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John Smith 17/05/25(Thu)06:18 No. 46042

File 149568589445.png - (90.02KB , 916x936 , 1440886579462.png )

I don't feel like getting up to turn on the a/c

John Smith 17/05/25(Thu)13:55 No. 46043

Don't then, saving electricity is fine too.

John Smith 17/05/26(Fri)00:30 No. 46044

I ended up sweating too much and did it anyways. But yea I do need to start saving more on my power bill. But it sucks because I'll get too hot or too cold and I'm not a fan of shaking from being cold as well as sitting in a puddle of ball sweat.

John Smith 17/05/27(Sat)08:15 No. 46053

You could always try buying a fan, John.

Leave it on slow when it's just hot and put it on high when Hades moves in next door. Usually there's a few settings in-between low and high.

If you don't like fan noise wear headphones.

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