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John Smith 18/09/14(Fri)13:28 No. 46688

File 153692449253.jpg - (23.64KB , 650x488 , 148704_5_-1.jpg )

Hello John. I hope your weekend will end up as uninteresting as mine.

John Smith 18/09/17(Mon)13:39 No. 46690

Thanks, it was.

John Smith 18/11/18(Sun)12:54 No. 46754

Mine was too.

John Smith 18/11/29(Thu)18:18 No. 46794

So was mine.

John Smith 18/12/15(Sat)09:22 No. 46821

Dear John

I accept your wishes as they can be read.


John Smith

John Smith 18/12/15(Sat)19:02 No. 46824

File 154489695954.jpg - (419.62KB , 1600x912 , IMG_20181127_170814.jpg )

I was supposed to work all day today to make up for the day after Christmas but my bosses said fuck it and threw a party instead. I get paid for the day anyway so that's nice.

John Smith 18/12/17(Mon)10:38 No. 46826

Dear John

My weekend was almost interesting as it suddenly began snowing during the night and I had to try my best to not look directly at it.
Luckily, though, such interesting business has been averted as my blinds close automatically.

Yours truly,

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