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The Clarks Anonymous 16/06/05(Sun)18:39 No. 24311 ID: 98fd99

Julie Clark was 10 years old the first time she masturbated. It was a cool night in March, the moon was full, and she used a well washed Gel Pen. With her feet propped up against a wall, a battery operated LED lantern at her side, and a full length mirror ahead of her, she nervously prodded at her tingling nethers with the smooth round plastic cap of her pen.

She froze at every noise, the cat's collar jingling away downstairs, the house settling, an errant branch striking a window. Every single sound was a potential alarm, signaling the approach of her parents to punish her for this wanton act.

That worry soon faded the instant the side of her pen slid across her clitoris. Her free hand swung back to hold her up and grip at the soft blue carpeting of her floor as her muscles instantly malfunctioned. Surprised gasp soon turned to furtive rhythmic pants as each stroke of the pen against the needy nub sent heart pounding, tummy tightening, leg wobbling, toe curling jolts of electric thrill that rocked her pre-pubescent frame like a trailer in Tornado Alley.

She felt moist heat slowly slide down her crotch and saw her hot pink privates glisten in the stark white light of her lantern. If any part of her wanted to be curious, stop, and investigate, it was quickly bound, gagged, and drowned in the river of astonishing sensation. Her body grew tighter, the heat in her belly sky rocketed, the universe around her seemed to shrink to a single point until finally, boom. Stars danced in her eyes, she lost her balance and thumped against carpet hard, writhing and wriggling as she bit her lip to stifle the almost unstoppable squeaks that came along with the explosion.

As her brain stopped clicking the on-off switch of her consciousness and her heartbeat finally slowed, the thing she would remember most about that night came into focus for the very first time.

It was the sight of her eighteen-year-old brother Nick, on the living room couch, fingering his girlfriend, Lori. Of course, at the time, she didn't know that word. All she knew for sure was that she was sitting in his lap, and his hand was past the waistband of her skirt.

That singular moment of voyeurism carried her through repeat sessions for almost a year. Until one day she saw them leave the school cafeteria and sneak over to a shady spot on campus, where Lori gave her brother a blowjob.

His hair was dark down there, she'd lifted his shirt so Julie could see his abs flexing as Lori teased and suckled at him like a popsicle. In that second stolen moment, Nick Clark ceased being just her beloved older brother, but the star supreme of her sexual awakening.

No boy her age could compete, no unobtainable stranger on a magazine could compare. Always a few feet away was everything she ever wanted, strong, kind, loving, and handsome.

But Julie, lovestruck as she was, was no fool. She'd learned of many a taboo in seeking guidance from the wild frontier that is the Internet. Thoughts of genetics disorders and disfigured babies was there of course, but they played second fiddle to the ideals of loyalty and propriety.

Nick was with Lori, and she couldn't possibly ask her darling brother to do anything to break another girl's heart. No matter how much she wanted Lori to suddenly have her legs pop off and run away without her.

So she silently pined, secretly fingered, and delighted in every doting moment he threw her way. For that may very well have been as close as she'd ever get to what she really wanted.

Years passed this way, idle nothing relationships leaving Julie unfulfilled at 17, happy little fantasies in the private confines of her room her only comfort. Nick was 25 now, a strapping young mechanic working at the family owned garage. He'd gone to a local university to stay at home with everyone, which was a massive relief to her.

He was still there, just up the attic ladder, his bed right above her own. Which of course wasn't a coincidence, she'd moved her bed to that effect. It made it easier to imagine laying her head on his broad, well muscled chest. Listening to his heartbeat as he slept beside her. It was often she imagined simply going up to his room naked and throwing herself at him full force.

Which was an absolutely terrible plan every single time she thought about it for longer than five seconds. So instead she'd cuddle with his laundry a bit before she washed and returned it. It was a rather weak crutch, but it was most certainly better than nothing.

Soon however, a shining opportunity came down like a beautiful angel on gossamer wings. For the first time, in as long as she could remember, their parents were leaving on vacation. A sort of second honeymoon where they'd spend two weeks in Hawaii. That also meant Nick had the time off from work, and best of all, this all just so happened to coincide with a two year long dry spell for him.

Lori had stuck with him for the majority of college before he caught her at a party giving some jock a hand job. They'd tried to make it work for a while after, but the whole thing just spiraled into the dirt.

The fallout of his break-ip had been a bit of a double edged sword for her. She absolutely hated how depressed and lonely it made him, but loved every opportunity to make him smile and brighten his day. Thinking about it now, he'd been with Lori for almost 6 years. That much time together no doubt created regular releases of endorphins and adrenaline in him that he'd been denied for almost two years now. Two years of no one to touch, thrill, hold, or kiss. Could it be the perfect storm of opportunity? Could she reach across the valley of impropriety and pull her beloved brother into her waiting embrace?

Plans developed almost instantly. She'd start wearing that bathrobe that she outgrew years ago, puberty had been equally kind and generous to her. She wasn't cover of a swimsuit edition pretty, but she knew her curves were all the right sizes in all the right places. She'd get a pixie cut that first weekend, Nick always had a thing for girls with short hair. Then she'd hit him with a steady increase of physical contact. Without any provocation on her part, there'd always been a healthy amount of hugs and kisses between them, now it was the time to up the ante. If she was careful, she might even be able to set up a few "accidents" that'd get his blood pumping in all the right places.

It was perfect, the ultimate plan to get what she'd been craving all this time. Even if it was ultimately just the one brief tryst, a flurry of raw passion that never came again, she knew she could live with the memory of just the once and be content.

There was just one problem. One infinitesimal detail she had overlooked in designing her strategy. Something so far off her radar it's discovery would shake the foundations of her world.

She had three little sisters who were all thinking the exact same thing

tSade!O9S.2cqv5k 16/06/05(Sun)22:31 No. 24314 ID: 2700cc

Well, that is promising. :)

Phoenix!!xlZGywLzWw 16/06/06(Mon)07:55 No. 24315 ID: fe6dc2

That's a hell of a Shamalyan twist right there. Lucky Nick!

Anonymous 16/06/06(Mon)20:35 No. 24317 ID: 98fd99

The twins, Sarah and Sylvia, were 11 when they first saw their brother Nick naked. It was a warm summer afternoon at their uncle's lake house, when their mother sent them out to find him. Now, when it came to their brother, if there was water nearby, chances are you'd find him in it trying to break some personal record. It's one of the things Sarah loved about her big brother, in competition with no one but himself. Sylvia always thought of dancing when she saw him swim, it was weird he never seemed as graceful on his feet.

So there they were, hiding behind a tree, watching their 21-year-old brother towel off in the nude. The only other house for miles was well across the lake, they both assumed that he felt alone enough to drop his swim trunks with impunity.

If there was any objection to looking at his naked body, it had been crushed by the bizarre combination of youthful curiosity and nascent sexuality. Even if they'd seen him shirtless before, the lack of some secondary blockade made the once mundane chest an exciting side dish to the main course.

For Sylvia, a firm rump with two strong legs made her feel pleasantly dizzy. For Sarah, a trail of firm abdominal muscles and fine dark hairs leading to his limp yet weighty manhood made her insides tingle.

The moment eventually passed as he started dressing, they intercepted their brother a few minutes later and walked him back to the lake house. Masking the nervous energy that the sight had built up in both of them.

That night, under the cover of darkness and in the borrowed bed they were happy to share, Sarah turned to Sylvia.

"That was bad, right? We... We shouldn't have stared."

Sylvia turned to face her twin. "I dunno... I mean, he's seen us naked. Remember those pictures mom has of us when we were littler? Nicky used to give us baths."

"That's different! He's... You know, grown up!"

"Yeah, he is." Sylvia smiled slyly

"Syl! Come on!"

"Oh you were staring too, don't get all high chair on me."

"High horse."

"You know what I meant!"

Sarah recoiled slightly, she always hated upsetting Sylvia. She slowly reached a hand up to hold the one Sylvia kept on her pillow.

Sylvia eventually smiled and held it back. "Apology accepted."

Sarah looked at their hands interlocked and said, "whatcha think it feels like?"

"What what feels like?"

"You know, boyfriend-girlfriend stuff..."

"Oh..." Sylvia thought about it for a few moments. "Well maybe like... Hugs, but better? You know like how ice cream's good but chocolate syrup makes it even more good!"

"... He does hug Lori a lot."

"Uuuugh! Lori! She sucks!"


"She does! You know she sucks!"

"You only think that 'cause we don't get to spend as much time with Nicky 'cause of her."

"Well... Yeah! Plus she looks at us like we're dogs or something."

"I never saw that."

"That's just 'cause your nicer about people than I am."

Sarah couldn't think of a decent response in that moment, in retrospect she'd've simply thanked her sister for a nice compliment. But in that bed, at that moment, a hug was everything she wanted to convey all at once.

Sylvia didn't hesitate to return it.

It wouldn't be the first time they'd fallen asleep while cuddled together. But it would be the first time for what followed. As they both moved to settle in a little more, Sarah's thigh dragged against Sylvia's crotch. The sensation dashed straight up her spine and pulled up with it a surprised squeak.

Of course, Sarah had no clue what she'd just done, so she pulled away, afraid she'd harmed her sister. "Sorrysorryi'msorry"

"N... No wait..."

Sarah froze, trying to make out Sylvia's expression in the dim moonlight coming in through the window.

"D... Do that again."

With considerable hesitation, Sarah moved her leg against her sister gently. When her face scrunched up and she made another squeak, Sarah tried to pull back only to have Sylvia's own legs stop her.

"S-Syl?" Sarah could hear her panting and feel her grip on her hand and leg tighten.

"It... Feels..." She wriggled, huffing and grunting as she slowly ground herself against her twin's thigh. "I... Nnm I like it..."

Sarah bit her lip and lied there rigid as stone, she couldn't think of what to do but watch in almost rapt fascination and growing curiosity. Watching her writhe against her thigh felt just like when she saw their brother naked. But before that thought could go and further, she felt her sister's leg slowly slip up her own.

"W-wait! Sylvia!"

She stopped immediately, looking right into her eyes.

In the darkness she could barely make out her sister's face. There was a strangeness there, an expression she'd never seen before. "I'm... I'm scared."

Sylvia's expression changed almost instantly, it was softer, kinder, yet bearing some remnants of the strangeness that preceded. "S-sorry... I just... I wanted to share."

It was true of the Clark Twins that they'd been quite adept at sharing everything in their lives. Disputes abated quickly, jealousy was almost non-existent, to them sharing was simply a way to increase the value of anything. If there was something one could have but the other couldn't, they'd abstain. If one was too scared the other would shelter. If there was only one of something, they'd split it in two.

"... You promise that it feels good?"

Sylvia nodded as she released Sarah's hand and hooked her pinkie to pinkie.

That was enough, a simple gesture that to them meant absolute trust. The twins moved closer, legs interlocked,resting forehead to forehead as they both pressed their thigh into the other's slit. Sarah suddenly remembered trying on a swimsuit that felt like this once, an errant little tickle of something she disregarded when her mother said it was too small and made her put it back.

Sylvia moved, and a cascade of sensation jolted her out of introspection and into the moment. When she moaned she clasped a hand over her mouth. The sound was so unlike anything that ever left her throat it spooked her, not to mention it was far too late at night to make noises as loud as that.

Sylvia giggled slightly. "Told... You..."

Sarah shifted timidly at first, her panties and pajama bottoms rubbing up against her labia as she humped against her sister's thigh. "I... Nng... It.... So good..."

Satisfied that Sarah had abandoned her fears, Sylvia began to move again as well. Slow, awkward grinds soon turned to quick, meaningful thrust as they both fell into a spiral of delightful and inexplicable sensations. Hands sought whatever holds they could beneath the blankets as they thrusted harder and faster. Hot dampness staining legs and crotches was taken as encouragement while some strange greater tension seemed to be building inside them both. Each grunt, huff, thrust, brought more and more prickling delight and demanded they keep going toward some unknown yet exciting goal.

In this immeasurable span of time, the sensation of a brilliant firework exploded inside Sylvia first, she quickly turned her head and groaned all the air out of her lungs and into her pillow.

Sarah followed suit, burrowing her face into her sister's shoulder as an unyielding torrent of sensations overloaded her.

As they clenched and shook out of control, they clung to one another like their lives depended on it. Eventually they parted, throwing off their blanket, grateful for the air conditioning wafting across their overheated bodies with soothingly cool air.

"That... Was so much better than a hug..." Sylvia said as her heart finally started to slow down.

"Just... Like you said..." Sarah agreed, wiping sweat from her brow.

As they panted toward the ceiling, Sylvia turned her head toward her sister and asked, "Did... Did it feel a little like when we were looking at Nicky?"

Sarah tried to organize her thoughts, then slowly lifted her pajama top and pressed against the spot just below her belly button. "Like... Right here?"

"So you felt it too!"

"... I guess that's... Boyfriend-girlfriend stuff..."

Sylvia hummed in agreement and was happy to sit in silent reflection with her sister until an errant thought marched like a parade to the front of her mind. "You think... It'd be even better if Nicky did that?"


"If it was Nick doing... Whatever, would it be better?"

"Syl we can't do that..."

"Why not?"

"Because... You know, brother's and sisters don't do that..."

"But we just did..."

Sarah found a corner of the ceiling to stare at.

"It felt really good right?"

She crossed her arms like she always did when she lost and argument.


"But Nick likes Lori... "

"Uuuugh! You're right! Stupid Lori in the way again! Oh! But then if Lori and Nick weren't together..."

"... Maybe?"

Sylvia laughed triumphantly.

"But don't try breaking them up! That's mean!"

"So... If Lori just leaves then we can try boyfriend-girlfriend stuff with Nick!"

"... If he wants to..." Sarah suddenly found herself blushing. "I mean, he can say no... We can't make him."

"But you waaaaannaaaa."

Sarah threw her pillow at Sylvia who giggled in response.

"That means yes! I still win!"


Over the next three years, Sarah and Sylvia learned more and more about sex, love, and the concept of incest. They understood that it was socially frowned upon and could lead to even worse problems, but as they'd already been essentially having sex with one another ever since that night at the lake house, it was harder to see the negatives. Sylvia argued that people also think homosexuality is wrong too, and look at how crazy they all seem to be.

Sarah agreed because she honestly loved her sister and her brother. It certainly didn't felt like wild surging hormones or a one time experience. She couldn't imagine a life without either of them in it, and certainly didn't want to.

So it was that the twins would steal whatever little moments of close contact with their brother they could. Hugs would linger longer than they used to, kisses on the cheek became more frequent. They'd find ways to hold his hand or fall asleep on him. All the while wary of Lori and Julie.

Lori being his Girlfriend was a hassle at best, they simply dealt with her the way one would a leaky pipe, as little more that a nuisance. But Julie? Sylvia had her suspicions about her feelings toward Nick, but Sarah would always say that was just a matter of perspective. They didn't necessarily have the strongest argument toward normal sister behavior, after all.

When Nick and Lori parted ways, the mood of the twins shifted. Their beloved brother tumbling through soul crushing heartbreak made their own feelings crystal clear. They wanted nothing more than they wanted his happiness. They wished to show him how much they truly loved him. His sorrow was an anchor in their hearts and every smile he managed was sunshine after the rain.

When their parents announcement came to pass, the twins knew this was their chance. Nick was almost completely over the break-up and they'd be there, giving him their loving hands for the final push. Well, not JUST their hands.

Later that day Sarah adjusted her glasses in the mirror. They were a few months old now and she was still getting used to them. Sylvia had taken to wearing a decorative pair in a show of solidarity, so their identical aesthetic remained intact. Thoughts on her appearance turned southward just as Sylvia came into their shared bedroom.

She watched quietly just out of sight as he sister sized herself up in the mirror. They hadn't been as lucky at the puberty lottery as Julie, skewing more toward lithe than luscious.

When her hands cupped her just handful worthy breasts, Sylvia finally said, "He's not gonna care how big they are, Sarah."

Sarah squeaked loudly and scrambled to cover her chest with her arms, a force ten blush quickly reddening her cheeks. "Th- I wasn't. I just-"

"Don't worry." She walked up to her sister and lovingly held her cheeks. "We're ten times prettier than that stupid bitch ever was. Plus? There's two of us. So that's what?"

"... Twenty times better."

"That's my Sarah!" Sylvia stepped in close and kissed her tenderly on the lips. "Now... Let's go over the plan one more time."

"The first night that mom and dad aren't home, you distract Nick and... And I..." Her voice faltered into nervous muttering.

"Come on..." Sylvia said sweetly.

"I go... To his room and..." Her voice was quieter with every syllable. "Wait... For him... Naked..."

"And when I lead him back upstairs, he sees you, gets all surprised, and I lock the door."

"Syl if we... If we have to lock the door, don't you think it's a bad plan?"

"Nicky's never gonna make the first move, Sarah. He's too sweet for that. We could try getting him all riled up but that'd just make him worried he's doing something wrong or taking advantage of us. He has to know how we feel, and to do that we have to make him see we're not just his little sisters." She took up a stance beside her sister, puffed out her chest, and put a fist to her hip heroically. "We're women in love!"

"We don't... Have to do the pose do we?"

"... I kinda want to, but if you don't that's cool. I'm already asking you to do the hard part. Oh! Speaking of!" Sylvia almost popped off her sister's side as she scrambled over to their dresser and opened the locked drawer at the bottom. She slid it out entirely and, just past all the other things they'd hide there, she produced two long strands of packaged condoms. "Now... We don't know how long Nick's gonna get so, I got two sizes just in case. You want the large or the EXTRA large."

"SYL! How! When!"

"We'll we weren't gonna do this bareback were we?"

Sarah started chewing her thumbnail.

Sylvia gasped delightedly. "Sarah! You minx!"

"W-... I... We... Are on birth control..."

"I can't believe it!" She laughed. "I'm the one playing it safe for once!"

The blush on Sarah extended all the way to her forehead now.

"Aww, sweetie." She said, forcing herself to stop laughing. "Don't be upset. Tell the truth, I only picked them up so we could ditch'em later to spice things up."


"Yeah! I mean, it's two weeks of Nick just being home. No job, no girlfriend, all his buddies out of town, and just having to dodge Julie and Dana. It's gonna get preeetty wild. We might even get him to do that thing you like..."

Sarah bit her lip as Sylvia wiggled her rear for emphasis. She'd be lying if she said the thought of almost unfettered carnal access to their beloved brother wasn't panty wetting, toe curling, goosebumps on goosebumps inducing excitement. But an undeniable anvil of reason crushed that flight of sexual fancy as it just started to spread it's wings.

"What if he says no..."

"You mean to anal or-"

"Sylvia!" She cast her arms down at her side, trying desperately to hold back tears at the thought their brother might reject them entirely.

"... It'll be bad. I mean... He won't hate us, but it's not gonna be like it is now. But... I already thought that. I'm ready to live with it if it goes bad. Because I can't not try..."

"... Double negative."


"Sorry! Habit."

"Just! Look... Do you really want to just keep watching from the sidelines? Watch him throw his heart at some other useless bitch who could break him like the last one, or worse?"

"... No."

"And neither do I! So we have to at least try! If it works it's Heaven on Earth. If it doesn't... It'll suck, but we can salvage it. Besides, we'll still have each other."

"... Okay. Let's do it."

Sylvia threw her arms up in triumph.

"But, uh, do... Do I have to be completely naked? I mean, I have some really nice underwear-"

Sylvia groaned loudly and collapsed back into her bed, palming her face with both hands.

Anonymous 16/06/07(Tue)10:23 No. 24320 ID: 98fd99

Dana Clark was 9 years old when she masturbated in front of her brother. Of course, he didn't know that's what she was doing, she'd been very careful about that, just as she was careful about everything else that day.

But first, we turn the clock back two weeks to where she first saw people having sex. It was an all girl sleepover at Linda Abner's. Several of the girls were are the door when her brother Nick dropped her off, when he waved hello they ran off giggling.

The night wasn't unusual at first, even the game of truth or dare was rather tame. It wasn't until just past midnight that Linda took out her laptop and asked, 'who wants to see people having sex?'

As it turned out, Linda had taken one of her father's adult DVDs from his 'secret hiding spot' and organized a party around its viewing. Several of the girls were scandalized, others disgusted, but no one at all opposed.

Now Dana was a very bright young lady who understood the mechanics of the human body. Her father had given her a visual dictionary that he said he'd had since he was her age. Inside we're various diagrams and cutaways of everything from cars, to jet turbines, to human anatomy. She didn't assume she was the only one there who knew where babies actually came from, but it was a safe bet.

Still, watching the actual event play out on the laptop screen was an enlightening experience for two reasons. One, it introduced her to the idea that sex could happen simply for the act and not just to make babies. Two, the declaration from one of the girls that the man in the video looked like her brother.

Of course he didn't, it was an attempt to annoy her that she easily deflected by saying both 'shut up' and 'no he doesn't.'

Still the seed of an idea was planted. One that would blossom into the notion that her brother wasn't simply someone who helped take care of her and taught her things, but a man. A man with wants, needs, and desires.

It all broke down into mathematics. He was 22, an adult. He had a girlfriend for quite some time. Therefore if sex is something that can happen between adults for it's own sake and not to simply make babies, Nick and Lori must have had sex. But there was something missing. Some component to it she wasn't sure on.

So she turned to the other girls and asked them why they thought people had sex. There were a few answers but chief among them was Karen Lee's. Her sister told her that sex was something people in love did to show how much they love each other, and that she should only do it with someone she knew she loved.

When the girls asked her why she said, 'because it feels better when you love the person you're with.'

Dana, being rather bright for her age was also impossibly inquisitive. Always asking questions and striving to test things she'd learned on her own. So when the next morning came, so to did inspiration. Perhaps it was the image forming in her mind of her brother having sex that ultimately inspired it. It didn't matter, the idea was there and she was set on accomplishing her goal.

First came the control experiment. In the quiet moments after midnight, Dana slipped down to her 'reading room.' Several years ago her father turned the storage space under the stairs into a quiet spot she could use to study in the rather crowded Clark household. Here, with mild soundproofing and a warm yellow light, Dana slipped off her panties and slumped back into the large bean bag chair, making sure to prop her feet up against the door to keep it shut. Her hand slowly slid past the very short whispy hairs that had just started to grow below her belly and cupped the whole of her sex. Mimicking a scene from Linda's XXX matinee, Dana gave herself a single rub to start.

She was both happy and relieved that what she'd seen wasn't just terribly overdone acting. It certainly did feel like something worth all the noise the woman was making. And so, with a litany of uncontrollable grunts and huffs, she ran her fingers in a circle over her small slit. Just sliding under her clit, slipping across the inside of her labia, and teasing the tiny dripping opening beyond.

In the cacophony of feelings rocking her body and mind, she did her best to recall one absolute goal of this entire sensual effort. With toes sliding against the polished oak door, and lower lip ensconced in teeth, she pressed a single finger against her clenching wetness. If it was fighting against her or demanding more of her finger she couldn't tell. It all became this inexplicable moment of delightful chaos that ultimately culminated in a finger pressed as far as it could go into her body.

Her legs crushed against what her clenching insides didn't. She could hardly define the heat and texture inside her body as it seemed to tug away at the exploring digit. As she, emphasis on, tried to pull it out it suddenly felt like her stomach caved in and the rest of her jerked up.

In any other context, such a loss of control would be terrifying.

In this small warmly lit box of a room, all she wanted was to do it again.

Somehow, in a way she couldn't remember, she gathered the will to slowly slide that finger in and out, in and out. Each pass robbed her of more senses, more control. Time was erased, individual actions all became one exact moment, and it felt as if she'd popped out of her own body, did a somersault, then plopped back into reality hard. Parts she never thought could be sore were just that, slipping her finger out sent her into uncontrollable shivers. She certainly never felt this happy about what would otherwise be symptoms of a fever.

Curiosity made her lift her hand and reveal the glistening mess she'd soaked it in. It was going cold in the open air, and slightly runny. With no other choice she wiped it clean against her pajama top, and on wobbling legs, picked herself up, and made her way back to bed where she promptly passed out.

Clever little Dana had step two of her plan already mapped out, even if she wasn't sure step one would even work until the night before. Her plan took advantage of the fact that the women in her family all started their periods at around 8 years old. With careful acting and the right amount of wincing, she burned a "get out of school free" card, convincing her mother she was too sore to go.

Of course, since leaving a young girl alone when she's suffering would make for terrible parenting, Nick's workday ceased to exist and he was set to babysit.

With a host of younger sisters, this was something Nick was all too familiar with.

So it was that Dana settled down in the living room, wrapped in a thick comforter.

"Need anything from the kitchen?"


"Want me around?"


Nick smiled warmly. She loved that smile. It made his eyes seem brighter somehow. Really that was the point of all this. If it really felt better with someone you loved. That meant to her, if it feels better than when you did it alone, you MUST love them.

She wasn't 100% sure why that was even a question. But it was. She needed absolute certainty that she loved her brother, and this was how she'd do it.

Nick sat on the couch behind her, watching as she idly flipped through channels. She stopped on an episode of 'How It's Made', both because she liked the show, and the audio wouldn't be too distracting.

"Nick... Can you sit with me?"

"Down there?"

She nodded.

"You got it." Nick slid off the couch and settled in the space she'd left behind her.

Dana wasted no time settling in, resting her back against him and shoring up the comforter against herself.

He folded his hands in front of her and tenderly kissed the top of her head. "I know how much it sucks to have your insides just up and turn on you. So you just let me know if you need absolutely anything and I promise I'll do my best to make of happen, okay?"

Dana lingered on the offer for a bit, could she skip a step entirely and ask Nick to just touch her? No, that wouldn't match the control. Instead he smiled up at him, doing her best to look pained yet stable.

Her eyes drifted away from the show and focused on his hands. The thoughts of her plan intermingling with the moment made her imagine what it would feel like to have his long strong fingers stirring her insides. It was enough to make her tingle, and was as good a cue as any.

With a glance up to make sure he was looking away, beneath the thick comforter, she slid a hand into her panties and very slowly, very gently began to rub herself.

"Nicky... Can you... Just talk to me for a bit."

"Sure munchkin, anything in particular?"

"... What's college like?"

His answer didn't matter, the thrum of his voice echoed in his broad well muscled chest and reached out as far as her back. Somehow it coupled with what she was doing.

Like their father, Nick tended to gesticulate a lot when he described something. Watching his hands in motion made her pleasantly dizzy, and inspired her to slip a finger inside herself.

The sound of his voice was the ocean crashing against a beach, the delightful sensations running all about her being could be likened to the summer sun. This happy image snapped in twain when she heard him say...

"Hey, you okay?"

She froze, rather she tried to freeze, but parts of her wriggled involuntarily, especially the part where she's shoved her finger.

"Floor getting a little uncomfortable? Do you want a pillow or-"

"Can," she said loudly then took a breath to steady herself. "Can you hug me, please?"


As his arms wrapped around her, she was careful to lay against him so that she only had to move the lower part of her arm to keep pumping her finger. She rested her head against his chest and found the sound of his heart beating caused her own to beat faster. The tender contact made her feel desperate for more. More of his touch, more of his warmth. That longing, that desire, it was fuel for the eventual explosion that made her crumple against her brother and almost lose grip on her comforter. It was twice what overtook her the night before, she groaned and grunted as she shrank against the sensation an overstimulated mess.

"Dana?" He questioned. "you okay sweetie?"

She tried to speak but could only produce a drawn out groan.

"Okay... I know that sound."

Before she could even process what he'd said, Dana found herself swept up in his arms. It was effortless, she must've weighed almost nothing to him. When her senses finally began to settle she realized he was in her own bed, being tenderly tucked in.

"You get some rest," he sweetly rubbed her head. "When you're feeling up to it, you come downstairs and I'll make you some cocoa, okay?"

She nodded dreamily, being cradled like that after climaxing was the cherry on a sinful ice cream sundae. Her brother made the good even better just by being there. She could hardly imagine how amazing it'd feel if he actually participated. There was no doubt, she loved her brother, and that love made everything better.

"Nicky?" She beckoned him closer with her dry hand. As he leaned in she intercepted his cheek with a kiss to thank him.

"Mm, just for that, extra marshmallows in your cocoa."

She giggled, and couldn't feel happier if angels came down and blessed her directly.


It was a year and a half later that Dana sat in an office with her parents. Her test scores were through the roof, she was outpacing the curriculum entirely and the teachers all believed that moving her up a grade or two would be absolutely beneficial to her skills and intellect.

Dana tried to argue against the change, she liked her friends. She liked the pace of things. But her parents simply could not see things her way.

When Nick heard that, he threatened to quit the family garage.

The impassioned speech that followed would forever be etched into her heart as the moment she absolutely fell in love with her brother. Which made his break-up with Lori a few months later a very painful experience for her as well.

He was so hurt and betrayed that for two years she watched him suffer loneliness and doubt, trying desperately to raise his spirits but knowing she couldn't give him what he needed. It was tempting, the drive to hold him tight and loudly proclaim her love. To kiss away his broken heart and give herself to him to show the value his love truly had. But she was just barely reaching toward thirteen.

He couldn't possibly see her as more than his little sister. A scrawny little thing made wiry by after school gymnastics, and short for her age. He'd be kind toward her earnest proclamations, but more likely see them as well intentioned puppy love.

It tore her up to see some other girl take his wonderful love and throw it on the ground like trash. She was angry, she was sad, she was willing to do anything to keep Nick from ever feeling such pain ever again.

And it seemed now, she'd have two weeks to make it happen. Two weeks to show him the true value of his love, to erase his loneliness, to show him she wasn't just his little sister, but a woman who truly desired him.

Starting the first day without their parents, she do absolutely anything to make that happen.

Anonymous 16/06/07(Tue)11:05 No. 24321 ID: 0476d3

This is a great fucking idea, I hope you continue

Anonymous 16/06/08(Wed)03:36 No. 24324 ID: 857623

wait, so the current ages are

Nick - 25

Julie - 17

S&S - 15

Dana - 11

am i right?

Anonymous 16/06/08(Wed)05:29 No. 24325 ID: 98fd99

Dana is 12, the argument about advanced placement is a year and a half after her 'inciting incident' (9-10) And half a year before Nick and Lori break up. The fallout lasting 2 years (10-12). I had to make myself a reference chart and everything to keep the course of events straight across 5 siblings.

Glad you're all enjoying something that I decided to throw together on the fly as a side project to alleviate stress from a bigger project... I suppose it says something about me that I use work to... Relax from work... Hm.

Anonymous 16/06/08(Wed)07:04 No. 24326 ID: 98fd99

And I just realized that should say four years instead of three on the Twin section. Totally slipped my notice.

Anonymous 16/06/08(Wed)07:58 No. 24327 ID: e72399


ha that's pretty funny, glad the author himself has a little trouble keeping ages straigt... exciting set-up, cant wait to see whats next (hopefully no more time hopping). btw did you leave the physical descriptions vague on purpose so that readers can fill in their own fantasy? or are you going to fill in more details later?

thanks for the story OP!

Anonymous 16/06/08(Wed)14:19 No. 24329 ID: 98fd99

The descriptions are vague for a reason, but not that reason, I'll explain after the next entry which should be anywhere between now and next Monday.

It's got time hopping, but it's the last entry like that.

Anonymous 16/06/12(Sun)02:22 No. 24342 ID: 98fd99

Nick Clark was 9 years old when he lost his virginity. It'd been a year since Julie was born and a family get together had been arranged so everyone could meet the new baby. Back then, big gatherings like this always made him uncomfortable, so he'd always seeks out some quiet and out of the way place to wait out the storm of interaction. No one minded, Julie was an adorable distraction.

He soon settled on a small bench by a stone path near his grandparents rather sizable home and enjoyed the crisp air of autumn and the sound of dry leaves skirting the ground with the breeze.

It's why he didn't notice his cousin Mabel had taken a seat beside him until the last possible moment.

Mabel was at least four years older than him, taller by almost a foot, and had what could be best described as a comfortable shape. Not muscular, not fat, but the oft used general term of "healthy". It gave her face a cute sort of roundness.

"Oh! Hi Mabel..." He said quietly.

"Hey Nick. Too noisy in there for you?"

Nick had met Mabel at several other family functions before, she'd always been very friendly and kind and made him feel more comfortable about family gatherings. They got along quite well

"You wanna keep sitting out here and just watch the clouds roll by, or you wanna spend some time with your favorite cousin in the whole wide world?"

"I didn't know Jerry was here."

Mabel gently punched his arm.

Nick laughed, it was the first time he'd felt at all happy about this get together. Mabel had done it again. "Whatcha wanna do?"

A few moments later they were back inside, Mabel had brought some video games and a console with her and hooked them up to a TV in one of the bedrooms. Unfortunately, given the small screen, Nick had a hard time seeing it off to the side.

"Hey, let's try this..." Mabel scooted backward and patted the space in front of her.

Nick regarded the idea with all the grace and care a 9 year old could muster. Which was to say he clambered over to the indicated spot like an excitable puppy. Now flanked by her arms and legs, he felt rather happily secure.

When it seemed he was taking the lead, she kissed him on the cheek to throw his concentration.

When things got more intense, he could feel her press her breast against his back, distracting him even more.

He didn't know why all that made him feel so suddenly bashful, but there he was, finding it really hard to concentrate on the game and not how warm he felt.

Eventually, Mabel paused the game and hugged him. It was a very slow motion, made by someone who was a little unsure. She spoke quietly. "Sorry, I just really needed this..."

"Mabel, are you okay?"

She smiled down as him and hugged him a little tighter. "Right now, I definitely am."

"But you weren't before?"

She didn't say anything at first, he could see she was struggling with something but he had no idea what to say.

"... So hey, what's it like having a new baby sister? You jealous of all the attention she's getting?"

Nick shook his head, "I love Julie. I mean, she's a baby right now so she can't do anything, so I have to help take care of her. I don't like changing her diapers, but I gotta help by doing that stuff too."

"You know you don't actually HAVE to do that stuff..."

"I know... I just wanna. I want Julie to be happy, isn't that what a good big brother does?"

"Well I've never been anybody's brother, but that sounds right to me." She rubbed her cheek against his. "You definitely are an adorable sweetheart"

Nick couldn't help but giggle at the feeling.

"Nicky... Would you wanna help me out with something later?"

He saw her bite her lip and blush ever so slightly.

She started speaking in a much quieter voice and held him a little tighter. "See... there's this thing one of the girls in my class told me about... It's supposed to be fun but I'm a little scared to try it..."

Nick raised his hands in her embrace and held her arm to try and comfort her.

"I know I'd be less scared if I did it with someone I knew I could trust... So... Would you wanna help me?"

Nick probably should've asked what it was first, but he didn't. His cousin needed his help and that's all he needed to hear. So he nodded firmly.

She instantly seemed less worried, a smile slowly brightening her face. "You gotta promise me that you won't tell anybody, this is just between you and me, okay?" She held up her pinky.

Nick looked at her hand, not sure what he should do.

"Oh! Sorry, this is a pinky promise, you hold out your pinky..." She lifted his hand and he mimicked her own. "Hook'em together..." He did just that. "And shake!" She shook enough for the both of them. "There! Pinky promise!"

Nick didn't quite understand what pinkies had to do with anything, but Mabel was happy again, and he helped. That's all he needed.

"Now after everyone's asleep you come back here, and knock three times so I know it's you, okay?"


They happily went back to playing video games until it was dinner time. At dinner Nick and Mabel talked the entire time, things they liked and hated, movies, cartoons, food. It was a fine time and he was happy to see he could make her smile and laugh. She seemed upset by something and maybe whatever they were going to do would make her even happier. So as night came and his parents put Julie to bed, he got ready. When he was sure they were asleep he slipped off the couch in the room they were sharing, checked to make sure Julie was okay, then quietly tip-toed through the dark and quiet house to Mabel's room. With three knocks she told him to come in.

She was already in bed, wrapped up in her sheets. slightly confused he walked in and closed the door quietly behind him.

"Don't forget the lock..."

Her voice was quiet and a little surprising so he fumbled with the lock for a bit before it clicked into place.

He turned around and saw her smiling, but she seemed a little nervous, and her cheeks were red enough that they could be seen even with little moonlight coming in through the window.

She raised her blanket slightly and said, "come lay down with me."

Nick had never shared a bed with anyone before, he wasn't quite sure what to do, so he slowly climbed in and laid down on his side to face her.

She was biting her lip and fidgeting slightly, looking a little unsure. "Okay, n... Now turn around."

He did as she asked, and before he could settle back in her arms reached out and found their way around him. She tugged him close, pressing their bodies together. As he felt her breast press against his shoulders he went stiff as a board. He knew enough about girls to know you shouldn't touch them there unless they said you could. Since she was the one pulling him closer, he tried to feel less bashful, yet failed miserably.

"S... So what are we gonna do..." He asked in a whisper.

She snuggled in closer, finding his hands and rubbing his fingers. "Just... Wanna talk a little first, is that okay?"


"Nicky... D-do... Do you think... I'm pretty?"

"Y-yeah." He replied bashfully. The answer was immediate and without thought, a reflexive nicety programmed into him by television, school and his parents.

"... Really?"

This time he forced himself to think about it. He had no working definitions to go off of, no existing predilections or preferences. He thought about what people called 'pretty' and how it made him feel to look at those things, then felt the same way about Mabel. Of course he lacked the sense and ability to articulate that so he simply said, "Y... Yeah."

She nuzzled against his hair. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," he said calmly and happily. He thought on how she looked a little longer, the freckles on her face that went from cheek to cheek, her hazel brown eyes, how seeing her smile made him smile. Her face was something that made his day nicer, so it must've been pretty.

"You know... You're kinda handsome."


"Yeah... I mean it... You're only gonna look handsomer when you get older. Lotsa girls are gonna say so."

He blushed even more than he thought possible.

"They're gonna want to be with you once they start to see it..."

"B-be with me?"

She let go of his hand and hugged him tightly. "Like this..."

It was warm there, warm and, now that he thought about it, safe. He wasn't scared anything particularly bad would happen, but that's he'd mess up and upset her. But ultimately it was nice to be held, he could understand now why she wanted to do this.

"I wish I could keep you..." she said in barely a whisper.

He looked over his shoulder and saw her tears begin to form.

"I wish I could be with you like this forever... It's so lonely back home, I don't have anyone in my life that makes me as happy as when I'm with you... Not my friends, not my parents. "

He turned around as best he could without hurting her and carefully wrapped his arms around her. She clutched at him all the more. They laid there silently in each other's embrace for a few fleeting moments before she gently pulled back. "But... We're gonna grow up apart. We'll change even if we don't want to... Which... Which is why I wanted tonight to be special. I want it to be something we both remember."

Nick smiled up at her. He didn't quite understand everything she was feeling, but it was enough. "Okay."

She sniffled and laughed softly. "Sorry, this isn't going at all like I planned it, I went and got all emotional." She tenderly palmed his cheek. "Can't help being too honest when I'm with you..."

Her hand was soft and warm, it distracted him as she shifted to a much closer position.

Before he knew it she was almost nose to nose with him, Biting her lower lip and eyeing him shyly. Before he could say or do anything she moved in and kissed him firmly. Something in his head short circuited, he had no clue what to do or how to move. She ran fingers through his hair, and suckled tenderly on his lips.

She pulled back slightly, her hot breath dancing across his moistened lips as it came in pants. "Did... Did you like that?"

Nick felt warm and tingly all over, it was an undeniably confusing moment but nowhere even remotely close to unpleasant. He nodded very slowly.

"Wanna do more?"

"M-... More?"

"If... If you don't like it, I'll stop. Just say so..."

"O-... Okay..."

She moved away and put her back to the wall by the bed, then beckoned him to come closer. "Just like this afternoon."

As he settled in against her, she kissed him sweetly on the cheek and gently rubbed his chest and stomach. He couldn't explain why, but it certainly felt relaxing.

Slowly one of her hands drifted lower and lower dipping just under the waistband of his pajama bottoms, he jerked away in surprise and made a sound of distress.

"Sorry! Sorry! Too much?"

She lifted her hands off him entirely and let him do as he liked. His breathing was fast. She was worried he could see that. "N... No I'm fine... Just... That felt weird."

"It does at first, it felt weird the first time I did it too... Even without all the boy parts."

It surprised him how it felt, but he wasn't scared. With dwindling trepidation he laid back against her.

Her hand slowly made it's way back down, tiny smooth circles making him feel warm all over, and something else brand new.

As she dipped lower she grazed the base of his now erect penis. Her fingers very gently glided over it, getting a feel for its size. It was certainly larger than she'd've thought one would be for a boy Nick's age. If it was this big now she thought, puberty would see him carrying a concealed weapon.

He winced and wiggled as she slid over the tip, starting to pant as his heart increased its tempo.

"Hang on sweetie, I need to do something..." She retrieved her hand, brought it up to her lips, worked up some saliva and licked her palm, satisfied she brought it back down into his pants and very gently began to tug. As he moaned quietly and writhed under her touch her thighs squeezed in against him. "Do you like it Nick?" she asked sweetly. "Does it feel good?"

When she slowed down to let him answer, he could only manage a minor nod.

"That's good..." She kept tugging, making sure not to linger, gauging his responses carefully until she was sure he was ready. "Wanna feel even better?"

"B... Better?" He panted.

"Just lie down... I'll do the rest..."

His limbs a shaky mess, he did his best to comply, slumping hard onto the pillow. Struggling to keep his eyes open, he watched as Mabel slid off her panties and let them drop to the floor.

He might've said something or resisted slightly when she reached over and began sliding off his pajama bottoms had he either the will or desire.

Now naked from the waist down, Nick could only watch in abject curiosity as Mabel moved to loom over him. Her eyes seemed to shine in the light of the waning moon, and a serene, loving smile made any remaining worry or doubt in him melt away. Whatever happened from this point forward was okay, because he helped Mabel be happy.

That everything she did felt nice certainly didn't hurt either.

He felt her hand find his dick, he felt it rub against something wet. She made a very soft yet beautiful noise and suddenly it was surrounded by unreal heat and pressure. He couldn't put words to what he felt as it held him in a strange grip. Mabel groaned softly out of her nose above him and he could feel something runny slide down his scrotum.

"L... Look Nicky..." Mabel sat up. "L-look down..."

Nick peered through the haze of incredible sensations and saw the slicked mess that was their conjoined hips. Thin hairs sparsely covered her down there and served only to highlight the swollen pink nub below.

"You're inside... Inside me... Does it feel good, Nick? Do I feel good?"

"Y... Yes!"

She smiled, almost laying on top of him, kissing him lovingly. "I love you... So much Nick."

"I... I l-love you too"

The bed creaked, Mabel moved, their young flesh clapped together and everything else fell away. She whispered sweet words and encouragement to him, never looking away from his eyes. Her hot, dripping insides milking away at him firmly. His belly somersaulted, his eyes screwed shut, his arms wrapped tightly around her as uncontrolled spasms rocked his body. All the while she praised him, consoled him, thanked him before her words ran out and she herself shook hard against him, slapping her hips down and pinning him to the bed.

The universe froze for but a second before the confines for time and space reclaimed them both. Sweat made it hard to tell where each ended and began. Mabel slowly slid off him and cuddled into his side, caressing his chest soothingly.

He let his head drop to face her. She looked so happy. Did he really make her that happy? These were questions for another time. As sleep slowly dragged him away from conscious thought, to the sound of Mabel quiet proclamation of love.

Years passed, Nick would see Mabel at the occasional family function or visit. There would be no talk of that night, nor repeat performance. Nick wondered the first time after, if she somehow forgot or wanted to deny it happened. But, before that particular visit ended, she hooked a pinky onto one of his own. The tiny gesture was a sweet reminder of something lovely they shared but once, and never again.

They moved on, found others to love, and knew how it should feel thanks to each other. Sadly, on his return visiting Mabel several states away, Nick's girlfriend of six years showed him exactly how much she valued him and his affections.

He was bitter for a long time. Then hurt for less time. Now numb for some time. Maybe these two weeks at home would change that somehow.

He'd been a mess, and his family had been nothing but loving and supportive. He'd make up for the last two years of moping by making sure his beloved sisters had the best summer break of their lives.

Anonymous 16/06/13(Mon)22:28 No. 24350 ID: 3c86e6

Nice. Waiting on next chapter.

Anonymous 16/06/15(Wed)16:54 No. 24356 ID: 98fd99

-Day one, Sunday-

The drive back from the airport provided a strangely calm and empty view on the world. In the hours before sunrise on a Sunday, this part of Oregon was almost entirely asleep. There was the odd sign of life, but otherwise the world was a motive vista of static scenery, a paradoxical still life that made Nick introspective about nothing in particular. It was an odd sensation simply rolling up to the house and almost believing the inside would be empty.

Before he could even work the keys out of his pocket a noisy feline yowl pierced the veil of loneliness. Mr. Bingles, tired of his late night of cat carousing, had decided to grace the humans who feed him with a visit.

With a strange sense of relief that the world hadn't been emptied of people, Nick walked into his home and popped his shoes off at the cubby by the door, hung his jacket on the nearby coatrack before heading up to his room to change into something more comfortable. At a few inches short of 7 feet, Nick's options for clothing that suited his physique and price range were narrowed considerably. As he pawed through his assorted folded shirts and shorts he noticed two of his T-Shirts had gone missing. He assumed must've missed a laundry day at some point, and they were sitting in a basket somewhere. It was easy enough to lose track, other than color and the odd logo, all the shirts were the same shape, making keeping an accurate count a boring task.

Shrugging off that oddity, he changed into a tank top and basketball shorts and headed back downstairs. His mind turned to thoughts of what he and the girls would do with their time together. Ideas ranging from the personal to grand group activities slowly took shape as he made his way over to the kitchen table.

There, as it always had been, was a legal notepad. Their father always insisted on going over business and finances in pen on a pad of that odd yellow paper, it made all his thoughts, decisions, an math a 'sure thing'.

Nick flipped through for a clean page, separated it, took one of the less chewed on pens in the cup that always sat next to the pad and started jotting down his ideas.

Lost in thought he didn't hear Dana pad down the stairs, or her approach. Bare feet on carpet meant incredible stealth to those who'd take advantage of it. 'This is it,' she thought. 'No turning back, no fear.' She made sure to stretch to give her voice the very subtle edge of a moan. "Mmmmornin'"

Nick quickly flipped the paper over and turned to face Dana. "Hey sleepy heaahuh?"

Dana, putting on what she thought was her cutest sleepy face, was dressed in one of Nick's T-Shirts and absolutely nothing else. She'd carefully picked out one of the shorter black ones he owned, so while it was still baggy on her slender frame, it barely reached her mid thigh. She knew her chest was far too boyish to catch his eye, but her legs still bore enough undeniable femininity that they'd give him something to chase, and hopefully touch.

"Well that's a surprise. What brought this on?"

"None of my jammies were clean, I found this in a laundry basket." She lied, she'd gone through his dresser to find it, there was a blue one she could've taken but she felt black made the better contrast her milky white skin, making it stand out to his eye. She walked as daintily as she could manage in the makeshift nightgown and sat in the chair beside his. As she'd done a hundred times over she lifted her legs and rested them on his lap as she put her head on her crossed arms looking up at him. "No problems at the airport?"

"Not a one, they said they'd call when they reached their connecting flight in LA, so we won't hear from them for another couple hours."

She made a quiet little hum of agreement and smiled.

"So hey, want me to make you some breakfast? I'm pretty sure we still have buttermilk so I can make you your favorite pancakes, you still like'em with chocolate syrup and bananas, right?"

"Can we just sit here together for a little bit first?"

He smiled warmly and nodded.

She did her best to casually look him over. Like their father, his skin had an olive completion that had tanned nicely thanks to the occasional afternoon swim. That habit and years of hard work also gave him a firm, muscular build that only served to accentuate his height. It essence he could be compared to one of the classic marble sculptures of Grecian athletes, soft yet firm with edges in all the right places to produce a golden ratio worthy visage, accented with short and soft jet black hair and storm grey eyes.

The hair was something they all shared, but the eyes, only she, her father, and Nick had that color to them. Julie, Sylvia, and Sarah had much bluer eyes like their mother. It made her feel that much closer to him, but she also felt he pulled them off better than she ever could.

"Guess... I haven't been home much lately. I'm really sorry about that."

That quiet tinge of sadness in his voice made something inside her feel heavy. "It's not so bad," she lied. "We know you're just doing your best and trying to get mom and dad to work less."

That wasn't true in the slightest, they both knew the reason. Work was his crutch, something to bury himself in and forget how hollowed out he still felt. Still, the need for the lie doubled her resolve, she'd take that hurt from him and replace it with love.

She shifted slightly in her seat, making sure to drag down the shirt as she did so that a wider gap formed between it and her chest. He was sitting up, the angle was just right, if he looked her over he'd see. Sure, she knew was built like a plank. But planks didn't have cute little pink nipples that, thanks to both excitement and central air, were nice and perky.

If she was lucky he'd see further down, and maybe, just maybe, think about how naked she was underneath. It was subtle for an opening gambit, and relied on careful positioning and luck, but all fires start with but a single spark.

He was smiling and was about to say something when she saw him trying to play off a look away by scratching his cheek. Suppressing her absolute elation at his response, she readied for phase two.

Nick never minded physical contact, in fact he'd often played the part of 'bonus furniture' to the girls, either as something to lean on, drape over, or lay their heads against. So he didn't think twice any time she'd rested her legs on his, making it an advantage to be pressed. She started off very slowly rubbing her calves against the top of his thighs. Nothing at all noticeable, and if he did notice she'd simply play it off with a bit of the childish charm she still had in reserve.

Nick was about to say something when a loud yawn and grunt of stretching came at the moment like a speeding bullet train, blasting it apart.

"Oh hey, morning Sarah." Nick said as he turned to the lazily walking twin.

She mumbled something as she shuffled over and bumped into Nick's side.

"Lemme guess, coffee?"

She made a happy little noise and threw her arms around him, nuzzling her forehead into his cheek.

He laughed and replied, "alright, alright I'll get right on it. Just sit at the table already." Dana reluctantly slid her legs off him and watched him go into the kitchen.

With all the grace and charm of a deboned fish Sarah flopped into the chair opposite Dana. She rubbed more of the sleep from her eyes and looked her little sister over again. "Why're you wearin' one'a Nicky's shirts?"

"None of my pajamas were clean." She replied plainly, masking her disappointment at the shattered opportunity.

"Yeah okay, but was sleepin' in something that fits you like a trash bag comfortable, like, at all?"

"Since it's not, it was fine." That last word came through almost gritting teeth.

"No, but seriously. It does make you look like a bag on a-"


Nick didn't have to shout. In fact he did his best not to. He just had the sort of voice that cut through tension and chatter like a hot machete. He'd go up an octave and everyone usually snapped to attention.

Sarah thought it was a super power for the longest time.

"Milk or cream?"

"Cream, three sugars..."

"You're getting one."

"What? Why?"

Nick turned around and raised an eyebrow.

It took Sarah a moment, and when it came you'd swear you almost saw the lightbulb. She turned back to Dana. "Sorry... Honestly didn't mean it."

Dana smiled, more for Nick's actions than the apology, and nodded.

"But sweetie," Nick said, rubbing the back of his head. "I do think you should go change before breakfast, that might not be warm enough with the air on."

She looked up and tried very hard not to smile. He saw, she knew it. He was trying to talk around it. It wasn't everything she hoped, but still a win in what would be a prolonged conflict. She slid out of the chair and was about to go when she saw the paper he'd been working on earlier. "Hey Nick? What were you working on?"

"That's for later, pants and a shirt first."

Raw curiosity kept her rooted to the spot for a second before she managed to turn away. As she walked back up the steps, Sylvia came down.

It was alway interesting whenever she spotted the intentional differences the twins would embrace. They truly were identical right down to their preference for the same shoulder length hairstyle. If you didn't pay attention, you could hardly tell them apart. But Sarah had an earring on her right ear, while Sylvia had one on her left. Their choice in pajamas were the same, but they alternated the color. Sarah in the white top and black bottom, Sylvia in the reverse. Briefly she wondered how they came to those choices before continuing on.

Sylvia yawned, perking up almost instantly at the smell of cooking pancakes. With a round of good mornings she took the seat Dana had left and sat across from her twin.

Sarah gave her a none too subtle wink that made her swallow nervously and had her bare toes gripping carpet. Tonight was the night they'd planned to seduce their brother. She couldn't tell what made her more worried, success or failure both came with their caveats. Desperate for anything else to think about, she noticed the loose sheet of paper and picked it up.

It was Nick's handwriting, some of it was scratched out, but their names were on it. Underneath each name was a series of phrases and place names. At the bottom, he'd started to try and assemble a time table. Her heart warmed, he was absolutely trying to make up for lost time with each of them.

Nick had always been kind, loving, and supportive. But there was just never the time to just enjoy each other's company between all his responsibilities. Even now, his plans were all about them. He might enjoy these moments tangentially, but he'd still be doing what they'd want over what he did.

She was suddenly less scared about the night to come. It wasn't just wanton desire that drove them, it was appreciation. A bold and loving thanks for all he did for them. She quickly put the paper back down and was about to head into the kitchen and give him the biggest hug she could, but Julie had already beaten her to it.

Julie, who'd spent the night cuddling with a pillow that she'd put one of Nick's shirts on, rubbed her cheek against his back. Nothing could match the real thing after all.

"You're in a good mood today." Nick said as he carefully poured more batter.

"Just happy to see you in the morning for once."

"You said it!" Sarah called out.

As Julie tried very hard not to linger, she turned toward the table and saw Dana coming back downstairs. She was wearing a small red shirt that showed off her tummy and denim shorts that absolutely lived up to their name.

It absolutely drew curious looks from her sisters, as until this point Dana's typical daily attire was loose fitting shirts that hid her frame, and skirts that barely ever rose above mid calf.

"Okay where did that even come from?" Sarah asked loudly. "They don't look like any hand-me-downs to me."

"Mm? Oh, I bought these months ago, just never wore them."

Julie, as intrigued and confused as Sarah, took her seat at the table while staring at her. "So, you have something special planned for today then?"

"No, but I bet Nick does." The sly and knowing tone in her voice shook the look of surprise off his face.

Nick quickly turned back to the last batch of pancakes and flipped them onto a waiting plate. "I... Have no idea what you could possibly mean by that." He lied, terribly.

Nick was many things, but when put on the spot he was an absolutely abysmal liar. It's something every single one of them found adorable.

"I mean," Dana continued. "You were working on something when I came downstairs... Looked preeetty important."

He sighed as he finished plating pancakes. He managed to say nothing as setting the table took precedence, but when he had to sit down breakfast did nothing to distract the girls. Well, apart from Sylvia who'd already looked at the list.

"I... Haven't exactly been the best brother I could've been for the last few years. So I really hope I can make it up to you all over the next two weeks." He picked up the paper and let them pass it around. "Had some ideas for stuff we could do, but what I had planned for today isn't on there. That's still a surprise."

They couldn't help but smile, his ideas were pretty on the money for the most part. In his brief scribbling he'd shown exactly how well he knew each of them.

"Now that I think about it, you all could make a better list between the four of you. Just work out a schedule of things you wanna do, and I'll do my best to make it happen."

Every single one of their brains had the exact same click in their thinking and every single one of them silently laughed off the silly idea of simply putting, 'Have Sex with Nick" at the top of the list.

The morning continued on, a warm and happy affair. Thoughts of luring Nick's notice and affections were put on the back burner as each of the girls were simply content to have a nice family moment they'd been denied for quite some time.

The call in the afternoon from their Hawaii-bound parents was Nick's cue to assemble the troops and head out on his mystery destination. As everyone walked out toward the family car parked out front, Nick called out. "Not that one."

They were confused at first, before realization abounded.

"NO WAY! REALLY?!" Sarah shouted in excitement.

Nick walked up to and opened the garage door and there she was. The shimmering dark blue beauty of a 1953 Cadillac Eldorado convertible. It was the family jewel, one of the 532 ever produced, their parents fell in love over the bidding war they had for it, Nick had thrown years of his life into helping them restore it. Their father told a story that Jay Leno himself asked to buy it off him once. It only left the garage for the most special of occasions and marked a wonderful start to the next two weeks.

The following drive was all to brief, the Eldorado handled like a dream and ran beautifully, so much so the girls would've been happy just riding around in it for the rest of the day. But their destination promised far more entertainment. The State Fair.

It was a day filled with food that was bad for them, rides that excited, games that were both fair and rigged, and culminated in an impressive stunt show. If this was the tone setter for the next two weeks, it was sure to be an amazing time.

Tired from the days events, Dana happily accepted a piggy back ride from Nick as they made their way off the fairground. At first there was nothing illicit to it, but he still had his hands on her bare thighs. She still had her arms and legs around him. So maybe she pressed her chest against his back a little more than she needed to, and maybe the other girls were jealous they didn't think of it first. When it was over, Dana came off somewhat reluctantly, but inspired for the night ahead.

Back home, everyone was ready for a shower and to settle in for the night. With only two bathrooms, taking turns was a must. It was in deciding the order that plans were set into motion.

With a few quick games of rock, paper scissors and careful negotiating, the roster was set. Sylvia, Nick, then Julie for the upstairs bathroom. Sarah and Dana downstairs.

Sylvia could go up to Nick's room as he showered. Julie could show off in her two sizes too small bathrobe when Nick came to get her. Sarah would be able to intercept Nick after his shower, and Dana was fine going last, as her plan depended on everyone settling in for the night.

It all seemed rather fool proof as the moment came for Sylvia. There she was in her brother's room, she simply had to drop her bathrobe by the bed and, quite literally lay in wait. With a deep breath the terrycloth dropped. Stiffly she made her way over to the bed and sat down, which in her mind quickly became the most impossibly stupid position to try and seduce someone in. She climbed up and sprawled out several different ways, feeling unsure about every last one.

Just below, Julie giggled in anticipation as she saw what her robe would reveal. A generous platter of cleavage with a tantalizing side dish of just a bit of her bottom. She was ready, she was excited, she was hearing something moving around in Nick's room.

As she stepped out and could hear the sound of water still running in the bathroom, she only grew more concerned. Ignoring her state of dress and following the unyielding force of curiosity she quietly climbed the attic ladder and caught the full on sight of Sylvia posing nude on Nick's bed.

Sylvia, seeing Julie pop up into view, produced a bizarre, almost inhuman noise as she scrambled to try and hide behind the bed, clumsily wrapping herself up in the bed sheets and painfully dropping to the floor in a gangly heap.

A giddy Sarah made her way upstairs as casually as she could, that is to say she loudly rushed up the stairs unable to contain her excitement. Which made the sight of Julie at the bottom of the attic ladder, browbeating Sylvia as she clutched her bathrobe closed a spiritual hollow point bullet to the back of her metaphysical head.

The color drained from her face as Julie stared her down and pointed to her room.

Once inside, Sarah saw her twin trying desperately not to cry. Sniffling and looking down at the floor. She held her close and tried to comfort her to almost no avail.

When she looked up at Julie she saw her expression had softened only slightly.

With a loud sigh, she pulled her desk chair over and motioned the twins to sit on her bed. "So we're clear... I was mad... Now I'm not. Mostly because... I know where you're coming from on this."

The twins looked confused at first, before Sarah gasped loudly and pointed at her and her far too small to be useful robe.

Before any more could be said there was a knock at Julie's door. "Shower's ready when you need it," Nick announced before heading back up to his room.

"Seems like we all have a lot to talk about..." Julie remarked.


Later that night, as she'd done several times before now, Dana snuck up to Nick's room. Before it was just to lay down with him, this time however, there was far more in store.

She was grateful that Nick was not only a heavy sleeper, but that he always slept on his back.

Biting her lip and getting an excuse ready, Dana pulled back his sheets and took in the sight of him sleeping. He always looked so serene, the worries of his world gone in the night like a blown out candle.

With great care, she climbed onto the bed and propped herself up by his side. After watching for any sign he'd wake, she reached out and tenderly rubbed his chest through his shirt. "Do you like this, Nick?" she whispered. "I love touching you..."

He didn't move away, his breathing was unchanged, she started moving lower. When she reached the bottom of his shirt she slid her hand under it, gently caressing his stomach. His muscles were firm yet yielding as he slept, his skin was smooth and warm. She ventured lower, traveling down the thickening trail of hair from his navel to his crotch. She gasp and froze up as she felt the base of his cock.

He hadn't stirred, his breathing sounded a little faster. She dared to slide herself down a bit more, if she was doing to do this, the angle had to be better. She didn't immediately grab at his dick, even if she really wanted to, she had to take her time, see if he could get excited in his sleep, it was a plan in stages after all. She grazed his flaccid manhood with two fingers, the skin was smoother than she would've guessed. Something about the pictures of male genitalia she'd seen online made her think that. He made a breathy sort of noise, but still didn't move. She watched in wrapt fascination as his serpent grew to a pillar, the somewhat flexible thing becoming absolutely rigid, straining the small button on the front of his boxers.

There'd be no turning back after this, there'd be no cute explanation if he awoke. He'd find his 12 year old sister yanking on his cock and loving every second of it. Would he hate her? Could he truly? In her wild imaginings, the need for a loving touch would keep him from stopping her, she had every truthful platitude ready for that. To her there was no taboo or shame, there was love and the willingness to show it any way she could.

He was still asleep as she reached for the button, still unassuming as she took hold of it, and somehow still silent as his erection quite literally sprang out the small hole in his boxers. Her breathing almost stopped entirely, getting her first view of what absolutely had to be called an appendage. It had to be over 9 inches long and it was thicker than any marker she'd thought to experiment with. It bobbed ever so slight with the beat of his heart. She swallowed back a tide of saliva, ignored the tingling inside her belly, reached out and slid her palm across its surface.

His breathing was speeding up, he'd make a quiet little grunt whenever see passed over the head. On one pass she felt what she was waiting for, a dollop of pre-cum. With care she smeared it over his length and got down to what she came here for. Her grip was exacting, enough for friction but not hurt. She followed every upward stroke with a slide of her thumb over the head. Her heart was a rock tumbler in a fight with her lungs as her excitement skyrocketed, adrenaline and lust driving her now. She almost wish he'd wake up, she wanted to hear his carnal cries as she brought him to the summit of sexual bliss.

He was huffing for air, writhing slightly under her pumping hand, she could feel him get thicker in her grip, so he must be close. Then, she felt the underside spasm, a deep grunt resound in his throat, and a powerful spurt of sticky white arced through the air, followed by slightly weaker streams. Her hand was moving automatically, she was awestruck, there was so much more than she would've ever dreamed. Finally she forced herself to stop.

As she willed some sense back into herself and saw he'd actually slept through the whole event, she smiled at the panting furrowed expression on his face that slowly slipped back into relaxed serenity. She never thought he'd get handsomer when he was a panting mess of sex, she was happily wrong.

She did her best to scoop up whatever dollops of cum had landed on his shirt, but resigned herself into hoping this wasn't the first time he'd spurt in his sleep. As Dana waited for his erection to cede, she looked down at her cum stained hands, rolling the quickly cooling sticky fluid roll around in her palm and across her finger. She slowly lapped some up and let it glaze over her tongue. She knew it wouldn't be the tastiest thing she'd ever put in her mouth, but it was the most interesting. A flavor best described as salty pennies, with a surprising yet not unwelcome tingle as it made its way down her throat.

Seeing he'd finally relaxed enough, she tucked the semi-hard wonder back into Nick's boxers, vowing she'd see it again someday soon.

She climbed back up the bed and whispered sweetly into his ear. "I love you so very much, Nick." She kissed Jim's tenderly on the cheek, saving his lips for when he could kiss her back. She raised the once discarded blanket back to its place before finally heading back to her room.

Anonymous 16/06/17(Fri)03:50 No. 24361 ID: 857623

hell yes, loved the Mabel & Nick chapetr

even more, loved the new one! can't wait to see Julie n the twins conflict. one little thing though, hardly eben a big issue:

>She climbed back up the bed and whispered sweetly into his ear. "I love you so very much, Nick." She kissed Jim's tenderly on the cheek, saving his lips for when he could kiss her back. She raised the once discarded blanket back to its place before finally heading back to her room.

who the fuck is Jim? hahahahaha

Anonymous 16/06/17(Fri)08:23 No. 24365 ID: 98fd99

Ahaha I read the damn thing twice and never saw it. That's what I get writing with autocorrect on.

tSade!O9S.2cqv5k 16/06/19(Sun)00:26 No. 24367 ID: 2700cc

Fun and playful, setting up a lovely drama, huh?

Anonymous 16/06/19(Sun)05:13 No. 24368 ID: 7e2d9f

Loving where this is going, keep it up. :)

Anonymous 16/06/22(Wed)06:40 No. 24376 ID: 98fd99

--Day Two, Monday Morning--

Nick woke up slowly, sunlight bleeding in through the slightly tinted skylight. The barely grasped visions that danced in his dreaming mind turned to mental smoke as he stirred. A sweet voice, a kind touch, neither attached to anything familiar. With sleepy motions he checked the front of his boxers and found an all too familiar uncomfortable stickiness. “Dammit,” he said quietly. “Not again.”

Gathering up some clothes to change into, he headed down to the second floor bathroom where Dana was standing, toothbrush in hand, her regular pajamas making a return appearance.

“G'mornin’” she happily chirped.

He smiled. “Mornin’, Dae”

A wave of relief silently washed over her with that smile. It seemed whatever part of his brain was active last night didn’t tell the rest what actually happened. “I’m waiting on Julie, the downstairs bathroom should be free.”


As he walked by, a wild flash of inspiration overtook her better judgment. “Nicky,” she called out sweetly.

He turned and saw her hand beckon him closer, with a smile and a slight head shake he lowered himself down to one knee, bringing his head much closer to hers.

She wrapped her arms around him, kissed him tenderly on the cheek and whispered into his ear, just as she did last night, “I love you.”

Something ephemeral in the back of his mind fell off an imaginary shelf and made a terrible non-existent racket. But, as he pulled back and saw Dana’s happy, expectant face, he shook it off and answered. “I love you too, sweetie.”

He headed off downstairs, and she silently celebrated. She could tell there was definitely a seed of an idea planted in him, another victory in this attrition war of affection.

Meanwhile, on a separate front of the war, Sylvia sat at the kitchen table. She nervously chewed her fingernails and looked like she hadn’t slept at all. “Syl?” he said quietly as he approached.

She recoiled like a stepped on cat then settled when she saw it was Nick. Of course it was Nick, no one else who lived there was 7 feet tall and built like an oak tree. She shook her head to clear her frazzled nerves and feigned a smile up at him. “Morning, I was going to make some eggs, want some?”

Sincere concern replaced his curious smile. “What’s wrong?”

She readied a denial, a deflection, a mask. He sat down and put his hand on her shoulder and looked at her with undeniable, she’d say heart melting, sympathy. All her mental prep suddenly fell to pieces leaving the question of what she could even tell him. ‘Last night Julie caught me naked in your room and we all found out we’d all been planning on trying to seduce you over the course of our vacation?’

“It… It’s silly. Just a bad dream kept me up.” She lied.

“Oh.” He rubbed her arm soothingly. “Wanna talk about it?”

“Not sure I can explain it…”

“Oh, one of those, huh?” He nodded. “Well, try not to worry about it. Nightmares come and go like everything else, if you dwell on them they only get worse. Just gotta peel it off like a band-aid and move on.”

“… What if I know what’s inspiring it?”

“Then you have to come at the problem and solve it any way you can. It might not work out, but just worrying about it is only gonna make things worse.”

He was right, of course. But when the problem is the person sitting right in front of you, and the solution is to damn all consequence and pour your heart out to them, it certainly wasn’t easy. Right now however, her mind was on the girl upstairs, lying awake in bed and staring at the ceiling.

Julie was still reeling. Sylvia and Sarah, her sisters, felt the same way about Nick that she did. Her long years of secret pining and private fantasies, were now mirrored in the girls just across the hall. They’d told her everything, the absolute truth, and she could only say ‘this is too much to deal with right now, I need to sleep on it.’

There was no sleep, only a long night of conflicting emotions. She’d passed the hours with one argument in mind. Did she want Nick all to herself? Or did she want Nick to be as loved as he could be. This was, of course, ignoring the fact that Nick had no idea any of them had those feelings and none of the three of them knew he’d even be able to respond to them. That debate was ultimately moot anyway, since there was only one solution. They’d have to come clean and let him decide.

As she tossed and turned all night she came to conclude one thing, Nick’s happiness was the absolute. It was the only thing she wanted more than anything, even if she was only a small part of it. Ultimately, she could no more deny the twins’ feelings anymore than she could her own. She had no stronghold or moral high ground to fall back to, and really the only one who did, was Nick.

If they confessed and he said no, things would never be the same. If he said yes, it’d technically be the same outcome, but hopefully have a more positive follow-up. Finally her heart and her head lined up and she threw herself out of bed. There was no other choice, and if they wasted any more time just flirting and dragging it out they’d only end up making things worse for everyone.

She stepped out just as Dana and Sarah traded places in the bathroom. If anyone could do a 'deer in the headlights’ impression at that exact moment, it was Sarah.

“C'mon, we gotta talk to Sylvia.”

“She’s… Downstairs right now.”

As they arrived, Nick was saying something to her before getting up and making his way to the downstairs bathroom. They waited until he was out of sight to come down, and waited 'til there was the sound of running water to speak.

“Okay so, I thought about it all night… And while I’m still upset both of you were going to just throw yourselves at him and force his hand… I can’t stop you from feeling that way anymore than I could stop myself. After all, we all want the same thing.”

The tension was an almost visible thing, pouring off the twins bodies like steam.


“Oh come on, Julie, don’t do that!” Sarah loudly complained.

“BUT!” She insisted. “No more big, ridiculous gestures. It’s kinda ridiculous to just assume he’d go with any of this if we try to force it. It’s a hard enough concept to accept if it’s one of us, let alone three…”

“Four.” Dana called out from around the corner, hiding behind it defensively.

Sylvia gasped covering her hands with her mouth in surprise.

Julie turned very stiffly and tried to talk. What came out was a shaky mess of forced politeness. “Dae, sweetie, I don’t know what you heard but we’re-”

Dana might’ve been caught completely off guard when she heard them on her way downstairs. But she wasn’t about to let anyone, not even her oldest sister, tell her what she felt in her heart. She furrowed her brow, crossed her arms, and gave the best 'stop talking shit’ face she could manage.

“It’s not like we were any older, Jules.” Sarah volunteered.

Dana’s wall of seriousness instantly evaporated. “Really?”

Julie sighed, her head dropped in defeat and she pulled a chair out for Dana. After the youngest of their number was seated she continued. “This is crazy… I can’t believe this…” She clenched her fist, straightened up, and took a deep breath. “But, despite how absolutely insane this turn of events may seem, it’s…” She spared a look to Dana, who was clearly serious about this. “It’s just that the four of us want Nick to be happy.”

“That’s right,” Sylvia spoke up. “Nick has always been there for us when we absolutely needed him. He’s been kind, giving, and self-sacrificing for us for years. We all love him dearly and want to show him how much we truly appreciate him.”

Hearing everything she’d felt for years come from someone else, especially Sylvia, suddenly made Julie feel far more accepting of this strange turn of events. Last night it was a total shock to her system, far too big an impact to truly grasp all at once.

But now, her vision was clear and her heart was open. Four sisters, happy and in love with their older brother. In that moment it almost didn’t seem like a bizarre or terrible pursuit. “So…” She said as idealism faded into reality. “When… should we talk to him about it?”

There was a long pause at the table. The absolute truth was that everything they’d planned, the use of blinding shock, the subversive moves, trying to subtly suggest an outcome. It was all to avoid that exact thing. Sitting down with Nick, and having to talk about something that could destroy what connection they already had.

“Maybe tomorrow…” Dana finally spoke up. “He’s gonna need time to deal with all this, so let’s just try to make today as nice as we possibly can so he’s at least in a good mood when we tell him.”

“Wow does our plan seem stupid now.” Sarah remarked, Sylvia sighed and nodded.

Dana looked curiously at the twins.

“Don’t feel too bad,” Julie said. “I kinda… had the same idea when I was your age. Really I just kept chickening out.”

“Okay, that settles it,” Sarah clapped her hand on the table for emphasis. “First dibs go to the girl who waited longest, agreed?”

“He’s not like a thanksgiving turkey, Sarah! But… Thanks? God, it’s so weird talking about this.”

“Not for us, me and Sylvia talked about it plenty.”

“Wow,” Dana said, truly fascinated. “You two really do share everything.”

“Yep!” Sarah put her arm around her twin. Sylvia couldn’t help but giggle and nod.

Dana gauged the mood of the table before she said what was on her mind. “I gotta ask, did you girls hate Lori as much as I did?”

A series of groans and frustrated huffs made their way around the table.

“To-tal Bitchasaurus Rex!” Sarah almost shouted, dropping her head back to add a bit for volume. “You know this one time Syl’s shoe came off when we were out at the old picnic grounds, remember those Julie?”

“Oh! With the big concrete elephant, yeah!”

“Right! So Nicky brings Lori around because that’s the kinda shit a good guy like Nick does with their girlfriend. We’re like, what, nine Syl?”


“Right! So we’re having fun, Lori’s watching us because mom asked her too while she helps Nick and Dad with the barbecue and Julie’s helping Dana get ready to go swimming at the lake nearby.”

Sylvia seamlessly joins in. “One of the straps on my shoes breaks and I hit the ground pretty hard.”

“So she’s crying, Lori’s the only one in earshot, and guess what she does?”

“No, she didn’t.” Julie said in a scandalized tone.

“Ignores her! Just sat there like we didn’t exist!”

“Sarah helped me up and we headed back to the car.”

“We didn’t tell Nick the part with Lori when he came to get the cooler from the car and saw us. But he got some ice out to help Syl’s scrape and fixed her shoe after.”

“God…” Julie leaned back into her chair. “To think he was with her for almost six years.”

“Yeah, kinda felt longer than that,” said Nick.

If a head could make the sound of an alarm bell, this would’ve been exactly the right time to empirically prove it. The girls all turned to see Nick standing nearby, still toweling his head a bit.

“U-umm Nick…” Julie risked asking. “H-how long-”

“'Bitchasaurus Rex’, I think it was?”

“Sorry about that Nicky,” Sarah apologized.

“Why? It’s my fault I didn’t see that all sooner.”

Disagreement abounded around the table before he finally held up his hands. When his sisters finally calmed he spoke. “I’ll be the first to admit I’m not exactly over what happened. But, I also think it’s gone on long enough as it is. So let this be the end of it. Right now, all cards on the table because it’s the last time we’re going to talk about Lori.

“Did you ever see her eat a whole mouse in one go?” Exclaimed Sarah.

“… I know I might not’ve shown the best judgment, but I think I would’ve noticed if I was dating a snake woman.”

It was obvious to everyone Sarah was trying to lighten the mood, but it could go no further. They all had the same questions and none could keep the tone light.

“So,” Julie yoked her bravery into obeying her. “Did you… Really love her?”

Nick, it seemed, tried not to sigh. The girls felt tense as he composed a decent answer.

“I’m pretty sure I did.” He folded his hands on the table and stared down at them. “I don’t think it would’ve hurt as much if I didn’t actually love her. I don’t think I could look past all her imperfections, or dream about some future with her if it wasn’t real.”

Several of the girls bit their tongues to drive away the mental image of Nick marrying Lori.

“But if she… If she could do what she did? Just turn her back on all the trust and love I thought we had? Maybe… I don’t know what I felt.”

Their hearts sank, the weight of his words anchoring them down.

“I guess, that’s the whole reason I’ve been trying to just ignore it. Having something I honestly believed in turn out to be a lie after that long? I must’ve been so far off the mark that I-”

“No!” Julie shouted, slapping her hands onto the table. “It wasn’t a lie! You did love her! She was just… Just too stupid and selfish to know what she even had!”

Nick was surprised; not only by her sudden response but the fact her eyes contained a strange mixture of both anger and sadness.

“It… It wouldn’t have hurt you as much if it wasn’t something real, right?”

The other girls called out agreements.

Nick found words were suddenly hard to come by, he watched the strangely powerful conviction in the eyes of his beloved sisters practically gleam like furiously burning torches.


He looked back to Julie who, despite her earlier fervor, began to shrink back into her seat.

“And I…”

The other girls tried their very best to hide the ratcheting tension in their chest. Was this it? Was this the moment of truth that awaited them all?

“And I know… Someday… T-that you’ll meet a girl… W-who loves you back j-just as much.”

He wasn’t sure why saying that seemed to be some difficult admission on her part. It certainly seemed like an uncomfortable subject, him being with someone. The light of an idea slowly grew before he spoke. “Julie, no… All of you. Are you… Are you all afraid of me leaving?”

Not a one of them could hide a wince at not only the thought, but at the selfish and possessive urge that followed behind it. Nick absolutely had to be free to live his life how he chose, but the thought of him being anywhere out of their immediate reach was an undeniable shot to their spirits.

They all looked around the table at each other, all clearly feeling the same thing, but truly ashamed to admit it aloud.

“… Well that silence pretty much answered that question.”

Julie started “Nick we just-”

He held up a hand and she instantly fell quite. “It’s okay, really, I get it.” He smiled honestly. “I’m just glad you all still want me around. I mean, I haven’t exactly been the best big brother I could’ve been the last few years. So, yeah, maybe someday I’ll make a new home for myself somewhere… But that probably won’t be for a while. Getting this chance to make it up to you all and knowing you all still care? Best thing that could’ve come out of any of this.”

Dana almost exploded out of her chair, banging parts of herself against the table as she rushed to Nick’s side and crashed into him with a hug. The others proceeding to pile on, although not nearly as dramatically.

Eventually they pulled back one by one, Sarah sniffled into a chuckle. “Well shit, it’s only day two and we already had the big hallmark family moment! The hell we gonna follow it up with?”

Julie shot her a quick look, but it was clear the more impulsive of the twins clearly hadn’t meant anything subtextual.

“Well, I picked something for us yesterday… So why don’t you guys decide?” He slowly stood up. “I’ll be in my room 'til then, alright?”

They all chirped agreements and happy smiles as he went on his way, relieved sighs resounding as they knew he’d left earshot.

“Jesus Jules, I thought you were gonna spill the beans there!” Sarah said as she dropped hard into her seat at the table.

“… I almost did.” She answered, slowly sinking into her own chair, head plopping into the arms she crossed on the table top. “God I thought I got over being impulsive!” She didn’t change positions as she pointed at Sarah. “I blame you.”

“That’s fair, I am pretty influential.”

Dana looked pensive for a few minutes as the others began to pitch ideas for the day’s activities. Sarah jokingly suggested they find a nude beach or play strip poker to groans and eye rolls, but it sparked a thought in Dana. A tiny flicker that rose into a flame. Without preamble or context, she spoke aloud. “What do we want?”

The other girls stopped and looked to their young sister.

“I mean, what do each of us really want?”

They all looked around at each other before she continued.

“I love Nick. So much that sometimes it makes it hard to think straight. He’s just everything I’ve ever wanted in another person, and I want him to know that’s how he makes me feel. I want to show him just how much he means to me from the bottom of my heart. So I want to know, right now, if all of you really all feel the same way.”

There was hardly a pause in their agreement, in their own ways they’d settled their hearts on the same course and the same goal. Sharing that wonderful feeling of love they had with their brother to the best of their ability.

“Then even if we’re not gonna TELL him today, maybe we should all act like we did…”

“So like… A sneak preview?” Sarah asked.

“Within reason though,” Sylvia added. “We don’t want to worry him by doing too much.”

“Right, no more trying to hit him in the face with it,” Dana continued. “So I’m going to… Apologize for what I did last night…”

They all looked on curiously before Julie spoke up, “sweetie, that piggy back ride was hardly-”

“Not that…” She mumbled. “I did… Something else before I went to bed. I… I have to tell you so we don’t fight about it later or anything.”

Julie sat up and put her hand over Dana’s. “You know, considering I was planning on almost shoving my cleavage into his face, absolutely none of us are in a position to judge.”

Dana bit her lip to help work the words up her throat. “… I kinda… Gave him a hand job when he was sleeping…”

The other girls had the human equivalent of a software crash for two identical reasons between the three of them. One, up until this moment Dana was nothing more than their sweet, quiet, and quite brilliant little sister. Now, she was exploding past the bookish and demure impression they had of her like a Saturn V rocket.

The second reason; all of them once had the same idea but never acted on it.

“… A-and it worked?” Sylvia said first. “I mean… I read about stuff like that but… I didn’t think-”

“How big is it?” Sarah interrupted flatly.

“Sarah!” Julie remarked in a scandalized tone blushing from ear to ear.

“Like you don’t wanna know.”

She bit one of her fingers and looked away without another word.

“Um… Like maybe… Nine or ten inches… and pretty thick.”

They all recoiled at the mere thought of it.

When Sarah started to use her hands to get a sense of scale she couldn’t help but giggle. “Oh, hey, does it like… Curve? I heard that happens to guys with big dicks.”

“A little…”

“I knew Nicky was a heavy sleeper but… That’s almost ridiculous.” Julie said, still blushing, and looking down at her palm, guesstimating what ten inches actually looked like.

“So, none of you are mad?” Dana asked quietly.

They all thought on it. “It’s… Kinda weird that we’re not, isn’t it.” Sarah said first.

“It’s kinda weird we’re all even having this conversation,” Sylvia responded.

“Well we are,” Julie announced. “We’re all a little weird and have been for years. It’s just that now we can talk about it… And frankly I’m feeling better knowing I’m not alone.”

“Me too!” Dana added.

“Alright then, no matter what happens, we all still have each other. Win or lose.” Sarah proudly announced.

“It’s making me feel braver about the whole thing.” said Sylvia.

“So, let’s all try to give Nick the best vacation ever!” Julie declared.

The girls all cheered in agreement.

Moments later, Julie headed upstairs to inform Nick on the days plan, or rather, his part in it. They’d be going up to Clark Lake; a place Nick and she had found as children that was a private little spot in the woods with a small waterfall fed body of water they dared to call a lake. Every year they’d check to see if it made any map or survey, and every year were content to know their own private place in the world was still their secret.

It was here the girls decided they’d be going not as his sisters, but as what they were in their hearts. Young women in love out to woo the man of their dreams.

As she climbed up the sliding ladder into his room, she saw him quickly tuck something out of sight and sit up to meet her. As she announced their plans to camp out for the day and night at their private hideaway, she couldn’t help but wonder what it was Nick had just hidden from her.

Anonymous 16/06/26(Sun)08:20 No. 24386 ID: 98fd99

--Day Two, Monday Afternoon to Evening--

The hike through the woods was hardly arduous, but everyone was sure to stay close and take frequent breaks to rest and hydrate. Oregon summers were hardly a sweltering affair, but nothing to sneeze at either. The girls could hardly help but marvel as Nick carried most of the camping gear on his own quite easily. They'd offered to help of course, but he declined. Now they had to feign disappointment at getting to see him put all those well-developed muscles to work.

Dana had never been to this secluded spot Nick and Julie found when they were children. Sylvia and Sarah told her about it once, but the chance to visit it hadn't come 'til just this day. As they passed thicker and thicker bands of trees and left behind any semblance of a path, she came to realize how 'Clark Lake' had stayed off maps for so long.

Dana knew in an instant when she saw the rather lovely spot that it'd been the impact crater of a small meteor. The way the land curved all along the small waterfall in such a way that you'd have to be right on top of it to see it. Grassy apart from a small bare patch of shoreline, it would look unremarkable from above, but on the cusp of the crater it was a true natural beauty.

Julie uncovered a hidden rope ladder under a bush and sent it unfurling down to the bare shore below. For a moment Dana wondered how Nick was going to get the camping supplies down, a question answered as he readily slid down the crater's rim with everything in tow.

"Show-off!" Sarah called out happily, making her way down the ladder.

Once at the bottom, with tents and gear laid out, Dana found herself at the shoreline of a small stretch of almost crystal clear water. The meteor must've struck a natural cave system for the pool of water to be this deep and not simply fill up to the rim. She eyed the darker depth below and wondered just how deep into the Earth one could swim here. But she guessed lugging a scuba tank and underwater spelunking gear into the woods would bring a lot more attention than a bunch of girls just camping out with their brother.

Only that distinction was put on hold for today.

As she turned away from the water she froze in place as Nick took his shirt off. It didn't matter how many times she'd seen him shirtless, every time it happened it gave her pause. Her toes curled in her boots and she bit her lip to focus past her arousal. There was too much to do to just stand around and drool.

"Alright everybody," said Nick as he pulled three bottle of sun block out of the large duffel and handed two of them out to the girls. "Don't forget to put on some sun block before you get in the water, okay?"

The girls all shared a sharp look as Nick set about applying his sun block, and a Clark Family tradition came into play once again. In a home with a big family, it can be difficult to make any choice or decision that would only benefit one of them. Who got the last slice of pizza, a spare ticket, and in this case, who'd get to put sun block on Nick's back.

The rules were simple; you'd lock eyes on the person nearest you to prevent any cheating, and then try to guess the time down to the minute, whoever was closest without going over wins. In the event of a tie, whoever calls out the number of minutes left in the hour first wins.

With guesses made silently, and mouthed to one another, Julie was the one to ask, "Hey Nick, what time is it?"

Nick, ever bearing a waterproof digital watch, stopped applying sun block and looked. "'Bout Two Forty-Five." He turned to them, eyebrow cocked curiously. "So what was that one for?"

"N-nothing special," Sylvia answered quickly, trying her best not to become a giggling mess of victory. "Just ah, well we can only fit three in a tent and there's five of us so..."

"Right, gonna have to double up. So who's going where?"

"Ah... U-uhm... Well..."

"Why ruin the surprise!" Julie called out.

Sylvia tittered nervously and added, "What she said... Anyway... I c-can get your back for you if you don't mind."

With a perfectly innocent nod, he handed her the bottle and turned out toward the water.

The others would have watched on quite intently, but took this time to disrobe down to their swimwear and apply their own sun block.

As both her hands were now slick with the creamy white lotion, Sylvia tried her best not to mentally replace the scene before her with something naughtier. With the greatest care not to linger or press too hard, her hands slid all over the back of his shoulders. Try as she might to stay calm her heart rate began to climb as she slid lower. Time became distant illusion as she felt the moments of contact last longer with every passing second. Warm skin over relaxed yet powerful muscle all yielding to her touch, outpacing her every imagining. Lost in an almost dreamy haze, she didn't realize her fingers had worked just under the waistband of his pants.

"Wh-whoa Syl, Syl!"

Reality struck like a cosmic rubber band to the bridge of her nose, almost knocking her glasses off.

"I ah... I think I'm good."

She could only stare down at her hands, barely inches away from the top of his bottom. Something inside her sent her panic dial's meter spinning so hard it went from abject terror to supreme calm the long way around. With a smile, a slip of her hands up and a way and a playful tap to the small of his back she said, "You know how much drag you get in swim trunks, just wanted to be thorough."

Nick turned around, rubbing the back of his head. "Okay, yeah... Maybe a little warning next time?"

She smiled and nodded, "I'll certainly try."

He smiled back, if a little shaken. This would grow into 'greatly shaken' as he looked past Sylvia to see his other sisters.

Julie, still rubbing some sun block into her shoulder, wore what could almost laughingly be called a swimsuit. Her curvaceous form and freckled skin greatly emphasized by a 'Y shaped band of dark red fabric that just barely covered what it was supposed to. From the side he could see the back was little more than thin straps, as well as a gap showing the full curve of her breast.

Sarah wore something akin to a deep blue one-piece, in that it was intentionally designed to have a spiraling series of gashes in it that worked to strategically expose some skin to the viewer. As Sylvia walked back toward the tents and slipped her top off, He saw that she wore a mirrored spiral of the same design that hung off her left shoulder, opposed to Sarah's right.

Dana, running hands down her milky white thigh, wore little more than a narrow black tube top across her chest, looking more like a comedic black censorship bar than anything else. Her bikini bottom a hi-cut design that made the slim curve of her hips pop and her legs look all the longer.

Nick, of course, had never seen these swimsuits before. Standing absolutely agog at the sight he almost shouted, "Where the hell did those come from?!"

Julie put her hands on her hips, which she subtly jutted to one side, forcing Nick to look away. "C'mon Nicky, we're on vacation too y'know. Mom would flip is she saw us wearing these, and that's why we even have them. Besides! It's just us here, so it's the perfect time to try'em out."

The stymied Nick could honestly think of no response. He'd often worry about their more daring fashion choices, but they were just that. The choices of young women who wished to dazzle or impress, and while he'd voice concern, he couldn't very well command them not to wear what they wanted. With no other option, he muttered some defeated statement, slipped off his pants, folded them by his discarded shirt, and took to the water in his understated, yet still skin hugging, black swim trunks.

The girls; satisfied he was too occupied to listen in, all shared in giddy smiles and excited noises.

"Did you see his face?" said Sarah, elated. "Was he blushing? I can't tell when he blushes."

"You don't think this was too much all at once?" Sylvia said to Julie, tugging at her slightly tight swimwear.

The eldest sister crossed her arms and raised her chin. "I'm just considering it revenge for all the times he wore that speedo and I almost chewed off one of my fingers."

Sarah turned to Dana "Speaking of, who the shit willingly sold you that?"

"... I'm just going to say we all need to avoid that Loolie's at the mall and leave it at that."

With a shared laugh everyone set themselves on having a good time. Julie sat at the edge of the water, letting it lap over her feet as she watched her family frolic in the crystal clear water. A tinge of envy was suppressed as they swam, lamenting her own inability to join in. A much younger Julie had slipped by a friend's pool and struck her head on the way down. She'd've drowned if not for Nick's attentiveness. It was interesting to think on how it folded into her current feelings and the diametric result. She could hardly tread water without considerable anxiety, and Nick took to it like he was made for it.

Lost in thought, she hadn't noticed he'd sat down beside her until he shook his head to send a few sprinkles her way. She squeaked in surprise and couldn't help but giggle and smile up at him. His warm and caring face making it difficult not to stare.

"Still spooks you, huh?"

That did it; she turned her eyes back toward the shimmering water, which lead her eyes down to the somewhat ominous void below it all. "A bit, yeah." she managed to say as the depths of Clark Lake made her curl up defensively.

"Well... How about we try something..."

She looked to him out the corner of her eye, hugging her legs to herself.

He kept himself close and moved on his knees back into the water. He held out his hands to her and kept a calm, steady tone to his voice. "You take my hands, keep your eyes on me, and we go in together."

"... Almost sounds like you're asking me to dance."

"It kind of is like dancing, if that helps."

She kept looking over his shoulder and felt anxiousness start to press down on her chest.

"If it's too much you just say so and we'll stop."

Julie gripped her knees tightly and tried her damnedest to stuff all the illogical fear into a little psychological box. She had to believe Nick would keep her safe. She absolutely had to do this with him. If she didn't, how could she even begin to think she could go through with telling him the truth? With conviction driving a stake through the heart of her building panic she forced her hands to make the move and take his. She kept her eyes locked on his.

"We're gonna go nice and slow, okay."

She nodded and moved with him. As the slope beneath them lowered and the cool water covered more and more of her, she banished her worried thoughts and focused on Nick. 'Just think dancing,' she chanted as a mental mantra. 'You're dancing with Nick, just like you always wanted.' She started to forget the deepening water and love being this close to him, she ignored the trepidation and delighted in locking eyes, the somehow strong yet gentle grip of his hands made almost everything fall away.

They stopped going deeper and Nick asked, "Doin' okay?"

She wanted a confident and firm affirmative; she got a tiny agreeing whimper instead.

"Alright... Wanna try treading water?"

She bit her lip and gave a quick nod.

"It's easy I promise, first..." He gently spread her arms out over the surface of the water. "You don't have to move your arms for this, they're just for balance." He changed his grip and moved back. "Now, watch my legs... It's just like drawing a little triangle with your toes."

When she looked through the rippling water she tried very hard not to look toward that deep watery chasm behind them. She watched his footwork, tried to imagine the triangle shape in her mind's eye, demanded her brain stop looking at the big scary thing behind her brother that wasn't even going to factor into the lesson.

"Think you got it?"

Another whimper of an agreement.

"Okay, now we're gonna go a little deeper so you can try it out without hitting the ground, think you're up to it?"

"N-no... But let's do it anyway..."

"That's my girl."

They went deeper, she lost ground, she tried to remember the motion but panic started to surge and she flailed in his grip. Before he could say anything, she tore her hands away from his and threw her arms around his neck, quickly latching onto him out of absolute fear. She made completely pitiful noises as she buried her face into his shoulder and locker her legs around his torso.

He held her tenderly and offered comforting words, rubbing her back soothingly. "It's okay, you're okay, I got you."

Fear faded fast, shame has that effect. She'd barely floated for a second before she lost all control. Here she was clamped onto Nick like a safety harness, feeling entirely unworthy of his comforting embrace.


Sarah's voice cut like a samurai sword through the self pity and regret. Julie look up at her sisters and saw them cheering for her. She couldn't understand, she thought she totally dropped the ball.

"Hey, turn around for a sec." Nick announced.

She looked up to him then back over to the shoreline they'd left behind. She gasped as she realized how far they'd actually gone, how deep the water she just tried to swim in actually was. She never thought she could go that far without absolute panic forcing her back to land.

"I'd say that's a damn good start."

If shame trumped fear, elation put them both in body cast. She couldn't stop herself smiling, making the happiest little nonsense noises as Nick carried her back. With great care he set her down on her feet and she released her grip on him. The collision of emotions, endorphins and adrenaline left her a little shaky as her head thudded against his chest. It wasn't the knockout she wanted, but she at least made it to the bell. She wrapped her arms slowly around him again and rubbed her cheek against his chest.

"You did great, Jules."

"Okay, okay I get it." She laughed. "I know I botched the ending and I'm fine." She pulled back and smiled up at him. "Getting that far was enough for today." She reluctantly peeled herself away. "Now go, keep having fun, I'm gonna sit down and come off all this excitement."


"If I had the strength I'd just push you, so get moving."

As he went back into the water and she slowly sat down, her excited mind turned over the events that'd just taken place. Some of her muscles were sore from being tensed as tight as they could, Nick felt so warm as she practically glommed onto him with only her slim excuse for a swimsuit and his form fitting trunks between them

Her eyes were almost dinner plate worthy as she realized all that was nothing like dancing, and everything like making love. She was tense, nervous, he guided her with kind words and a gentle hand, emotions and sensations made her lose control, and afterwards he held her and praised her until she calmed down. It might've been a stretch, but he was definitely between her legs at the end there. A feeling she tried quite fervently to recall every detail of.


As the sun had dipped behind the tree cover quite some time ago, it was the color of the sky that signaled dinner time. The little hibachi and the coals they'd brought worked their magic and burgers were the order of the day. They sat on their still bundled sleeping bags and just talked. It'd been so long since they could say they say down to dinner together and shared it was a delightful capper to the day. Once the coals were doused and the little LED Lantern their only light aside from the showcase of stars above Nick was the first to head to his tent.

Quietly Sarah asked "Time game?"

Julie looked to Sylvia and back to Sarah, "Actually. I think you should get it."

"You're the only one who didn't get a little moment with Nick today." Sylvia added

When she looked to Dana and saw she agreed Sarah gave a little fist pump of triumph and snatched up her bag. As she approached Nick's tent, a sudden and undeniable apprehension glued her feet to the floor. The whole night, 'alone' with Nick. If she was honest, every fantasy she had always had her sister along for the, lack of a better word, ride. She might've been the more confident of the two, but Sylvia's constant support is what made that possible.

Buying more time to psyche herself up she got her clothes from the other tent and moved slow while doing it. Julie faced her fears today, and so could she.

Nick was already settled into his sleeping bag as she opened the flap and stepped in. He looked up as her and a broad triumphant smile spread across his face.


"I guessed right. I owe myself twenty bucks."

Every worry instantly evaporated when she remembered it was just Nick. Not some looming danger or some terrifying unknown. "Careful, I hear internal gambling can be just as addictive as the real thing."

"Noted." He reached over and patted the space of tent floor beside him. "Saved you a spot."

"How gentlemanly of you." She set her clothes down and unrolled her sleeping bag.

"Hey... Um.... Aren't you gonna change first..."

She blinked, confused for a moment, then realized she was still in her quite daring one piece." Oh right, yeah... This ain't exactly the most comfortable sleep wear." She laughed nervously.

"I'll just wait outside."

As he started to get up she called out. "N-no no, don't get up, you're already settled in... I'll just..."

She thought for a moment and had a glimmer of an idea flash behind her actual plan. She took up her shirt and pants and climbed into the bag with them and zipped herself in.

As she started to shimmy in the bag to get the swimsuit off, Nick quickly turned over to afford her a little more privacy. Maybe, just maybe, she grunted and huffed a little more than she needed to. Free from her swimwear, she did a quiet ten count and called out. "Okay, ready."

"... Ready?" Nick slowly turned over.

"Yeah! For our slumber party!"

The moment sat like a fat man on a bus until both of them started laughing.

"You know," Nick said as he slowly caught his breath. "This is the second time you and I slept together."

Sarah's brain might've done a little twirl she turned to face him so quickly "... Huh?"

"Yeah, don't you remember? We both had the flu when you were little, so you couldn't sleep in the same room as Sylvia for a while."

The vaguest recollection dripped into her waking mind of the two of them trying to deal with disease as best they could. In that moment her brain chose to highlight a time where Nick had spread Vaporub onto her chest. She looked back in her you her you herself and lamented having neither the will nor inkling to enjoy or remember how it felt to have his hand caress her then.

The fact that she was naked in her sleeping bag might've been what made that thought clearer.

They talked for a little while longer until she could tell he was starting to nod off. She wished him good night and waited. His head was turned toward her; she could hear his soft breathing, something she was surprised to find she loved the sound of. She happily took in his serene countenance; it was exactly everything she thought it'd be.

As she laid there, inches away and naked but for the quickly warming sleeping bag, she could deny herself no longer. Her idle hands made for the devil's playground and massaged her handful worthy breast. Even if he was asleep and in the wrong place, having him close was enough to let her imagine he was the one touching her. She rubbed her nipples under her palms a furtive moan slipped loudly from her lips. She froze on the spot, holding her breath and waiting for some hammer to fall.

Nothing. If the other girls heard it they didn't want to interrupt, and that cued what some may call a dangerous idea. 'Maybe they didn't hear me,' she thought. 'But maybe, Nick could.'

She slowly ran a finger over an areola and did her best to aim the moan at her brother. "Mmmnicky," she plaintively whispered. "I love it when you tease me..." She tugged and twisted her nipples. "MMNH! Ooh, yeah... I love it when you're rooough..."

She slowed as she saw he hadn't moved an inch, or even batted an eyebrow. He was still sleeping serenely. This wasn't working, it wasn't exciting enough. She reached down and teased her clit to try and salvage the mood, sending both a shiver through her body and a new idea. She dug through the sleeping bag for her top, slipping it on and making sure to cover everything below it as she gently shook Nick's shoulder.

"Nick... Nicky wake up..."

He groaned and muttered something that wasn't language, peering through the darkness of the tent to make out Sarah. "Whutizit sumthinwrong?"

"It's too cold... I think there's something wrong with my sleeping bag."

He wasn't firing on all cylinders, so it's possible whatever better judgment might've told him to think twice was out for the night. He shifted his arm out to unzip his bag and made some room by turning over to face the other way.

She shifted over to his bag and zipped it shut after herself, now back to back with him. It wasn't the most ideal, but she certainly didn't want to push this too far too fast. "Thanks Nicky."

Whatever that noise was certainly sounded like a 'you're welcome' but she couldn't prove it to save her life. In time he fell back to sleep and Sarah very carefully turned over, doing her best to spoon against his much larger frame. With a dreamy smile plastered on her face, she softly exhaled against the back of his neck to see if he'd move at all.

When he didn't, she did. A pair of fingers running along the hood of her clit before slipping down lower into her slit. She moaned softly as the fingers pushed deep and circled her insides. "God... I'm so wet, Nick." She huffed out to the back of his head. "Mmnthat's what you do to me..." She slid her fingers in and out slowly, daring to rub the bridge of her nose against his neck. "Mnf, what... W-would do if you... Ahnnwoke up... If you sa-Ah-aw me like... This... Nng if I... Begged you to touch me..."

He moved and she turned to stone, sleepy action dragging her into place to rest her head on his chest and spoon against his side. How he could move that much and still stay asleep was amazing, as was her position. With the happiest smile she draped a leg across his lap and placed a, thankfully dry hand on his chest. She was overjoyed, she was enthralled; she was quickly realizing that was all too easy.

Nick must have done that before, that's why he didn't fully wake up.

He's held a girl like this before.

Sarah realized he must've just thought she was Lori and did what he did for her.

The mood to tease herself next to Nick turned to ashes in seconds. As wonderful as this midnight snuggle was, it wasn't earned, it wasn't hers. The borrowed embrace was both delight and disappointment. With no other choice she rubbed her cheek against him, silently vowed to herself to earn this place by his side, and drifted off into an admittedly pleasant sleep.


Nick grunted and stretched as the sound of morning birds stirred him out of another strange dream. As he tried to recall the particulars, he noticed something weighing him down slightly. There on his chest, sleeping quite contently; was his sister Sarah. Now, the girls had fallen asleep using him as a pillow before. But this? A truly intimate embrace. 'Oh god,' he panicked internally. 'No god what the shit did I do?!"

As he scrambled to find some answer, some hope, some escape before she woke to see he'd pulled her into this against her will, he heard Sarah's soft voice let out an adorable little grunt as she stretched against him.

Almost terrified, he couldn't bring himself to look at her until, in an undeniably happy tone she said, "G'mornin..."

He dared to look and saw a perfectly content smile on her face.

"A-ah... Um... S-Sarah I'm so... I mean... I didn't mean..."


He stopped.

"What are you so upset about?"

The words drove away from his mind like a gang of drag racers.

"I mean, you might sleep through this kinda stuff. But I sure as hell don't. So if it bothered me... You think I wouldn't've woken you up?"

"... I..."

"I got to hug my big brother all night when I was cold. Why wouldn't I be happy?"

"I'm still sorry..."

She smiled, and then looked down at her hand as she resisted the urge to rub his chest too lovingly. "Is it... Did you do this kinda stuff with Lori?"

"... Yeah."

"So you miss it, right?"

In an already compromised position and unwilling to lie to her he sighed loudly and covered his eyes with his free arm. "Y-yeah... I kinda do."

"That's okay then."

He looked down slowly.

She smiled up at him once more. "I can't blame you for missing having someone to hold. This felt really nice... I'd miss it too. I was right next to you so you just did what came natural.

He was still uncomfortable despite everything she said. It wasn't just that it was his little sister, it was that he did that to her because of Lori. She was still on his mind, her actions and her closeness still directing his actions two years later. If he was trying to mask how that made him felt, he failed miserably.

"Nicky... You're not mad at me are you? I know I probably should've-"

"No!" He almost shouted. "No, god no, sweetie I'm not mad at you... I just..." He groaned in frustration. "If it's this bad I should do it now."

Sarah's imagination tried to kick into overdrive just at those words. She mentally rehearsed, 'oh Nick, you poor thing, let me help you get rid of all that pent up need. If I can do anything, just tell me what and I will.'

He slowly climbed out of the bag and away from her, she did her best not to pout and keep her bare end covered. She watched as he reached for his shoes, took something out of them and made his way out of the tent without looking at her twice. With as much speed as she could muster she grabbed up her pants, regretted for a moment she was going commando, and raced out to catch her brother.

Nick was ankle deep in the water as the sun crested over the tree-line and painted the lake's rolling waters with its light. As Sarah drew near, she could just barely make out the small thing in his hand.

With another step she gasped.

It was a ring box. A soft black ring box. The kind you hold up as you take a knee and make one of the greatest promises of your life.

"Nick... Is that..."

"Mabel helped me pick it out..."

Sarah remembered the few days he'd spent out in the Midwest with their cousin. It was days before he came home and learned the truth from his college friends.

"I've... Pretty much had it on me ever since."

She wanted to say something, anything. She wanted to move closer, but her legs wouldn't listen.

"It's kinda strange how something so small could weigh so much. I'd always take it out every now and stare at it. Maybe hoping if I did, it'd disappear and I'd just imagined it"

The other girls were stirring, Sarah could hear their tent unzip.

He opened the box and took out the ring; the sound of its discarded container striking a rock drew the attention of the others. Holding it up to the light, Nick took one last look at the admittedly gorgeous ring. It's soft green jade inlay accenting the gleaming opal setting.

The other girls saw the ring shimmer in his fingers and knew in an instant what it must be.

"This is it, the end to all the agonizingly wasted hope I poured into the greatest failure of my life"

Before any of them could say a word, the ring was flung through the air toward the center of the lake, producing a sad little drop of a noise that hardly suited the weight of emotion it carried.

The long silence that followed was funeral worthy; the sisters were all looking to each other to decide what they should do when they heard something.

It was quiet at first. So quiet you'd believe you'd imagined it. It grew louder as the seconds ticked by. It grew to undeniable size as Nick slumped down to his knees and began to loudly sob.

Without another moments pause the girls closed in as fast as their legs could carry, crashing into him like a wave as they all tightly embraced him and each other. There was never a moment in any of their lives where their brother had cried quite so strongly.

There was no effort to console him, not now. They all knew that sometimes you just had to cry, as hard and as long as was needed.

When he calmed, they all decided to go home. The hike back to the car was a quiet one. Nick sat in the back seat while Sylvia and Dana held his hands and Julie drove them all home.

Nick spent the rest of the day in his room as the girls stood by, waiting until he was ready to come down.

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I really like this, thank you for writing.

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again, not my bent, but if i dont think about the inc/loli aspects, just 4 young women in love, this is a great story. well written, moving, plz keep up the good work. if ur lookn for constructive criticisms, i cant help. not even many grammatical or spelling errors. well done

Anonymous 16/06/29(Wed)09:20 No. 24398 ID: 0540d8

This is a fun story, really enjoying reading it. Thanks for all the updates.

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Alright folks, I'll be posting the new entry either tonight or tomorrow.

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dont sweat it your game is on point

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--Wednesday, Day 4--

The rain pattering on the windows and the sound of thunder in the distance had been ongoing since late Tuesday night. Julie wasn’t at all fond of ironic weather, driving home the point they were all feeling miserable.

Nick hadn’t left his room since they got home from Clark Lake. He didn’t stay to have lunch, he didn’t come down for dinner. Visits to him ended with each of them painting pleasantries and plaintive request against the closed hatch, which replied with only silence.

She lied in her bed, a night of fitful sleep had left her staring at the ceiling of her room frustrated, trying to peer through it and see him. She’d even talked toward it, even if experience taught her it wouldn’t work. “I hate it when you’re like this, we all do. It’s not fair! You… You just… You don’t deserve to feel this way and you won’t let us help you!” She thrashed childishly before settling back down. Slowly, frustration gave way to conviction and she sprang to her feet, threw on some casual attire, and quickly made her way to the kitchen. She was a blur of motion and determination, ignoring the questions of her sisters and the demands of the yowling fluffball who had plenty of food left in his dish.

Soon a tray was filled with a large frittata, toast, bacon and a cup of vanilla flavored coffee. With great care and surprising poise she made her way back upstairs. Once there she stared at the small pull cord, took a deep breath, said a silent prayer, and tugged slowly. When it gave just as it should, her relieved sigh could’ve inflated a balloon. With all her dexterity she made her way up the attic ladder with the tray and saw Nick, sitting up in bed watching her barge in. Before he could utter a syllable she closed the distance, unfolded the legs on the tray and set it right before him. Then carefully sat on the bed beside him, watching expectantly.

“… You’re gonna sit there and watch me eat?”

“Every bite,” she replied plainly.

“Jules, I appreciate it, really. I’m just not all thaaaAAH”

Julie had reached over and firmly pinched his cheek, “If I have to make you eat, I will.”

“Okah Okah, yoo wen!”

She smiled sweetly and released him. “Good! Now…” She reached down, scooped a piece for frittata onto the fork and held it up for him.


Her expression didn’t change, but her tone was still stern. “I have a lot of pointy objects in my reach right now.”

With a slightly nervous chuckle, Nick opened his mouth and she happily proceeded to pilot the food bearing fork forward. Satisfied she pulled it back and asked, “Good?”


“Thought so.” She handed him the fork. “Now, eat up.”

Nick did his best to try and eat with care and civility. But the fact was he was ridiculously hungry and everything was absolutely delicious.

“Do you remember when we first moved into this house? Mom was pregnant with Dana so we needed a bigger place. I hated it, having to leave all my friends behind, everything I ever knew. So when I had to go to a new school I locked myself in my room and refused to come out.”

Nick started chewing more slowly, he remembered, but she was going somewhere with all this, so he said nothing.

“You picked my lock and brought me waffles the next morning. Then sat with me and just… Listened. You didn’t tell me to do anything, you didn’t ask a single question, you just sat there and listened as I went on my tiny tirade for almost two hours. I was hoarse and tired by then so I sat down and finally ate the waffles.”

Nick swallowed and was about to say something when she held up her hand.

“But that’s not what you need. We’ve been listening this whole time so it’s your turn now. You absolutely did everything right. You were kind, faithful, giving, adventurous, and willing to see past shortcomings and any ugliness to love the person past all that.” She finally looked him in the eyes. “You’re a wonderful man, and you absolutely deserved better. We may not have ever been able to see that side of the woman you loved… But it was obvious to anyone you did. She took that from you and treated it cheaply. That’s on her, not you.” Her eyes softened, she reached over and gently held his cheek. “But she didn’t take anything from you; it’s all still there in your heart. You’re not hollow Nick. She might have made a space for herself in you, but she didn’t take a single thing out to make that happen, you just made room.” She gently rubbed his cheek with her thumb “So cheer up. It’s over. You’re ready to love again, because you always were.”

When he leaned into her hand her heart melted and a little voice in her head started banging two frying pans together as it desperately shouted that she kiss him immediately. She bit her lip hard to banish those thoughts. Enticing and exciting him the other day was one thing, but taking advantage of his emotional frailty like that? She couldn’t live with herself if she did. Instead she leaned forward and offered a chaste kiss to his forehead. “Now finish your breakfast, take a shower, and come downstairs so we can all stop worrying about you.”

A small but undeniable smile formed on Nicks face, followed by an equally tiny nod as he went back to eating.

Satisfied he wasn’t going to retreat without her eyes on him she made her way out. Once down the ladder she saw her sisters standing by impatiently for news. She carefully closed the attic hatch before saying, “I think he’s finally over it.”

Relieved sighs and vocalizations resounded from the three of them.

“And I think we should all hold off a bit… He’s just getting his feet under him…”

“So, couch day?” Sarah asked.

“Couch day.”

“Bad movies and junk food in our jammies! Whoo!” Sarah rushed downstairs.

“Sarah, don’t you dare make any of those ‘cheese monster’ things! We’ll be sick for days!” Sylvia chased after her.

“Just because YOU can’t handle my genius doesn’t mean everyone else can’t.”

The rain continued to practice its staccato rhythm on every window as the Clarks lazed about before the gleaming alter that was the 65 inch plasma screen. Somewhere amidst the comedically horrible Samurai Cop, the girls had all but dropped off into miniature food comas thanks to the bizarre orange substance still gelled to the sides of a punch bowl and the ruins of chips in and around it. All save Julie who had since busied herself with dishes. With no one to watch it with, Nick set about breaking out the small blankets in the armrest pocket of the couch and covering the sleeping brood to keep the central air from giving them an uncomfortable chill before heading toward the kitchen.

“Need a hand?” He asked, leaning in the doorway.

“Well if you for mind cleaning the counter, I wouldn’t say no.” Julie replied, setting a dish to dry on the rack.

As he worked he had a curious smile, speaking up only after a few moments had passed. “Hey Jules? Thanks… I don’t mean just for this morning. You really did help make all that… Mess, easier to deal with these last couple years.”

“That’s easy enough to do for someone you love.” She replied casually. She knew it sounded platonic enough to not raise a stink. Nick didn’t need that extra confusion on top of everything else. She looked down at her hand, remembered cupping his face, and hoped that be enough to keep her from making things worse.

Nick carefully made his way back over to the coffee table in front of the couch and gathered the plates and bowls carefully, a funny little notion sparked by seemingly nothing formed and demanded be expressed when he returned to the kitchen. “I guess you’d have been the loudest objection.”

Julie hummed curiously as she took the dishes off his hands.

“You know, that’s whole ‘speak now of forever hold your peace’ bit.”

She watched him cautiously for a moment, waiting to see if this was a conversation she wanted to have. He seemed honestly centered, and at ease with it so she smiled and joined in. “I might’ve even slugged her.”

Nick laughed. “Really? Damn. I still can’t wrap my head around that. She never seemed so…”

“The camouflage of the Bitchasaurus Rex is indeed its greatest weapon.”

“Oh god are we all just gonna call her that from now on?”

“I sure as hell am.” She smirked.

There was little else to clean in the kitchen, but neither sibling felt much like ending this talk. So Julie sat on the counter opposite Nick leaning against the wall. He sighed but his smile didn’t waver when he said, “That’s all assuming she’d’ve said yes.”

“Oh she would’ve, I can tell you that for sure. You’re a total package. Well built, good job, beloved by the community-”

“That last one’s a stretch.”

“Shut up, I’m painting a picture here. And yes, you are. Nobody goes into that garage to see Dad and you can’t tell me you haven’t noticed all the pretty young girls who can’t figure out how to put water in a radiator no matter how many times you show them.”

“I just tuned all that out really…” Nick laughed. “Oh god that’s how this all started! Dad had me on a shift after school and… Bitchasaurus Rex…”

“Aha! So it’s catching on!”

He rolled his eyes. “So SHE came in with some Honda trash boat her daddy bought her for not setting the house on fire. Christ I was a deer in the headlights when we locked eyes and she knew it.”

“For what it’s worth… I’m sorry.”


“Yeah… I’m sorry. By the time I had the courage or wherewithal to say anything about her, it didn’t seem like you’d’ve listened. Maybe if I just took the chance it… Everything could’ve been different.”

“Oh sweetheart, don’t do that. Don’t blame yourself for anything. It just… It all happened. There’s no more sense in beating ourselves up over something we can’t change… But for what it’s worth, I would’ve.”


“I don’t want you to ever think there’s anything you can’t say to me.” He reached out to her and she readily held his hands. “I’ll always listen, no matter what it is, I promise.”

She did her damnedest not to react to that. She tried to show no minuscule sign of anything. But Nick knew her face too well; her emotions were far too active. Her heart was almost embroidered onto a sleeve.

“Julie?” He asked. “IS there something you’ve been wanting to tell me?”

A part of her was chanting loudly that she just do it now, damn the consequence, to hell with the fallout, that it didn’t matter that the others were asleep and they all had a stake in this. It all must’ve played out on her face, it definitely distracted her long enough that she didn’t see Nick close the gap between them, his hand soothingly caressing her shoulder.

Her defenses started to melt away, she gripped the counter’s edge hard as she tried and failed not to look into his eyes. How turned around this scenario was, the girl who planned to shamelessly flirt with her brother until he offered some opening now faced the moment of truth with trepidation. She could selfishly claim this opportunity right now, but then what? What would drive him away more? The powerful emotions or the betrayal of their sisters? She couldn’t keep looking at him, she just couldn’t. Her head thudded against his chest, she couldn’t rebuff him, she couldn’t make him doubt now, there was no out other than some admission. A lie would destroy everything, a misdirect would leave him suspicious and destroy any other opportunity.

“It’s too much,” she found herself saying aloud.

Nick backed away slightly and lowered himself to her eye level. He made no move to actually meet her gaze but gave her the chance if she wanted it. “Sorry,” he began with a warm and sincere tone. “Guess I put you on the spot there, huh? It’s okay; you can tell me when you’re ready… Or not at all. I don’t want you to think I’m pressuring you into anything you don’t wanna do after all.”

She laughed once and sharply. “That… That couldn’t possibly be further from the truth.”

Nick said nothing, still soothingly rubbing her arm. She was clearly upset and he didn’t know what else to do until she told him what was wrong.

“I… I don’t want to make YOU deal with anymore than you have to… It’s too much. Everything we did just made you confront all that Lori bullshit… How could I possibly put anything else on top of it…”

“Isn’t that my choice?”

She started to look up at last. “W-what?”

“It’s my choice if I want to take it. I choose to listen, so whatever it is, I asked in the first place for it. You’re not forcing me to do anything.”

She laughed to try and stop herself from crying. All her emotions bleeding into each other like bad markers on even cheaper paper. She was losing her grip and she knew it. “You’re wonderful… You know that? You charge ahead to do what’s hard so someone else doesn’t have to. You’re always thoughtful, considerate, and absolutely kind to everyone you meet.”

Nick smiled, he was never good at taking compliments, but she was talking, that was always a good start.

“I wouldn’t be worthy of any of that if I tried to be selfish right now…”

“You? Selfish? Didn’t think the word was in your vocabulary.”

She laughed and shook her head. “Stop that, I’m trying to be serious.”

“I know, that’s why I did it. Julie, it’s just me. I don’t know what you think is such a big deal that you can’t tell me… But stop over thinking it. I know absolutely that whatever it is, however big, I promise I’ll hear you out.”

“That’s just it… It’s not just me…”

Before he could ask what she meant she started to slide off the counter. He made room for her and let her go into the living room. He approached slowly as she gently woke up their sisters and said something quietly to each of them.

Sylvia’s face almost turned completely pale before comically turning red. Sarah’s brow furrowed as she seemed to work up nerve. Dana started biting her thumbnail. He knew, from a lifetime of observation, whatever this was made them all as anxious as they’d ever been. They all had trouble looking at him as they walked over to the kitchen table and waited for him to join in. As he sat, they all exchanged looks nervously, each silently debating who would go first. Nick took off his watch and held it up. “This help?”

They all looked up at once and then back to each other announcing affirmatives in their own ways.

Nick braced himself for whatever was about to happen, it was the least he could do for all of them. “It’s 3:15.”

“Of course it is…” Julie sighed. “The one time I get it exactly right is the one time I didn’t want to.”

“But… It’s kind of appropriate…” Dana said quietly.

Nick watched as they all started holding hands; they were all looking to one another for courage and solidarity. All manner of possibilities rang through his mind all at once, ranging from the absurd to the practical. Did they accidentally kill someone? Did they do it intentionally? Was it Lori? Maybe they’re the ones that caught her cheating; they couldn’t possibly have faked some rumor. No, Lori admitted her infidelity and tried to apologize. Was he adopted and never knew it? We’re they? He banished all that as Julie cleared her throat, ready for anything short of them all spontaneously flying and admitting they were secretly magic this whole time.

'He promised,’ she desperately reminded herself. 'Nick’s never broken a promise.’ She took a deep yet shaky breath, “Nick, we… We all love you. But… Not just in a family way. For years now, each of us has wanted nothing more than to be as close to you as we possibly could be, showing you exactly how much you mean to us with all the love we had to give. We all watched you brought to your knees by a girl who never deserved someone as incredible as you and hoped that some day we could have the chance… Just the tiniest opportunity to take that pain away and replace it with how much we loved you.” She looked around the table again before turning back to him. “It wasn’t until a few days ago we all learned we felt the same way… And we all decided we had to tell you. We absolutely had to be honest with you and let you decide once and for all… If you say 'no’, that’ll be the end of it. We’ll all move on and make up for whatever awkwardness there is in time. If you… Say 'yes’ we’ll figure something out together…”

Nick was frozen on the spot, so shocked he almost forgot how to breathe. An absolute deluge of confused emotions overloading his brain and heart. They loved him more than just as their brother? All of them? These girls he helped raise, taught to read, shared a home with looked to him as more than family but a worthy aim for their affections and desires. Of course desire entered into it, that kind of love came with that in tow. Suddenly events came into focus, moments from the past all bathed in the light of new meaning that illustrated an image undeniably. He saw them anxious in their admission, they’d been trying to deal with what they felt for years as he wallowed in self pity and doubt and now the moment of truth terrified them. Dana couldn’t look more scared if someone threatened her with a knife. What could he say? What could he possibly voice in this moment?

“Nick…” Dana was the first to say anything, a branch to cling to while sliding heedlessly down a cliff side. She fought valiantly against her fear and despair as she said, “Don’t say 'yes’ because you don’t want to hurt us…”

“Th-that’s right…” Sylvia added. “All we.. all we really wanted was just for you to know how we felt. H-how much you mean to us…”

“You don’t have to say anything now, either…” Julie followed. “We know it’s too much to take in all at once…”

“We just…” Sarah struggled to talk, holding herself together as best she could. “We just… Wanted you to feel… As happy as you always made us feel…”

He instantly thought back to Tuesday morning. There was Sarah, resting her head on his chest amidst an intimate embrace. She seemed absolutely content by his side. Ultimately however, he said nothing. There wasn’t a single sentence that reached completion in his mind. He got up, went to his room and plopped face down into his bed. Hours raced by as all his internal debates continued to rage on.

They’d tried to coerce him, but more for his sake then their own. They masked their feelings, but those feelings were terrifying. He loved them dearly, but they clearly loved him more. They risked everything to tell him, and he gave them only silence. Julie was almost collapsing in on herself as she struggled with the same weight he now carried. For them, it was torment watching someone they loved fall apart and lack all the means necessary to put them back together. He thought on when he collapsed by the lake and bawled his eyes out and they crashed into him. How painful it must’ve been for them to hear that sound and pull him up to say they loved him more than Lori ever did.

He turned over at that final thought. That unbidden notion. Suddenly it sounded sincere. They loved him more than the woman he was going to propose to. Why wasn’t that absurd? Why was it so easy for him to accept?

He rolled onto his side and curled up, when something relevant came into mental view. He was nine years old, and lying next to Mabel. It was warm, safe, and seeing her smile so serenely made every strange emotion and sensation make sense. That serenity was what he chased ever since, that honest peace of mind between two people that always felt so impossibly real that he was amazed love wasn’t scientifically measurable. It might not have panned out, but that moment was still something they happily shared, and years later, neither one of them regretted.

Nick’s thinking came to a dangerously fast halt at the sound of the attic ladder lowering. He sprang to a seated position so fast it almost made him dizzy. There, closing the hatch behind herself was Julie.

She didn’t look at him at first; he could see her hands at her sides shaking in tightly balled fist. “I… I’m sorry,” she said very quietly. “I know I shouldn’t be up here right now… But I couldn’t just stand by and wait without…” She took a breath and finally turned to face him. “Whatever you decide I’ll live with. I promise… But before you do…” He could see her joints almost lock before she quickly closed the distance and plopped onto the bed beside him. No opening existed wherein he could question or protest, she took hold of his cheeks, moved in close, and quickly pressed her lips against his own.

At first he recoiled so she moved with him. Moaning softly, her hands slid from his cheeks to the back of his head.

Nick, at first rigid with shock, felt a long resisted desire overpower his reason. It’d been years since he’d been touched so lovingly, kissed so tenderly, his body demanded more and in his shaken state his will argued pitifully. Their lips slid and tugged against one another. Julie’s hands happily running through his short black hair. When they finally pulled apart yet stayed nose to nose, her soft pants made him open his eyes.

She had a smile, it was subtle yet content. Real and made all the more noticable by the blush on her face. She slowly let him go and slid back onto her behind, unable to take her eyes off him. “I needed… I wanted… I always wanted you to know how I felt. Words, just weren’t enough… So this might have been me at my most selfish. But I just… Didn’t think I could’ve gone on without doing that at least once.”

Nick’s mind pushed through hormones and endorphins in a desperate effort to process what happened. He’d kissed her back, which was absolutely undeniable. Was it just raw carnal need that drove him? He couldn’t risk that, he couldn’t just use her to satisfy his wants and needs. But, before he could say anything to that effect, she spoke.

“… I wish I could keep you…”

The words shook him. The same words Mabel had spoken that night he shared with her. Nick just barely managed to say, “What?”

“The world is filled with all kinds of people… Someday you’ll probably meet someone and start a new family with them. But when I think about that day, think about waking up and having no way to see you in the morning… About all the moments in our lives we won’t get to share. I just…” She finally looked away. “Sorry, I’m sorry, that’s too selfish. I can’t stop you from living how you want and claim to feel the way I do at the same time. So… I’ll… I’ll just go.” She got ready to stand and felt Nick’s hand hold her shoulder.

She was trembling, clearly as afraid as she was of the lake. Yet here she was sitting before him, honestly pouring her heart out despite it all. He couldn’t ignore that; he couldn’t just dismiss her feelings. As she’d done for him this morning, he tenderly ran his palm over her cheek, unable to keep from smiling as she slightly nuzzled into it. “Don’t think I don’t understand how you feel…”

She slowly opened her eyes to look up at him.

“It’s a feeling I’ve been after for a long time. I thought I found it once… But I was wrong. I guess… I guess if anything I’m worried I’m doing the same thing to you.”

“You’re not!” She held his hand against her, almost afraid he’d take it away. “It’s real; I know it is! It has to be! I… I can’t just feel like the sun shines brighter when you’re around and have that mean nothing. I can’t look at you and feel so safe and content, and have that be fake. It’s not puppy love or lust, it can’t be! It can’t hurt this bad when you aren’t there and be… Be…” Her breath caught in her throat and warm tears slid down over his hand.

Without another word he pulled her in close, hugging her tightly as she sank her face into the crook of his neck, sobbing softly. She clutched at him as he soothingly rubbed her back.

In time she pulled back slightly and quickly wiped away her tears to look up at him. She couldn’t stop herself, every ounce of will she had was dedicated to one task as she moved to kiss him again. She’d make him see, she had to, he had to know what she felt was absolutely real or every admission they’d all made would be for nothing.

He didn’t stop her. In fact there was more passion to it than last time. As she felt herself melt against him, her hands tugging at his shirt, she forced herself to pull back slightly. While trying to catch her breath she panted, “N-Nick I’m sorry… I don’t know… If I’d be able to stop…”

There was something in her expression, something that he recognized immediately. “W… Wait… Are you… You’re worried about me?”

“Of course I am! I… I know it’s been a while since you… Y'know. I… I just… I’m not trying to take advantage of that! You need to know I’m not just trying to use you for…” She blushed and started to mumble.

The moment hung there like a hit air balloon before Nick finally laughed. it was a short, quiet, inoffensive noise. “Of course not, you can’t even say it…”

She thapped him on the chest and pouted adorably

“I’m not making fun of you… I just… I was thinking the same thing.”

“Oh, oh Nicky no! No, no I don’t, I don’t think that at all. I know you’re not that kind of guy!”

“But we were both thinking it.”

She stopped moving.

“We both wanted it, and we both said no for the same reason.”

“… Y-you did?”


“O-oh…” She laughed nervously. “I guess sitting in your lap like this isn’t helping.” As she began to move, Nick gently held her in place.

It was time to take his own advice. There was a problem and the solution was clear to them both. Nick needed to know how she felt because it was all Julie wanted for him. Over thinking it would only make things worse. Slowly, hands were clasped. Foreheads touched, and a simple question hung in the warm wet air between them. “Is this really what you want?” In the fog of honest feelings and thrilling sensations, the answer drifted. “Only if you want it too.”

And so they collided. Bodies desperate to touch and be touched, hearts filled with passion, both sending reason and logic to the back burners. As she poured every ounce of love she could into one more kiss, she urged him onto his back and found herself thrilled when he complied.

That was it, that was what she’d pined and chased after for so long. It’s not wanton desire, but trust. To her, making love was the ultimate expression of it. You present yourself to someone in your most vulnerable state, and hope they do the same. There he was, with all his great physical strength and imposing size, easily brought down to his back by her. As she held herself above him, looking down into his eyes, it was almost more than her heart could take. How long had she wanted this? How long did she dream about it? The one night, the one chance, if it never came again she’d make this one count.

With great care to burn every second forever into her mind, she slowly slid her hands under his shirt and ran them up his stomach and over his chest. Electric excitement made her almost shudder at the firm yet yielding muscles under her palms, the patches of fine hair along the way a delightful addition she hadn’t ever thought of. More trust, more control, he’d raised his arms and body to let her take the shirt without a word. She thanked him for if with another kiss and found she couldn’t stop. His cheek, his neck, his shoulder, his chest. She painted a trail across his body, taking in his taste on her moistened lips until finally reaching the hem of his boxers and the absolutely undeniable sight below. It looked to her as if he was seconds away from exploding through the fabric. She did that, she’d excited him, thrilled him, and so she took a moment to celebrate quietly before claiming her prize.

As she carefully dipped her fingers under the elastic band, tiny drops of apprehension fell into her thinking. This was it, the absolute point of no return. He showed no signs of protest as she spared him a cautious glance, still willingly surrendering to her whims and actions as she slowly tugged the boxers off. She kept her eyes on them as she slid them all the way off, leaving the best view for last.

When she turned she couldn’t help but gasp. She’d only caught a glimpse of it once before when he was still in high school, and it’d obviously grown since then. So now, absolutely worthy of impactful names such as “Dick” and “Cock”, there he was. A bead of pre-cum running down what must’ve been ten inches of rigid masculinity. It was longer than Dana had said, or at least seemed to be, but the very slight curve was as described. She was surprised she had to swallow back a bit of drool at the sight of it.

There’d be time for that later, time for it all later. Now there was something she absolutely had to do. The most important thing. She did her best to ignore every powerful desire; every wanton thought and moved to straddle him just above his crotch. She gently took his hands and placed them on the bottom of her own shirt, hoping he’d take the silent hint. This was about trust. He’d surrendered to her, now she’d do the same for him.

She couldn’t help but squeak and gasp as his hands slid up her body. Years of working with his hands gave them a unique blend of both roughness and softness that she absolutely loved.

Nick could hardly believe how soft her skin was, how warm and yielding to the touch. He was relieved to see the honest smile of delight on her face as he was worried his hands were too calloused. Her flushed cheeks and panting acting as a chorus of encouragement. Soon the edges of his fingers caught the silky softness of her bra. As he moved his hands back she spoke.

“No, wait…”

Nick froze, but any possibly apprehension faded when her expression remained unchanged.

“I-it’s on the front…”

Nick carefully worked the latch and Julie sighed with contentment as her breast fell free. She couldn’t tell if it was her bra or her excitement that made catching her breath harder. As he tenderly ran his thumbs along the sides of them, she silently wished he’d do more, but knew that wasn’t the point now. With a raise of her arms she was topless before him. She silently wondered if he approved of her chest size, if anything about her looked off or amiss. He moved to sit up, his dick settling into the curve of her still covered behind as he tenderly kissed her, mirroring her own silent gesture of thanks. That was more than enough to erase any doubt.

As he gently moved her back onto the bed, she happily followed his lead. Nick was in total control now, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. His reach was such he didn’t have to move much to disrobe her further. He rested his head on her shoulder and she nuzzled her cheek into his hair as slowly slid his hand down the center of her body.

She unconsciously rose to meet his touch, toes desperately clutching the bed sheets as she grew more breathlessly aroused. His hand held the waistband and slowly began to tug down while she moved to accommodate him. As her panties were peeled away she could hardly believe how wet she was. If anyone looked at her clothes they’d a thought she peed herself. Of course, those thoughts all vanished as she felt Nick’s fingers tenderly rub her inner thigh and slowly make their way up it. “Nnh… Nick… D-… Don’t tease…” She moaned plaintively, writhing slightly. “I… I can’t wait any more.”

He moved carefully, her excitement was boundless. He loomed over her, she reached up to caress his cheeks. She saw a final trepidation slowly melt away and felt her insides flutter. She’d be lying if she said he wasn’t at his most handsome in this exact moment. He was flush, just a little sweaty, and smiling down at her however subtly.

“Nicky… I… I want you to kiss me when you… Put it in.”

He nodded and carefully lowered himself onto her.

She swallowed hard as his hips met her thighs.

He felt her grip the back of his head as the very tip of his cockhead grazed her labia.

She huffed helplessly as she felt him drag his length across her slit, bathing it in her essence.

When she felt him press the head of his cock against her she almost smashed her lips up into his. A litany of tiny squeaks carried over into his mouth as it slowly pushed into her. Clinging to him desperately as inch after inch slid against her clenching insides, it was a tiny eternity between the moment her entered and the moment she finally bottomed out.

The kiss ended out of need, Julie desperately gulping for air and struggling to hold into her senses. It was so hot, she was so full, her insides frantically squeezed around the huge invader unable to decide to keep it in or push it out. Nick was panting above her, holding as still as he could.

His calm, born of experience and compassion, was every thing she’d hoped. A beautiful beacon of safety in a sea of chaos. His comforting words were a little hard to make out, but they were loving, the sweetest noise snaking it’s way through her panic and bubbling irrational fear that she couldn’t take it if he moved.

He pushed himself up further, gave her more room to breath, and kept his hips in place as she did her best to adjust. Her hand slid over his cheek and he turned to kiss her palm. How he knew that’s exactly what she wanted she’d never question, it was just perfect. He moved again to hold himself up with one hand, the other soothingly rubbing her hip. She rubbed her calves against his thighs and gave a slight nod.

She was suddenly adrift. The world fell away into an image of an infinite sun drenched shoreline. Nick became the waves lapping at the coast and she was in heaven. If they spoke, the words never processed. Hands explored and grabbed at whatever was in reach. No fantasy or dream could match this moment where they ceased to be two. His control, his strength, he knew how to react to her tiniest hints and wants before she could ask. He kept up with her motions and was careful not to bash against her cervix despite reaching it easily. She could see the absolute wanton desire overtaking him, delighting in the litany of pants and groans as he released the long restrained needs in his body into her own.

Time was lost to the moment, but soon she felt him tense. His head lowered and his hand gripped her hip. He began to slow down slightly, and one overriding thought crashed through the haze of pleasure as she raised her legs and hooked her ankles over the small of his back.

“P-uhn! Pl-mm! Please! N-nick! In-ah! Inside!”

When he pushed in as deep as he could and desperately moaned by her ear she had no clue what to expect. The sudden flush of hot wet seed pouring into her set her off as well, making her lose all control of her limbs as she called out his name and latched onto him as tightly as she could. Now a shuddering mess, she could only wriggle and gasp for air as he slowly moved them both, letting her lay on his heaving, sweaty chest. His cum slowly sliding out past her distended labia, causing her to twinge even more as the wet inferno dripped down over her clit. Caressing would’ve been too much, he knew it. She was somehow grateful through the fireworks subsiding in her brain that he only held her until she came down. She kissed his collar bone, sought out one of his hands and kissed it as well, feeling absolutely delirious with joy and pleasure unequaled.

“O-oh god… Nngh… Ooh… Nick… I love you, I love you, I… So much…”

He slowly caught his breath, the reality of the moment sinking in. What they just did, what it meant, how he felt. There wasn’t a single regret or doubt to be found in the aftermath. No guilt or hate. Was it wrong? Maybe outside this room, but here? With Julie? It certainly felt like an absolute good. So the words came easily, if not the air to speak them with. “I… I l-… love you… too.”

She gasped, eyes wide as dinner plates as she looked up at him. He was smiling, that warm honest smile she so desperately wanted to see at the start of every day and fall asleep to every night. She ignored the oversensitivity in every inch of her being as she huffed and scrambled up his body to kiss him hard. She almost cried into it as he held her and kissed her back. If death came in the next few seconds, she could go happy and fulfilled. She’d remember this night for the rest of her life, and she knew in her heart, he would to.

As their bodies finally calmed and there was time to reflect, she giggled as she wiped away tears. “Um… Nicky… You’re not stuck are you? Because…”

He flinched as she squeezed him, still halfway inside her even after she’d moved up. “I… Is it bothering you? It… It kinda goes down on its own eventually but I can…”

“No no… Leave it… I… I kinda like it. Feels like…” She laughed. “Oh my god is that why people call it a 'special hug’ to their kids?”

Nick groaned into a laugh.

Somehow that laugh triggered an instant flash of realization. “Oh god, did… Do you think everybody else heard us?”

He shook his head. “They didn’t.”

“How do you know?”

“Um…” He nervously looked away. “I’ve kinda… Sorta… Tested that.”

At first she almost felt mad, thinking about how Lori got to enjoy Nick in bed before her, until she thought about how Lori never slept in their house. Whenever Nick and she were 'together’ she’d always have him over to her dorm room. “Wait… How… Nick did you just sit up here and…”

“Come on, don’t make me say it.”

“I won’t, I won’t. But maybe… Next time you feel like doing that… You could tell me-EEP.” Nick finally popped free of her, having grown flaccid enough to simply slide out. She shuddered as the cum inside her began running out of her and the cool air of the room rushed into her still dilated opening.

Nick tugged up his blanket from under his pillow and covered them both up. Clearly not minding the mess she was making under his belly button. He reached up and flicked the switch above his headboard, cutting off the lights.

She didn’t have to ask to stay, he was happy to let her. Her heart soared once more. She kissed his jaw as she settled it against him. “Please tell me this was real… I don’t think I could live with this just being another dream.”

“I promise I’ll be here when you wake up, if you promise you’ll be here when I do.”

She reached up and tapped him on the nose, “Deal.”

As they slowly drifted into sleep, there was no imagined image that could match what they’d just done. So instead of dreams there was merely the warmth of their bodies, the wonderful pressure of skin against skin, and the contentment they both shared.

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Thursday Morning, Day 5

Sunlight slowly slipped through the cracking layer of expended storm clouds, making its way down to Earth and through the slightly tinted glass of Nick’s skylight. Ever the early riser, Julie groaned and stretched to greet the day. When she saw she was cuddled next to Nick, she huffed grumpily and dropped her head back down, silently demanding the taunting dream end.

Slowly, she noticed how warm he was. How much her skin clung to his when she moved, and that even if this was just the pillow she’d put Nick’s shirts on to cuddle with, it certainly didn’t explain the feeling of chest hair currently under her palm.

Silent prayers resounded in her anxious heart as she eventually dared to open her eyes. There before her, content in restful sleep, was the man she loved so dearly. Slowly, the endorphin and emotion addled memories of the night before asserted themselves far more firmly. They’d made love and did so happily, and now she was privy to the wonderful sunshine painting his sleeping face in golden light. He’d never looked more handsome or more peaceful; she laser etched every last detail into her memories should this moment never come again.

He stirred slightly moments later; languidly stretching before his sleep sullied eyes shook off their blurring. He blinked, at first looking somewhat confused.

She held her content smile firmly, happy for what they did and happier now to wake up beside him. But there, in the midst of her happiness, was the silent undeniable cloud of doubt that cast its morose shade on the moment. Was he thinking twice? Was he suddenly regretting his choices?

He reached his free hand up to his cheek and gave it a firm pinch. Clearly satisfied this wasn’t a dream he reached down, tenderly ran his fingers through her short hair and said, “good morning.”

She cooed happily, absolutely relieved by the honest smile on his face and the comforting touch. “Mm, yeah it is.”

“Been awake long?”

She shook her head. “Not too long, besides, I was enjoying the view.”

“What? You’ve seen me asleep before.”

“I’ve also seen the sun rise everyday, doesn’t make it any less beautiful, or you any less adorable.”

Nick looked away slightly and just barely started to blush. He was always weak to direct and honest compliments.

“Oh… That’s not fair at all…”


Julie slowly climbed up, intentionally dragging her naked frame against his, loving every second of the delicious friction between them. “You can’t be that cute and expect me not to do something about it.” She leaned in for a kiss without any hesitation, elated when she felt Nick answer her in kind. Eventually, she settled onto her crossed arms, happily laying directly atop him, sighing in absolute contentment. It was one thing to have her wildest, lurid fantasies become truth, it was another to bask happily in the morning aftermath of their sensual collision. She’d never been able to dream of such wonderful intimacy, a sense of absolute closeness and comfort that was almost overwhelming.

And the truth of it was that Nick felt the same way. It was everything he’d ever hoped to feel when with another person. Just an undeniable warmth in his soul and not a sense of doubt in sight. Sure, this wasn’t something society would look upon favorably; there’d be massive hurdles to face in the future. But he was certain they’d face them all together. For now however, right this second, there was just the two of them, completely content, leaving just the need to say the words. “I love you, Julie.”

Her eyes went wide as dinner plates; she stared at him unable to immediately accept that those were the words she truly heard. It was one thing to hear him say it amid the wash of wild emotion and sensations of love making. It was entirely another to hear it as a matter of fact. It’s eighty-one degrees outside, water is still wet, and I love you.

With an almost shrill squeal of delight she dragged herself up, wrapped her arms around his neck, and happily rubbed her cheek into his. “I love you too!” With another deep kiss to properly anchor the moment in their hearts and minds she eventually settled back down onto his chest. After a few more minutes of simply wallowing in happiness she pooled her courage and quietly asked, “So what happens now?”

“Right now,” Nick stretched beneath her. “We both need a shower. The rest, we take on as it comes.”

She hummed a sweet affirmative and slowly began to slide off him, but not before giving his chest one quick little peck. It was as she moved she noticed the slightly dull ache below her waistline. The cause was obviously all the earnest and eager hip thrusting from the night before. With a self satisfied grin at the memory of her most intense orgasm yet, she gathered up her nearby sleepwear and slipped on everything but her underwear. As she folded them up she looked over to Nick sliding on his shorts and a sudden and irrepressible idea popped up. “Um, Nicky…” She said sweetly. “Would you mind if… We took a shower together?”

He dug his shirt out of the sheets. “If you want to, I certainly don’t mind.”

When she was sure he wasn’t looking, she pumped her fist in celebration, not just for what was to come, but what his answer meant. There wasn’t a drop of hesitation, no pause to think. The final walls between them had come crumbling down and she could show him exactly how much she loved him without fear of overstepping. If this was in any way a dream she hoped she’d never wake up.

Her elation was short lived however. As she put weight on her foot to stand, the muscles in her leg tightened and a sudden shock of pain demanded she sit right back down. It wasn’t anything more than the feeling of overworked muscles, but it came so quick she couldn’t stop herself from yelping and plopping hard onto her backside.

“Julie?!” Nick almost jumped across the bed to join her side. “Are you okay?!”

“Yeah, Yeah, I’m fine.” She giggled softly, somewhat embarrassed. “It’s just that well… Last night was kinda my first time… You know…”


“Yeah.” She was happy he was close enough to rest her head on his shoulder. “And you made it everything I ever hoped and wished for, thank you.”

He blushed slightly. “Y-you’re welcome.”

She made a little groan, her heart melting at his bashful smile. “Can I get a rain check on that shower though?”

Nick nodded. “Need help getting down the ladder?”

“Oh sweetie, I’ve hurt myself worse dancing. It just caught me off guard is all.” She stood easily, the dull ache in her growing with the added weight but truly nothing she couldn’t deal with. “See?”

“Alright, but let me know if you’re still hurting later.”

She gave a sweet wink and a smile, “Promise.” With that she tucked her underwear under her arm, opened the attic hatch, and hummed happily to herself as she made her way down it. Despite the pain she felt lighter than air, and had she the leg stability for it, she’d’ve skipped the whole way to the bathroom.

The other obstacle to that imagined happy jaunt was Sarah, waiting for her turn outside the upstairs bathroom.

The two stared at each other in stark silence before the younger sister smiled and put her hands on her hips. “And y’all call me the impulsive one.”

The breakfast table was awash with questions and excitement as Julie explained the events of the previous night and Nick busied himself in the kitchen to keep from looking too embarrassed about the whole thing, especially when it came to generous descriptions of his actions and anatomy.

When he finally came to set the table and all the girls eyed him lovingly and curiously, Sarah was the one to ask. “Well, now that all that’s out in the open… What are we gonna do for the next ten days?”

“Well,” Nick started. “I thought about it, and really it doesn’t change what I had planned all that much.” He sat down and stirred some sugar into his coffee. “I was hoping to take each of you out and have some nice one-on-one time to really reconnect. We can still do that.” He rubbed the back of his head shyly. “There’s ah… Just a little extra to it now.”

“So they’d be like dates?” Dana asked excitedly.

Nick gave a nervous chuckle. “Well… Yeah, pretty much”

The girls all giddily looked to one another as possibilities and ideas began to form. It was almost entirely overwhelming. Finally it was Sylvia who spoke up first, “Nick… If you don’t mind it too much would you go into town with me? The Odeon is showing a movie I really wanted to see this morning and… Well… It’d be nice if you came with me.”

“Sure, sounds fun.”

“Um!” Sarah interjected, but clearly hadn’t prepared what she wanted to say first. “So that’s just in the morning yeah? Y’think maybe if you’re not… You know too tired after you could go with me into town tonight?”

“Any particular reason?”

Sarah started to nervously bite her thumbnail. “Well, there’s this um… Thing I wanted to do…”

As if to prove there was intuition between twins, Sylvia gasped in realization and was shushed by her sibling doppelganger.

“It’s okay!” Sylvia said. “I don’t have to go today, so you can focus on Sarah’s thing and not worry about anything else.”

“W-what? No, it’s not even that important.” Sarah argued back.

“Hey calm down,” Nick said with a laugh. “I can do both!”

Sylvia and Sarah exchanged a look before turning back to him.

“Are you sure?” Sylvia asked quietly.

“Y-yeah I mean…” Sarah fidgeted slightly in her seat. “‘Cause we were kinda hoping that after we’d get… y’know… Some alone time?”

Nick didn’t latch onto her meaning immediately, but they could all see the realization wash over his face. He laughed nervously. “Oh! Right! Um… Well yeah I’m… Sure I could manage that too!” He finally sighed and sat up to face them all. “In all seriousness, I’m not a hundred percent on all this just yet; it’s a bit overwhelming… But I absolutely want to acknowledge each of your feelings for me with all my heart. If you’re all okay with that, then so am I.”

The girls all swooned simultaneously, shared a quick look of surprise then all fell into happy laughter.

“I guess that’s a unanimous yes!” Julie called out.

Nick smiled and joked, “Just uh, don’t gang up on me. The whole bikini thing you all pulled the other day nearly gave me a heart attack.”

The girls all giggled and called out in one voice. “No promises!”

The theater seats were sparsely populated making it easy for Nick and Sylvia to find a place far removed from anyone else. She’d explained on the ride over the movie was the most complete reprinting of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, one of the first science fiction movies every made from 1927. Nick listened as best he could as she described the films history and production, staying interested even through the parts he didn’t understand while taking in their surroundings. The theater itself wasn’t anything fancy and despite the austere nature of the film, casual summer worthy attire was well suited to the event. Nick had worn a black t-shirt and jeans, and Sylvia had put on a light blue sun dress. When he felt himself blush as he regarded her quite lovely figure in said dress, he quickly distracted himself with a memory.

Sylvia’s fascination with classic film started when she sat down to watch Casablanca with their parents at the age of seven. She immediately set upon every film from the fifties on back with a voracious and enviable drive that screamed ‘send this one to film school.’ One year, Nick made her a clapperboard for her birthday and had her promise she’d use it for one of her movies someday.

So as they sat there and she explained the guest band setting up in front to play a score for the film, he was simply happy to see her so overjoyed with every word. She’d always been rather quiet and nervous when it came to expressing herself, but her love of film came out with the broadest of grins that made just sitting through a half understood speech a joy.

“You see,” she said while pointing at the band. “There was no universal score for early silent films. Theater owners would have musicians sit in on them and compose the music themselves. That meant you could go from one Movie Theater to the next and get a completely different experience.”

“Wow,” Nick said, honestly intrigued by the notion.

She folded her hands in her lap and looked down at them. “I’m sorry if this movie might bore you… I know you’re not into this kind of stuff.”

“Hey are you kidding? I’m happy you included me in this! Knowing you want to share this with me even after all the nonsense I put you all through is… Well, really a great feeling.”

Before she could say anything the house lights dropped and the band began to play. She looked a bit stymied for a second before she scooted in her seat and lovingly pecked him on the cheek. When she settled in, her hand easily took his. There it stayed throughout the entirety of the film. Her every emotional response fed into her grip on his hand, or via the occasional caress from her thumb. She was so absorbed by the film, Nick was resolved to be her emotional anchor throughout. He’d catch her sometimes sneaking glances at him, no doubt wondering if he was responding to the material at all. He did his best not to notice and actually spot the many things she’d told him about film theory over the years. While silent movies from the 20’s certainly weren’t his thing, he could easily see why she loved it.

The drive home was filled with enthused analysis, discussion on theme, composition, and a few words he barely caught the proper pronunciation of. As they came to the driveway of their home, Sylvia grew quiet and shyly played with one of her bangs.

“So,” Nick calmly spoke, more to give her an excuse to talk out her feelings. “What do you wanna do now?”

She peeked out from just beyond the frame of her glasses, barely daring to look him straight on. “You’d… Really be okay with anything?”

Nick gently took her hand. “Anything you’d be okay with.”

She clearly struggled as she gripped his hand tightly before finally taking a deep breath to steady herself. “Okay… Just wait for me in your room. I need to get something first.”

In an instant Nick’s mind reeled at all the new and crazy possibilities of what she’d come up that ladder with, he shook them off subtly and nodded. As he went inside he saw Dana and Julie sitting together on the couch, the TV was on but they were clearly engrossed in conversation. He didn’t eavesdrop but it was clear in the way they only barely acknowledged his passing that it was important. Thinking about that kept him distracted long enough to make it into his room, where he went right back to thinking what surprising out of nowhere thing Sylvia was going to spring on him in mere moments. He sat arrow straight as he heard the attic hatch open and the ladder drop, subtly sighing with relief as all she seemed to bring with her was a bundle of pages.

“This is, um… The script I’ve been working on.”

Nick smiled surprised. “Really? Wow you didn’t tell me-“

“It’s not finished. I… I wanted to wait until it was but…” She hummed out her frustrations a little to keep going. “With everything happening now, there’s something I wanted your help with.”

Nick shrank back slightly. “Oh Syl, you’re not going to ask me to run lines are you?”


“Don’t you remember? That war crime I committed back in high school for the mandatory Shakespeare play? I just have no business acting, sweetie.”

She laughed once, a quiet and polite noise that quickly bred several offspring of rising octaves. With a blush to her face and tears in her eyes she both recalled the horror of Nick’s performance as Prospero, and absolute relief about what she was going to ask him to do. No longer was he this great impassible construct of her conflicting emotions, some unobtainable image she dare not grasp for. It was just Nick, sweet, funny, infinitely kind, and wholly fallible Nick. “No, no. No acting, I promise it’s just… There’s a scene in here I really want to get down and I just can’t picture it in my head right. I thought if we could act it out a bit; I’d get over my writer’s block.”

“Act it out how?”

She sat beside him and thumbed through the script until coming to a page that wasn’t typed, but filled with penciled in notes for ideas. She tapped one and held it up so he could read it.

“Harmon comes back to his apartment and finds Lora waiting for him, the two shoot barbs at one another’s before falling into each other’s embrace, tracking close shot as they kiss and tug at their clothing before Harmon pins her to the wall and makes love to her there until the fade to black.”

She was nervously chewing on her lip. She knew he wouldn’t judge her harshly, or laugh in her face. But what she had written there was the shallowest description of a scene she could’ve shown him. It was weak, without any pretext or proper setting establishment. On top of all that she couldn’t help but feel a nagging doubt that he’d actually accept the request. It was one thing for Julie to throw herself at him; she was a curvaceous beauty with more experience than her with men. Her body had its charms but the comparison was entirely unfair.


She braced herself for the worse.

“Are you sure you’re up to this?”


“Don’t think you have to do anything like this if you really don’t want to. If you feel pressured because of what Julie and I did, don’t push yourself harder than you’re comfortable with.”

She couldn’t have smiled wider if her head was twice as big, quickly wrapping her arms around his side and crushing her cheek to his chest in a hug. That consideration, that kind loving tone she’d always loved to hear, it all meant he took her seriously but worried more about her than anything else. “I am, I really really am!”

“Alright, if you’re sure, then I am too.”

She produced a short but shrill noise of elation as she popped off her flats and made her way over to his dresser. She knew this wasn’t part of the scene she’d shown him, but it was something she’d dreamed off and couldn’t possibly deny herself. Nick eyed her curiously as she carefully moved everything on the dresser off to one side. She took off her glasses and set them down, turned on her heels and smoothly sat herself on the dresser top. She bit her lip in anticipation and held her hands out to beckon him on.

Nick confusion abated when he stood and saw that sitting on the dresser brought her much closer to his eye level. When he came closer her hands tenderly slid over his cheeks and her arms crossed behind his head while their lips collided. Julie had been firmer, more passionate, but Sylvia. She moaned almost mutely into his lips, lingering and tugging gently hoping to make the moment last that much longer. When they finally pulled back to breathe and came forehead to forehead, he smiled and asked, “Sure you wanna keep those off?”

She spared a glance toward her glasses then turned back to him. “I’m nearsighted, remember? I can only make things out if they’re real close… And you’re all I want to see right now.” Her smile faltered somewhat, then came a little bit of a groan as her head dropped onto his shoulder. “I can’t believe I said that out loud! That was so corny!”

“Hey c’mon, I liked it.”

She rolled her head against him giggling. “Don’t encourage me when I’m cheesy! It’ll mess up my sense of dialogue.”

“Alright then Miss Director… What happens next?”

Without looking up, Sylvia slid her hands down over his chest and began to gently tug at the hem of his shirt in hesitation. She slowly slipped her fingers under it and uttered a quiet shuddering hum as she ran her hands against his abdomen. The taut muscles and soft hair on his belly excited her more than she thought such a simple touch could. It was that surge of adrenaline and other hormones that inspired a question, the gentle caress of his hands on her arms that emboldened her to ask it, and finally his loving eyes looking down at her that let it be spoken. “N-nick, you really meant it, right? A-anything?”

Nick nodded slowly.

“Then c-can we… Warm up for the scene?”

He chuckled, “I thought that’s what we were doing.”

Something in his voice, in that moment, made her feel quite braver. “Yes. But there’s… One more thing I really want…” She talked as she carefully slipped fingers under the waistband of his pants and boxers. She started to slide off the dresser and Nick moved to make room. She tugged him by his beltline over to the one broad empty wall his room had and looked up at him with emboldened and hungry eyes. As his back came to the wall, she moved smoothly to stay in his view as she took his right hand and started to lick and suckle at his middle finger. She made sure to make a show of it, taking clear and audible joy from his visible excitement.

With a final kiss to his well moistened fingertip she spoke at last. “I want you to put this inside me, from behind…” Before Nick could ask, she gave her bottom a little shimmy for emphasis. She slowly settled into the crook of his arm, her breath hitching as she felt him lift up her thigh length dress and tug at the back of her panties. Her grip on the back of his shirt tightened as she felt his hand slowly slide over the curve of her rear. She squeaked as she felt his finger gently slide over the rim of her anus. When he was about to ask if she was ready, she’d already finished undoing his belt, button, and lowered his zipper. Panting now she gently ran her fingers over the firm bulge in his boxers, looking up at him with wanton desire. She gasped sharply as she felt his finger begin to press against her. She bit her lip and made tiny furtive moans as she held fast to her focus and pulled him through the fly of his boxer.

Her toes curled and her knees started to give ever so slightly when the first knuckle virtually popped into her tight hole. She tenderly rubbed her hand over the head of his cock, smearing whatever pre-cum hadn’t soaked into his boxers over her palm before gently beginning to slowly pump her hand. Her grip faltering only slightly as the second knuckle made its way inside. The minor calluses on his finger gave the questing digit an unexpected texture that was so unlike anything she’d ever dared to slip into herself. Absolute electric thrill rocked her to her core as it firmly settled within, her insides clenching away at him well out of her control.

When he started to slowly work his finger in and out of her she almost shouted in delight. His name was a litany of pleasure leaving her lips in hot pants of air as the two of them worked away at each other fervently. She could feel his heart beat throbbing away in her hand as the all too eager erection easily filled it. Were she able to see it through the blur of her vision and haze of pleasure, she might’ve thought twice about something so big making its way into her body. But right now, that’s all she wanted. “M-hmmng! Nng… Niiiick! N-Now, P-please…”

With a groan and a nod he pulled his hand back. She squealed as his finger popped free and kept her hand on his dick for as long as she could while he moved her back to the wall. A desperate moan followed it as his hands came to her hips and slid down her thighs, taking her sodden panties with them. They continued their journey up the back of her legs and gently cupped her rear. When she looked up and saw how much he loomed over her in that moment, a tiny fear panged against her heart. This was real, not a lurid fantasy or rehearsed scene. She suddenly felt how out of her control everything to come would be; Nick towered over her, and could easily overpower her if she changed her mind.

She had no idea if any of this played out on her face, if he could see her worry or doubt, but she did hear him say, “Sylvia?”

She slowly looked up and saw his face, thankfully still close enough to be in focus.

“Whenever you’re ready.”

She couldn’t help but laugh; it was a tiny nervous noise that was more to exhale her anxieties than anything else. Because that’s all they were, her anxieties, not her reality. Nick wasn’t going to just force her to do anything she didn’t want to, he never would. She could absolutely trust in him and he could absolutely trust in her, and as she reached her hands up to his shoulders she realized exactly how much they had to cooperate to even make this happen. She nodded, and Nick lifted her off her feet, cradling all her weight in his hands easily. A giggle erupted from her and she kicked her legs idly, suddenly feeling absolutely secure and giddy in his grasp. Her hands held him more for balance than to take some of the weight off. With her confidence surging once more, she let him go and silently marveled at how weightless she seemed in his powerful arms, she lifted up her dress for him with one hand, and guided his cock with the other. When the head of it gently kissed the dripping hot mess that was her, she reached up once more, laced her fingers behind his head, and nodded.

Her eyes shut immediately as he began to press inward, the world became muted, and the confines of the room ceased to be. All her thinking focused on the thick heated rod slowly parting her. It was so far beyond all her imagining that there was no need for anything else to exist in that moment, only their union.

She was full, absolutely and completely, her insides studiously clenching at him in a desperate attempt to keep him there as long as they could. She could feel his shape so clearly, and the ever so subtle throb of his heartbeat. Sylvia couldn’t help but reach down and press her palm against their joining, amazed by the barely noticeable but present distention he caused. “Oh… Oh wow…”

Nick panted above her, quietly asking, “Is it… Nhh, Too much?”

“God no,” she almost growled. She pressed her thighs against his hips as she tried to squeeze him tighter. “P-please… Give me more…”

He adjusted his position and she hummed almost deliriously when she felt his fingers test their grip on her. It became a drawn out groan of pleasure as he pulled back and dragged against her body’s demand to stay inside. She writhed helplessly as he began to languidly pump his hips and slide in and out of her. One hand clenched his shoulder for dear life while the other pawed his cheek lovingly. She praised, she pleaded, and she celebrated. their whole world became a chaos of sensations and barely formed words amidst a litany of uncontrollably utterances. She was sure she was drooling from both ends as her heels bucked against him in a silent demand for more. She cheered as he sped up, cried out as he found her most sensitive spots and mercilessly drove himself against them. She came, a shuddering, body wracking explosion of uncontrolled clenching that curled her body against his, as she squeaked and gasped and cried out, she felt him slow down. She quickly shook her head, beat her hand against his shoulder and cried out, “DON’T STOP!”

Her madly clenching and oversensitive insides became an overriding shock to her entire body as he followed her demand. She’d endure it, she had to, there was no way she’d come this far and not get exactly what she wanted. Somehow she knew it was close, some primal part of her brain readied a flood of endorphins that told the rest to brace for impact. Above her Nick cried out her name, his hand gripped her tighter than they ever had before and he pushed into her as deep as he could.

There was no describing her absolute elation as impossibly hot cum exploded into her. It was so unreal it had to be real. That incredible feeling as it poured in and settled inside her body was something she knew she’d never forget.

Nick moved carefully, one arm now cradled her backside, while the other hugged her to him. He carried them over to the bed and plopped them both onto their sides.

She shuddered and panted helplessly for air, jerking suddenly as she felt him pop out of her, followed by the slow exit of his cum. With some doing, Sylvia opened a single eye and, thankfully, was close enough to see the panting afterglow that was his face. With shaky hands and a few huffs and grunts, she made her way up to his lips and kissed him repeatedly. Passionate, half deluded little gestures of affection that she couldn’t wait to express when they calmed down.

But they did just that soon enough, happily laying there facing one another as air settled back into their lungs, bodies awash with the strange unnameable calm that is post coital intimacy. Sylvia’s hand, guided by an absolutely enraptured mind, caressed his cheek. “I can’t,” she said, her voice hushed as if addressing the moment like a timid animal. “I just can’t tell you… How happy I am. To share that impossible feeling of connection, trust… I never imagined it could feel like that.” Her hand slid down, searching for his in the subtle blurring of her world beyond a certain point. “I know… It wasn’t the first time you felt that with someone… But I just…”

His hand easily met hers and their fingers laced together serenely.

“If it’s someone you love… Every time is like the first time…” He gently kissed her and spoke the rest in the barely present space between their lips. “Amazing.”

Sylvia giggled. “Okay, starting to see the appeal of the occasional corny line.”

“I thought you’d like that.”

Her smile shrank almost imperceptibly before she spoke again. “About Sarah… You’re still going to take her into town right?”

“I’m gonna check to see if I can walk straight before I even think of getting into a car.” Nick joked.

She laughed; it was a quiet and reserved noise she was clearly suppressing. “Nicky, seriously.”

“Sorry, go ahead.”

“Its…” He could see her internal debate as she rolled her head against the bed for a second or two, trying to decide how much she should and shouldn’t say. “I just know if you’re there… It’ll be absolutely wonderful for her. Like this was for me.”

Nick nodded. “Whatever it is, I’ll do my absolute best.”

She hummed happily and kissed him on the cheek. “I know you will.” She sighed, absolutely content in that moment before rolling onto her back and shivering. “Mmf, still all tingly… I should be the one more worried about walking after this, you know…”

Anonymous 16/10/05(Wed)13:11 No. 24704 ID: ec87d7

great work, keep it up

Anonymous 16/10/25(Tue)07:08 No. 24776 ID: be9357


Incredible. I wish I could get notifications on this post, it's been tortuous to just check back every couple weeks. Masterful work on this; I look forward to the next installment.

Anonymous 16/11/04(Fri)08:20 No. 24799 ID: 5a24ab

--Sarah’s Night--

Sarah squirmed nervously, unable to find any comfort in her bed. Beloved stuffed animals watched in stark silence as she tossed and turned. Her adrenaline was too high to let her nap, her mind was too busy to do any reading, and her heart was far too excited to let her simply keep still.

Every minute of every hour past laboriously. She did some chores around the house, showered for longer than she needed to, tried on almost all possible combinations of her dressier clothes and still had to wait for at least another half hour to see if Nick really would take her into town.

She went rigid as she heard the front door, leapt to her feet as the resounding steps of two people making their way up the stairs. She was almost to the doorknob when she froze in place and bit her lip. “No, stupid,” she said quietly. “Don’t step on Sylvia’s time…”

She sighed, slumped over somewhat, and slowly flopped her way back over to the bed. Once there she plopped down, little more than a boneless heap seeking spring loaded comforts. Her head rolled against her pillow as she softly groaned. “Goood that’d be so hot thooough. I’d have to convince Sylvia to let me stay… Nick would watch us…” She suddenly turned over. “He’d like that, right? Watchin’ us? Guys like that sorta thing… God and Sylvia would start getting reeeaally into it, of course Nicky couldn’t resist!”

Idly, her legs opened and closed. She could feel herself getting warmer at the imagined scene. She nibbled her fingertips and rolled her hips, moaning softly as her shorts rose up against her sheets and pressed firmly into her sex. She then bit her tongue, straightened her legs, and plopped her fist down at her sides. “Nope! No no no, none of that! Gotta save it for later. Desserts always better when you wait.” She slowly sat up and sighed. “And right now I need a lot of ice cream.”

Grudgingly planting her feet floor-ward, Sarah rose to the sight of her sister in the doorway.

“OH! Sarah, hi! I was just going to get something real quick.”

She watched her twin cross the room, slide her under the bed storage drawer out and produce a tight bundle of papers. “Hey wait, isn’t that-”

“Yep!” She straightened it out a little, took a quick breath to center herself and rushed out toward the attic hatch.

Sarah couldn’t help but noticed the giddy yet anxious look on her sister’s face. The mixture of happiness and jealousy she then felt only made her desire for ice cream even deeper.

The intentionally slow trip downstairs was an autopilot affair, her surroundings were a soft blur of inconsequence followed by triviality, with a dash of indifference to taste. She popped the top of one of the cup sized ice cream cartons into the trash, picked out a clean spoon and barely noticed Dana sitting across from Julie in the living room with a distinct blush on her face. It was a very rare sort of look that caught her eye, much the way ancient travelers looked to the heavens and beheld the death of a star with their naked eyes.

Her fascination with Dana’s expression was much briefer than that however, as Dulce de Leche ice cream filled her mouth with much more important matters.

As she almost groggily sojourned toward her room, Sarah heard a delighted giggle and stopped in her tracks. From her place on the stairs, she could see Nick had carried her twin down from the attic, and was now setting her down on a pair of still wobbly legs.

“Sure you don’t wanna go first?” Nick asked.

Sylvia shook her head. “I really don’t want you to be late to your date with Sarah, I know I’m not making it down those stairs so I’ll just wait in our room and let her know to get ready.”

There was no doubt in Sarah’s mind that Nick and Sylvia had just had sex, the flushed and somewhat glossy skin, the askew clothing, and her twin’s slightly unnatural stance. And yet, clearly in post-coital reflection, Sylvia was still putting her first.

As Nick closed the bathroom door, Sarah almost leapt the rest of the stairs ahead of her, charged forward, and hugged her beloved sister as tightly as she could.

“WHA?! AHAHA! SARAH!” She giggled joyously as the hug turned into a little dance.

“I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SYL!” She finally hopped back and wiped a giddy tear or two from her eyes. “Oh! Here here, have the rest of my ice cream, I gotta get ready!” She almost lost track of her feet as she barreled into their room and started shedding her relaxed daywear.

Sylvia entered, closed the door, and with a pleasantly resigned sigh, watched the mad flourish of Sarah’s clothing drop to the floor. She kept her legs spread as she sat on her bed, the welcome ache of her freshly pleasured nethers alleviated ever so slightly.

As Sarah slipped on a fresh bra she eyed her identical sibling carefully, a wicked dose of curiosity leaping to the forefront of her mind. “So Syl… What exactly did you and Nick do?”

“Huh?” she answered almost dropping a spoonful of ice cream. “Oh! Um… Well… After the movie we talked a lot, and I uh… Showed him m-my script…”

“OH!” Sarah laughed as she hopped into her black skinny jeans. “You actually did that whole ‘against the wall’ thing?! That’s amazing!”

Sylvia sighed dreamily. “It… Really was… He was so gentle and patient… God I knew he’d be sweet about the whole thing, but it was perfect.” She stirred the spoon in the small cup of slowly melting dessert. “I think we all forget how strong Nicky really is… He didn’t need me to help at all, like I weighed nothing in his hands.”

Sarah slipped on a red chest hugging crop top bearing the art of Queen’s ‘News of the World’ album cover. As she straightened it out she asked, “So, did you put a rubber on him?”

Sylvia’s eyes went wide for a moment, she then blushed and shrank away from the answer like a puppy to a rolled up newspaper. She slumped back onto her bed with a frustrated groan. “I knew I forgot something!”

“You’re still on the pill, sweetie.”

“I know! But… God I’m supposed to be the responsible one…”

Sarah laughed. “Yeah, who likes things to go up her tight little-”


She tittered playfully. “S'true though! Ooh, wait… Did you?”

“… J-just his finger…” She groaned once more, draping her arm over her blushing face. “God it felt so good I almost fell down…”

Sarah was just about to slip on her well worn, practically patched together leather jacket when she set it down on her bed and calmly lied down beside Sylvia. There was a sudden bashfulness in her as she worked up the nerve to both say and do something. She reached down and rested her hand just below Sylvia’s stomach. “So it all went in here then.”

“Y-yeah? Why?”

Sarah idly traced her fingers in a circle against her sister. “… There’d still be a little bit inside then, yeah? You didn’t get to wash it out…”

It did not require any preternatural ability for Sylvia to instantly see the point of the question. “S-Sarah, you’re not…”

“… Just a taste?” She asked plaintively. “I… I always wanted to know what you and Nick would taste like together…”

Sylvia could feel how beet red her face must’ve been as she quietly turned her head away. It was a quiet gesture that they’d both established to mean 'yes, even though I feel super embarrassed about it.’

Sarah moved closer and sweetly kissed her cheek in thanks. Slowly she worked her hand under the waistband of Sylvia’s skirt and panties. Her sister writhed and gasped, the simple touches overexciting her still sensitive nethers. She was almost breathless as Sarah’s finger slipped in, her heart skipped a beat as it worked around her insides, clenching madly at the probing digit. She grunted as her belly seized up and a tiny firework went off behind her eyes.

“Oh wow…” Sarah gasped. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you go off like that…”

A drawn out and shuddering hum was all Sylvia could manage, especially as Sarah carefully pulled back. She just barely opened an eye, and instantly she wished she hadn’t been so curious. As she watched her sister suckle on the sodden finger, the look of lewd delight on her face at the taste of a freshly fucked pussy only served to excite her already overloaded sex drive.

Sarah let the taste of them linger in her mouth. She had no clue if she liked it outright, or if the image of what it took to produce it made it taste better. Either way, it was enough to work a content little moan of joy out of her. She’d gone down on Sylvia as many times as she’d gone down on her, that taste was immediately familiar. But the new twist of lime to a familiar flavor was Nick, a surprising undercurrent that brought the whole thing together. She wanted more, and she knew exactly how she’d get it. But there was something far more important to do before that, two somethings actually. The first was easy enough; she slowly spooned up to her sister’s side and embraced her lovingly. To others it always seemed that Sarah was the bolder of the two, willing to push boundaries and take chances. The truth however, was that Sarah was able to be brave and daring because she knew Sylvia was there. That she’d always be there, cheering her on, supporting her, picking her up when she fell.

“Are you scared?” Sylvia asked quietly.

“… A little.”

“Good. That means you’re really feeling it.”

“… What if he doesn’t like it?”

“That’s not what scares you. You’re worried he’ll just say he does even if he doesn’t.”

“… He wouldn’t.”

“Nope.” Sylvia gently rubbed the back of Sarah’s head. “He really wouldn’t.”

A knock came into their quiet moment suddenly. Sarah flashed her sister a bright smile and sprang to her feet. “Gimme a minute!” She called out as she quickly threw on her jacket and dragged a guitar case out from under her bed.

The Bandit’s Rose was cozy for a basement level pub. The bar itself seemed to be handcrafted mahogany, the seats all still matched the tables, and the warm light of the hanging lamps gave the place the feeling of a lived-in den. The pub’s Emcee was in the midst of his introduction roll as Nick’s eyes caught Sarah on line for the open mic sign-up sheet. It was a thankfully quiet night so she wouldn’t have to wait too long to go on stage.

As each person ahead of her signed and she took another step closer, she thought of everything that lead to this moment. A shoebox guitar to impress her sister at six. Their mother’s proclamations of a happily misspent youth following bands across the country. Nick working overtime to buy her burgundy Fender Stratocaster with a letter that simply stated, “Now you don’t have an excuse.”

She’d always practiced in her shared room, studied in private whenever possible, the music and the strings were as confidential as a diary and she only ever played in front of Sylvia. When asked to play for anyone else she’d always reply, 'if I did, it’d have to be my very best. And I’m not there just yet.’

The moment she signed her stage name to her time on the stage quickly bled past her awareness. There was small talk at their table as the other performers played and sang. Each bout of applause was a countdown timer until finally she heard her faux title called out. To the tune of polite clapping, she took up her case and headed to the stage. Her legs felt lighter than she could ever recall, every fiber of muscle absolutely ready for a mad dash to the nearest exit. She plugged in her guitar, sat the on-stage stool, waited for the house lights to dim, and froze.

Suddenly every single command her brain issued became garbled static, bubbling up into a cold sweat that ran down her back. She was mute before a mic and the quiet burbles of the small crowd resounded like a passing freight train in her panic addled mind. In the shadows, the audience became amorphous blurs of motion and vague color that quickly morphed into a tangible expression of contempt for her failing to perform, rather than actual people.

That’s when Nick stood up, took his chair closer to the stage, and sat where he knew she could see him. Any complaints made by others in the audience wavered in seconds.

At the sight of him, her fingers turned from weighty cold stone to warm flesh once more. They quickly found their places amid the steel strings and began to move as commanded. It was astonishing, somehow through the fog of doubt, a mighty flare of joyful energy made itself known. It was so unlike playing her heart out in solo sessions, even more so when she played for Sylvia. Nick was clearly in her sights and in her heart she was playing every note for him, and the crowd was getting to watch this explosion of her emotions. Every second of it was a truly thrilling event.

She’d debate later whether that feeling was the thrill of performing, or an incredibly subtle bit of S&M tier exhibitionism.

Her three songs over far too soon, she practically floated on honest applause off the stage. The stew of endorphins and subsiding adrenaline might as well have filled her bones with helium she felt so light and happy. Nick stood as she approached and she collided with him into a gleeful embrace.

“That was amazing, Sarah.” He said directly into her ear.

She hugged him even tighter and buried her face into his chest. She couldn’t bear to look at him at that moment; she couldn’t stand looking up at that sincere smile, those beautifully honest eyes. She’d have to kiss him if she did and not a chaste thankful peck on the cheek either. The kind of kiss that would make everyone think a man well into his twenties was about to have his way with a high school girl and settle her internal showmanship debate.

She could resist, she could hold out, she knew she could. The promise of being able to do so much more after they left made her stronger. She’d get to kiss him all she wanted, touch him anywhere and everywhere, truly thank him for the loan of his courage and sweet praise.

Just so long as she didn’t look at him right that second.

“Wanna stay for the rest?”

She turned, thankful he’s craned his ear down for her, and said, “Only if you want to.”

“I already saw the best part of the show.”

She clenched her hands to keep herself in check, another one of those and she’d have to do something drastic. She stepped back, keeping her eyes from meeting his as she started walking out with Nick behind her.

As they sat in the car, but before Nick started the engine, she asked, “you meant that, r-right? You really liked it?”

“You know how you always wanted to wait for the right moment to show off what you could do?” He smiled broadly and put a hand on her shoulder. “That was absolutely worth the wait.”

She was right, about not looking, about one more compliment throwing her over the edge. That wonderful handsome face made her spring out of her seat at him. Her thighs knocked into the gear shift as she took hold of his head. As her lips firmly pressed to his, the car began to roll down the slight incline of the street. Nick barely noticed it past her head and quickly pulled the emergency break, unfortunately jerking Sarah loose and sending her elbow into the steering wheel. The resulting honk was every bit the curt throat clearing of an annoyed vehicle dealing with childish shenanigans.

The two shared startled looks before collapsing against one another in raucous laughter.

“Sorry,” Sarah eventually giggled. “I just couldn’t help myself.”

“Yeah, seems like I’m getting used to that.”

Sarah slowly shifted back into her seat and found herself playing with her bangs. “Is… that a bad thing?”

“No… I’m honestly just glad to have any kind of part in all this.”

“Whatcha mean by 'all this’ exactly?”

“Your lives, your passions… Your doubts, joys, fears, all of it. I’m just so happy I’m still a part of your lives.”

Sarah bumped him on the arm gently out of loving indigence. “Why the heck wouldn’t you be? You didn’t think we all stopped loving you because of stupid Lori, did you?”

Nick rubbed the back of his head softly and looked away, unable to meet her eyes thanks to the truth behind his.


“I know! I know it’s dumb, but it’s how I felt…”

“… I guess then, I’m glad.”

He finally managed the minor surge of courage to look her way.

“It means our feelings are finally getting through to you now. I can’t complain about that.”

The two shared earnest smiles and Nick started the car, taking them both through the streetlight and moon glow back home. Sarah talked about how it felt on the stage, how all the rehearsing and practice on her own never prepared her for the wild surge of emotions and intense pressure she felt on even that small a stage. She didn’t tell him that as they came closer to home, those feelings had begun to surge once more.

It was one thing to be brazen and bold next to a barely conscious Nick, crawling into his sleeping bag bottomless and trying to invade his dreams with lewdly spoken pleas for attention. Could she live up to her own imagination when the time came? Could she face the real Nick, entirely outside of her control, able to say 'no’, 'stop’, 'don’t’.

As the reached the door of their home, Sarah tugged on the hem of Nick’s shirt to get his attention. “Um… N-nick? Could I… Um… Come up later? I mean, if you don’t mind or if you’re not too tired…”

Nick’s pitiful attempt to hide his blush only egged her on even more as he barely managed a nod and fumbled with the house keys.

Inside, the kitchen light was the only illumination, it seemed everyone else had retired to their rooms for the night. Nick looked down at his watch and saw they were much later coming home than he thought they were. Quietly, they slipped off their shoes at the door and made their way upstairs.

Sarah recoiled in surprise when she walked into her room and saw Sylvia carefully painting Julie’s toes.

“Oh hey!” Sylvia quietly called out with a smile. “So? How’d it go? Great right?”

Sarah closed the door behind herself, leaned against it, closed her eyes, and slid down to the floor with a content sigh. “It was awesome! Scary, but awesome…” When she opened her eyes once more, her lowered perspective let her see the deep cerulean blue polish Julie’s toes were receiving. Some quiet recollection percolating in the distance of her thinking reminded her it was Nick’s favorite color. “So… What’s the deal with you two?”

Sylvia shrugged. “Julie won’t tell me. Just that she had an idea and she wanted me to paint her toes for it.”

When she looked to Julie all she got was a cute wink.

“Huh…” Sarah processed the data slowly as she stood up and began to peel away her tight ‘rocker in the spotlight’ attire, leaving her guitar case by the door. She opened the locked bottom drawer of their dresser and pulled out a sheer black nightie. She laid it out on her bed then started to tug off her underwear. 'Obviously must be for Nick,’ she thought. 'So she’s gonna do something where he gets a good look at her toe- Ohhhh… Well, I kinda wanted to try that, but I’ll let her get first dibs on that. Hell, while I’m thinking about it…’

“Say Julie,” Sarah asked calmly as she slid the thin black attire on. “You and Nick just kinda jumped into things, huh? Just a lot of passion and no foreplay?”

Julie smiled and sighed, “It’s the only part I regret… I just couldn’t wait any more and I lost my head in the moment.”

“You Syl?”

“Oh… Uh… Well… A l-little… My l-legs started to give so we um… Y'know…” She blushed and smiled as she recalled the feelings of the afternoon.

“Huh,” Sarah smiled quite serenely as she carefully adjusted the body hugging lace. An elaborate pattern served as the only barrier of clear view to her chest and spaces below. Said erogenous areas were carefully framed in embroidered crimson flowers that guided the eye but didn’t detract. She slowly walked out of the room, a distinct and melodic sway in her hips as she hummed sweetly. Her anxiousness and reservations turned around at last and the surging urge to perform began to rise in her chest yet again. A solo performance for the man she adored, and she finally knew the song to start off her set.

With a tug the attic stairway unfurled, excitement and trepidation danced on her senses every step of the way. Nick had set one of the lights in his room to a dim candle-like glow, making up for the lack of moonlight filtering in. As she came into his view she heard the springs of his bed give a creak and just saw him sitting up on the edge of his bed.

His eyes went wide, his jaw began to slack, and Sarah couldn’t be happier if she was on drugs.

This was the stage, the audience was ready and the house lights were good and dim. The sway in her hips set the tempo, the move onto his lap was the bassline, her fingers found their place in his hair to play the first chord, and the first note was struck as her lips met his.

She hadn’t spoken a word, her confidence was overwhelming. Nick did his level best to keep up, but it was impeccably clear who was in charge.

Eventually she sat back onto his thighs, hands lovingly caressing his cheeks as hooded and hungry eyes looked up at him. Before her was an embarrassment of riches; she could feel the heat in his skin rising, see his breathing ratchet up. He became audience and instrument all in one. What tones could he produce, what notes, what melodies. Her touch would make him sing out, and that revelation was almost dizzying. She could lose herself in the flow if she didn’t anchor herself to the moment.

This was a show after all, and the audience comes first.

“Nicky…” She called to him quietly, kissing the side of his neck to keep herself satisfied for the moment. “Do you know why we’re doing all this? Why we want to touch you? Hold you? Give you our all?”

Nick was quiet at first, he wasn’t sure if the question was rhetorical, it didn’t help that the rain of loving touches clouded his rationale. “B-because you… Love me?”

“Absolutely.” She kissed his chin. “Totally.” Cheek. “Whole heartedly.” She moved up and pressed her forehead against his. “You always did your best to make us feel loved and keep us happy. You even swallowed up your pain and loneliness to save us any trouble.”

“S… Sorry…”

The melody hitched there for a moment.

“You all still worried… I can’t imagine what seeing me like that made you all feel…”

She pulled back; she needed to see his face.

“I know that if I had to watch any of you go through heartbreak like that… It’d hurt me almost as much. So, I’m sor-”

Sarah was quick to silence him with a kiss. An impassioned tactical strike, born of her overriding love for this sweet and caring man. She couldn’t bear an apology, not from him, not now or ever. She pushed, and he laid down as she wished. Once he was on his back she held herself up on her arms over him and looked him straight in the eyes. “Don’t be dumb,” she said quietly. “You were hurt, that’s not your fault. We wanted you to feel loved, so we loved you more and more. If you want to make it up to us…” She leaned her body down against his. “If you feel like you have to…” She rubbed herself against him. “Just let us show you…” She kissed him sweetly. “Just how much we care.”

Nick couldn’t argue even if he wanted to, which he didn’t. It seemed the twins had this commanding nature that came when embracing their passions in common. Performers, who unleashed their hidden natures when on stage. He was part of the show and audience as well, so he thought it best to just go along and enjoy it.

Sarah snuggled up to his side, wrapping one of his arms around herself as she rubbed his chest. She didn’t know if he rose to meet her touch intentionally, and she didn’t care. With the smoothness of a serpent, her hand slowly moved lower and lower, silently marveling at the taut and flexing muscles beneath it before finally sliding over to the overworked button on the front of his boxers. With a quiet giggle she ran a finger over the tent in his underwear, took pride in the small damp spot on the way, and set him free.

She gasped as the full length of him swayed ever so slightly. She settled in to get a better view, resting her cheek on his chest, speaking in quiet awe. “Oh my god… Nicky look at you! It’s so big… How do you even walk around with this all the time…” She tenderly caressed the head of it, eliciting a groan and twitch from her brother that only served to encourage her. “It’s so thick too…” She let what pre-cum there was saturate her palm as she slowly wrapped her fingers around his girth and began to tug away at it languidly. “You like that, sweetie?” Her thumb moved to rub the head of his cock with each upward stroke, eliciting a grunt or two. “Sounds like you do…”

She giggled and grinned as she watched him bite his lip, reach back his free hand to grip the pillow behind his head, and curl his toes uncontrollably. With a simple motion, she’d made him a writhing mess of pleasure. The feeling of control, every little response, it was everything she could’ve hoped for, but there was something missing she hadn’t thought of before. Fantasy has a way of skipping details to give the dreamer the dream they asked for, and nothing to hint what they couldn’t imagine.

As she felt Nick subtly rise to meet her touch, silently asking for more, she realized just what it was she wanted.

“Nicky,” she asked in a voice dripping in honey like sweetness. “Do you need more?” Her hand moved up and the butt of her palm languidly circled over the dripping hot head of his cock. “It’s not enough, right? Just this?” She turned and kissed his chest. “Just ask… That’s all you have to do. That’s all you ever have to do. Whenever you want, however you want. Just ask, and let me show you my love.”

His storm grey eyes met her own and she almost froze, even hazed by lust and pleasure, they were striking to her. He panted now, and moaned with abandon as he struggled to fit in the words. “P-ah! Please…”

She almost gasped at the sound of his voice. Impassioned, desperate, begging. She could never have imagined what it’d sound like.

“S-Sarah… P-please… M-mnng! More…”

If there was a built in meter in her brain for sexual desire, it exploded at that exact moment. A giddy, just shy of hysterical, giggle of excitement left her as she moved down Nick’s, thankfully, king sized bed.

A short and excited squeal came after as he willingly lifted his hips when she tugged at his boxers. He was hers, she could do what she wanted and he’d go along with her the whole way and back again.

And what she wanted more than anything else was to see him lose it completely. To forget the world outside the moment they shared, his doubts, troubles, fears, pain, and suffering. She’d take them away, she’d lighten his heart. Her body, her love, her heart would be the respite and salvation he deserved.

And that would all start with a long slow lick across ten inches.

There was no defining the taste; it wasn’t just her tongue deciding the flavor. The moment, the delicious sounds and sights of him as she lovingly tended to his dick. Even the size of it was a relative notion, from where she laid like a curled up cat about his legs, it towered in her view. She could hardly believe it’d fit in anywhere she or her sisters could offer him to shove it.

That would never stop her from trying.

He groaned, gasped, and fought to flatten his hips out as she suckled, licked, and drew him into her mouth. Her tongue danced and searched for and over every soft spot he had. She greedily lapped up every drop of pre cum he had to offer, and every swallow and happy hum destroyed another chunk of his resolve.

The insides of her cheeks would cave in to hug him, or slide over the tip when she tilted her head. What her mouth couldn’t cover, her hands tenderly massaged. Soon the pressure within built to bursting and he called out to her.


She sweetly cradled his glans in her lips, suckling away like a newborn, shuddering in anticipation as his throes had brought on tiny earthquakes of her own.

He cried out a garbled mess of syllables that might have started as a word somewhere in his oral sex addled mind. A cascade of milky white followed it, filling Sarah’s mouth with what she’d pursued. The sticky, tingly warmth of it slowly ran down her throat as she happily swallowed it down.

As she suckled serenely to draw whatever remained out, the man below her ministrations shook like a leaf in the wind. She pulled back with an audible pop and panted over the moistened anatomy before looking up. Nick had just barely managed to meet her gaze and the flushed post orgasm expression on his face was absolutely worth any soreness in her jaw or throat. She gave his still rigid cock a tender kiss as a way of saying 'see you later’ before slowly climbing back to Nick’s side.

Or at least, that was her plan before his hands intercepted her. With a little shove and a firm hand she found herself on her back beneath him. The surprised squeak that left her was a bit embarrassing, but that was overrun by sudden apprehension.

Nick loomed over her. His well toned physique and height made him a literal wall of muscle and not until she was pinned beneath him did she quite understand what that meant. She suddenly felt like a rabbit before a wolf and quickly realized, that was absolutely what she wanted. Making him dance to her tune was fun. But giving up to him, being the instrument beneath his hands, that was far more exciting.

Imagine her surprise when what followed seemed the chastest kiss on the lips she could imagine. When she was about to question the sudden seeming shyness it was followed by another kiss on her cheek and weight of his torso slowly sliding down her body. Neck then shoulder, collarbone, chest. His teeth dragging down the top of her nightie down with his teeth until her breast were bare. His hands slid down her arms at last and she bit her lip in anticipation, only to have them simply continue on down her sides, sliding the nightie off the long way. Once more his lips answered her expectations with a better response as the came down on one of her areola and ran a slow circuit around the edge of her achy nipple.

She squirmed and whimpered, he was teasing her and she couldn’t help but love every second of it. Her hands busied themselves with his short black hair while the rest of her rubbed away at whatever parts of him were near. In time she was seized between his lips and tugged ever so tenderly. The furtive squeal of delight that followed only urged Nick forward, lavishing the excited nub in loving attention, only pausing when he heard a different sound.“

“T-tee-… Nff! Teeeeth.”

He looked up curiously, unsure he knew what she meant.

“I-it’s okay… T-to use them.”

She watched a myriad of micro emotions play out across the parts of his face still in view before he shut his eyes and set to work on her again. The first bite was testing the waters, so she answered with an affirmative cry of bliss. She wasn’t certain if she had a full on masochistic streak or not. But the occasional nip, pinch, and spank always made things all the more exciting for her.

A few more loving nibbles here or there and, to her joy and surprise, Nick kept going down. Sylvia had given her a fair share of fun down below as the two matured sexually, but the feeling of his tongue, broader and apparently longer as it introduced itself to her was so unlike it so as to be brand new. It danced over labia, lapped at her insides, and the capper of a canine pressing down on her needy clit was all she could stand as she yanked at hair, lost control of her muscles, and screamed his name to the ceiling.

As she slowly reclaimed the use of her body, she was lovingly cradled against his body, her anchor in the storm of sensations. Almost blindly she showered his cheek in loving pecks. She was overcome with bliss, overdosed by joy, and there was only one cure, one possibly solution. And it was nestled quite neatly between them.

She pulled and spoke sweetly. “Like this,” she requested. “Give it to me like this.”

Their bodies curved and shifted, the difference in their size making it a challenge but not insurmountable. She happily perched herself on all fours and let him hang over her as she felt his cock press against her more than ready cunt.

He slid in like she was made to order exactly in his size. Her body took every inch it could with carnal inspection. The beat of his heart rose to her core to try and match her own as heat and lust made making sense of anything nearly impossible.

He moved and all she could think of was the tug of her flesh against his. He bucked and her body demanded more with a huff of hot air. She would clench beyond her control, and try to meet him half way at random, knocking at the end of her, something she didn’t know she’d love so much. Unable to speak, she reached up and caressed his cheek, urging him on the only way she could. It became a symphony all its own. Their bodies finding a sort of tempo beyond the physical motions that set them off on a carnal chorus that ended in a body rocking crescendo that filled Sarah’s body with unbridled joy and seemingly impossible heat.

Her strength gave out and Nick kept her from falling onto the bed. With great care he laid back and let her come to rest on him, sliding out in the process, triggering a boneless shudder from her exhausted frame.

As she laid on him, sprawled out, sweaty, well and thoroughly fucked, she couldn’t imagine feeling any happier if Heaven itself had opened its doors to her. Especially when she felt Nick’s arms hug her tenderly. The last of her physical reserves dragged her to cuddle into his side, the spot she said she’d earn. She belonged there now, not the imagined Lori of his uncontrollable dreams.

Nick gently reached up, took off her glasses, and set them on the nightstand. He laughed softly, “Can’t believe you kept those on the whole time…”

“Buhwah? Oh,” she laughed slightly breathlessly, “honestly… I… Forgot I even had those on…”

“You know… Sylvia took hers off before.”

“Y… Yeah? Well… We aren’t completely identical, y'know…”

“Trust me, I know.”

She shifted, not that she was uncomfortable but the question that formed in her head inspired a physical response. “Um, about that… Did… Do I feel the same way Sylvia does? I-inside, I mean…”

Nick began to think on it and she interrupted. “No, you know what? Never mind. Doesn’t matter.”


“Yes, I’m sure. I’m positive. I’m going to stop talking before I ask another stupid question and ruin the afterglow.”

He kissed her forehead sweetly, “not possible.”

“Stop being charming and fall asleep, you jerk. I thought guys always passed out after sex.”

“Where’d you get that-”

Sarah reached up and covered his mouth.

Nick smiled, sweetly kissed her palm and closed his eyes.

Anonymous 16/11/07(Mon)03:32 No. 24803 ID: bc9f11

fuckin awesome chapter loved it

Anonymous 16/11/07(Mon)03:35 No. 24804 ID: bc9f11

have you done any other stories or is this your first? if you have done any others can we get links

Anonymous 16/11/07(Mon)11:39 No. 24807 ID: 5a24ab

Sorry, I don't have anything else to share, the only other stuf I wrote here has long since scrolled off and for good reason. My writing ability then while high in creativity, had a flaw that was nigh on invisible to me in that I kept fucking up the sess without noticing. It took me a bit to retrain my eyes to spot what I honestly never noticed before.

I'm glad you're all enjoying this stuff, I hope to have a new entry to you before the month is out.

Anonymous 16/11/16(Wed)14:23 No. 24818 ID: 5a24ab

OP here. An important lesson was learned. One should always double check their work between long sessions of downtime. Without realizing and relying soley on memory, I accidentally switched the names of the twins after their first entry and never noticed until I looked back too late. Stay vigilant friends, stuff like that could bite you in the ass if you're not careful.

Anonymous 16/12/08(Thu)04:27 No. 24835 ID: e62c0a


Yeah, thought that was wierd. Actually reread it to figure out what was going on. Just assumed complex characters yadda yadda yadda.

Anonymous 16/12/31(Sat)23:44 No. 24861 ID: 03ce46

this is great please continue.

Anonymous 17/01/10(Tue)07:49 No. 24882 ID: 5a24ab

I'm certainly trying to.

Anonymous 17/01/27(Fri)20:58 No. 24904 ID: ba0cdc

still doming back to check on this regularly, i hope it continues

Anonymous 17/03/01(Wed)17:42 No. 24945 ID: be7601

Please continue this story

More Please Jamie 17/03/07(Tue)09:17 No. 24946 ID: 12ec31

Oh please give us a other chapter... Have you written anything else... I would love to read some more from you.

Anonymous 17/03/09(Thu)07:37 No. 24949 ID: 5a24ab

My sincere apologies to you all as I conquer the hurdle of writer's block and pick myself up from the technological avalanche of failures to say, the next entry is half finished and will be out soon.

Anonymous 17/03/09(Thu)11:10 No. 24950 ID: d8324d

thanks for the update

Anonymous 17/05/17(Wed)17:12 No. 25032 ID: e22b1d

Thanks, any progress?

update? Anonymous 17/10/21(Sat)16:10 No. 25165 ID: 46c830

or is the story dead? :(

Anonymous 17/10/22(Sun)07:20 No. 25167 ID: 965af2

Sorry folks, I just haven't had the motivation to continue.

Anonymous 17/10/24(Tue)17:31 No. 25176 ID: 3def79

I read all the time...and not just stuff on chans. I can honestly say this is some of the best writing I've ever read! You've had me laughing and crying and very aroused! It would be a shame if you stopped writing this story, because you have a superior talent for telling a story!

Anonymous 17/10/29(Sun)06:34 No. 25180 ID: 40b196

I too would like the story to continue but if you don't feel like writing that's fair enough. Thanks for the update regardless.


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