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Accidental Motherfucker Evil+Empire 14/11/28(Fri)12:39 No. 22880 ID: 38de42

Accidental Motherfucker

(futa on female, teen, incest (daughterxmother), shower masturbation

Jerking off in the shower is almost always an exercise in frustration for me. Even while I'm fapping away there's an invisible clock in the back of my head ticking away the seconds until either I run out of hot water or Mom busts into the bathroom to yell at me for using up said hot water. On top of that, for me standing up while jerking my cock isn't the most comfortable position, it's much easier to spank out a load sitting or lying down. But mostly it's that fucking clock in the back of my head counting down the seconds that makes jerking off in the shower so damn har-er, difficult.

Given a choice I'd much rather toss a load off in my bedroom and I usually do when given the opportunity. That is, when my little sister isn't home or is otherwise occupied with something that keeps out of our bedroom. Yeah, I share my bedroom with my sister. How much does that absolutely blow?

Anyway, to get to the point, my sister was home and I was furiously beating off in the shower. I stroked my well-soaped cock with my right hand while clutching a bar of soap in my left in case my cock needed a re-soaping.

I was in the zone, or nearly so. I could feel that familiar and welcome pressure at the back of my cock and I knew that soon I would reach the point of no return. I was fantasizing about the girls in my gym class. Or more specifically, fantasizing about fucking them all in the girl's locker room. I pictured them all naked and lined up; faces pressed to the cold concrete floor with their smooth round asses up in the air for my inspection.

As my fantasy-self lined up behind a pretty blonde whom I hated I groaned and tilted my head back. I was so close! The thought of hate-fucking that little bitch was driving me closer to the edge and I pushed my body into a taut arc, standing up on my tippy-toes in anticipation of my long-awaited cum.

Then Mom burst into the bathroom and ruined everything!

"Summer! Get your ass out of that shower now! How many times do I need to tell you that you're going to use up all the water?"

Fuck! My fantasy faded away and so did the orgasm I had worked so hard to get. I managed not to curse out loud but I sure the fuck was swearing up a blue streak on the inside. Outwardly though I managed to sound bored, detached even. "Mom, I'm not going to use up all the water," I replied through the shower curtain. "I might use up all the hot water but there will still be water coming out of the shower head."

Mom didn't find my cleverness the least bit funny. "How'd you like that smart mouth of yours eating a bar of soap? Now get out of the shower!"

"Okay, okay, in a minute," I grumbled. I was still stroking my cock even though the cliff I had been driving myself towards had receded far into the distance. I knew it was hopeless but I hated giving up after coming so close.

"Now, missy!" Mom yanked the shower curtain open, giving us both an incredible shock.

"Mom!" I screeched as I yanked my hand away from my cock and twisted away from her at the same time. The forgotten bar of soap fell from my left hand and landed unnoticed on the slick floor of the tub.

"You were masturbating?" she said, shocked.

With one hand I tried to cover my cock while trying to hide my tits with other. More or less useless gestures; my cock was much too hard and long for my hand and my tits were also too large to be covered completely although I was able to hide my nipples.

"Yes!" I yelled, humiliated. Being caught whacking your meat by your mother is the worst. Worse even than being caught by your sister. "Sometimes people do that, you know!"

"God, I didn't need to see that," she said, averting her gaze away from my cock. Only she seemed to have difficulty keeping her gaze averted as I noticed her glancing back at it. "Anyway, get out of the damn shower. I need a shower myself before I go to bed. I'll deal with you after I finish taking a shower."

That's when I noticed she was wearing a towel wrapped around her, tucked over her breasts and hanging down just far enough to cover her ass and pussy.

"What are you waiting for?" she snapped. "Get out before the water runs cold!"

I stepped out of the tub. Or I would have if I hadn't stepped on the bar of soap that had slipped out of my hand. So instead, I fell out of the tub with a shrill screech of surprise. In a desperate attempt to keep myself from falling flat on my face I instinctively reached out to grab Mom to steady myself. Unfortunately, I only managed to get a hold of the towel wrapped around her. With my forward and downward momentum I plowed face-first right into Mom's tits.

We tumbled ass over teakettle with me landing on top of Mom's naked body. She must have had the wind knocked out of her because she was gasping for breath once we came to rest on the floor. My face was wedged between her tits and I found her heaving chest to be very, very pleasant. Who knew Mom has such nice tits?

Mom just lied there gasping for breath while I lovingly nuzzled her boobs with my face. Then she shifted and I felt something brush against my cock. I realized what I felt was Mom's cunt. I had landed right between her legs.

"Ah, Summer, I don't think you should do that," she said as I hunched my hips forward, rubbing the tip of my cock along the groove of her pussy.

I didn't answer. Instead, I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth and gently chewed on the hardened nub while rubbing my cockhead against the entrance to her vagina.

She sighed. "Really, you need to stop right this instant, Summer." However, she didn't attempt to push me off. Moreover, that sigh had sounded like one of pleasure. Her words seemed perfunctory, as if she were repeating what she knew a proper mother was supposed to say in such a situation.

Until she threw me off I wasn't leaving and she gave no signs of pushing me off. Unconcerned, I turned my attention to her other tit. She moaned as I took the previously ignored nipple between my teeth.

It wasn't like I had dreamed of fucking Mom. Quite the opposite really. Before that I would have laughed at the idea of fucking Mom, calling it gross and disgusting. But at that moment I was hard, horny and very frustrated thanks to Mom busting into the bathroom at precisely the wrong time. Besides, as the saying goes; 'a stiff prick has no conscience'.

Not that I thought Mom was disgusting, far from it. I knew she was good looking and in pretty good shape. She worked out at the gym several times a week and went swimming at the Y in what she called her 'constant battle of the bulge'. She seriously looked better than most women ten years her junior. No, it had nothing to with her looks or her body. It had everything to do with the societal knee-jerk reaction that incest is gross and wrong.

However, as I lied there atop Mom's body with my face in her tits and the tip of my cock prodding her cunt I had the thought that while incest might well be wrong perhaps it wasn't as gross as I had thought. I pushed forward with my hips, slowly drilling my cock into Mom's pussy. She was warm and wet and felt oh-so-good around my cockhead. I closed my eyes and let her tit fall from my mouth. At that moment my whole world was the end of my cock pushing into her wet cunt.

"So good, so fucking good!" I gasped. Fucking a pussy wasn't anything like jerking off. There was just no comparison. The best thing about jerking off in the shower was the feel of the warm water spraying against my hard cock. I often imagined it felt something like a blowjob and often fantasized that I had a girl on her knees sucking me off. Whatever a blowjob felt like, at that moment I knew that water from the shower head paled when compared to the feeling of being in my mother's cunt. "Oh god," I sobbed.

I resisted the urge to bury myself inside her pussy straight-away. I was fucking for the first time ever and I want to savor the feeling of my first ever penetration.

"Honey, you can't do this," Mom protested, making a last ditch effort as I slowly sank myself into her. "I'm your mother. You can't fuck me."

"I beg to differ," I grunted as I jammed myself the rest of the way inside to underscore my point. "I must certainly can fuck you." I pulled back and then roughly thrust back in.

"Oh fuck," she groaned, what little resistance she had left crumbling away to nothing. She let her legs flop open even further.

I took that as an invitation and rolled my hips, pistoning my cock deep into Mom's pussy. The bathroom filled with the wet sounds of my cock churning her wet sloppy cunt and the sound of flesh slapping against flesh. My groans mixed with hers, all of which added to my excitement and pushed me closer to edge which I realized wouldn't be long in coming.

"You need to be quieter," Mom grunted as I gave her a particularly hard thrust. "If you make too much noise Autumn will hear you."

I bit my lip to keep myself quiet as I slid my length into the slick grasp of her vagina. Mom was a bit of a hypocrite, despite scolding me for making too much noise she still moaned loudly as I fucked her.

However, knowing how much she enjoyed being filled with my cock was setting me off and I reached that cliff I had been so eagerly running to. It was too quick, much too quick.

"Summer, something wrong?" Mom asked as I held myself still after burying my cock deep inside her cunt.

"Just cooling off a bit," I said, my voice showing the strain of keeping myself still.

"Ah, right," she said. "You have a bit of a hair-trigger. That's normal for someone on their first time." She slipped her arms around me and dragged her fingertips over my back, tracing patterns from my shoulder blades down to my ass. "You know, sweetie, I wouldn't mind if we stayed like this for a bit. Just feeling that thick cock inside me like this is pretty nice."

I nodded my assent and collapsed onto Mom's chest. My tits are fairly respectable but they were dwarfed by Mom's. Our stiff nipples bumped and rubbed as I mashed my chest against Mom's. Each time my nipples bumped into her hard nubs seemingly connected a circuit between my tits and groin. It wasn't as intense as driving my prick into Mom's soft slippery hole but it was making it hard for me to keep still.

Then Mom reached under my ass and ran a finger along my slit. I flinched, startled by how good her finger felt against my female sex. As if that weren't enough she soon started squeezing my cock with her pussy.

My eyes popped open. I didn't know she could do that! "Fuck, that tears it," I grunted and began fucking her again, sawing my cock in and out of her slick cunt. She was even tighter than before. I was on a freight train headed toward that cliff and I wasn't about to stop until I went over.

There was no keeping quiet at that point. Mom and I both seemed be competing as to which one of use could scream our pleasure the loudest.

With a shout of warning I drove myself into Mom's pussy as hard as I could. "Fuck, coming!" I grunted as I hilted myself so deep my balls were pressed against her ass. I gripped her shoulders and let my head collapse into the hollow of her neck, shaking uncontrollably as I filled her cunt with my seed.

Until that moment I had never realized that it was possible for me to feel my cum shooting along the length of my cock so intensely. Buried in Mom's cunt not only was it possible but the feeling was intense and strangely fulfilling.

When I finished shooting my load I rolled off of Mom, pulling my deflating cock free of her slimy pussy. I sighed, after orgasm the cockhead was very sensitive and stimulation was almost painful.

I looked over at Mom. She was still sprawled out spread-eagle on the tile floor. Her hair was a tangle, she was covered in sweat, her cunt slimy with our combined fluids. In short, she was a mess and I had no doubt I was as well.

"You know we can't do this again, right, honey?"

I didn't answer right away. Certainly I wanted to do it again and I had the thought that anything that happened once could easily happen again. However, I knew that arguing at that moment wouldn't increase the chances of getting what I wanted.


I nodded my agreement. "Yeah, Mom, I understand." I managed to push myself up off the floor and crawled to the tub, pulling myself up to sit on the lip.

Mom crawled over and sat at my feet. "You know, you really should clean your cock." She stared my cock, the longing in her face clear.

"I thought you said we couldn't do this again?"

She smiled up at me. "Well, I think technically this still counts as one incident. So it's not really 'again'."

"When would it be 'again'?" I asked.

She mulled that over in her head before answering. "Well, I think tomorrow."

"So if I fuck you at one minute before midnight then it's technically the same incident?"

Mom nodded. "Yes, I think you're right."

Well, then. I knew what I would be doing come one minute before midnight.

Mom gave me a knowing smirk. "I know what's running through your head, Summer. But first let's clean off your small head down here." She grabbed my limp dick and sucked into her mouth. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of her tongue flicking against the head of my cock.

Despite the fact that I had just come only minutes earlier I could feel myself getting fat inside her mouth as she worked her tongue over the flared ridge of my cockhead. I sighed as I hardened in her mouth. If she kept this up I knew I'd be shooting my next load down her throat.

That's when the bathroom door slammed open. I opened my eyes to see my furious younger sister standing in the doorway. Furious and shocked. "What the hell is going on here!"

I have to give Mom credit. She was wholly calm, cool and collected. Unimpressed with Autumn's display of rage she casually spit my cock out of her mouth. "Missy, were you raised in a barn? Because I'm sure I taught you to knock before opening the door. Now close the door and try it again like a civilized young lady."

Anonymous 14/11/29(Sat)00:44 No. 22885 ID: 03640a

This is brilliant. An incest futa story! Please follow it up with part two.

Anonymous 14/11/30(Sun)09:25 No. 22887 ID: 770442

"she casually spit my cock out of her mouth. 'Missy, were you raised in a barn? Because I'm sure I taught you to knock before opening the door. Now close the door and try it again like a civilized young lady.'"

PPFFFTT HAHAHA! *Ahem* Quite good indeed, please continue.

Evil Empire 14/12/04(Thu)02:40 No. 22899 ID: be3c4a

I wrote these as a series of semi-related episodic stories. They are in chronological order but there isn't any grand sweeping theme here. At least not at first. This is the 2nd in the series.

The MILF Next Door: Cutting Grass and Fucking Ass

(futa on MILF)

Autumn gazed up at the display window of the local BUY MORE in rapt wonder. Behind the sheet of glass stood two unactivated gynoids. She turned to me, her hazel eyes sparkling with an enthusiasm I didn't share. "Aren't they cool?"

I rolled my eyes and sighed. "Yeah, yeah, fembots are so cool."

She frowned, her expression that of a teacher correcting a particularly stupid student. "They're not called fembots, Summer. The proper term for them is gynoids."

"Okay, gynoids," I said. "Sheesh, who cares anyway?"

"Do you think Mom would buy one for me?"

I just stared at her. "Are you fucking stupid? Mom isn't going to shell out that sort of money just so you can have a robot to do your chores for you."

"What if it was for both of us?"

"Hmmppp!" I snorted in derision, sticking my nose in the air. "What would I want with a stupid fembot, excuse me, gynoid anyway?"

Autumn puzzled over that for a moment, absently tugging on her ponytail. "Well, she could do your chores for you."

I sneered at her. "Weak. The chores aren't that big a deal."

"She could help with your homework," she said, sounding desperate.

I looked at her with contempt. "I'm not the one who needs help with her homework."

At first she seemed to be frantically racking her brains but when she gave me a sly smile I knew she had found what she must have thought was a sure-fire winner. "You know, all gynoids are anatomically correct."

I totally missed her point. "Huh? What do I care about that?"

It was her turn to give me the 'you're an idiot' look. "Think about it, dummy. Anatomically correct. What fun thing do you think you could do with an anatomically correct gynoid?" She grabbed her crotch for emphasis. "We could share her. Half the time she does whatever I want to do and the other half you could do your nasty shit with her."

She was right! I just stared at her in shock. I never would have thought she would make such a suggestion. She really wanted a gynoid. Moreover, it was a tempting argument.

Despite my belief that Mom would cave, she had cut me off after The Incident. That night, just as I had predicted, at one minute to midnight I had been balls-deep in Mom's cunt happily pounding away. We had fucked until dawn and I dumped enough cum in Mom's pussy to float a small canoe. But ever since Mom had been true to her word much to my surprise and dismay. After that, the only thing I got to pound was my fist.

So, in short, yes, a fuckable fembot sounded really good. Autumn had found my weak spot after all. But there was just one problem. "No way is Mom just going give us money to buy a gynoid. Especially after she just had a RINNAI tankless water heater installed."

Autumn gave me a funny look. "What are you? An advert?"

I sighed. "Don't you remember? The RINNAI tankless water heater came with FREE instillation as long as we mention the RINNAI tankless water heater fifty times to our friends and family? Well, you're my family. I think."

Comprehension dawned on her face. "That's right. I really love taking showers with our new RINNAI tankless water system. Now I never have to worry about running out of hot water!"

I nodded in complete agreement. "Not only that but a RINNAI tankless water heater is much more energy and cost efficient than conventional water heaters."

Autumn gave me a curious look. "So, how many times do we have left?"

I pulled a scrap of paper and a stubby pencil from my pocket. "Well, we had already mentioned the RINNAI tankless water system thirteen times, so...that makes a total of nineteen now." I made six marks on the paper.

"So we only have to mention the RINNAI tankless water system thirty one more times," Autumn said.

"Now it's only thirty times," I pointed out, making another mark on the paper.

"Cool beans," she said. "C'mon, let's stop over at the SHOP&GO. I want to buy a PEPSI ZERO and a CHARLESTON CHEW."

"Sounds good," I replied as we cut across the vast parking lot. "I think I could go for some LAY'S potato chips, HOSTESS ZINGERS and a SNAPPLE iced tea."


As I expected, Mom was less than receptive to our proposal. "Are you two insane? I'm not going to buy a fembot just because you," she glared at Autumn, "want a robot to do your chores and homework and you," she directed her wrath at me, "want to get laid."

As typical for Autumn in situations such as we found ourselves she went right into her whiny mode. "But Mom-"

And as typical, Mom had no patience for it. "But Mom nothing! You want it, get it yourself."

That flummoxed Autumn and I. "But you just said we couldn't have one."

Mom shook her head in denial. "No I didn't. I said I wouldn't buy it for you. If you really want it so bad then earn the money and buy it yourself. Summer vacation is coming up so you'll plenty of free time to earn money."

"But how?" I asked.

"Kids these days, " she said, rolling her eyes toward the ceiling. "Why do they have to be so- oh, nevermind. Look, there's lots you two can do. Such as mow yards, set up a lemonade stand- hell, there's a garage full of junk that needs to be gotten rid of, you guys could hold a yard sale."

Autumn made a moue of disgust. "That sounds like work."

Mom fixed her with a flat even stare. "Yes it does, doesn't it? But if you want your toy so bad then you'll earn it. If not, too bad."

Autumn gave me a pleading look.

I returned her look with a shrug. What was I supposed to do? Mom had spoken and clearly had meant every word. Those times she put her foot down her word was absolute law.

She went from pleading to scowling, her face transforming into a thunderhead.

I sighed and threw up my hands. "Okay, okay, I'll mow yards." I pointed at Autumn. "I guess you can do the lemonade stand thing. I'm a little too old to be selling lemonade."

"But I don't know anything about lemonade stands," Autumn protested. "Heck, I don't even know how to build a stand or anything. Besides, nobody does that kind of crap anymore. That's so, like, 1950s."

"Then you won't have to worry about competition, will you?" Mom retorted.

Autumn clicked her tongue in annoyance and I grabbed her by the shoulders and made her look up at me. "Now listen you, Mom is being more than fair here. You're the one who got a wild hair up her ass about wanting have a gynoid. But you think you shouldn't have to lift a finger to see it happen, well that's bullshit."

She flushed and looked away. "I don't know how to, okay? It's not that I won't, I can't. Not by myself." The admission must have cost her something, I could see her eyes were shiny and wet with unshed tears.

Mom put her hand on top of Autumn's head. "Honey, you don't have to do it alone. Of course your sister and I will help you." She gave me a significant look. "Isn't that right, Summer?"

Of course I nodded, I wasn't about to tell Mom she was wrong. "Yeah, don't worry about the stand, I can build that," I said, sounding more confident that I felt. "As far as the lemonade, well, how hard is it to open up a can of COUNTRY TIME lemonade?"

Autumn shook her head. "No, it can't be any pre-packaged stuff. Anyone can go down to the supermarket and buy a can of COUNTRY TIME lemonade. What would they need us for?"

"She's right," Mom said nodding her head. "We'll need to make it home made. We should bake cookies, brownies and such as well."

"We could freeze some of the lemonade into freeze pops!" Autumn said. "And maybe we can make RICE KRISPIES treats as well. Heck, I can make those all by myself."

Mom smiled at Autumn's sudden enthusiasm. "Now that's using your noggin, Pumpkin." She turned to me. "So, do you really think you can build a stand for your sister?"

"Sure," I said, putting my hands on my hips and striking a pose much more confident than I actually felt. "How hard can it be?"


Damn hard as it turned out. Our garage had a little work shop stocked plenty of tools and several power tools including a BOSCH circular saw, PORTER-CABLE drill press and GRIZZLY table top belt sander. Along with the small work shop there was a sizeable pile of lumber and scraps. Easily enough lumber to build a lemonade stand for my sister.

I made a quick mental list of everything I thought I'd need and then cracked my knuckles. "Okay, let's get to work," I muttered myself.

Twelve hours later I finally had a serviceable lemonade stand. Scattered around the back yard were the remains of three previous attempts that hadn't proved so serviceable.

Shortly after I was finally finished Mom and Autumn came out. Mom carried a pitcher of what had to be lemonade and Autumn carried a tray holding several paper cups and a plate full of RICE KRISPIES treats.

"So you are done," Mom said. "All the hammering and cursing died off so we figured you must have finished." She looked the stand over. "Not bad."

"What the hell is all that?" Autumn asked, pointing to the piles of my unsuccessful attempts.

"Well, the first stand I built sank into the swamp. So, I built a second one. It sank into the swamp. So, I built a third one. It burned down, fell over and sank into the swamp, but the fourth one...stayed up!"

She gave me a quizzical look. "Did you just quote a movie?"

"Maybe," I replied.

"Summer, I know you're tired and you did a lot of work today but you need to clean up the yard once we're done here, " Mom said.

I groaned and sat down on one of the stool in the work shop accepting a glass of lemonade from Mom. "Can I do it tomorrow? I'm just dead tired right now."

"Okay, tomorrow then," Mom agreed. "But if you forget you'll get a boot up your backside."

Autumn directed a smirk at me as she selected a RICE KRISPIES treat. "Be careful, she's got a pretty big backside. It might get lost up in there."


Finding customers was easier than I had expected. I plastered the area with homemade adverts and pinned notices to the bulletin boards in the local supermarket, laundromat, and even at the post office. Autumn helped out too. Her stand turned out to be quite popular and she made sure to tell her customers about her awesome older sister.

Although she probably didn't use the word 'awesome'. At any rate, I had plenty of customers.

Perhaps my favorite customer was the lady next door. Being next door made a quick easy trip which was a bonus. Some customers were as much as a fifteen minute trip which made turn-around time a big hassle. Mom did her best to plan my days to choose the most efficient route and schedule as possible, she's pretty good like that. But even still, some customers were just a hassle to get to.

But not the lady next door, Mrs. Henderson. She's great. She's always friendly and during the summer she would often invite me into her house for something cold to drink and to talk. Being divorced with her children already left for college I think she was just lonely and wanted to talk to someone, even if it was the punk kid next door.

I unlatched the front gate to her property, swinging it wide open before pulling the trundle cart into her yard. I shut the gate behind me, making sure that it latched securely before pulling my little cart into her backyard.

Her yard isn't particularly big, I can easily mow the whole thing in less than fifteen minutes with my TORO push mower. Weed whacking the edges and trimming her one hedge along the front takes about another fifteen minutes. For that she's willing to pay twenty dollars. Not bad for a half-hour scut work I think.

I pulled cart behind the house and parked it on the patio where I found Mrs. Henderson already lounging in her HOMCOM ZERO GRAVITY recliner chair. She appeared to be ready for a day sitting around in the sun with her bikini top and a pair of cut-offs a bit too short to be considered Daisy Dukes. Next to her chair she had a tall glass of iced tea.

"Goodmorningsummer," she said, giving me a bit of a lop-sided grin before taking long swig from the glass, slamming it back on the table when she had enough. "Sho, Isheeyougotyervariousimplemenempts- er, umplomonts-shit! TOOLofdistraction." I was pretty sure she had spiked her iced tea with something potent but that wasn't any of my business.

I was surprised at the early morning drunkenness but maybe living in the house alone was getting to her. It wasn't my place to judge how others dealt with life. Besides, I had a schedule to keep.

"Um, Mrs. Henderson, do you mind if I take off my...you know," I said, grabbing the front of my t-shirt and tugging on it. "It's really sunny today and I don't want tan lines if I can help it."

"Ohshoor, shoor," she said, waving her hand. "Takeitoff, takeitalloff. Ain'tnobodygonnaseeya." She waved her hand around to indicate the tall privacy fence that surrounded the property.

I took off my t-shirt, revealing my bikini top and hung the shirt on the side of the cart.

Mrs. Henderson pointed at my top. "All!"

I gave her a helpless look. "But..."

She bent forward, reached behind her back and undid her top, dropping it next to her reclining chair. Sitting back she gave me a significant if drunken glare.

I shrugged and undid my own bikini top, placing it next my t-shirt. I couldn't help but check out Mrs. Henderson's tits. They were full and a just a bit droopy, rather like the rest of her. She was still an attractive lady despite letting herself slowly go to pot. She wasn't on Mom's level but she was still fuckable.

I mentally kicked myself. I was there to work, not fantasize about Mrs. Henderson's cunt. I had to force myself to turn away from her and retrieve the mower from my trundle cart, lowering the back gate to the ground to form a ramp before pulling mower out and down the ramp.

As I mowed the yard Mrs. Henderson seemed content to watch me work and as I circled the yard I got an eyefull of her boobs with each pass. By the time I was nearly halfway through mowing I was sporting a semi hard-on. I was a bit worried about her reaction but as drunk as she seemed to be I wondered if she would even notice.

I was so worried about whether she had seen my cock I never even noticed that while I was mowing her lawn Mrs. Henderson had stripped out of her cut-offs. After I finished mowing I pushed the mower back into my trundle-cart. As I pulled the BLACK&DECKER weedwacker out of the cart I happened to glance over at the patio and got an eyeful. Mrs. Henderson was bare-ass naked! And it also looked like she had passed out.

I couldn't stop myself. It was like someone else was controlling my body. I walked, no, I shambled over to the patio until I was standing right next to her HOMCOM ZERO GRAVITY recliner. Mrs. Henderson had fallen asleep with her head tilted to the side and I had the thought that she would probably have a stiff neck later. As opposed to me having a stiff cock at that very moment. Her mouth was slack and a string of drool fell from the corner of her mouth down to her left boob. But the real object of my interest lay between her open legs. I licked my lips as I stared at the fat lips of her cunt.

I really, really wanted to jam it in. I was so fucking horny that my cock was bouncing up and down as if jumping in outrage at being denied the warm wet fuckhole it wanted so badly.

It was with a supreme effort of will that I tore myself away from Mrs. Henderson and took care of the edge of the lawn. When I got done with the weedwacking and trimmed the hedge I returned to the back yard to find that Mrs. Henderson had woke up and pulled her cut-offs back on. I was relieved and yet very disappointed at the same time.

"Goodwork." she said. "Lemmegetyermoney." After a brief struggle she pulled some bills from the pocket of her shorts. "Hereygo." She reached out to hand me the small wad of bills but bumped her hand into my dick.

I froze like a deer in the headlights. The accidental contact had felt so good. Right at that moment I just wanted her to wrap her fingers around my cock. Instead, after several long moments I took the bills from her fingers, counted out twenty dollars and handed the rest back.

"Thanks, Mrs. Henderson. I-I gotta go now. I have lots of other customers to take care of." I hurriedly put my bikini top back on and then shrugged into my t-shirt.

When I left she was sucking down another of her ice teas.


The rest of the day I struggled to keep my cock from sticking out like a flagpole in my shorts with varying degrees of success. However, it was at Ms. Lee's house I suffered my most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

I had taken of my t-shirt with her permission and mowed the lawn in my bikini top. As I made circuit after circuit around the yard I could feel her eyes on me as she watched from the deck attached to the rear of her house. As I passed the deck the mower picked up a rock and with a loud CLANG! sent it flying. Much faster than I could possibly react the rock bounced off the side of the deck and struck me in the leg.

I cried out in surprise, the pain itself wasn't that bad. However, when I looked down at the spot where I had been hit I saw blood oozing from a long gash.

Ms. Lee scrambled down the steps from the deck and bent down to examine the cut. "Summer, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, Ms. Lee," I said. "Not a big deal at all. Hardly more than a scratch."

She stood up. "Well, we should clean it and tape some gauze over it just to make sure it doesn't get infected." She led me up to the deck and made me sit down. "Hold on for a minute and I'll be right back." She disappeared into the house.

When she returned she had a first aid kit with her. She pulled up a chair next to mine and sat down. "Okay, put your foot in my lap."

I did as I was told and I watched as she cleaned the blood from the cut and from it had dripped down to my sock. After she was satisfied she had cleaned the cut thoroughly she smeared some anti-biotic ointment on the cut and covered it with gauze.

I watched her as she worked. Ms. Lee was slim and very pretty. She had very dark hair cut in a short bob that hung down even with her jaw line. Her eyes were slightly slanted and a beautiful warm brown and when she looked up into my eyes I felt butterflies in my stomach.

When she was done she looked at my leg and frowned. "Your sock is all bloody."

"It's alright," I said. "A little blood won't hurt anything."

Ms. Lee shook her head. "No, that won't do at all. Now just wait here, I'll be back."

She picked up the first aid kit and went back into the house. When she came back out as promised she had a pair of socks. She pulled my feet back into her lap and pulled off my sneakers and socks, dropping them to the floor of the deck.

"You have nice feet," she said as she ran a finger over the tips of my toes. "Very cute toes." She laughed at the doubtful look I gave her. "Well, it's true."

"No one has ever said that before," I said. "I guess it just sounds sort of weird."

"Maybe you just haven't met anyone who appreciates beautiful feet before," she said, running her hand over my calf.

I licked my lips. Her hand on my leg was turning me on. Suddenly, my heart was racing and my cock was growing. I tried willing my cock to go back down but it refused to listen, instead growing thicker, longer and harder.

Oblivious to my silent panic Ms. Lee continued stroking my leg. "You have great skin too. So smooth. And I love the contrast betwe-" When she suddenly stopped talking I looked up. Her eyes were locked onto the bulge in my shorts. "Ah, yes, well, we can save this conversation for another time I think." She pulled the clean sock over my feet and picked my sneakers and put them back on for me.

"Yeah, I need to finish with your yard," I said, pulling my feet out of her lap. "I really shou-" As I started to stand something horrible happened. Thanks to my position in the chair my cock had been pushed to the side. When I went to stand up the end of my dick poked out under the leg of my shorts. As I stood it straightened and popped up under the hem of my shorts and then stood straight up, lifting the leg of my shorts.

My cock was sticking straight up out of my shorts and Ms. Lee could see the whole thing! "Ms. Lee, I am so sor-"

She was fast! One hand she put over my mouth and shut me up while she grabbed my cock with her other hand and stuffed my cock back into my shorts. She gave it a quick squeeze before pulling her hand away.

We both quickly scanned the area to make sure no had seen what had happened. "Well, I really should get back to work," I said after I waited for my heart to stop trying to pound its way out of my chest. "Still have more yards to get to after this."

I made quick work of the rest of yard even though I was hard as a rock. I could feel where her hand had briefly gripped my cock. It was both a delicious and yet extremely frustrating sensation.

When I finished Ms. Lee was waiting on the deck for me. "Here you are," she said, handing me a thin batch of bills.

I looked at the money and then back up to her. "But this is more than we agreed on."

"Consider it a tip for today's entertainment," she said.


She silenced me by putting a finger to my lips. "We can talk about butts the next time you come to take care of the yard. Now the next time you're here I'll have some extra work for you. Is that okay?"

I nodded, extra work meant extra pay. I was way okay with that. "How long do you think it will take? I have to make sure not to overbook that day."

"I think two hours should do it," she said, tapping a her forefinger against her chin. "Well, make it two-and-a-half just to be safe."

"Okay, sounds good," I said.

"You don't mind doing some inside work, do you?"

I had no clue what she was talking about. "Inside work?"

"Yes, inside the house and uh, other places," Ms. Lee said. "I promise you'll be well rewarded." She glanced down at my crotch. "Yes, very well rewarded."

As I packed up my gear all I could think about was Ms. Lee's request. Did she just offer to pay me to fuck her? I kept on coming up with the same answer: yes. I was basically going to be her hooker. Somehow the prospect didn't bother me at all. Well, it did bother me in the fact that I had an incredible hard-on. A hard-on that persisted long after I loaded up the trundle cart, waved goodbye to Ms. Lee and left.


The whole day had continued pretty much in the vein. It was the most incredible cock tease of a day ever. By the time I finished the last yard of the day I was almost ready to fuck knotholes. All I wanted was to get home, take a long hot shower and shoot a load down the drain. I was so fucking horny that I knew it would only take a few strokes to get me off.

I had to grin though when I thought of all the money I had made. Sure I had dealt with a lot of cock-teases the whole day but most of them had given me a tip. I looked down at the tent in my shorts. Two tips really.

As I neared my house I saw Mrs. Henderson standing outside her gate. When she spotted me she smiled and waved. "Summer, could I talk to you a minute?" she asked once I was in earshot.

I stifled a sigh, I just wanted to get home and take care of certain needs. I sure as shit didn't feel up to another round of 'Tease the Fuck Out of Summer's Cock' with her. "Sure thing," I said, plastering what I hoped was a convincing smile on my face.

"C'mon in," she said, leading me into her yard. "I'm sorry about this morning, I didn't mean to get so drunk."

"No problem, I figured you were just, y'know, relaxing or whatever."

She laughed at that. "Yeah, relaxing. Sure. Anyway, I just want to ask about some flowers. I was thinking about putting some planters around the yard."

"Sure, I can do that," I said, hoping that she'd let me leave soon so I could go home and take care of my urgent problem. At that point I would have agreed to cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with a herring if it would have let get me home quicker.

"Good, good, glad to hear it," she said as she opened the side door to her house and led me inside before slamming the door back shut and locking it.

"Mrs. Henderson?" I said. "The flowers?"

"Fuck the flowers," she snarled. "I couldn't give a flying fuck about FUCKING FLOWERS!"

I took a step back, she was scaring me a bit. Maybe the alcohol in the morning had snapped her mind somehow. "Mrs. Henderson, are you alright?"

"Alright? Alright?" She glowered at me and I shrank back from her. "No, I am not fucking alright!" She stomped towards me and I backed up until I bumped into the refrigerator. She stopped only once she was in my face. "No, I am not alright, you little cunt-tease!"

I was confused. "Cunt-tease?"

"Yes, you were teasing me with that big delicious cock of yours the whole time you were here this morning."

I just goggled at her. Me teasing her? I couldn't have been more stunned if aliens landed in her yard and abducted us. "But-"

"Every time you come over you always have as fat hard-on in your shorts but then you never even try to touch me. Then this morning I even drank a bunch of Long Island Ice Teas to work up my courage but you still didn't touch me. Am I too fat? Am I too old? Is that it? Too ugly? What?"

By the time she finally ran out of words her chest was heaving and she was gasping for breath. Her face was a mix of emotions I understood very, very well. Loneliness, fear, hope, anger; all in one big tangled-up mess.

For a moment I wondered if fucking her was really a good idea. But I was too hard and too horny to turn down the offer of pussy. "Living room."

It was Mrs. Henderson's turn to be confused. "Huh?"

"Living room," I said firmly. "You wanna get laid? Well, I'm gonna fuck the fucking fuck out of you. Now, living room."

She was visibly taken aback. I had always been very polite and friendly, no doubt she thought of me as a sweet young kid who just happened to have a hard cock. The forceful crude me was new to her but I had enough teasing to last me for a very long time. At that moment it was time to fuck, politeness be damned.

She didn't protest as I guided her from the kitchen to the living room though. She watched intently as I stripped out of my clothes. Once I was naked she only had eyes for my cock but still she didn't move.

Quickly growing tired of watching her stare at my cock I closed the distance between us and grabbed her tits. She still had on the same bikini top and I pulled the top up until her boobs popped free. I took them into my hands, squeezing and pulling on the nipples.

"Oh yeah, that's it," she sighed. "Suck on them."

I complied, lifting a tit to my mouth and closing my lips over the stiff fat nipple. She trembled and moaned as I chewed on her nipple, rolling it between my teeth. I turned my attention to her other boob, capturing the nipple with my teeth and gently tugging while mauling the abandoned boob with my hand.

I made love to her tits until she had enough. "Okay, you can stop now," she said, pushing me away. "My legs feel a bit shaky."

"Turn around and put your hands on the couch's armrest," I said. When she complied I grabbed her shorts and pulled them down to her ankles. I stood back up and got an eyeful of her backside. Mrs. Henderson had a very large, round ass and a very deep, dark asscrack. There was no way I could resist gripping her ass with both hands. I stopped to admire the contrast between my hands and the pale flesh of her hands. I was fairly swarthy normally but in summer I got really dark.

"What are you doing back there?" she asked, snapping me out of my inspection.

"Sorry," I mumbled. I gripped her hips and lined myself up. The head of my cock was wet with pre-cum and I knew that I should slip in easily. My first jab missed the mark and we both grunted in frustration. My second attempt fared better and the slick head of my cock found her wet hole.

Our sighs mingled as I slid into her. She wasn't as tight as Mom but she was still snug enough to feel wonderful. And she was wet, very wet and warm. I gripped her hips and pushed myself in up to the root of my cock. "Fuck, that is awesome."

I quickly found out how delightful fucking from behind is. On each thrust her fat ass slapped up against my hips and her ass cheeks jiggled upon impact. My eyes were glued to her ass cheeks as they bounced each time I slammed my cock into her cunt. There is no better sight or feeling than a full round ass rebounding off your hips while fucking a sopping wet pussy.

She loved it. "Oh shit, it's been so long! Fuck me, yeah!"

And I did for as long as I could. Having spent the entire day on edge I knew it I wouldn't last too long. Each thrust brought me closer to the edge until I couldn't hold it any longer.

I grabbed her shoulders and bent over her until I was snug up against her, my tits pressing into her back. I leaned my head forward and bit her ear as my body trembled, my thrusts into her pussy going erratic as I neared the end.

With one last massive push I hilted myself deep into her body, spasming as I unloaded into Mrs. Henderson's cunt. I closed my eyes tight as again I experienced that delicious feeling of being squeezed and squirting inside a soft warm body.

Mrs. Henderson shook, sobbing, "Fuck, fuck, fuck," over and over again until I was spent.

I was still breathing like a bellows when I pulled out, cum dripping from the end of my cock. "Fuck, that was good," I groaned and collapsed onto the couch.

"Really good," Mrs. Henderson agreed, plopping down on the couch next to me. "Fuck, it had been so long I almost forgot what it was like to get laid."

"So this is what you wanted?" I asked.

"Mmm hmmm," she replied, almost purring. "Y'know, I had this planned out. Well, sort of. Not exactly really but it did end up going like I had hoped but I keep thinking I forgot something."

"Guess it couldn't be too important if you can't remember." I reached over to play with her tits.

She sighed as I ran my fingertips over her boobs, occasionally teasing her nipples into stiffness. "Yeah, guess it's not important, whatever it is."

We sat there for some time, lazily enjoying each other's bodies when I happened to spy something sitting on the end table next to the lamp. "What's that?" I asked, pointing to the small foil packet.

Mrs. Henderson looked over and sucked in a sharp breath when she saw what I was pointing at. I instantly realized exactly what it was and we turned to each other. I imagine my face was an exact mirror of the look of alarm plastered on hers.

"Oh shit!"

Anonymous 14/12/05(Fri)09:52 No. 22905 ID: 3ff5a4

Overall a fun read, and a great story.

It's a piece that has some of the best aspects of fapstories, and more elaborate erotic fiction.

There's just enough exposition thrown in to hook the reader to the general narrative, and the transitions into sexytimes is a good combination of efficiency and plausibility.

Looking forward to the next installment!

Evil Empire 14/12/15(Mon)15:19 No. 22976 ID: be3c4a

Uncontested Ownership of a Slippery Fuckhole

futaxfemale, teen, MILF, mild dom themes, mild impregnation themes, spanking, blowjob

As much as I had enjoyed fucking Mrs. Henderson what I had really been looking forward to was visiting Ms. Lee again. While Mrs. Henderson was attractive enough to get my dick hard and fun enough to fuck it was Ms. Lee I couldn't stop thinking about. Particularly as Mrs. Henderson seemed to be either out of the house or just not answering whenever I knocked on the door. I came to the conclusion that she was avoiding me. Either she felt guilty about fucking me or she had been disappointed by the sex. The latter possibility bothered me even though I knew it was unreasonable to expect me to be skilled at it.

So with Mrs. Henderson unavailable I was doubly looking forward to my next visit to Ms. Lee' house. When the day finally rolled around I made sure to dress specifically for my appointment with Ms. Lee. I wore the tightest pair of shorts I owned, even soft I would be showing a big lump in my shorts and I doubted very much I'd be soft. Under the shorts I wore a tiny thong which had no hope of hiding my cock. However, I doubted I would have the courage to take off my shorts outside. Under my t-shirt I wore a matching bikini top that only just barely covered my nipples.

That day I saved Ms. Lee until last. I felt almost certain that I was going to fuck her that day and I didn't want to have to rush things because I had other customers that needed their lawns taken care of. By the time I arrived at her house in the mid-afternoon I was erect as a flagpole and had been for a good part of the day. More than a few customers hadn't been able to meet my eyes and instead had talked directly to my cock.

When I arrived at Ms. Lee's I was in a real fix. I seriously considered just grabbing her and ripping her clothes off before bending her over and taking her from behind. Of course, I did no such thing but the urge was nearly overwhelming.

Ms. Lee was waiting for me when I pulled my trundle-cart into her yard and parked it behind the house next to the deck. When she stood up from where she was sitting in her deck chair I gasped in both shock and desire.

She was in a bikini. The first thing I noticed were her breasts. They were high and small. Despite their size they were nice to look at. She wasn't merely skinny, she had the same type of willowy figure that typified Leiji Matsumoto's female characters. Her skin looked amazingly smooth and soft and she had a very light coffee complexion. The kind of coffee so diluted by creamer that one might say, "Would you like a little coffee with your creamer?"

I had a lot of experience with being horny and frustrated but I had never experienced such a specific desire before that moment. In that moment I wanted Ms. Lee like I had never wanted anyone before that. I wanted to fuck her, yes. More than that, I wanted to touch every part of her, taste every part of her. And I wanted her to touch and taste every part of me. It was like my desire had become a physical entity intent on choking me.

I forced the feeling down and smiled up at Ms. Lee where she stood on her deck. "Hi, Ms. Lee, I'm here to mow your lawn." I immediately winced. Of course I was there to mow the lawn. Way to state the obvious. How lame.

"You're still planning on helping me with that work we talked about last time?"

I quickly nodded my head. "Of course, I just mean I think I'll take care of the lawn first, if that's okay with you?"

"Sure, no rush," she said as she leaned over the deck's railing, giving me a bright smile. I had trouble meeting her eyes since she also gave me a good view of the top side of her tits. Leaning forward like that her bikini top sagged away from her chest far enough to allow me to even see her nipples.

My cock was as hard as granite and I worried about the continued structural integrity of my shorts. She stood back up and turned around, showing me a great view of her ass. While she wasn't wearing a thong the bikini bottoms had somehow wedged between her asscheeks. Her ass looked as delicious as the rest of her, more so even. I felt the seam in my shorts giving way as my straining prick finally proved to much for it.

I gasped in horror and looked down. No, my shorts were still in one piece. Tented by my erection, yes, but still structurally sound. I felt a mixture of relief that my cock hadn't ripped out of my shorts, embarrassment for thinking they somehow had. Not to mention a new worry that being constantly horny and frustrated had broken my sanity. What would I hallucinate next?

Ms. Lee's voice snapped me out of my private negative feedback loop. "Is something wrong, Summer?"

I can only imagine the look on my face when I looked back up at her. She was bent over the railing again and again my eyes locked onto her small but yummy-looking tits. "No, everything's fine, Ms. Lee," I said, shaking my head.

"Yes, I can see you're in a bit of a state there," she said. "Are you going to be alright?"

"Oh yes," I insisted, nodding. "I'm fine, really!"

Her eyes narrowed. I couldn't blame her for being skeptical, I didn't sound convincing even to myself. I did sound more than a bit desperate, however. "Well, if you're sure."

"Yes, very sure! Anyway, I should get started!" I wanted to kick myself, I had gone from sounding desperate to sounding positively manic. She wouldn't want me around if she thought I was losing my mind.

I retrieved the lawn mower from my trundle-cart when Ms. Lee called out from the deck. "Aren't you forgetting something?"

I was stumped. What could I possibly be forgetting? Although given how distracted I was it was certainly possible. "I'm sorry, what am I forgetting?"

"The last time you were here you asked if you could work in your bikini top because you were worried about tan lines."

Oh yeah, that. "It's okay?"

"More than okay," she replied, nodding.

I stripped out of my t-shirt and draped it over the side of my trundle-cart. I checked my bikini top to make sure it was properly covering my nipples as there was barely enough material for even that. I made sure my nipples were covered but even so they were plainly evident; hard points tenting the thin material.

"Doesn't leave much to the imagination, does it?"

"Ms. Lee?" I said, looking back up at where she stood on her deck. "Should I put my shirt back on?"

"Now that would be a crying shame," she said, shaking her head. "I was thinking if you really want to avoid tan lines you should go topless altogether."

I instinctively looked around. Unlike Mrs. Henderson's place, Ms. Lee's house didn't have a privacy fence. Anyone could possibly see me walking around with my tits out. She was right, my bikini top didn't hide much at all but it was no worse than what you might see at the beach. Going completely topless might inspire a call or two to the cops.

"Well, I just meant I didn't want to get a farmer's tan, you know."

"Sure, I understand," she said. "Still, if you want to go topless it's fine. Nobody is going to complain. Heck, sometimes I lie out on the deck completely naked."

The mental image that conjured certainly didn't help my hard-on go down. "Well, I don't think-"

"Actually, that's a great idea, isn't it?" she said. "Totally lineless tan."

I just stared at her. "You're kidding, right? The cops would be here in ten minutes arresting me for public indecency."

"Anyone calling the police on you would probably be doing so with one hand."

It took me a minute to realize what she meant. "Okay, maybe, but I'm still not gonna get naked."

In the end I didn't get naked but she still managed to convince me to work in my bikini bottoms which were nothing more than a thong with not nearly enough material to cover my raging hard-on. I did my best to ignore Ms. Lee's presence on her deck but with each circuit I made of her yard I could feel her eyes on me. My attempts to will my cock into submission were fruitless. No matter what I tried, images of naked girls invariably invaded my imagination.

I was about halfway done when I happened to glance over at the deck and saw that Ms. Lee had pulled the crotch to her bikini bottoms to one side, exposing her cunt. I stumbled and almost fell when I realized that she was fingering herself. Our eyes met and she licked her lips and grinned. She stopped rubbing her forefinger against her clit and slid it up into her cunt before pulling it out and bringing her finger up to her mouth. She gave me a smoky look as she licked her finger, curling her tongue around the tip.

Blushing, I resumed mowing her yard. By the time I was finally finished my bikini bottoms were soaked with pre-cum.

After what seemed like an eternity I rolled the lawn mower back up into my trundle-cart. "Ms. Lee?" I said as I climbed the stairs up to the deck.

She was lying in her deck chair, her bikini back in place and covering her crotch properly, although it seemed quite damp between her legs and she was sporting a noticeable camel toe. "Ah, done already?" She sat up in her chair. "You're a very quick worker."

I shrugged, I didn't know how to reply. It hadn't felt very quick to me but I knew that at that moment I was a pretty poor judge of time. "You said you needed me to do some stuff in the house?"

"Right down to business, eh?" Ms. Lee said as she pushed up and out of her chair. "Okay then, let's get to it."

I followed her into her house. She led me through her kitchen which connected to her deck through a pair of sliding glass doors. Past the kitchen was a small dining room connected to a short hallway which opened onto a spiral staircase which she led me up to the second floor.

I was practically vibrating with anticipation. I was certain that she was taking me to her bedroom. I was sure I'd soon be balls-deep in Ms. Lee's lovely pussy.

She led me down another short hallway and opened a door before stepping into the room. "Okay, here we are."

I followed her into the room and blinked in confusion. It certainly wasn't her bedroom. It looked like a storage room. Stuffed inside the room were several dressers, a desk, a loveseat and a table-mounted sewing machine. I shot her a questioning glance.

"Are you up to moving some furniture around?" she asked. "The desk and loveseat I want in my study. The sewing table in my bedroom. That's pretty much it. Can you handle that?"

"I think so," I said, wanting to scream. She really meant she had work inside the house for me to do. I had assumed she was just making a clever euphemism for fucking. I shoved my anger and frustration down. I was working for money, Ms. Lee wasn't obligated to fuck me. Although the constant cock-teasing certainly was irritating.

"Summer, is something wrong?"

"Huh? Oh no, I was just trying to figure out how I would get these things through the doorway." I answered quickly. "The sewing table will fit but the desk and loveseat are way too big. I assume there's a way to take them apart."

"Yes, you'll have to take the desk apart and the legs can come off the loveseat. Will you be alright with all this?"

"Yup, just leave it to me," I said. I just wanted her out of my hair so I could concentrate on the task at hand.

"Okay then," she said. "You'll need a screwdriver and a wrench to take the desk apart and put it back together once it's in my study. I'll go get my toolbox."

"I'm gonna put my clothes back on," I said. "I don't want to do all this in my tiny little bikini."

"Ah, that reminds me, how is your leg?"

I blinked in confusion. My leg? It took a few seconds before I realized she was referring to the scratch I got the previous time I had mowed her lawn. "It's fine. Nothing more than a tiny scratch."

Apparently not satisfied to take my word for it she bent down to inspect my leg for herself. "Yes, it seems to have healed nicely," she said as she ran her hand up the inside of my leg, stopping just short of touching the edge of my bikini bottoms.

Healed nicely? What the fuck? It had been a mere scratch, not some gaping wound. Was she stupid? She stood back up, 'accidentally' brushing her hand over my quivering cock and I knew that every thing she had done was deliberate. She got a kick out of being an incredible cock-tease and I had become her willing plaything. In that moment I hated her. Hated her more than I had ever hated anyone, even that blonde bitch at school.

Thankfully, once I was dressed and Ms. Lee had brought her toolbox upstairs she left me alone. The first thing I tackled was the loveseat because it looked to be the most difficult. The legs came off easily but even so it was a tight fit through the doorway. I wrapped a sheet around it to keep it from being ripped or otherwise harmed as I maneuvered it into Ms. Lee's study. It was a bit of a struggle but I soon had it in her study and back in one piece.

The sewing table was easy. I found some moving castors and I was able to roll the whole thing right into her bedroom with no problem. The desk proved to be a lot more involved although not particularly difficult. It came apart easily enough but the number of screws, bolts and hinges ended up being very time-consuming. Once I had the desk apart I made several trips to bring it to the room Ms. Lee used as a study where I re-assembled it with the bare minimum of cursing under my breath required.

I was almost done when Ms. Lee popped into the study to check on my progress. "Done already? Wow, you're pretty handy."

"Almost," I grunted as I used an allen wrench to screw the last of the shelves into place. I tossed the allen wrench back into the toolbox and wiped the non-existent dirt from my hands. "There, all done."

"That was pretty quick," she said. If anything, she seemed disappointed.

I followed her gaze and realized she was staring at my cock again. I smirked, I had been so intent on the task at hand that my cock had gone soft. No doubt Ms. Lee would try to get another rise out of me. Well, fuck her. Rather, I knew I wouldn't be fucking her. So fuck her for not fucking. Or something like that.

"I guess so," I said, shrugging. "I don't know, I wasn't paying attention to the time. Anyway, if you don't have anything else for me to do then I suppose I should get going."

"Ah, right," she said. "My purse is in the kitchen. I'll pay you there. Before you leave though I want ask if you can do some more extra work for me the next time you're here."

"I don't think so," I answered.

"Too busy?"

"No, it's not that," I said, shaking my head. "I mean I can't work for you any longer. At all."

"Why not?" she asked, her eyes wide. "Is it the money? Do you want more?"

I shook my head emphatically. "It's not about money."

"Then why?"

"I think you know exactly why, Ms. Lee," I said. "But just in case you honestly don't, let me tell you: you're a cock-tease."

"And that's a problem?"

"Yes, it really is," I said. "I'm already plenty frustrated enough, I don't need you adding to it."

She grinned and I felt like my blood was just about to boil. It was funny to her. I balled my hands into fists so tight that my fingernails dug into my palms.

"I've been a naughty girl, haven't I?"

"I don't know if 'naughty' is the word I would use but you certainly haven't been nice," I replied.

Her grin widened into an outright triumphant smile. "Yes, yes, that's right. I've been very mean. Very, very naughty. And what should you do to naughty girls?"

I had no clue where she was going with it and I gave her a helpless shrug. She was acting a bit weird and I readied myself for the possibility that I might have to thump her. Even though I was pissed off at her I still didn't like the idea of committing physical violence against her.

"You punish them, of course," she said when it was clear I wasn't going to reply.

"Punish them?"

"Of course, and what's the best way to punish a naughty girl?"

Take away their 3DS? It always worked wonders with Autumn. However, I was pretty sure that's not where Ms. Lee was headed. I gave her another helpless shrug.

"Spanking, of course," she said.

Suddenly it all clicked into place for me. So this is what she had been building up to. I knew what she wanted from me and I knew I could take what I wanted from her in return.

"Spanking, huh?" I said as I grabbed her and pushed her out of the room and down the hall to her bedroom. She squealed as I sat down on the edge of her bed and bent her over my lap. I paused for a second but quickly realized that her scream had been one of mock fear mixed with some very genuine delight. She offered only token resistance when I hooked a finger under her bikini bottoms and pulled them down.

She kicked her legs feebly and rocked side to side which didn't do much other than rubbing the slick lips of her cunt against my thigh. Which is what she was probably aiming for in the first place. "Dammit, what do you think you're doing?" she grunted.

Her protest had no force behind it and the words sounded practiced, as if she were merely saying her lines at the appropriate time.

Ignoring her I inspected her ass, licking my lips both literally and figuratively at what I saw. While her ass was not nearly as fat and bouncy as Mrs. Henderson's it was still very much a delicious looking ass. Her skin was so perfect and smooth that I could have spent the rest of my life licking and touching it and been perfectly happy. I actually felt guilty about what I planned to do to it.

"Well, what are you going to do? Just sit there?"

She apparently was getting impatient. "Don't you talk back to me, you little shit," I snarled as I raised my hand about my head and then brought it down on her ass with a loud SPLAT!

"Oh, fuck!" she screamed.

"There will be some fucking involved, I promise you that," I growled as I brought my hand down on the other asscheek. "But first I'm gonna beat your ass just like you deserve." I didn't hold back, I beat her ass until it glowed red although after every stroke I took the time to fondle the soft flesh. I was nearly beside myself. It was the greatest moment of my life up to that point. I was living out a perverted fantasy with the most attractive woman in the neighborhood and I half-expected that I would wake up at any moment to the morning light and a pair of sticky underpants.

"You fucking bitch, you goddamned cock tease! I'll show you what happens to little cunts like you," I snarled as I raised my hand for another blow. I had taken to the perverted little roleplay much quicker than I would have thought possible. Ms. Lee had somehow touched a part of me that I didn't even know existed. Although thinking back I think it's a part of me that Mrs. Henderson had accidentally found first. The difference between them was that Ms. Lee had very deliberately provoked that part of me.

SPLAT! Her ass flattened under another blow and again I took the time to grip her reddened ass cheeks, prying them apart to peek at her asshole. It was pretty, pink and perfect. I wondered if she scrubbed it to get it to look so clean.

I was wrenched from my thoughts when I realized that Ms. Lee was sobbing. "That's enough. Please, please, please stop!"

"Oh, shit! Ms. Lee, I am so so sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you." I pushed her off my lap and back onto her feet. "Here, just lie on your stomach on the bed and I'll get some lotion."

She obeyed, collapsing face-down on her bed.

I scoured her vanity and found a bottle of expensive looking skin moisturizer. Bottle in hand I settled down on the bed next to Ms. Lee and poured a good amount over her burning ass cheeks. "I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to go crazy on your ass. Your ass is so damn sexy I guess I kind of just lost my mind."

"It's okay," she replied. "I did ask for it. I didn't realize you'd beat my ass for fifteen minutes solid though."

"How's that?" I asked as I spread the lotion over her ass, soothing the flaming red flesh.

"Much better," she groaned as I worked the lotion into her smooth skin. I used both hands on her ass, gripping and stroking the soft flesh of her asscheeks. I didn't stop there, instead dipping my fingers into the deep crevice between her ass cheeks. I swirled a slick fingertip around her crinkled asshole much to her vocal approval. "Yes, right there, right there."

I was trembling with excitement as I inserted the tip of my finger into her butthole. I was gentle and slow, pushing it in only to the first knuckle. Her rectum was tight, super tight, and resisted the intrusion. I imagined what her well-greased asshole would feel like around my cock and I promised myself that I would fuck her in the ass before I was done with her.

With a sigh of regret I finally left off with her ass and moved down her legs. Her thighs were nicely rounded, almost a bit muscular and I suspected she went jogging regularly. I spent a lot of time on her upper and inner thighs. In particular I explored the crease where her buttocks met her legs.

"Mmmmm, do that again," she moaned when my fingers brushed along the inside of her thighs and inadvertently bumped into the puffy lips of her cunt.

I was more than happy to comply and I ran the back side of my finger over her swollen cunt lips, forcing another gasp of pleasure from her. I upped the ante and slid my finger directly over her slit and brushed my fingertip over her clit.

"Oh shit, again!" she demanded.

I wasn't going disobey an order like that. I sawed my finger back and forth, rubbing her little button with each stroke.

Soon she was whimpering, her fists white from clutching at her bed cover so tightly. My hand was on automatic, mindlessly sliding back and forth over the mouth of her sex while I watched her trembling body with wide eager eyes. Oddly enough, it was the sight of her tightly curled toes that seemed to go to my cock like a livewire

"Of fuck, gonna...gonna-" I had a pretty good idea exactly what she was going to do as she finished her statement with an inarticulate groan. Her body shook as a series of tremors seemed to roll through like waves. When she was finally finished her body bonelessly sagged on the bed as she caught her breath.

I ran my hands over her back and briefly cupped her ass before working my way down her legs. I couldn't stop marveling over just how soft and smooth her skin was. In that moment I would have been perfectly happy to have been locked in her bedroom for the rest of my life just so long as I had her naked body to play with.

She seemed to content to just lie on her bed and not move. "Ms. Lee?" I finally said as I began to worry.

"I'm fine, Summer," she replied, "just let me soak in the afterglow a bit longer."

"So it was good?" I asked.

"Summer, it was so much better than just 'good'," she answered. "I've never had anyone beat my ass like that. You're just a horny teenager but you seem to have a natural talent for it despite your inexperience."

I thought about Mrs. Henderson's recent unavailability. "I'll always be inexperienced in nobody ever gives me a chance to gain experience."

She reached over and took my hand in hers. "I know that tone. You don't have to worry, I'm going to give you lots of chances to gain that experience. Starting right now. So strip out of your clothes."

I didn't need to be told twice. In moments I was naked, my clothes a pile on the bedroom floor. "Okay, now what?"

Ms. Lee sat up on her bed. "Just lie back and let me take care of you."

I did as instructed and watched as she knelt on the bed, bent over my crotch. I had a sudden wild hope. I couldn't believe she was going to do what it looked like she was preparing to do. Oh, but I really, really wanted her to.

My wild hopes seemed confirmed when she wrapped her fingers around my hard cock. "Summer, do you know how amazing it is for a dickgirl to have a cock like this? Don't get me wrong, your body is stunning in itself. That is, I think you're a beautiful girl. Exotic really." She paused for a moment, apparently derailed by her train of thought. "But your mother is white...."

Ah, that old question. It had come up in the past when we had moved into the neighborhood but it wasn't something that I had thought about in years. I found the existence of my cock to be a bigger social impediment than the color of my skin.

"Mom says that our father was Hawaiian," I said, biting back on my frustration. Just having her hand on my cock felt incredible but I wanted more. The last thing I wanted was to have a conversation about my skin color or who my father was. Really, at that point the only conversation I wanted to have was one where Ms. Lee opened her mouth and took my cock between her lips.

"Is it hard growing up here?"

"Sometimes it's hard," I admitted. "Like right now it's hard. It's really, really, really hard. It's so damn hard it feels like a steel pipe."

Ms. Lee blinked in confusion. "Huh, I don't follow-" Her eyes widened with sudden comprehension. "Oh, shit, I didn't mean to torture you like that! You poor thing, let me take care of you."

She bent forward and captured the end of my cock between her lips took me on a warm wet trip to a place that felt just like paradise. I watched as my shaft disappeared into her wide-stretched lips. Seeing the barrel of my shaft sliding into her mouth was the sexiest sight of my young life at that point. Feeling my cock being caressed by her tongue and lips was even better.

Soon the tip of my cock was in the back of her throat and her lips hadn't quite reached the base of my cock. When she looked up at me, her warm brown eyes staring into mine, I discovered one of the sexiest sights in the universe. She wanted to see my pleasure. Seeing that she was giving me pleasure also gave her pleasure and that knowledge made me even more excited. We were on a seemingly infinite positive feedback loop.

The ride on that particular merry-go-round was amazing and I wanted it to never stop. However, like any ride one eventually has to get off. When I couldn't take any more I closed my I eyes and threw my head back, gasping as I filled her mouth with my jism. "Fuck, fuck," I groaned as I squirted my cum onto her tongue which was still teasing the head of my bloated cock.

My moaning trailed off into incoherence as she sucked on my cock while using her hand to strip my seed from shaft. Milked dry of both my cum and energy I sank back onto the bed. I was drained and weak but incredibly happy. At that moment I would have been content to lie just like that forever.

It got even better when Ms. Lee crawled up along my body to finally snuggle in my arms. "So, how was that?" she whispered in my ear as she traced a fingertip around my breasts.

"Incredible," I replied. "I had my cock sucked before but not like that. It was really, really good."

She slid her hand down over my stomach and used a fingertip to flirt with my bellybutton. "Summer, I have a confession to make," she said, tucking her head into the hollow of my neck.

I slipped my arm around her and trailed my fingers over her back. "What's that?"

"I've been watching you for a while now. Even before you started sprouting erections."

I was surprised by the revelation. "I really had no idea," I admitted. "I mean, I've been getting hard-ons since at least twelve and back then I was just a skinny twerp, kinda like Autumn is now. I couldn't have been much to look at."

"Oh, I always thought you were a beautiful girl," Ms. Lee said. "But I'll admit when you started getting erections is when I knew I really wanted you. I tried resisting but then this summer happened. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I really like you but I feel really guilty about it."

I was stumped. "Guilty? Why?"

"Because I'm a lot older than you," she said. "I feel like a cradle robber."

"Pffft," I snorted. "What? A whole ten years? Big deal."

She propped herself up on the bed with her elbow and gave me a long serious look. "Summer, how old to you think I am?"

I didn't need any time to answer. "Twenty five, tops."

"Summer, sweetie, I'm thirty seven."

I couldn't help myself, I laughed in her face. "Bullshit. What's next? You gonna ask me to pull your finger?"

Her expression didn't change. "Summer, I'm serious.

I searched her face but I didn't find any signs that she was lying. "Big deal," I finally replied. "You're still the youngest person I've fucked."

It was Ms. Lee's turn to laugh. "And the oldest person too, I bet."

I shook my head. "Nope, just the youngest."

Her amusement quickly turned to shock. "No way, you're already having sex?"

I couldn't help being a bit smug. "Yeah, I already banged some of the other MILFs in the neighborhood."

"Technically. I'm not a MILF as I've never even been pregnant," she pointed out.

It was at that moment that I made the stupid, off-the-cuff flippant remark that changed my life forever. A remark made in jest, never thinking that it would lead to permanent life-altering changes.

"Would you like to be?"

She searched my face for many long moments. "Are you serious?" she finally asked.

Fuck! I hadn't been serious at all. It was a joke, one I had expected her to laugh at. Only she wasn't laughing. "Sure," I said with an easy bravado I didn't feel one little bit. I don't know if I successfully pulled off my little nonchalant act, internally I was gibbering in fear. My train of thought had derailed onto very short circular track racing at the speed of light. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME, fuck me...."

Ms. Lee's voice snapped me out of my mental death spiral. "Summer?"

"No time like the present, huh?" I said, my smile felt stiff and forced. I realized I probably looked completely crazy and I tried taking deep breaths in an effort to calm down.

She shook her head. "Sweetie, it's not something you have to do. I was being stupid, jumping at the chance. I should have known you were just being a smart ass."

"How-how did you know?"

Ms. Lee gave me look that seemed to say, 'Just how stupid do you think I am, anyway?'

I flushed. Of course she knew. I was just a bumbling teen-age dickgirl still coming to grips with her hormones. Ms. Lee was an adult, not only older but also much wiser. She had seen through my act as easily as any parent might see through a child's lie.

"You should have seen your face," she said, chuckling. "Just like the proverbial deer in the headlights. It's alright, Summer, I would never dream of holding you to it."

I heaved a sigh of relief. That was a bullet dodged. However, Ms. Lee didn't look overly happy at the apparent resolution. "Ms. Lee, are you upset? I mean, you really wanted that?"

"It's natural to want to have children." She took my arm in both hands and pulled me close to her. "Let's just say that the idea of you fathering my children is a very attractive. She gave me a smoky look. "Of course, the part where you help me make children is sure to be enjoyable."

Yes, the fucking part. That part I was really looking forward to. However, being responsible for a child- that part terrified me. I was only a high-school kid, way too young for that sort of responsibility.

She shrugged. "Anyway, it's not fair to burden you with such a huge responsibility at your age, no matter how badly I want it." She rolled over so that she was straddling me at the hips, her cunt just inches from my still flaccid cock.

She leaned forward a pressed her lips to mine. I remembered where her mouth had been last and I went stiff.

Ms. Lee pulled back. "Something wrong, Summer?"

My mind raced, thinking of an excuse. "Sorry, it was just so sudden. You took me by surprise." I put a hand behind her head and pulled her in for another kiss. I opened my mouth and she slipped her tongue between my lips.

I didn't taste what I had feared what I would and in seconds our tongues were engaged in a delicious slippery battle. We took turns invading each other's mouths until I was gasping for breath. I broke the kiss and Ms. Lee leaned back, a small smirk playing on her lips.

"Took your breath away, did I?"

"You're pretty good at that," I admitted.

"You think so?" she said as she wrapped her fingers around my cock. "Looks like someone's back among the living."

"It was dead?"

"Yes, a dead cock is no good to anyone," Ms. Lee said, shuddering. "Let's say sleeping."

The mental image of a sleeping cock was infinitely better than the alternative. Particularly as it was my cock being talked about. "Now that it's awake what should we do with it?"

Ms. Lee raised her hips and guided the tip of my cock between her legs. "Oh, I can think of something," she said as the lips of her cunt kissed the tip of my cock.

"Yeah, I'm sure you-urk!" I grunted as she slammed her hips down onto me, sliding my cock into her depths in one smooth motion. "Fuck, you're tight," I said in a strangled groan. "Tighter than...uh, well, you're really tight."

"No fucking and telling for you I take it," Ms. Lee said as she lifted her hips, exposing the shaft of my cock.

"My continued existence depends on it, so no," I confirmed.

"Not to mention your continued fucking of neighborhood MILFs," she said as she slowly lowered herself back down, swallowing the barrel of my shaft once again. "No small incentive, I'm sure."

"Oh, I think I'd be happy enough fucking only you if it came down to it," I replied. I was getting frustrated with her slow grind on my cock. It felt good but it wasn't what I really wanted. What I really wanted was, well-

I sat up and threw an arm around Ms. Lee while quickly rolling over. She hit the bed on her back with me still wedged between her thighs. I slapped her legs apart and shoved myself into her until I was balls-deep in her cunt.

She looked up at me, her eyes wide. "Summer-"

"I think you forgot something, Ms. Lee."

"And what would that be?" she asked, sounding a bit breathless.

"From now on you don't fuck me," I said as I slid back out of her. "I fuck you! Got it?" I punctuated the question with a quick thrust, taking her to the root once again. I didn't wait for an answer and I didn't stop, slamming into her cunt again and again, filling her with cock.

"Fuck, yes, I understand!" she moaned as I rammed my cock into her. "Just don't stop fucking me!"

"Magic word?" I said, gasping as I pulled back out of her pussy. She wasn't just tight. She was tight, wet and warm. Fucking Mrs. Henderson had been nice and fucking Mom had been great. Ms. Lee though, well, Ms. Lee was in a class by herself. She was easily the most fuckable person in the neighborhood. And she was mine.

She knew it too. "Please!" she cried out. "Please, don't stop fucking my pussy."

"Your pussy?" I growled, pulling my cock out completely. "I think you forgot who this cunt belongs to."

"You! This pussy belongs to you. I'm your bitch, your slut, your cumdumpster. Anything! Just keep fucking me, please!"

I reached down between her legs and pinched the fleshy lips of her cunt together. "I'm glad we understand each other. But I want you to understand something else," I pulled slightly on the lips of her cunt. "This isn't a pussy, it's not even a cunt. This-" I tugged on her cuntlips to emphasize my point, "-is a fuckhole. A slippery fuckhole and it belongs to me."

"Yes, okay it belongs to you," Ms. Lee said as she tried to hook her legs around my waist. "Please, just stick it in my, er, your slippery fuckhole."

I did want to fuck her after all, so I slid my cock back into her hot cunt. She succeeded in hooking her legs around me, urging me to take her even deeper. I couldn't help groaning as I drilled my length into her cunt until her pussylips were stretched around the base of my cock.

"Oh god, you feel so damn good inside me," she gasped as I did a little grind against her clit.

"You don't feel so bad, yourself," I replied, pulling out before slamming my cock back as deeply as I could.

I began fucking her in earnest, my balls slapping against her ass with every thrust. I ignored her in favor of seeking my own pleasure, at that moment she really was just a slippery fuckhole for me to dump my cum in. Although, if her pleasured grunts were any indication, she was just fine with that.

All good things must come to an end and I could tell when I was nearing my own particular end. I felt the familiar knot behind my balls that was typically the harbinger of a particularly intense orgasm. Only it seemed more intense than I'd ever had before; as if someone had squeezed the mass of the Sun into the volume of a golf ball, slammed another 999 suns into that same volume and then shoved the whole thing into the space normally occupied by my prostate.

In short, I had the most epic orgasm I had ever had at that point. Time seemed be paradoxically stretched and compressed at the same time as I squirted my load deep inside Ms. Lee's cunt. I clutched as her body as I groaned like someone dying and trembled from the overload of pleasure.

I could feel each squirt of jism shooting up the length of my cock until it spurted into Ms. Lee, from tip of my cock all the way to my prostate was a circuit of pure pleasure. I had tucked my head into the hollow of her neck, my head blasted clean of all thought. But even at that moment I know one thing: I wanted to experience the same pleasure again and again and again.

When I finally rolled off of Ms. Lee I was limp and exhausted. "Wow, that was...just wow."

She laughed, sounding quite shaky herself. "I know what you mean. I loved it but you really pounded the fuck out of my cunt. I mean, you really pounded the fuck out of your slippery fuckhole."

I reached over and grabbed one of her tits. "I was planning on fucking your ass but right now my balls feel completely drained. That's the hardest I've ever come. I could probably fuck you again but I'd be shooting air when I came."

"Thank goodness for that," she replied. "I really enjoyed our little fuck session but I'm very sore now. I don't think I could handle more right at the moment."

I sat upright like a bolt, as if someone had jammed a needle in my ass. "Ms. Lee, I didn't mean to hurt you! I'm really mmpphh-"

She shushed me by putting a hand over my mouth. "I had a great time, Summer. For a first timer you were almost perfect. I like it a bit rough and you're very enthusiastic in the bedroom. I'm sore but, y'know, it's a good sore."

I stretched my muscles and groaned as some overworked muscles complained. I had toughened up somewhat from working from morning to night nearly everyday. Still, the prolonged slamfuck was exhausting on top of a whole day of mowing and cleaning yards.

"I really hate to fuck and run," I said, "but if I don't get home soon Mom will be wondering where I am."

Ms. Lee nodded her understanding. "Of course, I need to take a shower anyway." She paused for a moment, obviously thinking about something. "You can join me and get cleaned up before you go home." She gave me a hopeful look.

I really hated disappointing her. Moreover, I did want to take a shower with her. The both of us in a hot shower together sounded very sexy. I imagined the hot water running down her naked body and my cock began to fill with blood. I squashed the thought.

"I'd really love to," I said, "but I know if we take a shower together I'll end up fucking you again. It'll be midnight before I get home and Mom will be furious. Besides, if I go home all cleaned up that will make Mom curious."

Ms. Lee accepted that without complaint but I could tell she was disappointed. "You're right, of course. Well, I was really hoping but-"

"Next time I'm gonna fuck your ass in the shower," I promised. "In the meantime I'll also think of other things to do to you the next time I'm here."

She rolled out of bed. "Fuck, I may have created a monster."

"Yeah, a fuckmonster."

She chuckled as I followed her out of bed and picked my clothes off the floor before pulling them on. "Okay, Fuckmonster, let's get you paid and on your way before your mother finds out that that her innocent little girl isn't so innocent. Or little."

Mom already knew those things but I kept silent as I followed Ms. Lee down to the kitchen where she pulled out a small wad of bills from where she kept her secret stash of money in a jar in her cupboard behind boxes of cereal.

"Now I know where you keep your money," I pointed out as she opened the jar.

She gave me a dead serious look. "Are you going to steal my money, Summer?"

I frantically shook my head. "Of course not, Ms. Lee. I would never-"

"I know you wouldn't," she said. "You're straightforward and hard working. Those are two qualities I really admire in you."

Admire? That seemed a bit much. My face was burning with embarrassment and I turned away, not wanting her to see.

She wasn't having it and she grabbed my chin and forced me to look at her. "I mean it, Summer. I like you because you're pretty and you have a nice hard cock but those aren't the only reasons I like you."

I couldn't answer that. She still had me by the chin so I couldn't turn my head. Instead, I lowered my gaze, settling on looking at her tits.

"Look at me, Summer," Ms. Lee said, her voice didn't sound angry, just very, very firm. She wasn't having that either, apparently. It occurred to me that while I was the boss in the bedroom outside of it we were back to our normal roles. Seconds later it also occurred to me that I was the boss in the bedroom because it was what she wanted. Even when she wasn't in control she was in control.


I snapped back to reality. "Uh, sorry about that, I was just thinking."

Ms. Lee let go of my chin and took a step back. "About?"

I rubbed my chin, for a someone so small she sure had a strong grip. "Well, I don't understand what you want from me really. I mean, clearly you want something. I mean, do you want me to be your girlfriend or something?"

"Is that something you want?" she said.

I hedged my bets. "Hmm, well, I already have a few girlfriends that I fuck. I like you and all but I don't want to give up the fun I'm already having." Of course, I was overstating the actual case but I had the thought that I might be able to bag more neighborhood MILFs and I wanted to keep my options open.

"Of course, of course," Ms. Lee said, waving her hand. "I'm not asking for an exclusive relationship." She looked at the clock on her kitchen wall. "Anyway, you need to get going." She handed me a small roll of bills.

A quick look told me she had handed me way more money than what we negotiated. "Ms. Lee, this is more than we agreed on. A lot more, it's too much!"

"Nonsense, the extra is a stud fee."

"A what?"

"Stud fee," she repeated. "You dumped a whole big load into my cunt. You were trying to help me out, right? I mean, you might already be a father. Perhaps we should be thinking of what to name the baby."

A father? I might have got her pregnant? My head started spinning. "Shit!"

She gave me a long flat look. "That's a terrible name for a baby."

Anonymous 14/12/16(Tue)23:15 No. 22978 ID: 3ff5a4

Awesome followup! Funny, sometimes endearingly silly dialogue, and also the idea of Summer being the neighborhood 'stud' is just too fucking much of a turn on.

Anonymous 15/05/21(Thu)08:11 No. 23589 ID: 938890

Looks like the author left.

Does anyone want me to continue this?

Tunderhill 15/05/22(Fri)06:36 No. 23599 ID: 62b1d7


Yeah! Every chapter he posted only got one response! Why would he ever leave? What was wrong with him!? It's like he thought only one person was reading and it wasn't worth his time!

Anonymous 15/05/22(Fri)14:06 No. 23600 ID: bb3bad

a shame really it was a good story i generally don't leave a reply because im terrible at critique and just saying something like "did jizz was good" just feels odd to me

Evil Empire 17/01/04(Wed)18:25 No. 24868 ID: e3c363

As Tunderhill mentioned, the lack of responses kinda killed my motivation for posting more and I had forgotten about this thread. But I have more so onto the next part of the story. I know it's been awhile but I hope nobody minds terribly if I revive this thread with new content.

I Am Your Father, Motherfucker

Autumn chortled as she sat on my bunk while counting the money from our combined efforts. "I wasn't expecting much from you to be honest," she said as she thumbed through the crisp green bills, "but you surprised me and really came through."

Sitting at the desk we shared I gave her the usual look of contempt that I typically reserved for her. "What you mean is that I made a fuck-ton more money than you did."

"Keep dreaming," she said, rolling her eyes. "I said you did okay, not great."

"You're seriously telling me you made more money than I did with your sad little lemonade stand?"

"Yes, I'm seriously telling you that my awesome sales skills beat your pathetic little lawn mowing business," Autumn said, not even trying to hide her grin.

"Bullshit!" I said. "I know I made a ton of money this summer."

"Perhaps," she said, smirking, "but I made even more. Don't worry, I'll still let you do your nasty perverted crap with whatever gynoid I decide to buy."

I turned my nose up at her. "Whatever. I don't need your stupid fembot anyway."

"Yeah, I hear you furiously beating off in the shower all the time now," Autumn said with a nasty sounding laugh. "The RINNAI tankless water system was money well spent."

"Fuck you," I said, giving her the middle finger.

"No way," she said, sneering at me. "I don't fuck relatives, unlike some people I know. That's just nasty."

"Just for that, give me back the money I gave you."

"Go fuck yourself," Autumn said. "That would be the ultimate in incest so you should love it, you freak."

"I said give me my fucking money, you little fucker!" I screamed at her.

"Better than being a motherfucker, which is what you are!" she retorted.

I grabbed the front of her t-shirt and pulled her to me until we were nose-to-nose. "GIVE ME MY FUCKING MONEY BEFORE I FUCKING POUND YOU!"


As if summoned by magic Mom entered our bedroom. She was calm and collected. And really, really, really fucking furious. "Give me the money, Autumn."

Autumn fell back on her default position when dealing with unpleasant situations when Mom was involved; she went into whiny mode. "But Mom...."

Mom wasn't taking Autumn's shit. "That's twice," she said flatly. "Three strikes and you're out."

Autumn handed over the money.

Mom pocketed the thick roll of bills. "When the two of you are ready to discuss the situation like rational people we will decide what will happen with this money. Now, march to the bathroom. The both of you."

That last order struck me as odd. "The bathroom?"

Mom directed her quiet wrath at me. "Yes, the bathroom. It's obvious you two are wondering what soap tastes like. So I'm going to satisfy your curiosity."


Some people might say that soap tastes like crap. It doesn't. In fact, soap tastes exactly like soap. After having my mouth cleaned out with soap I needed something to clean the soap out of my mouth so I headed to the STOP&SHOP for a soda.

I stood in front of the cooler for several long minutes debating the merits of different soft drinks before selecting a DR. BEPPER. Standing back up from reaching down into the cooler I felt a hand on my ass. Startled, I jumped and simultaneously spun around only to find Mrs. Henderson grinning at me.

"That's a good healthy drink," she said, pointing to the can of DR. BEPPER I was holding. I noticed she had a bottle of unsweetened LIPTON iced tea in her hand.

"Probably not any more unhealthy than a mouth full of soap," I replied. She gave me a questioning look and I explained about the aftermath of the profanity laced argument Autumn and I had.

"DR. BEPPER is your beverage of choice then," she said.

"Not usually," I said, "but it has a kinda weird taste so I figure it might be a good choice to mask the taste of the soap. I rinsed my mouth out as good as I could but I can still taste the soap."

"Did you think to try mouthwash or chewing gum?"

I hadn't and once Mrs. Henderson mentioned them I felt like an idiot. "Now I'm thinking about them." I pointed at her. "Anyway, you're looking good." She really was, too. She was wearing a form fitting jogging suit complete with expensive looking running sneakers and even a headband which looked soaked with sweat. Her hair was similarly wet. The reason for her presence in the STOP&SHOP buying an unsweetened LIPTON iced tea was obvious.

"You think so?" she asked, clearly pleased by the praise. "I decided to get back into shape. I saw how hard you work everyday and I realized I was just turning into a fat lump. So I started jogging. So far I think I like the results." She did a complete turn. "So, what do you think?"

I had already told her she looked good so it was obvious she was fishing. In that case though I didn't mind repeating myself. "You look really good. Sexy even."

"Thanks, it's good to know all that running is paying off," she said as she put the bottle of iced tea against her forehead. "It's hell on my feet and knees though."

"You should go swimming instead maybe," I told her. "My mom goes to the Y. You won't go blowing out your knees or ankles." I instantly regretted opening my big mouth when I realized that encouraging Mrs. Henderson to spend time with Mom probably wasn't the smartest thing I had ever done. "Or maybe you could take up cycling," I added, sounding lame even to myself.

"Yeah, those are good ideas," Mrs. Henderson said. "I'll have to think about them. Anyway, it's good to see you again. I have to say, you're looking good yourself. Damn good." Her eyes dropped down to check out my crotch.

"It's funny but I thought you were avoiding me," I said.

"Avoiding you? No way," she said, shaking her head. She quickly looked around. "Let's talk outside. Here, I'll pay for that." She took the can of DR. BEPPER out of my hand.

Once she had paid for her tea and my DR. BEPPER we headed out of the store where she handed the can of soda to me and led me to an empty corner of the store's parking lot. "I wasn't avoiding you at all, Summer. But after you fucked me I knew it was just you giving me a pity fuck."

"That's not true!" I said, vehement in my denial. "Seeing you all naked got me horny as hell. That's why I fucked you. I figured you were taking pity on me!"

"Well, be that as it may, I wanted to look good."

"Mission accomplished," I assured her.

"I'm really happy to hear that," she said. "Summer, are you busy right now?"

I shook my head. "Not at all, do you need me to do something for you? I just mowed your lawn yesterday so it can't that. Oh, did you decide you wanted those flowers after all?"

Mrs. Henderson rolled her eyes. "Flowers? Do you think I'm doing all this," she ran her hand down over her body, "for some gods damned flowers? I'm doing this for you, Summer. I'm doing this because I want to fuck you again and I don't want you looking at me and thinking I'm disgusting."

"Not once have I ever thought you were disgusting," I said. "But I get your meaning. Anyway, let's go to your house. We have lots to 'discuss'. Might take awhile."

She nodded her agreement. "Yeah, let's not waste any fucking time when we could spend time fucking."

When we got to her place I followed her into her house. She made sure to lock the door behind us. "Want anything to drink?" she asked as she led me down the short hallway from the side door to the kitchen.

I shook my head. "No thanks, maybe later. Right now I need to piss."

"You know where the toilet is," she said, glancing down at my partially erect cock. "Need to me to hold it?"

I laughed at that. "Maybe later, if I try to piss with a full hard-on I'll probably end up pissing all over your bathroom."

Once in her bathroom I stripped out of my shorts and t-shirt. I did need to pee but my real purpose was to lose my clothes. Once I finished I washed my hands and returned to the kitchen.

"Whoa, you're naked!" Mrs. Henderson said, her voice sounding a bit choked.

I spun around. "Like what you see?" I asked, winking at her. I wanted to tell her to get naked but as it was I had to will myself not to get completely hard. What I planned on doing next would work better if my cock was still somewhat floppy. So, instead I merely said, "Get on your knees."

"My knees?"

"You heard me," I said. "There's something I want you to do and it works better if you're on your knees."

"Ah," she said in sudden comprehension. She sank down to her knees and shuffled across the floor until her face was almost touching my semi-hard cock. "Like this?" she looked up at me for approval.

"Perfect," I said. I grabbed the base of my cock and flicked it, slapping my shaft against her face with a meaty-sounding SMACK!

Mrs. Henderson looked up at me, her eyes wide with shock. "What the hell, Summer? I thought you wanted a blowjob!"

"Oh, I do eventually, you cockslut," I looked down at her, smirking. I flicked my cock, sending crashing against her face yet again. "Tell me you don't love it."

She opened her mouth, only to close it again as a look of surprise came over her. "Shit, I actually do like it. I had no idea but you slapping your cock all over my face is getting me wet. How did you know?"

I didn't know but after fucking Ms. Lee I suspected that perhaps Mrs. Henderson liked being dominated sexually as well. My theory was confirmed. "Stick out your tongue," I instructed as I slapped my cock against her face yet again. She did as she was told and I amused myself for awhile by slapping my cock down on her slippery tongue. Each time my dick struck against her she would flick her tongue against the crown of my prick.

It felt good, too good, and soon I was completely hard. "Okay, that's enough of that. Suck my dick like a good little cocksucker."

She didn't need to be told twice. She all but leapt to take my cock into her mouth. She took the term 'cocksucking' very literally because that's exactly what she did. The feeling of her lips wrapped around my erection and providing suction while her tongue teased the head was super intense. All too soon I reached the limit of my endurance and had to pull her off my cock before I squirted in her mouth.

I tugged on her hair to get her to stop sucking. "Fuck, you're even better at sucking cock than-" I snapped my mouth shut. Damn, I had a big mouth.

Mrs. Henderson's eyes went wide with shock and she spat my cock from her mouth. "You're fucking someone else too? I have competition?" At least she had stopped sucking me off so I guess my verbal blunder had a silver lining of sorts.

I shook my head. "No competition at all. You're all part of my harem."

"All? Just how many girls are you fucking anyway?"

"I'm not fucking any girls," I said. "MILFs on the hand, well, let's just say more than two."

"Fuck," she said in a tone that sounded a whole lot like admiration. "I really should have guessed. With a cock like yours you certainly will attract lots of females. Girls, MILFs, whatever."

"Yeah, whatever," I said, affecting boredom. I shook my hips, waving my cock back and forth so that it slapped against Mrs. Henderson's face. "You love having a big cock smacking you right in the face, don't you?"

She nodded frantically. "I do, I really do. Fuck, I love your cock."

"How would you like something else in your face?"

"Like what?" she asked.

"How about my balls?" I replied, squeezing my sack between my forefinger and middle finger and flopping it back and forth.

"How about your cum?"

I froze for a second. She wanted me to come on her face? I imagined her face dripping with a big load of my cum, so much so that there was cum dripping down onto her fat tits. The mental image was so delicious that I actually shivered. Would I like to cover her face with jizz? Fuck yeah!

"First my balls and then my cum," I told her. Using her hair as a handle I pulled her face to my crotch and rubbed my ballsack over her face, making sure that I flopped my balls over her eyes and nose. "You've felt my balls, smelled my balls and seen my balls. Now taste them."

She did as she was told, sticking her tongue out and swirling the tip against my sack, flicking her tongue in figure eights. Feeling her hot wet tongue licking my balls was incredible. She could lick my balls all day without any danger of making me come but it sure was good for stimulating pre-cum production. In no time at all her face was slick with my preseminal fluid.

Finally, I had enough and I pulled her away from my crotch. "Okay, enough. Make me come all over your face." She wrapped a fist around my slick cock and jerked me off, aiming the tip of my cock at her face. "Fuck, yeah, gonna come!" I groaned and the first squirt of cum splattered across her face, followed quickly by successive spurts covering her face in a thick mask of jism.

Cum dripped off her face and onto her chest, soaking into her jogging suit. Mrs. Henderson opened her mouth only to swallow all the cum that ran into her mouth. She licked her lips, clearing them of jizz. "Fuck, that was a huge load. I wasn't expecting quite that much. I can't even open my eyes."

"Shit, I'm sorry, Mrs. Henderson, I didn't mean to make such a mess."

"No need to apologize, Summer," she assured me. "It was actually quite hot but I'd like to get cleaned up now."

"Let's get you to the bathroom," I said as I took her hands and pulled her to her feet. Still holding her hand I led her to the bathroom. "Hold still," I said as I let go of her and pulled a lengthy piece of toilet paper from the dispenser and used it to clean the jizz away from her eyes.

"Thanks," she said as she opened her eyes and moved to the sink. "Okay, I can take it from here."

I left her to clean herself up and and went through the kitchen into the living room where I flopped down onto her couch. I was idly flopping my cock back and forth against my thighs when she finally came out of the bathroom and joined me in her living room. She had stripped out of her jogging suit.

She turned around, showing me her naked body. "So, what do you think? Do I look good naked?"

"Very much so," I said. She did too. She hadn't looked bad before but jogging had only improved her body. The flab that had accumulated around her gut, thighs and ass wasn't completely gone but it had been visibly reduced. She still had a nice big ass but it looked more toned. "You looked good before but now you look fantastic."

I said exactly what she had wanted to hear and she spun around once again for my benefit, obviously very pleased. She bent over, pointed her ass at me and gave it a good shake. "How about my ass? Do you like?"

My eyes were glued to that big ass of hers. Mrs. Henderson's best physical feature was without a doubt her ass. Despite her new jogging regimen her ass still shook and jiggled quite pleasingly. Even with the recent massive orgasm my cock rose to the occasion.

"My cock likes it very much," I said as my shaft thickened and lengthened.

Her eyes almost glowed as she watched my dick slowly get hard. "I can see that. Well, why don't we take care of that?"

"Sounds like a plan," I said. "Take me to your bedroom."

She obeyed with alacrity, grabbing me by the hand and pulling me off the couch. Hand in hand she led me through the kitchen, past the bathroom and up the stairway beyond. At the top of the stairs was another short hallway which led to a balcony overlooking the sideyard of my house. To the left was a set of double doors and to right a pair of single doors.

Mrs. Henderson looked longingly at the door leading to the balcony. "I'd love to fuck you on the balcony."

I gave the door a dubious look. That sounded like a really good way to get caught by Mom or Autumn. Mom would ground me so hard my ass would pop up in China. Fuck that noise. I needed to distract Mrs. Henderson from the idea of a balcony fuck. Remembering my session with Ms. Lee I found the perfect solution.

I slapped her on the ass, hard. "You don't fuck me, I fuck you! Understand me....fuckslave?" I turned the term around in my head, worried that maybe I went too far.

Apparently, I hadn't because after a shriek of surprise Mrs. Henderson bent her head, contrite. "Yes, I understand, Mistress."

No, that didn't work for me at all. The term 'mistress' conjured images of thigh-high leather boots and bullwhips. That wasn't me in the slightest. "Summer," I said. "My name is Summer. Miss Summer if you insist. Not 'mistress'. I'm not wearing leather and I don't use whips."

Her sigh sounded like one of relief. "Thank goodness! I love this dominant new you but I'm not a big fan of pain or blood. Er, if you don't mind me saying so, Miss Summer."

"Yeah, whatever," I said as I slapped her ass again. "Now take me to your bedroom. I wanna fuck your asshole until it's raw."

She jumped and squealed before leading me through the set of double doors into her bedroom. The room was huge, easily three or four times the size of the room Autumn and I shared. One wall was dominated by an extensive entertainment system, the centerpiece of which was a huge flat-screen TV. Arranged in a semi-circle in front of the TV were a comfortable looking couch flanked by several equally comfortable looking recliner chairs. On the far side of the room was Mrs. Henderson's bed which was big enough to fit a small orgy onto.

It was a clever arrangement, one could watch movies from either the couch or the bed. I had the sudden thought that one could also watch porn from either spot. I instantly knew exactly what I wanted to do.

I nodded to the TV. "You have porn?"

Mrs. Henderson nodded but she looked so disappointed I almost had to laugh. "Of course I do. You just want to watch porn?"

"Among other things," I said. "Now put on some porn."

As she did as I ordered I flopped down on the couch and spread my legs, lightly stroking my cock. Soon enough the TV came to life with images of naked people fucking and sucking. I noted that the porn actresses were all dickgirls.

I pointed to the spot at my feet when Mrs. Henderson stood back up and turned to me. "Sit and suck." I waggled my cock back and forth. She knelt between my legs and grabbed my erection, holding it still while bringing her mouth to the tip.

I sighed when she took me into her mouth. Watching porn was fun but it in no way compared to the exquisite sensation of a wet and willing mouth. In spite of my intentions I soon forgot about the porn and let my head fall back against the couch, moaning as Mrs. Henderson took me deeper into her warm wet mouth.

I put a hand on the back of her neck as she slid up and down the length of my shaft. "Oh, god, so good." The inside of my head was nothing but a fog of pleasure and I knew I wouldn't be able to endure much more before filling Mrs. Henderson's mouth with my seed. Still, it felt too good to stop, I bit my lip and forced myself to hold on through sheer force of will while she continued to pleasure me with her mouth.

Finally though, it was too much and I pulled her off my cock before I ended up squirting down her throat. I was sucking air like I had done a hard sprint. "Oh, fuck, that felt..." I had to pause to suck in more air, "really awesome. Fuck!" Mrs. Henderson's eyes were glued to my twitching cock. "Turn off the porn, it's distracting. Then go get some KY or something to lube your asshole."

Upon hearing my plans to fuck her ass she looked a bit frightened. That didn't stop her from obeying. She turned off the TV and then disappeared into her closet. Moments later she came back out with a bottle of KY jelly in her hand.

"Okay, smear that stuff all over my cock." She complied, scooping a handful of the jelly from the jar. I groaned and squirmed in pleasure as her slick fist twisted down my cock, greasing up my already slippery shaft with KY. "Okay, enough," I said, knocking her hand away. I didn't want to come from another handjob, no matter how good it felt.

I pushed myself up from the couch and took the jar of KY from Mrs. Henderson. "Bend over the arm of the couch," I told her.

"Okay, but please take it easy on my ass," she said, her voice betraying her trepidation. "I know I come off as a complete slut but I haven't had that many cocks in my ass. And never one as big as yours."

Hearing that I puffed up a bit. "So I have the biggest cock you ever fucked, huh?"

"Oh no, just the biggest one I ever took up my ass."

That took a bit of the wind out of my sails. Feeling just a bit vengeful I dipped my index and middle fingers into the jar of KY jelly and pulled out a generous glob of the stuff. I pressed both fingers between her asscheeks until I reached my goal. I took my time, swirling the tips of my fingers against the crinkled hole and slowly working them into her rectum.

"Ohhh..." she groaned as I sank my fingers deeper into her clutching asshole. I suddenly twisted my fingers, rubbing my knuckles against the walls of her tight rectum. "Oh, fuck me-"

"Gladly," I said, pulling my fingers out of her asshole. I took my cock in hand and guided it to her slick anus. I sighed as the tip of my erection kissed the entrance to her colon. "Brace yourself, this might hurt you more than it hurts me." I pushed forward, the tip of my cock forcing her asshole to open up under pressure. Her ass was tight but slick as I forced more of my length into her and I couldn't help but groan as her rectum gripped my cock.

She was groaning as well but in her case the groans sounded as much ones of discomfort as they were of pleasure. "You feel so thick in my asshole. Just take it easy."

"Don't worry," I grunted as I eased my cock into her ass until I was hilted inside her, "I don't want to tear your asshole apart. I won't have anything left to fuck if I do." I rested for a moment with my cock completely up her rectum and my hips pressed against the well-rounded cheeks of her ass. The sight of her ass pressed against my hips was sexy and I lost myself just staring at the deep asscrack.

"You don't have to take it quite that easy," Mrs. Henderson complained.

Taking her cue I gripped her hips and pulled my throbbing erection from her well-lubed asshole, groaning as I slid out of her hole. Slipping my shaft in and out of the tight ring of her anus felt good, too good. I tried controlling myself but all too soon I was frantically ramming my cock in and out of her ass.

"Oh, god, uh, fuck yes!" I grunted, shoving my cock into her asshole as deep as I could. My body trembled as I spurted my load deep in her guts.

Mrs. Henderson was even kinkier than I imagined. She insisted on cleaning my spent cock with her tongue which I hadn't been expecting. I really doubted Ms. Lee would ever go ass to mouth like that.

"Yum!" she said when she finished using her mouth to clean my prick. She laughed at the dubious look I directed at her. "Honestly, it's not that bad. You should try it sometime."

I wrinkled my nose in disgust and shook my head. "No thanks. I'll take your word for it. Anyway, I don't know anyone whose cock I particularly want to suck."

"What, no cute boys in school you'd like fuck and suck?"

"High school boys are the worst," I said, shaking my head. "High school girls are shit too. I'd much rather stick to MILFs."

"Lucky for me I fit into your definition of MILF then," Mrs. Henderson said.

"I think you fit into anyone's definition of MILF," I replied. "Especially now."

"You certainly may praise me more," she said, stretching out on the bed. Seeing her body pulled into a taut line was a very nice, my cock certainly thought so and it stirred, filling with blood. She eyed my growing prick and then looked up in my eyes. "Honestly, you should try sucking some time. Putting a hard cock in your mouth is one of the most enjoyable things you can ever do."

"Well, if you know any cute guys who aren't assholes feel free to send my way so I can test your claims on the joys of sucking dick."

Mrs. Henderson laughed. "Okay, I might just do that. Anyway, how is your lawn mowing business going?"

"Good, too good," I said with a sigh. "I'm usually so damn busy I don't even have time for fun anymore." I spared a thought for Ms. Lee who I hadn't seen in over a week.

"Poor little Summer is busy all summer long, huh?"

"You said it," I agreed. "This week I have a really big project coming up. I'm gonna be busy as fuck with that plus all my regular yardwork still to do. I'll probably have to schedule bathroom breaks just to take a piss."


I grunted as I shifted the rock, bringing it line with all the other rocks marking off the walkway. My job had grown from just mowing the lawn to one that was quasi-landscaping. Mrs. Coffey had wanted a brick patio and a walkway leading from the rear of her house to the garage, a job that had taken several days. But after a lot of hard work I was finally finished.

I already had a full schedule of yard work so I knew I would have work even harder to catch up on all my regular yards. I would have to work solid from sun-up to sun-down for several days, something I was anticipating with dread. Still, the money was good which is why I agreed to do it.

I stood up from pushing the last rock into place and wiped my hands on my shorts. Mrs. Coffey must have been watching from her kitchen because she chose that exact moment to step out onto the small wooden porch attached to the side of her house, holding a tall glass that looked to be filled with iced tea.

"Looks good, Summer," she said as she joined me in her backyard and handed me the glass of iced tea.

I took a deep gulp, draining half the glass in one go. "Thanks, that really hit the spot."

"You've been working hard all day and you looked very thirsty," she said, putting her hand on my arm. "I know you don't like soda very much so I thought iced tea was the best? Was that okay?"

I was instantly hyper aware of her hand on my arm. I told myself that Mrs. Coffey probably was just being friendly and didn't mean anything by it but my cock wasn't having it. It had been days since I had fucked Mrs. Henderson and in the meantime I had been too busy to jerk off during the day and too exhausted to do it at night. That wasn't likely to change anytime soon. "Uh, that's fine, Mrs. Coffey. Better than fine, perfect really. I appreciate it, I really do."

Oh lord, I was babbling. And my cock was filling with blood. I was going to pop a boner right in front of one of my customers. Well, I had been doing that all summer long so it shouldn't have been that big a deal but at that moment it was. Her hand on my arm was creating an incredible amount of sexual tension in me. Meanwhile, I was sure that Mrs. Coffey was probably feeling nothing at all.

I tried to will my cock to go back down but it was useless. After several days of no sexual contact at all including masturbation Mrs. Coffey's hand on my arm apparently was all it took to make me hard.

She wasn't what I would call hot but she wasn't bad looking. Certainly she wasn't nearly as good looking as Ms. Lee, nor Mrs. Henderson; especially since Mrs. Henderson had taken getting into shape seriously. Mrs. Coffey's most noticeable assets were a huge pair of tits which I often fantasized having wrapped around my dick.

Shit, that definitely wasn't helping.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

"Summer, are you alright?" Mrs. Coffey said, her voice filled with obvious concern. Her hand squeezed my arm a bit tighter. Then she sucked in her breath sharply. "Oh, my."

When I opened my eyes she was doing exactly what I expected; she was staring at my cock. "Oh, god, Mrs. Coffey, I am so sorry!" I tried covering my erection with my hands but she only shook her head.

"Summer, it's not a problem. You've been sprouting erections all summer so it's not like it's something I haven't seen already. It's been some great eye candy so don't apologize. Hell, if it weren't for Mr. Coffey I might be tempted to do more than just look."


"Really," she said, nodding. "You're a good looking girl and it looks like you're packing a gorgeous piece of meat. Hell, I'm a bit surprised that none of the other neighborhood ladies tried getting their hooks into you."

"Yeah, it's a real mystery," I said, looking away.

"Well, listen to me ramble," she said. "No doubt you'd like to get home and clean up as well as 'take care of business'. If you get what I mean."

Boy, did I ever.

"Anyway," she continued, "finish your iced tea and I'll go get your money. Then you can get out of here." I downed the rest of the iced tea while she went back into the house and came back out a few moments later. She handed me an envelope with a thick stack of bills inside. "Don't spend it all in one place now."

I hefted the envelope and looked back up at her. "This is a lot of money."

She laughed. "It's not all big bills in there, you know." She saw my look and put her hand back on my arm. "Don't worry, I didn't short you. In fact, I put in a little extra to show my appreciation for all the entertainment."


"You're a fun girl to watch, Summer. I doubt I'm your only customer who appreciates your flavor of eye candy."


Autumn was in our room when I got home, sitting on my bunk. Again. Ignoring her encroachment on my territory I slapped the thick wad of bills down on the desk we both shared. "Read 'em and weep."

She made a face at me and pinched her nose. "You stink and you're all dirty!"

"It's called work! Try it sometime!" I snarled. "Now count de money!"

Autumn pushed herself off my bunk and retrieved the envelope. "Say one word about revolting peasants and I'll kick you. Really, you're such a weirdo." She pulled a thick sheaf of bills from the envelope and thumbed through them.


"Not bad," she admitted, nodding. She was the very picture of concentration as she counted. She finished and repeated the process. When she finished recounting she looked up at me. "Good, really good. In fact, with this we've reached our goal." She sighed and stuffed the wad of bills back into the envelope before handing it back to me. "The only problem left is convincing Mom to give us the money back. She's been kinda bitchy lately so...."

"Yeah, I'll take care of it, I'm the older sister after all." I gave the envelope full of bills back to her. "Here, you hang onto this."

She took the offered envelope, looking up at me from where she sat on my bunk. Her surprise was easy to see. "Are you sure?"

"Of course," I replied. "We're a team, right?"

"Yeah, sure, a team," she said, looking at me as if I had grown a second head from my neck and it was talking nonsense. Or perhaps a third head, I already had a second head and all too often it seemed to do the thinking for me.

"Well, wish me luck," I said as I opened the bedroom door.

"Good luck," Autumn called out after me as I stepped out into the hallway. "You'll need it."

I knew I'd need more than just luck in my confrontation with Mom. I'd need to bring an unassailable argument why she should give back the money Autumn and I had worked for. Unfortunately, said unassailable argument wasn't presenting itself to me.

Then a thought struck me; maybe the trick wasn't to find the right argument to present itself. Maybe the trick was to get Mom to present herself to me. But how? This required a seduction of sorts and that typically required a certain level of skill at manipulation. I was too straightforward to do it with the necessary amount of skill.

Maybe that was the way to do it; bold as brass with my face in her ass. I considered for a moment and made my decision. I took the time to take several deep breaths and headed for Mom's bedroom.

I paused at her door and tried to find the intestinal fortitude to execute my plan of action. However, if anything it had the opposite effect and I found myself shrinking from the prospect in a metaphorical sense as well as shrinking from Mom's bedroom door in a very physical sense.

Dammit! No! I steeled myself. I took a deep breath and slowly released it. Forcing myself to act I threw the door to Mom's bedroom open. It flew open, crashing into the doorstop.

"Summer, what the fuck!" Mom screeched, her eyes wide and wild. Her face was a perfect mix of shock, anger and embarrassment. She was naked with one hand buried between her legs. "Don't you girls ever think to knock!"

I fell back a step. I wasn't expecting Mom to be busy sticking her fingers up her own cunt but Mom had her own needs that needed to be fulfilled. I smiled at that thought. Yes, she had needs and who better to fulfill them than her own loving dickgirl daughter?

I stepped into her room and gave her what I hoped was a confident, knowing smirk. "I can see you're busy, Mom."

"If you can see that then get out!"

Instead of complying I moved to stand beside her bed and shook my head. "Sorry, I can't just yet." I freed my cock from my shorts. "Not while you haven't gotten your fill of this."

"Dammit, Summer, I don't want any of that," she said while tracking my swinging cock with her eyes.

"That would be a lot more believable if you weren't currently zeroed on to my dick," I said. "We both know you're full of shit. We spent a whole night fucking right in this bed. Funny way to show how much you're not at all interested in this cock. I mean, you'd need to have radar to be any more locked onto my prick."

"That was a mistake!" she snapped, shaking her head. "I never should have allow-"

Smack! I slapped my cock across her face and draped the shaft over her eyes. "If you really don't want any of this then all you have to do is get out of bed and put your clothes on. Easy, right?"

"Why should I have to leave?" Mom complained. "This is my room. You leave!"

"You're still talking?" I said as I shifted my cock to prod her lips with the tip of my cock. "There are more useful things you can be using your mouth for."

"Summer, I swear to- ulp!"

I shoved the head of my dick into her open mouth. For a moment I thought she might spit it out or even bite it but she did neither. Instead she sucked on it. She even took my cock deeper, looking up into my eyes as she did so.

"That's it," I encouraged her. "Suck on that fat pipe. Show me how much you love cock."

She mumbled something unintelligible. I didn't care what she was saying, all I cared about was the feeling of her wet mouth on my hard prick. I wrapped my fingers in her hair and pulled her deeper onto my cock.

"Gawd, that feels nice," I groaned. "A little too nice." Holding her head still I pulled my cock from her mouth.

"Nooo, let me keep sucking you," Mom whined, trying to recapture the tip of my cock with her lips.

"Spread your legs," I ordered. "I'm gonna fuck you full of spunk."

She shook her head in refusal at the same time she spread her legs in compliance. "No, let me suck you off."

I climbed up on her bed and knelt between her legs. "You can clean my cock with your mouth once I bust my nut inside your cunt."

Mom's cunt was slick and puffy with need. It looked so very inviting and I couldn't wait to be back inside her. My heart was pounding when the tip of my dick kissed the lips of her pussy. I sighed when I finally slid myself into her cunt.

"Fuck, I love your cunt, Mom," I groaned as I hilted myself inside her slick hole until my balls were pressed against her ass.

Mom's breath came in sharp gasps as I continuously rammed my length into her, my balls slapping against her ass with each thrust. A task made all the easier when she shifted her legs and wrapped them around my waist.

"Summer, you shouldn't come inside me," Mom moaned as I worked my cock in and out of her cunt's grip.

"Why not?" I said, moaning as I slid back into her. "I'm sure Autumn would love having a baby sister. Well, I guess the baby would be her sister-niece."

Mom looked up at me, her face deadly serious. "You'd be the child's father-sister. Is that prospect really so hilarious?"

"It's almost as funny as Autumn being an aunt-sister or you being a grandmother-mother."

Mom giggled in spite of herself. "We are really some family. Real pieces of work, all three of us."

"Three? I count four of us here," a voice from the open doorway said.

I jerked in surprise, as if someone had stuck a very sharp needle in my ass. Mom groaned as I unexpectedly bottomed out in her.

The lady standing in the doorway looked familiar somehow. She was tall and built, big titted and fairly muscular although not grotesquely so. She was also dark, even moreso than Autumn and I. She also had the same wiry hair I shared with Autumn although hers had the same auburn highlights that Autumn had. Like the both of us she had her hair tied in a loose ponytail. She was also wearing what looked like a very expensive business suit.

In the doorway next to her was Autumn who I ignored. "Who the fuck are you and why are you in my house!"

"I am your father," she replied, "and this is my house, actually."

Autumn stared at me, her eyes huge. I felt pity for her, a rare occurrence. I could imagine how overwhelmed she must have been to be confronted with a stranger claiming to be her father and then seeing her older sister fucking her mother. I was a bit overwhelmed myself but that was offset by the fact that I had my cock up my mother's cunt.

Oh shit! I had my cock up my mother's cunt and the person claiming to be my father was in the room with us. Was I going to get in trouble? Fuck that noise!

"Bullshit," I said, forcing my cock deep into Mom's cunt yet again and eliciting another groan of pleasure from her. "My dad died years ago."

The lady in the doorway shook her head. "I didn't die, I'm right here and I really am your father. Think! Do you really think the resemblance here is just a coincidence? You know I'm telling the truth, I can see it in your face."

My certainty faltered in the face of her surety. Mom had told us that Dad had died years ago on some sort of business trip. Looking down at Mom I saw the shock on her face mixed with the pleasure my cock was creating in her well-fucked cunt.

I closed my eyes. I figured I was probably going to get grounded for the rest of my life anyway so I might as well get my rocks off inside Mom's cunt while I had the chance. I was sure it would be the last time my cock would see the inside of a cunt. I doubted I would get in any more trouble for creaming Mom's pussy than I already would for fucking her in the first place.

I took hold of Mom's upper arms and held on to her with a deathgrip as I slammed my hard cock in and out of her clutching cunt just as hard and as fast as I could. I was chasing my orgasm and I wanted to feel the incredible pleasure of squirting my load into a wet fuckhole.

Both the stranger claiming to be my father and my little sister watched as I plugged away at Mom's sloppy slit. I wasn't just aware of the fact, I was super aware. Yet, all it did was spur me on. It was exciting, a fact that would have surprised me if I hadn't been so focused on my own pleasure and getting off inside Mom before someone pulled me off of her.

Finally, I achieved what I had worked so hard to get and I slammed myself into Mom's cunt with one last tremendous thrust. I tucked my head into the hollow of Mom's neck and grunted as I squirted my jizz deep inside her wet and willing body.

When I finally came back to myself I found both spectators still rooted in the doorway. They also both had fierce erections. The person claiming to my father had a massive tent in her pants which went a long way in supporting her claims. Autumn had a much smaller tent in her shorts but there was no mistaking it for anything other than a very hard cock. It was the first time I had ever seen her with a hard-on and I spared a moment to wonder if it was her very first stiffy. I liked the idea that her first hard-on was caused by watching me fuck Mom.

I gave them a nasty smile. "I can see you two enjoyed the show."

"That was...wow," Dad said.

It was at that point I realized she really was the person she claimed she was. The look of shock on Mom's face had told me everything. That look of shock was warring with another look I knew well but rarely saw on Mom's face: one of guilt. It was a look that found itself on Autumn's face or mine all too often. On Mom it was like seeing a lunar eclipse; a rare and noteworthy event.

Unfortunately, Dad couldn't seem to shut up and thus ruined the moment for me. "It's not like you have any real skill or anything. The fucking itself would make a lousy porn video. But the incest factor is pretty hot. Plus, you and your mother have smoking hot bodies."

"Yeah, well it was good enough to give you-"

I was interrupted by Mom who put both her hands on my shoulders and pushed. "Sorry to cut you off in mid-rant but could you please get off me?" I sat back and my cock flopped out of her cunt and slapped against my thigh with a wet sounding smack. No longer held down by my weight Mom sat up in the bed and gave my Dad the full weight of her gaze, the kind of look that would instantly set Autumn or me back on our heels. "Why are you here?"

The stare that would have me or Autumn running for cover washed over Dad without any visible effect. "I'm here because this is my family." Her tone was mild, matter of fact, as if discussing the possibility of rain or whether planting corn early was such a great idea.

Mom wasn't having it. "It's been over ten years. Have you figured out we're your family only just now?"

Dad shook her head. "There hasn't been a day I haven't thought about the three of you-"

Autumn tugged on Dad's sleeve and pointed at Mom and me. "You know, I really hate to interrupt this touching reunion but could we have this conversation when two of the people involved aren't naked?"

"You're so full of shit, Autumn," I said. "Look at you, you're as hard as a rock. I'd say you enjoyed what you saw."

"You're such a pervert!"

I gave her a taunting smirk. "Says the girl who got her very first boner watching her mom and older sister fucking each other."

"Can it," Dad said, looking at me. "Autumn's right, you two need to get dressed. It's distracting with both of you naked. Plus, this room reeks of sex. I love both the nakedness and the smell of sex but neither are conducive to having the discussion that needs to be had right now."

Mom nodded. "Agreed. Autumn, take your father into the living room and then put on some coffee." She turned to me. "And you, go get dressed."

Once Mom and I were dressed we all gathered in the living room. To my surprise Autumn served coffee to everyone, even me. When I raised my eyebrows and gave her a questioning look she shrugged in reply.

"Hey, you're the one who said we're a team," she reminded me.

Shit! I had totally forgotten why I went to Mom's room in the first place. I was such an idiot. Moreover, at that moment in the living room there was no way I could bring up the subject. The mood was decidedly weird and Dad's sudden reappearance over-shadowed the issue of the money that Autumn and I had earned over the summer.

Fortunately, Autumn could read the mood as well and had enough sense not to ask about the money. Instead, she sat down on the loveseat next to me with her own cup of coffee.

There we were, Autumn and I on the loveseat, Mom in a matching chair adjacent to the loveseat and the stranger who was also my and Autumn's father sitting on the couch and directly facing Mom.

It was Mom who finally broke the tension. "So, why don't you tell us why after all these years you finally decided to come back?"

Dad opened her mouth to speak but Autumn beat her to the punch, turning to Mom. "Wait. Do you mean she really is our father?"

"Yes, she really is your father," Mom confirmed. "Who do you think you and Summer got your little extras from? They certainly didn't come from me. Now," she turned back to Dad, "answer the question. Why are you here?"

Dad started to reply but again was interrupted. "But you told us that Dad had died," I said.

"She abandoned us over ten years ago," Mom replied, "she might as well have been dead." Mom had replied to me but it was Dad she was staring at, directing a look at her that would have instantly shriveled Autumn or me into nothing more than beef jerky.

"I never abandoned you," Dad said.

"You were gone for ten years," Mom observed. "That's abandonment in anyone's book."

"Not my book," Dad said.

"Your book doesn't matter!" Mom snapped, glaring daggers at Dad. "You're not the one who had to raise two young girls all by yourself!"

Autumn slipped her hand into mine and I looked over at her, surprised. She didn't look fearful exactly but she did look worried. Seeing Mom angry like that was a rare event and generally was followed by a domestic cataclysm

"I'm very sorry about that," Dad said. Indeed, she did look sorrowful but not apologetic.

"Evidently not sorry enough," Mom replied with a snarl. "You can get a whole lot sorrier I think. Now get out of my house!"

"But you haven't even heard-"

"I don't need to!" Mom yelled. She stood up from the chair, trembling in anger, no, shaking with wrath. "Once Autumn was born you couldn't leave us fast enough to go chase your stupid fantasy! You had a wife and two daughters depending on you but all you could think about was escaping. Well, you can escape all over again. Now leave!"


"Are you deaf? I. Said. Get. The. FUCK. Out. Of. My. House!"

Autumn and I exchanged looks. Mom had used the f-word. Mom never cursed outside of sex but she had just cursed at Dad.

"I found them," Dad simply.

That set Mom back on her heels. "What?"

"I said I finally did it. I found them."

Mom shook her head. "Impossible. I told you before that they don't exist. They never did."

"They do exist," Dad insisted. "They exist and I found them. That's why I came back. Now I can give you all everything you could ever need or want."

"Er, what exist exactly?" Autumn asked timidly. At that moment she was a lot braver than I was. I certainly wasn't about to risk Mom's wrath by drawing attention to myself.

Mom shot Autumn a warning look but it was Dad who answered. "The Golden Eggs of Penzoose."

Autumn and I couldn't contain ourselves. "The what?" Autumn hooted with laughter. "That's just the most ridiculous thing ever."

"It's true, they exist and I found them!"

"Penzoose!" Autumn yelled as her eyes watered. "Oh, god, make it stop, my stomach hurts."

It was at that moment the phone rang. "Okay, shut it, the lot of you," Mom said as she went into the small alcove off of the kitchen to pick up the phone. "Hello?" There was a brief pause. "Summer? Yes, she's here, I'll go get her."

She stepped back into the living room. "Summer, someone's on the-"

By that time I had already stood up from the loveseat and headed to the alcove we had taken to calling the 'phone room'. "Yeah, I know it's for me. Thanks, Mom."

In the phone room I picked up the phone from where Mom had left it sitting on the small desk next to wall phone. "Hello?"

"Summer, thank goodness you're home!"

"Ms. Lee, is there something wrong?" I hadn't expected Ms. Lee would call me at home so getting a call from her in the evening was already unusual. Moreover, her voice was strange. There was more than a hint of fear in her voice. However, that fear was almost over-matched by a sense of excitement.

"I'm not sure yet," she replied. "I mean, whether there is something wrong will totally depend on you. I mean, I have something very important to tell you. Whether it's good or bad will depend on how you feel about it."

"So, what is it?'

"No," she said and I could picture her shaking her head. "This is not the sort of news I can tell you by phone. I really need to see you and tell you in person."

"Right now?"

"Yes, right now," she answered, sounding exasperated. "Like I said, it's very important so please hurry!"

Anonymous 17/01/05(Thu)05:41 No. 24870 ID: 15a139

I'm extremely happy about this new edition to the story. Thanks for your hard work! Have more of my thoughts if you like.

The sometimes wacky dialogue is still very appreciated. It helps set the overall tone for the story.

I don't really like how Summer's dominant side is expressed in her dialogue. I know the story is supposed to be lighthearted, and she's had a confidence boost from all the pussy she's had, but the amount of profanity used during the scene with Mrs. Henderson is just too much. It feels so contrived to have her say fuck and piss so many times just cause she's a confident stud now. There are other ways to show increased confidence, especially with actions. Like how Summer barged into her mom's room and cockslapped her.

I'm desperately hopping Autumn gets fucked senseless. I don't know if it's your plan, but a scene where Summer just loses it and hatefucks Autumn into a good little sister makes my dick rock hard.

Even just them holding hands is great, though. It seems you're having them naturally develop a better relationship, so if hatefucking is out, then I'd totally masturbate to a scene of them just holding hands and platonically cuddling.

Evil+Empire 17/01/05(Thu)07:40 No. 24871 ID: e3c363


You aren't the first to point out Summer's sudden crude language and sudden dominant traits don't really work. It was something I was experimenting with and it didn't turn out so well. Things go in a different direction in the following chapters if it's any consolation.

Anonymous 17/01/05(Thu)07:48 No. 24872 ID: 5eed9e

this is a seriously fun read. I'm not even sure what you're channeling with the product placement but it made me laugh. Would love to read more, thanks.

Evil+Empire 17/01/05(Thu)08:02 No. 24873 ID: e3c363

Wayne's World reference. There are also a good number of Monty Python references as well if you happen to spot them.

Anonymous 17/01/06(Fri)08:35 No. 24874 ID: d84ddd


I don't need consolation, I just need more chapters~

Experimentation is important. You snould experiment whenever you feel like, and don't feel discouraged if said experiment doesn't work.

Keep at it, friend!

Anonymous 17/01/10(Tue)16:20 No. 24885 ID: 96d39d

This is awesome.

Evil+Empire 17/01/22(Sun)16:29 No. 24901 ID: 139baf

The rest of the story is a more coherent story line dealing with the aftermath of Summer's fling with Ms. Lee. Sex has consequences is major theme in the story. Consequences Summer is determined to face up to.

Every Lesson Learned

Chapter One: Conflict and an Uneasy Ceasefire

"So, who was that?" Mom asked when I hung up the phone.

"Ms. Lee," I said, heading for the door. My stomach was a knot and I couldn't think of anything other than getting over to Ms. Lee's as fast as I possibly could.

"And where do you think you're going, Missy?"

I stopped and turned back to look at Mom. "To Ms. Lee's, don't wait up for me."

"You're not going anywhere," Mom insisted, "not when we have a family situation still unresolved."

I turned my back on her. "I'm sure you and Dad can scream at each other without my help. I'm leaving."

I only got a couple steps before I was grabbed by the arm and violently yanked around to see Mom's furious scowl. "I said you're not going anywhere!"

I jerked my arm out of her grasp. "And I said I am!" I matched her look of anger with my own expression of fury. My guts were a twisted mass of raw nerves. Something was wrong with Ms. Lee and I needed to see her immediately. At that moment Mom was nothing more than an unwelcome distraction and an obstacle blocking me from the only thing I could think about.

"Summer, sit down."

I backed away from her. "No." My fists were tightly clenched and I realized that I was getting ready to hit her. I took a deep breath and stepped back from her in an attempt to calm down. "Ms. Lee said something big happened and she really needs to talk to me right now."

"Some sort of lawncare emergency?" Mom said, scoffing. "Well, whatever it is it can wait until tomorrow."

I shook my head. "No, it can't. Whatever it is, it's really important." Ms. Lee's voice had a sense of urgency that I was sure wasn't faked. I didn't know for certain what the important news was but I could guess. There weren't many possibilities that would warrant a call to my house late in the evening.

Mom gave me a long hard look. "Okay then," she finally said.

I heaved a sigh of relief.

"We'll all go."

That brought me up short. Having the whole family tag along was not an improvement. I had a sinking feeling I knew exactly what Ms. Lee needed to tell me and it wasn't something I wanted anyone to find out. Mom in particular. Unfortunately, Mom was obviously suspicious and for good reason.

I shook my head in refusal. "No, it's something between me and Ms. Lee. It doesn't have anything to do with you."

"You're still in high school," Mom said. "Anything going on with you most certainly involves me."


A hand on my shoulder cut me off. "This is probably the best deal you're going to get from your mother," Dad said as she squeezed my shoulder gently. Whether in warning or reassurance I wasn't sure.

"I don't have to go, do I?" Autumn asked from where she was still sitting in the loveseat.

"Are you part of this family?" Mom asked.

"Well, I guess," Autumn muttered.

"You don't know?" Mom replied. "Well, I'll have to give you a reason to figure it out when we get back home."

The four of us filed out of the house and headed to the driveway. Autumn had a hangdog look that I know I mirrored, although our reasons were quite different. Whatever it was that Ms. Lee needed to tell me I was pretty sure I didn't want an audience for it. I suspected that Ms. Lee wouldn't want one either.

As to what the big news was I could only speculate but I had an idea I knew what it was. I knew if I was right there would probably be a massive family firefight and it would happen right in front of Ms. Lee. Worse than that; Ms. Lee would be an active participant. After all, if I was right she would be part of the family.

Well, her and I would be family.

I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that it took me several seconds to realize there were two cars in the driveway. Parked behind Mom's FORD FOCUS was a MERCEDES BENZ.

Autumn gave Dad a look of disgust. "A German car? With all this money you got for supposedly finding the Golden Balls of Peniszeus you went and bought a German car?"

Dad was clearly befuddled by this criticism. "What's wrong with German cars? They're some of the best engineered cars on the planet."

"They're booORing!" Autumn retorted. "You could have bought something sexy. Something Italian."

"Italian cars are overpriced and unreliable," Dad replied. "Besides, this is the car that fits me best."

"Fits you best?" Autumn said, rolling her eyes. "What, like a bra or something?"

Normally I would have found the exchange humorous but at that moment it was merely holding us all up. I didn't feel the humor of the conversation at all.

Mom apparently felt the same way. "That's enough, both of you. My car is blocked in so we'll take the BENZ."

We all piled into the Mercedes, Autumn and I sat in the back seat while Mom and Dad sat up front.

The rise over was quiet, the only conversation was Dad asking directions with Mom answering. I found myself wringing my hands in worry. I wasn't the hand wringer type but at that moment there I was twisting my hands together while my guts clenched.

I almost jumped when I felt a hand on my own. I looked over at Autumn to find that she was giving me a worried look. She didn't say anything, instead she squeezed my hand.

Just that tiny bit of reassurance settled me down. It came from an unlikely source which perhaps made it more effective. I wrapped both my hands around her smaller one and gave her a grateful smile. Even surrounded by my family I had never felt so alone as at that moment. Something important and terrifying was waiting for me at Ms. Lee's house. Between Mom's quiet fury and Dad's enigmatic presence I felt terribly vulnerable and exposed. That it was Autumn who was the one to comfort me was something that I would have never expected.

Looking back now though I realize it shouldn't have surprised me.


We arrived at Ms. Lee's house to find her out front. It was obvious she waiting for me. It was equally obvious that she wasn't expecting to see the whole family.

She ran over to Dad's car once we parked in the driveway behind her CHRYSLER CROSSFIRE. "Summer?" she called out as we piled out of Dad's MERCEDES.

"Right here," I said as I walked around from the far side of the car.

"I see, um-" she looked around at the rest of my family.

"So, what is this urgent news you needed to tell Summer?" Mom asked.

For just a moment Ms. Lee's face was a mask of abject fear. She recovered quickly but there was no mistaking that expression. "It's nothing really big, actually."

Mom's eyes narrowed, she had a really good bullshit detector thanks to years of practice with Autumn and me. "Nothing really big, eh? That's why you called Summer this late and asked her hurry over? Because of something that wasn't important?"

Ms. Lee tried to backtrack. "Okay, it's pretty important but not exactly urgent. My boyfriend and I have been trying to have a baby for some time now and today I found out I'm pregnant. So I wanted to let Summer know that I'm going to be out of town for a few days."

My head spun. Ms. Lee was pregnant but it turned out I wasn't the father. I didn't know whether I should be relieved or indignant. I couldn't be upset if she had a boyfriend, not when I was fucking Mom and Mrs. Henderson. I had dodged a bullet but for some reason I was a little disappointed.

"Don't lie to me!" Mom snarled. "I've been putting up with two daughters for years now, I can smell a lie ten miles off."

Ms. Lee always seemed to me to be a confident and strong lady. She was no match for my mother's anger however. "I really don't know what you mean. Why would I lie about being pregnant-"

"Oh, I can believe you're pregnant, alright," Mom said. "But don't spin me a line of bullshit about your boyfriend. I'm sure your 'boyfriend' has a penis," she turned to give me the hairy eye, "but I'll bet she also has C-cup breasts."

Ms. Lee shook her head and stepped back from Mom. "I really have no idea what you're talking about."

"The hell you don't! You should have seen Summer after you called. I've never seen anyone so desperate to go somewhere." Mom pointed at me. "That girl only had one thought and that was to get here and see you. I thought she was going to hit me when I tried to stop her. She's desperate to hear what you have to tell her so out with it already!"

Ms. Lee was caught out and she knew it. She did a bit hand-wringing of her own before finally coming to a decision. "Okay, but inside the house. I don't want the whole neighborhood hearing."

We followed her into the house. She looked like someone heading to the gallows. A look I probably shared as at that moment I was sure I knew how it felt to be marching to certain death.

Ms. Lee's livingroom was a bit more upscale than our own if less comfortable. Several couches were artfully arranged around a glass table. The kind of furniture that you'd expect to see on an artsy-fartsy magazine cover. In other words; exactly the kind of furniture that you'd never expect to see in someone's living room being used by actual people.

If the arrangement of furniture was stiff and unnatural the arrangement of people at that moment was perhaps more natural but no less uncomfortable. Mom stood in the middle of the room, glaring at Ms. Lee. Dad, who had remained silent throughout the whole thing, leaned against the wall. I forced myself to sit down on one of the couches but I was so keyed up I couldn't help but sit on the edge of my seat. Autumn, however, was obviously much more relaxed than I was and slouched down in the couch next to me and put her hand on mine.

"So, Summer's waiting," Mom said. "Out with it already."

Instead of sitting Ms. Lee had elected to pace around the living room. "Well, see, it's like this-"

"Oh, just spit it out already!" Mom snapped at her. "And stop the damn pacing, it's distracting."

Ms. Lee stopped and glanced up from the floor to look at me. "Summer, I'm pregnant with your child. Phew, there, I said it. I honestly feel better already." Indeed, she looked like someone who had a great weight lifted off her shoulders. Unfortunately, a good deal of that weight landed squarely on my shoulders.

When I saw the look on Mom's face that weight multiplied ten-fold. It was one of absolute disgust mixed with fury. After years of living with Mom I was quite used to Mom's fury in the various forms it usually manifested in.

"What were you thinking?" Mom asked. "Did you even stop to consider that my daughter is still in high school? Let's forget for a minute that what you did is a felony, did you even bother to think about what this means? Do you think Summer is ready to be a father? Yes, she's pretty mature for her age-" this she said with no small amount of pride- "but mature enough to be a father?"

Ms. Lee looked so small and vulnerable that I wanted so much to leap up and defend her. But I sat still, cowardly avoiding Mom's wrath. Worse than that, however, Ms. Lee looked guilty, as if she were accepting all the blame. It was unfair, I was a willing, eager even, participant.

I wanted to stand up to defend Ms. Lee but it was impossible for me to go against Mom. So instead I sat locked in place unable to do anything but watch the trainwreck unfold in front of me. That is, until Autumn kicked me in the leg.

"Hey! What was that for?"

Autumn gave me look that was a perfect combination of contempt and fury. "Are you really going to let someone threaten the mother of your child? Are you really this much of a chickenshit?"

It was such a verbal slap in the face I actually put my hand to my cheek. "You're right," I replied as I stood up. "Thanks."

Mom looked over at us, scowling. "Summer, sit down and keep quiet. I'll deal with you soon enough."

I moved to stand between Mom and Ms. Lee. "You'll deal with me now," I said, putting my hands on my hips.

"Summer, I'm only going to tell you once, sit the fuck down before I beat your ass."

Mom was serious. The use of the word 'fuck' was deliberate. A warning that she was about to unleash a world of pain on me. Under any other circumstance I would backed off. But it was no normal circumstance I found myself in.

"You're welcome to try," I said, attempting to sound casual. "I'm a lot stronger now, far stronger than you know. In fact, I'm stronger than you, by a lot."

Her eyes narrowed to angry slits and I knew I had stoked her anger into a white hot rage. "Is that a threat?"

"It's a promise," I said. "Attack me or Ms. Lee and you will be dealt with."

Mom blinked. "Attack?" She looked over at Dad. "Did it seem like I was attacking anyone?"

"I'd say you were on a bit of a warpath, yes," Dad replied.

Mom clearly didn't like that answer, in fact, from her scowl it looked pretty obvious she had been expecting an answer more to her liking. She cleared her throat and gave me a hopeful look. "Sweetie, I'm really not trying to attack anyone here but you're too young to be a father."

"So was I," Dad said.

Mom's irritation at Dad's interruption was plain to see. "Yes, that's nice, Dear, but-"

"Wait, what was that again?" I asked.

"I was your age when your mother got pregnant with you," Dad said.

"But Mom's-"

"Yes, I'm older than your father by quite a few years," Mom admitted. "Look, I'm not proud of-"

"You were yelling at me for something you yourself did in the past," Ms. Lee said as she shot Mom a look of pure venom.

Mom had the decency to look embarrassed. "Okay, I've been a bit hypocritical-"

"A bit?" Autumn said.

"Jeez, what is it, gang up on Mom day?" She gently pushed me to the side so she could address Ms. Lee directly. "Look, I'm sorry for yelling at you. I'm in no position to cast stones, as my family has so kindly pointed out. But you're pregnant with Summer's baby, this is not a small thing."

"No, she's pregnant with our baby, not my baby," I pointed out.

Mom nodded. "Point taken. Anyway, what I want to ask is what you're planning on doing?"

Ms. Lee and I looked at each other. Ms. Lee looked back to my mother. "I'm keeping it if that's what you're asking."

Mom clearly wasn't thrilled to hear it. "And what about Summer? Are you expecting her to act as the child's father even though she's still in high school?"

Ms. Lee shook her head. "I don't expect Summer to do anything. She doesn't have any obligation to me or the baby. She can be involved as much or as little as she wants."

"What Summer wants is irrelevant," Mom said. "What she needs is to finish high school with no distractions. Certainly having a child is a distraction she can't afford if she wants to excel in school."

"Yet you roasted Dad when she came back for doing the exact same thing you want me to do," I observed. "Something smells rotten here."

Mom gave me an imploring look. "Look, sweety, I just want you to have a decent shot at the future. I don't think being a high school student and a parent at the same time will help with that."

"Did you say the same thing to Dad when you were pregnant with me?"

Instead of answering the question Mom merely said, "Well, your father and I worked things out. It was difficult at times but we managed."

"And Ms. Lee and I will somehow manage as well," I replied.

"But, Honey, your education-"

"Is important," I said, interrupting her, "but not any more important than looking after the child I helped create."

Mom being on the losing end of an argument was rare. So rare, in fact, that I don't recall it ever happening previous to that night. In an act of sheer desperation Mom turned to Dad for support. "Honey, can't you reason with her? You know I'm right."

Unfortunately for her such support was not forthcoming. Dad merely shrugged. "Summer got her girlfriend pregnant and wants to be a proper parent. She did something rather foolish for someone her age and she wants to take responsibility for it. Don't deny her the chance to be a better person than I was."

Dad's response totally destroyed Mom's position and it was obvious even Mom understood it. But she still wasn't willing to admit defeat. "Autumn, can't you-"

Autumn folded her arms across her chest and gave Mom a very cold hard look. "No, I really can't. I'm actually looking forward to becoming an aunt. Aunt Autumn has a really good ring to it." She turned to Ms. Lee. "If you ever need a babysitter I'll be happy to do it and I'll do it for real cheap too!"

"Dammitall, I'm too young to be a grandmother!" Mom yelled.

"That's not anything to feel bad about," Dad said. "You'll be the hottest granny in the neighborhood."

"Ugh! Well anyway, Summer, are you sure about this?"

"Yeah, Mom, I'm sure," I replied.

Mom nodded her head. "Okay, there's nothing I do to stop you without being a huge hypocrite as everyone has so kindly shown me. But this doesn't mean you can slack off on your schoolwork. Once school starts up in Fall you'll be back with your nose to the grindstone. Is that understood?"

Mom was back to her old self. "Yes, Mom," I said.

"You don't have to worry," Ms. Lee said. "I'll make sure that Summer does all her schoolwork."

Mom gave Ms. Lee an amused look. "I think you are about to have the interesting experience of needing to be an impromptu mother to the father of your child at times."

Ms. Lee shook her head and then looked over at me and smiled. "I really doubt it. Summer doesn't seem childish at all to me. She's very much a teenager-"

"You mean she's a horny pervert," Autumn said.

Ms. Lee's praise had me feeling a couple inches taller but Autumn's comment was like a pin in a balloon. Autumn was right about me being a horny pervert. It was precisely why we were all at Ms. Lee's house.

"You'll be a teenager soon yourself," Ms. Lee observed. "Come back in a few years and let's see what your opinion is."

"Ha! I'm not gonna be a nasty pervert like Summer."

Ms. Lee just smiled at her. "We'll see. I have a feeling that you're going to owe your sister an apology in the near future."

"Quite," Mom said, nodding. "Considering who Autumn's parents are-"

"Not to mention a certain someone popping a boner after seeing another certain someone naked," I said, smirking at my younger sister.

Autumn blushed and bit her lip, glancing at Ms. Lee. "That's different! That was an involuntary action. It wasn't like I was just standing there perving on anyone."

Mom came to Autumn's rescue before I could unload with a sarcastic response. "No one is blaming you, Sweetie. You didn't do anything wrong and your reaction was completely normal."

That explanation didn't please Autumn at all. "Yeah? So being a pervert like Summer is normal? Is knocking up some old lady when you're in high school normal too? I think I'll pass all the same, thanks."

"We're getting far afield of why we came here tonight," Dad said, catching Mom's eyes. "I think it's best we leave before anything more unfortunate is said."

Mom seemed all too happy with this suggestion. "Yes, I don't think there's anything more to be gained by discussing this further tonight."

Ms. Lee seemed taken by surprise by this abrupt change. "Wait, so we're all good then?"

She was looking at Mom but it was Dad who answered. "Yes, I think we're all good. At least for now. Clearly, every last one us lives in a glass house. Throwing any more stones isn't a particularly good idea."

"Come along, Autumn," Mom said before turning back to me. "Summer, will you be coming with us?"

I shook my head. "I'm going to stay here. Ms. Lee and I have lots to talk about."

"I'm sure you two do," Mom said as she glanced over Ms. Lee before looking back at me. "I'm guessing you two will do more than just talk."

I shrugged in response. "It's not like she can get any more pregnant."

Ms. Lee just snorted in amusement and Mom rolled her eyes while collecting Dad and Autumn. "We'll see ourselves out. Summer, try not to come home too late."

"I'll drive her home later," Ms. Lee promised.

"First Summer's gonna drive her and then she's gonna-"

"Autumn! Shut it!" Mom snarled before shooting an apologetic look at Ms. Lee.

And then they were gone. I wandered over to the window to watch as they trooped out to Dad's car and piled inside. Ms. Lee moved to stand beside me, wrapping an arm around my waist and leaning into me as the Dad fired up the MERCEDES and pulled the car into the street before driving away.

"That went well I thought," she said.

I looked at the spot where only moments before Dad's car had been parked. "It could have been a lot worse. Fortunately I have the ultimate weapon. Two ultimate weapons. Or three depending on how you want to count."

"I'm all ears," Ms. Lee said. "Don't leave me in suspense."

"Remember how I told you I'm fucking several neighborhood MILFs?"

"Yes, I certainly do," Ms. Lee replied.

"Well, one of those MILFs is my mother," I said. "It's why she was really happy to leave when she did. If she stuck around the truth about that might have come out. Especially with Autumn running her big mouth."

"Heh, that explains why she couldn't condemn me too harshly."

"You're not upset?"

"About what, the incest factor?" she said, shrugging. "I'm involved in a sexual relationship with a high school girl who got me pregnant. Remember the glass houses your father mentioned?"

"I mean, you're not upset with me fucking my own mother?"

"Not really, should I be? You were very up front about fucking other women. Why should I be upset to get verification you were telling the truth?"

"I was talking more about the 'incest is gross' factor," I replied.

"I don't know if I would say gross," Ms. Lee said. "Unusual perhaps, but not really gross. For one thing, both you and your mother are attractive. Just thinking about it is giving me one hell of a visual."

"Feeling horny?"

"Now I am," she said, reaching down to gently squeeze my crotch. "How about you?"

"Getting there," I told her. "In just a bit I'll be- there, done. Now I'm horny."

"I can see that," Ms. Lee said, staring at the lump in my shorts. "Think you can get it up twice?"

"Um, maybe?" I said. "You must be feeling super horny right now if you think you need me to be able to go two times."

"Yeah, but mostly I just want to suck on your cock right now and make you come in my mouth." She didn't waste any time dropping to her knees in front of me.

"What? Right here?" I asked as I watched her unbutton and then unzip my shorts.

"Don't be a worrywart," she said, winking up at me. "No one can see me sitting on my knees like this. Just keep your cool and anyone who sees you won't suspect a thing. She fished my cock out of my shorts and licked at my cockhead in long wet languid strokes.

"Fuck," I groaned. "This 'keep your cool' thing is easier said than done. If you're not careful I'm gonna shoot off all over your face."

Ms. Lee froze for a moment, her tongue sticking out and curled against the tip of my cock. "That sounds even hotter than making you come in my mouth." She wrapped one hand around the shaft of my cock to hold it in place while she frantically licked at the fleshy cockhead. It wasn't ice cream but I knew that it wouldn't take long before she had a face full of cream for her reward.

It felt too good and I threw my head back with my eyes screwed shut. "Gawd Ms. Lee, you're gonna make me come so fucking hard," I grunted. I tried to endure the incredible sensations of her tongue circling around my cockhead.

She didn't bother with a reply, she just continued to lash her tongue against the heated flesh of my cock. Finally I couldn't take any more and I cried out as my cock erupted, splattering my seed all over her face. Spurt after spurt landed on her upturned face only to run down and drip off her chin.

"Fuck, it's like you're wearing a jizz mask," I grunted as she used her hand to strip the last drops of cum from my cock.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'll burn the shit out of my eyes if I open them right now," she said, chuckling. "Really though, if you don't mind...."

I pulled her hand off my flagging cock and bent down to inspect her face. I scooped a dollop of jizm off her face and popped it into my mouth and grimaced. It was far from being the best thing I ever tasted.

"Summer? I'm dripping cum off of my face," Ms. Lee said. "I don't mean to rush you but...."

"Just gimme a sec here," I said. "I gotta work myself up to it."

"Huh? What do you mean you have to work your-"

She lapsed into silence when I took my first long lick, slurping up a thick spoonful of my own seed. The cooling spunk rolled off my tongue and slid into my mouth like a slimy and salty slug.

"Summer, did you do what I think you did?"

I swallowed the cum I had just licked up and made a face. "If you mean licking up my own spooge, then yes."

"I wasn't expecting you to do that but I have to admit it's pretty hot," she replied. "So what do you think of the taste?"

"It doesn't taste like custard, that's for fucking sure," I told her before taking another long lick, scooping up more of my own jizz and sucking into my mouth. Ms. Lee kept silent as I cleaned her face with my tongue, taking extra care to clean around her eyes. I finished up by licking her lips clean which finally turned into an open-mouthed kiss.

"That was quite something," she said when we finally broke our kiss.

"It seemed sexier than just handing you a box of tissue," I said.

"It was sexier, trust me," Ms. Lee said. "Now I hope you're ready for round two." She stood up and peeled off her shorts and panties, kicking them aside. She bent over the couch and braced her hands on the arm before craning her neck to look back at me. "I want you to fuck me from behind. Can you manage that or do you need a break first?"

Despite that I had shot my load only minutes earlier I was instantly ready to go again. The mere sight of Ms. Lee presenting her ass and cunt to me was more than enough to get me rock hard again in seconds.

I put my hands on her ass, taking a perfect round asscheek in each hand and gently squeezed. Her skin was so soft and smooth and I just wanted to fondle it forever. I gave her ass a good squeeze and then let go to see my handprints.

"You really love my ass, don't you?"

"You have the best ass, Ms. Lee," I told her. "I could spend the rest of my life doing nothing but molesting your ass and be perfectly happy."

"Okay, you can do that just as long as you don't forget to fuck me once in awhile."

"You don't have to have to worry about that at all," I told her as I lined the tip of my cock up with her cunt. I pushed forward, splitting her hot flesh and sighing as I sunk into her slick warm hole. "So fucking good," I grunted as I watched my shaft disappear between her asscheeks until my hips were pressing into her ass.

"Mmmm, yeah, that's it," Ms. Lee said. "You feel so thick. Don't crazy on me, you'll stretch me all out."

I backed out of her cunt, exposing my shaft to the air. "In nine months that's going to happen anyway." I put my hands on her hips and held her still while reversing course.

"Ugh, don't remind me," she grunted as I buried my cock deep inside her again. "Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled at the idea of having a child with you but having a baby is going to be hell on my figure."

"I bet you'll look super sexy."

"You're just saying that," Ms. Lee said. "I'll be rolling around like the Michelin Man and you'll be off to find a hotter MILF."

I rammed myself in and out of her cunt several times in quick succession to underscore my point. "No-I-fuckin-won't. You're already the hottest MILF I fuck. Bigger tits and getting more curvy is going to only make you even hotter."

"Yeah, we'll see how much you really believe that once I start showing."

"Oh man, I'm so looking forward to seeing you with a baby bump," I said, all but gushing. "Knowing it's cause I knocked you up is going to be so damn hot."

"Autumn's right," Ms. Lee said. "You really are a horny pervert."

I rocked hips back and forth, sliding my cock in and out of her slippery cunt several times in quick succession. "And you're not?"

"Guilty as charged," she said, arching her back and humping back against me, impaling herself on my cock as deep as she could. "I fucking love your cock." She rolled her hips back and forth, forcing my cock to slide in and out of her sopping slit at angles that apparently felt really good to her if her rising moans were an accurate indication.

It also had the benefit of causing her ass to bounce in the most interesting way and I found myself nearly hypnotized by her bouncing ass.

Suddenly my orgasm was rising up and I knew I would spew my load quickly if I didn't do something. I slapped her ass.

"What the fuck, Summer!"

"You're gonna make me come if you keep it up," I told her. "Stop it."

"Shit, I was just about to come myself!"


"You damn well better make me come or I'll make you change all the shitty diapers when our baby is born!"

Anonymous 17/02/02(Thu)04:15 No. 24916 ID: 7a21ea

interesting turn of events, hope we get more family dynamics! Thanks for the update.

Anonymous 17/07/21(Fri)23:17 No. 25100 ID: d68ed0

that last post was an emotional roller coaster but seems to have resolved itself in a satisfactory manner. any plans to continue?

Anonymous 17/07/27(Thu)22:50 No. 25105 ID: 56e1d6

Fuuuuck, please write more. I don't even like futa but these stories really turned me on.

Anonymous 17/07/28(Fri)12:59 No. 25107 ID: fa3a37

I know I can't be the only one who wants Summer to fuck Autumn stupid.


Course, the whole incest thing makes me wonder if maybe the whole family is going to have an orgy in the near future.

But over all this is good, can't wait for more.

And Summer is, of course, a horny teenager.

Anonymous 17/08/19(Sat)03:15 No. 25128 ID: 389ebd

More, please mooore!!!
That's so good! Thank you!
But give more please!

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