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Warcraft XXX a dirty parody Bigbuddah 17/06/21(Wed)22:11 No. 25070 ID: c418d1

Long time internet lurker here, deciding to change things for once

Having played wow for around 10 years and enjoying r34, I noticed that r34 of wow is very popular. It is pretty obvious why. Many of the female characters are blatantly designed at sex appeal, just look at Sylvanas! So, after a while, I decided to start writing erotic parodies of misadventures in wow, from both factions. I managed to write three of them, mostly well received elsewhere and I now intend to post them here, provided I can get myself together. I prefer standalone, short stories instead over-overarching legends, as I tend to lose focus and direction if they go on for too long. I intended to write maybe 5 of them, before resuming other activities. As previously mentioned, I have already three stories written, I just need to translate them into English before I can post them here. The ones I have written focus on an alliance pair, a female night elf and draenei and a horde pair, a female troll and blood elf telf. Both contain rape, as will the rest of them likely. I don’t intend to make major changes when translating, so, sorry if you dislike rape /elit/. The stories I intend to write as follows, involve a human captured by an ogre and an orc/troll captured and gets introduced to an alpha worgen in heat. Feel free to come with suggestions, ideas, criticism, etc. also, English is not my first language and new to post, so please excuse my shitty formatting and mistakes :D


’Are fucking kidding me?’ Snarled Kaylea as the rain hammered down on her in the humid air of the marsh. It had been merely 4 months since she graduated from Dalaran academia and her luck had already run out. Due to an ample supply of angry orks, she had been chased through every ravine and hilltop in The Barrens and is if her misery was somehow supposed to be even greater, in a test to check how miserable a human could feel, she had now found herself stuck in Dustwallow Marsh- figuratively and literally. She had managed to find the odd-job in the ruins of Theramore isle from horny sailors and looters and had now found herself in a new predicament. In exchange for marching through the swamplands all day, killing eight-legged freaks and harvesting their fangs, she was to be given gold to buy herself a ticket aboard a ship that didn’t sink 500 yards on its voyage. Now, what did the hook-nosed goblin give her instead? I small, cross-shaped trinket

‘Ayyy, ya see human, this ain’t no normal amulet, this is a special magical trinket, handed down to my family for 7 generations! It is said whoever carries it shall be reborn upon death, good as new!’ The goblin leered.

‘I don’t care for your stupid baubles, you green, bucket tall twerp! What I need is gold, you know, flat, round, shiny, I’m sure your kind have heard of those before, haven’t you?’

‘Ayyy, yes, I have human but ya see, these’re trying times ya see, while you was gone, I discovered that my new ride was in desperate need of new wheels so I replaced them with that money I promised you. This was the best I could come up with on short notice ya see. You’re welcome to try come back with a thick stick and beat more gold outta me like piñata, but I doubt ya might find any more.

‘Interesting proposition, I might just do that and if I hear you use “ya” one more time I will teleport you six miles up in the air, I hear the view up there is to die for!’

She hurridly snagged the mud-crusted trinket out of the sweaty palm, slung it around her neck and rode off on her mount. She continually readjusted her robes in an endless effort to make her cold, wet, clammy clothes comfortable in the sweltering heat. Despite the swarm of bugs that seemed to perpetually swarm around her, eating up her rations, she still managed to find the time and effort to ponder about her choices in life.

It wasn’t any kind of pondering. It was the kind that you would under normal circumstances do in your underwear, when you’re thirty, on a Friday and still single, thinking, “why people don’t come visit more often?” with a cheap beer in your hand and staring at the wall. There are many kinds of thoughts that go through your mind at moments like that. Things are typically, “Why didn’t I listen to dad” or “Fuck me, I should’ve stayed in college”. In this case, however, the thought was “I wish I paid attention during teleportation class so I didn’t have to do this in the first place”. What she also should have thought about, but didn’t, was pay attention to the road. The swamp, as it usually had a tendency to, had overgrown the roads with thorny, curled vines which had now caught the hoof of her horse and snapped her out of her thoughts, by sending her flying at takeoff speed 10 feet in right direction to get a good sample of the murky waters in her mouth. After emerging drenched in leeches and water in seemingly endless hues of brown, she surveyed the crash. It had succeeded in twisting her trusty steed’s leg 120 degrees in the wrong direction relative to the other three. The horse lay on the ground writhing in panic and misery. Kaylea took a deep breath before mumbling a few arcane words, causing a ball of fire to accumulate in her hand to kill the horse she got as a graduation present. In the distant, a whole flock of birds soared to the sky, screaming of intruders on their nesting grounds. She instantly cast an ice barrier on herself, surrounding herself in a layer of frost. Out in the opening where she stood, a massive, obese, one-eyed pale figure burst out.

‘Ogre want playtime it yelled

It wants playtime? Good, I’ll give it a lethal display of fireworks, she thought to herself, as she light up the swamp with soaring arcane spells. However, it mattered little to the massive beast, which seemed only to become slightly disgruntled by her increasingly erratic mumbling of spells
‘Stupid tiny thing!’ it grunted, reaching out for her.

She aimed her hand at it, calling out a list ditch incantation, but nothing but a few fleeting embers came out: she had run out for mana. The last thing she remembered before being hit in the head with superhuman strength, causing a brief sharp pain and passing out, was the ogre ripping off her horses with one hand and squealing triumphantly.

She woke up when something was repeatedly hitting her very hard on the head. It took her a little while to realize that nothing was hitting her, just a skull-splitting headache that had been working like crazy to ensure as much suffering as possible. Save for a small fire that gently cracked and popped, filling the air with lovely lung ripping smoke, the place she was in was ink black. She couldn’t see own hand if, say, an angry ogre were to take it and hold it in front of her. Upon adjusting her eyes to the darkness, she started to realize that she was in an underground lair of some sort. Piles of half-eaten muttons, rags and knickknacks lay round in strewn piles that could only accumulate after years upon years hard work and dedication to not tidy up after oneself. In stark contrast, the air was cold and dank like a cellar, with regular breeze of wind coming by, gently kissing her cheeks. She carefully stood up, looking around her. It was dead quiet. Not a sound could be heard. She took one-step. Pause. Look around. Take another, while doing her best not to make a noise or tripping over the mounds of rubbish. Suddenly, a bellowing voiced ruptured the silence
‘Yaay plaything awake, we have funtime now!”
The whole room lit up in a faint glow, revealing the room of captivity to be a large cavern, tall enough for her not to be able to see the roof of it. 30 feet from her, a 16 feet tall hulking ogre stood in front of her, grinning. In its hand, it held a small tree, used as a torch, used to light up a large oily lantern. Ironic as it may sound, the darkness of the cavern only helped to further heighten and twist its hideous appearance. She instinctively moved her hands in the motion of her to cast spells, but her unconsciousness hadn’t allowed her to regain any mana. It marched right towards her any lifted her up by the leg. In a single motion, it grabbed her dress and tore her dress off, allowing the air to tickle her in places she didn’t want to admit.
‘Hwwhat are you..going to do?’ she said, trying to deny knowing very well what was going to happen. The lumbering monstrosity lazily tossed her clothes to one of the many other piles before removing its linen cloth around its waist, revealing an already erect limb.

Huh, that looks just like a humans, except that it is much, much bigger and is going to be forced inside me, she caught herself thinking, while staring at the hole at the end of its massive shaft. The massive cock, about a thick as a pole on the dock and almost as long, throbbed audibly, moving seemingly on its own, growing to still increasingly staggering sizes. It grabbed the head and pulled the foreskin back, revealing a purple-headed cock already slimy and shining of excitement. It firmly placed its hands on her shoulders before shoving down her throat, stretching her jaws so much she thought they were going to snap apart from her skull. Impulsively, she cried out, only to hear them come muffled gargling noises, while the ogre rhythmically grunted and violated her throat. She felt a slimy, salty sensation as the ogre thrusted its staggering manhood around, mixing its juices with her mouth as it tried to rub its cockhead on her lips. It forced her hands around it. She felt every rush of warm blood go through it as her hands barely cirfumferenced around it. The ogre slowed its rhythm, occasionally pulling out, allowing her a brief period of respite, rubbing it against her naked body, covering her in a warm, gooey mixture of saliva and precum. Suddenly, it leaned with its bodyweight, pushing her tiny frame towards the chilling wall and shoving in so far, that she couldn’t breathe. She felt the rushing blood start pumping with and intense beat and soon afterwards, she felt warm, salty sensation rushing down her throat, rising up to her nasal cavity and shooting out in a steady stream of her nostrils. Her captor let out an ear-ringing roar as it emptied the contents of its cannonball-sized testicles into her body, before pulling out. She collapsed forwards, steadying herself with her shaking arms, before letting out a beam of cumpuke, gasping like a beached fish for air, before resuming emptying her stomach of the remainder of her captors seed. Tears started trickling down her chins as she fought not to puke further, from the almost chlorine like smell in her nostrils.

‘Me want more playtime!’ it commanded, clapping its hands excitedly. The ogre started yanking its cock, pumping new life into it before lifting her up again, this time, by the waist
‘Oh light what…..now….?’ she mumbled
Have you ever tried hunting deer before? Any animal? Perhaps, even put down a dog in an act of euthanasia? Well, then you would know, dear reader, that while deer aren’t in particular smart, quite the contrary. They do however, have an innate awareness when they’re fucked, you know, when they’re going to die? They get this expression on their faces, which seemingly holds every emotion on the spectrum- Relief, anger, sadness, fear, contemplation, I could go on. Only in situations do they make this expression. Kaylea? She was making this exact same expression, because she was fucked. Well, about to. Literally. The ogre had pulled out a large flask from a battered satchel, pouring a thick, oily substance on its cock. It then proceeded to ram full speed ahead against an impossibly tight entrance. However, despite all odds, despite what the human body should be able to contain, it went right through. She screamed out as she felt the terror wash over her, looking down at the huge distention it was creating. The next thing she felt was the pain. The terror was steady stream; the pain on the other hand, came in regular waves. The ogre squealed with newfound delight as it felt the warm embrace of her womb, savoring its tightness. His thrusts adjusted to the rhythm of her shrieking, relishing in her warm tightness. With its oak sized arms, it embraced her, sniffing her fragrant hair, which, until recently, received generous daily doses of perfume. He slowed down his movements, as he felt the orgasm build up through his body, his breathing heavier and heavier, starting to quiver as he couldn’t hold it down any longer. As he felt his juices shoot out, he let out an accordingly powerful roar, as his sack and cock pulsated with unprecedented rhythm, filling up her womb. Meanwhile, on the receiving end, Kaylea watched with horror as her belly swelled to dangerous size, before shooting off, being thoroughly showered in cum in the process. She curled up in a fetal position, sobbing quietly, trying to push out the remaining infestation in her inside. A pool of white, sticky hotness had drenched the floor she lay on, while Kaylea mumbled incoherent sentences.

‘Me want more playtime!’ it came from above impatiently
Kaylea looked up at the beast standing in front of her. She opened her mouth intently, closed it again, stared for a while before muttering


It flipped her around on her stomach before resuming its playtime. She stared emptily into the distance, drenched in a mixture of cum and sweat, before using her remaining powers to turn her head towards the ogre. Her reaction to the yet still erect limb approaching at full speed towards at her asshole was not of importance, besides, I think we can all agree that large objects approach ones butthole unexpectedly are obviously unpleasant. What was important though, was the fact that the ogres cock, all five feet of it, was now inside her. She had never been penetrated this deeply before, would never be penetrated that deeply again and most concerningly, shouldn’t be penetrated that deeply.

Her shrieks petered out quickly and assumed a ragdoll like posture, her arms and legs flailing directionless around, while the ogre happily humped the unconscious hero. Now soaked in sweat, the ogre mustered its last energy to plow her thoroughly. The sweaty balls smacked loudly as they hit her asscheecks, whilst savoring how her hole tried to close around it cock. With the one hand wrapped around her waist it rammed harder and harder, in a seemingly futile attempt to release one more time. Its grunts altered between pleasure and exhaustion, as it felt the rush approach. It resumed the intensity, its arm shaking from moving her body back and forth at jaw dropping speeds. Suddenly, the fucking came to a halt, the ogre’s entire body trembled and shook, fading out to a quiver, as the sack emptied its remaining contents deep inside of her. Finally, exhausted beyond measure, the ogre collapsed and fell asleep. Meanwhile, as the cock went flaccid, she quietly slipped off.
Had this literally been under any other circumstances, the goblin’s tall tale of an amulet that brings life back to a deceased wearer would have been just that. However, because life had decided that her day didn’t have to get any worse or because the goblin actually felt sorry for once, the amulet did its job. As lay there, all rag dolled and fucked to death, a small glow emanated from her amulet, restoring her being and allowing her to go on more adventures. She woke up gasping, her body freezing from the cold sweat and cum that covered her. She look at the abomination that slept soundly next to her side. With confident strides, she walked up to the ogre and landed a pyro blast, that splattered its head like an overripe melon. She sifted through the trash, picking the least smelling clothes and walked out of the entrance. Before she headed out, she mumbled to herself

‘I gotta thank that goblin some time, but for now let me just get the hell outta here’

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