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Change is inevitable. Monochrome!!V0LzHmBTIw 17/04/17(Mon)01:33 No. 24998 ID: ef02bd

My name is Seamus. Yeah, I know. Pronounced Shay-muss. I come from an Irish family. We came to America a few years before I was born. My father ran a Bar and nightclub until he and my mother were killed in a plane crash when I was 25. I had been living on my own for a few years at that point, working a steady job at a goth nightclub alongside a good friend of mine, Johnny, who was half Irish and half Japanese. I had to take a month off of work to deal with all the arrangements. They were thankfully understanding. Johnny was there for me the whole time, and his little sister Alice would come over with him now and again. She was such a cute little thing, with her almond-shaped brilliant green eyes, pale skin, and slightly ruddy cheeks. She'd sit with me for hours at a time playing videogames and listening to music, and being surprisingly intelligent for a 10 year old. Johnny would joke that she had a crush on me and she'd poke him in the ribs and tell him to stop. I was incredibly thankful for their company in my time of need. A couple months later the funeral was held, and dad, a former IRA fighter, was a devout catholic, so we had a catholic service and burial, Father Davis once again asking me to come to sunday service. I politely refused, as always. I've not cared for religion since I was a child.

After a couple more months, I decided to leave my job at the club and head off to college to get a degree. I said goodbye to my friends, little Alice giving me a great big hug, and off I went. A few years later I had a few trade licenses under my belt, and I got to work as a contractor back home. It was slow going at first, but after a few months I had a pretty decent business going, and had purchased a nice apartment and a motorcycle. Johnny had been busy, and called me up to go over and hang out that weekend. I had a job I was headed to early saturday but promised to show up afterwards.

That saturday I headed out to the job site, where they wanted me to assist in rewiring some office building undergoing renovations. Sweaty, dirty work, and by the end of it I was tired, sweaty, and covered in some kind of plastic dust. A promise is a promise, though, so I headed over to Johnny's place with a quick stop for a bottle of whiskey and a quick change of clothes at home. His house was gorgeous. His parents had purchased this little run-down old victorian house, fixed it up, and sold it to him under the instruction that he let Alice live there too so she could go to school in the city, then they moved on to flip another house. Apparently they'd been doing this for years before him and I had met at the club. Perfect house for a goth, really. Green shingles, dark red brick, and green wooden siding. I knocked at the door, and Johnny opened it with a big grin on his face.
"Great to see you, man. How've you been?" He said, motioning me inside.
"Eh, not too bad. The contract work is tough, but I have freedom and enough money to get by. You should see my new place. Great loft apartment downtown. How's the shrimp?" Referring to Alice.
"Less shrimpy than she was before. You'll never guess what's happened with the club." He asked, raising an eyebrow.
"It burned down?" I asked with a frown.
"Naw, man. I own it come next weekend!" He laughed.
"What? That's amazing! How'd you manage it?" I couldn't believe it.
"Frank said he's tired of the place and wants to retire. His wife's been bothering him about it since before we worked there. We've got Fangs on Fur scheduled to come out next weekend too." They'd been a favorite band of mine for several years now.
I poured us each a glass of whiskey, and we got to catching up. After about a half hour, from the doorway of the den I heard a "Squee" noise, and turned in time to see a black and white blur rushing towards me and arms wrapping around my ribs in a hug. Alice, presumably.
"Johnny you batty dick, why didn't you tell me Seamus was back in town?" She admonished her brother for.
"Wanted it to be a surprise." He smiled, lifting his glass in my direction.
She turned her face up at me with a big smile. Her face was less ruddy, a little longer in shape, much more feminine. Her eyes were rimmed in black eyeliner with a bit of red smoke on the upper lid. Her hair straight, black, and asymmetrical. Her lips full and black. I became acutely aware of her surprisingly full breasts pressing into my stomach. She released me from the hug and sat down on the couch across from her brother, patting the seat next to her and looking at me. I sat down and gave her a once over. Gone was the tiny little cutie I'd known before college, and in her place was an absolute gothic beauty at 5'2. Slashed fishnet and a wide-necked black top and a flowing black skirt.
"Wow, you look great." was all I could say, taken quite aback by the changes in her over the last 4 years. She blushed a little. Her brother poured her a small bit of whiskey, which she took in her hand, long fingernails painted dark red.
She took a tiny sip, and gave me a once over, then smiled and said "You got muscley." Johnny laughed.
"Watch yourself," he told me. "She's still got a crush on you."
"Fuck off, Johnny." she said, poking him in the ribs. The three of us chatted for a while about goings on, the upcoming business with the club, how Alice's schooling was going and such, Alice hanging off of my arm the whole night. Johnny offered me a stake in the club if I helped him redo the lighting. At the end of the night I headed home with probably over the legal limit of whiskey in me, and on the way out the door, Johnny said to me in a hushed tone "Look, she really does have a huge crush on you. She's been asking about you since you left. I'm just saying."
Well, tonight certainly gave me a lot to think about.

Anonymous 17/04/17(Mon)14:24 No. 24999 ID: a13c80

Not bad at all. Your formatting is a bit off, but I'm looking forward to more should you decide to continue this.

Monochrome!!V0LzHmBTIw 17/04/24(Mon)05:49 No. 25008 ID: ef02bd

On Wednesday I received another call from Johnny, asking me to come over to the club and discuss lighting solutions and figure out how to fix the really shitty stage.
Whatever, I didn't have any contracts today anyways. Fuck, maybe if the club picks up in business I won't be doing contract work at all, just maintenance to the club.
A few hours later I parked my Ducati in the alley next to the club, and Johnny was all set with ideas. I'd never seen him so damn excited. I was excited too, but kept myself reined in.
We immediately started drawing up and writing down ideas, keeping it within a budget of a few thousand dollars.
"What about this kind of thing? With the lights all set up behind the stage?" Johnny showed me a quick sketch of a wall of LED bars.
"Dude, that's gonna cost at least a few hundred on it's own. We gotta be more conservative with this shit. I'll be glad to upgrade later but let's just make sure it's show ready. We gotta rebuild the stage first." I reminded him.
"It's like building a deck with extra bracing, right? I used to help mom and dad do that when I was a kid." He said. After a few minutes we came up with a sketch he liked, making a nice 25 by 17 foot stage with angled corners.
After some quick calls, I found a place willing to give us plenty of wood for free, and while Johnny went to pick it up, I went out to get my circular saw and some rebar to help keep the stage strong, and of course, all the hardware necessary.
With a quick call to Frank for his blessing, We cranked up the sound system in the place and got to work. By evening, the stage was taken apart, and put back together bigger and stronger than it had been in the club's 25 year history. A couple coats of black paint and we called it a night.
At home, I figured out that if I did the lighting all myself(I had the license for it so why the fuck not?) I could do some pretty spooky cool shit for less than a thousand, keeping us well in budget.
The next day I went out and got everything I needed for the LED lighting, since everything was being hooked up to the existing sound system and lighting control system.

A good seven hours later I was at the club again with Johnny, and he had brought Alice along. I'd been cutting and putting up wood and drywall all day long so my back hurt, but I wanted this done today.
With Johnny's help I got new cables run under and behind the stage, cut a few holes in the floor for new plugs for the bands, and set up a tall metal box attached to the wall on each side of the stage for the LED bars that Alice then helped us set up and test, then I covered them with frosted plexiglass. They worked perfectly and responded to the soundsystem wonderfully.
"OH WOW, You are AWESOME!" Alice exclaimed. She gave me an excited hug, then a kiss on the cheek before she blushed briefly. A-fucking-dorable.
I desperately needed to get home and sleep, so I quickly wired up the stainless steel chandeliers I'd found, real simple things, just a tube of steel bent in a ring with a branching sort of tube bent in an ark with a standard socket at the end. I left the two of them with boxes of LED bulbs to put in them, and went home to sleep.
Alice texted me later that night
"Hey Seamus, we got the chandeliers hung up no problem. Did you have to leave when you did? Was it because I kissed your cheek?"
Aww, I knew she was embarrassed about that.
"Naw, I hit my limit I think. Back was already hurting from work but I still wanted stuff ready for the show and I work all day tomorrow. I thought your outburst was adorable."
"Adorable, hmm?"
"Yeah. Adorable. It was good to see you again."
"I'm looking forward to seeing you again. Goodnight. ;)"
What the hell did that mean? I was too damn tired to give it some thought. I passed right out.
The next day while working all I could think about was what Alice was trying to imply with that last text. I knew better than to ask outright. The concert was the next day and the place was as ready as it was going to get. I knew I'd see Alice there.

I was wrong. At first. I'd arrived around 8 in the evening, having thrown on a black muscle shirt and my leather vest and combed my hair back. Johnny was in a flurry getting everything set up. The band had just gotten into the city and the bartender, a woman by the name of Rayelle, only got there a few minutes after I did.
"Fuck. I haven't had the chance to pick Alice up. You mind swinging by our place to get her? I can't leave right now." He pleaded. I told him it was fine, he tossed me his house keys, and I got back on the Ducati to head over to their little victorian house.
I unlocked the door, and called out;
"Hey, Alice, Johnny sent me over. You ready?"
No reply. Odd. I looked around the bottom floor. Nobody there. I went upstairs, and I could hear music coming from Alice's room. Probably didn't hear me over the sounds of Wolfsheim. I opened the door a crack, and was about to call for her, but I wasn't at all prepared for what I saw.
Alice was laying on her bed, naked except for a bra, eyes closed, two fingers pistoning into and out of her bright red cunt. I stood slackjawed as she came to a quivering orgasm and moaned out "Oh, Seamus." I did what I should have done in the first place, and closed the door silently, hoping she wouldn't notice me spying, and tried to process what I'd just seen. She called my name when she came. Holy fucking shit. Johnny's right, she does have a thing for me. I tried unsuccessfully to will away the painful erection I now had. She's 14 for fuck sakes! And your best friend's little sister! What the fuck man?
After a few minutes I felt my erection lessen enough to be less noticeable, and knocked on the door.
"Uh, Hey Alice, It's Seamus. Your brother sent me over to get you for the concert."
I heard a soft "oh, shit" from the other side of the door and stuff rustling. She opened the door enough to poke her head out.
"Heyyy....I'm uh, not ready yet. I'll be down in just a few minutes." She said, her forehead still a bit sweaty and a post-orgasmic flush in her cheeks. I simply gave a "yeah, alright. I'll wait downstairs" then turned on my heel and walked downstairs to sit on the couch in the den.
Fucking hell.
A little while later I heard her call downstairs
"Seamus, you still here? I'm ready now."
Oh, I bet you are. Ready for a good fucking. No. Snap out of it. Calm down.
I walked out of the den as she was coming down the stairs. That was when I knew I was lost.
She was wearing the same black fishnet shirt from last weekend, with a loose top made of some kind of flowing, crushed green velvet. Over that was a waist cinch of black leather. A pair of tight black leather pants with laces up the side molded to her ass in a fantastic way. Her eyes had a winged, thick black eyeliner that made them stand out and accentuated the slight asiatic tilt to them. Her lips were lined in black but fading to a candy-apple red at the center. Her hair hung loosely, the asymmetry adding to the fierceness of her look. I felt underdressed. I felt unworthy. I felt horny as all hell. This glorious vision of blossoming womanhood was not even fifteen minutes ago masturbating thinking about me. Me of all people. Goddamn. I suppressed my growing erection by doing calculus in my head.
She held out her hand. I kissed the back of it and simply said "Wow. You look...wow. Jaaaayzus." Even with all that makeup I could still see her blush. She gave me a peck on the cheek and we got onto the Ducati. She wrapped her arms around my waist and off we went.

Monochrome!!V0LzHmBTIw 17/04/30(Sun)03:04 No. 25016 ID: ef02bd

I had a difficult time at first keeping my libido in check, with her sweet, petite body pressed tightly into my back and her hands mere inches from my crotch. I took a slightly more scenic route to the club, taking a good ten minutes longer than we needed to, and I know that Alice knew it, but it was worth it. She leaned her cheek against the back of my shoulder and I could feel her smile as we sped past the city lights.

We arrived at the club just as the opening band was starting, a few jangling guitar chords and drum symbols echoing off of the stage, stopping briefly at the door so that Vadim, the bouncer, could draw a black X on the back of Alice's hand with a marker, since she was underage. Johnny stood off to the side of the bar looking relieved as people gathered in front of the stage and the light bars we had installed started flashing. He smiled when he saw Alice and I walking in, with her hugging my arm.
I leaned over to him stating "It looks like things are going well." He simply nodded. I wormed my arm free of Alice, who frowned for a moment before heading over to the stage, and I grabbed a beer at the bar. I watched people going between the bar and stage for several songs, while Johnny stayed nervous, occasionally helping out over at the sound booth. Around the end of the opening band's set I began making my way through the small crowd at the stage. About halfway through the crowd I felt a hand on the small of my back and Alice came into view, pressing herself to my side. She smiled at me and took a quick swig of my beer. I probably should have scolded her for it, but I didn't give enough of a shit. Fangs on Fur came out and launched into one of their songs, the lights I'd set up responding perfectly. The place looked great and I congratulated myself on a job well done. I turned to my left to see Alice dancing and again, I was blown away by her. She rocked her hips slowly and sexily, one hand occasionally coming up to the side of her head, tilted slightly downward, her feet moving in a sort of staccato slide-stomp sort of motion, her body swaying slowly and her shoulders rolling smoothly. I could see a few other guys looking at her, and even a girl or two, even though most people were lost in their own dancing or focused on the band. I knew I wanted her. I felt guilty, even knowing she wanted me. But I knew I would have her. An image came unbidden of her underneath me, breasts heaving, mouth gasping, being steadily driven into by my cock. I shook my head quickly and drained my bottle of beer, heading back to the bar for another. I returned to find a young woman, perhaps 20, dancing with Alice. Pale skin, red hair, a short black pleated skirt, and a small red corset-top over a stretched-out mesh top, her shoulders bare. I watched as her hand went to Alice's butt, resting there as she undulated her body and stretched her hand out above and beside her. The song ended and Alice gave her a quick hug and came over to me, resting her left hand on my stomach and a smoldering look in her eyes. I knew damn well she knew how sexy her dancing was with that woman. I spent the rest of the show semi-tumescent. As the show ended around 2 in the morning, Last call was announced, the bands went to grab a few drinks, and after talking with them briefly as the club started to empty out, I turned to see Johnny looking tired and very much relieved. The show had gone well, and he was doing well as the new owner and manager of our favorite little haunt. Alice gave him a big hug and congratulated him, and I gave him a one-armed hug and told him "I knew you could do this, Johnny-boy." He thanked me for the lighting, suggesting I take more of a role in the club. I was unsure if that was what I wanted yet. I turned towards the door, telling Johnny and Alice that I was heading home as the bands were leaving. Alice ran up behind me, wrapping her long arms around me in a tight hug, thanking me for coming to pick her up, and I felt her hand run lightly over my crotch very briefly as she planted a kiss on the back of my shoulder.

I rode home hard as a rock. My dreams were filled with her.

Anonymous 17/05/02(Tue)22:19 No. 25017 ID: 1c44b9

>a place willing to give us plenty of wood for free
immersion: lost

Monochrome!!V0LzHmBTIw 17/05/03(Wed)03:22 No. 25019 ID: ef02bd

It's not terribly difficult to get cutoffs of up to 5 feet, then combine them together with wood glue and a few screws or 'biscuit' disks. I've actually done that before. It helps if you know someone who owns the business, but it isn't all that tough. often they'll just let you take the stuff that's "waste" wood that just needs to be stabilized with something, or boards that have warped(not difficult to fix them but after certain points a lot of businesses and een lumber mills just won't bother).

Anonymous 17/05/04(Thu)09:16 No. 25020 ID: 2dc7be

This is a good read so far, I'm looking forward to the next chapter op

Monochrome!!V0LzHmBTIw 17/05/05(Fri)00:29 No. 25023 ID: ef02bd

much appreciated. next chapter may take a bit because my laptop needs keyboard repairs to fix a few bridged circuits and I lack the tools. probably gonna let a friend do it this weekend.

Anonymous 17/05/17(Wed)12:15 No. 25030 ID: 7f05fa

I'm looking forward to your next post!

Monochrome!!V0LzHmBTIw 17/05/23(Tue)12:02 No. 25036 ID: ef02bd

I have the laptop back but repairs failed. my keyboard is fried. fucking proprietary HP bullshit is expensive to replace, so later this week I'll pick up an external keyboard and continue the story, since doing any large amount of typing on the onscreen keyboard is fucking annoying. this craptop is at the end of its' lifespan anyways.

Monochrome!!V0LzHmBTIw 17/06/14(Wed)22:45 No. 25061 ID: ef02bd

I heard the phone ring. It was Thursday. I hadn't had any jobs for the last few days so I'd gotten drunk last night and passed out on the couch watching cheesy slasher flicks. I felt my head pounding.
Groggily I answered the phone with a brief "Yeah?"
"Uh...hey. This a bad time? You ok?" came the voice from the other end. It was, to my surprise, Alice, the object of my dreams for the last few days.
"I'm just hungover. What's up?" I answered.
"Can I come over for a bit? I'll help you feel better." Now that had some interesting images in my head. I considered for a moment.
"Just make sure Johnny knows."

Two hours later she buzzed up to my apartment. I threw on a tshirt and went to the door the moment she knocked on it. I really wasn't sure what to expect.
She smiled at me from the hall, Red lips and simple black eyeliner. As always, she could wear anything and look gorgeous, but today she looked adorable.
I ushered her in, blinking at the brightness of the hallway lights. Fucking florescent shit. I don't know why anyone thought that was suitable for lighting.
She was saying something about school, but I was distracted by both my hangover and the tshirt she wore, cut and tied in a laddering pattern but leaving her flat-but-defined stomach visible and hanging off of her shoulders, looking even better with her tight black jeans and that fantastic ass of hers I'd never fully appreciated. Suddenly I realized she'd stopped talking and was watching me looking her over. I reached a hand up and scratched the back of my neck. I felt my face flush a bit with embarrassment when I made eye contact with her.
"I'm gonna make you some tea." She said with a sly smile. "Drink this." She handed me a bottle of pepsi.
Smooth, I thought to myself, and sat down on the couch. I drank the pepsi with a couple hangover relief tablets. Within a few minutes she sat down beside me.
"How are you feeling?" She asked.
"Head's better. Stomach's a touch queasy. Sorry for eyeing you up earlier."
"I appreciate it." She said. She leaned over and put her head on my shoulder, wrapping both hands around my arm.
The kettle started whistling and she left to make tea. I was struggling with my thoughts. I wanted to grab her, rip her clothes off, and fuck her into a coma. I suspected she'd appreciate it, but there was the age issue, and the fact that she's my best friend's little sister. And my hangover. I felt like shit. She came back with a cup of tea for me. I accepted it with a mumbled "Thanks"
"I love this place" She was saying. "It's so you, with the bare brick and the half-loft thing over there. Is that your bed?" She asked, indicating a platform above the kitchen. It was indeed my bedroom area. I nodded and pointed to the small staircase in the corner that led up to it. "Didn't make it up there last night. Too hammered." I mentioned with a grin.
She stretched, in that sexy catlike way only women can, and said "You shoulda invited me over. By the way, you stink. You should go take a shower once you're done that tea."
"Gee, thanks. you sure know how to make a fella feel appreciated." I shot back at her. She was right though. I'd fallen asleep drunk and sweaty and smelled like it.
I finished my tea, and sure enough I felt a lot better, and told her so. I thanked her with a hug and she reminded me I smelled. So I told her I'd be right back and hopped off the couch, moving towards the bathroom. I took off my tshirt and threw it at her. She laughed and threw it back, yelling after me with "YEAH, TAKE IT OFF, SEAMUS!" I shut the door behind me and turned on the shower. Not long after I slid the shower door closed, I heard the main door creak ever so slightly open, and then closed again. The little minx was peeping on me!
10 minutes later I exited the bathroom in a towel, and made my way out to the main room. She wasn't there. Perhaps she went home? I went up the stairs, and she was sitting on my bed!
"Ooooooh, muscles!" she teased.
"I...uh...gotta get dressed, Alice." I said, surprised she was still sitting.
"I'll avert my eyes." She said, dramatically placing her hand over her eyes.
Well, whatever. I pulled on a pair of jockeys and dropped the towel as I pulled on a fresh pair of pants(black, with silver brocade), then was about to slip a tshirt on when I felt her hand on my chest, which then ran down my stomach, resting on the waistband of my pants.
"Really, Alice?" I asked.
"Ummm..." came the response.
I turned around and took a couple steps back. "Look, Alice, you're...too young. Or rather I'm too old." I started.
"Doesn't matter." She retorted.
"It could get me arrested." I said.
"You have the right to remain sexy." she giggled.
"You should find someone your own age."
I noticed I'd taken a step closer to her.
"I did. A couple of them. It didn't work. All I could think about was you." She said, all in a rush.
"I...I want to...but you're my best friend's sister." I said.
"Johnny knows I want you. I have since I was 12. He approves." She took off her shirt. I knew she was right. I was still afraid to do what I wanted to do.
She leaned in, steadied a hand against my chest, and kissed me. My defenses were gone. I kissed back. My arms wrapped themselves around her, my hand found her bra clasp. Suddenly our lips were mashing together desperately. I felt her hands fumble with the button-fly of my pants. We'd fallen back onto the bed, she'd fished my erection out. My mouth was on her nipple and she was gasping. Then her pants were off, and so were mine. My cock slapped against her stomach. 8 inches never looked so enormous.
"My god...is it gonna fit?" She asked.
I knew how to make it. I was eating her out, my nose grinding against her mons, my tongue finding its' way around the inner folds of her labia. It was wet enough after a few minutes. I stood up, and lined myself up. This was it. I looked into her eyes as I eased it in. Her lips curled into a smile and her head shot back with a gasp. My fingers found their way into her hair and I pulled, slowly fucking my way in. Deeper and deeper until I was all the way in. Her arms flailed and her left hand curled into a fist and pounded against the bed, and she gasped out "WAITAMINUTE". I waited for her to catch her breath before she nodded and I started working up speed. The sounds she made were halfway between pain and pleasure. Grunts, mewls, and gasps. When I had worked up to my full fervor I was pounding into her, and between gasps she was making nonsensical words and cursing. Her pussy was like a vice, gripping my cock so tightly I expected blood. I kept railing into and out of her, pulling her head back and biting her shoulder. After what seemed like ages I felt the familiar boiling within myself, and warned her "Alice, I'm cumming."
She wrapped her legs around me, digging her heels into my ass, And I came inside her. I came and came. I didn't think I had that much in me. I thought it would never stop. And finally it did, and I slumped down beside her on the bed, completely exhausted.
"I just...I never...amazing...oh god...wow...so much..." I heard her mumbling breathlessly beside me. I felt her cuddle up to me, and she fell asleep. I was asleep soon after. I definitely didn't expect this today.

Monochrome!!V0LzHmBTIw 17/07/22(Sat)20:43 No. 25102 ID: ef02bd

Sorry it's been taking me a while to get back to this. Life comes at you fast. Sometimes wielding a shotgun and a copy of the Necronomicon.


When I woke up it was sometime in late evening. I felt comfortable warmth against my side. Alice was curled up to me, her head on my shoulder and her hand on my chest. I could feel her rhythmic breathing. I felt some small sense of guilt. What we'd done was clearly illegal, but it was what we both wanted. I should have had more responsibility, maybe been more in the mindset of caretaker, but she was too damned beautiful and aggressive for me to keep up resistance for too long. Feeling the need for a post-coital and post-sleep piss, I stood up slowly, extricating myself from the blankets and Alice's slender limbs. I felt my breath catch as I looked down at her lying naked in my bed, her hair splayed out on the pillow, she looked even more breathtaking. Like a model from a Luis Royo painting. Perfection in the flesh. I heard her mumble something as I left the room.
By the time I'd returned I could hear music coming from her cellphone, quiet but very much audible.

"What did I say?
I've never felt this way before.
Is that what they say?
It's a defect in my core.
Oh I'm shutting down,
shutting down,
shutting down my brain.
I feel it now,
feel it now,
This seductive pain."

I searched in my head for the song, one of those neo-retro electronic bands. Purturbator. I'd seen the video once on youtube. I think it was called Sentient. Something about a cyborg bondage sex cult or something.
Alice was still curled up, looking at her makeup in a compact mirror. Surprisingly, it hadn't run much over the course of the night.
"Hey, feelin' better? I know I sure am." She said to me. sitting up.
"Alice...I honestly didn't...I feel awkward." Was all I could say, rubbing the back of my head. I felt a lot of things about what had happened. Getting those from brain to mouth suddenly felt impossible.
"I know. You always have been. It's endearing." She said. I couldn't help feeling a bit patronized. "Kiss me." she demanded as I sat down on the bed beside her. I felt her shift over closer to me. She smelled of something sweet, mixed with sweat and the smell of sex. I took her chin in my hand and kissed her deeply. How could I not? I felt my thoughts clear a little. This was right, even if it was wrong. As we ended the kiss she leaned her head on my shoulder.
"I wanted this Alice," I heard myself say. "But you do know it's illegal right? I could go to prison for what we did."
"Fuck the law. I know goddamn well what I want." She muttered.
"And...what, if anything, am I gonna tell Johnny?"
"Told ya he knows already. It's cool, don't worry."
I opened my mouth to argue, but I didn't want to spoil things. I was happy, true. I felt good having her here, just being near her helped set my mind at ease. Whether I wanted to admit it or not, she'd had that effect on me back when my parents had died as well. I heard her phone start playing The Cure's 'Disintegration'. I'd decided something there.
"Whatever happens," I pulled her chin up until her eyes were looking into mine, "I'm in. I'm seeing this through, whatever happens. You're right. I've wanted this. You've wanted this. You're damn smart. Smarter than I am for fuck sakes. I'm sorry."
She smiled, and punched me in the shoulder "I fucking told you so, asshole. Now what are we gonna do for supper? I'm hungry."
We ordered Chinese.
We'd been seated on the couch eating chow mein out of the shitty takeout boxes and watching Dario Argento's 'Inferno' When I heard Alice say "you know, you've got a pretty great cock." and damn near choked on my food.
"Where'd that come from?" I asked after she'd stopped laughing and I'd stopped coughing.
"Well, you do!" She laughed, and then more soberly added "I had wondered since I'd first felt it way back then..."
"What, at the club?" I asked. She looked at me sheepishly and shook her head.
"Nope. Before. At your old place."
...the fuck? I had no memory of this. She must have noticed my look of confusion because she added "Okay don't be mad. I uh...one time when Johnny and I were over you'd fallen asleep. Johnny went to go to the bathroom and I noticed you'd gotten kind of hard in your sleep, and got curious. Felt it over your pants, and it got harder. Then I heard the door open and went back to my seat before Johnny came back. I've kind of been occasionally thinking about it ever since. Don't hate me!" It all came out in a rush. I couldn't help but laugh and shake my head. The little shit had been precocious even then and I had no idea!
We sat in silence for a bit, watching 'Mark' wind his way through the secret passages under the crawlspace in the film, and Alice laid her head in my lap, stating simply "I'm glad I can just be myself around you and I never feel judged. I love you, Seamus."
"Unexpected though it is, I love you too." I replied, looking down at her. I knew I had for a while.
Sadly, the time came when she had to leave, so she could sleep at home and attend school tomorrow. I felt a tiny pang of guilt, reminded again of just how young she was. It passed as we drove through the streets with her arms wrapped around my waist and the wind whipping at our clothing. It felt free. She kissed me goodbye when we'd arrived at the little victorian home, perhaps with a bit more passion than was appropriate to show in the streets, and she smiled, turning to walk up the stairs with a skip in her step.
Returning home, I put on a playlist on my computer and settled down for the night, noticing she'd left her panties on my bedroom floor. I heard the rich voice of Brendan Perry singing

"I need my conscience to keep watch over me.
To protect me from myself.
So I can wear honesty like a crown on my head,
When I walk into the promised land.
We've been too long American dreaming,
And I think we all lost the way.
Forlorn somnambulistic maniacal in the dark.
I'm in love with an American girl,
She's my best friend,
I love her surreptitious smile,
That hides the feelings within her.
And we'll go dancing in the rings of laughter,
And live along by the shores."
I realized I felt at peace with myself. I felt good. I felt right. Come what may this thing with Alice was the right place for me to be. I fell asleep to music and peace.

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Fucking nice

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