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John Smith 17/03/28(Tue)02:56 No. 45965

File 149066258224.jpg - (4.68KB , 299x169 , images.jpg )


how do I stop being a whore?


John Smith 17/03/29(Wed)21:30 No. 45968

Stop having so much sex?

John Smith 17/03/30(Thu)03:41 No. 45969

Why bother stopping?

John Smith 17/03/31(Fri)03:36 No. 45970


John... John.

It takes a lot of effort to redefine ourselves as individuals. It also takes effort to sustain what we currently are, though change happens naturally over time, to some variation. This communication also takes effort to write, John. I have to pour energy and time and resources into replying to you at length. The laptop that I am typing on took effort to create and continues to take effort powering.
Powering civilization takes effort to sustain, much like this writing, which is being read by you, likely from another laptop, desktop, or tablet, and on goes the circle of life. We interpret our realities, in essence, under the lens of our collective experiences. We are subject to the effort that it takes reality to maintain us, and therefore, subject to the effect that these processes have on us.

John... I know that you know all about effort and effect, which is why I feel that it is very important to reiterate it here in this present communication, and as I read it aloud to proof it for errors of continuity, I reflect on why I wish to do so here, again.

Unfortunately, John, we are finite beings on finite paths, experiencing our broad delusions isolated from other creatures and yet somehow subject to their delusions, en mass, vis-a-vis culture and our attachment to it. Do not be attached, John, even to these words as you continue to read them, if you do, which I trust will be a fine option.

My Finest Salutations and Greetings, once again,


P.S. Would you mind briefly extrapolating on the original question, or will you accept this reply as sufficient? Also, definitions of words used would be quite helpful should you choose to reply further.

John Smith 17/04/03(Mon)18:23 No. 45974

language, language...

John Smith 17/12/25(Mon)20:27 No. 46344


Dear John,

With effort, effort over a sustained period.
With many small failures, and a few large ones. Most of the time the effort will seem unsatisfying but for a few tiny moments, it seems like the effort made all the difference.

All the best.


John Smith 17/12/26(Tue)02:00 No. 46346

Why stop? Just marry the one you can stand to fuck forever and only

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