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Leap of Faith NGT 16/07/26(Tue)23:31 No. 24495 ID: 8a8a53

First off. This is a repost of a story posted on /elit/ back in 2010 and updated last in 2012. You can find a link to the original archived thread here:
This is a repost without permission, but not for lack of trying. I contacted the original author (Fluffins) through e-mail four days ago and haven't gotten any response. Maybe this will bring about a reappearance? I can only hope as much.

Below is the original text of the story, formatted identically to how it was originally posted.

First time writer here, r&r, plzkthx.
Contains: All futa, All underage
(remember, boys and girls, pedophilia is illegal in the US, only fap to it, never do it IRL)

Nov. 12, 2010.
Hi, My name is Faith Woods, I’m 14 years old, shoulder-length straight red hair, still-growing B cup breasts, perfect 6.5:1 hip:waist ratio (I’m kind of a math nerd), I'm 5 feet tall with a healthy does of freckles, and I’m not a normal girl. I mean, I try to be normal. I go to a regular middle school, have normal friends and a totally normal family… it’s me that isn’t totally normal. And hell, I didn’t even know I was abnormal ‘till about a week ago.
See, last Wednesday night, I grew a dick.
Yeah, I know, that’s about how I reacted when I saw it. I woke up Thursday morning to get ready for school, I felt something funny between my legs. I didn’t really pay it any mind, I thought it was my tired mind playing tricks, so I got up and went to the shower anyways. So I was too tired to even glance in the mirror, I just slipped off my panties and started the water.
Once it got heated, I stepped in, and I immediately felt weird. The drops that should have been falling on my crotch were stopping short. I still felt them hit me, but it felt like whatever they hit was sticking out from my legs instead of recessing in. I looked down, the steamy water gently clearing my head and waking me up a bit, and I saw it.
The first thing I did was squeal. Not like a big yell or anything, just a little ‘Eep!’ as I saw something on my body that I knew wasn’t there the last time I looked. The second thing I did was lose my balance and fall backwards. I landed directly on my ass, It hurt. A lot.
I sat there for a few minutes, I was just staring at the mound of flesh sitting there. It was about as thick as… like a whiteboard marker. And it was almost as long. It was just long enough to dangle down and just kinda sit there on the floor; it was really soft and floppy, I was a mix of afraid, shocked, and a little bit intrigued. I mean… I just grew a DICK. Like, a real-life, honest-to-goodness penis. The first thing I did when it sank into my head (which was after about 20 minutes of staring blankly at it), was to pick it up and examine the new area. I had a pair of balls it seemed, too; pretty small, by comparison to the size of my new member, though I had no reference to any real male anatomy, they just seemed… dinky. I breathed a sigh of relief when I felt my normal equipment still residing neatly where it belonged under my new testes.
All this manhandling had started to give me an erection. Of course, I had no idea what was happening then; I felt things tightening in my crotch, the weight of my cock suddenly became more prominent as it began to lift slowly up. I took my hands away, terrified that I had broken it or something, and felt everything becoming tighter and more intense as my member pulsed up, up, up, with the increasing thump of my heartbeat. Eventually, it stood fully hard. Nearly 10 inches long at its full length (I measured it later) between my legs. I looked at it, the fat, bulbous head the same color as your thumb when you smash it in the door, thick blue veins rippled all along it, it looked… really awesome. This thick, muscular spire between my smooth, sexy, slender legs, I began to get turned on.
I masturbated all the time; nearly every night I would rub my clit and finger myself before this: I knew exactly what exual arousal felt like, but now, as my tight pussy began to open up, the hot water beating gently on my throbbing dick, my nipples erect, sending electric waves through my body every time a droplet landed on them, I began to pant as my heart rate increased even more. I distinctly felt my dick, tingling and burning as the water beat on it in a similar manner to my nipples. I reached down and rubbed my clit like I normally did; the familiar warm, electrical rush ran over my body, my cock twitched too, more than It’s typical pulsation, that is, and I gasped as the thick pole swung over to the other side, helped by gravity, it slapped on my belly, exposing the thick, ribbed tube along the underside. Big, heavy drops of water landed neatly just under the ridge of the head. I bit my lip as they trickled down, my cock tickled and burned and tingled. I was afraid to touch it; I just kept at my clit more furiously than ever, my cock jumped and fell back against my abdomen, sageing against the bottom of my ribcage, It just dawned on me that it was almost three times as long as it had been when it was soft, and that somehow turned me on even more.
I didn’t really understand; I had just grown a dick, it had made me horny, and I was masturbating hard at 6:30 in the morning when I should have been getting for school, and it felt so fucking good. Everything was hotter than normal, it feels so great to tease your cock, if you’re a boy and you don’t know; just massage your balls and watch some porn, and you’ll be so hard and you’ll cum harder than ever. That’s what happened to me. I was so horny from the rush of hormones and endorphins and stuff, My first male orgasm was completely hands-free. I felt the burning sensation in my cock building and building as I went. I was holding my balls up to get a good angle on my pussy, and suddenly, I felt some thing pouring through them, like when you have a hose in your hand and you turn the water on, I felt it rushing forward, then my cock tensed hard, and thick, white, creamy goo splattered out all over my face. I squealed a little again, not expecting this. For all my horniness and regular talk of boys and masturbation, I had no practical notion of the actual mechanics of it.
My massive dick came for nearly a minute straight. After the initial shock, I opened my eyes and watched the thick, goopy syrup splattering all along my body, running down my tits, up my shoulders and neck, a few drops landed on my face, suddenly, a particularly strong burst laid a thick rope of the stuff across my face, over one eye and down the corner of my lip. I closed my eyes just in time, and my cock kept pouring.
I found out later that I sprayed out easily ten times a normal man’s load; my average orgasm leaves almost a pint of sperm all over the place. I didn’t know that, I just kept at my pussy, feeling the amazing sensations of cumming from a cock as I came from my cunt too. Normally, I’m pretty silent when I cum; my little sister sleeps on the other side of a paper-thin wall, so I made sure to be quiet, but this felt so fucking good, I couldn’t help but moan a bit, ‘aaaaannnhhh,’ hissed through my lips as I continued to bite the lower one, a drop of semen fell into my mouth.
I nearly spit it out, but then I tasted it; kinda salty, kinda sweet, thick and creamy, it was delicious! I immediately took a finger and ran it across my tits, then let the thick, syrupy spunk drip slowly onto my tongue. The taste, knowing where it came from, the sight of my own sexy body drenched with cum, my cunt came again, three orgasms all in a row, two with my pussy, one with my dick, I was exhausted. I lay back and panted heavily, nearly falling asleep again, lazily licking the sperm off of my body as the shower’s heat lulled me to dozing. I could get used to this… I thought happily. And really, I could have; this new cock felt so amazingly good, it made this tasty white goo, it was so pretty, just lying there on my pale stomach, maybe it was awesome that this happened…
Then I came back to reality quite quickly as a THNK THNK boomed from the door, “Faith? Faith, are you okay in there?” my mother asked, “It’s time to go!”
Oh shit.

NGT 16/07/26(Tue)23:32 No. 24496 ID: 8a8a53

Getting dressed in the morning has become an art form for me; I go to a private, all-girls arts school, with dainty little jumpers and oxford shirts, so not much of an option for baggy gaucho pants or anything. I managed to find some old surgical bandage for when my little brother got a black eye and had to use an eyepatch. I managed to tape it to my leg, my shorts almost covered it up; you could see the head peeking out if you looked straight up my skirt with my legs spread wide, but I wasn’t too concerned.
I was careful as I walked about the house, getting ready for school, every time my legs brushed together, I felt a tinge run up my spine, and it started getting harder, straining against the bandages, which just plain hurt. I walked tenderly out the door, waving a nervous goodbye to mom, and half-walked, half-waddled onto the bus, the impatient driver grumbled as I nervously took my seat in the middle. As the ancient machine started rolling, I felt every little sage and crevice in the road jiggling my balls and sageing my dick against the seat. I winced with every tiny bounce, some of the girls gave me kinda funny looks, but nobody asked me what was wrong, and I was grateful for that.
By the time I got to school, my hardon was about as massive as they come, and if you’ve ever tried to stuff something, say, the size of the Washington monument into a pair of panties then strap it to your leg and STILL walk around like nothing’s wrong, you may have some idea of how I felt. It got worse, though. Remember that girl I mentioned? Taylor? Yeah, the one that made me decide I like girls? She’s also become one of my best friends since that slumber party. I have not stopped having a crush on her since then, but I’m pretty sure she’s straight as an arrow. Kinda depressing. I’ve been too afraid to make a move, because then I would know for sure she doesn’t love me; I wouldn’t be able to hope anymore. Oh, did I mention Taylor like hugs?
Taylor likes hugs. She likes them a lot.
“FAAAAAAAAITH!” I heard the squeal only moments before a hundred and ten pounds of sexy woman landed on my back. I was nervous as it was; my knees were all weak and wobbly. I collapsed to the ground, frozen in terror, eyes wide, ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod ran through my head as my cock got harder. I didn’t think it was possible, but my body seemed determined to break every conception I had about the limits of possibility today. Taylor squeaked a bit when I fell, not expecting me to collapse so easily.
“Not a good time, Taylor…” I groaned , slowly lifting up, pushing her up with me. I ended up on my knees, my cock was sore; I felt it starting to get rubbed raw by the bandage… I was going to have blisters by the end of the day or something, I was sure of it. Taylor kept her arms wrapped around me, her back arched and pressed against mine, her nose buried in my hair. She thought nothing of it; she just liked to be touching people. Made shit hard for me. Literally.
And then it happened. Right as she took a gentle sniff of my hair and remarked that I smelled really good today, the bandage snapped.
I felt it go; just popped loose and unwound. I sat there for a moment, the long strip of rough cloth was now just lying between my legs, clamped between my thigh and calf, conveniently hidden by my jumper as long as I stayed kneeling. My cock sprang up, though, building a nice little mound in the middle of my skirt. I immediately shoved my hands to my crotch, squealing a bit, and I stood, grabbing the bandage as I did, “excuse me” I mumbled sheepishly as I nearly knocked Taylor onto her back, and ran to the bathroom, thankfully, it was just a little way down the hall.
I kept my hands shoving my cock down, my face was flushed red, I ducked into the first stall I could. The entire bathroom was empty, thank god. I straddled the toilet and lifted up my skirt. There he was; still hard as ever, throbbing in the air, twitching, burning. I felt so much heat coming from it, the cool air-conditioning gliding over it… nnnnhhh, so good…I sat down on the toilet and began touching my pussy, just like I had in the shower that morning, I felt my cock jerk and stand at attention immediately.
This time, I decided to touch my dick. I wasn’t really sure how boys did it at the time; at first I poked the tip, rubbing it with my finger and feeling the tightness and the tugging feeling at the base, then I wrapped my hand around it, that alone felt really, really amazing, I kept at my clit while I slowly moved my hand up and down. It felt like the natural way for it to go; I slid my hand along the enormous shaft, I felt the burning sensation of my pending orgasm building faster this time, my balls tightented, holding tight against my crotch in anticipation.
I felt the rushing again, liquid pouring through the tubes, up my shaft, out the tip, splurting thick solid streams, it looked like cake frosting or something; pure, opaque white, thick and sticky, it flew in big, goopy arcs creamy and syrupy. My tongue lolled out of my mouth, my cock jerked and bobbed and twitched all over the place, so much of it streamed out in big ol’ ropes and strands, curving through the air and splatting with big ‘splp, plap’ noises onto the tile just outside the stall door.
Just outside?
I forgot to mention: the stall doors in our school bathrooms are… in disrepair. On occasion, the little turn-latch thingy doesn’t take, and while you’re sitting there pissing or takin’ a dump, ot whatever, the door just kinda ambiently creeps open. Well, folks, the door was wide open, both of my privates just out there for any passing girl to see. Unfortunately, the girl who happened to be passing at that moment also happened to be Taylor Otey, my best friend.
She was staring straight at my crotch,
She just watched me spray a pint of cum into the air,
She had droplets of my sperm on her shoes,
She was standing in an inch-deep puddle of my cum.
And she was hard as a rock.

NGT 16/07/26(Tue)23:33 No. 24497 ID: 8a8a53

“Oh..” I squealed a bit, clamping my legs together and clamping my arms to my side, fingers curled at my mouth, “I- uh…” My face went red, I tried to come up with some kind of excuse, but as I grasped the futility of the situation, tears welled in my eyes, I’d never been more embarrassed in my life.
“Faith, I-I’m sorry…” Taylor stepped in, placing a hand on my knee, “I didn’t realize that you…” she leaned over me, the very tip of my still-hard, still-barely-dripping pecker peeked between my legs and my chest, I looked up at her as her long, blonde ringlets dangled in front of my face, “Yours is so big, No wonder you were walking funny,” She cracked a humorless smile and looked down at me. I was still crying, even though I saw a bulge against the front of her own skirt, my mind couldn’t erase the fact that I had just sprayed semen all around my best friend, I started gasping and sobbing, Taylor quickly comforted me, “Shhh-shhh-hhh-hhh” She cooed and pet my head, “Hey, hey” she smiled, “Don’t worry about it, it’s natural.” She knelt down beside me, “It’s not your fault, it’s just the stupid door, I’m fine, Faith, and it’s alright.” She stood briefly to close the door to the stall, this time making sure it shut solidly, then was back at my side, hodling me tight as my sobbing subsided enough for me to form words.
“I-I’m a freak…” I mumbled, my face stained with tears, “What the fuck is wrong with me?”
“Nothing’s wrong, Faith, I’m the same as you, don’t you see?” She lifted her skirt, there, pressing against her thin, canary-yellow-and-bubblegum-pink striped panties was a small little dick, much smaller than mine. The head of hers barely came over the lacy waistband, a big, round pair of nuts were snuggly held against her crotch, stretching so tight against the wispy panty fabric that the thin blue veins pulsing along her scrotum could be seen, “It’s going to be fine,” she ran a hand through my hair.
“B-b-but…” I said, still clogged by tears, but coming to my senses a bit more, “I saw you in n-no-nothing but those panties… last year, at Kerri’s slumber party…” I stared at the balls, They were nearly as big as tennis balls, easily thrice as big as mine.
“I didn’t have it then, c’mon, let’s get you to the nurse. She can explain everything.” She smiled and helped me stand up, ruffled my hair and giggled as I adjusted myself as best I could. My member was going soft-ish again, so I shoved it down and she helped me tape it up again. She just had a really loose jumper. I’d never noticed before, but as long as she was at least a little hunched forward, you couldn’t see a thing, “Don’t worry; this is the best thing that’s ever happened to you” She smiled. I gever her a nervous chuckle, not believing a word.

The nurse’s office was just down the hall. I was extremely happy nothing was far from anything else in this chain of events. Taylor led me in and discreetly shut the door behind me, turning the lock, never taking her hand from my shoulder. “Miss Hensoooon~” she called in a sing-song tone, “I’ve got anotherrrr~”
“waitwhat- a-a-another?” I spluttered as Ms. Henson, the thin, short nurse walked out from the back office. She was a really pretty woman: 26 years old, 5’4”. With just-over-shoulder-length, platinum blonde hair, big, juicy C cups (I often stared as they jiggled under her dresses, but it wasn’t later until I got her measurements), She adjusted her glasses as she came out, and smiled when she recognized me.
“Faith? Well, I never expected you to spring one on us!” She patted my shoulder gently, “Thanks for bringing her in, Taylor” Henson turned and patted her shoulder as well, “I’ll have her ready in a few, you go on to class.”
“Um… Miss Henson…” Taylor nervously shuffled her feet, “She is my best friend… I was wondering if I could… stay and watch?” She blushed as she completed her question.
“Well… It’s a bit unorthodox.” Ms. Henson tapped her foot and looked contemplative, I gave a pleading look, I didn’t want to be left alone, this was so confusing for me, I needed my best friend, but I couldn’t seem to verbalize my pleas through my paralyzing nerves, “I suppose you want her to stay, huh?” Ms. Henson smiled at me and ruffled my hair. I nodded shyly. She led me to the bed, “Don’t worry, you’re not the first girl Taylor’s brought in here.”
I sat silently as she filled out a few forms on the counter before turning around and coming over to me, “So when did it grow?” she asked gently, sitting on the bed beside me.
“L-last night…” I muttered, “It was just… there when I woke up.”
“Overnight? Wow, is it fully-formed?” She looked up at Taylor, who nodded happily.
“And fully functional!” Taylor showed her shoes, still with drops of cum stuck to them.
“Amazing! So you’ve already experienced tour first orgasm?” I muttered a response under my breath, “I’m sorry, sweetie, you’ll have to speak up.”
“Two.” I mumbled, keeping my eyes anchored to the floor, “my first two orgasms…” The nurse did nothing but laugh in response. Taylor chuckled too, I felt worse than ever.
“Listen, Faith, you’re not a female, like you thought. That’s all this is.” Ms. Henson’s arm wrapped from one shoulder to the other, “You aren’t a freak, you’re not broken or sick, this is just a repressed trait that often comes out in puberty some time. Up until now, it looked like you were just a normal girl, but it turns out, your genes make you a different gender entirely.” Her words were so soothing, it didn’t seem like a big deal at all; Her soft, musical voice made me feel better about it; like finding out that you aren’t the gender you thought you were for the first fourteen years of your life is just an interesting fact, and life would be just fine.
“There are a lot more than you think, Faith; girls like us are all over the place.” Taylor also sat on the bed, wrapping her arms around me, “You’re gonna be fine,” she whispered, “I can help you, we all can help each other.” She snuggled against my shoulder, I felt my cock jerk, even through the beginnings of another slew of tears.
“Faith, this won’t change your entire life; you’re still the same person.” Ms. Henson smiled, she seemed to know exactly what I was thinking, she was in my head; as soon as my mind concocted a new worry or problem or excuse to think that this was a very bad thing, she said something that made it sound like it wasn’t a big deal.
“Listen,” she continued, “You’re what is most often called a Futanari. It’s a Japanese word that means you are both man and woman. You are a beautiful creature, Faith.” I began to cry now, tears dripping down onto my lap, as much as she was holding up, my world was just crashing down, I broke down sobbing, leaning forward into her chest, my face landed on her soft, warm cleavage, and the bandage popped lose again, my cock sprang up and pitched a circus tend between my legs.
“Look here~” Taylor smiled, leaning in and stroking through the fabric, “Faith, don’t worry about it,” She slithered her head up next to mine, she was holding my tight as I cried my little heart out into Ms. Henson’s tits, “I can show you how to deal with this,” she whispered, her voice nearly a moan in my ear, “You’ll love it, I promise.” She smiled and pulled my jumper up, revealing my hard dick, swaying in the air between my legs.
“Faith, I think you should listen to Taylor,” Ms. Henson smiled, lifting my up to a proper sitting position, “As a futanari, your sex drive is beyond that of either a normal man or a woman. You need regular release to keep yourself healthy.”
“M-miss Henson?” I asked timidly, not crying quite as hard now, Taylor was idly stroking my shaft, “A-are you saying…?”
“I am, Faith. I’m telling you that you and Taylor should have sex right here, right now. It will help you feel much better, I promise.”
“B-but… won’t you get fired or something?” I asked, barely able to keep my thought process straight as waves of pure pleasure rippled through my body from my cock.
“It’s a strictly medical procedure. Something you need to do to be healthy” she smiled and stood up as Taylor’s face came mere inches from mine, my best friend smiled, her eyes half-closed, so sexy, so horny… I leaned back and let Taylor’s hand have free reign of my pole, “And besides, this is all off the books” I heard Miss Henson say, “It’s as much for my personal fun as anything else.” I glanced up to see Ms. Henson, sitting on the counter opposite us with her legs spread. Her skirt and panties were dropped to the floor and a hand underneath her shirt, groping at her soft, squishy tits, the other fixed at her crotch, jerking off along a seven-inch long cock.

NGT 16/07/26(Tue)23:34 No. 24498 ID: 8a8a53

I just realized: I should Add a disclaimer to this, since I recently remembered that I had a high-school teacher named Ms. Henson. so:
The following is entirely a work of fiction, any resemblance of the characters or locales in this story to any real persons or places is entirely coincidental.

“y-y-you too?” I shuddered, my breath skipping beats as my body quaked. Nothing had ever felt so… perfect.
“Yes, dear,” Miss Henson replied in a moaning voice, thick, heavy sighs of pleasure rolling out of her mouth as she watched us two young teen girls through half-closed eyes. Taylor’s long, soft tongue pressed gently along my neck, traced up and down the tensed contours, along my collarbone, she ran her mouth, planting tiny, gentle kisses with those soft, juicy lips, pulling my collar away with her free hand, she found a good spot on my shoulder and began to suck gently, just barely running her teeth along my pale, smooth flesh , her other hand stayed glued to my pole, thin, runny rivulets of pre-cum dribbled down, wetting her hand as she slowly rubbed it up and down.
“Not just us, either,” Taylor smiled and whispered between flicks of her tongue on the lobe of my ear, “Miss Henson estimates nearly half the school,” she ran her hand down my shaft and stroked my balls softly, “Though I’ve never seen anyone as big as you,” she grinned again and slid her body forward, her soft, small breasts pressing against my arm her hot, steamy breath rushing over my face. I leaned back, she leaned with me, swinging her leg over my hips so she straddled me, she kept her forehead against mine, and started to undo the straps on my jumper.
I arched my back, she undid the zipper along it and pulled my little denim skirt off of me, leaving me in nothing but my pink satin panties and white oxford shirt. Taylor’s hand gently ran the length of my neck, her nail gently, ever so softly, scraping down, tickling the length of my clavicle, and undid the first button on my shirt, then the next, and the next… slowly, Her eyes begged to kiss me, mine did the same, but… I was scared.
“D-d-do you want to kiss me?” I asked softly, I heard gentle moans from Miss Henson as her first orgasm oozed out of her, that only made me hornier.
“Yeah…” Taylor moaned as the last of my shirt was undone, and she pulled it back, revealing my matching bra, with the little red ribbons tied in bows under each breast, and in the center, “Can I…?” she placed my hand at the zipper on her back, I slid my hand down, feeling her body’s curves under her clothes as I pulled the jumper loose.
“I-I don’t know…” I moaned as her hand ran again over the fat, inflamed head of my dick, “I’ve never even…” She cut me off by shoving her lips against mine. I felt waves of pleasure unlike anything before. She took my first kiss with such force, such passion, I felt her slick, glossy mouth against my own, our lips slid and sucked for a brief moment, and she pulled away, her face concerned, as though she had done something wrong.
“I’m sorry” she said, “I’m sorry, Faith, I know… I just took your first one…” She seemed about ready to cry, “But I—I’ve loved you, for so long,” I undid the buttons on her jumper straps, “I just… wanted to be your first, so bad.” She said as a tear pooled at the corner of her cheek.
“It’s fine,” I said, and leaned forward, flicking my tongue over the corner of her eye, wiping away the tear before I wrapped an arm around her head and pulled her lips against mine again, “I wanted you to have it too.” I smiled softly as we pulled away, Her golden ringlets falling across my face and mixing with my own rusty locks as I pulled off her jumper, leaving her in nothing but the bubblegum-and-canary panties I saw before, and her oxford, which I promptly undid as well, revealing a sky-blue lacy bra underneath.
“Enjoying yourself, Faith?” I heard miss Henson moan again as she popped another climax out, moaning softly as her cum fell splp plop on the tile floor. I leaned my head out to where she could see me and smiled, nodding happily, “That’s good…” she whispered, furiously jerking at her fat shaft, both her hand and the slab of cockmeat making slick, squishy noises as gooey, pearly ropes of sperm dripped from them, in thin strands down her smooth, saggy ballsack, onto the counter in a pool, “lots of girls require a week or two with Ms. Rogers to get accustomed to it.”
“I think I’ll do Just fine” I moaned, and pushed Taylor over on her side, sniggling up against her, our cocks rubbing through her thin panties. I reached down and traced my fingers along her balls, pressing gently into the thick, soft, fleshy nuts made her squirm and rub her legs together.
“touch me…” she her breath rolled over my face, I pushed the waistband of her panties down as our breasts rubbed against one another. I ran a finger around in gentle circles over her swollen red dickhead, she squealed in delight and gripped tighter on my shaft. She sat up, pulling me with her, kissed me softly, then stood.
Taylor, tall, thin, sexy blonde, stepped back for me, her dick hard as a rock, her panties tight at the base of it, her cock peeking over the top while her balls still strained against them. She began to roll her hips around, I watched, mesmerized, as her high, arching hip bones pushed and pulled around, accentuating her soft, luscious curves. My best friend, straight-laced, Christian little girl that she was, began to dance for me, running a hand down her smooth, flat belly, a finger tracing down the thin line of her abs across her belly button, to the soft, short, neatly-trimmed bush that ran around her dick. Her other arm was held up, hand behind her head, as she bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes, still rocking her hips back and forth. She stepped forward, straddling me as my cock bounced in the air, she grabbed my shoulders and began to thrust her hips in my face, bringing her cock close enough for me to smell it, then pulling away, then back, forth, back, forth, she took one hand off and ran it through her thick, flaxen hair before hooking her thumb in the waistband of her panties, tugging down, down, one side slid down onto her thigh, the other half of her underwear still hooked over her hip, she began to grind her tight little ass around in circles, holding her panties down low, revealing her soft, bulging sack as she did so, her cock, the foreskin tight and small, still stuck in phimosis, with only a tiny little bit of her head peeking out, quivered in front of me as her other hand ran through my hair.
I couldn’t believe it; All I could do was stare at her perfect, tight, petite little body, her abs gently flexing back and forth, her ribs just barely pressing out under her luscious tits, her prominent, high-arching hips gyrating around. This was Taylor; my sweethearted little southern belle best friend who, as far as I knew, was nervous to hold hands with a boy, and now her hard cock was pumping in my face and her body rolled and twisted in the most beautiful ways I had ever seen. She arched her back as far as she could, and took her other hand, pulling down the other half of her panties, I heard a groaning ‘uuunngh!’ as Ms. Henson’s third orgasm splattered onto the floor. My own dick nearly shot its wad when I saw Taylor’s perfect, jiggling balls in their whole for the first time.
“H-have you done this before?” I moaned, my voice quivering as she swung her body around, giving me a view of her tight ass shifting back and forth as she stepped over by the counter, planting her hands on either side of Miss Henson’s spread legs and gave the tip of the Nurse’s cock a gentle lick as she shook her ass up and down, giving me a full view of her soft, round cheeks jiggling back and forth with her dripping wet, soft pussy inbetween.
“A couple times,” she said as both she and Ms. Henson giggled, And she turned around again, her cock swinging and her hips gyrating rapidly, shedding her wide-open shirt and beginning to play with her small, B-cup breasts through the lacy bra. I placed my hand against my dick and began to rub it softly, watching her half-closed eyes as they stared back at me, her hands sliding up and down across her nearly-naked body, she undid the clasp in the front of her bra and pulled it away, keeping her wrists planted on her tits, squeezing them together and hiding her nipples still. She stepped forward again, her long hair swaying behind her, her hard member swaying in front of her, and pulled her bra away with a quick, fluid motion.
I kept stroking at my dick as I stared at her puffy, pink nipples, the areolas extending just a bit out from her soft, fleshy, pale tits, her nipples hard and flawless, standing, pointing just a little upward. She came back over to me, licking her lips and placing her hands on my shoulders. She lowered her hips down, still twisting and thrusting her hips, I felt the dripping wetness from her tight slit running down my cock, the soft lips glided across my head, her pussy licking and kissing it softly. Then, without warning, she thrust her hips down.

XD yes, I am stopping there, bitches.

NGT 16/07/26(Tue)23:35 No. 24499 ID: 8a8a53

I had never felt anything so beautiful in my life. It was warm and wet, tightly wrapping around my thick, throbbing pole. I screamed in sheer delight the instant my first few inches plunged into taylor’s waiting, begging cunt. She grunted and hissed her breath gently over my face, placing her knees on the sides of the bed next to me and rolled her hips around just a tiny bit, “so big..” she whimpered, her lips parted, her eyes half closed as she rocked up and down, not even half my cock was inside her.
The moment she moved back up, my orgasm flooded through me. I felt the fast-becoming-familiar warm rush, heat in ripples passing from my cock out to my fingertips, which by now were nearly ripping the sheets on the bed. The tight, rushing sensation spiraling up the middle of my shaft. I felt the thick, gooey spray as it emptied inside the tight, wet folds of her pussy, the hot juices dribbled down my shaft as my third orgasm of the day rushed out of me like a dam had burst. Taylor’s eyes immediately rolled back in her head as she felt it coming out of me, and her dick started to bounce and jerk as her own hips and ass convulsed atop my raging pole. I saw her pubis bulging just slightly, pulsing with my own cock’s undulations, I realized that my jizz was so thick and there was so much that I could watch it as it pumped out of me and into her.
Her gentle, nigh-inaudible moans were rapidly overtaken by gentle squeals and soft ‘aaaaooooooonnnnhhh’ howls, her breath rasped as her back arched and I felt her own dick quivering against my chest as both of our orgasms finished. I timidly reached up and grabbed her small shaft as she leaned away, her face towards the ceiling, her golden hair dangling softly onto my legs, her hands grabbed around my neck as her hips rolled back and forth, bending my cock around and around inside her.
I began to pant as my second orgasm built immediately off the heels of my first, I felt the tight, wet folds and ridges inside her rippling and tightening as she pressed down, trying to ram more of my monster cock into her. I began to feel her body’s rhythm, and my hand started sliding, nearly on its own, along her short, skinny pole. I thought maybe hers wasn’t even half the size of mine (Later, mine turned out to be just under twice as big as hers), it fit perfectly in my hand with just the tip sticking out, I took my other hand to her balls, they were dangling there, swinging back and forth, hitting my own shaft, as soon as I grabbed them, they tightened up, I felt her big, loose sack pulling up against her balls in my hand, they were so heavy, “yeah, yeah,” she moaned, leaning back forward, now, eyes closed as she licked her lips and leaned her forehead against mine, “like that, like that!” her moans were so quiet and passionate, he breath flowing over my face made me hornier than ever as I played with her body with both hands. My cock was burning again, my balls were fast becoming sore from my repeated climaxes, but they tightened again, my semen begging to be spilled inside Taylor’s beautiful, slender body.
“You sure you haven’t done this before?” Taylor panted, curving her chest towards mine, our nipples brushing for a brief moment before she took her face less than an inch from mine.
“Damn sure…” I was out of breath from the intense rush, my words were weak as my balls started to pump out another pint of semen inside her. (I found out my maximum is 4 loads of that size in a day, after that, they start getting smaller), “I would have remembered…” Taylor suddenly took my head in her hands and pressed me against her, her soft lips pressed onto mine as my cum flowed inside of her, I caught her lower lip between mine, and I suckled gently, running my teeth across it gently as we pulled slowly away, then she kissed me again, her tongue sliding into my mouth, I sucked it as well, and I felt her quiver harshly in my hands before thick, gooey semen splattered onto my stomach.
I pulled away and looked down, her cock was squirting thick, white sperm in massive, firehose torrents. I kept jerking, feeling the hot, sticky liquid coating my hand and her shaft, and it kept pumping. She squirted easily as much as half of one of my loads in just one stream, her grunts and moans just made it hotter as my entire torso became covered in the creamy white milk, she grabbed my hand and directed her dick upwards, spraying it over my chest and then up to my face, where I opened my mouth eagerly to let it in. I dangled my tongue out and licked it from my face around my lips and kept swallowing as over a gallon of jizz poured over me, dripping down in thick, slimy pools on the bedsheets, my entire body was coated white by the time her spurts finally died down, she grinned softly as her eyes closed, she leaned in and kissed my cum-covered lips, running her hands through her thick milk, all across my body. I moaned and kissed back, this time letting her suck my tongue as she pressed our bodies together, smearing the thick, gooey sperm all over the place. I held her tight, she fell against me, I felt her weight against me, she released our lips and nuzzled her head into the crook of my neck, I felt her go to sleep in my arms.
“She always gets wiped out after just one go~” I hear Ms. Henson giggling from the counter. She had unclothed herself entirely, her round, jiggling breasts lying gently, perky and nearly weightless on her chest, there was evidence of more orgasms all over, a massive puddle of cum spread out all across the floor in front of her, her body dripped with the thick, milky semen.
“H-how many times…” I panted, coming back to my senses after the massive waves of ecstasy and the delicious taste of sperm in my mouth.
“Seven~” she panted back, her cheeks flushed and rosy, her legs wide as she fingered her pussy while jerking off. She slid down off the counter and walked over to me, Taylor slid off of me and I helped her lie gently onto the bed before turning to miss Henson, who stood there with two cocks, one in each hand, both even longer than mine, “Now then, are you ready for your examination?”

NGT 16/07/26(Tue)23:35 No. 24500 ID: 8a8a53

I suppose I should add a Multicock tag here.

“t-t-two?!” I stared at her massive poles, “they’re so big…” I whispered in mixed fear and admiration.
“Futanari come in all varieties, dear.” Miss Henson pushed me onto my back gently, crawling up and straddling over me, “Your cock isn’t even at it’s full potential yet, give it some time, you’ll be able to control its size, maybe you’ll even be one of the lucky ones with more than one.” She smiled, running her hand along my shaft.
“I-I don’t know…” I said, looking down at her thick poles, one in her hand, the other poised at the entrance to my virgin pussy, “I’ve never…”
“Still a virgin?” She smiled, running a finger down my body, still dripping with semen, “That’s alright,” she smiled, running her hand around the base of my cock, tracing a finger across my balls. I bit my lip gently as her hand ran across my tight cunt.
“I can take it from you. It’s amazing,” The nurse whispered in my ear as her golden hair hung down over my face, “You’ll love sex, just like the rest of us. The other futa girls come in here to fuck me all the time. They’re maniacs, complete addicts.” She giggled, my body was so hot, my nipples erect and my cock twitched in anticipation
“But… I want my first time to be special,” I moaned, even though I didn’t want to fuck her, my body still acted like it did. My soft flower opened for her, my lips felt as though they reached out to suckle the tip of her bottom-most shaft, “P-please… don’t take it, Ms. Henson…” I begged.
“I understand, sweetie,” she leaned in and kissed me softly on the cheek, “That doesn’t mean we can’t have our fun, though.” She climbed up over me on the bed, and straddled her legs over my chest, wiping another fingerful of taylor’s rich, sweet sperm as she went, letting it drip off her finger onto her waiting tongue, “How about you suck me off, then?”
I nodded, staring at the fat poles in front of me, I grabbed the bottom one with one hand, and slowly stroked it, the sticky, slimy cum making it smooth and easy. I leaned my head toward the other one, tentatively ran my tongue along the bottom of it.
“That’s it, dear,” Miss Henson ran her hand through my hair, her fingers gliding over my auburn locks, “That’s wonderful~” I continued licking gently, keeping my eyes on her to see if I was doing it right. She closed her eyes and leaned back, arching her beautiful, curved torso just like taylor did before.
I felt like a creep, because it tasted soooo good. Her throbbing eleven inches of meat sat perfectly in my mouth, I suckled at the tip like it was a straw, I felt the thick, salty, meaty taste heavy on my tongue, Miss Henson started bucking her hips a bit, the heavy, slippery pole began to fuck my mouth ever so slightly. I had heard a bunch of girls talk about giving blowjobs, they had said it was really delicious and a lot of fun, but… those were the girls who were notorious sluts. I always thought you’d have to be a total pervert to enjoy putting your mouth on a dick, but now, as this sexy, pale nymphomaniac moaned and ran her fingers through my hair with nearly a foot-long rod pumping my mouth slowly, giving oral sex was one of my new favorite things.
I lost track of time, there; Miss Henson placed my hand onto her second shaft, and I sucked hard on the bottom one and jerked off the top. It fell into a glorious rhythm, it felt like an eternity I sat there, slowly building and building Miss Henson’s massive orgasm (I got lucky that day: her limit is 8 before she starts diminishing). I looked later at the clock; it only took 3 minutes, but I was in such perfect heaven, it could have been 3 days for all I knew.
Miss Henson made the sexiest little moans and grunts as her twin shafts got jerked and sucked, she played with her tits constantly, I got a perfect view of her sexy, slender body as she slid her cock past the head now, and I took the first few hard, veiny inches across my tongue.
“I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!” She suddenly began moaning, she grabbed the back of my head and slid more of her cock down. I had very little experience, so my throat was extremely tight, she couldn’t fit more than an inch or to in past what she already had. I didn’t even know the term ‘cum’ at that point, but it was obvious what she was getting at. I sucked harder now, and my hand jerked harder at her second pole, I felt her balls, which had been sitting on my chest, lift up as they were held tight to her groin, and the thick, smooth stream of sperm shot into my mouth.
I gagged a bit at first, there was quite a lot, it splattered across the back of my throat and dripped down, I tried to swallow as best I could, but the second spurt came on the heels of the first, and I found my cheeks bulging as I tried to hold it all in and suck it all down. Her second shaft also began to fire thick, gooey ropes over my already-sticky face. I managed to have my eyes closed as a fresh coat was applied with gusto. Miss Henson let out a loud, groaning scream as her orgasm poured into me, my lips could no longer hold back the torrent of semen in my mouth, it burst out and dribbled down my chin as I kept drinking as much of the thick, sweet cream as I could. She finally let out all of her cum, I felt the streams hitting my face start to diminish, I finally guzzled down the last stream into my mouth, Miss Henson pulled out, her cocks beginning to soften just a bit now, and she leaned down, “Very good,” she smiled and began to lick my face, cleaning the thick, dripping coats of cum off of it, and she continued down my body, licking up both her own and Taylor’s jism, leaving my body mostly clean and a lot less sticky. Her soft, smooth tongue running across my body left me in a stupor; it was a lullaby, made me slowly drift away next to Taylor on the bed.
And I slept like a baby.

Yay! a REAL stopping point!

NGT 16/07/26(Tue)23:35 No. 24501 ID: 8a8a53

When I woke up, Ms. Henson was walking about, fully clothed again, looking as professional as ever, I was in bed, wiped entirely clean, in my underwear again, Taylor lay next to me, also in her undies, curled up against me, still asleep. I stirred gently, and Miss Henson smiled very warmly and came over, “Swake, are we?” she giggled, “Come on, you have class to get to, you know.”
“w-what time…” I groggily managed to mumble.
“Almost noon. You two slept for a good couple hours.” She went back to her normal business as I sat up and rubbed my eyes, sliding out of the bed and finding my socks and shoes neatly next to Taylor’s under the bed and my shorts and an oxford shirt neatly folded next to her uniform as well.
“Where’s my jumper?” I asked as I put on the shirt and buttoned it up, feeling fully refreshed now after my two extra hours of sleep.
“Oh, here~” Henson smiled and reached into her closet, pulling out a brand new jumper on a hanger, “I have them custom-made for you girls, as long as you don’t arch your back much, it’ll keep up to about eleven inches completely invisible.” She smiled and handed it to me. She also handed me a brown leather belt, “Here, put that on underneath your clothes, you can keep it held against your stomach so it doesn’t jut out so much when you get hard~” she smiled again. She is like a mother to all us futas at the school, and she took good care of us.
I wordlessly took her advice and the belt, and put it on just around my hips, looping my cock, semi-hard after sleeping so soundly, under it, and admiring the fit, which held it just against my belly. I buttoned the shirt, put on the shorts, and strapped on the new jumper. It was cleverly designed, coming tight just below the breasts and flaring out a bit over the rest of the torso, so it didn’t look to baggy but still left large amounts of room down below for easy maneuvering.
“Now, listen, dearie, if you need anything, just come to me, okay? I know this will be an ordeal; there are a lot of things going to be different, and better, about your life, but it will take a lot of getting used to” Miss Henson said softly, placing her hands on my shoulders.
“I think I’ll be fine, Miss Henson,” I smiled, “I like being a futu-whatsit better already… you know, since you and Taylor…” I looked over at the angelic face blissfully sleeping on the bed.
“I understand, you also come back when you get horny, alright? I always love a good fuck with the girls~” she smiled again and this time gave me a soft, luscious kiss, right on the lips, “Now get off to class, it’s fourth period.” She gave me a note, “Taylor will be joining you when she wakes up.” I scurried off to my art class, feeling a mite better about everything.

Nov. 13, 2010
Wow, I got so caught up in writing last night, I didn’t even get to sleep. I was such a zombie at school today, but whatever. Back to last Thursday; I didn’t even get to catch up!
Oh, I forgot to say; Miss Henson suggested that I keep this journal: to help me keep all my thoughts straight, to let out all my tension and stuff, I just didn’t get around to it until now.
Anyways, it was nearly lunch time before Taylor woke up, and she gave me a big hug in the hallways as soon as she saw me. For the first time in a while, I hugged back with as much vigor and happiness as she did, enjoying the feeling of having someone else holding me close. We savored it for several moments; my face nuzzling against her chest, before we finally broke apart and we held hands on our way to the cafeteria.
Tay discreetly pointed out to me the girls she knew were also futas as we passed. Ashlynn Williams, (Though oddly not her twin Briana), Jennifer Carten and Kerri May, Haley Topper and Charly Gilbert… There were a few others we saw, but I didn’t know them as well. I was shocked that so many of my close friends were the same as me and I never knew.
I also realized now that I was different: I had a cock, and nobody knew. They’d all assume I was a normal girl, but I’d be holding a special secret from them that makes me different. It was exciting and made me feel like I was something extraordinary. As we ate lunch, Haley and Charly came over to eat with us. I had always envied their beauty; Haley was a bit shorter, very curvy with a large bust and beautiful ass, her skin silky smooth and exquisitely bronzed, with long, golden-brown hair crowning a round, ever-smiling face and sparkling blue eyes. Charly was taller, very pale with similarly beautiful eyes, a more slender figure, tight abs and prominent hips, and straight, golden hair often tired up in a ponytail. They were 2 years older than me, one year older than Tay, and they were definitely in love, though they always just acted like best friends in normal society.
It’s odd to be a futa in love with another futa: you aren’t a lesbian, because your lover isn’t a woman, but maybe you aren’t straight either. It’s a huge grey area, so I’ve learned that most futa couples just keep it under wraps and act like bestest friends most of the time.
“Hey guys! Haley said in her high, musical voice as she slid in next to us, Charly grinned at me, I gave a sheepish smile back, not sure how events would progress, but still somewhat happy to know they were like me.
“We have a new one~” Taylor giggled, wrapping her arm around my shoulder, “Just popped out last night!” she added in an excited whisper.
“Oh my god, really!” Haley gasped and grinned, holding her hands up to her mouth, “for real for real for real for real?” she bounce din her seat with her enthusiasm, my cock jumped as I watched her jiggling cleavage.
“Haley…” Charly placed a hand on her shoulder, though her face showed as much excitement as her lover’s, “Keep your voice down.” She said, then turned, leaning in to me, “for feal for real for real for real?” she continued with as much enthusiasm as Haley, just in a lower voice. I nodded and blushed at the same time, They squealed in unison.
“She’s brand new, so we’ll have to show her… how things are done~” Taylor winked at the two, who winked back.
“How big?” Haley leaned in and stared at me. I felt uncomfortable being asked the question so directly, Her face was intense as she awaited answers.
“I- um… er,” I stammered, blushing even deeper.
“Almost as big as Henson at full size.” Taylor leaned in and answered for me. Haley gasped.
“And you just got it last night?” her eyes were wide, Charly’s expression mirrored it. I nodded meekly.
“We have to see it!” Charly said decisively, Haley nodded firmly in agreement. I squealed a bit at the suddenness of the suggestion, “Taylor, can we take her to see it? We need to break her in!”
“It’s up to faith,” Taylor smiled and patted me on the shoulder, “Would you like to?” she asked, her voice suddenly motherly, “You don’t have to if you don’t want to, We can wait for another time.”
“I-I want to,” I nodded, and stood, my head bowed, Charly and Haley got up and came around the table. Haley ran around and grabbed my arms.
“c’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon,” she begged and pulled me away, Charly eagerly at my heels as they led me out of the lunch room. I was a bit taken aback by their forwardness, but my cock’s stiffness wouldn’t let me deny how much I wanted to do the same things with them I had with Taylor and Miss Henson earlier.
They took me to the bathroom, Charly reached into the adjacent janitorial closet and placed and out of order sign discreetly in front of the door as she followed Haley, who was dragging me. Once inside, the lovers turned me around and stared expectantly.
“Um… I….” I muttered, not sure how to handle myself, “Can you two… be naked first? I’ll feel more… comfortable.”
The two giggled and undid their jumpers just as fast as they could manage. As their clothes fell, article by article to the floor, my cock pulsed in anticipation. Finally, they stood naked before me, Charly stepped forward and grabbed the front straps of my jumper, as Haley ran around to undo the zipper.

NGT 16/07/26(Tue)23:36 No. 24502 ID: 8a8a53

I felt the fabric slide off of my skin, Haley was positively quivering with excitement, Charly was calm, collected, and smiling gently with half-closed eyes as she began to rub my shoulders softly. Haley ran her hands through my hair, it felt so good, the gentle tug of her fingers running between my auburn locks, I leaned back and closed my eyes as Charly’s fingers undid the buttons on my shirt.
Even as the thin white cloth fell to the ground, my bra was being undone by Haley in the back while Charly’s attention was quickly diverted to my cock. I was completely hard now, pulling the belt tight across my back, “Oh my god, Taylor wasn’t joking!” Charly gasped and ran her fingertip along the underside softly, “So big…” she smiled.
I now looked at Charly, taking full note of her body for the first time, even though she had been entirely nude for nigh thirty seconds. She was very pale, alabaster skin, so soft and creamy and smooth all the way down her long, curved torso. Her breasts were small-ish, barely bigger than mine, with those adorable, fat puffy areolae sitting pertly on them, sticking ever so slightly out, hard nipples jutting out from them. My eyes were pulled across her body like they were magnetized; I felt her soft, smooth curves by sight alone, around her small, perky ass and gently rounded hips. Between her legs twitched a six-inch cock, still growing. Her biggest size is eight, but she wasn’t fully hard yet. That was about to be fixed. Her dick was as pale as she was, it was so beautiful, just a bit thicker around than it was long, she had the fatest cock of anyone’s I’d seen so far save my own, which was just about the same girth.
“Like what you see?” she whispered as Haley pulled my panties down forcefully. Haley was obviously very excited about this. I hadn’t seen her very closely when she stripped, but it seemed her pole was a bit smaller than Charly’s, though it seemed she made up for it in breast size as the bustier girl leaned forward to undo my belt, I felt great mounds of soft, pliable flesh press against my back. I arched my back a bit as I felt them against me. My cock sprang forward as the leather strap released.
“Wow, she gave you a belt to hold it down?” Haley giggled, looking around at my cock, she gasped and widened her eyes, “oooooh, it IS big!” Her child-like innocence just turned me on even more, I leaned back into her as Charly brought her hands up, tracing her fingers along my freckled shoulders. I moaned softly as her hands gently cupped my face, bringing her lips closer and closer to mine. I leaned forward abruptly and closed my lips over her juicy, soft lower one, and began to suck on it Charly moaned as I took the initiative, and leaned into me, sandwiching my body between hers and Haley’s. I felt her gentle, smooth tits rubbing along mine, my hard nipples pushing deeply into her soft, puffy areolas, I brought my hand forward and held tight against Charly’s back, holding her against me as I suckled on her lower lip, our cocks kissed as Haley’s shaft began to grind between my asscheeks.
I felt so much stimulation, I moaned loudly through Charly’s mouth, I clamped my jaw ever so slightly and pulled, letting her soft flesh slide between my teeth, we both began to pant as our mouths came apart. Haley’s hand brushed the side of my face, tilting me around to meet her soft, parted lips. I kissed and suckled eagerly at her mouth, she moaned as all three of our shafts grinded along each other’s bodies. I leaned back further as I felt Charly’s hands sliding along me, her fingers kneading and softly pressing at the tender mounds of my tits. Her tongue lapped along my neckline, down my collarbone where she suckled and tasted all across my shoulders before lowering herself to clamp her soft, warm lips over my erect nipple.
I took my hand and pressed her head against my breast, still feeling Haley’s shaft between my cheeks, as I pressed back, I felt how thick it was, even wider than Charly’s, I took a hand and wrapped it around behind Haley’s head, pulling her down to where she started kissing my shoulders and neck, I moaned as my cock rubbed against Charly’s, it felt like a million hands were caressing me all over, I writhed between the two beautiful girls as our bodies began to build slowly to orgasm.
Haley slid down my body, her hands running the length of my curved waist and around my round hips as she dropped to her knees. AI felt her body against mine, her nose running down the center of my spine, sending shivers through me. She took a finger and ran it over my slit, I felt myself begin to get wet as her other hand rubbed at my balls.
“nnnhhh,” I moaned as she began to kiss my ass, literally, running her tongue across the contours of my back and my buttocks, “yeah, yeah…” I whimpered as she slid a finger inside my slit.
“Oh my god, Faith, you’re a virgin?” Haley asked in surprise as her finger sageed into my hymen just inside my lips.
“Y-yeah…” I nodded as Charly kept suckling my tits and her free hand caressed the top of my shaft. Haley squealed in excitement and ran her finger afross my maidenhead as she looked up at me.
“Can I take it? Can I take it? Can I take it?” she asked excitedly, bouncing up and down, Her boobs jiggled happily with every movement, her cock was hard as a rock.
“I-i… I was…” I began, blushing a little, “I’m saving it for someone special…” I said.
“Awwww, that’s so adorable!” Haley squealed and giggled, she stood up and wrapped her hands around my waist, pressing her cock between my cheeks again and squishing her tits against my back, “You’re a sweetie, Faith.” She grinned and kissed me softly on the lips, “And there are plenty of things we can to besides that~”

NGT 16/07/26(Tue)23:36 No. 24503 ID: 8a8a53

Charly unclamped her lips from my areola, dropping to her knees on the opposite side from Haley, I heard her nostrils sniff at the tip of my massive erection, the blood rushed to the engorged tip, I looked down to see it, pulsing and bouncing with every beat of my heart, my own breath was hot as I looked down my chest, I felt the warm drafts roll over my tits and chest while my heart pounded heavily, both Charly and Haley were giggling softly, Haley’s soft hands kneaded my asscheeks, squeezing and pulling them apart, I considered myself lucky that I had decided to clean my nether regions with a little more care that morning.
“So big…” Charly moaned as she flicked her tongue across the underside of my head, I shuddered. She grabbed the base, her small, pale hand could barely wrap around it, and her other one came up under my nuts. I ran my hand across her head, tangling my fingers in her hair as she wrapped her juicy lips around the tip and suckled gently.
Haley ran one of her fingers over the entrance of my dripping cunt. I looked down at Charly’s face, her eyes closed as she rolled her head around mine, her tongue wrapping over the tip of my hardon. I saw Haley’s hand reach between my legs and start stroking her girlfriend’s hot pole.
Then I felt a finger pressing against my asshole. It hurt a bit at first, I felt the slightest burning, a gentle pressure, then my tight little hole slid open, I felt Haley’s finger inside me now, gliding in softly, coated in the juices of my dripping cunt, “oooohhhh” I moan as Charly’s tongue flicked the underside of my cock’s head, I felt my balls tighten up, sucked tight to my groin, Charly kept stroking at the base as my orgasm built.
“I think she likes it, Charly” Haley laughed as she wiggled her finger in my ass. I whimpered and rolled my hips around, “Maybe you should go farther,”
“mmhmm,” Charly mumbled softly over my fat pole, suddenly, her warm, wet throat slid down my shaft, a soft ‘nnnhhhh’ escaped my lips as I felt her sucking hard on my pole. I felt the warm rush from before, my cum built up at the base of my cock, I felt it bulge and stretch before my jizz shot forward into Charly’s waiting mouth as I moaned and wriggled, Haley’s finger in my ass intensified all the feelings, I bit my lip as she giggled. Charly spluttered a bit and I saw my torrent of sperm spurt from her mouth, dribbling down her chin. My knees went weak and I fell back, shoving Haley’s finger deeper inside me, I gasped as she caught me, my cock popped out of Charly’s mouth, leaving her gasping and spluttering on her knees, cum and saliva dripping down her tits as the end of my orgasm splattered over my own body.
“h-holy shit…” she moaned, wiping her chin and letting it drip into her open mouth, “what a load!” she smiled, beginning to jerk off her own pole as she drank my sperm. As it turns out, my sperm is the sweetest of pretty much anyone in the school; Charly, especially, loves it: says it’s almost like whipped cream.
I fell back onto my ass, Haley helping me cushion the fall, and she immediately laid me back onto the cool tile floor, laying into my lips with her own, and jeking off my already-hard-again shaft. Charly leaned forward, her mouth cleaned off, and began licking my pussy eagerly, placing her finger exactly where Haley’s had been while I was still standing. As my cock and my clit began to prepare for another orgasm, I reached over and began to jerk haley’s fat rod. I began to think that I could wuickly get used to this.

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[NGT. I said "identically" but there were some double posts, and this post in particular was posted twice in order to fix the formatting. I've obviously taken duplicates out, but I guess I'll keep in the author notes.]

Okay, gonna try again; it was way too hard to read last post

Nov. 15, 2010

Okay, wow...
I mean, This journal was supposed to be for letting out all the tension and stuff, but I kinda turned it into a big sex story!
Oh, speaking of: so my cock also started growing over the weekend; Ms. Henson said they can nearly double in size after they first appear; mine got about 4 inches longer over the weekend, but as long as I concentrate, I can control the size; i can even make it down as small as six inches.
But... now for the serious stuff. I didn't know what Ms. Henson meant when she first said to keep my thoughts straight and all, but -- well, you'll see.
So, here's kind of a synopsis as to what has gone down in the past 7 days;
Haley, Charly and I all messed around until the end of lunch on thursday. there wasn't a whole lot you guys missed; we mostly made out and jerked each other off after i fell over. Taylor and I kept giving each other awkward glances all that day, we totally like each other, but she was quiet and I was nervous, so both thursday and friday, we kinda held hands a little, but we didn't talk much.
Charly arranged to come over to my house saturday and we blew each other for about four hours straight. she gave me a bunch of pointers, said I was really good when she left. Sunday, not a whole lot happened, and then monday, Taylor and I were awkward again (that was the night I started writing in this), then tuesday I was a total zombie, so it's yesterday i'm concerned with.

Anyways, Taylor and I were still awkward on wednesday, so I grabbed her hand at lunch and pulled her into the bathroom. She wasn't very pretty yesterday; I could tell she'd had a rough night. Her hair was limp and listless, though not entirely lacking it's normal sheen and gloss. She had no makeup (not that she needed it, but she usually wore at least a little), and i could see the faintest hint of bags under her eyes. When I had grabbed her in the hall and said 'we need to talk' she hadn't said anything. Now, standing in the harsh fluorexcent lights of the bathroom, she looked absolutely terrible.
"Taylor..." I said, not sure where to begin, "What's going on with you?"
"I... I can't." she said quietly, her voice was strained, like she was talking through a cheese grater. She looked down and away from me.
"What do you mean you can't?" I asked, frowning and reaching out to take her hand, interlacing my fingers with hers gently. She pulled her hand back, mine fell limply to my side, she still wouldn't look at me.
"I can't do this" she said, her voice breaking even more, her mouth twisting into a frown. I knew Taylor, and I knew she was about to cry.
"Taylor," I begged, "Please, just tell me what's going on? I'm confused."
"Us. I can't do US." I saw a tear roll down her cheek.
"What do you mean? after thursday, I thought... you know..." my heart was pounding, I felt the adrenaline spread from my gut; my body and brain braced for impact, because I knew it was coming.
"I have a boyfriend." Taylor whispered. I knew it. I knew it was coming, but it still hurt. I felt my stomach sink, my fingers and hands began to shake, my knees quivered as the reality sunk in.
"but... you said..."
"I know what I said!" Taylor cut me off sharply, "I... I was so excited. You were like me. we could be together, I thought. I got... caught up in the moment."
"so you lied?" I asked, tears rolling down my face as well.
"I didn't lie!" she suddenly looked at me, her face pleading me to believe her, "I do love you, faith, I love you a lot, but... after you and Haley and Charly left... Alex came to sit with me."
I knew Alex; Taylor had been crushing on him for about three years. He wasn't too bad of a guy, but he made a shitty boyfriend; i saw it time and again, he started dating a girl, got overly defensive, attacked guys who even tried to befriend her, ordered her around, and eventually accused her of cheating on him, "He asked me out... I, I mean..."
"I understand." I said quietly. I sort of did and sort of didn't; she loved me, I knew it, we could have been together, it would have worked, but... at the same time, i knew she had liked him for a long time, and she was my best friend; she had a chance to be with a guy she really liked, why should I be angry with her?
"Faith, I'm sorry..." she twiddled her thumbs together, "i just... I want to be normal again. it's hard, feeling like there's this huge secret, I just want to be like a normal girl, with a normal boyfriend."
That didn't stop my stomach from feeling sick, nor my legs from going numb. I walked past her, "but you aren't normal." I said, stopping before the door, not turning around.
"Doesn't mean I can't try..." she whispered. I opened the door and left silently.

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[NOSEX] again, but that will change very quickly ;)

I managed to go through the rest of the day with little more than an air of sobriety hanging around me, but when I got home, I just kinda broke down. I walked quietly to the bathroom, dropped my bag on the floor, and began to strip. I looked down, staring at the pole of meat, half-hard as I undid the belt around my waist, swinging back and forth, a band of red, slightly indented from where it had been held tightly against my body. It hadn’t chafed much yet, but it threatened to some days. I sighed and ran my fingers along it. It was so soft and smooth, but hard underneath ‘is this what a boys’ feels like all the time?’ I wondered. How close were our dicks to the genuine article? I got distracted by that train of thought for a minute, before my mind inevitably wandered to boyfriends.
A tear fell onto my dick, I felt my nose filling and my sinuses backing up, the tears welled at my eyes and the first convulsion from my lungs hit me like a ton of bricks. I began bawling like a baby. I wiped the tears from my face as best I could, but snot and tears kept replacing every one I wiped off. I stumbled into the shower, still crying and shaking. I wasn’t even consciously recognizing the thing making me cry anymore; I wasn’t envisioning Alex and Taylor holding hands, I wasn’t thinking of how I’d never see her beautiful body or hold her in my arms again, I just knew I was really goddamn sad. I turned on the water and sat down.
I always felt at home in water; it’s just more comfortable, easier for me, I like the sensation of it running over my body. Now that I have a cock, that feeling is only multiplied. I sat and let the steamy beads gently caress me and wash my sorrow away. I was still crying, but it was turning into a good cry; not a bad one. The kind you have when you just need to get it all out. It felt freeing. I know now that I’ll feel sad again, and probably keep feeling sad for a while, but when I’m in the shower, alone, naked, with the water all around me, things are better.
I hadn’t realized how loud I had been; I was leaning back, hands wrapped around my chest, cock squeezed between my legs. At full length, it was now nearly as long as my thighs, stopping just a few inches short of my knee. I let myself sob as I leaned back and felt the water running across my neck and shoulders, when a gentle knock came at the door, “Faith? Faith, you alright in there?” it was the voice of my big sister, Hope.
Yes, my parents are that imaginative; their kids are named Faith, Hope and Charity (we usually just call her Cherry). Hope is seventeen, she’s a senior in the same school I am, so she’s on a different campus. She’s a few inches taller than me, with wide latina-style hips and a taut, flat belly, an ample D-cup, and an angelic heart-shaped face. I always was jealous of her; she had so much jiggle when she walked, her hips swayed, her butt hung and swung just right in her always-super-tight jeans (up until last year, when she got rid of most of them in favor of skirts, though I didn‘t see anyone complaining), her tits balanced and sat so perfectly on her chest, she had just as many freckles as me, all across her face in a band, and down her shoulders, back, and arms, and also on the outsides of her thighs. Her big, glittering eyes, the color of jade and robin’s eggs, were framed by her high, happy cheekbones, soft, round pink lips that were almost always in a huge smile, and thick waterfall ringlets of silky auburn hair, just a bit darker than mine.
“I-I’m fine…” I replied, feeling pretty genuine about my statement inside, though my voice sounded as otherwise; my throat wasn’t feeling its best immediately after sobbing like that.
“I don’t believe you~” she cooed, I heard the door unlatch and creak open. I glanced out, just seeing her between the edge of the shower curtain and the wall. She has this habit of barging in and trying to help you feel better, even when you don’t need help.
“Kind of a private moment!” I half giggled as I said this, even though my cheeks flushed red. I stood up and turned around, facing the wall to hide my erection, just incase she was stupid and swung the curtain open. I stopped and closed my eyes for a second, focusing on making my pole smaller, pulling inside my body, and I felt it reduce in weight, it was about 8 inches without me straining conspicuously.
“Oh, come on, we’re sisters!” she giggled, “and besides, I know when something’s wrong with you.”
“I’m fine, Hope, can’t I take a shower without you bugging me?” I was a bit snarky with her, but my voice had a jovial tone as well; I didn’t hate her, just wanted to be left alone… for obvious reasons.
“I heard you crying. I know something’s up.” She was suddenly more serious. I felt compelled to at least talk to her about it; she really did care. And besides, I heard her sit down on the toilet outside; she wasn’t leaving any time soon.
“Just… someone I like. Didn’t reciprocate.” I said, barely audibly over the hiss of the shower.
“Didn’t like girls, did she?” Hope’s voice was nearly as hushed as mine.
“W-w-what?” I turned around, facing the origin of her voice, even though the opaque shower curtain was between us, my half-hard pole stretched a couple extra inches out as I lost my train of thought over it, it swung heavily and swayed like a pendulum as I turned in shock, “W-what are you talking about?”
“You said ‘someone’, not ‘a boy’,” she giggled, “You’ve always said ‘a boy’ before.”
“Well, it’s not really as simple as that…” I blushed furiously, thanking my lucky stars she couldn’t see me being embarrassed. Or me with a cock.
“Faith, it’s alright,” she said gently. I sat down and closed my knees together, preparing to cry again; my sister always knew what to say, “It’s part of who you are.”
“I know, it just… came on so suddenly.” I knew she was referring to being a lesbian, whereas I was referring to having grown a penis last week, but it worked; she was saying exactly what I needed to hear.
“You know, you can come to me and mom about this kind of stuff if you’re struggling with who you are. We’re all three in the same boat.” she giggled. ’if only you knew’ I thought, ’same boat my ass, but at least she cares’
“I don’t think I can talk about this.” I smiled, “But thanks. It’s great to know I have a sister looking out for me.”
“Faith, you’re such a good little sister” Hope sighed, I heard her breathing heavy through the curtain, my cock jumped at such a sexy sound. “You can come talk to me any time.” I crawled forward, crooked a single finger over the edge of the curtain, looked out just the tiniest bit. I saw my sister’s figure leaned back against the toilet seat, I saw her pushing her hips up, her back was arched in the tight pink shirt she had worn to school, breasts sitting high and perky without any bra under it. Her legs were spread pretty wide, her hand was down between her legs, was she… masturbating? With me right there?
“Hope, you’re really awesome too,” I said, “we should talk like this more.” I said, pulling back from the edge of the curtain so she couldn’t tell I had been watching her. I started slowly jerking off while stealing another glimpse of her hand making those big, heavy movements with her hand.
I think she realized we were both masturbating together now, my cheeks flushed as I realized she was aware of me and she still kept going. Her breath became heavier, I swear she was trying to let me hear her, I got extremely hard as I became aware that she enjoyed this, we both were turned on by each other, I became instantly aware of how dirty this was; we’re sisters!
Then again, I have a 14 inch penis attached to my body; normal kinda went out the window a while ago. And… y’know, Hope’s body is so sexy. I can’t believe I never noticed how fuckable that ass is, how perky those tits are, how hard that dick is…
Wait what?

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also, just a tiny bit of [foot] in this, but not much.
anyways, now for a real update!

Yep, yeah… yup, that was a penis alright. It must have been 10 inches, even thicker than mine; her hand could hardly wrap around it… watching her pump that thick, veiny slab of meat, I got even harder, I let my full length stretch out, it nearly hung to the floor if I let it go while I was on my hands and knees.
And then she started moaning.
I swear she did it on purpose; she wanted me to see, to know she was a futa too, she let out these tiny, cute-as-fuck little moans, her back arched farther, I saw her looking towards the curtain, probably imagining me in there, I pulled my head away so she wouldn’t see me peeping, though something tells me she wouldn’t have cared anyways. I kept jerking my pole harder, I decided to play her game, I let out a few moans of my own, we both increased speed and volume, I heard her getting louder, ‘annh, nnaaaahh, haah, hahh, hahh, nnnhhh,’ I couldn’t help it, it was so fucking sexy, I jerked hard, the thick, wet slapping noises became nearly as loud as my own gasps and moans, I heard her getting louder too, both of us, in perfect unison, let out a loud, ‘aaaaahhhh~’ and I heard her thick white streams splatter against the bathroom wall as I’m sure she heard mine hitting the tub floor.
I emptied my whole load in a matter of seconds, it felt so beautiful, my sister and I cumming together; I pumped out my jizz with so much force it splattered and sprayed all across the bathtub floor and up on the walls. I let out a high ‘nnnggaaaaaaaahhhhh!!’ as I finished, my back arching, I’m sure it looked fucking hot, me on my hands and knees, jerking myself off as I thrust my hips down and threw my head up, her on the other side arching her back and lifting herself up as she came all over the wall, I nearly came again just imagining us for that brief instant. I returned to normal, finally coming off my amazing orgasm, I fell to the floor of the tub, my own sperm flowing thickly, I felt it cling on the side of my face as I panted, my heartbeat slowly returning to normal, my cum slowly, sluggishly disappearing into the drain as we both panted heavily, I felt my dick jump a bit, half-hard already, just from hearing those heavy breaths on the other side of the curtain.
I rolled over on my back slowly, looked over at the shower curtain, still panting a bit, “Hey, Faith…” I heard my sister’s out-of-breath voice coo from outside, “do you want to have sex?”
“Yeah, yeah I do…” I said back immediately, not even attempting to hide how turned on I was by her, though it seems she had already abandoned the pretense of family being off-limits long ago.
“You always were decisive, weren’t you?” she giggled and I saw her big blurry shadow moving outside, heard the rustling of cloth, and the shower curtain slid open, I saw her first silky, sexy leg slide in, gracefully stepping on just her toes, her hips and that dick were the next things I saw, it was so different from the rest of her smooth and clean body; her cock was definitely a good ten inches long, half-hard like mine, the foreskin wrinkled and bunched halfway over the swollen red tip, thick purple veins pulsed visible all along its length. fat, sagging balls swayed between her legs with every movement, knocking against one another and her thighs, I instantly went erect; she slid the rest of her body in, her eyes making shifty, uneven contact with mine, she was blushing furiously, and I saw her beautiful chest, jiggling ever so gently with her steps, heaving and saw her mouth parted, breathing heavily she looked down, her cock began to rise as she saw mine, we spent several seconds staring at each other’s junk, I glanced up to her eyes, she looked back at me, I saw the lust in them, burning desire for my cock licked the edges of her pupils and threatened to spill out in a torrent of pleasure and carnal release. I bit my lip, “so… uh, I guess you… figured it out?”
“faith,” she panted, half giggling, though her voice shook, I could tell the adrenaline was still pumping through her, “we live in the same house, I’ve known since the night after you got it.” she leaned forward, I leant in a bit too.
“why didn’t you say something sooner?” I asked, my lips parted and my eyes beginning to close as our faces neared one another, her lips stretched out, magnetized to mine, “we could have been doing this for a week,” our lips pressed together momentarily, I felt the electric rush run through my body, the water slowly massaging my back instantly felt erotic and sexy, I felt the soft brush of her smooth, puckered lips across mine, she pulled back, my head instinctively followed, begging for more
“dirty girl,” she smiled at me, reaching a hand forward. I nearly collapsed as she slid her fingers across the head of my cock, tingles ran up my spine, “you’re just a little hornball, arentcha?” I moaned in response, she smiled and kissed me again, this time longer, more passionately, before pulling away “faith, it’s so big!” she said, now diverting her attention to my heavy member, running her fingers over it more enthusiastically.
“yours is thicker, I’ll bet it feels better,” I moaned back, sliding a foot forward between her legs and caressing it as best I could with my clumsier appendage, “and you’re one to talk about being horny, nnnh!” I squealed in pleasure as she squeezed my cockhead, “you straight up asked me to have sex,” I smiled, bringing a hand up to hold her head.
“pshaw, you wanted it as bad as me,” she smiled and pressed her lips to me, more ravaging than ever this time, her lips greedily slurped and sucked at mine. I let them pout out for her to have access to them, she suckled on my lower lip, running her teeth and tongue over it as she pulled it into her mouth, I let out little moans and gasps as she hit the deepest levels of pleasure, still stroking my rock-hard cock, I grabbed her nipples and pinched gently, jiggling them back and forth as my foot uneasily rubbed at her dick, “don’t stop~” she moaned before returning to my mouth, I slid out my tongue and she began to suck it like a lollipop, I started to squeeze and knead her tits and bring my other foot forward, grabbing either side and stroking her cock, as my hands couldn’t reach, I heard her moan louder and louder, slowly building as I jerked her off and she suckled my tongue, my own dick began burning with my impending orgasm.
She beat me to it. I felt her thick, hot streams splattering across my legs and cock and stomach, she didn’t skip a beat, she kept stroking, using her own jizz as lube on my pole. I moaned as I felt my cock start spurting thick, creamy spurts all over her legs, cock, and stomach as she leaned forward over me, I slumped back, sliding down onto my back. She followed, leaning her head down just above mine, she smiled and panted, “goddammit, sis, you’re fucking good at this for only a week’s experience!” she licked a stray drop of cum off of my face, I smiled and thanked her with a similar panting in my words.
“you aren’t so bad yourself,”
“you haven’t seen anything yet, babe~” she grinned mischievously, “now for the real show.”

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Goddammit, Guys, you're so fucking nice to me, I feel terrible that I have so much writer's block and not nearly enough time to work on this story regularly. Thank you all for your patience, i'll try to speed up a bit from here on out, but I can't guarantee anything.

I merely smiled in response as she lowered her hips, her quivering cock, fat and meaty, dangled in the air before my virgin slit, “ready for this?” she asked, licking her lips.
“I-I-I dunno…” I bit my lip, feeling the rush of pleasure from my groin, “I’m…”
“still a virgin?” Hope smiled, “want me to take it?” she leaned in and kissed me, “Faith, I love you so much, please, can I?”
“I-I-” I stammered again, my arms linked behind her back, holding her body close to mine, “I guess… it would be better to give it to someone I trust…” I looked into my sister’s glittering eyes, water droplets running down her cheeks and nose, her beautiful hair hanging between us, making a tunnel between our faces, my clit burned, I could nearly feel my lips stretching out, begging to suckle her meat, “alright.” I said, resolutely, kissing her again, she let her tongue out and I slurped and suckled it for a moment before pulling away, “do it.” I whispered in her ear.
“I’m glad you aren’t bothered by the family thing,” she smiled, “mom took nearly 2 months to win over”
“I-I-it’s really dirty, I feel like a bad person” I bit my lip, “that makes it sexier, though” I said, giving my sister another kiss, “besides, it’s not like we’re normal to begin with” I kissed her once more, “might as well~” I said, kissing her a third time on the lips, letting my soaking wet pussy lips kiss her dick as well, “put it in,” She grinned with my request, and pressed her hips forward.
I felt her burning, soft, velvety head grinding on my lips, pushing at them softly, I bit my lip as they parted for her, letting in her head. “aaannnh!” I gasped as I felt my pussy stretched wide by her dickhead, I felt the sting as she broke my maidenhead, I whimpered gently, she let her enormous trunk of a dick sit still for a moment, shushing me softly.
“Don’t worry it’ll feel really good soon,” she whispered as she started slowly pumping her hips, I felt my stomach bulge with her massive pole inside me, it felt just the slightest bit nauseating as she prodded at my innards through my womb, it was so full, cramming that enormous pole inside me, it hurt, but I felt all the hurt slowly ebbing away, replaced by electric pulses of pleasure. I whimpered with each of her short, gentle thrusts, feeling my insides wrap around her. My pussy tensed with every movement, squeezing hard around her massively thick pole. I looked down and gasped; she was only halfway inside me.
“I-I-it’s so big…” I bit my lip, “I-I don’t think I can take any more of it.” I pulled my legs up as far and as wide as they could go, but to no avail, I felt no room inside myself for more cock.
“It’ll take some time. Mom could hardly fit the head in at first, since she had only ever had Dad’s little toothpick.” she giggled, “You’ll get used to it.” she grunted as she slid herself back, I arched my back as I felt the thick pole pulling away, my tight cunt sucking hard at it as it came out, closing tight immediately where her dick had just been the whole way back, until just the tip of the head was inside. I bit my lip and braced for impact, I felt eight inches pushing back into my freshly-deflowered hole, I realized how much bigger her dick was than when I first saw; (she let me measure it later; when she let her full length out, it was a foot and a half long!), just the front half of her cock was more than enough to plow through my sensitive folds, into my womb, and begin to make a bulge in my stomach where it began to poke out. I whimpered as she pushed herself into me again.
“S-s-so… you and mom… do this?” I asked, holding one finger up to my mouth, clamping my teeth over it as my other hand tentatively reached forward, gently gripping my dick, now at it’s full length, and beginning to stroke as Hope’s member fucked me slowly.
“All the time.” she grinned and leaned in close to me, leaning her forehead on mine as her pace picked up a bit, I felt, little by little, my insides being stretched farther. I looked down, she was now almost 3/4ths of the way in, I could clearly see a mound rising just under my belly button, felt my skin stretch to accommodate her girth, I whimpered as I felt waves of pleasure crashing over my body with earthshaking force.
“Aaannhhh~” I moaned as my clitoris rose, stimulated from beneath by the thick, veiny slab of meat inside me, I felt my orgasm building, I began to moan and quiver, my back arching and my hand pumping my own shaft faster, matching her pace, “w-w-when? I never ~Nnnnnhhh~ had any clue ~mmnnaaaahhh~” I gasped and panted around my words, moans punctuated everything I tried to say.
“In the shower, or when you aren’t here,” Hope said, also in rhythm with our sex, “Or outside, or when I’m in school, or when we go shopping,” She listed off all her venues of sex with grunts and moans, she was going to keep going, but I cut her off.
“Hhhaaahhh~” I moaned loudly as my pussy contracted tightly, quivering and shaking, hugging her shaft tightly, “I-I think I’m going to…” I squealed, biting my finger hard to keep from screaming loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear me.
“I am too,” Hope whispered in my ear, kissing my forehead and moving down, planting her lips on the tip of my nose, then we locked in passionate embrace, our tongues tied between one another in out mouths as I cried out in pleasure, my balls sucked up to the base of my dick and began so shoot thick, creamy white sperm all over our bodies, splattering across my flat, smooth stomach and running in rivers down her large, taut tits, dripping in thick, long strands down onto mine, rolling across my chest and down my sides. I heard her moans, gentler, more controlled and quiet, as we continued kissing, the sensation of my thick, hot sperm splattering across out sexy, nubile bodies sent us both over the edge, I felt her cock begin emptying itself inside me, thick, gooey ropes of cum spilled inside my virgin body, it was so hot and so full, my body even began to stretch, (she cums nearly a gallon with every orgasm), I looked pregnant by the time her enormous load finished spilling inside me, she and I lay together, panting heavily, our kiss broken only by our desperate need for air, she ran her hand in gentle, caressing circles over my swollen abdomen, I whimpered as I felt it jiggling like a water balloon, her enormous pole was still inside me, plugging it up and keeping her semen trapped within me. She looked down at me, her eyes glittering with pleasure and love, I smiled at her, I felt much better; my sister loves me, and that’s all I need to know.

NGT 16/07/26(Tue)23:42 No. 24508 ID: 8a8a53

Alright, guys, took this chapter in a bit of a different direction [rapefantasy] and [voyeur] apply here, so tread with caution. if it's not to your liking, don't worry; it'll only be in a select few chapters

Hope lay over me for several minutes after we finished, then she picked me up, her half-hard cock still inside me, and lay back in the tub, my body draped over hers. I felt the ocean of jizz swimming inside me, still almost completely held in my her enormous rod, only a few jets escaping in intervals, running down her cock and across her balls, my own dick throbbed lazily on her stomach, caught between all four of our breasts, the head just barely poking out above our diamond-shaped cleavage. I rested my head on her shoulder, dozing in and out of sleep, the hot water, my full stomach, her warm, gentle embrace, all were soft lullabies, I felt her falling asleep as well, her chest rising and falling deeply, I wrapped my arms around her and nuzzled my nose into her shoulder, feeling the blood flow beneath her skin, her heartbeat pulsing gently as her breath lifted her chest and lowered it again is low, gentle rhythm. Ba-thmp, ba-thmp, ba-thmp… ba-thmp…. ba-thmp……...ba-thmp…………

Nov. 16, 2010
When I woke up yesterday, after my fuck with hope, It was four-thirty in the morning, I was neatly tucked into my own bed, I had slept nearly eleven hours, so I wasn’t even slightly groggy. I sat and realized I was in a white pair of underwear, out of which my cock happily flopped and dangled, and nothing else. I stood and saw myself in the mirror on the back of my closet door. The silver moonlight lit my pale skin from behind, I looked… ethereal. I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I was so sexy, my skin practically glowing, my cock started to harden just a tiny bit as I say my puffy, extended nipples shimmered, I bit my lip and ran my fingers over that beautiful slab of meat between my legs, feeling tingles and shivers run down my spine as it climbed upwards, hardening.
Suddenly, I heard a very different sort of thumping. Coming from the opposite side of my wall. I knew immediately what was going on; Hope loves waking up early and working out; she must have been doing some aerobics or something. I put my ear up to the wall slowly, listening to the exact variety of sounds coming through. Her room is small, but she keeps it clean as a whistle, so there was plenty of room for her to work out, but the sound all came through the walls really clearly, and the walls were thin to begin with, I could hear quite well with my ear pressed to the thin little divider.
“Ohhhh, fuck meeee~” I heard the moan come seeping through the wall, my cock immediately stood at attention, I didn’t feel like shortening it; all 14 inches quivered loud and proud in the air before me, I heard the bmp bmp bmp bmp of the legs at the head of her bed repeatedly slamming, and heavy panting could be heard just barely over it, couples with occasional whining moans and cries of ecstasy, swiftly muffled after their utterance. I stroked my cock as I heard this squealing and moaning, dripping with lust, the ragged breath of this voice, which I couldn’t quite recognize, I knew hope had all 18 of her inches buried deep in some hole, pounding away in that rhythm, bmp bmp bmp bmp bmpbmpbmpbmp~ I heard the sounds speeding up as that sultry, slutty voice kept moaning and yelling dirty, kinky phrases, “fuck me! Fuck me harder!” “Put it deeper in my ass! Deeper!” “ooooohhhh fuuuck yeah, give it to me like that, babe,” “you know how my dirty, slutty body wants it,” “nnnhhhh, yess! Deeper! Deeper in my little whore ass!”
I nearly came just hearing those dirty things, my hands rubbed up and down my dick while my sister fucked hard and deep in this willing slut’s ass. I felt the cum churning inside my balls, begging to spray out. I pulled my hands off my cock, biting my lip as I was turned on more and more; I wanted to see it, my cock begged me to touch it, to stroke it and feel my own thick, hard meat, wrapped in my soft, velvet-smooth foreskin, pulsing and throbbing in my hands, those fat, bulging purple veins running up and down the length of my member, my balls tightened again as I stared at my over-a-foot-long cock, and bit my lip.
My lust won out over my better judgment; the room darkened as a cloud passed over the moon outside, It oddly made me feel braver; as if I could move more freely without fear of being caught. I walked to my door, opening it slowly, wincing when a tiny creak spilled out, and snuck on tip-toe around to the door of my sister’s room, peering in where there was a slender crack. I saw two silhouetted figures, one I instantly knew was Hope, that arched back, bouncing tits, and bulging round ass jiggling as her thick, fat pole slid effortlessly in and out of her partner, cum occasionally spurting out with it, liquids stringing in thin, gossamer strands to her balls, dripping to the bed under their own weight.
It was the identity of the second partner that shocked me, though it really shouldn’t have. I just never imagined I’d have seen her like this. I also knew exactly why I had nearly recognized the voice, and wondered why it hadn’t been obvious before; there was only one other viable option in this house for Hope to be fucking.
There, sprawled on the bed, I saw her as the clouds moved away outside, letting the full, silver moonlight illuminate the long orange hair, the large E cups squashed against the bed as her fingernails scraped across the headboard and clutched furiously at the sheets, the arched back and bare, jiggling ass of my mother. I nearly squealed when I saw her, but bit my lip, though my cock still leapt with enthusiasm. My mother was lying on the bed, Ass as high as she could arch it, her stomach swollen with what looked like 2 of hope’s enormous cum loads, screaming and wailing obscenities. Her hair, drenched with sweat, hung in front of her face, which flushed burning red, visible even in the silvery-white light, her teeth gritted and she bucked her hips as though attempting to eat my sister’s cock, I heard the wet slapping as that tight hole sucked hard on hope’s tree-trunk dick. I immediately began jerking off at this sight.
I know, I know, it sounds super gross that I’d be jerking off to my mom and my sister fucking, but it was so sexy, I couldn’t help. I think this cock has really altered my brain; up until last week, I had never realized how well my mom had kept her figure for a mother of three; she has large, jiggly natural tits, a perfect; still-not-saggy E cup, a deep curve from her slender waist with only the smallest pudge clinging to it, down to her wide hips. I am the only one in the family who didn’t get those ‘birthin’ hips’ as my granma says. Anyways, I had already gotten a couple of boners from seeing my mom in her underwear (since we’re all girls in the house, she tends to… strip down when she gets hot), and now, seeing her like this, my heart raced as the adrenaline flooded my system, cock still throbbing, I jerked off as she turned her head back and looked my sister in the eye, screaming and moaning even harder.
My sister slid herself out, it only just then hit me how amazingly big that thing was, as I watched every ridge and vein pulling out, her head coming out with a pop and a splatter of cum before the swimming pool of semen inside my mother poured out, steaming hot onto the bed, she moaned an it seemed like she had another orgasm just from the cum gushing out of her, it made an enormous pile on the bed, splopping and plopping in a thick, creamy white waterfall out of her ass, My mom, as soon as she regained her composure, immediately turned around and gulped down as much of the sperm as she could as it dripped off of Hope’s thick, still-hard cock, moaning and panting as she ran her tongue across it, slurping up huge gulps of the stuff. My sister grinned and held mom’s head against her dick, I had never seen Hope act so… in charge before; she was always so nice and gentle to everyone, seeing her grin coldly like that at mom’s desperate attempt to drink her cum sent chills down my spine. But it was hot too.
Hope pulled my mom’s head away from her cock, tossing her almost forcefully back onto the bed, where she lay, panting, in the pools of jism all around her, Hope leaned over, and slid her cock inside my mom’s throbbing, begging, waiting cunt effortlessly, I saw her stomach stretch like a glove around the incredible pole, she moaned in pleasure as it was pushed inside of her, “ooohh fuck yeah, babe!” I heard her whisper,, now a bit calmer and more conscious of how loud she had been.
“you like it, huh? Being destroyed by this thing?” I heard hope whisper back, her voice too was deeper than usual, pushed with hisses and panting from her throat, she began to piston in and out of her own mother’s womanhood, I watched mom’s stomach swell every time she entered; puching all of the insides out of the way to make room for her enormous dick. I began stroking in rhythm as I watched, Hope’s words had gotten me even harder, I bit my lip and rubbed my cock, imagining my own inside of mom, I was panting as much as them, sweat had begun coating my body thinly as I jacked off to my mother and my sister fucking hard. I bit my lip and leaned in to get a better view, “take it all! You love it so deep in your slutty little cunt, huh?” Hope continued, I nearly came just at those words, I saw her eyes, so stern, glittering as she stared unwaveringly into my mother’s face, which was nearly delirious with pleasure, her mouth hung agape as the massive rod between my sister’s legs pumped in and out of her, my hand picked up pace on my own member.
“yesssss I love it, baby girl!” she moaned, “give it to me! Fuck me harder!” I nearly came once again, both my mother and my sister, they… weren’t themselves; I had never seen them like this. My mom was so straight-laced, never spoke a word about sex, my sister was always so nice and gentle, now the former was reduced to a sex-crazed slut, the other was so controlling and dominating. It was so hot, their sexy, undulating bodies fucking violently, my mom ripped apart, begging for more cock, my sister raping her, “fuck your mommy, rape me!” she moaned and writhed, “rape me harder!”
“As you wish, mother.” Hope grinned, and fucked even faster, shoving her dick deep inside my mother’s body, “You want my cum in you, don’t you? You want it all inside your body, huh?”
“Yes! Yes! Give it all to me! Fill me with your cum!” mom moaned and arched her back, “I want your sperm inside me, fuck me harder!”
“yes, mother!” Hope smiled, I saw my mother’s stomach suddenly begin to swell, distended with enormous amounts of cum, I felt the semen in my own balls boil and beg to come out. I obliged, stroking my cock harder as I felt the rush of heat, my balls preparing to expel their contents, “take it! Take it all!” she grunted, I saw her thrusts becoming short and slower, pressing the hilt of her dick forward with each pulse of cum, my mother moaned loudly, arching her back and scraping her fingernails over the headboard. I’m pretty sure she had at least four orgasms in the time it took hope to empty her load. I bit my lip as I felt my own orgasm swelling, the first thick, sweet ropes of cum flew out, and I nearly gasped, panting heavily, face flushed, as I stroked my burning member as fast as I could, my thick, creamy sperm flew out of my cock’s tip, spraying thick, clingy strings that glopped up on the walls, like morbidly obese silly string. I bit down harder to keep from moaning, I had never seen a sight as immensely arousing as the one of my sister violently raping my mother, her stomach growing and swelling with the ocean of cum inside.
Hope finally finished and collapsed over mom, panting heavily. Her cock slid out of mom’s hole with the force of the gushing cum, the bed was entirely soaked, pools of her thick, glistening seed dribbled into pools on the floor, I left more than my usual load: looked more like a half-gallon than a pint, dripping sliwly from the walls when the wave of tiredness that ejaculation brings swept over me. I took one last look at the panting figures on the bed lazily kissing and holding each other tight, glistening with sweat, before I went back to my bed, and decided to sleep until my alarm went off.

NGT 16/07/26(Tue)23:42 No. 24509 ID: 8a8a53

Short little prelude chapter, just to keep you boys on the edge of your seats ;)

Two hours later, I awoke to a very odd experience. My alarm hadn’t gone off, though a quick glance over to my nightstand told me I hadn’t overslept, this, however, was not my first concern. I was a bit more preoccupied with the tongue sliding down my throat and the hand caressing my cock through my sheets. I’m not complaining or anything; I quickly recognized it as Hope, and I sank softly into her lips, wrapping my own tongue around hers, holding tight, I moaned gently into her mouth, she squeezed tight on my dick and pulled away, saliva stringing between our pouting lower lips.
“what a way to wake up~” I giggled softly.
“I thought you’d like it.” my big sister smiled sweetly at me and grabbed my hand, lifting me up so she could cradle my body in her arms and kiss me again. “did you enjoy the show last night?” I blushed at her blatant statement
“h-how did you know?”
“you painted the walls outside my room, silly. It makes it so much hotter to know you were watching me and mom get it on like that.” she kissed me again, “mom’s washing my sheets now while breakfast cooks, come on!” she giggled and pulled me out of bed, I nearly fell as she pulled me swiftly to my feet, she let me swing forward and I nearly screamed as I felt myself falling before her arm caught me gently behind the back and lowered me into a dip, as if we were dancing. I panted heavily, my heart pounding, she just smiled and winked at me, lifting me up into yet another sensual kiss. I moaned as she held me tight, my arms folded up to my chest, held between our breasts as she kissed me. I felt my cock going hard and lifting up from where it spilled out over the waistband of my panties. As my cock rose, it rubbed along Hope’s, which was doing the same.
“j-j-just let me…” I broke our kiss and turned around, about to open the drawer, when my sister’s strong arms wrapped around my bare waist, pulling me back,
“but mom is so eager to see your dick~” she said, gliding a finger across the tip of my pole, it twitched in response to her touch, “Cherry’s gone for the rest of the week, remember? It’s just us three here” she wrapped her fingers around the base of my dick, I hadn’t even bothered to control the size, so Hope pinched at the base and shook her hand up and down, causing all fourteen inches of my member to wobble up and down, “come on, you don’t need any clothes.”
I walked into the kitchen blushing profusely, my enormous member sticking straight up, wobbling with every step, it wasn’t even as big as Hope’s, who had gone before me, but I was still nervous, I felt exposed, unprotected as I stepped forward to see my mother, wearing nothing save for a chef’s apron, standing over a pan on the stove. As I came in, she looked over at me, and I saw her nipples immediately going hard under her apron. Like I said before; my mom is sexy. She smiled at me as she half-closed her eyes, I could practically see her licking her lips as she surveyed her 14-year old daughter’s body. She slid the pan off the stove and walked forward, “good morning, honry-bun~” she said softly, sensuously, only my mother could make the phrase ‘honey-bun’ sound sweet, sexy, and sincere without a hint of irony, “I hear you saw this little whore get raped last night.” I was taken aback at her words; I wasn’t sure what to think of my mother happily accepting and encouraging this dark fantasy of hers. She always seemed so… sweethearted before. My mom would never hurt a fly, yet here she was, calling herself a whore and licking her lips at my erect member.
“y-y-yeah…” I bit my lip, refusing eye contact. Hope was behind me greedily devouring a plate of bacon and eggs completely ignoring us, “b-but… mom, you aren’t-”
“A whore?” she giggled, “of course I am!” she licked her lips and pulled the string on the back of her apron, letting it fall to the ground, her massive tits swaying in my face. I gulped audibly, “but only for my sweet little daughters,” she kissed my forehead, “I’m a dirty little slut who can’t get enough of my sexy daughters’ enormous cocks.”
“Mom, I mean… you’re so different…” I said, still incredibly embarrassed.
“No I’m not, silly~ she smiled, “I’m the same as ever, I just can’t ever get enough of this bad boy right here!” she smiled and gripped my cock tightly, “now come on,” she turned, knelt and bent over, turning around to look at me while her enormous ass was displayed to me, neatly-shaved pussy pointing right at me, “this little bitch hasn’t been trained well enough yet!”

NGT 16/07/26(Tue)23:47 No. 24510 ID: 8a8a53

[NGT again. Nine months passed between the previous post and this one. Shortly after the previous post, Fluffins mentioned having writer's block with this particular story, posted an email, and said that they'd consider handing the story off to someone else for a time, or even for good. I do not know if anyone applied, since Fluffins updated later on anyways.
Prior to this, Fluffins reappeared in another thread posting an RP log featuring the character of Faith. I replied to that thread asking if it was canon to Leap of Faith, and a couple of days later, this was posted. It's also the last update, but the thread was bumped for a year and a half before it ever 404'ed.]

oh look, it's this guy again....
[cuminflation] probably should have been applied about 2 chapters ago, but eh. it's not too severe.


And so... I fucked my mom.
I mean, what do you do when you've got a raging 14 inch hardon and a big, curvy woman gets on her hands and knees and pushes her glorious ass out towards you? I placed a tentative hand into the pale, soft flesh, feeling it give under my fingers, I gripped at my mom's juicy cheeks, gulping and sweating in both fear and anticipation. Her slit was obviously hungry; it slavered like a starved dog, dripping down her thighs, making them slick and wet, pooling into a glistening little puddle on the floor. I heard her panting, breath shuddering in ragged gasps out of her lips, she looked back. I think it was just the idea that her 14 year old daughter was about to fuck her senseless than anything that was making her horny; my dick could have been 2 inches and she still would have gotten off.
All the better for her: my dick isn't 2 inches. My head slipped into her hole effortlessly. I felt the tight walls clench over the big, fat, purple tip of my erection, and my rod just kept slipping in. deeper and deeper; her cunt was totally bottomless! I ran balls deep into her with no trouble, and yet those walls still pulsed and gripped tight at my shaft the whole time. She had so much control, my mother actually sent waves; rolling ripples of pressure down her pink canal, sucking me in with this constant current, I couldn't manage to pull my hips back but a few inches before her cunt sucked me in again, slapping my hips into hers, sending a ripple down her ass and ejecting a moan or a 'fuck~' from her lips.
I closed my eyes, breath hissing in deep gasps as I fucked her little cunt almost involuntarily. Suddenly, there was a presence at my back; hands on my shoulders, I felt the warmth of my big sister's breasts pressing on my shoulderblades, the burning, pulsing heat of her cock rubbed along my spine teasingly from behind. The trickle of her breath down my ear was hot and tingly, and sent a chill down my back, 'nnhhh~' I couldn't keep myself from moaning.
“having fun?” she asked in a low whisper. I felt her hand slip down my back and grab my ass as I bucked my hips into mom's ass. I whimpered and nodded. It was all I could do.
“Hopeyyyy~” my mom called over her shoulder with a devilish grin, “i have other holes that need fillinnnnnng~” she said it exactly like she would call someone down for dinner.
Hope instantly obliged; standing and walking around to my mom, her full-length erection swinging like a boom between her legs, she knelt, her foot-and-a-half monster in front of my mother's face as I kept on fucking her little twat from behind.
My mother's throat turned out to be as bottomless as the rest of her holes. She sucked down over half of hope's member in a single motion, immediately bobbing her head up and down on it, saliva bubbling and stringing and dripping from it as she pulled away. Her muffled moans could still be heard every time I jammed my cock into her, and Hope moaned in unison, the vibrations on her cock sending waves of pleasure down to its base as Mom reached a hand up to grab her balls, squeezing and rolling them between her deft fingers.
I couldn't really tell that well, but I think my mom came like four times during the whole thing, so I didn't exactly holed back when I felt my own orgasm building. With my mother's incredible hole milking my cock better than it had ever been milked, I felt my cum rocket through my cock with immense force, splashing and spraying inside my mother's twat, filling her and swelling her stomach with my massive load, dribbling out around my cock where her pussy wasn't plugged quite tight enough, opaque and sticky and white, I saw my big sister throw her head back and scream as she began pumping her own load down mom's throat. Amazingly, I didn't see a single drop spill; mom drank every last bit without any trouble.
I pulled my softening rod out of my mom's cunt with a 'pop', followed by a creamy waterfall of my own semen, spilling from her newly-gaping hole. She pulled off of Hope's cock and turned around to me, gripping me tight and kissing me soft on the lips. I let out a gasp and a whimper before melting back into her lips, holding her tight while my orgasm poured from her pussy in a messy puddle on the floor. I tasted hope's warm, salty cum on her lips. It was wonderful.
With another moan, my mother pulled away from me, cradling me against her ample bosom, she gave a rosy smile, “mnnhh, my little baby pumped me full of so much~ i'm proud of you, honey-bun.” and again I was comforted and turned on by her words, but didn't feel a hint of irony in them, “go on now, stand up, silly! You'll be late for school!” she lifted me to my feet, put her apron back on, and returned to the stove with a swish in her hips and a smile on her face.

Anonymous 18/01/17(Wed)20:11 No. 25299 ID: d7118b

well that was good.

It's a shame it didn't get any further before the author disappeared.

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