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Canvas Stef 14/11/21(Fri)22:14 No. 22859 ID: ebd7e7

(mind control, gender change, solo, m/f)

The first time it happened, I didn't know what I was doing.

I hadn't been able to sleep. This wasn't especially abnormal, but usually I'd have to skip a night's rest and then the next day I'd be able to get a few hours in. Enough to feel human.

This was study hall, which amounted to a blow off class for most of us. I was going on 72 hours without any shuteye and while the girls in front of me were playing a card game and the football guys were talking about freshman girls in the corner behind me, I was resting my head on my arms and trying to count some sheep.

I had been becoming more and more serious in art class over the last few years and now that I was a senior, art had become my calling. The teacher had let me move from pencils to colored pencils to paint by the time I was a sophomore and I was a regular in highschool art exhibitions now. This got me out of P.E. and needing fine arts credits and with most of my serious classes done now, I could use art class as an excuse to get half days when I wanted them.

The lack of sleep was beginning to affect my work, though, so I slowed my breathing and ignored the noise everyone was making in an attempt to get some of that back. My social life was basically nil due to what my doctor said might be a rare form of autism. I find it hard to meet people, and my sex drive suffers from the antidepressants. Painting really is all I have, most days.

Sleep came over me like it usually did, a fickle thing that came when I was at the breaking point. Sometimes, due to my restlessness, I have what they call lucid dreams. Sitting in studyhall, I was aware that I was asleep, but still cognizant enough to know that I was sleeping. Most of my rest is that way.

This time, everything was even more vivid than usual. I could actually see the girls there having a conversation. I moved over to them, looking over my shoulder to see myself sleeping still. A haze hung over the classroom, like they were playing cards in a burning building. Somewhere, in a dense bank of black clouds in the corner, I could hear the football players laughing about something.

The girls weren't bothered as I walked over their card game. Rebecca Nowell was wearing a low cut top and I could see the tops of her breasts. This was a dream, right? I bent down and tried to touch them, surprised when my hands passed right through them. She was short and on the thicker side, but had amazing tits and liked to wear denim skirts and low cut shirts. Despite her trashiness, she didn't date much and never responded well to being hit on by te guys at school.

I always figured she just enjoyed getting their attention and shooting them down.

I moved around the group, trying to look down each girl's shirt or up their shorts. Mostly it was a lost cause. Two fo them were wearing t-shirts and pants, though I did pause for a couple minutes to admire Cynthia's yoga pants at floor level. I still couldn't shake the feeling I got looking down Rebecca's shirt, though.

Rebecca had the best view of her own tits, so I tried to sit where she was sitting, kneeling and plopping back indian style in the same position she was in. The black clouds that filled the classroom faded and I blinked, aware that I could feel the carpet on my bare asscheeks.


Kate discarded her hand and drew 5 more cards, "Nope, go fish".

They looked at me, and Cynthia asked, "Becky?"

I cautiously placed my hand of cards down in the discard pile and stammered, "Uh... no-I.. go fish".

I drew 5 more cards carefully, feeling strange in what was apparently Rebecca's body.

Kate looked at me strangely, "Are you okay? You looked really upset for a second there."

I took a deep breath, wishing I could end this right now, but not sure how to, "I'm... not feeling that well, I guess. I might have to sit this one out."

"Aww" Deidra said and reached over, rubbing her hand back and forth across my back. Rebecca's skin felt so different to be in. She had been sitting with the back of her skirt behind her and I could feel the carpet on my ass and, even stranger, the string of the thong I was wearing between my asscheeks.

I put the cards back down and pushed myself up onto my knees, trying to stand and finding that her body felt so different that it was almost hard to keep my balance. Becky had wide hips and big breasts, which nearly pulled me over forward. I managed to hang onto the front of a desk to keep my balance, though.

I walked carefully around the desk and slid into the seat, not entirely sure how to keep my clothes from showing my underwear. I ended up doing what she had done earlier and pushing the back of the skirt out and crossing my legs. The plastic was cold against my ass and my big thighs pressing together sent a little jolt up through my spine.

This turned me on a little, as attention shifted away from me and back to the game. I squeezed my thighs tighter and felt the familiar sensation of blood rushing to my lap, but instead of growing hard like I used to before I went on medication, I felt myself getting slippery. The more I squeezed, the more the strange sensation warmed my lap.

I felt the heat crawling up my body to my breasts and felt my nipples stiffen under my bra. I looked down and saw them standing out against my top. I looked to make sure no one was looking and was shocked to see two of the guys sitting to the side of me watching me.

All I could do was shrug and give them a "fuck off" look. They blinked and looked away. I hadn't realized how obvious what I was doing was. The fact that they had homed in on my being aroused so easily was sort of thrilling.

I wished I had an excuse to be by alone so I could touch myself and see what it was like. I remembered that I had left myself sleeping face-down on my desk and when I looked over to make sure I was doing all right, I realized that my real body looked a little stiff and dead. My skin was looking a little paler than normal and I knew this was probably a bad sign.

I closed my eyes and concentrated, hoping this would get me back into myself. I told myself where I wanted to be, back in Daniel's body.

No dice.

Growing more nervous, I stood and moved over to the desk next to the one my body was sleeping in and reached over slowly. I touched my back and felt how cold my body was. I wasn't breathing much. I could hear the faint wheezing.

I concentrated harder, the warmth that I had previously been full of flooding out as a chill ran up my back. Shit, this was bad. The room began to grow darker and I kept forcing myself away from Rebecca's gravitational pull. The farther I got, the easier the pushing became and before long, I stumbled away from her, inside the cloud-filled room once more.

I quickly sat in the desk where I had left my body behind and felt immediately like I was going to lose consciousness. My lungs opened and I gasped for air. Several breaths later and the dark clouds faded at last. The study hall teacher looked over at me.

"Daniel, are you all right?" Mrs. Brenner asked.

I looked over at her with red eyes and cheeks and nodded, "Yeah. I had... a nightmare"

One of the jocks bursted out laughing and the others in class followed suit. Eventually Mrs. Brenner frowned and went back to grading papers. I gasped for breath and eventually felt like myself again, surprised to find that I was feeling somewhat more rested than before. There was no doubt that I had come closer than I would have liked to suffocating, but I had probably spent a whole 15 minutes outside of my body before it came to that.

I knew it was sad and desperate, but I hoped I could do the same thing in class tomorrow.

Anonymous 14/11/22(Sat)00:34 No. 22861 ID: 2a4022

Wow, I really like the idea of taking over someone's body.

I hope you will finish this one.

Anonymous 14/11/22(Sat)04:12 No. 22862 ID: 15bc0a

seems interesting.

rin!y7chl82msE 14/11/23(Sun)10:47 No. 22865 ID: 8b1ade

Good premise and start. Let's see if you can keep it up.

2 Stef 14/12/02(Tue)22:35 No. 22894 ID: ebd7e7

I couldn't sleep at home, and by the time school started the next day, I was a wreck. My eyes could only stay open if I sat up straight and concentrated, though at the end of each class I didn't end up retaining any of it. Study hall rolled around, and I ended up doing what I usually did.

I took a nap in the corner, only this time I placed my phone under my folded arms.

My suspicion that my lucid dreaming wasn't a one time thing was confirmed when I stood and watched myself sleep. I seemed to be doing okay today sleeping, so I looked around at who else was in study hall with me.

Kate was absent, but Cynthia and Rebecca were drawing on a sheet of paper between them. Their friend Deidra was sitting in the corner texting. She was wearing a red skirt with some tights and a black tank top. She always had a sexy, gothic vibe going on and liked to smoke cigarettes with the kids who hung out behind the theater building. I decided to try taking control of her the way I had Rebecca the day before.

Deidra was sitting indian style on the floor and so I sat where she was sitting and crossed my legs. I could feel her there the moment before I could feel myself inside of her skin. I looked around and could feel how different her body was than mine. She was short and petite and felt very light weight.
I slid the phone into her purse and stood up. My hair smelled like coconut mingled with lingering cigarette smoke and I smiled inadvertently. I looked down at my legs and saw that my black and white striped tights clung tightly to my slender legs and remarked at how girls clothing made me feel naked compared to my own clothes. I went quickly to the desk where I slept soundly and reached under my arms.

My cellphone

This would be an experiment worth attempting. I made sure my body was breathing okay, and it seemed to be. Deidra's legs carried me nimbly over to the teacher's desk and I realized I was moving somewhat wildly. I calmed down and stood by Mrs. Brenner's desk.

"May I use the restroom please?" I asked sweetly, loving how high my voice was.

She glared at me, "Just be sure come back this time."

I was a little startled at how much Mrs. Brenner didn't like Deidra, but nodded slowly.

She reluctantly handed over the pass and I walked out of the room briskly with both Daniel's cellphone and my cellphone in my purse. I decided I could use this new skill to settle some of my curiousities about my classmates.
Carefully, I checked inside of the girls bathroom at the end of the hall. These bathrooms were smaller and always empty during class hours, so I figured I'd be safe here. I slipped inside and looked at mysef in the mirror.
Deidra looked surprised and then I smiled at myself. Her face didn't look like herself. I experimented with scowling at the mirror until I looked right. I chewed my lip while scowling and felt a little shock run down from deidra's nipples to her ass.

I went to pull out my cell phone from the purse and gasped when I saw it: A little blue cylinder with a black bottom, about 4 inches long.
Deidra had a vibrator in her purse. I pulled it out and twisted the bottom, gasping when it came to life and buzzed in my hands. Quickly, I put it back in her purse so I wouldn't get distracted from my purpose.

I ignored it for a bit and took a selfie scowling and chewing my lip. The cool air in the bathroom made my nipples stiffen and grated against a rough texture inside my shirt that I knew had to be my bra. I lifted my shirt and flashed myself in the mirror. I had on a black bra with little skulls all over it. The stitching on the skulls was what was rough against my skin when I moved.

After a few moments of struggling, I managed to reach my own bra clasps and released it one hook at a time. After the third, I felt it fall away and pulled the straps off, lifting my tank top to see my little red nipples standing up hard. I had a mole next to my left breast and reached over, running my fingertips across my nipples. The sensation made me gasp and I set the phone down for a moment and teased my nipples between my fingertips.
I could feel myself getting warm and wet in my panties and took a few pictures of my tits flashing the camera with my scowl, then took my shirt off completely. I unclasped the skirt and stepped out of it, snapping a couple pictures shirtless in striped tights. Seeing my own body turned me on, and I was dying to see what kind of underwear Deidra was wearing.

I took a picture of my little ass in the tights, barely enough material to cover my butt with the top of a pair of dark purple panties sticking out. I bent and pulled them down, stepping out and looking at myself in my panties.

My legs were slender and china white. My breasts were little white handfulls with hard, red raspberries for nipples. I licked my lips and took pictures of myself from all angles with Daniel's phone before pulling Deidra's long black socks back on. I looked perfect that way, long black socks and dark purple underwear.

They were wet in the crotch by now, and I took a picture of the wetness.

I became aware of a drumbeat happening somewhere in my head, and knew what I was moving toward. I quickly moved into a stall with the other clothes I had taken off. Locking the door behind me, I closed the toilet lid and sat down. I slid the panties down to the floor and admired Deidra's neatly trimmed pussy, covered in soft black hair. I took a picture and then another as I slid the fingers of my other hand through my soaking wet lips.
The sensation of my fingertips dragging along my clit made me pant softly in the empty bathroom and I beg stroking faster. Through trial and error, I discovered how to turn myself on and I reached down with wet and shaking fingers into my purse to find the vibrator I had there.

I pulled it out and twisted the base, taking a video as I rubbed the vibrating nub across my lips, yelping at first and pulling it away, then easing it forward against myself. The feeling was quickly intoxicating and in moments I had to concentrate to keep the camera steady while I cooed helplessly in an attempt to keep from screaming.

The wavs of pleasure were mounting and I turned the phone off and dropped it into my purse. That was enough material for now. I used both hands to hold the vibrating finger against myself and stroked it up and down. I was leaned back against the toilet now and my socked feet were on the walls of the restroom stall. My eyes were squeeed tight and I could feel myself yearning to be filled.

I reached down with one hand and began massaging two fingers against my entrance while I held the vibrator to my clit. My legs pushed against the bathroom stall walls and I couldn't stand the sensation anymore. I came and felt my pussy clench greedily aorund my fingers. I dropped the vibrator and massaged my swollen pussy, panting as the door to the restroom flew open.

"Deidra?" a girls voice called out.

I swallowed and took a deep breath to steady myself, "Uh... yeah?"

I could hear two feet scurrying inside, "I thought that was you. What the hell are you doing? Mrs. Brenner sent me to get you from behind the theater building."

I reached down and picked my clothes up off of the floor, "I had to go really bad".

I pulled on my panties and stepped into my tights and she laughed, "Yeah, it sounded like it. Who were you texting? I bet you slipped away to sext Darren Larson again, didn't you?"

My tights were up and I stepped down into my skirt, not sure who I was even talking to, "No, really. I just wanted to pee."

I managed to get my shirt on, but knew it didn't look right without my bra on. I chewed my lip again, this time in anticipation. Time to test the bond between Deidra and her friend.

"Bullshit, just tell me!" Rebecca called as I opened the stall door. I lifted my shirt and turned my back toward her, pointing up at my open bra clasps.

"Buckle it for me?" I asked cheerfully.

"I knew it!" she shouted, and then I felt my bra stretch backward as she reclasped it for me.

"Our secret okay?" I told her.

She smiled, "You me and Darren."

We went back to class and I slipped Daniel's phone back under his arms and sat back on the floor cross legged like I had been before. This time, I felt a little more graceful slipping out of my new body and into my old one. I drifted across the room and woke up, a little drool on my arm but no worse for wear. A cursory glance through my phone showed at least 30 pictures and a five minute video that I had taken. I hurried home after school and locked myself in my room.
The biggest disappointment was, watching myself as Deidra did nothing for me at all, but while I had been her, I had felt such electricity pulsing through me. The overstimulation of being in her skin had caused anything I tried to do for myself when I got home to be completely worthless.

All the same, I saved all of Deidra's pictures in a folder passworded on my laptop and cleared them from my phone.

Anonymous 14/12/04(Thu)02:45 No. 22900 ID: fe7327

Superb, more please.

Stef 15/01/05(Mon)23:05 No. 23070 ID: ebd7e7

Everyone was panicked and I silently wondered what the hell was going to happen now as two of the kids in the EMT program began CPR on Daniel Ridge. I crossed my arms nervously and glanced back at Ian Larson who came up behind me and put his arms around me. I stiffened some, caught off-guard, but allowed myself to sink back against his muscular chest and stomach. I could still smell the sweat on him from earlier. I had known this was a bad idea from the start, and now I had a real problem on my hands.

Mrs. Brenner was talking to a 911 operator and put her hand over the phone to say "Everyone who isn't certified to give CPR please go wait in the library for next period and don't go spreading this around."

Ian laced his fingers with mine and we walked along together toward the library. We were both silent, but for different reasons. He was likely upset over Daniel dying while we were out of the room, but I was weighing the ramifications of being trapped in Cynthia Haynes' life. I didn't know the first thing about being her, just like I hadn't known that Cynthia had been teasing Ian with nude photos for days following last weeks football game and that he'd take her leaving the room for the restroom as an invitation to sneak out.

The study hall period had begun for Daniel like it usually did. He went to sleep in the corner and decided which of the girls in his class looked the hottest. By now, he had seen most of them, some several times. Cynthia was on drill team and the drill team had been working on homecoming banners instead of going to stud yhall for the last week or so, and he had been dying to take some nude photos of her.

This class, Cynthia showed up in her drill team uniform since there had been a pep rally after lunch, and Daniel couldn't think of anything he'd rather do than slip into her body and take some pictures followed by the electrifying process of figuring out where Cynthia's body was most sensitive.

Strangely , as Deidra, playing with her clit could make her cum so powerfully, but as Rebecca or Kate, she could only cum from penetration. Neither girl carried anything like a dildo in their purses, but Deidra had a big hair brush in her purse which Daniel had ended up riding on the bathroom floor in the handicap stall. Kate had been even better. Her contact lens solution bottle was about 7 inches long and two inches thick. Getting that inside her had been a little more time consuming than she had planned and had hurt more than the brush handle, but being stretched around it had felt so good. Had Cynthia not been in class today, he was planning to stretch Kate around the lens solution bottle again today.

But today, Cynthia asked for the restroom pass and the football players, huddled in the back, chided Ian that he was way too much of a pussy to follow her and to try and get some. She hurried down the hall after snatching Daniel's cell phone discreetly, feeling the cool air against her bare legs underneath her drill team skirt. She passed Mr. Harris in the hall and smiled up at him. When she was nearing the girl's bathroom at the end of the hall, she glanced back and caught Mr. Harris stealing a look at her. His gaze lingered for a moment before he continued on in the other direction. She watched him leave and felt a twitch, knowing a teacher had been watching her ass and didn't care that she knew.

Cynthia was one of the shorter girls in school even among the other freshmen. She had been one of the football players' favorite topics all year long, and it was common knowledge that all of them were trying to sleep with her. She was exactly what you might expect a skinny blonde airhead to be : vapid and flirtatious.

She hurried inside the girls bathroom and didn't waste any time taking upskirt photos and snapping a few mirror selfies from several angles. She slipped her arms out of the little white vests the drill team wore and tossed it on the counter, taking a couple pictures of herself in the black full body tights she had on underneath. Already, she was getting excited from oggling herself. After a couple seconds of fumbling, she pulled her strapless bra out from under the body tights and admired her tits through the see-through black fabric. They were unbelievably big looking on her little body, though they were really just c cups.

A noise from the doorway caused Cynthia to spin around, and she saw that Ian was standing there watching her, smiling.

"Taking some more pictures for me, I see" he said, moving toward her slowly, "But now you can just show me in person."

Cynthia was paralyzed for a moment, her lips with strawberry lip gloss hanging open and her eyes with blue school spirit eyeliner and mascara were wide. Now that eyes were on her, she wished she wasn't standing here half naked in body tights and a skirt. He had crossed the room and was almost to her, so she took a careful step backward.

"No... not here" Cynthia pleaded, trying not to say anything that would blow her cover.

Ian shrugged, "Nobody ever comes to this one. Perfect for sending me more tease pictures from, huh? Plus I propped the trashcan under the door handle so nobody can bother us."

Before Cynthia could say anything else, Ian had reached her and slipped his hands around her waist. Somewhere inside, Daniel whimpered, feeling Cynthia's already aroused body responding to Ian pulling her closer with his hands on her hips. Ian's lips landed on hers and she closed her eyes and let him push his tongue inside her mouth, finding hers with his and sliding his hands down over her ass through the skirt. They lifted the fabric out of the way and she could feel his big, strong hands squeeze her ass through the tights and the dark blue spanks she was wearing to cover her butt in case her skirt blew up while they were doing a routine.

His hands found the waist of her spanks underneath the skirt and slipped down the back, cradling her bare ass through the tights. Distressed, Daniel fought to overcome the warmth crawling through the lower half of his body. He wasn't attracted to guys, but Cynthia obviously was, and her hormones were now his. Her little frame was pressed tight against Ian's powerful, varsity linebacker's body and his growing bulge was pressing into the top of her stomach. Her tights were damp and the space where her thighs met was becoming slippery from it. She kissed him back a little sloppily, having never kissed anyone before this.

A hand let go of her ass, and then her eyes opened wide again as she felt him undo the velcro on her skirt and the fabric fell away from her hips. She tried to break their kiss and pull away, but then his hand went down the front of her spanks and immediately started pressing against her warm, soaking mound. She managed to pull away from the kiss, but moaned involuntarily at the touch. Ian took this as encouragement and began kneading harder with his fingertips against her.

Her pussy salivated hopelessly at the touch, and Daniel understood why Cynthia was always such a flirt. She got unbelievably horny so easily that it'd take impossible willpower to restrain yourself very much. Daniel felt his willpower slowly fading as the bulge against the top of Cynthia's stomach grew and began to touch the underside of her tits through Ian's clothes.

She relaxed and let Ian rub her through the tights, vaguely aware of the fabric beginning to stretch more and allow him to press his fingertips between her lips. His other hand moved to his belt and she was shocked once more when he began sliding his jeans and boxers down and his cock pressed against her bare.

Stef 15/01/05(Mon)23:06 No. 23071 ID: ebd7e7

The sight of it and his fingers massaging her clit sent a shock through her and instead of protesting, Cynthia barely managed to stifle a moan.

"Suck it for me" he whispered and massaged her clit with one hand. His other stroked through Cynthia's hair and she felt him push her head down gently, but firmly.

Her hand unconsciously moved up and wrapped around the base of it, her fingers only making it about two thirds of the way around. His hand slid out of her spanks and the other pushed down on her head harder, pushing her dace down toward the throbbing head of his tan cock. As she bent down, the thing most on her mind was how she was sad he couldn't keep fingering her while she did this. Somewhere inside, Daniel told himself that if this was what it took to not blow his cover, it was probably worth it. After this, he'd just stay the hell out of Cynthia's body. Her body responded way too easily to boys.

Kneeling would have made her too short, so Cynthia bent over and let Ian get two good handfulls of her hair while she put her lips around the big, warm head of his cock. Already, a salty slick of precum leaked from his tip and tasting it made her legs shaky. She tried to shove her mouth down him, but gagged when the head of his cock touched the back of her throat.

She pulled back, but felt his grip on her hair tighten and suddenly he pulled her mouth back down him again, gagging her harder. He pulled his hips back and bucked them forward gently, and she looked up at him through her eyes and watched as he blurred from the tears that gagging her had caused. He was looking down at her and seeing her blue eyeliner beginning to run only made him buck his hips harder. Her only choice was to try and accommodate his cock as he fucked her mouth.

Cynthia couldn't help but be sopping wet, her legs getting wobbly from arousal. Ian pulled her back and forth while he bucked his hips. Her libido had him trapped, making Daniel succumb completely to this brutal face fucking.

"This feels so fucking good" Ian moaned down at her while he tried to shove himself deeper into her mouth.

Cynthia opened to try and take it in, since he was starting to choke her and finally her legs gave way and she sank onto her knees, looking up at Ian's wet cock bouncing in the air above her.

She tried to turn and get up onto her knees to stand back up and keep sucking him, but he got the wrong impression, watching her turn facing away from him and aiming her ass at him. He pulled her spanks halfway down her thighs and even Cynthia could smell her own arousal in the air. The tights were translucent and dark, the same material as pantyhose, and Cynthia knew he could see her pussy through them.

"Your ass looks so sexy like that" he moaned, and she felt his fingers press into her from behind, the thin fabric the only thing separating the two of them.

She felt his hands on her ass and was glad for the full body tights moments before he grabbed the fabric between his fingertips and she heard them tear, feeling the cool air against her bare ass and pussy. Cynthia yelped as a finger slid into her from behind with little resistance, her body responding to being entered by clamping down around the intruder greedily.

Daniel thought about Deidra and the way spreading around the hairbrush felt. He remembered when he had been squatting on the floor of the handicap stall, riding her hairbrush, her thick legs shaking as the brush end bobbed against her pussy lips. Overcome by the sensation, she bucked her hips back against his hand as his finger probed deep inside her.

Being fingered felt so good that when Ian slid his finger out of her, she bent down lower to encourage him to keep going. She had nearly cum and the sound of him moaning while he fingered her and played with his cock was causing her to make a mess. The finger was replaced by a much bigger probe pushing at her entrance and she gasped, feeling herself being stretched tight around the head of his cock.

She opened her mouth and shouted, "Ian, ahh!" instead of saying Ian, stop! A brief, shooting pain went from her clit to her asshole, and the only thing she could do was try and relax herself. She thought about how she had to ease the contact lens solution bottl into Kate, how she could get her muscles to relax some if she concentrated, and Ian back out and grinded against her slowly.

Cynthia felt the pain dissipate as she relaxed some, but Ian felt the slack too and pushed deeper, causing her to shout out again. Her body had begun taking him, and traitorously had begun relaxing on it's own, feeding the varsity linebacker encouragement as he began taking her from behind. Every complaint Daniel tried to make only came out as panting and moaning as Cynthia's week of sending teasing photos to Ian came to a head.

If this had been Kate and the bottle, he would have slowed down to davor the sensation of being filled by a thick object, but Ian wasn't slowing down at all. He was sinking deeper every time he thrust into her and picking up speed. Cynthia a crescendo rising in herself as he continued pounding her. She was moaning loudly now and could feel her insides squeezing him. Like a dam breaking, she felt a flood of pleasure course through her from her clit and ass all the way to her nipples. She sank down low and felt him lift her ass higher to keep fucking her.

Cynthia was coming so hard that she couldn't do anything but moan and let Ian have her. He was deep in her now and fucking her wildly. His sweaty thighs were slapping against her ass and his balls hit her clit over and over. Somehow, the orgasm never quite ended and she was panting helplessly, the cold tile against her cheek. Wave after wave wracked her body and caused her to flex around him again and again. Ian had her by the hips and was pulling her hard against him while he slammed himself forward into her.

He stopped suddenly, holding her ass tight against his lap, and Cynthia could feel why. His shaft was flexing hard inside her and she could feel him filling her with warmth. A sense of satisfaction washed over Cynthia and she pushed back against Ian, letting him claim the prize of cumming in her. He stayed deep inside until every drop was spent and she felt herself empty out as he pulled out of her. The walls of her pussy closed in hungrily, her body not wanting to lose Ian's seed. Daniel wondered in a panic if Cynthia was on birth control or not.

She sat up on her knees and he kissed her, their tongues rolling together. She couldn't wait to get back to class and end this so she could shake off the feeling of wanting Ian inside her. They both dressed and Ian snuck back into class before she went back in and gave the hall pass to Mrs. Brenner.

There was a shout from some of the guys and when Cynthia turned around to see what it was, she saw Daniel laying on the floor, pale as a sheet. She closed her eyes and tried to step out of Cynthia and back into her old body, but nothing was happening. They had been gone almost 20 minutes and Mrs. Brenner had looked at her angrily, knowing that she hadn't just gone to the restroom for 20 whole minutes.

He must have stopped breathing. It had happened that first time, but hadn't happened since. Daniel had considered it safe to sneak out of himself as long as he didn't take too long.

A guy and a girl in the EMT program moved over to his body quickly and checked for pulses and respiration. The girl knelt beside him and opened his mouth. She began breathing into him, and Daniel couldn't help but think of this as his real first kiss. The only time a girl had ever put her mouth on his. The guy began doing chest compressions and watching made Cynthia's stomach turn. Did he really have to crush down on Daniel's chest so hard? She heard crunching and thankfully Ian came up behind her and put his arms around her.

She tensed at first, but relaxed against him, still smelling his sweat from their rough fucking session in the bathroom. The boy completed a set of compressions and the girl breathed into his mouth again. His body looked completely dead.

Mrs. Brenner told them to all go wait in the library and not to tell anyone anything. She went along with Ian and wondered what the hell she was going to do now.

Anonymous 15/05/28(Thu)11:04 No. 23613 ID: d26fa2

Good god this really turns me on, I love the premise and it is well written

nyo 15/06/02(Tue)23:48 No. 23626 ID: e92aaf

loved it please continue

Anonymous 15/06/08(Mon)15:27 No. 23645 ID: dd1195

please continue

stef 15/06/24(Wed)08:10 No. 23692 ID: 19a86f

Okay, quote the sentence that turns you on the most in this thread so far and I'll base the rest around those.

Anonymous 15/06/24(Wed)11:28 No. 23693 ID: d26fa2

Oh man it's hard to pick a particular sentence. But just the idea of him going into a girl's body, having sex and the sensations overwhelming him was just so hot. Just the submission of it was awesome

IE!Fn5Xsal0nQ 15/06/24(Wed)18:45 No. 23696 ID: f68fe3

>The biggest disappointment was, watching myself as Deidra did nothing for me at all, but while I had been her, I had felt such electricity pulsing through me. The overstimulation of being in her skin had caused anything I tried to do for myself when I got home to be completely worthless.

Honestly, I'd be really bummed if Daniel is dead. I love the contrast between the two realities, and I think you should keep following that avenue.
I'm also interested in the girls' side of things. Do they know their bodies had done these things? Was it all a dream to them? They don't seem to have any memory or care for what happened to them. Are they just having out-of-body experiences while Daniel takes over? Where is Cynthia right now?

Anonymous 15/07/01(Wed)02:07 No. 23705 ID: 03d35c

I just really enjoy the entire thing

Anonymous 16/03/01(Tue)15:31 No. 24138 ID: f7b914

would like this to be continued

Anonymous 16/04/29(Fri)07:02 No. 24233 ID: cd9818

Such a good concept,dont stop now!

Anonymous 19/04/06(Sat)08:50 No. 26040 ID: a26e45

No question, this HAS to continue. I hope that the main character figures out how to keep jumping from body to body, slowly increasing his control... and how extreme his appetites become.

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