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The Umbrella Hitch (Mg, loli, voy, slow) AnonyMPC 16/07/18(Mon)18:37 No. 24459 ID: a609fb

Sometimes people ask if I'm still writing. And I have been... I rarely stop, really, aside from occasional breaks, it just sometimes gets really slow.. And more annoyingly, I've just not been finishing a lot of stuff... some of what I get excited about writing peters out long before it's finished, leaving me with nothing postworthy. Frustrating, as you can imagine... it feels like a lot of writing for nothing, at least unless I get back to finish it one day. And maybe I will.

But at last, I finally have some stuff ready to go, save editing, and this is the first.

Before you ask, no, whatever ongoing project you were about to ask about is not one of the things I have waiting to post... it may well be somewhere in the mass of unfinished stuff piled up on my hard drive.

The Umbrella Hitch by AnonyMPC (Mg,loli, voy, slow)

Chapter One:

Sometimes I wonder if it was Fate after all, because so many events seemed to conspire to put me at that place and at that time, and if even one of them was different on that afternoon, I probably wouldn't have crossed paths with her.

First, there was that I got off work an hour early. One of my co-workers needed to pay for some emergency dental surgery, and most of us were letting him pick up an hour here or there from our shifts. I certainly didn't mind going a little early, although the weather made it complicated. That was the second thing. The best forecasts said it wasn't supposed to rain until the evening. Yet, just after 1pm, it started to drizzle. Ten minutes later, it was going hard. I'm talking torrential downpour. And it all happened just a few minutes before I started on my long walk home from work.

I didn't have my own car. Sometimes I was able to use my mother's, but usually she needed it, and that day I was out of luck. And there are buses, but not in a convenient straight line between my work and home. In order to get from one place to the other, I would have to make several transfers, waiting at each, often in the very weather I'd be trying to avoid. On the whole it took twice as long as just walking, which itself takes about half an hour. It was a pain in the ass and I kept telling myself to quit and try and get a more convenient job, but I didn't want it to reflect badly on my cousin, who recommended me.

As much as I sometimes complained about it, I didn't normally mind the walk, except in bad weather, where I was usually faced with the choice of either taking the long bus ride, or calling a cab. And after working a minimum wage job for eight hours, with a student debt I was trying to chip away at before next year's tuition got piled on top, not to mention trying to save up for my own place, it didn't feel right to waste two hours wages on cab fare, especially when I'd just sacrificed one.

I might have had to bite the bullet on that, but, luckily, I'd just bought a new umbrella the other day, and even though my weather app said the rain wouldn't start until the evening, I still had it stuffed in the school bag where I keep my work clothes. So, when I saw it starting to drizzle through the window, I was feeling smug about myself---and when it poured, I was in utter relief---that I wouldn't be too inconvenienced and absurdly pleased I'd get to try out my new umbrella. It was only a couple bucks and it had this weird gel-grip handle that I couldn't stop myself from squeezing whenever I saw it.

Holding the umbrella aloft for long periods, that handle was less comfortable than I imagined, but at least it fulfilled its primary purpose... it kept me dry as I trudged through the streets. With the umbrella in place, my major concerns were avoiding the huge puddles as I crossed the street and potentially getting splashed by cars driving through them.

I took a slight detour from my usual route to minimize the second problem, which had already gotten one leg of my pants wet, by choosing a street that wasn't as trafficked as my usual one. In this point in the day, it was downright quiet, and as far as I could tell, I seemed to be the only one walking along that particular road.

My earbuds were in and I had a particularly loud song playing, so although I was dimly aware of someone yelling out, "Hey, hey!" I didn't really pay attention up until my shirt was tugged at and I turned around in some surprise, half-expecting I was being mugged.

It turned out to be anything but. Standing before me was a young girl, probably not even a teenager, who came up to just past the height of my elbow, and was the epitome of the expression "98 pounds soaking wet." I'm not sure if that was her exact weight, but the "soaking wet" was no metaphor. Her dark hair was plastered against her head, and the white t-shirt stuck tight to her skin, except at the front where she'd rolled up the bottom to protect something. That was probably partly why she was bent over, too, not completely, but she looked almost like somebody in pain. With that look, and how her blue eyes were so wide and pleading my heart almost broke.

I pulled one earbud out so I could hear what she was saying. "Hey, guy. Can I walk with you?"

"What?" It was such an unfamiliar request I assumed I must have misheard.

"Can I walk with you? So I don't get wet?" She smirked and looked down at herself. "More wet, I mean."

It didn't seem like that would be possible. For her to be any more wet, it seemed, she'd have to be a sponge and leak when you squeezed her. Well, with one exception. Whatever she had in the wrapped up bottom of her shirt... it was probably wet too, by now, but possibly not completely soaked.

Chivalry, or at least common courtesy, kicked in. "Oh, yeah, sure."

She stepped under the umbrella and wiped back a lock of dripping hair with one hand. "Thanks. This rain really came out of nowhere, didn't it?"

"Yeah. How long were you out in it?"

"Not too long," she said. "When it started I got caught for a minute or two and I managed to get with somebody else, and she took me as far as the corner." She half-heartedly waved to the one I'd just passed. "But she had to turn, so I just waited under that door overhang thing for the first person going my way."

I smirked a bit. "Wait, so you're like, hitching?"

She seemed extraordinarily taken aback. "What?"

"You know, you're like an umbrella hitchhiker," I explained.

"Ohhhh," she said, and then she smiled back, a genuine smile. "Yeah, I guess. It just comes naturally, though." Her smile widened. "'Cause my last name's 'Hitch.'." That explained why she was surprised, she thought I was referring to her name.

"Well, then, how can I refuse, a hitch from a Hitch?" I continued the dumb joke. "Well, I can take you as far as Elm, Miss Hitch, but then you're on your own." It was the first thing I could think of other than suggesting the traditional hitchhiker payment. "Ass, Grass, or Cash," which didn't seem appropriate with a girl her age.

She gave me a "Heh," mostly out of courtesy I think, which was more than the joke deserved, and then told me, "My first name's Astrid."

"I like that name," I said automatically. It immediately made me think the girl in the How To Train Your Dragon movies, even though she didn't look much like this girl. She smiled at the compliment, so I continued. "I'm Karl. No school today?" I was officially off, save for one last exam at the end of the week, but the elementary and high schools ran for almost another month, unless things had changed dramatically in the last couple years without me noticing.

"It was a half-day," she explained. I wasn't sure whether to believe her, considering I hadn't seen any other kids wandering about, but it was raining and, to be frank, if she was playing hooky... it really wasn't my problem. I was just making conversation, and whether she had school seemed like an appropriate thing to ask, at least.

The same went for the next question, which occurred to me when I glanced down at her and noticed her hands, which were still cradled protectively around the bundled up bottom of her shirt, even though the rain was no longer on her. "Your phone's not waterproof, I'm guessing?"

"What? I don't have a phone. Unfortunately." Then she looked down and realized I was referring to what she was holding so tightly. "Oh, no, it's a book! I was coming home from the library when it started pouring."

She unrolled the cloth and revealed what she'd been protecting from the rain at the expense of anything else. The book was an old paperback copy of The Lord of The Flies.

"Oh, nice," I said, genuinely impressed, not at the book itself, but the mere fact that she was reading it.

Her head twitched for a moment, like she was surprised to be getting that kind of reaction, instead of disinterest or scorn. Maybe that's what made her ask, "You've read it?"

"In school, yeah." I was maybe fourteen or fifteen when it was assigned for English, at least to the best of my recollection. Even though I was just in college, already my high school years were becoming fuzzy. Astrid did not look fourteen, though. "How old are you?"

"Twelve," she said.

"Did your school assign that?"

"No, I just like reading. I read loads of stuff, for fun."

I looked down at her, smiling a warm, encouraging smile, and I said, "Well, consider me impressed." Which was probably the worst possible time to say that, because it was right while I was speaking the word that I noticed her nipples.


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Anonymous 16/10/20(Thu)10:33 No. 24765 ID: 7f05fa

This was quite simply one of the best things I've read. And I don't just mean erotic literature, but of all books. You developed the characters well and made me grow to love both of them. Even though I think Karl is being a little ridiculous about the not spending any time with her at all and worrying too much, I loved them both.

Now I need to know what happens next! I hate sad endings and I hate not knowing. If you don't write any more on these characters I'm just going to have to make up an ending in my own mind, and how after a few more meetings like this Karl decides he really does love her and they get married when she is of age 5 years later.

Thank you so much for writing these excellent and hot stories for us all!

AnonyMPC 16/10/26(Wed)20:15 No. 24784 ID: a609fb

Thanks to all those who gave praise, even if I don't individually single out your post numbers, I do appreciate it.

>I don't think I've ever read a story from you with such an depressing ending.

Really? I thought it was relatively hopeful. I mean, yeah, he has mixed feelings but he is willing to continue a friendship at least. I've written much darker stuff.

>Any idea what works we should expect next from you?

Sorry, nothing's particularly close. These days, when I start writing, I tackle any story that I feel drawn to. Sometimes that means I do a different one every day, and sometimes I'm writing several stories with similar themes. I mean, while I was writing this I was also writing two arguably three other stories which could be described as "a somewhat lonely young girl takes an abnormal interest in an older guy and leads him to doing things he wouldn't ordinarily do" just because I was in the mood to write that theme but any particular story I was stalled on. This just happened to be the one that caught fire the fastest... I might even get the others done eventually (as they've all got somewhat different dynamics and gimmicks... one's an outright loli-dom story where a rich girl finds a statuatory-rapist-who-broke-the-terms-of-his-parole hiding out on her property and captures him for her own interest, another's centered around a theme park). I've also got of course various sequels like the next iCity story and Magic Marker I want to get back to, maybe a sequel to Molestr too. Among other stand-alones, there's something half-done that I kind of want to finish in the hopes that it'll start a subgenre... not that I'd write anymore in the series but a framework that others could.

But unfortunately I have more ideas than I have time and energy.

Honestly, if anything, I'd probably put my money on a Phil Phantom tribute as the next completed thing, just because when I DO feel like writing those, they go pretty quickly.


>Now I need to know what happens next! I hate sad endings and I hate not knowing. If you don't write any more on these characters I'm just going to have to make up an ending in my own mind, and how after a few more meetings like this Karl decides he really does love her and they get married when she is of age 5 years later.

Making your own headcanon is a perfectly valid approach in my book, I do it myself. Again, I don't promise anything, but I do have some ideas for where the next part would go (in addition to some of the fun you can do with phones, some of it would take place in Astrid's favorite library) and where it'd end, and some themes it might dance around. But not enough to commit to saying I'm working on it.

Anonymous 16/10/27(Thu)02:22 No. 24785 ID: 738f66

Fair play, I eagerly await anything that comes from you (except magic marker, don't like that story at all for a number of reasons).

How do you feel of MCP nowadays? Have you lost a lot of interest in writing it, or are things just slow going with other new exciting ideas?

Rachael Avarie!!IuBGZ0LmOz 16/11/01(Tue)19:10 No. 24791 ID: 87dad6

Perfect timing for halloween, the second half really got me into the story, especially the mention of the time zone change.

Now obviously this needs to be continued, but where do you go from here? This story reminds me vaguely of the story Elisa Milicent Sinclair (which from what I've read, looks like a real-life story) that is amazingly awe inspiring, romantic, and terribly sad. The ending is soul destroying. Worth reading if anyone is interested: http://imgur.com/gallery/lLCtX

But back Astrid Hitch, to I feel that if you're going to continue writing this (and you definitely should!), the romance side needs to start blossoming, and I'd like Astrid to start maturing slowly as the story progresses (mentally at least), and I'd like to see Karl slowly start to accept her as part of his life as she forces her way in.

I can just see Astrid arriving at his house the next early Saturday afternoon, his mom answers the door, she introduces herself as Karl's girlfriend, and claims she's 15 or something. An hour later Karl comes into the living room to find his mom and Astrid in deep discussion over tea. Lulz ensue.

Anonymous 16/11/17(Thu)08:14 No. 24822 ID: 0ee582

It is nice to see someone is still posting content to this board and not bumping threads that have not gotten an update in 5 years.

I hope your sfw writing is going well clearly you put a lot of effort into your work.

Anonymous 16/11/18(Fri)15:07 No. 24823 ID: 498abd

Just finished this unintentionally all in one go, thanks for fucking my sleep pattern...

Was worth it though since it turned out to be such a great read. I eagerly await the next addition to this!

In the mean time I'm going to check out your asstr...

Anonymous 17/01/30(Mon)01:20 No. 24908 ID: 4308b7

Welp, I'm afraid I'm going to have to be that guy. While I did enjoy this story and its predecessor, I was hardly enthralled with them in the same way that My Private Camwhore, iCity Tales #2, and some of your other stories have been able to suck me in like a heroin addict, for the simple fact that they feel rather derivative of Rent-a-Daughter, Friends Only, and (to a lesser extent) Molestr, among other stories that you've written. The "introspective and slightly nerdy average joe just trying to make his way in life bonds with an offbeat and quirky loli over their shared outlook on existence" trope just feels overused, and the protagonists seem like cut-and-paste author insertions. Morally ambiguous characters (or at least characters that have unique external circumstances) like Andrew/Erin, Mark, Alex, Nick, etc. are much more interesting than "generic twentysomething introvert male #397837". I mean, that probably describes you and most of your audience, so I understand making those characters to give them something to to self-insert with, but they still need a bit more flavor. You could swap the protagonists in many of your stories and the end results wouldn't change.

Also these stories tend to lack any external overaching narrative (like MPC's prostitution ring or RP's superhero theme) which you're quite adept at crafting and weaving into the broader picture, so they come off as a little dull by comparison. It's hard to derive much excitement from some morally uptight square debating to himself for the 50th time about the morality of looking up some girl's skirt (especially when you know he's eventually just going to bang her anyway) when on the other side of the AnonyMPCverse you've got Alex and Tabby fighting monsters and Andrew and Erin busting up prostitution rings while incest-fucking on piles of extorted cash. Of course there's room for different types of stories in the world, but I feel like Rent-a-Daughter nailed this archetype and everything in the same vein since has been somewhat of a retread.

Personally I was way more intrigued by the idea of the 3 girls attending a party full of older men than I was by the prospect of Astrid going back to give Karl the kuck his 107th chance to bang her, and pretty disappointed when things developed in that direction. I was even hoping that Karl would maybe get the desire to go check out the party to "make sure she's safe" or something like that, and then find himself watching despondently as she straight up NTRs him in a fit of drunken gangbang degeneracy (which would not be an unwarranted retribution for his initial rejection and avoidance of her). Now that would have been new, original, and interesting. Overall I feel like the whole diptych was a missed opportunity. It did a great job of building up a lot of romantic tension, which I suppose is what these slow stories are for, but it didn't do anything satisfying with it, and the whole process of reading it felt a bit laborious (hence the delay in this review) because I already knew that things would proceed according to the template. I know a lot of this sounds like "Oh, he just doesn't like more down-to-Earth stories without exaggerated narratives", but it's not that so much as I feel that this story wasted on a slow burn on a small flame. If there had been a twist, like my NTR angle, then it would have been one of your greatest stories ever. But as it stands it's a little plain: serviceable, but not memorable.

AnonyMPC 17/01/30(Mon)01:57 No. 24909 ID: a609fb

Fair enough. I know my main characters are often repetitive and similar, because hey, that's what I like. I also like the main characters who resist falling into various sinful behaviors but slowly get convinced, and yes, bonding with a adolescent girl over some shared interest is a big one of my fantasies that I like to explore over and over again. Not all my stories are going to go that way, but yeah, plenty are going to be very conventional (except for the underage and/or incest angle) and they may wind up seeming like cookie-cutter retreads to some. So all I can say is sorry-not-sorry but hopefully not in a bitchy way, just in a "I write what I like, wish I could please more people with it but I gotta be me" way.

But since this has been bumped, I might as well use the opportunity to mention to the people here that I livestream writing now occasionally on piczel, if people want to potentially peek in and see what I'm working on (generally, lately, on-stream it's been switching between Magic Marker, Phil Phantomish Stuff, and iCity, with occasional work on a Molestr sequel). http://www.piczel.tv/watch/AnonyMPC (you can also sign up for e-mail alerts for when I go live).

Anonymous 17/02/12(Sun)04:26 No. 24925 ID: 87dad6

I know I can't force you to do so, but please get out of this thread and never post in it again. Your unwanted comments about generic main characters may be best aimed elsewhere, and especially your comments on 3 girls dancing in a club with older men. The story we got instead is a unique and special moment, between a young girl trying to find herself, and being strong enough to avoid the greater temptation of the club, and instead turning to the boy who showed her kindness - to climax in a very intimate moment together, secretly, quietly in bed.

This story is beautiful.

Anonymous 17/02/15(Wed)05:37 No. 24927 ID: df0652

>I was even hoping...straight up NTR

Opinion discarded.

Anonymous 17/02/16(Thu)09:18 No. 24928 ID: 4308b7


>The story we got instead is a unique and special moment, between a young girl trying to find herself, and being strong enough to avoid the greater temptation of the club, and instead turning to the boy who showed her kindness - to climax in a very intimate moment together, secretly, quietly in bed.

That is arousing and morally inspiring and all... if you're a Mormon who wears special underpants to make babies. I think you may have missed the point that *erotic* literature is about titillation and taboo, not romance. That's not to say that I don't enjoy AnonyMPC's nuanced blending of both in most of his stories, but rather that the romantic aspects should nevertheless still be subservient to and used primarily to enhance the erotic ones, and that this story missed that mark for me. It's clear that a lot of people enjoyed it regardless (though I question how many people actually got off much to it as opposed to enjoying it more as a love story), and it's by no means a bad little yarn, but it still seems off-balance in regards to its fundamental purpose.

>especially your comments on 3 girls dancing in a club with older men.
>dancing in a club

If you're going to insult somebody else's interpretation of the story, how about you make sure that you actually have the basic facts about what even took place in it correct yourself?

tbh it seems like most of you just like it because it gives you hope that maybe some day something like this will happen to you. Keep dreamin' fellas.

Anonymous 17/02/18(Sat)04:39 No. 24931 ID: df0652


Perhaps you need to spend a little time off the chans if you can no longer find anything erotic in romance.

Anonymous 17/02/18(Sat)08:31 No. 24932 ID: 4308b7


Maybe you should spend a little more time reading Twilight, or browsing the romance novel section at your local bookstore. You don't need to browse small *chans to find stories with quiet, intimate moments in bed shared by two consenting partners.

Anonymous 17/02/20(Mon)01:57 No. 24933 ID: df0652


I do if I want it to be well written.

Non-Anonymous 17/06/19(Mon)17:09 No. 25065 ID: 9b0cce

Once again, very well written. I, for one, enjoyed the internal dilemma, and thought the characters were quite well built up; of late I find stroke stories rather dull without some significant plot or story behind them. Simply put, there's only so many ways one can describe putting tab a into slot b. Which is part of the reason i haven't been writing all that much myself lately...

AnonyMPC 17/07/14(Fri)15:29 No. 25091 ID: a609fb

Figured I'd bump this to let everyone know, since I'm getting a lot of people informing me: ASSTR is currently going through some server difficulties and a years-out-of-date version is showing for some people, including myself. So some of my newest stories, including the Hitch stories, aren't accessible there.

They did send an e-mail to writers letting them know the issue, and I assume are working on it (the email did give some reasons for which it's taking a long time, but unfortunately no timeframe) and/or looking into migrating to some other server (which they also said was a possibility).

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the problem, I can't even alter the main page to put up a notification of the problem to readers. So, thank you to everyone who's told me about it, but I AM aware and it doesn't mean anything other than that ASSTR's a very old site with admin who probably have lots of other stuff going on.

In the meantime, you can still find many of my newer stories on this board, or if you don't like reading in thread format, e-mail me through my ASSTR site (which still works) and I'll try to find some other way (but I'll be really slow about it too, I'm really behind on my mail).

Also, I do stream my writing several times a week on piczel.tv, it's not very entertaining but if you want to talk to me live, that's your best bet. It's been slow-going, but I'm currently sitting on a completed (but not yet edited, even to the degree where somebody else can help) sequel to Molestr, and getting close to finishing Magic Marker Book Two (the tail end of which is what you'll most likely see as of this post if you catch one of the writestreams, unless I feel inspired to switch to something else).

Anonymous 17/07/18(Tue)21:17 No. 25096 ID: 4c26a9

Thanks for the warning, keep up the good job.

Anonymous 17/07/19(Wed)20:13 No. 25097 ID: a3580c

Holy shit, I was just looking for this story. I remember reading it a few months ago but when I tried to find it again just then, I couldn't find it on your page! I was seriously doubting my memory and my sanity for a few minutes there. Thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous 17/07/19(Wed)21:14 No. 25098 ID: 5354c7

not sure asstr is sending my email I have a suggestion for a potential fix but don't want to get everyone's hopes up if you decide the fix is not for you

Monochrome!!V0LzHmBTIw 17/07/22(Sat)19:25 No. 25101 ID: ef02bd

You write very interesting characters, but the MC's resistance being such a massive thing ruins the flow of the story.

This is your brain on feminism - guilt even when a young woman you know damn well you want is practically throwing herself at you.

Anonymous 17/08/15(Tue)03:18 No. 25122 ID: d4e681

That story was perfect. Thanks a lot OP.
I feel very sad now.

Anonymous 17/08/21(Mon)13:53 No. 25131 ID: 383a20

because fucking twelve-year-olds is perfectly legal as long as you're not a feminist

Anonymous 17/08/23(Wed)23:03 No. 25132 ID: 9bb614

I'm trying to email OP but there's a bug on asstr.
(http://acctcgi.asstr.org/formmail.cgi is unreachable.)

So I guess I could just write it here:
Hello, I've been reading The Umbrella Hitch and Rent-A-Daughter. Those were really fantastic, very well written. I also like Roomates on /elit/.

The Umbrella Hitch is the best erotic story I've read. It's perfect.

I can't seem to find other slow stories like those three I listed. Do you have other one to recommend?

Thanks a lot for all the work. I'm a big fan.

Anonymous 17/08/24(Thu)20:20 No. 25133 ID: 1caf51

Are there any plans to continue the Relatively Powered serial?

AnonyMPC 17/08/26(Sat)17:54 No. 25134 ID: a609fb

Thanks! Yeah, I'm not surprised, ASSTR's been having serious problems (years old versions of pages being the only one up, for example) due to one of their machines crashing and none of the staff are nearby where the machines are physically located. From what I hear they are planning a trip in September to try and sort it out.

Unfortunately don't really have any recommendations, the one I usually recommend for such requests is Roommates which you already know about.

Eventually, yes, but I'm not actively working on it right now I'm afraid.

Honestly, not working on too much of anything these last few weeks, I was in a good groove of writestreaming, and even if I didn't have many viewers I enjoyed it and it kept me active, but then piczel had to betray the userbase and ban underage stuff, so that knocked the wind out of my sails. Not to mention stress from RL stuff picking up. So I haven't been writing much recently, but I'm hopefully starting to pick up again.

I do have a second installment to Molestr mostly done (still hasn't gone through even the first stage of self-edits and revisions), and still relatively close to being done on Magic Marker Book Two (I suspect I would have been done it by now if not for piczel's darkside turn).

Sorry, I know it's not the kind of update you want to hear.

Anonymous 17/08/28(Mon)12:53 No. 25135 ID: c9f60f

appreciate the update

IonIan 17/09/06(Wed)00:52 No. 25137 ID: ee0e7b

agreed- thanks for both the personal update and the info about asstr; that situation was incredibly confounding until I read this.

Asstr update and request Anonymous 17/09/09(Sat)17:15 No. 25138 ID: fc76f5

Hey Anony, thx for the update. Today I missclicked on my favorites and your page in asstr seems to be updated again (title says that your las update was on 2016). Is there any chance to see the scratch of "Magic Marker 2" posted in here? I really want to know what happen next.I really love your work!

Anonymous 17/09/30(Sat)13:42 No. 25154 ID: 769380

Why not writestream on a different site AnonyMPC?

Also stream MPC5 pls. I'm dying.

Anonymous 17/10/20(Fri)10:54 No. 25162 ID: 92463a

Of all the stories you could've announced being close, Magic Marker is the worst one. Read all of your stories except for that one, I couldn't finish it. The characters were weak and all over the place, and the story just didn't seem to flow that well at all.

Regardless, probably personal preference, I hope this one is bearable to read. Looking forward to your new stuff as always :)

Anonymous 17/10/23(Mon)16:34 No. 25172 ID: 36e3b1

Magic Marker is one of my favourites of yours, so I'm really hyped for this.

Glad to hear you're still writing!

Anonymous 17/10/24(Tue)04:13 No. 25173 ID: 310cb3

I just want him to keep writestreaming.

Anonymous 17/11/26(Sun)01:13 No. 25200 ID: be0dd6

Any updates Anony? Are you going to find another site to stream on?

AnonyMPC 17/11/26(Sun)13:41 No. 25201 ID: a609fb

I don't know of any streaming sites that allow what I write, so probably not. I haven't really been looking though, either.

In other updates, I've got three written but not edited stories in the bank, Magic Marker Book 2, a sequel to Molestr, and a Phil Phantom story. I know some of you aren't interested in these ones, sorry, but I write what draws me at any time.

I'm using the rest of November to keep trying to write and get words in on other stuff I'm working on, but I doubt I'll get anything finished from that (if anything, another Phil Phantom story). In December I'll start the editing process... probably going to start with Magic Marker 2, but it's pretty long and I imagine I'll want to take breaks so you may see the Phil Phantom style story first.

Anonymous 17/11/27(Mon)07:53 No. 25202 ID: bea345

>>25201 molestr2 hype!

Anonymous 17/11/28(Tue)07:32 No. 25203 ID: 3e4a9e


allthefallen.ninja is a specifically loli/shota-oriented site that has streaming. Maybe try that?

Anonymous 17/11/29(Wed)18:49 No. 25204 ID: da5577

It’s amazing he doesn’t write more of the specific stories you like, what with such lovely, supportive individuals as yourself commenting to encourage him.

Anonymous 17/11/30(Thu)04:04 No. 25205 ID: a69618


I'm not the guy you're responding to but honestly it's true feedback. Magic Marker is by far one of Anony's most indistinct stories, and I say this as a big fan. It needs to find more defined personalities for its characters or a better central conflict in Part 2 or it's screwed.

Anonymous 17/11/30(Thu)07:41 No. 25206 ID: bea7d5

Well, that’s a perfectly fair opinion to have. I don’t object to criticism, or voicing criticism. What I do object to is that he voiced it not in the feedback box for the story, or as an email to MPC, or even as a public reply to the story, but as a response to one of the few general updates we get from the guy. He hasn’t put out a story in roughly a year, gets banned from HF, banned from the streaming site, asstr goes down, and when he writes a check-in post to let us know he’s working on a story, this dude responds with “yuck! not that one!” Literally pick any other occasion to send in your unsolicited review, Harold.

Anonymous 17/12/01(Fri)04:53 No. 25207 ID: 880f7e


Anony does things on his own schedule. One bad review won't change that.

Anonymous 17/12/10(Sun)23:32 No. 25220 ID: 4a8a34

does anyone have the picture that was drawn for molestr its been deleted on pixiv

Anonymous 17/12/14(Thu)15:07 No. 25227 ID: cb6863

Not true,i've always wanted a sequel to Molestr.I'm hype.On the off-chance you read this comment,can you tell if Phoebe is going to be in the sequel or do you prefer to keep that information secret ?

Anonymous 17/12/29(Fri)04:10 No. 25258 ID: d5f010

i checked like everyday this month hoping that Magic Marker 2 was going to go up

Anonymous 17/12/30(Sat)16:13 No. 25265 ID: cb6863

Same but with Molestr

Anonymous 18/01/04(Thu)07:51 No. 25277 ID: 880f7e

It's been 6 years since MPC4. Isn't there any way you can make an MPC5: Part 1 or something so we can at least read a bit?

Anonymous 18/01/09(Tue)23:30 No. 25288 ID: 88dd4d

Scared the hell out of me with The Little Prince reference. Since Karl was the fox I feared a grim end for Astrid, hope she is smarter that that.

Anonymous 18/04/26(Thu)12:49 No. 25525 ID: fc72a1

Still hoping for an update of this

Anonymous 18/05/02(Wed)09:49 No. 25527 ID: 0116ee

You and me both, lad.

Anonymous 18/05/30(Wed)05:23 No. 25578 ID: f7d3f6

5/5 stars! The slow pacing allows the reader to get to know the characters, so that when their relationship turns sexual, it really means something. Very realistic characters and situations. It would be wonderful to see these characters reprised in an update of their future selves, to see how these experiences affected the course of their lives.

Anonymous 18/08/14(Tue)14:08 No. 25742 ID: 2735dd

Any chance AnonyMPC will post an update?


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