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John Smith 16/06/03(Fri)12:34 No. 45398

File 146495004657.jpg - (74.03KB , 720x960 , khajiit has no words for you.jpg )

Whenever I get stuck at a red light I always wonder how much of my life will be spent waiting for something.

John Smith 16/06/08(Wed)05:35 No. 45401

About half your life is spent sleeping. Do you consider that waiting?

John Smith 16/06/11(Sat)16:07 No. 45404

I usually prepare to roll off the light immedietly upon its transition to green. Sometimes I look to the other lanes stopping so I can begin rolling before it even changes.

Lately I have been considering one aspect of traffic patterns while doing the afore mentioned exercise. Every car at the light, essentially, waits for the break lights of the vehicle in front of them to go off before they themselves begin rolling forward. One and the next all the way down the line. This severely slows traffic especially in this beachy area where I live traffic can become a little ridiculous. My theory is that if we all watch the light and all start rolling simultaneously we can get more vehicles through each green light cycle and thus improve traffic flow during high density times.

Of course that could never happen, people don't operate that way.

John Smith 16/06/13(Mon)23:38 No. 45415

For most people sleeping time only approaches ~1/3 of their lives.

Are you a cat or something? It's okay if you are, but it might help give some context to your answer.

John Smith 16/06/25(Sat)00:37 No. 45427

Have you ever noticed the people who seem to be the most eager to get going are the ones who end up going the slowest? Whenever I'm next to a couple of people in a multi-lane light if there's someone who constantly rolls forward an inch or so every few seconds they end up going the slowest. It's almost as puzzling to me as the people who manage to slow down without hitting the breaks.

John Smith 16/06/28(Tue)09:41 No. 45428

When you're the first at a light, seeing what the crossways light is doing is generally very doable, but that gets a lot harder farther down the line. Also factor in how others have a slower reaction time and rate of acceleration, so that means people err on the side of not crashing their cars.

Life imitates Mario Kart: top speed and acceleration are rarely directly correlated.

John Smith 16/07/03(Sun)14:04 No. 45442

What really triggers me are the people that roll half a meter when the whole column already came to a halt, only to provoke 30 cars also moving up that little tiny bit. Its economically really retarded and therefore should be banned.

John Smith 17/04/03(Mon)19:02 No. 45975


A lot less if you can walk to bike to work.

I live on my homestead where I work. I can't live my life commuting in cars everyday. Fucking ratrace.

John Smith 17/04/14(Fri)07:13 No. 46002

Don't worry about it. Waiting is the most wonderful activity. It's the only time when it's totally socially acceptable to do nothing at all

John Smith 17/04/14(Fri)07:27 No. 46004

That is true. And a bit disturbing, to be honest.

John Smith 17/04/26(Wed)21:55 No. 46016

File 149323651052.jpg - (143.49KB , 1280x720 , What do you mean i'm dead.jpg )

It's like standing on a corner, waiting for the light to change, and when it does, just wait for it to cycle through again-and watch the expressions on the cars' drivers waiting for you to do something.
Or, get in the checkout line at a grocery store, and only have a few items to purchase, and let someone in ahead of you. The reactions of people when you do this is incredulous, if not completely uninteresting.
Pic probably not related.

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