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John Smith 17/01/27(Fri)13:40 No. 45849

File 148552085338.jpg - (143.50KB , 960x640 , teapot-691729_960_720.jpg )

John, I've started having ceremonies by myself in my room lately. I buy little confectioneries (not too many!), and a different flavour of tea every week, and I will make a full pot, to deliberate with myself on weather or not I like it. I will try making the tea a few different ways each time, before the week is out and I move onto another flavour, some with sugar and milk, some of them with honey, some of them even cold!

Tea is much more versatile than I thought it was when I first started this venture.

This week's flavour of tea is Blueberry without caffeine.

John Smith 17/01/27(Fri)21:16 No. 45851

What sort of pot do you use to brew your tea? Glass is better when you're experimenting but clay is far superior when you're using a specific brew.

As for the tea itself. Are you buying loose leaves or bags?

John Smith 17/01/28(Sat)12:28 No. 45852

Alas, my methods of making tea aren't as refined as I'd like them to be, as you see, I've not yet purchased a real tea set for myself. It is something I've always wanted to own, but couldn't spare the expense, as my way has been working well enough thus far.

I make it in an iron kettle on the stove, monitoring the temperature of the water, then pouring that into a large carafe, which is ordinarily used for coffee but suits my needs quite well in this venture, and adding the tea into that.

As far as the tea itself goes, that is as well something that changes on the week to week. Sometimes I will see a new flavour of tea in the supermarket, and I will decide to try that one, other times I will go to an actual tea store and try one of their smaller bags (Small enough to last me the week) of loose-leaf, and I will add it to a steel tea infuser ball I was given as a gift.

I've also tried a couple different tea infusers, made of different materials, from rice paper self-sealing bags, to copper, to iron, to none (and sifting it out myself) and I find the steel infusers to retain heat better, without leaving a metallic aftertaste one would find in the copper one, for example.

John Smith 17/03/06(Mon)08:40 No. 45917

That's a beautiful image and a great idea John.

Let me know how things turn out, and what the weather is like. You can leave the letter on the shelf.


John Smith 17/03/10(Fri)15:16 No. 45924

John, do you ever use Tassimo or keurig cup tea? for some reason it tastes better than steeped tea. But I can't figure out why.

John Smith 17/03/10(Fri)18:53 No. 45925

My parents prefer bergamot so that's what I grew up drinking, but now that I'm an adult with my own tastes, I prefer chai or green teas.

but still, when I am in a nostalgic mood I will make bergamot, just like mom did, with milk and honey in it

My favorite tea is superior quality "Dragon Well" tea. You tried lots of teas, OP, what are some you have liked.

John Smith 17/03/10(Fri)20:28 No. 45926

File 14891741345.jpg - (19.92KB , 400x259 , IMG_3594.jpg )

Unimpressed John!

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