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John Smith 17/06/09(Fri)13:02 No. 46059

File 149700617188.jpg - (95.59KB , 1135x1004 , 76858989567.jpg )

Dear John,
I have a mouse infestation and the smart rodents eat my bait without setting the traps off. I find it ironic that I am the one actually feeding them, ha

John Smith 17/07/06(Thu)00:33 No. 46111

John that is very touching and hilarious. Are the mice as cute as the one in that photo?

John Smith 17/07/06(Thu)10:44 No. 46112

File 149933066395.jpg - (3.54MB , 4608x3456 , SAM_1913.jpg )

I had a mouse in my house once. It kept me up for weeks. It too ate the bait right out of the traps or just left it. I tried non-lethal traps at first, but it saw right through my trickery. Then, confident that I had given him a fair chance, I set some of those spring loaded traps and it just ignored those too.

Eventually it died from hunger, presumably. I'm just glad I found him laying in plain sight. Rotting mouse corpses hiding away behind furniture can get awfully smelly.

Here's a picture.

John Smith 17/07/06(Thu)15:54 No. 46113

Hi John,
I recommend a rolling log mouse trap over a bucket, stick some peanut butter in the middle and it'll work for days unattended. Can I make a request though, stick some water in the bucket, it may seem cruel drowning them but if you're catching them for later release they have a habit of turning on each other and they can be surprisingly savage at tearing apart and eating each other which is far more cruel from my perspective.

John Smith 17/07/06(Thu)16:20 No. 46114

Smuckers used to make some "natural" peanut butter whose ingredients were peanuts, honey, & salt. Mice could not resist eating every last scrap of it. A mouse's head will be crushed in the trap and mice would come up and eat the the pulped mouse goo and peanut butter mixture that remained. Then go after the trap two feet away with predictable results.

Unfortunately they changed the ingredients to make it cheaper to produce and mice aren't as attracted to the new stuff.

John Smith 17/07/06(Thu)21:19 No. 46115

What's preventing you from mixing up your own peonuts, honey and salt?

John Smith 17/07/10(Mon)09:30 No. 46119

>peanuts, honey and salt
I'd throw in raisins, and eat that myself.

The key is to leave nothing for the mice to eat.
Dry goods need steel or glass containers; even steel has limits.

John Smith 17/11/19(Sun)20:10 No. 46274

Hey John,
A neighbor of mine once had an issue with mice. He had good results with a trap made from a two-liter soda bottle, with the top cut off, inverted, and inserted in the body of the bottle. Same method one would use to make a soda bottle into a fish trap, really, instructions are all over google. Anyway, in the fullness of time he eventually successfully caught all mice in his residence, and released them into the wild on the other side of town.

Best of luck with your infestation.

John Smith 17/11/22(Wed)07:14 No. 46278

Doesn't work. They'll eat wood, insulation, anything and everything. They move inside because its warm and they don't want to freeze to death. They'll eat anything to stay alive until spring comes.

Either trap them or they'll eat through some wiring and start a house fire, assuming you get tired of the fuse/breaker blowing so you stick a bigger amp fuse/breaker in there.

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