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Mile High Exploding Sausage Stonebrow!AN26.8FkH6 15/12/30(Wed)07:35 No. 24063 ID: 324f43

Before we start, let's set expectations: This is ≈70% done, the main sex act and the ending need to be done. I should be able to finish it either this weekend, or next weekend. Same deal as Mandragora Girl, If you can't wait for the end, wait.

Other than that, enjoy. (15 y/o male/ adult female)


“Right this way, Hon,” she said, leading me to my seat.

I was momentarily tempted to feel condescended towards, but it was clear by her thick Southern drawl that she’d have referred to the President as Hon.

I was flying across the country to start living with my father, as my mother had been promoted-slash-transferred to Shanghai. Mom and Dad had been divorced for several years, but it had been an amicable break up, and Richard had immediately offered to take me in for a few years until Sarah could get back. We all had agreed that it would be rather disruptive for me to become an ex-pat, even temporarily. Especially during high school- there was talk of me taking a gap-year in China should Mom’s posting last that long, but that was still three years away.

In the meantime, it was summer, and I was going to have to leave behind all my friends, comfortable hangouts, and practically my whole life up to this point, get on a plane, and fly from Tampa Bay to Silicon Valley.

It doesn’t help that I’m not particularly fond of flying. I’ve been a dozen times or so in my 15 years, my parents both had well paying corporate jobs that allowed us to go on some pretty nice holidays in the past. Don’t misunderstand, I’m well aware that my dislike of flying is irrational, but that’s not really helpful. I’ve read the statistics, have no particular fear of terrorists (turban wearing or otherwise), and know that driving (or in my case, being driven) was much more likely to get me killed- but seeing the ground drop away from the plane as it lifted off is just disconcerting to me.

The stewardess turned around and looked at me; we were standing at the very last row in the plane. “Here’s your seat, Hon. You look tense, first flight?”

A frown flickered across my face, “No, flying just puts me on edge. The whole flying in a hollow metal sausage a mile in the sky, being propelled by controlled explosions thing. I’ll live.”

The stewardess grinned. “Well, I’ll keep an eye out for you. I’m afraid we are expecting some turbulence this evening, but with a little luck, it’ll have moved on by the time we get there. If you need anything, ask for Jenn, and I’ll help you out.”

I forced a smile, I knew that my parents had tagged my ticket; as a minor flying by myself, this airline promised to have one of the flight staff make sure I make it across alright. Still, either Jenn was an excellent actress, or she honestly wanted to take care of me. I looked back up the aisle; I was one of the first people on, right after an elderly man in a wheelchair, and a woman on crutches, both of which had sat near the front of the coach area.

“Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind Jenn.” I unslung my backpack, putting it under the seat, and sat down. I was surprised when Jenn bent over and started strapping me in.

“That’s fine, I can do that myse-”

“Stop wiggling and let me work the seat belt for you Hon.”

I was about to let Jenn know exactly how I felt about being patronized when I realized that her breasts were hanging inches from my nose. Not only that, but the way she was bent over, I could see quite a bit of them, jiggling slightly as she tugged at my belt.

Time seemed to slow down as I watched her chest bounce slightly, just within the reach of my tongue, had I dared to stretch it out. I decided to accept this indignity if it gave such a view, and began wondering if I could get her to unstrap me at the end of the flight as well.

After a period of time that seemed at once both quite long and very short, Jenn stood up. “Sorry about that, the belt slipped between the cushions again.”

I looked down at my lap, and realized that I was now buckled. And sporting an erection. “Er, not a problem. Happens in the car all the time,” I managed, trying to fight down a blush.

Jenn chuckled, “I’ll see you again right before take off.” She walked off, and I watched, now keenly aware of how her hips swayed as she walked up the aisle, her ass filling out the uniform quite well.

I groaned under my breath. I had been so preoccupied with my thoughts of flight, and leaving my life behind, I hadn’t noticed how stunning Jenn was until she had literally shoved her breasts in my face. I know she hadn’t done it on purpose, but damn, it had quite effectively stopped me from thinking about the coming flight.

Now I wish I had been paying closer attention when she was facing me. I ran through what I could recall: Jenn appeared to be in her early to mid twenties, with long, light brown hair that I was willing to bet could have been blond when she was younger. I groaned again, and forced myself to stop thinking of her lips.

I reached down and pulled my laptop out of my back pack. It had been a ‘goodbye’ present from Mom, and I had transferred all my files off the family computer onto it over the last few weeks. My erection made me think of the folder of porn sitting on the drive, but I knew that the plane would be filling up shortly. I might manage a wank in the bathroom later, but it was unlikely.

Sliding it into the seat pouch in front of me, I pulled out my phone and set it to airplane mode, and pulled up Candy Crush. It was engrossing enough that I was slightly surprised when Jenn appeared in my peripheral vision again.

“Hey, guess who’s lucky?”


“You, Hon. Looks like between a few cancellations, and low bookings of the flight, you’ve got the whole row to yourself!”

I looked around, and realised it had been nearly 15 minutes since Jenn had last left. There were surprisingly few people on board, though it got more packed as it went up. The nearest passenger was a balding middle aged man, four rows ahead, deeply engrossed in some folders of what I assumed were work documents.

I shrugged, “That’s pretty neat I guess.”

Jenn looked at my phone, “You know you have to turn that off all the way during takeoff and landing right?”

“I thought that was what airplane mode was for?”

“That’s for mid flight.”

I shrugged and powered down the phone. “Sure, if that’s the rules. When’s take off?”

“We’re going to be taxi-ing any minute now- oh, there’s the safety video.”

Jenn was pointing to the screen overhead, where a woman explained how to use the various features of the plane to survive in the event of catastrophe. Needless to say, I found it less than reassuring. I mentioned this to Jenn, who didn’t seem to have anything better to do than hang out with me. “I know that flying is remarkably safe, but those videos don’t make me feel any better. A floatation device isn’t useful if you fall out of the sky over the Rockies. Most people are naturally buoyant anyway, it would make more sense to put in shark repellant, or some sort of heating device. Di Caprio froze to death hanging on the side of that crate, it doesn’t take long to get hypothermia in non-tropic oceans. I mean, I know we’re going over the Gulf of Mexico today, but...”

“Well, you’re just a little ball of hope and sunshine, aren’t you?”

I snorted. “Sorry. My mom said that fear is lessened by knowledge. Unfortunately, after studying flight, I’m no less unsettled, but I know a bunch of depressing facts about it as well.”

Jenn smiled, and ruffled my hair, “I’ll be right back, I do have a job, unfortunately.”

I endured her mistreatment of my hair. As much as I despised the sentiment, her touch was electric against my skin. I watched her sashay down the aisle again and groaned. Suddenly I realised that this was just like the time I had a crush on my english teacher last year. Jenn had me under her thumb, and didn’t even know it.

Without an electronic device to distract me, I was now all too aware when the plane started to taxi. I pulled out the magazine, hoping there would be something to divert my mind off of both my erection, and the impending take off. Unfortunately, the magazine was just as boring as any in a doctor’s waiting room, only with more ads, if such a thing was possible.

I heard the engines fire up and started to tense. I threw the magazine into the window seat and closed my eyes, this was always the worst part. As the plane started to pick up speed, I heard approaching footsteps. Right after the plane seemed to hit max speed, I felt something brush my hand. I opened my eyes to see Jenn trying to get by me to the middle seat. Just then, the front wheel lifted off, and the young woman fell on top of me.

“Ah! Sorry!”

My head flushed as the stewardess tried to get out of my lap, but kept failing as the plane kept increasing its pitch. I felt her ass repeatedly grind into my lap as she tried to get off, but she couldn’t quite find the leverage. It was heavenly torture.

“Calm down and stop before one of us gets hurt!”

Jenn slowed and started to blush a bit herself. “Sorry, I thought I had enough time to sit down next to you! Please don’t tell any of the other attendants, falling over is considered real rookie behaviour.”

I chuckled. “It’s fine. Just wait until the plane evens out, or you could get hurt.” I prayed to the Flying Spaghetti God that she would buy it and sit in my lap for a few minutes. Unsure of where to put my hands, I finally settled on holding her by the waist, desperately trying to think of an excuse if she called me on it.

“Oh, thank you, that’s better Hon. It’s going to be a few minutes until the plane levels off.”

My dick twitched at the thought.

Jenn continued, “With so many empty seats, and a full complement of attendants, I thought I’d give you a little company. Sorry about falling all over you.”

“I could do worse than having you fall in my lap,” I said.

I’m not sure why- it was trite, and cheesy, but it was out of my mouth before my brain caught on that I was talking. It also, surprise of surprises, seemed to at least amuse Jenn.

“Well, aren’t you the prince charming?”

I rolled my eyes, “And now we’re back to the patronizing,” I thought. “It could have gone worse though, I suppose.”

Jenn slid her hands over mine. “Well, while I’m here, tell me about yourself. Why are you on a cross country flight by yourself?”

I shrugged, and started to explain my situation while simultaneously wondering how this beautiful woman on my lap couldn’t feel my raging hard-on. Yes, it was trapped in the cleft of her ass, but I felt certain she would notice at any point, turn around and slap me. As I continued with my story though, she seemed not to notice, and she even seemed to relax, leaning back on my chest.

It felt remarkably nice. Here I was, practically spooning this woman that I had developed an almost instant crush on. She kept asking questions about my life, and I answered. In fact, I answered more than I normally would ever have thought to, stuff about my parent’s divorce, friends back home, I even told her that I hadn’t had a girlfriend.

It was in the middle of telling her about my first pet that I realized that the plane was even. It had been for a while, actually. I was now, for all intents and purposes, spooning Jenn, who was sitting on my lap completely relaxed, and starting to ask me about the house I would be living in when I got to California.

“Hey Jenn?” I interrupted.

“Yeah, Jason?”

“The plane has leveled out now. You can certainly stay, but aren’t the other attendants going to be curious where you are?”

Jenn tensed, and looked at her wristwatch. “Oh my, you’re right! I’ve got to go help hand out drinks! I’ll be back in a bit!” She leapt off my lap in a hurry, still a bit clumsily, but now able to make it into the aisle. I watched her rush off towards the center of the plane, where the ‘galley’, such as it was, was kept on this model.

I sat in a daze. Was she totally oblivious to what she was doing to me? Was she going full on Mrs. Robinson, and I was just to scared to call her on it? It could be all coincidence, and I’d much rather have her company the rest of the flight than her contempt, but jeez, she had to have felt my dick, right? Was she just being polite? Had she lost track of time just as I had?

I shook my head and turned my phone back on. The flight had started at 8 pm, and although we were going west, it would soon be night. It would be dark all the way to California after that- with the whole back of the plane to myself, I’d have a chance to wank before going to sleep. I knew who I’d be thinking of, too.

After a few rounds of Candy Crush, I looked up to see Jenn pushing the cart of drinks back to me. “What’ll you have, Jason?”

“Horse tranquilizers? Failing that, Mountain Dew, or water if it’s Coke stuff.”

Jenn looked upset a moment. “Sorry Hon, water it is then. You want nuts?”

“Sure, why not?”

She handed me a miniature bottle of water and bag of nuts, before saying, “Be back in a jiffy.”

I again drank in the sight of her going up the aisle, this time pushing the cart. I would have to try and get seats in the back more often. Every little bit helped to distract. I barely got through another round of Candy Crush before Jenn was back.

“Here, let me by.”

I looked up in time for her long hair to swat me in the face as she made it into the window seat. “How are you doing?”

“Blue-balled,” I thought. “A bit tense. But thanks, you’ve kept me remarkably distracted. Speaking of, I’ve given you practically my life story, what about you?”

“Me, Hon? Well, I’m the opposite of you, I’ve always loved flight. Ever since my first plane trip when I was a girl, I wanted to be a pilot. Unfortunately, it’s not easy becoming one. I’ve flown a prop plane a few times after a trainer took us up, but you need a fortune to own and maintain your own, or to be hired to fly, which is what most people do. But flight school on it’s own isn’t cheap. And good lord, have you seen the cockpit of one of these commercial jetliners? I’m no idiot, but there’s more buttons in there than at a convention of scrap-bookers.”

I chuckled, and Jenn opened the plastic window shutter halfway, gazing out into the sky. “It’s beautiful to me… Anyway, I’m eventually going to get enough money to get through school and accreditation, and earn myself a prop plane license. From there, I’ll do enough piloting to buy my own plane, and then… I don’t know, do flying tours? Alaska bush pilot? Whatever, as long as it keeps me in the air, the sky’s the limit!”

I looked at her face, which had a sunset reflecting off of it from outside. Her hair was back lit, like a stereotypical angel. “Wow, sounds like you have a solid plan. I have no idea what I’m going to do with myself.”

Jenn smiled, “Give it a few years. You’re not through high school yet. Most of my friends didn’t know what they wanted to do half way through their college majors.” She continued to look out at what I guessed was probably a beautiful sunset reflecting off the clouds. If it had been a photograph, I’d probably be just as enthralled, but seeing it live…

“Where do you live? You got a guy waiting for you somewhere?”

Jenn’s eyes didn’t leave the scene outside. She half grinned, half winced at the second question. “Legally, I live with my sister, and my mail goes to a PO box, but really, I’m more of a ‘no fixed abode’ person right now. And unfortunately, the one drawback of this job is it’s hell to try to keep a stable relationship. Occasionally I’ll-” she cut off and glanced at Jason, who had quirked an eyebrow.

“Occasionally I miss having a relationship,” she continued, “But… well, there’s a 70’s song you’ve probably never heard. There’s a line that goes, ‘You're a fine girl, What a good wife you would be. But my life, my lover, my lady, is the sea.’”

“Oh. Brandy, by the, um, Telescopes?”

Jenn finally tore her eyes off the sunset outside and turned to face him. “The band was Looking Glass, actually, but I’m surprised.”

“Growing up, my Mom decided that there were only two radio stations I was allowed to listen to- the seventies channel, or the local PBS/NPR. After a few minutes of All Things Considered, even lyrics like ‘Abrakadabra, I want to reach out and grab ya,’ start to sound good.”

Jenn started laughing earnestly, and I couldn’t keep from joining in.

“Ah, these are the type of flights that keep me going,” Jenn said, after we had finally gotten calmed. “They don’t happen often, but occasionally I just get to look out the window and bask in the sky.”

“Your life, your lover, your man, the wild blue yonder?”

“Exactly. They can’t take the sky from me.”

“Ugh, now you’re mixing up references.”

“So sue me.”

“If Fox found out, I’m sure they would.”


“... I appreciate your company, but I don’t want you to get in trouble.”

“Don’t worry about it. As I said, there’s hardly anyone on this flight, and Amy owes me a couple of favors. And technically, looking after you is part of my job today.” She ruffled my hair again. “Best job I’ve had in years,” she said with a grin.

“Gee, thanks,” I replied with a grin and the roll of my eyes.

“Hmm, looks like we’re back over land again.” She checked her watch. “Mississippi, unless we got the mother of all tail winds.”

“Lovely. I suppose I won’t need my floatation device anymore.”

“Or shark repellant.”


We sat in silence for a while. The sunset seemed to go on forever, but since we were chasing after the sun at a respectable fraction of the speed of sound through air, that was to be expected.

Finally, the sun did set, and the pilot came on to let everyone know that the main cabin lights would be going off, and that we would be supplied with pillows and blankets.

“You going to help with that?” I asked, already expecting her to wave it off.

“Amy really owes me after that time with the… nevermind, it’s handled.”

“Sounds like an interesting story.”

“It is, but I’m sworn to secrecy.”

The cabin lights dimmed, and then went out, except for the small lights that lined the aisle, and a few people’s overhead lamps.

“Wait, so are we going to get a blanket or pillow?” I asked.

“Oh, right, I told Amy I’d handle the two of us. One sec, I’ll be back with them.”

I heard her get up, and a shuffle, before I felt a familiar ass land in my lap.

“Oof! Sorry, I can’t believe that I fell on y-”

I steeled my courage, and went for broke. I slid my hands along her thighs, leaning in and whispered into her ear, “Are you trying to seduce me, Ms. Jenn?”

I could feel her tense up, and I winced. I had guessed wrong, and fucked up a pleasant, if short lived friendship.

“How did you figure it out?”


Jenn started to relax again, and grabbed my hands, sliding them up and down her hips and thighs. “How did you know? I didn’t think I came on too strong.”

I gulped audibly, now incredibly pleased I had gone for it. “I- I guessed. There’s no way you didn’t feel my erection the last time you were on my lap. You might have been just being really nice and ignoring it, but I figured you would go out of your way to not end up in that situation again unless it was staged.”

“Geez. The first time really was an accident, too.”



I slid my left hand up her side and started to fondle her breast through the uniform, both of us letting out brief moans.

Still, I couldn’t help but be curious, “Can I ask: why me?”

“Lots of reasons,” Jenn answered, as she ground her ass into my crotch without any reservations this time. “You’re a good kid going through a rough time. Think of this as a bit of karma.”

“That’s one reason,” I said, working my hand into the vest, past her bra, until I was finally met her nipple, massaging her breast directly. My right hand was trying to find it’s way into her panties, but was finding less luck, so far.

“The other main reason is that the sky may be my lover metaphorically, but until it grows a dick, I’ll stick to the mile high club.”

I paused, “That’s real?”

“Hon, you have no idea.”

Despite having her breast in my hand, and having nibbled her earlobe, I was still hesitant. “Am… are we…”

“You want me to make you a man tonight, Jason?”

“Fuck yes, please.”

“Don’t worry, we have about four hours before we have to make ourselves presentable.”

“That suddenly seems much shorter than when I got on.”

“Stop a moment, if we’re going to do this, I’m actually going to need to get us some pillows and blankets.”

“Oh. Right.” I retracted my hands, and Jenn practically teleported off of me.

Less than a minute later she was back with two pillows and two blankets.

“Unstrap yourself and strip,” she whispered. “I’ll let you know if anyone’s coming.”

I did as she said, and disrobed faster than I previously thought possible.

“Ready,” I whispered.

I saw a large black void approach, and realized Jenn was holding the blanket out. All thought temporarily stopped as she sat on my lap, this time facing me. Not only that, but she was naked as well. I nearly sprayed my first load of the night as I realized that I could feel Jen’s pussy pressing my dick up against my torso. I let out a weak moan as I grabbed her by the waist and buttock, and lifted her, our groins moving in opposing directions and my cock sliding back and forth along her slick folds. Her significant breasts pressed into my chest, and I stopped sliding myself along her pussy long enough to reach down and engulf a breast in my mouth.

She hissed as I lightly nibbled her nipple. “Nice. You’re a bold one. How are you at kissin’?”

I reluctantly let her tit free so I could answer. “Probably a rank ameture. Care to teach me?”

“I’d love to, Hon.”

She proceeded to do just that, while we took turns rubbing our genitalia together. I desperately wanted to shift my hips just a bit so that I’d sink into her, but she had already promised to screw me, so I figured I’d take it as it came.

As electric as it was at first, running my penis along her folds seemed to be doing a lot more for her than me, especially when she prompted me to start playing with her clit. A few minutes later I watched amazed, as she bit her lips and came on top of me.

After a minute or two of recovery, she looked up and smiled at me. “Good boy, you’ve earned this.”

She looked around for anyone coming back towards us, before pulling me to the floor with her.

I’m not sure how we did it, there certainly didn’t seem to be enough room anywhere besides the aisle, but we ended up on the floor 69’ing. To be fair, I was becoming quite aware that this was not the first time Jenn had done this.

I ran my tongue along her cunt, where just minutes before my penis had been sliding. She smelt like nothing I could really name, but it was intoxicating, and I forced my tongue between her lips, trying to get as much of her juice as I could. After several years of watching porn, I was finally getting to play out all my fantasies, and I wasn’t going to be shy.

My brain shut down again temporarily as my shaft was engulfed by a warm wetness, and I felt her tongue attack my penis with just as much frenetic energy as mine had been going at her, moments ago. I forced myself to return my attentions towards her pussy, but it was difficult to do anything but bask in the sensations my penis was producing.

Suddenly she changed the angle of her head, and the head of my dick went into her throat. That was it, I tried to let her know, but all that came out of my mouth was an inarticulate grunt that became a moan. However, quite a load of semen came out of my dick, the first jet firing straight down her throat, then as she pulled her head back, the next several landing on her tongue, which continued to slide back and forth around my cock.

As my dick finally ran out of seed, she spat it out, where it promptly fell against her nose. “Damn, Jason. When’s the last time you came? I’m going to have to deflower more virgins if you’re all that full of cum.”

I chuckled and tried to catch my breath, still absently playing with her pussy, trying to memorize the details despite it being almost completely dark.

“You keep on playing with my cunt, Hon. When you’re hard again, we’ll screw.”

She didn’t need to tell me twice. However, it seemed all of the constant after school specials had some minor effect… “Do we need a condom?”

Jenn pumped my cock in her hand and chuckled. “You are a good kid. It’s your lucky day. I have an IUD, but normally make all my partners wear condoms anyway, safety first right? You though, are a virgin.”

She leaned over to my ear, as best as she could reach, anyway. “You get to ride me raw, and come right in my pussy.”

I whimpered, and my penis was suddenly good to go again. Imagine that.

We ended up in missionary, all of the other styles being too attention attracting, or taking up too much space. I had a hold of her breasts as Jenn gripped my buttocks, and slowly slid me home.

Bkil 15/12/31(Thu)08:26 No. 24065 ID: e03c6f

Nice story, about halfway through a couple sentences are in third person while the rest of the story is in first person.

Anonymous 16/03/08(Tue)13:30 No. 24142 ID: f0d94f

You should continue it

Anonymous 16/03/12(Sat)07:39 No. 24146 ID: 39ee2b

It's good. I like that it's quick to read and still maintains some notion of believably while being arousing.

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