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Something I found long long ago..... ? Who Me ? 17/07/09(Sun)01:45 No. 25086 ID: ad2aa8

I didn't write this. Reposting as found. All rights to the author.

From georgebush@noway44.com Mon Apr 02 09:44:16 2001
Newsgroups: alt.sex.stories,alt.sex,alt.binaries.stories.sexy,alt.sex.incest
Subject: Story: 'The Hotel Sauna'
From: "Warwick" <georgebush@noway44.com>
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 13:44:16 GMT


The Hotel Sauna

This encounter involved me and my sister Rose while we attended my brothers
graduation in Winnipeg. He was graduating from law school and we were all
very proud of him. I was looking forward to the trip since I would have the
opportunity to be reacquainted with my other siblings (there are four of us
in all - two boys and two girls, my mothers ovaries must have been arranged
girl/boy/girl/boy), but also because my mother had given me permission to
stay up late and have a good time. To set the scene for this story I should
say that I was 14 years old at the time and so to me staying up late was a
thrill in itself.

The commencement ceremonies went well, the day was beautiful, both sunny and
warm. Afterward, we all went to a dinner and reception. To my surprise, my
mother actually let me have a few glasses of wine, I felt like a man. All
through dinner I watched my sister Rosemary, she was lovely. She has a very
fine figure, 36C breasts, a slim waist and a set of legs to die for. I knew
that many men found her very attractive, she had brought many of her dates
home to meet the family, although I suspected this was just a small subset
of the total number she had been intimate with. Thinking about this, and
watching her dance with a few of the new grads had me very hot. At 14, I was
inexperienced but I knew what I wanted and it was her.

After dinner, we all went back to our hotel rooms. Of course I had to stay
in the same room as my parents, which was a major downer. But, I was allowed
to stay up as late as I wanted, so I tagged along with my sister. She didn't
seem to mind, in fact, on considering it now she was almost to
accommodating. In any case, we spent some time going from room to room and
talking to all of my siblings and their families. Then, about 1 in the
morning we were on our way back to our rooms, her to her room and my to my
parents. I knew if I was ever to get the chance to see her naked, and at
that point that was mostly all I wanted, I would have to find a way to get
her somewhere where she would consider undressing. The hotel sauna was what
I came up with, little did I know that it closed at 10 PM. My sister seemed
amiable to the idea of checking it out and so off we went. When we got to
the door leading to the change rooms, sauna and pools I saw the sign "Open 9
AM to 10 PM" and my heart sank. My sister however was unperturbed, she
suggested we see if we can get in anyway. Man, what a girl I thought, so we
tried the door and to our amazement it was open, so in we went.

Once we got in though, the only door open was that of the sauna itself,
neither of the change rooms were open nor the door to the pool. I guess the
guard had selective memory. Well anyway, so much the better now she would
have to undress in front of me and I liked that idea best of all. The sauna
itself was fairly typical, lots of cedar everywhere and a hot box full of
rocks in the corner as well as a tap and pail. It was very warm inside, I
supposed at the time that they just left it on all the time, now of course I
think they just forgot to shut it off like they forgot to lock the doors.
"Well what do you want to do now?" was what I think Rose asked me. I said,
"lets take a sauna, I've never had one before". I was half expecting her to
say no way, but she said "sure", and with that started peeling her dress
off. I just watched her barely moving, although I had wanted this to happen
I was so surprised that it actually was happening that I just couldn't move.
When she was completely naked I drank in the site of her, she was perfect, I
was mesmerized exploring her breasts, tummy, thighs, legs and the dark crop
of hair between her legs. When she finally spoke I jumped, startled out of
my revere, "Aren't you going to take off your cloths too?" she asked. "uh",
was all I could say, but I did have the presence of mind to begin

When I was also naked, we got some water and started steaming up the sauna a
bit. We both sat down on different benches and though she tried to make
small talk, I was still just staring at her body. She seemed to notice this,
and asked me if I liked what I saw. I said yes, of course, to which she said
"ya I can kind of notice by your hard-on". Now I didn't really know what a
hard-on was, but she continued and explained it to me when she saw how
confused I looked by the expression on my face. She then came over and sat
beside me, right beside me, the feel of her bare arm and thigh against me
was electrifying. Then without saying a word she grabbed my penis and said
"this hard-on". The feel of her hand on me was more than I could take and I
began my first orgasm "in company", so to speak. Rose just smiled and went
to the tap and washed her hand off then came back and sat beside me again. I
remember us talking about sex at that point, her asking me if I had a
girlfriend, if I had my first kiss from a girl, had I ever touched a girls
body. All of these I had not done. She then floored me by suggesting we
could "get it on", at least I think that's how she put it.

I really didn't know what to do, but she didn't mind. She grabbed my penis
again and with her other hand pulled my lips to hers and we kissed, closed
mouth at first but then with open mouths and tongs. I was in a fog, I
couldn't think straight, here I was kissing my sister while she jerked me
off. As I became more comfortable with what was going on I placed a hand on
her breast and squeezed them. She began to breath a little harder, and
helped me by guiding my hand to her nipples and showing me how to squeeze
and roll them between my thumb and forefinger. After what seemed like an
hour I moved my hand down toward her pussy, I really wanted to feel what a
woman had down there. When my hand reached it, I found her slit was covered
with fluid, and I began to slowly and gently rub her. I guess she wanted
more, because her hand again joined mine and she said "let me show you what
feels good". With that, she showed me where her clitoris was and how to very
gently rub it in just the right way. She also showed my how to insert my
thumb into her and how she liked it moved in and out in just the right way.

This foreplay went on for some time before she broke our necking rhythm and
had what I know now was her first orgasm of the evening. After she came to
her senses, she told me to get on top of her. I stood up and she laid out on
the bench. I stood above her for a moment surveying her body, god was she
hot. I then got on top of her, as I did she spread her legs and grabbed my
penis, guiding it to her pussy. I went in all the way in one smooth motion,
it felt like nothing I had even dreamed about. Her pussy was like furnace on
me and the sensation of her vaginal muscles contracting rhythmically around
my dick was out of this world. We made love there in the sauna for the next
2 hours, she took my penis in her mouth a few times and she taught me how to
"eat her out", as she put it. I had what I think were four orgasms before we
were through.

By the time we got back to her room it was 5 am, and rather than disturbing
my parents I stayed with my sister in her room. When we finally got up,
dressed and met with my parents she told them that I had fallen asleep on
the couch in her room. She then suggested, since the couch was a fold away
bed that I could stay with her for the remainder of our stay. My parents
seemed to like this suggestion and so for the next two nights we explored
each others bodies and our newfound love.


From georgebush@noway44.com Tue Apr 10 10:14:23 2001
Newsgroups: alt.binaries.stories.sexy,alt.sex,alt.sex.incest,alt.stories.incest
Subject: Story: "Little Lucy"
From: "Family Man" <georgebush@noway44.com>
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 14:14:23 GMT

Thanks to:

Little Lucy (Part 1)

"I'll see you two later then," she said as she hurried out through the front
door, slamming it behind her. I listened as she gunned the turbo-engined
Porsche hard and sped off up the road. She was taking some new clients out
to dinner, the smell of another six-figure contract in her nostrils. She'll
wrap them round her little finger, I thought happily.

Sara and I make a great team - she seduces the clients with her oh-so
feminine charms, I take the photographs. Even if my work were crap, which it
isn't, she'd still have them begging for more. She is shameless about the
way she gets the business; I am meticulous about the quality of service I
deliver. Industrial photography may not sound like a glamorous occupation,
but it keeps us in a lifestyle that most would envy.

Fetching a cold beer from the fridge, I tramped into my office, thinking I
might get some paperwork out of the way. At the doorway, I froze in horror
at the sight that greeted me. My PC has two monitors - a normal CRT and a
huge gas plasma display on the wall above the meeting table. I use it to
impress clients with slide shows of photographs taken on digital cameras.
But right now the screen was filled with a picture - a woman holding a young
girl face down on a bed whilst a man fed his impressively large erection
into the girl's pussy. And my daughter was sitting in my chair, staring
wide-eyed at the big screen.

"Er, I don't think you should be looking at that, Lucy," I half mumbled,
half croaked.

Lucy turned toward me, a sly grin on her face. "Why not, Daddy? You
obviously like looking at it, or it wouldn't be on your computer, would it?"
The look in her eyes disturbed me - I'd seen it on her mother's face - it
was lust.

"Well..." My mind raced to beat the logic of her reply. "For a start, you're
only sixteen," was the best I could manage.

"But that girl on the bed looks younger than me!" she said. "And she's not
just looking at it, she's DOING it!"

I glanced back at the screen. Damned if she wasn't right, too - the girl
looked about twelve years old. My mind was reeling, hunting desperately for
the solution to this particular parental problem. But that look in Lucy's
eyes kept interrupting me.

"Would you like to do that?" The words came out of my mouth before my brain
could stop them. Bloody hell! What was I saying? My sixteen year old
daughter? I turned back to the screen, mesmerized by the picture and the
suddenly intoxicating thought of seeing Lucy in that position.

Lucy's voice cut into my brief reverie. I hadn't heard what she'd said.
"Er...." I began.

"I said - yes, I would". And that look in her eyes again - just like Sara's
fuck-me-right-now-this-minute look.

My brain was in overload. I turned abruptly and practically ran from the
room. This was not unusual behaviour for me - I often retreated from
problems I couldn't handle. I'll take a shower, I thought - it'll give me
time to sort my head out. I pulled my T-shirt off as I entered the bedroom
and flopped back on the bed. That was when I noticed it - my cock was so
hard it was tenting the front of my shorts. I scrambled into the bathroom in
a panic, ripped my shorts off and dived into the shower cubicle.

The scalding hot water brought me back from the edge, took my mind off my
erection. I washed my hair, trying not to think about anything, and
thankfully my cock started to soften. I leaned back against the wall, eyes
tight shut, and let the water pummel the tension out of my body.

But as I relaxed, the picture came back to me. In my mind's eye I could see
that bed again - Sara holding Lucy down by the shoulders while I fucked her
little pussy. I could even feel the warmth of Lucy's pussy around my cock. I
could feel the tight grip of her muscles around me, the ripples of
electrical pleasure as I thrust slowly in and out of her.

I made no effort to halt this daydream. Even without assistance from my
hand, my cock was enjoying it too much to stop now. I could feel my orgasm
building up, my stomach tightening, my legs tensing.

I couldn't be certain when, but at some point during this delicious rush of
sensations I realised that it wasn't a pussy I could feel around my cock,
but a mouth. The thought occurred slowly, so it didn't startle me. I didn't
open my eyes. And just as slowly I realised that it was Lucy's mouth, but
that didn't seem to concern me either. And when I knew I was going to come
in my daughter's mouth, I felt the most intense pride - that my
sixteen-year-old daughter was every bit as beautiful and desirable as her
mother, and had the same instinctive knowledge of how to give me pleasure.

A growl started in my throat. My legs began to shake. And then it gripped me
completely. My cock swelled to bursting-point as my seed exploded into
Lucy's little mouth. One hand pumping the base of my cock, the other cupping
my balls, her mouth overflowing with my hot cum - she slowed down at just
the right moment and I felt her swallowing, then licking gently as she drew
her mouth away.

I sagged against the wall, my legs trembling, heart pounding. When I opened
my eyes, Lucy was standing in front of me. She put her hands against my
chest and turned her face up to me. Instinctively I wrapped my arms around
her and hauled her up. We kissed, our tongues fighting with an urgency that
defied breathing. I could taste the saltiness of my own cum.

With her lithe little body still clasped against me, I strode from the
shower and into the bedroom. I lay her down on the bed and stood over her.
This was no longer my little Lucy, the little Lucy that played with dolls
and sang nursery rhymes to herself. Lying on the bed in front of me was a
sensuous, hungry little sex kitten. She was short like her mother, but her
legs were long, her waist was delicately pinched and her breasts were small
but beautifully formed. Her pussy had just the tiniest triangle of dark hair
above it.

Lucy just watched me as my eyes roamed over her body. When our eyes met
again, she smiled and that same look that her mother has was there again.
She shuffled backwards up the bed and then, still staring straight at me,
she slowly opened her legs and let one hand drop to her pussy. I shuffled up
the bed, my cock already rock hard again, and lowered my still-wet body over
hers. Her hand grasped my cock and guided it skilfully to her pussy and as I
sank lower I felt myself entering her. She was tight, very tight. But she
was also invitingly wet and the heat of her pussy felt so welcoming around
my cock. Our eyes were locked together. I pushed in further and felt the
resistance of her virginity. It gave way in an instant, causing only the
slightest flicker in her gaze, and then I sank down onto my Lucy, covering
her body with mine. All eight inches of my cock slid easily into her and I
could feel the end pushing against her cervix. Her eyelids fluttered and she
breathed an animal sound from deep in her throat - the exact same sound her
mother often makes.

Supporting most of my weight on my arms, I could feel her hot little body
pressed against me, her breasts crushed against my stomach, her head below
my chest, face turned up to hold my gaze. I pulled slowly back until the end
of my cock popped out of her tight little entrance and then pushed in again.
Another look spread across her face, a sort of urgency, like a tiny panic -
and I realised she was going to cum. Her pussy began to tighten even more
around my aching cock. I pulled out once more, and as I pushed the head of
my cock back against her entrance, she let out a long, low moan and her
pussy started to spasm just like her mother's does. My cock slid back into
her, her young muscles contracting rhythmically around its length and as it
came to rest against her cervix, I stopped and held perfectly still.

Lucy was fighting to keep her eyes open now, her face contorted and her
breathing fast and shallow. Her whole vagina was clamping itself around my
cock and I could feel the firmness of her cervix beating a little rhythm
against the straining head of my cock. It was all too much for me, and my
own orgasm rushed in to join my daughter's. My head swam with the combined
delicacy and power of the sensations around my cock. My cum splashed out
inside her, instantly bathing my cock in even more heat. Lucy gasped and
started a second orgasm, even more powerful than the first. Her tender young
pussy grasped at my cock, seeming to suck the thick jets of cum out of it.
Her hands clawed at my buttocks, trying to pull me deeper into her.

As we both subsided, I rolled to one side, pulling Lucy against me so I
remained inside her. With my hand cupped around her tight little buttocks, I
kissed her again.

"Wow!" she whispered, grinning.

I laughed. "What would your mother think?" I said, gently. It was the first
time we had spoken since the exchange in my office.

Lucy's grin broadened. "Ask her, she's behind you."
Thanks to:

From georgebush@noway44.com Thu May 03 08:01:37 2001
Newsgroups: alt.sex.incest,alt.sex,alt.stories.incest,Alt.sex.stories
Subject: Story: "Sneaky Brother"
From: "Storyman" <georgebush@noway44.com>
Date: Thu, 3 May 2001 12:01:37 GMT


Sneaky Brother

I had been out late that night with my buddies, and when I got home everyone
was asleep. My family consisted of my mom and dad, then my younger brother,
David, and my older sister, Jennifer. David was a cute kid 13 years old,
brown bowl cut, athletic for his age. He was in hockey and it was pretty
much his life. Jennifer was 15, blonde hair shoulder length, good sized tits
and a nice firm ass. And I was 14, streaked blonde hair and muscular. I was
on the football team, and football had become my life. I walked down the
hall to my room, glancing to the side to get a peek in Jenn's room, I
stopped. No one was there? I walked in a bit, her bed was empty. I knew she
didn't have a date tonight because she just broke up with her boyfriend. I
gave up, and continued walking to my room. I tuned on my light and closed my
door. I took of my shirt and pants, wearing my boxers. Just as I was about
to lay down, I heard a noise. It sounded like it was coming from my
brother's room. But, it was unlike a normal noise, almost like an animal. I
kept walking down the hallway getting to my brother's room. The door was
cracked open, and the light was on. I peeked in the door and saw something I
had never even dreamed of before. My sister was in a long nightgown and what
looked like underwear, and David was wearing his boxers, which were pulled
down to his knees. Jenn was kneeling at the foot of the bed sucking on my
brother's hard cock. And I could tell by the expression on David's face he
was about to cum, and with a split second he was shooting his load into
Jenn's mouth. A loud groan came from his mouth and Jenn finished swallowing
his cum. I had, by now, my dick out and I was jerking off at this crude
sight. My brother pulled Jenn up to him and they locked together in a
passionate kiss. David was pulling Jenn's shirt up and they let go for a
second so he could pull her shirt over her head. They continued kissing and
David worked her panties down. Jenn worked on pulling David's boxers
completely off and then they were all over each other. David began sucking
her tits and Jenn fondled his cock and balls. "Jenn, let me eat you!" David
whispered in her ear. "I was waiting for you to ask me that." she replied in
a sexy voice. She moved herself so she was laying flat on the bed her legs
spread hanging over the end. David kneeled down to the edge and started
licking Jenn's cunt. Sucking in the juices like a hungry baby. Jenn grabbed
the sides of the bed and arched her back, forcing her pussy into David's
mouth. I was shocked yet amazed, this was so incest yet I was getting turned
on by it. I knew I was going to cum soon so I decided to take some action.
Slowly walking in so neither of them would see me I sneaked up behind the
bed. Jenn was closest to me and I decided to scare her. Aiming my hard cock
towards her face I shot my load. Some landing on her face and the rest
landing on her full tits. The shocked look on her face was something I would
never forget. She glanced up at me and started to scream. Realizing my
parents were upstairs I quickly placed my hand over mouth. David heard her
scream and looked up. He wasn't quite as shocked as Jenn had been but it was
still funny. I moved my mouth towards Jenn's ear and asked, "Can I join
in?". "We didn't see you-" my brother started apologizing. "Don't worry
David, I won't tell mom or dad. I just want to be with you guys." I said
lovingly. I looked down and noticed Jenn was already getting my boxers off,
she looked so beautiful with her flowing blonde hair. David looked at me
like I was crazy. "Well what do you think you were just doing?!?" I said. He
looked ashamed and embarrassed, and then asked, "Can I suck your dick,
Jordan?" I had never been sucked by a guy, but suddenly the sight of both my
brother and sister turned me on. My boxers were off now and David was on my
cock like a wild beast. I was still standing and I made my way to sitting on
the edge of the bed. I looked over at Jenn and then almost like she read my
mind we began kissing. She pried my mouth open with her tongue and we
continued kissing for what seemed like forever. Then David's sucking became
harder, and I felt like I was going to come again. I grabbed Jenn's tits and
kissed her harder, "I am CUMMING David! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" I yelled in a loud
whisper. David was struggling to swallow my whole load, but it was seeping
out the sides of his mouth. My sister went down by David and helped by
licking the cum from the side of his mouth. When they were done with that
they kissed and cleaned each other's faces like kittens. I was horny like I
had never been before, I went down and took my sister from David and laid
her on the bed, I kissed her like a mad beast and she returned it. Then I
placed my cock at the entrance to her cunt, slowly I slid it in. Her cunt
was so tight, and I realized she was a virgin. She was whispering, "No, no
don't do it. I am a virgin Jordan don't." But I was so horny I knew nothing
was stopping me. With a quick thrust I got half my cock up her cunt, she
grabbed the sheets trying not to scream out in pain, a tear rolled down her
cheek. David came up and started kissing her to take her mind off it, and I
continued thrusting. My cock was in her all the way to my balls. Then I
slowly pulled out so the tip was at the entrance. Blood was coming out all
over the sheets, and with a quick shove I forced it in again and repeating
the same process over and over. David stopped kissing Jenn, and the look on
her face was pure pleasure. Rocking her hips with each thrust. I was going
to cum again! With no warning I shot out my load into her young virgin cunt.
She came seconds later, arching her back and moaning. When I became limp I
slid my cock out. Laying down next to Jenn I whispered into her ear, "You
were wonderful." She smiled at me kissed my neck. I had almost forgot about
David, until I felt a finger up my ass hole. He was gliding it in and out,
with an unbelievable feeling. But, I was done for the night and knew I was
unable to come anymore, I slid his finger out and he knew what I meant. I
grabbed up Jenn and she went over and kissed David, pulling off the bloody
sheets I lead them all through the hall. I took the bloody sheets to the
trash outside, and went and got some new sheets. We helped each other making
the bad and then Jenn guided us all down to the basement shower, so mom and
dad wouldn't hear us. We all hoped in and shower off together. Cleaning the
cum from our worn out bodies. Then with a bunch of group kisses we all went
to our separate beds and slept. After that night there were many more
nights. And I grew to love both my brother and sister more than anything. I
have never had any kind of better sex then with my sister, and I learned my
brother was wonderful at anal sex. I hope it will never end.

From georgebush@noway44.com Thu May 10 14:41:23 2001
Newsgroups: alt.stories.incest,alt.sex.stories.m,alt.sex.incest,alt.sex.stories.so
Subject: Story: "Jennifer my favourite cousin"
From: "Family Man" <georgebush@noway44.com>
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 18:41:23 GMT


Jennifer my Favourite Cousin

Jennifer was my favorite cousin for as long as I could remember. She was tall, blond and very sensual, and she drove me crazy from the start of puberty. When I was eighteen, she moved in with my aunt who lived right up the street from my house. I used to hang out there because Linda was cool to hang out with, she always had booze to drink and lots of porn to see and read. I stopped by to visit one night and found a very drunk and horny Jennifer at home alone. She had on a t-shirt and jeans, and I could see there was no bra underneath that t-shirt. She offered me a drink and asked me in to sit with her for a while.She gave me a big hug, which was normal for us, and a very deep kiss, which was something we had also done before, but not as often. Having her against me, kissing me, was enough to get my wood started. We sat on the couch and talked, and of course the subject came to sex. We spoke of previous encounters with others,and also previous encounters with each other.

Oh yes, we had had a previous little tryst, some two years earlier, but not since then. I was at her house and she suggested that we go out on a double date, her and her boyfriend and me and my girlfriend. We went to pick them up, taking her car. We went to the movies and then dropped off my date then hers. On the way to her house, we started talking about sex and she said she was a little frustrated, she was hoping for a little something from her boyfriend but he was to scared to try anything with me there. I said I was sorry and gave her a little peck on the cheek. She looked me in the eye, paused a moment, and laid on a liplock that could have made me blush, but instead I kissed her back hard! She hugged me and asked if I knew a place nearby that we could stop.

Five minutes later, we were stopped and making out pretty heavy. I pulled up her top and sucked on her small but beautiful breasts. Her nipples were long and hard and she moaned with pleasure. She sucked on my neck then kissed me again, mewling her pleasure. I reached down and unbuttoned her pants, gently rubbing her belly and down to her panty top. She had a little catch in her breath, and I looked into her eye. She smiled and leaned her head to my shoulder, so I slid my hand down into her panties to her wetness. She spread her thighs to give me more access to her pussy and my fingers slid right in. She moaned her pleasure, and I continued to rub her lips and clit while sliding in a finger, then two.

I reached down to unbutton my pants and give my hard on a little breathing room. I took her hand and put it into my pants, giving her the first touch of my cock. I continued to stroke and finger her pussy until she shuddered and groaned with her orgasm. But that was then...

She reminded me of our first kiss... and so much more! She and I discussed favorite positions, and I told her to just sit and wait a minute. I went into Linda's room and came back with a book of graphic sexual pictures depicting all kinds of positions. I brought her the book and we looked through it for about twenty minutes.I showed her my favorite, woman on top riding a big, hard cock. She showed me her fav too, a man munching on a wet, hairy pussy. A very good choice is all I had to say to her. When we finished going through the book, I said to her that I should return the book. After putting it back in the draw, I turned to find Jennifer standing behind me. She smiled, grabbed my pants, opened and pushed them to the floor. I had already been pretty hard from the book and the conversation, and when her breath hit my cock, it sprang into her face. She gave it a quick lick and kiss and then pushed me onto the bed next to me. I looked up and watched her take down her panties, which was all that was left below the waist, and then her shirt, exposing those mouth sized titties. She climbed onto the bed and settled over my cock without a word. As she lowered herself down my prick, she grunted a little and said "nice and thick". Her pussy was so hot and tight, I almost lost my load right away. She sunk all the way down and stopped, saying "this is your favorite, isn't it?"

My only reply was " OH YEAH!" She started moving her pussy, slowly up and down my dick. I swear my toes were curling the feeling was so intense. Here I was, fucking, or rather being fucked by my cousin, Jennifer. Unfucking believable!!! She rode me for only a short time and I couldn't hold back. "I'm Coming!" I shouted, and she just ground down harder, yelling," Yeah, do it baby!"

If I came at all, I must have cum a quart. Jesus, she sucked the cum right out of me with that magnificent pussy, and then announced her glory! "Fuck Me Harder, I'm Cumming all over your cock!" After a few minutes, she rolled off the side of me, smiling and with her eyes closed. What a surprise that attack had been, and now it was my turn. She stirred alittle as I moved and jumped as my tongue whipped into her pussylips. "You don't have to do that" she said, and my muffled reply was , "it's my pleasure", and kept eating her pussy. Eating pussy is the reason I was put on earth, and thats what I was going to prove to her. My tongue was everywhere and she loved it, creaming my face over and over. God was she sweet, and I was loving it.

She finally asked me to stop. She couldn't take anymore. I hated to leave that night, but thankfully, there were others.


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Subject: Story - "Kathy's First Orgasm"
From: "Family Incest" <georgebush@noway44.com>
Date: Sat, 12 May 2001 01:49:16 GMT


Kathy's First Orgasm

It was time for my big brother Tim to get married. He's the oldest of the
kids in my family. He's 22. Then my older sister, Becky, who's 17. And then
me, at 15. Youngest is my sister, Sam (short for Samantha) who is 11. Since
Tim was getting married, we have all sorts of relatives coming into town.
Most of them are staying in hotels, and what-not. However, my Aunt Anne (my
mom's sister) is staying with us. In my room. Because she's in my room, mom
set up the rollaway bed (which is fairly large) in Becky's room for me.
It'll only be for two nights. I still don't understand why they couldn't
kick Sam out of her room! However, after the experience which I'm going to
tell you about, I'm really glad that I roomed with Becky. * It's 10:00 the
night before Tim's wedding. Mom wants everyone asleep early so that we can
get up early. So Becky and I are in her room. We're not tired, so we get to
talking. We've always been pretty close sisters, since we're only two years
apart in age. I was getting to that age where my interest in boys was
getting pretty strong. Pardon my immodesty, but people in my family tend to
be quite attrac- tive. I think Becky is beautiful, and the boys know it.
She's been dating a lot since she was my age (mom won't let us date until
we're 15). And I look quite a bit like my sister, except that my body isn't
awfully developed yet. So we're talking, mostly about boys. Typical
conversation. Then we started to talk about sex, as teenage girls will some-
times do (see, not just boys talk about it). "Becky, forgive me for
asking..." I started. "Yes," she replied before I could finish. "You've done
it with a boy?" "Once. Have you?" "No. I really don't think that any boy
would want someone as flat-chested as me." "I was flat as a board until I
turned 16. Then, over-night, they grew. Really fast. Mom says it's been that
way in our family." You see, I really am pretty flat. I have two small bumps
on my chest, so small that I really don't need a bra. But I wear one anyhow.
Becky's chest is fairly large. Now that I remember back, her breasts did
start to grow when she was 16. One more year and maybe I'd have them too.
"How was it? I mean, what was sex like?" I asked. "Different. At first it's
really strange, taking your clothes off in front of a guy. And then when you
actually do it, it hurts a little. But it's strange, the slight pain is
enjoyable. And then it gets to be a lot of fun and feels really good after a
while." "Did you use, umm... protection?" "I should have, but I was stupid.
It was my first date, when I was 15. And I really didn't understand all what
was supposed to happen. I guess I'm lucky that nothing happened. When you
date, don't let any guy force you into anything. And don't be stupid like
me, use a condom or some other sort of protection. OK, lecture over."
"Thanks. I sometimes feel funny, especially when I see a cute guy. It's sort
of like a tickle, down there..." I explained, as I pointed towards my
crotch. "I feel like I want to put my hand inside and scratch it, but I
don't." "Sounds like you're horny. You know, you could masturbate yourself."
"Only guys do that. I might hurt myself." "No, if you do it right, it can
make you feel really good." "Do you masturbate?" I asked Becky, a little
ashamed of the word. "Sometimes. Do you want me to teach you how?" I didn't
know what to say. I always looked up to Becky, but this sounded a little
strange. A little perverted. But I was inter- ested. So I said yes. "In
fact, you don't always need a boy to have sex and feel good. If you do it
with another girl, you can feel just as good - if not better and you can't
get pregnant." This was strange. Was she suggesting that she has sex with
other girls? I asked, "Do you have sex with other girls?" "Sometimes. But
don't think that there's anything wrong with it. You remember doing your
friends hair, or sharing ice cream when you were little? It's the same sort
of thing. Helping your friends feel good. And just because you like it
doesn't mean that you can't like guys." It's OK, So my sister liked to have
sex with other girls. In- stead of making me think she was strange, the idea
appealed to me. I liked the idea. I wanted to try it. Perhaps Becky would
show me. She's my sister, and I trust her. "Could you, ummm, do it with me?"
"Anything you want. That's what sisters are for." So it was set. I would
have my first sexual experience, and with my own sister. The idea made me
get that tickle, the heat, in my crotch. "First thing to do is to take our
clothes off," she told me, as she unbuttoned her pajamas top. As she opened
it, I could see her bra. It wasn't huge, but it held quite a bit of her
chest. "Now you take off your shirt." I pulled my top over my head. Like I
said, I have no chest, but I wear a training bra. So there we were, two
sisters, sitting to- gether without shirts. Sounds stupid, but it would make
things easier for what was to come. "Take off your bra," Becky told me. I
reached behind me and unhooked my bra. Although I feel silly because I have
such small breasts, taking off my clothes in front of another girl wasn't
strange. After all, there was lacrosse - I've changed and showered in front
of other girls. But still, because I knew what was going to happen was sex,
It felt odd. But good. "You're not really that small, you know. I was
totally flat when I was your age. But you've got something there. Besides,
big breasts are a real pain sometimes. Even with sex." I looked down at
myself. No, I wasn't flat. I had these small mounds with a little pink
nipple dead center of each one. Becky then took off her bra. She needs one,
for sure. They sort of fell out as she took off the item that held them.
Would I have those one day? Was Becky right? Would I hate having big
breasts? I didn't have much time to think, because Becky took her right hand
and touched my left nipple. She rubbed a little around it, sometimes leaving
my breast altogether and rubbing the space between them. I gulped. This was
the first time anyone had ever touched my chest, besides my doctor and,
well, when I was a baby. I looked at Becky's chest. I slowly moved a hand
towards it, wanting to feel what big breasts felt like. They looked soft,
but would they feel hard inside? No, I couldn't bring myself to do it. Becky
moved her hand away from me. "O.K., well, you wanted to know how to satisfy
yourself.... So, here's how.... First, of course, you have to take off your
pants. You can make yourself feel good, sometimes, with pants on. But it's
much better with them off." She stood up and unsnapped the fly on her
pajamas. Yeah, I know, girls don't really need to have a fly. But I wasn't
concerned with that sort of stupid thing. I was waiting to see what was
inside. She popped open the snap and slowly lowered the pants to the floor.
She was wearing French cut panties. But that was all. I mean, she was naked
except for them. "Why don't you take off your pajama bottoms? Then I can
begin to show you some stuff you can do with other girls." So, I took mine
off. Now I was standing in front of my sister nude except for my undies.
"Lie down," she told me. I was getting a little scared. But I did as she
asked. She then got up onto the bed and straddled my legs, with her crotch
hang- ing over my navel. Her breasts hung down over me, making them seem
even larger. She lowered one hand to the bed, to brace herself. The other
hand she used to stroke my chest. She rubbed from my neck down to the bottom
of my rib cage, taking extra time at my breasts, which were really flat now
that I was lying on my back. She used both hands and squeezed on my nipples.
Not so that they hurt, but it did make them pop out a bit. She backed
herself up a bit, and moved her hand down to the waistband of my panties.
She kept going, rubbing over them and going between my legs. I spread my
legs, but she said "don't" so I moved them back and Becky continued to feel
around. And back to the waistband. But this time, instead of going on top of
them, she put her hand inside. She rubbed over me, feeling where pubic hair
was in the process of growing. I wasn't really thick like some of the girls
on my team. Seeing how the rest of me is developing late, I guess the thick
black patch would take it's time. Not like I cared. Regular hair is enough
trouble with my two piece swim suit all ready. Anyway, she continued to
probe downward in my tight panties. In fact, she stopped before she actually
hit my crotch. And back up and out. She took both hands and put them inside
my undies, at both sides. "Lift your butt, a little," she instructed, So I
picked up my butt and she quickly yanked down my panties to my knees,
showing my crotch for all to see. Well, Becky, anyhow. I lowered my naked
butt to the bed and she slid my panties off me. "Bend your legs up, like
your going to do sit-ups," she again said. I did so. I was getting nervous.
She put her hands on my knees and asked my to spread my legs apart. After I
did, she slid her hands down the insides of my legs towards my crotch.
"Beautiful pussy!" she said. Pussy? I've heard the word before in reference
to a girl's crotch, but I was always told that girls hated that word. I
guess Becky knew what I was thinking. "It's OK to say pussy. Sometimes even
cunt. Or twat. Whatever you like. Just don't use such words in front of
anyone that you wouldn't say fuck to." Ah, I see. So she put her hands on my
inner thighs and lowered her head towards my crotch... uh... cunt. What
happened next really threw me. She, a girl, put her face right between my
legs and pressed her mouth against my twat (no, I don't like that word). I
just stared at the ceiling and let her do her thing. She licked up and down
the area between my butthole and the area where my vagina ends and the
"patch" of pubic hair gets thicker. So tender she was, that I almost fell
asleep. But then, she moved her hands inward and touched my vagina. She
pulled apart the little lips on them and pushed her tongue inside. Whoa!
Weird, but felt good. So good, that my entire body got warm. And I thought I
was going to urinate all over Becky's tongue. I tried to stop from doing it.
But I wasn't able to restrain myself and I let it go. But I didn't. I didn't
pee. "You know, you taste good. Some girls don't taste quite right. But
you're really good. And you're starting to get wet. That'll help." She sat
up and wiped her mouth, her breasts falling back to her chest. "What do you
mean, wet?" "When a girl gets excited, she gets this liquid in her cunt.
It's useful for sex, because it makes the penis slide in and out a little
easier. But when playing with yourself, or even doing it with another girl,
it's useful. Go ahead and put your finger in you vagina. You'll see." She
sat down next to me and I sat up. Put my finger in my vagina? Well, I'll
give it a shot. 'Slowly', she told me. "Push apart your pussy lips. And
slowly slide your finger in You have short nails, so you shouldn't scratch
yourself inside, but be careful." I did as she said. Yes, there was liquid
on my pussy. But not urine, Becky says. Slowly I slid a finger inside my
hole. I could feel that I was soft inside. And warm. And wet. "This is the
main way you have of fucking yourself. Once you get more experienced, you
can move your finger around. And get multi- ple fingers inside. If you want
to taste your love juices, pull your finger out and suck on it." I again did
as told. Didn't have much of a taste. "Want to taste me? I can't promise
anything, but I'm to under- stand that my taste is pretty good. And from
finger fucking myself, I can say that it's pretty close to what you taste
like. Guess it's be- cause we're sisters." She stood up and pulled her
panties down. She had thick black pubic hair. And because she had a tan
line, the white around it made it seem all the more black. She again
straddled me and slowly pushed my down. She moved closer and closer to my
face and finally her breasts hung there. "Go ahead, nurse," she suggested.
She guided one of her breasts to my mouth and touched her nipple to my lips.
I opened wide and took in as much as I could (not much) and sucked on it. It
didn't have any taste, but my sucking on another girl's breasts was sexy.
She pulled down and moved her crotch closer to my face. I could see all her
genitals, right there. And she lowered it right onto my mouth and I licked.
Yes, it did taste fine. The hair was getting in the way, but still, I
decided I liked pussy eating. "And this, sister, is called a 69." She pulled
away from my eating mouth and lifted a leg over me and then the other one so
that her butt was pointing toward the ceiling and near my face. And then she
lowered her body so that her face was in my crotch. "Now, eat me!" So I did.
She pushed her butt back till her pussy was in my mouth and I sucked on it.
Yes, actually sucked on her cunt like it was an orange. Meanwhile, she was
doing the same to me. But she was oh so much better at it than I. She was
using her tongue and fingers. Faster and faster she went, and I tried to
imitate. And then, another hot flash. But this time stronger and deep. I
started to shake. Was I going to die? But it felt great. I started to push
my crotch into her face, because I knew that was what was feeling so good.
It tickled. It was hot. It was great. And I pissed. All over her face. And
then... it was over. Becky sat up, her mouth wet. "Congratulations. You had
an orgasm. And a good one from the taste of it!" She bent over and kissed my
on the lips. A good strong French kiss. I could taste what was on her face.
It wasn't piss, but that pussy juice. I was tired. I loved it. I just sat
there for a bit thinking. "I know you're pretty tired, but I have a few
things still to tell you. First, by rubbing and putting your finger inside
you, you can orgasm (or cum) again. And do you know what little bump inside
your cunt lips near the top. That's your clit. Rubbing that should feel
good. That's what I was licking when you came." It was good. We spent the
next hour or so touching and Becky showing me more about masturbating and
having sex with girls. It made me feel great. And I wouldn't get pregnant.
We fell asleep, naked, in each other arms. And the wedding next day was
interesting, but the wedding night was just plain fun, I mean, what are
sisters for!

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Subject: Story: "Face Cream"
From: "Willy" <georgebush@noway44.com>
Date: Sat, 12 May 2001 04:30:54 GMT

(Photo's and Stories)

Face Cream

She couldn't quite make out the sounds that were coming from the den
where her father was working but young Geena Mikens' curiosity wouldn't let
her walk past without finding out what they were and who was making them.
The sweet little 14 year old blonde had just taken a shower and had a bath
towel wrapped around her already fabulous body. The high school freshman had
really matured over the summer and had the body of a college senior, 5'5",
125 pounds, with measurements of 37c-23-35, her mountainous breasts topped
with 2" long, hard "suck me nipples", and a heart shaped ass that would make
any man drool. She was the most popular girl in her class and all the boys
in school, from freshmen to seniors wanted her to be their girlfriend.

It sounds like someone is moaning Geena thought as she reached the door
to the den. She quietly opened the door and peeked in, but the room was dark
and the only light was coming from the VCR machine which was partially
obscured by the reclining chair that her dad liked to sit in. Not wanting to
disturb her father if he were asleep, the pretty teenager tiptoed over to
the side of the chair, getting just close enough to it so she could now see
the screen but was out of her father's view. The innocent little girl had to
cover her mouth with her hand in order to hold back a gasp of shock as she
saw what was on the VCR making the sounds she had heard. There was a young
girl, about her age or maybe even younger, kneeling totally naked on the
floor, surrounded by four naked men. Geena looked in total disbelief at the
sight of the girl smiling up at the camera as she took one of the men's
erect penis in her hand and directed it to her wide open mouth. She began
sucking on the huge penis taking the full length into her mouth before
letting it slide out and licking the head with her tongue. OOOOOhhhh your
cock tastes so good, Geena heard the girl say, fuck my mouth with your big
fat beautiful cock, slam that huge dick down my throat. I want you all to
jerk off on my face at the same time, she said with a look of lust in her
eyes, I want to feel my face getting covered in cum and I want to tastes it
as it flows down my throat. Then she took the big cock and began to suck it
with harder and faster until her face was a blur. This can't really be
happening said Geena to herself as she watched the scene unfold before her.
How can she want to have a man's penis in her mouth and how could she
possibly want anyone to squirt that gooey cum stuff on her face. Then the
shocked teenager realized that she was in fact in her fathers den and it was
him who was watching this gross stuff. Geena wanted to ask him why he was
watching it and as she moved to the side of the chair she saw that her
father had his hand wrapped around his own cock and that it was even bigger
than any of the four on the tape. Oh my god she gasped, daddy what are you
doing? Her father looked up at his gorgeous little girl but as much as he
wanted to stop, the eroticism of the moment wouldn't let him. Oh jesus, look
at the mouth on the girl, god she sure can suck cock. I wish she were
sucking my cock right now Geena, I wish she had that wonderful mouth wrapped
around my hard dick and that she was begging me to cum on her face. Just
then the men started to moan that they were going to cum and the little girl
in the movie took the big cock out of her mouth and screamed at them to aim
right at her face and splatter her with their huge wads of cum. Yes please
cum on my face, all of you, I want all of your delicious cum covering my
face and washing down my throat. All four of them started to cum at once
spraying tremendous waves of cum onto the pretty girls face. Ooooooooooh yes
cum, delicious yummy cum, oh how I love the feel of cum on my face the
pretty little teenager said as her face was slowing disappearing beneath an
ocean of cascading sperm. Young Geena was becoming increasingly intrigued by

the fact that the young girl on the video loved having her face plastered
with cum and actually appeared to enjoy the taste and feel of cum. She also
was starting to feel badly for her daddy who seemed to be frustrated by
watching and not actually being able to participate.

Not knowing why, the sexy blonde freshman loosened the towel and let it
drop to the floor, revealing her gorgeous body and stepped in front of her
father who was still jerking his hard cock. Would you let me do that for you
daddy she asked with a look of both love and lust in her young eyes. She
knelt down between his open legs and moved up to him, placing his hard cock
between her big soft tits and looking up at him said, go ahead daddy, slide
your big beautiful penis between my titties until your ready to cum. I want
you to do what they did to the girl on the video. Would you like to cum in
my face daddy, would you like me to suck your big hard cock until you are
ready to cum. Please fuck my titties and cum for me daddy. Your little girl
wants to feel your hot cum on her face. Oh god yes Geena, suck my cock and
let me cum on your gorgeous face. Oh my sweet little girl, I'm going to blow
such a tremendous load of sperm that your pretty little face will be covered
from forehead to chin with my cum. Ummm yes daddy, I'm going to suck the
cum right out of your big fat balls and let you shoot it all over face.
That's what I want daddy, your little girl wants you to cover her dirty
little face with your delicious cock cream. I want to be just like that girl
on your filthy video who gets all four men to cum on her face. I got so
excited watching that I just had to suck your big beautiful cock daddy.
Oooooooh your prick tastes so good in my mouth, and it feels so long and
hard as it goes down my throat. Fuck my mouth daddy, fuck your daughters
dirty little mouth and make her choke on it. I want to feel your penis all
the way down to the pubic hairs. Fuck my mouth please daddy, fuck my filthy
little mouth. Stretch my lips and slam your cock into my throat. I just love
how it feels. I want to make you cum daddy, please cum for your sweet Geena.
Shoot your load of hot juicy delicious sperm into my sucking mouth and all
over my face. I want to be completely covered with your gism daddy.
Cccccccccccccccccuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmm on my face.

The unbelievable pleasure of having his cock sucked by his beautiful 14-year
old daughter and having her actually tell him that she wanted him to cum all
over her was too much for JP Mikens to take. He felt the volcano that was in
his balls build to climax and he knew that he was about to cum. Ooh god
Geena, I'm going to explode, get ready for a big juicy load of cum. I'm
going to cover your gorgeous little face with the biggest, juiciest,
slimiest load of hot gooey cum that ever came out of my cock. Tell daddy how
much you want to get a facebath sweetheart. Tell me how much you are going
to love me coming on your pretty little face. Geena was beside herself with
cumlust, she wanted to suck every ounce of hot gooey cockcream out of her
daddy's big thick dick and feel it flow over her face. She let out a moan
and said, oh yes daddy, please cum on my face, cum all over your little
girls face. I want to feel your hot thick jizz splash on my face and run
down my cheeks. Cum was everywhere now, totally obsuring the young girls
gorgeous face, all you could see was Geena's tongue each time she stuck it
out to lick up gobs of sperm and pull it back into her hungry mouth.
Ummmmmmmmmm, your cum is so delicious daddy, keep pumping your balls empty,
I want to take every ounce of your luscious juice into my belly. Take it
Geena, take all of your daddys hot cum all over your sweet little face.
Geysers of hot gooey semen poured from JP's cockhead flowing downward and
landing on his 14-year old daughters face, cascading from her forehead and
splashing across her nose and eyes. Like a lava flow, it melted across her
facial features until her entire face was covered with a white blanket of
the thickest, hottest cum she had ever felt. Young Geena was beside herself
with excitement, her little cunt quivering with erotic twinges, knowing that
her daddy had fucked her hot little mouth and was now shooting a tremendous
load of cum onto her eagerly sucking mouth. She absolutely loved the way it
made her feel. She wanted to have his huge cock fucking her everywhere now.
In her pussy, up her tight little virgin asshole, but especially and most
importantly down her no longer virgin throat. She would never feel anything
quite so good for the rest of her life as the feeling of being throat-fucked
by a big fat cock and having that cock explode on her face. The little girl
was now a cum slut and would be forever. Gurgling sounds were coming from
the gorgeous young girls mouth as gallons of cum were being pumped from here
daddy's huge balls literally flooding her throat and gushing out through her
sucking lips to spread across here pretty face. Her cheeks were coated with
the gooey hot liquid and her nostrils were clogged shut. It was becoming
harder to breath but Geena didn't seem to care, the only thing that mattered
was getting all of her father's cum load into her mouth or on her face. The
sexy little teenager kept sucking his big cock as hard and as deep as she
could, hoping that the deluge of cock cream would never end. JP was in
absolute awe of his little girl's cocksucking prowess as he looked down at
her beautiful face being smothered with hot thick cum. Could she possibly be
only 14 years old he thought, she sucks cock better than anyone I've ever
known. She could be a professional. It excited him to think that the lips
that were wrapped around his huge cock could belong to a whore and it made
him think what he would like to do to that whore. Yeah you fucking slut,
suck my big cock, take my load of cum down your filthy fucking throat. I'm
covering your pretty fucking face with my cum, a real big load of cum. Do
you like it bitch, do you like being fucked in the mouth and having your
slutty little face coated with hot gooey cum? He took his cock out of her
mouth and aimed it at her face, letting the cum spray directly onto Geena's
face. Now her eyes and nose were covered with several layers of his cock
juice and the sticky white sperm was leaking from her open lips. Geena
looked up at her father and cooed, oh yes daddy, I love being your little
whore and having your fuck my face. I love the feeling of your beautiful big
dick fucking my mouth and stretching my lips apart. But the thing I love
most is the when you start to cum in my mouth. Your cum is so delicious that
I wish it would never stop. I love the was it tastes and the way it feels
all over my face. The sex starved little girl placed her small hand over her
father's and pulled his stiff cock to her face and began to brush the
cockhead over her skin. Oh god, that feels so good. I love how your big cock
feels on my skin daddy, especially when its covered with your luscious cum.
Geena lifted the big shafted cock from her face and then let it slap back
against her cheek. Again and again she did this until red welts began to
appear. Do it to me daddy, slap my dirty little slut face with your
beautiful thick cock. Make it hurt daddy, punish your little slut for being
so naughty and so dirty as to suck your cock and beg for your cum. JP didn't
need any further encouragement. He took Geena's hand off his and began the
slap his cock against her sweet looking face as hard as he could. WHACK
WHACK WHACK. Oh god yes daddy, slap my with your cock.. make my face hurt
for being such a cum slut. It was so naughty of me to suck your big
wonderful cock and even nastier of me to be you to cum in my mouth and all
over my face. Slap you little whore daddy, she loves it when you hurt her. I
just can't help it daddy, I just love your great big fat cock in my mouth.
Please keep letting me suck your off into my slutty mouth and letting you
cum on my dirty little face.


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Apologies for the formatting didn't remember it was multi-stories. Again these aren't my works. Next post will be better.

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