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John Smith 17/11/16(Thu)08:24 No. 46270

File 151081705210.jpg - (129.43KB , 1175x1559 , IMG_3762.jpg )

I'm a little sick. Took some nightquil . So feel a bit better now, but not by a lot

John Smith 17/11/17(Fri)03:49 No. 46271

Hey John

I'm glad to hear you are feeling at least a little better. Sometimes hot tea helps me when I'm feeling under the weather but it's different for everyone I guess.

Best wishes

John Smith 17/11/17(Fri)14:18 No. 46272

Hey john,

please try to be healthier in the future, an active lifestyle, fruits, vitamins, and a lot of water will help to deter such an illness. I wish you good luck in the future john.


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