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The New Box | TG, MF TG_Wave 17/05/20(Sat)06:48 No. 25034 ID: 5cd996

Hey all, I'm a TG erotica author. I've actually written a bunch of stories (some for sale), but I'm about half way through my magnum opus, a TG story about cheerleaders, drugs and bodysuits. Its more complex than anything I've ever attempted, but I really, really want to get it right. If I had someone willing to edit it and/or bounce ideas off would help me make it everything I think it can be.

Truthfully, all of my stories could use an editor, but even my wife doesn't know the content of the smut I write, so I'm asking if anyone here is interested. Without this site, I never would have published any of my stories, so I wanted to come back and ask for help one more time.

Following this is one of my shorter stories (which I'd be happy to receive feedback on), but all my erotica is available here:


The New Box

David was unbelievably, undeniably, overwhelmingly bored. Grimly he fiddled with his phone, debating another round Candy Crush as the minutes crawled by. Sunlight poured through the window, but David wasn’t deceived, it was mightily cold outside. He sank deeper into the old couch, ignoring the draft from the old windows, checking his phone for any new messages that had arrived in the last thirty seconds.

Since his university was all but abandoned during the long weekend, David had unexpectedly decided to return to his childhood home, only to discover his parents had left for a cruise without telling him. He had the old Victorian house to himself, but things had changed since high school and many of his friends were off working or spending the weekend on their own college campuses. Loneliness formed an oppressive weight that dulled his senses. Minutes passed like minuscule eternities while he struggled with extreme cabin fever. None of his friends were around to help lift the fog of depression that had settled all about him.

Sprawled on the nearly-antique couch David stared at his phone grimly, his expression of distaste reflected in its 5 inch screen. Scrolling through his contacts was a waste of time. David had already texted everyone that he was interested in hanging out with… Suddenly, inspiration struck like a lightning bolt. He hadn’t yet texted the ones that he WASN’T interested in hanging out with!

“Wait,” David said aloud to himself, more evidence that his cabin fever was reaching enormous proportions, “that’s a terrible idea.” He stared at the “GT” with trepidation and although David had difficulty remembering why such a loser was in his phone to begin with, he was rapidly losing the war against boredom, even a visit from a high school dropout would be an interesting diversion. Then he stared at his phone another minute before shrugging and texting a ‘Want to hang?’ to a name he barely recognized.

Even so, at first there was no response and David sighed in relief. Then came a single response: A cryptic “b thr sn”. David winced when he saw who it was from and instantly regretted the decision to send the text in the first place.

Garret Tremblay didn’t roll with David’s normal crew back in high school. He was a little too clingy, a little too insistent; The boy had been repellant to women, despite possessing some measure of outward attractiveness. That was more than enough reason for David and his friends to keep their distance, but evidently, he was now on his way over.

Sure enough, a scant 20 minutes after the fateful text, the doorbell rang. Dragging himself from the old piece of furniture, David rose and approached the door. Silhouetted through the circular glass window in the center of the door, a figure shivered against the cold.

Indeed, opening the door revealed a tall, heavily bundled Garret. Only his nose poked out from the fur lined hood. Together with fidgeting posture, it reminded David of a ferret and he had to stifle a chuckle. Under Garret’s arm was a nondescript brown package which he clung to solidly with a pair of gloved hands. Swiftly the figure moved inside to the relative warmth of the interior and David stepped aside before hurriedly closing the door, preventing the surge of cold air from advancing any further.

Gingerly, Garret placed the parcel on a nearby table and pulled off the heavily padded coat and likewise removed gloves and winter cap, placing them beside the package. He was still as tall as David remembered, his short dark hair twisted in every direction and combined with the layer of stubble over his chin gave the impression of a man who had just woken up.

Although David felt like a poor judge of some things, he knew that a lot of women really liked that borderline hipster look. It was a far-cry from the preppy look that had dominated years ago in high school. “The strait-edged, clean look is a classic,” David thought stubbornly, running his hands through the neatly combed dark hair on his own head.

“It’s been a while,” David said finally as he watched the other man assess his surroundings.

“Three years,” said Garret matter-of-factly. “In fact, I was a little surprised to see your text. What brings you back to town?” His voice caught David off guard, deeper and more serious than he remembered.

“Long weekends make campus a ghost town,” David replied. “I just wasn’t expecting my parents to be gone too. Who’s going to do all this laundry I brought home?”

Both shared a laugh and some of the tension left the room. Garret remained smiling and hefted the mysterious package. “You’re in luck,” he said. “I don’t know if you remember, but my family owns the antique store on Willow Street. You knew that right?”

They both began to walk inside and sat down at the dining room table, where Garret placed the parcel between them.

“I think so,” David answered. The truth was, everyone made fun of Garret and his weird family and their store of overpriced garbage, but he’d never say it out loud.

“Well my dad goes on trips to flea markets and garage sales across the country and sometimes sends back rare or valuable items to eventually sell. This…” He gestured at the item. “Just came in the mail.”

“W-What is it?”

“I don’t know, but the note my dad sent with it said that it ‘grants wishes’.” David gave him a sour look and Garret quickly countered by saying, “I know it sounds insane. My dad is obviously messing with me, but it came as I was heading out and I thought it might be fun to open it up here. After all,” he added, “you never know, heh…”

David eyed man and package with suspicion, but eventually shrugged and said, “Well, we might as well open it.”

Garret sighed in relief and began to peel away the layers of packing paper and tape, uncovering a heavily inscribed, dark-wood box. Some sort of hieroglyphic markings ran along the length of all four sides and over the ornate lid. Gold leaf wound around the lid, weaving intricate designs that seemed to draw the eye inward.

Both men took turns turning the football sized chest over, tracing the markings and feeling the detailed carvings inlaid against the ancient feeling surface. It felt hollow, yet heavier than it had any right to be.

Garret tried to open the lid but had no success.

“I can find a screwdriver… or a hammer if you really want to get in there,” David said.

“No,” Garret answered. “My dad will kill me if I damage it.”

“Well, did you make a wish at least? You know, in your head?”

“Yeah actually, I asked for a hot, submissive girlfriend that obeys my every whim, you?”

“Heh,” David chuckled. “I just wished for something to relieve my boredom.”

Suddenly, the lid of the box flew open, and an intense light flooded the room. Both men covered their eyes and the box tumbled to the table. A high whine rose in his ears and a thunderous force propelled him backwards flipping the chair and sending him stumbling backwards.

Light faded and sight returned. To his still watering eyes, David saw the same dining room, if slightly blurrily, but something felt off. As his vision resolved, a grey blur turned out to be Garret looming even taller than before.

“Did you get taller?” David asked, and then blinked in alarm, as he did not recognize the voice coming from his own mouth.

Garret finished rubbing his own eyes and stared at the person across the room with wonder. Instead of David, stood a barefooted, beautiful young woman with stunning almond colored hair and slender figure. She was wearing a tight sweater which clung to her perky chest and short skirt revealing slender legs.

“What happened?” she asked in a perky feminine tone. “What’s wrong with my voice, and why does everything look bigger?” Her long eyelashes fluttered as she looked around concern, trying to clear her vision.

Garret rounded the table and with concern regarded the diminutive woman, “David. Is that you?”

“Of course it’s me,” the woman replied, clearing her throat. “It must have been some kind of helium explosion.”

Clearly concerned, Garret gestured in her direction. “Um, look down.”

David did so and nearly toppled over in shock. He peeked under the neckline of his sweater, finding a pair of perfectly shaped breasts nestled in a dark bra. A breathless gasp escaped his lips as he reached under the skirt, expecting a cock and balls, but instead he felt a pair of panties and the outline of a feminine gap through the thin fabric with his fingers.

“How did this happen?” David asked in his new melodious voice. He studied his slender fingers with long, seemingly manicured fingernails at the tip.

Garret glanced back at the table where the relic sat on its side, appearing inert and motionless, like a box could be expected to behave. “I think it answered our wishes once we voiced them aloud.”

“But I didn’t wish to be a girl,” David whined.

“No,” Garret responded patronizingly. “But I did wish for a girlfriend and you…”

David finished the sentence “…Wished to not be bored. Well that’s just perfect,” he added sarcastically, fiddling with the hem of the skirt. He had obviously never worn one before and was trying to adjust to the sensation of openness between his legs.

Garret gathered the box into his arms. “Maybe we can wish to turn back?” he asked looking at the mystical item, then his eyes shifted to David. “But I’m going to miss looking at you. That body is so hot, it hurts.

“You really think so?!” David responded, in a bubbly tone, a flush rising in his cheeks. He even swayed slightly, as if reveling in the praise. An instant later his smile vanished. “I… I don’t know where that came from,” David stammered.

Garret’s eyes narrowed as he regarded David and he tightened his grip on the box. An idea had begun to blossom in his mind, and he finally said, “I mean, I asked for a sexy, submissive girl, one who probably can’t help but want me.”

“You’re super handsome,” David said taking a step closer and speaking in a raspy voice that dripped with eroticism, her expression that of a seductress. “Any woman would hardly be blamed for wanting you… Wait, what did I just say?” The lustful expression was replaced by a perplexed one and David stopped moving towards Garret.

Garret’s eyes were predatory as he said, “If you were my girlfriend Diana, you’d want to pull my pants down and suck my fat cock right now.”

“But I’m not your… not,” She paused and took another step towards Garret, leaving her diminutive form an arm’s reach from the man. “What was I doing? My head is… fuzzy?”

“You were going to suck my cock. You love sucking cock, you’ve done it dozens of times.”

“Sure, I know that,” she replied indignantly, dropping to her knees and unlatching Garret’s belt. “But there’s something… I can’t… afterwards; will you wish to change me back?”

“Of course I will baby, but I wouldn’t want you to miss out on giving me a blowjob, I know how much you love it.”

Diana gave an affirmative, if muffled, response as she had already placed Garret’s rigid member between her lips. It was so big she could barely wrap her mouth around it, a salty, rock solid erection. As she ran her tongue up and down, she could almost remember the other times she’d lovingly sucked Garret’s lollypop letting him cum in her silky hair, on her chest or swallowing for his birthday.

She stroked his penis with one hand while suckling at the tip, savoring the sweet moans he made as she worked his pole. Diana loved those moans.

No, that wasn’t right. She had never heard those sounds before, or sucked a cock before. Her name wasn’t Diana… it was David! What on earth was she doing?

Even so, she could remember his cumming in her mouth and couldn’t stop slathering her tongue up and down every inch of him. Her body was beyond control and churning with strange sensations. Heat in her chest and between her legs was astounding, foreign and yet somehow, familiar. The throbbing spear between her lips was sublime. As it pounded the back of her throat Garret’s increased pace of breathing told her he was near orgasm and she increased the tempo, moving with practiced rhythm.

As he shot his load she choked, suddenly at a loss for how to respond. Fall back onto her new, shapely behind, Garret continued to ejaculate all over her face and clothes. Sticky white semen ran from her chin, down to her knees as she coughed, fighting to breathe.

Then Garret was at Diana’s side with a washcloth in hand. He leaned in, moving to wipe the cum from her face but she pushed him away, fury distorting her beautiful face.

“I don’t know what just happened,” she fumed, “But I’m not your girlfriend and we should forget this whole thing. Now where’s the box? Change me back.”

“But that felt so right. Perfect, even.” He put his hand on her cheek and said, “You can’t deny how incredible that moment felt. I can see it in those big beautiful blue eyes of yours.

Diana’s cheek warmed to his touch and the surge of warmth between her legs returned. They gazed into one another’s eyes. Garret’s dark brown and Diana’s frosty blue eyes. But her eyes weren’t supposed to be blue. His lips were inches from hers when she turned away. She remembered David’s hazel eyes staring back from the mirror just this morning, or was that just a dream?

“I…” she paused, turning back to him and resisting the urge to kiss him, “things are just so confusing. I don’t know…”

“You’re just upset because I messed up your outfit. Why don’t you go change and then we’ll talk about it.”

Diana stood and regarded her figure carefully, “I don’t know if I have anything that will fit.”

“Let’s go to your room and find out,” Garret said, as held out his hand.

Diana took it without thinking and when Garret whispered “Lead the way,” into her ear she shivered in delight. Together they climbed the stairs to her room, and Garret’s hand had migrated from her hand to her ass. It bothered her for some reason, but she didn’t ask him to remove it.

“What on earth is wrong with me,” Diana wondered. She had memories from two lives dueling within her mind. She was David, no, Diana, no… Then her internal debate was confronted with new, evidence.

Pink. The room was covered in pink, from the bed linens to the walls. Pillows and stuffed animals littered the pink comforter, neatly tucked. Instead of a work desk with a laptop, a vanity with a well lighted mirror stood, makeup covered the surface. There were no clothes scattered all over the floor, the room was meticulously clean.

“Something isn’t right…” Diana said skeptically. Stunning features looked back at her from the mirror framed in wavy shoulder length golden locks and it was as if she was seeing herself for the first time. “But… I can’t remember why exactly.”

Garret lightly gripped her shoulders and pulled her away from the mirror. Diana let herself be led to the closet. There was no door and she could see a bevy of dresses, blouses, skirts. An ordinary closet for a 19 year old girl, yet she was uncertain.

“There’s nothing wrong with your room,” Garret assured her. “We’ve spent lots of time here and it looks perfectly normal. Why don’t you wear the yellow dress, you love that one.”

Diana could remember wearing that dress on their one year anniversary, but when she reached out and touched it, the light, airy fabric felt new and strange. She shook her head to clear the fog that stubbornly obstructed her thinking. Almond hair tumbled over her face, but she used her hand to sweep it over her ear as she always did and her thinking cleared.

“Are you going to watch me undress?” she asked Garret, as she held the dress in one arm.

“You’ve never had a problem with it before,” he replied confidently. “Make it slow.”

“This isn’t right,” said an unknown male voice in her head, distant, as if heard from far away. However, even if her mind was in turmoil, her body was not as she slowly pulled the cum-crusted sweater over her head.

Dark hair cascaded down over her bare shoulders; Her supple form was accentuated by a pair of exquisite breasts, constrained by a lacy, blue bra. She unzipped the skirt, letting it fall to the floor revealing a matching pair of panties. Garret was speechless as he regarded her stunning figure and he stiffened in response, his pants growing tight around the crotch.

Diana watched this happen as she slowly unhooked her bra. Gently, she allowed the cups to slip down, revealing small areolas and pert, erect nipples. As she looked down at her well-rounded bosom, a sense of unease grew. She had undressed a thousand times, yet it was as if she was seeing herself naked for the first time. Still, she continued to undress.

She turned away from Garret and bent at the waist, pulling down her panties with deliberate sluggishness, feeling the satiny fabric slide down equally smooth legs, bearing her perfectly heart shaped rump to her eager watcher. Diana knew how he liked it.

She turned her attention to the dress, a vibrant yellow, the apron bodice met a series of skinny straps that looped and crossed over the sexy open back. Princess seams accentuated the fitted bodice that joined a full skater skirt. The look was flirty and revealed enough skin to be enticing but not slutty.

She pulled it over her head and wriggled it into place. The way it hung from her hips and showed off her legs as well as her back gave her an odd sense of pleasure. Then Diana realized suddenly Garret was approaching her.

Sheepishly, she looked at him and asked, “How does it look?” Then she noticed the erection straining the zipper of his pants.

“It suits you,” Garret replied before kissing her on the lips.

Their tongues met in an orgy of saliva and Diana felt herself melt into his arms. Then she jolted in alarm as he reached beneath the skirt and began to stroke her snatch.

“Unh,” she squeaked, the foreign sensation snapping her back to reality. But it didn’t stop his groping. “Stop, *mmhmm*, we were, nyah! Going to talk!”

The sublime sensations ceased as Garret removed his hand. Diana was acutely aware of a yearning heat between her legs and a distinct wetness. “Why does this feel like the first time I’ve ever been aroused?” She asked herself.

“Because it is,” replied the distant, unknown male voice.

Garret placed his arm around Diana’s waist and together they walked over to the bed. “If you want to talk, we can talk,” he said amicably. They both sat together on the pink comforter, his hand on her knee.

Diana struggled to remember what she wanted to talk about through the fog of her need. “The box,” she finally said. “It did… something; we need to make it stop. My body is… not my body.”

“What are you saying, Diana?” Garret asked, concern on his face.

Some measure of confidence was returning as Diana spoke. “David, my name was, is David. And I’m not a girl.”

Garret began to stroke her thigh as he said, “You sure look like my beautiful girlfriend. Is this because you’re worried about having sex? We’ve done it dozens of times.”

It was true, obviously, yet it wasn’t. Diana tried to puzzle it out, but Garret’s hand on her thigh was stoking the fire between her legs. His compliment made her blush. Even so, she tried to respond. “This isn’t, ohhhhhhhmmm,” She cooed as Garret kissed her neck, sending a wave of shivers down her spine.

Another trio of kisses on her shoulder, cheek and finally lips halted her weak objections. “Forget about the box and the wishes,” Garret whispered in her ear, “You’re my horny girlfriend who, at this moment, wants nothing in the entire world than having my gigantic cock inside her. Admit it.”

“I want to feel you inside me,” Diana admitted, her hands working to unleash his penis. “I need it,” she affirmed, biting her lip in anticipation. She could feel it straining for release.

Finally it was free and she grasped it eagerly, stroking it only to feel every inch of the veiny glory and move it into position. This time, she slid into his lap, lifting the skirt of the dress as she did so. It wasn’t her mouth she wanted to wrap around his member. As he gathered her into his arms and kissed her, she let her bare slit grind against him.

Their tongues danced while Diana lubricated his pole with a drenched snatch. She moaned within the deep kiss as her clit was stimulated by the length of Garret’s cock. Her body was afire with carnal hunger and the deepening call from within her loins grew in intensity. It felt like she had never wanted him so badly.

The feeling only intensified when Garret pulled the top of Diana’s dress down and began to suck on one of her nipples. She cooed in delight, small ripples of pleasure emanating out from her chest. She pulled off his own shirt, just to feel the warmth of his body and they kissed deeply for long moments, all the while she grinded against his rigidity as he fondled her breasts. She could even feel her desire soaking into his pants which piled loosely near his balls.

At last, Garret’s hands wrapped firmly around her waist and lifted her up, the skirt bunching up at her waist. With the opportunity, Diana used her hand to position his erection at the entrance to her pussy. After a moment’s hesitation, he finally let her slide down onto his pole. She was so moist, it made a wet *schlick* noise as he entered her. Diana’s triumphant groan of relief shuddered forth. The sensation was sublime. She savored the feeling of him spreading her insides as if it was the first time, the tip moving deeper within her snatch.

“Oh, baby,” Garret gasped, “It’s so tight, it’s like your pussy is sucking my cock.”

“Yeah,” Diana replied, squealing with delight, “fuck me with your big cock.” The initial wave of satisfaction was fading and she needed more, but when she moved to buck her hips and thrust him inside again, he held her hips fast.

“You have to do something for me first,” Garret said, a thin smile on his face. “Promise me you’ll forget about the Box and the wish. Agree to put out of your mind David and any remnant of your old life.”

Diana only hesitated for a moment before petulantly agreeing, “Yes, whatever, just stir up my insides with that big dick of yours. I want you to fuck me silly.” Only the briefest moment of loss swept over her mind before lust overtook her and Garret gave her a passionate kiss before rolling her onto her back, all the while, staying inside her.

She giggled with glee as he began to thrust into her while she wrapped her legs around his waist. Urging him deeper, she moaned with each plunge into her willing cunt.

“Does that feel good?” Garret asked, all the while sliding in and out of the willowy brunette with ease, despite the way she squirmed beneath him.

“Oh, baby,” Diana cried, “Your dick feels so good. Fuck me harder with that huge piece of meat.”

Garret increased his pace. “Like that?”

“Oh, ohmmm, yes!” Diana exclaimed, each thrust bringing her increasing delight. The buildup of pleasure was so intense, she thought her mind would go blank. Her legs squeezed tighter around Garret, her body was a vehicle of bliss.

Garret pounded away for another moment before blurting out, “Diana I’m going to-“

“Oh! OH! Me too! Keep going!”Diana howled on the precipice. For an instant, she was sure she had reached peak pleasure before an orgasm thundered through her body, an animalistic cry accompanied by a simultaneous convulsion of every muscle that sent her mind whirling through the stratosphere. An instant later, the feeling of warmth surged deep within and she knew Garret had cum inside her.

As the orgasm faded and Garret withdrew, she could feel his cum dribbling out of her snatch and it made her glad she was on birth control. They weren’t ready for a baby, but Diana still loved feeling him release inside her, so it was a compromise they had reached months ago. Satisfied, she snuggled up to Garret who had collapsed, sweatily, beside her.

“How, huf-, was that? huf- huf,” he panted. “Was it good?”

It slightly bothered Diana how Garret always needed affirmation. Weren’t her lustful exclamations sufficient? Nevertheless, she replied in the affirmative, adding, “I’ve never cum that hard before, baby. You were amazing.”

Garret was strangely silent after that and Diana propped herself up on an elbow to look at him. His face was creased with concern. “Is everything OK?,” she asked.

“Yeah…” Garret muttered, almost under his breath. “I wonder. How does an orgasm feels as a woman, compared to a man?”

Diana giggled and replied, “What a silly question. I wouldn’t know, I’ve only ever been a girl.”

Garret seemed to relax upon hearing her answer. “I know,” he finally said. “It’s just something that popped into my head.”

Diana played with the hair on his chest and said playfully, “It feels so amazing, I wish you could feel what I do.”

Garret sat bolt upright, tossing Diana to the side as she tumbled off the bed. Ignoring her, he turned to the Box which sat on the bedside table, dread on his face. Then he was blinded as the world flashed white.


Hello Journal, it’s been 2 days since unpacking the Wish Box and I can feel my past slipping away. Every moment spent with another person fills in a gap in my history and the person who was Garret becomes more a dream and Jenny becomes my reality. That’s why I’m writing these words; In the hope I can preserve some record of what has happened.

Diana and I are still together, even though I’m a gorgeous woman now. The box vanished the moment I opened my eyes and after she got up off the floor and insisted on giving me a spanking for being a bad girl and knocking her down. She pulled up the skirt I was inexplicably wearing and spanked me until I was sopping wet. Then I learned what the female orgasm was… three times.

The box distorts reality. Like Diana, I eventually returned to my home to find my bedroom converted into a young woman’s room. Pictures of friends and adventures littered the room, a joyous life rapidly replacing my previous, gloomy existence. Jenna is a professional dancer with a ton of friends, but I’d never even been to a dance.

My hypothesis for the disappearance of the box is related to the shifting sands of reality. With an unhappy son, my father pursued leads on a wish granting antique, culminating in his sending the parcel to me and my visit with David/Diana.

However, in our new reality, his daughter had friends and a loving, accepting family that made coming out as lesbian one of the most uplifting moments of her life… my life. I can feel the tears welling up just thinking about it. So my father stayed home and never acquired the rare trinket.

In bits and pieces I feel my old life giving way to the new. I can’t remember all that has been lost, but the thought of losing my old self a little more each day is a kind of torture. Despite the feminine pleasure, I mourn for my cock. It almost makes me wish that it would all happen at once and I could forget Garret entirely.
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

But, oh-my-gosh, diary! Diana’s birthday is coming up and she asked for a threesome!!!! I knew she was a bisexual and had slept with men before, but I’ve only ever slept with girls. I told her the idea scared me a little, but she said it was just like using a strap-on, but warmer.

The idea is growing on me, though. Today at the mall, I found myself eyeing potential candidates and it made me a little wet. Thankfully, we could be alone in the dressing room and Diana made me cum twice, I hope we gave the security camera a good show, tee-hee :-P
Diana says we should be careful, whoever we pick because a threesome with two hot lesbians could make some guy’s all-time life highlights. Personally, I want someone handsome, but a little shy. For some reason, I feel like an experience for someone like that could really turn their life around.

The trip to the mall was so much fun! I got the prettiest pair of strapless sandals and the cutest handbag. When Amy saw that bag she was super jealous since it was the last one they had. I still need to find a bikini before spring break this year. I can’t wait to feel the sand between my toes and watch the thong disappear between Diana’s cheeks as we soak up the sun. I’m getting wet again just thinking about it.

Well diary, I should go, I have to get ready for an audition at the dance studio. I feel like I’m forgetting something, but I’m sure it wasn’t that important.

Byeeeeeeeeee! :-*

<3 Jenna


Anonymous 17/08/12(Sat)01:57 No. 25119 ID: 041158

This was really great!

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