of the local Coca-cola Freestyle machines near me. I rather enjoy having cream soda as an option as well as diverse new flavor combinations of Mello Yello.

One of my favorites that I've found is hard to find but not impossible is this stuff in the picture. It strikes a good balance between the green tea and ginger ale flavors, making it especially suitable to pair with Chinese take out.

I hear that in the Middle East there's been large numbers of people developing diabetes, and one proposed reason for that is that they drink too many sodas because their religion prevents them from drinking alcohol. Maybe if you try beer instead it'll help.

John Smith 17/06/11(Sun)22:10 No. 46072

lemonade and regular juice is best drinks, sodafags deserve rape.

John Smith 17/06/12(Mon)04:49 No. 46073

Haha, John. I actually didn't know. I will have to check around, I never thought of it as a mix

John Smith 17/06/13(Tue)01:43 No. 46074

This is not /b/. Please refrain from abusive language.

John Smith 17/06/23(Fri)22:48 No. 46097

this post is not eh at all
I'm not mad, I'm just dissapointed

John Smith 17/10/14(Sat)22:39 No. 46226

I only allow myself a few a month, sorry.

John Smith 17/10/16(Mon)07:54 No. 46236

I enjoy Squirt. Had no idea it was grapefruit flavored until recently, no caffeine however, which is unfortunate.

John Smith 17/10/18(Wed)21:09 No. 46241

I've never had Squirt on its own before, only as a mixer. Is it any good?

John Smith 17/10/24(Tue)05:42 No. 46254

I don't drink caffeine at all, so I will sometimes enjoy the fine taste of a Squirt. I wish it had more Grapefruit flavor. I have thought of mixing it with Simply Grapefruit juice but never developed the courage.

John Smith 17/10/29(Sun)02:05 No. 46259

It's like Fresca but with sugar (or at least corn syrup) instead of artificial sweetener.

If you can find somewhere that sells some Jamaican groceries look for a drink called Ting. It's in the same family but has some actual grapefruit pulp.

John Smith 17/11/19(Sun)20:04 No. 46273

Actually, John, yeah. Yeah I do. I'm actually something of a cola snob, which is a pretty rough thing to be a snob about. It's not as prestigious or cultured as wine or whiskey snobbery, nor as relatable as chocolate or beer snobbery; absolutely nobody cares about your opinion on the relative merits of Boylan's vs. Pig Iron Cola.

John Smith 17/11/22(Wed)12:50 No. 46280


I check 7chan so infrequently now. I opened this thread to comment on the OP's image, then realised that I already did. It makes me feel bittersweet to find that literally no one in this thread remembers that /eh/ finds Coke too interesting :(

John Smith 17/11/24(Fri)19:20 No. 46286

Dear John
I remember. The picture is quite self-referrentially absurd, but I was surpised to see nobody saying that, so I kept my mouth shut. Seeing your reply now has given me the will to make this comment.

John Smith 17/11/29(Wed)15:02 No. 46292

Soda is gross so I only ever drink water, coffee, milk, orange juice, and lemonade.

John Smith 17/11/29(Wed)15:13 No. 46293

It also makes my belly hurt

John Smith 17/12/01(Fri)06:55 No. 46297

I have a soda every single day. If I don't I get lazy and irritable at work. Coke Zero, for the record.

John Smith 17/12/06(Wed)19:43 No. 46305

While I'm at my job, which is unloading trucks, I will have a Stanley thermos that holds about eight cups of coffee, which I often drink in its entirety. I originally brought so much coffee because I was making the switch to night shift, but now I have managed to entirely replace soda and energy drinks with it, which has saved me a lot of money. Whenever I make it home, I will often brew some green or white tea using either my cast iron tea pot or my gaiwan. I also will go through periods of intense milk drinking

John Smith 17/12/08(Fri)17:56 No. 46308

Indeed, John, it's like an addiction because it is
-John Smith

John Smith 17/12/11(Mon)10:14 No. 46316

Coke is bad for your health, sir.

John Smith 17/12/11(Mon)15:52 No. 46318

Anything consumed in large quantities is bad for your health, good sirs.

If one were to drink copious amounts of water in a short time period one will die. A certain fraternal organization discovered this when one of their new members was forced to drink gallons and gallons of water until he finally ceased to exist.

Always live your life in moderation. To do otherwise is to invite disaster.

John Smith 17/12/19(Tue)23:32 No. 46329

I am fat with soda and sandwiches

John Smith 18/01/07(Sun)11:29 No. 46368

I myself prefer a smooth Pepsi.
Have you tried crystal?

John Smith 18/01/11(Thu)11:22 No. 46381

I've went almost 6 weeks now without soda. I feel awful.

John Smith 18/01/23(Tue)03:08 No. 46404

Dear John,

I mostly just drink water. Every morning, I make a fresh juice smoothie with ginger and whatever fruits or vegetables I want. Other than that, I really only drink water. I do not like soda, so I stopped drinking it. I used to drink a lot of the stuff as a small boy.

Yours truly,

John Smith 18/02/14(Wed)13:42 No. 46428


John Smith 18/02/14(Wed)21:37 No. 46429

Not really, sometimes i really crave a Coke though. When i drink one, the feeling subsides for quite some weeks.

John Smith 18/02/15(Thu)09:21 No. 46432

I am rather a fan of San Pellegrino Limonata.

It's 16% lemon juice, which makes for a refreshing and enjoyable beverage. Shame about the sugar content, though.

John Smith 18/02/24(Sat)19:34 No. 46438

The whole San Pellegrino range is enjoyable, mostly for the flavors but also a bit for that feeling of "well at least it isn't the most sugary drink I could be having right now so that's almost like being healthy."

If you get your hands on chinotto, that one's worth a try. The bitter orange flavor won't be everyone's thing, but it'w worth trying for the unique taste alone.

John Smith 18/03/19(Mon)01:00 No. 46455

i do happen to quite like soda, however i don't really get to drink very many anymore.

John Smith 18/04/11(Wed)21:04 No. 46538

File 152347349863.png - (392.93KB , 329x597 , Nick approves.png )

I do love me some soda. It's something i cant get enough of but is something that needs limiting. Too much of many things is bad for you.


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