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Rise of the Harem Nation HigherMoose 16/03/29(Tue)06:27 No. 24163 ID: 62b1d7

Long time lurker, decided to take a stab at it.

Summary: Seth, a disrespected royal guard, and Dotan, a recently-freed, enigmatic, chauvinistic sex god, plot to overthrow their country that is ruled by beautiful but snobby goddesses. They ignite a war to enslave all the women of their world into harems for men's debauched pleasure. The more their forces enslave...the wilder they become, with brutal soldier brothels, personal sex slaves, enlarging harems, and breaking the will of the women they capture. Can they be stopped? What does Dotan really want?

Tags: LOTS OF sexual slavery, sexism, impregnation, body modification, mind control, rape, prostitution, corruption, gangbang.

SCENES OF: Anthro (transformed cow girl), anal, tit-fuck, threesomes, moresomes, magic, incest, torture, bondage, sadism, masochism, exhibitionism, humiliation, spanking, blowjobs, handjobs, rimming, toys, solo male, solo female, and probably more.

Be sure to leave a response if you read! It'll really brighten my day! Also, yes, I know I'm a sick fuck. Anyway, enjoy!


Chapter 1

It was night time in the garden of Starminster Castle. The castle was where Goddess Zophiel, the chief goddess of the country of Atlea, ruled. All of those fancy names and regality didn’t stop the night guard from doing what he was doing. In the center of the massive garden was a statue of Zophiel. She was in all of her majestic glory, with her wings extended, striking a heroic pose, and a massive halo hanging above her head. What attracted the guard to the statue, however, was how little she was wearing. Only a single ribbon covered her nipples and the area between her legs. It was meant to show off her majestic body as a thing of beauty...but that wasn’t what the guard saw.

In his sheer boredom and frustration, the night guard Seth had lowered his pants and gawked at the statue. He knew that it was massively disrespectful, but at the time he didn’t care. He was paid very little and virtually ignored. He sat on a bench and was stroking himself. He imagined his ruling goddess’ impressive breasts wrapped around his engorged shaft. Seth moaned, feeling shudders of pleasure go through him.

“Yeah…” Seth muttered. “Squeeze me with those breasts…” He imagined the large, pillowy tits going up and down his dick. “Yeah...you pay me next to nothing, this is the only way you can make it up to me…” He imagined her tongue licking his shaft every time it came up. “Oh...you just love to mess with mortals like me. It gets you off.” Seth sped up his pumping hand. In his mind he saw her pure lips wrapping around the head of his shaft. He could see her perfect blonde hair, and her angelic blue eyes, staring up at him, asking him if he was about to cum. “Ohhh...I’m going to blow my load all over those tits of yours…” He could feel his climax rising. Just a few more pumps. He could just imagine his erupting seed spraying all over her pillowy mounds and perfect face. He felt his dick swell and his balls twitch…

Then he heard a twig snap. Seth instant tensed up and panicked. He hastily pulled up his pants and redid his belt. He picked up his ceremonial spear and jerked his head around. For a few moments, he saw nothing. Then, rounding around the path through the garden, he saw a Sister of Zophiel. Unlike civilians who could only visit the garden during the day, these chaste nuns could visit any time they wished, sometimes when they have an intense dream, or when they feel a religious need. They would often pray at the grave of Zophiel’s father, the god who had ruled Atlea previously and had died in a war among the gods. Seth still had a raging hard on. He turned his back to the nun and attempted to hide his protruding groin. He acted as if he were doing his job. The nun didn’t seem to notice him. She just shuffled on, heading towards the grave. When she passed, Seth eyed her. Despite her loose frock, he could tell that she had a great figure. She must have been quite young. Seth sneered a moment. A young, beautiful woman joining a holy order that requires her to hide her entire body? It seemed stupid to him. It was a waste of a life. He began following her, perhaps out of curiosity.

Seth watched as she reached the path that led to the grave. As was customary, she got on her knees. She began crawling on them, towards the massive statue. It gave Seth an even better look at her ass, which the frock was now tightly pulled across it. Seth gawked at it, but was beginning to feel like a dog at the end of it’s chain. This woman was a holy nun of their goddess. Having sex with her (consensual or not) was illegal, and would likely result in a staggering jail sentence for him. Like always, he was forced to just look from afar. With his tiny wages and dead-end job, he couldn’t afford a girlfriend or a wife. His queen and goddess thought very little of the men in her employ, and surrounded herself with beautiful women. She gave so much preferential treatment to other females and treated the males who worked for her neglectfully. It was frustrating, and it was driving him crazy...but he couldn’t do anything. This was the world as it was.

The nun was halfway on a crawl towards the statue. She was over a red star etched in the stone that marked the halfway point on the holy crawl and symbolized god’s sacrifice in the war. Abruptly the nun jumped to her feet and shrieked. Seth’s eyes perked up and he gripped his spear. Much to his shock, a hand had stuck through the stones that lined the ground of the whole monument. It had apparently grabbed the nun. In complete shock, both the nun and Seth watched as an arm rose out of the ground. Then the stone cracked apart. A shoulder came through the rock, then an entire body. Something human-shaped climbed out of the ground, throwing rocks in every direction like they were made of paper. Seth quickly studied the new arrival. It was a man, as far as he could tell. The man was nude, and incredibly attractive. He had a handsome, chiseled face, black hair, and amber eyes that seemed to glow. He was tall, with well-defined muscles. Even more defined, and Seth couldn’t help but stare, he had a huge organ dangling from in between his legs. It looked as if would be almost a foot long at full length.

Once the man had climbed out of the ground he shook all of the earth off of himself. He took a deep breath and began stretching.

“Finally!” he declared. “I’m done with waiting!” His voice was deep and seemed to reverberate in people’s heads. He gazed around and spotted the nun. She had fallen on the ground, and was clutching her chest. “What are you?”

The nun gulped and took a moment to compose herself. He had referred to her as a “what” and not a “who.” That seemed to bother her on some level.

“I am Joanna, a holy sister in The Order of Zophiel.” she explained. “Who...who are you?”

The man didn’t respond to her. He only grunted and rolled his eyes.

“Oh,” the man said. “The most high goddess made a whole order of virgins just to worship her! What an egotistical high-handed bitch.”

The nun gasped and covered her mouth. She jumped to her feet and pointed an accusing finger at the man. Now she looked angry

“Blasphemy!” Joanna declared. “You will not speak of our holy goddess that way! You must begin penance immediately or I’ll…”

The man lifted up his hand. Joanna stopped speaking. She reached up towards her neck, as if someone was choking her. Without warning, she was jerked towards the man, like a powerful force was pulling her. Her face flew straight into his hand, with his fingers gripping around her chin. He held her up as if she were as light as a feather. Her hands were around his forearm, trying to pull him away from her face. He had a wide grin, showing his rows of pearly teeth. She could see there was a scar over his right eye, and his amber eyes were glowing.

“Cheeky little bitch aren’t you?” he asked.

“A...a god?” Joanna said weakly. “K...Kiriel?” She said the name of Zophiel’s father. The man chuckled to himself.

“No idea who that is.” he replied. “My name is Dotan. You, however, weak little woman you, will call me master.”

“I...will not…!” Joanna replied.

“I’m not giving you a choice.” Dotan replied. He lifted up his other hand and put it on her forehead. Joanna went rigid. Dotan’s hand glowed. The nun began to twitch, as if something was electrocuting her brain. For several seconds, he continued to use his magic on her.

Then, without warning, he dropped her. Joanna flopped onto the ground. She was completely limp, as if dead. Then she slowly started to get up on all fours. She reached up and pulled her hood off her head. There was a magic symbol on her forehead, and her eyes were glazed over. She began panting, and looked as if she were hot. She reached down and pulled her frock upwards. She lifted it past her waist, so that her long undergarments were exposed. As if she had no shame, she pulled them down past her ankles. She flipped over on her back and spread herself open. With her tongue hanging out of her mouth, her hand reached between her splayed legs. She began rubbing her slit, which was already beginning to drool with juices. Her tongue was hanging out of her mouth, and she was moaning like a whore.

“Well...I guess that was too strong.” Dotan stated. He said it as if he just accidentally spilled a cup of milk. “I suppose I need some practice. I completely scrambled her brain.” Casually, he turned towards Seth. The night guard was ogling the exposed pussy of the nun. It turned out she did have a gorgeous body...and it was on perfect display for him.

“You! Man! What is your name?” Dotan asked. Seth jerked his head back up. He could feel himself beginning to sweat. How was he supposed to respond? What if Dotan came after him next? Judging from his powers, it wasn’t as if Seth could do anything anyway.

“I’m...I’m Seth...sir.” the guard stated. Dotan casually pointed at the crazed nun on the ground.

“I said that I was her master, but I kind of ruined her.” he said. “You can have her if you want.”

“Eh...huh? What do you mean?” Seth asked.

“I’ve been trapped in that prison down there for centuries.” Dotan explained. “Recently, I’ve been hearing your...nightly escapades.” Seth cringed and could feel his face flush. Dotan didn’t seem to notice. “You’re a man, the stronger sex. It’s your right to own those weaker than you. I’ll let you own this...well I wouldn’t even call it a woman, but you can have it.”

“Wh...what?” Seth asked. “I can...own her? Like a slave?”

“Yes.” Dotan said. He looked as if what he said was obvious. “The strong dominate the week, and women are weaker than men.” The god then took a few steps back and sat down on the base of Kiriel’s statue. “I’ve been bored for so long and would like to work out my frustrations, but I’m holding out for something a little better than a brain-scrambled whore. You can have her, but fuck her in front of me first. Amuse me.”

Seth’s eyes were darting between Joanna and Dotan. He gulped nervously. Seeing the previously holy nun expose her wet pussy in front of his eyes was greatly exciting him. His raging hard-on had returned with a vengeance.

“You shouldn’t have to hold yourself back like that.” Dotan said. Seth’s eyes turned back to the god. “I’ve heard you night after night, completely frustrated. Take it out on this thing here.” Dotan then grinned again, showing off his pearly teeth. “It’s your right as a man. Exercise it.”

Seth’s eye twitched several times. Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore. He hadn’t been with a woman in years, and was over with waiitng. He rushed over to Joanna, who was still moaning like a whore. He quickly stripped off his clothes. No sooner had his pants come down then Joanna’s eyes brightened. She instantly scrambled under his body and pawed at his dick as if she were a cat after a toy. Seth bent over her body, putting his face between her legs in a sixty-nine position.. He could instantly smell her heady, womanly scent. Her pussy was slightly bushy, and was oozing with juices. Seth licked his lips, incredibly eager. Joanna was already stroking his shaft. Her silky hands were sending waves of pleasure across his dick. Seth leaned forward and gave her slit an experimental lick.

Joanna squealed like an animal. Her hips bucked, quickly seeking more pleasure. Seth couldn’t help but smile. This was easy. He turned her fluids over on his tongue. She was tangy and sweet. He then buried his face into her crotch again. He stuck his tongue into her canal and lapped at her juices. Joanna moaned loudly. Her entire body was racked with overwhelming waves of pleasure. The symbol on her forehead burned and any thoughts she had melted in her brain. Her vacant eyes stared up at Seth’s twitching dick. She then leaned up and extended her own tongue. She licked up and down his shaft, tasting his sweat as if it was candy. Seth moaned against her pussy, finding her tongue to be sweet heaven. He spread her lower lips apart with his fingers and buried himself deeper. He coiled his tongue around her inner flesh, enjoying her moans. Joanna’s tongue swirled around the head of his dick, before she parted her lips and wrapped them around his shaft.

Seth moaned and his eyes rolled. His own hips bucked slightly. She was sucking him desperately, as if she was incredibly eager to taste his seed. Seth lifted his head up slightly. He then traced his tongue around her clit. Joanna moaned against his shaft. Her pussy twitched and gushed slightly. It was like she was a machine, responding so easily. Joanna’s tongue swirled around his shaft as she began bobbing her head back and forth. Seth could feel his dick begin to twitch. He was ready to erupt again. Just as he felt his balls twitch he pulled himself free from her mouth. He lifted himself off her body and backed off. He took a few moments and caught his breath. It was so intense...and he didn’t want to waste what would be the biggest climax of his life. Joanna looks at him with her wide, vacant eyes longingly. She pawed at his dick again, wondering why he stopped. Seth gave her a serious look.

“On all fours.” he ordered. “Now.” It was a position he had longed to see a woman in, but had never actually done so. Joanna instantly complied. She got on her hands and knees and showed her ass to him. She reached around with her hands and spread herself open. Seth could see it all, her drooling slit and her twitching asshole, all nestled between her ample ass cheeks. He could feel his dick twitch powerfully again. Joanna whined and wagged her ass back and forth, enticing him. Seth snorted like a bull. He got on his knees and grabbed her hips. He grabbed his dick, aimed it at her wet folds, and shoved himself inside.

Joanna moaned loudly. Seth’s jaw dropped and he dug his nails into her flesh. Her insides coiled around him tightly, as if it were trying to milk him. It was like he had stuck himself inside of a hot, fleshy vice. When he had not moved for several moments, Joanna fidgeted her ass back and forth. She had grown impatient. Unable to take it anymore, Seth pulled himself out and rammed himself back in. Joanna’s tongue hung out of her mouth and she moaned every time their hips slapped together. She put her head onto the ground and began drooling. Seth began pounding into her folds as hard as he could. The more she moaned, the more he loved it. With every thrust, a tiny squirt of her juices coated his dick. After only a few moments, his shaft was completely drenched. Every single thrust seemed to feel better than the last. He could feel his dick twitching with delight, ready to erupt again.

“Oh gods...I’m going...I’m going…” Seth uttered. His head was buzzing. This was the most amazing pussy he had ever felt. It was practically trying to suck him dry. Yet something in back of his mind tried to tell him to pull out. He didn’t know if he could. Joanna was tightening around him and her moaning was getting louder. She was getting close to her climax as well. Seth gave a few frantic thrusts, stuck between wanting to keep going and pulling himself free.

“Release yourself inside of her.” said a deep voice. Seth lifted up his eyes. They met the eyes of a god, glowing with an amber light. “It’s what you want to do, what you are meant to do. You are a man, and this woman is your property. Cum inside of her, make her pregnant, have her give birth to more of your property. It’s your right.”

Seth couldn’t understand it, but something about the god’s words was setting a fire in him. Seth snorted like a bull again. He seized her hips as hard as he could and began pounding into her as hard as he could. He could feel his eruption surge through him as Joanna practically screamed. She arched her back and her pussy clamped down on the dick inside of her. Her juices gushed against his dick and she jerked her body. She screamed loudly as the pleasure overwhelmed what little thoughts she still had. Seth grit his teeth and felt his balls twitch. He could hold himself back no longer. With one final thrust he buried himself as deep as he could go and erupted. His legs shuddered powerfully as he tilted his head back and moaned. He gushed inside of her like a fountain. Every burst of his seed sent waves of pleasure through his entire body. After a few gushes, Joanna’s insides filled completely and overflowed around his shaft. It seemed like an eternity as both of them twitched against each other, attempting to prolong their pleasure.

Finally, they both slumped onto the ground. Joanna was panting, drooling and twitching slightly. Seth was just trying to catch his breath. He rolled off of her and pulled himself free. She laid on her side, with her folds still visible. Seth gawked as a mix of her fluids, his semen, and a little blood leaked out of her like a river. She was a virgin, but she was so horny she didn’t even feel it. Seth had fucked one of those holier-than-thou, chaste nuns...and she had loved it. Seeing her previously pure body covered in sweat, bruises, and sexual fluids, it was...so arousing. Despite the fact that he had just climaxed, he could feel his shaft beginning to swell again. He had never been this energetic before, but wasn’t about to question it. Far beyond worrying about what was proper, he slapped Joanna’s ass as if her were spanking her. She jerked and turned her head around. He was trying to get her attention.

“On your back.” he ordered forcefully. Joanna instantly obeyed and flipped over. The frock she had been wearing was still halfway down her stomach. Seth grabbed it and lifted it up to her neck. He was pleased to find that her breasts were very ample and large. He straddled himself over her stomach. Seth licked his lips as his hands seized her breasts. Joanna moaned and arched her back. Seth could feel his fingers sink into her flesh. He ran his hands over the globes several times. His fingers then pinched down on her nipples, gently twisting the peaks. Joanna began moaning like a whore again, her upper-body gyrating in pleasure. Immensely pleased, Seth leaned down and took on of her peaks into his mouth. He sucked and bit down on her nipple, as if he expected milk to come out. He released her breast and then licked around her areola. Her skin tasted sweet under his tongue. Seth then switched to her other peak, sucking loudly. Joanna arched her back as hard as she could. Seth could feel his dick throbbing again, ready to go. He raised his head back up. He was ready to fulfill one of his fantasies.

“Hold your breasts together.” he ordered. Joanna instantly did what was instructed. She lifted up her hands and pushed her pillowy mounds together. With great eagerness, Seth lined his slick shaft with her clamped breasts. He shoved his dick between them. Seth’s eyes widened as he felt his erection pierce through her hot flesh. Joanna’s breasts jiggled when his hips slapped against them. His dick was so engorged that it poked through the top of her cleavage. It was everything he had dreamed it would be. Seth put his hands on either side of her head. He began thrusting his hips against her cleavage like it was her pussy. Joanna grinned at him with empty eyes, as if she simply enjoyed giving him pleasure. Seth began to moan, feeling waves of pleasure beginning to wash over him. He couldn’t believe it. He never thought a woman would ever let him do that. Without being prompted, Joanna leaned her head down. Every time the head of his dick pierced through her cleavage she licked at the bulbous head. It was like he was in a whirlpool of pleasure. Seth could feel his climax coming yet again. Despite the fact that it was so soon after the first one, it still felt as if it would be big.

“Lean your head back.” Seth ordered. Joanna instantly obeyed. Seth seized her breasts and pressed them together hard. He began pounding between them with abandon. Joanna panted excitedly, her mouth hanging open. She was eagerly waiting. Just the sight of it pushed Seth over the edge. He moaned and slammed himself forward as hard as he could. Joanna could feel his dick swell and twitch between her breasts. Seth’s dick erupted again. His hips shuddered as several ropes of cum shot out of his shaft. His seed quickly splattered all over her face. Some of it landed in her mouth and she gratefully licked it up. Seth pulled himself back through her cleavage as he had his last ejaculation. The last of his seed gushed between her mounds. Joanna reached up with her hands and massaged her breasts together. With great glee, she spread his semen all over her chest. Seth panted and wiped his mouth. This was the most intense sex he had ever had. It was like she was a toy, only alive to sate his lusts...and that turned him on so much.

“Did you enjoy that?” a deep voice said. Seth turned his head. Dotan was still watching them, his eyes glowing. He had that wide grin on his face, which the mortal found slightly disconcerting.

“Yes...I did.” Seth said. He stood up from Joanna. The crazed woman was licking at the semen that now covered her body.

“You enjoyed being the dominant male you were meant to be, didn’t you?” Dotan asked.

“Yes, I did.” Seth replied.

“There’s nothing more natural.” Dotan then stood up. Seth felt as if the god was towering over him. They were both naked...and the mortal felt tiny in more ways than one. “It is how things are meant to be. Now take your slave home and be sure to take care of it.”

Seth stared at the god for a few moments. He shuffled nervously, as if he were afraid to say something. Dotan narrowed his eyes slightly.

“What is it?” the god asked.

“I...um...don’t have a house.” Seth admitted.

“What do you mean?” Dotan replied.

“I mean...I don’t have a house. I live in the barracks with dozens of other guards. We all live in bunks.”

“You’re a soldier are you not?” Dotan asked.


“Can you not buy a house?”

“I...am not paid very much.”

“How much?”

“After paying for my room and board in the barracks and the food…”

Dotan held up his hands. He no longer looked like the regal, intimidating god. He looked like any other annoyed man.

“Wait, wait, wait.” Dotan said firmly. “You live in the barracks, but you have to pay for your food and room?”

“Yes.” Seth replied. “Being a soldier or guard is a temporary job…”

“TEMPORARY!” Dotan shouted. Seth shrunk a little. The god’s eyes looked as if they were on fire. “What has Zophiel done to this place?”

“Atlea is never at war.” Seth explained. “We don’t have a permanent army. This is a temporary position for men who can’t enter the workforce or go to university. We’re paid just enough to get by and a little extra. That extra isn’t enough for me to take care of this...slave.” Seth glanced at Joanna. She was now lying on her side, and was masturbaiting furiously.

“She would treat her soldiers so poorly?” Dotan said with detest. He then stared down the mortal, a dire look in his eyes. “Do you want to change that?”

“What do you mean?” Seth asked nervously.

“I will turn this society around. I will make soldiers and men priorities. The strong will dominate the weak.” Dotan held his hand out to Joanna. “This is but a taste. Women will bow at the feet of men. You will have not just this slave, but as many as you desire. I will pay you handsomely, reward you generously, and give the power of this society over to those that deserve to have it. You can fulfill any desire you wish...as is your right.”

Seth listened to the words carefully. He could feel the desire churn in his gut. What he did with Joanna was the most intense sex he ever had. To have that everyday, with multiple women serving him, was a dream. Dotan was promising him wealth, women, and a better life...perhaps the best life he could ever achieve. He had felt so disenfranchised and frustrated with his God Queen Zophiel. He was paid next to nothing, and expected to die for the goddess if necessary, yet he wasn’t respected. Women looked down on him because of his poor job and prospects, and Zophiel pretended they didn’t even exist. If that could change...

“What would I have to do?” Seth asked. This caused Dotan to grin. He spread his arms wide.

“Worship me.” the god said. “Acknowledge me as your king and god.”

Seth was hesitant for a few moments. This was a big step. Worshipping a god that wasn’t sanctioned by Zophiel was high treason, and if caught he would be executed. However...he couldn’t resist what Dotan was offering. Seth turned towards the spear he had thrown away in his desperation to get to Joanna. He picked it up and brought it to his hand. To worship gods in Atlea, one had to offer up some of their blood and kneel before them or their image. Seth was going to do more than that. He wasn’t just acknowledging Dotan as a god and offering a sacrifice of blood, he was swearing fealty to him. Seth then paused and lifted his head back to the god. Dotan was grinning, with his amber eyes shining.

“Who are you, really?” Seth asked. Dotan then chuckled lightly.

“I am Dotan, god of masculinity and war.” the god stated. “That is why Zophiel sealed me away. She feared what I could mean for this world, and her dominance of it. She was right to do so. I will forever change this world. Will you follow me?”

Seth’s eyes darted between the spear in his hand and the god before him. He then took a deep breath and cut his hand. Dotan grinned and his eyes widened. Completely naked and exposed, Seth kneeled before Dotan and extended his hand. There was no pomp and ceremony, just a raw mortal in his natural form before a raw god in his natural form. Seth squeezed his hand and drops of blood dripped onto the ground.

“I worship you, Dotan god of masculinity and war.” Seth stated. “I offer this, my blood, to you as a sign of my devotion. I hereby swear fealty to you for all of the days of my life. Use me as you will.”

Dotan took a deep breath and seemed to relax. He appeared immensely satisfied.

“Then arise Seth.” the god said. “High Priest of Dotan.”

Seth lifted his face in surprise. This was unexpected, but the title had a ring to it.

“You will be my first disciple.” Dotan explained. “I will make you my high priest, and we shall spread my cult all over this world.”

Seth nodded and stood up. He felt exhilarated. He had thrown away his past life completely in a single moment. Now he was standing at the beginning of a brand new world...and he wanted Dotan to shape it.

“Now then, take this slave and follow me. I have a plan to reshape this world, and you will play a huge part.”

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Anonymous 16/04/23(Sat)09:20 No. 24218 ID: 2b3fc6

Lurking until completion. Very good so far OP

HigherMoose 16/04/26(Tue)10:43 No. 24226 ID: 62b1d7

Chapter is written. I'll edit it and post it within a day.

HigherMoose 16/04/27(Wed)09:03 No. 24227 ID: 62b1d7

UGH! I'm sorry it took so long. I've been so sluggish lately. Also, this chapter is VERY similar to the first one, but with a dark elf instead of a nun. I'm very sorry about that as well, BUT the next chapter and every other chapter after that will be radically different. Each one will have a new circumstance and fulfill more fetishes. Be a little patient with me and I'll treat you like a princess. -_^ You know, like a real one, not like how Dotan would treat a princess.


Chapter 2

Seth, now clothed, dragged the drooling, blathering Joanna with him as Dotan, still naked, marched across the garden. They approached a series of steps that lead down to a dead end. The only thing present there was a statue of a demigod that had fought in The War of the Gods, centuries ago. Dotan stepped up to the stone wall, grunted, and ran his hand over it. Seth was lagging behind him, pulling the crazed woman with him.

“My lord?” Seth began. “This is just a tiny grotto, why are we here?”

“It wasn’t always a grotto.” Dotan replied. He turned to his newest follower. “Cover your eyes.”

Seth looked alarmed for a moment and quickly obeyed. He also covered Joanna’s eyes, which only resulted in her trying to lick his hand. Dotan lifted his fist. It began to glow. He reared his arm back and brought it barrelling forward. The instant it made contact with the wall, the stones shattered apart. A giant hole, big enough to fit several people, was blown through it. Seth lowered his hands and saw that there was a long passageway through the wall. Dotan stuck his head through and looked around.

“What a damn shame.” the god muttered. He entered the new passageway and glanced around in the dark. Seth followed, again much more slowly. Dotan walked to one side of the passage. “The oil trough is here, and it’s still full. They didn’t clean it up, how sloppy.”

“Oil trough, my lord?” Seth asked.

“It’s so the entire structure can be lit.” Dotan explained. “There are pipes from this trough that lead through the entire complex. You light the oil on fire, it carries the flames to all the torches, and the entire building is lit in a matter of minutes. Since it is cool down here, the oil didn’t degrade.”

“That’s interesting.” Seth admitted, not sounding very convinced. “What is is this place?”

Dotan turned towards his follower and grinned. He lifted his index finger. Flames licked out of the tip.

“The Great Arena.” the god replied. He lowered his finger into the trough. Despite being old, the oil lit on fire quickly. Seth jumped as he heard torches light up all the way down the hall. He could now see that there were more stairs down the hallway.

“The Great Arena?” Seth asked. “The ancient gladiatorial coliseum? I thought it was destroyed in The War of the Gods.”

“No, Zophiel just buried it under her garden.” Dotan said with detest. “She couldn’t allow a single masculine thing to exist in her little world.” The god spat at the stone floor. “Come on. You can keep your slave in the gladiator pens. You can chain her up before she...hurts herself.”

Seth managed to put chains on Joanna to the wall in the gladiator pens. It wasn’t a moment too soon, as the crazed woman was trying to lick his armpits of all things. Dotan wryly stated that she was attracted to his scent. It was mostly just making Seth uncomfortable. Dotan reluctantly said that he would take care of her for now, as Seth had a lot of work to do.

Dotan then led Seth to what appeared to be a giant room. When Seth entered he gawked and gazed up at the ceiling. It was over a hundred feet high, and capped off with stones. The place was lined with tens of thousands of seats. The two of them were standing at the base of the seats, where a high wall surrounded the pit in the center. Seth walked forward, put his hands on the wall and gazed over. There were still some blood stains on the walls and in the dirt.

“It’s like it hasn’t been touched.” the guard stated. Dotan walked up beside him, his arms crossed.

“She just capped it with a stone ceiling and built a garden over it.” the god said with distaste. “She didn’t have the heart or the will to destroy the place. She will regret that when I reopen it.” There was a silence as Seth continued to look around in amazement. Dotan seemed to be steaming for a while. It was some time before he spoke.

“Tell me,” Dotan began. Seth turned his head to his god. “What is Zophiel up to recently?”

“Hm?” Seth uttered. It seemed like an odd question, almost casual. He recovered quickly however. “Oh...um...well...there’s a wedding coming up.”

“She’s getting married?” Dotan asked incredulously.

“What? No, not her. She’s too chaste.” Seth explained.

“I bet.” Dotan muttered.

“It’s her nephew, Addur, a demigod. He’s marrying Malona, an elvish demigod.”

“An alliance between human and elvish gods?”

“That seems to be the plan.”

“So that’s why she thinks nothing of her military. With all the gods of this world in one alliance she thinks she’s perfectly safe.” Dotan took that moment to spit on the ground again in distaste. “When is the wedding?”

“Five days.” Seth replied.

“Who is going to be there?”

“I don’t think Lady Zo...I mean Zophiel likes to have too many gods in one place. It’s only going to be her, her sister Lyfillia, her nephew and Malona. She’s called in the entire military to conduct the parade and ceremony.”

“She’s treating her soldiers like they’re trained dogs?” Dotan asked loudly. He sighed through his teeth and rolled his eyes. “When you say the whole military…?”

“Yes, everyone still on the payroll.” Seth stated.

“How many?”

“A few thousand.”

“That’s it? A few thousand?”

“I’m sorry my lord, but that’s all there is.”

Dotan rubbed his head and began to look exhausted.

“Who leads them?”

“Zophiel’s nephew Addur is the Master of Arms, but that’s only on paper. The real leader is General Gregory Haynes. He’s an old salt, but has the loyalty of all the men. He has very few family members left, so he spends all his time with the soldiers. He’s like a father to all of them. His pay has been slashed dramatically over his lifetime...but he is extremely loyal.”

“I can be very persuasive.” Dotan interjected. “Zophiel, Lyfillia, Addur, Malona, Gregory, and every soldier in the entire country…” The god began rubbing his hands together. “We’ll have to play this carefully. I need an exact schedule, can you get that?”

Seth flinched. He was afraid of letting this new god down. He seemed somewhat unpredictable, but it wasn’t likely he could get away with lying.

“No, my lord.” Seth said. “I’m just a lowly guard.”

“Right…” Dotan muttered. “Is there someone Zophiel trusts? A mortal?”

Seth pondered it for a few moments. He then stomped his feet and snapped his fingers.

“Wait, there’s this dark elf!” the guard cried. “Uh...Roshina! She worships the ground Zophiel walks on. She’s always invited into Zophiel’s personal chambers. Hell, she collects those precious golden feathers the goddess writes all edicts with.”

“Precious golden feathers?” Dotan asked. “I can make a hundred of those in a day, it’s not that hard.”

“Well, Zophiel treats them as if they incredibly rare.” Seth replied.

“I bet she does.” Dotan muttered. “Alright, first, find me some clothes, it’s getting chilly. Second, watch this...Roshina, and get her when she’s alone. Third, I will give you a golden feather. You will give it to her and tell her that Zophiel invited her to a secret meeting about the wedding or whatever. Lead her here and I...will do what I do best.” Dotan then pointed at Seth and stared at him with his glowing, amber eyes. “DO NOT fail me.”

Seth briefly shuddered, fear creeping up inside of him.

“I won’t, my lord.” the guard said emphatically.

Seth secretly followed Roshina around all day. Because of the wedding, the entire castle was in chaos. Workers and soldiers were running around, setting up decorations and carrying things through the corridors. Technically Seth was supposed to be sleeping during the day because he was on the night shift, but no one seemed to notice him. Seth tailed Roshina until she entered Zophiel’s private chambers. Seth put his back against the doorway and peaked around into the room. Zophiel wasn’t present in the room at the time. The guard briefly gawked at the huge, opulent room. It was decorated with gold, bright red silks and gorgeous murals of Zophiel. Then his eyes fell on Roshina. She was like most dark elves. She was small and slender, with small hips and breasts. Some men were really onto that. Seth didn’t have a problem with it honestly, especially considering the other thing that was typical of elves. Roshina had a beautiful face, with a soft nose, bright brown eyes, and a round face. Her black hair and bronze skin, indicating that she was a dark elf, was also exotic. Many of the men gawked at her because of that. Roshina was an ice queen, however. She only cared about Zophiel and seemed to detest men.

Seth took a deep breath and glanced down both ends of the hall. No one was there. The guard steeled his will...and entered Zophiel’s chambers.

“Roshina.” Seth began. The dark elf, who had been searching through some drawers, practically jumped out of her skin. She whirled around, her eyes wide with anger.

“What are you doing here?” the dark elf shrieked. “You can’t be in here! It’s forbidden!”

“It’s fine!” Seth shouted, holding up his hands. “I have permission!”

“What?” Roshina shouted back. Seth put his finger over his mouth and glanced back out of the door. Roshina fell silent, but still looked wary.

“Listen,” Seth began, thinking quickly. “Something terrible is going to happen at the wedding. Someone is planning on killing the bride and groom..”

“What?” Roshina asked. She looked shocked.

“Zophiel told me about it.” Seth continued. “She told me to take you to a secret meeting with her. You’re the one she trusts most.” The guard didn’t know if that was true or not, but Roshina was so enamored she might believe it. The dark elf looked conflicted. She was divided between wanting to believe that Zophiel would want her help...and not believing Seth.

“Why would she trust a lowly guard like you?” Roshina asked. Seth’s eye twitched as he felt a swell of anger rise up in him. He wanted to snap at the elf...but if he failed his god…

“I just happened to be there when she discovered the plot.” Seth said. “We have to rush off to the secret meeting place now! Otherwise we won’t be able to save everyone!”

“Why should I believe you?” Roshina asked as she put her hand on her hip. “You have no proof.”

Seth cocked his eyebrow and reached into his armor. Although the dark elf flinched and took a step back, the guard didn’t pull out a weapon. Instead, something gold and sparkling was in his hands. Roshina’s eyes widened. In Seth’s hands was one of Zophiel’s beloved golden feathers. Without thinking, the dark elf quickly marched over and snatched the feather away. She held it in front of her face, her eyes sparkling against the gold.

“Would she give those to just anyone?” Seth asked. Roshina turned towards him, shock still on her face. “Now follow me. We’re need to go to a secret cave in the garden. Zophiel is waiting for us!” The dark elf stared at him for a few moments, still dumbfounded. The she gulped and nodded.

“Okay, lead the way.” Roshina said.

“Great. Keep quiet and don’t attract attention. There’s no telling who is in on the plot!”

Minutes later, Seth was leading Roshina through the colosseum catacombs. The deeper they went, the more unsure the dark elf got. She was nervously glancing around the passageway as Seth kept egging for forward.

“Why is Lady Zophiel hiding so far down here?” the dark elf asked.

“As I said, there’s no way of knowing how far the plot goes.” Seth said. “We have to hurry, come on.” The two of them went down a long flight of stairs. The elf was falling behind.

“How did the queen find out about the plot?” Roshina asked.

“Huh?” Seth asked.

“You said you were there. How did she find out about the plot?”

“Oh, she uh...found a letter.” Seth pointed down the last corridor to the arena. “She’s right down this way.”

Roshina fell further behind. She appeared to be thinking.

“You were with her when she found the letter?” the dark elf asked.

“Yes.” Seth replied.

“But you’re the night guard.” Roshina stopped walking. Seth had emerged into the arena and turned around. The dark elf was standing a good distance away from the entranceway. She looked apprehensive. Seth could feel a knot in his stomach. He needed her to cross the entranceway. “Why would you be there?”

“I was carrying stuff through the hallways.” Seth said. “It was for the wedding. I just...I was there when she found the letter.”

“She doesn’t even know you.” Roshina said incredulously. “Why would she tell you about it? How could she know you weren’t in on it?”

Seth could feel his guts tightening even more. She had to walk forward or he would be toast. Dark elves could use magic, so if he tried to just grab her she would likely zap him. He had to convince her. Seth lifted up his hands.

“Listen, I can’t tell you all the details.” he said. He showed the her the cut on his hand. “I swore a blood-oath to the goddess, see? I can’t tell you the particulars until Zophiel gives me permission. I know this seems vague, but I can’t tell you everything yet. The goddess is just through here. I swear to you that I’m exercising her will. She will explain everything and we can all work together to save the wedding, but first, you have to trust me.” Seth held out his hand. “Please, just this once, trust me, and then you never have to trust me again, you can trust our Lady Zophiel.”

Roshina eyed Seth for several moments. Seth tried to looks as serious as he could. There were a few tense moments, where Seth wasn’t sure what his fate would be. Roshina sighed and shook her head.

“Alright, I’ll believe you, for now.” Roshina said.

“Thank you. You’re doing the goddess’s work, trust me.” Seth said. “Come on. We’re almost there.”

Roshina took the last few steps and entered the arena. She walked over to the edge of the pit and gazed over.

“Is this…?” Roshina began. There was a loud thumping noise. Roshina whirled around, surprise on her face. A large man had dropped from above the entranceway. He now stood in between the dark elf and her escape. “Who is this?”

“The god who WON’T be killing me today.” Seth replied. He took several steps away from Roshina and relaxed.

Dotan grinned widely. He marched toward Roshina with determination. The dark elf shrieked and threw her hand up. A fireball shot out at the god. Dotan casually battled it away, as if it were a fly. Before Roshina could respond, he gave her a shove on her chest. Roshina flew through the air as if she were lighter than a feather. She soared a dozen feet and landed in the pit. She scrambled to her feet, but looked unsteady. She was also wincing in pain from her limbs. She had hit the ground hard. There was another loud thump, this time from behind her. She whirled around, her hands up for more magic. Instead, Dotan grabbed her arms and twisted them. Roshina shrieked and began kicking the god.

“Ooooh, feisty.” Dotan said. “You want to see some real magic?” The god released one of her arms. He held up his hand in front of her face. Her eyes widened in terror as his hand began to glow. “This might hurt...a lot.” Bolts of electricity shot out of his hand. Roshina screamed bloody murder as electricity surged through her body. Every inch of her skin felt like hot needles were stabbing her. After a few seconds of debilitating pain, Dotan released her. She flew backwards several feet and landed onto the old sand. She twitched and coughed, trying to reacquire her wits.

“Are all women in this age this impudent?” Dotan asked, looking toward Seth up in the stands.

“Yes, they are.” Seth admitted.

“Well, we’ll fix that.” the god replied. “Come down here.”

“Are there stairs?”

“From there? No, it would be stupid to have a stairway the gladiators could climb to get to the audience. Just jump.”

“It’s like ten feet! I’m not doing that!”

Dotan gave Seth a stiff glare. The mortal gulped and began to sweat.

“...my lord, god and king.” Seth finished.

“Just jump down.” Dotan ordered. “Don’t lock your knees, you’ll be fine.”

“Why am I jumping down, my lord?” Seth asked as he swung his feet over the wall.

“Because I'm big and scary and I said so!” the god responded

“Okay! I’m coming down!” Seth replied. He instantly dropped and landed roughly on the ground. “Ow! Oh...nothing’s broken...coming my lord!” Seth struggled to get to his feet and limped over to his god.

“I figured that would get you moving.” Dotan said sheepishly. “Now then.” They both turned to Roshina. She was now trying to get back up. She could only seem to get her upper body to work. She was trying to push herself to her feet, without much success.

“Still have energy do you?” Dotan asked. He walked towards the dark elf until he was only a few feet away. Roshina gave him a deadly glare.

“Damn you, whoever you are!” the dark elf cried.

“Oh ho ho...if I didn’t need you, you wouldn’t get to keep that tongue.” Dotan replied. “Now then, why don’t you make it easy on yourself and just help yourself by helping me?”

“The hell would I help you with?” Roshina asked.

“Simple, you are going to get me the information I need to depose Zophiel.” the god replied. Roshina looked at him with disgust.

“I will never betray the goddess!” the dark elf shouted. “No matter how much you torture me, I will tell you nothing! My loyalty is unshakable!”

“Is it?” Dotan asked, sounding excited. “I actually believe you. You’re so determined that torturing you with pain will accomplish nothing. That’s why I won’t torture you with pain.”

Roshina appeared baffled. She couldn’t fathom what he was talking about. The god finally smiled incredibly wide.

“I’ll torture you with pleasure. The pleasure of carnal lust and being submissive to a man, the greatest pleasure a woman can have. That would break a female of any race.”

“You’re insane!” the dark elf shouted. “I don’t have a sexual bone in my body! I took a vow of chastity to serve the goddess! There’s a magic barrier blocking any kind of sex from my body!”

“Really?” Dotan asked, now sounding even more excited. “You shouldn’t have told me that!” The god held up his hand. Roshina shrieked and flew upwards. Her throat shot directly into his hand. Roshina squirmed, but didn’t have enough strength to even resist. Dotan briefly turned to Seth beside him.

“How old is this one?” the god asked. “It’s so hard to tell with dark elves. If she were human, I’d say she was fourteen.”

“I’m not sure.” Seth replied. “Although, I did hear her once bragging to another elf that she was a century older than they were.”

“Over a century? Good enough.” Dotan said.

“Don’t...touch me...you…” Roshina croaked.

“You’re going to have to get used to being touched.” Dotan said flatly. He reached up and ripped her robes away. Roshian shrieked, but couldn’t fight against the god’s tight fist. Her underwear was very general, and very long, almost like pants. Dotan scoffed and jerked the garment down.

“Aren’t dark elves adorable?” Dotan asked. “Almost no hair at all.” Roshina blushed heavily in humiliation. The dark elf’s skin was completely bronze all across her body. She was completely smooth, save for a tiny bush of hair above her folds. “Now let’s see…”

Dotan raised his hand and reached between her legs. Roshina shrieked and cringed. The god parted her lower lips. He shoved his middle finger inside and began digging around. Roshina began crying, trying to will her legs to work. They wouldn’t respond. After a few moments of digging around, Dotan stopped.

“Ah. There it is.” he said. He motioned to Seth with his head. “See her abdomen light up like that? It’s actually a simple barrier spell. Guess they didn’t figure someone with overwhelming magic would try to break it.” Dotan grinned. “They were wrong.” Roshina shrieked again. Her abdomen glowed and then the light flickered. Then it died out. “Piece of cake. You’re ready to go.”

“Damn you.” Roshina spat.

“Well, maybe not entirely ready.” the god said. He lifted up his hand and put it to her forehead.

“Uh, my lord!” Seth spoke up. “Remember what happened last time!”

“I know what not to do now.” Dotan reassured.

“If we need information from her…” the mortal replied.

“I have to practice.”

“My lord…”

“Trust me!”

Seth didn’t look sure, but he held up his hands.

“You’re my god and ruler, you can do what you want.” the mortal said in a warning tone. “If you mess her up...”

“I won’t!” Dotan said, sounding defensive. Roshina look terrified. She didn’t know what they were talking about, but it sounded terrible. She started to bite into Dotan’s hand. He didn’t even notice. “Time to make you a little more...malleable.”

Dotan’s hand lit up. Roshina croaked and began twitching. Her eyes rolled as Dotan poked around in her brain. Finally, he lifted his hand and dropped her onto the ground. There was now a magic symbol burned into her forehead. After a few moments, Roshina began to sit up. Her legs appeared like they were working again. The dark elf turned to Dotan and opened her mouth. Nothing came out. She reached up and grabbed her throat, but still there were no words.

“Can you not talk?” Dotan asked, sounding serious for the first time. Roshina furiously shook her head. “Weeeeeeelllllll...I guess that part of the brain was important after all.”

“My lord.” Seth said in a stern voice.

“It’s better!” Dotan defended.

“You can’t do this to every woman I bring you, my lord!” Seth said. “We’d have a nations of drooling idiots!”

“She’s better!” Dotan said. “She’s not a complete brain-dead whore!”

“Uh...may have spoke too soon!” the mortal said, pointing. The god gazed down to see Roshina panting desperately. She was on her side, with her legs fidgeting. Her hands were between her thighs, kneading furiously.

"I did say malleable." Dotan defended. "Now we just have to sexually torture her and she can tell us all the information we need!"

Seth gave his god a very stiff glare. He crossed his arms and began looking legitimately angry.

"She can't tell us anything." Seth barked. "She can't talk!"

Dotan glanced between the two mortals for a few moments before gazing up at the roof of the arena.

"Ohhhh...that's a problem." Dotan said. Seth rubbed his forehead with his hand. "Oh! She could write it down!"

"Assuming she can write." Seth shot back. Dotan threw him a brief glare before squatting down beside the now-horny elf.

"If you assist us, I'll alleviate your pain." The god said in a reassuring voice. "You'll never be satisfied with your own fingers, I saw to that. Only a man can alleviate your pain. I'm more than happy to provide you with one, all you have to do is write "yes" in the sand."

Roshina shot him a death stare, which probably would have been far more effective if she wasn't masturbaiting furiously. With a shaking hand, the elf reached out and wrote "NO" in the sand.

"I thought that might be the case." Dotan stated, shaking his head. "Well, there's nothing for it. You're going to have to be broken in. I'd probably break you in half. Fortunately for my high priest back there, I'm still holding out for something better."

"Huh? What?" Seth said, his eyes brightening.

"I figured that would get your attention." Dotan replied. The god turned, took a few steps, and leaped up on the wall surrounding the arena. He sat calmly on the edge, his head in his hands. "Have fun. I made her horny for everything."

Seth licked his lips excitedly. He gets to fuck an elf. An elf! A simple night guard gets his hands on a stuck-up, self-righteous elf! He could feel desire beginning to burn inside of him. He was more into buxom women truthfully...but her bronze skin, beautiful face, and pointed ears...they were all so exotic. He marched over to where she was lying in the sand. Roshina was trying to crawl away but found she didn't have the strength. She also couldn't stop her fingers. Seth grabbed her ankles and pulled her back. He got on his knees and spread her legs.

Roshina shrieked and attempted to cover her nethers with her hands. Seth only chuckled. He put his head and shoulders in between her legs so she couldn't close them. He then pried her tiny hands away from her folds. Seth could feel his dick throb at the sight. There was a tiny patch of hair above her folds, but apart from that they were smooth. Her lower lips were red and inflamed, with juices practically dripping out of them. Roshina attempted to squirm free but it did her no good. Seth picked her up by her hips. Because of her tiny frame her entire lower body lifted off the ground so that only her shoulders were in the sand. Seth licked his lips before leaning forward and shoving his tongue into her pussy.

Roshina screamed and jerked. This time it wasn't out of fear. Seth's tongue wiggled in her inner flesh, sending waves of pleasure down her body, all the way to her head. Roshina's hips bucked as stars exploded in her eyes. She had never felt pleasure like this before, and it was far from over. Seth lapped at the juices practically gushing from inside of her. The fluids tasted exotic, almosted spicy. The guard's nose was thick with her womanly scent, flowing into his brain. His dick throbbed painfully again. His tongue trailed upwards from her slit and found her button, which was poking out and begging for attention. He happily obliged. His tongue flicked across the nub of flesh roughly. Roshina practically went into convulsions. A surge of pleasure went through her and threatened to overflow into a powerful orgasm...but it stopped. Roshina began whining and gyrating her hips. She couldn't climax, no matter how much pleasure Seth's tongue gave to her. Her body always stopped short, unable to reach the final moment. It was driving her insane. Seth wrapped his lips around her button and sucked on it. Roshina screamed and her back arched. She could feel the throbbing of an orgasm beginning, but it quickly died down. The dark elf's hands clawed at the sand futilely. Seth lifted his head and cackled. He dropped her slender butt onto the sand and crawled on top of her. He began fiddling with his belt.

"Didn't you hear the god?" Seth asked with a smile. "You will never be satisfied unless you have a man. And what makes a man is..." He pulled his pants down. His large erection was hovering above Roshina. She gawked at it's size. It looked big enough to split her in half, nevermind the god. The dark elf squirmed nervously, but Seth was done waiting. He lifted her ankles to her shoulders. He put his body over the back of her legs, preventing any movement from her. The elf whined, but didn't resist. Seth excitedly guided the head of his dick to her oozing folds. He gave Roshina a wide grin...and shoved his entire shaft inside of her.

Roshina screamed and tilted her head back. Her eyes rolled as pleasure overwhelmed her again. This time, there was no stopping it. Her body convulsed as juices gushed out of her. Her legs twitched under his bulk as her climax rocketed through her. She could feel her brain turn to mush as she lost control of her body. Seth cackled loudly.

"You lose your virginity and gush all over the place?" he asked through his laughing. "What a little whore you are." Without waiting for her to be finished, he began thrusting into her. Roshina screamed and drooled as pleasure continued to wrack her entire body. Now it was Seth's turn to begin to moan. What he thought was her canal clamping down on him due to her climax, was revealed to be her natural tightness. It felt as if she were trying to crush his dick. It was as if his erection were in heaven. He reached under her body and seized her small hips. He began greedily pounding into her tiny snatch, enjoying the crushing tightness. Roshina clawed at the dirt again. She shook her head back and forth uselessly as her moans were sounding more like gurgling through her tongue. Seth chuckled at the sight and continued to pound into her. He leaned forward and took one of her nipples in his mouth. His tongue swirled around her flat chest, tasting the sweat on her skin. It was as exotic as her fluids. Roshina was caught in a whirlwind of carnal lust. Waves of pleasure overwhelmed her from her chest to her pussy.

She felt another climax rocket through her, sending her twitching. Even more of her fluids gushed around Seth's shaft, squeezing him even tighter. Seth grit his teeth, not believing what he was feeling. It was like her pussy was literally milking him, doing everything in it's power to pull his seed out of him. Her pussy wouldn’t have to wait much longer. Seth could feel his balls twitch and his legs begin to tingle. Trying to get a better angle, he shifted his position. Roshina’s legs came free, but far from trying to kick her way free, she wrapped them around his waist. She hooked her feet together behind him. Her arms shot up and seized around his shoulders. Now free to move on her own, the dark elf met his thrusts with her own. With the way she was clinging to him and grinding against him, Seth couldn’t hold it any longer. He mashed his lips against hers. Their tongues coiled against each other’s as Seth began moaning against her mouth. With one final, powerful thrust, Roshina could feel his dick swell inside of her. Then it erupted like a fountain. Seth’s hips quivered as powerful gushes of his seed filled the tiny elf underneath him. Roshina’s eyes rolled as she felt something warm fill her to the brim in a matter of seconds. Seth’s semen overflowed her tiny snatch and practically gushed around his shaft. They shook and shuddered against each other for several moments.

Finally, Seth’s orgasm subsided. He pulled his lips away from her mouth, as plenty of drool from both of them was left behind. With a large smile, Seth slowly pulled himself free from her fleshy vice. The moment the head of his dick popped out, a gush of his seed erupted out of her. It was a ridiculously copious amount, just like with Johanna. Perhaps Dotan did know what he was doing. Seeing the dark elf twitch and leak his fluids was quickly making Seth aroused again. He just couldn’t get enough of what his god was offering him. The guard reached over and smacked Roshina’s face a few times, just hard enough to get her attention. The dark elf snapped out of her stupor and looked at him.

“On all fours. Now.” Seth ordered, just as he had Johanna. Roshina hesitated for a second, but quickly gave in. With great effort she managed to turn over and then with shaking legs, she got on her hands and knees, her ass facing Seth. “Spread yourself open.” Roshina put her chest onto the sand and reached back with her hands. Unlike Johanna, who spread her thighs apart, the dark elf grabbed her petite ass cheeks and pulled them apart. Seth could feel desire burning inside of him again. He could see his seed still leaking out of her folds and dribbling down her legs. He could see the area between her cheeks. It was completely smooth, with a tiny asshole sitting inside of it. Another wicked desire welled up inside of him...one he was intent on filling.

The guard stood up and gripped his erection. He approached Roshina, who wagged her ass back and forth in anticipation. The dark elf waited eagerly for the head of his dick against her folds...but that wasn’t what she felt. Instead she felt pressure against her anus, alarming her. She jerked her head around to see Seth’s slick shaft pressing against her back hole. Roshina shrieked and tried to reach back to stop him, but Seth was far stronger. He seized her small hips and pulled her back onto him as he thrust forward. Roshina screamed against her teeth as the head of his dick popped inside of her ass. He shoved both of her arms into the dirt as he forced the girth of his shaft into her tiny, puckered hole. If he thought her pussy was tight, it was nothing compared to her ass. Seth grit his teeth as he felt as if she was literally trying to squeeze his dick off. He continued pushing himself inside until he felt his balls against her ass. He was fully inside of her. Roshina twitched and let out tiny squeaks, as if someone were electrocuting her. Seth put his mouth against one of her pointed ears.

“Don’t lie to me.” he whispered. “You love it. You love being treated like this.” He pulled his dick backwards before ramming it back inside of her. Roshina screamed, her entire body jerking forward. Seth laughed as he began setting up a steady rhythm. Every single thrust into the tiny hole was pure heaven. It sent a shuddering pleasure down his entire body. Roshina was desperately trying not to feel anything, but was losing. There was some initial pain, but it quickly faded into a numbing heat. After only a few thrusts, a tingling began to wash over her with his every movement. She began to moan every time their hips slapped together. All the pleasure continued to rocket into her brain, completely numbing any thoughts she had. Her tongue began to loll free and drool poured out of her mouth.

Seth could feel her go limp, so he sat back up. He seized onto her hips again and began ramming into her tight hole as hard as he could. Roshina moaned like a whore as his large shaft pierced her tiny asshole. A short time ago she would have found such an act an abomination, now she was screaming in pleasure as her filthy orifice was ravaged. Seth growled as his balls smacked against her ass. The inside of her anus was incredibly soft and hot, but her sphincter was incredibly tight, almost crushingly so. The stimulation to the sensitive head of the dick felt amazing to the guard, alternating between tightness and softness. With the dark elf limp, to Seth it felt as if he were simply fucking a doll, a lifeless thing only meant for his pleasure. The very thought of it was riling him up. He began to greedily fuck her ass, as if it were nothing more than a sleeve for his lusts. Roshina gurgled and moaned uselessly. She could feel the pleasure well up inside of her, but could do nothing about it. With a few final thrusts, her pleasure exploded yet again. She moaned and drooled as her body twitched slightly. A mix of her juices and Seth’s sperm gushed out of her folds. Her anus clamped down on Seth’s dick incredibly tightly. The guard grit his teeth. His dick swelled and he stabbed himself as deep as he could inside of the dark elf. He let out loud moans as he gushed inside of her. They both shuddered helplessly against each other, each trying to extend their pleasure. Finally, they both slumped onto the ground.

After a few moments, Seth pulled himself free from her ass. The moment the head was pulled free, a stream of his sperm followed. He gawked at seeing his white seed running down her bronze skin. It was incredibly hot. It was like she had been marked by him. She was his property, and he had marked her with his seed.

“Are you finished?” Dotan asked. Seth snapped out of his stupor and gazed up at the wall around the arena.

“Oh, um, yes my lord.” Seth replied. He quickly got to his feet and began putting his clothes back on.

“Feeling a little more gracious to your lord now, are you?” Dotan asked again, referring to Seth doubting the god’s abilities before.

“Yes sir, thank you sir. I’ll follow you to hell and back, sir.” Seth stated. In all honesty, if Dotan kept giving Seth such good women to fuck, he really would do all that. The god rolled his eyes and leapt from the wall. He landed easily on his feet and walked over to the elf. Roshina was unresponsive. She was covered in sweat, her eyes were rolled into her head, and she was twitching. Seth finally had all his clothes back on and stood beside his god and king.

“I bet you’ll be more receptive now.” Dotan stated. He held out his hand. A bolt of electricity shot out of his hand and zapped Roshina. The elf shrieked and instantly came out of her stupor. She jerked her head around to see a sneering god. She considered trying to run...but her body wouldn’t respond at all. Seth had sapped all her strength from her.

“Awake now?” Dotan asked. “Did you enjoy being dominated? Being submissive to masculinity? That’s your lot in life as a woman. Submission is your ultimate pleasure.” The god motioned with his hand. Roshina was jerked onto her feet like a puppet. She stood on the sands with her legs spread. The dark elf whined in shame, feeling fluids trickle down her legs out of her ass and pussy. She wanted to cover herself, but her arms wouldn’t move. The god approached and stood over her. He leered down at her, making her feel tiny.

“Admit it.” he ordered. “You enjoyed every second of that. You’ve never felt pleasure like that in your life. You want to feel it again, all day, everyday. You want to be this man’s slave just to feel it. Admit it.”

Roshina screwed her eyes shut. She couldn’t...or wouldn’t answer. She shuddered in shame, as tears streamed down her eyes. Dotan sighed and shook his head.

“Well, as you wish.” he said. The god’s hand reached in between her legs. Roshina shrieked and cringed, expecting someone to torture her with pleasure again. Instead, she briefly felt the god’s fingers...and then nothing. The dark elf opened her eyes and looked down. The area between her legs was glowing yellow. The god took his hand away and the yellow light faded. He grinned an evil smile.

“Your barrier is back...only stronger.” he said with a small laugh. “You can’t even touch yourself down there now, no one can. Only a god can break it. Good luck!” The god waved his hand. Roshina collapsed back onto the ground. She stared at Dotan, confused. Then she reached between her legs. She couldn’t touch her folds. It was like she hit a wall. The god had sealed the area between her legs completely! As horrified as Roshina was...something even worse began to creep up inside of her. Her nethers began to burn again. The pleasure from before had completely subsided, and now her blind desire had returned, and she didn’t know how to stop it. The dark elf whined and tried to reach between her legs, but found that she couldn’t. The desire and burning steadily increased, with no way to stop it.

“Oh dear, do you have a problem?” Dotan asked.

“Your brain is wired differently now.” Seth explained, sounding smug. “You don’t just want pleasure, you need it.”

“Oh well, you wouldn’t play ball.” Dotan continued. “Now you’ll have to live your entire life without feeling satisfied ever again. I hope you enjoy it.”

Roshina whined and her legs began fidgeting. She desperately tried to reach her pussy, to no avail. No matter how hard she pushed, the barrier wouldn’t give. Meanwhile, the burning in her folds was reaching a fever pitch. There was a powerful throbbing as her body begged her for relief.

“Have fun.” Dotan said. He turned and began walking away, Seth behind him. Roshina shrieked and clawed at the dirt, crawling after them. Dotan turned back around, a wide grin on his face. “Oh? Do you have something to say?”

Roshina whined as she beat on the ground. Her entire body was burning all over, desperate to get relief. She put her hands in a begging position and got on her knees. The god chuckled and walked back over. He reached down and grabbed the dark elf’s chin. He slowly lifted her to her feet. Her dark eyes were burning with desire, but his amber ones were cold.

“Willing to deal now?” he asked. “I’ll take that barrier off. Hell, I’ll even make it so that you can at least satisfy yourself with fingers, albeit not as much as with a man. There’s just one thing you have to do.” He grinned widely. “You have to help me overthrow Zophiel. You do that, and I will release your from this burden.”

Roshina’s eyes darted back and forth desperately. Her brain was in a terrible conflict. Her unshakable loyalty had begun to crumble. How could she betray the most wonderful being in the world? Yet, her body continued to well with desire. Her legs were beginning to quake as the throbbing inside of her increased to an unbearable degree. Dotan was not like Zophiel. He was not merciful. He was not forgiving. He would leave her like this for the rest of her life, and wouldn’t care an ounce about it. Roshina couldn’t live her life like this! She had to get relief for this burning inside of her! The dark elf closed her eyes and tears leaked out of her again. Her heart twisted painfully as she could feel a terrible feeling well up inside of her. Roshina finally nodded vigorously. She would help Dotan.

“Good girl.” Dotan said. “After your glorious deed, you shall swear fealty to me, and enter the harem of my high priest. Then you will know what the true pleasure of being a woman is.” The god grinned as wide as he could, showing off his pearly teeth. “Until then, the barrier stays in place. Now, go and find me the information I need.”

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tSade!O9S.2cqv5k 16/06/01(Wed)08:33 No. 24298 ID: 2700cc

The god speaks in relatively familiar tones that are more modern for the setting. He is snarky, sarcastic, and smug in how he presents himself. Even when he's pointing out something to his priest, he doesn't really take it seriously.

> “Why am I jumping down, my lord?” Seth asked as he swung his feet over the wall.
> “Because I'm big and scary and I said so!” the god responded
> “Okay! I’m coming down!” Seth replied. He instantly dropped and landed roughly on the ground. “Ow! Oh...nothing’s broken...coming my lord!” Seth struggled to get to his feet and limped over to his god.

He doesn't fear them and treats them as holes, nothing more. Given that, I consider it a rather playful tone which then influences the rest of the story.

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Looking forward to the horrible things, though. That sounds like fun plus you have a bunch of my buttons on your tags.

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Nah, I'm no tease. Dotan on the other hand.......


Chapter 3

(IMPORTANT NOTE: What Dotan says does not reflect my views nor am I suggesting that he is morally or ethically correct.)

Roshina found herself in a position she would have thought impossible the day before. She was now slinking through the halls of Starminster Castle...looking for something that would help overthrow Zophiel. The small dark elf couldn’t fight anymore, however. Her pussy was throbbing painfully, her entire body was burning, and the insides of her canal were practically crawling, begging for attention. It was complete and utter torture, and the elf couldn’t live with it. Roshina was panting heavily as she waddled through the halls. She was doing her best to not have the skin of her nethers rub against her clothing, but it was next to impossible. The friction wasn’t enough to please her, it only riled her up even further. Many of the workers and soldiers that were getting ready for the wedding gave her odd looks as she leaned against walls every few steps and panted like a dog. Fortunately, people were too busy to ask her what was wrong. After what seemed like a literal eternity, Roshina finally made it back to Zophiel’s room.

The dark elf practically collapsed into the room. She jumped back up, closed the doors behind her, and fell to the floor. She let out what was supposed to a scream, but was only a weak wheeze. Her vocal chords still didn’t work. She paused and panted, trying to recover. She had hoped that the burning inside of her would abate, but if anything it had gotten worse. She screamed one more time and desperately looked around the room. She had to find the schedule of events. She had no doubt that Dotan would think nothing of letting her suffer like this for the rest of her life, and he would probably think it was funny. She was at the mercy of a cruel god. She didn’t have a choice.

Roshina stumbled over to the large, ornate desk on one side of the room. It was where Zophiel kept her papers organized and signed documents. It was large, made of perfectly sculpted wood, and was completely gaudy. Roshina didn’t care about that at all. She began opening drawers and desperately rifling through the papers. They were all useless; crop reports, economic budgets, and university funding statements. Roshina could feel sweat bead down her body and drop onto the desk. Her vision was beginning to narrow as her knees were quivering. Her pants were becoming soaked with both sweat and her juices, as Dotan had torn her underwear apart. As she made it to the last drawer, Roshina screamed/wheezed again. If it wasn’t here...she wasn’t sure she could keep going. She couldn’t live like this! She couldn’t! She rifled halfway through reports on potato crops when she froze. Roshina screamed/wheezed again, this time in relief. She found the itinerary!

The dark elf pulled the schedule out and stuffed it into her soaked shirt. She quickly began closing the drawers. If people knew that someone had been going through Zophiel’s things they would investigate. If they found out about Dotan...Roshina had no doubt his wrath would be especially cruel. Roshina wiped the copious amount of sweat off the top of the desk. With energy and will she didn’t know she had, the dark elf quickly ran to the door. She opened it wide, took a step out…

And came face-to-face with Zophiel herself.

Dotan had called Zophiel a lot of names. He cursed her with every breath of his being. He hated everything she did and everything she stood for. There was, however, one thing he couldn’t say: that she was ugly. Zophiel had perfect golden hair, without a single imperfection or dark strand. She had deep azure eyes, that many would compare with the most beautiful sapphires ever made. She had an amazing body, with excellent proportions; large breasts, wide hips, and long legs, all accentuated with an elegant, white sheer dress. Her face was angelic, no blemishes, no imperfections, with a perfect nose, perfect round cheeks, and perfect eyes. All the men who had ever seen her wanted to be with her. All the women who had ever seen her wanted to be as beautiful as her. This was Zophiel, the Goddess of Beauty and Femininity, Queen of Altea, and easily the most beautiful woman in all the land...and Roshina was directly in front of her.

“Roshina, are you okay?” Zophiel asked in her melodic voice. The tiny dark elf was in a sorry state. Her clothes were soaked in sweat and were disheveled. Her dark hair was caked to her head and she had a wild look in her eyes. Roshina was completely stuck. Her heart was pounding and there was a ringing in her ears. Zophiel furrowed her brow and stepped up to Roshina. The goddess raised her hand and put it to Roshina’s forehead, causing the elf to nearly jump out of her skin. The goddess’ soft skin was icy cold on the tan girl’s flesh.

“Do you have a fever?” Zophiel asked. Roshina took a step back, finally regaining her wits. She nodded furiously, sweat coming down her face. “Wow it seems pretty bad, what other symptoms do you have?”

Roshina froze again. After a few moments, she attempted to speak, only to discover that her voice was still gone. The dark elf instinctively grabbed her throat.

“Oh, have you lost your voice?” the goddess asked. Roshina’s eyes brightened and nodded furiously again. “That could be serious. You could have laryngitis or diphtheria. You should go to the doctor right now.”

Roshina nodded furiously yet again. She never thought she would ever feel this way, but the only thing she wanted to do was get away from Zophiel. All she could think about was the painful throbbing between her legs.

“Hurry and find him, and be sure to give me an update. You’re one of my favorites.”

That hit Roshina directly in the heart. Earlier that day, she would have crawled through fields of glass and nails just on Zophiel’s orders. Now she was helping an evil god overthrow her. The dark elf felt a sinking in her heart. She wanted so badly to just show her queen everything, show her the seal on her crotch, show her Dotan under the ground, show her what they had done to her...but Dotan’s voice echoed in her head.

“Now you’ll have to live your entire life without feeling satisfied ever again.”

A god like Zophiel could break the seal and maybe fix her brain...but then Roshina would never feel anything like that pleasure again. All she wanted...was relief. She wanted to have her mind blown. She wanted the stars to explode in her eyes and her toes to curl. She was willing to sacrifice her loyalty to her goddess and queen...solely for pleasure. Roshina squeezed her eyes shut and nodded again. Tears squeezed out of the edges of her eyes. Zophiel didn’t seem to notice. Instead she grinned and nodded.

“Good. Now run along to the doctor sweety, quickly.” the goddess motioned for the elf to leave. Gratefully, the elf turned and began running down the hall. Zophiel put her hand on her hip and shook her head. In her mind, this was simply a case of a young (in her mind) being overworking herself. She was unaware that the tiny elf dashing down the hall...was carrying the keys to her kingdom.

The entire time she had been gone, Dotan and Seth had not moved from where they were standing when Roshina initially left. Dotan had been questioning the guard about the others in his unit.

“...And then there’s Thomas.” Seth said, finishing his explanation. “He’s brand new and the youngest. He’s only doing this to get enough money to move south for a different job.”

“By the heavens!” Dotan exclaimed, rolling his eyes. Each and every person Seth explained made Dotan want to pull his hair out. Men with no options, men who were stuck, men who were using it as a temporary job, all filling the position of the royal guard! It was frustrating that someone would treat the people who were supposed to take an arrow for them so badly.

“I can’t believe this.” Dotan said. “She treats her soldiers badly, she treats her guards badly, and I’m willing to bet she gives preference to women throughout the country. How in the hell has no one tried to assassinate her yet?”

“Because of who would succeed her.” Seth stated. Dotan glanced at his high priest, looking briefly confused. Then something clicked in his head and he rolled his eyes again.

“Lyfillia.” the god said flatly.

“Yes.” Seth said. “There have been a few plots to try to supplant Zophiel, but she foiled all of them. I get the feeling that she thinks she unbeatable since she stopped them all, but I think she’s a little delusional.”

“Oh?” Dotan asked. Seth hadn’t spoken knowledgeably about anything but this. The god was genuinely curious. “Why is that?”

“Those plots were started by male ministers in her court, but they knew that if they killed Zophiel they would just invite someone worse to rule Altea. So they attempted to reach out to Lyfillia’s court…”

“Wait,” Dotan interrupted. “Lyfillia has her own court?”

“Yeah, I was told that it was because Zophiel and Lyfillia argue a lot.” Seth explained. “They agreed to have two separate courts, run independently.”

“That is stupid.” Dotan said flatly.

“Yes, but it’s prevented assassinations and infighting. The plotters reached out for allies in Lyfillia’s court to get them both, but…”

“Lyfillia’s court is all females.” Dotan finished.

“Yes. Some members pretended to be on their side and when the plotters started their move, Lyfillia’s female ministers blew the whole thing wide open. I think there were three or four, but there haven’t been any in nearly a century.”

“That sounds like very specific information for a lowly guard. How do you know all of this?”

“Well…” Seth began, grinding his teeth. He had no doubt that what he was about to say would infuriate his lord...but the god did ask. “You see, in order to become a guard there’s um...a...uh...week of training. They just kind of taught us to use a sword and...warned us against sedition with those stories…”

“A week?” Dotan asked. He had leaned forward, his amber eyes looked as if they were on fire, and a vein in his neck was throbbing.

“Yes sir, I’m sorry sir, but I have no control over it sir.” Seth said, cringing. Dotan took a deep breath and seemed to relax a little.

“Good heavens, I’m going to inherit an army of amateurs…” he grumbled. “Any other independent courts I need to know about?”

“I think it’s legal for all of the goddesses to have their own courts, but only Lyfillia and Zophiel have them.”

“All of the goddesses?” Dotan asked. “How many of them are there?”

“Uh...let’s see…” Seth held up his hand and began counting. “Ruling this country there’s...Zophiel, Lyfillia, Reagyn, Apollonia, Pyrellia, Ralena, and Feradonna.”

“I don’t know any of those others.” Dotan admitted. “Are they new?”

“To you, maybe, but not to mortals.” Seth explained. “Most of them were born after the War of the Gods. All of the male gods left when Zophiel and Lyfillia seized all of the power, and their wives and kids usually followed them. The few that stayed behind are the children that decided not to leave. The only exception is Apollonia, who came here on her own.”

“Do you know why?” Dotan asked.

“No, I don’t think anyone does. She just sort of showed up and Zophiel gave her some territory.”

“Right, this country is apparently a bread line now. Show up and get land. I have SO much work to do when Zophiel is finally out of the way.”

“On that note my lord, what do you have planned? She may be the goddess of beauty and femininity, but she isn’t a pushover. I know women are inherently weaker than men, as you’ve said, but she is still powerful.”

Dotan scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“Oh ye of little faith.” the god said. There was a smile on his face and a deadly glimmer in his amber eyes again. “Women aren’t just physically weaker, but mentally as well. Did you see how quickly that dark elf crumbled? Women are submissive. It’s in their blood. They may fight it out of pride or spite, but in the end it’s what they all want. I bet there are plenty of man-hating, fiercely independent, it’s-all-men’s-fault women in this castle, am I right?”

“Yes my lord.” Seth said, slouching and looking displeased. “Far too many of them.”

“What are they like?” Dotan asked.

“They’re always shrieking, screaming, complaining, and insulting all the men around them.”

“Are those the actions of happy people?”

“No...I guess they aren’t.”

“They’re not truly happy. They aren’t fulfilling their purpose. Women are less driven, more prone to emotion, and less likely to take the lead. These are facts of biology, whether you’re human, elf, orc, cervidae...or god. Subduing a woman, even a goddess, is easy for those who know how to exploit these aspects of femininity.”

“As you see fit my lord.” Seth replied. Dotan spoke with such confidence that Seth actually believed that the god knew what he was talking about...he hoped.

“I know you have doubts.” Dotan said abruptly. Seth practically jumped out of his skin, fearing a reprisal.

“N-No...my lord...I-I-I would never…” the high priest said, stammering terribly.

“I will live with those doubts...for now.” Dotan said, giving his high priest a stare. “But the day will come when I won’t tolerate it from you, or anyone else. I have yet to prove myself, but once I do, I expect my high priest to quash any such sentiment from the minds of my followers...and himself.”

“O-Of course my lord.” Seth said, bowing deeply.

“Speaking of people with doubts, it looks as if that dark elf is back.” Dotan said, pointing. Seth popped back up and looked. Roshina had emerged back into the arena, running at a dead sprint. She was at the arena wall, over the pit. Without a pause, she vaulted over the side and collided with the ground in a loud thud. Although Seth made a face, thinking that must have been painful, Roshina instantly jumped to her feet and scrambled over to Dotan. Once she reached him she hunched over and panted wildly. She was soaked with sweat, from head to toe. It was a wonder she wasn’t suffering from dehydration.

“Well, you look energetic.” Dotan said with a smile. “I take it you were successful?”

Roshina popped back up, a wild look in her eyes. She reached into her clothes and extracted the papers. She held them out desperately to the god. Dotan made a face and gingerly grabbed the papers with his index finger and thumb. The papers were dripping with sweat.

“Could you have gotten them ANY wetter?” he complained. He then held the papers up and began reading them. As he rifled through them his grin continued to widen. “Oh yes...this is perfect. Wow, this is going to be easier than I thought.”

“What is it my lord?” Seth asked.

“All the guests are coming at different times.” Dotan explained. “Tomorrow morning, Addur will arrive. That afternoon, Malona and Lyfillia. The army commanders the day after that. I can deal with them one at a time.”

“I see, what needs to be done then, my lord?” Seth asked. Dotan rolled up the schedule and seemed to ponder a moment.

“First, we are going to need more allies.” the god explained. He turned towards his high priest. “Can you bring more of the royal guards under my banner?”

“All the members of my unit would probably listen to you.” Seth explained. “With me, that’s fourteen.”

“Hm, I suppose that will be enough.” Dotan stated. “We don’t need too many people in on our plot right now. I just need a few grunts to do some drudge work.”

“Er...will they be rewarded my lord? It will be much easier to convince them to come listen to you if I have something to offer them.”

Dotan grinned ear to ear.

“Promise them the greatest pleasure of the flesh known to man.” the god said. Seth eyed his god for a moment, before deciding it was best not to ask.

“As you wish sire.” he said. Just then, Dotan felt something pull on his clothes. He turned his head to see a desperate, soaking wet Roshina. She was on her knees, grabbing at his shirt in a begging manner. Her mouth was moving, but no words came out. She was pleading with him to release her from her agony. The god cackled with delight. He turned back to his high priest.

“See?” he said. “I told you, this is all women are. Earlier today she was just like those women I described. Now she’s begging at my feet. Women are just simplistic creatures, slaves of their biology. It’s only natural for them to be slaves of men.”

“I suppose you’re right my lord.” Seth said, spreading his own grin. The god leaned down, putting his face close to Roshina’s.

“You want to be released from your agony?” he asked. Roshina desperately nodded. “Well, you’re going to get your wish.” The dark elf’s eyes brightened. “After one more thing.” The god reached out and touched her forehead with his finger. Roshina’s eyes rolled and she collapsed onto the ground.

“What one more thing?” Seth asked.

“A simple demonstration.” Dotan replied. “Go get your unit. It’s time to expand my base of worshipers.”


It took about an hour for Seth to convince his unit to follow him into the arena. Every step of the way they were questioning him.

“So there’s a god under the ground?” one of the men asked.

“Yes.” Seth said emphatically.

“And he came out of the ground when you on patrol?” another asked.

“Yes!” Seth replied a little louder.

“So he came out of the ground and then went back under the ground, and now he wants to talk to us?”

“YES!” Seth shouted.

“Is he the god of dirt?” All of them cackled after that comment. Seth’s eye began twitching. They were almost to the arena, and it wasn’t a moment too soon. They had done nothing but ridicule him since they started walking there.

“If you didn’t believe me, then why did you follow me!” Seth shouted.

“To watch your descent into madness!” one of the men replied. It earned another series of laughs. Seth grumbled as they emerged into the arena. Instantly all the other men gawked around at their sudden, huge surroundings.

“Holy hell!”

“It’s huge!”

“The old arena still here! I’ll be damned.”

Seth walked over to the edge of the wall around the pit, to find a pleasant surprise.

“Oh. A ladder.” he said. “Much better.” He swung over the side and began descending it. All of the other men in his unit followed suit, one by one. Once they were all in the pit Seth walked over to Roshina, who was still unconscious on the ground.

“Hey, where’s this god of yours?” one of the the men asked.

“Is there not enough dirt here for him?” another said.

“And isn’t that Roshina? What’s she doing here?”

“Yeah, she doesn’t looks so good. We should probably get some help…”

Seth began to sweat a little. He didn’t want them to ruin everything by getting more people in here.

“My lord!” Seth cried. “I’m back with the men!”

“That much was obvious.”

All of the men jumped and whirled around. Somehow, the seven foot god has snuck up behind them. He had a piece of chalk in his hand, and he had apparently been using it.

“Holy shit!”

“He’s real!”

Dotan scanned them with his amber eyes. Each and everyone of the men felt a chill go down their spines. There was something in his gaze that was undeniable: he was a powerful being. The god walked forward, through the mob of men. The guards parted as he walked by, each of them gawking. Dotan went forward and stood beside Seth, whom he gave a glance.

“Kind of a rag-tag group.” the god stated.

“Yes sir, but I think they’ll be loyal...if you give them a demonstration.” Seth stated.

“Indeed.” Dotan replied. He reached down towards Roshina. With very little ease, he grabbed her by the back of her head and held her up as if she weighed nothing at all.

“You all recognize this dark elf, do you not?” the god asked.


“That’s Roshina, Zophiel’s pet.”

“Not anymore.” Dotan said. “Now she’s my pet. Observe.” Dotan squeezed her head slightly. Instantly, Roshina came awake, as if she had never been asleep at all. The dark elf’s eyes widened at seeing the large crowd of guards gawking at her. Like he owned her, Dotan used his free hand to jerk her pants down. The elf shrieked and covered her exposed crotch. The god leaned forward and put his mouth next to her sharply-pointed ear.

“This is the “one more thing.”” he whispered. “I’m going to release the barrier on your nethers. You’re going to masturbate in front of these men. If you fail me...I’ll make your symptoms a thousand times worse and you will never have relief.”

Roshina’s dark eyes turned towards the god in terror. There was no mercy or joking in his voice. He was dead serious. Dotan casually reached between her legs and muttered a few things under his breath. In a flash of light, the barrier was broken. The god held her forward by her head, as if she were a doll. Roshina stared at the gawking faces of the guards for a few moments. Her hands twitched and she hesitated. Then the powerful throbbing between her legs overwhelmed her. Her hands shot to her pussy and she began kneading her delicate flesh. She instantly moaned as loud as she could manage. Sounding like a whore in heat, she groaned gratefully as juices gushed around her fingers. She was finally getting relief, and her body was quivering in delight.

“You see?” Dotan asked, loud enough to drone out the elf’s noises. “The last time you saw this female what was she like? A stuck up, self-absorbed, bitch, am I right? Now she begs for pleasure and has submitted herself to me. This is how women should be, and I can make them do this with a flick of my finger.” Dotan casually tossed Roshina away. She landed on the ground roughly, but didn’t seem to care. She continued to knead her flesh and moan loudly.

“I am Dotan.” the god said to the guards. “I am the god of masculinity and war. Zophiel sealed me away because she feared me. Now that I am free, I will show her that she was right.”

“Wh...what do you mean?” one of the men asked skeptically. Dotan grinned and held his arms open.

“Look at the world around you.” he said. “You men are royal guards, and how much respect do you receive? Your pay is little, you are forced to provide for your own housing, and you are looked down upon and belittled by those you are supposed to protect. Does this seem like a fair world to you?”

There was a muttering of agreement among the guards.

“I seek to rectify this injustice.” Dotan continued. “This is a society controlled by a goddess and she’s running it into the ground. The soldiers are underpaid, women are given disproportionate power, and there is disrespect for the men that should make up the backbone of this country. I will flip this system on it’s head. I will give men back the power they deserve. I will make women subservient to men, as they should be. I will restore the balance of this nation back to where it should be, before Zophiel destroys it because of her hatred of men.”

All of the guards muttered amongst each other, this time more animatedly. They sounded a lot less sure of what Dotan just said. He was proposing an overthrow of not only their government, but of their way of life. After a few moments, the largest man of the group stepped forward, the apparent leader.

“That sounds great and all,” the large guard said. “But we don’t have any guarantee that you’ll be better. We don’t even know you, why should we follow you on this when, if it blows up, we would all be hanged?”

“I will increase your pay ten times over.” Dotan said flatly.

“As much as I want to believe you...I’m sorry, did you say something?” The large guard suddenly leaned forward, his ear pointed out first.

“I will increase your pay by ten times.” Dotan reiterated. “You will have free housing, free food, and free access to brothels.”

“Brothels?” the large guard asked. Dotan smirked and crossed his arms.

“I would be willing to bet my immortality that Zophiel banned brothels.”

“She banned prostitution period.”

“Not surprising. That is going to change, as will a lot of things. The first people to join me will reap the greatest rewards. Seth here is now my high priest.” Dotan put his hand on Seth’s shoulder. “For that, he has been graced with the first harem.”

All of the other guards muttered amongst themselves again. This time, a few of them sounded as if they were agreeing. Dotan reached into his clothes and pulled out a small bottle with a purple liquid. He held it out to Seth, who took it with confusion.

“What is this my lord?” Seth asked.

“Something to increase your fun.” Dotan said. “Take that moaning whore of an elf with you to your harem with that horny nun. Drink that potion and enjoy your night.”

Seth wanted to question where Dotan got that potion, and more importantly what it was, but realized he was in front of others. This was probably not the best time to question the god that had him by his shoulder.

“As you wish my lord, thank you for the gift.” Seth said. He bowed to his god, and walked over to Roshina, who was still masturbating furiously. Fortunately, the girl was tiny so he picked her up and began dragging her away. Once he managed to get her into the catacombs, with some effort on the ladder, Dotan resumed speaking. He pointed in the direction that Seth went.

“That man,” the god began. “In the last two days, has added a chaste nun of Zophiel and a dark elf to his harem. Those are his just rewards for being loyal.” Now the god pointed to the guards. “You’ve seen what I am capable of. You lot will receive a much higher reward for helping me with the most important part of my plot.”

“Which is?” one of the guards asked. He sounded kind of excited.

“How would the lot of you like to get your hands on the first member of the soldier’s brothels?”


“A goddess.”

All of the guards instantly began chattering loudly. They had sent themselves into a flurry and were now practically yelling at each other. Dotan grinned. All of them looked floored.

“Who? I mean, do you mean Zophiel?” One of the guards shouted, silencing all the others.

“No, I have other plans for her.” Dotan explained. “Actually I have one even better.”

“Better than Zophiel?” another asked. “Who?”

“Someone who truly deserves it.” the god replied. There was some light muttering among the guards, as they all attempted to figure out what he was saying. One of them then gasped and turned to Dotan with wide eyes.

“Lyfillia!” he shouted. Dotan grinned as wide was he could.

“Yes. The unabashed man-hater Lyfillia.” the god confirmed. “She needs to put in her place anyway.” All of the guards seemed to be in riotous agreement...save for one.

“Alright, we’re in.” said the largest guard. “Provided you can deliver on your promise.”

“Oh, that will be easy.” Dotan said. He then held up the piece of chalk in his hand. “However, while I make preparations, I need all of you to do some drudge work for me, are you willing?”

The guards muttered for a moment before settling on an agreeing tone.

“Alright, we’ll do it.” the largest guard said. Dotan then pointed to a corner of the arena. Everyone turned to look. On a section of the wall for the arena, a series of symbols had been drawn in chalk from the floor to the top of the wall.

“You see those symbols? I need you lot to draw that pattern the entire way around the arena.” Dotan said.

“That’ll take all night!” one of the other guards complained.

“That’s why it’s drudge work.” Dotan said. He tossed the piece of chalk to one of the guards, which they caught. “Do this, and you will all be rewarded.” There was some groaning, but they all began walking towards the wall. One of the guards was lagging behind however. He was the youngest among them, and he still looked apprehensive. Dotan grabbed him by the shoulder. He whirled his head around in a panic.

“You’re Thomas, are you not?” the god asked. He had remembered the boy from what Seth had told him earlier.

“Y-Y-Y-Yessir!” the boy stammered.

“You don’t seem as convinced as the others.” Dotan explained. He leered over the young man, making sure his amber eyes were staring directly into the young man’s blue eyes. “What’s on your mind?”

“Well...um...it’s just…” Thomas continued to stammer. His skin was pale, and he looked as if he were about to wet himself. “Th...the things you’re saying. They seem...um...kind of mean...and…”

“Was I wrong in anything I said?” Dotan asked.

“No! I mean...well, it’s just...making all women slaves, it’s just…” Thomas was desperately trying to look away, but couldn't. It was like Dotan was holding him in place.

“Just what?” the god asked.

“There’s...this girl…” Thomas began. “She’s um...rich...but we really love each other! She’s going to live in their country mansion soon...and I was...uh…”

“You were going to follow her there.” Dotan finished. “Seth told me you’re only doing this to try and earn money to move into the country. So you’re following this girl?”

“Yes sir...I’m just...afraid of what would happen...when you...take over…sir…”

“A reasonable fear.”

“It is?”

“Yes. What if once I’m king, I let you own her?”

“Wh-What! Own her? I don’t want to own her! I want to marry her!”

“Yes, but once she’s yours, you can treat her however you want. You can treat her as a wife if you want.”

“S-Still...I don’t think...as a slave…”

“You’re caught up in this whether you like it or not. I can’t let you go with everyone you know. Why don’t you just go with it, and think about it for a while?”

“Y-Yeah...I...I’ll think about it.”

“Good. Now get to work.”

Thomas quickly ran from Dotan and joined the other guards who were drawing on the walls using the ladder. Once the boy had his back turned, Dotan grinned. He didn’t believe a thing that had just come out of his own mouth. Treating women as equals in a partnership? Absurd. However, unbeknownst to all those around them...he enjoyed molding men, as well as women.


Seth dragged Roshina into the room where Joanna was held. The crazed nun, who was still naked, was sitting on the floor playing with herself. The moment she heard Seth open the door she jerked her head around with a big, vapid smile. She immediately scuttled towards Seth, and was only stopped when the collar and chain around her neck stopped her. The crazed woman began making happy noises. Seth gave her an odd look. The woman was acting more like a dog now. Then the high priest tilted his eyebrow, smiled, and slowly turned towards Roshina. The dark elf, who was still clearly hot and bothered, looked quite afraid of Joanna. When she saw Seth grinning, she appeared puzzled. Then he gave the elf a shove.

The moment Roshina collapsed forward, Joanna leapt onto her. If the elf could shriek, she would have. Instead, all that could be heard was Joanna’s gleeful squeal. The nun was much bigger than the tiny dark elf, and easily overpowered her. The crazed nun ripped the remaining clothes off the elf, destroying what few articles she had left. With only minimal resistance from Roshina, Joanna latched her mouth onto one of the elf’s peaks. The elf tilted her head back and moaned. The nun then reached between the tan woman’s legs. Her fingers went into the folds and began piercing into the canal. Roshina began twitching and bucking. The sheer pleasure erupting out of her was driving her insane.

Seth chuckled to himself. Although he had already relieved himself with Roshina earlier that day, he could feel a tent being pitched in his pants. Since he had already done it twice, he probably wouldn’t have much stamina with it however. Then he remembered the bottle Dotan gave him. He reached into his pocket and extracted it. He looked at the simple glass container with a purple liquid inside. The god said it was to increase his fun. It could have been poison...but why would he do that? Dotan had rewarded him up until now, and the guard had proven his loyalty. Seth opened the bottle and smelled it. It smelled like some kind of plant solution. The high priest sighed, and quickly downed the whole bottle. He made a bitter face. It didn’t taste very pleasant. He tossed the bottle aside and waited. He simply enjoyed the view of watching the two slaves of his harem please each other.

A few minutes later was when Seth first felt it. A powerful burning sensation went through his whole body. He loosened the collar of his shirt as he began to sweat. It came in waves, greater and greater in intensity. Then he could feel it hit his crotch. Seth doubled over and groaned. His dick seemed to swell even larger, and painfully throbbed. The high priest grimaced. It actually hurt, a lot. He could feel the burning increase in his chest. Now his heart was pounding, making him feel as if he were having a heart attack. He lifted his head to look at his slaves.

By this point, Roshina was on top. She was on all fours, with Joanna on laying on the ground. The nun’s fingers were still buried inside the elf’s slit and her mouth was sucking on one of her nipples. Seth’s load groaning caused them to turn their heads towards them. He was staring at them, with incredibly intense eyes. There was...hunger in them, as if he were going to eat them alive. Roshina looked scared, but Joanna grinned widely. She spread her legs open and reached down with her hands. She spread her hairy pussy apart, showing the pink flesh on the inside. Seth grit his teeth. He only had one desire overpowering his brain. Breed. Fuck. Ravage.

Seth shed his clothes in a matter of moments. He then practically tackled them. Roshina tried to shriek and landed on top of Joanna, who only seemed to cackle happily. Seth lifted himself off of them and, with shaking hands, seized his painfully engorged member. Joanna happily wagged her hips back and forth eagerly. After a few moments he finally managed to bring the head of his dick to her folds. They were already slick and eager for him. With a powerful thrust, Seth shoved his entire shaft into her canal. Joanna moaned at the top of her lungs and threw her head back. She began drooling out the sides of her mouth. Seth briefly stopped, with his hips twitching forward, as if trying to get deeper. His mouth hung open and he kept gasping and grunting. It was the most incredible feeling he ever had. He could feel every inch of her wet flesh coil around him happily. He could sense every wrinkle, every nook, and every cranny as it sucked on his member It was as if the nerves in his dick were overstimulated. He then grit his teeth and pulled himself back out. With all of his might, thrust into her again. Every time his shaft pulled itself out, it felt as if her insides were clinging to him. It was like her canal was trying to milk him dry. She was becoming so wet that with every slap of their hips, his shaft was dripping with her juices. Joanna began lifting her hips up to meet his movements and clenched down on him with every piercing thrust. Seth had never felt such a sensation in his life. Now it was his turn to groan like a crazed beast as he wildly pounded the woman beneath him.

Despite the quaking woman beneath her, Roshina managed to get to onto her hands and knees. She looked down at Joanna. The crazed nun’s eyes were rolled into the back of her head and her tongue was hanging out. She was a complete brain dead whore. The elf gazed back at Seth. He looked like a rutting animal. He had a determined and frightening look on his face as he pounded into Joanna. He had the face of a snarling beast, with only one purpose on its mind, breeding the bitch beneath him. Although the expression scared Roshina...her pussy was beginning to burn again. Dotan might have lifted the seal, but he didn’t change how horny she got. The dark elf squeezed her eyes shut, feeling shame overwhelm her again. She didn’t want to turn into Joanna...but she HAD to be satisfied. The dark elf got off of her knees and onto her feet. She lifted her butt up to Seth’s face. With her hands, she spread her own lower lips apart, begging him to satisfy her. This briefly distracted the high priest from his wild fucking. He looked up to see the insides of her pink pussy in front of his eyes, twitching and drooling at him. Seth cackled delightfully, as if this were the funniest thing he had ever seen. Roshina’s face burned with embarrassment, however, just like Joanna, she swayed her hips back forth eagerly.

Seth wasn’t going to just give it to her, however. He reached around to her head. He shoved it hard towards Joanna’s face. After a few confused moments, Roshina realized what he wanted. She could feel her face blush even harder. She would only be doing this solely for Seth’s satisfaction, and for no other reason than it pleased him. She was his toy, meant to entertain him just so he would give her some pleasure in return. After only a few moments of resistance, the elf gave in. She leaned forward the rest of the way and pressed her lips against Joanna’s. The nun, as if by instinct, returned the kiss. Her tongue shot into the dark elf’s mouth, and both of theirs batted together. Seth cackled again. He released Roshina’s head and instead seized onto Joanna’s hips. He greedily pounded into her folds, causing her to moan against the dark elf’s mouth. As a reward, the high priest shoved his face into Roshina’s crotch. He happily licked at her slit, drinking her juices. Now it was the elf’s turn to moan against Joanna’s mouth. She could feel sparks run down her body and her pussy gushed even more juices, that Seth simply drank up.

Joanna was the first to reach her peak. She jerked her face away from Roshina and screamed at the top of her lungs. The dark elf continued her kissing, trailing her lips down the nun’s sweaty neck. Joanna’s legs locked around Seth’s waist and she held onto him as her body twitched and gyrated. fluids shot out of her and practically drowned Seth’s dick. Rather than stop, Seth sped up his thrusts. The hot juices that flooded onto his shaft and her pussy that clamping down on him like a vice only increased his pleasure. As Joanna wildly shook and shuddered, he could feel his balls twitch and his dick begin to swell even larger. An orgasm was building, and it was huge. His shaft throbbed even more painfully, almost to an unbearable degree. Seth’s thrusts became erratic and he groaned against Roshina’s pussy. Just as Joanna’s eruption was subsiding, Seth lifted his face from the dark elf’s folds and groaned at the ceiling. He shoved his dick as deep as it could go and bucked his hips hard, as if trying to make it go deeper. Then with a loud shout from Seth, he erupted. The painful throbbing turned into an overwhelming pleasurable one. His semen gushed out of him like a geyser. After only two great eruptions, the sperm overflowed her insides. It bubbled out from around his dick and began pooling on the floor. Seth vision clouded as the pleasure overtook him. It seemed to permeate his entire body, from his toes to his eyes. Every spurt of his semen was complete heaven, and felt like a such a relief he almost passed out with every one. After what must have been minutes, his dick finally subsided.

Joanna’s legs finally released him and Seth managed to pull his still-engorged dick free. The moment the head of his shaft popped out, his semen burst out of her like a dam and broken. An unbelievable amount of his seed pooled on the floor beneath the limp Joanna. Seth sat on his ass for several moments, panting and catching his breath. It didn’t take him long to realize something shocking. His dick had started throbbing painfully again. He gazed down and saw that it hadn’t retreated in the slightest. It was standing at full mast, maybe even taller than before, and was stubbornly demanding attention. It was beginning to hurt again. Seth groaned as even the burning to his chest returned. He gazed up mournfully, and then grinned.

Roshina had her ass in his face again. She was managing to whine and pushed her folds close to his face. She was still hot and bothered, and her folds were dripping with juices, desperate for attention. Seth chuckled as he got an idea. He stood up and grabbed Roshina, who tried to shriek, but failed. The high priest pulled her upright and picked up one of her legs.. The dark elf gazed down to see his massive dick sticking out from the gap in her legs. She gulped a little nervously, but didn’t resist. With his free hand, Seth guided the head of his engorged shaft to her folds. Roshina bit her lip as she felt the bulbous head rub against her lower lips. The high priest shoved the girth of his dick into her tight pussy. Roshina managed to whine as she felt familiar sparks of pleasure run through her body. Then, unexpectedly, Seth seized her other leg and held her up by her knees. Roshina almost shrieked as her light body was lifted completely off the ground. Seth only grinned as he began thrusting upwards in the dark elf’s canal.

Roshina tilted her head back and moaned. He was pounding into her at an angle completely different from before. His hard shaft sent shudders of pleasure down her entire body. Without her feet on the ground, it was like she was floating. All she could feel was his dick moving inside of her, practically splitting her tight pussy open with every powerful thrust. Seth was bending his knees with every plunge. He hit her with so much force that her entire body jumped upwards with every slap of their hips. A wet sound filled the room as Roshina’s fluids dripped down Seth’s shaft and balls. The high priest growled as her tight canal eagerly tried to suck him dry. It seemed like the more he ploughed into her, the deeper he wanted to go. In his heightened state he could feel every inch of her wet, burning flesh. She was different from Joanna. Her canal was smooth and narrow. It felt as if it were trying to crush him with its tightness, and he loved every moment of it. Roshina’s eyes began to roll and drool started to come out of the side of her mouth. She was finally getting the relief she wanted...and it was driving her insane.

Seth tried to thrust too deeply and his dick popped free. Roshina gasped and whined at the sudden loss of pleasure. Seth growled in frustration. He didn’t want to put her down, but at the same time wanted to have desires filled. Just as Roshina whined again, she felt the head of Seth’s dick press against her wet lips. Both of them looked down. Joanna was sitting up now, with a smile and glassy look in her eyes. She eagerly repositioned Seth’s shaft back to the dark elf’s folds. Seth grinned from ear to ear. He pulled his shaft back until the head was barely inside of Roshina, and then pounded himself inside. The dark elf jerked her entire body as she felt pleasure ricochet into her head, but that wasn’t the end of it. Joanna grabbed Roshina’s hips, keeping them in place. Realizing she wasn’t going to bounce anymore, Seth greedily began pounding into her. Apparently still not done, Joanna leaned up and began licking at Roshina’s clit. The dark elf had her head back, her eyes wide open, and her mouth as open as it could be. If she could, she would be screaming at the top of her lungs. With every swipe of Joanna’s tongue over button, a wave of pleasure swept over the dark elf. On top of that, Seth’s constant pounding of her folds had built up a constant stream of sparks over her entire body. She couldn’t take it anymore. A massive eruption was threatening to spew out of her. She reached around with her arms and seized onto Seth’s body. She dug her nails into his skin as she felt the waves of pleasure overwhelmed her.

Roshina’s body jerked and her back arched. She quivered as a powerful gush of her fluids flooded Seth’s dick and balls. The dark elf jerked her back with every explosion of pleasure. Her juices squirted all over Joanna and pooled onto the floor. After a few moments of blinding bliss, Roshina finally slumped against Seth, exhausted. Seth didn’t stop pounding into her through her entire orgasm. Her crushing tightness and boiling fluids that squirted all over his shaft pushed him closer and closer to a second eruption. He could feel his balls twitch and his dick swell once again. As Roshina slouched against him his shaft engorged to a painful degree. Seth thrust himself as deep as he could go in the tiny elf and held himself there. Then his dick throbbed in pleasure as it gratefully gushed out more of his semen. With Roshina’s tiny snatch, it only took a few eruptions before his seed burst out from around his dick. It dripped down his shaft and balls, like everything else. This time, however, Joanna leaned forward and began licking up the mix of Roshina’s fluids and Seth’s seed. Seth moaned and endured the wonderful feeling of her tongue licking at his twitching dick and balls. His legs quivered as the pleasure seemed to overwhelm him. It amplified the sensation several degrees as his orgasm seemed to last forever. But finally, it subsided and Seth slouched, panting.

The high priest unceremoniously dropped Roshina onto the floor beside Joanna. Without being prompted, Joanna dove between the dark elf’s legs. The nun began lapping at the folds, drinking both Seth’s seed and Roshina’s fluids. The elf whined weakly as her still sensitive folds were teased. Seth watched the sight with great pleasure. He chuckled, seeing them more like animals than people. They would do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. He absolutely loved that. After a few moments of watching however, he felt a familiar painful throbbing. He gazed down and his jaw dropped. His dick still stood tall, and was twitching with eagerness. It was fully engorged, and it actually began to hurt again. Seth hunched over, not really believing it. Before Dotan came, he had never orgasmed more than once in row. The god throwing slaves at him let him be able to do it twice...but now it seemed like he would never be satisfied. Seth grimaced and looked down at his slaves. He loudly cleared his throat. Joanna quickly popped up, while Roshina was a little slower. When they were both up, Seth stuck his huge, engorged dick between them.

Joanna happily licked her lips and looked as if she had stars in her eyes. Roshina, by contrast, looked a little apprehensive. The crazed nun happily extended her tongue and began running it up and down the shaft. She didn’t seem to care that it was coated with juices and sperm. Roshina cringed a little, seemingly not wanting to participate. Seth, having none of that, seized the dark elf’s head. He shoved her face towards his shaft until it was directly under her nose. Despite looking humiliated, Roshina screwed her eyes shut and extended her tongue. Seth leaned his head back and moaned. Two tongues were coiling around his shaft, gently massaging the pain out of his throbbing organ. Soon it was completely clean of the remaining fluids, but was now covered in saliva. Without being prompted, Joanna lowered her tongue to his balls. She gently swept her muscle over and under the globe, delicately cleaning it. Seth groaned at the delightful feeling. He grabbed Roshina’s head and moved it to the head of his shaft. He poked her lips for a few moments, before she finally gave in and opened her mouth. He shoved his dick inside of her mouth. He guided her head back and forth before letting her do it herself. As if catching the hint, the dark elf sucked and bobbed her head back and forth. Joanna opened her mouth and gently took one of his balls into her mouth. She delicately sucked and licked the sensitive nub, teasing it. Roshina swirled her tongue around the shaft as she bobbed her head. Seth could feel nothing but pleasure as his slaves worked his whole groin. He could feel his balls twitch in Joanna’s mouth. His dick swelled in Roshina’s. Seth grinned as he got another idea.

He seized both Roshina and Joanna’s heads. He shoved them together in front of his dick. He then began stroking his shaft in front of them. Joanna, immediately getting the idea, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Roshina glanced at her and, apparently finally over being apprehensive, followed suit. Their cheeks were together and their mouths open, ready for him to blow. Seth desperately stroked his shaft, getting closer to erupting with every single movement. With a few strokes he groaned and bucked his hips forward. Sperm launched out of his dick as if it were the first time that day. Huge ropes of his cum launched forward and began coating the faces of his two slaves. Some of it landed in their mouths, but more of it coated their faces and hair. Despite already climaxing twice, the volume was incredible. Seth finally stopped stroking and panted in exhaustion Their faces were practically soaked with his semen. Both Roshina and Joanna closed their mouths and gulped the seed that was in their mouths. The dark elf seemed to shiver a bit in disgust, but the nun relished it and even stuck her tongue out again in delight. The crazed woman’s eyes then turned to the elf’s face. Seeing it still soaked in cum, she eagerly began licking the jizz off Roshina’s face. Initially a little surprised, the dark elf blushed. Roshina’s mind had turned to mush, and she had completely given up on her decency. She began to also lick the semen off Joanna’s face.

Seth watched scene and licked his lips in excitement. Coating them in his semen gave him a thrill. It was like he was marking them as his property. The fact that they were eagerly licking it off each other was just the icing on the cake. He could feel his dick still throbbing in excitement, but at this point he wanted it to stay up. He wasn’t done coating them in his jizz. Seth cleared his throat again. His slaves stopped giving each other a tongue bath and looked up at him. The high priest grinned directly at Roshina. The dark elf gulped down the remaining semen in her throat somewhat nervously. She leaned back and spread her legs open, exposing her nethers. Seth quickly shook his head. He motioned with his hands for her to flip over. Roshina flinched for a moment, but quickly obeyed. She flipped over on all fours and stuck her ass into the air. She reached around and spread her oozing pussy lips apart. Seth clicked his tongue on the roof of his mouth, disapprovingly. Roshina went a little rigid. She instantly knew what the high priest was getting at. She squeezed her eyes shut, blushed yet again, and lifted her hands up to her butt cheeks.

She spread them apart, revealing her smooth asshole. Joanna abruptly giggled, seemingly realizing what was happening. She eagerly got on all fours herself. She shoved her large ass right next to Roshina’s small one. The nun spread her own ass cheeks apart, showing off her puckered hole. Without being prompted, Joanna stuck her fingers into her mouth and coated them with her saliva. She then reached over to Roshina’s anus and gently stuck one of her fingers through the tight hole. Roshina went rigid and tried to shriek. It was completely unexpected, but Joanna’s delicate fingers gently massaged and widened the hole. After a few moments, the shock of the sensation wore off and a soft pleasure settled over the area. Seth, enjoying what he was seeing, smacked Roshina’s ass. She jerked her head around, to see the high priest motion towards Joanna with his head. The dark elf blushed in embarrassment, but brought her hand to her mouth. She licked and covered them with her own spit. She then reached back and began manipulating the nun’s anus with her fingers. Rather than being reluctant, Joanna instantly began moaning. The dark elf replicated what the nun had done to her, piercing the hole with her small fingers and spreading the anus open. For several moments, the two of them gently got their asses ready, until Seth couldn’t hold himself back anymore.

The high priest slapped the dark elf’s ass again, this time much harder. Roshina jerked and tried to shriek, before turning her head around. Seth had approached behind her, his slick dick in his hand. Joanna lifted her fingers away and began playing with her own anus. Roshina suck her rear end up as high as she could as Seth put the bulbous head of his shaft against her tight ass. He slowly, inch by inch, shoved himself inside. The dark elf bit her lip and whined. Despite how rough it was last time, Joanna’s earlier exercises seemed to have made it easier. Roshina instantly began feeling pleasure as the girth of his massive erection pushed through her tight hole. Seth didn’t stop shoving until their hips met each others. The high priest shuddered, feeling her insides practically crush him tightness. Then he began thrusting out and back into her. Roshina whined as the familiar waves of pleasure washed over her again. Seth wasn’t being as gentle as he was the first time. He watched with delight as his massive dick pierced into her asshole. Every time their hips met, her small ass cheeks jiggled slightly. He loved the sight, and he loved hearing her moan with every movement of his shaft. He managed to pound into her for several minutes before Joanna whined loudly. She was still using her fingers to please her anus, but her hips were now quivering. It was abundantly clear that her digits were no longer satisfying her.

Seth chuckled to himself. He seized one of Roshina’s hands and moved it to her ass cheeks. He then pulled his massive erection free. Roshina whined and her anus twitched a few times, as if begging him to come back. Seth instead shoved her fingers inside of her, and she instantly began kneading the hole, constantly whining. Joanna yelped in delight as Seth grabbed her massive hips. The nun wagged her ass like a dog as the high priest lined up his massive shaft. Without a single ounce of gentleness, he shoved himself inside of her in one thrust. Far from being in pain, the crazed nun shrieked in pleasure. Seth quickly began hammering into her. He gazed down at her ample behind as his hips slapped against hers. Her huge cheeks shuddered as if they were filled with water. He loved the way she moved contrasted with the thin, tiny Roshina. With every thrust, Joanna moaned like a loud whore. Her asshole tried to wring him dry every time he entered it. The crazed nun began moving her hips backwards to meet his thrusts, as if she wanted him even deeper into her ass. After a little while, Seth could feel a hand trail down his arm. He turned his head to see a beautiful sight. Roshina was staring at him with lustful eyes. Her own hips were quivering and she was practically humping her own fingers. Seth grinned greedily and pulled himself free. Joanna yelped in protest, but brought her wet fingers to ass and began playing with her hole.

Seth traded back and forth between them for what seemed like forever. He would pound into one for several moments and then the other would beg for attention. Each of them got more and more horny after every turn. Their pussies leaked juices liberally. Their anuses gripped him tightly, begging him to stay. They bounced against him eagerly, trying to pull him deeper into them. He enjoyed his two slaves as whores, desperate for the pleasure he could give them. Both of them began shaking and shuddering virtually at the same time. Juices squirted down their legs as each of them erupted into orgasm. Joanna shrieked at the top of her lungs, and Roshina whined what noises she could. They clamped down onto Seth’s dick like an incredible vice. He finally felt himself erupt again inside of Joanna. One powerful squirt filled her before he pulled himself free. He covered her shapely ass with ropes of his seed, before aiming at Roshina. He covered her small cheeks, as well as her thin back as well. Each of their ass cheeks were completely soaked in his seed. He had marked yet another part of them. Joanna and Roshina collapsed onto the ground from their climaxes. Each of them were panting on the ground as Seth gripped his dick. The high priest took great pride in seeing his semen all over his slaves. He could feel his dick throb back to life in his hand. Despite the continued pain in his organ, he was eager to cover more of their bodies with his mark. Joanna and Roshina looked up at him. When they saw his dick still up and eager, their eyes lit up. They wanted more of his seed. They wanted him to cover and fill them with his seed, over and over. They were his eager slaves, and he couldn’t wait to coat them from head to toe.

There was only one thing Seth was sure of: if someone wanted to take all this away from him, they could pry it from his cold, dead hands.


Deep underneath the guards who were drawing on the walls of the arena and Seth who was frantically fucking his two slaves, Dotan was working in the underbelly of the complex. While exploring the place, the god found a blacksmith area. It must have been to repair the armor of the gladiators. Dotan had reawakened it, lighting the fires and using the hammers. Such hard work was beneath a god, but he was happy to do it in this case. After an eternity of smelting, hammering, and molding, he held up what he had made. It was a collar with a hinge and a ring on it for a chain to link onto. The collar was currently open, but the hooks on where the collar closed were clearly designed to do one thing: to never come undone, ever. It was permanent, impossible to open again once closed. Dotan grinned widely in the flickering light of the smelter.

“I can’t wait to use this.” he said delightfully. He intended to use it...very soon.


A/N: The next chapter begins the trend of every chapter being RADICALLY different. Each and every entry is now going to deal with a different situation and circumstance. Time to move on from Joanna and Roshina for the time being (although we may go back).

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In short, you're going to get a little of everything.

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Chapter 4

Seth was awakened by a loud banging noise. He peeled his eyes open and sat up. He was briefly forced to disentangle himself from a mess of arms and legs. Joanna and Roshina were sleeping on either side of him, clinging onto him. They had all finally passed out sometime during the night, completely soaked in sweat and their fluids. Seth tried to get to his feet, but instantly collapsed back onto his butt and groaned. Every muscle in his body was aching terribly...especially the ones around his crotch. He had previously thought it only existed in jokes...but his dick was literally sore. Right now it looked pretty pathetic, shrunken and bruised. He hoped that it wasn’t damaged too badly.

Before he could contemplate it further, there was even more knocking on the door, more earnestly. Seth got to his feet with a lot of effort and shuffled over to the door. He opened it to find a god staring directly at him.

“Are you finished?” Dotan asked flatly.

“Oh...uh...certainly my lord.” Seth stammered. “How can I help you?”

Dotan looked past the mortal and spied the two women still lying in a heap.

“Had fun did you?” the god asked.

“Oh very much so my lord.” the high priest said. “It was very enjoyable. Thank you so much.”

“Of course.” Dotan said as if it were obvious. “Your friends in the arena are almost done. We need to get underway quickly. You need to get dressed. I have a have something important for you to do...but first…” The god reached up and rubbed his nose. “Dump a bucket of water over yourself or something. You reek of sex.”

“Of course my lord.”

Several minutes later Seth reemerged from the room, recently washed and now clothed. Dotan was waiting for him somewhat impatiently.

“Finally ready?” the god demanded.

“Yes sir, I am at your service.” Seth said.

“Good. Come along.” Dotan instructed. They began walking down the hallway, but Seth was having a hard time keeping up. Every step he took was incredibly painful. He began groaning while trying to take bigger steps and keep up with the god.

“What’s with you?” the god asked.

“I’m sore from last night.” Seth groaned. “Everything on my body hurts, especially my dick.”

“How many times did you do it?” Dotan asked.

“Uh...heavens...it had be...over twenty at least.”

“Oh...wow...no wonder. That must have been tough for a mortal.”

Seth wasn’t sure he wanted to know how many times a god could do it, so he decided not to ask.

“What was that stuff?” the high priest asked. “I thought I was going to have a heart attack a few times.”

“Essence of incubus flower.”

“Incubus flower? Is that the ancient name of devil’s breath?”

“I don’t know. I’ve been ever so slightly busy for a few centuries.” The god gave his high priest a hard stare and the mortal returned with a slightly nervous smile. “What difference does it make?”

“It’s poisonous!”

“No it’s not. Why would you...ooooohhhhh, I know why you think it’s poisonous. Zophiel told mortals that it was poison.”

“Why would she do that?”

“Incubus flower has certain properties that when distilled increases male tendencies when drunk.”

“Okay...um...not to sound stupid my lord, but could you explain that in simpler words?”

“When males drink it, it makes them more like males. Their sexual desire increases, they become more aggressive, more competitive, and stronger. I have no doubt that’s why Zophiel convinced everyone that it was poisonous. There’s also a similar flower with the reverse properties, which I have no doubt Zophiel told you is also poisonous. Distilled succubus flower makes women more docile, sexually submissive, and emotional. Regardless, if you drink either of them it will temporarily change body chemistry.”

“Well I think I took too much of it.” Seth replied. “I hurt my dick.”

“Really? That was a diluted solution.” Dotan explained.

“What?” the high priest interjected. “THAT was diluted?”

“Indeed.” Dotan reached into his shirt and pulled out a new bottle. It contained a liquid that instead of being purple, was clear like water. “This is the concentrated form.”

“Never, ever let someone drink that.” Seth said emphatically.

“Relax, thanks to you I have a better idea of how much to use.”

“I was a test subject?”

“You’ve been a test subject since we met.” Dotan’s statement sounded very cold and detached. Seth shivered for a moment. He had to always keep in mind, his god was not one of kindness and mercy. The god reached to his side and lifted up something that had been attached to his waist. It appeared to be a wineskin. The god unscrewed the top and lifted up the bottle of incubus essence. He gingerly let a single drop of it fall into the wineskin before he screwed the top back on both of the containers. He shook the wineskin around for a few moments.

“Time to test it on a larger audience.” Dotan stated.

Dotan and Seth emerged into the arena just as the other guards were putting the finishing touches on the symbols around the wall. Once it was finally finished, they all groaned and began holding their backs and arms, which were completely sore.

“Excellent job!” Dotan cried. All of the guards turned to him and groaned again.

“It took all night!” one of the guards complained.

“Every bone in my body is killing me!” another one cried.

“What was the point of this anyway?” yet another said.

“You know,” Dotan began flatly. “I could crush all of your skulls in a matter of seconds.”

“Um...of course, we say that with all due respect to you my lord.” the lead guard said.

“That’s what I thought you said.” Dotan replied. “Now, I’ve brought this wine so that my...grateful followers...might have something to enjoy after their hard work.”

“Oh we’re very grateful!” one of the guards said.

“So grateful!”

“We’re happy to be working for you my lord!”

“I’m sure.” Dotan replied flatly. He ended up rolling his eyes and tossing the wineskin at them. One of the guards caught it and they all began crowding around, taking swigs of the liquor. Dotan scanned the wall around the arena, making sure that all of the symbols were consistent. Despite the guards not being top quality workers, they had done a competent job. The god grinned widely and his eyes seemed to glow in delight.

“Everything is in place.” he said in glee. “I am so, so close. I’ve waited for centuries and it will soon all be mine!” Dotan turned back to the group of guards. They were all crowded around Thomas and chanting “chug, chug, chug!” The young man was desperately trying to swig down the wine he was clearly not used to drinking. “...Provided no one fucks this whole thing up.”

Once the wineskin was finally empty the guards started groaning again. Now they were slouching and yawning.

“I could use some rest…” one of the guards said through a yawn.

“Yes, all of you should rest before this afternoon.” Dotan said. “Except...which two of you would like to have the first turn with Lyfillia?” The question hung in the air for a few seconds before it registered. Two guards, one of them being the big leader, raised their hands before everyone else did (excluding Thomas). Dotan pointed at them. “You two got there first.” Everyone else but Thomas and the two winners groaned.

“Okay, everyone else gets to go to bed, I need you two to stay up.” Dotan ordered.

“What?” the big guard complained. Dotan gave the large man a stiff and dangerous glare. The guard went a little pale and looked as if he were about to sweat. “My lord, with all due respect, your highness.”

“That’s better. You want the first bite of the apple?” the god asked. “You have to work for it.”

The two guards nodded nervously, but said nothing else. The other guards began shuffling out of the arena towards the exit, looking a little apprehensive at Dotan. They were learning that it was not wise to question him. The two remaining guards waited for their orders.

“I need the two of you to meet Zophiel’s nephew at his arrival.” Dotan explained. “He will be here shortly. You are to give him a meal, but put this solution in his food.” The god reached into his shirt and extracted yet another bottle. Seth was beginning to wonder where he got all these bottles from in such a short amount of time.

“What is that?” the big guard asked.

“It’s a special substance that will knock a demigod unconscious.” Dotan explained. “It will also render him powerless for some time. It will only make a god drowsy so don’t get any ideas. Also it will kill a mortal, so don’t drink it.”

“Yes sir, we understand.” the big guard said warily. Dotan handed them the bottle. “What if he refuses to eat my lord?”

“Tell him it’s part of the elvish marriage ritual.” the god said. “Feed him bread and water like it’s part of the purification process. If he asks about it, just tell him it was part of the instructions sent by the elvish gods.”

“As you wish my lord.” the big guard said.

“Go get ready. Tell all the other staff that you have orders to deal with Addur personally, so they can focus on making the wedding perfect.”

“Yes sir.” the guard replied. “One question though my lord, what if Zophiel catches wind of what we are doing?”

Dotan grinned from ear to ear. His pearly teeth gleamed as his eyes seemed to glow like they were gazing into a fire. The god looked immensely pleased with himself as he stared around the arena.

“You need not worry about Zophiel.” he said. “I will deal with her shortly.” The two guards nervously glanced at each other. They weren’t sure what the god meant, but it wouldn’t be good. He had the eyes of a madman right now. They nervously began shuffling away to complete their task. Seth, however, cleared his throat. Dotan tore his intense gaze away from the arena and towards his high priest.

“What?” Dotan asked, sounding annoyed.

“No offense my lord, and not to doubt you,” Seth began. “What exactly is your plan to deal with Zophiel?”

“I am so glad you asked.” the god replied.

“Oh heavens...I’m part of the plan aren’t I?” Seth asked with wide eyes.

“It’s a good thing you look exhausted and beat up. You are going to go to Zophiel and lure her here.”

“And um...how am I supposed to do that?”

“I have to come up with everything don’t I? Cover yourself in dirt and go into Zophiel’s room limping. Tell her some mortals have kidnapped Roshina and they want her to come down to the arena.”

“What if she just sends soldiers?” Seth asked.

“Tell her they demand that she comes alone, and if she doesn’t they’ll kill Roshina. Also say the people mentioned singing the Dirge of Sybelleth and mumbled something about a “God Seal.””

“I don’t...what are those things?” Seth asked.

“I’ll tell you later, if you succeed. Are you ready to finally begin our takeover?”

“In for a penny, in for a pound my lord.”


Outside of Starminster Castle a grand carriage pulled up. It was carved ornately and gilded in gold. Two guards, one of them quite large, waited nervously outside the front door. They had shooed all the other servants away, barking about orders from Zophiel. Fortunately, the castle was in such an uproar that the servants just went with it. The door to the carriage opened and a handsome man in a white armor emerged. He was carrying an ornate baton, showing his rank as the Master of Arms. It was Addur, Zophiel’s nephew. Unlike Zophiel, he had dark hair, but very bright eyes. It was no wonder that women swooned over him, even the most man-hating ones. After a servant helped him out of his carriage, they stepped back onto the cart and it sped away to the stables. Addur approached the two guards, his eyebrow raised. Both of the exhausted guards felt incredibly nervous. Although he did not exude quite as much power as Zophiel, his presence was still intimidating. A demigod could still easily snap a mortal’s neck in half with one hand.

“Only you the two of you?” Addur asked. The guards glanced at each other and gulped.

“W-Well, you see my lord…” the big guard began. “There were some...last-minute preparations sent to us by the elves. They now want you to do some...Elvish purity ritual...before you marry…” The guard gulped again. Addur stared at him with a flat expression for a few moments. Then the demigod clicked his tongue and glanced off to the side.

“That’s not a surprise.” he said. “The last time I was with Malona she wanted to change me from “husband” to “holy husband.””

“O-oh...okay…” the guard replied. He had no idea what that was.

“So what is this ritual?” Addur asked.

“You have to be as isolated from people as much possible.” the guard continued. “That’s why there are only two of us. You are to stay in a very simple room. You will remain there until the wedding and eat only bread and water.”

“Sounds like something elves would do.” the demigod added. He motioned with his baton. “Well, lead the way.”

“Of course, sire.” the guard replied.


Seth stood outside the door to Zophiel’s room. He was sweating and breathing deeply. It was one thing to trick mortals into things, but to deceive a goddess? That was going to be tough. Zophiel was older than the stones this castle was made of. Could he really trick such an ancient being? It wasn’t as if Seth could take it all back now. He was neck-deep in the conspiracy already. Even if he came clean there was no way he would be forgiven for what he did to Joanna and Roshina. Seth took a deep breath and barged through the doors loudly.

Zophiel had been working at her desk when Seth slammed through the doors. The goddess jumped and whirled around. Seth stumbled into her room and hunched over. He panted as if he had been running and grabbed his knees.

“What is it? What is going on?” Zophiel demanded, standing up. The beautiful goddess was wearing another sheer, white dress, but this time it had what looked like a red flower branch up from her hip and bloom on her right breast. It was also studded with jewels.

“My lady!” Seth cried. He took a deep breath and stood back up. He looked as desperate as he could manage. The dirt and sweat all over his body looked convincing enough. “A group of dark god worshippers have invaded the castle!”

“What?” Zophiel shrieked. She looked equal amounts perplexed and horrified. “Where?”

“Th...there’s an arena underneath the garden!” Seth replied. This seemed to horrify her even more. “They grabbed me when I was heading for the barracks after my shift! They...they have Roshina! They’re threatening to kill her!” Now the goddess looked incredibly serious.

“Assemble the guards!” Zophiel cried. “We’ll deal with them!”

“Wait, my lady!” Seth shouted. “They said that unless you come alone, they will kill Roshina on sight! But...but you can’t go!”

“Why is that?” Zophiel asked.

“They...said some things to me…” Seth said darkly. “They mentioned a...God Seal...and the Dirge of Sybelleth. It sounds really bad!”

Zophiel straightened her spine and looked determined. She smugly lifted her nose up a little.

“Are all of them mortals?” she asked.

“Yes my lady, none of them seemed to be demigods.” Seth replied.

“I wouldn’t matter if they were.” the goddess replied. “God Seals only work when other gods make them.” There was a brief pause in the room as Seth’s eyebrows raised.

“Oh.” he said simply. He suddenly had a realization about Dotan’s plans.

“It’s something that should have been dealt with ages ago anyway. Lead me to these people.”

“As you wish...my lady.”


The two guards led Addur to a simple guest room. It was actually sleeping quarters for the servants of royal guests, but it was very out of the way and people very rarely went there. There was only a bed and a table with a chair in the bare room. On the table was some bread and water that the guards had put there. Addur seemed displeased, but went ahead and entered the room.

“Anything else to this purity ritual?” Addur asked.

“No, you just need to eat the bread and water.” the big guard stated.

Addur grunted and sat down at the table. He casually took a bite of the bread while the other guards watched nervously. Addur chewed a few times before making a face.

“It tastes odd.” he said to the guards.

“Oh..um...they put some extra stuff in it!” the other guard stated. “It...um...it…“purifies” you.”

“In what way?” the demigod asked. The guards shuffled for a moment, trying to think of just exactly what to say. The big one’s eyes then brightened. He leaned forward, held up his hand and whispered something.

“It makes you shit.” he said.

“Oh.” Addur said. “THAT kind of purify.”

“Yeah...yeah...purity of mind and body.”

“Sounds like something the elves would do.”

“It totally does!” the guard shouted a little too loudly. Addur gave him an odd look. He took a sip of water and continued eating bread. The guards glanced at each other, trying to come up with a reason to stay.

“So my lord…” the big guard began. “If I may be so bold as to ask, are you excited to get married?”

“Oh very much.” Addur said through another bite of bread in his mouth. “Malona is one of those purity-oriented elves that are popular nowadays. It won’t be an exciting marriage, but she’s quite nice and beautiful. I won’t mind spending time with her.”

“Oh, that’s very lovely sir.” the big guard said with a smile. “Are you planning on having any children, if you feel like answering that question that is.”

“Oh I don’t mind.” Addur said. “She said maybe in fifty years or so we could think about it. Until then we will remain pure. Marriage isn’t just about reproduction. It’s also about…” Addur abruptly stopped talking. He stared straight ahead for a few moments. Then his head dropped like a rock onto the table. It slammed with a loud noise, knocking over the plate and the cup of water.

Neither guard moved for a few seconds. They then glanced at each other.

“Is he...um...is he dead?” the other guard asked.

“Uh...maybe…” the big guard replied. He walked over and lifted Addur’s head up. He put his ear next to his nose and mouth. “No, he’s still breathing.”

“Well thank the heavens for that. I guess Dotan wasn’t kidding.”

“We better get used to calling him Lord Dotan. Now help me get him out of this armor and tie him up.”


Seth hobbled down the corridors of the arena. Zophiel kept eyeing him the whole time he was walking.

“Are you alright?” the goddess asked.

“I’m fine my lady.” Seth said. “They beat me before they sent me to get you. They mean business.”

“You have nothing to fear.” Zophiel replied. “Mortals are no match for gods.”

“Of course my lady.” he replied. Seth gazed up and saw they were near the entrance to the arena. “We’re almost there my lady!” The guard ran to the best of his ability. Zophiel trotted behind him. They emerged into the huge coliseum.

The inside of the arena was dimly lit for once. Seth quickly glanced around, wondering what he was supposed to be looking for. In the dark he saw what appeared to be a dozen figures in the pit surrounding someone who was tied up. The guard could make out a gleaming blade being held up to the one in ropes.

“M...My lady!” Seth cried. “They must have seen me! They’re going to stab Roshina!”

“No they won’t!” Zophiel cried. In the blink of an eye, she had leapt onto the top of the wall over the pit, dress and all. She dove into the arena like a hawk after its prey. She slammed into the figure holding the knife...and got a strange surprise.

She collapsed onto the sand and stood up, dazed. In her hands was not a person, but a strawman, made of cloth and sticks.

“What is..?”

There was a loud crack. The fires that lit the coliseum flared to life. The walls of the arena, covered in symbols, began to glow. With a noise similar to a snake hissing, a barrier of light whipped around the walls and then domed over the top. The entire pit was completely covered. Zophiel whirled her head around, confused. She then turned around, glaring at Seth. The mortal was staring at her blankly.

“What...what is this?” the goddess demanded. “What did you do?”

“Nothing.” Seth said. “I just...wow...I can’t believe that worked. This is...really going to happen.”

“A mortal can’t seal away a god!” Zophiel cried in anger.

“Oh? You’re making a lot of assumptions.”

Zophiel straightened her spine and froze. Ever so slowly, she turned her body around. A tall male was standing behind her, above the arena.

“What...who…?” she began. Then she saw his dark hair, amber eyes, and the scar over his right eye. “No...No! It can’t be! I sealed you away! I trapped you forever!”

Dotan smugly crossed his arms.

“Did you now? You might want to check on that.” the god answered flatly. Seth had walked around the arena to stand beside his god.

“It’s impossible!” Zophiel shouted. “A God Seal made by a god can’t be broken!”

“If you say so.” Dotan replied flatly. They stared each other down for several moments. Then Zophiel screamed.

In an outburst of power, a shockwave went around the arena. The sand exploded outwards, as if something had impacted it. Zophiel’s wings burst out of her back. They were pure white, and stretched straight outwards, almost like a dove’s. The goddess’s halo appeared above her head. It was bright gold and looked as if had golden flames coming off of it. This was her true god form, one that gods use when they are about to use their power. Seth cringed in fear, but Dotan didn’t budge. Zophiel held out her hands to either side of her, her palms open. Balls of light began glowing in them, increasing in intensity every second.

“You think you can contain me, boy?” Zophiel asked incredulously.

“I wonder.” Dotan replied noncommittally. His nonchalant attitude was apparently infuriating the goddess. Zophiel let out a snarl. With a powerful shout she jammed her hands forward. A blast of pure power shot at Dotan and Seth. Seth shrieked and jumped backwards. Dotan still didn’t move. The golden blast struck the barrier. The shield of light didn’t budge. Zophiel didn’t stop, and let out a constant stream of energy erupting from her hands. After a few moments, the shield began to bubble where her blast of power hit. Encouraged, Zophiel screamed and pushed even more of her power into it. The bubble continued to grow and grow, slowly looking like a tumor growing on the shield.

The barrier then glowed. Some of the symbols around the arena lit up. Zophiel only had a split second before she realized that there was more than one magic spell in the pit. With tremendous force, the shield bounced back into place. Her magic blast was belched back at her. The goddess dove to one side, but wasn’t quick enough. Her own energy struck the ground right beside her and exploded. She shrieked and was thrown like a ragdoll towards the edge of the arena. When she hit the barrier a few more of the symbols lit up on the walls. The goddess screamed bloody murder as electricity shot through her body. Dust and debris flew in all directions and filled the arena completely with a cloud, as the shield didn’t stop tiny particles or air. Seth covered his mouth and face with his shirt and began coughing. Dotan still didn’t budge.

After a few moments, Dotan lifted his hand. It was glowing faintly.

“Wind.” he said, as if bored. Abruptly, a vortex of wind swept through the arena. All of the dust was pulled into it. In a matter of seconds, the air was clear again. The vortex then went into one of the passageways, blowing all the dirt into it and out of the way. Dotan then lowered his hand, crossing his arms again.

Zophiel slowly stood up. She was holding her arm, which had absorbed the majority of the damage from the barrier. It had temporarily been paralyzed. Her dress was now torn on her arm and the whole thing was covered in dirt. All the pure white on it was now brown. She walked towards the middle of the arena and gave Dotan an evil glare again.

“Want to try again?” Dotan asked flatly. Zophiel spit in his direction. “How unlady-like.”

“This barrier won’t hold me forever and you know it!” she shrieked.

“Do I? This is an actual God Seal.” Dotan explained. “What you put me in was not. A God Seal is not just one spell, but actually three, a barrier spell, a reflection spell, and an attack spell. You only put a powerful barrier up around me.” Dotan then casually unfolded his arms and shrugged. “Given enough practice, anyone could break it.”

“Is that so?” Zophiel asked. She took her hand off her hurt arm and stood up straight. Her injury had already recovered. “And you think with your amount of power even those spells can keep me in?” The goddess’s sapphire eyes turned towards Seth. “Perhaps you should know who you’re dealing with mortal. You chose him over me. This man will not protect you when my sister and my followers come for you. This man...is a demigod.”

“What?” Seth exclaimed. He jerked his head towards Dotan. “Demigod!?” A demigod was powerful to be sure...but even at their very best they were only a quarter the strength of a god. Seth was horrified. When the other goddesses descended upon them there was no way they could win. Dotan still hadn’t moved. His face was completely blank.

“A demigod you say?” Dotan asked. “And why would you think that?”

“Don’t make me say it, boy!” Zophiel replied.

“Say it.” Dotan snapped.


“I want to hear you say it!” the god shouted. Zophiel briefly snarled at him again. Anger was burning in her eyes.

“Because your father was a human!”

The moment those words left her lips, Dotan shouted at the ceiling. The entire arena rumbled loudly. The rocks around Dotan’s feet cracked and Seth was knocked backwards onto his ass again. Then with a loud boom, two large and black things shot out of Dotan’s back. They came around his body and briefly covered him. They were wings, big and dark. While Zophiel’s wings resembled a dove’s, his resembled a hawk or an eagle, a bird of prey. The top layer was jet black, but the lower feathers were a deep brown. With a second shout, the wings spread open, revealing Dotan’s true form. The wings were wide, more than twice the height of his body. Over his head was a halo, but unlike Zophiel’s it was deep red. The crimson-looking flames coming off it were much larger than hers and were the color of blood.

Upon seeing this Seth was certain of two things. First, Dotan was a god and a very powerful one judging from the size of his wings and halo. Both of those things were a manifestation of their magical power, and were a good measurement of how much they had. Second, and he was pretty sure of it before but this proved it, Dotan was a god of darkness. Seth briefly clutched his chest and heaved a sigh of relief.

“Oh thank heavens…” he muttered. “He is a god. I might just live.”

Zophiel stared with wide eyes. She looked as if she were completely baffled.

“What?” she asked. “But that...that isn’t impossible.”

“Is it?” Dotan asked. He sounded angry now. “Perhaps you were mistaken.”

“That’s no way!” Zophiel shouted accusingly. “Your father was human! There’s no way he wasn’t!”

“And how would you know that for certain?” Dotan asked. His amber eyes were shining brightly and eagerly. Zophiel stared at him in confusion...until she saw something moving beside Dotan. Seth had popped back up, and was looking between them confused. The words caught in the goddess’s throat.

“How CAN you be certain?” Dotan asked. “My mother could have sneaked off with a god! She could have slept around behind your back! Yet, there is no doubt in your mind? There’s only one way you can know with absolute certainty. That would be if you were there from the very start, to the very finish.” Dotan once again, and smugly, crossed his arms. Now it was his turn to turn his nose up at Zophiel.

“Isn’t that right? Mother?”

Seth could feel his jaw drop and his brain short-circuit.

“What...the...fuck?” the mortal said. He quickly glanced between the two of them, Dotan’s smug face and Zophiel’s horrified one. One couldn’t see it on first glance, maybe not even on the second or even if they were standing side-by-side. Her hair was blonde, his was black. Her eyes were blue, his were amber. Even their expressions and body structures were wildly different...but now that Seth knew...there was something about their noses and chins. They were very similar, and their hairlines were both rounded the same way. And the way she called him “boy”...

“He’s telling the truth isn’t he?” Seth asked, jerking his head towards the goddess. Zophiel seemed to still be stuck in horror.

“Of course I am.” Dotan replied for her. “The great, pure Zophiel fucked a lowly human and produced a child who turned out to have a dark aspect, and once she realized what she had done...she sealed him away, trying to make him disappear. Isn’t that right, mother?”

Zophiel’s mouth moved in vain for a few moments before words actually came out.

“That’s impossible!” she finally said. “Your father was a human! A mortal! They can’t produce gods! Not even with other gods!”

“Really? The ancient legends say otherwise.” Dotan said. “I seem to recall one legend of a male god mating with a mortal female and producing one of our godly ancestors. Sounds like the same thing but in reverse.”

“That’s just a myth!” Zophiel shrieked.

“And yet...here I am.” Dotan replied, holding his arms wide again. “And there...you are.” The god grinned widely. It was that unsettling grin, the kind that would make mortals shiver deep in their gut no matter how tough they were. “In a true God Seal.” There was an uncomfortable silence. Zophiel’s expression had fallen and she seemed to have a stunned expression on her face.

“Dotan...wait…” Zophiel began. Without warning Dotan began to laugh. It caught Seth’s attention because it was different from all of his other laughs. All the other ones had some sort of malice in them. They had been dark, ego-centric, and only came when he was dominating those weaker than him. This was different. It was real. Dotan legitimately found something funny.

“Are you kidding me?” the god laughed. “Are you going trying to convince me to let you go? After all you’ve done, you expect me to listen to you?”

Zophiel flinched and her eyes widened. She didn’t seem to have a response to that. Dotan finally stopped laughing and let out a groan.

“Oooohohoho...you are dumber than I thought.” the god said with pride. “I can’t believe you fell for everything I did. I’ve been out for days! I have people placed all over the castle working for me! I even got your pet dark elf to work for me!”

“Roshina? Impossible.” Zophiel said.

“You think so? Well so far in terms of women I’m 3 and 0.” Dotan said. “I’ve caught three of them and broken two. I’m feeling good about this prospect as well.”

Zophiel abruptly looked disgusted.

“You’ll never break me!” she shouted.

“Everyone always thinks that.” Dotan replied. “Yet so far, they have all bowed before me. I wonder how much time you have left?”

“What are you talking about?” the goddess demanded.

“A God Seal is a bit of a misnomer.” Dotan explained. “Technically a spell like that doesn’t exist. It’s not one spell, but three. It’s not even really a seal, it’s a barrier, a reflector, and an attack all rolled into one.”

“How...how could you know all that?” Zophiel asked. Seth actually wanted an answer to that as well. If Zophiel didn’t know how to do it properly, how the hell did Dotan, her son she sealed away for centuries, know how? Instead, the god merely grinned.

“Wouldn’t you love to know?” he asked. “The answer is closer than you think.”

Zophiel instantly looked puzzled and spent several seconds thinking. Dotan was eager to move on however.

“I actually have two other spells mixed in there as well.” he elaborated. “It’s quite a lethal cocktail, I’m surprised my mortal worshipers were able to do it right.”

“Worshipers! How?” Zophiel asked.

“I’m just that much better than you I guess. Of course, I’m only going to get better.”

“What are you talking about?”

“One of those two other spells is slowly draining you of your power.”

“What?” Zophiel appeared alarmed. She jerked her head around and took a closer look at the symbols. One of them was constantly glowing faintly. It was still behind the barrier, so Zophiel couldn’t get to it. “So what? It’s only a tiny amount! I have a ton of power! You would have to leave me in here for ages!”

“Then I suppose I’ll do just that.” Dotan said, shrugging. “It’ll be easy with the final spell.”

“Final one?”

“Oh yes, you see…” Dotan held out his hand. A bolt of electricity shot out of his hand. It struck right next to Zophiel, throwing up dirt. The goddess briefly shrieked and jumped, looking back up in shock. “The barrier lets things in, not out. So if I were to let in all manner of wild creatures for you to fight once you’re weakened, well...you’ll just have to fight them off with whatever magic you have left.”

Zophiel looked as if someone had punched her in the stomach. She suddenly realized the gravity of her situation. Dotan had thought this out, step-by-step. He manipulated those around her to get her just where he wanted...and then he sprung a perfect trap. It was like he was a master manipulator and a magic expert...but how? He had spent centuries under the ground! Who could have taught him all this? “The answer is closer than you think?”” What did that even mean? Zophiel steeled her will and clenched her fists.

“Once my sister hears of this…” she began.

“Oh?” Dotan asked. He reached into his shirt and removed some papers. It was the itinerary. “You mean the goddess who is arriving later today around four o’clock? I wonder what she’ll find waiting for her? Perhaps...another trap?”

“How did you…?” Zophiel began. Then she remembered...Roshina running out of her room. “There’s no way the army would let you…”

Dotan leaned forward, his hand cupped over his ear.

“Hm?” he began, as if he couldn’t hear her. “Oh? You mean the people whose pay you slashed and used as janitors? I’m sure they will be very loyal to you.”

Zophiel was beginning to look pale.

“The people...they won’t let…”

“Oh come now,” Dotan waved his hand through the air. “I think the word you’re looking for is “women.” The women won’t let me do it? You honestly think that the women of this country will be able to stop me? They aren’t as strong as men, the people you’ve disrespected and marginalized. The males will probably be happy for the change I bring. Also, despite you favoring women over men, I’m willing to bet there aren’t any women in the army. If I’m the only man with an army in the entire country, who do you think is going to win?”

“The...the other goddesses…”

“You mean those people that are completely separate and independent from one another? They are scattered all over the country. I can take them out one by one...unless you think they’ll band together?” The terrified expression on the goddess’s face told him that they wouldn’t. “This is one hell of a world you’ve built here. I take you and Lyfillia out, and it’ll topple over easily.” Dotan smiled and shrugged once again. He turned and began walking out of the arena. “Let’s just see how easy it will be.”

“Dotan...please…” Zophiel began. Her son stopped in his tracks. He was in the doorway of one of the corridors. His back was to her, making his expression unreadable.

“You don’t get to say“please” to me.” he said flatly. “I said that word a lot, over and over again. What mercy did you show me? Why should I show you any?”

“This...this is all one big mistake…” Zophiel tried to say.

“Don’t call me that…” Dotan muttered.

“I didn’t mean for this to happen.” the goddess continued. “You weren’t supposed to be this way!”

Dotan punched the wall beside his head. Seth, who had been watching the entire time flabbergasted, immediately turned and ran. Practically the entire section of seats next to Dotan collapsed in a mess of stones. He had punched it so hard that the entire coliseum rumbled and rocks fell from the ceiling. The wall around the arena was reinforced however...it didn’t budge. Dotan whirled around, seemingly unbothered by the pile of rubble he created. There was anger in his eyes, real anger. His fists were in tight balls and his eyes looked as if they could melt steel on contact.

“You shut your fucking mouth!” the god bellowed. He marched over to the wall of the arena and gazed down at her. He pointed an accusing finger at his mother. “You know nothing! I’m not a fake! I’m not a mistake! This is the way I was born! This is the way I am! It’s in my very blood! I’m a dark, male god, and nothing you do can change that!” Dotan’s wings spread out and his halo briefly flared even brighter. “YOU are the one with the problem! YOU are the one who sealed me away! YOU are the one who gave me this scar! YOU are the one who can’t accept ME!” Dotan leaned forward, his eyes seemingly glowing even brighter.

“So you know what I’m going to do since you’ve fucked this world over?” Dotan asked. “I’m going to fix it. Women have made this society so weak that I’m going to topple it in short order. Then I will restore it to what it should be. The weak shall submit to the strong. Women shall assume their rightful place as submissive slaves for men.”

“What? What the hell are you saying?” Zophiel asked. She looked absolutely stunned and appalled at the same time.

“I will restore the rightful, dominate order.” Dotan replied. “I will make women the slaves of men. I will enslave all the goddesses of this realm and make the entire country bow at my feet, and when I do you will be watching from behind me, a collar around your neck and my symbol branded on your hip!”

“You’re insane!” Zophiel declared. “A misogynistic madman!”

“Well, thank you for raising one, mother.” Dotan replied coldly. “I think I’m going to leave you here to soften you up a bit. Why don’t you think about what I’m doing to your beloved vagina utopia while you’re at it? Soon, you’ll be as weak as a mortal and at my mercy. Then you will either submit to me...or die.”

“None of that will happen!” Zophiel cried.

“We’ll see.” Dotan replied. His usual demeanor had returned. “In the meantime, enjoy spending some time alone without your order of virgins to worship the ground you walk on.” The god turned around and began walking through the partially-ruined corridor. He threw a deadly glare towards Seth. “Come.”

“Oh, uh, yes, I’d be delighted to.” Seth stated.

“Mortal! Wait! Don’t go!” Zophiel cried.

“Ignore her.” Dotan stated. “For all intents and purposes, she doesn’t exist anymore.”

“Yes sir.” Seth replied, reaching his god’s side.

“Let’s go.” Dotan ordered. They began strolling out of the arena.

“Dotan! DOTAN! DON’T WALK AWAY FROM ME! DOOOOTTTTAAAAAAANNNNN!!!” Several loud concussive blasts could be heard as Zophiel pounded against the barrier. It didn’t give, and Dotan didn’t turn back around. Zophiel’s screams faded as they disappeared into the corridors. Only one thing went through Seth’s mind:

The queen is dead. Long live the king.


Dotan and Seth did not speak as they made the round-about trip to the entrance. They exited on the opposite side as the exit so they had to go around the entire coliseum. Once they were finally at the entrance Dotan stopped in his tracks. He held out his arm, stopping the mortal as well.

“You will not breathe a word of this to anyone.” Dotan said. “Not even under the worst of tortures. If anyone ever hears of what you learned here today or what happened, I will personally find you and rip out your spine from your living body.” The god’s eyes told Seth that he was dead serious. The mortal gulped and nodded.

“As you wish my lord.” he said. Dotan turned to continue walked. “Even the part about your mother? That would entitle you to inherit the kingdom.”

“Not a single word...wait, what?” The god jerked his head back around.

“The Kingdom of Altea is Zophiel’s property.” Seth explained. “She changed the inheritance law to the firstborn child instead of just the firstborn male, but you are her only offspring. In the event of the owner of an estate is either incapable, dead...or missing...the rightful inheritor is given the property. In order of common law: it is the spouse, the children in descending order, then family members based upon how closely related they are. As the child of Zophiel, you are entitled to her estate...which includes the kingdom.”

Dotan stared at Seth with the blankest expression he could manage. It was the god’s turn to have his brain short out.

“Wha…” he began. “How the hell do you know all that? You’ve been oblivious to nearly all other things.”

“Property law I know.” Seth said sheepishly. “It’s how my older brother got the farm, the girl I wanted, and why I had to hit the road to find a living.”

“I think we can fix that.” Dotan replied.

“You damn right we can fix that.” Seth replied. The god gave him an odd look. “My lord.”

“Yes, you should end every sentence with that.” the god said wryly. “Now that I have proven myself I will not tolerate any more disrespect, especially from my high priest, do I make myself clear?”

“Yes sir, absolutely.” Seth stated firmly. “You are my lord and king, never have that in doubt.”

“You sound more confident in me than before.” the god noted.

“I’ve had a demonstration my lord.” Seth said. “I will never doubt you again.”

“I imagine not.” Dotan stated. “You’re smarter than you think Seth. As my high priest you should use your brain more often.”

“Um...thank you my lord. I’ll try.”

“Good.” Dotan walked out into the daylight. This time he wasn’t slinking around, hiding, and engaging in clandestine actions. He was in broad daylight, in full view of everyone. “Now then, let us prepare for my dear aunt Lyfillia’s arrival. I take it my (cousin is it?) cousin Addur has been taken care of?”

“From what I’ve heard my lord, it was easy.”

“They left themselves completely wide open. This will be easier than I could have ever imagined.”

“Would you like us to do away with Addur my lord?”

“No, far from it, he will become an integral part of my new army.”

“But...my lord, he eagerly agreed to be a part of the elvish and Zophiel alliance. He even praised Malona for being so chaste before their marriage. He’s totally the opposite of what you want.”

“As you can atest to, I can be very convincing.” Dotan said. “Now then, take me to my throne room. I need to begin to remove Zophiel’s fishy stench from it.”


Dotan set up his new trap. This time he didn’t even bother hiding. He obtained curious glances from staff workers, but they didn’t stop him or anything. For the moment, the god kept his power low, so people would think he was just some tall worker or something. Seth assisted to the best of his ability as they drew new symbols in a line that cut the throne room in half. Dotan asked for a box from the catacombs of the arena to be brought up to him. Seth managed to do it, and he couldn’t help but notice that the arena was perfectly quiet. He wanted to peek it on Zophiel, to see if she had given up, but his lord had told him to completely ignore her for now. After waking up the guards from their late night, Dotan set everything up for his plan...and Seth had a front row seat.


Lyfillia and Malona entered the throne room. Lyfillia looked quite different from her sister. She was taller and had dark hair and brown eyes. Her nose was also long and prominent, but she it still didn’t detract from the fact that she was beautiful. Malona, an elven demigoddess, was a very attractive woman as well. She had platinum blonde hair, purple eyes and that perfect light elf face. She was noticeably short, but nowhere near how small dark elves like Roshina were. She also had nice womanly curves, that she didn’t attempt to hide with her tight dress despite her championing being chaste. They were casually talking to one another as they passed the doors. They actually traveled a good distance in the long room before Lyfillia finally looked up.

“What? Who are you?” she asked. Casually sitting on the throne that had been her sister’s was Dotan. Seth was standing off to the side, looking more relaxed than he had before. Dotan casually crossed his arms.

“How quickly we forget.” he said. He reached up with one of his fingers and tapped to the side of his amber eyes. “Remember? Think carefully old woman.”

Lyfillia narrowed her eyes at the jab, but also began thinking. After a few moments her eyes perked back up.

“Wait, I remember you!” she shouted. “You were that little boy Zophiel dragged around all those ages ago! You were an annoying little brat, always hanging around and begging for her attention!”

“Well I have fond memories of you as well dear aunt.” Dotan replied.

“What!” the goddess replied, outraged. “What nonsense is this! Zophiel would never allow herself…!”

“To lay down with a dirty, filthy man?” Dotan finished. “Oh, it gets better. She didn’t lay down with just any man, but a mortal, a human.”

“You’re insane!” Lyfillia replied.

“That’s what Zophiel said before I dealt with her!” he replied. “And now where is she? Strange, I don’t see her!”

“What...what did you do with my sister!?”

“She is...indisposed. I guess that makes me her heir doesn’t it?”

“As if I would let a filthy pig assume my throne!” Lyfillia swung her arm around. A blast of energy, similar to Zophiel’s, erupted out of her hand. It went halfway across the throne room before hitting a barrier and cancelling out.

“Just to be clear,” Dotan began, not fazed in the slightest. “Am I a filthy pig because I’m your nephew or because I have a penis?”

“Why you…!” Lyfillia took a few steps forward. Malona abruptly grabbed the goddess’s arm. Lyfillia jerked her head around to see Malona’s worried expression.

“We should leave!” the demigoddess said. “We need to tell the people!”

Lyfillia growled, but seemed to begrudgingly agree. They both turned to dash out of the room, but the door was shut tight. The guards had apparently sealed it behind them. There was another barrier, over the door this time. Malona looked as if she were terrified. Lyfillia looked even more angry. She whirled back around to Dotan.

“You think these shields can hold me?” she shouted.

“Funny, Zophiel said the the same thing.” Dotan replied. He glanced around the room. “Strange, I still don’t see her.”

“You think a mere mortal could…!” Lyfillia began to say. Her words were cut short. Dotan’s wings exploded out of his back. His red halo exploded to life above his head. Lyfillia was instantly taken aback. Dotan was not only a god, but a dark god.

“Impossible!” Lyfillia shouted.

“You are so much like my mother it’s shocking.” Dotan replied. “Well this has been fun, but I think it’s time to get down to business huh?” Dotan opened the box Seth had brought. He lifted up two objects out. They dangled from chains in his hands. They were two collars, made from some sort of silver-like metal. “You two are going to put these around your neck, and you will submit to me.”

“You are a special kind of madman.” Lyfillia said hatefully. “I will never submit to some egotistical man!”

“You don’t care that I’m a dark god, only a man?” Dotan asked as if the answer was obvious. “No matter. You don’t have to put them on.”

“We...don’t?” Malona asked. She was looking increasingly panicked. She was a demigoddess sandwiched between two gods.

“No! Of course not!” Dotan said, his voice clearly artificial. His motioned towards Seth. His high priest then walked over to a door behind the throne. It was hidden behind a curtain and was a convenient exit for Zophiel. Once the door was open two guards dragged in a man tied to a chair and with a bag over his head. They placed him in front of the throne. The guards then casually left the room. Dotan approached the man in the chair. He jerked off the bag. Despite being blindfolded and gagged...it was unmistakably Addur. He was now dressed in only regular clothing.

“Addur!” Malona shouted She now looked distraught. Addur didn’t respond. Apparently they had plugged his ears with something. Dotan ignored her. He suddenly pulled a large knife out of his waist. He put it to Addur’s chest, causing the demigod to jump.

“Put on the collars or I will flay this man alive.” Dotan said casually.

“You wouldn’t dare!” Malona cried desperately. Dotan lifted the knife off of Addur, held his arms open, and had a genuinely confused expression on his face.

“Why wouldn’t I?” the dark god asked. “I don’t know him. Why would I care?”

Malona abruptly looked a little pale. Dotan smiled and brought the knife back to Addur’s chest. He pushed the sharp end of the blade through the shirt and into his skin. Addur screamed against the gag as Dotan carved a huge gash across his chest.

“No! Stop! Stop it!” Malona screamed desperately. Dotan actually listened. He held up the bloody knife with a smile.

“Hm?” Dotan asked. “Had a change of heart have we?”

“Please! Don’t hurt my holy husband anymore!” Malona cried.

“Well, if you don’t want your holy...holy hus...wait...what the...what the fuck…” Dotan stammered for a few moments before jerking his head towards Seth. “What the fuck is a holy husband?”

Seth made an unpleasant face before speaking.

“It’s um…” the mortal began. “It’s a um...a husband who swears to forgo any sex unless it’s for reproductive purposes only. He also swears not to have any impure thoughts, even about his wife.”

“Wha…?” Dotan looked genuinely baffled. “Why the fuck would anyone agree to...oh never mind!” The god finally turned back to the Malona, except now he looked annoyed.

“Agree to put on the collars and submit!” he demanded. “Otherwise I will slowly kill this man, ripping his flesh off piece by piece!”

Malona appeared distraught. She turned to Lyfillia, who looked incredibly infuriated.

“We have to!” Malona cried.

“I will never submit to the likes of this god!” Lyfillia replied.

“The word you’re looking for is “man!”” Dotan interjected. He was ignored.

“If we don’t do as he says he’ll kill Addur!” Malona reasoned. “He’s your nephew and vital for our people’s alliance! We’ve already made promises of purity with each other!”

“Who the fuck would agree...!” Dotan tried to interject again. He was still ignored.

“The marriage process has already started! Zophiel will never forgive us if we let him die!”

Lyfillia snarled and looked at the wall. She was fighting between her pride and what she thought was right. Malona leaned in close and began whispering.

“It’s just a collar and some words.” she said quietly. “We can take them off and deny what we said later. He’s just trying to get a rise out of us. Come on, please, for Zophiel and Addur?”

Lyfillia let out one more growl before stomping her foot on the floor.

“Fine!” the goddess cried. No sooner had those words left her lips than the collars landed in front of them. They both jumped and glanced up at Dotan, who looked incredibly pleased.

“On the count of three! Put them on!” Dotan declared happily. Malona looked fearful and Lyfillia looked enraged, but they both picked up the collars. They collar worked on a hinge and had a hooking mechanism where it was supposed to be closed. With distaste, they put the devices around their necks.

“Ready? One...two...THREE!” he cried. They both snapped the collars shut. “You...dumb bitches.”

Both Malona and Lyfillia instantly felt as if their breath had been drained out of them. All of their limbs felt heavy. They both collapsed onto the ground. They could feel their magic fading into nothing, as if it were sucked away from them. After a few moments of gasping Lyfillia jerked her head back up to see a grinning Dotan.

“What...did you do?” she demanded.

“Did you honestly think I would just take your word for it?” he asked. “Those aren’t normal collars you idiots. They are enchanted mithrazite collars.”

“What?” Lyfillia said weakly.

“Ah, you actually know what that is do you? There were a few rocks of mithrazite at the bottom of the arena. It is a mineral which holds magic rather than eventually letting it dissipate. Soooooo...if a dark god was to enchant mithrazite collars with magic suppression and had certain dumb bitches close the circuit around their body...well...they might find themselves as weak as common mortals.”

Dotan chuckled to himself. He motioned towards Seth again, who called in the guards to take Addur away. Then, as if it were terribly easy, Dotan waved his glowing hand. The shields around the room instantly dropped. He reached into his pocket and extracted what appeared to be two metal hooks. He began slowly walking towards the two women in the center of the room. They both tried to scramble backwards, but they seemed to be completely lacking any strength.

“Do you remember what you said to me the last time we saw each other?” the god asked.

“Wha...what?” Lyfillia asked weakly.

“You told Zophiel “either get rid of that brat or cut his penis off.”” Dotan said flatly. ““I don’t want any of his filth around me.”” Abruptly, Dotan moved in a blur of speed, barely visible to the eye. He bolted directly in front of Lyfillia. He took the hook in his hand and jammed it into the stone floor. He then phased directly in front of Lyfillia and seized the chain attached to her collar. He jerked her back, causing her to shriek and briefly fly into the air before slamming onto the floor again. Dotan took the end of the chain and connected it to the hook. Then, with his bare hands, he closed the metal hook around the chain, trapping her. Lyfillia found herself in an unfamiliar position. She was on the ground, trying to recover from her impact. Without the immense magic coursing through her body, she was as frail as a human. Malona began to stumble backwards, attempting to escape. Dotan smiled and gazed towards her. Her blood started to turn cold.

“Going somewhere?” the god asked. Malona gulped, sweat coming down her face. Then she turned to try and run. Dotan darted across the room. He seized the demigoddess’s collar and jerked her forward. In the blink of an eye, the elf was against the wall. Dotan easily shoved another hook into the marble behind her, and bent it closed with her chain in the loop. Now Malona was trapped. Dotan stepped back, looking amused. Malona hadn’t hit the wall quite so hard, so she still had her wits. She was pulling on the chain and hook, completely in vain. Dotan turned his back to her.

“You can relax.” the god said bluntly.

“H-huh?” Malona asked in a weak voice.

“I have no intention of doing anything to you.” Dotan said, glancing back at her.

“Wh...why?” the elf asked.

“You want me to change my mind?” the god asked.

“No! No...I...um...” Malona was struggling with words. “You just...weakened me...and…”

“I didn’t weaken you, I crippled you.” Dotan’s tone was similar to a teacher correcting a student. “You are very fortunate in one aspect however. The elves never did anything to particularly offend me. Only ever spoke to one of them, and although he was rude...” Dotan’s amber eyes slowly turned towards his aunt, who was beginning to get back on her feet. “He was nowhere near as rude as the others.”

Lyfillia glared and spat in his direction.

“My, my. You and Zophiel are exactly alike.” Dotan said. “Well, except for one thing.” The god darted across the room again. He was suddenly right in front of Lyfillia. He grabbed her by the throat above her collar and, despite her elevated height, lifted her up off the ground. The goddess attempted to struggle, grabbing at his hand and kicking, but it was to no avail. She was as weak as any mortal.

“Let’s take a look…” Dotan said. He reached up with his free hand and seized onto his aunt’s dress. He easily ripped the entire lower half of it off. Lyfillia shrieked and desperately kicked Dotan, but it was like hitting a rock. With a gleeful expression, the god reached out and dug his hand into her folds. The goddess shrieked again, gyrating and kicking. After a few moments, however, Dotan frowned. He then roughly dropped his aunt onto the ground. She crumpled into a heap and desperately covered herself up.

“You hypocritical little bitch…” Dotan said.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Lyfillia shrieked. The god squatted so he was on her level and glared directly into her brown eyes.

“You’re not a virgin. You’ve fucked a man just like Zophiel has.” Dotan said flatly. Lyfillia’s face suddenly turned deep red. She narrowed her eyes and grit her teeth angrily.

“What do you know about it!” she shrieked like a banshee. “I prefer the civil company of women next to the debauched idiots that are men! That doesn’t mean I don’t know what lying down with your disgusting kind is like!”

Dotan merely grunted. He leaned even closer, causing Lyfillia to lean backwards.

“Why do you hate men so much?” he asked. “It’s not just men like me. You hate them all, even ones like that holy husband, emasculated Addur.”

“I don’t have to explain myself to you!”

“Is it because you aren’t as pretty as Zophiel?”

Dotan didn’t think it was possible, but Lyfillia looked even angrier.

“YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME!” Lyfillia screamed at the top of her lungs. Dotan laughed loudly at her outburst.

“So that’s what it is.” the god stated. “You’re beautiful, to be certain, but no one compares to Zophiel, the goddess of beauty. So, the men all lined up for Zophiel, but ignored her dumpy little sister. You couldn’t hate Zophiel, she ruled half of the nation. You needed to be in her good graces. So instead, you turned your anger towards an entire gender. You’re incredibly petty.”

“That has nothing to do with it! You’re talking out of your ass!”



“Zophiel’s ass. She’s the one who told me that.”

Lyfillia stopped. Her face fell and she appeared bewildered.

“There...she wouldn’t say...when?” she stammered.

“When I was sitting in her lap, crying.” Dotan explained casually. “It was after you said that “penis chopping” thing to me. My mother comforted me by telling me why she thought you were such a bitch.”

Lyfillia apparently had enough. She shrieked and lunged forward. She seized Dotan’s shirt and brought her face right up to his. He didn’t react.

“You know nothing about my sister!” the goddess screamed. “She believed the same things I did! She would never let a filthy, male mortal touch her! You’re just a fraud, and nothing you do to me will make me submit to you!” A hand seized the goddess’s forehead. Lyfillia let out a little squeaking noise in surprise.

“We’ll see about that.” Dotan said flatly. He wasn’t smiling anymore. “I’ve had enough of your wailing. It’s time to give you what you deserve.”

“Oooooooh fuck, not again!” Seth shouted from across the room. He knew what his god was about to do. The last two times he ended up with two slaves...and an incredibly sore dick. He probably couldn’t keep three women like that happy! Dotan wasn’t listening. His palm lit up. Lyfillia screamed as she felt him pierce into her brain. His magic felt like fingers poking through her mind, rearranging things inside of her. For several moments she screamed helplessly. Then he pulled his hand off. Lyfillia was still sitting up, looking bewildered. A magic symbol briefly appeared on her forehead. Dotan stood up, gazing down at her.

“What...did you do?” she asked weakly. Dotan grinned from ear to ear, like a predator that finally caught it’s prey.

“Perfect.” Dotan said. He turned towards Seth near the throne. “Figured it out! I got it right this time!”

“Oh good!” Seth shouted back. “I don’t think I have enough fluids in me for another one my lord!”

“What have you done?” Lyfillia demanded. “What did you cha…” The goddess shrieked and grabbed her stomach. A powerful wave of heat boiled over inside of her. She could feel her folds begin to tingle. Her canal began to throb, as if begging for attention. “My...my…”

“Pussy?” Dotan asked, laughing. He turned and began walking back to the throne. Lyfillia looked up and glared at him, but her gaze was betrayed by the desire bubbling out of it.

“You think...making me horny will make me give up?” Lyfillia replied. Her fingers began clawing at the floor. She could feel juices drooling out of her folds. Her heart was pounding in her ears and her insides felt as if they were itching terribly. Her flesh desperately wanted to be satisfied.

“You can’t fight your biology anymore.” Dotan said. “Just as it should be. Women like you have convinced themselves that they are brave or noble by denying their own bodies, by doing the opposite of what nature meant for you to do. People like you encouraged men to do the same, turning them into ineffective, emasculated, frustrated, and weak people. You have crippled this society.” The god reached his throne. He casually sat on it, a smug smile on his face. “I’m merely restoring it to the proper balance, the one nature intended: strong, empowered males, and weak, submissive females.”

“You think messing with my desires a little will make me accept that?” Lyfillia spat. Despite her words, there was pain in her eyes and her legs were fidgeting.

“No.” Dotan replied. “I think you experiencing the ultimate pleasure for a woman will do that.”

“And what is that!”

“Submission to a man, in your actions, your desires...your wombs…”

“You’re sick! You would rape your own aunt?”

Dotan laughed delightfully for a few moments. He then sighed and shook his head.

“Why would I fuck a public toilet like you?”

“What the hell...!”

“...Or rather, that’s what you’re about to be. I’m holding out for a higher cut of meat.”

“You’re a misogynistic freak!”

“And you’re about to be the first whore for my soldier brothels.”


Lyfillia didn’t finish. Dotan lifted his hand. He snapped his fingers. There was a loud popping noise, both from his fingers and from behind Lyfillia. She flinched before jerking her head around. The doors to the throne room and been blown open...and a host of guards walked in.

“Holy shit! It’s really her!” the gaggle of the guards began.

“Is she really powerless?”

“If she wasn’t she would have killed us already.”

“She looks scared enough.”

The biggest guard as well as the one who also assisted in the capture of Addur stepped forward. They appeared different from the previous day. There was a savage look in their eyes, almost as if they were starving. Everything, from their gaze to their posture, was much more aggressive. They were also panting excitedly, like hungry wolves.

“Let’s get this started…” the big guard stated. “You take her mouth, I’ll take her pussy.”

“What!” the other guard complained. “Why do you get her pussy? We both did the work! You can’t make me do that!”

The big guard walked over to his comrade and leered over him. He was a head taller than the other.

“Yes I can, see how big I am?” the large guard said. The smaller guard stared at him hard for a few moments. Then he scoffed and backed down.

“Fine.” he muttered. Dotan, from across the room, chuckled slightly.

“It worked perfectly.” he said to his high priest, who standing beside him. “They’re so pumped up they’re trying to figure out a pecking order, like a pack or herd.”

“That’s a good thing?” Seth asked, genuinely concerned.

“It is for soldiers.” the god replied.

Lyfillia’s eyes were wide with terror. She was slowly backing away, but was stopped by the chain stuck into the ground. She pulled on it with all her might, but to no avail. Without her magic she was completely powerless. The two guards were approaching her with wide grins and hungry gazes. She was completely trapped..

“Oh! One more thing dear aunt!” Dotan shouted. Lyfillia turned her head towards him, keeping one eye on the approaching guards. “You’re in between your periods aren’t you?”

“Wh...what?” the goddess asked weakly. Dotan grinned from ear to ear. It was the widest smile the terrified goddess had seen him make yet.

“You’re ovulating today.” he said. “I checked. There’s no way you wouldn’t become pregnant if someone came inside of you! And don’t worry, I put a seal on you while I was at it. I made sure the child will be a mortal human.”

“N...No...you can’t…” Lyfillia began. She turned back to the guards, who were now right in front of her. “I swore that I would never...you just can’t…!”

“What makes you think we give a shit?” the big guard asked. They both seized onto Lyfillia’s arms and threw her to the ground. Although the goddess screamed...she was terrified to realize that her folds were throbbing excitedly, as if eagerly anticipating what was coming.

The goddess kicked and screamed at the guards, but it made little difference. It was like her hits were that of a child. This only seemed to amuse the guards at best. They seized onto her remaining clothes and ripped them away entirely. She was now naked and at the mercy of the two guards.

“She won’t quit squirming!” the smaller guard complained.

“Then fucking sit on her!” the bigger one replied. The smaller guard eagerly did as instructed. He sat on her stomach. Lyfillia found her breath rush out of her, as if the man weighed a ton. It was a sensation she was unfamiliar with and was powerless to stop it. The big guard had managed to fully seize her legs. With little effort, he pried them apart.

“Holy shit!” the big guard exclaimed.

“What?” the other one asked.

“She shaved down here! There’s only a triangle patch of hair!”

Lyfillia blushed in humiliation and tried to fight and kick desperately. The guards held her in place effortlessly.

“She probably shaved for the wedding.” the smaller guard quipped. He leered down at the embarrassed goddess with a pleased expression. “Her armpits are smooth too. She’s probably a wooly mess the rest of the time.”

“Look at how lucky we are!” the big guard replied. Without ceremony, he shoved his index finger into her folds. Lyfillia instantly went rigid. She grit her teeth and shrieked a little against them. The second the guard’s finger went inside of her, a streak of pleasure shot up her body and into her brain. Her juices instantly oozed around his digit. Both of the guards laughed loudly.

“What a whore!” the smaller one said.

“N-no!” the goddess cried. “It’s because of the spell! He…!” She was interrupted. The soldier on her stomach seized onto her face, putting his palm over her mouth. Lyfillia felt as if her face was in a vice. She looked up at him with terrified eyes. She was met with hungry ones, as if from a predator.

“You don’t talk anymore.” he ordered definitely. “And if you bite me, I’m going to knock out all of your teeth. You’ll be the toothless goddess, is that what you want?”

If the goddess could look anymore afraid, she didn’t know how. The guard was dead serious. He lifted his hand leaned forward. He mashed their lips together and instantly began violating her mouth with his tongue. The goddess whined in complaint, but didn’t bite down. The bigger guard at her crotch, seeing this as an opportunity, began drilling his digit around in her folds. As if he was exploring, his finger began to stimulate the inner flesh, sending sparks of pleasure up Lyfillia’s body. The smaller guard reached up with his hands and seized her ample breasts. He roughly fondled them, enjoying feeling his fingers sink into the flesh. The guard at her lower body inserted a second finger. He pulled her lower lips open, giving him a good view of her inner flesh. If the goddess had previously had sex, it must have been a long time ago. Her insides were bright pink and looked very tight. The big guard grinned widely and licked his lips. He leaned forward and stabbed his tongue into her canal.

Lyfillia shrieked and tried to arch her back. A powerful shot of pleasure surged up her body. As she screamed the guard with his lips pressed against her mouth pushed himself even deeper. The goddess was now helpless against his intrusion. Her eyes widened as their collective saliva poured out of her mouth. The guard then grabbed onto her nipples and began twisting them roughly. The big guard eagerly used his own tongue to probe the depths of her canal. Lyfillia’s hips twitched and she moaned against the other guard’s mouth. Her pussy eagerly leaked juices around the guard’s tongue. He responded by lapping them up. Like all immortals, her fluids were actually sweet. He put his mouth directly on her sensitive entrance and sucked on the flesh. The goddess’s eyes rolled as pleasure exploded across her body. They violated her mouth, her breasts, and her pussy, all unwanted. Yet, rather than being revolted, her body cavorted in absolute pleasure. It was like all of her willpower had just evaporated. Just as her body arched and she could feel her climax build, the big guard pulled his head away. The goddess’s hips bucked without her permission. She was so close to an orgasm that her body even twitched a little. The big guard licked the excess juices off his face and chuckled.

“Look at her suddenly begging for it! What a slut!” he shouted. All the other guards watching laughed loudly. The guard that sat on her stomach finally pulled his mouth away, a string of spit briefly following after him.

“She moaned the whole time!” The smaller guard declared. He finally got off her stomach and positioned himself above her head.

“N...no!” Lyfillia whined. “I’m...I’m not a slu...”

The big guard laughed loudly. He inserted his middle finger into her folds. There was no delicacy or gentleness, he shoved the entire digit inside all the way to the hilt in an instant. Lyfillia let out a shriek and bowed her back helplessly. She tried to ignore the sensations she was feeling, but it was no use. Her countless years of being frigid had crumbled in a matter of moments.

“Tired of waiting!” the big guard grumbled. He fidgeted with his pants for a few moments before his erection popped free. Lyfillia’s eyes widened yet again. He was big, bigger than she thought mortals should ever be. “I’ve felt backed up to my eyeballs since this morning!”

“I know what you mean.” the smaller guard stated. Lyfillia’s huge eyes gazed up at him. His own dick was free, and was almost just as big. “It feels like my entire body is burning! I feel like I could tear her apart with my hands!”

“Or fuck her brains out!” The big guard grabbed his large shaft and began to position it at the goddess’s folds. He began rubbing it up and down her slit, coating it in her ample juices. Lyfillia felt the head of his dick probing her entrance and felt a stream of panic shoot through her. She lifted her legs and tried to kick him. She reached up and pushed against his chest with her hands.

“NO! Anything but that!” she screamed. “I’ll do whatever you want, just not that! I took a vow! You can’t!”

“I can’t express how little I care.” the big guard said. The other guard grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back onto the ground. He then seized her wrists and pinned her down. The big guard seized her legs and pulled them back apart. He shoved his body in between them, preventing further movement. Rather than starting immediately, the big guard hovered over her face, his eyes like a hungry wolf.

“You don’t get to bark orders at us anymore.” he said with a savage grin. “Your time looking down and pissing on us is over. Thanks to our new god, the balance has shifted, and you’ll never be on top again.” The big guard lined his huge shaft up with her entrance. Lyfillia continued to squirm and kick, but she was just as weak as any mortal woman. “Now that you’re our whore, moan like the whore you are.” The large man shoved his hips forward. His huge dick pierced into goddess’s folds like it was his rightful place.

Lyfillia screamed and her body spasmed. The guards roared with laughter as her body twitched. The moment the shaft ploughed inside of her sparks of pleasure cascaded up her entire body. She couldn’t take it or control it. Her muscles tensed, her hips bucked, and her voice screamed.

“What a slut!” The gaggle of guards shouted.

“I can’t wait for my turn!”

“I can’t believe we actually get to do this!”

“I’m worshipping Dotan for the rest of my life!”

The big guard laughed in amusement. He lifted the goddess’s body and gripped her legs. Without an ounce of gentleness, he began pounding their hips together. Far from being resistant, the pussy he was stabbing into gushed juices around his shaft. Lyfillia grit her teeth as her body washed over with pleasure every single time he thrust into her. They were toying with her body...and she was loving it. The big guard tilted his head back and moaned as he grinded their flesh together with abandon. The goddess’s insides clamped down on him every time his dick drilled into her and she was blazingly hot. When his shaft pulled free, her juices dripped down his sack and onto the ground. It was like he was thrusting his dick into a hot, wet, vice, desperate to milk him dry. A wet, slapping sound filled the room as his balls collided with her supple ass. Lyfillia began to drool and her eyes rolled in her head. She was humiliated, and completely defiled...and her body loved it.

The guard above her head got tired of waiting. With her mouth hanging open, he gripped his dick and positioned it at her orifice. Without any gentleness, he shoved his entire girth into her mouth. Lyfillia instantly came to her senses as the large shaft pierced her throat. She suddenly found the guard’s balls in her face and his hair against her mouth. She could taste his sweaty prick on her tongue. It was salty, and unwashed. The most horrifying thing to Lyfillia however...it didn’t taste bad to her. Somehow, Dotan must have made her brain love it. The smaller guard instantly moaned, feeling her tongue wiggling around his shaft. She was just trying to breathe, but her movements were pleasing the guard. Both of the guards began slamming into her at both ends, groaning and thrusting. Both her holes felt incredible. They were hot, wet, and tight. Lyfillia struggled to contain herself. She had to breathe in between the thrusts of the dick in her mouth, but every time the guard inside of her pussy slammed inside, waves of pleasure shot up her body and numbed her brain.

Lyfillia could feel a burning heat build in her loins and stomach. She knew what was coming, but was helpless to stop it. Her body quivered and she began shrieking in between the shaft stabbing into her mouth mercilessly. All of the guards in the room laughed. She was going to cum while these strange men violated her, like a complete slut. They were using her as nothing more than an object, a sleeve to satisfy their lusts...and her body was going to gush in delight. Her fingers dug into the ground and her feet lifted onto her toes. The big guard reached up and began rubbing her clit as he thrust into her. The smaller one reached out to her breasts and began playing with her nipples. They wanted to see the once-proud woman cavort in ecstasy while they violated her. The goddess practically screamed as pleasure shot through her. She twitched, arched her back harder, and screamed. Her body spasmed as stars exploded in her eyes. Pleasure ricocheted all over her body as her pussy clamped down and her juices gushed around the dick inside of her. All of the guards hooped and yelled. Many of them were slapping each other’s hands, immensely pleased with themselves. Neither of the guards stopped while she was screaming and twitching. The wet noises of flesh slapping together got louder. Lyfillia was so lost in pleasure that she seemed to ignore the fact that balls were slapping her in the face. Because they didn’t stop, her orgasm seemed to go on forever, constantly stimulating her. Finally, she slumped, completely spent. The men held her up however, so they could keep pounding away at her.

The big guard’s dick had been tightly massaged by her orgasm. Her warm juices from her orgasm had now completely coated his dick, with a constant stream dripping onto the floor. Her canal was much wetter and slicker than before. He could feel his balls tensing up, ready for his dick to gush.

“Holy shit...I’m gonna cum!” he shouted. This seemed to snap Lyfillia out of her stupor. She even managed to jerk her head free from the guard at her head. He was about to seize her, until she spoke.

“No! Don’t! I’ll get pregnant!” she shrieked. Both of the guards smiled and laughed. The guard at her head seized her hands and held her down, giving him a perfect view. The big guard began picking up his pace, rather than slowing down.

“Good.” he said with a smile. “It’s the least you can do for treating us like shit over the years! I’m gonna wait until you get nice and fat with my kid, and then watch your belly bounce up and down while I fuck you!”

“No! No! I can’t! I can’t!” Lyfillia shrieked. She tried to resist, but the climax she had before had drained her of all her strength. The big guard seized her hips and began pounding rapidly. He could feel his orgasm coming...and it was huge. He had never felt a buildup like this before.

“Cum inside of her!” the chorus of guards shouted.

“Knock her up!”

“Make her a mommy!”

“Show that bitch who owns her!”

Lyfillia kept chanting “no” over and over again. Ignoring her, the big guard gasped, his hips quivering.

“Here it comes!” he shouted. “I’m going to coat your insides with my cum! I’m going to knock you up!” He thrust a few times more, then groaned loudly and pushed himself as deep inside as he could.

“NOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Lyfillia shrieked. It did her no good. She could feel the big guard’s dick swell inside of her, and then his hot magma gushed out like a flood. The big guard threw his head back and his entire body shuddered. What felt like gallons of sperm erupted inside of the goddess, quickly filling her up completely. With every gush, he felt a wave of pleasure wash over him. It was overwhelming, and made his entire body spasm and twitch. He had felt backed up all day, dreaming of violating this beautiful goddess. Now he was emptying it all of that frustration inside of her. He started thrusting slowly, continuing to unload in her. His cum overflowed her insides and gushed around his dick, dripping onto the floor. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally began panting, slumping slightly.

“Holy hell...that was the best I ever had…” he groaned. He pulled his large dick free. The moment it popped loose, a gush of his seed came out, adding even more to the pool onto the floor.

“No...no...no…” Lyfillia muttered, tears streaming out of her eyes. “Get it out...get it out!”

The two guards laughed again. The big one held her legs open, enjoying seeing his seed stream out of her. Because of it was her fertile day, soon that seed would sprout. He took great pleasure in imagining her giving birth to a human male...or a female slave.

“I wouldn’t be complaining just yet.” the big guard said.

“Wh...what do you mean?” Lyfillia asked weakly.

“Because you have a long way to go.” he said with a smile.

“Yeah!” the chorus of guards shouted.

“You said they got to go first, can we go?”

“I’ve had a wicked boner since this morning!”

Dotan, who had been watching the entire scene with vague interest, waved his hand.

“The other one didn’t finish.” the god said. “But if he’s fine with it, I am.”

“I’ll finish in her mouth.” the guard at her head said. “It’s better than I thought it would be. You guys can join in. I enjoy watching her squirm.”

All of the other guards hooped and hollered. The big guard backed away with a chuckle. The gang of guards descended upon the goddess like a pack of wolves, shedding their clothes as they charged.

“No! Stop! Leave me alone!” Lyfillia shouted.

“Shut-up.” the guard at her head said. He shoved his dick back in her mouth roughly, silencing her. The hands of the other guards seized onto the goddess’s body. They groped her breasts, ass cheeks, even her armpits. One of them spread her pussy lips apart, allowing even more of the semen to leak out of her.

“I can’t get enough of these breasts of hers!” One of the guards said. He sat over her, putting his knees on either side of her body. He seized both of her breasts and squeezed them together. He shoved his hot shaft between them, as if it were her pussy. He instantly began moaning, feeling her soft, pillowy flesh envelope him. “Fuck, these things are great!”

“I can’t take it anymore!” one of the other guards shouted. He aimed his dick at her folds. He was so horny, he ignored the first guard’s seed still leaking out. Without any gentleness, he shoved himself inside. He instantly threw his head back and groaned with delight. “A...amazing! It’s so hot and tight!” He began pounding away, desperate to find relief from his burning desire.

“Dammit, she’s all taken, give me your hand!” another one of the guards shouted. He seized the goddess’s arm and brought her hand to his shaft. Gripping it his own, he moved her palm up and down his dick. Another guard on the other side did the same, the rest tightly surrounded her, pumping their dicks excitedly.

Lyfillia’s eyes and mind were full of stars. Every single movement they made sent pleasure up her body. She was completely limp, but they eagerly held her up, using her as if she were just a tool. The goddess couldn’t worry about the sperm likely swimming deeper into her, the fact that she was being defiled, or how these men were using her just to satisfy their own lust. Instead, all she could feel was pleasure. Her breasts, her pussy, her mouth...it all felt amazing. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she moaned against the shaft pounding into her mouth. She felt as if she were losing her mind. The guard at her mouth groaned loudly. His hips twitched and his dick swelled. A moment later her mouth and throat filled with hot, sticky fluid. It was like a faucet, filling her to bursting, and seeping out around the shaft stretching her lips. Instinctively, she swallowed it. In her twisted mind, it tasted great.

“She’s sucking and swallowing me! Incredible!” the guard shouted. He continued twitching and thrusting for several moments, emptying every drop. He pulled himself free with a pop, as she was trying to suck him dry. She lifted her head weakly to look down her body. She saw the guard pumping into her breasts. His thrusts were chaotic and he was moaning loudly. With one final groan he pushed the head of his dick through her ample breasts. A stream of semen gushed from the head of his dick, coating her face. Lyfillia cringed, but because of all the guards she couldn’t escape. The guard kept thrusting, coating her breasts and face in his cum. By the time he finally slumped, her chest and face were soaked and dripping. He stood up, giving her an ample view of the guard thrusting into her. He was pounding desperately, sending sparks of pleasure up her entire body. Despite being disgusted, the goddess could feel the heat building up in her body again. She twisted her body and began moaning. All of the guards around her cackled with delight at seeing her shriek and shake like a whore.

“I’m gonna blow...I...I…” the guard grunted. He seized onto her sides and desperately pounded into her. Lyfillia gave a shout and her body shuddered and quaked. Her insides clamped down on him and her fluids gushed onto his dick. The guard could feel his balls twitch and his semen squirt out of him like a geyser. In her throes of pleasure, Lyfillia could feel the flood of new sperm fill her up to the brim once again. A mix of her juices and the guard’s seed seeped onto the ground, expanding the pool beneath her even larger. The two of them bucked and gyrated against each other for several moments, blindly seeking pleasure. Finally, Lyfillia went limp. Panting and gasping, the guard pulled himself free. A new deluge of semen and female fluids poured out of her.

“That was incredible!” The guard who just ejaculated shouted. “The best fuck I ever had!”

“Turn her over. I want her on top of me!” Another shouted. The dozens of hands that were groping her worked in unison and turned her over. When Lyfillia finally returned to her senses she was on her knees, with a guard in between her legs. She gazed down just in time to see his hands seize her hips and jerk her slick hole down onto his engorged erection. The goddess screeched like a wild animal. It was too soon after her orgasm, so she was incredibly sensitive. The sensations that reverberated across her body were overwhelming her.

“N...no...please...stop…” She tried to whine.

“Not a chance.” The guard under her replied with a smile. “I’ve got to get my seed in there to beat that big oaf’s.” He motioned towards the big guard.

“Fat fucking chance.” the big guard replied with a huff. “That’s it, my dick’s throbbing again, I’m getting in on this.”

“Hey! You already had a turn!”

“Yeah, I’m also bigger than all of you, so I get another turn with the community whore.”

Before Lyfillia could speak, she felt the bulk of the big guard on her back. Her eyes widened when she felt something poking at a hole she didn’t expect.

“No! Wait! Don’t...!” she tried to shout. The big guard stabbed his still-slick shaft into her ass. Lyfillia shrieked in pain for once. His massive dick stretched her tight hole to the limit. He had shoved the entire girth of his dick into her all at once, making it feel as if it were the biggest thing in the world. She had not been prepared for it, nor was he being gentle. Both of the guards inside of her laughed.

“Hold onto her hips.” The big guard said. “Let’s alternate pounding into her.”

“Works for me.” the guard under her replied. He seized onto her hips once again. The big guard grabbed onto her shoulders. Each of them thrusted into her one at a time. When the dick in her ass pulled out, the one inside of her pussy thrusted inside. Then when the guard under her removed himself, the one on top pierced into her. Lyfillia shrieked in pain. With what little strength she had, she reached around and tried to push the big guard off of her. It was in vain. He had a death grip on her, and neither of them felt like stopping.

“For fuck’s sake, stop your wailing!” another guard shouted. He grabbed her face and shoved it towards his throbbing erection. Lyfillia jerked her head to the side, and all he succeeded in doing was burying her face into the hairs of his crotch. Two other men grabbed her arms and attempted to have her jack them off, but she resisted. After a few moments of weakly flailing the big guard growled.

“Everybody stop!” he bellowed. For the moment, everyone obeyed. He grabbed onto Lyfillia’s hair and jerked her head back like she was a mare in heat. He put his mouth right next to her ear. “Knock it the fuck off.” He sounded threatening. “We’re going to get what we want, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

“It...it hurts...” Lyfillia whined.

“If you wait a goddamn minute it won’t.” he replied. The big guard began pumping into her again, albeit a little slower this time. There was still a little pain, but with each subsequent thrust, the pain subsided. It began tingling instead. There was no way before today she would have let anyone do such a thing. It was demeaning, filthy, and disrespectful to the person receiving. There was no way a person would ever feel pleasure from doing this...and yet…

Lyfillia abruptly shuddered. The tingling from her ass suddenly felt pleasurable. It sent a shiver down her spine. The big guard grinned. Without warning, he slammed his shaft hard into her anus. Outside of her control, the goddess let out a pleasurable moan. The moment she did, she jerked her hands up to her face, covering her mouth. All of the guards laughed yet again. She was just a source of amusement to them, and every time she moaned, flailed, or screamed, they thought it was hilarious.

“Told ya.” the big guard said. “You’re a whore at heart.”

“N...no!” Lyfillia tried to say. All of the guards reached out and seized her again. Her head was jerked towards an erect shaft. Both of her hands were placed on other dicks. Lyfillia continued to twist and contort, desperate to fight it. Once again, the big guard grabbed the hair on the back of her head. This time, he put his face right next to her, so he could look directly into her eyes.

“Why don’t you give it a rest?” he asked. Lyfillia stopped struggling. “What’s even the point anymore? We’ve already filled you up, soaked you, and fucked you in all of your holes. We’re not gonna stop. You enjoy it, whether you like it or not. This is only the beginning. We’re going to be using you everyday from now on. You might as well cooperate and feel good in the process.”

Lyfillia stared at him. This entire time she had been fighting and resisting, trying to deny what she was feeling. Her body was screaming like a bitch in heat. They were treating her like a toy, a plaything, an object for their lusts...and she loved it. With the collar around her neck...there was no escaping. Her body was exhausted, she was covered in semen, and she was likely going to be pregnant shortly. She had already been completely humiliated and desecrated...it wasn’t going to stop...what was even the point anymore?

The big guard grinned, apparently seeing her expression. He nodded to the guard in front of her. Lyfillia felt him grab her head and guide it to his erection again. The bulbous head poked at her mouth for a few seconds. Tears came out of the sides of Lyfillia’s eyes. She slowly opened her mouth. The rock-hard dick entered her mouth, exploring her depths. Instinctively, and she had no doubt who put those instincts in her head, the once-proud goddess began sucking on the shaft. The guard on the receiving end leaned his head back and moaned.

“Oooooh...a goddess is sucking my cock...” he said in delight. Lyfillia could feel her hands on two more shafts. After only a few strokes by them, they released her. She began stroking them by herself. The big guard chuckled. He released her head and began thrusting into her ass in rhythm with the guard underneath her. Two more guards forced her biceps against her sides. They began thrusting their dicks into her smooth armpits. Two others shoved their own pricks into her large breasts. Lyfillia was completely covered in men’s dicks. Pleasure resonated up her entire body. Every time one of the men pounded into her pussy and ass she felt a surge of ecstasy blast up into her brain, turning it to mush. The blazing hot, twitching erections violating her body felt amazing on every single inch of her skin. The goddess moaned against the dick in her mouth.

“She really was a whore!” one of the guards shouted.

“She submitted so easily!”

“Looks like Dotan was right! Women are just slaves to their bodies!”

Tears streamed down Lyfillia’s face, but her hips bucked against the dicks slamming into her. She moved with every one of their thrusts, meeting their movements with constant wet, slapping noises. She could feel the heat building inside of her once again. The mass of guards was already moaning with her. The guard at her mouth began piercing into the back of her throat. She offered no resistance as his balls slapped against her chin with every violent thrust.

“Her skin is super soft!” one of the guards rubbing his dick into her breast said.

“Totally!” a guard at her armpit echoed.

“I’m gonna jizz just from that!” another said.

“Go ahead!” the big guard said. “We’re all so pent up we can cum a dozen times!” The dicks all over Lyfillia’s body began thrusting uncontrollably. The men were getting louder and louder with every passing moment. Rather than being disgusted, the goddess felt her body grow hotter. She was getting off on this. No longer fighting it, Lyfillia began trembling. The heat inside of her body build to a fever pitch. Her folds and ass were tingling in absolute pleasure. She could feel another orgasm unleashing, and this one was huge. This was one she was bringing on herself. She gyrated desperately on the dicks skewering her two lower holes, hastening her body towards its peak. She didn’t care about her dignity, her vows, or her position as a goddess. She just wanted to cum. She wanted to shriek in pleasure, spasm every muscle in her body and shatter her mind with pleasure. Her body happily submitted to these dicks...and now mind followed after it.

Lyfillia screamed against the dick in her mouth. Her body throbbed as a torrent of her juices gushed out of her folds. Her pussy and anus clamped down on the dicks pounding into her. The guards at those holes groaned. Their hips quivered and they bellowed in pleasure. Their dicks exploded inside of her, flooding her insides, as if it was their right. Every moment of their deluge felt like heaven to the goddess. Her body convulsed in delight every time she felt their seed swirling inside of her. Stars exploded in her eyes and her brain seemed to finally melt into nothing. Pleasure the likes of which she had never felt surged across her body with every gush of her pussy. Her boiling juices soaked the guard underneath her as he bucked his hips upwards, adding his seed to her flood. The guard at her mouth groaned loudly. He seized her head and slammed it against his crotch. His balls twitched against her face, his dick swelled, and then his hot magma poured down her throat. Lyfillia’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as she swallowed every single drop. The dicks at her breasts and armpits swelled and twitched, pouring torrents of seed across her body, coating her in layers of sperm. Every single part of her was coated, inside and out, with their jizz. They treated her like she was a cum whore, and she screamed in pleasure the whole time. When they were finished, the guards pulled away from her, even the one under her, as if they had planned to all along. Lyfillia’s quivering body flopped onto the ground, her pussy still squirting juices. She landed in the pool of fluids that had been accumulating this whole time. The guards howled with laughter. The goddess’s transformation was complete. She was nothing more than a whore for their personal use in their preferred position, moaning like a slut and covered in jizz.


Malona had witnessed the entire scene. She felt her stomach churn with every desperate shake of the guard’s hips. She found their wanton lust revolting. They were like animals, no, worse than animals. They were like savage beasts, throwing their reason to the curb and indulging in their basest desires. It was horrifying...but nothing compared to the sickening sight of Lyfillia giving in. She was just as bad as they were, no she was even worse. She had been a noble goddess that believed in femininity, temperance, and abstaining from carnal desires...and now she was wallowing filth. She laid in a pool of semen and her own fluids, groaning and moaning like a real whore. Malona covered her mouth and desperately tried not to vomit. The guards had ignored her completely...if she got their attention...if she made a single noise...they would turn to her! The elf demigoddess became more and more pale. She was dizzy and felt as if she would faint…

“Quite a sight isn’t it?”

The demigoddess shrieked and fell to the ground. She turned with terrified eyes to her side. Dotan was standing beside her. He had somehow gotten beside her, without her even noticing. He had spoken right into her ear, scaring her to within an inch of her life.

“You see that?” Dotan asked, pointing to Lyfillia. “You see how easily women can fall? I can bring any woman to that state with only the littlest of effort. That is your true nature. Slaves to men, tools for their lust. It’s in your nature. It’s your very biology. Why do you think you’re weaker? Why do you think you are the sex that carries and births the children? Why you are so bound by emotion? You are meant to have children, raise them, and please the stronger sex. That is why species on this planet keep going and surviving from one generation to the next...but women like you...”

The dark god glared down at Malona. He grabbed the collar around her neck and jerked her up. He raised her to his eyes. The demigoddess reached up and grabbed the collar. Her neck was dangling by it, with her feet off the ground. Her purple eyes were swimming with fear as she gazed into Dotan’s intense amber orbs.

“You have convinced yourself that you are noble if you defy this nature. You want women to stop having children. You want men to become submissive. You want to be the stronger sex...but you can’t cut it. This society crumbles around you. I’d be willing to bet my immortality that birthrates are dropping, and men are becoming itinerate and depressed. You want to defy nature and expect a damn medal for it. You’d be happy to see these races die out just so you can feel better about yourself. Well take a good look.”

Dotan pointed Malona’s face back at the passed-out Lyfillia, with the guards surrounding her. They were masterbating over her body, still covering her in semen. Dotan jerked the terrified elf back to his eyes.

“That was so fucking easy. I can do that to all of you, to every woman, elf, or goddess. I could turn you into a servile, quivering mess with a flick of my wrist.” He pulled Malona even closer. She could feel his hot breath on her face. “But...I won’t.”

“You...you won’t?” Malona asked weakly.

“No. I have no quarrel with the elves.” Dotan replied. “You are a relative of the King of the Elves are you not? I’m willing to bet he won’t do anything rash while you’re in my hands. That is your only use outside of your reproductive organs.” The dark god narrowed his eyes. “You best remember that...and cooperate...or I will changed my mind.”

“Ye...yes...I will!” Malona said desperately.

“Yes...what?” Dotana asked.

“Yes...King Dotan.” she said, lowering her eyes.

“That’s better. You cooperate and do everything I say, or I will make you a communal whore...just like this toilet over there.”

“I...I will!” Malona declared.

Dotan unceremoniously dropped her to the ground. She slammed onto the stone floor like a heap. She instantly curled into a ball and began quietly crying.

“So weak...you desperately need a master.” Dotan muttered.

The big guard picked up the unconscious Lyfillia by one of her arms. She was a limp ragdoll.

“My lord!” the guard cried, getting Dotan’s attention. “This whore’s used up for now. Can we use that one?” He pointed at Malona. The elf shrieked in terror and scuttled away from the guard as far as her chain would allow.

“Only if you want your balls chopped off.” Dotan replied. The guards stared at him for a few moments blankly.

“Ah, so that’s a “no.”” the big guard stated.

“We’re still pent up.” one of the other guards complained. Indeed, all of them still had erections, despite cumming three or four times.

“Who said we were done?” Dotan asked. “What little military this country has arrives tomorrow. So, in order to ensure I have them all to myself without distraction, we need to clear out this castle...which is full of uppity bitches.” All of the guards chuckled excitedly. “Now then, get dressed, and chain up that public whore in your barracks. Let the other guards drink some of the wine I prepared and have a turn with her if they like.” The god then pointed to the elf huddled in fear on the ground. “Take this one to the dungeon. I’ll get her a room later. Make sure no harm comes to her. She’s a bargaining chip. Gather all of the guards that will side with us...after they have drunk their share of the free wine I provided that is...and get your armor on. We’re going to seize the castle. Is all that clear?”

“Yes sir!” All of the guards shouted.

“Now go!”

All of the guards scattered for a few moments to get all of their clothes. Once they had put those back on, five of them seized the chain attached to Lyfillia. After several hard tugs, the hook broke and they began dragging her away, leaving a trail of fluids behind her. Several others did the same with Malona, although she managed to walk with the leering, panting guards. Just as they were all about to leave, Dotan finally noticed something.

“Hey, wait a moment.” the god said. All of the guards stopped and turned to their king. “Where’s Thomas?”

“Huh, that hopeless sap?” one of the guards asked. “He was too chicken to actually show up. He’s probably in some corner somewhere masterbating to that chick that’s never going to put out.”

“Well, find him and send him to me. I’m going to use him as my assistant, got it?”

All of the guards answered in the affirmative. They then resumed their march, dragging their two prisoners. Dotan watched them walk out of the room for a few moments. Wordlessly, he turned and marched back to his throne. His high priest watched him, silent as well. The new king sat on his throne. Apart from the marks in the floor left from the hooks and the puddle of fluids with a trail leading to the door, the room was no different. Yet, in such a short time, what had transpired in this room had completely wiped away everything this world had been before. Zophiel had been banished. Lyfillia was a brain dead whore. The elves were going to be paralyzed by a hostage. Dotan had the world by the balls...now all he needed was an army.

“Anything to say, Seth?” Dotan asked. The god was sitting on his throne as if he were bored.

“No my lord.” Seth replied. Unlike before, the high priest didn’t seem fazed by what he had just seen. In fact, he felt even more sure of what he was doing than before.

“Good.” the dark god replied. He leaned back on his throne. “Two down, five to go.”

“I’m sure if you’re as rough with them as you were with Lyfillia, it will go smoothly.”

“That wasn’t rough. That was me being kind.”

Seth gave his god a serious look.


“She is drowning in pleasure, how is that rough or mean? No one has seen me be cruel, not really. Those other goddesses however...might require me to be more harsh. Cruelty well-used brings peace to a state.”


“Is that a problem?”

“No my lord, I am your faithful servant.”

“Good. Prepare to seize the castle. I have a feeling that there are more women that need to be taken down several pegs. Tomorrow I will have my army, and then everything my mother built will be mine.”

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