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Freeuse world kreelkarem!!AyBTZ5LGRk 17/04/23(Sun)19:24 No. 25007 ID: 325c8c

Reality unchecked, morality unchecked, integrity unchecked, logic unchecked. This reality makes little sense.

In this world there is two different chaste living in harmony, The Normals, the vast majority of the people, the working class, the smart, the useful, the people that makes the things work and life worth. And the second chaste, The Free, The Free people renounces all rights of ownership and morality, The Free are not tools for The Normal, The Free can not be owned, The Free can only be used.

Becoming a Free implies renouncing all rights, nothing done to you is illegal, except being forever bounded to ownership.

Anyone at the age of 18 can choose to be Free.

This is a freeuse society.

Part I. Choosing.

Chris looked through the window of the school at the streets down, two business men where walking out of a coffee shop and talking to each other, a Free girl was sleeping naked on a bench. As if day dreaming, Chris saw them stopping and poking her to get up and suck their cocks while they kept chatting about whatever they where talking about.
“Pay me” said one of the other students on the room to a different one, they had bet the girl would not sleep for more than 15 minutes until someone else used her, she was a popular one, large tits, long dark hair, clumped now with dry cum, people insisted on cleaning their cocks on her hair. Chris sighed almost unnoticeable, but one of his classmates looked at him, smiled and winked. Chris blushed and looked away, his heart beating like a drum.

Later that day during the lunch hour a bunch of Normals where laughing in the hall and passing a Free girl that used to be a cheerleader two weeks ago, but she had chosen in her 18’s birthday and now wasn’t even enrolled in this school. Her head was stuck between the legs of another cheerleader, a proper one, that used to be her friend, but now was just another Normal, while a guy was fucking her ass and chatting the cheerleader about going out for a date or something. Chris looked all of this enthralled and didn’t noticed when the classmate from before sat next to him. So he startled when he said, “So you wanna be a Free?”

Chris almost jumped from his chair but had the strength to stop and looked at him scared, “What?” he said.

“You wanna be a Free” he said again, Chris looked around and wondered if someone else listened. It wasn’t weird for a boy to want to become a Free, but Chris was jumped by the sudden interest of his classmate. And was confirmed when his classmate said, “but you don’t want to be a Free dude right? You want to be used like a Free girl”

To be fair, there wasn’t much distinction in practice, a Free man would be used pretty much the same as a Free woman, if someone wanted to fuck them, they could not say no, if they where wanted to suck cocks, they would suck cocks, thats what a Free does after all. But free men are usually used by women, because well, thats what most Free men are useful for. But a Free man that dreamed of being used by Normal men? well, that was a little different wasn’t it? After all the Free can’t choose who will use them, they don’t have that right, they don’t have any rights.

And it was a difficult choice to make, because Chris wanted to be used just like that girl that used to be a cheerleader was being used, fucked like a piece of meat and passed to the next, he wanted to wake up on a bench on a city he didn’t even knew and fucked out of his sleep.

Chris looked away and said in a whisper, “yeah”

“Ha, ha!” said the boy, and added grinning “I knew it!”

“I’ll just be a Free though, once I choose I would not have to worry about wishes anymore” Chris said, and a lump in his throat made him stop talking.

“Have you heard of the Transformation Of Yourself project?” the boy said, and Chris shacked his head in a no. “They are a group of people that are working to increase the usability of Free people, you should check their website while you have access to a computer, can’t go to them when you are Free, and I’ll be fucking your ass too much to let you go anyway” the boy said with another grin and pinched Chris cheek, that was blushing again, with a smile he couldn’t hide at all.

That evening when walking back to his house he passed through the park as usual, in the way he crossed a Free he saw from time to time strolling around in her four legs, she couldn’t really stay up on two so her arms worked as extra legs, because someone had installed on her huge heavy tits, so big that they where scrapping the ground even while she was crawling. A few dogs where smelling her crotch and a few kids where laughing and dancing around her, “Cow, Cow! Useless Cow” they sang, “Cow, Cow! Useless slut, Cow Cow Useless Cow” they sang and laughed. The Free was smiling at them and singing along, she had probably taught them the song. She had a few hundred tattoos in her back, mostly hearts with arrows around them and pairs of names, lists of names and phone numbers, her hair was all but gone, probably some of the Free Control agencies had had to cut it instead of trying to wash it. Chris kept walking away and let the kids play with the Free cow slut, nothing new there but a broken free, useless to anyone but the homeless that slept in the park at night and needed someone to keep their cocks or cunts warm. Chris dream of a day, 20, 30 years from now, with him in some other park, with kids laughing around him and dogs wanting to have a free fuck. It was a common dream he had.

Back in his house his brother was watching TV, a Free girl was bobbing his cock while he watched, it wasn’t anyone he knew, but thats how the Free worked, so it was OK, “Sup bro” he said. Chris said “Hi” and trowed his backpack, “Wanna use her later?” he asked, “nah, I’m OK” Chris said, and passed to the kitchen where his Mom was eating a salad and talking to his father that was chewing a sandwich, “Hey kid” his father said, “you seem down”, his mother looked at him and said “You will be able to choose in two weeks, are you doubting becoming a Free? being a Normal implies lots of work you know, we do need Frees after all”
“Yeah Mom, I know” Chris said and, “It’s not that, I… I just need to go to my room, i have homework”
“Mkay” his Mother said, and added when he went for the stairs “Free don’t have homework” in a sing song manner, Chris just shacked his head and laughed, “I knooow mooom” he said.

His room was covered from wall to wall with pictures of Free men and women being used, some he took himself, some where posters that came with the Sunday paper, some where old centerfolds showing the progression of a particular Free through time that a photographer had made himself famous for, those where his favorites. One of those showed a petite blond girl smiling for her Free Registry picture, she was proudly showing her shoulder branding, the symbol of the Free and a serial number. The free registry didn’t bothered storing their names, Free didn’t had a need for those, and their serial number was more than enough to process them in case they needed more assistance than the standard. But thanks to the Free society had evolved so fast in the last three hundred years that people rarely got sick for real, there weren’t any disease that couldn’t be readily found and eradicated by the Free Control agencies around the globe. The second picture in the series was of four years later, the girl was almost unrecognizable, her face had been altered by someone, they had made her lips bigger and of a red so bright it was almost a primary color, her eyes where also changed by some kind that had little use in real life, her pupils had heart shapes and where of a shimmering pink, for all purposes she was legally blind, but then again, there wasn’t any legality on her to start with, her shoulder tattoo was still very recognizable, the only thing that people that used Frees had to be careful with, but it wasn’t like people would mistake her with a Normal at this point. The next picture showed her ten years later, her face was completely changed again, she now looked like a plastic toy, one her tits had been inflated and the other was deflated and hanging out, she had dozens of tattoos all over her skin and her hair was changed to some sort of electric wire, apparently some artist had used her as a model for a show and had made all sort of changes just for the shock value. The next picture was 2 years later, someone had taken the effort to restore her as far as they could to the original girl, and the result was a grotesque caricature of herself, almost less human than the baroque herself from two years ago.

Chris looked at this series enthralled everyday for the last 10 years before going to sleep, this girls trip through life, becoming a work of art, an object of relevance and of irrelevance, it forged his mind, he wanted to be that girl, he wanted to be a toy to be transformed and altered for the entertainment of others.

He sat at his computer and had an eerie feeling, ‘my computer’, he though, soon he’d have nothing of his own, this room, this posters, this computer, none of this would belong to him anymore, no choice would be allowed to him and he’d have to obey any order given to him by a Normal.

Transformation Of Yourself was a project created by the government recently, he hadn’t really been paying attention because news weren’t really something that mattered to Free people, the project page was rather simple and said very little:

Our objective in the Transformation Of Yourself project, or TOY project, is to create a fairer world for the Free, our analysis of the Free usage of the last 150 years has shown us a disproportionated usage of female Free over male Free, with larger and larger populations of Free men having to be re-purposed in the later stages of function into breeding grounds. The project can not force Free into a given path, as this opposes the spirit of the Free Imperative that conforms our society, however we postulate that given better and more interesting starting point to the progression path of the Free we can provide a more interesting and useful lifespan of the Free. For this is encouraged to anyone who is considering becoming a Free to contact the TOY center closer to them.

The page then had a search function where you could locate the closest TOY center, unto which Chris filled almost immediately the post code and got an address.

That night he couldn’t properly sleep at all and just sat staring at the progression pictures until sunrise came through the window and he step out of the room. He passed beyond his brothers room, he was naked with his cock erect on a classic morning wood, that Chris didn’t stop to marvel with, for once, then the master bedroom, where his parents where sleeping, with the Free girl that his brother was using yesterday stuck between them sleeping, he noticed the girl had his mother classical bite marks all over her tits, she was always so mean, and kept walking out, to the TOY.

He walked cross the town park again, the cow slut Free was tied in a cross with her ass up in the air and snoring using her stupidly huge boobs as pillows, and the girl that was outside the coffee shop yesterday was moaning in the bus stop, being used once again by a bored commuter that was waiting to go to his work, Chris wondered if she had had any time to sleep in the whole day, he remembered the girl now sleeping between his parents back in the house, the disparities of the world.

The TOY project center was in a corner of the streets surrounding the park, it wasn’t in his normal route from school to home so he never noticed, and it was also a rather small and unassuming building, only a small billboard with the TOY project text and a window showing Free people posing for their profile registry, he could have passed the place a hundred times and not noticed, but now that he did, he realized that all the Free in the pictures where beautiful looking women, and that all of them had penises. His jaw drop out of his face and stared at the pictures. His choice was made.

kreelkarem!!AyBTZ5LGRk 17/04/28(Fri)07:28 No. 25012 ID: d65f6e

Universe FR3353X. Chapter 1.01

how much money can you spend on a Free? well, that depends on you, the Free don’t mind at all.

Chapter 1.01 Ownership and sharing

Owning a Free goes against the basic core of their existence, however the Normal have the constant desire of things and people, the desire that the Free let go, so some Normal sometimes get attached to a Free and keep them around, feed them, clothe them, and use them in different ways, it doesn’t always have to be sexual but it usually is. However the Normals that keep those Frees under their care can’t claim ownership over them, so if anyone wants to take them and use them they can’t stop them under any circumstance.

It’s rare for a Free to use a name, they don’t really have a right to one, and Normals rarely ask them anyway.

This Free was bound to a house, not by ownership, but because Normals knew that the houselady just liked to have him around, and it was polite to ask for him and returning him relatively unharmed, today was one of such cases, Letiana birthday party was coming up and she needed to release some steam after the whole week of planning and work was being slowed by some cunt in the accounting department that was blocking a shipment because some paperwork she refused to do, but that didn’t really matter much, Letiana just needed someone to have a good fuck that could stand for as long as she needed him.

The Free man had been under her lady training for the last three years, he had been taken under her care just a few months after he signed to become Free. He was forced to run for hours everyday, and then to masturbate for her for at least one whole hour without cuming, and then he had to do more exercise, the houselady just liked to see his muscles flexing and shining, he was a pretty house decoration after all, so when letiana came to ask for him she found the Free man massaging the houselady as he did everyday after she came from work, he didn’t really spoke, in fact most Free weren’t encouraged to, their opinion didn’t really matter much.

The transaction was a mere politeness exchange, Letiana could have just grab him and took him away, but she wasn’t rude, so she just asked the houselady for him, and of course the houselady didn’t had any reason not to give him away, as she didn’t have any reason to be mad if the Free never returned after that, she had already lost quite a few of her house decorations in the passing years, and the idea of training a new one wasn’t without her enthrallment.

Letiana took the Free by the cock and pulled him up, he looked at her and smiled, “good boy” she said, “go wait in the car” and slapped him in the ass, so while he walked outside and got in the car, Letiana said her goodbyes to the houselady asking if she would come to the party in the weekend, that she would have some entertainment set up, a passing Free Trainers group was hired to do a show and they had a set of Free trained on deep throating and fistfucking magic tricks that where pretty popular. The houselady promised she would be there.

Back in the car the Free was sitting half naked, his glistering body shimmering under the late evening lights and looked at her, she noticed that he had a throbbing erection already and shook her head, the boy was very well trained, all his muscles would be hard.

Back in the house she ordered him to stand in the living room and flex his body slowly for her, so while she made her drinks and sat in the couch to watch him, he turned, dancing slowly to the music she had started playing, and moved with a grace only achieved by countless hours of repetition and practice, he moved all his muscles, showing a strength and definition given by years of constant exercise.

She started rubbing herself while watching, slowly, almost bored, but not really, just focusing, trying to put herself on a place of mindfulness, trying to let all the work and generic life burdens go away, for a moment she wondered if it wouldn’t have been better to just join the Free, the idea excited her for a moment but then passed away with the realization that if she did, she wouldn’t have the chance to have her choice on companions, she wouldn’t have the chance to just choose someone like this Free to entertain her, and that wasn’t really her way.

After fifteen or twenty minutes the Free man was sweating profusely, and she was soaking wet as well, “kneel and lick me” she said finishing her drink, so he did, slowly, methodically, one side, the other, her clitoris and then again, every fold was unfolded, every square centimeter was licked, methodically, rhythmically, at the beat of the music playing. Letiana left her muscles relax and closed her eyes, she slowly rubbed her nipples without even thinking she was doing so, she slowly pinched and caressed herself, finally, after not much time she pushed his head between her legs and let the first orgasm of the night go, she shook and screamed, all the while the Free man kept licking, kept sucking, kept moving as he was trained to do countless hours in the passing years, not stopping until he got told to.

Letiana finally pulled him out of her legs and ordered him to go bath, while he did she went to her room to set her bed to her liking, she trowed some pillows around and found her lube tubes, she also brought paper towels from the kitchen and set them on the nightstand, when the Free man finished washing he walked to her already naked waiting, and as in command his cock raised and stood erect for her, she laughed at the boy’s reaction to her naked body and pointed him to the lube, he went for it and then walked to her, she ordered him to lube her vagina for her. The Free man poured some of it on her, she shivered a little because it was cold against her heated body, and then he started rubbing it all around, slowly lubing her inside and out, first with slow circles around the outside lips of her pussy, the with a single finger the inner lips, then more lube and slowly the second finger went inside, placing more and more lube around, Letiana moaned and pinched her own tits, massaging them to increase her sensory input, the Free finally pushed three fingers inside her and she said, “Thats enough, fuck me”, and to her surprise he spoke for the first time and said “Yes mistress”, she shivered at the words and laughed, she liked that a lot.

The Free man pushed himself up and parted her legs, his cock erect and shining, as he was stroking it with lube the whole time he was preparing her for it, his cock head looked like a dark mushroom on a long veiny shaft, and he pushed it through her lips, passing easily and quick, but it’s size was more than two fingers, and it’s length was much much longer as well. Letiana’s body shivered while it kept going inside her, more and more, so long, so big, she felt full to an extreme, and he kept going, and finally, he reached the whole length and started to pull out. Letiana’s arms flew to him, to his ass, and kept him there for a moment, she wanted to enjoy the fullness for a moment longer, so he stayed, she finally opened her eyes, looked at him directly and let his ass go, he pulled out, slowly again, for forever it seemed, and then he pushed back inside, faster this time, and then again, slowly increasing the pace, steady reaching a rhythm that was engraved in his muscle memory of hours upon hours of practice, and he kept pumping, and pumping, almost mechanically, methodically, emotionless but forever caring, his eyes always on hers, checking her reactions, checking her excitement, he was ordered to fuck her, so he did, never stopping, until told to.

Letiana saw him working, it was Adonis made flesh, a machine to fuck, nothing more nothing less, and she enjoyed him, and of course he kept going, the friction of their bodies sending waves of pleasure to her brain, the wild nature of the event just increasing her enjoyment. And he kept going, his whole cock almost going out of her vagina, and then it going whole back again. And he kept going. She could see his mind going away, his cock throbbing inside her cunt and his arms shaking, he was doing all he could not to cum, it was a pleasure to see his suffering, the pain of the concentration, of the realization that he was doing all for her pleasure, that he was enduring it with a strength only the Free could have had, her own pleasure increased and enhanced pushed herself to a blissful state of a long and energizing orgasm that left her out of her own mind.

Letiana’s body was trembling away, her eyes where gone white, she screamed and moaned, her body muscles tensed and released, and the Free kept pumping, mechanically, methodically, rhythmically, so not to disturb his mistress pleasure in the least, and with each pump she trembled and changed, she moaned and pushed, she pulled him to her and clawed her hands to his back, in a strong embrace that surprised him into a stop, she pushed her legs around him and bite her own lips, and the surprised Free just let his cock do what it had to do and came inside of her, copious amount of cum, stored for days of orgasm denial, and he kept cuming and cuming, until she pushed him away, his cock popping out of her vagina with a wet suction sound and still spilling his seed all around, she laughed at him and shook her head, still blissful, ordering him to clean her with the paper towels.

After a careful cleaning of her legs and belly her pussy was still dripping cum, so she ordered him to eat all out of her for the night. Opening her legs apart she ordered him to just lick everything that came out of it through the night, and putting her head back to the pillows in the bed instantaneously fell to sleep.

Anonymous 17/05/13(Sat)00:37 No. 25029 ID: 819375

I definitely like it. Although I do think a bit more of info on the backend regarding the Free would help the story (but I am sure you will go into that more as he goes through the process). But I was wondering about things such what do they eat? Its not like they have money to buy food or anything, so are there like homeless shelter kind of setups but for Free or something kind of idea?

I am also not sure what direction you plan on going in in terms of how light/dark the storyline is, but I think it would be good to atleast touch on the dangers and how its viewed or dealt with. Like this is a super super dark example, but based on what we have been told then everything is free game except messing with their barcode. But I mean they have to have some kind of rights. So for the example, say you had a sadist who liked to torture people. Would it be okay for him to just start mutilating Free on the street? What is done for them medical care wise? There is definitely a part of the population which likes things.... rough. Or hell even if they get in an accident, free medical care wherever kind of idea i suppose?

I guess my point being is that unless the story has the potential to get extremely dark, it would be good to set up more...... codes of conduct or rights of the Free.

And also what happens if someone changes their mind? A few months being a Free and they absolutely hate it and refuse to cooperate, what happens then? Or are you going to have something like a required surgery or undergo some sort of mind control to ensure that they are always cooperative and do as they are told, and possibly even receive pleasure when they obey, and pain if they dont kind of idea. But need some method of ensuring that it is a one way street as the direction you seem to be taking it.

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