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Clarice (SS, slight Loli) S 11/07/05(Tue)09:48 No. 12846 ID: e59c31

Hi all, this was a WIP eLit story posted on the 99chan /ss/ boards. Unfortunantly they no longer have an /ss/ board and from browsing various /eLit/ and /ss/ boards I have seen no evidence of the this story anywhere, so I have decided to share what I have here.

I would like to state in clearly though, THIS IS NOT MINE. Some else wrote this and I am simply reposting it here. If the original author see this and wants to finish the story, PLEASE do!

Anyways, this story was separated by posts, not chapters. I'll post what I see as a chapter per post. Anyways again, on with the story

Chapter 1, part 1

My story actually started when I was 6 years old. My family lived in a college town in an area that wasn't too hot, not too cold. Lots of trees. Kind-of what you'd call a "normal" place for a middle-class white family.

My mom would usually hire majors from her department who needed extra money to be babysitters and to clean up the house sometimes. Usually they'd be juniors or seniors, so I wouldn't have the same babysitter for more than a year.

Invairably, they were girls. The first one I remember was a nice blond girl, but I forgot her name. I had one for a while who was hispanic and not very nice and got mad at me a lot. My mom got a different sitter after that. One was a somewhat heavy girl with short brown hair. She was okay and didn't get mad at me a lot, but she wasn't a lot of fun. Falicia was a black girl with really short hair and a VW bus. She would take me to McDonald's for little icecream cones and always helped me with work that I brought home from first grade, and she really liked watching TV with me, especially cartoons. But she was a senior, and I remember I cried a lot when she had to move back to her home state when she graduated.

The one I got the next year was named Clarice. I hadn't really liked her that much at the beginning because her clothes smelled funny and her hair was this weird orange color I;d never seen before and she was shorter than any other sitter I ever had before. But she was willing to play Star Wars guys with me and let me watch cartoons even when my parents said I couldn't watch anything but PBS.

It turned out that Clarice was a freshman my mom had hired from her English department. Clarice had just seemed unusually bright and good with kids.

Clarice would pick me up from the elementary school and bring me home, and sometimes would get dinner started for my mom, who usually came home by six but sometimes taught classes at night. Those times, Clarice would read to me and bring me some graham crackers and put me to bed.

Since she was renting a place in the college town rather than living in the dorms, she didn't have to move home over summer break, so I got to see her a few times while my mom and dad went on vacation, and for a few weeks during the hottest part of summer: My mom hired her to give me swimming lessons, since I loved the water but wasn't a great swimmer yet.

Clarice's freshman and sophomore and half of the junior year passed. She was like a part of my family. She rarely reprimanded me, and never actually spanked me, although she led me forcibly by the arm to my room a few times. I got used to her reading me to sleep at night just like my mom did, or I'd fall asleep with her arm around me watching TV on weekend nights. She couldn't quite pick me up but would walk me carefully to bed and tuck me in with a kiss, and I'd mumble "I love you", and she'd say it back.

I had become an excellent swimmer, and she would take me swimming at the pool at the gym of the college when the outdoor pools were closed. Usually we would change into our swimsuits before we went, but a couple of times we ended up having to change in her car. She obviously didn't think anything of it, leaning the driver's seat all the way back, arching up and unbuttoning her jeans, pushing her pants, panties and socks all off in a single movement that brought her from an arch to a curled-up position, and then pulling on her swimsuit in a quick smooth uncurling, then pulling the straps over her shoulders while keeping her unbuttoned shirt on.

At age 10, I couldn't hope to be anywhere near as graceful, but I was small so I didn't have to maneuver quite so carefully. I didn't really think anything about it: I had seen my mom and dad both naked tons of times, bathing or showering or whatever. She had seen me naked a few times when she'd come to make sure I wasn't going to overflow the bathtub, and I had accidentally walked in on her a couple times when she was in the shower.

Clarice never got tired of playing with me in the pool: She'd swim up and down the shallow end with me holding onto her shoulders and kicking along, feeling the muscles in her back work and her powerful buttocks flexing left, right, left, right. Naturally, the rubbing would make me hard, but she didn't seem to notice, and anyway I was having fun with the swimming. She always looked much prettier than most of the other girls I saw ath the pool. Her hair would turn a darker red in the water, and she'd go under and come back up therough the surface nose-first so her hair laid in sleek waves down the middle of her back.

Chapter 1, part 2

Then she'd pick me up and toss me in the air or do a judo throw, holding me tight against her soft, firm breasts and arching her back so I flew over behind her and under the water. I would swim down and grab her leg and try to lift her up. A couple times I accidentally grabbed her breast and she said "Hey, don't! That hurts!" but then would continue playing so I wouldn't feel too bad.

During that year's winter break, my parents decided to turn an English professors' conference into a week-long vacation. Since Clarice didn't have classes, she took me to the gym to go swimming every single night, then bring me home and put a tape of cartoons in the VCR and watch with me until I fell asleep.

One night, I came up out of the changing room into the lobby of the pool.

Clarice turned to look at me. "Ready to go, S--" She frowned. "Sam, why are you still in your trunks? We have to go, what have you been doing?"

"I'm sorry but I can't find my jeans!" I said, almost crying. "I found my socks and shoes and shirt and my underwear but I can't find my jeans."

"Well, don't worry, Sammy, it's not the end of the world." She turned toward the student at the desk where people checked out towels and basketballs.

"I can't get up from the desk" he said, as if he was tired of saying it, and knew Clarice would ask. "Lemme see if I can get someone to go look in there for your jeans, okay, kid?"

I nodded and Clarice thanked him profusely. The freshman guy blushed a little, having such a cute redhead act so grateful towards him. After a few minutes on the building phone, he came back.

"Clarice, I hate to tell you this" he looked like he really did, "But the building manager has locked up the locker rooms, and he's already gone home, so there's no way to go look for them."

Clarice put her hand to her head, mumbling something about having to explain to the professor how she'd managed to lose Sammy's pants.

The guy brightened up. "Hey, I work first thing tomorrow. I'll go straight in after they open the locker rooms, and I'll find them and um... Well, can I call you?" He looked hopeful, extatic to have an excuse to get her number.

"Nick, you are a lifesaver." She scribbled down her phone number. "Sammy, stay here, I'm gonna go get the car warmed up and pull up to the door, is that okay?" she asked both me and Nick. "Okay."

I sat there on the gym equipment desk in awkward silence with Nick. Neither of us really knew how to get along with the other, and we were both relieved when Clarice came back through the heavy gym door.

"Okay, Nick? You gotta loan me four towels overnight."

Nick froze, stuck between getting in trouble with the gym manager and disappointing Clarice. "I... w--"

"Look, I promise I'll bring them back, and I need them to keep him warm so he doesn't freeze to death because my heater's broken."

Nick complied, bringing the newest, fluffiest towels he could find. Clarice bundled my lower half as best she could in the towels, zipped up my coat over them, and then carried me up the stairs and out to the car.

"Just hold on, okay, Sammy? I'm gonna get you home and warm real fast, okay?" I nodded, but my jaw was already beginning to tremble a little from the cold.

The ten minute ride back to my house went from uncomfortable to painfully cold in the rickety little college-kid car with no heat. Clarice drove as quickly as she dared, trying not to fog up the windshield, frantically swiping at it with her scarf, taking worried, split-second looks over at me when she could, patting my shivvering knee.

Lurching into my parents driveway, she turned to me, her face very close to mine. "I'm going to run up and open the door and then come back and get you. I'll be right back, okay?"

I swooned as her warm breath caressed my frozen cheeks. My teeth chattered as I looked at her. "I'm cold." It was so stupid and obvious, but it was all I could think of.

"I know, sweetie, just another second, I promise." She leaned over and kissed my cheek, but so hard that her lips and cheek and nose all pressed against the side of my face, feeling like a burning frying pan next to my frozen skin.

Then she was out the door, running up and flipping the keys apart... Deadbolt, doornkob... The door swung open. Then I was being scooped up out of the seat, lifted up in the air and shaken a little as she kicked the car door closed. I heard her breath rhasping as she carried me to the door, stopping once to half-toss me in the air to get a better grip, then stop again to kick the front door shut. She took me to the downstairs guest bathroom and sat me on the toilet lid.

I heard the water start up and change pitch as she switched the flow from bathtub to shower-head. She came over and said "Okay, let's get you in the warm water," and pulled off my shoes and socks. She unzipped my coat and pulled it off my arms, leaving it heaped over the toilet lid behind me, then grabbed both my hands in one of hers and held them over my head as she pulled the shirt off.

"Stand up?" she helped me up and hooked her thumbs under the waistband of my swim trunks and the towels wrapped around them and pulled them down to my ankles. Then she stood up, planted her foot in the crotch of my swim trunks and lifted my shivvering, goosesagey body out of them by the armpits.

My tired and cold legs could barely step over the lip of the tub, now ankle-deep with water just warmer than room temperiture. All I could do is stand there and splutter a little as the water fell from the shower. "I'm cold."

"I know, Sammy, I'm sorry. Just a sec." I heard the thonk-thonk of shoes hitting the lenoleum floor, then the distinctive swoosh of jeans being pulled off, a flutter, then a funny little click. Then the double-pane sliding glass door of the shower rolled from one side to the other, and I heard a splash as she stepped in, then slid the other pane closed.

"C'mere, let's get you warmed up, Sammy." She sat down in the tub and pulled me down to sit on her lap. Her legs were almost as pale as the fake porcelain of the shower walls, and bright pink legs on top of them barely reached past her knees. She put her arms around me and squeezed me. Her breasts were soft and warm against my back, and I felt short, slightly prickly fur under my bottom. As the heat from her body began to melt the frozenness from mine, I leaned my head back. She moved her head to one side, and mine laid back against her shoulder and neck, and she lowered her chin down to my shoulder and hugged my head between her cheek and shoulder.

"We'll get you nice and warm, okay?" she asked, squeezing me and rubbing my trembling arms with her hands. I could only nod. Hours of swimming and then ten minutes half sopping wet in the deep winter cold had left me exhausted.

I fell asleep there between her soft radiating heat and the slowly warming bath water.

S 11/07/05(Tue)09:55 No. 12847 ID: e59c31

Chapter 2, part 1

I woke up in my bed. It was a little light outside, early morning or late evening. Somehow, I thought it was summertime.

I felt hot and sweaty, and something cool was lying on my forehad, and I could hear the electric fan blowing from somewhere near the foot of my bed. I felt dizzy when I opened my eyes.

"Heeey, sleepyhead." I felt the wet towel lift from my head and she stroked my damp hair, then replaced the towel, cool-side-down. "Why is it summer" I asked groggily.

Her smiling face swam into view. I noticed up close that she had a tiny mole on her left cheek. It disappeared into a dimple. "It's not summer, kiddo, but if you keep burning this hot, I'm gonna get a sunburn. How ya feelin?"

She sat on the edge of my bed and leaned on her hand and tilted her head so her face was level with mine. Her red curls fell down to one side. My eyes blinked once, sliding slowly down and then back up.

The light from the window to my right hit her left eye side-on and the light-blue iris reflectedit down at me. It was hypnotic to my fevered half-conciousness. "I'm hot..." I said stupidly.

Clarice sighed. "Yeah, you are. You need to drink something."

One hand reached under my shoulders, pressing me up into a sitting position. "Here you go." A cold glass appeared at my lower lip, tipping orange juice into my mouth. I swallowed five or six times, and the glass tipped back down.

It felt like the bed was turning in slow circles, and the juice went down with the oddly distorted flavor added to everything by a miserable cold. I coughed a little.

"Guess you're not hungry, huh?" I shook my head as slightly as possible, not wanting to make the room spin faster. "That's okay for now, I guess. We gotta make sure that fever doesn't get too hot. I'm pretty sure you're okay for now, but I need to make sure. I'll try and make it easy, okay? Here, roll over."

I rolled over in bed onto my belly, putting my arms up under my pillow as she picked up the towel and laid it aside. The next thing I felt was her hand on my back, lying flat in the middle, hen stroking up between my shoulders, then down, back up.

"Do you want the sheet off? I can point the fan over here if you want." I nodded sleepily on the pillow. The covers lifted off, and her hand came back... Up... down... all the way down my skinny legs to my feet, squeezing one, then the other, and sliding back up, all the way to my neck.

I didn't really even notice that her hand would briefly lift over my bottom and come back down on the other side, so she didn't actually touch it.

Up... down... up... down... Those hands that seemed so big to me kneeded the backs of my calves... my thighs. The wind from the fan blew a soothingly cool breeze over me, drying the fever sweat on my sides and back, in my damp hair, the backs of my knees.

The warmth of her hand moving up and back rocked me further towards sleep.

Her voice was barely a whisper. "I'm going to take your temperiture, okay?" I was already nearly asleep, and my head barely moved as I nodded yes. Clarice's hand moved smoothly along my parted thighs, her fingertips and thumb pressing gently as it moved upward.

I felt the skin between my ass cheeks exposed, relieving feverish sweaty damp. I hadn't even realized I was naked. Then I felt a sensation of the inner rim of my anus being very slightly, gently pressed open, so slightly and gently that I could have thought my fevered body was imagining it.

As Clarice's hand held me like that, the other appeared on the surface of my skin again... Up... and back... up... and back.

The feeling between my legs wasn't exactly an itch, and it was too gentle to be painful or even uncomfortable. It was just a slight pressure, kind-of like when I'd been waiting to go to the bathroom for a long time and I was finally able to let it out, except this was even smaller, and pressing in, up towards my stomach.

I fell asleep again with one of Clarice's hands holding my ass cheeks apart and the thermometer in, the other hand stroking my back.

Chapter 2, part 2

When I woke up again, Clarice was carrying me through the house. I was sleepy and my head was still spinning. "I wanna go back to bed."

"I know, I'm sorry, Sammy," she kissed my forehead, "But your fever is kinda high and we need to cool you off. I'll be right here, okay?"

She was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt from the college. I seemed to be wearing underwear again. Clarice sat me on the edge of the bathtub and filled it about halfway with tepid water. She straightened up. "Alright, get in, kiddo."

I shook my head and closed my eyes, leaning against her hip. She laid her hand on my head. "I know you feel crummy but we gotta get your temperiture down or you're gonna boil your insides." I didn't move. She sighed in mock exhaspiration. "Alright, I'll help you."

She stood up and lifted my skinny, 10-year-old frame into a standing position, and stripped my briefs off, then lifted me into the tub. "There, how's that?"

"It's getting cold."

She smiled a little sadly. "I know it is, sweetheart, but that's kinda the idea. We gotta do it like this to get your temperiture down. I just didn't want to throw you in a tub of cold water." I sat leaning forward, not wanting to lean back against the cold wall of the bathtub shower stall.

I looked down at my knees. She reached over and put her hand between my shoulders, massaging the red, feverish skin. "Is that a little better?" I nodded miserably.

As the tub filled up, her elbow dipped into the water as she stroked my back. She tried to shift position to keep from getting wet, then sat back and looked at me for a moment, thinking. She seemed to come to a decision and shrugged. I sat there staring miserably at my increasingly chilly kneecaps.

"Scoot foreward." I heard a slosh and the water rose up around my arms, and then her toes, feet, knees appeared alongside me, and her arms pulled me back, leaning me against her. "There, how's that. Better?" I nodded.

The water trapped between us was still cold, but having clarice hold me made it easier to bear. As the warmer water drained slowly out and was replaced by cold water running from the tap, her hands made gentle waves in the surface, making the water run up my chest, over my shoulders to my neck. I felt the slight prickle against my backside, and her nipples were like little buttons on a shirt against my back. But gradually, the cold from the water sank into my body, and her slow, deep breathing helped me relax.


I was awakened the next morning by my stomach growling. I was in the bed in the master bedroom. Clarice's arm was around me, holding me from behind. I turned around and snuggled against her, pressing my face between her breasts. She hugged me and she leaned her head back a little to look at me and stroke my hair back from my forehead.

"Hey, Sammy! I thought you'd never get tired of sleeping!" She kissed my forehead and smiled. "Want some breakfast?"

I grinned. "Can we have pancakes?"

"Yeah. I feel like pancakes! Go turn on the TV!"

Clarice rolled out of bed. Her long, red hair swept down her pale, graceful back. The light from the window made the dimples at the base of her spine stand out. Then the hem of her black-and-red flannel nightgown droped down to her knees.

"Better get up and put on some jammies or you'll get another cold!"

I rolled off the bed on the other side and hurried to my room.

S 11/07/05(Tue)10:00 No. 12848 ID: e59c31

Chapter 3, part 1

"Want any more pancakes?"

"No way, I'm stuffed!"

I climbed up onto the couch and sat in Clarice's lap, straddling her long, smooth, pale legs. She was slumped in the big comfy couch in front of the TV, and the front of her flannel nightshirt bunched up between the buttons. I could see the swell of one breast through the opening and the very edge of one ariola.

I snuggled up against her and laid my cheek against the exposed part of her neck and squeezed her.

"Are we gonna go swimming today?" I asked.

"Not today, but we'll have fun anyway, I promise. We're gonna have someone over today!"

I sat back on her thighs. "Really? Who?" I wasn't enthusiastic about sharing her attention with someone else.

"His name's Mark. I promise you'll like him. He's really cool!"

"Is he your boyfriend?"

"Yep!" Clarice sat up a little and put her arms around me. "But don't worry: No one could ever take your place! C'mon, let's get dressed!"

I put on my jeans and my best Star Wars tee shirt. When I came downstairs again, Clarice was just putting on some sparkly blue earrings that went with her dark blue tank top and shorts. I noticed that she smelled different. Extra nice, for some reason.

Someone knocked on the front door. "Ooh, that's him!" Clarice hurried to put on her other earring and opened the front door.

Mark did not seem very cool. He wore bluejeans and one of those short-sleeved shirts with a collar and three buttons. He kissed Clarice on the cheek and smiled at me.

"Hey, kid! You must be Sam!" I hated being called "kid".

"Hey!" I returned, trying to be nice, for Clarice's sake.

"You like video games?" he asked, hefting his backpack.

I immediately thought of the painfully dull educational software they had on the computers at school. Bouncing a ball against a wall was more fun.

"Sure!" I said.

"Well let me hook this thing up, and we'll play, okay?"

Clarice pointed Mark into the room with the TV, and I followed them, trying not to look disappointed.

When I saw that Mark had brought an actual video game machine with actual fun games, he instantly became much cooler. We spent hours playing a racing game, crashing into each other and driving over the edges of cliffs and making our cars explode magnificently. As the sun started to go down, Mark put in a one-player robot-fighting/alien-shooting game and helped me learn how to play it. I was completely absorbed in the game.

"We're gonna go upstairs for a little bit, okay Sam? Just call up the stairs if you need anything."

I nodded vaguely, not even turning away from the screen.

Chapter 3, part 2

I don't know how long I sat there playing, but it was long enough for my stomach to start growling. All the lights in the downstairs were out except for the TV. I set the controller down and wandered over toward the stairs, getting ready to ask Clarice if we could make grilled-cheese sandwiches.

But at the foot of the stairs, I stopped. I heard a strange noise. It sounded like Clarice, but... was she... crying? I climbed up the carpeted stairs and into the lightless hallway toward the master bedroom. After years of sneaking out of my room to sneak cookies from the kitchen, I moved as silent as a shadow. The door to the bedroom was open just a few inches, and the lights were turned off, but the familiar scent of Clarice's relaxing candles reached down the hallway to me.

It was really late. Maybe they were taking a nap? Maybe she'd had a nightmare?

I moved to a spot in the bathroom accross the hallway where I could see through the door all the way to the head of the bed, but I was almost invisible, even with the bedroom door all the way open.

Clarice was sitting on the edge of the bed, leaning back on her hands. The light from the candles made the curls in her red hair sparkle. Her smooth white skin seemed to glow under the yellowish light of the candles. Her head was leaned back, and at first I thought it was a trick of the light: My eye could trace a single curving line from her chin, down her throat, over her breast to her ribs that flexed in and out as though she were sobbing, along the curve of her waist and the gentle rise of her belly and the flare of her hip, down her thigh to her knee to her toes.

I noticed that Mark was naked too, and seemed to be looking for something, kneeling between Clarice's knees. One of Clarice's hands came around and rested on top of his head, pulling him towards her crotch, his nose poking into the perfectly trimmed triangle of red hair there. He almost seemed to struggle with his head trapped between her thighs. Was she mad at him and punishing him, somehow?

As I watched, she continued breathing heavily, but even when she fell back on her elbows and looked down at him, he stayed, even held onto her thighs and pulled her closer to him. After a minute or so, one of his hands let go of her thigh and he put it in front of and below his mouth. I realized then that he was licking her. Licking her crotch, and touching her there with his hand.

I began to feel angry but helpless. Was he hurting her? Why didn't she make him stop? But the longer I watched, the more I began to understand. Clarice's soft moaning wasn't crying. It sounded more like the sound she made sometimes when she stretched after swimming or getting up from reading to me for a long time.

I knew how nice it felt to stretch like that. Now I simply felt jealous. How could I possibly compete with some guy who was so much bigger than me, and could make her feel so good continuously?

"Come on, please!" I heard Clarice whisper.

"Well, if you insist." Mark stood up in front of Clarice. His penis was hard, and he leaned back a little and thrust it out. I was a little confused, since it didn't seem particularly big for someone who was so much older than me.

Clarice turned around on the bed with her hands and knees apart. She had big, slick smears on her thighs where Mark had been licking her. With her legs like that, I could see all the way up her legs to her crotch, but I had never seen such a thing with no hair. It looked something like a wet flower. I could see individual reflections of the candles in the wet place on the backs of her thighs. Mark put one hand on her glowing, round ass cheek and held his penis.

I nearly jumped out of my hiding place as he began to rub his penis between her thighs and her ass cheeks. She made a face as if it hurt, and she gasped as his penis slid all the way into her! My heart pounded as I watched him move slowly, pulling out and then stabbing into her again.

But again, I soon realized that this must feel good for her, as her muscles flexed and released, pushing herself back against him as he stabbed into her again and again. Her breasts swayed back and forth and the skin of her thighs and ass seemed to shake and ripple when their bodies met.

I realized suddenly that my own penis had become hard inside my jeans, pushing uncomfortably against the snap, but I couldn't take my eyes away. I couldn't move.

Clarice's entire body began to shine as the sweat surfaced, beading up between her shoulder blades and rolling down in droplets to pool up in the small of her back. Her hair hung in wet curls and swung loosely as she moved. Her breathing began to come in ragged gasps. It reminded me of when she would race me back and forth in the swimming pool, and we'd both be panting and laughing and splashing...

She leaned foreward and off his penis, rolling over onto her back with her knees up. Mark climbed onto the bed and between her knees and aimed his penis at the sweaty pink blossom where the little red arrow pointed from below her belly button. He laid down on top of her and I couldn't see, but I knew that his penis was back insider her. His hips were bucking down into her like before, but now he was also kissing her on the mouth, and on her sweaty neck, and she had her arms around him, her fingers pressing into his back. Her moaning began to sound more like crying again, like she was crying but trying to be quiet at the same time so nobody would hear her.

My heart was pounding so hard that I thought for sure they would hear it. I began to creep towards the door back into the darkened hallway and realized that I was covered in sweat. I swallowed once and made my way silently back down to the TV room.

I tried to play the game some more but I couldn't concentrate and kept having to start over. The sight of Clarice's body arched back on the bed with the candle light reflecting from it, her toes curling and spreading... It had caused something inside me that I didn't understand. I only knew that I couldn't turn my mind's eye away from that image. I wanted to see it again. But when I thought about Mark's head there between her soft white thighs, my mind recoiled.

Not him! How can he know her so well? Nobody knew her better than me. Nobody loved her more than me. She was my best friend, and I was... What?

"I'm her boyfriend, not him." In my mind, it was that simple.

S 11/07/05(Tue)10:04 No. 12849 ID: e59c31

Chapter 4, part 1

The next morning, I was scared awake with a sound that I thought was thunder. I kicked off my covers in fright and jumped up to look out the window. I saw Mark stalking angrily to his car, get in and bang the door shut, then squeal the tires taking off down my street. I realized the noise that had startled me awake was him slamming the front door.

I couldn't figure out what he could be so mad about. I'd made sure to turn off his game system and put the games away. There's no way he had seen me last night: He'd been facing the wrong direction, and I had been hidden in complete darkness.

I sat back down on my bed. My pajamas were a little damp, as if I'd sweated a lot in my sleep. At least my boner had finally gone down. At that age, all I knew about an erection was that it sometimes felt unusually good to rub it against soft things, and that it seemed to happen at random times and could be uncomfortable or inconvenient. As my ears began to recover from the shock of the slamming door, I heard a much softer sound.

It was a little like the sound I'd heard the night before, what I thought was Clarice, crying. But it was different. Somehow, I knew that she was actually crying this time, from sadness. I scooted off the edge of my bed and went up the stairs towards the master bedroom in my socks and pajamas.

I stopped at the door. I could tell Clarice was in the bed, alone obviously. The blankets were pulled up over her head, but I could see one of her legs, in a sports sock pulled up to her knee against the cold. I could hear her sniffle, and the ragged exhalations of her sobs. I went around to the opposite side of the bed and climbed up and crawled on all fours to the huddle lump near the pillows.

"Clarice?" I whispered. She didn't answer, but the lump of her shoulder shuddered with another soft sob.

I bit my lip, then crawled under the sheet at the other edge of the bed and wormed my way to her. She was wearing a black and red flannel lumberjack shirt like a nightgown along with the stripe-topped socks. I put one arm around her at her belly, then wriggled the other arm underneith her so I could grab my other arm and squeeze her from behind.

"Clarice? Please don't cry."

She sniffled again and sobbed a little more softly. The hand that wasn't under her covered my hands clasped in front of her. I hugged my face against her back, curling my legs against the backs of hers. The heat that radiated from underneith the flannel was somehow different from the feel of the skin of her bare thighs between the flannel and the socks.

"What's wrong? Did you get hurt?"

Clarice's hand squeezed both of mine. I felt the firm muscles of her belly tense up, this time with a weak laugh. "Yeah, something like that."

"Did Mark hit you?" She sighed a ragged sigh. "No, Sammy. We had a fight, but no hitting. I don't think we'll be hanging out with Mark again, so no more video games. Sorry."

"It's okay. I like you more than video games anyway." I hugged her tighter again, pushing my cheek against her cheek."

"Mmmmm, that's sweet of you." Clarice rolled over and hugged me back, in the dark under the blankets. She brushed my hair back and kissed my forehead. I could tell from the feel of the muscles in her face that she was smiling.

"I love you more than he does, too." I leaned my head back so I could look up at her, but I couldn't see her face in the darkness, except for the white of her teeth as she smiled down at me. I felt a breath from her nose, then she sniffled and hiccupped. I reached my hand up to copy her, brushing her tangled red curls back from her forehead. I lifted myself up on one elbow and scooted up so I was face-to-face with her and kissed her cheeks under her eyes, kissed away her tears, dried them with my hands. Her tears tasted salty and a little sweaty.

She closed her eyes. "Oh, Sammy, you're such a sweetheart. I love you too." I had kissed my way down from her forehead to her chin, and then I kissed her lips. At first she just gave me a little mommy-smooch. But I kissed her again and put my arms around behind her neck and head and held her closer to me and kissed her lips again, and held mine against hers.

At first I felt her breath gasp and hold, her hands held my sides and I expected her to press me back away from her. But then her breath sighed out of her nose, blowing warm across my cheek and my ear and her arm went around behind my back and pulled me closer to her. Clarice's other hand held the back of my head and caressed through my hair as her lips relaxed and melted into mine. We kissed and kissed and held each other in the dark under the blankets.

Chapter 4, part 2

I felt the tip of her tongue flick my upper lip and I opened my mouth a little, wondering what that was about. But then I felt the wet, muscular rush of her toungue pushing past my lips, past my teeth and digging under my own tongue. Since she was bigger than me, my mouth and tongue were at the mercy of hers: Her tongue would twirl around mine, then press it down in submission, then lick along the inside of my cheek and across my teeth. Sometimes it would pull back invitingly and my tongue would follow hers, exploring across the softness of her lips, reaching in to meet her tongue in its own home where it would play tantalizingly with mine before flowing out to engulf mine in its moist embrace.

It must have been hours, our minds completely focused within our mouths. I pulled away, panting in the stuffy darkness under the blankets. Clarice exhaled and laughed a little. "It's hot under here, huh?" I nodded. I knew she couldn't see me, but she felt it. "Let's take some of this stuff off. I think it's warm enough."

Suddenly the morning sunlight came rushing down as she swept the blankets over our heads and down towards the footboard. For a moment, the sun shone through her hair and I couldn't see her face, just the orange-red halo around, then her light blue eyes and her smile came into focus, and then I was being whisked off the bed. She rolled over and pulled me up on top of her so I was looking down on her. Her hair fanned out over the dark chocolate color of the pillow and her white skin shone from the roots all the way to where the third button of the flannel shirt was fastened. For a moment, I just laid there staring at her.

She brushed my sweaty hair back from my forehead again. "Wooh, aren't you hot? You should take these jamies off before you catch fire!" I sat back, straddling her belly. She stripped the pajama top off over my head. "There, isn't that better?" She blew a little gust from mer lips and made a cooling breeze over my belly and chest.

"Euh, your pants are damp too. Here." Clarice snapped the waistband of my pajama bottoms, then swung my legs around and began pulling them off. My underwear and socks came off with them. I put my legs back, so I was sitting on my knees, straddling her. "See? Now you won't be all sweaty and hot."

I crossed my arms and scowled down at her. "Hey, aren't you hot too?" "Hm? No, Sammy."

I wiped my hand over her forehead and it came back damp. "Yeah, whatever. Here." I scooted back and started popping open the buttons of the flannel shirt. When I was done, it piled up at her sides and she was bare all the way down to her socks. "There, see?" I blew a gust accross her skin, and she shivvered a little. I felt her abs tense under my naked legs.

Chapter 4, part 3

I leaned down and kissed her lips again. The soft swell of her breasts were underneith my chest. I used one hand on her shoulder to hold myself up as I kissed her, and my other hand explored her face, her neck, and down her side, but I didn't quite dare to touch her breasts. Her long arms, her comparatively large hands explored my body. One would cup the back of my head, slide down the back of my neck to the small of my back, then her nails would graze from my tailbone back up between my shoulder blades. The other hand would slide from the back of my knee up my thigh to my ass and squeeze.

Before long, I realized that my cock had grown massively hard and stiff. I broke off our kiss, a trail of saliva ran from my lip down her chin and neck and pooled between her breasts. Embarassedly, looked away, wiped my chin and put a hand down to half-hide my erection. "Sorry, I didn't mean to..." I begain, starting to blush.

Clarice simply smiled gently and looked into my eyes. "Hey, it's okay, Sammy. That's what's supposed to happen." She took the hand I'd put down and placed it over her nipple, holding it with her own hand. "That's right." I could feel the hard center of her nipple being pressed down into the softness of her breast by my palm. Her other arm gently hugged me back down to kiss her again.

As we kissed and tongued, first one of my hands and then the other gently caressed her breasts, exploring around the sides, pressing them together, feeling their weight, then caressing around the pink areolae, slightly pinching but backing off when she gasped as it became uncomfortable. It was amazing, like I was swimming in a sea of warm flesh, it was outside of me and inside my mouth and under my whole body, the muscles tensing and relaxing rhythmically.

I barely even noticed that my hips had begun to move, sliding my throbbing cock against the pale skin of her lower belly, little dribbles of precum making it slippery. At first, I thought it was just the sweat that had started making us both wet where our bodies pressed together. One of her hands had moved to my lower back and ass and was pressing gently, making my cock dig in against her. I opened my eyes and looked down and then back at her face.

"What's...? Did I pee? I'm sorry, I didn't--"

"Sssshh shh shh" Clarice stroked my back to calm me down. "No, you didn't pee, See? It's just this slippery stuff, it's okay. It feels good, doesn't it?" She pulled my pelvis against her and a flare of sensation flared up there. I could only nod vaguely. "Yeah."

"There, it's okay. It feels nice." Her hands guided my pelvis as it began to thrust against her again. She began to breathe through her puckered pink lips again, creating a wonderfully cooling breeze from the slippery sweaty place where our bodies met all the way up across my chest. One hand had been kneeding the back of my thigh and now used her fingers to press my ass cheeks apart, exposing the hot damp skin between them to the relatively cool air of the room and the breeze created by her breath. I gasped and my fingers clenched and held her shoulders and my breath came in gasps.

Finally, the hand that wasn't behind me came down and grasped my cock. My body froze for a moment and my eyes flew open, locked with her bright blue ones. The sensation was overwhealming. It felt as if there was a balloon filling up inside me, just behind and below my belly button. It was an amazing, pleasurable pressure that was so intense, I was almost afraid of it. Clarice's face was gentle, calming, happy. She whispered to me "It's okaaaaaayyyy" and the word trailed off into a breath that washed over me as one of her hand pressed me foreward and the other stroked down on my cock.

My mind spun as the sensations in my body crashed through me. The balloon inside me grew bigger, and bigger, as if with each thrust, her hand sliding down my cock was pumping it up. I began to grit my teeth, and my breath came out in animal growls again and again. I could feel the balloon growing to bursting, and then...

"Aaah! Stop! No, NO!" I frantically scrambled back, sliding off Clarice and back over the bed in a panic. She sat up, alarmed. "Sammy, I'm sorry! Did I hurt you?" I had one hand over the end of my cock, squeezing it desperately. "What's wrong?"

I sat there, sweating and panting. I shook my head for a moment, then gulped. "I... I was about to pee. I was going to pee all over you. I'm sorry."

"Sammy, no, it's okay. That's not-- I mean, it's not the same as pee. It's okay to let it come out, you'll see..."

I pulled my knees together over my hand and my still-throbbing erection. "No, I'm sorry, I have to go to the bathroom."

Clarice sat back smiled a little, like she might have been trying not to laugh. "Okay, well you better, then."

"'Kay, I'll be right back." I hurried into the master bathroom and pulled the door closed after me. I stood over the toilet for what seemed like forever, but my cock stayed so hard there was no way anything was coming out. Finally I turned on the cold water faucet and held a wet wash cloth over it until it shrank down and I was finally able to let my bladder drain out. Somehow, it felt much different, even better than my usual morning urination. It felt more like when I'd been riding in a car for a really long time or at a movie and I had to run to the restroom and finally let it out.

When I'd washed my hands, I came back to the master bedroom, a little embarassed of my skinny naked body in front of Clarice, but she didn't even seem to notice. "Sorry, I didn't mean to do that." She was sitting on the side of the bed, the flannel shirt buttoned back up.

"C'mere, Sammy." She smiled, pulling me up to sit on her lap and putting her arms around me. I leaned into her and let her strong arms hold me up.

"Clarice? I love you."

"I love you too, Sammy."

"Clarice? Does this mean I'm your boyfriend now?"

She chuckled softly. "Sure, I guess it does."



"Can we go swimming today?"

I could sense that she was smiling over my head. "You bet. Now let's get some breakfast. I bet you're starving!"

I hopped down off her lap and headed for the door, then turned around and picked up my wadded-up pajamas so she wouldn't have to and smiled at her again before heading back to my own room.

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Chapter 5, part 1

Clarice and I went to the outdoor swimming pool that day. We drove there in her old college-student car with the windows rolled down. She was wearing her dark blue one-piece suit with some shorts pulled on modestly over it. I had my swim trunks and a t-shirt on. As she drove, I hung my arm out the window with my fingers spread wide apart, feeling the rushing air between my fingers almost like water. Clarice looked over at me.

"You sure are getting tan, aren't you? Are you sure you don't want more sunscreen? I don't think your mom and dad would be too happy if I let you get all sunburned."

I looked down at my arm sticking out the window. Although she and I had similar skin types, riding my bike and going to the outdoor swimming pool all spring and for half the summer had turned my skin a sort of tan color.

"I'll be okay. I had a really bad sunburn a couple years ago because I didn't go outside for a long time, and then we went to the water slide and I was outside for, like, six hours! My mom had to call the doctor, it was so bad. I ended up having to spread this weird medicine lotion all over and soaking in a cold bath."

Clarice grimaced and looked a little dismayed. "Sammy, oh my God!" I laughed at her reaction. "Clarice, I like going swimming, but I don't think they'd let us stay for that long, so I'll be okay." I loved that I had impressed her with my story about the injury I had survived.

"Well, I'm not as tough as you, so..." She picked up the big tube of SPF 50 lotion, then dropped it back into the bag. I grinned to myself. She thinks I'm tough!

At the swimming pool, I played with Clarice and the other kids who came swimming regularly. Even though none of them knew that she was my girlfriend, I could imagine how jealous the other kids were that I was there with the beautiful older girl with the amazing red hair and the swimming instructor's body. When it was time to go home, I wrapped my Star Wars beach towel around my shoulders and followed Clarice out to the car. She had tossed her shorts in her bag and worn her towel around her waist. Her hair still stuck to her back and shoulders in dark red squiggles.

When we got back to my house, Clarice pulled off the towel and tossed into the washing machine. She tried to run her fingers through some of her hair and got them tangled.

"Agh! Okay, well, I'm gonna have a shower and get rid of some of this chlorine and sunscreen. Throw those wet shorts in the wash, don't just leave them on the floor in your room, okay?"


As I stood in my room drying my legs after I'd stripped off my wet swimsuit, I heard the shower in the master bathroom starting up. My heart thumped in my chest. The image of her pale skin and red hair in the darkness of the bedroom flashed in my memory. My breath came a little faster. I hurried and put on some underwear and a pair of short pants and wrapped my swimsuit up in the beach towel. Even though I knew there was no way she could hear me from the bathroom, especially with the shower running, I moved with as little noise as possible to the laundry room and dropped my bundle in.

I stood, listening. How long would she be in there? Several minutes, at least.

Chapter 5, part 2

Still moving as silently as I could, I bounded up the stairs two at a time and down the hallway to the master bedroom. She had left the door open! Good. I listened for fluctuations in the sound of the water hitting the shower wall as the position of her body moved in the stream, which meant she was actually in there. I leaned past the doorway and looked at the door to the bathroom, and my heart fluttered. She had left the bathroom door open too!

I waited a few moments more, trying to decide whether to seize this opportunity or just go back downstairs. I looked at the angle of the bathroom door. Only a few inches between it and the door frame, so she wouldn't be likely to notice if I peered through the opening, since the shower door was slightly frosted. I crept to the opening and laid down on my belly, inching forward so that my head was at the very bottom of the door opening.

Clarice stood with her back to the shower, her arms up and her head back. Although I couldn't see her absolutely clearly, I could see the pink of her nipples and her lips, and a very slight bit of red down below. Then she turned, and her back was to the door. The dark shadow of her ass crack stood out below the faint shadows of her dimples of Venus. The dark red sweep of her hair swung behind her as she shook it, letting the water run through.

I realized that I had been holding my breath and let it out in a silent sigh. She turned around again and both pink nipples came into view, and her lips, and the neat little red arrow.

Then my heart froze. "Damn..." Clarice muttered to herself, and then her hand reached for the shower door handle!

In a flash, I my face was away from the door opening and I was halfway down the hall, trying to stifle my breath as adrenaline spewed through my system.

"Sammy? Sam?" Had she seen me? She didn't sound mad, or startled.

"Hey Sammy?"

"Yeah?" My voice sounded strained and wobbly, but at least I was far enough away that she might not be suspicious...

"Sammy, can you bring me my shampoo and conditioner? They're in my swimming bag!"

"O--Okay!" I stammered. I hurried down to where she'd dropped her bag by the front door. The adrenaline of that close call made my fingers tremble and I dropped both of the bottles twice as I carried them back to the master bathroom. I approaced the door from directly in front so it blocked my view of the whole bathroom. I didn't even want to give her the idea that I'd been spying on her. "Okay, um, here!"

"Can you bring them to me?"

I swallowed hard, then pushed the door open just wide enough to slide in sideways, keeping my eyes on the floor, then set the shampoo and conditioner on the corner of the counter closest to the shower. "Okay, there you go!" I said loudly over the sound of the shower, facing the open door.

"Thanks! Oh, Sammy?" I had taken a small step towards the door but stopped. Behind me, I heard the click of the magnetic catch on the shower door opening, then the gradual "widening" of the sound of the shower as the door opened. My eyes were open wide and darted from the bathroom doorknob to the towel rack to the toilet paper holder, unsure where to settle.

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Chapter 6, part 1

"Thaaaank youuuuuuhhhhh." This came in a breathy whisper from very close behind my left hear. I felt a warm, damp pressure on my bare belly and my breath. My hands came up, but had no idea of where to go and they hovered numbly out in front of me.

"Wha--" My question choked off as her dripping wet arm slid accross and around my body under my right armpit and holding my left shoulder.

"Do you want to come in with me?" It was barely a whisper but her breath felt hot on my ear and cheek and her lips grazed it and made the entire side of my head burn like it had been in the sun too long. I felt my head nod and suddenly her arm snaked back, leaving a wet streak from my left shoulder with drips rolling down and soaking into the waistband of my underwear. I heard her step back into the shower. "Come on!"

My numb hands pulled down my shorts and I stepped backwards into the shower, still somehow trying to maintain the propriety of not looking at her with her clothes off.

The shower in the master bathroom was a spacious affair, almost its own room, with tan tiles from floor to ceiling and a big ledge where you could sit and soak under the stream, but you could also put the stopper down and fill it up like a bathtub if you wanted to wait that long for it to fill up.

Clarice laughed softly. "Come here, Sammy!" Her hand took my arm and turned me around, and immediately my vision was filled by her face, her flashing eyes and her pink lips, and before I could gasp her arms were around me and her legs were around me pulling me against her. She sat on the tiled ledge and her tongue filled my mouth with a passionate, forceful invasion that made my head swim. My hands rested limply on her bare hips as we kissed and the water pourd down across us. Sometimes her mouth would suck my tongue in and pull at it almost painfully, but the strength of her mouth was so much greater than mine that I couldn't resist if I wanted to.

Her relatively long arms explored up and down my body, her fingers tangling in my sun-bleached hair and pulling my head against her, the other groping all the way down and around to my inner thighs, then sliding up between my buttocks and brushing against my balls and tickling past the corona of my throbbing erection.

Clarice's forehead leaned against mine, and her piercing gaze bored into my eyes. "Do you love me, Sam?" I couldn't look away. "I love you, Clarice!" Without looking away, she reached down and took my hand and placed it on her firm, round breast. The palm of my hand covered her pink nipple. Because of our size difference, even with my fingers spread wide, my had could barely hold it. My eye caught the stark contrast between her pale white skin and the tanned color of my hand.

As we kissed, Clarice pulled me closer, holding me tighter, lifting me up on one of her knees. One of her hands grasped my ass and pulled me tight against her. My hands traded off, one holding and squeezing a breast, the other holding tight to her around her shoulder or behind her neck or her back. The hand she behind my ass would pulle me in against her, then relax, then pull me tight again. My hips began to move on their own, sliding up her muscular thigh and against her hip. The leg that was trapped between hers felt the gentle tickle of the little red arrow-shaped patch there. As she pulled me against her, the middle finger of the hand she held behind me began to sink into my ass crack, following the contour of my body and massaging the tender flesh there.

My thrusting became more intense, no longer sliding back and forth but grinding hard in the valley between her thigh and hip. The wonderful burning itch at the corona of my cock began to prickle again, and I could feel the balloon down low in my insides beginning to fill again, but I couldn't stop.

I put my hands around Clarice's waist, and she held me close with one hand around my shoulders as the other pulled me tight against her and massaged between my ass cheeks. My head rested against her shoulder and my breath came in short gasps. I could tell she wanted me to do this, and I couldn't believe how amazing it felt.

"Do you like that, Sammy?" I could tell she was smiling even though I couldn't see her face. "Here, let me turn you around."

Chapter 6, part 2

"What? I..." Clarice straightened the leg I was straddling so I was standing on my own again, then she turned me around so I was facing away from her, and she held my shoulders and balanced me as she brought her leg back up. Her hand wasn't massaging my ass anymore, but my cheeks still rubbed deliciously against the strong muscle of her leg. I felt her hand reach down and fold around my balls and my cock, sliding up to wrap around the shaft and stroke it slowly.

Clarice's relatively large head was over my shoulder and she whispered in my hear. "I love you, Sammy. Oh, sweetie, I love youuuuhhh." My hands could only grab weakly back as I tried to steady myself, but it was useless: The strength of her arms held me up and I finally gave up and rested them on her thighs. Her hand stroked with a steady rhythm and squeezed slightly harder. The itch-burn in my corona and the pressure in my lower abdomen built and built.

"Thaaaat's iiiiit." Clarice's tongue traced the outer shell of my ear. The panic began to fill my head. "Wait! Wait, I'm goint to..." I tried to struggle weakly, but my smaller, skinny form was no match for her bigger, stronger body.

"Sssshhhhh. It's okay, we're in the shower, don't worry about it. Go ahead." I couldn't argue. My breath was already catching in my throat, coming out in growls between my teeth as I thrust through her hand.

The balloon had inflated to a bursting point right behind my cock, and the itch-burn in the corona of my cock was flaring. Suddenly, Clarice's hand gripped still more strongly and pulled back along the shaft, and I felt a new, wonderful pleasure as her tongue invaded my ear.

All at once, the itch-burn burst into flame at the exact moment that the balloon burst, at once dousing the flame and flooding my body with a mix of sensations that I had never dreamed possible, like every one of my muscles had been painfully tensed, and now were released, but also like I had instantly gone from the feeling of being tired from spending an entire day swimming to the feeling of having just woken up from a good night's sleep, like I had been hungry but now was full...

Clarice's hand moved in quick, strong strokes from tip to base. My mouth opened wide and I tried to scream and gasp at once, so it came out in a series of low, ragged growling shouts.

When I finally caught my breath, Clarice was still holding me upright with one arm around my chest, and the other around my cock.

"See? Pretty nice, isn't it?" With effort, I peeled my eyelids open and looked down. Rather than a smelly yellow puddle on the floor of the shower, there was a thin, white spiral circling the drain.

"Yeah," I breathed, relaxing back into her embrace. She kissed my wet cheek. "I love you, Sammy."

"I love you, Clarice."

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Chapter 7, part 1

Clarice held me upright with her arms around me as I caught my breath. I was gasping for air and my legs hung down to either side of hers, trembling with the aftershocks of my first-ever orgasm. She held me close as I leaned my head back against her shoulder. Clarice stroked my wet hair back from my forehead and kissed my cheek.

After a while, I rocked my head foreward and looked down. My penis was still half-erect, and there was a little bit of sticky cum between the tip and her thigh that stuck out in front of me, but most of it had been quickly washed down the drain by the shower. With my head still swimming and the water coming down, it looked like the skin of my pelvis had somehow merged with Clarice's leg: My body was tanned by the sun down to my hipbones, and from my toes up to a few inches from my crotch, but in the middle I had a pale band that was almost exactly the same color as Clarice's pearly skin.

I sat foreward a little and half turned around to look at her, swinging my right leg around to sit sideways on her lap, and put my left arm back around her shoulders. She looked expectant and maybe a tiny bit worried. "Are you okay?"

My eyes widened a little. I didn't know what to say. What do you say after you've had an experience like that? When you are having an experience like this? "Um. . . yeah." I nodded lamely.

Clarice smiled her beautiful smile and hugged me. "I know, it's hard to put into words, isn't it?" I nodded again and hugged her back. "Mmmm, I love you so much, Sammy!"

"I love you too, Clarice." We held each other like that for a while, letting the water splash down on us. Her breast pressed against me, and I could feel the soft rise and fall of her body as she breathed. Her hair still smelled faintly of the chlorine from the swimming pool. From this close, I could see a nearly invisible dusting of freckles across her shoulders and upper back. I fiddled with a wet, curling ringlet of her hair, thinking.

"How did you learn to do that?" I asked her.

"Hmh, oh, somebody taught me. And some people are just better at it than others." I felt the muscles in her heek working and I knew she was smirking a little. "Why do you ask?"

"Just wondering, I guess." I wanted to ask her if Mark had taught her, but I didn't ask. He was history, and I didn't want to bring him up between us. Especially not now.

I twirled my finger around, letting the natural curl in her hair circle around it. "Um..."

"What is it, sweetie?" Clarice's hand slid up my slippery back into my hair and massaged my scalp. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong. It's just..." I sat back to look into her eyes, keeping my sun-browned arms around her neck. "Could I... I mean... Could you..."

I couldn't decide on what to say. I waas a little embarassed and my eyes naturally dropped down, but fixed on her breasts, so lowered my gaze further, bringing it to the close-cropped upper edge of the red arrow between her legs, now damp from the shower. Frustrated that I couldn't find a "safe" place to look, I turned my head to one side.

Clarice laughed a little, softly, but there was no mocking in it.

"Do you want me to show you how?"

I nodded.

"Hey, it's okay." She touched my chin and brought my gaze back to hers. Her smile was dazzling. "It's okay, sweetie. I love you. I'd love to teach you." Still holding my chin, her pink lips recaptured mine.

Chapter 7, part 2

Almost immediately, my penis began to harden again. My mind started to go fuzzy again as her tongue explored my mouth. As we kissed, Clarice took one of my hands purposefully and placed it on her left breast. Leaving it there, she placed her fingertips on my chest and traced a circle around my tiny nipple. I shivvered as a thrill ran through me. Her lips came away from mine with a wet smacking noise. I looked at her through half-lidded eyes.

"See?" She whispered. "Like this." Clarice's fingertip circled around again. I looked down to where my tanned fingers made shallow valleys in the soft white hill of her breast. Tentatively, I used two fingers to trace the slight ridge around the very edge of her pink areola. When I looked up at her face again, I noticed that the color of her lips exactly matched her nipples. She smiled and nodded encouragingly, then leaned foreward to kiss me some more.

While her lips and tonge taught mine, her fingers also taught. They would circle around, then pinch lightly, then spread wide and squeeze the flat expanse of my chest, and I would do the same against one or the other of her breasts. After a while, Clarice leaned me back a little, supporting me with both hands against my shoulder-blades.

At first she simply kissed my smooth chest with her lips, but soon her lips found one of my nipples and began to kiss it and suck it gently, alternating twirling circles, then broad licking strokes, then darting back and forth with the tip. Then she leaned back, pulling me upright, and I took my turn. I held her right breast in my hand as I cupped the left, tentatively running my tongue in a wide circle around the nipple, and I looked up to her face.

Clarice's eyes were half-closed, but she nodded approvingly, so I flattened out my tongue and licked accross her nipple. The center was stiff and popped back when my tongue passed over it, so I reversed direction, passing back over it with my lips, then fluttered my back and forth. Clarice's back arched a little and she gasped, and her left hand came up and pressed my face gently into her breast. I took the hint and licked more gently and kissed around on the pale surface of her breast, sucking a little at the nipple before moving to the right one.

I turned around on her lap so I was sitting on her leg facing her again, and she stayed leaned back so I could kiss and suck her right breast, while still rubbing and teasing the left. Clarice's hand took mine again and used it to trace a path down her chest, her belly and down towards the place between her thighs. As our hands approached that place, her left knee swung out a little, and I self-conciously looked down at our hands, then up at her face.

"It's okay" she whispered "I'll show you."

Her relatively massive hand covered mine and pressed it with all fingers flat to the smooth curve of her labia, down past the red arrow of hair. For several moments I almost felt beside myself, as if I were watching from a distance as this red-haired, pale-skinned young woman held a suntanned pre-teen boy on her knee, pressing his hand against her crotch. The heat that radiated from it felt different from any sensation I'd ever felt before: So close to the temperature of the surface of her skin, of her tongue and lips, but just slightly more; the difference between simply intoxicating and dangerously intimate.

She held my hand there for several minutes, looking into my eyes and then kissing me slowly and lightly, rather than forcefully. I could feel the firmness of her pubic bone with the heel of my hand, and the roundess of her outer labia with my index and ring fingers, the very edge of the tender petals in between with my middle. Then her hand began to press and relax, press and relax. As she established this rhythm, she also moved my hand in a very slight vertical motion. My hand never broke contact, and never slid along her skin, but my muscles tensed in a slow press-and-up, relax-and-down motion. The warmth under my hand began to feel wet, slippery, and I felt something hardening under my palm.

Press-up, relax-down. Press-up, relax-down.

Clarice's eyes were almost completely closed, but she breathed deeply through her mouth. The tensing-and-relaxing rhythm increased little by little, and as my fingers became more slippery and wet, she slid my hand up and down by maybe a quarter of an inch, and her middle finger pressed mine gently down between, so that it sank slightly into the wet warmth there.

It may have been minutes, it may have been hours: I sat there on her thigh, the heat from inside her and the water of the shower kept my hand slippery as I caressed Clarice's pussy. Her hands held my upper arms as I watched her face intently. Her eyes were closed, but I could still read her clearly. A slight crease between her eyebrows; go more lightly. Her back arching a little; do that more. Mouth open wider with a gasp; do that again in a moment.

I watched the flush in her skin, beginning with a light pink on her cheeks, then on the fronts of her thighs, spreading down her neck to her hest and up into her belly.

My fingers slid freely between her outer labia now, up and down, one finger between the inner pink petals, the other two between the outer and inner labia, keeping rhythmic pressure against the spot under the heel of my hand. Clarice's breath deepened, "Oh, Sammy. Oh baby, that's so good." The solid, toned muscles in her thighs began to flex, and the muscles in her abdomen trembled. Her hands squeezed my upper arms. The flush grew, turning her cheeks and chest darker still, and her lips and nipples seemed to be darkening as well.

"Mmmh! Oh god, Sammy! Sammy!" Clarice was shuddering now. I was excited, anxious, thrilled, scared. The moment it even occurred to me to move my hand away, her hands squeezed tight.

"No! More, please, Sammy! Oh!" I pressed my hand against her harder still as if I were trying to pick her up by her crotch. The muscles in my shoulder and my arm burned and I fought to keep my fingers at the exact perfect angle. Somehow, I realized that the balloon inside Clarice was filled to bursting. I couldn't stop, couldn't let go. Her hips rolled foreward and back, thrusting back against my hand. The red flush hand turned to a bright red in her cheeks, the center of her chest, her belly, her thighs.

At last, Clarice's body arched back against the tan tiles of the shower and she gasped in a long, ragged "Heeeaaaauuugh!" and let it out in a series of painful-sounding sobs. Her belly filled and clenched as the orgasm went through her, wracking her body with spasms. Her fingers gripped my upper arms almost painfully...

Then, gradually, all of her muscles relaxed. Her back slumped onto the tile, and her pelvis lowered visibly as her buttocks unflexed and spread out under her. Clarice's feet slipped foreward limply, and her hands trailed down my arm, down to hold my smaller hands in hers. She lay there, panting, for a very long time. I stood there, watching her, holding her big pale hands, watched the flush drain out to a pale pink.

Finally, Clarice opened her eyes and looked at me. I braced one foot against the spot where the tiled floor met the edge of the bench-area and helped her sit up, then I let go of her hands and threw my arms around her again. The color of the flush had left her chest, but the heat of her body was like she had been doused with boiling water. Her breathing was still a little heavy.

Chapter 7, part 3

"Where... did you learn... that...?" Clarice breathed.

"What? ... I"

"How did you know how to do that? I barely even..." Clarice stopped and let out a long, shuddering sigh.

"I don't know... I just... I mean, I love you. I just wanted to make it feel good." I said, not really knowing how to answer. I had never seen a girl naked before, let alone touched one like this.

"That's amazing... Oh Sammy, I love you so much. Ooh, my neck!"

She reached back and massaged the back of her neck where she'd been leaning against the hard tile of the shower wall. The muscles in my arm were still throbbing, and I noticed that my boner had all but gone away. "Yeah," I said with understanding.

"C'mon, let's get showered and get something to eat!" Clarice said, reaching for the shampoo.

We took turns washing each other's hair. I dried off with a great big Darth Vader beach blanket and Clarice dried with a big fluffy champagne-colored bath towel. We put on pajamas, and I fell asleep on the couch with her, watching our favorite movie...

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Chapter 8, part 1

"You sleep good, Sammy?"

I slumped onto a chair at the kitchen table. Clarice had her hair up in a tangly pony tail. She was pulling a couple of bowls out of the cupboard.

"Cereal okay this morning? We can have burgers later, m'kay?"

I nodded sleepily.

Clarice brought the bowls, cereal box, milk and spoons to the table. We poured it out and crunched on the marginally healthy breakfast for a minute or two. After a while, Clarice reached for my free hand with hers.

"So, Sammy?"

Through morning sleepy haze, something in the tone of her voice made my hearth clench a little. I looked up at her and stopped mid-chew. I must have looked very startled or worried, because she smiled comfortingly and squeezed my hand.

"Can you help me with something?"

I nodded slightly, warily. I tried to brace myself for the worst. Possibilities raced through my head.

I saw you spying on me, I'm mad at you, how could you do that? I'm too busy with school, I can't come see you anymore. You shouldn't have done that to me, your parents found out, they're angry, you're in big trouble. You did it wrong, you're not good enough, you you hurt me, I have to go to the doctor. I don't want to be your girlfriend anymore. I can't come to stay with you again. I want Mark to be my boyfriend after all.

I began to feel lightheaded and a little dizzy.


I blinked and looked at her. "What? Yeah. What... is it?"

"I have to take the video game thing back to Mark today. I don't want him to come over again but I don't really know how to unhook it. Could you help me?"

Relief flooded out from the center of my chest like cool water soothing the terrified adrenaline sting I'd felt moments before. I beamed. "Of course!"

Clarice squeezed my hand again. "Thanks, sweetie. I knew I could count on you! I've got a reward in mind for you."

I raised my eyebrows. "Really? Are we going to go to the movies? The new--"

"It's a surprise, Sammy. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure you'll like it." Clarice smirked mischeivously and winked at me.

Chapter 8, part 2

(Later that day)

Unhooking the video game system and packing it back up took all of fifteen minutes. I rode with Clarice to the dorm where Mark lived. I sat in the car while she took the bag up the steps to the building. I was worried that she would run into him there, or that he'd come out the front and see me in her car there. What could I do?

Thankfully, she was back out the big glass double door a minute later, jogging lightly down the steps in her short shorts and yellow tank top, trailing hungry looks from a dozen freshman guys behind her. She hopped in the car and pulled the door shut and leaned over and kissed me on the side of my forehead.

"Awright, that crap's out of the way! Let's get outta here!"

I smiled, happy that she was happy to be with me.

Clarice's surprise as good as I'd expected: Matinee tickets only a couple of weeks after the movie had come out. Since it was the middle of the week, there weren't that many people there, and Clarice and I shared a big bag of popcorn and had an entire row to ourselves. We also shared the armrest between us, relaxing in the comfy high-backed theater seats, lacing our hands together, boyfriend and girlfriend, the most natural thing in the world.

I would look down and see my smaller darker-tanned fingers poking between her long, pale, graceful fingers that closed all the way around and touched the back of my wrist. I looked up and saw her twinkling eyes looking at me. Her eyes flicked up to the row behind us, then back to me.

"Here," she whispered and withdrew her hand from mine and folded the armrest between upright, so we sat arm-to-arm, and put her hand in mine again and patted my arm with her free hand. We both smiled, sharing a secret look, and turned back to the movie screen. I sat still, and once in a while she would stroke my arm from my wrist, up to my elbow and back down to my wrist.

I really was enjoying the movie, but I had trouble concentrating. Clarice's hand stroked down my arm, down to my leg, to my knee. I twitched and stifled a laugh as her fingers grazed the ticklish spot around my kneecap. Her touch went from tickling to firm, warm pressure on the inside of my knee. I felt a thrill in my chest as her hand began to slide slowly up my thigh. Because of our size difference, her hand lying lengthwise along the inside of my leg didn't have far to travel between having her fingertips on my knee to her wrist beginning to press against the crotch of my shorts.

I tried not to gasp and inhaled deeply through my nose. My eyes grew a little wider, but I kept my gaze fixed on the screen. Her hand slid down and back up again, caressing my inner thigh, this time pressing very intentionally between my legs with the back of her wrist. The familiar ache of an exceptionally ridgid erection began to grow there. Clarice's hand turned back and forth, trying to keep her shoulders still as she rubbed across the denim fabric covering my throbbing hardness.

Clarice leaned her head towards me, then away, pretending to stretch a stiff neck muscle, then she leaned her chin on her hand, so that her body slanted away from me. This also made it so she could reach her arm out to my lap without having to twist her elbow awkwardly. Her hand rested on my leg, pushing the cuff of my shorts up, kneading the tender flesh of my inner thigh.

Moving like a huge, silent white spider, her hand felt its way up over my shorts and under the hem of my tee shirt and spread out wide against my belly. She kept her palm and fingertips pressed firmly into my skin, not wanting to tickle me and draw attention, and rubbed back and forth cross my belly a few times, working her thumb, then fingers, under the waistband of my shorts and underpants.

I gulped and tried to sit as still as possible as her fingers explored the soft, smooth, rarely-exposed skin below the tanline from my swim trunks. The tip of her thumb grazed across the tip of my stiff penis. The spongy flesh there moved easily under this delicate touch, and the slit parted briefly so that the side surface of Clarice's index finger, from the knuckle near her thumb all the way out to the tip, dragged against the exposed inner lining of my urethra.

My teeth clenched together even harder and I tried to keep from inhaling too loudly through my nose. I didn't dare move: I didn't want her to stop, didn't want to startle her or make her take her hand away.

Clarice's hand pressed down further past the waistband of my shorts and under, caressing my balls and pressing my straining cock against my body, rubbing it with subtle changes in pressure and angle and no overt motions.

Before I realized, the end credits of the movie had splashed onto the screen with a triumphant fanfare, and Clarice's hand whisked away and slid around my shoulders in a half-hug.

She stood up and faced me. "Awright, ready to go buddy?" She held out her hand to pull me up from the theater seat. I took her hand and smiled, a little stunned.


Clarice laughed and we hurried among the few other people out of the movie theater.

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Chapter 9, part 1

Arriving at my house, Clarice slammed and locked the front door and immediately bent down slightly and grabbed my head and kissed me hungrily. I nearly choked as her mouth yanked at my lips and forced my tongue out into her mouth, pulling and stretching the frenulum painfully against my lower teeth. I put my hand up to her wrist.

"Mnagh!" I moaned against her lips. Her mouth let go of mine as she bent her knees to grab me by my armpits and lift me up so I was face-to-face with her. Her hand pulled my leg around her waist, and I locked my legs together behind her. She leaned into me and my back braced against the closed front door, and her tongue stabbed between my lips again, an irresistable flood of hot, wet flesh.

I tried to return her kisses, sucking at her tongue and licking inside her mouth, holding her close with my arms around behind her neck. Clarice stripped my shirt off and carried me to the stairs and set my feet down two steps up and continued kissing me as her hands rushed to unbutton and unzip my denim shorts. I tried feebly to keep up with her, but she leaned back for two seconds, yanking her tanktop off and unsnapping her bra. Her eyes held mine with an intense, animal stare, and it was only with my peripheral vision that I saw her pale breasts bounce free as she flung those items down.

Her mouth returned to mine again, and her hand pulled mine to the button at the top of her shorts. My fingers struggled to force the metal button through the loop in the impossibly stiff denim material as Clarice's hands shoved my shorts and underpants down to my knees so they piled up on top of my faded black sport shoes. Her hands impatiently popped the top button of her shorts out, but she let me pull the zipper (metal warm from her body), and the brass toothed halves spread apart as the soft white flesh behind it pushed free. I could see little indentations around her hips where the waist of her shorts had been pressing into her skin.

My attention was pulled away as her hands grasped at the tops of my thighs from behind, squeezing my ass cheeks, pulling the skin tight from my belly down to my cock and balls, all the way under, exposing and stretching the skin usually pressed in between. Her hands gripped me so strongly I was nearly lifted up by my thighs, and I held on to her tightly with my arms around her shoulders. I heard her denim short shorts flop onto the lenoleum, and her center of gravity shifted slightly to one side, then the other as she stepped out and kicked them off, leaving her in nothing but her white running shoes and socks.

We stood there, eyes closed, kissing hungrily, our hands groping, seeking to grab handfuls of each other's flesh. Since Clarice's arms were so much longer than mine, she was able to touch me everywhere but down past my knees, but I did what I could, caressing the flowing, unbroken expanse of luminous flesh from her jawline, down her neck, across her collarbones to the soft rise of each breast and the slight, sweat-damp crease below them, then down the sweep of her waist and the flare of her hip. I could just barely reach my hands down and around to plant a suntanned hand around the middle of each of her asscheeks, or use one to tease one of her pink nipples while the other lightly caressed the under-curve of her labia. I had trouble reaching those places, and eventually gave up and returned to running my hands up and down from the back of her neck to her ass; our bodies were pressed together too tightly, so my tan chest pressed between her whiteness, my darker thighs against her light, and cock sandwiched between us.

Chapter 9, part 2

Clarice broke our kiss with a gasp. Her cheeks had already taken on the pink flush. She breathed heavily and stared into my eyes. "I think...I might need...a shower" she panted, then smiled and nodded, "You?"

I nodded too. Clarice pushed me into a sitting position on the stairs. Hurriedly, she pulled shoes, socks, shorts off while kicking off her own footware, then took my hand and almost ran to the master bathroom. "Turn on the water, Sammy!"

I did so, adjusting it to a warm-but-not-hot temperiture. As I was doing that, she pulled the scrunchie off her ponytail, then wrapped it into her hair again so it was bundled into a tight but messy knot behind her head. Then she stepped in the the shower.

"Get in her, Sammy!" She pulled me in and shut the door, setting me down a little roughly on the cold tiles on the sit-down shower ledge. Clarice went down on one, then both knees, splashing in the warm water that was pooling up a little around the drain. Her left arm snaked along my leg and reached around to fondle my ass as the right pushed my knees apart. Her aggressiveness, her strength, and the basic difference in size had me a tiny bit frightened underneith the anxiousness about this forbidden thing and the sexual excitement. I knew she wasn't mad at me, but her quick, purposeful movements reminded me of how adults moved when they were angry and meant to punish me.

The fingers of Clarice's right hand gently stroked my cock, then gripped it firmly at the base as her left hand grabbed my ass, pulling me foreward into...

Her mouth! My mind melted into a white haze and all but the very center of my body seemed to disappear as I felt my cock slide into her relatively large mouth, past her lips, just barely grazing her teeth, pressing back along the ridges at the roof of her mouth, her tongue flexing upward along the underside. And then amazingly, the pull became even more intense as her head leaned slowly back, exposing my cock one millimeter at a time, her tongue moving back and forth underneith, lips pressing and gripping as it slid out.

Then my cock was exposed again in the relatively cool air of the steaming shower, and I felt a warm pressure under my balls. I looked down as my scrotum disappeared on Clarice's tongue down between her lips. Her eyes rolled up to look into mine as her mouth sucked gently and massaged with broad, slow, wet strokes across the surface of my sack. Then her moisture-heavy eyelashes closed again as her mouth opened and her tongue traced back and forth along the sides of my shaft and then plunged down over it again. It was just like last time with her hand, except completely different. Only a few minutes had passed since the front door slammed shut, and I was already beginninig to feel the wonderful, undeniable pressure building up inside me.

Clarice's head moved steadily up and down. Her tongue twirled in dizzying patterns around the head and corona, sometimes down along the sides, sometimes going far, far down so that I could feel the strangely ridged slippery membrane at the back of her throat. After a while, her right hand unwound from the base of my cock and slid down under my balls to caress the skin underneith. Her left hand was behind me and lifted my pelvis up just a little from the tile so her right could slip under so I was sitting on it. As her mouth worked up and down, stoking the bright itch-pain-pleasure around the corona of my cock, her fingers undulated in rhythm, her middle finger pressing up and massaging between my ass cheeks.

I barely noticed when she let my cock go for a moment and squeezed my ass twice. "Hey, up a second." I raised my pelvis up off the tiles and she pulled her hand out, stood up and aimed the shower head into the corner so the warm water flowed down the tiles but didn't fall on our bodies. Then she turned and reached out the door of the shower and came back with a little black tube that looked like hair gel or soemthing. She squirted a handful of it into her right hand, flipped the cap back and dropped it on the shower floor, then knealt down again.

"Alright, up!" I obediently arched up again and she put her right hand back underneith me, then pressed me back down with her left hand, then put it back behind me as it had been. She looked up into my eyes again as she took my veiny, throbbing cock back between her lips. Her eyelids fluttered closed again as she resumed the steady pumping rhythm with her mouth. Her hand under me felt more squishy and slippery and a little cold, but it warmed up quickly. It seemed as if I were surrounded by her flesh in front, underneith, stroking and squirming and I was helpless to do anything but surrender to it.

The slippery fingers of her right hand seemed to grasp and press into me at the same time. I could feel a strange but wonderful sensation against my asshole, and my hips began to roll and thrust against it, which in turn made my cock thrust up into Clarice's face, but she adjusted her neck angle in response and a smile played around the flushed O of her lips as she looked up into my face again. Her left hand pulled against the small of my back as her right hand grasped beneath me again, and suddenly the sensation I was rolling my hips against blossomed and grew and flared. Her middle finger slid smoothly up inside and my back arched, my hands pressed down against the tile, and I gasped and moaned "Uwaaaahhh!"

I could feel Clarice's finger pushing and curling up inside me. I looked down and half expected to see her fingertip poking a little sage out down between my navel and the base of my cock. Her mouth continued to stroke, and I couldn't stop my hips, rolling and thrusting against this amazing, wonderful invasion.

I put my elbows down and leaned my head foreward. My cock thrust up between Clarice's lips with each foreward thrust and her tongue would clench, or spear down into the opening of my urethra, and then when I pulled back, her finger would push and stretch my ass. Even though her entire right hand was covered with the super-slippery stuff, the in-thrust and widening sensation caused a burning warmth to spread through the place where the balloon pressure built.. and built...and built...

Suddenly, I felt Clarice's right hand flex in yet another new way, and it touched something that caused the pressure inside me to explode, and I came for the second time in two days, still gasping and sobbing and shuddering and thrashing, trying to somehow plunge deeper into her mouth while also slamming down onto her hand. Her mouth held my cock and sucked, and sucked, and sucked, and her left hand supported me under my back as the right massaged that trigger point inside...

Finally, I felt her tounge give a final swirl and kiss, and her hand slid out from under me. I heard her splashing a little in the water on the floor of the shower, and then she sat down on the ledge and pulled my head onto her lap. I finally looked up at her.

The undersides of her breasts had little droplets of water, some getting ready to drip down, some rolling into the crease and onto her ribs, and her dark pink nipples stood out to either side of her gently smiling face. Her hand stroked my hair back from my forehead in that familiar, soothing Way she'd always done.

I blinked up at her and smiled. "I love you, Clarice."

Her smile broadened. "I love you too, Sammy."

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Chapter 10, part 1

I laid there for a few minutes, letting my head rest on Clarice's thighs, with my cheek against her belly, just staring up into her face. Her hair was still swept up into its hasty knot behind her head, but droplets of water had settled onto various loose curls so that they hung down and dripped onto my face. She stroked my forehead and flicked away drops before they had a chance to build up and run into my eyes.

"You doing okay?"

I nodded. My penis had turned soft and laid exhaustedly on the smooth, damp pale skin between my hipbones.

Something suddenly occurred to me.

"I'm sorry I... I mean... your mouth..." My forehead wrinkled a little as I tried to think of a way to apologize. That thick white stuff had shot out of my cock when I climaxed and into her mouth. I had been so out-of-it I didn't even know if she had spit it out, or been forced to swallow it, or...

"It's okay, Sammy." Clarice smoothed the wrinkles in my forehead out. "It's not really that bad. It did feel good, didn't it?"

"Well yeah, I just..." I fidgeted, looking down at my fingers. A small amount of clear sticky stuff had seeped from my flaccid penis. I poked at it with my thumb, and some of it stuck, so I popped it into my mouth. Clarice's eyebrows went up and her jaw dropped as she laughed a little.

"Oh my god, Sammy!" She watched me intently as I laid on her thigh, looking around the tiled walls, smacking my lips a little as I tasted my own semen. Then I shrugged.

"It's not great. I'll stick to regular maple syrup on my pancakes." Clarice laughed again. I chuckled a little myself as her abs shuddered next to my cheek and her breasts bounced softly, causing little drops to fall from the undersides.

I put my legs down and sat up on the ledge next to her, putting one leg under me so I was propped up almost eye-to-eye with her. I put my one hand on the side of her neck and leaned foreward to kiss her, just barely grazing her lips with mine. I felt the breath from her nostrils wash over my mouth, and her eyelids fluttered shut. Her mouth relaxed and her lips parted so I could see her tongue between her upper and lower teeth. I carefully stuck my tongue out and pushed it between her teeth to caress her tongue. My lips met hers with the slightest touch as I used my tongue to explore the polished surfaces of her teeth, the curve of her lips, the surface of her tongue. Both of us sat there, perfectly still. All of my senses concentrated in my mouth as it explored this place that was at once so completely familiar because I had my own, but also utterly foreign because it was hers.

I steadied myself with my right hand on her shoulder, left still on the side of her neck. I could feel her pulse in my palm, and I realized after a while that she was holding her breath. I moved my left hand down the damp surface of her chest and under her right breast, cupping underneith it gently. A tiny breath escaped between Clarice's lips before it caught again. I sat up a little higher and moved my lips down along her jaw and then up to her ear. I let the slightest breath out, fanning her skin and the curly red hair with a warm breath, at the same time using my thumb to just barely graze the tip of her nipple. Clarice's breath came out in a shuddering sigh. I traced a circle around her areola and passed my broadened, flattened tongue gently across the raised whorls of her ear. She let out a whispered moan.

"I love you, Clarice" I breathed into her ear.

"Oh, baby..."

I planted a firm kiss on her neck just below her ear. Then another halfway down, then another on her collarbone. I bent lower and lower, down to her left nipple, where I stopped to suck and draw circles around it with my tongue as I caressed the other. But soon I bent lower, moving down past her sternum and then clambering down to kneel on the tile in front of her, shouldering my way between her knees so I could prod at her navel with my tongue and kiss lower to the gentle rise of her pelvis between her hipbones.

Finally I had worked my way down so that I was sitting on my feet, a little hesitant to follow the route so plainly suggested by the neatly trimmed little red triangle. I looked up at Clarice's face, and she touched my cheek fondly.

"Sammy, it's okay, you don't--"

"I want to!" I insisted, maybe a little too quickly. She seemed to have no idea how completely I had been captured, how urgently I wanted to explore all of her amazingly beautiful, intensely sexy body. I wanted to experience, to see and feel and taste everything before it was taken away from me, as well as try to return the powerul experience that she had led me through.

Clarice seemed to roll her eyes a little, as if she couldn't believe this boy she had helped with homework and taught to swim, now wanted to treat her in a way that men far beyond my age and insight had rarely even considered in their hurry to climb on top of her. She reached up and pulled the tie from her hair and released the untidy knot, letting her hair fall down behind her so she could lean back against the tile.

Chapter 10, part 2

I laid my right hand on the inside of her thigh, then my left on the other, stroking down from her knees toward the place where they came together, the mysterious gap that was always hidden under a strap of fabric even when we swam together. Even here I hesitated with my gaze locked with hers, hesitent to visit this place even with my eyes, until she gave the tiniest nod. My hands came together to rest almost touching each other, and I leaned still closer. My sun-browned shoulders nudged her thighs still further apart.

At first, I merely saw a fleshy with a cleft down the middle, the two sides goosesageed from having been shaven smooth, with a pink fold pressed between. I leaned foreward and closed my eyes, having my first kiss for the second time.

My lips met hers, and my nostrils were filled with the scent of her, salty and tangy and spicy, sweaty but pleasant. Between the lips I felt a more tender space, almost like a tongue, and I tentatively touched it with mine, finding it smooth and slightly sticky and with a flavor as singular and exotic as the scent. I brought my lips together and ended this first kiss, leaning back a little and savoring it.

I opened my eyes and looked up to Clarice's face. Her mouth was open and she seemed to be watching my expression expectantly and... maybe hopefully?

Watching her carefully, I began to lean foreward again, and as her expression became one of mixed relief and anticipation, I knew I was on the right track.

This time I began low, pressing my tongue to the cleft so low that my chin was against the tiles Clarice sat on, and dragged a broad, wet stroke up unil it tickled the thatch of red hairs at the top. Moving down again, I pressed further in, and my tongue sank between the outer lips and into the hot, wet place I had explored with my fingers before, taking a moment to blindly lick a big round circle between the lips, then I sat back just a little. I ran one finger down along the edge of the cleft, barely grazing the tender pink between, then pressed sideways a little, exposing some of the slick inner wall of the lip. I experimentally ran my tongue across this surface and drew a gasp of enjoyment from Clarice. Employing my other hand, I gingerly held both lips apart, following my curiosity.

Although I had explored this part of her with my fingers, it was altogether different to do with my eyes. I couldn't see the place with the "button" I had felt so definitely under the palm of my hand, between the hair and the wet pink. Instead, I simply saw a long, pink fold, below which two glistening pink petals surrounding an even deeper pink fold.

Remembering how tenderly I'd had to touch Clarice, I decided to use my more sensitive and delicate faculties and held the outer lips apart with my fingers while returning my mouth to lick, kiss and suck the petals of this beautiful, secret blossom. As I became more bold and pressed more firmly with my lips, I reached deeper and deeper with my tongue, knowing I'd found her vagina and wanting to taste deep inside her.

Chapter 10, part 3

A touch on my cheek brought me back from my trance. I looked up at Clarice, thinking she had probably had enough. Instead she took my hand.

"Here. Just this one." She folded all but my index finger down, then held my wrist and brought my hand down. I held my breath a little, not wanting to make a wrong move, letting Clarice position my hand like a manikin's. She placed the tip of my finger under the pink inner petals.

"Go on" she said, and nudged my hand in a little. Slowly, carefully, I slid the one finger deeper, deeper, and still deeper, until finally my knuckle touched the pink petals. The sensation was like sticking my finger into a bowl of jello, except somehow hot instead of cold! I began to slide it back out again, not taking my eyes from Clarice's face for a moment. With just the tip of my finger inside, I began the descent again.

With her other hand, Clarice patted my cheek and guided me back down. Still massaging the impossibe softness, I ran my tongue over her vulva. As my strokes became firmer, I began to feel the tiny hard pot hidden behind the pink fold of flesh below the red hair. I experimented with concentrating purposeful strokes across it, then moving down to kiss between the lips and around my finger, and was rewarded with deepening sighs and moans from Clarice. When I sat back for a moment, I could see that the flush was beginning to flow from her cheeks and blooming on her belly and below.

"Put another one in" she whispered to me. Sweat had begun to form on her forehead and cheeks, and the shower water running down the tiles had turned her hair dark red.

"Press down, like this" she instructed, pulling my hand down so that my fingers hooked her vaginal opening and stretched it downward. "Ooh, easy" she said, and I relaxed the pressure a little "Oh... oh, like that..."

"Whoa!" I exclaimed, conciously refraining from yanking my fingers free as they were gripped as if by a fist.

Clarice laughed breathily. "You like that? That means... you're doing it... right."

I continued to stroke inside her, sometimes pressing and stretching downward, somtimes turning my hand over to run my fingertips across the strangely ridged upper surface inside her, all the time licking and sucking above and around her vagina. The flush continued to spread from her cheeks and pelvis, turning into splotches on her chest and underarms, the sides of her neck.

"More, Sammy!" she commanded me, and I squeezed a third finger inside, feeling the grip of her vagina somehow tightening but stretching to accommodate me still further. Clarice's belly rose and fell as she breathed deeply. Her hand against my cheek pressed more urgently, almost desperately. "Sammy! Oh, Sammy! Augh! Please!"

Incredulously, I made my four fingers into an awkward, sticky cone-shaped bundle and aimed them at the opening. My fingers barely fit at first and I stopped licking her altogether so I could concentrate on her face, watching for some sign of injury or pain. From when she had instructed me before, I remembered that the pain that sometimes registered on her face wasn't quite that, as I could well remember from the way she had stroked me inside.

I pressed still harder as Clarice's mouth formed a widening O, finally reaching down to hold my wrist with her fingers to steady and to guide... "Come on, Sammy! Come on! Do it!" At first I didn't understand and bent down to resume the kissing, licking accompaniment to the strong plunge-and-retreat of my fingers. Her hand pulled at my arm, forcing it harder into her. At last, I folded my thumb in gainst my fingers.

I watched, wide-eyed, as Clarice's pale, pink vagina swallowed my relatively small, suntanned hand up past my wrist bone. Her lips peeled back from her teeth and her back arched and she let out a short, ragged kind of scream that reminded me of her climax from before.

"Oh, baby! Ah-ohh!" Her hand around my wrist had relaxed a little, guiding it in and out in a smooth press-and-relax repetition rather than overt motions. I bent down again and began to run my tongue up and down, beginning at the place where my arm disappeared inside her, going all the way up to the place where I felt the distinct shape of her clitoris, over, and back down.

The muscles in Clarice's legs began to tremble and flex as the flush became a glowing pink covering all of her skin, darkening to red in her cheeks and between her thighs nearly to the color of her soaking hair. Her hand clutched at the side of my head, sometimes gripping my sunbleached hair or pulling my mouth in harder as she ground her pubic bone against my chin, smashing my tongue and lower lip almost painfully. Her pelvis rocked back and forth on the tiles, moving up and down on my hand harder and harder. The muscles inside her seemed to threaten to crush and grind the bones in my hand to pieces, and I began to get scared that she would somehow crush my head or smother me or...

Suddenly, Clarice's hands both clasped the sides of my head and her thighs slammed down, raising her hips up off the tile. She climaxed with an animal roar forced out in short breaths before she gasped and roared it out again. Then her pelivs dropped back onto the tiles, her ass splashing water in all directions. Her breath began to sink back from desperate gasping to simple exhaustion. Her hand gently and slowly guided mine from the relaxing grip of her internal muscles. She inhaled and seemed to have a second, more subtle climax, although this one was more a wave of relief of tension than a sensual explosion.

I climbed back up onto the tiled ledge next to Clarice's limp, sprawled body. There wasn't room for me to put her head in my lap, so I helped her scoot back upright and then put my arms around her as she leaned into me.

"Augh... Sammy..." Clarice sounded as if she were about to fall asleep right there in the shower.

I reached up and stroked her hair, "Ssshhhhhhh. It's okay. I love you."

Clarice's arms came up and wrapped around me. "I love you, Sammy."

"You're gonna fall asleep. Let's dry off and go to bed. I don't think I can carry you."

Clarice chuckled sleepily, and lazily twisted the water off. I handed her the biggest, fluffiest towel from the bathroom cupboard, and helped her dry her hair, then tucked her into bed in the master bedroom.

She drifted off to sleep with her arms folded protectively around me under the covers.

S 11/07/05(Tue)11:56 No. 12857 ID: e59c31

Chapter 11, part 1

I didn't see Clarice again for a couple weeks. My mom was working on some research project or other, but my dad tried to spend as much time at home with me as possible. Me and my dad had been talking about how cool it would be to get some remote-controlled off-road trucks, and the time had finally come. We ended up spending several afternoons at the local hobby shop picking out which models, paints, test-driving. We had a blast running the little monster trucks around the park, chasing dogs with them, or around an undeveloped dirt lot near the college. A lot of the time, we'd wear the matching promotional baseball caps we got from the company when we bought our RC trucks, so Dad never really noticed how long and shaggy my sun-bleached hair was getting.

I was actually a little releived when he said he'd have to go back to his regular work schedule soon, but he told me he had a big surprise for me before he went on his next trip. He had gotten tickets for us to go to the mid-week "Dudes Day" at the amusement part in the next town over, and we had a blast. It was definitely the best time I could ever remember having with my dad.

That weekend, I gave my dad a huge hug when he took off for the airport, and Clarice and I both waved to him as he pulled out of the parking lot.

When the car had disappeared down the street, Clarice turned to me and smiled. "How you doin', sweetie?" she asked. She leaned down and I tipped my head back to kiss her on the lips, but she gave me a quick smack on the forehead and then stood up and walked further into the house.

I felt a little chill. Why hadn't she kissed me on the lips?

"I've got a couple of big surprises planned for us, Sammy!" Clarice called from upstairs where she was dumping off her backpack with her changes of clothes. "We're gonna go to the amusement park for free!"

I frowned. "Me and Dad already went to Dude's Day" I called up, looking towards the stairs, "The only other free day is Gal's Day."

"Guess you'll just have to trust me then!" She came trotting down the stairs in cut-off shorts and a tank top. The freckles on her shoulders stood out against her white skin. "I got some homework to do tonight, so I may not be a lot of fun. Think you can manage?"

I was used to her being tuned out while she disappeared behind her heap of college textbooks. "Sure".

Chapter 11, part 2

I watched TV for a lot of the morning. For some of it, Clarice read at the kitchen table, but when she had some lighter reading, she brought her book and sat down at the other end of the couch from me. I started to scoot down the couch to snuggle next to her, but she put her feet up on the cushion pointing towards me with her book on her knees like a barrier.

I felt a slightly colder chill. What's going on?

AFter a while, I felt bored and frustrated and went to my room and sat at my desk, picking bits of hardened mud off my RC truck. It occurred to me that Clarice hadn't seen it yet, but she might think it's pretty cool, so I grabbed my backpack and put the control and the truck in so I could pull it out dramatically to show her. Then I heard a knock on the front door, so I swung my pack on and went to see who it could be.

When I got to the bottom of the stairs, the chill in my chest froze solid and spread out so far it made the tips of my fingers go numb. Mark stood there in the doorway, talking to Clarice. All in one second, everything from earlier made sense. She had gone back to him!

I barely even knew what was happening. I yanked the sliding glass door to the back yard open and left it, running as fast as I could across the grass and between the trees that surrounded the neighborhood. I heard Clarice calling after me but she didn't even know which way I'd gone.

I don't know how long I ran, but I remember realizing that my lungs were burning and I could barely see where I was going, and I was running down a steep hill with leaves on it and I tripped and fell in a heap. I rolled over and sat up. I had fallen on some rocks and skinned my knee and it stung, and I started crying from the pain and confusion and anger and disappointment.

"Sam?" I gasped and looked towards the voice. "Are you okay?"

I sniffed and wiped at my cheeks quickly and managed a shaky "Yeah, why?" It was Grace, a Vietnamese girl from my school. I hadn't even known she lived near me. I remembered her mostly because she was always getting ribbons at school assemblies for volleyball or whatever sport was going on. She was a real tomboy: Kinda tall for our age, so she stood a couple inches taller than me, but she hadn't gotten much adolescent development, and of course her Asian blood tanned very easily, so she was several shades darker than me. She looked down at me from a little ways away, and I figured that she'd make fun of me for being a baby.

"I heard you... um, fall down the hill." She lied. I knew she'd heard me crying. I brushed some sweaty hair back and tried to make my face hard so I wouldn't react when she made fun of me. But she just walked up until she was a few feet away and looked at me, but didn't laugh or even smile.

"Your knee's bleeding."

"No shit, Sherlock!" For a second I felt glad I had been able to make a preemptive strike against her making fun of me, but she just stood there, and I started to feel bad.

"I have some bandaids at my house. It's right over there." She pointed with her thumb. "If you let it get infected they'll have to cut your leg off. That's what my mom would say."

"That's stupid." For some reason, I couldn't let go of the idea that she might just be leading me on so she could surprise me by being mean.

"Yeah, but you still need something for it. Do you want to come to my house?"

I sighed and tried to swallow the lump that had formed in my throat. I almost started crying again. She was being so nice to me and we barely even knew each other. I decided against trying to talk right away and just nodded and picked myself up.

She turned around and started walking. She was wearing track shorts and some sports team t-shirt and running shoes, but she made her way along the slope of the hill I'd fallen down pretty easily.

After a little while she asked "What were you doing out here, anyway?"

I thought quickly. "Looking for somewhere cool to drive my remote-control truck. There's a lot of leaves on the ground near my house so and it can get stuck because they're slippery. I was looking for somewhere with more dirt and rocks." I was glad to have something kind-of fun to talk about. I tried to make my voice sound as friendly as I could, to try and make up for being mean before.

"Cool!" she said, although I could tell she wasn't really that interested. "Oh, I should warn you, my mom and dad don't really speak English, so if they talk to you, just smile and nod like you know what they're saying, or they'll get mad at me because they'll think I'm not telling you what they're saying."


We reached Grace's yard and went in the back door. She took me into the bathroom and got out the bandages and spray-on disinfectant. I tried to be brave about it, spraying the stuff on and gritting my teeth as the numbing part of the medicine kicked in. It took three wide bandaids to cover up the scratched-off part on my knee.

S 11/07/05(Tue)11:58 No. 12858 ID: e59c31

Chapter 12, part 1

When we stepped out of the bathroom, Grace's mom was in the hallway. I couldn't understand what she said, but she seemed to be really happy to see me but mad at Grace for bringing me over at the same time.

"She's glad I've made a 'good kind' of friend, whatever that means. And she wants you to stay for dinner. Please say yes, or she'll nag me about it all evening."

I looked at her mom and smiled and nodded. Grace's mom acted like she had just won a prize or something and disappeared into the kitchen.

"Sorry about that. You won't get in trouble, will you? Do you want to call your parents or something?"

I thought for a second. "No, it's alright."

Grace was an only child and the only person in the family who spoke much English, so at dinner, Grace had to translate everything her parents said. The food was strange, but I liked it alright.

Grace's father made some kind of remark with a glare at her, and I noticed her stifling a laugh. "He says he's glad I've finally made a friend that looks more like a boy than me."

"What? He thinks I'm... I mean, I'm not...?"

"Yeah, he thinks you're a girl. It's the hair." She eyed my overlong sunbleached hair. "Just go with it. It's easier."

I smiled and nodded again and took another bite.

As Grace's mom cleared the dinner dishes away, Grace said "Mom's asking if you want to stay over tonight. I think she really wants us to be friends, especially since you're white. She thinks you can help me meet an American doctor to marry or something stupid like that."


"Yeah, my mom and dad really think ahead. C'mon!"

We went upstairs to her bedroom. I was a little surpised that she had a queen-size bed. "When people visit, I sleep on the fold-out couch in the den so people can use this bed."

Grace's mom appeared at her bedroom door and said something that sounded an order. All I heard was something like "Judo, boom bang pow!" Grace argued with her mom a little, but quickly gave up, and her mom left.

Grace turned but didn't quite look at me, and her face was very red. "She... um, she wants us to take a bath."

I felt my face get really hot. "I..." I swallowed convulsively.

"Just play along." Grace said. She went to her dresser and got out two sets of pajamas. She tossed the light-blue ones to me. "C'mon."

Her mom had already gotten the water running in the big bath tub. I stood there in the doorway holding the soft blue pajamas, my face beet-red and throbbing. Grace didn't seem to know what to do either.

"Okay, just close the door, and turn around and don't look, and then you get in THAT end of the tub."

"Do we have to?"

"Yes, because she'll come to check on us at least once."

I turned around and stood there listening to Grace take off her clothes and step into the tub with little splashes. "Get in here quick, or she'll find out!"

"Okay but don't look!"

"Just hurry up!"

Chapter 12, part 2

I got out of my clothes as fast as I could and climbed into my end of the bathtub. I couldn't help remembering that the first time I had been close to a naked girl had been in a bathtub, with Clarice...

Grace turned the water tap off when the tub was full. We sat there with our backs turned to each other, trying not to swish the water too much.

"Sorry this is so weird" she said, still facing the opposite wall. "I should have known this would happen. I'll sleep in the sleeping bag on the floor."

"Um, it's okay. I don't have a lot of other friends, so..."

Suddenly, Grace's mom came in the door, talking to herself or Grace or both of us in Vietnamese. She pulled the towels out of the hamper, then picked up Graces clothes... and then mine!

"She says she's going to wash your clothes so your mom won't think she's a bad host" Grace translated.

It was hard not to panic. I tried not to imagine how Grace's parents would freak out if they found out I was taking a bath, naked, with their daughter. We were well past the age where that would be considered alright.

"Hey, do you want to turn around? We can both sit with our knees up so... I mean, to cover..."

"Okay, but you can't look."

"So we'll both close our eyes and turn around, but we both have to say it's okay before we open them again. Ready? One, two, three."

I closed my eyes and shifted in the water, turning around on my butt and then planting my feet on the bottom of the tub and hugging my knees to cover up my crotch.

"Okay, you can look now."

I opened my eyes. Grace had her arms around her knees. Her hips had just the slightest swell, so I could see the sides of her butt-cheeks behind her legs. Her dark, catty eyes narrowed.

"Hey, don't stare!" I could only see her eyes, but I could tell she was trying not to laugh.

"I'm not!"

"I bet you've never seen a girl naked before, except maybe your mom or your sister."

"Yes I have" I said, a little defensively. "I don't have any sisters or brothers."

"Riiight." Grace's eyes narrowed, and I could definitely tell she was smiling. "Have you ever showed your dick to a girl?"

"Yes, and it wasn't my mom." I knew she was teasing me, but I couldn't help being slightly aroused. My cock was beginning to twitch just the tiniest bit.

My eyes darted down at her shins, and I noticed that I could see past the slight gap between them, all the way down...

"Do you want me to put my arms down?" Her voice definitely sounded teasing now. "You gotta show first!"

"What? Why me?"

"Because I say so. You better do it or I'll scream and tell my mom and dad I didn't know you were a boy!" She was half-giggling now and I knew she probably wouldn't do it.

I frowned at her but I unwrapped my arms and put them between my knees to cover myself. I moved my hands away quickly and then put them back.

"Hey, that was too fast!" Grace leaned foreward but missed seeing me down there. "Do it again, I wasn't ready."

I moved my hands away quickly and put them back again.

"Whooooah! Oh my god!" Grace's eyes were wide, but she kept her voice down. "Show me again!"

I would have said no, but she had forgotten herself and leaned foreward enough that her knees were apart a little and I could see all the way down her chest to her smooth slit. She put one hand down to cup her crotch and another across her mostly-flat chest. Her hands moved so fast I could barely see anything.

I sighed and just put my hands down at my sides. My junk was framed in the white un-tanned square around my hips from my swimsuit, and my half-erect penis moved gently in the current in the bathtub.

Graced kept looking at it, wide-eyed. "God, it's huge!" she whispered.

I frowned deeper. "No it's not, it's normal." I had no idea what normal was, but I didn't like the idea of having a freakish penis, one way or the other.

"Yes it is! It's bigger than my dad's, and you're a year younger than me!"

"Why were you looking at your dad's dick?" I asked in a slightly weirded-out whisper.

"Oh shut up! I've seen it accidentally or when he's changing at the beach or swimming or whatever! It's like one of those guys in his dirty magazines!"

Suddenly, Grace's mom was in the doorway again, barking some kind of warning at her. We both started and splashed back away from each other in the tub. I instinctively bent foreward to cover myself, but her mom didn't seem to have seen anything unusual, and she closed the door again.

"She says she put your clothes in the dryer and I can get them out when they're done, and she's going to bed and we better not stay in the tub too long or we'll get pneumonia."

"Finally!" I put my hand back over my junk and started to get up.

"Wait, wait!" I eased back into the tub.


"Don't you want to see mine?"

I already had, a little, but I was torn between curiousity about this girl and fear of being caught. "Don't worry, she's going to bed!" I eased back and sat in the tub.

Moving one leg and then the other, Grace extended her long, skinny legs to either side of me, and she leaned back on her hands. All I could do is stare. A lot like me, she had serious tan lines, and it looked like she was wearing a white one-piece swimsuit over her skin that was even darker than mine. Her breasts had just barely begun to grow and were invisible under her t-shirt, but uncovered I could see the soft little swells under her brown nipples. She had absolutely no pubic hair at all.

I sat there silent as my eyes travelled up her belly to the tan-line across her chest, then back down to where the whiteness lay like a strap between her legs across her pussy, between the dark skin of her thighs. I couldn't hide my erection now, which grew longer and harder with each thumping beat in my chest. Grace noticed and giggled a little. She pulled one of her knees up, and for a second I thought she was going to kick me.

But instead, she put the pad of her foot against my cock and pushed against it, pressing it into my belly. "Wow! It's really hard! It's like a bone! Oh, I guess that's why it's called a boner!" She straightened her knee more, pushing painfully against my cock.

"Ow, stop!"

Grace eased up a little, but kept her foot on me, moving her foot so that my cock pressed her big toe and the one next to it apart. She pushed and the skin around my cock began to stretch at the bottom and get looser at the top and started to fold up around the head.

"Ow, quit, stop that!" It was hard for me to keep to a whisper.

Suddenly, Grace seemed to lose interest. "We better get out, now!" She splashed out of the tub, and I barely had time to stare at the wonderful curving tan-lines across her ass before she was wrapping herself in a big fluffy bath towel. "C'mon, hurry up!" She pulled on the pink pajamas she'd gotten out for herself and took off to her bedroom. I was left to dry off and put on the light-blue pajamas. I didn't have any underwear, and the baby-blanket softness of the pajamas didn't help my erection go down at all. I had to hurry awkwardly from the bathroom to the bedroom, panicking that one of Grace's parents might catch me, but the door to their bedroom was closed, and there was no light coming underneith it.

S 11/07/05(Tue)12:00 No. 12859 ID: e59c31

Chapter 13, part 1

I hurriedly climbed under the covers of the queen-size bed, since Grace had already gotten into the sleeping bag on the floor.

I'm laying in bed in the bedroom of a girl I barely know, wearing her pajamas and my clothes are hidden somewhere in this house, and she was just playing with my dick with her foot. And now I'm supposed to sleep?

It turned out I wasn't. Before long, I heard Grace moving around in the sleeping bag, and then I felt the mattress I was lying on shift as she climbed under the covers with me. She came near enough that she could whisper in my ear.

"Do you like wearing girl's pajamas?" she asked, teasing me again.


I jumped as her hand pressed on my cock.

"Your weiner seems pretty happy about it!"

"Whatever!" I didn't know how I was supposed to act. When I was with Clarice, she had just told me what to do somehow, but Grace was just playing with me and not really telling me anything.

Her hand squeezed my cock through the pajama bottoms, tight enough to hurt. "Agh, stop that!" I whispered through gritted teeth. Graces hand relaxed a little and started to move up and down.

"Is that better?"

I nodded silently.

"I know it is, 'cause this is how you're supposed to do it. My dad thinks I don't know about his dirty magazines, but he doesn't hide them very well and I read them whenever my mom and dad go out. I've always wanted to see how this works." She rolled over so she was half on top of me and put her hand under the elastic waist of my pajama bottoms. "You better not make any noise or my mom and dad will catch us" she breathed on my face. Here, take these off, they're in the way.

She rolled off for a second and I took the pajama bottoms off, and she threw them down onto her sleeping bag. I realized that she had climbed into bed with her pajama bottoms off too, and she wasn't wearing any panties. Grace rolled back on top of me and held herself up on her hands so just our legs were touching, then moved so she was crouching just a little lower so my cock was pressed up against the skin between her hipbones.

I bit my lip. "Mnng!"

"Quiet!" Grace whispered and sounded angry. The faint light coming through her bedroom window flashed in her eyes. "You be quiet and do what I say or I'll scream!"

I nodded again and bit my lip harder to keep from moaning. She slid up and back a few times, watching my face. I knew she was trying to make me make noise, but I barely stayed quiet. "Do you know what to do next?" she whispered.

I shook my head, so she crawled up and sat on my chest and planted her feet next to my head and her hands next to my knees. One of her feet stepped on my hair and pulled on it and I almost yelled in pain.

"Go on, lick!" she ordered in a whisper, shoving her pelvis foreward and threatening to strangle me with her weight on my throat. I stuck my tongue out and just barely grazed her crotch. Since she was physically the same age as me, her outer and inner labia didn't stick out from her body much at all and felt kind-of flat under my tongue. "More!"

I sighed and nodded my head foreward a little and drove my tongue out as hard as I could into her crotch. Now it was Grace's turn to make an effor to keep quiet. Her hips wriggled against my mouth. After thrashing my tongue around for a few moments, it found her tight little vag and plunged inside. It was much different from Clarice: Instead of feeling like it was a strange, sweaty mouth, it was much tighter, like I was poking my tongue into her ear or something. It tasted a little more salty and tangy and not very wet.

My mouth started to get dry, and I pulled my tongue back for a second to get some more saliva going, and Grace grabbed a handful of my longish hair. "Get back here!" She yanked on it and jammed my mouth back between her thighs. At first her hips were too high and my nose banged painfully against her clitoris, but my "oww!" was almost completely muffled as her pussy mashed against my mouth.

I don't know how long I licked her like that, but after a while my neck and shoulder muscles started to get sore from holding my head up so she wouldn't pull my hair harder. I was relieved when she finally slid back off my chest and leaned foreward to look down into my face again.

She rolled her hips against my cock, and I could feel her slippery pussy lips splitting apart around it as she slid back and forth on it. "Oh my god, that's so awesome" she breathed, and I involuntarily arched my back a little against her. She immediately froze and opened her eyes. "Don't. Move." She glared for a couple of breaths and then went back to riding my cock like a rail.

After a couple of minutes, she stood up on her knees and adjusted herself. She reached down and grabbed my cock and I gasped. "Don't MOVE!" I felt her hand moving the tip of my painfully hard cock around the slippery area between her thighs, then held it tight as she started to let her weight press down onto me.

Even though there was some dim light, I couldn't see because her pajama shirt hung down in front, but I could feel my cock starting to bend painfully from her pressing down on it. I gritted my teeth and bit my tongue to keep from yelling. It seemed like Grace could somehow feel the pain from my cock, because she was gasping quietly and making little strangled grunts in her throat. As she pressed down, the pain in my dick slowly lessened, but Grace's seemed to get worse. Finally she put one finger between her teeth and bit down as she relaxed her leg muscles completely.

She breathed hard for a few moments, and I thought she had broken something (little did I know), but after a while her pain seemed to get less. I could barely believe that this girl I barely knew had just mashed her pussy down around my cock. She started to rock slowly, staring down at me. It was like she was daring me to move or make a sound.

After a couple of minutes, she unbuttoned the pajama top I was wearing, then undid hers and took it off. "Here, you're supposed to do this." She took one of my hands ad placed it on her chest, and put my thumb on her nipple. It wasn't anything like the full, round mass like Clarice's breasts, but there was definitely a soft little swell there. "You have to squeeze it a little, but not too hard" she commanded. "Oh wait, and this."

She took my hand and stuck my thumb in her mouth and pulled it out dripping wet. She put my hand back to her chest again. She let out a little gasp as I moved my thumb experimentally across her tiny brown nipple. "You can do the other one too but lie still!"

I licked my other thumb and put that hand up to her other breast. smoothing my fingers around and under and cupping them both. I squeezed them so that my fingers lay under her armpits but my thumbs could trace little circles across the surface of her tits and graze over the tips.

Grace's eyes were closed and she seemed like she was lost in her own little world and barely even remembered I was there, but I decided not to push my luck. My eyes adjusted more to the darkness and I could see the tanline of her swimsuit, where it came down like an arrow between her legs pointing down at the place where my cock drove up inside her.

After a few minutes, Grace sat back and lifted herself off my cock, wincing a little, She pulled the bed covers down to my knees. I panicked a little, thinking she was playing some kind of trick on me and was going to run and flip the lights on and... what?

Chapter 13, part 2

"Just lie still. You have to do this in the middle, but just keep your hands down." Then she grabbed my cock at the base and put her mouth down around it. It hurt a little, because her teeth grazed against it, but her head moved up and down and I could feel it sageing against the back of her throat as she tried to swallow too much of it. The sight of this little oriental girl with short black hair sucking and licking my cock, sometimes looking up at me, almost made me come, but before long she got up and slid back down my pole.

Her legs felt sweaty and sticky against my sides. Soon she was lost again. I was reminded a little of Clarice, the way she had looked when I had put my hand inside her and licked her. But with Grace, I had to keep still and quiet as she rocked her body and slid up and back on my cock. It was much wetter and just as hot inside as Clarice had been, but even tighter, and it felt like my cock would melt from the heat as her pelvis churned foreward and back, side to side.

Grace slowly switched from pumping herself up and down to sitting with all her weight down on me and just grinding her hips up against mine. She put her finger between her teeth again, but I could tell from my times with Clarice that it was to keep from shouting right before she came. Her breath came in loud blasts through her nose and around her finger, and I knew she would have yanked my hair if I had made even half that much noise.

Finally she froze, trembling. Her eyes were closed, and she was making tiny whimpering noises as she bit down on her finger, and then collapsed on top of me. she pushed her face down into the pillow next to my head and breathed hard, using the pillow to cover up the noise.

After she had caught her breath, she leaned back a little and brushed some hair back from her sweaty forehead. "Okay, now you have to come on me." She wiggled down off me and lay on her stomach next to me. I didn't know what I was supposed to do.

"Well?" She asked. "Come on!"

"What?" I had no idea what she wanted me to do.

"You're supposed to put it right here," she laid her fingers between her ass cheeks, "and make the white stuff come out on my back. But you better keep quiet!"

I did as she said, laying on top of her so that my cock lay in the valley between her ass cheeks, I loved seeing how the tanlines over her tight, toned little ass curved up over her hips and then down between her legs. I shoved and slid my cock back and forth between the smooth, soft skin. It wasn't the same as when it was inside her, but it felt wonderful, and before long my come gushed out, pooling up in the small of her back and dribbling down her sides onto the bed.

Grace got up and used her bath towel to wipe the semen off her back and legs, then put her pajamas back on. She threw mine up to me on the bed.

"Put those back on. And you better not tell ANYONE about this!" Just like that, she slid back down into her sleeping bag and rolled over.

The sleepy rush that came after my orgasm finally made me start to doze off. The last thing I thought before I went to sleep was that Grace hadn't ever kissed my lips, but we had done all that.

Chapter 13, part 3

The next morning, Grace acted like nothing had happened. Her mom had put my clean clothes in a shopping bag, and made me borrow some of Grace's clothes to wear home. Grace told me it had something to do with my parents thinking she was a bad mother or something. I was glad that the t-shirt and shorts would actually seem pretty normal on a boy, except that they were in slightly lighter colors than boy's clothes.

Grace walked me partway home through the trees again. The silence between us was awkward, and when I started to say something, she interrupted me. "I just wanted to see what it was like, okay? And you better not tell anyone, I mean it!" Then she turned around and sprinted off back towards her house.

When I pulled open the sliding back door at my house, Clarice was sitting at the kitchen table with her head down. She jumped and looked at me, and her eyes were all red, and I could tell she had been crying.

"Oh my god, Sammy!" She jumped up and grabbed me and squeezed me so tight it hurt. She started sobbing and rocking me and could barely control herself. "Sammy oh my god, I'm so glad, I was so worried! Why did you do that?"

A little of my resentment about Mark from yesterday came back. "Mark." I mumbled.

"What? Sammy, he came over to try and get me back but I told him no! Did you think we got back together?"

I nodded slightly. She laughed a little, even though she was still crying. She sat down and looked at me eye-to-eye. "Sammy... God, Sammy, I love you so much. Mark was such a jerk, I'd never go back to him! It's just... Sammy, if anyone found out about you and me, they'd probably lock me up for the rest of my life, and things wouldn't go too well for you either. But I..." she hugged me again. "I just don't care anymore. I love you so much."

She sat back and looked me up and down, a half-smiling a little confusedly. "Sammy, are you wearing girl's clothes?"

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S 11/07/05(Tue)22:01 No. 12862 ID: e59c31

That's all I have, sorry. :( Hopefully maybe the author finds this and continues.

Anonymous 11/07/07(Thu)21:54 No. 12882 ID: b45fae

holy shit this is godtier

Anonymous 11/07/11(Mon)05:21 No. 12923 ID: ee2fe2

This was awesome

SS_Luver Anonymous 11/11/30(Wed)02:34 No. 14421 ID: d85743

Oh god, the part where she fingers him is so hot. Hope there's more of Clarice pleasuring him anally.

Anonymous 11/12/02(Fri)06:21 No. 14464 ID: f604d2


Anonymous 11/12/03(Sat)08:46 No. 14473 ID: 2d2788

this cannot be the end!

Anonymous 11/12/04(Sun)12:11 No. 14484 ID: 9eac0e


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Anonymous 11/12/12(Mon)19:24 No. 14533 ID: ee2fe2

moar :(

Anonymous 12/01/01(Sun)09:54 No. 14678 ID: 98942e

Someone try to continue this!!

Red_Arrow 12/01/11(Wed)11:48 No. 14815 ID: ded7b9

I froze, staring into her bright blue eyes just inches from mine. I could see the tears in her eyelashes. How much of the story could I tell her? Would she still love me if she knew I had been with this other girl? I was sure she would smell the young girl's scents on me.

"I had to borrow... some..." I stammered lamely. I thought she couldn't understand just from such a stupid, evasive answer, but I she didn't seem to care. I wasn't even sure if she had heard me at all.

Clarice's hand was pushing my bangs back so she could kiss my forehead, my temple, my cheekbone. I tried to raise my hands to put my arms around her, but as she sat on the kitchen chair, I stood between her thighs, and her arms were around me so tightly that my arms were pinned to my sides. My eyes began to slip closed and my head tipped back as her lips made their way from my jaw down to my neck. I tried to move a hand towards my waist to start taking off the shirt I was wearing, but Clarice impatiently pushed it out of the way as hers grabbed the hem and yanked the shirt off.

I wasn't ready for this, and the shirt caught under my arpits until I got my arms up, then the neck caught painfully under my chin and my nose as Clarice pulled the shirt off. I opened my mouth to say "Ow", but I barely had time to make a little bit of a face before her hand wrapped around the back of my head and her tongue choked off any protest I might have made. Clarice's lips pressed and bit at mine and her tongue all but gagged me as it penetrated my mouth and thrashed my own tongue into submission. My head was held so tightly between her one hand and her mouth that I could barely move, but I was finally able to bring my hands up behind her and put them on her shoulders to try to keep my balance.

Red_Arrow 12/01/11(Wed)11:50 No. 14816 ID: ded7b9

The urgent excitement I felt whenever Clarice and I were together had a slight edge of fear to it, now. I had never felt her strength this way before. It had always been when we were at the pool, and she'd swim with me on her back or dunk me under the water. But this intensity I felt from her was something new. I could feel her love, but it had a tone to it like anger and hunger, and I was a little scared. Her other arm held me close, so hard that I could feel the muscles of her arm, firm under her smooth white skin, trapping me against her and squeezing me so hard it wasn't long before it began to hurt. I tried to keep up with my mouth at least, kissing her back, squirming my tongue under and around hers. Her breath blew hot from her nose on my cheek.

I was almost at the point of panicing from my breath being restricted both by her lips and her arm around my ribs when her mouth suddenly slipped sideways and the hand on the back of my head relaxed somewhat, leaving a smear of saliva over my whole cheek that dripped down my chin. Her lips slid down the side of my neck again, and the hand that had been squeezing me so hard slid down the small of my back, under the waistbands of the shorts and (thank God, plain white cotton) panties I had on. She squeezed me once, then pulled her hand halfway out and hooked her thumb over the waistbands, jerking the back down below my ass, then quickly following the elastic around to the front and pulling it out and down over my erection. As her hand went back behind me to squeeze one of my buttocks, her teeth closed on the skin of my shoulder, hard enough to make me gasp, but a split second before I cried out, her teeth let go and it was just her lips again, kissing and sliding,

Clarice's mouth moved down to my collarbone, then to my chest. My body reacted to being off balance, but I couldn't put my arms out to catch myself or grab the table, but Clarice's strong hand suddenly came down from my head and neck to the spot between my shoulder blades. Her lips continued to push my chest and I was helpless to do anything but lean back on her hands, trusting her to hold me up. Clarice's tongue drew little wet circles on my sun-browned chest, then over to my left nipple. My arms were finally free, and I put them around her head as Clarice's mouth licked and sucked at the tender spot on my chest. After a few seconds the sucking grew stronger, and stronger still. I couldn't pull away, so I gritted my teeth and hugged her head tighter crushing her face against my chest, and she responded by squeezing my ass and sucking even harder, pulling so painfully that I gasped through my teeth and let out something between a growl and a moan.

Finally the suction of her mouth let up with a wet sucking noise. I had just a moment to see the dark red circle Clarice's lips and teeth had left on my chest before her mouth was attacking mine again. I kept my arms behind her head as she leaned back, pulling me more upright with her. Clarice's hands let go of my back and were suddenly between us, pushing past my penis to undo the front of her denim shorts. She half stood up, taking her mouth just a few inches from mine, pulling her shorts and panties down, dropping them on the floor and kicking them off, panting and holding my eyes with a stare that made my heart pound. Clarice was kissing and touching and taking off our clothes in a way that promised another one of these amazing times we had shared, but the gaze that held mine and her panting breath had me confused and a little frightened.

Clarice sat down on the edge of the wooden chair, her thighs to either side of mine. One of her hands held my waist while the other wrapped around my penis. Her eyes never left mine. I couldn't figure out what to do with my hands, and they hovered near her shoulders. Clarice's hand on my waist pulled me foreward slightly and the other hand adjusted the angle so that the tip of my penis slid along the cleft of her labia, at once getting slippery and parting the pink petals I couldn't see, only feel, since I didn't dare look away from her face.

"Sammy!" My name came from her lips in a forceful whisper. I couldn't tell if she wanted me to answer but she didn't wait for one: The hand that held my hip pulled me foreward as the other guided me foreward. Clarice's fingers spread apart as I slid between them and sank inside her, and then both of her hands were on my waist, pulling me tight into her. Clarice's breath whooshed into her lungs in a deep gasp that caught in her throat as my hips came into contact with hers and we were fitted together, Clarice and me, in a way that was so intimate, so strange and yet that I knew from a deep animal instinct was so absolutely perfect. The wet heat inside her was incredible, as if I had somehow lowered just my cock into bath water that was almost too hot.

For a long moment neither of us moved. She sat there on the chair, naked from the waist down, holding me so completely: Her thighs to either side, her arms around me, her vagina, her eyes. Then she let her breath out in a shuddering sigh. "Sammy," she breathed, "Please!"

I began to draw back from Clarice, resting my hands on her shoulders, leaning back just a little until my cock began to slide out. I was startled by how cold the air felt on my damp skin as I withdrew. I tipped my hips a little so that my pubic bone moved foreward, pushing my cock back inside her a little, and I gently followed through, leaning my pelvis foreward again until I could feel the skin below my navel against the soft prickle of the red arrow of hair, and the area to either side of the base of my cock just barely touched her larger labia.

My eyebrows must have twitched just a little with the question in my head, Like this?, because Clarice, still breathing deeply, never taking her eyes from mine, gave the slightest hint of an encouraging nod and a smile. I drew out from her again, a little further this time, then pushed back in by swinging my hips foreward rather than trying to shift my entire center of gravity. I held Clarice's shoulders more firmly and shifted my bare feet a little further apart, planting them so that I could bend my knees slightly and pull my penis out from her by sticking my ass out, and then push all the way back in by flexing foreward again.

I continued to move slowly, one, two, three, four times, each time pulling out further, until I could feel the cool outside air on the entire shaft, but the head was still inside her up to the corona. I slid carefully back in an inch or so, and then pushed back in slightly faster, and allowed my hips to come to rest against her crotch with slightly more pressure than before. I tried this again, watching Clarice's face intently for any sign that she might not like it.

On the contrary, Clarice's long eyelashes came down, then up in a slow, extended blink, and when her eyes met mine, her head bowed and then raised a little, telling me not only that it was okay, but initing more. Her hands at my hips held me steady as I thrust inside a little more forcefully, and a little more. Each time I stopped against her and rolled my hips against her, pushing the base of my cock and the muscly area below my navel up against the spot at the tip of the red arrow.

Clarice's gaze seemed to slowly lose focus as her eyelids slid lower, and she looked like she was staring over the top of my head, but her hands still grasped my sides, holding my ass to keep me from accidentally pulling all the way out as I drew back. The flush that had become familiar to me had turned her face pink and was spreading down the sides of her neck, and I could imagine it continuing down over her breasts under her tee shirt. "Mmh, Sammy, yes..."

Red_Arrow 12/01/11(Wed)11:50 No. 14817 ID: ded7b9

I could feel that I was beginning to sweat, but I tried to move even more quickly as I thrust inside her, drawing slowly and carefully out and then rushing back. The warm wetness inside her seemed to have spread out to her thighs. They began to get slick with sweat, and my hips got wet as well as I moved against her. My belly began to make a soft clapping sound each time it came in contact with her pelvis. Clarice's eyes were almost all the way closed, and her lips were parted as if she were about to say something, but only her deep breathing came out.

The familiar feeling of the itching somewhere deep inside me was growing, but instead of feeling like a balloon slowly inflating down low near my penis, the sensation seemed to spread echoes through my whole body, as if the pleasure was moving in waves out from my center, but a sort of heat was moving from my limbs and collecting in my lower torso and my head.

It wasn't long before sweat was pouring from me, making my long blonde hair stick to my head and shoulders and dripping from my forehead and rolling down over my sun-browned skin. "Mmmh, Sammy, yes, more..." I shifted my hands down to her sides and leaned a little closer and her hands moved down to hold my ass, pulling me into her harder. I tried to move more forcefully, quickly, thrusting my hips foreward now with my legs and back. Each impact made a slapping sound now, and the sweat from both our bodies seemed to make us slippery and sticky at the same time.

I could feel muscles starting to get tired, but I kept moving, trying to go harder, faster, gritting my teeth and shoving my lower body against Clarice, making strangled grunts, as if I was pulling something heavy by jerking it accross the ground a few feet at a time. The tiredness grew into a burning, and instead of moving with a smooth rolling and jabbing motion, my body started to halt and twitch as this or that muscle gave out and interrupted the steady rhythm.

By now I had my eyes squeezed shut, and I held fistfuls of Clarice's sweaty shirt. My desire to please Clarice, the wild energetic pleasure building inside me, and even my body's own reflexive movements in response to her sex couldn't keep my stamina from slowly draining.

Suddenly, I realized that Clarice was standing up, straightening her legs and lifting herself off me. For a terrible moment I thought I had somehow disappointed or hurt hur, but even as her right hand was sweeping her sweaty hair back, her left grabbed my wrist and pulled me helplessly along. She took three big steps and stopped in front of the big couch in the family room, then let go of my wrist. Clarice pulled her tee shirt and bra off together, not even taking the time to unhook her bra, just pulling it over her head in a way that I knew had to be uncomfortable, but I could tell she didn't care.

Then she turned to me, and before I could react, she grabbed me around one bicep and kicked my legs out from under me, supporting me just enough that it didn't hurt very much as I fell to the floor. Clarice followed me down, planting her knees to either side of me and putting one hand down next to my head. Looking between our legs, she took hold of my cock again and before I knew it, she had lowered herself down onto it, her pussy swallowing my cock all the way down until she was sitting on me. For a moment it seemed strange that I could feel her relatively heavy weight pressing down on my pelvis, but none of that pressure was actually on my penis.

But then Clarice's eyes caught mine again. "God, Sammy! I love you so much!" I opened my mouth to say I loved her too, but again her mouth covered mine and stopped me. Her breasts were crushed against my chest, and I couldn't see but rather felt her hips as they began to move, forcing my ass down in the carpet.

The sensation was completely different with Clarice moving instead of me, completely different even from when Grace had been on top of me. Even though I knew Clarice was barely average size, she was so much bigger than me. Her legs at my sides and her lower body had me trapped on the floor. The pleasure and excitement that had begun to fade as fatigue set in began to grow again as Clarice's hips rolled foreward then back. The muscles in her legs were hard under the sweaty white skin as they held her pelvis just inches from the floor, moving up and back, sliding up almost off of my cock and then sinking back down to swallow it completely.

I found myself again with no real idea what I should do with my hands. I put them down on her thighs: Little brown hands on each smooth white expanse, feeling the muscles flexing and releasing. I tried moving my hands up her sides, feeling the sweep of her waist and her ribs, then cupping her breasts. Her eyes were closed again, but I could sense that she enjoyed having my hands there.

Clarice sat up just a little, then moved her hands and took hold of my shoulders, so that my arms were forced down to the floor. Drops of sweat fell from her nipples onto my chest, and little riulets rolled down her belly into the damp red arrow of hair above her crotch, and her hair swung down in wet strands. Instead of stroking up and down on my cock, she kept her weight pressing firmly down on me, instead rolling her hips foreward and back. The thrusting movements of her pelvis seemed to mirror what mine had done before, shoving towards me and foreward, grinding our pubic bones together.

The force of her thrusting pounded my pelvis against the floor, and her weight of her upper body came down on her hands and my shoulders each time. The swelling of the itching energy down inside me continued even as Clarice's slammed down on top of me again and again. Clarice's head leaned back, eyes closed and teetch clenched. Sweaty locks of hair hung down over her face as she thrust and rocked back and forth. Her exhaled breaths started to come out as little "Ngh, ngh!" sounds.

Clarice's hands suddenly let go of my shoulders and grabbed my arms around the biceps. My heart lept as I was completely pinned, unable to move any part but my head, trapped under this girl I loved so much but almost couldn't recognize in the form of this glistening, powerful, possibly even dangerous sexual beast.

Even as I realized how utterly helpless I was, the sweat dripping from her body, the painful grip of her hands on my arms, the crushing weight of her body over mine, the liquid heat inside her, forced the crazily itching burning energy to burst out, and the muscles in my back strained, trying to arch as the climax exploded from down inside me. Clarice had been close and I thought maybe seeing me climax had sent her over the edge as well, and the muscles in her belly began to flutter and twitch and she exhaled with something between a breathy moan and a shout, holding her crotch against me and all her muscles bunching up and twitching at once.

I could feel the cum pumping out inside her, and after a few seconds, Clarice's muscles began to relax. Her body collapsed in slow motion on top of me, slumping and coming to rest on her side next to me, still breathing heavily but slowing down. As my penis slid out from her, a string of semen trailed across my hip and thigh and dripped onto the carpet.

I lay there in a sort of confused daze. It felt as if my cock was steaming in the relatively cold air, and was already beginning to shrink. Clarice put one arm over me and stretched her legs that she had held curled up and flexed for so long, then put one arm and one leg across my body. I turned my head, feeling it scuff against the slightly damp pile of the carpet underneith me, and looked into Clarice's heavy-lidded but twinkling blue eyes.

"I love you, Sammy" she whispered. Clarice hugged me with one sweaty arm and kissed my forehead. I turned my gaze back up to the ceiling, then closed my eyes. "I love you, Clarice."

My voice sounded far away.

Herman+Toothrot+!yX1kgeEq7s 12/01/11(Wed)17:49 No. 14820 ID: 2e52aa


I was hoping someone would pick the story up!

Excellent so far, RA :)

Red_Arrow 12/01/11(Wed)20:52 No. 14821 ID: ded7b9

Glad you like it. Believe it or not, I'm the original author.

I'm glad someone archived the end of Grace's section. Apparently I deleted it from my computer and since 99chan went down, I thought it was lost forever.

Anonymous 12/01/12(Thu)14:41 No. 14825 ID: d68889

Christ on a bike! This is awesome!
Can we expect more to follow? *puppy eyes*

Red_Arrow 12/01/24(Tue)04:46 No. 14952 ID: ded7b9

I hadn't really been asleep, but I couldn't say I had been completely awake for the last few minutes after that time with Clarice on the livingroom floor. I was still on the floor, sort of, but I was lying face-down on some fluffy bath towels with my arms crossed under my head. Clarice's hands were smoothing something chilly and sticky, something with an odd but somehow familiar scent, across my shoulders.

My shoulders. There was a broad throbbing and burning that extended from shoulder to shoulder and from the base of my neck to the spot between my shoulder blades. Another hot patch spread from a slight warm tingle in the small of my back down to a red hot burn across my buttocks that trailed off again down the backs of my thighs. Even the spot opposite each of my biceps felt a little hot. I could feel my skin gratefully accepting the cooling substance as Clarice's hand surfed across my back on another thick glob of it.

I sniffed and turned to my left where Clarice was sitting. My hair still felt damp with sweat and my forehead stuck to my forearm a little. There was an oscillating fan sitting on the floor, set so that it would blow back and forth from my head down to my feet and back. My half-open eyes blinked shut again when the wind from the fan reached my face, blowing some of the drier light-blonde strands back from my suntanned face. It also sent a wave of the strange scent into my face, and I finally remembered what it was.

I heard something in the fan's rickety neck click, and the wind retreated back down my body. I opened my eyes just a little and saw two blurry white ovals, Clarice's knees, and a clear plastic pump bottle filled with what looked like dark green jello: Aloe gel. Clarice's hands returned to my back with a double handful of the stuff, applying a thick coating from my back all the way down to the backs of my knees. That and the wind from the fan made my back blissfully cold, and I shivered once.

"Thank you" I mumbled.

I felt the breath from Clarice's nose when she gave a sarcastic little chuckle at herself. "Thanks for what? Grabbing you hard enough to bruise you? Giving you a full body rug burn on your back? Taking your--" Clarice stopped suddenly with a gulping noise. "Just having the decency to try and make it hurt less? Not the first time I put this stuff on you, but usually it's from sun-burn."

The fan was blew on my face and I closed my eyes against it. Clarice wiped some gel off one hand on the towels and lay down on her side next to me, and I noticed that at some point she had covered up with a long tee-shirt. The fan still made a breeze over the gel on my back, but her body blocked it from blowing directly on me. Her other hand hovered between the small spots on my back and legs that weren't bright pink. She leaned her face close to mine and kissed my forehead, my temple, my cheekbone, over to my ear.

"I love you so much, Sammy," she whispered. Clarice leaned back a little. The hand that wasn't holding her head was kneading the muscles in the backs of my legs just above my knees. "I'm ... sorry."

Red_Arrow 12/01/24(Tue)04:47 No. 14953 ID: ded7b9

My eyes were half open again, and I rolled my head a little, shaking my head no, and smiled sleepily. "You forgive me?" I closed my eyes and smiled wider and nodded slowly. I heard the faint sound of her lips parting slightly when she smiled. The hand she was using to massage my muscles had moved slightly inwards and upwards towards my inner thighs, carefully avoiding the patches bright pink patches. Her hand was still rubbing the aloe gel over my skin, but now it was using the stuff to lubricate its movement between my thighs.

"Mmmnhh..." I sighed and my back arched involuntarily, raising my thighs and my ass and taking my weight off of my penis. When my hips relaxed again, my penis slid against the towels, bringing it to full erectness in a single stroke. My heels turned outward to separate my legs somewhat.

"Hm, you like that, huh?" Clarice asked as her hand stroked between my thighs, passing dangerously close to my scrotum and perineum. I nodded again, my eyes still closed. My knees were pressing into the towels spread on the carpet, lifting my ass up and my thighs apart, inviting more of the pleasurable sensation. My body seemed to react to her touch independent of my thoughts.

"Mngh, ohhh... Is that weird?" I half whispered, even as my hips wiggled, squeezing her hand between my thighs. Clarice giggled softly. Her hand stroked outward, and I felt her thumb poke out a little to brush slightly across my scrotum and perineum. "No", she said in a cute, high, happy voice, "It's not weird, Sammy."

I sucked in a gasp between my teeth. My hips were lifted all the way up now and only the tip of my penis touched the towel. Clarice's hand turned sideways, pushing my thighs apart, and then I felt one finger just barely graze the ridge between my balls, tracing it along the middle of my taint, but then lifting away to brush between my buttocks. I frowned faintly and let out a sigh of mixed disappointment and pleasure as her fingers just barely slid along the crease of my ass cheeks, barely touching me and sending goosebumps all up and down my legs.

I heard the sound of her grinning again. "You like that a lot, don't you?" Her breath felt warm on my face and I nodded again, still with my eyes closed. "Here, I'll be right back." Clarice got up and poked the off-button on the fan with her toe. My hips finally started to relax as I heard her footsteps going up the stairs. She came back a few moments later, and I felt her feet come to rest on the towels I was lying on, standing over me.

One of her hands reached under my belly to lift my pelvis up, and she quickly pushed a log-shaped roll of towels under me, then gently set me back down. I came to rest so that my head was still lying on my crossed arms, and my knees and feet laid on the floor, but my ass was held up in the air by the roll of towels that sat just under my hipbones so that my penis and scrotum would have hung down, but my erection caused the head of my penis to press hard against the rolled-up towels.

Red_Arrow 12/01/24(Tue)04:48 No. 14954 ID: ded7b9

Clarice laid something between my knees, then I heard a sort of splashing sound, and then I felt a sudden heat between my thighs, but it was pleasant, not like the rug burns. She used a wash cloth and a bowl of warm water to gently wash the excess aloe gel from between my thighs and ass cheeks. I could just imagine the cloth moving up between my sun-browned lower thighs, then past the distinct line around each leg where my swim-trunks blocked the sun, so there my skin was almost as white as Clarice's up to my waist. She washed away the excess gel from between my legs and buttocks, carefully leaving it on the raw spots that must have been extra-bright pink because of the skin being so pale. Some of the water ran down my thighs and soaked into the towels under my knees. As her cloth-covered fingers moved up between my ass cheeks, some of the water trickled down over my balls and down the ridgid shaft of my penis, dripping off the tip or getting lost in the roll of towels underneith me. She got slightly less gentle as she got into the cleft of my ass, pushing all the way down until I felt the soft but rough wash cloth scrubbing from the back of my perineum all the way to the spot under my tailbone and back. A few drops rolled down the middle of my back or slipped down my ribs and under my arms.

When she finished Clarice got up, and I heard her put the bowl in the kitchen sink and wring out the wash cloth. Then she came back, but instead of lying down beside me again, she got down on her elbows between my knees.

"What are you...? Ohhh..." My question trailed off as a stream of warm air blew across the damp skin between my thighs and buttocks and on my lower back, leaving it cool and dry almost immediately. Then I felt her breath more gently on my skin as her lips moved down to the valley where my left buttock met my thigh, and I gasped again as her moist, warm lips made contact. She planted a long, firm kiss there, then turned her head and did the same on the other side. When she turned back to the left, she kissed my thigh even further up. Even though it wasn't touching me, I could feel the warmth from her cheek near my pale, bare scrotum. I tried to edge my knees even wider apart. Her kisses in that soft, secret place felt so wonderful I didn't want anything getting in her way.

I almost jumped when I felt her fingers brush against the underside of my penis, tracing from the frenulum under the head up the little ridge again, but then moving back to stroke the shaft again. For a split second, I thought she was using a finger to poke at the skin of my scrotum, but then I felt her lean foreward slightly and suddenly her entire tongue was flattened across my balls, making a long wet streak up behind my sack, but then lifting to lick in a teasingly shallow stroke between my ass cheeks, then back down.

Clarice's lips parted to completely enclose my sack, her face pressing so close that her nose nuzzled between my ass cheeks and I felt her lower lip against the base of my cock. Her powerful tongue tugged gently, giving me the sensation that all the skin on my belly and my back was being pulled tight from my scrotum. Clarice's fingers gripped the shaft of my cock and pulled upward toward the base at the same time as she sucked at my balls. Then her lips freed my balls with a slurping sound, and the relatively cool air washed over them.

Her mouth came down in the center, kissing both cheeks at once, and then French kissing the cleft, licking up and down as her hand squeezed and stroked my shaft. Wiggled my ass back against her, pressing against the wonderful sensation her mouth was bringing me, and her tongue licked deeper and deeper in my crack, finally touching down on my taint where my ass crack began. Then her tongue began to squirm, pressing in little circles and inching along the bottom of my cleft, moving nearer... nearer..

All at once, I felt a jolt and my eyes opened wide. "Wait! No, that's--! I--!" I tried to get my hands under me, get up on all fours, but Clarice reached under my leg, then over to place one hand on my back between the rugburned patches. It was not rough, but I had no hope of pushing back against her strength, and I laid my head down on the towels again and let her hand force me down and pull me closer.

I grabbed handfuls of the towel and squeezed as she suddenly began to turn her head from side to side, burrowing her face deeper between my ass cheeks. Loose strands of her curly red hair fall down and tickle my hips. Her tongue went into more violent motion, then, powerfully circling my pink center, thrashing up and down, back and forth across it. My mind was in a fog of pleasant sensations and emotion: it felt so wonderful and Clarice loved me so much that she would show me in such a way that was so intimate that I thought it must have been forbidden, but the hand on my back had me pinned so completely that I began to feel almost imperceptibly tiny waves of panic in my belly. Each time the ghost of one would begin to form, a stroke on my shaft or a tongue-slap across my entrance would blast it away.

Clarice's tongue made on final sweep up and down along the saliva-wet cleft, and then it came stabbing down into the center of my anus. My eyes flew open and my head came up, staring straight in front of me My tight sphincter was no match for the muscular tentacle, and even as the walls of my entrance clenched and fought back against the invasion they were forced apart by the relentless pressure of the slippery, pointed appendage. Somewhere in my mental haze, the realization half formed that Clarice was actually French-kissing my ass hole.

"No, nu--unhh uuuhhh!" For maybe one second, I tried to protest, but Clarice's hold on me was so complete that I couldn't help wriggling back against her mouth, begging with my movements for more. Her tongue pushed and pulled side-to-side, slid out to the tip, giving my entrance some relief, only to surge unstoppably back down inside, then flexing wide. The hand that had held my cock had moved up to rub my taint, slipping up under her chin and lips to caress the floor of my cleft and the pink ring that pushed in vain against the twisting, probing assault.

Red_Arrow 12/01/24(Tue)04:50 No. 14955 ID: ded7b9

Clarice got back up on her elbows, finally releasing some of the pressure on my back, licking shallowly up my ass crack and ending with a kiss on my tailbone. "See?" she breathed, as I raised my upper body shakily with my hands. "That feels nice, doesn't it?"

I was panting. I shook my head a little.

"Oh. Should I stop, then?" Clarice's voice sounded slightly pouty, but I could tell she already knew the answer. After two more deep breaths, I shook my head again, once.

"'Kay, lay back down."

I slowly lowered my head and chest back to the towels. I heard the click-squirt sound of a squeeze-tube being opened and used, then the cap snapped back on, and I heard a swishing sound of Clarice's hands rubbing together briskly. Her fingers gently touched my ass crack again, slipping easily downward thanks to the thick layer of warm lube. I inhaled and held my breath as her hand continued down, down, not slowing as in moved closer. I bit my lip and felt the rounded tip of her finger reach the entrance, a little external pressure that quickly turned into an outward stretching as her first knuckle, then second, squeezed past the helpless grip of my anus.

When her hand finally came to rest, it was wedged between my buttocks, cupping my ass with all but the middle one, which she had driven down inside me. Not moving her hand, she lay down on her side next to me like she had before. I was slowly letting my breath out, getting used to the feeling of having her finger inside me. Even with my eyes closed, I could somehow tell that Clarice was smiling gently at me.

"That okay?" I nodded, rubbing my cheek on the towel. Clarice's hand began to retreat, and I made another quiet, disappointed sound. "Sssshhh, don't worry" she whispered soothingly. Just as her finger was about to slip free, she stopped, then began the descent again with slightly more force. Then back out, and again, a just a little more quickly. Soon she had built to a slow but steady stroking rythm and the heat of being penetrated and stretched began to spread from my ass up through my pelvis into my belly. My cock began to ache to be held, but moving my hips only pushed my ass up to meet the slippery thrust of her hand behind me.

Once in a while, she would bring her hand all the way against my ass and stop, pushing in even harder and twirling her finger in circles that made me feel like my insides were being stirred around. Then she pulled her hand back so that just the tip was inside, then circle some more, forcing me still wider open. Clarice bent her wrist so that her finger was in at an angle, and I felt another finger twitching and burrowing down next to the middle one. The stretching pain was just barely overridden by the pleasure, and my knuckles went white as I grabbed the towels again, gritting my teeth and squeezing my eyes closed as two fingers penetrated me.

I felt something brush past the head of my penis and realized that all my muscles were so taut, forcing my ass back onto Clarice's hand, that my weight wasn't on the roll of towels and she had pulled it out from under me. With a gentle retreat-thrust motion, she guided my body back down to lie full length on the towels I was gripping so tightly. My cock came to rest on the hand that wasn't behind me, and I realized she was lying beside me now with her other hand underneith me.

As soon as my weight came to rest on her left hand, centered on my ridgid cock, her right hand gave an insistant thrust up into me, causing my pelvis to hump foreward against her left. Clarice withdrew her fingers halfway, then thrust in again, and again. The heat that radiated from my ass was unimaginable as her fingers massaged the slightly loosened sphincter and further up inside me. Her fingers stirred around inside so strongly that the itching and burning balloon-filling sensation low in my belly had a trace of queasy, but even that became pleasurable in the moment. As she rammed inside me, Clarice's hand and arm made a quiet, fleshy slapping sound, and the force of her arm made my cock shove even harder against her left hand. Just those two fingers made me feel so full, and each time they began to withdraw there was a tiny eternity where they caressed my ass on the way out and I couldn't wait for them to lunge forth and fill me up again.

As my cock began to get slippery with pre-cum, her fingers curled slightly to brush against the shining trigger point inside me. My upper body reared back even as my ass clenched against her thrusting fingers, and my orgasm blossomed from inside, and my cum spurted out into Clarice's hand. My climax seemed to last forever, forced to continue by the gentler and slower strokes down into me, and my insides kept clenching even though I was completely empty of semen.

I finally collapsed face-down on the towels, absolutely spent, gasping and panting hoarsely. My head was spinning from hyperventilation, and I almost didn't feel Clarice's right hand slip free from my ass, leaving it still feeling warm and stretched.

The back of Clarice's right hand touched my cheek, brushing a lock of hair from my face, and she kissed my sweaty forehead. As my breathing began to get back under control, she brought her face close to mine and whispered.

"Do you forgive me for hurting your back?"

My breath caught in my throat as my eyes came half open. Clarice was lying on her side, eye-to-eye with me. My answer was to let my breath out in a long, smiling sigh.

My eyelids fell closed and I was asleep before I drew in my next breath.

Anonymous 12/01/24(Tue)11:34 No. 14957 ID: 512b64

i see patience is a virtue can't wait for moar

Red_Arrow 12/01/24(Tue)21:07 No. 14962 ID: ded7b9

People liking it (or at least saying they do) is my motivation, so thank you.

I'll do my best to produce moar, though it may be a while before I can do another session.

Anonymous 12/01/26(Thu)05:47 No. 14979 ID: 05f719

God I love this story! Thanks so much for continuing this! *hugz*

Red_Arrow 12/01/27(Fri)08:47 No. 14995 ID: ded7b9

Thank you. *hugs back* I've got plans for at least a couple more scenes, and a general idea for a third.

Before the /ss/ on 99chan went down a few people had expressed interest in having Grace involved again at some point. In at least one way to develop Sammy and Clarice's relationship further. I don't want to make Grace a permanent part of the story, but I've got an idea for a way to introduce her with Sammy and Clarice that is pretty contrived but no more than usual for this kind of story.

I wouldn't mind hearing anyone's thoughts about Grace or other things. Also, let me know if this kind of discussion is frowned upon and there's another place where it's done. Things I'm not interested in doing: Watersports/scat, toddlercon/baby, guro, snuff, beast.

Anonymous 12/01/27(Fri)21:43 No. 15000 ID: 512b64

idk about grace it seems all the women in sammy's life are dominate so seeing more anal/crossdressing on little sammy would be nice

Red_Arrow 12/01/28(Sat)08:11 No. 15008 ID: ded7b9

In that case, you are in for a treat.

Anonymous 12/01/31(Tue)09:50 No. 15027 ID: f604d2

any chance we'll see some bondage

Anonymous 12/02/01(Wed)09:15 No. 15035 ID: e9ec13

Great story

Anonymous 12/02/01(Wed)19:16 No. 15038 ID: 009e2d

Please god moar.

Red_Arrow 12/02/02(Thu)08:44 No. 15040 ID: ded7b9


Actually, yes, I was planning on doing some bondage at some point. I hope nobody will be too disappointed if it's Clarice in bondage, not Sam. I hope some readers have picked up on the fact that Sam is sometimes a little scared by how dominating Clarice is, so I feel like having her tie him up would be redundant and too overt.

I'm setting up the next part in my head right now, and I'm hoping to sit down and write it out this weekend.

Anonymous 12/02/02(Thu)21:38 No. 15041 ID: 202dbd

Sounds good to me! ...so long as the bondage doesn't get too heavy.

I think it would be a pretty sharp turn in an otherwise sweet and innocent story if a young boy suddenly orders his babysitter into a gimp suit and alternates between lashing at her with a horsewhip and pouring hot candlewax on her ass!

...I just made a few of you jizz in your pants, didn't I?


Anonymous 12/02/02(Thu)23:10 No. 15042 ID: 5b2f27

Any chance of Clarice using a strapon later?

Red_Arrow 12/02/03(Fri)07:50 No. 15046 ID: ded7b9

I agree, that wouldn't work. I've tried to show in the last couple scenes that Sammy's night away from Clarice, and his return, have made Clarice feel much more intensely for Sammy. Sam's not going to get injured every time they have sex, but the intensity has already lead to more dynamic interactions.

It is only a matter of time.

gggt 12/02/03(Fri)18:23 No. 15048 ID: d85743

Is it weird to be jealous of a fictional character? I wish there'd been a girl like Clarice back when I was that age.

Super excited about that strapon comment response. Speaking of which, I've never seen anything where a girl with a strapon keeps going until she absolutely does not have the energy to go on anymore.
Something to consider I hope?

Red_Arrow 12/02/04(Sat)08:37 No. 15051 ID: ded7b9

>I've never seen anything where a girl with a strapon keeps going until she absolutely does not have the energy to go on anymore.

This is interesting. Could you elaborate?

Anonymous 12/02/04(Sat)11:22 No. 15053 ID: f604d2

though I would wish to say sam in bondage more than clarice, I see why you would want to go that route

gggt 12/02/06(Mon)17:50 No. 15084 ID: d85743

A person with a strapon is only limited by physical stamina and I've never encountered a scenario where the wearer keeps going after their partner has cum, they pull out. I think its wasted opportunity, with slow, gentle thrusts there's no reason a woman couldn't make love to their partner for hours.

Prostate stimulation does wonders for arousing males.

Clarice strikes me as the kind of girl who'd want to make the person she loves cum as many times as she can.
Also, the image of a sweat drenched Clarice collapsing atop Sammy, matted hair and ragged gasps included is just SO hot, increasingly so with a declaration of love.

Red_Arrow 12/02/06(Mon)23:09 No. 15086 ID: ded7b9

I woke up alone late that evening in the master bedroom. I felt like I really had to go to the bathroom, and there was a warm throbbing in my rectum that I couldn't ignore. I was wearing an old tee shirt that felt like it was stuck to my back, and I remembered the aloe gel that Clarice had smeared all over me. I guessed the tee shirt must have been to keep it from all rubbing off on the sheets.

I stumbled downstairs. Clarice was sitting at the kitchen table with books laid out, writing in a notebook.

"Heeey, sleepyhead! I thought you'd never wake up!" Clarice had her hair bunched up in back with a big toothy clip, and she smiled at me as I shuffled past. I gave her a grin and blinked at her a couple of time on my way towards the downstairs guest bathroom.

I closed the door and flipped on the vent fan. Sitting there, I couldn't help thinking about earlier. At first, I had been freaked out by the idea of Clarice putting her face anywhere near my butt, let alone what she had actually done. I decided to keep myself as clean as possible in case anything like that happened again. I out the enema kit that was kept in a plain cardboard box in the back of the bathroom cabinet and spent a half hour filling and flushing with cool water until it seemed to come out completely clear.

I went back out to the kitchen and pulled out a chair. Clarice looked up from her studying and smiled at me. As I sat down, I winced a little and had to shift sideways. The cool water treatment had soothed to the point that it only had that warm throb like what I would get in my muscles after a long day swimming. But I it was still a little uncomfortable when I didn't sit down carefully.

Clarice seemed to notice. "You okay? I can stop with that kind of stuff if you want."

I looked up at her and shook my head, a little wide-eyed. I wasn't really sure how much I could protest against this without it seeming inappropriate.

Clarice smiled. "Yeah, I didn't think so." She got up and closed her book. "Come upstairs in about five minutes and we'll see about trimming this mess." She tousled the shaggy, light-blond hair on top of my head. "Okay?"

I grinned, just happy to have her touching me. "M'kay!"

I listened as her footsteps retreated up the stairs to the master bedroom, then looked at the digital clock built into the microwave. Five minutes, okay. I got a can of soda out of the fridge, took a drink. I tried not to get excited when I heard the sound of the shower in the master bathroom starting up. I took another sip from the cold can. I imagined Clarice unbuttoning her cutoff shorts and pushing them down to her ankles along with her panties, stepping out with one foot and then kicking one heel up to grab them and drop them on the lid of the toilet, then pulling off her tee shirt and putting it on top. The way her back arched and her breasts pushed out as she reached back to unhook her bra, and then drew her shoulders together in front of her to let it fall off and drop into her hands.

I swallowed hard, realizing that I already had an erection that I had to adjust in my shorts to keep from getting uncomfortable. Right about then, I know, Clarice would have both hands up behind her head, making her hair into a quick knot... An unbearably beautiful unbroken line from her heels up her legs around her hips, ribs, breasts, neck...

I heard the dull sound of the shower door clicking shut reverberated faintly through the walls of the quiet house. I looked at the clock again: Two more minutes. By now, Clarice would have her head leaned back to let the water from the shower head spray on her neck to run down the valley between her breasts and run in little streams from her pink nipples.

One minute left. Close enough. I left the half-drunk can of soda sitting on the kitchen counter and started towards the stairs. Coming into the master bathroom, I could see through the frosted door of the shower that Clarice was sitting on the tiled ledge, so I could just barely see the vague white blur of her figure againts the tan-colored tiles of the shower and the red of her hair. I must have stood there frozen, staring for a few moments.


I blinked. "Um! Yeah?"

"Well, come in here!" I could tell she was smiling, happy, on the verge of laughing.

I grinned too. "Okay!" I hurriedly stripped off what little I had on. The tee shirt was glued to my back by the half-dried aloe gel but peeled off easily enough. I opened the shower door. Clarice was leaned back on the tiles, one foot up on the ledge.

"Wanna watch?" she asked. I nodded, evenn though I had no idea what she'd be doing. I pulled the door closed behind me. "Here, sit down."

I sat down cross-legged on the shower floor. Clarice had the shower head pointed so that it fell on the wall or on the ledge next to her. She put her other foot up on the ledge, creating a sort of M-shape with her legs. Her vulva was at the same level as my face, maybe twelve inches away. I heard a squirting noise and a little clink as she set some metal container down on the ledge next to her, then she brought her right hand around, filled with frothy white foam.

I watched in fascination as Clarice passed her hand between herself and my face, leaving behind a cloud of the shaving cream, from about halfway up the red arrow of her pubic hair, all the way down her crack so that some of it melted on the wet tiles. Her left hand reached around from under her leg and transferred a pink disposable razor to her right hand.

The razor's head pressed against the pale skin on the front of her pelvis, just barely overlapping the edge of the red arrow. Beads of water ran down into the forming valley and disappeared against the razor's edge. Clarice began to move the razor, and the shaving cream began to pile up in front of it as if it were a miniature snow plow. In one long stroke, the razor traced a path down between her pubic bone and the tendon in her crotch. The geometric slice from the side of the foamy patch seemed to glow, bare and white. I was sitting so close that I could just barely see the tiny pores where the hair folicles had been. I felt an urge to put my mouth on that place, but didn't want to interrupt Clarice.

Clarice's body was already in an awkward position, but she managed to twist around to reach the other side, making another smooth, neat swipe down the other side. With two more passes she revealed her pale pink outer lips, leaving just a narrow strip of shaving cream hiding the place from her clitoris all the way down to where the foam was beginning to drip on the tile. Then her hand retreated and reappeared in front of her, making two little sweeps across the top edge of the red arrow.

"Rinse it off for me, Sammy?" Clarice invited. I stood up, and my thick boner bobbed as I reached up to turn the shower head. Then I thought better of it, and held my hand out, catching some water and slurping it up. I knelt back down, and squirted it from my lips, washing away some of the shaving cream. Clarice laughed, making the muscles in her belly ripple and her legs shake. I laughed too, and scooped up a double-handful of water, filling up until my cheeks bulged, and then sent a blast of hot shower water all over Clarice's newly shaved flesh. It took a couple more mouthfuls to rinse the shaving cream out of her pubic hair.

Laughing, Clarice took my shoulder and guided me back to a standing position and pulled me close tto kiss me. I leaned with one hand against her shoulder for balance and used the other to tentatively touch her side, then moved my fingers to gently cup the underside of her breast. After a minute or so, Clarice's tongue made a final caress across mine, and then her lips began to make their way across my cheek, so she could whisper in my ear. One of her hands slid up my spine to my neck to cradle the back of my head.

"Baby... will you lick my pussy?" The breeze of her words across my ear made my mind swirl and dissipate like steam. I thought I had nodded, but the muscles in my neck may not have responded, because-- "Pleaaasssseee..."

My face felt hot, and I suddenly felt like I was out of breath. I tried to nod a little more emphatically, then all but collapsed back onto the tiled floor of the shower with a splash. I moved my face closer to her familiar but still so fascinating and mysterious place, stopping maybe an inch away to flick my eyes up to hers. She smiled down at me, her eyes nearly closed, and her fingertip grazed my ear in the slightest suggestion, beckoning me foreward.

I sat up a little straighter and put my lips to the place where the razor had first passed. using my mouth to feel the exquisitely smooth skin and letting the short-cropped red hair to one side tickle my cheek and my nose. I planted a line of kisses down to the point of the arrow, maybe a quarter of an inch above the crease that lead to her clitoris. I did the same on the other side, then traced down further, detouring a little so that my mouth passed across the very top of her inner thigh, just barely teasing the edge of her pink lip. I began to turn my head, feinting towads the middle, then broke contact and brought my mouth down on the other side, just barely grazing across her labia.

Clarice moaned softly, and some of the muscles in her legs clenched, slightly tilting and raising her hips as if leaning in for a kiss, and I finally gave in, putting my lips directly in the middle of hers. Clarice gave a quiet "oh" as the larger labia parted between my puckered lips and the smaller seemed to offer themselves as a sweeter, gentler twin version of the muscular tongue that lived in her mouth. I took advantage of their yeilding, thrusting my own tongue to one side, then the other, digging at their roots the way Clarice's tongue had dug underneith mine. They seemed helpless as I gently sucked them between my own lips, flicking them before slipping my tongue between them.

Clarice's breath was coming deep but steadily, and when I opened my eyes I could see the familiar flush that her pale skin took on as she became more aroused. I put my arms up on the tiled ledge and put them under Clarice's thighs to better hug her lower body to my face. I closed my eyes again and moved my head from side to side a little, pushing my mouth and my nose and my chin against the warm, sweet wetness, exploring the place, tasting it, eating it.

I had no idea how much time passed that way, but I felt her hand come down to rest on my cheek. "Mmm, Sammy, I love you!" I looked up, and she guided me back to a standing position, kissing me mouth-to-mouth again. Hers forcefully drank the juicy saliva from mine, sucking and licking the spicy, salty flavor of her pussy from my mouth and face. After a while she broke free with a gasp and looked into my eyes.

"Come on, you sit up here now" she whispered. I nodded vaguely and traded places with her. There was plenty of room in the big tiled shower for her to sit down cross-legged, and she moved me so that I sat on the edge of the ledge, leaning back, and she pushed my legs and feet up so that they made a miniature version of the M shape she had been in before.

It barely occurred to me to feel awkward or embarassed, being so exposed and vulnerable, but Clarice's hands moved down my tanned legs, passing between them over the pale area hidden from the sun by my swim trunks, then down to my buttocks, and looked up with a loving smile. She began kissing me, first just below my belly button, moving down across the flat, smooth browned expanse of my tummy, but teasingly failing to touch my penis in any way. She planted kisses down to my inner thighs and nuzzled the tender spot where my pelvis met my leg.

"Mmmm, Sammy. I love how smooth your skin is. It's just so soft" she kissed a spot on my belly right next to my aching erection "and sweet" another kiss, near my scrotum, "and yummy" another kiss, this time in the direct middle of my perineum, touching neither my ass or my balls. She looked up at my reaction, then slid her tongue down a little further towards my crack.

I gasped with pleasure, and Clarice laughed breathily, sounding unusual with her mouth still wide open with her tongue out. I heard the wet sound of it pulling back into her mouth. "That feels good, doesn't it?" I nodded, even though it was uncomfortable, my head rolling against the hard tiles. "It's almost like you have a pussy too." I couldn't argue.

Suddenly her voice was low, barely audible over the rush of the shower. "Do you want me to lick your pussy too?" I nodded again, just barely, hardly able to react at all. Then her mouth was back below me, kissing my pale, exposed ass cheeks, tracing the ridge of my taint and feathering over my balls, but stopping agonizingly short of touching the shaft of my cock.

Unlike the last time, my legs an ass cheeks were pulled wide apart and the tender skin was completely exposed to the steamy air in the shower. Clarice's tongue and lips caressed the sides of the valley but stayed away from the center. Her fingers touched the area between my legs, slipping together until just one fingertip was touching, circling wide around my ass hole.

"Mmm, it's so nice and pink," she said, a smile in her voice. But then her fingers splayed apart, pulling the skin to either side, and then her mouth was there again, kissing my tender aperture. At first just her lips, pressing and nibbling at the pale pink flesh, down towards my tailbone, then up near my taint, then returning to the center.

"Mmmm, baby, you're so sweet." Her tongue flowed out, cascading into the valley between my ass cheeks and forming a warm, wet avalanche that ran down, passing over my hole, then reversing direction and going back up, then pressing into the muscle to one side, circling under and over. It returned to the middle then, with slightly more pressure, then moved away again as Clarice licked and sucked at the flesh between my legs. Each time it came back to the center with a little more force, and after what seemed like a thousand teasing circles, her fingers at the sides pressed a little more and the tip of her tongue caught in the opening, and I gasped.

Clarice's head began to move, even with her tongue firmly tethered to my opening, and her lips caressed the area around it. I felt her face pressing into my crotch and against my inner thighs with a wonderful insistence, followed moments later by a slow but steady push inside me. The muscular spike projecting from her mouth was driven inside me even deeper than before. I grabbed my ankles just to have something to hold onto. Her tonguue relaxed a little and began to slip out, but then stopped and drove back inside. My stomach muscles clenched and I let out a cry, "Angh!"

Her tongue slipped out and my muscles relaxed a little. When I opened my eyes she was smiling up at me from between my legs, on hand holding the skin in the middle stretched, the other reaching around my leg towards my cock. "Is that good, baby?" she asked me, and I didn't bother responding as my panting couldn't help but answer her question. "You did a nice job, so sweet and clean. Mmm, baby, I love you sooo much."

I could only assume she meant I did a nice job with the enema, but at that point I was helpless as her mouth came down again, shoving her tongue inside me to writhe around like a sensuous snake, pulling my opening apart wider, to one side then the other. Her fingers found my cock and stroked it lightly, sending waves of pleasure down it to clash and mix with the ones radiating from where Clarice was licking my "pussy". My hands gripped my ankles harder and my back started to arch. My body was again trapped by the relentlessly agressive but unimaginably pleasurable advances from this gleaming white, strong but gentle giant.

After a while, Clarice moved her mouth away, but kept her hand firmly and slowly stroking my cock. "Okay, Sammy, so remember I told you I had a surprise for you?" I did, but just barely. At that point I couldn't have remembered my mother's name. "Well, we have to stop for a little while, but I'll make it up to you. It's part of the surprise, okay?"

As little as I liked the idea of stopping when I was on the verge of climax, I would have agreed to anything at that point. "I promise your pussy will be very pleased" she said with a smile giving my ass one last little kiss and my cock a firm final stroke.

Clarice stood up and stepped out of the shower. Little rivers of water ran down her body and into the bathroom rug as she took a large glass from next to the sink and turned on the faucet, letting it run for a while, then filling the glass. She got back into the shower, where I put my feet down and sat foreward. "Here, scoot back a little and set this here."

She placed the glass of cold water between my legs, but let me actually press it against my throbbing erection. It was shocking at first, but became a relief as the cold spread into the aching stiffness. It began to shrink before long and I could feel my body relaxing, even though there was still that faint itch deep down that would continue to keep me from relaxing completely until it was satisfied.

Meanwhile, Clarice sat down next to me and started doing something complicated with different bottles of shampoos and conditioners, and I was content to let her snap them open and closed and apply the stuff to my hair. I enjoyed the different scents, perfumy or fruity or minty, the gentle tugging on my hair and the firm massage on my scalp, followed over and over by the rinse of warm water over my head and down my back.

Then Clarice had me get out of the shower and towel off, but told me to leave my hair wet. She dried and wrapped a towel around herself, then had me stand in front of her as she sat on the lid of the toilet and took out fine-toothed black comb and a slender pair of scissors that I recognized as the kind you see at barbers shops. Clarice made me stand very straight as she combed my sunbleached hair straight down from the middle of the top of my head grinning a little as she combed the front down over my face and tickling my nose. Then she set to work combing downward, over and over, sometimes stopping and pulling and making the smallest little snip with the scissors, then having me turn 45 or 90 degrees and starting again.

Obviously, she was giviving me that haircut she had mentioned, but at this rate it would take forever. I didn't complain, though, and after ten minutes or so, I had inched all the way around in a complete circle, and she brushed some of the hair away from my face and looked me up and down. "Alright!" she said.

I was puzzled, since she had barely taken off any of the length, and the floor had a scattering of blond hairs an inch or less long. "Okay, now you sit" Clarice said, and got up to go into the bedroom. I put my towel around my waist and sat down, wondering what it was she was up to, but I trusted her completely so I wasn't really worried.

Clarice spoke to me from the bedroom. "Remember I told you how I'd sneak you into Coasters for free?" she asked, sounding like she was pulling out clothes for herself.

"No," I called back, "You just said you would, but you didn't say how."

Clarice appeared in the bathroom door, carrying a makeup case an a bundle of white linen. She held them up. "This is how, and you won't believe how well it's going to work!"

Anonymous 12/02/07(Tue)07:15 No. 15090 ID: e9ec13

Blueballin' like a mofo now.

Red_Arrow 12/02/07(Tue)09:56 No. 15091 ID: ded7b9

I am sorry about that. I really wanted to post some kind of progress in the story, but I knew this was going to end up being a pretty long section. I didn't want to rush and do it halfassed just to finish it, so I compromised and posted at about halfway through.

Anonymous 12/02/07(Tue)10:15 No. 15092 ID: f604d2

i'm really liking the build up

Anonymous 12/02/07(Tue)10:16 No. 15093 ID: f604d2

i'm really liking the build up

Anonymous 12/02/08(Wed)03:40 No. 15101 ID: 5b2f27

I have a feeling that this will result in a scene taking place in a women's restroom. Maybe that's where Clarice will start training him to take a dildo?

Red_Arrow 12/02/08(Wed)11:42 No. 15107 ID: ded7b9

Thank you.
I hope nobody is too disappointed if I don't have anything happen in a restroom. Just a personal preference. Now a locker room, on the other hand...

Dr. Agon 12/02/09(Thu)06:22 No. 15113 ID: f604d2

Say Red_Arrow I am really enjoying this story. Do you have any other straight shota stories you can post to 7chan?

Red_Arrow 12/02/09(Thu)09:05 No. 15115 ID: ded7b9

I'm flattered that you ask, but this is maybe the fourth piece of ero-lit I've ever done in my life, and the only one that has been saved or preserved.

I'm afraid that any other stories I write might just sound like cut-and-paste jobs of this one.

Anonymous 12/02/10(Fri)02:42 No. 15119 ID: d85743

A person with a strapon is only limited by physical stamina and I've never encountered a scenario where the wearer keeps going after their partner has cum, they pull out. I think its wasted opportunity, with slow, gentle thrusts there's no reason a woman couldn't make love to their partner for hours. Prostate stimulation does wonders for arousing males.

Clarice strikes me as the kind of girl who'd want to make the person she loves cum as many times as she can. Also, the image of a sweat drenched Clarice collapsing atop Sammy, matted hair and ragged gasps included is just SO hot, increasingly so with a declaration of love.

Anonymous 12/02/13(Mon)05:44 No. 15151 ID: f604d2


Red_Arrow 12/02/14(Tue)11:34 No. 15163 ID: 51a94f


For a long moment, neither of us said anything. She just stood there with the bundle and the case, grinning, eyebrows raised. I just blinked at her dumbly. Was she going to try and dress me up as some kind of amusement-park staff? Or try some kind of crazy camouflage scheme?

... Camouflage...

"You're going to take me on Girls Day?! That'll never work!" My mind was working, trying to figure out what Clarice was actually up to. But even though I'd temporarily tamed my erection, the sex chemicals were still pumping through my veins and making it very difficult for my brain to work at all. "Wh... How...?" I couldn't even put a whole phrase together.

She had put on the long, raggedy tee shirt that she used as a night gown, and as Clarice brushed past me into the bathroom and set the little case down on the counter, my eyes were snagged by the slight protrusions of her nipples behind the worn, thin fabric. She dropped her towel in the laundry hamper. I turned to stay facing her, my eyes still studying her face and her manner as she unfolded the makeup case into an interesting multi-level kit, like a fishing tackle box except with cosmetics. Was this some kind of joke? Maybe she was getting ready to put on makeup... to go on a date? ...With me?

She hung the bundle of white fabric over a towel bar, where it unfolded to reveal a couple of simple shoulder straps at one end.

"A dress? Clarice, that'll nev--" Clarice bent down and put a finger under my chin and tipped my head back and put her lips to mine. Not forceful, not commanding or even insistent, just touching, calming, quieting. It worked. My knees buckled and I sat down on the lid of the toilet in a barely-controlled collapse. Clarice put a hand on my cheek.

"I'll be right back. Don't go away."


She came back a few moments to find me still staring straight ahead, into space. Clarice had gone to get the chair from my desk in my bedroom. Being slightly lower than a regular chair, it was perfect for her to sit face-to-face with me. As she leaned to pull the tiny wastebasket closer beside her, I caught a glimpse of her light blue cotton panties curving down tight against her pale, tight buttocks underneath.

Clarice sat back up. She had her hair bunched up behind her head with the toothy clip thing again, but she brushed a couple of stray hairs from her face. Her eyes looked into mine, then seemed to trace the contours of my face, up over my hair, to my cheeks, down to my chin, then back to my eyes. She gave me a little grin.

"Okay!" she said, sounding just like when she was about to start a swimming lesson, using a voice that struck a balance between firm and friendly. "Look down. Aaaaaall the way down."

I dropped my chin to my chest, and my hair flopped down around my face, but Clarice immediately got the sides and top between her fingers and whisked them back. I felt a pinch high up on the back of my head as she wound an elastic hair band around it.

"Look at me!" She said it in a playful tone, and even before I looked, I could tell she was smiling. "Is that okay?" I nodded. "Not too tight?" I shook my head.

Clarice reached into the kit again and took out a little tube. She squirted some clear, slightly cloudy stuff into the palm of her left hand, then dabbed a little of it on her right index finger and began to apply it to my face, beginning with my cheekbones.

"You" she said, in that half-distracted way of someone talking about one thing while doing something else with her hands, "Are a very lucky young man." She dabbed some more on her finger and came back to my face. "Because, believe it or not, you are really" her fingertip made little flicking gestures, spreading the stuff, "very" flick-flick-flick "beautiful."

I must have made a dismayed expression. Her eyes left the spot where her finger was to look into my eyes again. "What? Okay, cute then? How about just 'good looking'? Is that alright, at least?" she was pretending to be irritated but there was an unmistakable giggle in her voice. "Work with me for a minute here, Sam!" I was trying to keep from laughing myself so I wouldn't interrupt what she was doing.

Her eyes went back to my cheek and her hand began moving again. "Anyway, your dad's not bad looking--shut up, it's true!" she was laughing again but still concentrating on what she was doing. "Your mom is pretty, too, don't roll your eyes. And I'm sure that one day" flick-flick-flick "you are going to be an absolutely handsome man."

Clarice wiped her hand on a towel and reached for a flat plastic box no bigger than the palm of her hand. "Close your eyes. Put your eyebrows up, like you're surprised. Good." I smelled something that was faintly familiar, then felt a gentle poke on my eyelid. "I know, it feels funny. Don't worry, it'll just take a sec." Now on my other eyelid. "Anyway, since you are good-looking, and you are" flick-flick-flick "Nice and trim, and not too tall yet..."

"Okay, look at me! Look down? Just with your eyes. There. Look up? Great. Close 'em again?" I heard a rattle in the makeup kit as Clarice selected another tool. "Because of that--don't squint, there-- all people need is the suggestion," a pause as she touched something narrow to my eyelid and traced it to the outside corner of my eye, "And they won't give it" now the other eyelid "A second thought." I heard a rattle as she reached for something in the kit.

I absentmindedly reached up to scratch my nose, lowering my head a little and opening my eyes--

"Ohmygod, Sammy! Oh oh oh ohhhh, I'm so sorry!" Clarice's forehead was wrinkled with concern and dismay. I had a hand over my watering eye, feeling stupid for actually poking it on the dull pencil she had been holding up to my face. I grinned, embarrassed. Clarice was stroking my cheek, and she smiled ruefully. "I'm sorry, baby! That's why I told you to close your eyes. Oh... Are you okay?"

I tried to be brave and open both eyes, even though the one was still watering. I smiled. She smiled back. Clarice tore a single square of toilet paper off the roll, folded several times. "Eyes up! Up up up. There!" I held as still as possible as I felt her using the tissue to soak up the tears that had caught in my eyelashes or rolled down onto my cheek.

"There, all good?" I nodded. "Alright, let's do something easy for a minute."

She dropped the tissue into the wastebasket and took out another flat, hand-sized box, but this one was plain black. Clarice popped this open, then used a broad, fluffy brush to make light sweeping motions across my cheeks, stroking away from my nose towards my ears. Then she snapped the box shut and dropped both pieces into the makeup kit again.

Then Clarice took out something that looked like scissors on one end, but had a strange rounded thing instead of blades. It seemed like some kind of strange medical device, and for a moment my brain raced, trying to figure out what part of my body it could possibly be used on.

"You ever seen one of these?" I looked at her, then at the thing, then back to her.

"Um. No?"

"Relax, baby! Here, I'll show you." Clarice winked her left eye shut, and held the thing up to her eyelid, and I saw that the shape of the rounded part more or less fit the contour of her eyeball, and I noticed that there was a slot in the middle of it. She worked the scissor-handles together so that the slot closed and bit down on her reddish eyelashes. Clarice held it up to her right eye and did the same thing, then opened both eyes and smiled.

The device had crimped her eyelashes so that they flared out dramatically. It occurred to me then that I had witnessed this effect hundreds of times before without realizing it.

"Wow!" I breathed. Clarice's light-blue eyes were naturally beautiful, and this thing with the eyelashes seemed to enhance and highlight them.

"Pretty cool, huh? Can I do yours?"


"Okay. Eyes closed. Try not to squint. There!" I felt two of her fingers on my cheek a just before the cool, curved metal of the device touched, but didn't press, my eyelid. The jaws of the device began to move together, and for a split second, I thought they would pinch my eyelids, but the pinch never came. Then it opened, lifted away, touched the other eyelid, "chomp".

"Now, look at me?" I opened my eyes. My eyelids didn't feel any different, but Clarice's face lit up with a delighted smile. "Oooh, sweetie! You are so precious!"

She sat back on my desk chair in front of me and seemed to take in my eyes, lips, hair, cheeks. Her eyes narrowed for a moment as she considered something. She turned towards the makeup kit, stopped for a moment and looked at me sidelong again, and then finally went ahead and reached into the case again.

She took out a finger-sized black cylinder with gold lettering on it and held it in front of her.

"Alright, this'll be the last thing we do for your eyes. You okay with that?" I nodded. "This is going to feel a little weird on your eyelashes, well, weirder, but I promise I'll be super careful, mkay?" I nodded again. Clarice took a deep breath and let it out. "Okay, hold reeeally really still. Look up!" I rolled my eyes up as far as they would go, and Clarice leaned so close that I could feel the breath from her nose on my chest. The dark, curved brush was huge in the lower left corner of my eye. It made contact with my eyelashes with a very slight tugging sensation.

She took her hand away. "You okay so far?" Her breath from her mouth was warm on my chin and lips, and I smelled faint traces of coffee and toothpaste mint. I blinked but otherwise held still. "Mm hmm!"

"Kay, I'm gonna do the other side now." I breathed deep through my nose and let it out again. "Mm hm."

Clarice's pinky knuckle approached my left eye as she brought the eyelash brush up to my right. I felt the tiny tug again. This time my eyelid seemed to really want to close up, against my wishes. I made an anxious noise in my throat. "Mmmmmmmmnnn! It tickleees!" I said through clenched teeth and barely parted lips.Clarice made a sympathetic noise "Aaaaaaaaalmost theeeere!... Done!" She sat back, holding the brush to one side. I blinked and squinted my dried out eyes and took a deep breath, just realizing that I had been holding it. "That was great! You doing alright? The last part will be easier. No, no, don't!"

I had been moving my hand to rub my eye but stopped, realizing I might smear the makeup. Instead I put my fingers on one side of my eye and stretched the skin, which relieved the itch well enough.

"Okay, look at me!" Clarice put the halves of the cylinder together for a moment an pulled them apart, readying the brush again. I stood up straight an looked straight ahead into Clarice's light blue eyes. She leaned forward, filling my field of vision. As my attention narrowed, it seemed as if her eyes became the center of my universe . What little I was aware of was magnified to the point that even individual seconds seemed to stretch to hold many times their normal volume. I could see the individual follicles of her eyelashes, the pink in the inner corners of her eyelids, the nearly invisible hairs on the surface of her skin. For a moment, I even thought I saw the faintest suggestion of a sparse sprinkling of freckles on her cheeks and nose. When she blinked, her upper eyelid rushed across surface of her eye like a wave and I could almost hear the individual lashes whipping slowly through the air, a moist impact when the upper and lower eyelids met, and then retracting again. I was able to watch her iris narrow and widen when her pupil was exposed again. Clarice's breath blew warm from her nose, barely touching my chin but swirling like a warm wind across the plane of my tanned chest and dissipating to nothing as it reached my belly.

I barely felt the tugging sweep on my upper eyelashes. Either they were less ticklish or I had gotten used to it, or I was so focused on Clarice's eyes to notice. I suddenly had a startling sensation of falling, but after a dizzy moment I realized it was the effect of Clarice leaning back, breaking the spell. She let out a sigh and smiled.

"Oh! You are so adorable!" She ran her hand gently over my shoulder and down my arm, then stood up. She took the bundle of white fabric and handed it to me."Here. Put these on. Make sure the tags go in the back!" Clarice picked up the chair from my desk and stepped out of the bathroom. I held a fold of the fabric in one hand and let it drop and unfold. A smaller bundle fell to the floor. Underwear? I stooped and picked it up, accidentally disturbing my towel so that it unwrapped and fell down to my feet. Not wanting to make Clarice wait, I held the panties up and figured out which side was the front. They were simple white cotton panties with just a little lace around the top, but I realized as I pulled them up that they pulled up further and the leg holes were cut higher than the boy briefs I was used to. I bent down and picked up the larger garment and pulled it over my head just as Clarice was stepping back into the bathroom.

Almost without looking at me, she reached over and picked up the comb with one hand and reached around my head and pulled the band from my hair with the other. She combed my hair for several minutes, bending to either side and leaning around to look at my hair from all angles. Then she passed one hand gently between my face and my hair and began combing from one side of my forehead to the other. Finally, she reached over and dropped the comb in the makeup kit, and her hand came back with a narrow black clip that she snapped into place where she had been holding my bangs.

Clarice stepped back a little, and took my shoulders, holding me back to inspect her work. I blinked and looked up at her. I was very aware of my hair touching the sides of my face, when I had usually held it back with a rubber band or a hat, but I kept my hands at my sides. Clarice knelt down slowly until she was face-to-face with me again, just staring with a kind of fascination and wonder.

"Oh baby, you are so precious." Clarice whispered and began to lean closer. My eyes slipped closed and my heart thrilled in anticipation of her kiss, but then--

"Ah! Almost forgot!" Clarice's hand rummaged in the makeup kit, picking out three lipsticks before finding what she was looking for. She pulled out the little brush and held it in her left hand.

"Lips!" she commanded. I puckered up and she giggled. "No, open!" Confused, I opened my mouth wider. Clarice laughed again. "Okay, let's try this."

She reached behind me with her right hand and pressed the small of my back, and finally our lips met. She kissed me for a few seconds, just long enough for all of my facial muscles to go slack. Before I knew it, she had disengaged and was working her wrist like a calligrapher to apply the lip gloss in a single complicated loop.

She screwed the wand back into the tiny bottle and dropped it in the makeup case.

Clarice grabbed my towel from behind my feet and stood up in front of me again, and just stared at me for a few moments with a strange, peaceful smile on her face. I didn't know what to say, so I just stared back at her. Then she whispered, "Close your eyes."

I did, and I heard her slip the damp towel onto the towel bar, then she took my shoulders and led me two steps to the side and turned me around.

Carice's hand stroked my arm. "Look."

I opened my eyes, and jumped when I saw that Clarice had somehow brought a young girl into the bathroom. The girl looked startled and took a step backwards and ran into Clarice, who was standing behind her. For a long moment, the girl and I simply stared at each other. She wore a white sundress, elegant in its simplicity, with plain tank top straps and a square-cut front that was modest but came down just low enough to suggest that the smooth dark honey expanse of her chest flowed not only up to her collarbones and neck, but also down under the crisp white linen. Her straight blonde hair hung in glossy cascades down to just above her armpits, parted to one side and held up at a slanting angle with a single thin black barrette. The girl's eyes were wide and dark. Her pink lips shone full and wet and were parted as she gasped, trying to recover from her fright.

Feeling Clarice's warmth behind me helped me settle down a little. The girl seemed to regain some of her composure as well. She stood up straighter, and the blonde hair rippled as she shifted. I began to turn my head to look back at Clarice, to ask her what the hell was going on, but then froze. My eyes were drawn back to the girl, who was now facing to one side but looking at me sidelong. The girl frowned slightly, as if noticing something she couldn't quite believe. She turned her head left, and then right, but her eyes studied my face as I studied hers. Her hand moved to finger her hair and I had the extremely unusual experience of being startled by my own hand in front of me. When I looked back at the girl, she had nodded her head and was gazing at me with smoldering half-lidded eyes.Clarice's hands appeared on the girl's shoulders. Clarice's face appeared next to the girl's as she bent down so they could both look at me side-by-side. Clarice turned her face towards the girl, and I felt Clarice's warm breath on my ear.

"You are sooohhh beautiful Sammie..." Clarice's pale hand cupped my tanned cheek at the last word, which carried a nearly subliminal but still unmistakable feminine quality as she breathed it out. Clarice held my right cheek and glanced sideways to meet my eyes in the mirror, then tipped her head to kiss my left cheek. She gently stroked my hair back and I leaned my head to the right, nuzzling her hand.

In the mirror, I watched as the young girl swooned, her eyelashes fluttering as Clarice fingered the flowing blonde hair back to kiss the tender skin behind the girl's ear, then her jaw, then her shoulder just above her collarbone. The girl shivered as Clarice's fingers skimmed across the tanned skin of her shoulder and under the strap of her dress.


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good set up

Red_Arrow 12/02/14(Tue)11:53 No. 15165 ID: 51a94f

(Chapter notes)
In a movie or manga, the face makeup part would be a sort of montage. Parts like his eye getting poked, saying "ah it tickles" would be interspersed with little cuts of them giggling, making fish lips at each other, laughing, her popping her eyes open after she uses the eyelash curler and him being startled. It would have a lighter mood than usual for this story and would probably be ten or fifteen seconds in a film or a single page in a manga, but I couldn't think of a way to do the montage effectively in writing, sorry about that.

The slowing of Sam's perceptions as Clarice applied the mascara to the upper lashes would only really work effectively on film, but it seemed like it would be an interesting effects shot to have the camera follow Clarice's breath in a semi-visible form as it blew across a tan bodyscape. Or maybe that's just me being infatuated with my own ideas again.

I'm not intentionally being a cocktease by posting another section with no fucking. I'm going on the assumption that if you can stand to read this stuff, you might appreciate the erotic experiences whose climaxes aren't necessarily orgasms.

I promise the next section will include intercourse.

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Got me hard. Bonus points if it doesn't end up on a ferris wheel, though I won't complain if it does.

Red_Arrow 12/02/15(Wed)10:43 No. 15192 ID: 51a94f

Bonus points? Challenge accepted! Actually, after the restroom, a ferris wheel seemed like the next most obvious place to take Clarice and Sammie. But I had a chance to ride in a ferris wheel a couple years ago. It was fun enough, but having intercourse on that ride would have to be a quick in-and-out stunt for purposes of bragging rights, not for getting satisfaction.

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So basically fucking his brains out for hours on end, only stopping when she can no longer go on. Sounds pretty hot to me. I especially like the visual of them collapsing together, with Clarice declaring her love as the two fall asleep spooned together, the strapon still inside Sammy.

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She's an athletic instructor, remember. Between that and the fact that she could put Sam on top so she can take a break, I imagine his ass wears out long before she does.

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Well, "fucking his brains out until he passes out, declaring his love as he falls asleep with the strapon still inside him" is still pretty hot.

Red_Arrow 12/02/17(Fri)10:50 No. 15216 ID: 51a94f

Sounds like it's pretty much unanimous that whatever happens, there should be a strapon involved, both should be exausted at the end, and they should fall asleep together with Sam still penetrated. Easy enough.

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Anyone know an easy way to get a blog that comes with built-in advertising revenue? I need a place to post my excuses for not producing and other real-life shit nobody cares about.

I know that when I'm holding my breath waiting for the next installment of a series, I love it when the creator blogs about how he's had the sniffles or about how his shitty day job has been wearing him out, instead of working on the goddamn story/comic/game.

(That was humor at my own expense. Sorry the next chapter is taking so long.)

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I understand what you are saying.
Though reading an authors blog where they write about their thoughts on the story can be good.
Writing about maybe you were going to do that, or you thought this up last minute whatever. That can be interesting.

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Like Robert Jordan. Baww I'm dying etc.

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Clarice's eyes glanced up at me and I thought I saw a mischievous twinkle as she lowered her lips to the place where the girl's neck met her shoulder. I would have been jealous if I hadn't felt Clarice's lips on my neck as well. Clarice nuzzled up to the girl's neck and felt the intake of breath as Clarice smelled the scent of her hair. I closed my eyes as the warm O of Clarice's lips left slightly damp spot on my shoulder--


I startled. The girl in the mirror wore a look of wide-eyed alarm. "What is it?!" she and I said at once. I lost sight of her as I turned my head to search Clarice's face as she hurriedly stood up over me and began to rummage in the makeup kit again.

"Mmmngh!" I let out a frustrated groan. As much as I had enjoyed the unique experience up till now, the stopping and starting was making me physically impatient. Clarice's eyes flicked from the makeup box to my newly feminized countenance in the mirror, then quickly back to the box. Even though she tried to keep it from showing on her face, I could read her thought clearly enough: "Oh god, so adorable!" She pulled out a tiny bottle that I actually recognized and sidestepped to stand in front of the toilet again.

I turned around and stepped with her, trying to keep a stern face fixed on hers. I could barely resist the urge to actually grit my teeth and stamp my feet. She put a hand on my chest and pushed. "Sit!" I stumbled back and flopped back down on the toilet lid.

"Hands!" I stuck my hands out in front of my, fingers apart, since I had recognized the fingernail polish she had taken from her makeup kit, and I knew generally how it was applied. Clarice smiled and sat down cross-legged again in front of me. "Very good." She made eye contact with me for just a moment, obviously making an effort not to giggle at my pouty little girl face.

"I know, I know, I'm sorry!" she said, sounding at least halfway sincere. She stuck the tiny glass bottle in my left hand and unscrewed the brush, "Hold it tight! Steady..." and took the pinky finger of my right. As Clarice painted three tiny strokes on my smallest fingernail, the bathroom was quickly filled with a smell that reminded me of the spray paint my dad and I used on our remote-control trucks. Clarice let go of my pinky.

"Ah ah ah! Hold it up." I lifted my hand back up as she took my right ring-finger. I wiggled my pinky, watching the bathroom lights play off the tiny metallic flakes in the otherwise clear polish.

Clarice squeezed my finger and smiled. "Hold still!"

I let out a half-joking exasperated sigh. As Clarice worked, she leaned close and I was able to see down the neck of her shirt to the curved white space between her breasts. Within a couple of minutes, she had dipped the brush four times, then transferred the bottle to my right hand. "Hold it like this," Clarice said, putting two fingers around the bottle and holding the other three far apart.

"I know, I got it!" I held out my left hand for her. Pinky...ring...middle...index...thumb...

Clarice inserted the brush into the polish bottle and took it from me. She scooted back, shaking the nail polish in one hand and picking up my right foot with the other.

"Oh, come ON!" I said impatiently, still holding my hands with the fingers apart, waiting for them to dry.

"What? You can't do the fingers but not the toes! Here, just relax."

I sighed again, letting my foot rest in her palm as she began to dab polish on my toenails.

"Don't worry, it dries really fast," Clarice said, hunching down over my other foot. "Okay, all done!"

Clarice sat back and screwed the nail polish brush and bottle back together, tossing it in the air and catching it, grinning at me. She leaned forward on her knees to set it on the bathroom counter beside the makeup kit, then sat back, taking my feet and easily lifting them up so my legs stuck straight out. She began to turn her head back and forth, blowing my toenails to make them dry more quickly.

After a couple of minutes, she touched a fingernail to one of my big toe nails to check if it was dry.

"There, see? That didn't take too long!" Clarice put her feet under her and levered herself into a standing position, then took my hands and pulled me up again. She moved me back so we could both face into the mirror again.

Again, the pretty blond-haired girl stepped into view with Clarice's pale hands on her tanned shoulders. She shivered exquisitely as Clarice's hands skimmed over the sides of her shoulders and swept down the girl's upper arms. As Clarice's hands moved back up the girl's arms, the pale tips of her fingers brushed the very edges of the front of the simple linen dress. When Clarice's hands came together against the girl's neck again, they began to spread downward, over her collarbones and onto the smooth expanse of her chest.

I could only watch in fascination as the pale hands of the larger woman slipped under the neck of the girl's sundress and out of sight, nudging the straps sideways. The girl's lips parted slightly as I felt Clarice's fingers slide down the front of my body, seeming to grab the entire front of my rib cage. When she brought her hands back up, her fingers came together to roll my stiffening nipples between them.

Clarice took her hands out of the dress and knelt down again, then reached up took both shoulder straps. As the straps fell down to the sides, the girl seemed to bring her hands up to keep the dress from falling down and exposing her. She turned her head to one side.

"But, my toes--"

"It's okay" Clarice breathed, warm between my shoulder blades, "They're dry."

The girl seemed shy as she turned back to face the mirror and, reluctantly, brought her hands down to let the dress fall down, first to her elbows, then to her hands, then...

Both of Clarice's hands snaked around the front of the girl's body. I felt Clarice's face pressing into my back, her mouth moving hungrily around the soft hollows between my vertebrae and scapulae. Her right arm held the girl just above her white panties as Clarice's left hand caressed the soft, tan skin of her belly, her chest. The girl began to breathe more deeply and tipped her chin back as the large, pale hand wrapped around to caress her neck.

As Clarice's hand caressed the girl's chin, two fingers slipped between her lips. Instinctively I opened my mouth wider, trying to wet them all over as they came inside. I felt a moment of panic as I felt Clarice's fingertips brush dangerously close to the back of my throat, threatening to trigger my gag reflex, but then the retreated a half inch. I licked Clarice's fingers hungrily as they spread apart and around, depressing my tongue and shoving at the inside of my cheek, and I thought I felt a soft laugh from Clarice as my teeth made the empty suggestion that they might bite down.

I tried to seal my lips around her fingers so I could suck on them, but their shape made it impossible and I ended up making a futile slurping noise, too late to keep the saliva from dripping from between my lips, down my chin, onto my chest. Clarice finally withdrew her fingers from my mouth, and in the mirror I saw the girl's head tip forward with clear strings that caught the lights, running down to the flat expanse of her chest and clinging to Clarice's fingertips. The girl's cheeks were flushed and she gasped for breath while Clarice's damp fingers drew a shiny streak across the girl's chest and circled around one pink nipple.

Then Clarice's left arm retreated behind the girl. Her blonde hair swung as her head turned to one side. I tried to move so I could be face-to-face with Clarice, but the next thing I knew, I saw the girl putting her hands up to the big arm that squeezed her around the middle, pinning her back against Clarice and keeping her from turning around. The girl's eyes widened and she let out a surprised moan as the wind was forced out of her. She put her hands out against the edge of the bathroom counter to steady herself, and her hair swung forward, hanging down the sides of her face.

Clarice rose to a standing position, tipping awkwardly to one side for a moment. When I hung my head down to look between my feet, I saw that her panties had dropped to the floor. I raised my head and saw the girl leaning with her hands on the counter, naked except for her panties, her blonde hair swinging, her eyes turned upward to look at Clarice in the mirror.

Clarice leaned over the girl, placing her pale right hand next to the girls smaller, tender one on the counter. She locked eyes with the girl in the mirror, and was doing something between the two of them that the girl couldn't see. The young girl gasped, and I felt Clarice's left hand against the backs of my thighs. Her fingers gently grasped, holding the girl's behind, and then tracing along the edge of one elastic leg-hole down, down. The girl's hair rippled as she shifted her feet wider apart. Clarice's hand moved under, just barely grazing the surface of the white panties and the skin beneath it. It slid forward again, this time nudging the back of my scrotum and causing my pelvic muscles to contract and my erection to strain against the elastic waistband. I tried to push back against Clarice's hand.

She withdrew her hand again for a few seconds, and then it slid down the back of my panties, her fingers spreading out across my buttocks and her middle finger slipping slightly into the crack. It was wet and somehow slippery and sticky at the same time. Her hand grasped again, clasping my ass and slipping further into the crack, and then she took it out again.

The girl looked into Clarice's eyes, begging and confused. Why did she keep...?

In answer, Clarice reached her left hand around the girl's neck and put two fingers between her glossy lips. I immediately tasted the tangy, salty flavor that existed nowhere but inside Clarice. From the corner of my eye, I watched as the blonde girl sucked at the larger woman's fingers, curling her little tongue around them, nibbling at them, gulping, trying to swallow them, not even caring if she gagged. When Clarice finally took her fingers from the girl's mouth, she made high, disappointed little moan.

But seconds later, Clarice had her hand back in my panties, spreading more of her own wetness between my buttocks and behind my scrotum. Each time her hand came back, it slipped the back of the waistband down further, so that soon my ass was completely exposed, and my crack was thoroughly lubricated with her natural lubricant.

When I saw Clarice's arm moving upward instead of back, I was ready for her: I opened my mouth wide and nearly bit her as three fingers came to spread her delicious taste on my tongue. Almost immediately, saliva flooded my mouth and began to run down her hand. Even as I tried to keep my mouth on her hand, she yanked it free. Strings of slobber dripped from my lips and her fingers as she brought it around, back--

--The young blonde girl's head tipped as she gasped. The lip gloss that hadn't rubbed off, the pink of her tongue, the darker wet pink depth of her mouth, all the way to the back of her throat--

Clarice's hand grabbed my ass, thumb and forefinger on one side, pinky and ring finger on the other, and the middle dropped in a smooth arc to hesitate at the center for just a few seconds, swirling and pressing until it was inside, then it pushed and slid in to the second knuckle, and stopped.

The blonde girl's deliciously smooth tanned chest heaved, and her elbows bent slightly, as if her body meant to try and escape the invasion, but Clarice's hand matched the movement persistently until her middle finger had all but disappeared and her other fingers made deep impressions in the firm, round ass cheeks to either side. After a couple of deep, gasping breaths, the girl's elbows extended and locked and her head drooped.

I felt Clarice's body bend slightly lower over mine, and her warm breath played with the hair that hung over my ear. "I love you, Sammieeeee..." At the end of this breath, her hand began to slip slowly back, away.The girl's head snapped up to look at Clarice in the mirror, even as she thrust her hips backwards to keep the finger inside from slipping out. Clarice's eyes met the girl's in the mirror. Clarice smiled wickedly and pressed into the tender flesh again, crushing the little ass still harder to get another half-inch deeper. I couldn't watch any more: My eyes were shut tight, but a cry that sounded like equal parts pleasure and alarm was forced from my mouth. I felt Clarice's gentle laugh on my hair again, and in my mind, I saw her with one eyebrow raised in slight mock surprise to discover I liked this so much.

Clarice's hand eased back again, and I drew another breath, then let it out as a slightly more controlled groan as she came in again slightly more forcefully. With her next withdrawal, I straightened my back somewhat so that she nearly slipped out, and then arched my hips out and back again to meet her hand as it thrust into me again. Within just a handful of repetitions, my body seemed to settle into an instinctual rhythm, pulling away just enough before reversing direction until it was impossible to go further, then relaxing forward again.

gggt 12/03/14(Wed)13:41 No. 15473 ID: d85743

Not a fan of crossdressing, but that was hot. Hope the strapon scene involves a non crossdressed Sam.

Red_Arrow 12/03/14(Wed)19:30 No. 15474 ID: 463b18

Obviously this whole section has been about feminizing the male character. I've tried to make this last part less about Sam feeling like he has turned into a girl and more about the weird split experience of his girlfriend making love to him while he's watching his girlfriend make love to another girl.

So I guess it's about seeing how many fetishes I can pack into a single section: straight shota + feminization + yuri + voyeurism = win

Anonymous 12/03/16(Fri)09:38 No. 15488 ID: f604d2

that was awesome

Anonymous 12/03/18(Sun)21:06 No. 15516 ID: 5b2f27


Anonymous 12/03/22(Thu)10:04 No. 15564 ID: f604d2

I would actually like to see Clarice bring a female friend around the same age as herself, to have a three way with Sam

Anonymous 12/03/23(Fri)04:34 No. 15568 ID: 12544e

That wouldn't make any sense. She's "in love" with him why would she do that.

Anonymous 12/03/25(Sun)10:13 No. 15611 ID: f604d2

on the sheer basis of hotness

Anonymous 12/03/29(Thu)07:34 No. 15671 ID: f604d2


Anonymous 12/04/02(Mon)12:24 No. 15706 ID: f604d2


Anonymous 12/04/09(Mon)03:51 No. 15768 ID: f604d2

more please

Red_Arrow 12/04/10(Tue)08:22 No. 15792 ID: 26c913

Clarice buried her face in my hair, turning her nose and lips back and forth over my scalp. She inhaled the strange, fresh, feminine scent and exhaled warm, past my ear and neck and chest. The motion of her right hand began to slow, became more gentle, while her left reached and turned the sink faucet on hot. Almost immediately my face and bangs started getting moist from the steam. Clarice's finger slid slowly until just the tip was in, then with an unexpected twirl, it popped out.

Somewhere in my head was a vague question about how many times she was going to tease me like this, but just as I was drawing breath and bringing my head upright again, Clarice said "Here, hold this under the hot water, okay? I'll be right back. Careful not to burn yourself!"

I let the breath back out as a sigh of resignation, held out my hand. A black squeeze-tube dropped into it, and I rested my weight on my elbows to hold it under the stream of hot water. Standing there in the bathroom, naked, bent over the sink, I was startled again, slightly, to see the blonde girl in the mirror again, this time with steam wafting up in front of her. Her expression was mostly dazed, but it also gave just a hint of annoyance; a tension between her eyebrows and at one corner of her lips. I stood there and stared, listening to Clarice knee-walking around on the big bed, the swoosh of bedclothes being rearranged, the yelp of a zipper being yanked open.

I pulled up the back of my panties and gave my furious, neglected erection a single stroke with the palm of my hand, pressing it back against my belly. I was just barely able to stretch the waistband up over the tip so that they held it in tight at an only slightly uncomfortable angle.

Even when the girl in the mirror had turned into a steamy blurr, I could still make out the hazy red reflection of Clarice's hair when she appeared behind me. She reached over my shoulder and turned off the fauced, then plucked the hot tube from my fingers. Taking a step towards the doorway, she leaned down and grasped my hand.

"C'mon," she whispered, and led me with a tender smile into the bedroom, flipping the bathroom light off.

It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the relative darkness. Clarice had lit half a dozen candles and placed them around the room. She took a couple of steps then stopped, but kept guiding me towards the bed by my hand, turning me around to face her. It was only then that I noticed that she had taken off the tee shirt and panties.

That was the first time since our affair had begun that I had seen her naked body from a distance of more than a few inches, and I was able to take in the entirity of the unbroken surface of her skin in the yellow candle light. She shifted her weight onto one side, and I noticed a faint indentation left by her panties on her hip. Just for a moment, Clarice seemed truly naked; slightly self concious, vulnerable. Even at that age, I somehow felt the how special it was to see this in the young woman swimming instructor who wears form-fittingest of form-fitting swimsuits. She almost seemed to be reluctant to meet my eyes, glancing to them for a half a second before retreating down my body to my chest, my knees, my hand, my shoulder.

The moment lasted for maybe two breaths, then Clarice's eyes came to rest on my face (my lips?), and she took a slow step towards me, bending her neck and raising her left hand to release the clip that held her hair. Her nose wrinkled and her eyes squinted as she raised her right hand too in order to fidget the clip out of a slight tangle. She tossed the clip next to the bed with one hand and pulled her hair free with the other an just before her lips made contact with mine there was a whooshing intake of breath I recognized from when she was about to dive underwater.

For several heartbeats we were still, her head slightly lowered, mine tipped back. My hands were frozen halfway into the gesture of reaching for her, like they had forgotten where they were going and couldn't decide what to do next. Her hand came to rest on my shoulder and the pressure on my lips increased and I felt myself tipping backwards onto the bed. I bent so that I half fell, half sat down on the edge of the bed, but Clarice kept her hand on my shoulder and followed me down, still pushing me back, back, until I had to start scooting awkwardly, further onto the bed, and she still kept pushing on my lips and I finally just let myself fall flat on the fresh sheets with her on all fours over me. Our kiss had barely broken its seal through this whole manouvre, so Clarice's hair was like dark tent with just enough room for our faces.

The world seemed to collapse inward again until it seemed like I was nothing but a pink slug, plunging and wallowing in warm, extatic blindness. My visitor was unusually gentle, almost shy. Dispite her superior mass, she moved with sensuously back and forth, allowing me to swim around her and feel all of her surface with all of mine. She let me play at shoving and subduing her, like letting me win at thumb wrestling even though she could not only throw me off but pin me with such strength that even if I stood up and yanked I couldn't get free.

Clarice's mouth came away with a slurp, then touched the corner of my lips, inhaling and vacuuming up some of the slobber that had leaked down onto my chin and cheeks. The breath came back out in a giggle as she raised her face a little and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. My gaze flicked down to her hand and then back to her eyes and I couldn't help giggling myself as I wiped my own face.

Still smiling broadly, Clarice began to lower her face again and I felt a sharp tug at one side of my head as she put her weight on a lock of my hair.


Her forehead wrinkled and she gave a whispered "Ooooh!" of apology. She stroked the side of my head, then ran a hand under my neck and head so that my hair spread out on the bed, like a yellow floor to our red tent. She finally rested the weight of her upper body on her elbows so that our faces were inches apart. Clarice's hands rested on the bed above my head. She hovered there, just staring at me with calm fondness and the faintest trace of confusion, as if there was a subliminal part of her that couldn't believe what it was seeing. I stared back into her light blue eyes, sometimes tracing the lines of her eyebrows or her lips or her nostrils with my gaze. I was keenly aware of her breasts touching my chest and I didn't know what to do with my hands, because I wasn't sure how to lay them on her and it seemed somehow inappropriate to try and stroke my penis.

Clarice blinked and her eyes came to rest above my left eyebrow. Still smiling, she turned her head and came down. My eyelids flickered shut as Clarice caressed my face with her lips, chin, cheeks, nose, eyelids. She gently nuzzled my head to one side, then the other, passing under my chin to each ear and over my mouth. She rocked back on her elbows and knees and her breasts dragged down my chest, and she was exploring the hollows of my collar bones, then she stopped with a very deliberate, open, moist sucking kiss in the center of my chest. Then another, a few inches lower.

A small, sharp exhale against my belly told me Clarice was giggling silently, and I raised my head just enough to make eye contact with her as she brought her head down to make another damp spot just above my navel. As she moved further down, my erection dug into the soft skin over the bone between her breasts. Then it was under her chin, and she looked up at me, opening her mouth and dropping her jaw so my penis was slowly bent out straight. Still looking me directly in the eyes, she tilted her head back slightly, releasing my penis so that it swung back against my belly with a slap.

With a mischeivous smile, her lips lowered below the horizon of my pelvis, but my eyes were soon shut again as she placed a wide, wet tongue against my scrotum and moved my thighs apart with her hands. She ran her palms up my belly and back down the v-shape to my thighs, just barely touching the sides of my straining erection with her thumbs. At the same time, her tongue snaked its way under my balls and down along the seam of my perineum. As it searched still lower, I splayed my knees apart and humped my hips upward to expose myself more fully to her.

Clarice finally gave me some relief from the teasing, licking down into my crack, probing towards what had become, for the time being, my own pussy, complete with the juice she had lent me. Slipping one hand under my ass to hold me up, she wrapped the other around my shaft and pulled downward, making the head bulge. she stopped after only a few strokes and began to kiss her way up my torso again, crawling back up on all fours. She lowered herself so that one thigh was between mine. The red arrow made a small tickling patch in the mass of smooth flesh that stroked my body from between my knees all the way up to my navel. Clarice gradually let her weight rest on her thigh, which in turn caressed my erection, and I flexed upward against her, grinding against the beautiful softness. When she kissed me, her mouth even brought the taste of the pussy juice she had licked from between my legs.

Carefully holding up her upper body with one hand, Clarice wound the other down and under my body, so that my pelvis was pressed between her thigh and the other hand under my ass. While we were kissing and grinding her fingers spread out to grasp one cheek and slip into the cleft, squeezing and probing tantalizingly close to my opening, just barely touching but nowhere near penetrating. I held onto her waist, trying to somehow thrust against her while still wiggling my hips to bring her fingertips in closer.

Clarice broke our kiss, looking into my eyes but not making a move to wipe away the slobber that trailed from her mouth to mine. Her face was flushed pink and her eyes were half-lidded, and her open-mouthed smile widened slightly from the reaction as she shifted and slid downward against me again.

"Do you want this now?" she asked, giving the buttock in her hand an extra hard squeeze and making one finger poke directly at the pink center. At this point, I could only nod emphatically and try to catch my breath. Clarice got up on all fours again and rolled me over so I was face down, this time with a small pillow under my chest and chin.

"Don't move. Just relax," she whispered in my ear from behind. The bed jolted slightly as she knee-walked to the edge again and stood up, and I heard her take something out of her gym bag.

Anonymous 12/04/10(Tue)10:35 No. 15793 ID: 5b2f27

Gaaaah! You're such a tease, Arrow.

Anonymous 12/04/11(Wed)05:25 No. 15802 ID: f604d2

this is going to be great

Red_Arrow? 12/04/11(Wed)07:19 No. 15806 ID: 26c913

I don't mean to be, honest! I won't blog up this thread, and I won't say I'll try harder to get sections out faster. One of my favorite stories in the Nifty archive went to hell that way (or some way) and I don't want to do the same.

I can see the potential for hotness with a FbF scene, but >>15568 is correct. It just wouldn't fit the story. That's why I haven't brought Grace back.

On the other hand, I already have some other ideas that won't fit this story either, so there's hope.

Having someone predict something I'm doing will be great is a very high compliment, thank you

One last thing: I'm thinking about posting under the name Pontiac (or some alternate spelling). Red Arrow is taken by a third string DC Comics character, and there's no directionality to it, but if you know what the Pontiac symbol looks like... what I was thinking of when I typed in Red Arrow. I wish I'd thought of it sooner. If there's a great reason not to do this that I'm overlooking please tell me!

Anonymous 12/04/18(Wed)23:37 No. 15885 ID: f604d2


Anonymous 12/04/26(Thu)12:15 No. 15976 ID: f604d2


Anonymous 12/04/26(Thu)13:35 No. 15981 ID: 20e7d8




I drive a grand prix.

Anonymous 12/04/29(Sun)11:33 No. 16006 ID: f604d2

the fuck you say

Anonymous 12/05/03(Thu)07:55 No. 16039 ID: 28c12a


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