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A collection of Short Stories !JUD7F1CtU. 11/06/14(Tue)18:06 No. 12588 ID: e320fb

I decided I may as well share what I write when I decide to write something. Most of it will be Futa on Male but anything with MaleSub in it will be included. Anyway, here's the first one involving a dominant Futa and her apparent bitch.

Call girl - A short story.
Tags: Futa on male, futadom, reluctant

The phone rang.
I don't know why, but there was always this sense of anticipation and dread I have with picking it up. Not knowing who it was and knowing who it could be was almost a game of Russian Roulette I had with myself. Now, it happened almost daily. I picked up the phone Gun to my head - pull the trigger. "Hey there, moll" a feline, scratchy yet appeasingly seductive voice replied, female in nature.
"Uuuuh, hey… Tash." I responded, not unnerved but unhappy. "Parents are gone. Come around" she demanded in a domineering tone. "Uuuhh, look, Tash… I don't know about today, it's not really a good t-" "Come around" she repeated, cutting me off. "Tash, I was just about to say that I don't really want to because I'm really busy, and… you know"
There was a disenchanting silence - shredding any hope of worming my way out.
"No. I don't. Come arooound" she said again, this time with the last word drawn out, as if she sounded wanting, but not desperate. "I know you really, really want to" she claimed, her voice thinning to an innocent tone. She was pulling all the strings for this one. She usually did.
"I just-"
"Come around"
"Come around"
"I'm not-"
"Come. Around"
"… fine"
I heard her quietly but excitedly squeal before hanging up, the dull dial tone replacing her shrill voice, the way it lingered in my ears…

I grabbed a coat, stepped out, slapped the P plates on my parents Ford and took the mild night drive across the river to her house. She was rich, and her house commanded a view the rest of the town on a hill, overlooking the river. The car rolled to a stop on her driveway and I sheepishly stepped out looking at the house. As usual, only the lights in the front of the house were on - I never got to go into her room. Knocking on the front door, it opened quickly after a long wait. She stood with her legs somewhat separated and a hand on a hip. Her eyes darted up and down me, reviewing me.
Tash was shorter than me, five and a half feet one would guess. She was smaller than me, just beyond 120 pounds. The way she bared her midriff, kept her blonde hair long and wore a skirt shorter than an elementary school essay is just impossible not to admire. Possibly the sweetest, most petite form one would see. She was younger than me, by one year - 16. She took hold of my hand and pulled me into the lounge room. A high ceiling, large couches, big TV, warm and light - light enough so to follow the smooth features of her nose and chin to the velvety skin of her neck and sides. These flowed smoother than a stream towards her round, creamy breasts, covered by a thin chemise, cut off just below the mounds.
She was classier than me, there were already drinks on the table. I had long passed the time where I would take the drink furthest from where she sat me - she didn't want to drug me. I don't know why she liked making drinks. Maybe it was true that women like the mood more than the motion. I discarded that idea; she enjoyed the motion far too much.
She was slyer than me:
"So" she started, sitting down. "How's things?" she asked. Her voice showed genuine interest, it betrayed her intentions. I reluctantly humoured her and sighed. "You know. School is school." she nodded in response and quickly downed the mix she had in her hand and slumped back down into the couch.

With a small lip bite she extended a slender hand across my lap and towards my crotch. "Someone's in the mood" she alleged, giving me a quick squeeze. I couldn't contain a slight mewl. She giggled in response. I don't know how it always came to this, how she always won. Why couldn't I say no? Perhaps I did enjoy it and I just couldn't admit it. Looking at her now, her fingers began tugging underneath her short skirt, her thin panties folding over themselves as she pulled them down her legs. Ready. With a slight tug her skirt seemed to spring up on itself for a moment. I did my best to suppress the growing tension in my throat. With her hands by her side she just looked at me, innocently and expectantly, waiting. Aim. In yet another victory of hers, my hands brushed back the hem of her short skirt and revealed her true self. Yes, she was smaller than me, but she was also bigger. Fire.

It never ceased to scare me or amaze me and every time I take it in as if it's the first time I've seen it. Her cock was simply monster. It dwarfed my own - more than doubling in length and width even now as it was not completely hard. It stood proudly from her groin, a thick shaft as a testament to her dominance over me and its vein's visible on the surface, pumping blood inside her stiffening length. The head was pink and moist with her her foreskin pulled back down her shaft. Her balls nestled on the couch as she began to slouch, still looking at me with demure. A small tuft of neatly kept pubic hair nestled above her cock, and below her balls, her (allegedly) virginal quim. A screw-over of evolution had produced the most guileful, devious and alluring form unknown to man.

"Well" she asked expectantly, her hands by her sides and her cock twitching as she tensed it periodically. It seemed to pulse with every heartbeat. Her hand, slowly and languidly, began sliding up my body, across my neck and to the back of my head. Her touch was soft and gentle, until her fingers listlessly gripping my hair.
She was stronger than me. I tried to repel at first her slow pulling, but she had won long ago. My head slowly descended towards her pulsing member like a torpedo to its target. One last look up to the side I saw her face turned up at me, looking down as she bit her bottom lip in anticipation. I didn't know if I knew it then, but that's what I was - her call girl.

With a final tug my lips slipped around the head of her Joystick. My final surrender. A small murmur escaped her lips as she pulled on my hair slightly harder. It was salty, unpleasant and somewhat pervasive. Her pre cum seemed to soak into my mouth as she depressed her hand further. More and more of her fleshy member disappeared into my mouth. It wasn't long before the head of her thick pecker pressed against my throat. I gagged and she shivered. I gagged again and she shivered again. I always thought that she enjoyed me squirming more than she enjoyed herself squirming. She held me there as I breathed in through my nose. After a long pause and a deep exhale, she released her grip slightly and I began sliding off her member, my saliva sticking and dripping down it before she quickly pulled me into her again. I could taste the briny, thick precum ooze from her urethra and felt it slide down my throat in a sickly way.
Before long she had a gentle rhythm going, controlled by the amount she squeezed my hair. I bobbed up and down on her cock as she let out small moans and brief gasps as my tongue inadvertently darted around her head and shaft. But Tash wasn't easy to satisfy.
I felt her hand tugging my hair down, not towards her, but off the couch and with a quick shove, my body fell from beside her to in front of and underneath her. My eyes darted up to see a surreptitious simper and a glow of trounce in her eyes.

Her slender and slvete legs moved up my sides and around my head, resting on my shoulders. On their way they twisted around my arms, holding them hostage behind me as her own upper limbs slid around my head. Her cock still in my mouth she pulled down, harder this time. The head of her meaty member pressed against my throat and she still pulled harder. I gagged and she shivered yet again. I groaned in protest - a futile gesture. "Shut up" she said as she pulled again, harder this time. With gag induced tears welling up, I swallowed and the scary feeling of her length pushing down my throat filled me. My mouth stretched painfully around her thickness. My eyes opened wide and I began to try and start coughing, upon realising I couldn't breathe. Tash pulled on my head with her hands and moaned a girly moan as my throat tensed and squeezed around her cock. I tried my best to splutter and force the intrusion from my throat but she kept it in there, each convulsion only serving to heighten her pleasure.

After what seemed like an endless time, her hands slowly released pressure and let herself lightly from my throat, but her thighs kept me from escaping her length. The head remained in my mouth as I coughed and spluttered around it. "I love it when you do that" she said while exhaling. "Do what?" I asked, muffled by her prick. "Shh" she hissed. Like a serpent And her hands pulled again. Her cock sliding easily down my throat. She pulled out again and pulled in again. Soon Tash was facefucking me, her cock sliding towards my stomach and back, lubing up my throat nicely with precum and spit and mucous as her hands pulled on my hair and her breathing got deeper as she plunged back down inside me. I was short of breath as my head was yanked and pushed and pulled back towards her and inside me. My mouth stretching again and again as my oesophagus was assaulted.

Her intensity increased as her hips began voluntarily swaying with her pulling, pressing my face almost against her skin, her balls almost against my chin. I could see sweat beginning to form on her lithe body as her breasts began lightly swaying underneath her shirt and her hair sway around her face, sticking to the moisture. When I felt her cock stiffen and her legs press against the sides of my head I tried to pull out, but she kept me in. She puled me as far as she could. My mouth ached from the stretch. Her balls slapped against my chin as she buried my nose into her neat stretch of pubic hair. Game Over

I felt it pulse. I felt it push and squeeze her seed down into me. Her penis spasmed and contracted as her load shot down into my stomach. I looked up at her as her back was arched, her mouth open and her eyes wide in a snapshot of perfect satisfaction. She let out a high pitched squeal of a moan and said something unintelligible. I could feel her whole body, her legs pushing me in and her arms vibrating as her hot cum was propelled down my throat. I began pulling away and I was somewhat successful but at the last minute her arms stiffened, keeping the end inside my mouth. She pumped several more shots into my mouth, hitting the back of my mouth and coating the inside. It which overflowed and dribbled down in front of me and onto the floor. Each one of her shots would out my entire load to shame. And the taste and smell, bitter and salty and sickly that lingers in your mouth and sticks to the walls.

At last she relaxed, and the head of her softening cock escaped my mouth as I took a deep breath in and coughed and spluttered. She giggled an innocent giggle as her blue eyes inspected my cum stained chin. her legs still wrapped around my arms, keeping them subdued behind me. With her hands she grabbed her thick meat stick and rubbed the last oozing globules of cum on her cock onto my mouth and face before letting her softened penis rest against my face.

With a final exhale, she let her legs loosen and let go of my hands. "You can go now" she said blankly as she retrieved her panties with her extended foot. "But you can keep this" she remarked, as they landed in my lap.

"I'll see you tomorrow" Tash declared.
"… I don't know about-"
"I'll see you tomorrow"
I looked glumly up at her.
Her expression did not change.
Game, Set and Match
I stood up and left the room and the house and entered the car, cleaning my face and body up. Tomorrow I'll say no. Tomorrow I won't come around

!JUD7F1CtU. 11/06/14(Tue)18:08 No. 12589 ID: e320fb

Possibly to be continued.

Anonymous 11/06/15(Wed)07:55 No. 12599 ID: 04c69d

Damn. Well written, I like the italics and the style of writing. Really easy to get into him.


Anonymous 11/06/16(Thu)05:01 No. 12607 ID: 3a7970

Best elit I have read in a very, very long time. Bravo, my friend. I'm guessing you are a writer of things other than elit. If not, you definitely have the talent and knack for it.

Anonymous 11/06/17(Fri)08:45 No. 12619 ID: 5dc48b

goddamnit more of this!

Anonymous 11/06/21(Tue)11:52 No. 12652 ID: 5dc48b

Page 1?
What the hell is this?
sage for more.

!JUD7F1CtU. 11/06/23(Thu)08:06 No. 12681 ID: 5dc48b

Later on, soon, I will finish off a second one and polish it up. It will be a gay story... should be okay.

!JUD7F1CtU. 11/06/24(Fri)19:15 No. 12699 ID: 5dc48b

Cock-off - A short story
tags: m/m, male submission, penis humiliation, gay, anal

"Sooo?" she started, a grin on her face.
I returned the favour, looking down, biting my lip and looking back up with only my eyes.
She looked disgusted at first, but it slowly slipped away into hilarious stupor of surprise and excitement. "Go on tell me tell me fucking tell me" she yelled at me with a doltish grin as she waved her arms around in front of her. Her limp hands waggling around like puppy dog tails.
I moved my mouth around, unsure of where to start. For a moment I considered not telling her. It showed on my face.
"Oh come on. I've been in with you on this from the start and you can't possibly leave me out now, surely. Tell me for fucks sake!" she said, sounding desperate to hear as if this was the point of the sleepover.
So I crossed my legs on the bed, thick, downy blankets illuminated by the street light outside and I leaned forward, hushing my voice even though no-one but her could hear. She sat cross legged also and grabbed a pillow, held to her chest and covered half her face. "Okay. Fine" I started. "You now how we both sorta knew he was a little compliant…"

I heard a knock, a dismissive knock, distracted. As if the knock and the door were secondary to whoever was doing the knocking. They didn't knock again, even though I had to get out of the shower and change clothes without even saying calling out to them. My body still steamed as I brought them in out of the early winter air, snow beginning to pile up around our gutters.
"Good day Ol' chap" Ewan said sardonically as he walked in nodding to me with a pipe in his mouth, his skate shoes wrapping on the tiles and his green hoodie covering his short, dirty blonde hair. He walked past me as I chuckled. "Hey there, bro" the short, almost plump girl said. "Hey Rose" I said back as we hugged. It was a long hug, almost a sibling hug. "Oi, that's enough you guys" I heard a voice call from further within the house. With a chuckle we separated and a pushed her into the kitchen with a hand on her shoulder. "You smell nice" she said idly as we walked into the kitchen - a genuine compliment.
It was my house, my parents were out so I invited Rose and her boyfriend, Ewan over for a chill. Rose and I had been friends since, apparently, before we were born. Our mothers were pregnant at the same time and have literally grown up with each other, living never more than a kilometre from each other. Ewan was her first real boyfriend. He was one year younger than us, sixteen, yet seemed older.

The kitchen was our meeting place this visit, I handed them each a coke from the fridge as they sat opposite me on the breakfast bar. Rose was short, well curved, well endowed and unusually bubbly in nature. Ewan was slightly taller than me, a little more developed, broader shoulders and a deeper voice. He had a much more subdued personality, quieter, calmer. "Oh god. Guess what happened today" Rose cried out as she began smiling, both hands on the kitchen bench. "Drove past some nudists" Ewan said dryly. Rose extended her arm out with a small gap between her index finger and thumb. I chuckled in return. "Sure Ewan would fit right in" I said, crossing eye's with him. He cracked a smile at least.

Rose's eyes widened zanily and shook her head at me slowly, sarcastically serious. Her facial expression didn't change as her head shaking slowly morphed into nodding, her comical expression switching to mock-gratification as she bit her bottom lip hard, mimicking her face during sex in what could only be described as droll. I chuckled to myself and Ewan looked away, grinning, I presume and as he looked away Rose mouthed the words sobig.

When he looked back she was taking a sip of coke, trying not to laugh. And before I knew it he abruptly stood up and claimed he needed to piss, using those words. And I crept over to Rose across the table and we spoke in hushed tones like Jews in an attic. I just looked at her with a fake unimpressed look on my face and she did most of the talking. "I swear, not even kidding" she whispered

It was had become normal for us to share sex stories with one another. We shared a common interest: The opposite gender, and both of us exploited each other and wilfully let ourselves get exploited into telling stories, secrets, moments or anything else. At this age, it dominated most of conversation.

"Hmmm" I said, thinking.
"I can make him prove it to you"
"Bullshit: He won't" I wagered
"Bullshit he won't!" she rebuked, not meekly astonished.
She put her arms up in front of her, almost a foot apart and mouthed thisbig while rolling her eyes back
"Okay, then, Rose. Prove it" I speculated.
She smiled again. "Alright!… wait stop." she said, a little too loudly...
"Make you a deal?"

"…aaaaand?" she started, her arms tightening around the pillow on her lap. "Well… basically I said that he and Ewan should have a cock-off." "Sounds like you guys" she responded. I smirked a little. "And the loser had to perform a sexual favour for the other two there, regardless." I continued. "Haha. Okay, well that's the end of that… isn't it?"
I let the silence linger and laughed internally as her pillow moved down her body, showing her open mouth, face full of surprise. "He did?" I just smirked at her.
"He did?… did he!?"

So I sat on the couch while Ewan and Rose discussed the idea. I don't know why I was doing this, why I even agreed. But I had to admit, it was an irresistibly alluring idea. At that point I was unsure whether or not I would lose, I should of known - I could tell Rose wasn't lying, I guess I just hoped she was exaggerating. I know who it was, it was my friend - it was Rose, but it's not like I hadn't thought about it before and it's not like we hadn't talked about it before. It's just never been done, and to be frank I'm pretty grateful for that.

Rose bounced over and sat down next to me with a large bound onto the couch. Ewan slinked over and sat on the other side. "Well" Rose said, a tinge of excitement in her voice that I hadn't heard before. It excited me. Ewan extended a hand and I grasped it as he pulled me up from the chair. He began tugging at his belt buckle as I toyed with the buttons above my fly. Rose sat cross legged on the couch with a finger on her teeth of her open mouth and the other holding the back of the chair behind her head.

We were down to out briefs and we both agreed to look only forward until Rose declares a winner. So, in one swift movement I pulled mine down just enough to let it flop out… Rose smirked…

"Well?.. WELL?! Tell me you bitch!" she practically screamed at me. I giggled. Sheepishly at first, but then it grew as her look of torment grew stronger, dieting to know the answer to a question already knew. "What the hell, fucking tell me!" she wailed as she threw her pillow at me." By now I was laughing beyond control.

I sat there sheepishly, looking forward as I felt Rose's palm agains the soft head of my dick, weighing the end of

"Wait wait wait!… you touched his dick?" she asked, perplexed. "Yeah" I replied, simply. "… cool?"

it. "Hmmm, it's close" she announced, with a slight giggle and saturated sarcasm. But I think you lose, Ewan. I grinned broadly. "Haha!" I said as I turned to face him and looked down. Rose literally fell on the floor laughing when she saw my face of deflation. I wasn't small by any means, sure, a little on the 'less than average' side but nothing extreme. He couldn't have been further from me. His thick cock fell halfway down his thighs as it cascaded from over the elastic in his briefs. The flesh simply roiling from him, breathing with him.

"Oh…" I said, stunned. Ewan replied with a chuckle and a small hip turn, my eyes mesmerised as I watched it swing like a pendulum left to right and left to right and left to right again. Rose's hand reached and grabbed both of them. My small pecker easily fitting inside her hand, her finger wrapping right around it with space to move. Her fingers couldn't even grip right around his member, she pushed against it and tried but it didn't work so she gripped the base and with her pinky, pulled the top of his briefs down, letting his balls fall and hang out - even those overshadowed mine by at least 2 fold. I looked across at Rose, who's eyes were simply fixated onto Ewan's meaty pole. My eyes travelled up and met Ewan's face. I noticed it was turned up more, a triumphant appearance, his eyes narrower.

The veins slowly became more protruded as Rose's hand work began meaning him harder. "Hey, bro. You should join those nudists" Rose said as she simpered at me, her bottom lip growing white as her teeth bit down on it. Yes it was humiliating, it was my manhood and it was i'll it was ever going to be and this guy who was younger than me was more than twice my size. "Nah, it might hurt his self esteem seeing everyone bigger than him" Ewan said satirically.

"You're a bitch" she imposed. But she still laughed.

"So what was the deal again? Oh that's right!" she said, teasing me. "Who wants to go first?" she continued. So here it was done, I was expecting something like 'oh, touch my dick' or 'heehee do a striptease'
To my surprise and my terror he simply said "Go onto the couch and kneel on it, lean over the edge"

"No. No no no no." I started. "You can't do that, that's ridiculous. I'm not doing that, I'm not gay" I said, beginning to back off a bit. "A deal's a deal. Don't start breaking them now" Rose started, pleading with me, standing up. "This is different, this is ridiculous"
"No it's not, and you're going to do it" she said as she gripped my arm and flung me towards the couch, my pants and underwear near my knees, causing me to fall onto it.
And before I knew it, I felt Ewan's hardening cock sliding in between my cheeks. I could hear plastic and I looked behind me, over my should and witnessed Ewan sliding on a giant purple condom, his face a sleet moment of superiority. Rose bounced down on the couch next to me. "First time hurts" she said in a singing voice, looking up and down our bodies before winking at Ewan. I took deep breaths and held the back of the couch tight as I felt the pressure against my anus.

"Did he scream?" she asked in anticipation, now visibly flustered. "… not exactly" I responded. "What then, Rose?" she asked again. I breathed out and checked behind me, even though I knew no-one was there, before saying it quietly.

I whimpered, a soft yet agitated whimper. It slid slowly off my tongue as he slipped slowly inside me. The head of his cock stretching me as he went, slowly, painfully pushing flesh out of the way. I gasped and took short, stunted breaths as I felt his hands on my either sides of my ass. His cock gradually advanced inside me. I could myself stretch outward and grip his skin and I moaned sheepishly as I felt a sharp pleasure - my prostate being rubbed by his head. And already I could feel myself welling up, a single shot of sperm dribbled from me, meekly sliding down my slowly stiffening shaft and down my balls as Ewan continued to invade me.

She looked at me stunned. "Wait what? How long?" she asked, confused. "About 10 seconds" I said back. She only giggled in response. "And that wasn't the only time"

I fell down over the couch and tried to relax. "God… . It isn't even all the way in yet - he hasn't even started thrusting!" Rose giggled. I turned to face her - she was getting flustered and fidgety as her hands moved themselves involuntarily across her nether regions. I gasped and gripped the fabric harder as I felt Ewan slide slowly out of me, leaving his thick head just inside before pushing back in again, harder this time. I felt the veins pulse and push as his length rubbed and stretched my insides. I whimpered again as his hands reached further around my legs, pulling me into him. It took a few more of these recedes and pushes back in before his entire cock filled me. I felt his heavy balls against mine, taunting me. When at last I felt the head of his cock push against my insides, I gasped; another quick shot of cum dribbled from me and onto the couch.

That's when he started thrusting. Slowly at first, but I could feel the determination, I could feel him build power and speed. I gasped with each thrust, my breaths growing shorter as his thrusting became a pounding. He began grunting more and more as he began using me as a fucktoy. Ewan's massive member driving into me like a spear, his thrusts splitting me. When his speed plateaued at a numbing pace and strength I relaxed slightly more. His giant cock slid almost all the way out of me, but never did, and then it plunged back into me, driving against my innards. His hands also pulled into me with each thrust making sure each time he pushed in all the way.

I came yet again. This time a shot of cum spat from me as his cock stroke my prostate again. I heard Rose giggle as I did this. "My boyfriend, the conqueror" she observed as she openly stroked herself to the display before her. With each thrust I felt a sickening slap. I moaned again.

"And Ewan fucked him, hard, for about 20 minutes" I said, proudly - proud for him and proud to have him. "Jeezus" my friend responded simply, seemingly dumbfounded. Then she stopped, looked puzzled and posed a question. "Does he last that long with you?" she asked, raising a finger. I bit my lip and raised my eyebrows deliberately

Whimpering as another shot oozed from me, I had lost track of time. Lost in a swirling mess of pain and seemingly pleasure I raised a hand up rom the couch, threatening my balance. Ewan just pulled me into him to keep me up. "No more" I whimpered, waving him down. All I received in response was a hand sharply pulling at my hair, pulling me back towards Ewan and onto his cock. Ewan just grunted in response and plunged harder than before. I held back a sough as I bit my lip. "Please" I pleaded them. Rose openly laughed as Ewan's ploughing built in power. Cumming a last time, my sperm joining the others on the couch, I heard Ewan give a masculine groan.

I could feel it pulsing. It spasmed and shook as his cock began unleashing itself inside me. His condom being stretched to its limits as it strained to keep his semen in. I could perceive waves of pleasure ripping through his body as more and more of his hot ejaculate pumped out of him. I whimpered as my asshole was stretched even more. After what seemed like a minute of convulsing, Ewan receded with a sickening squelch and at last I relaxed. My gaping asshole lowering down towards the couch. "Hey, Rose" I heard Ewan say as I turned around.

He was pulling the purple elastic condom from his cock, doing his best to hold the copious amounts of seed. Once he had successfully pulled it off, he dangled it around it bit. The rubber strained under the weight of the fluid and, pushing me aside, he emptied its contents onto the couch, next to the cumulative total of my orgasms. It flooded mine out.

"Wooow" she responded, flustered. "What a boss… should get him to talk to my boyfriend" she said, admiringly. "I know right… but wait, that isn't even all of it…"

"Okay, what about my favour?" Rose asked without sarcasm, I looked at her pleadingly and she looked back at me determined. I whimpered just thinking about it...

Anonymous 11/06/25(Sat)08:30 No. 12705 ID: 5dc48b

Nice. I didn't like it as much as your previous one because I'm not into that whole gay thing.
But it was equally well written, it's great.

!JUD7F1CtU. 11/06/26(Sun)20:21 No. 12749 ID: 5dc48b

Well, I plan on making the next story a futa/male incest brother/sister thing.
So chyeeah!

Anonymous 11/07/02(Sat)20:25 No. 12824 ID: 5dc48b

Page 2
PAGE 2?!
I would like more please.

Anonymous 11/07/19(Tue)15:27 No. 13045 ID: 2d2343

More, this is so well written it hurts. I can't wait for some incest.

Anonymous 11/07/26(Tue)09:41 No. 13116 ID: 735182

This stuff is GOOD! Please keep writing!

The only thing on my wishlist is a story where the guy isn't completely miserable. Embarrassment and submissiveness are nice, but succumbing and habituating is better.

Anonymous 11/10/31(Mon)08:25 No. 14210 ID: 8bf147

More of the Futa stories

!JUD7F1CtU. 11/12/10(Sat)07:31 No. 14522 ID: 2b21fa

This was an effort to flesh out the characters a lot more than I usually would try. I think it's a failure in that respect but it's still hot.


Being Bored In The Winter - A short story
tags: futa on male, futadom, incest, consensual

My sister and I always had a relationship to be envious of. Her name is Catherine and mine is Dylan and we've always been the closest brother and sister we've known. Twins, we were, and Mum always changed her story on who was born first so we never really knew and now both of us were 15, turning 16. We lived in a large townhouse in the suburbs of London and attended a school nearby. There wasn't anything spectacular about our lives - we were privileged, yes, but not at all living an extravagant lifestyle. In this vein there was always a shortage of entertainment - videogames, reading, schoolwork and outdoor gets boring quickly throughout the long winter holidays. Yet there always was a severe difference.

I lied: There was something that was slightly, maybe, possibly a little spectacular about us. We had always been a very liberal family, and I wasn't sure whether our parents didn't know or just didn't care that me and Cath always got closer than a brother and sister should have. It wasn't anything particularly weird or anything, not for us anyway. We just grew up with it… it was normal to us. And when everyone told us it was wrong and disgusting we just didn't care - it was normal… to us. So as the winter months drew on long after Christmas the days were short and spending long weeks inside due to cold and night we found other forms of entertainment as we had discovered years before. No-one but us knew, and was always great fun to keep it like that.

Cold wind screamed past my face as flakes of midday snow and sleet peppered the ground in front of me lightly. Catherine shut the door behind her as I slivered my eyes over the pages of my book. She peeled off her jacket and beanie before she looked at me, hanging them on a nearby hanger. She was wearing a tight thermal shirt that hugged her body - the cotton stretching around her smooth curves. Her hands reached her hips as she looked down at me, sitting on the floor reading a book in the hallway. She looked with a mix of concern and sarcastic pity, her soft freckles and calm facial features contended someone to think of her as innocent - which she kinda was. I mean both of us were in a way. Her head tilted with her body, one leg bending slightly as she moved them a bit apart, ice falling from her baggy snow pants. "Why do you read in here again?" she asked with a smooth tone. She wasn't genuinely curious, she just wanted me to answer so she could have a quick argument with me. It was just something we seemed to enjoy doing but never admitted to liking it. "There's better light in here" I responded simply, turning another page. "But there's sunlight in the living room" she called out from her room as she waltzed into it, taking off her snow pants out of my vision. "Sunlight has too much glare" I responded.

She returned with a hair brush, straightening out her hair idly as she looked at the papers on the stool nearby. "Whatever" she dismissed. Her hair was long and auburn, we shared that quality. But she kept hers immaculate, long and straight and perfect while I kept mine unkempt and mid length.
"What are you reading anyway?" she inquired, this time genuinely interested.
"The Case for Christ" I responded simply.
"Weren't you reading The God Delusion yesterday?"
"Yes… I haven't finished it yet either"
"Seems legit" she said in a cockney accent, making me chuckle slightly.
"Gotta keep objective" I responded before she snatched the book from my hands. I didn't detest and let her read a few lines.
"You know Josephus was a fraud, right?" she asked me.
"No I didn't… that's interesting" I responded while she slowly slid the book into my fingers and pecked me lightly on the forehead with her lips. They were soft and thin and often times they had distracted me entirely from anything I was trying to do. I knew that perhaps she was trying to do that now, judging by the allure in her eyes… not that I noticed or anything… not consciously at least, I hope. The effect they had, no matter what I liked to think, were unquestionably heady.

Yes, we were close and we knew what we were doing and what we did. We enjoyed it, we enjoyed having each other nearby to help each other out. We enjoyed sharing ourselves with one another. It was the perfect relationship one could have with another. Sibling love coupled with a physical connection that appeared and re-appeared depending on what we needed. She was now wearing matching thermal pants that clung to her lithe legs, stoping at her bare feet which tapped along the ground as she entered the back of the house. Shafts of sunlight illuminating her briefly while she walked, caressing her slender body, smooth breasts protruding outward and forward slightly. Sighing and silently cursing at myself for thinking such primitive thoughts about a relative only to rationalise it to myself that she was doing it on purpose, I folded the corner of the page I was on and left the book by the door. I stood up and followed Catherine to the kitchen.

"Tell me, Dylan" she started, her eyes casting towards me periodically. "What have you achieved this morning?"

"Well, I started reading a book that completely counters another I'm reading in an effort to educate myself as objectively as I can about religion and in doing so helps me sustain a better life understanding, creating a path to self improvement" I responded, picking words carefully.
"You always liked run-on sentences" she said simply while microwaving some sort of frozen baked snack.
"And you?" I asked uninspired.
"Went to Rose's, got bored, left."
"So you came here?" I asked, a lilt in my voice. It deceived my seemingly innocent question.
"Well now I know where we both stand" she responded, referring obviously to a growing desire in each of us. There was a short pause in conversation. "And now we both know where we stand" she said with a sigh, but not a regretful or a retreating sigh. It was a longing one. My lips pursed and I smirked slightly.
"Finish your lunch, first" I responded, to her dismay, pushing backward and retreating back into the house as I caught another glimpse of her slight build, small curves at her hips and chest and what seemed and unnatural swell in her tight grey thermal pants. She stifled an agitated grunt as the microwave dinged her food ready and I left the room.
"I'm on top this time!" she called out with sudden callousness as I left her alone. I did nothing but chuckle as I did my best to re-arrange myself, sitting down on my bed in my room with my book.

She appeared at the doorway, hands behind her back, pushing her chest forward and her stomach back. Her slim nipples protruded slightly, pushing against the elastic fabric and forming nubs. Her legs crossed over each other, straight and tall as she began to sway slightly in the doorway, extending to her tiptoes on her bare feet. Her head was pointed downward toward the ground but her eyes stared right at me. Her hair completed the silhouette; long and rich, framing her delicate, soft features and fleecy freckles hidden in the musky shade of my room. Raising an eyebrow and smirking I examined her body, my gaze drawn to the hump in the top of her pants. Again I folded the corner, tossing the book aside without taking my eyes from her as she strided slowly but surely towards my bed. She and I were now basically the same height, sure I'd grow again and be taller in the the future but right now we were almost even, so she leant down and crawled onto the bed over the sheets until our faces met. Wordlessly she leaned in for kiss but as I was just about to oblige her she pulled her head away, her slender fingers pushing against my chest slightly, pushing me back into the bed. I allowed an unsettled sigh of frustration as my lips hit air and her's curled into a smirk of trounce. Instead her fingers began pulling at the bottom of my shirt, tugging it off. My hands raised above my head as it peeled off easily. In a quick movement one of her hands pushed against my bare chest while the other slid her tight shirt off above me. Cath's perfect mounds bounded as they freed themselves from her firm undershirt.

Out of sheer compulsion my hands slid forward and upward, sliding her with her skin and eventually to her pert breasts. Biting her bottom lip her hands rested on my stomach momentarily before they started pulling downward. She slid my pants off easily as I groped her soft chest. Inside my briefs was my growing package which her hands glided over, gently squeezing before tugging them off. As I began to do the same to her it became apparent that they were caught, her thermal leggings seemed to be snagged on something. But giggling softly she began removing them herself, letting her own 'manhood' spring forward over mine.

Here would be the part where I explain.

We were born twins, yes. I was born a healthy little boy. She was born a healthy little… something else. Flourishing two kinds of fruit as it were her internal organs were a confusing mix of male and female. However her external organs were a beautiful display of both. We grew up together and from the age of twelve we'd figured out our own drives, perfecting them with each other. Now, sex between us happened both liberally and lustfully.

Her dick landed softly on my stomach with a thud. She always took longer to get hard. Her delicate panties slid slowly down her legs as my palms moved from her breasts to her length that required two hands. We both enjoyed a relatively generous endowment, when we last measured (as we often do) we were both at about 8 inches with me being a little bigger. But whoever was bigger always swapped between us and had been an ongoing battle for years. Putting her hands behind her back again she let me toy with her, my fingers groping around the head of her member, squeezing it. She sighed in response, a smirk of a smile taking control of her lips - pleasure stricken expressions crossing her over as she grew and grew and I grew underneath her. By now her length had extended completely and was protruding upward triumphantly. Even though my hands started rubbing against her skin I felt the need for my own release. One of my hands crept off of her and I grasped myself. But quickly one of her hands gabbed my wrist and returned it to her, simpering as she did.

Disgruntled and slightly annoyed I continued her ruse - stroking her off . But in an attempt to move this into my favour I rolled her over, pushing her on her back as I now lay on top of her. But it didn't stay like that for long, not long at all. She continued rolling and soon she was back on top of me, returning back to her kneeling position above me now sitting in between my legs. "I meant it when I said I would be on top" she continued with an impish smirk while she equally as impishly guided my hands back to her length. I was slightly vexed I with her directive, knowing exactly where it would lead. Stroking her as she returned to kneeling straight up, she nudged forward slightly, pulling my legs upward and around her slightly to use as hand holds. She knelt extremely close to me, her dick standing strong in the air right above mine as my hands rolled and pulled around it while her hands tugged and dragged my legs which were now in the air around her. Her foreskin rolled back as I gave a deep, slow pull on her meat, exposing shiny, bulbous meatus grown wet from her pre. From seemingly nowhere she produced a small bottle of lubricant which she squeezed generously on her length. Catherine leant back and watched as my hands rubbed the silky fluid in. I lay back and watched her tongue slightly slip out of her mouth before it was pulled back in by teeth which whitened her bottom lip. Pleasure began controlling her heartbeat and her expressions and now her drive. Lifting my hands from her, she threw them back against the bed.

"Go slow, please" I asked her quietly. "Alright" she responded much more confidently as I raised my closed hands to my neck and spread my legs slightly further, struggling to keep them against her pushing down on them. Looking down at her target, her hair covered her face as it fell in front of her. Soon I felt the warm wet touch of her meat pole against me. I tensed at the touch. Shaking her hair from in front of her, her eyes looked up at me as her face stayed down. A guileless and genuinely innocent smile flickered across her lips as she saw me lying there with my hands towards my face which would've almost shown almost fear in the way she took control - but it wasn't fear, it was consented submission. The smile gave way as a lustful sigh seeped from her when she applied pressure, her mouth opening and her eyes slowly closing. Her cock slipped easily inside me and I tensed up, my body seizing in fear of anything being hurt. But nothing really did, there was a pressure, but as always it felt quite the opposite - it began to feel good.

When she opened her eyes again she looked right at me, her features a complex mix of restrained desire and concern. It was a silent question. As she stopped her tongue darted between her lips wetting them. Are you okay? Can I keep going? I only opened my legs a little further in response. Her concerned mouth turned upward at the edges and tensed in a smug dimple of pleasure as her eyes closed again. Sliding quickly and easily inside me her cock pushed my insides out of the way. A strange feeling of pressured pleasure ran through my insides as it did so, stretching my ass. I soughed.

Her hands moved to my knees and pushed them down into the bed while I bent my knees around her, making my legs almost completely flat against the bed. She began a rhythmic thrusting with a moderate speed but a powerful push, I could hear her balls hitting my ass with each painful but gratifying ram. With every pound a gentle but forceful moan seeped from her lips that sounded soaked in satisfaction. We each enjoy a reciprocal relationship; one receives as much as they give. The difference is that she thoroughly enjoys both while I still maintain that I only bottom because she wants me to - she still begs to differ.

Her hands moved from my knees to my chest, both hands pushing into the middle of it as she leant above and over me. My legs now raised back up, folding around Catherine's back as my eyes followed her smooth breasts bouncing above me. Her hair fell over my face which began waving in time with her deep ploughing. Her arms pushed her breasts together as she continued fucking, eliciting a gratified chuckle from me which was returned politely with a sharp moan. Her thrusting slowed suddenly and became more deliberate, moving inside me in different, steady ways. It was almost a silent rule between us; that the one who was taking finish at least once before the giver does. So as her thick member and meatus began poking around my insides it hit my prostate, making me shudder slightly. Knowing she'd found it she began poking and prodding that spot, until before very long at all my back had arched and my legs squeezed around Cath. My own semen streaked across my stomach as I groaned in pleasure.

When I had finished, and Catherine had stopped thrusting I looked at her in the eyes. She had a mischievous flash to her smirk which was obscured behind a veil of her hair. Her hands moved yet again, but this time they landed on top of my own hands, holding them in place and a silent 'My turn' was spoken to me. Her pounding started quickly and powerfully. My legs bounced and moved about as I held them up, breathing quickly as her balls hit my skin over and over again. Her groaning timed with my breathing as did my soft cock, slapping against my and her stomach. Her pummelling sent my penis sprawling about while her own sent my insides contracting and squeezing her. It was painful, yes, but it was also fantastic.

Suddenly her face lurched down and our lips collided, our tongues dancing between our mouths and with each other while I felt her moans devolve into one long groan. The sound seeping into and vibrating my lips. I could feel herself nearing her climax as her body began to shake. When she erupted I could feel her seed begin to fill me with a long, drawn sigh from her. I could feel her dick pulsing and squirming as shot after shot discharged inside of me. With her moaning and sighing into my mouth I could do nothing but lie there, her hands clasped over mine and my legs wrapped around her she came. She lay on top of me for minutes afterward, her breathing slowly getting longer and deeper, returning to normality as her length softened inside me. After a long while of sitting there, lying, Catherine giggled a short giggle. For no reason, really. Just because she could. She let go of my hands and let our chests lie naked over each other. "You know you look so cute when you're bottom" she said with a giggle. "Your hands bundled near your neck and your legs apart like that." I joined her in a bit of a laugh. I mean, I wasn't one to judge how I looked - so I just had to agree.

With a brazen, soft grunt Catherine pulled her pelvis back, letting her deflated dick slip from inside me with a wet suck. I could feel her already warm semen start to seep from me, streaming out of my ass and onto the bed. "I suppose I'll see you for dinner" Cath murmured as her bod slithered off mine, breasts dragging. I smiled warmly at her. "And after" I responded with allure. "And this time, I'm on top" I declared. She smirked before leaving the room.

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Call girl 2 - A short story.
Tags: Futa on male, futadom, reluctant, anal

Anticipation always seemed to go hand in hand with trepidation with these sort of events, dread seems to always fit with dismay. The game didn't start as late as I had hoped. As it was a game I never won it was one I was willing to put off for as long as possible. It was mid morning when the ringing pierced through the cluttered tranquility of my empty home as easily as it did my confidence. The effort it took me to labour towards the source and pick up the phone...
Wrong number.
I sighed as the reassuring click let the phone down signalling a continue in relative peace -
Until it rang again, just as I put it down.
Clutching the phone tentatively I talked into the mouthpiece. "Hello?" I asked simply, confused.
"Just kidding. The house is free and I'm bored" she continued. A man can dream, but he can never win. Instead of replying I retained silence.
"Come around" she barked, simply. Her voice short and sharp, yet it survived in you ears and bounced in your mind like a hard drug. It infected you, in a way I'm not sure was entirely bad.
"No." I answered witlessly.
"Please?" She responded.
"Humour me?"
"No, I won't"
"No!" I retorted to her silence and swiftly hung up. Falling on your own sword
I stood over the phone for a few seconds, my eyes drawn to it, my hand reached out and then darted away quickly, feeling embarrassed even though no one was watching. I couldn't help if I felt as if… no.
I returned to my room and started my laptop, opening up Facebook. Tash was online. Why she called me and did not message I never understood - perhaps she knew the strength of her own voice. Yet although I saw her online, I didn't message her, I didn't want to talk to her.
Neither did she. The silence was unnerving, as if someone had said something they weren't supposed to, and she probably knew it. She didn't call back like she usually did, and she wasn't talking to me. I could imagine her; watching the screen intently, daring me to do something. Blessed are the patient. I could imagine her smirking, her cheeks catching on her teeth slightly as she watched me go offline.
The car rolled up her driveway steadily. It was still light now and I saw her wave to me from her room - her floor to ceiling windows showing off the silhouette of her seraphic body that was only partially hidden by thin pieces of wound fabric and synthetic fibres that made up what seemed to her pyjamas. Her blonde hair let loose and ragged - as if she had just woken up. I ignored her gesture as I sauntered towards her door and let myself in. "I'll be there in a sec!" I heard her call out from what I could discern only as upstairs. "Get yourself something to drink from the fridge" Tash continued.

So, with a shrug, I did, ambling over to the fridge I inspected what was inside. A series of wines and liqueurs filled one of the shelves and I slowly looked through them. I could hear Tash's soft foot steps as she skipped along the carpet and the tiled floor. "What are you getting?" she asked, sounding excited yet still hazy. "I thought a glass of juice would do well this early" I responded, knowing she'd be disappointed if I didn't pick alcohol. I began reaching for it. "Hmmm, okay then" she agreed, walking behind me. Her hands began resting on either side of my waist, then she pulled me backwards in to her and the soft bulge on her crotch pressed against my clothed ass. She began rubbing up against it, letting her covered member grind against me as her hand raised and slapped me stiffly in the rump. She then reached in over my body, her hand brushing mine aside and picked out a bottle of vodka. She pulled away and let over to the counter, pulling out two glasses as I turned to follow her. I poured juice into each which she topped up with her pellucid drink.

Mid-Morning sun beamed in from the high sun roof and we stood still on either side of the kitchen. I sipped my drink as she gulped hers. She was wearing a light blue button-up shirt that was too big for her. It may have been her father's. it was loose and long, the sleeves crumpled and folded over her arms and the hemming reached her thighs, which seemed to be bare, her endless, naked legs folding over one another as she leant against the kitchen bench. Her long blonde hair was flayed about, single strands protruding from the majority of her hair - bed hair. Yet her eyes were large and alert - wide awake. "Sup?" she asked, half jokingly with a smirk. She knew I'd seen her less than 12 hours ago. I didn't answer this time, instead I just took another sip from my drink. Foolishly

Tash didn't mind the hush, apparently. Instead of responding to silence with words, her eyes darted towards the lounge room, her head brisking in that direction also before they quickly focussed back on me. She could write symphonies with that gaze and I was hopeless to oblige to the music. So, glumly, I put the half-full drink down and hiked toward the lounge room while she glided behind me. I gave a quick groan as I felt her hand slap against my ass, harder this time and gave it a quick squeeze as we walked, not letting go until she pushed me onto the couch. I turned quickly, though and she landed next to me, both of us sitting on the sofa. Her head was at my neck height, and she looked up at me with those giant eyes. Hiding behind innocence. But I felt her hand grip my own and she pulled it up, over her body and against her crotch. She guided it underneath the shirt and against her underwear and let go, letting me take over as she rode her shirt up her stomach. She was wearing grey boy shorts with bright pink edging, her massive bulge stretched the material, even in its soft form.

As I gave her package long sustained squeezes, eliciting soughs from her, her hands began slipping their way around my clothes, gently peeling them from me. My shirt disappeared and my pants found themselves removed quickly, we sat side by side with a hand on each other's members. As my hands pressed against her I felt her growing, her length stiffening in my hand through the fabric, her sighing and murmuring until she pulled both of the briefs off; mine and hers. I feel she enjoyed doing this, she liked being a bitch. Both our cocks sprang upward, freed from their cottony prison. She clasped my hand onto her, keeping it braced around her thick pole as she sized them up. She always giggled when she did this, and she giggled then. My pecker easily grasped by her hand while my hand strained to fit around hers, the veins being squeezed by my palm.

She looked up at me again and, embarrassed, I refused to look down at her. Instead she leant forward, her mouth climbing towards my ear. I felt her breath on my cheek, warm and soft. "Ride it" she whispered softly, cordially yet threatening, not pulling away. No.

I stayed still for a while, her hand rubbing my hand rubbing her. I could still see her looking up at me from the corner of my vision. She didn't take her eyes from me. I could feel them cutting me, pulling away anything I had left. Those eyes tore away at me, crushing me. "C'mooon" she pleaded, louder this time. Her voice soothed me with its harshness, as if she was doing this for me. The two in combination were an elegant weapon, an unconquerable one. With a defeated sigh I reluctantly turned over and pulled a leg the opposite side of Tash, straddling her as she pushed her legs apart, pushing mine apart also. Her hands reached over my legs and gripped my ass. She pulled me down, her dick sliding against my crack, pre gliding over skin and down her shaft. I looked down at her looking up at me. Her eyes large and innocent while her mouth was stuck into a simper of triumph - of dominance. No.

I raised back up as she urged me, and then she pushed me backward slightly. I could feel her thick meatstick against my opening as I had dozens of times before. Biting my bottom lip my eyes pleaded with hers, contending with them. But she was too quick, too strong with her taciturn language. Wordlessly I submitted my defeat, breaking eye contact. I held my breath as she continued to push me down onto her. With a quick, soft sigh Natasha drove herself into me, the head slipping inside me. Pain flared up my body and pulsed through me as I let out a pathetic whimper. Stop

Tash eyes seared into me even more as my ass began clamping and squeezing around her meatus. "Mmmm, still so tight" she managed to moan at me as her hand pulled away from my rear, only to return powerfully, delivering a scorching slap. I whimpered feebly again in response to the stinging. I felt her hands push against me and my ass began engulfing her member, the pain slithering through my body like threads - likened to the way her voice seared into me. Tash only sighed in an open pleasure which descended into a primitive moan as she impaled me to her hilt with her godlike weapon. Her heavy balls rested against my cheeks as she pushed her hips into me, too, stretching my insides in a calypso of pleasure and pain. She repeated herself; "Ride it." I could do nothing to refuse. She slowly began lifting me up off her as her large eyes looked up at me, merciless in their drive - their sweet innocence still there but it was only an illusion. They were carefully hiding lust which flooded her veins and engulfed her. It was scary how she changed like so - subtly and delicately.

As my ass stretched to accommodate such a large intrusion it slithered out of me. My knees straightening against the couch, gaining height above Tash. But it was only physical height. Even though she rested on the couch beneath me, sweat sticking her father's shirt to her skin as I looked down at her, she controlled me. As I moved down again, this time without Tash pushing me onto her, her inhuman length opening me, I looked down at her looking down at me. She need only say one sentence - one word - and I'm completely defeated by her. I rode up again and her hands left my ass, placing themselves above her head, resting limply between her hair and couch. Without even moving she was fucking me. My knees extending and contracting and my ass tightening and relaxing - my prostate being kneaded by the head and veins that belonged to her daunting and demoralising dick. Instead her eyes just watched me bounce on top of her - whimpers dribbling from my mouth as precum dribbled from my hard but defeated cock. Natasha's breathing grew heavy and steady as my pace quickened, my squatting massaging and squeezing Tash's spear.

"Faster" she moaned simply. I almost said 'no'
But I didn't
Instead I got faster. My balls started hitting her stomach with a soft, small thwack everytime I took her to the hilt which now seemed to be every thrust. My hands gripped onto the couch above her as I sped up, twelve inches disappearing inside my poor behind before re-appearing again, covered in pre and my own juices, glistening in soft light before sliding quickly and painfully into me yet again. I bounced on top of her for what felt like the longest time, the pain only getting worse. And yet she only moaned and sighed, sitting there completely still as I put myself through the pain and effort to get her off. Stroking her pride almost as much as I stroked her cock. Almost

Her breathing and sighing and moaning grew stronger in volume and higher in pitch. Sweat growing into a slick film as her body flexed and bent and oscillated slightly, pushing her pelvis softly into me while I drove myself strongly onto her. Her open mouth and closed eyes a sure symptom of her imminent explosion. I did nothing to try and escape it or stop it, she pushed herself into me while I sat down onto her, feeling her skin flush and her dick throb inside me she wailed in ecstasy. Her toes pointed, her hands gripped her hair and everywhere in between shivered. Semen flooded me, hurting my inside with the sheer amount until the pressure broke its seal and oozed from my ass around her meat, coating it. As her rigid form continued to flex more and more streams emptied into me, I groaned as I accepted it reluctantly, unsure of what compelled me to do it, what stopped me from simply refusing. She opened her eyes again and stared into mine blankly - like a deer in headlights they glazed over in sheer ecstasy. A simple whimper seethed from her open mouth as my ass squeezed the last of her huge load. I knew something then, after all of it. That was why I couldn't refuse - her burning, quiet eyes and her soft, gentle voice. It was just being around that alone. I didn't want to know her, I would do better if I never knew Tash as a person - as long as I could have those two things in anyone. I knew that she knew it by now, too and I knew because of that I'd never be able to refuse.

As if she heard what I was thinking her hands let go of her hair and onto the bottom of my legs, lifting me from her. As she slipped out of me her cum spat from my anus onto her and the couch. With a long exhale I relaxed my knees and let her softening cock rest itself on mine which still stood with eagerness. Pointlessly. The heavy weight of her wet flesh pushing my poor pecker down, beaten by its superior. She leaned forward in the couch and her breath met mine. At first I thought she was going to kiss me, but her head moved to the side slowly and her lips connected with my ear. "Clean up" she whispered simply and her hands pushed down on the top of my head. Looking down I saw her cock, caked in clear and white cum.

"No" I said, out loud this time. She did nothing but smile at me as she relaxed back into the couch. It was a warm smile, almost genuinely loving, understanding. It would of fooled someone who did not know her better. Her eyes fell lazy, gazing over me, looking down me then back up. My legs slipped off the couch with a sigh and onto the ground where I began to kneel in front of her, not taking my eyes from her triumphant gaze, even as I opened my mouth.

Anonymous 11/12/12(Mon)07:17 No. 14528 ID: 2b21fa

Oh man more of this.

Anonymous 11/12/16(Fri)18:10 No. 14562 ID: 9ae02a

Here's my version of the story:

The phone rang.
I don't know why, but there was always this sense of anticipation and dread I have with picking it up. Not knowing who it was and knowing who it could be was almost a game of Russian Roulette I had with myself. Now, it happened almost daily. I picked up the phone Gun to my head - pull the trigger. "Hey there, moll" a feline, scratchy yet appeasingly seductive voice replied, female in nature.
"Uuuuh, hey… Tash." I responded, not unnerved but unhappy. "Parents are gone. Come around" she demanded in a domineering tone. "Uuuhh, look, Tash… I don't know about today, it's not really a good t-" "Come around" she repeated, cutting me off. "Tash, I was just about to say that I don't really want to because I'm really busy, and… you know"
There was a disenchanting silence - shredding any hope of worming my way out.
"No. I don't. Come arooound" she said again, this time with the last word drawn out, as if she sounded wanting, but not desperate. "I know you really, really want to" she claimed, her voice thinning to an innocent tone. She was pulling all the strings for this one. She usually did.
"I just-"
"Come around"
"Come around"
"I'm not-"
"Come. Around"
“No. Fuck off.”

I slammed the phone down.


Anonymous 11/12/16(Fri)18:11 No. 14563 ID: 9ae02a

Here's my version of the story:

The phone rang.
I don't know why, but there was always this sense of anticipation and dread I have with picking it up. Not knowing who it was and knowing who it could be was almost a game of Russian Roulette I had with myself. Now, it happened almost daily. I picked up the phone Gun to my head - pull the trigger. "Hey there, moll" a feline, scratchy yet appeasingly seductive voice replied, female in nature.
"Uuuuh, hey… Tash." I responded, not unnerved but unhappy. "Parents are gone. Come around" she demanded in a domineering tone. "Uuuhh, look, Tash… I don't know about today, it's not really a good t-" "Come around" she repeated, cutting me off. "Tash, I was just about to say that I don't really want to because I'm really busy, and… you know"
There was a disenchanting silence - shredding any hope of worming my way out.
"No. I don't. Come arooound" she said again, this time with the last word drawn out, as if she sounded wanting, but not desperate. "I know you really, really want to" she claimed, her voice thinning to an innocent tone. She was pulling all the strings for this one. She usually did.
"I just-"
"Come around"
"Come around"
"I'm not-"
"Come. Around"
“No. Fuck off.”

I slammed the phone down.


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why are you here? go away, i'm fapping

Plebiophile 11/12/20(Tue)18:49 No. 14582 ID: b5e1eb

I had an anal orgasm to this story. your stories are my fetishes exactly.

Anonymous 11/12/22(Thu)03:21 No. 14589 ID: f3e9dd

Here's my version of the story:

The phone rang.
I don't know why, but there was always this sense of anticipation and dread I have with picking it up. Not knowing who it was and knowing who it could be was almost a game of Russian Roulette I had with myself. Now, it happened almost daily. I picked up the phone Gun to my head - pull the trigger. "Hey there, moll" a feline, scratchy yet appeasingly seductive voice replied, female in nature.
"Uuuuh, hey… Tash." I responded, not unnerved but unhappy. "Parents are gone. Come around" she demanded in a domineering tone. "Sure, gimme 20 minutes, I'll be right there."

Anonymous 11/12/24(Sat)19:10 No. 14612 ID: ec0568

motherfucker more

Anonymous 12/01/07(Sat)08:52 No. 14751 ID: e47b6e


!JUD7F1CtU. 12/01/16(Mon)21:15 No. 14876 ID: e47b6e

Alright, the next story I'm doing is an interacial gay one. Why? Because fuck you, that's why.
After that more futa shit.

Anonymous 12/01/17(Tue)09:11 No. 14885 ID: f3e9dd

Oh, thanks. You're so considerate.

Anonymous 12/01/17(Tue)20:14 No. 14891 ID: eeea82

YAYYYYYYYY More futa! Your blowjob scenes are great btw.

Anonymous 12/02/04(Sat)15:52 No. 15055 ID: d8236c

Did you die? I would be sad forever if you did die.

Anonymous 12/02/15(Wed)04:52 No. 15174 ID: 6758ec

I will go and fuck that card stand. Gimme 30 minutes, I'll be right there.

Anonymous 12/03/05(Mon)14:55 No. 15374 ID: 322206

I hope this thread isn't dead

!JUD7F1CtU. 12/03/05(Mon)15:00 No. 15375 ID: d1057b

I ain't dead. It's just that bitches ain't shit and shit - I'm unmotivated and University is fantastic. There might be another one in the near future, there might not be - don't hold your breath. Oh and also if you feel like a certain scene or a certain character or some shit feel free to just lay it down. Anything to get inspired, really and these sort of writings I've worked on in my head for a long time. I'm not really one for inspiring myself.

!JUD7F1CtU. 12/03/06(Tue)15:40 No. 15382 ID: d1057b

Scarp that, I'm writing a (really) short story involving no futa/male but it's another one of my favourite fetishes involving girlfriend stealing. Shit's hot, but it's short. I plan on expanding it in the future. Should be done tomorrow/next day.
Also, I'm serious about that request shit. If you have a sweet, subtle or original idea on the subject of Malesub I'd love to flesh it out.
Also, sage, because double posts are bitches.

Anonymous 12/03/06(Tue)21:28 No. 15384 ID: 93a44c

I love your writing. The new story sounds awesome.

I've always been interested in a story that involved a futa babysitter with a male sub.

Anonymous 12/03/26(Mon)15:55 No. 15625 ID: 322206

Dead dead dead

Anonymous 12/03/27(Tue)13:01 No. 15635 ID: 5624b6

I came

Anonymous 12/04/25(Wed)04:40 No. 15954 ID: 2e5ff3


Please continue this story!

!JUD7F1CtU. 12/05/01(Tue)10:37 No. 16018 ID: d1057b

A quick note before this story. It's pretty emotionally driven. This is malesub in purely the emotional sense and it isn't easy on the brain. This poor guy's had it hard, here. So if you're not into that, don't complain. You've been warned.
This picture was heavily inspired by this picture:


Stolen - A short story.
Tags: futa on female, futadom, cuckold

Giggling, I threw Genevieve lightly onto the bed, her slender legs bowing slightly in the middle as a smile streaked across her cheeks. Lunging forward sharply I stopped right over her, elbows either side of her head as she gasped, surprised, before her smile returned - but more lissome this time. I paused for a moment, letting my hand move smoothly down her side. Quickly I darted my mouth down to meet hers. She opened to reciprocate but I pulled away quickly, leaving just my breath on her lips. She opened her eyes, slowly, with sharp desire seeping through around the edges - refined yet still primitive. Her cute freckles flushed on her cheeks as my hand slipped slowly between her legs which she generously parted for me. My hand glazed over her skin and the cotton of her thin panties - just enough to tickle at best, to make her wanting. She tried to stifle an elegant sough as my hand streaked underneath the clothing and against her thinly haired snatch. My other hand slipped up her dress and up her back, playing with the notches in her spine as I went until my arm reached around her back, a single finger slipping inside her as I closed her open mouth with mine…

That was only 2 weeks ago. I stumbled towards the benchtop, hand going through my rustled hair as I sleepily and clumsily fell onto it. I checked the time: 8:30pm exactly. Still waking up I gathered a few food items from around the bench, eating food I had left from earlier in the day. I grumbled to myself as I quenched my thirst, rubbing the slight stubble on my cheek and around my mouth. Putting my head in my hands I groaned - lack of sleep was becoming a serious issue, now. Turning around slightly I looked into my empty room. It was dark and there were things all over the floor. Clothes, old bits of food, sports gear. I didn't want to look at it. Instead I turned back to the kitchen bench and sipped on searing coffee. I was 18 now, thank christ I was moving out. I really, really didn't want to be here.

Putting the cup down I heard the front door open, it made a whine that was instantly recognisable. And giggling, I heard some of that - two distinct types, both I knew very well. Genevieve walked in haphazardly, a little clumsily as if she'd been pushed a little. She had a pert little demure grin that oozed attraction and her pretty, thin face turned behind her, flushing slightly. Then she turned towards me, looking tiredly at her behind eye bags and hazy rings. She quickly straightened herself - suddenly looking reserved and hiding terribly her unease. "H-hey Liam" she said finally. I removed my gaze from her as she continued to look away, trying to find something else to focus on. There was a short, awkward pause. "Hey Genevieve" I replied dryly, taking another loud sip.

It was then that she entered. Strutting into my vision, not looking at me, she carefully placed her feet spread apart Genevieve's and although she thought she was sly in doing it, I could see a finger and thumb nip at Gen's backside. Genevieve respond by turning slightly towards her and smirking with allure - a shameless display of primal affection right in front of me.

She of course was Laura, my younger sister. And underneath her innocent giggles I could tell what she really was. She enjoyed watching me suffer, she really did, in the way she spoke and looked at me. In all the things she'd done to me and my friends over the past years… my train of thought was distracted by the sight of her hands begin to roam under Genevieve's skirt. The cute freckled girl soughed slightly, our eyes met for a moment but she looked away and blushed, looking uncomfortable. It was then Laura looked at me, just a glance, those innocent eyes penetrating and mean for just an instant. She knew how much it was tearing me up and she loved it. Laura was different in every way to Gen. While Gen was cultured, sure footed, careful and reserved with everything she did, wearing long dresses and wearing warm, cute faces - Laura was aggressive, loud and direct. She showed herself off and teased and rutted and manipulated and in the end usually got what she wanted because of it.

Genevieve sighed softly into my mouth while my finger toyed with her insides. Touching gently in the places I knew she liked. Her hands slipped under my shirt and gently it was pulled off me as her dress began disappearing off her lithe body. With our bodies touching, I lay on top of her and she gasped a little as my fingers teased her outsides before slipping back again into the tight folds. Slowly she felt her fingers reach around my pants, slowly trying to pull them dow

My thought was interrupted as Genevieve let out a soft 'oof' as Laura openly played with that who used to be mine. She had stolen her from me, she had done it knowing she had and she had done it with Genevieve wanting it. Gen's guilt for knowing, too, was crushed whenever Laura and her alone. I couldn't blame her, not Gen. But Laura should not be in my life, she should not exist. She knows what she's doing to me. Through my tired eyes Laura glanced at me again, this time maintaining eye contact. She burned through my resolve and knew exactly what I didn't want. Leaning over to Genevieve's ear she quietly whispered something, not taking her eyes off me. Gen looked a little shocked and turned to face her "Now? But Liam's right oooooooo.." she tapered off as Laura slowly, silently convinced her, slipping a finger or two inside. It hurt me on the inside, watching Gen's resolve slip away. With me she would always wait until we were fully alone so that no one could interrupt us and even then she was quiet and elegant. But with Laura that was swept aside.

And then I watched my sister take that from me. "He's right here" she whispered this time, but I could still hear it. Laura didn't take her eyes off me, even as I looked away. Genevieve looked positively aroused, her skin hot and movement shaken. Laura didn't say anything more, she knew she didn't need to. Instead I could see her subtly push on Genevieve's back. The cute girl had no resolve or desire to resist, so Genevieve began leaning over and eventually just laying forward over bench just inches from me. With me she was reserved and constrained. With Laura she was primal and wanting. I raised my eyes over Gen's face, her back and looked up Laura's lithe, covered body. The body of a 15 year old.

That was something else that was entirely humiliating; she was 3 years younger than me and yet here she had taken what I enjoyed most right from under me. She was incredibly thin, not like Genevieve who had begun growing hips, Laura still had the body of her teenage mind - breasts that were beginning to form and hips that were more or less straight. I kept raising my eyes back to her face, a smirk bearing down on her prize - on her victory and then to me. The smirk that simultaneously displayed her trounce and my defeat. I looked away and it wasn't long before I heard the quiet sound of Gen's underwear slip across her behind and down her legs a little where they fell onto the floor around her ankles. Genevieve whimpered. Laura stared at me carefully - she wanted me to see this.

"Mmmm hang on a sec" she said out as I removed her underwear. She carefully slipped out from under me and to the side. I crawled over to the top of the bed and lay at the head of it - turning around to see Gen bringing over a square, plastic packet. Ripping it apart she carefully placed the tight balloon over my pecker. With a slight giggle she pulled it down to the base and pressed the top with her finger, making my dick flinch slightly. With a small glint in her eyes she slid herself over my legs and began pushing herself down onto me. I groaned as my dick disappeared inside her tight snatch…

Genevieve gasped again - her mouth open and sweat already forming on her face. Out of the corner of my vision I could see Laura looking at me as she raised a hand up from underneath Gen simply dripping in pussy juices. And now she was carefully pulling at the top of her pants and underwear. It was at this point where I knew I couldn't watch. I quietly called her a bitch as I sauntered away the few meters back to my room. "Hey… Liam, wait" Laura called out after me. She sounded… different. A little concerned I turned around only to see what she wanted me to see: Genevieve was still bent over the bench, standing on her toes while Laura had a hand on her rump. Laura's massive dick was almost completely hard in her hand as she slowly guided it into Gen's pussy. She was three years less my age but she was also about 3 times my size - the body of a 15 year old and the member of a horse. I could just see Genevieve's mouth open and eyes close as Laura carefully pushed her lips apart with the head of her dick.

And I stood, gripped by it, watching my little sister emasculate me. She enjoyed watching me suffer, yes, and here she was plunging herself into the dripping confines of my ex who only last week had me in bed. But I remembered the gentle coercing and slow movements Gen moved from the date to the bed. Laura made Genevieve throw herself into it, rippling and florid. Gen's open mouth soon generated a slow moan as Laura pushed herself forcefully into her. It had been a long time since both Laura and I knew that she was a little different, and what started as a source of endless torment and teasing of her steadily grew into a realisation that having such a tool [hehe] was a gift - much to my disdain. Genevieve stretched her arms forward as Laura stretched her outward. Bottoming out, Laura stayed there for a little while, still looking at me. "Like what you see?" she asked with a wink - demolishing me.

I couldn't take it anymore I turned and disappeared to my room, slamming the door behind me.

She started slowly, rising and falling, the bed rocking with us gently as her breathing began to match her bouncing. My hands gripped her flanks as I pulled her movement's stronger. She was tight, of this there was little doubt and thus required a very slow ease into it. I didn't mind and as the rubber around my dick began to grow slicker and slicker Gen got faster and faster. The bed started creaking and shortly my hips began moving into her as she did into me. My hands slid down to her ass and held them gently as she looked into my face and mine into hers. She gave a soft smile as the glint in her eyes remained. Her shortened breaths grew quickly into huffs as her legs grew tired, slipping down further I took over, thrusting into her insides quickly. Every thrust elicited a sharp exhale from her and every few of those turned into a slight, whimpering yelp. After a few minutes my body began to tense up. Genevieve could see it and let out a soft "ah" each thrust…

So now I couldn't see them, yet I could certainly hear them. As much as I tried to block it out, put a pillow over my head, or turn up the quiet music a little more I could still hear the sounds of sex - and not just ordinary sex, I heard pleasure saturated sex. The kind I could never emulate. I heard a loud smack on skin, as Laura would've hit Gen's ass and a constant, dripping and smacking sound of fucking. As skin hit skin. I could hear their feet shuffling and the bench creaking with each powerful ram. But all of this I could deal with, what I could not was their voices.

Laura's sharp, high pitched grunts mixed with the wet slapping each time growing somehow more natural and more forced than the grunt before it and yet every so often moaned a compliment or an insult. "Oh yeah" "So good" and "God you're good" emerged equally as much as "You whore" "Don't you just love this" and "I bet Liam never made you feel this good." Such comments were obviously not directed at her but at me. But even this wasn't the worst part. It was Genevieve's voice that made me feel beaten. She had a constant moan, punctuated each time her once-tight insides were slammed. The moan was simply dense with lechery, unending only for a short gasp of air. With me the only sound she would make were short, cute, gasps. She tried to string words, responses together but all that came out was a stumbling chain of moans, dribbling with ecstasy. Simply soaked with it. And yet even over all of this I could still hear the constant, fast, powerful thudding of my sisters ramming.

It barely took a minute before I could hear Genevieve's moans grow into a dense squeal. With every loud thrust I could hear her high pitched howl stream out from her, vaguely sounding like words. "Oh God" appeared in my mind several times as Gen not only hit her orgasm, but continued it. Laura drew it out, not slowing her persistent pounding, every so often another loud smack pealed out. What I could not not deny was simply the amazing length of such a feeling. For at least the next 5 minutes of relentless, tortuous fucking Gen's voice was wild in pitch and volume while Laura's was subdued and in control before I heard her gasps and moans grow into thick, feminine grunts, soon about to deposit herself in Genevieve's rippling insides…

I grunted anomalistically, quickly expending myself. My breaths quickly shortened as I tensed and pulsed. Looking up at Genevieve's face she smiled warmly at me, her own gasps joining me sheepishly. When I knew I'd finished I grabbed her sides and lifted her off me, slowly and she lay on the bed next to me. Awkwardly I removed the condom and tied it, peeled from the dampened bed, dropped it (into a bin) and then slid down to lay next to her. She sighed softly as my hands slid across her skin and again into my mouth as our lips softly collided.

Genevieve let out a loud wail as Laura's dick flexed and tensed. I couldn't see it, but I could imagine it. I could still hear Laura's grunts and stunted breaths as she finished over Gen's lusty sounds. It took a long time for them both to settle down and for a brief moment I could only hear the music in my room, my laptop speakers distorting from their overuse… overuse that did little to push out other sounds. The brief moment was shattered when I heard a loud slap, a dirty whimper and the soft, thick sound of Laura's soft, thick meat leaving my girlfriend's hole. "How was that?" I heard Laura speak in a husky voice. The only response was a short-breathed mewl - a lame attempt at an "Oh God"

And then there was silence. Relative, yes. I could hear their mumbled conversation slightly. Not loud enough to make any words out but loud enough to gauge emotion. So I lay in bed and looked at the spot next to me and forced tears not to well in my eyes. They didn't. My face steeled itself. Instead I just lay there, unsure of what to do. I was still hungry but I couldn't go into the kitchen. So I just lay there. It was a numbing experience. It wasn't the first time, matter of fact the last few days have been similar in nature. I've never seen anyone so lascivious, let alone someone like Genevieve.

My thoughts were distracted as I could hear a mild thump followed by giggling. Laura's room was next to mine and it sounded as if they had shunted into her closed door. I could hear some fumbled playing around with the doorknob as I prepared myself for the inevitable sound of continued pounding. But just as the song skipped to the next one, in that brief moment of silence there was… silence. This was carefully slated with a whispered "Wait wait wait" before the giggling continued followed by a slightly louder "But that's-" and then I heard my door thump. From just a few feet from me and through one layer of wood I could hear a single pant. There was the sound of fumbling with a doorknob again before it swung open, Laura basically shoving a hapless and craving Genevieve into my room. Suddenly she pulled on Gen's arm and swung her towards the door again, closing it and slamming her against it. This also, with no accident on Laura's part, blocked my exit.

And then I could do nothing but watch. I knew no matter what I said it would not only be unheeded but would be driven against. So I lay in silence as Genevieve moaned into Laura's mouth and Laura's fingers plumbed Gen's insides. I did my best to force myself not to look but I couldn't help it - my eyes glancing up and giving quick stares at them. I'd seen Laura's dick many times, but every time it made me stifle a gasp. It stood proud and engorged between their bodies, still slick from their previous, noisy affair. Sometimes I'd glance up and I'd catch Laura's eyes, she spent most of her time looking at me, seeing how I reacted. This whole thing wasn't for her, it was for me. She was just trying to prove her dominance over me and judging by Genevieve's exacerbating groans and her shrink wrapped, glistening eyes and her flushed, sweaty skin Laura had proved it well.

As Genevieve slowly lifted her slender leg up her lover's body Laura took advantage of that, gripping it quickly and powerfully and practically tossing her towards the bed - my direction. I only moved just in time to miss Genevieve as she landed, lying down on supine on the bed. Her eyes not showing surprise at the sudden turn but only adoration. They were fixed on Laura's body and tool as she strutted closer. I hopped off the bed, this time backing to a corner of the room closer to the door. I could still see Genevieve - she was slowly spreading her legs apart, giving Laura an easy access to her moist snatch. Laura didn't waste any time, her hands landed either side of Gen's head and her thighs pushed against the girl's, lifting them up slightly and suddenly she plunged herself inside Gen. The girl's eyes quickly opened wide, her back arched, her toes pointed and her fists clenched, grabbing at my sheets as she let out an inward gasp and yet Laura continued pushing herself inside her.

When she had bottomed out, all of Laura's massive dick fitting tightly inside that small snatch Genevieve stopped moving. Her mouth caught open and breathless in a display of ultimate submission. Laura slowly lowered her mouth towards Gen's and I looked away - hurt and unbelievably uncomfortable. I headed for the door to leave them. "Liam, wait" I heard Laura cry out again. She sounded as if she was pleading. I stopped for a moment but didn't turn around. "Wait" she repeated, this time her tone was stronger, more confident. "Watch" she commanded this time. Her voice hitting me and somehow controlling me. I found myself turning around to find her eyes starting at me - a pert simper across her lips.

She slowly slipped out of the writhing girl and then plunged herself back into her, not taking her eyes off me. Her hands reached over to the head of the bed and gripped on it hard, starting a heavy rhythm. I could see Genevieve roll and tense and pulse underneath the smaller Laura every time her member drilled inside her. Her skin was flushed and sweating and her breasts bounced with every pound. My eyes fell towards the ground again. "Watch" Laura commanded again and I complied - my younger sister's words presiding over me. I could see Laura's simply mighty cock push itself inside Genevieve, a mixture of lubricant and excess semen squelching out with each thrust. Laura's tool just made me feel dejected, it's size humbling. Each vein pushed outward into my ex's insides, sending rippling pulses of ecstasy through her which expended out her mouth in vocal displays of euphoria. Loud moans and gasps combined with her ceaseless writhing on the bed. Laura grabbed Gen's arms and pinned them to the bed as she built her speed.

And I watched the whole thing, standing in the corner of the room feeling a torrent of confused emotions as Genevieve mounted her sexual peak where she'd stay for a long time. Her moans grew into wails, her eyes rushing in and out of focus and her muscles lost all control all while Laura simply stared down at me while I glared hopelessly back up. I could still hear all the residual sounds, slapping and sucking of sweat sitting below the howls and grunts swirling in my head and boiling before my eyes. "Do you like it?" Laura asked breathlessly, while her eyes burnt into me. I didn't respond. Time lost sense of itself as I felt myself being more and more crushed with each loud pound before my own sister began welling up. Her eyes closed finally and I could hear her breathing change.

She exploded inside Genevieve, her balls tensing as semen filled her and then spilled out across my sheets underneath them. Laura plunged herself in as deep as she could and blew herself into what was mine, into what I felt I was entitled to. But Genevieve was clearly elsewhere, she didn't care if I was in the room or not, she wouldn't care who was here. She'd lost herself to pleasure, the kind only Laura could give her. As Laura finished inside Genevieve, the thin girl groaned a satisfied groan, loud and animalistic. Genevieve let out a garbled, loud and satisfied attempt at "I love you"

And then, knowing I'd heard it, Laura opened her eyes right on me. Her open mouth of pleasure grew into a confident smile of victory.

Genevieve's eyes fluttered open and closed. I smiled at her attempt to stay awake beside me. "I'm not tired" she mumbled at me as I kissed her on the cheek. She smirked warmly as she looked at me. "I love you" I whispered to her.

"I love you too" she whispered back as she collapsed in my arms"

Anonymous 12/05/01(Tue)13:46 No. 16019 ID: eeea82

The abuse (even if it is psychological) isn't my thing, but I can say that it is very well written. I do like your writing :) particularly your futa stuff.

Anonymous 12/05/02(Wed)05:05 No. 16027 ID: 23ef18

that dude need to go down to murdertown and rent out a murdertrain

!JUD7F1CtU. 12/05/02(Wed)06:43 No. 16029 ID: d1057b

Then I, Liam lost my shit.
I dove on the motherfuckers like a football player on cocaine. Knife in hand and eye on cock I slipped that shiny bitch underneath her abhorred shaft and slit it clean off. There wasn't any blood, there was this rainbow fluorescent liquid pouring out and her forehead began growing outward to a point. That's when I realised my sister was a unicorn. So me and the deathly unicorn did battle on the bed, knocking over nightlamps with her hoofs which were aimed at my head. But I was too fast for the beast - plunging the kitchen knife deep into its furry bosom as it reared. This time it's hooves did not land back on the ground, they fell backward as colourful monster fell supine, screeching death one more time. Happy colours oozed from its open wound as its mane finally lay still.

Genevieve looked on with fear at first, but once it had been slain she tentatively stepped over the lifeless carcass of the mythical beast and slipped, falling at my legs. She didn't get up though, but her large eyes looked up at me as she grasped my legs and felt for my dick through my pants.

My dick was now graced with an enormous length and girth as a gift from the high Hindu god Krishna and Genevieve and I fucked for the whole night non stop really raunchy hardcore shit but holy shit it was great oh my god you should probably kill a unicorn.

How was that?

Anonymous 12/05/02(Wed)09:28 No. 16030 ID: 23ef18

Fuck that was funny as hell but what I was getting at is if his sister is stealing systematically destroying everything in his life taking his girlfriends and whatnot he should just stand there and watch it happen

Anonymous 12/05/02(Wed)09:31 No. 16031 ID: 23ef18

Shouldn't just stand there I mean

Anonymous 12/05/02(Wed)13:28 No. 16033 ID: eeea82

A++++++++- would fap to again.

!JUD7F1CtU. 12/05/03(Thu)15:19 No. 16060 ID: d1057b

In my mind that's sort of the point of it, that's where I get off on it the fact that all he's doing is just watching it unfold before him. To me it implies that there's a pre-story, that this has perhaps been going on for a while and this is kind of the final blow...

for me, anyway, you can read it however you like (or don't like)

!JUD7F1CtU. 12/05/31(Thu)15:36 No. 16301 ID: d1057b

Status report:
Not gonna be writing for a long time because it's not something I particularly feel like doing right now. If I ever do write up anything I'll throw it here because I like you guys.

sage for not actually being an update.

Anonymous 12/06/27(Wed)22:15 No. 16544 ID: 11ab3a

I loved each of the storys on here, makes me sad that there may not be anymore updates :( your an amazing writer, I hope you pick it up again soon!

Anonymous 12/07/06(Fri)02:20 No. 16578 ID: df9906

Call Girl 1,
Call Girl 2,

Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)00:11 No. 16598 ID: e6fdbd

Thanks for your time anyway :)

!JUD7F1CtU. 12/07/22(Sun)18:15 No. 16725 ID: d1057b

After going through my shit and skimming back over this one i've decided I like these characters too much not to continue with it as most of my other stories I've tried to start have run dry on inspiration rather quickly. So I'm going to over the course of the next week or so hopefully churn out one regarding these characters. I'm hopeful it will be shorter, sweeter and more succinct.

This is my way of forcing myself to do it, too, as I've been wanting to for a long time but I've never really had the drive. If I tell you guys it's going to be done in a week or so I don't want to go back on that. See you guys then.

Anonymous 12/07/23(Mon)00:42 No. 16728 ID: e6fdbd

I can't wait!

!JUD7F1CtU. 12/07/26(Thu)17:10 No. 16776 ID: d1057b

Okay, I take that back - it definitely will not be shorter. I got a little... carried away. But it'll be fantastic either way... hopefully..


I think it'll be fantastic. Like Call Girl 2 was to Call Girl 1 it'll flesh out the characters a whole lot more.

Anonymous 12/08/03(Fri)18:27 No. 16929 ID: 059782

I'm excited for anything you end up writing, I love all of these!

Anonymous 12/08/26(Sun)10:24 No. 17072 ID: 11ab3a

Any updates?

Anonymous 12/08/31(Fri)00:58 No. 17095 ID: 210671

Please more of this story

!JUD7F1CtU. 12/10/12(Fri)15:34 No. 17384 ID: d1057b

Is it just me or are these stories getting longer? Anyway. Long time, no see, working on a few new things as well as some old stuff and sequels. This particular story is a test of present tense writing. I think it turned out okay in the end even if I had some trouble with it at the start.

What do you think? Worse? Better?


"Bitch" - A short story.
Tags: futa on male, futadom, consensual, anal, loveydovey, hair pulling and ass slapping

It seemed I was dreaming. It was a marvellous dream, too. But don't bother asking about it, for the moment you've finished reading this sentence I've already forgotten it. Slightly annoyed at forgetting the details of such a pleasant dream I don't bother to open my eyes. I know i've already lost this battle, instead my hands find themselves above my head in an exaggerated stretch. My vocals chords do the same, my mouth opens wide in a silent yawn, quieter than the sheets which rustle as I move slowly. Then it all comes flooding back.
It's sunday.
I'm in bed.
I have nothing to do today.
'Aaaahahahaha yeessssssss' my mind roars from the top of its mountain. It's then that I open my eyes and see something even better then that thought:

She's still sleeping. So I stop stretching, finish my yawn, carefully remain completely still and remember that no dream is worth remembering when laying next to this girl. It was mid morning, judging from the sunlight coming into the room. The light seeping through the shutters bounced off the dust suspended in the air and onto her skin. It glowed. My hands slowly recessed back underneath the downy blanket we were hiding under and just watched her for a while. She was simply the cutest girl I'd known - there was no way I would've picked it. Lithe, petite and blindingly bubbly. At only 16 years old - two years my junior, she seemed to have the energy, vibrancy and innocence of a 10 year old while having the sexual allure of a 20 year old. So I just lay there for a while, not too long, not creepy long - just soaking her up. Her hands had recessed from around my neck and into her chest, lightly gripping the soft blankets to it as it swayed gentle with her soft snores.
My hand finds its way under the blanket and to her skin. She doesn't respond as I run my hand down her waist. Not as it curves around her hips and down her leg. It's soft, so soft. There are no words to describe how soft her skin is.
I think she can read my mind because as I think that she slowly begins to rustle and hazily and half asleep her hand reaches from the blankets under her neck to my hand and listly grabs on it. I can't help but chuckle.
Which I will see in hindsight is a good idea. Her eyes open slowly and, like magnets, lock onto mine. For all the soft yellow sunlight flooding the room the sudden smash of such bright green is startling. I don't have long to look at them, though as they shut hazily again.
"Good morning" I croak at her quietly.
"Hnmmmmmmmmmmmmgood morning…" she groans as her hands slide up her body, taking mine with it. They glide above her head as she lets out a soft yawn, her back arching with her. More flesh reveals itself to me as one of her breasts slides from under the blankets. My mind continues from the peak it stands on '…Goddamn'

It must have shown on my face, because as her eyes open again, her body relaxing she looks at me. She smiles coyly and her free hand curls itself behind my head and her fingers coil in my hair. She looks at me, her soft eyes melting me until her fingers cave in and she pull my hair towards her. I whimper instinctively as she pulls my hand around her and she does the same to me. "…bitch." she finishes softly.

Then it comes flooding back - it wasn't a dream I'd forgotten at all, and I hadn't forgotten it.
"Did you enjoy last night?" she whispered in my ear as her hands wrapped around me and mine around hers. I hold her tightly.
"Hurt a bit" I respond with a soft squeeze on her hips which she responds to with a sharp squeeze to my hair.
I don't manage to contain the whimper, to which she chuckles and holds me closer.
"You're fun" she professes. I knew how she meant it; it wasn't objectification, it was genuine appraisal. "Don't worry" she starts "you'll get used to it" she's says looking directly in my eyes - only centimetres away. As she says it her hand grabs mine and runs it down her body slowly.
"It's been 2 weeks and I'm still not" I note. She doesn't respond. Gently my hand glides across that perfect skin and she guides it brazenly in between her legs. "Make me hard" she whispers my command as her hand tugs at my hair again. I groan and bite my lip without thinking as her hand pushes my own against her dick.

It seems so cute like this, it fits in your hand nicely, hairless and limp. But it gets dangerous when it's played with. 'I like dangerous' I think to myself… almost out loud. My hand starts gently touching the skin near the head as her hand closes the gap between us and grabs my package. I'm already rock hard and yet I still groan when she squeezes me. Her eyes suddenly gain a sheen of glad-wrap and start to sparkle. Slowly blood fills her dick - inevitably taking blood from her brain and leaving only room for base instincts it seems. Already I can see her salivating, her skin flushing. 'Am I still dreaming' I squeeze her gently ut yet she has iron composure and only sharpens her eyes at me. Already I can anticipate her hands yet again seizing my hair - this time it's hard and my back arches into her. She giggles and moans slightly straight into my ear, the hot air sending me rabid. I start thrusting absent mindedly into her hand, hoping to get some kind of gratification but there's nothing as she releases her grip. The endless teasing she forces me to endure...

When I recover from such a sensory onslaught I realise, thick in my hand is her full, hard package. My hand only just has the size to curl around it (my hands are large) and she pushes her hips into me. I feel the head of her dick prod my groin while my own pecker lays alongside hers. It's clear who's larger to which I look away, but she grabs my hair again, gently this time and forces me to look at her. Her green eyes searing me with a little embarrassment and dizzying amounts amount of carnality. She rolls gently on top of me, having spotted something - her head dips out of my vision and then slides back into it. Behind the veil of long hair that glides over my head I see what she had spied and it sends my heart racing. We bought two packets of condoms the first time we went out to get some, some regular and some extra large. I think we've only used one or maybe two from the first one.
We've bought six or seven more packets of extra large since then.
So I don't even need to ask, the pink packaging spells it out for me and she looks at me with a melting mix of desire and apprehension. I can feel her simply daunting bulge against my, frankly, embarrassing one - already wetness peppers my stomach from her. Her face lowers closer to mine, and her hair blocks the sunlight gently pouring in briefly. Like a mosquito net around our heads her hair gently caves in on us until we're very close. The wrapper in her mouth gently prods my lips and I open my mouth carefully and take it into my teeth. She leans backwards and the wrapper tears open, reflecting the morning sun between us. With confusion and minimal grace I get the condom in my mouth. These particular ones are heavy lubricated, so it's difficult to keep in my teeth - but she doesn't care.

Neither do I.

Her hand grabs the top of my head and grips my hair again. I wince as she pushes me downward towards her nether. Now, with my hair released I realise if my mind was on a mountain before it must be flying high above the clouds, even if I am tunnelling down to the darkness underneath the blanket. Where, even mixed with sweat, she smells beautiful. I only take a minute to notice my own personal irony in the situation - that in this dark, subterranean heaven I'm about to slide an extra large condom over my girlfriend's pounder. I'm not sure if my mind is flying through the sky or burying it's ass in the ground, protecting it. Gently, I push forward and the latex slips over the veins and skin texturing the skin of her dick. There's no way I can fit all of her in when she's this hard… but I try.

I try until rubber covered meat knocks my uvula and my throat seizes. She gasps and I smile. I start pulling away to complete the process but she's not having any of it. Her hips follow me back down and spears my mouth to bed. She tries to fit even more in but it just isn't possible. I start groaning and gagging, wanting her to stop but at the same time wanting even more for her to push until my throat gives way. But she doesn't. "Mmmhhhhhhhggggggnnnn… one of these days" she gasps out as her thick meat recedes from my mouth. Half relieved and half disappointed my teeth lightly tug at the ring of the excess condom until it reaches right down to the hilt. It's then a familiar sensation returns and my body writhes like her fingers writhe through my hair. I hear a sharp, yet innocent giggle as her hand pushes me downward until I can feel her smooth balls against my nose, the sweet smell of her pussy mixing with the dense smell of her ball sweat.

It's intoxicating. Like an irresistible poison that forces me to lap at it. 'Definitely flying' I reassure myself as my tongue slides along her orbs. Her gasps and stifled moans from above tell me I must be doing something right. Licking from far underneath, connecting gently with the top of her snatch all the way until my tongue rubs the underside of her shaft. More moans, less covered up this time. As I continue this teasing treatment I can feel her legs slowly giving way, letting the weight go until her balls are literally squashing into my face. My mind doesn't even have any words for this as language just melts and drips into blood that pumps my already raging boner. 'Ijustsssammammnahahghghghg' is all I can manage to think after she asks me "Like it down there, slut?"
Luckily my body can still speak; my tongue darts to her underside and gently slithers over her clitoris. Her whole body shivers and she feels she's had enough.

"Get up here" she commands. Her hand, yet again, scrawls through my hair and hauls me face to face. Her command is met only with a pitiful whimper - the one she loves to make purely because she knows I can't control it. I bite my lip as she stares into me… then I stop as I realise what I'm doing and look away, embarrassed. But she kisses me to force me face to face. Her tongue so much softer than mine and her lips so…


They truly fail to describe her.

But I don't need words anymore. Language, for the next 30 minutes will quickly descend into primal grunts and moans for I can feel her knees pushing my legs apart and upwards until my thighs loosely curl around her waist and her cock. Oh her glorious cock, it prods perfectly square on me.

My hands slowly close to her hips and carefully push away, a mock attempt at asking her 'Baby, not today' but she knows me too well. Her hands rush to mine and then quickly pin them to bed either side of me. Her eyes stare into mine and can see exactly what I'm thinking: '[i[Baby. Destroy meaaeaaagghhnnnnnnnnn[/i] and without warning it slides into me. By now I'm quite adjusted to it. The pain is intense but only for a little while. Her hands grip mine harder, her knuckles whitening but that's not her trying to hold me down. That's her holding herself back. My whimper, which I had no idea I was making, closes off to a throaty moan - the kind whores make in pornos. And she knows it, and she loves it because she knows I can't control that either.

Her mammoth of a weapon doesn't slow, it pushes onwards in a painful attempt to destroy my innards… until it gets to about half way. Where my prostate is squeezed so perfectly and ecstasy flows through me she just goes from intruder to conqueror to beautiful queen in less than a second. When my face goes limp, my eyes glazed and distant she lets go of my arms and I quickly wrap them around her, vying for her to be further inside me. I want to feel all of her. 'Gggggnnnnhawwwwwwww' my mind continues it's pleasure saturated drone in my head, far away in space while her head continues it's slow, teasing push inside me. I just keep grasping at her sides pulling her inside me but I can't because she's on top and she knows it - but it doesn't stop me trying. And that's all the better, because for all my desperate attempts to pound me like I'm a voodoo doll of someone she hates it only serves to turn her on more - which means less time before she does start treating me like a human cumsqueeze.

And at last, after what was merely seconds stretched to hours of waiting I can feel the skin of her hips press against my ass and her balls against my taint. With her like this, filling me up completely both our eyes staring into each others sparkled eyes yet also straight through each other I nod gently, biting my lip. As if I'm saying 'Oh god, please.' But in my head it sounds more like 'hhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnh

But she knows me and she rips from me and then back into me as fast as she can. The sudden change sends me reeling, half in dilute pain, half in desperate, screaming pleasure. My hands wrap right around her and hold her tight as she does it again… and again… and again until she's rocking against me and rocking my world. Her deep, strong thrusts disarming any sense of manhood I had left as each pound brings a girlish whimper from me. And she loves that, too. And I love that she loves it and she knows it so she does it more and there is an endless feedback loop that builds and builds until it explodes.

But it hasn't exploded yet. We've barely been going 30 seconds, let alone 30 minutes. Her thrusts become rhythmic, like a strong african man's drumming she pounds the skin on my ass as the skin inside it stretches and stretches again. Spirals of pleasure power through me as my hands reach around to her behind, pushing her into me with even more force and speed. "Whore" she breathes breathlessly into my ear in between thrusts and I look at her while my head dips downward. Her chin lifts and she begins looking down on me with playful domination. But I close my eyes and lean forward for a kiss which she reciprocates. Then her thrusts grow shallow and fast, plunging inside me so my whimpers thin to gasps. She joins with me, each pound filling me and wrapping me around her. "Mmmmmmmmmm how are you still so tight" she questions me. How she is even able to form sentences now baffles me and yet somehow I manage to respond. Sure it's only in half hearted consonants and an unintelligible string of moaning but it's there. And although neither of us knew what I meant she still knows what it means.

And then I feel something welling up inside me, a tightness that starts low and grows through me until before I know it it's shooting onto my stomach between us. Her pounds don't relent though, and my semen shoots out with each powerful pound. She giggles a breathless snicker and moans slightly as she sees me writhing. And it's over too soon. I finish and hold her inside me for as long as I can until the illusion I hold fades and the truth is revealed again - I've finished, but she hasn't.

My hands grip strongly at her behind and I squeeze her into me for as long as she's willing to let me until her lips lock with my ear and she whispers hoarsely "Roll over…" I look at her pleadingly. Half because I want to finish and call it a day and half because I want her to thrash me even harder. "…bitch" she finishes as I surrender. I turn on my stomach with my arms clutching a pillow beneath my chin. I turn my head with an innocent look on my face as she raises above me. She looks back at me like she's the devil, a playful smirk and searing eyes - I'm not dreaming… I'm in heaven I think to myself, now more clear headed. I raise my ass up in the air slightly as if to say "Please?"

She looks back down at me and chuckles slightly before her hand slams against my rump, smacking it loudly. I yelp in surprise, even though it was the reward I was completely expecting and then turn back to look at her again, raising my ass yet again, though this is more to give my dick space as it, once again, is at full mast (or half mast, depends who you're measuring from). My eyes are suddenly drawn to her weapon between her legs, covered by a thin film of the condom it stands strong, straight and powerful. She notices and gives my ass a few slaps with it. She knows just how to demean me enough to love it so I stick my ass up even higher into the air, this time silently saying 'Stop toying with me…'

"Do you want this?" she asks me out loud, her voice breathless and dripping with demure. "Uggghhh" I respond, not wanting to say it. She responds immediately, slapping my ass harder this time. "Aigh, yes!" I quickly yelp. But that isn't good enough. "What do you want?" she asks, her voice low and sultry yet absolutely thick with raunch. Now I don't really want to say it. I just raise my ass a little more, a prominent arch in my back now. Her hand tugs at my hair and pulls my neck back and she rests her dick in between my ass cheeks. I moan pathetically as my only response. "What do you want?" she asks again. I know what she wants to hear, I just don't want to say it. But, that's exactly why she wants me to say it and exactly why, deep down, I want to say it, too. "Your dick" I say softly…. hoping to get away with it. But she tugs even harder. "What was that?"

"Uuuuhhmmnnngggg your diiiiick" I slur out. She doesn't respond, but she raises her body until her shaft is perpendicular with my hole and she pushes my head into the pillow infront of me. She doesn't wait, there's no build up this time… this time she wants to come. She spears me, splitting me down to the hilt. My gasp is noiseless, like a leaky air pipe a silent wail of crippling pleasure and debasing pain leaves my mouth. But it's replaced soon enough by a high whine and whimper. Her pounding is hard and fast and focussed. The walls of my anus scream for stopping but her dick pushes them aside, debasing me and my masculinity. She steals it from me and that's why I love her so much.

"I love yoooou" I manage to whimper out at her. She does nothing but giggle. "Cute" she responds as her pounding picks up again.

For 20 minutes she continues until I'm truly sore, her massive pecker destroying my insides as I whimper and moan like a slut and she lets an occasional, heady grunt. Powerfully ploughing my insides and spoiling me for herself my ass stretches wide for her. I cum again, and again. More than I can remember in a swirl of pleasure and emasculating pain. And yet, every time I think I've had enough and I want to end this game of role reversal she leaves another hand mark on my ass and a few more strands of hair on the bed next to me and I can't get enough. I can't get enough until she's done. I realise that it's not a game at all. It seems like a game and I play it as a game because, if I wanted to I could turn over, push her off me and pin her to the bed and turn this upside down (or the right way back up). But it's not a game. She really has me because even if I could (and I can)… there's no way in a million years I would want that. I love being beneath her and she loves pressing her balls against mine and making me question who the better man here is.

And in between my whimpering and yelping her groans and grunts grow heavier and thicker and her thrusts grow shorter. Just the thought of her finishing inside me, even in a glorified balloon, sends me over the edge yet again.

And right when I hit my last wail she joins me with her first. Her balls shuddering against mine as she pushes as far deep as she can and I begin to feel the stretch of her semen. The warmth against my skin as she deposits her seed in (a condom) in my ass. I cry out in submission to this beast on top of me as her hands grip at the flesh of my ass and squeeze it painfully. Her load stretches and stretches to the point that I think (hope) perhaps the condom would break. But it doesn't and I can feel her thick, steamy juices flowing down my leg as the excess escapes it's plastic prison. And yet I feel her balls clench against as she shoots another load to send dribbling down my legs. The beast simply roars, claiming me as her kingdom.

When at last she is done, her hands pushing against my back and only our breathless pants and sighs filling the now dense air around us.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuck" I yell out to her as she lies down on top of me, skin to skin against my back. She slowly goes soft inside me.

After minutes and minutes of extended and shortened time to catch our breath she kneels back up above me, straddling me and slowly slips her soft dick out of me. I even contemplated saying 'No, leave it in, get hard again. Fuck me again… please' but there's no way either of us could handle that. When now she leaves my ass slick and gaping, with semen still sliding down my leg she gives me yet another gift. A tied up condom, stinking of ass, sweat and cum lands next to my head. "Put this away please?" she asks me, her voice now thin and innocent. So I slowly slide off the bed and then bend down gently to kiss her. She closes her eyes and her hand reaches to my cheek, the kiss is soft and fleeting before I pull away and we stare down into each others eyes.

"I love you too" she says gingerly, sweetly before a smirk returns. But not a playful or devilish smirk, a childish smirk. A vulnerable smirk. The kind that you only make after uttering those words. I smile back and try my best to slink out into her bathroom to destroy any evidence of my terrible debasement and her powerful dominance over me. I return to the room hoping to lie next to her for a while before we get hungry, just to kinda relax and be with each other, let my mind come down from space, from flying, from it's mountain back down to earth. But nothing is quite so easy. When I return to the room she is kneeling on the bed towards me. Pointing down to her flaccid, cum covered cock. Her head cocks to the side and she only needs to say one word.


"Definitely heaven"

tSade!O9S.2cqv5k 12/10/14(Sun)21:53 No. 17405 ID: e1353d

Yummy as usual. Love the interplay and details. Plus, huge cocks always turn me on.

Anonymous 12/11/04(Sun)10:04 No. 17593 ID: 11ab3a

Outstanding. As always

Anonymous 13/01/03(Thu)20:43 No. 18023 ID: 11ab3a

it makes me sad that this has not been updated :(

!JUD7F1CtU. 13/02/03(Sun)09:17 No. 18242 ID: d1057b

So I got a serious pang of inspiration and wanted to write it down so I wrote it directly into 7chan's text box. Hope you enjoy.

Indian Poker - A short story
Tags: futa on male, oral, public, slight humiliation

'Drinking games didn't usually end like this' I thought to myself, drunkenly.

There were 9 of us around the table, even by now we were fairly drunk and you could see who was eyeing who or avoiding who. The game was indian poker. Everyone would take one card and you were to stick in on your forehead without looking at it. Everyone could see your card and you could see everyone's card but you couldn't see your own. You had to bet drinks on your card being higher than everyone else's. You could fold at any point and take the drinks currently on the table. At this rate everyone was drinking, but the numbers started getting big when there were only 2 or 3 people left in.

"5 drinks" she forwarded. I snapped back into the game from a drunken conversation I was having with James about his girlfriend, also sitting across the table. I was still in this round. Hmm, she has a 6 and Nathan has a jack. I can do this "I call"
"I call" Nathan repeated. No more bets, time to throw down. Cards landed face up on the table.

"Fuck" I said under my breath and picked up my beer. It was a 5 so I downed the rest of my drink and was promptly handed another. Sara flashed a coy 'haha' smirk. A few people around the table shared a laugh. It was fair to say we were all pretty damn drunk. The cards were handed out again and everyone stuck them to their heads. "Three drinks!" Jack yelled out. He always yelled out the first number he saw on someone's head. It was a different person everytime. Luckily, I could see a 3 on Kirsty's head. "Four!" Alix called. She didn't often bet. "Fold" "Fold!" "Fold" all the people who didn't feel they had a good card, including Kirsty, who, without seeing another 3 wisely backed out. "Fold" "Six!" "Fold" My turn... six already?

"Call" Why didn't I just fold?
There were 4 people left. Me, Jack, Alix annnd... "Who said six?" I asked quickly, slurring speech. "Me" It was Sara.
There was a short snigger around the table that I joined. She had a knack for making me drink. "Seven" I upped her, wanting to beat her this time, trying to bluff her into losing. She only had a 5, after all. "Fold" "Fold" Alix and Jack said soon after.
"Eight" Sara upped.
"Nine" I returned
"Ten" she raised an eyebrow.
"Eleven" I said. This is getting ridiculous
"This is getting ridiculous.." she observed, making me wonder if she could read my mind for a second. "How about we make this interesting"
By the way her voice was italicized in the last phrase no doubt sent a bit of a shiver up my spine. Keep in mind, before I say this, we were pretty drunk. That's an excuse, right?!

"Loser has to give the other..." and she motioned a generally acceptable emote for blowjob. An even more tense snicker shook around the table. What she had down there came out of the bag about 12 months ago when she had to despell a rumour. My breath shortened. She'd been eyeing me all night and I hadn't really minded until now. Despite what she had she was still jaw droppingly attractive. A thin, cute face, lightly freckled, long, black hair stolen from a succubus and full, green eyes surrounded by a deep ring that just longed to be stared into. Her thin arms, lightly specked with razor scars from the past lay limp on the table. I tried to look as cool and collected as her.

I stared her up as she stared me down. The table had grown silent. Just fold and take the drinks. I couldn't turn down an opportunity to get head from this thing. She only had a five. "You're on" You fucking idiot and I heard the table gasp.

She smirked sharply and took her card gently off the top of her head, turned it towards it towards her. Her face turned down and she sighed. Defeated? Do I win?. Jack extended a hand and it lay on my back "Sorry, mate" and I saw her eyes glint and her devilish grin show her shark-like teeth. She stood up, the tops of her thighs just showing over the table under her skirt and she pulled the card off my head.


I groaned. How are you gonna get out of this one?
"You won't" I heard her respond, her voice suddenly smooth and I realised I was so drunk I was thinking aloud. Sara's hand curled into a finger and she pointed down. I was shocked. "What? No, cmon. This was just mucking around right?" But I knew it wasn't. She didn't need to respond. "I mean... right here?!" I accidentally started to sound desperate. "Look, Sara..." Alix came in. But Sara didn't budge.
"Yes, right here" the words slid off Sara's tongue slowly. And she sat back down into her chair. And she looked at me expectantly.

So, reluctantly, and to the jeers, cheers and scoffs of the others at the table I picked up my beer and downed most of it and dived under the table. She'd spread her legs and even in the darkness I could see her panties and the buldge beneath. A few months ago a picture had circulated which was rumoured to be that of Sara, but there was no face. Only navel and crotch. It would be well to heed that the crotch in question was host to a simply impressive member. But what if it wasn't Sara. What if What the hell are you thinking about?

Of course it was hers, the moment I went under the table I knew it was hers. And that made me a little scared. "It had better be good, too" Sara called out to the laughter of all those around. "Alright, who's dealing" I heard Jack's muffled voice. And my hand gently slipped beneath the white fabric of Sara's panties. Why the fuck was I agreeing to this? Her legs separated and she helped remove the fabric. Her legs shuffling it down to her ankles and then off, then her bare foot, pushed against my back and pulled me in. It was beginning to harden. Only my drunk mind would think this a valid idea and my hand reached out and grabbed hold. She stayed cool but I could feel it noticeably harden when I did. My neck craned forward and my knees shuffled as close as I could to the chair and my mouth opened. Someone wake me up
Shit, I was thinking out loud again and a small but strong hand pulled my face towards her crotch, underneath her short skirt and my mouth missed its target. But she kept it there and I looked up at her, her big eyes looking down at me and what was apparently her dick hardening against my face, precum starting to dribble from the thing.

And then she said "Aaaah" and another laugh circled around the table. So I opened my mouth and -glomp-

She didn't wait, but look of pleasure flashed across her face. She pulled me all the way onto her while she was still a little soft, my saliva slathering the surface. A quick whimper and a collective laugh. When I tried to pull out she kept me there and the weird, weird feeling of her hardening down my throat took over my mind. I panicked and began flailing about. My drunk mind didn't think it was a good idea to just pull backwards - I could probably overpower her. But no. She just held me there until I could feel her pulse and grow no more. She let go of my head and I fell back slightly, catching my breath.

"You alright down there" one of the girls asked, her voice trailing into a giggle.
"Yeah I'm fi-cough-"
Another laugh, red flashed across my face, right before my hands reached out again to touch it. "A deal's a deal" Why the fuck did I say that?
"That it is" Sara said, now obviously breathlessly. Her dick was simply huge. I was... huge. There was no other way to put it. It was like... as long my arm okay, not that long and her balls, too. I wouldn't be going anywhere near those. My mouth found it's way back over her member and licked around the head. It could fit in my mouth well if I opened up all the way, but the more I put in the harder it got and I couldn't deepthroat it again. Instead I just began bobbing up and down. She was pretty cool, though, and continued to play the game above me, letting out quick gasps which were greeted by stifled laughs.

And they tried to stay as silent as possible while playing, so everytime I let out a quick slurp they erupted into laughter. It was hugely embarrassing. Drinking games didn't usually end like this. Then I felt Sara's hand softly swipe away my hair from my eyes and looked down at me. I heard later that I had the best blowjob eyes she'd ever seen, looking back up at her, confused and innocently slurping away on the snake between her legs. Letting my tongue drag up and down its length before diving back on it and bobbing up and down. She said I looked like I was really enjoying myself. I can't remember enjoying myself. You weren't enjoying yourself, it was just a deal

I kept telling myself that as I strained my neck muscles to accomodate her dominating spear. My bobbing sped up and I could feel her body tense up but her hand reached down and grabbed me, stopping me. "Slow down a bit, I want to enjoy this a little more."

So I did. Her hand again re-adjusted my hair to look down at my eyes and I looked up at hers. They were piercing. But they weren't the only thing looking down at me. A few others had gathered around. They were whispering to each other and What is Sara holding?

Her phone. She was filming me. I look back up at them and glare as best I can with a massive she cock in my mouth. They only laughed in response. Apparently the game had stopped, my tongue was being far too interesting. It danced around Sara's length and made her moan a little. Her free hand rested on the back of my head and lay there softly, keeping the hair out of my eyes as I knelt there, in between her legs while mine stay close together, slurping the excess saliva and precum from her cock. Then I felt a sharp pain in my head. She was pulling my hair and pushing me into her.

"Watch this, I'll finish on his face"

This made my eyes open wide. I didn't know if I wanted this. Of course you don't want this. I rolled my eyes at myself quickly before the pain doubled. Pain at the back of my throat and pain on the back of my head as I felt the head of her dick -plop- into my oesophagus. I felt her body shiver, at this point she probably could have picked me up with just her dick. "Oh shit" she moaned and she roughly pulled her dick out of me, stretching my throat painfully and with a massive gag. I tried to pull away completely but my hair was pulled again and before I knew what was happening hot, thick sauce splashed onto my face.

Before I shut my eyes I could see a few of the faces looking down at me fairly flustered. But now I couldn't see. A few more dense, heavy thwads of cum landed on my face and neck as Sara moaned her dominance over me. A stayed like this for about a minute as the libido soaked laughter around the table grew. I wiped some of the semen from my eyes and looked back up at her. That shit eating smirk and those piercing eyes. "Say your name" she commanded gently.

"What?" I asked, confused. "For the camera, say your name" Oh shit that's right, I'm being filmed "No!"
"Please?" Alix asked, sounding a little hoarse. I tried to glare back up at them, but Sara just pulled my hair. I whimpered.
"Fine fine" and I said my name quietly.
"And lick the tip clean, too... please" She asked again.
I tried to glare again but by this point I knew it was pointless. It was softening before my eyes Don't do it so I licked the tip languidly. Sucking the last of the cum from her. She groaned her wordless thanks and handed me a towel.

A few minutes later I was back in my seat. There were only a a few of us left at the table and I could hear the sounds of sex coming from a few directions. Sara looked at me, and then Alix who looked a little misplaced, poor girl.
"What say" Sara started, eyeing me up as I threw the towel away "give me a few minutes and we'll join them?" Alix nodded immediately. And she used to be such a good girl

I just looked at them as they looked back at me. They were going to go off either way... and

I kind of enjoyed that. No you didn't
I needed to check. So my hand slyly slid it way down my pants.

Woah. Yep, definitely enjoyed that.
"Sure" I spurted out, snapping me out. Sara didn't take her gaze off my blowjob (and soon to be anal bitch) eyes.

Anonymous 13/02/03(Sun)21:40 No. 18247 ID: c7916c


!JUD7F1CtU. 13/02/04(Mon)15:06 No. 18254 ID: d1057b

Oh no, man, that is terrible. It's all over the place and what is even grammar. That's what you get for writing drunk. Oh well, you guys can keep it
But I think I like that character so why don't I use her more? I'm sure I'll get around to more writing when I feel inspired.

tSade!O9S.2cqv5k 13/02/05(Tue)02:10 No. 18258 ID: e1353d

Yummy. I love that type of submission.

Anonymous 13/02/20(Wed)18:42 No. 18360 ID: e175cd

God I love your stories. Would very much enjoy a follow up to your most recent one.

!JUD7F1CtU. 13/03/02(Sat)16:44 No. 18424 ID: 6bb9d0

Super quick one while I'm high. Hope you brought your Sense of Disbelief.

Read over it once now before posting. Oh well, this is anonymous, right?

Quick Fuck - A short story

tags: futa, futa on male, reluctance, emotional pain, shit writing, probably a little too personal.

He wanted nothing more than to have her love him.

She knocked on his door. He knew it was her. He greeted her there and invited her in. "What have you been up to?" he asked her, eager to start some conversation. "Oh you know... I was at Rose's house for a while but Ewan showed up. So I left"
Seemed reasonable. At the back of his mind though, he was secretly knowing that that meant she'd tried to get with Rose and was unable to. Boyfriends can get in the way sometimes. Even when you offer to have a threesome with them. I ignored that thought. Maybe she really did want to see me?
"Want a drink?" I asked.
"Sure sure, just a water. It's boiling out" she responded. Waving her face for effect. It was cool in here, though. I grabbed her a water and turned it back onto the table. She picked it up and sipped at it, glancing at me. She was short so her feet barely touched the floor on these high stools so her toes were pointed. Her legs weren't way too long, but her skirt was pretty damn short. Pleated school uniform. They'd caught each other after class and she'd told him she might be around later. He was glad she was, but not glad she's already been somewhere else. Her skirt gay way to her button up shirt that was obviously not buttoned up high enough. A pink bra was showing which were gilded by her golden hair and her big, gentle blue eyes.
He went back to the fridge to put the water back in and when turned he caught her eying at him. He tried to look as cute as possible in return. Bending over in front of her, having a few buttons untied. She took a gulp of water and stood up and scaled around the benchtop towards him. She was shorter than him by a bit more than a foot but the bench was quite low. She placed herself behind him and started reaching her arms under his chest. Feeling up his stomach and slim chest. She liked his physique, efficiently built, small muscles. It's a shame he didn't have the personality to back the body.

His hand reached for hers and he pushed his ass into her crotch. She stood on her tip toes and gently moaned into his ear. No doubt on purpose; he was rock hard now. He hated being her second choice but he liked being a choice at all, too. Her hands slowly reached down his stomach, fingers lightly grazing the skin before pulling at his belt gently. Her teeth gently biting his back and the bottom of his neck. Breathing heavily.
"Look" he spoke up. His logic kicking in. "I don't always want to be-" he stopped. Her bulge, which she'd been hiding until now pressed into his ass and she let out the gentlest gasp. That shut him up.

When his belt was undone his pants were down so quick and his hairless ass exposed for her. Vulnerable to her. Ever since she mentioned she prefered hairless girls he always went hairless. Anything to please her. She planted her lips on one cheek, biting and sucking so very softly. Perforating a few blood vessels gently. Enough to send pleasure signals right to his brain and enough to leave a nice mark that could have well been a stamp saying 'Mine'.

His legs weakened slightly. Pants down, shameful erection exposed to her. She slipped her hand underneath her underwear and out her own erection sprung. If he felt weak before then he had no idea what he was now. Blood rushed to his penis, missing a few joints along the way, apparently. She pushed forward and stuck her length underneath his legs and let his cock and balls rest against her shaft. Even through he had an ass depth length advantage her dick dwarfed his. It's thickness so daunting. He couldn't look at it long enough. Even though his dick throbbed so hard next to it her length began stretching even more. In its final stages of hardness. She was simply huge.

"Handbag" was all she said as she pushed on his back to make him lean over the kitchen bench. He reached over and grabbed her hand bag from the seat she was just on and went to hand it back.
"Look inside" She commanded.
So he looked inside and right there, in the middle was a brightly coloured bottle of lubricant.
"Please" she asked, her voice bouncing in his ears.
She pulled him back up, now with the lube in his hands and he squirted it between his legs - onto her length.

"You can put some on you're own, too" she mentioned. His face lit up. DId this mean - ?
But she leaned in, she stood on her tippy toes, pressing her spear against his stick and she whispered cruelly, but with breathlessness. "it'd be a waste, though" It worried him that made him harder. She gasped as his hands slipped underneath him to lather her entire length in silky lubricant.
Then, when she was satisfied, she pushed him back down on the bench. With his pants down his legs, her all lubed up and him basically panting in heat for his alpha male, there was no way he was getting away. She spread his large, girly ass cheeks and slapped it gently before massaging it.
She pushed it in slowly. But not slowly enough to let him adjust. Although more lube would be less painful for him, she didn't mind.

He whimpered girlishly. She moaned girlishly. In one quick stride she buried herself in him. He should be used to it by now. He wasn't. He breathed deep and did his best to relax. His arms stretched to the edge of the bench and his knuckles whitened around them. He was in pain, but also pleasure. He hated the pain. But he loved having her inside him. Her hands gripped underneath his waist and pulled him onto her. He wailed when she bottomed out. His ring clenching around her. She moaned. "Aw, god that feels good, babe"

He hated getting called babe. Not so much because the word but because of how she said it. It reminded him of how Ewan said it, like she owned someone. Truth is she probably did. At least his ass.

She began pumping, not wasting anytime. She gripped his shirt with one hand and pulled that into him every time she pushed and with her free hand slapped his ass a few times. It wobbled slightly the way a good bitch's ass should - just not a male's ass. Her eyes glistened as she watched him scrawl out in front of her, trying to hide her pain. It was so cute to watch. She didn't go easy on him, her dick begin a gently slamming, every few thrusts she went in that little bit deeper, poking him where nothing should be poked. She loved watching him quickly reel. Pain overtaking him, she loved how she was big enough for that, and she loved how much he hated it. He just wanted to be liked in return. She knew this, she didn't care.

Her ass, covered by her skirt, wobbled as his compressed. Her hips pushing into his poor cheeks. She moaned a hoarse moan as she bottomed out again inside him.

He had a few tears in his eyes but he wanted so badly to take it. He loved the feeling of being trounced on, but this pain was so much.
He was busy wondering to himself why he still had a hardon, until he felt his body shiver and war fluid drip from his dick onto the bench. Semen dribbling out. Hopefully she didn't notice. She upped her thrusting. She definitely noticed. Why did he do this? Some days she went round to her friend's houses. See what they could do for her. He'd seen the videos of her and Rosa and her and some of the other girls. The way they squirmed, he just wanted to be one of them for her. The way she kissed them and squirmed with them.

But she didn't do that with guys. She bent them over and drilled them. And at this rate he may as well be on the end of a dril. He was shaking back and forth as she plunged and plunged and plunged her way painfully inside her. Her moans and and gasps combined with his pained and pleasure stricken groans and whimpers. Her hand landed on his ass again. "Nnnnfff fuck, you're still so tight, babe"
She obviously knew how much he hated it. He knew that's why she did it.
She bottomed out in him and... stayed there. Finally a peace from the relentless ploughing. Her body leant over him and her mouth found it's way to his ear. "Hnng, how does it feel?" she asked him playfully, the sadist.
"G-good" he stuttered, a little too shakily and high pitched. He could never help it when he was plugged. "
"Yeah you look like you're enjoying it, babe" She could see how much it hurt him. Another hand landed hard against his ass. "I can't believe you just let me do this to you. You must really love it"
I love you he wanted to say. He wanted to say it so bad.
"I..." he stammered.
"I love.."
"I love... you. I love you." he moaned out hoarsely, trying to quell pain as she pushed just a little too hard.

"Cute" she responded. And her hips started pounding again. A soft thwack everytime skin collided. He groaned again. This thin girl with an inhuman length torturing this poor guy. And she loved every minute of it. His groans grew into one long huff. He was getting used to her now, and the pain ebbed away as he felt himself begin to tense up again.
"Oh god yes, cum again." she moaned out and his ass clenched up around her. She couldn't hold on much longer.
Her pounding got inhumanly powerful, each thrust making a burst of semen spurt underneath the poor boy.
Then she shuddered, pulled his shirt back with both hands and rested her balls against his. Hers spasmed wildly and she felt herself depositing herself inside her poor victim with mind numbing pleasure. Coating his walls white with cum she pulled hard on his shirt, pulling him back into her. Her cream dribbled from his ass and began dribbling down his shaking legs and small balls. And she continued firing until he could swear he could taste it in his mouth.

When she at last had finished cumming she let go of his shirt and gave his ass a solid slap. Making him leap forward.
"Camera" she said. "Bag. This is fucking beautiful"
She was clumsily, reluctantly handed a camera. And quickly she pulled out of him. Her softening dick glistening with lube and cum and the cum poured from his abused asshole, clenching up and squeezing some of the thick goop out. He turned his head to look at the camera. His pleasure soaked eyes and open mouth contrasted against the softening cock against his slappable ass with a pool of cum still forming under his legs.

When she used a towel to wipe herself off she pulled her underwear over the cock and straightened her skirt and hair. "Anyway, babe. I've got to go. See you around" And she gave a quick giggle, picking up her stuff.

"Do you wanna stay a while" he asked, already knowing the answer. She looked thoughtful for a moment, a ruse no I better get home.
He looked back down at the table, utterly humiliated as the flow of cum slowed. She slapped his ass again. "Thanks for the fuck, babe" she finished. Her words hurting.

"Yeah, hehe see you later, Tash."

Uuhhh... !JUD7F1CtU. 13/03/09(Sat)03:01 No. 18473 ID: 892f6b

Okay, I've talked to a few people about this and they all have different theories on this story. Some have wanted to see it good and some have wanted to see it bad and to be frank, I haven't decided on what I want to do. So I did both. For those of you who hold on to the thought that Tash is a good person deep down and it's all one big misunderstanding there is a 'good' ending (a) and for all of you that like the idea that Tash is a psychopathic, manipulative bitch who gets off on plugging boys then there is a 'bad' ending (b). But that's probably a good ending for you. Neither are canonical - the characters are so different in both that they can't exist together or in the same story arc.

If you like the idea of Tash knowing he actually likes it and him only just realising it read (a). If you like the idea of him hating it and Tash not caring read (b). I reccomend you only read one, because otherwise they'll taint each other.

!JUD7F1CtU. 13/03/09(Sat)03:06 No. 18474 ID: 892f6b

Call Girl III (a) - A short story
tags: futa, futa on male, reluctant, anal

It was inevitable, I'd resigned myself to the fact. I hated myself for just letting it happen, but not as much for continuing it. I'd a new found resolve in just not caring anymore. Scrolling past some benign statuses my scrolling finger stopped when a picture of Tash hit centre screen. It was just her, taking a photo of herself in her bathroom. I inspected carefully. Perhaps too carefully? How was she, in every photo I'd seen her in, able to hide her bulge? If you hadn't any idea she had one you would never be able to tell... hell you probably wouldn't even be able to tell if you did.

In saying that I'd never seen a picture of her in swimwear or underwear or anything particularly revealing. Skirts, dresses, jeans, trackies... Why am I listing off the clothes I've seen her in?

I shook my head that the thought rattled right out of my brain. She was wearing what looked like a white summer dress. It looked.. new. I read the caption and felt like an idiot. "New dress." If anything she always displayed efficiency in her speech. And as if she knew I was thinking about her the phone rang. The phone rang. I considered letting it ring out, just letting her think I wasn't here. But she knew, somehow she knew. So I picked it up.
"Hey!" she greeted with exuberance.
"Hey, Tash" I responded with despondency.
"Come over, I've got a new dress I want you to see."
"...All right"
There was a long pause. Why?
"... are you alright?" she asked. The tone of concern in her voice confused me.
"You sound... sad"
This was extremely confusing.
"Well, I..." I couldn't work out how to finish that sentence. All of this was horribly new to me.
"Come over" she opted again. This time sounding less like a command and more like the comforting old friends do. "And we'll chill out for a bit"

"Ummm... okay?" I responded, sounding less (or more) confused than I actually was

I drove - faster than normal. It was pretty late at night now so when I got to the house I could only see one light on - her room. Although I couldn't see her directly I could see the outline of her lying on her bed. Why am I happy to see her?. I decided I was confused, I just wanted to get this over and done with. Right?. The door was unlocked. And I waited for a bit in the living room before I heard her call out
"Come up here!" she meant her room. Which was even more confusing - I'd never been in her room. Not in the dozens of times I'd been called out here. She'd even done me in some other rooms of the house. Something felt odd... but not in an entirely bad way, I suppose. I managed to skip over the step I remembered her cum had oozed from my ass at one point.

She was lying on the bed.

And her room was huge. Even though it was on the top floor it had a pretty high ceiling. The walls stretched freakishly far out and were adorned with posters. The usual suspects were there along with some more mature ones as well as a spattering of more lewd ones. Kanye West and Chris Martin looked down with their glossy eyes right next to a framed self portrait of Stanley Kubrick. These kind of odd dualities were all around the room but I couldn't help my gaze spreading to a poster of a thin boy (who, I note looked an awful lot like me), photographed from the rear bent over a table. His rear looked like it had just been given a mare's treatment by a stallion. Another one, opposite the room showed a similar shaped boy with a leash around his throat - his face smoothly contoured into a look that screamed "Fuck me"

On one wall there was a full wall window. It looked out over the driveway, the road it came from and the town beyond that - lights sparkled against its mirror past the horizon. I learnt later that the window was dimmable.
Thick carpet extended to all walls which was spattered with dresses, skirts and underwear, it lit softly against the dim hanging light in the middle of the room which lay just above her king sized bed. Thick pillows and blankets were scattered about the sheets. Her room was a bit much to take in at once so I must have stood there like an idiot for a few seconds.

In that time she'd stood up and given me a hug? Okayokayokay, what's going on here.
"Hey" she said simply. That voice.
"H-hey" I responded. She stayed there for a while before she peeled herself off me.
"You look cold." I most certainly did not look cold and I should have protestd as she pulled me over to the bed.
I fell on top of her, but her legs still sat in between mine.
"Do you like the dress?" she asked. I hadn't even noticed it.
"Yeah" I answered, deadpan.
"Okay, what's the matter?" she asked. Her big eyes melting me.
Shit, I dunno. Maybe it's the fact that despite me not wanting to be here, ever, I find myself trapped back here. Somehow you lure me onto you, at the start promising reciprocation, then blackmail and now I don't even know what. There's seriously nothing stopping me from leaving this house, right now, and never coming back.
"Nothing." I replied.
"Yeah right" she responded, tugging at her dress, letting me feel her length harden through my pants. I groaned. Her slender fingers ran up my spine and up my sides and slowly disposed of my shirt. I couldn't help but draw my eyes back to the poster of the poor boy on the wall. I'd just reminded myself that's how I looked every time I succumbed and returned here and no doubt how it would look soon. In slow blur my pants were down to my knees with my underwear scrawled up in them, my bare ass sliding against her dick. The veins slid between my soft cheeks.
And she looked at me.
But differently. Like she wasn't wanting to see me hurt. But she did want to see me hurt, she got off on that. Those big eyes.
"Can you-" her hand gestured to the bedside table. My eyes dragged across her body to where she was pointing; a big, pink bottle of lube rested there. She gave me a sordid smirk and I huffed. I slowly shuffled my way over her and reached for the bottle of lube. As I was doing so one of her hands pulled my pants off.
I turned back around and looked back at her.

She was naked, too. That was quick I noted, a little stupidly. Or was I just really slow?

I'd never seen her naked, I'd realised. She'd always done me with some sort of clothes on. Her dress, obviously a loose fit, had been flung against a chair I hadn't seen before across the room. She looked... vulnerable. Her arms seemed to subconsciously cover her chest, her hands pushed between her legs and her legs bowed up slightly against her chest.

If it wasn't for the footlong ass plunger she had attached to her, now standing erect, the tip glowing with precum and its mass bulging with blood it would have been a perfect picture. Her arms gripped around it as her hands covered whatever lay on her taint. She giggled when she saw my face. Fuck it. I just want this over and done with for now. She lay her legs back down flat against the bed and looked at me with a raised eyebrow. My hand squeezed a glob of this stuff into my other hand and I began working it in. 'Rewarded' with gentle moans and 'ahh's. When I felt satisfied that when she turned my ass into a crater it wouldn't tear past the crust I remounted her. I got a good look at her body. Svelte and trim. Just the right curve - she still looked 'girly' not 'womanly.' Except for her breasts. How someone could be so lucky to have such perfect tits and such massive junk? It made me even more jealous than when I'd first seen it. My hand reached out and lightly grabbed one of her breasts. It was soft, so soft and gently gave way under my grip. She seemed to like it.

"Someone's keen" she noted in a breathless exhale.
That stopped me.
Was I keen?
I didn't have time to process that thought further as I felt that sickening pain of her intruding me. I yelped a bit but she didn't push in anymore. Instead she grabbed the nape of my neck and gently pulled me into her, so as to lay in an embrace. When our skin met she wrapped her arms around me and 'mmmmmmmm'ed. Her soft mounds pressing into my chest and vibrating softly with her voice. She slowly began her push. Letting each inch make itself comfortable. She moaned every so often and, surprisingly I found myself doing the same. She knew gentle was the way to go. My head got lost for a moment, swimming in blurred vision and distorted senses of which I wasn't sure of the genesis - despite it being so obvious it may as well have been fucking me in the ass (it was).

After a nice long, slow intrusion I felt the skin of her waist hit my skin and she sighed. I finally opened my eyes and looked down at her. She smirked a little and tilted her head. She even looked... cute? She certainly didn't feel cute but she began slowly pulling out of my ass which sent a shiver of pleasure through me, prostate tingling with excitement. She must have seen it because in the haze my head created for me the next thing I remember is gripping her bed head with her hands on my shoulders.

It felt strange to be in her bed doing this. Her hips continued to slam into my ass with heavy, wet thwack. I groaned and gasped. Her grip tightening before her hands moved to my hips. She hauled me up a little and into her so that each thrust she ploughed into me she also pulled me back into her. It was a demeaning experience, being done on her bed, taken like this. I'd walked myself into her house, led myself up her stairs and was now being ploughed, like a poor, drunk girl, on her bed and here she was, like that jock from 90's highschool films fucking her. All she needed to do was give me a single phone call. I managed to look back and got mesmerised by her jiggling breasts for a bit but with my body shaking so much it was uncomfortable to look anywhere else but straight ahead. It helped with the pain, too. Although that was hardly something to complain about. The only thing worth complaining about was the searing, gentle throb of her meaty fuckstick slathering my insides with her precum.

I'd felt it dozens of times in the same place and it never got easier after the first. Pain seemed to go hand in hand with pleasure in this experience and there was so much pain and soo much pleasure. Her gleeful thrusting and lustful moans would never seem to know the wiser. My ass would definitely be bruised after this, her hips disabling them and her dick no doubt making my ass wide as the one on her wall. "Hnnng, fuck..." was all I heard her dribble out as she lay over my back, her body shaking as her cock twitched inside me - stretching me just a little more. I groaned in pain as she shot a heavy, sticky load inside me, Tash claiming me, at last, in her room. As much her property as her posters. And, to my astonishment I felt a spring uncoil inside me, spilling myself on her sheets and shivering slightly as I did so. Her knuckles whitened around my hips as I felt another steamy pulse shoot inside me. She had no trouble filling me up. She let out a soft giggle when she was done and with a painful (yet relieving) suck she pulled herself from inside me.

I fell against the bed pretty quickly, nursing my poor ass, trying to get it smaller again to no avail. "Feel better?" she asked throatily. She'd fallen back onto the bed, sprawled out across it, taking deep breaths. I thought it would be best to leave now. So I looked for my underwear in between her own. I managed to gather enough balance in my shaky legs to put them on.

"Why are you going so soon, don't you want to stay" She asked suddenly. She never said that.
"I uh... no?" I confessed - as if pointing out the obvious. She was now knelling up on the bed, her wet snake flopped out on the bed, coiling slowly back into rest.
"...But we can do it again" she continued, like that was some sort of consolation.
Fuck it.
"I don't want to do it again. Matter of fact I never have." I surprised myself with my own words "It hurts, it fucking hurts and I don't know why I keep coming back. You're just so.. fuck. Fuck you" I suddenly spurted. In my head it sounded so much more eloquent. "I come here, you fuck me, I leave and that's all and I fucking hate it. I hate it. I hate it." I repeated it, more to stabilise myself. "I just-" and I suddenly silenced.
She looked.

Really hurt.

And there was a silence. Not like a little pause. The kind of silence that exists between two of your favourite songs. It was like a silence that was so much more quiet because everything had been so loud before it.

"I thought you..." was all she managed to say before it looked as if she'd suddenly been shot. Like a giant realisation had hit her.
I was already leaving. I thought she You thought she what? Was a genuinley terrible person who got off on raping boys? Who's relations with the guys she obviously liked was only ever a one sided sexual favour?
The stairs seemed so much steeper when you were so light headed. You thought that she only ever wanted to spend so much time with you because she was such a deviant and not because she thought that's the way you liked it? Because you'd never disagreed to go around to her place despite being so against it you didn't think that she just made the assumption you liked being that little bit harder?. I traversed the distance to my car and put my seat belt on and stopped. I stopped for a nice long while.

I watched her a moment. She wasn't sobbing, she looked like she was practically wailing. That the only thing she could hear in her head right now was "What have I done what have I done what have I done what have I done?" Then I found myself gradually staring at her room. How could she have thought that? How couldn't she have seen?

So why haven't you started the car yet?
I... wasn't sure.
Did I? Do I?
Was she right all along?

I felt like I should stop and kiss that particular stair as I passed it. They disappeared beneath me as I bounded past them and I burst into her room. She shot up from her bed, grabbing at blankets to cover herself and get rid of the tears. She looked so distraught. She looked as if she'd lost someone she'd deeply loved and hell, perhaps she nearly had. It was so damn clear now, that I was so stubborn, spent all this time building up a persona of myself which she smashed each time I bent over for her that I couldn't stand it. I always wanted it - she just knew me better then I knew myself and neither of us knew it.

"I do" was all I managed to say. She hasn't proposed yet I reminded myself before I realised how stupid that sounded. She didn't care, she snivled a bit and broke into a broad smile - I did, too when she let go of a giggle.
I ended up staying the night.

"Careful" she noted, her fists balled up against her throat. I looked down gently at it.
"Don't worry" I assured. She sighed a little bit.
"It's... been a while" she confessed. "And, you're the first guy who's actually -" I put a finger across her lips and wrapped an arm underneath her. It wedged between her and the mattress.
Then it slipped in.
She gasped, but her face didn't show any pain. Matter of fact the opposite. She was simply dripping, it wasn't hard to slide the rest in. But I made sure I went slowly. There was no way I could last as long as she did with me, but I don't think I needed to. Her arms wrapped around me and she let out a gentle moan. Her balls rested against the top of my dick as I slowly pulled out of her soft snatch. It felt good to be on the other end now.

!JUD7F1CtU. 13/03/09(Sat)03:06 No. 18475 ID: 892f6b

Call Girl III(a) - A short story
tags: futa, futa on male, reluctant, anal, ass to mouth, rape

*Trigger warning* I suppose.

It was inevitable, I'd resigned myself to the fact. I hated myself for just letting it happen, but not as much for continuing it. I'd a new found resolve in just not caring anymore. Scrolling past some benign statuses my scrolling finger stopped when a picture of Tash hit centre screen. It was just her, taking a photo of herself in her bathroom. I inspected carefully. Perhaps too carefully? How was she, in every photo I'd seen her in, able to hide her bulge? If you hadn't any idea she had one you would never be able to tell... hell you probably wouldn't even be able to tell if you did.

In saying that I'd never seen a picture of her in swimwear or underwear or anything particularly revealing, only in person and there was no way you could hide something like that in something that small.

I groaned at the memories of her in such clothes. In this picture she was wearing what looked like a soft pink dress. It's hem stopped so, so high up. "New dress" was the caption. As if she knew I was thinking about her the phone rang. The phone rang. I considered letting it ring out, just letting her think I wasn't here. But she knew, somehow she knew. So I picked it up.
"Hey, boy!" she greeted with exuberance, the pronoun sounding possessive.
"Hey, Tash" I responded with despondency.
"Come over, I've got a new dress I want you to see." No doubt she wanted me to see under it, too.
"Great!" she yelped. Obviously enjoying that I hadn't put up any resistance. "Soon?"
"Alright" I repeated.
I heard a terse snicker before I hung up. It rattled up my spine.

I drove, slower than normal. I'd be willing to let as much time pass as possible. Why am I here again? The car's headlights dimmed and the engine stopped. I managed to guide my eyes to her room. She waved excitedly from behind her window, her silhouette bouncing about. The door was unlocked and I let myself in. The house was pretty dark, it was already night out but I knew the house well enough, I turned on a light and sat down, but I didn't need to for very long. I heard her float down the stairs and saw her waltz over to me, bottle in one hand, the other open wide. She landed onto me as I stood up and her free hand gripped around my neck, twisting it upwards. She planted her lips on it and sucked gently.
Then she thrust the small bottle into my chest.
"Drink up. I want to get you nice and drunk"
I fought with myself momentarily. It would help with the pain but on the other hand it would make me that much easier to toss about. Chances are I drunk it just because she told me so. It was awful, some sort of fortified drink. But I didn't stop until I'd finished it. When I had she reached around me and grabbed a palm full of ass. I looked up at her (even though I was taller than her) as the feeling of having it groped so openly made me feel a little embarrased, a little vulnerable. No doubt she thought that looked cute.

Then she gave me a quick slap. "C'mon" she opted, motioning me towards the stairs. I'd never gone up stairs, though I'd been fucked on them. The thought flashed across my mind quickly, searing my brain slightly. She made sure she got a quick squeeze at that particular stair. When we entered one of the rooms it took me a few seconds to realise that it was her room.
I was in her room.
You're fucked this time. For some reason all I felt was horror. For some reason this made it all the more worse. The carpeted ground was covered in clothes, empty goo bottles (shampoo, makeup, lube etc) and underwear. Some stained, though I didn't notice at the time. Her high and wide walls were eqaully covered in posters. The majority of them perverse. Women bending over for big black man, boys with big dicks in their mouth, stretched holes and faces covered in cum. It seemed this is the kind of place Tash liked to live in. There were smaller posters, too. About postcard size and there were so many they probably took as much space as the posters.

It took me too long to realise they were photographs, some pretty standard - her and her friends out in town, her family and pets but the majority, like the posters, were not so tame. It took me a nice long while later to realise that it was probably she who had taken the pictures as they were all from a point of view. Jesus Christ
Looking down at a dick entering a tortured ass.
A side on comparing two dick next to each other, one hairless and hard, slick and wet and the one next to it, hard, yet still dwarfed and covered in creamy white cum probably left by the other. One guess to who's hers is
A boy's crying face, his mouth full of dick. I knew the boy, too. I had no idea she'd had her way with so many guys.
A girls face, shot in a moment of absolute bliss. I had no idea she'd had her way with any girls, either.
A boy's asshole, taken on the end of this very bed, gaped and covered in cum.
And then one I recognised well. It was me, bent over the kitchen bench looking back, pain and confusion stricken across my face as her dick was in the process of firing across my ass and back. I remembered that day, as well.
There were dozens and dozens of these pictures all over the walls. She caught me looking at them, horror stricken across my face.
"Admiring?" she asked with a lilt in her voice. My eyes drooled over to meet hers, she looked at me pleasantly, warmly - a facade. She opened up a hand and let it rest on my side momentarily but then her push grew forceful and shoved me towards her bed. I stumbled over my feet a bit and I realised I was actually pretty drunk.

She helped me climb onto the bed and she gave my ass a quick squeeze when I was on my hands and knees. She pulled my pants down unceremoniously and gave my cheek another quick slap. "God you're such a slut" she commented. The words stung, the same way her hand did on my ass. My head was down leaning on the mattress but my ass was up, she grabbed my hips to guide me to the right height. "Get the lube, boy" she commanded. I was confused for a moment, before I gave a quick look and the bottle was sitting on the bed right in front of me. I grabbed it and went to hand it back to her but I stopped. Do it. Maybe it was just because I was so drunk.

"Tash. No. Fuck off" I shot at her, pulling up my pants.
I turned around and met her gaze. It was much stronger than mine. "I don't want to do this. I don't even know why I come here. It hurts and you're a bitch and just -" Her big eyes just looked into mine. It was difficult to keep eye contact. She just giggled.

"No, you're the bitch" she replied sweetly. She began climbling on the bed as I backed off against her bed head. "And you do know why you come here" she began crawling towards me. "The same reason you're going to give me the lube and the same reason you're going to smile when you do it." The distance was closed between us and she shuffled over to me, her breasts filling the dress beneath her and her back arching, letting her ass stick out into the air. Her long legs intertwining with mine and her soft skin brushing me. Her lips reached my ear and she whispered so smoothly "You'll do it because I tell you to."

Then she gently removed the small bottle from my hand. You've done it this time. She reared up like an olympic beast onto her knees and grabbed the back of my head, pushing it into her crotch. I disappeared momentarily under her absurdly short dress and was met with the hardening buldge behind her grey boyshorts. She pushed me pretty hard into it and made me nuzzle against it. I pulled back quickly once I realised what I was doing, but even now I was too drunk to pull away with any speed. She pushed forward and pinned my head between her legs. Now I was under her and her fingers pulled away the fabric. Her soft cock and heavy balls rested on my head. The intoxicating smell of ball sweat, precum and pussy entered my mind and infected it.

"I like it when you struggle" I heard her moan. The same fingers began reaching behind her and toying with her quiff. What I'd give to put myself in there, she'd promised it to me once, long ago. I pushed her off me and she fell onto her back with a pomf on the bed. She looked surprised, but more turned on. It's going to hurt my mind reminded me, already conceding that I was going to get it anyway.
"Look, Tash. I'm serious. No. I don't want to" That was harder to say than it should have been.
She only smirked, slowly pointed her long legs and toes and sloooowly slid her underwear off gently with her thumbs. I was hypnotised and she never took her mesmerising eyes off me the entire time.
"No?" she repeated me, questioning me. There was no way I could say it again.
"Tash, I just... don't..." her dick now made a pronounced tent in her dress. She looked at me like a lion looks at a dying Impala.
"Too bad" she sung.
In a drunken haze I felt myself rolling over onto my stomach, cold lube being dispensed in between my cheeks. The room was spinning, but she was sober. Her deft hands playing with my ass, slapping and massaging it. This would be all the foreplay I would get.

"Tash... please -" was all I managed to get out before I felt my teeth dig into the pillow. It was all in there, and she didn't stop and let me adjust to it like perhaps she normally did, she didn't let the fire in my stomach slowly die down until a searing ember. It burnt, and that wasn't even the worst part. I let out a pained yelp, a sort of half scream. Her hips hit my ass and her own scream of pleasure nearly drowned my one of pain. My ass squeezed and tensed and pulsed trying to dislodge this horrible intrusion sending me into reeling pain and her into blinding pleasure. There was no break, no calming, just her moaning out a "Shouldn't have said anything, whore"

No, the worst part about all of this was, I realised as she started her painful pounding, was that I'd said it. I'd said no. She'd known, with full transparency, that I did not want this at all but yet she still did it. In the most painful, demeaning way she could. Her hand spanked my ass again but I could hardly feel it against the searing pain on the inside. My hand reached back and tried to push on her stomach a bit, just to say 'Please slow down'

She didn't, but she did grab my arm and push it onto my back. With both hands against it she could lean forward and begin a constant ploughing. With each thrust I gave a high pitched yelp at a BPM so high it could have been in fast forward. Our slapping skin joined in the chorus. Her hands pressed harder into my back, making it arch and making it that much nicer for her. She watched my ass, dilated and gripping around her thick length. The way it stretched me and filled me, the way it pulled out of me, taking part of me with it before plunging back in, lube squelching its way out between me and her. If I could have seen her I would have seen her smile in sadistic glee. Her hand landed against my ass again.

I looked straight forward, eyes closed, but leaking, teeth clenched but moaning. It felt as if she was hitting places she'd never hit before - stretching me more than she had before. It was so much, so much worse. The only thing I had to thank was the drink she'd handed me, alcohol diluting the pain across my body. When I thought perhaps I could be getting used to it she grabbed me by the hips and pulled my ass up, she leant forward over my body and began spearing again - the weight of her body impacting inside me every thrust that sent a spasm of pain through me, her balls smacking against mine, possibly bruising them but that pain wasn't nearly as bad.

She wrapped her arms under my shoulders and lay on top of me, her pounding relentless. I could feel her hair and face nuzzle against my back as she moaned contently and her cock continued its pillage. She could feel me shaking a bit and she stopped. Oh thank god
She chuckled a little bit. "You're cute when you cry"
I didn't say anything, I probably couldn't with the way she'd been fucking me, and I knew nothing I would say would make it any better. Her hand pushed onto the back of my head and I bit into the pillows again when she began powering again. Her thrusts were slower now, but so much deeper and so much stronger. It was excruciating, the head of her dick smashing against the wall of my colon.
"Hnnnnnfff, I'm gonna cum." she slurred, but to my surprise she pulled out. My brain breathed a sigh of relief and I visibly relaxed. But it wasn't going to end so easily.

She pushed me back over onto my back and manoeuvred me onto the end of the bed so my head was hanging over the end. She'd tried this kind of thing before with a lot of success, but never straight after she'd just lodged it up my pooper. Her balls appeared in front of my face, but she didn't want me wasting time with those - she was riding on the edge. I turned my head away, I could smell my ass on it. But she grabbed me by the sides of my face and slid its gently past my lips and into my mouth. It tasted awful, which I guess was her intention. Tears mixed with lube, precum and smears of unmentionables. I gagged on just the taste alone, but she didn't care. She kept pushing until I swallowed and it slipped down my throat. Even that was painful, but no where near as much. I gagged and tried to cough again. "Fuck" I heard her dribble out as my throat flexed around her dick.

It spasmed harder than I've ever felt it, stretching my mouth and throat out. She didn't want it going straight down, though, so she slipped out of my throat and left it in my mouth. Hot semen streamed into my mouth, too much to swallow at once, so I tried my best to keep it in there. If I let it go it would dribble down the front of my face. I watched in drunk surprise her balls squeeze themselves, pulse and spasm. More and more cum fired into my poor mouth, mixing with the sickening taste of myself. There was a point where I couldn't keep anymore in my mouth and some of it spilled out across my face, the hot cum mixing with the cold tears and across my face so much I had to shut my eyes. She stayed there a little longer until she was completely finished.

"Swallow" I heard her say.
Refusing would be pointless now. So I gulped hard, the revolting flavour sticking to my mouth and -

Her dick finally receded from my mouth. I couldn't imagine what that picture was gong to look like - caught right in the moment of ultimate submission. She threw me a towel and I scrubbed off my face. I sat back up on the bed and she landed next to me. "Stay here the night?" she asked with innocence in her eyes and voice. "No" I said quietly. She handed me another bottle of that alcohol which I drank down.
I ended up staying the night.

5am. Sunlight just started to pour into the room. The full window caught the sunrise but with a small click she dimmed them. I wasn't blind while I was bouncing on her but I could see my reflection - a broken man. My knees either side of her legs, bending and felxing as she woke up from her slumber to her conquest riding her. She gave my ass another tight smack.
"Faster" she commanded "Whore"
I could feel her about to cum so I sped up. She groaned and pulled on my shoulders, impaling me on her painfully.


And there we have it. Call Girl is now finished. I apologise for the last one, that was awful. Hopefully this makes it up for you guys.

Anonymous 13/03/12(Tue)18:58 No. 18493 ID: 99fc43

The link to the picture is broken. Does anyone know what picture he meant?

!JUD7F1CtU. 13/03/15(Fri)02:33 No. 18509 ID: 98beb4

Hitting the road - A short story
tags: M/m, yaoi, bear, twink (not shota)

I still don't know why I stayed with him so long. His name was Keith and he said he was 'about 50.' I always suspected closer to 40 but I never really knew, apparently neither did he. I'd lived in a bad house. A bad, bad house. So, a few weeks before my seventeenth birthday I grabbed my clothes, stole what we left of my parents money and what was left of their liquor. I ended up on a highway in Pennsylvania going south with about $45 and half a bottle of Jack. I didn't know where I wanted to go, I just wanted to be there so I stuck my thumb out. That's when Keith picked me up.

I heard the swill of brakes and an old station wagon rolled to a stop in front of me. Just in time because as I threw myself in the rain started tearing down.
"Where you goin'?" he asked with an accent I couldn't quite place. It is definitely American, though.
"I don't know" I responded truthfully. He looked me up and down. He was a pretty big man - well built. His backseat looked like it had been... extended? A few bags lined the walls of it but it looked more like a mattress and less like seats.
"Neither." That was a good start. "Then what are you getting away from?"

That first night we got to know each other. He'd been on the road for 20 years now, he'd forgotten why he had started but he enjoyed it too much. He also had the money to keep going, how he did I never asked. Maybe he'd won the lottery years ago, maybe inheritance, maybe he was working for the government. I just never found out. But We stopped a few places that night to get food on our trip nowhere. He seemed to know where he wanted to go, but maybe that's just who Keith was.

I woke up with my head against the window with sun in my eyes. How long had I slept. 20 minutes? 20 hours? I felt well rested enough. The car had stopped and as I turned around I could see Keith filling the car up. This was the first time I'd seen him in daylight. He was probably a little over 6 feet and wide, not just in the shoulders but he had a little bit of gut, too. Short, greying hair topped his head and he had a few days growth of stubble. He certainly looked masculine, I'll give him that. Topped with a shirt and jeans he could've even passed for a lumberjack

It turns out he'd driven all night and we were in North Carolina. From here he said we should go out west. He bought me breakfast and because of his state he made me drive. I hadn't had my license but that didn't bother him and I could drive. He did stay awake though but since that point of seeing him in daylight our conversations were always a little different due to one obvious fact that he was aware of and I wasn't: I fancied him. He grew up in Texas and was a police officer there, he told me. But he left when 'the force got too corrupt.' He'd always hated big cities and he was Red-Green colourblind. He used to have a wife, which I learnt a long, long time later that she had killed herself and their son. Perhaps the force wasn't so corrupt.

"It's getting dark" he noted. "Do you want somewhere to stay the night?" he asked. I looked over the wheel at the clock.
"Sure" I responded, looking over at the clock. "Is there a place nearby?" We'd crossed so many state boundaries I wasn't even sure which one we were in.
"There always is" he said with a smile. "Or if you'd prefer we could sleep in the car - there's a mattress in the back" he responded, pointing.
"Yeah.. I think I'd prefer that" I found myself saying, uncertain why. He just gave me an understanding nod.
"Very well"

Now, I was 16. I'd never touched a guy like that, the thought simultaneously confused and disgusted me. But that night, when I curled up into bed next to him his hand reached over my body and we fell asleep like that. It felt nice to do that, too. To curl up in bed with someone else, someone bigger and somewhat protective. I didn't know it at the time but I had what can only be described as serious daddy issues. I held his arm close to my chest as we slept.

I woke the next morning quite late. We both needed the sleep. I'd woken before him and just lay there for a while. Gently waking up. His breathing lay around a soft snore and with a quick prod I decided he was still very asleep. I couldn't believe what I was doing by the time my hand had arched back and found its way to his crotch. I started feeling around a bit and I deduced that he was semi-hard. He wasn't wearing jeans as because when he got into bed he'd taken off his pants, he was just wearing briefs. So my hand roamed over his (large) balls and dick for a while. Unknown to him he started getting hard, which, confusingly, got me hard too. My suddenly turned on mind decided I needed to take a look. So I turned around, slowly, slowly, trying my best not to wake him only to meet his open eyes.
A smirk found their way across his lips, not a lurid one you'd expect an older man to make. He seemed humored, like he understood. It was horribly embarrassing.
"Sorry" I quickly apologised and he went to say something but I didn't give him time. I leapt up, opened the back and found myself in the thick light of the coastal sun. We were parked beneath the highway, so I started making my way up the exit ramp. And that's when I realised I'd forgotten my bag. So I had to make a decision. Leave it or risk going back. I didn't have any choice, so I went back. I felt a little relieved when I found him still lying in the back, hands behind his back. He gave me a short look and even he looked relieved. But I convinced I was just there for me back.

I ended up giving him head. A few times actually. I don't know why chose to but I definitely did choose it. And I was wrong assuming he was half hard, he was just really, really big.

Gulping down the last of his load 3rd. I lifted my mouth from him and looked at him. He looked at me a little bit. He was still lying down, legs spread with me kneeling in between them, a confused teenage boy. His dick was softening before my eyes and all of me just wanted to see it get hard so I could make him cum again. But I knew it had already been enough. He gave me a small grimace and tucked himself back into his underwear. I felt good inside, conflicted but mostly good. "Where to now?" I asked him. "We're going west"

We drove for a long, long time and it was actually weird how un-weird the conversations were. I felt inexplicably comfortable around him. I had no incling I was gay though Keith obviously did. I told myself I stayed with him so long because he had money and a car and no destination, not because I loved the idea of making someone feel good or because he was an understanding, good guy.

Also, the sex was amazing.

"Rightio, let's go" he grunted, slowing the car. I gave a short giggle, took my fingernail from my mouth and got out the moment the car stopped. Dust covered the sides of the roads and skidding tires kicked up a storm of it. We were truly in deep desert, now. I beat him to the back of the car and opened the boot. I stood in front of him with my hands behind my back looking at him with a cocked head. "You cheeky-" he didn't finish his sentence. Instead his hands guided my shoulders around and forward, pushing me gently over the open trunk. I was only ever wearing just underwear by this point and he pulled them down quickly, exposing my ass to him - hairless and tight. He grunted his approval and groped it lustfully. I wiggled it slightly for him before I heard his fly come down. His dick came down against the top of my ass with an audible thud while mine stood erect beneath me. He handled it to hardness while I looked back at him, giving my best innocent look. My hands bunched up to my face I bit a finger gently. I heard a squeeze bottle and he unloaded some lube against both myself and him.
He was huge, there was no doubting that now. But I'd grown accustomed to him, now, there was no need for 45 minutes of foreplay; we'd done all that in the car in 20 seconds. By now I knew just which buttons to push, just exactly what to say.
I could feel him spread it around my crack and slip a thumb inside which made me tense up slightly. Tensing was bad, so I relaxed. When he was satisfied I was loose enough he took out his thumb and grabbed my waist, hauling my ass up a bit higher.
I stood on my tiptoes and was now high enough for penetration. He was slow, but forceful. Eventually I felt that quick stab of initial intrusion and I winced slightly. But each inch he pushed inside me made that pain fall further and further away and a bubbling pleasure took over. By the time he had buried himself completely inside me I couldn't help but leave my legs shaking slightly. I couldn't control that, and I knew that turned him on and he knew that turned me on.
I could feel the hairs of his stomach on the top of my ass, his hands hauled me up a little higher and no matter how much I pointed my toes (which was also involuntary) they had been lifted from the ground. My hands began reaching for the blankets of the mattress as he began his thrusting - each one illiciting a gentle moan, a girlish moan from me. It was the only sound in this endless desert, wet slapping and dribbling moans.

I'd always considered myself fairly manly, I'd had my way with women in the past and they seemed satisfied. Maybe it's because neither of us knew what the hell we were doing but I certainly felt like a man after that, certainly more than my father. But not with Keith. With him I even felt a little girly but I really didn't mind that. I was thin, had long slender legs, longish hair, a comparably small dick, a higher voice and was generally hairless in a lot of the places considered a guy would be hairy (don' worry, I had pubes).
So underneath a man like Keith like that felt surprisingly normal and normal felt really, really good. I hadn't felt in a normal place my entire life. I didn't occur to me and it still doesn't occur to me how abnormal it all was.
A teenage boy and a mysterious man, fucking like Adam and Eve in the middle of the Arizona desert. It never occurred to me how much I probably was like Eve. It also never occurred to me how much trouble Keith could have gotten in for this - but chances are that would've just turned us both on more.

By now I couldn't feel my fingers. They could have been ripping the mattress right now but neither of us would have cared. I couldn't feel the car rocking, or the bruising my ass would be achieving. I'd lost the ability to count, so I couldn't count all the orgasms I'd had and yet I felt my insides welling up, pleasure streaming up my spine which arched as I yelped out another moan of pleasure. My legs and feet were twitching, my toes inches away from the desert sand with lube and juices dripping down my calves. If I could've seen straight and looked back I would have seen the few cars that rolled by, honking as they went past. Keith chuckled slightly and only sped up, his thick cock spearing my insides and I only moaned harder in response and came again. My balls spasming slightly and letting out whatever it had left onto the mattress. When I felt Keith's thrusts grow shorter and harder and shorter and harder I tightened myself up around him. A slick and clumsily smile spread across my face as I felt myself fill with warmth and Keith groaned with pleasure.
He reeled himself from me the moment he finished completely, letting his seed flow out of me and land onto the dry sand with a splash.
"Fuck, alright, get in"
I crawled myself into onto the mattress and he shut the rear door - there was no way I could walk to the side door.

There was something astonishingly arousing how he treated sex. It was purely a physical act and I was just a vehicle for it. Sure, he loved watching me get off as well of course, but he never leaned in for a kiss, never started calling me cutsy names. We were only ever just awesome friends who got each other off like no-one else. So after sex it was like it hadn't happened, not like we were avoiding it - it just wasn't important. And while it was obvious we both wanted to have sex all the time, we never let it get in the way of doing other things. That night we took a path of the freeway, hauled the mattress outside, lit a fire and drank peyote under the stars. We sat opposite sides of the fire and talked the entire night. It soon dawned upon me that it was my birthday.

Weird how those things turn out.

What wasn't weird at all was that the next day we found ourselves in Las Vegas, mescaline still swimming in our veins - scenes from Fear and Loathing began firing in my brain. Keith made it clear we were going gambling.

Anonymous 13/03/15(Fri)16:20 No. 18517 ID: 99fc43

The link won't work. It says 403 'forbidden'.

!JUD7F1CtU. 13/03/17(Sun)07:11 No. 18529 ID: 1a40f2

Another story with our resident sadistic pixie girl from


Easy, drunk girls - A short story
tags: futa on male, futadom, anal, voyeurism, humiliation

"Do you wanna drink?" I could see by the way he was eyeing me and talking to me that he thought he was going to sleep with me. That was always the funnest part.
"Sure" I responded with forced demure. He could just hear me over the sound of the music.
"What do you like?" not 'what is you name' I noted.
I shrugged and a few seconds later I had a vodka and coke in my hand. Yeah, he definitely thought he was getting me in bed.
"How do you know Katie?" I asked him, a small test.
"A friend of a friend" he'd responded. Katie didn't exist - this was Olivia's party. We were inside the house, one of the few in there. Everyone else was outside where the music was, a soft throb replaced a dance beat every time the front door closed. Olivia let's me come in here when I need a bit of time to 'chill out' and this drunk troglodyte had followed me in. I didn't take a sip of his damn drink.
"So what's your name" he asked after finishing his own drink.
"Sara" I responded, pulling the hem of my dress down slightly.
"That's a really purdy name" he managed to stutter out. Imaginative fellow. I also noted that he'd forgotten to introduce himself but that didn't bother me; I already knew his name. "How do you know Katie?"
I silently "She's my best friend" I responded happily. He nodded in agreement.
"So you know this place pretty well?" he asked, I could see it coming. "Do you think there's a room that's a little quieter?" I let out a gentle sigh and put on my best coy face. Obviously his 'friends' hadn't advised him the obligatory "Stay away from the cute girl in stockings with scars on her arms" or maybe they had and he just didn't care.

I got a good look at him in the hallway as we made our way to this room. He was at least 6 foot, dressed well with short, styled hair. He was obviously out tonight to pick up. He was grinning like an idiot when I pointed inside. He just saw a double bed and started getting hard. A lot more things were important about this room:
(very) thin walls, big windows, ground floor and clapper lights.
The party was happening on just the other side of the wall - he was expecting the music to be quite loud and no one would hear us and the room to be quite dark so no one could see us.

Poor him. The darkness would be good for a little while.

I stood at the doorway, letting my silhouette sit there for a while. I was pretty short, just over 5 feet and I knew I looked good. Thin waist, nice chest. I almost always tried to accent these with short dresses. But that's also because I was trying to hide something. He ushered me inside the room, making sure to grab my ass a little bit. The way he'd stumbled told me he was now very, very drunk. This is good. His hands pushed me slightly onto the bed but I turned around and landed on my back, pulling him down with me for a kiss. His hands landed each side of my head as I
grasped around his neck, hands sliding through his hair, giving quick tugs every now and again. He was inbetween my legs but wouldn't be that way for long. I kicked off my shoes, brought my feet up against my chest and slid my toes underneath the top of his pants, gently kicking them off. He gave me a quick smirk that said "God you're so easy, slut" I wanted to say the same thing to him, but instead I gave out a forced moan when his hands played with my tits.

Don't get me wrong it felt good but urgh.

I turned around again, getting on my hands and knees in front of him, so he could get a good view of my ass. Underneath the dress, black, lacy panties waited, covering me (and not so well, given the conditions). I relied on the darkness that he wouldn't see why he should have been told to avoid me. I pulled my underwear down a little bit, just enough to uncover my anus. With one of my hands I grabbed onto his head - caught him in the middle of trying to open a condom wrapper - and pulled him towards my ass. His tongue landed with a wet smack against it. I kept my hand on the back of his head as he began rimming me.
Pleasure began sparkling down my skin as two hands landed on my cheeks, massaging them as he moaned in my ass and I moaned into the pillow.

I broke into a smile when everytime he tried to pull away because just I pulled him back in. Saliva was just dripping from my ass now, he probably thought that that was going to be enough lube - like it was going to be lube at all. I pushed his head south a little bit and shivered when his tired tongue lapped at my pussy - his nose straight on my ass.
I laughed at the idea of... nevermind.

When now I'd had enough I turned back around to face him, my eyes had adjusted to the darkness and could see his full form. He certainly looked like he took care of himself so my hands pulled down the top of his briefs - the last of his clothing.

When I saw it I let out a sound which can only be described as a stifled gasp-laugh. It was a sound I'd practised for a long time for exactly this occasion. He was under-endowed and it was meant to make him think half 'She likes it' and half 'Is she laughing at it?' Just enough to not let him raise a question about it. I quickly sized him up in my hand with a few pumps. Pretty average. No doubt he thought I was going to return the favour instead I just gave him a few gentle jerks, looking up at him with big, innocent eyes. I hauled him onto the bed and he landed back against it, bouncing slightly and I quickly jumped over and mounted him. This time my underwear was off and my own dick landed against his chest with a slap, pussy juices sticking to his abdomen.

He thought it was a joke after the initial confusion hit. But then he reached out and touched it, his eyes grew wide in horror. "Holy shit Jesus christ!" he yelled out, trying to get up, but my knees gripped his sides quick and my hands managed to subdue his drunk arms quickly. He could shake himself out at any point if he really knew what he was doing and wasn't so drunk - but I think he was that drunk. "What the fuck you're a guy?!"
"No!" I called back at him, loud enough to surprise him. I made sure I looked hurt. "What do you think these are?" I shook my chest slightly. "Besides, don't you want to have sex with me, anyway?"
He didn't respond.
"You're just going to walk out after 2 minutes and let everyone know nothing happened?" I attacked his pride because I knew how high guys like this held it. He didn't seem swayed but the tone of his voice betrayed his intention.
"I'm not going to to do anything with that" he yelled out.
"Shhhhhhh" I urged him. "Why not? You'll still be having sex with me. And I won't say anything about it" I promised him.
I was very good at lying.
I think he still thought he'd get to stick it in me because when I let go of his hands and pointed to the carefully placed lube on the bedside table he turned over and reached for it - leaving his ass perfectly exposed for me. I peeled it from his hand but with my free one I kept a gentle push against his ass, keeping him turned over. His breathing got heavier and he seemed ready to leap off the bed - I needed to placate him.

So I leaned forward and over him, careful to not let my dick touch him, and nibbled gently on his neck. My hand slipped around his stomach and grabbed his modest pecker, giving it a few tursid strokes, eliciting a string ofgrunts from him. I did it just long enough to calm him, but not long enough to give him any pleasure - all of that would belong to me. He shivered when cold lube landed against his ass and he started to get up but I made sure I cooed in his ear, my breath hot and waxy.
"Don't worry, it'll be fun and it'll feel good" I opted.
He still didn't seem so sure. I was hoping he hadn't gauged how big I was in the darkness.

His drunk mind seemed to agree with that. Poor guy. I slipped a slender finger inside him quickly. He yelped slightly but recoiled back when he realised it was just a finger. I realised this was going to take a while - I didn't want him screaming so I needed to make sure he was nice and loosened. Every now against he'd wince slightly and I'd coo him gentle commands with the smoothest voice I could muster
"Easy now" "Good boy" "Careful, relax"
At one point he went to stand up, but I leaned down on top of him. "There's no way I can do this let me go!" he managed to say. Finally some reason. Unfortunately this isn't what I wanted - I needed to try a different tactic.
"No, don't go... Please?" I asked, somehow coiling up sultry, gentle desperation and innocence into my tone.
"Pleease?" I pleaded with him. I felt him relax again with a sigh and I let out an inward snicker. Boys are so easy.

When, about 10 minutes and 3 fingers later, I figured he was ready. "You ready, suzie?" I asked him, suddenly changing my voice rather cruelly now that there was no turning back. I didn't give him time to respond - my dick slipping its way deep inside his ass nice a slowly.
I had won. He groaned heavily, loudly. A little too loudly, I noted with happiness. Both of us knew there was no going back now, this poor boy had just been played and seduced and here I was now, behind him sticking him with my manhood. One that was (if I can say so myself) much more impressive than his own, but he isn't a man: Judging by his groan descending to a high pitched moan he sounded pretty girly.

I hauled his hips up and pushed them forward, so his neck had to curve sideways against the bed head. Now he had to always look at me, still wearing my dress. I gave his ass a series of soft slaps, nothing hard, just enough to make a soft pleating. He moaned when our skin connected as did I, albeit quieter.

"Oooooh, you're so tight, girl" I praised, making sure to emphasize the gender. I grunted again and gave him a quick push. He yelped. That's when I began some powerful thrusting, his shoulders and hands rocking the bedhead against the wall which I knew would alert the people outside. Poor guy was probably still under the impression that no one was going to know about this little encounter. I looked down at his sorry ass, it dilated and tightened around me.

It looked painful and I could see it across his face. "Having fun, girl?" I asked him breathlessly, his wordless response came with an angry whimper - one that sounded peculiarly pleasure soaked.

Before long the powerful thrusting had alerted some partygoers outside and they began trying to look through the window. It was still so bright outside from the lights and lasers that they were getting right up close. They began calling people over once they realised people were fucking and I knew now was the time. With a nice crowd watching, and him unknowing I leaned up over his body and towards his ear. "Look the other way" I whispered, and he craned his neck to look out the window which he realised
for the first time was barely covering us. He suddenly looked horrified. "Don't worry they can't see us" I reassured, as I pushed him further into the bed head, twisting his body uncomfortably with each powerful thrust.
"Yet" I finished - pushing down on his back, arching it and giving his ass a hard, loud smack which he responded with a loud whimper.

And suddenly the lights were on.

With a conquering smirk across my face I started fucking him hard and slow - my dick disappearing inside him with a squelch and my hands handling his hips roughly. The people on the other side of the window were polarised in their expression. Disgust, hilarity, shock and jealousy each in turn. More and more people began appearing behind it, looking in at the scene unfold. It was too late for the poor boy to cover his face, everyone had seen it spattered with pleasure and pain. My thrusting grew faster, call me a voyeur but whenever people start watching and knowing what's happening and enjoying it - there's nothing that can hold me back.

His boy hole started tightening hard around me, and I realised (with a lot of surprise) that he was cumming himself.

"Mmmm, girl" I moaned out and stopped a second. I didn't want to cum just yet. Instead I slid slowly, slowly out of him and then gently back in, eliciting a hair raising moan from him as cum dribbled out. I chuckled slightly and winked at the crowd gathered behind the glass, giving his ass a hard smack. The lights dimmed again in time with his groan of pain. There was some shuffling about as people behind the glass looked in, trying to figure out what had happened before the light turned back on with me grabbing his wrists, hauling his arms back and pulling him into me.

My thrusts were fast and hard and this poor boy's pleasure had dissolved away until he was just writhing in quiet pain. There was no way I could last long like this and shoving forward, twisting his body into the bedhead I finished inside him. With a theatrically loud moan and arched back I came inside him, pulsing and tensing until I felt light headed. I'd been saving myself up for a while so the amount of cream deposited into him would border on scary. His eyes grew wide when he realised what had happened, and briefly tried to shake me off but both of us knew he was going to take it.

Semen began seeping out from his ass, escaping around my dick with soft squelches and still I was firing into him, shivering slightly and toes pointing. It began dribbling down his legs and balls and dripping onto the mattress.
When my vision had returned properly I looked out the window again - the crowd had either broken into laughter, cheers or jeers. I dropped this poor boys arms and let him slide off my dick. "Mmmmmm, that was good" I hummed my appreciation at him "A girl like you should enjoy this." I raised a hand high up and it landed with a huge smack against his ass and just like that the lights were off again.

Anonymous 13/03/18(Mon)13:55 No. 18545 ID: 322206

Worked for me

Anonymous 13/03/19(Tue)04:50 No. 18548 ID: 1a40f2

Holy shit I leave for a little while and come back to all this! Holy shit youve been busy.

Anonymous 13/03/24(Sun)01:36 No. 18569 ID: 562fc8

I seriously love your stories. You're one of my most favorite writers right now.

On a side note, do you think you'd be able to continue the brother humiliation story? As in, fucking his girlfriend isn't the worst thing she could do to shame and humiliate him; that'd be taking his mouth and ass. Not sure if he would allow this to happen but considering how he did nothing to stop her in the first story, the pre-story events may extend to him not stopping her from doing that too.

!JUD7F1CtU. 13/03/26(Tue)07:21 No. 18592 ID: 51f2e7

I've started and erased this idea quite a few times now. Every time it just doesn't feel quite right. I'm sure I'll get it eventually but the inspiration isn't there just yet.

Anonymous 13/04/07(Sun)05:46 No. 18654 ID: 68a21c

please, sir can I have some more?

Anonymous 13/05/15(Wed)18:28 No. 18943 ID: 059782

This is awesome, can we have more please?

Anonymous 13/05/16(Thu)18:13 No. 18953 ID: 5c8304

WHAT?! you want some more?

Anonymous 13/05/16(Thu)21:46 No. 18955 ID: 360ec8

That was awesome, please keep writing :)

I come back every few days to see if you have another story up!

Anonymous 13/06/12(Wed)23:38 No. 19168 ID: 90fdcf

My god you are amazing. I read both a and b of call girl. Really disturbing but amazingly hot.

Seriously though everything you write is fantastic.

!JUD7F1CtU. 13/06/22(Sat)05:37 No. 19245 ID: eed053

I'm still alive and still writing. I've got a few ideas that I'm currently working on but while travelling and not having a computer it's difficult. There'll be a few more up soon, I spose, when I get the creative drive to just write them.


Anonymous 13/06/23(Sun)05:43 No. 19251 ID: 663eda


A short, short story !JUD7F1CtU. 13/08/31(Sat)19:46 No. 19610 ID: 30291f

Travelling and loving life but this isn't my blog and I'm horny and have a computer for the next two hours and I'm out of practice. Let's see what I come up with. Same character as the last story. I just like this girl.


Razor arms - A short story.
Tags: futa, futa one male, futadom, cutting, anal

"You get fucked!" Sara screamed. This had been going on for hours. The earpiece rattled with distortion as she wailed. We were both very annoyed at this point. "You're such a bastard sometimes. All the time." She'd cheated on me with a random at a party quite spectacularly - everyone saw. "And why the hell did you sleep with her she's gross!"
Naturally we were a very dysfunctional relationship.
"Why did you sleep with him?" I yelled back. I could see this wasn't getting anywhere, we were just butting horns again. It usually ended with her winning and butting something else. We were just accusing each other of shit we'd done.
"Fuck you" was all she said before she hung up. This was the tense part. She lived a 20 minute drive from my house. If she didn't ring up or show up within that time then she was either talking someone else up or attempting again. The least I could do was prepare myself.
Bed made, tissues nearby, kettle boiled, lube in an easy to reach place, knock on the door.

She stood on the porch. Immediately I noticed the long sleeved shirt and how she'd wrapped up her arms underneath it poorly. She'd obviously been crying.


"Have you been taking your meds?" I asked as I sponged warm water on her arms, careful not to split the coagulated skin. She stayed silent, the water was warm and the lack of iron in her blood made it runny.
Both her arms were just covered in scars, old and new, across and down. I never understood, it didn't make any sense, to either of us. Her stomach was forever damaged from alcohol and prescriptions, her trachea would never heal properly and she was, even now, malnourished. It was such a sad sight. She kissed me gently, and I responded. She melted me. For all her games, for all her aggression and malice she made she was still just a girl on the inside.

But maybe not on the outside. Soon she was mashing my lips and her hands pushing my wrists into the bed head. She was crazy, the worst and best kind of crazy. Lips smacked, bodies rolled, lube smeared and voices growled. Her's did at least, mine whimpered. With minimal preparation she guided herself inside me. Thank god I'd put the lube in arms reach. My hands gripped the sheets as her fingernails made pink valley's in my back. I was on my stomach and her legs curled around mine, pulling them apart and twisting them slightly. Her balls found their way atop mine, her hips pushed my ass and her hands went from my back to my hair.

She reared my head back and I let out a loud moan, her lips found their way to my ear and her smooth voice broke through her hoarse breathing. "Easy" was all she bemoaned before she bit my neck - the same way a lion would do his lioness - with added tongue darting and suckling - leaving marks across my skin that may as well be a temporary tattoo saying 'Property of Sara'

"Nggghhhh, fuck yoaaaigh" I groaned as she gave my hair another tug. Her thrusting ramped up and my eyes rolled back. God she sucked but it felt so good. She could tell. At least she wasn't getting my gender confused tonight. It's time's like this I remember why she's my girlfriend. We can cheat on each other all we want - we'll always come back to each other and just fuck it out.

Well, she'd do the fucking. She stretched me out again with a deep thrust, I could feel inside stretching around her and my own pleasure building up. Don't cum yet, don't cum yet, don't cum y she lay across my back, her soft breasts pushed to my scratched skin, warming and soothing the cuts but her thrusting stay long and hard and fast. Her arms found their way around my neck and she held me closely, humming her pleasure into my back as I split mine beneath me. She giggled and moaned slightly as she could feel me tensing, the sound echoing in my body as she slowed her pace, pushing cum from me it seemed.

"So soon" she remarked with only a hint of malice - that tone that sent me wild. "Fuck" was all I managed to say. "Can you finish up soon?" I proposed gingerly. "No, you're getting what's coming to you" and I knew what she was talking about. "What about you?" I hinted, imaging pinning her down and squeezing her hips as she squeezed me. But I was finished and she knew it. "Not tonight, you're going to get what he got" she pushed my head into the bed with one hand, the other pulled on my hips.

Her moans filled the air, my moans fill the pillow, she filled my insides and she was about to fill them even more. Not before she put me through shit, first. She pulled out with a wet suck and pulled my legs over the end of the bed. She stood behind me and tugged my hair back, filling me with her massive dick, ploughing me with her hips and roaming me with her hands.

She could fuck hard and long and it wasn't too long until she finished. Her cock pistoned the last few times before it slammed inside me, stuck and pulsed. I knew there was nothing more she enjoyed than finishing inside me. Her moans were high pitched, wailing slightly, and right in my ear. I knew she loved doing that too, she didn't want to just finish. She wanted to finish in someone who was bigger than her, stronger than her and she wanted to know that they let her pound them. That she'd entered welcome and debased them and made them her bitch.

She wanted me to know that she'd fucked me proper and she loved watching her hot cum dribbling from my gaped ass, lube and other fluids mixed. I found myself back on the bed with her in my arms, her humming contently with her soft cock against my stomach. She looked at me with those big black eyes, the kind I know have seen death in the face and fallen in love. They were mixed with a look of depression, content, anger and lust.
But mostly lust.

"Let's have a shower?" I proposed. She bit her bottom lip. "Only if you can be the girl again" and her dick twitched.

How could I refuse?

Anonymous 13/09/12(Thu)23:19 No. 19703 ID: 043523

Dunno if you're still around OP but I'd love you forever for part 2 of Cock-Off.

Anonymous 13/09/13(Fri)07:18 No. 19707 ID: 9408f4

that was a short short story not really enough to get me going

!JUD7F1CtU. 13/10/20(Sun)15:48 No. 19962 ID: d47572

Hey anyone still checking this.
This is a post saying the reason I haven't been writing it because I've been working on my first longstory. Involving all the shit I've written about. It's an experiment is characterisation and the whole story is a caricature of my recent travels about. I'm about 10,000 words in and it's way, way, way slower.

It'll be up on elit when I think it's ready. Peace out.

Anonymous 13/10/21(Mon)20:47 No. 19971 ID: a7674f

I'm still watching this thread!

Anonymous 13/11/12(Tue)06:09 No. 20175 ID: ba145d

When can we see some of your new stuff?

!JUD7F1CtU. 13/11/28(Thu)17:58 No. 20352 ID: 3a18d7

When I get better at writing.

Anonymous 14/01/01(Wed)01:55 No. 20560 ID: 107d5b

Still love your stuff, would love to see more. Also, other than here where can I find your stuff?

Anonymous 14/01/27(Mon)14:58 No. 20944 ID: 941409

I am a really big fan of your writing. Your stories feel natural and real, and "erotic", as opposed to "pornographic". While not half as good as yours, I wrote something myself, largely inspired by your work. I hope it is not as boring to everybody as it is to me, and while the story is a bit too similar to Call Girl 1, it is only because it is inspired by Call Girl 1. Anyway, I can take it down upon request. Hope anybody who reads it enjoys it.


When I met Alicia, I was 16, and she was 20. We were childhood friends, or rather acquaintances. I think I always found her insanely beautiful, but obviously never told her so, because, who would do that? But then when you keep playing childhood games as teens, one thing suggests another, and you end up breathing into each other's faces, infinitely curious whether or not you should kiss them.
And at some point, you just do.
And by "you", I mean Alicia. She kissed me first, and I was then on, if not already for years, helplessly in love with her. Her tall, slender figure, perfectly shaped legs leading to the cutest and roundest butt you could imagine, a waist so delicate that you would be scared to grab harshly lest you break it… Her hands were as if made up of millions of tiny, white, radiant butterflies. She always has a captivating smile on her face, and you could spend a lifetime looking deep into her dark blue eyes and die a happy man. Her hair, as if to reflect her very constitution, seemed always in conflict with gravity, waving and dancing freely in the air. To me, she was the very purpose of life.
She still is, only… I cannot explain to you why or how, truthfully, I cannot explain it to myself, but she has between her legs, what a girl is not supposed to have. A giant phallus in striking contrast to the rest of her body. Longer than my palm in its most flaccid state, it almost reaches to her knee when engorged with her impatient, unforgiving blood. I have never seen her fully erect. By that time, it is not out in the open… And though I am thankful for it, because this devilish attachment gives my eternal love such ecstasy, I am also infinitely afraid of it. When turned on, my sweet, angelic Alicia vanishes, and I am left with a brutal, cruel being whose pleasure only increases with my suffering.
"Hello dear" I answered to the familiar tone of my mobile phone.
"Hello baby" Ahh, to hear her voice. What a heartache.
"How was your day?"
"Exhausting. You know the E-Mart project we were working on? Well, …"
Following a great GPA in one of the best universities in the country, she got a job at some high level consulting firms. I don't get most of it and yes, she talks a lot; and yes, she, talks, a, lot. But if you love, you care.
"… Anyway, so it is all good now, but now it is late and I need to take my mind off things. Why don't you come over and we could put on a DVD?"
"Sounds great, I will be right there."
It is always special to be in a home setting with your girlfriend. You can be as touchy-feely as you want. Little making-outs, plays, grinding and all that, everything is allowed. Nothing like private space. Though after a couple of years now, I learned to control my horny feelings, for in the end, it is just pain. After pain, it is beautiful, but before beautiful, so much pain…
The door was open. The door is always open. She cannot wait all those seconds for me to climb the stairs to the second floor where her flat is. She buzzes the main entrance open when I arrive, and then goes back to whatever she is doing.
I took my coat off and headed to her study, where she was working at the desk.
"Hello baby" she whispered not looking to me.
"Hello darling"
She looked up to me. "Kiss me."
I bowed down on her tired face and kissed her with all the love I bear. She stood up, not breaking the lip contact, and put her arms around my neck.
"Come." She grabbed my hand and led me to the living room, and hopped onto the sofa. I sat next to her.
"I missed you baby."
"I missed you too."
She came onto me and made me collapse on my back on the sofa, and curled up like a cat and snuggled into me. My heart was racing and I was drunk with the smell of her hair. I began caressing her hair, and she snuggled in closer.
Then she lay straight on top of me, facing me. She whispered into my face "I love you", to which I responded, "I love you". She put her hands on my chest and rested her chin on them. She blew into my face and I blew to her back. She sent me a kiss and I sent her one back. She reached to my face and kissed my lips, holding my face. I hold her back and pulled herself into me. Her beauty gave my arms an ache. I was burning with passion. I wanted to roll over and over with her in my arms. I wanted to forget time and space and lose myself in her existence.
I realized, already too late, that her breaths have become heavier. A familiar thickness was apparent on my crotch. And then, without so much as a hint, the slightest moan accompanied her motion upwards on my body, my face level with her breast, her phallus lying on my tummy.
She moved further up on my body, and let herself onto me with all her weight. Her tummy was on my head, and she was resting her body on the armrest of sofa. She took my arms and led my hands on her waist. I knew what she wanted, and her wishes were my mortally important duties. Gently I took her casual wear down, as she took her t-shirt off. The bulge in her tight boxers pressed down on my chest. She ground herself onto me forcefully, as if to pierce my chest and fuck me right in the heart, but then slid higher up and put her enlarging bulge on my face.
"Take it off" she hissed impatiently. Roughly this was the point where my fear got greater than my excitement. As she impatiently kicked off her boxers off from her delicate feet, She grabbed my head and pushed it into her crotch. She was too impatient to let it go for a second so that she could put her friend where she wants it to be.
"Down" she bid me, and I was on the floor on my knees. She was harsher than usual. This was not going to be easy. Then I saw a mischievous light in her eyes. She stood up. "Put your arms under the cushion." I did not like the idea and before saying anything, I hesitated for a second to gather my thoughts. Bad move. She grabbed my neck. "Baby, please, don't irritate me." She wasn't insincere. When she is turned on, you shouldn't hesitate, question, or delay. She has no patience for any of that. "I don't underst-" I began, before she held my neck firmer and slapped my face, I think as hard as she can, twice. Then she pulled me by my neck, so that my face was directly under her engorged, hanging cock, a drop of precum at its tip, threatening my face. She let out a small evil laugh, and bid me again, this time fearfully gently, "Please baby, put your arms under the cushion."
I did without hesitation. I don't know why. What if I refused? The truth is, I could not even ask myself that. I could not imagine a world where I could refuse her wishes.
She hopped back on the sofa, my arms saved from being broken thanks to the interlaying cushion. She grabbed the back of my head with one hand and her cock with the other, and began to feed her cock to me. "There you go, we are in no rush" she said with heavy breaths. "Be gentle with me baby." She slid her thighs on my shoulders to help herself keeping me in place.
Inch by inch, I took her in my mouth. Sometimes she did not like how her cock is curved in my mouth, or liked it so much that she wanted to have it again, and she pulled out a little and pushed back in. Her precum was slowly flowing into my mouth, as if to relieve my saliva from its duty. She liked this part. Her smile was presumptuous and cruel. She knew she was going to get exactly what she wanted, so she enjoyed herself while she still has some control over herself. She tasted… difficult. I don't know how else to describe. It was a very feminine taste, if there is such a thing. A feminine taste, but not a sweet one. An intense taste from which there is no escape.
The true nightmarish part began when the tip of her cock knocked on the back of my throat. I gagged, and she gave a cute laugh. "Baby, You don't need to gag, just swallow." Easier said than done. As if swallowing with your mouth open was not difficult enough, doing so would seriously impair my airway. With tears in my eyes due to all the stretch and anxiety, I did. A gasp barely audible, and then a titanic force pulling me in herself and shoving her cock in my throat followed. My head was helpless against the combined forces of her legs and hands. Within seconds, her entire length was deep down in me. I could feel the stretch in my chest with a burning sensation. I could barely breathe, and was a state of total panic. Every time we had oral sex, it was gamble on my life. I knew for a fact that she loved me, but at that very moment, she was not in control of herself. At those moments, she never is.
One more thrust and pull on my head, and she was as deep as she can be. My face buried in her crotch, she let her legs down on the floor. "I am going to try something baby, try to relax." This was not good. I could not see much with my face almost buried in her, but I felt her delicate hands on my neck. She grabbed my neck from both sides, slightly grasped it, and slowly pushed me off a couple of inches. I did not know what we were doing, but I was more than happy to help. Nope, she pulled me back into herself right back in. Then a second time, she pushed me off a couple of inches, this time I did not try to help her. No avail, I was pulled back in again. This cycle repeated a few times before I realized that she was jerking off using my neck as a sleeve over her cock. Feeling humiliated, I tried to protest as best as I could.
"You don't like it, baby? That's really too bad" she said sarcastically. I never liked her being sarcastic. It was unfair and cruel. And I did not want this, not like this. And it did not matter. She was just harsher with her jerking off now, faster and deeper. The worst part was, I knew she was nowhere near climax. She had just got fully erect as far as I could tell, and that meant we had another 15 minutes, under best circumstances, before she orgasmed. She did get tired though, and she sat back breathing heavily. She put her legs over my shoulders again.
"Do me a favor, try to escape." Such teases frustrated me. I didn't feel like complying, but not complying with her wish meant having her cock in my esophagus for I don't know how long. It was a lose-lose situation, so I thought, "Fine!" She did let me off a couple of inches before pulling me in with her legs and hands. She giggled. "Again, baby." And then we had this thing going. It was more familiar, and somewhat less humiliating, and somewhat more intimate (?), but I was done already. I wanted this to end already.
What seemed to me as years seemed as seconds to her, and her breathing pattern lost all regularity. Short screams followed long gasps, moans followed short screams and with one last pull, I was buried again. She wrapped her legs around my neck, push on the back of my head into herself. We were locked. I was covered with her, inside AND outside, and I felt her pulses move from my mouth to throat to chest, with a warm feeling in my belly. When she came, she came a lot, and it always took a while. Her orgasms lasted longer than my own entire fucking. Minutes followed one another as my belly was filled with her warm cum.
When she was all spent, she collapsed onto the sofa on her side, releasing my head. She was panting. I took my arms off from under the sofa's cushion, and slowly took her cock off my body. She put her foot on my shoulder and helped me "disengaging". "Be gentle with me baby, please" she said pleadingly. I was gentle. She understood my need to take her out of me, and I understood her need to make this transition as smooth as possible.
"Baby, I love you" she whispered.
"I love you" I responded.
"You know what I would kill for right now?"
She nodded with her angelic face.
I headed to the market.

Anonymous 14/02/02(Sun)17:48 No. 21019 ID: 035218


I'm not the harshest critic (I like most futadom), but I enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous 14/03/30(Sun)05:33 No. 21453 ID: 892d48

Bump. I want to see more. Don't be dead.

Status report !JUD7F1CtU. 14/04/10(Thu)13:52 No. 21528 ID: 587f96

Good news, everyone.
I've written and re-written my long story about 3 or 4 times and I've ended with a draft that I like. The characters have depth and grow, the conversation isn't too dull and the story has direction (and a complication!)
I'm at a point where I'm finally happy with it and I've written about 10 chapters (40,000 words), only the first 2 are at a postable standard but I won't start posting till the story is almost finished. One; because I don't want to leave a full story half way through and two; because I like getting feedback from you guys. I want you guys to choose the ending as much as I choose it. I'll be posting a chapter basically weekly all the way through. Expect to see it being posted up in about 3-4 months or before Also, there will be a few short stories here and there from the perspective of people other than the main character popping up.
It'd be fair to note that the story is inspired by real events, of course in these real events there were no dickgirls. It's heavily inspired by Majalis' Raqueal (which I am eternally in love with) and I use a lot of scenes from my short stories. Basically, if you like the stuff posted here you'll like this story. It's slow, very slow, and deals with the mental anguish the main character has upon realising the girl he is in love with has a penis, as do her closest friends.

The basic plot goes like this:
Two friends who've been gypsying around America with guitars end up in San Francisco and upon their first night there they run into a group of Neo-Hippys who, being great people invite our heroes back to their house. The pair don't realise any of them have dicks until they've gotten to know them and had sexual encounters with them because these bitches are crafty. After a few days it behind making itself clear and our heroes flake off and are like lol no fuck that. Then they each go back in secret, driven by curiosity and desire hiding itself in fear. When they both realise they're going back they have a long talk and come to the conclusion that 'they don't mind' as long as they're still girls.
Over time the girls' actions little by little get more and more dominant until finally, after gender bender house party and with the help of strange drugs they give in completely. From this point the protagonist has a serious identity crisis and several love interests, all of whom either pale in comparison to this 'girl', scared off by this 'girl' or taken over by this girl.
The girls also, spending time with our heroes realise what the really want from a partner. There is love, there is loss, there are drugs and there is lots of sex.

I'm getting to a point where I'm happy with it and I'm excited to show it to you guys.

!JUD7F1CtU. 14/04/10(Thu)14:29 No. 21529 ID: 587f96

Oh also, thank you. This is very flattering.
If you want some advice read on, if not, skip to the end.

Short sentences are good only sometimes and for situations where you want to make sure it sounds final or that there is no other option. I like using long sentences because then you can place more imagery and there is more space for transition words - these can give a good sense of who is doing the controlling and who is doing the obeying.

>"Down" she bid me, and I was on the floor on my knees. She was harsher than usual. This was not going to be easy. Then I saw a mischievous light in her eyes. She stood up. "Put your arms under the cushion."
Could become
>"Down" she bid me, and I was on the floor on my knees. She was harsher than usual so I could tell that this was not going to be easy. I saw a mischievous light in her eyes as she stood up. "Put your arms under the cushion."
Which also flows a little better. Lots of short sentences usually make it so that there is a "Then she... Then I... I did... She then... etc" which sounds a little like a shopping list. Try to mix it up a bit. Short sentences are great for things like
"She came." or "My hands were stuck." or something else. It implies finality or a lack of options, especially in dob/sub elit.

Descriptions, man. There are some details which I think are better left as open as possible, descriptions of the protagonist I like to leave as open as possible to allow the reader to insert themselves in there as easily as possible but sometimes descriptions are really important.
>Her tall, slender figure, perfectly shaped legs leading to the cutest and roundest butt you could imagine, a waist so delicate that you would be scared to grab harshly lest you break it… Her hands were as if made up of millions of tiny, white, radiant butterflies. She always has a captivating smile on her face, and you could spend a lifetime looking deep into her dark blue eyes and die a happy man.

First off, this describes anyone beautiful, you may have been going for that but in my eyes I can't imagine anything. Here, adjectives (and imaginative adjectives) are important. If you can't think of a good adjective, use a simile (which you've used. Nice work). Try not to use too much cliche, it lessens the impact and has less purpose in the readers mind. Cute and round butts are nice, but perhaps you could use a comparison or something a little more original. Originality in descriptions forces the reader to imagine it as viscerally as possible. 'Captivating smile' is good, 'Scarlet, spellbinding smile' is better. Thesauruses are your friends and whenever you can't think of a good descriptive word, look one up.
Also, alliteration and assonance are great in small doses. When people read them, if your choice of sounds and the description those sounds imply link up then it amplify's the imagery in a readers' head (but that's some intense shit).

You don't always need to go halfway with actions (somewhat deliberate, a little humiliated) sometimes it's good to make it clear how all out an action is. Sometimes black and white is good.
Also, general stuff like oxford commas (if you use them stick with them) and line breaks. Read some professional writing and notice little things how if a someone talks they take a whole new line etc.

Overall, it's pretty good. I mean, it does its job if it turns me on, which it did. Keep practising, 7chan is a great place to post your first stuff up, people here are generally pretty supportive. When I was like... fifteen I wrote up my first story on this subject here. It was godawful but people seemed to like it and it inspired me. Read some good authors (I recommend a guy called Majalis on HentaiFoundry who currently writing a story called Raquel which is amazin' G-zuz and other shit here on 7chan. AnonyMPC's shit is top tier and recommend trying to emulate his writing style, too) and keep practising. Eventually if you do enough of it you'll find your style and people will flock to read it it.

Keep going, mang.

Anonymous 14/08/30(Sat)01:27 No. 22356 ID: e2cae1

Go on guyz your fans are waiting

Wazzles+!JUD7F1CtU. 14/09/03(Wed)06:37 No. 22373 ID: b032dc

Sorry, should of pointed this out when I started.
My new story is being posted here

Anonymous 15/05/06(Wed)01:22 No. 23524 ID: cd82d2


Anonymous 15/07/23(Thu)09:41 No. 23761 ID: 9a136f

Awesome stories!

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