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Slave Sequences Anonymous 17/01/12(Thu)15:47 No. 24889 ID: ca8705

All of the stories I had been following on this board seemed to have died. I will now attempt to write what I'd like to see. There will be little editing at first, but if people respond to the subject matter, and I develop an audience, I'll dedicate more time to polish. This story is a series of extreme power fantasy's including bondage, rape, torture, fantasy devices, and probably some forced incest. Anyway. Here goes nothing.

Also, as an aside, I'm also entertaining the idea of starting a business, where i write depraved stories about the women in a clients life. They give me as much detail as they'd like about a person and then I take it from there. You think that'd be viable? Anyway. Here we go.


They say the truth will set you free, but in reality, money is the only arbiter of ones own agency. Is one truly free, if their freedom - the very right to their own lives - can be restricted by another person at their leisure?

Make no mistake. Your life exists at the leisure of the powerful. The 1% if you will. You can thank people like me for that. I run the oldest, most prominent branch of the international slave trade. This organization has been in my family for generations. The media talks at length about financial domination and social inequality while our ability to make vanish anyone in the world exists without opposition. All for a price.

So next time you bring your young ones to your bosses house for the company barbeque, and you suspect that he might be eyeing your daughter (Or son. we certainly don't discriminate) a little too closely; don't get mad. Be grateful they're still yours, because it is entirely within the power of your social betters to take from you what you cherish most.

================Sequence 01. Sasha=================

The capture and training of a new slave from the regular population is the most expensive service our organization offers. So when a client arrives at our facility with such intentions they are treated like VIP's.

Dr.Bennett had been a long time visitor of our undeground "hotels" but this would be his first "buy". I suppose the first thing I should mention about the nature of our trade, is that individual ownership of a slave is rare. Typically, slaves are rented from either me or my competitors. Most of our clients are busy men, or men who's lives are too public to risk a full time slave residing with them. I was curious as to what encouraged Dr. Bennett to take the plunge.

I found Dr. Bennett waiting for me in my office. A portly middle aged man, who though a doctor, had actually generated his vast wealth in real estate.

"Dr. Bennett!" I smiled warmly as he shook my hand.

"Lord Driscoll"

Bennett had the flat affect of a man there to do buisness. This was fine by me. Clients generally took an over familiar tone with me, I think, in an attempt to normalize our illicit interactions.

"My secretary tells me you're interested in the capture, training and... delivery of a new slave from the general population. Is that right?"

"Yes. That is correct. Can you do it?"

"Can we do it? Why of course we can... let's see you're interested in... damn. I left the file in the lobby."

I pressed a button on my desk and rang for my secretary.

"Lindsey. Will you bring the good doctors dossier?"

Dr. Bennett took a seat on one side of my desk. I took my natural seat. Nothing was said in the interim. The Dr. kept his steady flat gaze and I continued to smile pleasantly at him. Eventually Lindsey let herself into my office with the dossier.

Only when Lindsey entered his line of sight did Dr. Bennett break his facade. I've been in this buisness long enough to know exactly what a man wants even sooner than he does. Lindsey was a beautiful woman. Blonde hair tied back into a professional bun. Thick black glasses. Cold blue eyes and cheek bones one could cut themselves on while slapping. Truth be told, Lindsey's role as my secretary was more than to just bring me documents and answer calls. She was one of the offices dozens of house slaves. All of whom had been owned by our organization for years, all had been so thoroughly indoctrinated into their submissive way of life, that they could be allowed greater levels of privilege. For example, they were allowed to dress like they were free men and women.

Anyway, their roles in the office were interchangeable. Lindsey was selected to bring me the documents because of Dr. Bennetts record of his stays. He was a man who enjoyed tall blondes.

I opened the dossier. Besides the usual requisition forms, there were the details of his desired target and a photograph as well. Sasha Crowely. Age 16. An estimated 120 lbs 5 foot 5 inches tall.

Sasha had wavey brown hair. green eyes. an olive complexion and a somewhat squared jaw. Not the most traditionally beautiful girl, but she was not without her charm. She was certainly cute. But her lack of traditional beauty is how I was able to guess...

"Let me guess. You're getting a messy divorce, and in exchange for the alimony check, you plan on taking a little something for yourself right?"

The Dr. looked stunned now.

"You've... you've been spying on me!?"

Realizing I had struck a nerve, I immediately tried to calm him down before he could jump out of his chair.

"Dr! Dr. Please! I'd do nothing of the sort. It's just... it's just that one develops an intuition when he spends his time, making the pleasure of his clients his business. The deductions simply announce themselves is all..."

The doctor eased himself back into his chair. but his face was still red. Once he regained his composure, he exhaled softly and said...

"Your fee is exorbitant. Money of course is no matter to me... if you can accomplish the task."

"And of course we can."

"And you're promising, that your organization can not only retrieve sasha... but turn her completely submissive toward me?"

"Doctor. I say that with full faith in the long and proud history of my family's organization... and at such an age... although she might be too old... I'd still say there's a chance that we might even condition her to enjoy it. To accept her situation as normal... even ideal."

He sighed and relaxed even further.

"That sounds too good to be true... Sasha and I have never gotten along. She has always resented me, since I married her mother after the death of her father. Always rejected my rules and I think... I think she turned her mother against me."

I grew tired of the negotiations but continued to lend the doctor a sympathetic ear.

"Women out in the wild can be so cruel. It's best to only deal with the... domesticated sort. The good news is, there's a chance - since you are planning on outright ownership and custody of sasha - that... Like I said, she might be young enough to fully condition. You can just marry her and never deal with such nonsense again. of course, she'll need a new identity since she'll be a wanted/missing person, but the other great thing about abducting so young is that kids grow up so fast and she'll be unrecognizable before you know it."

The doctor thought this over carefully.

"Getting her to love her new life seems like a pipe dream... but what I require, nay - demand from this payment, is that she be submissive and obedient. I don't want to have to use those damn fail safes you install in the product these days."

"I assure you. our products need no such fail safes... they're only there to remain competitive with our rivals. They're very reassuring to our clients I'm afraid..."

I could tell the doctor wasn't wholly convinced. This happens. This is why I had my ace in the hole on stand by.

"Do you remember the pro tennis player that went missing a few years ago. Blonde girl. Tall... steely eyes... sharp cheeks?"

"... yes..."

I buzzed the lobby again.

"Lindsey... would you come here one more time?"

The doctors eyes grew wide.

"You see doctor. Most people think we charge so much yet remain in business simply because we operate within the continental united states. While it's true you can find people to buy in asia and europe... sometimes for an eighth of what we charge... the simple fact is that our methods are fool proof and exact..."

Lindsey had entered the office. I beckoned her once more toward the desk and told her this time to take off her glasses and let her hair down. She did exactly as she was told. I had her turn to face the doctor who's mouth was now ajar.

"you... you were all over the news!"

Lindsey's rehearsed, enforced smile began to fail. She looked down at her shoes.

"A lot has happened since she... left the spotlight... You see. Creating the perfect slave isn't so difficult... if you know what you're doing. Lindsey has every reason to resist, but instead, with our guidance, has learned to accept her place her within our organization..."

The doctor was looking her up and down. astonished.

"Now doctor, I'm so sorry to have to do this to you, but I simply have other matters to attend to. I'll leave you in Lindsey's very capable hands and if you decide to go through with the transaction, she'll be able to accept your payment Okay? Well ciao!"

I got up from my chair and shook the still shellshocked doctors hand. I left the room and retired to my quarters where hidden cameras transmitted a video feed directly to my laptop.

The doctor was still sitting in the chair dumb founded. He was asking her if she truly was who I said she was. She simply shrugged and kicked off her shoes...

She then slid down her mini skirt but before she could remove her nylons he told her to wait. There was some form of non verbal communication, which directed her to turn around and slightly lean over the desk. Dr. Bennett didn't stand up, instead he fell on his knees behind her and buried his face into her ass.

He continued to smother himself for several minutes while rubbing his hands up and down her thighs before finally pulling down her nylons and proceeding to eat her pussy from behind. The mild mannered doctor was proceeding quite aggressively. Lindsey held onto the desk and I could see that she was biting her lip, and holding back tears. Talk of her former life must have triggered a chink in her conditioning. She'll have to be disciplined of course, but for now...


Anonymous 17/01/12(Thu)19:26 No. 24890 ID: 595e00

Not a bad start. You've definitely set up your world well. Looking forward to a chapter involving the training and conditioning Process. Also maybe a future chapter involving a female buyer and slave... Lezdom is kinda my thing. Anyway keep up the good work.

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