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John Smith 17/11/21(Tue)16:35 No. 46275

File 151127852740.png - (364.11KB , 3840x2160 , 1468514819289.png )

It has been raining on and off all week, I wish it would rain more here. I like rain.

John Smith 17/11/22(Wed)04:18 No. 46276

I don't care for rain myself. I walk everywhere so I end up with wet feet. Not cool.

I should get galoshes.

John Smith 17/11/22(Wed)07:10 No. 46277

You should move to Seattle.

John Smith 17/11/22(Wed)07:32 No. 46279

I like rain, but I dislike walking in it. I used to have to worry about my glasses. I still worry about my hair.

John Smith 17/11/23(Thu)05:28 No. 46282

If I even think it's going to rain that day, I take an umbrella. My hair gets frizzy and weirdly greasy really fast when introduced to water. That's not a good look for anyone.

John Smith 17/11/23(Thu)12:45 No. 46283

You'd like it here. It was overcast and rainy for ten days straight this fall; looks like winter's going to be mostly overcast and drizzly.

John Smith 17/11/24(Fri)18:56 No. 46285

Rain makes it too damp. I always feel so cold after it rains.

John Smith 17/11/29(Wed)20:48 No. 46294

I quite like rainy days, but only when there's variety. Long seasons of constant rain are terrible for me because I get all of my exercise from walking about. It's fine though, where I live it's usually just cold, not rainy. And I love the cold, at least over the warmth.

I love being able to wander round in the morning cold on weekends.

John Smith 17/12/06(Wed)19:45 No. 46306

It gets to be 70F here during the day. We've probably only had rain two or three times in the past couple of months. What a terribly disappointing winter.

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