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The Man MrMooMooMan!njoPB5vg7I 17/01/04(Wed)23:23 No. 24869 ID: 0cbdf5

The Man

Tags: MonsterGirl, Reverse Rape, Gangbang

First time posting. There’s gonna be a ton of backstory so that we can really build it up.
Just post any comments down if you like it! I’ll very much appreciate it! And depending on the comments, i’ll work on a sequel to this one. With that being said, enjoy!

**Chapter 1**

The dark clouds seemed to indicate stormy weather. Strong wind howled, swaying the trees and tearing branches right off. Lightning made streaks on the dark sky while claps of thunder rumbled, loud enough to pierce the eardrums.

Storms were always on the more extreme side in this part of the world.

I sigh as I glared at the incoming storm. Glancing away, i looked wearily at my campsite. The blue tent, that took me an hour to build, was threatening to collapse at any moment, while my campfire had been completely extinguished by the strong wind.

“Tsk, I never did like storms.”

I reluctantly took down my tent, cursing as the material slapped me in the face for the 10th time. The wind was really starting to pick up and i could see some of my belongings start to get blown away.

I jumped as i heard a loud clang behind me. Seems that the wind just toppled my pot. Wait. My pot.

“God dammit! Fuck!”

The mushrooms and herbs that i gathered were all strewn across the whole site, moving away as though they were running away from me. I was tempted to run and salvage what i could but i was still struggling with my tent. Helplessly, I looked on as a hard day’s harvest blew straight right under my nose. Literally.

Finally keeping my tent in my backpack, I bitterly stood up and glanced back at what used to be my living quarters. I was in a grassland filled with long grass (duh!) and have somehow managed to find an elevated ground to build some shelter. I thought it was the best place to set up camp. I thought wrong. There was no way my flimsy tent could withstand these winds.

I shivered involuntarily. The temperature was dropping fast and i really don’t want to be caught in the rain. Falling sick just increases the risk of death and i very much prefer to stay alive. My only chance of getting out of the rain is to find some shelter fast.

I hastily grabbed my backpack and started for the mountainous region ahead. From a distance, I had caught a glimpse of a forest past this area. Forests are good. Forests had food and water. Forests mean life (for me).

“Guess this is as good as any other time.”

I started climbing the uphill path as i kept my eyes peeled for any signs of a cave where i could get some shelter. Thankfully, I was somewhat protected from the wind thanks to the rocks around me but the temperature was dropping fast. I could also smell the incoming rain.

Sweat dripped down my chin as i desperately looked around for that elusive cover. There was not enough time as despair started to sink in. I stumbled forward before i saw it. The opening to a cave, right there, in front of my eyes.

Throwing caution to the wind, i rushed in just in time before the rain started pouring. Pausing to catch my breath, I put my backpack down and bundled heavily into a corner. I took a better look at the inner cave and only found darkness staring back at me. Cautiously, i started to explore. Who knows? I may not be the only one to take shelter. One can never be too careful.

Slowly, i crept further into the cave. Pausing every so often to listen out for anything out of the ordinary, I continued exploring. The cave was pretty big, with many little nooks and crevices to hide in. There was a breeze blowing from somewhere within the cave so air was no issue at all. Satisfied that i was alone, i plopped down and felt relief wash over me. With all the adrenaline gone, my body felt weary.

Using my backpack as a pillow, i laid on it. Might as well get rested while waiting for the storm to pass by. It didn’t take me long before i started snoozing, oblivious to the world around me.

Little did i know that, as soon as i was unconscious, hushed giggles echoed throughout the cave as silhouettes started creeping towards me.

**Chapter 2**

To be honest, I had no idea how i got here. It was all a blur. I remembered going on a cruise for holiday. The next thing i knew, people were screaming and panicking. Bodies were pushing each other with no regard. I recall somebody mentioning that the ship collided with an iceberg, just like the Titanic. I ran for the lifeboats but got knocked over by some asshole.

Turned out, that asshole happened to be the captain of the ship. Some captain he was. He and his crew got into a lifeboat and immediately descended with no care for the ship’s passengers. I got back up just in time to see the last lifeboat descend safely. There i was, stuck with another bunch of passengers on a sinking ship.

Suddenly, there was silence. All those stuck on the sinking ship, including me, stared in horror at a huge silhouette rising under the 4 lifeboats that were floating. Now, when i say huge, i don’t mean huge. I mean HUGE. As in, blue whale-kind-of huge. However, what emerged was no blue whale. We stared, mouth agape, as this monster came out from the depths. It had blue scaly skin and fins that were as big as the lifeboats. Its muscles gleamed in the sunlight, as its long serpent-like head opened its mouth and gave an ear-piercing shriek. I closed my ears with my hands instinctively. This was a nightmare. This has just got to be a nightmare.

I blinked. That was all it took for the great beast to strike. Screams were heard as the monster bit down on the nearest lifeboat. That was all it took to jolt the rest of us back to our senses. Chaos ensued. We ran back into the ship, trying to hide ourselves from the monster. Those on the lifeboats paddled crazily but it was all in vain. The beast chomped on the survivors with ease. I remembered thinking that it reminded me of a cat playing with a mouse before finally killing it.

The monster then diverted its attention to us, the ones still on the sinking ship. We hung on for dear life but it’s pretty difficult to do that when the monster rammed the ship with the force of a freight train. Every hit made a few fall to the sea. They were promptly eaten. Meanwhile, the ship was sinking even faster.

And then there was two. I glanced at the kid beside me. She looked about 14 years old, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Her face was stained with tears and a terrified look. She was wearing a pink shirt and a pair of denim shorts. In another time and another place, i would probably call her cute. But when your life's in danger, girls and their looks are the last thing you’d have in mind.

We stared into each other’s eyes. I saw intelligence in those eyes; at the very least, she recognized the fact that we were both doomed. If we were not devoured by the beast, we would drown to death.

As i felt water on my feet, i knew our time was up. Fresh tears dripped down her young face and she gripped my hand. I nodded to her and pulled her in for an embrace. Closing my eyes, i hugged her as tightly as i could. I wanted to at least make her feel secure and safe in her very last moments. I could feel her trembling as she struggled to contain her sobbing. That was all i remember before the water gushed up to welcome us to a cold watery death.

The next thing i knew, i was alone on the shore. It was all so surreal. For a moment, i thought i was still on holiday and that it was just one big nightmare when i heard a cackle that rang out in the air. I looked around hastily for anything that can be salvaged and grabbed whatever i could before hearing a rustle of the leaves behind me. Not turning back, i ran.

If you haven’t been running, then please start doing it. It keeps you healthy and builds up your stamina. It will also help you a lot when you’re being chased by whatever-it-was that was chasing me. My heart felt like it was bursting out of my chest but adrenaline and a desire to survive kept me going. Still, i seemed to be losing ground and just as i felt my pursuer reach out and brush my neck, i heard a bloodcurdling growl. My pursuer froze and i took the opportunity to run off to safety.

The next couple of days consisted of looking for fresh water, food and anything that could prolong my survival. I ran into a couple of wild animals that didn’t look like they belonged to this world. Just to be certain, i tried to avoid all contact and moved on. I didn’t know where i was going, i was just going on. And that was how i got to where i was. I had no idea where i was. I had no idea what was going on. I had no id-

I jolted awake. It took me a moment to register that i was still in the cave. The storm had somewhat calmed down but it was still raining heavily. I sighed heavily and got up. Or at least i tried to get up. I twisted and turned but quickly found out that my hands were tied up by some sort of rope. Once again, i felt that familiar feeling of despair as i realised that i was surrounded.

**Chapter 3**

Girlish giggles echoed throughout the cave. I cursed my carelessness and closed my eyes, thinking back on the dreams that i once had and the family that i had left behind. You know, i always wanted to be a zoologist. I loved animals and would have loved to study them. The only reason why i didn’t have a pet was because i was rarely home. Speaking of home, i was never that close to my parents. I wished i could have at least thanked them for everything. They nagged, they scolded and were generally annoying but at least they cared about me.

A sharp poke in the ribs rudely interrupted my thoughts. I squirmed, eliciting another round of giggles from my captors. I threw them a glare. For the first time, I took a good look at my captors.

They were about half my size and resembled little girls. Some had mischievous looks on their faces while others had curious looks. Their little bodies didn’t have much on the chest compartment but i could still see the slight bulge covered by their loose clothing. The shorts that they were wearing really accentuated their little bottoms but i wasn’t really into that sort of thing. These were kids for goodness sake! Or that was what i thought until i saw her.

She looked different from the other girls. She wore a red tunic that paired well with her shorts. Her short red hair was messy but somehow, it fit her face. Her chest was bigger than the others; i’m guessing it was a C-cup. She had quite an aura and i guessed that she was the leader of this whole group. Her boyish face portrayed a thoughtful expression as if she was deciding what to do to me.

She sat indian-style across me, effortlessly holding a club with one hand and resting it behind her shoulder. She finally flashed me a mischievous grin and tossed her club to the ground beside her. It landed and made a loud thump noise on the ground. She made a show of walking slowly towards me, raising excited chatter from the surrounding girls.

That was when it struck me. These may not be little girls. I don’t know what they are or what they want with me and i sure as hell don’t want to find out. I wiggled backwards away from the approaching and soon found myself back to the wall.

She reached me and eyed me hungrily. This was it. I survived this long, only to be eaten. Well, guess you can’t blame a guy for trying. I closed my eyes, resigning myself to the end.

“You sure smell good.”

My eyes popped back open upon hearing those words. I looked wide-eyed at the onlooking girl as she stared at me, occasionally taking good whiffs of me. There was loud chatter all around me as the girls started creeping nearer to me. But that was all insignificant to what i just discovered. They speak English? There’s only one way to find out.

“Just what are you?”

Maybe i can stall them just enough to make my escape. Besides, as much as i was scared to death, i was also curious.

“You no heard of us?”

“Uh, nope.”

“Cmon, everybody know what we are! Stop playing dumb.”

“I’m serious!”

My plan seemed to be working well. The leader paused and looked at me with a cocked eyebrow. Then she plopped herself right on my lap. Still lying down, i had no way to wiggle free. She straddled me and started demanding answers.

“Where are you from?”

“I was ship-wrecked.”

“What’s that?”

“What’s what?”

“What’s a shiprat?”
I stared at the girl sitting on my lap. She was light and her bottom fit snugly on my thighs. She had a genuine confused look as she tilted her head to one side. At another time and another place, i’d have found her adorable.

Her confused look suddenly changed into a look of raw anger.

**Chapter 4**

“You tricked me!”


“You think i stupid. But i not stupid!”

I gave a look of bewilderment as i frantically tried to save myself.

“I really don’t know what you are, who you are or where i am!”

“You’re lying!”

“But i really don’t!”

She put her face close to mine and peered closely. I could smell her surprisingly rosy scent. Getting stared at from up close made me self-conscious and i started to realise the situation i’m in. Here i was, laying on my back and tied up with no means of escape. And here she was, a kid or a girl or whatever the hell she was, straddling me and slowly inching ever so close towards me.

Oh god. Please, not now. No matter how i see it, this was a kid. Now, just to be clear, i’m not attracted to little kids. Sure, i find them cute NOT attractive. But this one, her scent, coupled with the close body contact, made my body react. A tent was slowly starting to form, available for all the girls to see. No way i was gonna let that happen.

I desperately tried to will my pride to go down but to no avail. I thought about sports. Nope, still rising. What about Literature class, with the endless text and teacher droning on and on. Oh, that one worked. If you’re wondering why, then don’t. That class was torture. Didn’t help that the teacher hated kids and took every opportunity to show it. It was a miracle i even passed the class.

I started to compose myself and stared at that cute face, oblivious to my prior inner struggle. Suddenly, her eyes lit up as she came to a conclusion. As if hiding a secret, she quietly whispered, “Are you stupid?”

I remembered how little kids can be such little shits.

“Uh, i guess i am.”

Nodding approvingly, she leaned back, putting her full body weight back on my lap. Seemingly satisfied, she took a deep breath and puffed out her chest.

“We are goblins!”, she loudly proclaimed. The rest of the girls cheered together with her. In the excitement, she bounced up and down on my lap, not caring about the effects of her actions.

I wish she’d stop tha- wait. Wait. Did she just say goblins?

I took another close look at the bouncing girl. Now that she mentioned it, they do resemble goblins. Or at least, the ones i saw in the Internet. But it can’t be, i mean, those weren’t real. Right?

“And i am the hobgoblin! The leader of the pack!”, she proclaimed in an exaggerated voice. Her hands on her hips, she took on a dignified pose. Or at least tried to. It wasn’t easy to look dignified while straddling somebody. She then focused her attention on me.

“What’s your name? I Dora”

She was smiling again as she started to lean in closer to me again. Her loose tunic sagged, giving me a good view through the top of her shirt. I caught glimpses of the tips on those ample boobs. Her butt teasingly slid from my lap to my stomach, sending me shivers down my spine. Her earnest face drew closer to me as she expected an answer. I faced away, hastily trying to conjure up the image of my literature teacher. I’m counting on you again, Mr Kowsky.

“Erm, can you get off me please?”

Dora didn’t approve of my facing away. She gripped my head and forcefully turned it back to her. Staring straight into my eyes, she clung closely to me, resting her whole body weight against my chest.

Oh god. Mr Kowsky. I promise i’ll be your best student. So please don’t abandon me. No wait. Mr Kowsky, come back! I’ll memorise the literature text, i’ll do all the homework! MR KOWSKY!!!

The chattering of the girls around me slowly came to a halt. There was only silence as all their attention focused on an area. Dora, realising the change in atmosphere, tilted her head in confusion and turned around, only to come face to face with a huge tent in my pants. My raging erection pushed hard against the cloth, demanding to be free.
Dora turned back to me with a mischievous smile on her face. Her cheeks were red and she breathed slightly faster. Slowly licking her lips, she winked at me.

“Yum, delicious!”

**Chapter 5**

My face was burning with embarrassment. I faced away, trying to hide my shame.

“Take it off.”

It was barely a whisper but i still heard it. A soft voice, a little higher-pitched than Dora’s echoed through the cave. That was all it took.

As if in a trance, the goblins started inching toward me, all their attention focused on my pants. The chants of “Take it off” gradually grew louder and before i knew it, many pair of hands were grabbing at my pants.


Dora’s loud voice seemed to jolt the other girls out of their trance and they immediately took a respectable distance away from Dora. Frankly, i was surprised. I thought that maybe Dora was a good girl after all.

“Thanks for sav-”

“I’ll take it off myself.”

My mouth quickly shut up. There was no escape. Desperate, i wiggled as much as i could but in vain. It only seemed to excite Dora even more.

“Please, Dora. Don’t do it, please do-mmmmmph”

Dora turned around and sat on my mouth, muffling whatever i had to say. I could feel her warmth permeating from underneath her shorts. Her perky butt molded itself onto my face and her feminine aroma threatened to overwhelm me. By now, my erection was starting to hurt real badly.

Dora lightly traced my my erection, earning a jerk from me. Her hands got a firm grip on my pants and in one fluid motion, she exposed my lower body to the audience.

The cool wind caressed my thighs as my erection shook about, as if to wave hi to the goblin girls. I heard a collective, audible gasp as all eyes focused on the offending member. The feeling of immorality, being forced to expose myself to a bunch of little girls, just made this all the more exciting.


Dora swallowed excitedly as she leaned closer to my member. Her plump tits rested on my lower body while her crotch smothered my face. She gripped my head between her legs, offering no respite as her wetness seeped through her shorts.

NO. This is wrong. I know it is. So why am i getting turned on? Why can’t i get enough of her female essence? Get a hold of yourself! Stop this right now! Although, it does feel good. Maybe i can afford just one last lick….

It didn’t take me long before my self-restraint got crushed. My tongue licked her wet spot repeatedly. Moaning seductively, Dora grinded my face. Her breath teased my erect member, causing my pre-cum to drip down my shaft. She sniffed my member for abit before popping the tip of my member into her mouth. I jerked involuntarily, the pleasure almost making me go over the edge.

She promptly turned around and looked at me. I could make out a playful glint in her eye as she tore off her own shorts. Steadying herself, she guided me into herself. I gasped as i felt her inner folds on my most sensitive part. Her moist warm lovehole welcomed me in as i struggle to hold on.

Dora’s eyes beckoned me seductively as she started moving. The pleasure intensified as she grew tighter. Riding me urgently, she grinded me with increasing speed, all the while, moaning sweetly with every thrust.

I broke eye contact and was greeted with quite a scene. The other goblin girls have, by now, taken off their clothes and were playing with themselves as they enjoyed the show.

My head was forcefully turned back towards Dora as she frowned. She clung onto me and hungrily took my lips. Overtaken by lust, i started to thrust into her. We shook our hips wildly as i ravished her small nubile body. Sweat dripped down the tips of her nipples as she squirmed with pleasure. Unable to take it any longer, i gave one final thrust before spurting my seed into the goblin girl. Her inner folds tightened, squeezing me out as Dora reached her own climax, limping onto me in ecstasy.

My better judgement gradually returned to me while I breathed heavily, trying to compose myself. I had just climaxed inside this goblin girl, the very same who captured me. Feeling a mixture of guilt and dread, i looked down at the girl who was staring at me dreamily. She gave me a big smile as she got off me and turned to her companions.

“This one good. Today we celebrate!”

I didn’t understand the meaning of her words until i noticed that the other girls were crawling towards me. One small goblin girl climbed on top of me. She was panting and experimentally took my dick into her hands. I cursed myself as i instantly got hard again.

“My name Riri”, she introduced herself to me before promptly impaling herself with my member. Another bout of sex occurred with her shaking her hips madly in an attempt to quench her lust. She gave out a small yelp as she climaxed, milking me out of my seed.

I was gasping for air when the next girl mounted me. Once again, she introduced herself as Kiki before she guided my dick into her. The next few hours consisted of me being raped continuously until i had no more seed to give. I was nearly crazy from climaxing repeatedly with no rest. Even then, the girls only stopped after they were fully satisfied.I took one last look around to see the girls sleeping contently. A smiling Dora crawled up to me and gave me a light peck before snuggling against me and falling asleep.

I glanced up to the cave ceiling as fatigue caught up with me. Why, hello there, my old friend despair. Seems like, ever since i’ve been stranded here, we’ve been spending a lot of time together. I wryly gave a smile of resignation as i pass out, my weariness finally robbing me of my consciousness.

Anonymous 17/01/10(Tue)16:20 No. 24884 ID: 96d39d

I need more of this.

Anonymous 17/01/20(Fri)21:23 No. 24899 ID: d9476e

Great story. Eagerly anticipating more.

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