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Magic Marker Book Two: Indelible mg, Mg, mc, fg, bond, inc, Mdom, humil, + AnonyMPC 18/02/10(Sat)02:43 No. 25351 ID: a609fb

This is a continuation of my Magic Marker story. You can read Book One at http://www.asstr.org/~AnonyMPC/Magic_Marker_Book_One.html

The "Previously On, Magic Marker" version:

Twelve-year-old Susan found a magic marker on her way home from the swimming pool with her older brother Keith. As a joke, he wrote "smelly feet" on her, and she noticed her feet actually did smell... a smell which stopped when the mark wore off. This convinced her the marker really was magic, that everything written on someone with the marker became true... from "smelly feet", to the word "jerk" she wrote on her brother, to "super horny" which he wrote on her as a joke once he became a jerk. More marks followed, growing steadily more sexual, culimating in Keith turning Susan into his own personal fuck toy and making their parents have complete faith in him. Although she was thoroughly enjoying the incestuous sex, Susan had been counting on things returning to normal when "jerk" mark wore off his body, only to find he rewrote the mark on himself, because he liked who he'd become and what he'd gotten out of it.


Oh, and this is the first thing I've posted that I wrote while livestreaming my writing, as such, there are some ideas or lines or outfits directly from viewers... I didn't keep track of who or what parts specifically, but I do owe a general acknowledgement.

Magic Marker, Book Two: Indelible (mg, Mg, mc, fg, bond, anal, inc, Mdom, humil, magic, oral, spank, toys)

Chapter One:

Susan wondered if her life was ever going to change back to the way it was, or if this was the way it was going to be from now on. Obviously some things wouldn't... some changes couldn't be changed back, lines couldn't be uncrossed. Losing virginity, for example. And some lessons stayed with you forever. But sometimes you could pretend the changes didn't happen, decide not to make mistakes again, and go back to living the way you did before, couldn't you? Or was this the new normal?

The question crossed her mind as she lay spread eagle, each of her limbs bound to one post of a twin-sized bed (her arms cuffed to the headboard, her ankles tied with ropes to the foot). Semen was drying on her face leaving a sticky, flaky mess everywhere her tongue couldn't reach, and there was a slim rod in her ass, a feeling that she loved except that she knew it could also be made to vibrate, but only if somebody turned it on. That was something she was in no position to do, no matter how much she wanted it. And she wanted it... in fact, she craved it. Even at twelve years old, Susan was super horny, her hairless pussy practically throbbing with need, and she was unable to do much of anything about that need, aside from clenching her ass around the inactive vibrator for the faintest hint of stimulation. It wasn't enough, not by a long shot.

It was her brother's fault she was stuck like this, that this might be her life from now on. Keith was a jerk.

And that was Susan's fault, that he was a jerk. She couldn't escape that. She was the one who wrote the word on him, with a magic marker - a marker that made almost anything you wrote on somebody a true description. In writing those word 'Jerk' she turned him into one.

Since that moment, the marker was in Keith's hands, and he'd used it to turn their family life upside down, and Susan's life in particular. Now, in addition to being super horny, she was addicted to cum, she loved anal stuff, and she was both a cocksucker and a fuck toy. All of that was because of the marker, and a heavy burden to bear for a preteen girl who was a virgin who'd never been kissed the day before. At least he also made her infertile, so she wouldn't have to worry about getting pregnant, although she'd begun to think about that while lying there, waiting for her brother to return from downstairs and hopefully uncuff her... maybe it was because she was super horny, but the idea of giving birth to her brother's baby made her heart flutter and thighs clench even more. Even though that would be another one of those permanent changes that she could never come back from, a part of her nonetheless wanted it. It wasn't even so much the birth itself that excited her most. It was the thought of everybody seeing her pregnant, knowing she'd had sex, maybe everybody in school seeing her with a baby bump. Sometimes she even fantasized that they knew it was her brother behind it, but of course she didn't really want that, unless it was some fantasy world where he couldn't get in trouble.

That could be the case at home, she realized with a squeeze of her ass, at least now that her brother had used the marker on their parents... if he kept marking them every time what he'd written had started to fade, at least. Because right now both Mom and Dad had magic words on their bodies that forced them to have complete faith in Keith. If he got her pregnant, they would believe him if he told them he wasn't the father. They'd probably believe him if he said he was the father, but she seduced him and so it was her fault, or there was some other reason it was okay. Maybe he could even convince them they should be married, or act like it... who knows how the far the magic would take it.

Susan grunted, and tried to pull her hand to the toy inside her once more, completely forgetting the cuff that yanked back at her as it clattered against the wooden headboard. When was Keith coming back? What if he forgot about her?

No, that was a ridiculous fear... it was his room, after all, he'd have to be back eventually. And she didn't hear the front door slamming shut like it usually did when he left the house. He might be downstairs watching TV, after enjoying whatever it was he was making himself to eat. She had detected the unmistakable delicious, greasy smell of bacon wafting up a few minutes ago, and some other scents too. Maybe he was making something extremely elaborate and complicated, and that's what was taking so long. Maybe he'd just gotten bored of her and decided to experiment with how far the magic words "Good Cook", written on his arm, in magic marker, carried him beyond his normal skills. Before writing that, he'd never cooked bacon himself, or much of anything. He wouldn't even fry an egg. Now he was making, or had already made, what smelled like a delicious lunch.

Hopefully, he'd make enough for her, too, because Susan was starting to get super hungry as well as super horny. And super bored. Judging by what she read in those Shades of Grey books her mother liked, bondage was supposed to be exciting. And maybe it was while Keith was right there with her, doing anything he wanted without her even being able to resist a little... unable to close her legs and force him to prove how easily he could pry them apart, or even to control things enough to assume a more comfortable position, just open to be taken and used. Even when he was cruelly denying her, not cumming inside of her so she could have her fuck toy orgasm, and jacking off on her face while the restraints prevented her from fulfilling her cocksucker nature, there was some level of excitement to it... she had, even before the marker, wanted to watch what it looked like when he squirted, just for curiosity's sake. But then he left, and all she could do was lie there, waiting. And that was starting to get boring.

Normally, if she was stuck somewhere, like on a long car ride or waiting for a doctor's appointment, what she would do is work on one of the stories in her head, work out the details of a plot twist or try out various ways of describing a person, place, or action. Here, though the ever-present horniness didn't even grant her that escape... every time she tried to divert her thoughts, they soon fled back to how she wanted... no, needed to cum really bad. Her mind may have been like a ping-pong ball, back and forth between her needs, and what Keith was doing, and whether she might be able to squeeze her hand out of the handcuffs and escape, and whether she should... but it was a boring ping-pong ball all the same. For a time she occupied herself by seeing if she could on turn the vibrator in her ass, by rubbing it along the sheets underneath her in a way that might twist the knob. She tried that again, but without luck, and puffed out a frustrated breath of air that tossed her bangs out of the way of one of her eyes.

Finally, after what seemed like an impossibly long time (her panties were covering the face of the clock by Keith's bed so she couldn't say for sure, but it felt like an hour or more since he first left), she heard a series of plodding steps ascending the stairs, and waited, flexing her butt and arching her back slightly to raise her pussy and give him as tempting a sight as she could... maybe he'd want to play with her.

Her brother pushed open the door with a sock-covered foot and entered, his hands full with two plates. On one was a half-finished sandwich, toasted and full of gooey cheese. A grilled cheese sandwich, but not just a conventional one, there was bacon and something else... closer, now, she could smell mustard somewhere in there. The other plate was covered in a pot lid. Susan licked her lips, hoping it was for her, another one of those delicious smelling sandwiches, or maybe something else. Probably something else, or why hide it?

As long as it wasn't something disgusting... he might be enough of a jerk to like humiliating her by making her eat something icky. If he did that, she hoped it would be a cum sandwich... she could pretend not to like that but enjoy eating it anyway due to her addiction, which, after a certain amount of time, made swallowing cum, in any form, as refreshing as a thirsty man in the desert finally finding water. If Keith provided something really disgusting, her only hope might be to pretend she really wanted it... reverse psychology was a good tool on a jerk, or at least she thought it might be... though too often she only thought of it too late, like the moment after he smiled and walked out of the room immediately after she suggested that he couldn't leave her tied up. It seemed like forever that he was gone.

But now he was back. Keith put the covered plate on his desk, the other on a chair, without saying anything about it. Susan couldn't take the mystery anymore. "What'd did you make?" she asked.

"This?" he asked, and picked up one half of the sandwich, the half with a bite already taken out of it. "Grilled cheese with bacon and apple."

"Apple?" she asked. She liked apples, but... in a cheesy sandwich? Still, it smelled pretty good.

"Yeah, I know, sounds weird, but it tastes really good." He took another bite... it crunched, although when he pulled his mouth away the cheese trailed back to the sandwich until it finally fell away. Keith chewed a few times, then continued, mouth full, "Mom really needs to go shopping though, I could do a lot more if I had some decent ingredients." He swallowed. "Shit, I should audition for Masterchef or something. Just have to write it on me and I'm a shoe-in."

Susan wasn't sure whether she should point out that if he went on a reality show, he'd have to go alone, and stay alone for several weeks... which meant any of the marks on her or their parents would disappear before he came back. That would be one way for her life to get back to normal... although, she wasn't sure whether she even wanted that anymore. Some changes, sure, but she'd be happy to keep a few of the marks on her. The only ones she absolutely wanted gone were on his body, not hers... the ones that said "Jerk." There were two of those, one she wrote, and one he wrote himself in a more convenient place and was free to renew for as long as he had the marker. If he did audition for Masterchef, she figured they'd probably choose him... "Yeah," she finished the thought out loud. "They always chose a few jerks for the show, to create drama."

He grinned, and leaned over her, tugging at one of the handcuffs with one finger. "So how are you liking bondage so far?"

Was now a time for reverse psychology, or not? She wasn't sure, and so chose the middle path. "It's okay," she said. "But boring. And I'm hungry. What's under the tray? Is that one for me?"

"It is," he said, his face animating in a smile. "But it's not a delicious bacon and apple grilled cheese sandwich."

Okay, this was definitely a time for reverse psychology. "It's not a cum sandwich or anything like that, is it?" She make an effort to wrinkle her nose in disgust, even though right now she craved cum so much it hurt, she'd even eat it on wax green beans, her least favorite vegetable. Mostly she just didn't like Keith knowing how much she liked it now, he'd make fun of her for it and, probably, withhold it even more, just to be a jerk.

"No," he said. "Although that is a good idea." Susan deliberately grimaced, so she wouldn't see her delight in the idea. "Anyway, I was just thinking, you're right..."

"I am?"

"Yeah... about bondage. It has its appeal, but mostly, it's boring. What's the point of having a fuck toy if I have to do all the work? It's more fun if you can move around some, don't you think?"

Susan didn't think you needed to use reverse psychology when someone was asking you to agree with them, so she nodded. "Yeah."

Keith reached into his pocket and retrieved the keys, unlocking each of the handcuffs, and then turned back towards where he'd left the plate. Susan's arms, which had been experiencing a dull ache from being above her head for so long, began to suffer brief stiff pains as she lowered them to her chest... never enough that she felt close to crying out, but she winced before twisting her arms in every direction to both make sure the pain wasn't too bad, and also to see if she could take it if it did. But, as there were no lingering problems, she immediately bent forward to start untying her feet. These were easy... they were only tied tightly enough that it was difficult to escape without hands, and even then, if she really kicked, she might have been able to pull it loose. She just never tried because the benefits of her legs being free to move didn't outweigh the risk of accidentally making the knot tighter, or angering Keith, or the vibrator falling completely out of her butt while she tried to work herself free.

Speaking of the vibrator, after freeing her legs she immediately pushed it back inside that little bit... she hadn't even thought of it, it just seemed like it needed to be deeper in her ass than it was, and fixed the mistake. That settled, she looked over to her brother, who had the mysterious covered plate in his hand. He was obviously waiting for her to ask again, so she didn't, but that didn't stop her from eying it warily. "So if we're done with bondage, do you want to have sex with me again?"

"What makes you think I'm through with bondage?"

She frowned. "But, you just said..."

"I said it's more fun if you can move around."

"So... you want me to tie you up?" Her heart beat a little faster. If he was tied up, he couldn't stop her from taking and using the marker... but no, of course he couldn't actually want to be tied up. What made more sense was that he wanted to tie up just her arms or something, maybe so she'd have to be standing up.

"Of course not. I just think we should try a different way." He lifted the pot-lid, revealing beneath it a pile of smooth black stuff that at first gave off the impression of a coiled snake... but of course, it wasn't, it was too thin for that, except for a few larger lumps, and Susan quickly realized that it was some kind of restraints, and on the top of it was what looked like....

"That's a dog collar," she said.


Magic Marker Book Two, Chapter Two AnonyMPC 18/02/10(Sat)13:58 No. 25353 ID: a609fb

Chapter Two

It was made of dark leather, with little metal studs, although there was definitely more to it than that, the collar merely sat atop a pile of other stuff that she hadn't identified. "Yes, it certainly looks like one, doesn't it?"

"Where did you even get that?" They didn't have a dog. Could he have taken it from the neighbors?

He picked up the collar, and she could see that it was attached to a leash, which made up much of the pile... but not all of it. Beneath that, there were other things she still wasn't sure about, but they looked like they might be boots or gloves or something. Those didn't come from the neighbor's dog. "Apparently, Mom is more of a freak than I ever imagined," Keith said. "Or maybe it's Dad. But I think it's probably Mom. She reads those stupid books."

The Fifty Shades books, he must mean. Susan had read some of it, but she didn't remember anything like this in them. Of course she flipped back and forth a lot while trying to find out the appeal, rather than reading straight through. There was just a lot of Christian being a controlling jerk, which she didn't like (although there were times when it seemed like him looking out for her because she didn't care about herself enough, and that tickled something inside of her), and some tying up and hitting. A leash? That seemed especially weird for people having sex to do to each other. Like who'd want to have sex with a dog?

Keith, apparently... or at least, like somebody he could treat like a dog. He leaned forward and attached the collar to her neck. She remained still for this, knowing that fighting it was only going to lead to more trouble later. And what did it matter, if he used the leash while having sex with her doggy-style, he could pull her head back without grabbing her hair. She always liked how that felt, him pulling her back, and at the same time pulling her more onto him, but with her short hair sometimes he had to grab too close and pulled too hard and it hurt.

When she put a finger between her neck and the collar, Keith asked, "Too tight?" She shook her head, taking some comfort in the fact that he cared. It might be uncomfortable if she had to wear it for a really long time, but probably it wouldn't be long before Keith got bored, and even if he didn't, Mom and Dad would be back that afternoon. Both their eyes lingered on the other stuff on the platter. Keith held one up and it looked like a mitten made of leather. She could now tell beneath them were some boots that had weird long straps and buckles, but whatever they were for, Keith looked at them and put them aside on the bed, saying, "I think we'll do without these, for now. As long as you're good." Before she could think about what that meant, he ruffled her hair, then stroked her side with surprising tenderness that gave her goosebumps. "Come on," he said, then stood up and pulled on the leash. Susan climbed off the bed and stood, enjoying the feeling after being on her back for so long. Keith took a step out of the room, and Susan followed.

They only got a couple steps for her brother looked back. "What are you doing?"


"Dogs don't walk like that. Get on your hands and knees."

She did this without complaint. She'd done that before, fully clothed, once in a while, run around on her hands and knees for fun. This time, she even had a tail to wag.

Or had, anyway. When she wagged it to demonstrate, the vibrator clattered to the floor.

"Oops," she said, and reached back to grab it. It wasn't so bad, at least now she could turn it on.

"No," Keith said, his voice firm and forceful. She looked up at him, hopeful. Did he want to fuck her already? Instead, though, he said, "You can't pick things up with your hands. You're a dog, remember?"

Susan rolled her eyes with her head lowered so he couldn't see. This was just getting silly. What next, was he going to make her eat out of a bowl on the floor? "Come on, Keith, you can't make me..." She wasn't trying to stand up to him, though, she said it more to try and convince him how silly it was.

"Of course I can," he interrupted. "I could get you to put on the rest of the outfit so you can't use your hands or walk on your feet, but I think it's more fun this way. Remember... I can make you do anything I want. I can write 'acts like a dog' on you and you won't have any choice. You'd follow me out to the yard and lift your leg to pee on the fencepost if I wanted it. Or I could breed you to the dog next door and make you love it. And maybe I will do that if you won't be a good doggy inside the house." Susan gulped. "But, see, the fun part of being a master is watching you do things not because you have to, but just because I ask you to. And if I'm not having fun... well, let's just say that the more bored I get, the more time I'll have to think about other things the marker could force you to do."

By now she knew when she was defeated. "Okay, fine," she said. She let go of the vibrator, and hoped he'd put it back in.

"No talking, either," he said. "Dogs don't talk. And they certainly don't talk back. If you need my attention, you can bark."

Susan sighed automatically, belatedly wondering if dogs did that, if that would get her punished. Keith didn't call her on it, though. Instead, he tugged on her collar again. But... she almost spoke the word aloud, then remembered, and let out a little bark, like a dog asking a question, and nudged her head to the vibrator.

Keith bent down, took it, then put it on his dresser. "No, I don't think you've earned this yet."

Surprisingly, Susan found she didn't mind it being out after all. She loved anal stuff, but that being inside of her for so long, and on for a large part of their bondage play, she'd started to feel used to it, almost numb to it. In fact, with it out, her butt actually was tingling even more than it had before, as it got used to trying to be tight again. She still craved the feeling of something inside of her, but the feeling of it first going in, stretching her was one of the best parts. And it was like almost anything... if you don't take a break, you take it for granted. Like how eating feels good, but it's so much better if you're actually hungry.

That comparison made her tummy rumble to remind her that she was still actually hungry, but if she couldn't talk, it was going to be hard to satisfy that urge, unless Keith let her off the leash... or unless he let her suck his cock. But although she craved that too, it wasn't very filling, and it didn't seem to be part of Keith's immediate plans anyway, since he had his pants on.

Instead, he led her downstairs on the leash, while she shuffled forward on her hands and knees, which she might have done on her own sometimes, but it got old fast, particularly when you went down stairs. Going upstairs wasn't too bad, but down was surprisingly slow and awkward, particularly when somebody's walking in front of you and you have to keep your speed low.

On the ground floor, he walked her around in a circle, just to seemingly tease her and show off his power. After the second repeat, Susan decided to make a barking noise and pull at the leash when they neared the kitchen entrance.

He deliberately missed the point. "What's that, girl?" he asked. She barked again and jerked her head towards the kitchen. "You want to go for a walk outside?" He started towards the front door, which they were nowhere near, and she waited until he tugged hard on the leash to finally follow, a big frown on her face. "Okay," he said. "If you want me to walk you out outside, I guess I can."

A blush formed on Susan's face, despite her knowing how unlikely it was that her brother would follow through with the threat. She could see him maybe doing that in the back yard... it was a risk, but there were fences and most of the time nobody was looking in anybody's yard. But out front? Somebody would see. And it didn't matter that Keith had a magic marker, he had to know that if he took her out naked in the front yard on a leash, he'd be arrested. Still, just the thought... everybody seeing her... thinking she was some kind of freak for going along with her brother. Maybe he wouldn't even be risking himself... what if he just took the leash off, opened the door, and told her to run around outside without him, so it looked like her idea? He'd never do that, would he?

Maybe. And maybe her flushed face might give him the idea that she wanted it, like it sometimes seemed to. So Susan shook her head defiantly and barked again. "I don't know what you want," he said, like he was disappointed, but the smirk on his face proved that was a lie.

Fine, she'd play that game. She sat up on her knees, and then put her hands up by her mouth, palms down, like she really was a dog and doing the "begging" trick. Dogs did that when they wanted food, right?

"Oh, you want some food, do you?" Susan nodded, and barked. "Oh, okay, fine. Let's get you some food."

Finally, he walked her to the kitchen, and started looking through the cupboards. Since they didn't have a pet, Susan at least didn't have to worry that she was going to have to eat dog food or something gross like that. He'd have to give her real food.

Keith must have been thinking along similar lines, but more inventively, because he pulled out a bowl and a box of cereal, and poured the cereal in the bowl. It was Reese's Puffs, which, in a bowl without any milk, did actually look a lot like dog kibble. Even more when he put it on the floor like he expected her to eat it from there. Which, Susan supposed, he did.

Eating the dry cereal didn't bother her... sometimes she liked eating it without milk more. But eating without her hands was going to be difficult and humiliating. Then again, she was so hungry. All she'd had for breakfast was some cum, an under-the-table blowjob her brother demanded. And although that satisfied one kind of hunger, it was only took up a tiny amount of actual space in her stomach.

So she glared up at him, and then planted her mouth in the bowl, slurping as much as she could into her mouth and then chewing them into tiny bits and swallowing. On her second mouthful, just as she was starting to need a drink, her brother read her mind again, and put his usual degrading spin on it. He half-filled a bowl with water and put it beside the food bowl. She knew she'd get punished for using her hands, so she lapped up what she could with her tongue, while occasionally looking up at her brother who had a smirk on his lips.

Going back and forth between the cereal and the water, it took what felt like ten minutes to finish off the bowl, and her stomach felt better, but she still wasn't full. Yet she couldn't ask him for more, not directly. Even if she made a sound, she'd probably just get more cereal, and she was getting sick of that. So when he asked "All done?" she gave a little shrug, and he tugged her leash to get her to follow him back to the living room.

There, she finally got something she wanted, a reward for obedience. Her brother patted the couch, like he wanted her up on it, and when she complied, he used his free hand to pull apart one lip of her pussy while the one that held the leash fumbled for his crotch. Finally. She let out the happiest bark she could make. "Yeah, you're going to be a good doggy, aren't you?" Another happy bark greeted that, and seconds later, felt the warm head of his cock pressing into her, prying her apart, and her fuck toy instincts took over, her hole relaxing just enough to allow him easy entry while still being tight. Soon he was thrusting up into her, filling her, while she let out a little moan that sounded close to a growl. A few seconds later, she let out a bark. Maybe it was because he was treating her like a dog, her fuck toy nature forced her to act like one... or maybe it was just the only thing that seemed natural, considering he asked her to pretend. It was hard to tell sometimes... that was the scariest part of the marker's writing. How much would go back to normal if the words faded, and how much was not a permanent part of her soul. Maybe now that she'd experienced sex and how good it could be, she'd always be super horny. For all she knew she was a natural fuck toy and the marker just awakened that instinct for the first time.

At least she enjoyed getting fucked, and continued letting out animal noises, usually right at the end of a firm thrust, or when he first did tug back on the leash, forcing her neck back into an uncomfortable position, and yet liking the feeling even as it made her yelp.

Keith seemed like an animal too, at these times, the way he took her, pounded against her, like instinct had completely taken him over, and the only thing that set them apart was that he was the alpha, the one who was unquestionably in charge, the one whose pleasure came first. It was a relief losing herself in that secondary role, especially knowing that as a fuck toy, her pleasure would come when his did. Why not let him take charge, use her body to get what he wants as quickly as possible? After all, she'd get it at the same time, and if she expended any thought beyond reacting to his movements, she might just get in the way and delay things. When she gave her will over to his, it was like they were one.

Before long, they were one in orgasm too, as she felt that squirt inside her that triggered an explosion of pleasure, her eyes rolling back in her head and not even caring that she felt like she couldn't breathe because he'd reflexively pulled back on the leash so hard it was choking her airway. He let go just as she was starting to feel like she might pass out, but in some ways that was what it was always like, towards the end, as the pleasure receded. He let the leash drop and they both breathed out firmly as he pressed his crotch into her to make sure every last drop landed inside. "Good doggy," he said finally, as he let himself slide out of her, pulling a river of slime with him. He let go of the leash and backed away, pulling his cock back into his underwear. "You stay and clean up, I need to go to the bathroom."

Susan started to do what was instinctual by then, satisfying her cum addiction with what was already inside of her. But when she reached towards the goo dripping down her legs, her brother's voice stopped her cold. "No," he said. She looked up to see a grin on him. "No hands, remember?"

"Bu..." she started to ask, but he shot her one more warning glance and she corrected herself. "Buh-ark," she said. How was she supposed to clean herself up without scooping up the cum and licking it off her fingers?

Like dogs clean themselves, she decided instantly, as Keith continued on to the bathroom. It was easier said than done. She was flexible, but it was hard to bend in half and get close enough to lick. To smell, that was easy, that pungent (yet somehow now pleasantly intoxicating) aroma was tantalizingly in reach, but her tongue wouldn't reach. It wasn't just a matter of bending over... she could touch her toes without problem, but that would put her head nearer to her knees, still too far from her pussy. By trying to curve her spine and neck in an awkward position, she could get close, not quite make contact. It always came down to two parts of her body needing to pull in different directions.

She let out an exasperated sigh, blowing up a lock of her hair in the first puff, and as she watched it drift down she had another idea. Instead of bending to reach it, she lay on her back and pulled her legs in the air, dangling over her, like she was in the middle of a somersault and stopped.

She still couldn't reach it... but now gravity was working in her favor. Only... not fast enough. Though she opened her mouth and extended her tongue, it was mostly sliding along her body, rather than dripping down. She did manage to squeeze her pussy in such a way that a white drop from inside dangled temptingly, it was like waiting for stuck ketchup in a bottle.

"Well, you're trying," her brother said, having returned from the bathroom. "I'll give you that." She hadn't been paying attention to the sounds, so it surprised her, and turning her face enough to see him caused a long strand of liquid to land on her cheek. Luckily, that was within range of her tongue. "Maybe I should write 'flexible' on you so you can do it exactly like dogs do."

She couldn't answer him, not without breaking his rules, so she gave him a shrug and a smile. That really wasn't something dogs did either (they always looked like they were smiling), but he never complained about that. Still, being more flexible was one of the better things he could write on her. It would be like a super power. She didn't want to either overly encourage him or discourage him.

"Maybe later," he said. "Could be fun to try out a few new positions, but right now it's still too fun watching you struggle."

Susan rolled her eyes, but went back to trying to lick herself, until a growing pressure, one she'd been feeling for a while but suddenly kicked up intensity, made her turn over and crawl on her hands and knees. She needed to go pee.

When she made it to the bathroom, she frowned and realized that Keith had closed the door on the way out. She looked back at him, but he was watching her with a curious interest, and he'd be pissed if she used her hands to open the door. So instead, she summoned up a whine from the back of her throat, like a dog who wanted something urgently. It wasn't quite that bad yet, but probably it would be in a few minutes.

Keith stood up and slowly moved towards her, a smirk on his face. "Shouldn't you be scratching at the door to the backyard?" he asked. "That's what dogs do."

She stared at him with a pleading look. The backyard? That would be so embarrassing, and maybe messy too if she had to do it like a dog, which she'd never tried before. But especially embarrassing, and worse, dangerous if anybody actually did see. How could he ask her to do that?

It turned out, he couldn't... or, at least, he wouldn't, yet. "But okay, you've been a good doggy so far, I guess I'll let you be a human in the bathroom." He opened the door and stepped out of her way, and Susan took him literally. When she crossed into the bathroom, she stood up and closed the door, then sat down on the toilet. She did have to pee, but why waste the chance to use her fingers and get more of that delicious cum her addiction told her that she still needed.

After she finished relieving herself, she washed, opened the door, and got on her hands and knees again to walk out. Keith smiled at her over the arm of the couch, then patted his side, out of her view, but loud enough that she could hear it. "Come on, girl."

She rushed, as best as she could not actually having four legs, and hopped up on the couch beside him. He continued to pat his side, and tentatively, she leaned against him, then lay against him, as he put his arm around her and stroked her gently. "Good girl," he said. "Let's watch some TV."

Except for the sex, being a dog was largely a pain, but this... she liked this, snuggled up against her big brother, watching TV. She felt... loved. Maybe it was the way his fingers played along her skin, like even when he was distracted he wasn't willing to let her go... or maybe it was that he turned on Nickelodeon, and they watched shows she liked but he, supposedly, didn't. Why do that, except because, even as a jerk, he still wanted to make her happy, like she'd made him happy? And that didn't just feel good, it felt warm and safe. For that feeling, and of course, for the sex, it would be worth being a dog. She could keep her mouth shut for that.

When she returned to her room, she decided she would write about this moment in the story she was writing about her experience, to never forget that he loved her. Or she might, if she got the chance. If Keith made her give herself over to being a pet as well a fuck toy, that might become impossible. Dogs don't write, after all.

The thought scared her, but so did the knowledge that, this, too, she could probably accept, if it meant the rest came along with it. It was like she was being simplified, reduced, from a person with dreams, hobbies, and conflicting opinions on things, into something that only existed for pleasure, hers, yes, but most importantly, somebody else's. There was something alluring in that, too. She had already enjoyed her transformation into fuck toy... maybe all those extra things, they were just clutter, getting in the way of her true role in life. Maybe she was wrong to want them.

It didn't stop her from actually doing so, though... she wanted her freedom and to be able to speak, and not give up the orgasms Keith had been giving her either... but she could do without freedom for a while, anyway. She could lay with her brother and be his faithful dog.

After about an hour of TV, Susan felt Keith shift beneath her, followed by him standing up so abruptly that she fell to the couch. "Okay, that's enough television." He tugged on her collar, and led her to the kitchen, still walking on her hands and knees. "Still hungry?" She nodded, a little warily. "Well, you've been a good dog, so I think I can give you a treat." He dropped the leash. "Stay." She did, and sat on her hind legs, watching as he prepared what looked like another sandwich. She waited eagerly. If she had a tail, she knew she'd be wagging it right now.

It didn't take long... he didn't make her exactly what he made for herself, but a far simpler version that at least wasn't something you'd feed a dog... a grilled cheese sandwich. But she liked those well enough, even if only Dad had ever cooked them for her before. When he was done, he put it in a shallow bowl and said, "Sorry, I finished all the bacon myself." Susan brightened that he actually apologized... it was uncharacteristically nice, but maybe it was jerky enough to hog all the bacon in the first place that apologizing over it still satisfied the marker. Or maybe he remained a jerk by how he gave it to her. "You want?" he asked, keeping it just out of her reach.

She opened her mouth to speak, but caught herself, and barked. "What's that?" She barked again. Then she realized, and so she sat on her hind legs and pulled her arms up and her fists balled up under her chin, making whimpering sounds, begging like a dog. "Okay, here you go," and put the sandwich on the ground.

That was when she realized how much of a jerk he still was. How was she supposed to eat a sandwich without using her hands, particularly a gooey one that stuck together. She looked down at it, then up at Keith, but her eye caught on the fridge behind him. There was a magnet on it that said "Don't Just Complain About Problems, Find Solutions! Think outside the box." Mom had brought it home from work one day a couple months ago as some kind of motivational saying... it seemed like good advice, especially now. She couldn't trust her brother to help, so she had to try and find a solution. After a moment's thought she scooted over to the bowl on her belly and bit into one corner, trying to take a small piece and lift it over the edge. Once it hung over, she figured she could take small bites.

Her plan didn't work... her first few tries when she tugged on the sandwich with her teeth it would just tear off edges of bread, and when she finally got a good grip and pulled, she pulled too hard... the whole sandwich moved and the bowl clattered as it overbalanced one end.

Her brother's hands ruffled her hair. "Okay, you know what, I don't want you making a mess on the floor, and I've got other things to do, so until I say otherwise, you can walk and use your hands again." Having Keith solve her problem wasn't exactly thinking outside the box, but considering he was the one who caused the problem in the first place, she wasn't going to beat herself up over it. Before she could grab the sandwich, Keith bent down at his knees, grabbed the leash, and followed it with his hands to her collar, gave it a tug. "But you keep this on, you understand? So you understand who you belong to." Susan nodded, savoring the idea, that she belonged to him. Her brother wouldn't make such a claim on something he didn't want, right? "And no clothes, and no talking. Otherwise, you can do what you want."

He dropped the leash, stood, and left the room, just like that.

Susan remained sitting on the floor for a few seconds, then picked up the sandwich with her hands. She waited at first, looking back to see if her brother would come and change his mind, but when she heard him going up the stairs, she leaned in and took a bite. It was probably one of the best examples of grilled cheese she'd had, the light crunch of the bread when her mouth closed over it somehow still managing to ooze butter, and then reaching the savory, gooey cheese inside. The only thing that might have made it better was bacon, and maybe apples, though she still wasn't sure about that. And maybe some ketchup. She liked ketchup for her grilled cheese.

But then, she could just get it, couldn't she? She realized that despite the fact that she'd been given the freedom to do what she wanted, she still felt constrained. She was, after all, still sitting on the cold floor, like a dog, butt naked with a collar on her. The last two, she might not have been able to do anything about, not without violating her brother's orders and risking his wrath and, perhaps, another unwelcome enforced change from the magic marker, but she could still sit like a person and eat off a plate rather than a bowl, with ketchup and keep a little bit of dignity.

Dignity, it had seemed, was no longer something she cared much about. When you've lost so much of it, it just seems crazy to spend so much energy holding on to the rest. Maybe it'd even be better to go all the way and give it up rather than have it taken away... if she got up and sat at the table and act like a person, maybe that would just make it harder the next time her brother decided to take that right away from her.

She compromised and sat cross-legged on the floor, which was more comfortable and certainly not something she'd ever seen a dog do, and with the bowl in her lap. Now if she could just get something in her ass...


Magic Marker Book Two, Chapter Three AnonyMPC 18/02/10(Sat)15:42 No. 25354 ID: a609fb

Chapter Three:

Keith didn't come back for Susan, so she had to go fetch him. She'd gradually allowed herself more human pursuits after her sandwich, from washing her hands after her meal like a person, to sitting on the couch and watching her favorite shows while idling working fingers into her ass, to finally walking upstairs and enjoying some time on the computer in her room, writing up the newest part of her life story, listening to music, watching funny videos, and other things she could do with her hands free and her rectum flexing regularly around a pen. That included touching base with her friends through messaging, although she kept it brief and vague. Her friend Dana saw her online and wanted to talk on a video chat but Susan was afraid to violate her brother's spoken rules... no talking, and no clothes. Who knew how he might punish her? She didn't need the leash she was wearing, she realized, the threat of the marker--or even just the threat of being unable to satisfy the words on her skin--kept her on a short leash. With her friends, she stuck to text (that didn't count as talking, she decided) and turned Dana down quickly then hid her online status so no one else could contact her. Talking to them just reminded her that she couldn't afford to make plans with friends, her needs would yank her back to her brother at any moment.

Was it her super-horniness or her cum addiction that got to her first? She couldn't say, it all crept up on her subtly but when she found herself surfing for porn just to pick up some techniques, she realized that she had better submit herself to her brother then or she might never get any peace... their parents would be home before too long and it might be her last chance.

His door was closed. Susan hesitated outside of it. He'd said that she could use her hands, so knocking was an option... but he seemed to like things better if she played along. Maybe she should try to get his attention like a dog, scratch at the door, whine wordlessly to be let in. It could backfire though, make him keep up the dog act, which was already wearing a bit thin for her and, she hoped, him too. What she wanted to do was just open the door, bend over in front of him and spread the lips of her pussy and beg him to fuck her, or maybe, if he was busy, to just nurse on his cock until he filled her mouth with his delicious semen. But that was too bold, and besides, entering his room without knocking always pissed him off.

Finally, she couldn't wait any longer and decided to take him at his word... he said she didn't have to act like a dog except for the collar, so she knocked. He could always change his mind after. Keith didn't invite her to come in, so she waited, and gave some thought to trying to pose herself in an alluring way. Without talking, how could she try to subliminally suggest to her brother that he should fuck her right away, other than being naked and wearing a collar like she already was, and yet not as desperate as just bending over in front of him like she expected him to serve her?

She settled for backing against the wall and sliding down to her butt, bending her legs and sliding her fingers through her warm, wet pussy. Maybe it'd make him think he'd left her for so long that she tried to take care of it herself.

It certainly wasn't the first time she'd touched herself down there. She'd had to, in order to clean herself, or to gather cum to eat later, and sometimes while she was doing something sexual with her brother it seemed like the natural thing to do, to enhance the sensations. However, this was the first time she'd rubbed her own pussy in such a determined way, when she was all alone, just to please herself. Her ass, she'd played with that a lot on her own, shoving fingers or other solid objects in to satisfy the magic words her brother had written on her buttcheek, but it wasn't quite the same thing. That was just fun, the words said she loved anal stuff, and it was only natural to do stuff you loved. This was actually masturbating like they did on the porn videos she'd just started to watch now that her life had taken such a turn for the sexual.

The concept of masturbation wasn't new to her, but now she felt like she truly understood it for the first time. It wasn't just a relief to urges she didn't understand before she had them, it didn't just enhance pleasure. Even as it relieved the desire to be touched it somehow also made her need greater and harder to resist. The more she did, the more she wanted... what started as a slight rubbing, soon that wasn't enough and she stuck two fingers right in the hole, as far as she could, wiggling them while the palm of her hand rubbed the area outside. It certainly didn't feel as good as her brother fucking her, but it was something, and heightening her super-horniness, getting close to the point of orgasm on her own. Maybe if she triggered it herself, she wouldn't need Keith anymore, except for the occasional dose of cum to feed her addiction.

The thought was a pipe dream, she knew she couldn't seriously deny her brother, she was already a fuck toy and even if she could somehow turn herself into an uncooperative fuck toy... if he wanted her he could force it on her, or force her to accept a new magic marker curse. Still, as she used her fingers like a cock and fucked herself, a part of her played with the idea, unsure whether this independence was something she should crave or be afraid of.

As she brought herself closer to the edge, she scooted forward, and her outstretched leg began to kick at her brother's door, partly just to move--she wanted to move, to toss her body around violently if nobody else would do it--but partly to get his attention again, too, to warn him. Better come quick, she thought. Or I won't need your cock anymore. I'll have an excuse to not come here. And I don't want that excuse. It was a revelation, even if she didn't know yet whether she'd use the excuse. While she was becoming more and more familiar with her body, her soul was becoming more and more a stranger. She sometimes didn't know what she would do until she did it.

What she did know, what her body was telling her, was that she was coming very close to the orgasm point, her breath was coming in shorter and shorter bursts, and her thighs seemed to want to clench down on something.

The door opened, her brother stood over her, grinning down at her, but there was a little meanness in the grin. "What are you doing?"

She opened her mouth, and as one part of her mind warned her of the trap, her lips and tongue were already in motion. "I... I'm.... uhhh.. cumming..." The last word was distorted, maybe not even finished as her body went into full twitch mode, the wave of pleasure overwhelming her, a fuck toy who'd managed to push her own buttons.

Keith watched her the whole time... or at least he was watching her when she couldn't help but close her eyes, and he was watching her when she finally opened them, breathing deeply to get air back into her body. Finally, he said, "You done?"

Susan shrugged and blew some of her hair out of her eyes with one of her big exhalations. She'd talked, but he must have missed it. She wasn't going to make the mistake again.

He held out a hand, and she reached for it, not with her own right, which was still resting along her still twitching pussy but with her left, and finally got to her feet, more with her brother pulling her than through her own efforts. The leash attached to the collar made a slap as it hit against the wall. "You know, traditionally, when dogs want to pleasure themselves, they just lick themselves."

I'm not a dog. Way to give mixed messages, expect me to act like your dog, while you help me to my feet. Her right hand fell to her outer thigh, wiping the wetness against her more dry skin there. She shrugged then, hoping he'd get the hint and tell her she could talk.

Instead, he took the leash in his hands and walked her into his room. She could see the work on his desk, the hentai manga he was working on now that the magic marker had turned him into a great artist. The page currently in progress did indeed show a girl who looked much like an anime-girl-version of herself in a collar bent over in the kitchen. Now that he'd almost caught up, did that mean he needed more inspiration?

"Did you enjoy that?" he asked, though she didn't know if he meant the recent orgasm or the recent dog-play, or perhaps even the time she'd had to herself. He did look at her like she was expecting an answer. She pointed to her mouth. "Oh, now you remember you can't talk?" The smile returned, the mean smile, the jerk smile. "Don't think that gets you off, I know you disobeyed me." She swallowed heavily. So hard to tell his mood when he was like this, whether it was a serious infraction or he was just trying to scare her. "Fine, you can speak, for now."

"I... you asked me a question, so I thought you wanted me to answer. I didn't mean to disobey, I'm sorry, I just got confused."

"I see. Well, I guess I should be forgiving, I mean... you were a little distracted, weren't you?" She nodded, able to breathe more easily. "You took care of yourself, then?" She shrugged. "So I guess you don't need me."

"I don't know. I'm still addicted to cum, thanks to you." She looked down at her chest. "And I'm still your fuck toy. So if you wanted..." She trailed off.

"Get on the bed," he said, and she let a smile form as she hopped into his sweaty-smelling but surprisingly comfortable mattress. The smile faded as she saw him reach into his pocket and pull out the familiar purple magic marker.

"What are you doing...?"

"I haven't decided yet. I've gotta punish you somehow, though."

"For what?" she cried, indignantly.

"I told you no talking, and you talked."

"You said you were going to be forgiving."

"I said I SHOULD be forgiving. But I won't. Guess I'm just a jerk." His eyes lit up. "Now, what new mark should I give you? Don't worry, it won't be anything TOO bad... unless you fight it, of course."

Susan had no intention of fighting it. She'd already made that mistake too many times. So she just lay back and watched as her brother loomed over her, inspecting her naked body as though trying to choose just the right spot to write on. She was concerned about that, hoped for somewhere that wasn't visible, but she was more concerned about what he wrote, which would define her until it washed off.

If he'd just gone and done it, it wouldn't have been so bad, but he drew the process out, talked about it to himself. "Let's see, what should I do? You got in trouble for talking, so maybe I should just make you mute. It certainly would save me a lot of trouble. Then again, what really got you in trouble was that brain of yours." He tapped her forehead with the writing end of the pen... luckily, the cap was still on. "Maybe I should just make you too stupid to do anything but follow orders. Maybe 'brainless'? Or 'spineless'?"

"You can't!" she said, despite knowing it was a mistake, the way his eyes grew dark even as his smile looked casually amused.


She licked her lips nervously, then spoke. "I just mean... if you were going to write that... you have to be very careful, you know. If you wrote 'brainless' or 'spineless'... I mean, I might die. It's magic, it might make my brain go poof. If you're going to do it... I mean, at least write 'stupid', or... 'metaphorically brainless' or something like that."


"I mean, unless you want me to die or something." If he did, maybe it'd be best to go out quickly... she loved her brother, even after all of this, and she thought he loved her, but if he really wanted her to die, would it be worth living? Maybe if she was just dead she could talk to God and ask what the hell he was thinking making a marker like that.

Instead though, he relaxed, smiled more naturally, tapped the marker against her forehead and then used his other hand to mess up her hair in that brotherly way she bother hated and loved. "Relax, dummy, I wasn't really going to write it like that. But maybe you're better off with your brain after all." That filled Susan with a proud warmth in her chest, and a feeling that maybe this would be okay after all. She even risked a smile. "Don't get too comfortable, I'm still going to write something on you." He looked away for a few seconds, then said, "Actually, you know what? Since you only spoke because you were cumming..." She brightened again... forgiveness after all? "...I think that's what we should do. I don't like the idea of you cumming on your own. You're only twelve, too young to be getting yourself off, and besides, you're my fuck toy. Really you should only cum when I say, right?" She remained still, not wanting to risk jinxing this... it wasn't a total pass, but it was better than she could have expected. He slid back along the bed so he could grab hold of her right ankle with his left hand, and lifted her leg up. He then put the marker to his mouth, held the cap in place with his lips, then withdrew the rest of the marker. Susan didn't struggle, even though it tickled as he wrote. The very first thing he wrote on her with the marker, before they knew it was magic, was 'Stinky Feet' and that was embarrassing enough, probably more embarrassing than anything else he'd written since, since everybody nearby knew. This time, she had a feeling it wasn't going to be as bad, unless he worded it poorly.

It felt long, whatever the words were, long enough that she started to feel a twinge of pain from being held in the awkward position for so long... but that was nothing new to her, she'd been held in more awkward positions for longer, since her brother developed his interest in bondage.

Finally, he let go, and while he recapped the marker and put it away, Susan scrambled into a partly seated position once more and lifted her foot to read what it said, exactly. "Can't Cum Without Permission," she read aloud.

"Yeah, well, you're my fuck toy," Keith said again.

Was she? The words on her chest only said 'fuck toy,' they didn't say whose she was. This was the same way. It didn't say whose permission she needed. Maybe it even meant nothing... could she give permission to herself? That didn't seem like it worked for anything else, but still, she'd have to try it while alone sometime... not with Keith, or he might amend it. It still made a decent punishment... it meant she would have to beg for her fuck toy orgasms, the one she'd previously achieved every time Keith came, which would probably do wonders for her brother's ego, but the conditions were better than she ever hoped, and her mind cycled through the possibilities, different shades of meaning of the words.

"Something wrong?"

Susan shook her head quickly. "No, but I was just thinking. Mom and Dad are going to be home soon. So it might be your last chance to fuck me before I have to get dressed and take off the collar."

"I wouldn't be so sure about that," he said, but he did reach for the button on his pants and then unzipped. "Edge of the bed."

Susan scooted over, turned on her back and raised her knees to her chest, spread slightly, so that he could have access to either her ass or her pussy. Both certainly had their advantages in her book. But he didn't penetrate her, instead he got on his knees, put his thumb to her first, sliding along with the rest of his hand along her slit but then dipping into the hole. At least she was still wet (even though her recent self-induced orgasm had beaten back her 'super-horny'ness for a little while), and already used to much bigger things, she just let out a gasp of surprise. "I've been thinking of what comes next," he said.


"I mean, you being my fuck toy is fun and all, but... you're so high-maintenance, you know?"

"That's kind of your fault. What you wrote. You could always change it."

"Hmmm," he said, like he was considering it, as he worked his thumb in and out. "You know you made me write those things. I'm not taking them back. Maybe, maybe I'll let them expire on their own, when the ink wears off." Her heart jumped, and not just from the stimulation. "If I get bored of you by then." Now she felt sick, like a sudden spike of fear combined with nausea, as she knew she wasn't sure she wanted him to get bored with her, even if it also meant her freedom. And, of course, if he was starting to think about that now, that meant he was already getting bored... it could leave her super-horny and addicted to cum for the last few days before the mark finally wore off. That would be a rough few days.

"What do you want me to do?" she asked, her voice unsteady. "So you won't get bored?"

"You? I'm not sure there's anything you can do. I mean, other than do whatever I say, whenever I say, but you're already willing to do that, aren't you?" She nodded. "I'm mostly just thinking out loud. But, you know what?" She waited until he continued on his own... it wasn't like what she said mattered much to him these days. "I think I'll skip fucking you right now. Save it for a little later, stretch out the fun, you know?"

"Okay, but..." she hesitated a second, then continued, "I need... you know, I need a..." What was the word Keith used before? The thing the junkies call it in the cop shows. "...A fix. Of cum. For my addiction." It was probably part of the reason she was feeling nauseous, that need, something wrong in her body that needed to be put right. It was easy enough to ignore when she thought her brother was going to fill her with cum that she could then fish out and slurp off her fingers, but now that he was telling her to wait, it was taking over her mind, like a mold growing over her conscious thoughts, threatening to become all she was aware of.

He withdrew his thumb, then leaned over her body and thrust it towards her lips. She opened them automatically, knowing he'd want that, accepting the thumb into her mouth and sucking on it like it was his penis, which she'd vastly prefer. "Here, have some girlcum then."

Girlcum? Was that a thing? Even at twelve she knew enough about biology that cum was mostly sperm, and that girls didn't make sperm, but both boys and girls were described as "cumming" when they had an orgasm. Maybe whatever came out when you were cumming was cum.

She began to suckle greedily, licking along his thumb trying to get every drop. Yes, maybe it was all in her head, but it did seem to be helping... it wasn't quite the same thing, she finally decided, there was no instant rush of pleasure and relief as when she drank her brother's cum, but it was close enough to push back the nausea, the all-consuming need, maybe like the stuff they give to drug addicts so they don't go through withdrawal, but don't get high either. If was comforting to know she could fight back her addiction with her own cum...

... if only she had figured it out before her brother took away her ability to cum without permission.


Magic Marker Book Two, Chapter Four AnonyMPC 18/02/10(Sat)22:16 No. 25355 ID: a609fb

Chapter Four:

Keith left her alone after that first taste, not by leaving, but let her gather her own girlcum and drink as much as she could, while he sat at his desk, turned towards the computer and began to watch anime videos on it. He didn't kick her out of his bed though, so Susan, once she felt she'd gotten all she could, lay there, relaxing, watching his screen over his shoulder, and trying not to disturb him. At times she thought he'd forgotten about her entirely, but in a good way... like he was so comfortable that he'd let his guard down and let her see what he was like when he was alone.

Was a jerk still a jerk when he was just doing his own thing? Or was it a peek at the truer soul underneath?

Judging by what he was watching, her brother's truer soul liked dirty things an awful lot. The anime was of the hentai variety, though she wasn't sure if the word applied to cartoons or just comics. She couldn't tell exactly what was going on in the cartoon either... the subtitles were too small to read at that distance, and she certainly didn't understand Japanese, but there was a tiny girl with a much larger man and some kind of sex machine involved. Maybe he was looking for ideas of things to do with her, to not get bored. That thought that he planted in her head was already beginning to gnaw at her soul... she might not be enough for him. Even if the marks stopped working, she didn't want her brother to be bored with her, she wanted him to want her, to keep wanting sex whenever their parents weren't home.

Which was going to be a factor once more, soon. Her eyes darted back and forth to the clock every minute or so, and when she thought she couldn't safely wait any longer, she cleared her throat to get his attention from the girl on the screen who was screaming like an animal in pain or going through orgasm, she really wasn't sure. "I better go get dressed, they're going to be home soon."

She rolled her lower body off his bed and then pushed off. While she regained the balance of her feet, she noticed Keith had paused the video and rotated his chair around. "I'll come with you," he said. "To make sure you wear something I like."

He let her walk in front, which made her wonder whether she was supposed to get down on all fours and try to walk like a dog, but she didn't and he didn't say anything, so she just walked, trying to put a little bit of a sexy sway that her friend Dana had once tried to teach her, in case he was watching her butt. Maybe he could be tempted into giving her one last dose of the good cum after all.

Inside her room, Keith took up a spot holding up the wall holding her light switch, seemingly untempted. Trying not to look disappointed, Susan went to her dresser. He just watched, so she assumed she was free to choose something, at least as long as it was something he would like.

She made her first mistake when she went for her underwear drawer. She pulled out one of her normal pairs, pink with black trim, but before she could step into it, he said, "No..." It was the tone of voice you give a dog, not one who was doing something immediately bad like peeing on the carpet, but that you were trying to train to do the right thing and they weren't quite getting it. She dropped that pair and picked another one, then looked again to her brother. This time he merely shook his head, and Susan got the picture, or thought she did. No underwear.

That could be fun, sometimes, but in front of her parents? It wouldn't be so bad, she thought, if she was wearing shorts or something, but a quick test revealed that wasn't going to be an option either. As soon as she got some shorts, her brother said, "No, wear a skirt."

After a few more choices getting rejected, for being too long, she finally broke. "Well, if you're so concerned, why don't you come and choose something?"

Keith smirked, pushed himself off the wall. "Fine. But don't say I didn't give you a chance." He joined her at her closet, picked through what she had there, got an evil grin and made two selections, then handed them to her.

They were clothes she hadn't worn in a while, since before her last growth spurt at least. They were almost certainly due to be donated to charity when back-to-school shopping began. The skirt was pleated, pastel pink in alternating horizontal stripes, one slightly darker than the other. The shirt was a lime green shirt with a glittery blue outline of unicorn and the words, "Love This Life!"

The skirt once came down to mid-thigh, and the shirt comfortably to her waist, but that was before a growth spurt. "That's too small," she said.

"I think it'd look cute. Try it on."

Susan sighed, but knew better than to argue... she only hoped that he'd see how stupid she looked after a demonstration. Her hands went to the collar on her neck, with the attached leash, so she could remove it, only to find another unpleasant surprise. "Who said you can take that off?"

"They're going to be home soon..."

"And they're going to see you wearing that," Keith said calmly, and her heart sank. She had an idea of what he was planning... maybe not the specifics, but in general terms, he was going to push the line of whatever spell the magic marker had cast on their parents

So far, ever since the marker gave them complete faith in him, they had never questioned him even when things had gotten really suspicious. But that didn't mean he could get away with anything, did it? Faith only went so far, Susan assumed. She didn't think that if, for example, Keith told them Susan wasn't wearing a collar and leash, they'd believe their own eyes over him. So, she tried to protest, make him see sense, "This collar is Mom's." Or Dad's, maybe, but it made more sense that Mom wore it. Either way, it rose a lot of questions, but it would raise even more if they suddenly saw Susan wearing it. It would have to mean that one of them went digging around their drawers, in the hidden box Keith described which contained things like the vibrators and cuffs, and where they were most certainly not allowed.

But again, she knew better than to argue. He had the marker, and when he got annoyed at her, he was willing to use it. So she just gave him her best grumpy glare, and attempted to pull her already-too-small shirt on over the collar. It wasn't really that difficult... it was short but loose, and it had a wide neck hole, the kind where if she leaned over in front of someone she had to worry that they could see her training bra, if she was wearing one. That was the chief reason she hadn't worn it in so long, rather than the size. Maybe, she thought, her heart bubbling with excitement, it was one of the reasons her brother chose it, that he used to take sneak peeks at her, even back before he was a jerk. Now, it was a little less loose on her, and left her belly button exposed, and, looking down, she could tell that it was low enough that, while it may have covered her nipples when she wasn't bent over, anyone could clearly read "Fuck toy" on her chest. Together, it looked like the life she professed to love was that of a fuck toy. Or at least, that might have been the intent. The truth was, if she kept the neck hole properly centered and kept her back straight, it really only looked like it said "uck to." And to their parents, they wouldn't see anything at all... thanks to another creative inscription by her brother, they didn't notice any of the marker's writing on themselves or anyone else.

She took the skirt from his hands next, stepped into it and pulled it up. The waist was still stretchy enough that it wasn't uncomfortable, but it was definitely going to be too short, especially without underwear. It came down just to the blow where her butt began, and that meant bending over too far you'd probably see everything, unless she bent at the knee. Even worse, the colors didn't really go together, in her mind... bright lime green and pastel pink? "Can't I wear something more normal?" It wasn't arguing, she told herself, but maybe he'd respond to a request.

"Normal's boring. Besides, you're already wearing a leash, normal's pretty much gone out the window."

"Fine," she said. "But if I get in trouble, I'm going to tell them it was your idea." She wasn't serious... what good would it do after all?

Keith made the point explicit. "Yeah, but then I'll just say it was yours, and who are they going to believe? They don't have total faith in YOU."

No good response, so she just made a face, in one last hopeless effort to subtly plead to her brother to change his mind. He was a jerk, after all, and he seemed to love making her uncomfortable... and sometimes that was fun, when it was just the two of them. She didn't expect she'd get any pleasure out of it when it was in front of her parents, though.

Hiding in her room wasn't going to work either. Best case scenario she'd be called down for dinner and have to answer embarrassing questions then, but even that was denied, for when she tried to stay put as her brother left she realized, with a sudden lurch, that he'd grabbed the dangling leash. "No, let's go downstairs." When she didn't move right away, he added, "Come on, if you're good, I'll let you suck on my cock until they come home."

She hesitated a moment longer, just to try and make sure he didn't think that was a tempting offer, then started down the stairs. Of course it was a tempting offer, probably was going to be as long as she was a cock sucker and addicted to cum, but she didn't want him to know that, and she was dreading the things Keith might make her do in front of their parents. Half-dreading, anyway. At the very least, one-quarter dreading.

She did not wind up sucking her brother's cock, because he didn't unzip and whip it out. If he did, Susan knew that unless he started taking charge and doing something else with her, she'd revert to her cocksucker label and start doing that. But instead he just sat beside her watching daytime TV, and looking anxiously at Susan as the time that their parents usually returned approached. It seemed that, for all his jerky bravado, he did seem to have some last minute doubts about getting caught openly doing dirty things. How far did faith in one's son go, even if it was 'complete faith'?

When the front door finally opened, their parents trudged in, first Mom, then Dad, and this time not talking. It was a Friday, and although that meant they were finally free of work for a couple days, it also seemed to be when they were at their most irritable. Mom especially. Susan guessed that it was a matter of outlook... it was the same with school, you could either look at it like "Yay, it's finally the weekend," or look at it like "Ugh, I've just had to go through a whole week." Dad was more outwardly happy, but he could get angry if you got in the way of his attempts to unwind.

So they were distracted and a little tense, and maybe as a result, it took them about a full minute before they noticed Susan was wearing a collar and leash.

"What the..." her mom said first, freezing in the middle of the living room to stare at Susan as the young girl felt a blush flood over her whole face, maybe her whole body. Mom seemed perplexed for a moment, but her mouth worked soundlessly. Her face seemed to be getting red too. "What are you wearing?"

Susan responded with a shrug, so her mom asked again. "Where did you get that?"

"Get what?" Her dad walked into the room, looked her over, then quickly locked his eyes onto her neck. "Oh."

Awkward silence dominated for the next few seconds, although her mother looked like she was waiting for an answer. But Susan didn't know what to say. She certainly couldn't tell them the truth.

Finally, Keith broke the silence. "What? It's not that weird."

Their parents both looked at him, like there was a struggle going on in their minds between what they knew to be true and what Keith was telling them. "It's not that it's weird, son," Dad said. "It's that she shouldn't be wearing it."

"Sure she should." He said it full of self-assurance, and Susan knew he was testing the power of the marker, the faith they had in him. Would it mean they would never contradict him? "I mean, if she wants to, why not let her?"

Evidently not, or at least not completely, because Mom said, "It's not appropriate. Do you know where she found this?" Maybe they believed he was right but were too afraid of what the other one might say.

"Yeah, she found it in your room," he said, and he couldn't help to put a little smirk in it. "She said she was bored and went snooping. I don't think she knew what any of the other stuff was for..." He winked, then. "But she thought it might be fun to play doggy for the day and I didn't see the harm."

Mom exhaled sharply, then directed her attention right at Susan. "I'm disappointed in you, Susan. You had no right to go snooping around in our room. I expected more from you."

"I'm sorry," she said in a small voice, somehow feeling extra ashamed despite, or maybe because, she wasn't really responsible.

"You're grounded for the next two weeks." Susan's face turned into a grimace, but she didn't argue. Sometimes the same strategies she used on Keith applied to Mom and Dad. Not the sexual ones, obviously, but arguing with a punishment always made things worse.

To her surprise, Keith argued for her. "Whoa, isn't that a little unfair?"

"I know it looks that way but she has to learn that people's private possessions are..."

"No, no, I mean... isn't it unfair to me?" She stared at him, and he continued. "I mean, if you ground her, that means I have to stay home to watch her. And it's not like I did anything wrong."

"He has a point," Dad said.

"Well, she needs to be punished! This is not okay."

Dad put up his hands defensively. "I never said it is!"

"Oh, she should definitely be punished," Keith said, making Susan glare at him. The jerk. Sure, he might use her sexually in any way he wants, alter who she was, but... they should at least have each other's backs against their parents. She'd never try to get him in more trouble... at least, it had been a couple years since she had. Maybe this was payback for a tattling habit she'd long grown out of. You'd think making her a fuck toy would be payback enough for everything, though. He went on, "It's just don't do something that makes me have to watch her all the time. You know what you should do, ground her for the whole weekend, while you'll be home. And make her wear the leash for the whole weekend, too."

"It would serve you right," Mom said. "Believe me, you might find it fun now, but you'll get sick of it. But still, I don't think..."

Keith broke in again. "Or, you know, maybe she deserves a spanking."


Magic Marker Book Two, Chapter Five AnonyMPC 18/02/11(Sun)13:19 No. 25357 ID: a609fb

Chapter Five:

Their mom looked at Keith, surprised, maybe a little conflicted at his suggestion. They'd both been spanked occasionally, but not for a long while... the family rule was that it was inappropriate except when you broke the rules in a way that was actually dangerous to someone, that only then was the pain justifiable, if it helped you remember never to do that again. This obviously didn't count... and yet, it seemed like because Keith had said it, maybe she had to reconsider. Finally she said, "No, I only want to make sure she learns, not hurt her."

"Oh... well, then maybe you should let me do it." Another stare, and he went on, "I'm not mad at her, so it's not like I'm going to be too hard on her. I'll be practically gentle... it'll just be really embarrassing. And really, doesn't she deserve a little embarrassment? For what she's done?"

"She does," Mom agreed, and she looked to Dad, as though seeking his permission. Dad, however, seemed to be staring at Susan, like he'd just noticed the shortness of her skirt or skimpiness of her top as well as the collar. Mom's eyes swung back to Susan herself. "I won't let your brother spank you," she said finally, but before Susan could decide whether to be relieved or disappointed at the news, she added, "Unless you agree. You did violate my trust by looking through our private things, and you need to understand how... how violated I feel right now. So I'm going to leave it in your hands. You can either let your brother gently spank your bottom, and we'll let this go with only a weekend grounding... or..." She paused, like she hadn't fully thought through the 'or' part of the plan. "Or we take away your computer and your phone privileges for the rest of the summer."

Well, that was hardly any choice at all. Either lose her ability to ever talk to her friends, and to write stories, until school started back up again, or let Keith do something he'd already done a few times since becoming a jerk, something that she was starting to find pleasurable despite herself and despite the fact that he was doing it much harder than he would be here. The only difference was that he'd be doing it in front of their parents... which was weird, sure, but the weird was coming no matter what. "I'll take the spanking please."

It turned out it wouldn't even be in front of their parents... at least not both of them. The moment Susan agreed, Mom looked at Dad and said, "Why don't you go upstairs, and change out of your work clothes?" It was said firmly, like it wasn't a friendly suggestion but rather something that she wanted and would probably make him pay for later if he refused. So he didn't.

He opened his mouth like maybe he wanted to, but closed it again, then opened it once more to say, "Yeah, I could probably use a shower." His voice conveyed boredom, but Susan thought she saw disappointment in his expression, like he had wanted to see how this turned out. He went for the stairs, glancing back every few steps until finally he was out of sight.

Mom gave a nod once he was upstairs. "Okay, but remember, gently... this is your sister," she said to Keith.

He nodded with a jerky grin on his face, then patted his lap. "Okay, you bad girl, come here and accept your punishment."

Susan leaned over and crawled on her hands over Keith's legs, which put her butt in the air and, made it clear for the first time that she wasn't wearing any underwear under her short skirt. She'd forgotten, at least until Mom's sharp, surprised, "Susan!" Then she began to blush. Both of them did, actually.

Keith spoke again, like it was no big thing. "Oh yeah, she's been walking around like that. I guess it's more comfortable when it's warm out. It's no big deal as long as it was around the house, trust me." Again, a trace of nervousness there, like he wasn't sure she would buy it but wanted to press on the trust granted by the magic marker. "Besides, this makes it easier for the spanking anyway." That really was pushing it. They'd never been spanked bare butt before. Well, Susan had, but only recently and by Keith.

Mom looked uncomfortable, but stood, hands on her hips, and watched with a frown, and so Keith slid the skirt up, exposing her bare ass completely, as well as the words "Likes Anal Stuff," words which Mom should be unable to see. Susan was more worried it might still show traces of redness from previous spankings. Or maybe it'd be obvious she'd been fucked. Did a virgin butt look different from a non-virgin butt? Would Mom know the differences?

Keith's hand lingered on the butt cheek, stroking it lazily, possessively, as he said, "I think twenty would be appropriate, don't you? Since they're not hard?" Mom nodded.

Susan didn't know whether the spankings would be hard, but she knew one thing that was... Keith. She could feel his boner hard against her stomach. And that was starting to make her super-horniness kick into high gear, even in front of their mother. She hoped he quit messing around and get it done before she started dripping in front of Mom!

Smack! There, it started... it wasn't even that hard... she could have taken harder, maybe even would have liked it harder, but since this was for Mom's benefit, not hers, she could hardly complain. Wait, actually, it occurred to her that maybe she should complain, or at least act like it bothered her more than it did. So, the next blow that landed, she squinted real hard and bit her lip and then said, "Owwww!"

"Oh, stop whining, I barely touched you!" The next one was harder, though, like he was trying to make a point. After five, he stroked her stinging buttock right in front of Mom, making her tremble and Mom just raise an eyebrow. But it seemed like she still trusted him. Even when, after two more hits, the stroking turned into an outright squeeze. She couldn't have missed that.

Susan thought there was no way he could get more bold than that, but she was wrong. At about twelve strokes in, which were once again the light kind, the pain just lasting for a few moments after contact, Keith suddenly said, "Stop squirming around so much," and, with the hand that wasn't being used to spank, reached up to her butt and lay a finger up between and then, after a moment of pressure, slipped inside of her.

The sudden penetration, unexpected because it was under the watchful eye of Mom, made her lower body arch upward against his hand.

"Keith," her mother said, in a warning and yet somehow not outraged voice. "That's not appropriate."

"What? It's not like I like doing this, Mom! I'm just holding her still. I mean, I could hurt her if she wiggles the wrong way when I'm spanking." The tip of his finger wiggled inside her, invisibly to Mom. "Besides, doesn't this make a better punishment? Your privacy was invaded, so Susan can feel a little invaded." The finger sank deeper.

"It still looks inappropriate," her mother said finally. "I might know you don't mean anything by it, but if anyone else saw you..."

"Okay. So this is okay as long as no one else sees?"

Mom looked in Susan's eyes and asked, "Is it hurting you? I mean, besides being embarrassing." Susan shook her head, but knew her face was blushing like mad. "Fine, you can hold her like that... but if she says it's hurting her, or someone else comes, you stop right away, understood?" Keith pulled his finger out of her asshole so he could make a thumbs up gesture, which he could easily have made with his other hand... maybe he wanted to slip the finger back in while Mom watched. "And so help me God, if your father finds out about this, from either of you..." Her mouth closed but worked like she was still chewing on something tough and unpleasant. "You'll both be sorry."

The excuse for the finger in her ass might have been to keep her from squirming, but in practice it seemed to have the opposite effect. It was kicking her super-horniness into high gear, and as the spanking resumed (somewhat lighter because Keith wanted to avoid hurting his own fingers), her ass moved like it was seeking the slap rather than avoiding it, although the truth was that she was just making her own friction on her finger, and her butt was clenching visibly as she struggled to get as much stimulation as she could.

He stopped when he reached twenty... at least, she thought he did. She'd lost count, so she'd have to trust him as their mother almost certainly did. He didn't remove the finger though, at least not until her mother came around and said, "Let me see..." At first, Keith just raised all but the finger inside her to get a better view of where he'd been hitting. "Stop making a fuss, Susan, he didn't hurt you any." A second later, a second in which Susan couldn't hold back another pulse of shameful pleasure that sent her pussy twitching and another bead of wetness to drip out, Mom added, "In fact, from what I can see he probably should have punished you more. You don't have to hold her anymore, Keith."

A few seconds later, her brother did pull out, allowing her anus to slowly contract, allowing Susan to take an uncertain breath that was ragged enough that it seemed to confirm what her mother must have realized, that she was turned on. She hadn't even really noticed she'd been holding it, but she'd had, in the way that she often did when she wanted to enhance the pleasure. But even without the breath, it had to be obvious, Susan felt super wet, and based on past experience she knew that her pussy was probably red and puffy, almost as though he'd been smacking that and not her ass. But he hadn't been, at least not mostly, and Mom probably knew what it meant. She seemed to be looking at her daughter with a disappointed look, and her head moved slightly back from side to side. "Maybe I should ground you after all," she said finally. "I have a feeling this punishment isn't going to motivate you to do better in the future. But your brother's right, that isn't fair to him, so I'll let it go, if you promise not to go snooping around in my room again."

Could she promise that? Keith could probably force her, somehow. Then again, she didn't do it this time, so if she promised not to, and had to break it, she'd already taken one punishment for that, and they would just be even. "I promise."

"Okay, you can let her up then, Keith."

"She might be more comfortable staying like this for a while," he suggested. Bare ass up over Keith's lap. "I mean, sitting might hurt." His hand ran softly over the cheek, almost lovingly but raising goosebumps of pleasurable anticipation of another hit.

"I'll get her a pillow. Your father'll be back down any minute and it's not appropriate for him to see her like this." Mom reached for Susan's arm and gently pulled her up to a standing position, which would at least feel better than sitting, and she continued. "Besides, you probably need to get in the kitchen."

Keith just looked amused. "I do?"

"Well, you showed such talent cooking last night, I thought you might like to do it again. Just... for God's sake, wash your hands first."

He smirked. "I would make something..." he said, and to Susan's surprise he seemed like he was actually considering it, rather than it being another chore he'd just been assigned. Maybe being a good cook included liking the job, just like being a fuck toy seemed to. "But you really need to go shopping first, we don't have a lot I can work with. You know what would be a better idea? Just order us a pizza for tonight, we'll go grocery shopping tomorrow."

Susan couldn't tell if it was her trust in Keith's judgment or if Mom just really didn't want to cook on a Friday, but she thought that was a great idea. By the time the pizza was ordered, the whole incident seemed almost forgotten... Susan still wore the leash and collar, and her dad seemed to be looking at her a little weirdly because of it, but she could sit normally with only a little soreness and she didn't think he'd realized that she wasn't wearing any underwear. That didn't entirely surprise her... she first learned the word "oblivious" because Mom had described him that way, and it was a fitting description. What did surprise her was that Mom didn't insist she go upstairs and change. Keith had said something to her, though, and maybe his faith magic had convinced her against all reason again.

But things settled into a sort of normalcy... so much so that when the pizza arrived, Susan went to the door, as she usually did, to help carry it, having completely forgotten she was wearing a collar. The pizza man visibly drew back as his eyes fell on her, which reminded her, and reminded her mother, who was at the door paying for it. She mumbled, "Kids these days, you know?" when he finally handed the pizza over, then gave him his tip and took the drinks. At least Susan remembered fast enough that she didn't turn around until the door was closed, so he might not have seen the trailing leash, much less any lingering redness that might have remained on her upper thighs from the spanking session. When she turned, she realized even Keith looked momentarily scared, like he realized how dangerous it was, and with a start, Susan remembered how low the neckline of her shirt dipped. He might have seen the word Fucktoy on her chest, though, or at least 'Uckto'. Maybe he'd think she wrote the name of a band on herself or something, but... what if he put together the missing two letters? He didn't seem to speak very good English, though, judging by the thick accent when he repeated the price before she showed up, she could just hope he wouldn't tell anyone except maybe ranting to his family about American kids.

That scare was only a minor blip, the pizza smelled too good and everyone was too hungry to dwell on it for long. They sat at the table and ate like a family. Normally, Mom or Dad would ask how Keith and Susan spent their day... this time, they didn't, as though they already knew on some level, or maybe they just took the story Keith gave them about Susan choosing to pretend to play doggy all day and didn't find any of the details interesting.

They did, however, talk about their own days, and something Mom said made Keith sit up and take notice. After complaining about something with a customer, she added, "Oh, and Devon was messing with me all day."


She rolled her eyes. "Yeah, he was saying for a while I had something written on my..." She popped a lone pepperoni from the top of her pizza in her mouth, chewed, and swallowed before continuing, "On the back of my neck. Like, to try to convince me that you wrote 'sleeps too much' or something on me while I was asleep."

That was when Susan looked at Keith, and noticed he straightened up and looked at Mom. Both of them knew that Mom actually did have something very similar to that written on her, when Keith wrote "Deep Sleeper" on her, and Dad, so they wouldn't wake up when he wrote more on them.

Susan's look was out of worry, and she wanted to catch her brother's eyes to imply, 'See?' so he'd get how dangerous it was to just write things on people. Mom and Dad might not be able to see the writing, but others could. Keith, though, his look wasn't worried exactly. His eyelids narrowed and practically squinted at Mom, like there was something not quite right. "Oh, he did, huh?"

"I mean, it was totally stupid. Your father doesn't play stupid tricks like that. But Devon just wouldn't let it go. I even looked in a mirror just to be sure you didn't do anything."

"Well," Keith said. "Maybe you shouldn't associate with him. If he's going to be a liar like that."

"Oh, he was just fooling around. He's just got a very strange sense of humor."

"Uh-huh." His face was grim and unmoving, like stone, but after a few seconds he said, "I'm about done. I'm just going to take a few slices upstairs with me. Don't worry, I won't make a mess."

"I know you won't." That would be a first, Susan thought, but then, their parents still both had faith in him now.

"I'm going to go too," Susan tried, but received a glare from Mom and she stopped moving and settled back into her seat.

"No, you stay here until you're done, then wash up. I don't want you getting greasy hands over everything."

It wasn't that long a wait, she just finished one more slice, then cleaned her hands and finally climbed up the stairs to knock on Keith's door. She was curious about what made him leave so quickly, but also, her horniness was starting to get up to irritating levels again, and she needed him to take care of it, even if she had to beg.

He opened the door, still looking angry, but it didn't seem to be at her this time, because his features softened when he realized who it was. "What?"

"Can I come in?" She looked behind her, just in case, although she knew her parents wouldn't be able to see her unless they ninja-walked up the stairs, then lifted the skirt to show off her pussy, hoping he'd get the hint.

He stepped aside, let her in. The horniness still remained, but since she was feeling good that he wouldn't deny her urges right now, she decided to satisfy her curiosity as she climbed onto his bed. "What happened downstairs at dinner?"


"It's like you were mad at Mom for some reason."

"Oh, that." The frown returned. "What, you couldn't figure it out?"

"So Devon saw what you wrote. The pizza guy might have too... I'm more worried about that." And you should be too, she made her tone convey. "It's not her fault that he saw. She didn't even know it was there."

"Yeah, but... I never wrote it on her neck."

"Where'd you write it?"

"On her back."


Magic Marker Book Two, Chapter Six AnonyMPC 18/02/12(Mon)00:43 No. 25359 ID: a609fb

Chapter Six:

It didn't hit right away... Susan just shrugged at the revelation and said, "So? Back, neck what's the difference?"

Keith connected the dots, pointed to his own side at what presumably was the height he wrote it. "So how did he see it?"

It hit her then, a roiling feeling in her stomach, an implication she didn't want to accept. There had to be a rational explanation, other than that Mom had taken off her shirt in front of her co-worker. It was just from behind, anyway, that could be innocent. "Maybe... maybe she got some, like, printer ink on her shirt and pulled her shirt out to try and wash it out."

It was a lame thought, even though Keith said, "Yeah, maybe," his tone suggested he didn't believe it and that she was stupid if she did.

She pictured her parents getting divorced, maybe even them being split up to live with a different parent each. "So what are we going to do?"

"Don't worry, I'll handle it," he said. "I'm going to have a little fun doing it, too."

That only helped Susan's worries a little... after all, as a jerk, he could have some pretty mean kinds of fun. She wasn't sure she wanted to know, but still she asked, "Like what?"

"I said I'll handle it. Don't you have faith in me?" Susan almost shrugged, but decided a nod was the better call. She didn't want him writing the same thing he wrote on their parents, complete faith in Keith... somebody needed to be able to tell him if he really was doing something stupid. Like when she warned him about how their parents might react, or about using 'metaphorically' if he wrote certain things with the marker. "Good. In the meantime, I think it's time for a little more fun. You need a little relief, don't you?" Another nod, this one much more enthusiastic.

To Susan's relief, he didn't have anything weird or elaborate planned... at least, not right away. He just pulled his pants down, gently guided her legs apart and started using her as a fuck toy, and she got to experience the wonderful feeling of being taken, felt, used even, her arousal growing with the thought of it, even as she was aware that she'd need his permission to finally cum. That was the only worry, that he might withhold that, just to be a jerk. He thrust into her aggressively, heedless of the noise he was making as the bed moved with their motion, and she was just trying to get her mind clear enough to find a way to warn him about making too much noise when he said, "Aren't you being a little quiet?"

"... what?" she whispered between breaths.

"I think..." he paused as he pushed onto her and withdrew, in the length of a second, and continued, "I want my fuck toy to be loud tonight."

And just like that, like a switch was flipped on in her head, she began to moan, loudly. It didn't matter that her parents might hear her... or, perhaps it mattered, mattered a lot, but it didn't stop her, because it was written on her skin that she was a fuck toy, and that meant Keith's desires for how she fucked overrode her own, and even her own common sense. Whereas before she was biting her lip to keep from accidentally letting out a peep, now each thrust was punctuated by a yelp-like moan, rising in pitch and intensity and sounding like something out of a bad porn movie.

Keith wasn't satisfied with that, either. "Why don't you bring back the dirty talk, too?" He had a smug look on his face, and Susan knew that this was planned, the next step in his humiliation campaign, or maybe testing the boundaries with their parents, it amounted to the same thing no matter what the goal was.

But again, no matter what the goal was, she didn't have any choice in the matter, as a fuck toy her vocabulary, like her volume, responded to the desires of the one playing with her. "Oh, god, yes..." she found herself saying, at a level that might be lost in television background noise, if they were watching television. "Fuck me, fuck me harder." She had enough of herself and her own free will that she could also say, "This is a bad idea," and that itself could be whispered because she had intended it to be, but immediately afterwards she followed it up with "God, I love your cock!" at full volume.

"Dirtier," he prompted.

She found herself yelling out, "Yes! Rape my fucktoy cunt... pound your whore until she screams!" It didn't even make sense, it certainly wasn't rape (or was it, if the marker made her do it?), and she didn't technically think she was a whore, but it didn't matter. It was simply the dirtiest thing she could think of.

"Oh yeah, you want that?" he asked, a light coming on in his eyes. And soon, maybe because he did pound her harder, inspired by her loud dirty talk or whatever ideas it provoked in him, she did scream, a scream that rose and feel in pitch with their shared motion, but not as genuine a scream as she'd given before, still play-acting. The scream did remind her though, of a growing need, as she was getting pushed closer and closer to the edge of where a real scream should come. Because she also knew that no matter how close she got pushed, she couldn't quite reach it. Not unless Keith gave her permission, anyway. And now, her dirty talk had a purpose.

"Can I cum?" she begged. "Please let me cum, I'll be such a good whore for you, just say I can cum, I need it so bad, let me cum all over your cock while you pump me full of hot sperm and fuck a baby in me!"

As those last words slipped out, Susan wondered if she had perhaps made a mistake... Keith certainly couldn't want that, and he'd made her infertile so it couldn't happen anyway, but it was a dirty thought, a thought she found both scary and terrifyingly exhilarating, a thought that might have pushed her over into her own orgasm, and not just a fuck toy mutual orgasm, if only she'd been allowed to have one.

Yet he leaned in close, almost overbearing on her, and pinning her wrists to the bed with his hands, close enough for a kiss, but he didn't he just said, "Well, when you put it like that, I guess you can cum... but only if you do it loud."

It wasn't instant, it wasn't a command, just permission, conditional permission even, but the knowledge that she had that permission was liberating and even eased back on the pressure. She would cum, she knew, when he did anyway, so she only had to speed that along, and she put her hips into motion, fucking against him and squeezing down inside. Keith must have been already close, though, because after a few seconds of that he kicked into his own frenetic motion and started cumming, and at first Susan wondered why she wasn't experiencing the obliterating white joy, then remembered the condition, and began screaming, "Oh yes, fuck meeeeeeee," and shortly after that went wordless, and yet still very loud.

When he'd done squirting inside of her, he let go of her wrists and both pushed himself off and pulled himself out of her, and it seemed almost the moment that the head of his cock and slipped out between her vulva she was returned to herself, no longer forced to act like a sex toy.

Mostly returned to her old self anyway. She did sit up and began the routine that had become almost reflex now, digging into her own dripping wet pussy, not for extra stimulation but to gather as much cum as she could and ferry it to her hungry mouth to feed the addiction he'd planted in her. But, she no longer had to scream, she no longer had to be exactly what Keith wanted, she could rebel to the limited degree that was safe, with her emotions, with her expression.

To that end, she glared at him as she sucked cum off her fingers. He didn't notice at first, because he wasn't looking at her. He went to check for any messages on his computer of which there didn't seem to be any, and reload a few websites, but eventually looked back at his little sister and her sulk. "What?"

"Why'd you have to do that? You know they probably heard that!"

He grinned. "Yeah, but, you know what? They didn't come up. Obviously they didn't think you were in any danger. Isn't that a good thing?"

"I don't care, I don't want them hearing me. It was so embarrassing! Humiliating!"

The grin faded, but his eyes still danced with delight, like he was planning something fun. "Oh? Well, that's a shame. I guess it's going to be awkward the next time you see them, huh?"

She gritted her teeth, knowing she was playing into his game somehow, but she still had to say it. "Yes it will!"

"Especially since you're going to have to ask them if you can sleep with me tonight."

Susan's mouth dropped open for a moment, then she said, "Shouldn't you do it? They may let you get away with everything thanks to the magic marker, but they still treat me the same." Almost the same. Letting her brother spank her isn't quite the same treatment she usually got, but it was part of how they were letting Keith do what he wanted.

"I think it'd be more fun if you ask. You can come call me if they have any doubts, but I want them to see this coming from you. See how they react."

"Please, Keith? I really don't want to."

"You don't want to sleep with me?"

She nodded her head quickly. She did want to. She had last night, and there was something wonderfully warm and comforting about it. But asking her parents? Even the thought of it made her feel like she should blush. "I do, but..."

"Then I'll leave it up to you," he said. "If you get their permission to sleep with me, then we'll sleep together in my bed, and I'll be here if you get super-horny in the night. But if you don't want to embarrass yourself by asking... well, then, I guess you sleep alone. I'll be locking my door, so don't count on me to help you until morning. And it's a Saturday tomorrow, so I'll be sleeping in until long after Mom and Dad are up." He then looked upward, as though just thinking of something. "Though I do want to tag along for grocery shopping, so maybe I'll just wake up when they do." He shrugged. "Either way, you'll be on your own. Your call, I honestly don't care."

She didn't like that thought, but she didn't want to beg to sleep with Keith in front of her parents either. "If I have to sleep alone, can I at least have permission to cum during the night?" she asked, already knowing it wasn't likely.

Keith made a show of considering it, then grinned. "No, I don't think so. I mean, what have you done for ME lately? You won't even swallow your pride and ask Mom and Dad to sleep with me."

Sometimes he made her want to grumble under her breath. "Fine. I'll ask. But after a shower." She still hung onto hope that maybe they didn't hear her yelling out, begging him to get her pregnant, maybe they were watching loud TV or something. They might let her if she asked after a shower, because of their complete faith in Keith... but if she came down smelling of sex, she didn't think they possibly could.

"Whatever. You probably could use one anyway."


"Damn right."


Anonymous 18/02/13(Tue)08:29 No. 25361 ID: 52ec96

uh. is that it?

Anonymous 18/02/13(Tue)11:29 No. 25362 ID: e21405

He usually ends with "the end"

Magic Marker Book Two, Chapter Seven AnonyMPC 18/02/13(Tue)17:48 No. 25363 ID: a609fb

Chapter Seven:

Coming out of the shower was a wonderful feeling, although lately, the sensation of cleanness wasn't as strong as it used to be... Susan no longer could look down at her body and see fresh unmarked skin, she would always see the words her brother wrote, she would always look dirty, and that made her feel dirty, even fresh from the shower. If she closed her eyes, she could just take in the smell of soap and shampoo and recapture some of the feeling by trying to forget the writing and the fact that she spent most of the shower sticking things--ranging from her fingers to a toothbrush to a shampoo bottle--up her butt (it was just an easy way to make a boring shower more entertaining). Maybe it changed nothing, but, she thought, it might make it easier to pretend she was just an innocent little girl again in front of her parents. Several deep breaths with her eyes closed as water slowly drained off her skin and hair and Susan almost felt like her old self.

She wrapped herself in a towel, and decided to go downstairs like that, instead of dressing. It was something she sometimes did before, so it wouldn't look out of character. And it seemed like her dad was a tiny bit more indulgent when she did, like if she wanted to stay up later, or needed permission to go somewhere. It might not matter, but every bit was sure to help. She also left the collar and leash on the sink. Neither Keith nor Mom had outright said she had to keep wearing it for the whole weekend, it was just suggested. Nobody said she should take it off after the spanking, either, so maybe it was supposed to be part of her punishment. But obviously the collar was some kind of sex thing and she didn't want her parents thinking about anything sexual when she asked them if she could sleep with her brother.

Still, she took her time going downstairs, building up courage. Her parents were there, watching TV with the lights down low, and it did seem pretty loud. Maybe they hadn't heard what happened earlier. She walked barefoot up to the couch, and waited, not wanting to interrupt, until they saw her.

Mom looked over first. "Oh, uhm.... why aren't you wearing your leash?"

Susan blushed. She looked over to her dad and realized, even in the dim light that made everything seem a little blue, he was blushing too. Completely red, and he wouldn't look her in the face.

"Um... I don't think I need to wear it anymore." If pressed, she thought she could argue she meant that she didn't think it was part of her punishment, or if it wasn't then she was just saying it wasn't fun.

"I'll bet."

Dad stood up suddenly. He still didn't look at her, just said, "Well, I think it's time that I head up for bed," and he said it really fast and mumbled.

He wasn't this bad when he first saw her with the collar, or during dinner, but suddenly he was very clearly uncomfortable and didn't want to be in the same room with his daughter. Susan could only think of one reason for that, that they'd heard some of what she shouted. Dad didn't want to deal with it. Neither did she, really, but it stung that he seemed to reject her so completely for it. They passed by each other and he didn't even say goodnight, or kiss her on the cheek or forehead like he often did, didn't even look at her face, just her chest, as though she could see the words "Fuck toy" that were barely visible above the towel. He shouldn't be able to, but maybe that's what he saw when he looked at her anyway.

Mom, on the other hand, sat with her arms folded, one leg bobbing anxiously over the other, and her jaw working like she was trying to decide what she was going to say. She waited for Dad to get out of the room first, and Susan knew that as soon as he was gone, she was going to say something, blame her for seducing Keith, maybe, but whatever it was, she didn't want to hear it. The only thing she could think of to say to cut her off was what she'd come down here to say, what she'd practiced in the shower and on the way down the stairs, and that didn't seem like it would help any.

And yet it was the only thing in her mind, so, she blurted out, "Um, I was wondering if it'd be okay if I slept with Keith again tonight."

Mother and daughter stared at each other for a few seconds. Susan wondered what must be going through her mother's mind, hearing her two children have sex and then her little girl asking to be in his bed all night so he could fuck her some more. She should be outraged, call them both perverts, maybe even call the police.

Instead, she said, "Maybe that would be for the best. I mean, if you've been having trouble sleeping. But don't expect to make a habit of it."

Susan already turned, barely even getting out a "K, Thanks, Bye," before she too was fleeing the room for the safety of a less awkward part of the house. She couldn't believe it, didn't understand it, and yet... was starting to feel good about it, in the same way you feel a little giddy finally being done with reading a book report in front of the whole class after dreading it for days. At least it was over and she got her permission. Maybe, even, Mom had accepted what was going on between them.

She thought she heard a sigh from her mother, followed by, "But put a nightshirt on or something this time!" Well, she would, because her mother asked her to, but she didn't think she'd be wearing it for long. In fact, her mother hadn't asked her to wear panties, and she knew her brother liked them off, so that's how she dressed when she knocked again on his door, just in a long short-sleeved seafoam blue shirt that stretched down to mid-thigh, with "I (heart) Sweet Dreams" written on the front, only the heart was a heart-shaped cake or donut with frosting and sprinkles on top.

She heard the sound of the door being unlocked, and her brother stood there, wearing just boxer shorts. "I did it."

He raised an eyebrow. "Did what?"

Susan exhaled in frustration. He'd forgotten already? "I asked if I could sleep with you."

"Oh, that." He looked completely unconcerned. "So how did it go?"

"Well, Mom said yes."

"No, I mean, how did it go? How did they act?"

She didn't want to remember the details, but knew Keith would press, so she said in a small voice, "Dad looked embarrassed and he just left as soon as I got there. Mom, well, she seemed like she was mad at me."

"Not me, though, right?"

"No." He nodded. "She did say I should wear a nightshirt..." She tugged at the cloth she wore.

"Yeah, I heard." She must have made a face, because he added, "What? I told you I'd have your back. I listened in on the whole thing."

So obviously he acted like he'd forgotten just to be a jerk. Still, she liked that he actually did care, he actually did have her back. So, she pulled up her shirt, exposing her lack of panties and hoping to get a smile from him because she'd done what she knew he'd want. And it worked, which emboldened her to say, "But I mean, nothing says I need to keep wearing it, right?"

"Nah, keep it on," he said. "It looks cute on you." Susan beamed. At least until he added, "Plus, it'll be fun to see how they act when it's ruined with cum stains."


Magic Marker Book Two, Chapter Eight AnonyMPC 18/02/13(Tue)19:39 No. 25364 ID: a609fb

Chapter Eight:

By the time it actually came time to go to bed, Susan super-horniness was starting to kick in. Part of that was because they didn't go to bed immediately, but this time did the sensible thing and waited for their parents to fall into their nightly deep sleep. Mom did briefly stop in to say goodnight, and Keith was at his computer while Susan waited under the sheet. She didn't give them any warnings or advice beyond, "Don't keep her up too late," to Keith, but it was half-hearted, like she didn't really worry about it but that was a thing a mom had to say.

Once she left, Keith did keep her up, but not in a fun way... she was forced to watch as he killed time, some drawing of his comic, sometimes staring off at his computer screen, but none of it involving paying attention to her beyond answering the occasional question. When he started getting annoyed by those, she kept her mouth shut... at least until her pussy was starting to slicken up and get hot again, and she felt the craving to drink cum. "Come on, Keith..." she finally whined, after she began to feel unsatisfied with thigh squeezes and needing something more. "Come to bed."

"Not yet," he said distractedly.

She let out a grunt of frustration, then decided to try and take care of herself, rubbing her pussy with her hand. She really wished that she still had the vibrators from Mom, but Keith had packed those up, along with the rest of the bondage gear except for the collar and leash, and left it back in the master bedroom room before they came home. Not that she'd be able to cum, now, no matter what she did, unless she caught Keith in a distracted moment, asked for permission and got it automatically, but she didn't think so, and that wasn't the point, masturbation helped, a little, like scratching an itch, even knowing you were also making it worse, and if you did it too much without permanent relief you'd suffer for it later.

She flipped the sheet down to her knees after about a minute, deciding that, maybe, if she put on a show of how desperate she was, she could convince Keith to come after her. The nightshirt pulled up to her chin, she spread her legs and thrust her hips upwards, grunting as she wordlessly begged for attention.

She got it, but not the kind she wanted. He glared over in her direction after a couple minutes. "Would you quit your squirming?"

He spoke in hushed tones, so she did as well. "Well, what do you want me to do? I'm super horny. If you'd come and fuck me I wouldn't need to squirm. Or I could come to you, if you wanted..."

"Yeah, well, I don't want any noise until Mom and Dad are asleep."

She stopped, lowering herself back to the bed and slowing down to just a soft stroke around her slit. Oh, that's what they were waiting for? "I can be a quiet fuck toy if you want me to, remember? I won't make a peep."

A flash of irritation crossed his face, and Susan knew somehow that he had forgotten that, and didn't like that she'd thought of something he didn't. "Maybe you won't, but the bed will," he said finally.

Did she dare push one more? "You could write 'quiet' on the bed," she suggested. "With the marker. Or 'soundproof' on the wall, even."

The squint told her that he hadn't thought of that either, but at least this time he wasn't mad, he seemed to be more concerned with considering the possibilities. "No," he said finally. "I LIKE making noise. Just at the right time. Not when people are trying to sleep. Geez, you're so inconsiderate, Susan."

She couldn't help it, she pouted. "What am I supposed to do, then?"

"Well... my eyes are getting tired of staring at this screen. Maybe we could do something real slow. You know, just lie together with my dick shoved up your ass. Would that help you?"

"It might!" She could squeeze back against it, flex her butt repeatedly, and not make too much noise. It might be hard to cum that way, unless she made him cum and she had his permission to be a proper fuck toy and cum when he did. And if she didn't have his permission, nothing she did would matter anyway. "Let's give it a try." She turned onto her side, her back to him, and poked her butt outward to provide him a tempting target. He joined her, sitting on the bed first, then pulled one of her still tender buttocks upward, exposing the hole and her pussy. She hoped he took the hint and went for her ass... she'd already fingered her pussy to the point that it wasn't as exciting as feeling something in her ass again, even if it hurt more when it pounded, maybe that would make it even better. Either he read her mind or she got lucky... she shivered with anticipation as she heard the sound of him spitting into his hand, which he only did when he was about to slide into her driest hole.

He rubbed her around the asshole, fingertips grazing it and making it twitch like it had a mind of its own, and desires that matched Susan's, then Keith went to spit again... and stopped. "Shit, why the hell am I doing all the work?" Yeah, Susan thought, my pussy's dripping wet here, you can just rub it around. "I mean, speaking of using the marker to make things easier on us."

Her heart dropped. "Uh, what?"

"Three words. Self-lubricating asshole."

The idea didn't fill her with the same enthusiasm that her brother apparently felt. It was more of a mixed-feeling. Not having enough lube was sometimes a problem, although not much of one, because usually when she was super-horny she was also super wet, and she could just use that. And though it hurt a little if she tried to put something in that was too dry... she liked the pain, too. Maybe just because it was part of "anal stuff" that she loved, according to the Marker. "Is that really necessary?" she asked.

"Oh, come on, imagine your butthole as wet as your pussy," he said. "Wouldn't that be sweet?" He got off the bed and opened the drawer, fetching the old lockbox he'd remembered while they were first playing around with bondage, a birthday gift from a friend years ago that once stored a USB key of dirty cartoons where their parents couldn't stumble upon it, but now held the marker when he wasn't using it, held safe with a combination lock that Keith once had on his locker. Susan didn't know the combination.

The time it took to unlock it only gave her a few seconds to think of an excuse to stop him, or decide if it was something she did want and embrace it. Maybe it would get him to fuck her ass more, and that would be good. On the other hand, she had a sudden vision of her ass constantly dripping, even when she wasn't using it, ruining any clothing whenever she sat down, maybe even making poop slip out when she didn't want it. Maybe that made an excuse... if it didn't make him want it more, to embarrass her. She decided to risk it... poo was disgusting to everyone, right? "Yeah, but, like, what if it made like, constant diarrhea or something? I mean, if it was wet all the time down there."

Marker now in his hand, Keith considered it. "You're right," he said, but then instead of putting it away, he advanced with it and added, "I'll reword it. Roll on your back."

She did, and asked, "What are you going to write?" If she couldn't stop him, at least she could keep him from making a mistake. For that matter, what if he spelled something wrong?

"How about... 'asshole lubes when touched?'" he suggested.

She thought it over, but there didn't seem to be an major problems with that, nothing that seemed like it could be easily misspelled. "Okay. That seems fine." She might miss the little bit of pain from things going in dry, but it was probably a bad thing that she even started to like it... if she stopped being able to feel it, then it would be almost as good as not liking it. Her butt reflexively twitched as she felt the wet pressure of the felt tip against her skin, but she stayed steady and let him finish. She was pretty sure he'd written it just around the same place as "Loves Anal Stuff," which seemed appropriate. And at least it wasn't a new area that she had to worry about covering.

The cap clicked back into place, and she looked back at that moment, watched Keith admiring his work, gently touching her butt, which was still extra-sensitive but at least not exceptionally sore from the spanking earlier. Beside that sensitivity there was a new sensation, a slight tingling sensation around her butthole itself, like it was moving somehow without moving. Maybe that was what it felt like when a part of her body changed so it could do something, like make lube, that it hadn't before. It had to come from somewhere, right? And through pores or something.

Keith seemed to sense this line of thought, for he asked, "Feel any different?" He let go of her butt and went to return the marker to the lockbox.

"Feels a little weird," she said, and as she did, the tingling vanished. What replaced it was a sensation of slipperiness, like someone had squirted a single drop of oil right in the tight ring. But... "Keith..." her voice trembled a little with worry. "You're not touching me."

"Well, give me a second," he said, as he closed the box, reset the lock.

"No... you're not touching me! But I'm getting slippery!" She rubbed her body against itself, flexing the asshole, feeling it comfortably loose and sliding freely. Wait, 'when touched'... was she always, technically, touching her own body?

"Oh, that." He shrugged. "I might have improvised a little while I was writing."

A groan of frustration escaped her. If she dared to convert it into words, it probably would have been "You bastard!" but instead she just asked, "What did you write?"

"It's not THAT different," he insisted. "'Asshole Makes Sex-Lube When Horny.'"

"But I'm always super-horny!"

"Not always," he pointed out. "Otherwise I wouldn't get any sleep." He crawled into bed beside her, nudging her onto her side. She felt a drip slide out of her asshole. At least it wasn't a torrent, though. And she was around her most horny, so maybe it wouldn't be too bad and she could get used to it. She was still pissed at him, but that too she'd gotten used to and forgave quickly.

Keith tested his work with his fingers first, slipping his hand in ahead of his cock and pushing his index finger against her hole. It slid in easily, and although she still clung and squeezed tight against it, it seemed to move more freely and felt pretty damn good that way, enough that she let out a small moan.

"Quiet, fuck toy," he said, and she couldn't speak, or moan. He'd suggested that he wanted her quiet before, so their parents would fall asleep but apparently it only worked when they were actually fucking, or made it explicit.

The finger retreated, then it was soon replaced with something much bigger. But she easily stretched around the bulbous cockhead, the widest part, and after that, it was just like any other fuck except she was all lubed up. It didn't feel excessively wet, just smooth enough to make it easier. "Yeah, this is much better," Keith whispered, and Susan found herself agreeing when he pushed deep into her. "Okay. Now I'll fuck you properly later," he said. "Until then, try and get some rest."

She wanted to groan again, but couldn't. She'd forgotten that part, in all the confusion, that they were just supposed to lie together until Keith was sure their parents would be asleep, deep asleep. It wasn't without its upsides. It still counted as 'anal stuff' so she loved it. If it wasn't for her super-horniness, she'd have been totally content to spend the whole night like that without movement. It was like an ultra-close form of snuggling, him actually inside her, like they were two halves of one person. And although her ass no longer stung on contact, she might not have been able to take the vigorous pounding she wanted after that spanking earlier. But now, with that anxious feeling that seemed to spread outward from either her pussy or her stomach (it had all blended into on undifferentiated area), she wanted more, even though she felt constrained by her brother's desires. As a fuck toy, it seemed, if he wanted a fuck that didn't shake the bed in the slightest, she had to comply.

Squeezing around the cock in her ass seemed to be her only option, but she knew from the vibrator that it wasn't enough to get her the pleasure she wanted, and besides which, she needed permission to cum, permission she couldn't even ask for when he told her to be quiet, so eventually she gave up and, somehow, drifted to sleep.

Susan awoke to another void inside her, and she realized that she was alone in her brother's bed. She wouldn't have thought that she could sleep through his dick pulling out of her, and yet somehow she had, and more, him getting out of the bed and leaving the room entirely. She wondered if he'd somehow managed to write "Deep Sleeper" on herself as well, without her noticing it. It was something to check for sure later in front of a mirror, but she didn't think so... it was, after all, still dark out, so she couldn't have been sleeping that deeply... she was probably more tired than she thought.

Tired, but still horny. And now curious, as well. Was it just a bathroom break, or was he off doing something, making more alterations to their parents?

She rolled out of bed, yawned, and walked through the open door and down the hall. The door to the master bedroom was also open, just a crack, which confirmed her suspicion. There was also some kind of light on in there, and if their parents weren't awake now, they weren't likely to wake up from her, so she dared to slip in.

There was Keith, of course, with the marker, and writing on Mom's bare back by the light of a flashlight. There seemed to be a fair bit there, although she wasn't close enough, and the light not bright enough, to make out more than the letters "n's cock."

"What are you doing?" she whispered.

Her brother flinched, whirled around, guiltily made to cover up her back with the blanket, then calmed. "Nothing. Just making a few changes around here. Trust me, it's for the good."

Just before she spoke, she saw the letters "so" before "n", and put together that he'd written something about his own cock on their mother. Her mind filled in possibilities like "must suck son's cock" or "will never refuse son's cock," and her heart sank. Bitterly, dejectedly, she asked, "So what, you're going to make her your fuck toy too?"

"Only if she's really good," he said. "Maybe I could use another fuck toy. Does that bother you?"

Reverse psychology time? "You're a jerk, you're going to do whatever you want anyway."

"Glad you approve. But I'm not going to fuck my own mom. Jesus, Susan, what do you think I am?" He rolled his eyes. "She's like almost forty."

"I saw you writing something about your cock on her."

"That... that is just a little punishment. I'm making her fantasize about it. But I'm not going to give it to her. It'll be hilarious." He did seem to find it extremely funny, and motioned over to Dad's snoring form. "Want me to do the same to Dad? Make him think about fucking you all the time?"

"No!" she said out loud, immediately, but a part of her whispered, "Yes!" The conflict forced a blush up her cheeks as she tried to sort out how she really felt. She didn't want to fuck her dad... okay, she DID, a little, but that was mostly the super-horniness talking, she decided. She wanted to fuck practically anyone right now. But with her dad, even before the marker came into their lives, it seemed like he'd been paying less and less attention to her the last couple years and now after what he heard upstairs, he seemed like he was deliberately avoiding her. She might prefer that Daddy just wanted to stick his cock in her and use her like a fuck toy if only it meant that he still wanted to be with her. And, she had to admit, another source to feed her cum addiction would be awfully handy. That was just being practical.

"You sure? Could be awful fun to tease him. I could make sure he couldn't actually do anything."

Well, that just took ALL the fun out of it. "No," she said again. "I don't want to tease him."

"He might already want to fuck you, you know. I mean, I did. You're probably torturing him without realizing it, in your skimpy clothes and with your fuckable lips. He's probably lying there right now dreaming of what he can't have."

Susan had had enough of this line of conversation, it was giving her confusing feelings. "Yeah, well, you can have me, so... are you almost done writing? I still need you to fuck me and let me cum otherwise I'm never going to get back to sleep."

He bobbed his head, mulling it over, but a playful smile stayed on his face. "Okay, I guess they're sleeping deeply enough that I can take care of you."

"Good." Susan turned towards the door... only to feel a strong hand on her wrist yanking her roughly backwards.

"Why wait? Let's just take care of it right here."


Magic Marker Book Two, Chapter Nine AnonyMPC 18/02/14(Wed)01:34 No. 25365 ID: fea1ea

Chapter Nine:

Susan didn't resist the pull, but she didn't get on board, since her brother seemed to be directing her towards the bed that her parents were currently sleeping in. "We can't," she warned him. "I don't care how deep they're sleeping, they'd wake up if someone was having sex in the same bed!" They'd even been talking in whispers throughout the conversation.

"I took care of that," Keith said. "Trust me, they'll be having sweet dreams until at least sunrise, no matter what. Hopefully about me, in Mom's case. Look." He let go of Susan's hand and went down by Mom's side, flipped her over onto her back, poked her boob with the end of the marker. She wasn't dead, that was clear, she still breathed, Dad still snored, but there was no sign that she was in the least bit bothered by the rough treatment. She didn't even stir as Keith grabbed her by the legs and pulled her, just enough that her head slipped off the pillow. "See? We can fuck right on top of them and they won't notice a thing. You can even cum as loudly as you want."

Her heart started to race as she realized... that counted as permission, didn't it? Maybe conditional permission, but he'd said she could cum, at least if they fucked right on top of them. It might be weird, but, she was super horny and there was something really exciting about doing it right under their noses... or, literally, right over their noses. "Okay, I guess."

Actually, it was Mom's nose Keith seemed especially interested in fucking over. He directed Susan into position, and away from places that seemed more natural places to put her hands and knees because they weren't right according whatever perverted idea was working its way through his brain. She wound up with one knee on the edge of the bed, another on the other side of Mom's head. Her pussy was suspended over Mom's face, but at a slight angle, and her hands were between Mom and Dad's sleeping bodies. Finally, thought, she was in position for a doggy-style fuck, and was more than ready for it. She was pretty sure some of her wetness dripped out right on Mom's face when Keith's thumb worked its way inside her now self-lubricating asshole, sawing in and out, preparing her for more. "You going to do me there?"

"Might as well finish what I started, right?" Susan nodded. She had the permission she needed, and as a fuck toy she'd cum when he did, so right now, however he wanted to do it was great, especially if it made him cum faster.

The thumb retreated, and she felt him close in on her and his dick slide around and finally press in towards the wet and still-not-completely closed hole his thumb had left. He pushed forward with a grunt, and she responded with one, but there wasn't any pain, just the sensation of being full and complete once more. Yet of course that wasn't enough on its own, and for a second she was afraid that he would just leave it inside her again to torture her like he seemed to enjoy torturing Mom... but finally, he pulled out again, and pushed back in, and she rocked back into him.

She wasn't loud, but she wasn't quiet. He'd said she could be as loud as she wanted, and apparently, that was a state in-between, of grunts and soft moans but not screams. It wasn't about trying to keep quiet for her parents, at least not consciously. In fact, she soon mostly forgot they were there at all, so consumed with her own pleasure, the sensations he caused both inside and outside of her. There was the usual sensation of being conquered, of yielding inside and being completed... and also the milder but still exciting sensation, the squeeze of one hand on her butt or waist, the feel of the other sliding up her back almost lovingly. Underlying all of that, best of all, welling up inside her was the feeling, the approaching orgasm that was long-delayed. Not quite there yet, but close. She might not even need to wait for her brother to cum. If she beat him to the punch, she could have two... and two was always better than one.

To that end, she lifted one hand from the bed and began to rubbing the soft wet lips of her pussy, stoking that fire, a task which might have been easier if she didn't feel like she was in danger of falling over because her position, which didn't distribute her weight completely evenly, was now even more precarious. Every thrust felt like she might topple if she didn't shift her body in just the right away, and that meant she couldn't just lose herself completely in the sensation. But she was approaching that moment of perfection by inches, and now her breaths were becoming sharper, not quite screams but loud enough that they should have woken anybody as close as her parents were. The feeling had started inside of her, the one where she felt like she was on the edge of the cliff...

Suddenly, she was pushed over. Physically, that is. Keith's hand on her back suddenly became a shove, and her arm gave out at the unexpected force. She toppled forward, unable to correct herself in time, and her face planted towards the bed, but in practice right at her sleeping father's crotch.

It wasn't a soft place to land... in fact, to her surprise, and a curious mix of horror and excitement, there was a very familiar type of hardness there beneath her father's boxers, that made her think either he must be awake, or maybe Keith was right and he was dreaming, maybe even about her. She struggled to push herself up and off of him, at the very least to check if his eyes were open, but Keith whispered, "Face down, ass up," and her fuck toy mind interpreted that as an order, so she stopped trying, let her brother continue to fuck her ass while overly conscious of her father's hard dick up against her face, with a thin layer of fabric between them, and the sweaty yet not entirely unpleasant smell that filled her nose and mouth. She tried to shift her position slight while still obeying Keith's order, at least get her face off of it, but finally gave up and surrendered to the dirtiness, knowing that could close the gap between where her soul was and where it wanted to be.

Susan's hand, the one between her legs, kicked into frenzied motion as she came over that final barrier and finally had the mind-shattering orgasm she'd been craving for what felt like forever. It didn't seem to matter whether her father's dick was in her face when it happened.

Keith wasn't done yet, and continued pounding into her all through the orgasm, the force sliding her face back and forth along her father's hardness, and the friction making it press more against her. She decided to try again to shift her position to the side when she felt another sudden wave of pleasure out of nowhere, as her brother started shooting his cum inside her ass. This one, without even the warning of him clutching hard against her butt, caused her to let out an undulating moan muffled by her father's underwear.

He pulled out more quickly than usual, enough that, while she was still riding the wave, she felt another splash of cum, not going deep inside her but landing between her butthole and her pussy and dripping. Another followed, much less powerful, only felt at all because he was rubbing the head of his cock on her ass flesh.

Susan caught her breath once more and then again attempted to push herself up. Now that she wasn't being fucked, the fuck toy orders didn't seem to apply, and she could push her face clear... only realizing then that her knees had slid way farther back and her own slit bumped into something soft and yet with a hard core... it only took a second to realize it was her mother's nose.

An involuntary shudder shook her body and she made a noise something like a soft "eww." That thought was definitely more disturbing to her than her proximity to her daddy's hard dick, or even the worry that he might have been awake and only pretending. Her body repositioned in jerky confused motions, trying to quickly right herself without touching either of her parents.

This wasn't helped by the force of her brother's hand on the small of her back, seemingly trying to keep her over her mom's face. "There's no rush," he said. "They'll be out for hours."

The goo sliding out of her butt seemed to disagree, if she didn't move then it would... oh. Of course, that was what he wanted. Jerk. "You could have just done it on her face if that's what you wanted."

"Come on, Susan. I'm not going to cum on my own mom's face!" It sounded serious, but Susan knew him well enough that it was only fake-serious. Then again, she was lying too, she would have been more disappointed if he hadn't gone off inside her. "Totally different thing if it comes from you."

She didn't want to drip cum on her own mom's face either... though her butt didn't seem to be on the same page as the other end of her, as she kept feeling her bowels flex involuntarily as though trying to push as much of the cum out as fast as possible. This was probably instinct, as she had always done that to get cum to feed her addiction.

Which she'd still have to feed, she knew, only now she'd have to get it from her mother's face, or at least whatever she didn't get from her hands. So, she started using one, not quite disobeying her brother for she stayed in position, still dripping, but succumbing to her addictive behavior and scooping up big globs for her to slurp down before they landed. Before long, she started to feel like whatever would fall already had, the rest might slide slowly down her legs, but there was no need to rush, the crisis had passed.

Still gathering the dregs with her fingers and licking them clean, she started to shuffle her position so she could first sit up without doing so on her mother's face, and then slide off the side of the bed safely. Keith didn't tell her not to, but when her feet hit the floor, he said, "You missed some..."

She knew she had, but as long as she didn't see it, it was only in the back of her mind and she felt like she could maybe ignore it. But her jerky brother pointed it out to her, took her by the shoulders and turned her towards her sleeping mother's face with a few translucent globs on it, and her cum-addicted mind turned it into a compulsion, reminding her that she didn't know where she might get her next fix so she should take whatever she got, where ever she could. And as her brother's hands slid down to the sides of her arms, gently but firmly resisting her attempts to raise them in her usual way, she knew what he was expecting, and didn't resist, just leaned forward and licked her mother's face where the cum dripped, blood rushing to her face even though there didn't seem to be anything dirty about licking her mother, at least not on her face, even if cum was involved... if anything it was cleaning her up. And yet, it felt dirty somehow, maybe because the only other person she could remember licking was Keith. And with him, it was almost always dirty.

"That's a good girl," he said, after her tongue dragged along Mom's face a few times, getting what she craved so much, but the words made her feel almost good as the cum, an absurdly warm glow inside her. Even if was the kind of thing you'd say to a dog, even if it was only praise for doing something dirty, it was still praise from her big brother. And he was stingy with that even when he wasn't a jerk.

Keith sent Susan back to his room, to his bed, to wait for him while he made a few last 'improvements' to their parents with the magic marker. He wouldn't tell her what they were, and her stomach fluttered with anxiety over the possibilities, how their family life might change, maybe even forever as long as he had the marker. And yet... her super-horniness wasn't making her uncomfortable, her cum addiction had just been fed, and she was tired. Not just the normal tiredness from a long day, but either, she'd discovered since the marker came into her lives that a really good fuck made her sleepy, so, even though she was worried and trying to wait up, she found herself drifting off.

She woke to find her brother already beside her, and snuggled up against him, then fell asleep again feeling warm and safe and loved and only a little bit super-horny. Keith was still asleep when she woke next, too, after dawn, to light filling the room and a craving deep inside her. She thought about poking him in his pecs until he woke up, but the last thing she wanted was for him to wake up cranky. Maybe there was a way to get what she wanted without waking him... or if he had to be woken, at least doing it in a way that he'd be happy with.

The bedcovers only came up to the bottom of their legs before skewing off to the side, and that meant she could see his boxers and the bulge inside. Seeing that, while knowing Keith was asleep, made her feel better about the previous night... it didn't make sense, but it seemed like guys got hard in their sleep. Dad must be the same way.

She sat up, lifted his boxers by the waistband and pulled them down. There it was, itself looking almost asleep, despite the swollen hardness, it didn't jerk or move like excited, or even spring up, but then she was jarringly reminded that she was a cock-sucker. It was written on her skin, written on her soul, and when she saw a cock in front of her that wasn't otherwise being used, she had to.

The truth was, she'd planned to do that anyway, but it was still surprising how firm the compulsion was. No hesitating, just leaned in, opened her mouth, and started sucking her brother's cock like a porn star with no gag reflex. The dick responded quickly too, growing even bigger than it was and now seeming like it would stand upright without the help of her hand.

Succumbing to her cocksucker nature certainly wasn't a problem, although without her brother to guide her the 'sucking' part of it seemed a more consistent feature, without pausing for licks or any other motion, which meant she could only pause to take a breath when she absolutely had to. That got to be stressful, over time, making her regularly light-headed and not because she was close to an orgasm.

Even more stressful was the realization that she couldn't stop on her own, not even when she heard one of her parents walking down the adjoining hall. If the door got opened, there would be no hiding it, she didn't think she'd even pull off while her mom or dad watched, until they physically pulled her away, which they probably would. And Mom did have a habit of coming in without knocking.

Every sound she heard from outside made Susan think that was what was going to happen, that she'd be caught, and this time there'd be no hiding it, her parents not being able to pretend that sex wasn't going on. Maybe they still wouldn't care, but she wasn't sure she wanted that either.

Still she kept on sucking regardless of the risk, the only thing she could do was pull the covers over her head and her brother's waist. That might buy themselves a few seconds that Keith might use to pull her away and come up with some stupid excuse that they would totally believe for why it looked like, underneath the covers, her head was bobbing up and down on his crotch. Maybe he could do that regardless, even if they were caught out in her open, he might just say something like how she had an itchy throat and his dick was the only thing that could reach far enough to scratch it. Maybe if Dad was the one that caught them he'd just offer to try with his.

Her eyes winced shut while her tired tongue tried to shift position. Why'd she think about that? She was sucking her brother's cock, and he'd made her want it, but he hadn't written anything about wanting Dad, too. Even if she was a super-horny fuck toy cocksucker with a cum-addiction, shouldn't one cock be enough for her? If she kept thinking about others, did that mean she was turning into a slut all on her own? And if the marker wasn't responsible, there was no hope of the mark wiping away, either, it might well be permanent.

A hand fell on her head, and for a moment she thought she'd missed the door opening, but then realized it was only Keith, starting to stir as her diligent cock-sucking was starting to pay off. Only a second later it jerked, and filled her mouth with his delicious rich cum. She swallowed only to get another, and another.

By the time her brother said, "Now that's a nice way to wake up," there was nothing left but dribbles from a much smaller dick, which allowed her tongue to focus directly on the source of them. But even when those were gone, she couldn't let go, at least until about a minute later when Keith shoved her away. "Okay, that's enough, you're going to start wearing the skin off..."

She disentangled herself from the covers and finally was able to take a deep breath that entirely filled her lungs and exhale, but she smiled at her brother when she did, mainly because he was smiling in a cute sleepy way that didn't make him look like a jerk at all, just a brother she now woke up with blowjobs. And not just that. "Good morning," she said. "Want to fuck quick before we have to go for breakfast?"

He groaned a little. "Jesus, Susan, I may have a low refractory period but even I have my limits."

She opened her mouth, about to suggest that he could write "always able to have sex," or "never runs out of cum" or something else on himself, but remembered she really didn't want to fuck now... or at least, she didn't want to do it while they'd be overheard and potentially caught. Her super-horniness was up to a level where she really did want to fuck, and that's what made her suggest it, but it wasn't so bad that she couldn't think better of actually doing it. "Okay. How about I go to my room and get dressed then?"

"Sure." She crawled over his body to the side of the bed, then left him alone, wondering as she did if he was less of a jerk in the mornings, like some people were more of a jerk when they just woke up. He did seem a little nicer when they woke up yesterday, but those were unusual circumstances, with Mom bursting in on them. With that thought on her mind, she didn't listen at the door like she'd wanted to, to make sure the hallway was clear, and when she opened it, her mother was in the hall.


Magic Marker Book Two, Chapter Ten AnonyMPC 18/02/14(Wed)23:41 No. 25366 ID: a609fb

Chapter Ten:

This time, there was no dramatic confrontation. Of course, this time, it was less surprising... Susan had asked for permission to sleep in her brother's room, and she seemed to be clothed. She and her mom merely stared at each other for a few seconds, almost sizing each other up. For her part, Susan was trying to figure out if the spot that she'd licked cum off her mother's face the night before looked a little red or if it was her imagination, and then wondered if her mother was likewise inspecting her for subtle signs of something not quite right. Susan didn't think there would be, after all, the last batch of Keith's cum went directly down her throat, so there shouldn't be anything on her face. There might be cum spots from earlier on the nightshirt she wore, but she didn't think it would be that obvious if she acted completely normally. "Morning," she said, a blush automatically forming on her face that probably wasn't normal, nor was the way she averted her gaze towards the floor and walked back to her room without another word. But she couldn't help it, a part of her still thought Mom saw everything bad she ever did and just sometimes chose not to punish her.

Maybe that was the case this time, too, because she just said, "Morning, Susan. We'll be having breakfast soon, so be sure to get dressed." She didn't sound at all angry, at least, although she seemed especially emphatic about the 'getting dressed' part.

A new set of clothes made her feel more normal. She chose shorts today, technically pink in color but the colors were faded enough that they could be confused for white, and a red tank-top with blue trim. Some of the marks showed through, on her thigh, and if she bent over you could see she was a fuck toy. It didn't matter if they stayed at home, but it might be a problem if there were any family plans this weekend... she'd have to change again.

Breakfast was eggs and toast, prepared not by Keith but by Mom. It was simple but good, except when Dad complained about how there was no bacon, and Mom seemed to blame Susan. Not outright, in words, but when she explained that they were all out she glared in Susan's direction in a way that made her blush guiltily, even though it was entirely Keith's fault. He ate the last of it for lunch and she didn't get any.

"No big deal, though, I'll pick up more when we do the grocery shopping."

"I'll come along," Keith said, entering the kitchen, belatedly, and still wearing only his boxers. Susan noticed her Mom's eyes look him up and down, and then suddenly away into her plate. "I've got some ideas, but I don't trust you with a list." He took the plate that was waiting for him on the counter and joined the table.

"Then you'd better get dressed fast, unless you plan on walking around the grocery store in your underwear," Mom said, still not looking at him. Now her face did look a little red. "We're leaving right after we eat." She looked at Susan, said, "What about you, are you coming too?"

Susan looked down at herself, imagined herself in public, people at the grocery store reading "fuck toy" on her chest when she bent down to get something from a low shelf. Maybe this was a wrong choice of outfit after all. "I'd have to change."

"Forget it then," her mom said. "I can wait for your brother to get dressed, but I'm not waiting around while you spend hours deciding on what you want to wear." That was totally unfair, she didn't spend hours. "You can stay home with your dad."

Dad cleared his throat, looked up like he was just now paying attention. "I'm sorry, what? I'm staying home?"

"Well, if Keith's coming along you don't really need to, do you? And someone should stay home with Susan, just in case." Susan hated that. She was twelve, not a baby, it's not like she needed supervision. If you're old enough to start having sex you should be old enough to stay home alone. "And you're always complaining you never have time to yourself anyway."

"I guess." Dad didn't seem too enthused by the idea. "I do have some work to catch up on."

"Then it's settled. You two stay home, and Keith and I will have a mother-son shopping day."

Susan didn't like the way mom looked at Keith when she said that. The look itself wasn't that bad, she was smiling, which was sort of unusual in itself, since she usually looked mildly frustrated or exasperated with her oldest son. But Susan also knew that Keith made Mom fantasize about him, and so saw more in that smile than a mother wanting to spend time with her son. When they were alone in a car, who knew what might happen? Maybe that was why Dad and Susan had been told to stay home, that Mom was going to try to have sex with Keith, and even though he said he didn't want that, Susan still fumed at the thought. He was a jerk, and jerks could lie about anything they wanted. She didn't want them to do anything together, and yet she didn't think she could stop it if that's what he wanted.

The best she could do was try to talk to Keith before they left. So when he went upstairs to put some clothes on, she slipped up too. She found him with his jeans but still topless, and he looked good. Better than usual. Was it her super-horniness or did he write something new on himself? "Wanna have sex before you go?" She pulled down her shorts with her thumb, with the idea of reminding him what he already had access to any time he wanted. He didn't need Mom, too.

He looked back at her with a smile as he slipped a shirt on. "I don't think we really have time to. Maybe when I get back."

She opened her mouth, then closed it again, not sure how to beg him not to fuck Mom without seeming jealous, or worse, giving him the idea that it would be another fun thing to torment her with. He might do just that, even if he didn't want to fuck her... do it, or pretend that he did, just to mess with her. Susan wished she could get a hold of the marker and... hope sprung in her for a moment as she formed the thought, and then it was crushed almost as quickly. For just a second, it looked as though he was ready to leave, without it, but then he turned back to the lockbox and opened it, his back to her to carefully hide the combination. Of course he was taking it with him. She wouldn't be that lucky, that he might leave it at home and let her try to find some way to open it while he was gone. And when he was gone, he'd do whatever he wanted... all she could hope was that he was being honest when he said he didn't want to have sex with Mom. That made it almost not worth worrying about.

Letting out a defeated breath, she moved onto her next concern. "You might be gone a while," she said. She knew how Mom's shopping trips with Dad could be, often they didn't go to just one place but stopped off at multiple stores because Mom kept remembering one more thing she needed to do. "Can you give me permission to cum, at least, when I get super-horny?"

Keith made a show of thinking about it as he slipped the marker into his jeans pocket and put the box back. Susan by now knew his habits... that was a no, unless she'd done something that particularly made him happy, and aside from waking him up with a blowjob (which, she thought, should absolutely count and yet somehow didn't) she couldn't think of anything. Now that she thought about it, maybe she shouldn't have sucked him off at all, she should have gotten him to have sex with her first thing in the morning and had a fuck toy orgasm that would have lasted her until he got back. Because of that mistake, she was going to be suffering for the next few hours, at least if she was right about her brother's answer. Which she was. "No, I don't think so. I'd rather have you super-horny and waiting for me when I get back." She slumped, and he tousled her hair as he moved past her to the hallway. "Tell you what, if it gets to be too much, you can always ask Dad for permission."

She followed him out and down the stairs, scowling at the thought. I'll never get that desperate, she told herself. Mom waited for him by the door, fidgeting one-handedly with the keys, then smiling again when Keith showed up, then gave one last glance to her husband, on the couch, and daughter at the foot of the stairs. "Okay, we won't be gone long, you two, so... try and get up to something productive."

"Hey, Mom, you think I can drive?" Keith asked.

Before, the answer would be "no." Keith's driving made Mom too anxious. Now, though, she said, "Sure, I don't see why not," and tossed him the keys.

The moment the others were out the door, Susan and her dad looked at each other. Then looked away, Dad breaking contact first. He stood up and mumbled, "Well, I have some things to do upstairs."

Susan gave him his space, spent time in the living room, trying to tell herself she enjoyed the quiet alone time, without Keith in the house. Her dad might be uncomfortable around her now, but at least he didn't see her as just a fuck toy, so it was almost like she could be her old self.

Or so she tried to tell herself, but the feelings didn't go away just because no one was there to take advantage of it. Nor did reminding herself that there was no way to take care of her super-horniness make it go away... she might only be a little way down that path, but she couldn't stop herself from travelling down it.

Thinking about it certainly didn't help the problem, because thinking about it lead to thinking of all the stuff she wanted to do to solve it, which led to more horniness. Watching TV sounded like a much better solution. She could lay down on the couch and with some educational Saturday morning television on at least be distracted. There was a show full of cute dogs with stories from owners and dog care tips and she only occasionally thought back to when she played dog for her brother, and his threats to make her have sex with a real dog, and wondering why these shows never showed what dogs dicks were really like. Isn't that far more important than that you should never feed your dog chocolate, which didn't everyone already know anyway?

Susan gradually began to realize that TV wasn't distracting her as much as she had first thought. Or it was, but in the wrong way. When your mind was mostly occupied watching the television, it was easy to absentmindedly do something that felt good, because, hey, why not feel good? So she barely noticed that her hand slipped into her shorts to start rubbing herself, then fingering herself, it just felt good and helped pass the time. The same thing happened when she was eating junk food, if she wasn't careful and she did it while watching TV, she might go through a whole bag of chips without realizing it.

Of course, when her father caught her pigging out on chips, it wasn't nearly as embarrassing.

She wasn't 100% sure he saw anything. But then, she didn't notice he was downstairs at all until he coughed, at which time she quickly slipped her hand out of her shorts and pretended nothing was happening, and her father walked past looking for some papers and not looking in her direction at all. But his face was more pink than usual and he seemed to walk funny like he was keeping his front aimed away from her.

Even though she didn't see one, she imagined him with a boner he was trying to hide as he went about his business. The thought made her own face flush and she buried it in a couch cushion as hard as possible so he wouldn't see, but her pussy clenched at it, wondering if her brother really did go back and write that Dad fantasized about her, if he was doing it right now when she looked at her, and what exactly he was thinking. She was also mortified at what he'd saw, or might have seen, but that was on a separate, quieter layer of the emotions running through her. Horny came at the top, then excited, then embarrassed, and below that flattered and ashamed were somewhere. Ashamed was not quite the same as embarrassed, she was finding out. For example, when she thought about going back to masturbating openly while he watched, pulling down her shorts so he could actually see her playing with herself, she was ashamed at the thought, but the embarrassment only came when she imagined him reacting badly, freaking out... if he watched patiently and excitedly, she didn't think she'd be embarrassed but still ashamed. On the other hand, when she thought about everyone at school learning she was her brother's fuck toy, she was super embarrassed but somehow not ashamed.

Soon she found herself wishing that her father would either find the paper he was looking for and leave so she could go back to masturbating in peace, or try to act on those maybe-fantasies so she could ask his permission to cum.

That was another thought she was a little ashamed of, after the wish came true. The first part of the wish, the innocent part, but still, soon he was running back up the stairs, and that was a relief. He hadn't said a word to her, not even a hello in passing, or asking if she'd seen whatever it was he was looking for. This made her more and more convinced that he had seen her rubbing her pussy while watching a show about dogs and was simply embarrassed.

The real question was, was he ashamed?


Magic Marker Book Two, Chapter Eleven AnonyMPC 18/02/15(Thu)01:09 No. 25367 ID: a609fb

Chapter Eleven:

Susan didn't go back to masturbating right away, though, despite that was why she wished her daddy would leave. She did those thigh-clenches and got some of the same kind of pleasure that way, but those seemed to be automatic, like her body reminding that she was super-horny, and that she needed to cum. But she knew if she gave in and masturbated it would just get worse and worse and pretty sure she'd do something she'd regret. Whether or not she was embarrassed or ashamed, she knew she couldn't give into certain urges, there was only so much change her life could take. She might sometimes like how her relationship with her brother had changed, but she didn't want to give up her whole life... there was no going back with some things.

It was like the word on the marker, 'indelible,' which wasn't really true with the marker, because the marks did fade with time, and maybe you could find special chemicals that would erase them. But 'indelible' also meant 'unable to be forgotten or removed,' and that was the real danger of the marker, these indelible changes to the way people saw her. Already her parents were looking at her differently, and Daddy could never see her in the same way if she tried to have sex with him. Whether or not it worked. Even once the marks faded away, that change would be indelible.

She just wished her brother would get home soon... that relationship couldn't change much more than it had already, and if he just made her cum she wouldn't even be considering throwing the rest of her normal life away.

But he wasn't there, and she was considering it. Considering knocking on her father's door completely naked and, when he answered, telling him she was super-horny.

Of course, he'd probably just say something stupid, like, "Hi, Super-Horny, I'm Dad."

The absurd thought provoked a snort of genuine amusement... even as unfunny as the joke was, the situation somehow was. It helped a little, remembering the relationship as it should be. And there wasn't much that was as unsexy as a dad joke.

She tried to keep more of those in her mind as she shut off the TV and went upstairs. Not to bother her father, but to hide in her own room, try and do something that took more of her brain than TV and didn't let her mind wander. Writing would normally be her first choice, but she figured anything she wrote would turn sexual... and considered it anyway, some traitorous part of her brain telling her that if she wrote out what she was imagining with her father as a story she wouldn't need to do it. But she knew that might only work if she could cum while writing it.

So instead she read social media, checked some of her favorite sites, did some research for a fan fiction story she'd thought about writing before this all started. She didn't think she was going to write it, not while the marker was her life, maybe not ever, but doing the research and making notes still kept her mind off things, for a while, and since it wasn't actually writing it didn't turn dirty and start to make her touch herself and make the problem worse.

It helped, but she kept having little slips as her mind wandered into dark territories, and as an hour stretched into two it began helping less and less and her need grew more and more, and with no idea how long her brother would be gone, she started thinking again of doing the unthinkable. She changed her clothes just because it seemed her shorts were soaked and visibly so, like she'd wet her pants, and while she was naked, she wondered if it'd be better to just stay that way. Maybe forever.

Instead, she changed into a skirt, left underwear off, made a deal with herself, put it in fate's hands. She'd go downstairs, watch TV and pretend to sleep... or maybe not, but lie there at least, with her butt up and legs over one of the sides of the couch. With that skirt, people could see her panties like that, if she wore them. If Daddy came downstairs, he'd see her hungry wet pussy right away, and if he chose to do something about it, she wouldn't say no, she was way too horny to say no. If her mom and Keith came home first, then she'd just get up before they got in the hall and pretend nothing happened.

Of course she knew fate was the one who put a literally magic marker in her life and a brother who used it to make her into a fuck toy, so fate might be planning for her to just be that forever. But if that was the case, you can't fight destiny, right? And if it wasn't fate, just bad luck and bad choices, then maybe she deserved to be punished for them a little more. Even if it meant making another bad choice.

It really was a bad choice, although she only realized how bad later when she wasn't so horny... she didn't even think of what might happen if her dad did something and then Mom and Keith walked in on them in the act. Mom would be mad, maybe mad enough to call the police. Keith probably would be mad too, though his anger seemed safer. Either way, it was a very bad choice, one she only made because she was so horny.

But this time, her bad choice didn't come with bad luck, though it was a very close thing. She heard her dad moving upstairs, like he might just come down and see what was waiting for him, and Susan had just decided to thrust one hand underneath her, masturbating, to give him something even better to walk in on, something that she couldn't pretend she was doing innocently... but a second later, before Daddy reached the stairs, she heard keys at the front door.

Susan snapped upright, spun, and then sat down on the couch, pulling her skirt down so that no one would see the lack of underwear beneath it from any angle except perhaps at around her feet. By the time her mother came rushing in, she was the perfect picture of innocence.

Not that she would have noticed, Mom was practically in a panic, sprinting for the bathroom with a single dark plastic bag under her arm. Keith came in casually a few seconds later, holding one more traditional reusable bag full of groceries which was the least he could do. Almost literally, because on family shopping days they always bought at least six or seven of those bags worth of stuff but he just carried in one, put it on the living room table and seemed completely uninterested in going back for more. Jerk. Instead, he smiled at Susan. "Have fun?"

"You could have called and said you'd be so late." She was still horny, but now that Keith was here, it was easier to control. It was the uncertainty that made it so bad before, not knowing how long Mom and Keith might be gone or if they might be having sex... she looked back towards the bathroom at the thought, then at her brother, trying to find any subtle signs. There didn't seem to be any, but she wasn't sure what they might be. Maybe she could suck his dick and see if it tasted strange. Or she could just ask. "Did you and Mom...?"

From the grocery bag, Keith retrieved a smaller bag, a bag of Doritos, which was already open, but now he took another single chip. It was one of those smaller bags, the kind that is good for one person or maybe two, the kind Mom never bought because she felt they weren't worth the money, and they were likely to spoil dinner. Susan wondered if he just talked her into it, or if it was a reward for something, like giving Mom a great orgasm. As he munched the chip, he looked at her with an expression on his face, like he was expecting her to finish the question... as though he had no idea what was in her head. When she didn't take the bait, he finally said, "We stopped at the mall." That wasn't an answer to the question she was looking for, but it'd do until she could taste his dick. "Would have been here sooner, otherwise." It was probably the closest she was going to get to an apology, so she smiled, at least until he put his feet up on the coffee table and brought up a whole new cause for suspicion. "But check it out, she bought me new shoes." They looked good, sleek black running shoes, name brand, more expensive than the kinds Mom usually bought them, but not ridiculously priced. It was the same question as with the Doritos again. Was that a "I feel guilty for what I'm feeling" gift, or a "I feel guilty for having sex with my own son in the mall parking lot" gift? Or maybe it's just a "he says he needs it and I have complete faith in him" gift. Maybe she was just being paranoid.

Not just being paranoid, paranoid and super-horny. "Wanna go upstairs?" she whispered, hoping that he would reveal that nothing happened with Mom by his own horniness.

"In a bit. Once the groceries get in I need to do some prep for dinner, I'm doing a roast. Should be good. Never realized how much I enjoyed cooking."

At that moment, Mom came out of the bathroom. "Felt like I wasn't going to make it there. Those mall washrooms are disgusting, I didn't even want to sit down in there." She walked over to the staircase landing and called up, "Honey, come help get the groceries out of the car."

Dad came down, gave those assembled a look, then went outside. Mom also seemed to look at Susan for a few seconds, then returned to the bathroom and came back a moment later with the black bag. "Susan, I'd like to talk to you upstairs in your room."

Her heart started to race. A talk upstairs? That was never good. Did Keith say something about her? Her brother didn't seem like he was concerned, or smug, either of which might be the case if it was something he set up. He was just watching the TV, uninterested. "Uhm, okay," Susan said, and started up the stairs, her mother close behind.

They didn't speak on the way to her room. They didn't speak immediately when she entered, either, which made Susan feel even worse as her mother directed her to sit on her bed. Mom didn't look like she wanted to do this, whatever it was, any more than Susan, looking all around the room and then took a deep breath and finally launched. "Okay, I know that you're becoming a young woman, now..." Oh, god, Susan thought. "And you know it's all perfectly natural to be exploring certain feelings that might be new to you, things that you know, pop into your mind and feel good, and you know, it's totally normal for a girl your age."

"Mom, stop." If there was any comfort in this it was that her mother seemed as uncomfortable as she did. It wasn't much.

"I'm not judging at all, it's totally natural to have these feelings and to want to explore your body in this way, your hormones are out of control..." At first Susan thought her Mom was complaining about her 'whore moans' especially when she continued with, "It's just you do have to realize that this house isn't very big."

"Mom, please..."

"We're not trying to interfere, but you need to learn to practice boundaries and also a little self-control, just so, you know, so you don't disturb anybody. Now, I got you something." She reached into the mysterious black bag and pulled out a hard-plastic shrink-wrapped item as Susan looked up in curiosity. At first, the cardboard backing was faced the other way, so she couldn't figure out what it was, but her mother awkwardly thrust it in her hands and then seemed to take a lot of interest looking out the window. It was a finger-sized cylinder, pointed at one end, described as a "mini personal massager." It looked very much like the toy Keith found in the box with Mom's leashes, only smaller. She was still mortified, but at least it didn't say "My First Vibrator!" or something like that. Mom also handed her a pack of batteries that were exactly the right type listed as being required but not included. "Now, I don't want you rooting around in my stuff or using an electric toothbrush or anything like that," her Mom continued. "This is yours. Keep it somewhere discreet, and wash it after you use it, every single time, okay? If you need replacement batteries, come to me, not your father, okay?" Mom didn't look to see if Susan nodded at either question, at this point they were avoiding eye contact as much as possible.

She didn't nod, tried to think if she should say thank you. Right now she wanted to just pretend this conversation wasn't happening. Though she did want to keep the vibrator.

"And one more thing," her mother said, and reached into the bag again and pulled out... something weird. It was some sort of rounded bar, and looked a little like the very end of a bike handle, that rubber bit you hold onto, but it had holes all the way through it, like one of those wiffle balls. Susan had no idea what it could possibly be used for. Sure, you could probably push it up inside you, but you could do that with so many things. "If you feel you can't help being loud, put this in your mouth and bite down." She mimed the action, holding the gag, for that's what it was, just outside of her mouth. "You can breathe through it, but we won't be able to hear you so easily." At least now she knew completely for sure that they'd heard her. That also wasn't much comfort at all. "This way you can do whatever you need to do without worrying about your brother or father overhearing. They don't need that in their head." And now she knew for sure that they thought she was alone the previous night after dinner, that they didn't know her yelling out was from her brother fucking her. Otherwise Mom certainly would have said something about that, right? That did make her feel a little better, finally. Even if this conversation was horribly painful, it could have been a lot worse. Okay, her parents probably thought of her as a super-horny preteen who couldn't stop from touching herself... which she was, too, but that perception, as indelible as it was, would be easier to live with once she finally found her way out of the marker business. If they found out Keith and her actually had sex, that was something else.

She just had to convince her brother to stop flaunting it.

After nearly a minute of silence between her and her mother, with neither of them knowing exactly what to say, Mom finally moved towards the door. "I'll leave you alone now." One step out the door and she came back in. "Oh, and if you're going to be sleeping in your brother's bed again... make sure everything's out of your system in here first, okay? You'll, um, sleep better." She left again, and this time she didn't return.

Her next visitor was Keith, a few minutes later. He had something behind his back. "What was that all about?"

There were no points in any secrets, so she held up the still shrink-wrapped mini-vibrator The gag she left on the bed beside her. Her brother sat down beside her, still keeping whatever he was holding out of sight. "So that's what she was doing when she sent me to go find a pair of shoes I liked. I just thought she was getting, you know, women's stuff." He grinned at her, tousled her hair. "Looks like I wasn't the only one to get something nice out of this trip, huh? Actually, you got two gifts."

She thought he meant the gag, but he didn't seem to have noticed that at all, and it sat unnoticed between them. He might have meant the batteries, but she wasn't sure, and there was still the thing he was hiding. That could have been a gift, but she didn't want to presume. So she said, "Huh?" He did in fact lift the thing he brought into the room, a long, thick, green vegetable. "You got me a cucumber?"


Anonymous 18/02/15(Thu)01:13 No. 25368 ID: c90bfc

Your PP tributes are by far my favorite but this is some A+ writing. Way to keep up the good work.

Magic Marker Book Two, Chapter Twelve AnonyMPC 18/02/15(Thu)15:01 No. 25369 ID: a609fb

Chapter Twelve:

Susan stared at the vegetable as her brother explained. "Well, I figured you might be suffering by now, and since I might be busy for a while with dinner, I'd have mercy and let you make yourself cum... but only while this is deep in your pussy." It certainly had a good shape for it, rounded at both ends, and though it was longer it was more or less the same thickness as Keith's dick when he was hard. She noticed all of that right away, and she wanted to try it out even before he'd explained what it was for, and even more once she realized that he'd given her permission. Even if it was conditional permission, that counted before. She'd prefer the real thing (or maybe something a little wider, even), but at this point, she just needed to get a way to cum, so she reached out and took the vegetable from him, then pulled up her skirt.

She spread her legs slightly, and pushed one slightly yellow-streaked head of the vegetable up against her slit, rubbed up and down to get some wetness on it, and then began practically forcing it inside her. It didn't hurt, though it looked like it probably should, her lips swollen around it and clit poking upwards and excited but as though it, too, was straining against the internal pressure.

Keith watched until it was about halfway in... not halfway down the whole cucumber, but halfway on where it would be if it was his dick, and then said, "Just remember, that's just a loaner."

That made Susan stop the insertion and look up at him quizzically. "What?"

"Yeah, I'm going to need it back when it's time to make the salad tonight." He had that grin again, that devilish look. He was going to feed the entire family a salad made with a cucumber that she'd cum all over.

The thought excited her too, but she refused to show it, grimaced instead. "Why would you do that?"

"Cause I think it'll taste good." He pulled back his sleeve where the words "Good Cook" were written. "You going to question my chef-ly instincts?"

She sighed, but decided to pick her battles. She didn't think her parents would notice what had happened to the cucumber... she doubted either of them had tasted what pussy juices taste like, so they'd probably just think it was a weird salad dressing. Which it sort of was. Susan's All-Natural Salad Dressing. A gasping laugh escaped her.

"There, that's the spirit. So I'll be back for that in a little bit. Have fun getting it all nice and juicy for me."

After her brother left and closed the door, she leaned back, one hand still on the cucumber, then spotted the hard-plastic package out of the corner of her eye and got an idea. She sat up suddenly and violently tried to tear it apart. Of course, it wouldn't work, but she gave it a few more frustrated tries, twisting it this way and that before finally deciding she needed scissors. So she rolled to the end of the bed, trying to keep the vegetable inside her by keeping her knees closed. There was no way she'd make it all the way downstairs like that, but there were some scissors somewhere by her desk for occasional crafting projects or school work, so why take it out when she could just duckwalk?

It took some searching, but she found it in a drawer, returned to the bed and cut open the plastic, just a little until it was weak enough to tear open. Next she needed the batteries, but at least that packaging was easy to open and before long they were inserted. There was a sliding switch on the toy with off and three settings... she slid it all the way to the maximum setting and it came to life, shaking eagerly.

Susan thought it might be best to turn it off again before putting it in her ass, which was where she intended it, but first while it was on she slid it up along she slide of her cucumber-devouring pussy lips and her whole body seemed to shake. Yes, this was going to be good.

A voice through the door broke her composure for a moment. "Don't forget the gag, sweetie."

Susan immediately shut the power off and her face felt on fire, then stopped moving, trying to be as silent as the grave until she heard her mother's footsteps retreating. Yes, it really was a small house and a noisy toy... maybe not loud enough to be heard everywhere in it, but if someone was right outside her room, clearly someone would.

Hopefully it'd be quieter when it was actually inside of her. Once she was sure her mother was no longer standing by her door, she rolled onto her side and then pressed the pointed end to her butthole, feeling it start to drip in anticipation, and then started pushing. She got about halfway before she realized that, if she wasn't careful, it could slide all the way in and close around it, leaving it stuck in there for who knows how long. Better to be safe and leave enough out that it wasn't in danger of that, and where she could easily access the switch.

She flicked it back to the full power position, and suddenly it was like her whole lower body was vibrating in pleasure. Letting go of the vibrator, her other hand closed on the cucumber in her pussy, sliding it in and out of her stuffed but still hungry cunt.

Her heart raced along with the incredible sensations with what felt like irregular bursts, like it was trying to decide whether to follow the slow rhythm of her thrusting the cucumber in and out or the much faster buzz of the vibrator shaking her asshole violently. It wasn't just her heart, her chest heaved sucking down air, her holds clenched and she even bit down on her lip... her entire body seemed to be a series of mostly involuntary motions surrounding a set of sensations that were overwhelming her.

Her mom's warning popped into her head again, something that should have drained all the excitement out of her, but she was too far gone for that and instead the thought that her mother, maybe her dad, knew what she was doing added more excitement, mixed with embarrassment. The gag was probably a good idea despite that. Her free hand lurched out questing around the bed, searching for the gag her mother recommended, and part of her pictured her whole family watching this display, not bothered by her writhing in sexual pleasure and concerned only that she not make enough noise to disturb the neighbors. Finally closing her hands on the rubber, she thrust it into her mouth and bit down as her other hand, the one on the cucumber, picked up speed as she reached the moment she'd been needing for hours.

Suddenly Susan felt like so much more than a squirming, clenching collection of parts feeling pleasure, she was pure pleasure itself.

It couldn't last forever, not even very long. After her brain finished exploding (figuratively, some part of it mind reminded her) she lay there, catching her breath through the holes in the gag. Her ass still buzzed with the vibrator on maximum, and she still liked it, but it seemed so much less intense now.

She could have stopped there, taken out the cucumber, sucked on it to get her own cum to feed her addiction, gone back to being a normal girl again until the marks on her body once again took over her life. Then again, she had permission to cum as long as the cucumber was inside her... who knew when she'd next get the chance?

It was a slower start this time, and she spit the gag out of her mouth first... she wasn't sure whether it did the job of making her quiet, but it wasn't pleasant anymore. In the moment, it was, there was something that really felt good about having something in every hole... but it still felt good just being stuffed in her pussy and ass, and lying there, rubbing her pussy and the long green vegetable still inside to gather whatever girlcum she could to feed her addiction.

If only one of them was a real cock... or maybe not just one, her pussy tingled with the thought of it, not just Keith fucking her pussy, but also someone else, Daddy, fucking her ass. She imagined him there, forced by a word written on her by her smirking brother, and Susan lying between them on the bed, squeezed, rocking with fuck toy orgasms as each of them came in her. It was a wicked thought, and so was the one that followed, that she wouldn't need a gag if there was someone else there, too. She didn't know who, right away, some teachers popped into her head and she auditioned them mentally, taking a few seconds to imagine their cocks in her mouth in turn. None of them felt quite right... not bad, maybe even a lot of fun, just not perfect and she wasn't sure why they'd be visiting her house to join in the fun. Maybe it'd be best to stick with just her father and brother, that way she could keep the vibrator going in her ass.

Yes, that clicked in her head, because she could pretend that was happening right now. It was even plausible that Keith might want her to do that someday soon, with the way he'd been acting, the way he seemed to want his parents to fantasize, to even actually taste her. Fucking was the logical next step... and she knew it was wrong, a step too far, a step their family couldn't come back from, but in her imagination it was okay. It was like how you weren't bad for writing a story where somebody murdered... anything was okay in the imagination, so it was okay to use this idea to cum. She rolled onto her knees, and angled herself so the cucumber pressed down against the bed, so instead of using her hands she merely needed to push against it and it would push back.

In that way, she could pretend to be riding on top of one cock while her ass buzzed pleasantly. Now if she only had another fake-cock to stand in for Daddy. Or maybe Keith... in her mind's eye, which one was in front of her and which one below jumped back and forth. She'd never really seen her Dad's dick, not hard anyway, and wondered if it was bigger, because he was taller... she didn't think it worked that way, but it might.

There wasn't anything on hand that was bigger than the cucumber... the gag was the closest thing to the right shape, if she slipped it in her mouth sideways, so that's what she did, though it felt even less like a real cock than a cucumber, her tongue kept dragging on the holes.

That just meant she had to imagine even harder, and think dirtier thoughts. Imagining fucking her dad and sucking Keith (or the other way around) became imagining doing it all in front of Mom, became Mom telling Keith to cross out the 'in' from 'infertile' so she'd get pregnant and have to return to school with a big belly and not knowing which of her family members was the father. Everyone would think she was a slut and treat her one and since she'd have to pretend she didn't know who got her pregnant, she'd probably have to pretend to be a slut and just fuck anyone who wanted her, especially if she was still a Cock Sucker and Super-Horny. They'd probably see the marks, too, those ones if Keith renewed them plus whatever else he might write. That could be anything. He'd talked about making her fuck a dog, maybe he'd write "dog-fucker" on her and anyone who wanted to see that would just have to bring their pet.

She once again tried to imagine what that was like, having sex with a dog. It couldn't be that different, and right now it wasn't even disgusting, it was almost hot... the only reason for the 'almost' was that it was too unknown, too hard to picture... but she'd both loved and hated it when her brother treated her like a dog, and a dog having sex with her would be the same thing, except she couldn't be angry at the dog so she'd probably enjoy it more.

Imagining that while riding the cucumber was getting her close to the point of another orgasm, but instead of continuing with that, she found her mind circling back to Keith and Daddy sharing her instead, only now they were being rougher, she was wearing a leash that was tugged violently whenever she wasn't fucking back hard enough. Imagining them too turned on to treat her like a daughter or sister, just using her solely a fuck toy spoke turned her on a lot more than she expected. It was weird, the thought of them not caring about her pleasure seemed to give her even more, like if her feelings didn't matter then she was free to just enjoy it instead of being so conflicted like she was every other time. She didn't have to worry about what was right, just feel good and make her family feel even better. The gag in her mouth still didn't feel much like a cock but she sloppily sucked it like her life depended on it and she felt the moment coming when the pleasure took over and rocked on her vegetable with all the energy she had left until it came, until she came, collapsing onto the bed in a pile, the drool-covered gag slipping out of her mouth.


Magic Marker Book Two, Chapter Thirteen AnonyMPC 18/02/15(Thu)23:36 No. 25370 ID: a609fb

Chapter Thirteen:

Eventually Susan came back to herself and shut off the vibrator as soon as she could manage to move her arms, then finally pulled the cucumber out, giving all her holes a rest. They were now starting to hurt... but it was a good hurt. Not just because now she felt so relaxed, but because it occupied her mind. So did her reflexive probing of her pussy to collect her juices on her fingers and suck on them to feed her cum addiction with her own cum.

Because once the pain faded and she'd quelled that urge, shame began to drip back into her, shame for thinking what she thought and enjoying it as much as she did, and for knowing that soon she'd be doing exactly the same thing, or worse. She couldn't change what had happened already, didn't even think she wanted to, but she knew she had to stop it from getting any worse. Or at least she had to try. Only problem was, she doubted she was strong enough or smart enough. Even as she looked at the cucumber, and realized that she could interfere with her brother's plans by eating it, she couldn't bring herself to make even that small rebellion. Then again, what did it matter if her parents ate that, as long as they didn't know. It was just a minor step. So was every step along this journey that had gone too far already, she knew, but still believed that if she could just find a line and get Keith to promise not to cross it, maybe it would be okay.

For that, he needed to not be angry at her, so she left the cucumber as it was, for Keith to collect a couple hours later. He was a jerk about that too, sniffing it after he picked it up, saying, "Woo, how long'd you keep it in there? It's practically a pickle." But when he didn't get the reaction he seemed to be wanting, he changed. "You okay?"

"Yeah," she said. "But we need to talk, okay?"

The smirk returned. "Oh, we do? What, didn't you get to cum? Do you need masturbation lessons? I could get an expert in here."

"No," Susan said, blushing despite the fact that there shouldn't be anything embarrassing about the topic of masturbation anymore. It was probably just the thought of bringing someone else in, which probably meant Mom, which was just the sort of thing they needed to discuss. "Just, please, can we talk a bit?"

"Later. We'll have plenty of time to talk tonight, but right now I've got to finish dinner." Keith patted the cucumber again for emphasis, then grinned a wicked grin and left the room. Susan sighed. The conversation could wait, as long as he didn't try to do anything during dinner.

Once dinner was officially called, Susan dragged her heels, descending the stairs slowly, worried that they'd somehow know what had happened and blame her, because of course based on all evidence she'd seen so far they wouldn't blame Keith. At the very least, Mom would know what she'd been doing upstairs, the first time she'd seen her since that awkward talk.

Now that she wasn't thinking of seducing anyone, or letting them seduce her, she'd changed her outfit, into a simple pastel blue-green t-shirt with a smiling cartoon watermelon on the front, and a pair of pastel blue pants. Everyone was already seated at this time, so she slid into her spot beside Keith, trying to ignore her mother's look, her father's eyes automatically sliding away when their gazes crossed.

On her plate was already a generous portion of some kind of white creamy pasta, one appealingly pink slice of meat, and a small quantity of salad... lettuce, tomatoes, and slices of a very familiar cucumber. They'd waited for her to start, except for Keith who already cut into his slice of meat when she sat down. Then everyone seemed to dig in at once.

Members of her family, she'd noticed before, generally ate things like salad last, except for her mother who dove in first under the theory that it would make her eat less of the more fattening things. Everyone mixed things up a little, but Susan usually was more of a mixer than anyone else, taking a bite of this, a bite of that, but watching her mother eat pieces of cucumber that once had been inside her, while Keith looked on with a grin, made her focus on the roast, with occasional bites from the pasta.

The rest of the dinner did taste delicious, she had to give Keith that, even if it was only because of the marker that he was such a good cook. The meat was cooked to the perfect level of doneness, so it was juicy and flavorful, the noodles were al dente, and the sauce complimented the meaty flavor when she swirled the roast in it.

The remainder of the roast sat on a plate beside her father, who also was the one to cut it despite having nothing to do with the cooking. When he saw that Susan had none of the meat left, he raised the plate and thrust it in her direction. "Would you like some more meat?"

"Of course she does," Keith answered for her. "She can't get enough of my meat."

"Keith," her mother said, like he'd just said something questionable, but finally just shook her head and seemingly decided it wasn't worth bringing up since he almost certainly didn't mean anything by it. "Never mind."

Her father dropped another slice of the roast on her plate, then returned to his own meal. "How's the salad?" Keith asked, directing the question directly at Susan.

She glared at her brother, but dug her fork into a clump of greenery and put it in her mouth. There was a cucumber there, but to her surprise, she didn't taste anything unusual. There was some kind of vinaigrette dressing on it that drowned out any of her personal flavors. "It's fine. It tastes like salad." Pretty good salad, but she wouldn't admit that.

"How about you, Dad? I think you'd like the dressing." Susan's face burned and she wanted to bury it in one hand, especially as her father finally sampled the salad, a forkful which included at least three slices of cucumber in a row.

After chewing and swallowing, "Yeah, I'm not normally much of a salad person, but I like it. Not as much as the meat, mind you, but, it's pretty good. Hard to believe my son's suddenly turned into a master chef."

"Something fishy to me," Mom said, and this time Susan did smack her face with her hand and held it there to try and hide her blush, and partly to keep from letting out an embarrassed "Oh god."

"Oh?" was all Keith said.

She finished her bite, then pointed her fork at Keith. "I think you've been spending all this free time this summer watching those cooking channels."

"Maybe I'm just supernaturally talented," Keith said, which seemed to be the truth. "So, how about you, Mom, aren't you going to try some of my meat?"

This time, Mom coughed through the bite of pasta she'd taken, and Susan stared suspiciously at the blush climbing up her mother's cheeks. "Yes, the roast is very good, Keith." She'd only had a bite of it so far, but Susan wondered if she'd tried some more of Keith's meat, either while shopping or in the hours before dinner. "If you want to take over the cooking from now on, I'm fine with that."

"I don't know about that. Wouldn't want you to get lazy. And there's nothing quite like having your Mom serve you."

This time, she didn't seem to notice anything unusual, just said, "That's sweet. At the very least we should set up a schedule so we know who's doing what on what day." They ate quietly for another minute, before Mom spoke up again and said, "So, I was thinking..."

"Uh oh, that's a bad sign," Dad jumped in automatically.

A glare shot his way before Mom continued, as though he hadn't said anything, "Since tomorrow's Sunday, why don't we go to church?"

Nobody wanted to be the first to speak, even though it would break the awkward silence. As a family, they were the kind of believers who sometimes went to Church on Christmas or Easter, if they didn't have other plans, and had been that way at least since shortly after Susan's baptism. Religion just wasn't really talked about, it was assumed everybody believed, but that they were saved merely by the belief itself and didn't have to do any work at it. Now Mom was suddenly suggesting they give up their Sunday morning.

"If you think it's a good idea," their father said finally, although the skepticism in his voice was clear. "I suppose it couldn't hurt."

"What's the matter, Mom? Did something you feel the need to confess to?" Confession wasn't even really a thing at their church.

"No!" Her mother denied Keith's joking suggestion so adamantly that Susan knew she had to be lying, that that was the whole reason for this, she was feeling guilty about something and thought going to Church might help. The only question was, did Mom feel guilty for her fantasies or for acting on them? It was too much to hope she was feeling guilty for whatever was going on with her co-worker, something Susan still didn't like thinking about. If it was about that, she would have brought up church yesterday, wouldn't she?

"Hey, I don't judge, we've all got sins," Keith continued. "And if you think you need to get right with God for something, more power to you. But you know me, I like to sleep in. So I'm going to pass. I think I'm good."

Mom seemed to deflate a little, like she'd expected Keith to jump at the chance, which was a silly thing to expect in Susan's book. Then again, she had complete faith with him thanks to the marker, maybe that included a lot of unrealistic expectations. She didn't seem to fight it, though. "Then I guess it'll just be the three of us."

Susan let the moment hang for a few awful seconds, hoping Mom meant some other third person, then cleared her throat and said, "I don't really want to go." The boldness surprised her, but Susan just couldn't picture herself sitting in a stuffy old church, listening to a boring sermon while super horny and needing a fix of cum. She'd probably break down and start masturbating, or flashing the priests in the hopes one would molest her or something, and she really didn't want to do that. Necessity was, it seemed, the mother of bravery, as well as invention. I wonder if bravery and invention ever had sex.

"You could really benefit from it, Susan," Mom said, and the way she stressed 'you' it felt like she was saying, "You're a dirty girl masturbating all the time and you need to beg God to forgive you."

"I, uh..." her thoughts raced wildly and she brushed a lock of hair out of her vision as she tried to come up with some excuse they would buy. "I think I might be catching a cold. I don't want to make people sick there." It sounded fake, even to her... it was too bad her parents didn't have the same kind of faith in her as they did in Keith.

"I'm disappointed in you, Susan... lying to get out of Church." Susan's head sank as she blushed, realizing that that was exactly what she did.

Her brother surprised her though. "It's true, though," he said. "She was saying it earlier. Probably caught it from one of her friends. I hear there's something going around. And you don't want to make the whole Church sick."

"Oh, honey, I'm sorry," Mom said. "It's just I haven't noticed anything weird. It's okay, maybe we can go next week."

"Really?" Keith said. "You're not going to go just because we aren't? It's not really setting a good example for us, is it? I mean, if it's really important to go, shouldn't you go even if we don't?"

"Maybe he's right," Dad said. "You don't want them to think that this is just about them."

Mom frowned, and Keith added, "Tell you what, you guys go, and I promise I'll make Susan watch one of those megachurch channels, then when next week or whenever Susan's feeling better, if you still feel it's important, we'll all start going." Susan looked at him, but he didn't seem at all worried that he might have to start giving up his Sunday mornings. He must have something planned, she realized, then decided that he didn't even need to. If he wanted to get out of it, he could just write "doesn't want to go to Church" on Mom. Or maybe just rely on his fast-talking their way out of it when the time came.

Or maybe he assumed that, by the time next week rolled around, Mom would be too ashamed that her children are fucking in front of her to want to set foot in a Church all on her own. If that was his plan, she'd have to try to talk him out of that... but everything else sounded good, especially if it meant Mom and Dad out of the house on Sunday mornings so she can Keith could have fun. If Mom accepted.

After chewing her son's deal over, along with a mouthful of food, she says, "Fine, you're on. But both of you are still welcome to join us tomorrow if you guys change your minds."

"So is this a good time to ask if I need to go too?" Dad asked, then, responding automatically to her glare, raised his hands defensively and said, "Kidding!" But his automatic grin slumped again when she wasn't looking and he looked very much like someone who was volunteered for something that held no interest for him.

A few mouthfuls of food later, Mom pushed her plate away from herself, still containing a half-eaten slice of roast, and stretched back with her arms behind her back. "So, Keith," she said, while stretching, almost as though to get his attention while her breasts were prominently thrust up and forward. "Have you been making the most out of your summer so far?"

Keith's smug grin returned, looking back to Susan for a moment. "I'd say so."

"Any summer romances I should know about?"

A part of Susan wanted to say, "Yeah, me," but that would go against all of her own plans, so she had to play the naive little sister and look interested in what he'd say.

"As hot as I am?" Keith said. "Trust me, I do all right."

"When you do find someone special, you should have her over, your father and I would love to meet her. Or him, that's okay too, not that I think you are like that. But there must be someone you've got your eye on, even if you are beating off admirers with both hands."

"Uhm, if he's doing that, I'd really rather not see it," Dad said. "I'm fine with it, just out of my sight, please."

Susan looked at her father in confusion, then at the glare Mom shot him. "What?"

"Never mind," he said, then reached out to point at Mom's plate with his fork. "You going to finish that?" Mom raised the plate, though she still seemed angry at whatever Dad had said, while he dragged the unfinished meat away. "But you're mother's got a point, you should be out there ladykilling." He cleared his throat. "Again, not literally."

"So, is there?" Mom asked. "Someone you've got your eye on?"

Keith now had his eye on his little sister, literally, but then looked away and said, "I don't know, there's a cute girl who works at the pool I think is pretty into me." Tricia, Susan remembered. Not long ago she was trying to set her brother up with the girl. Now that thought was so far out of her mind that it gave her a nervous sick feeling.

"You should invite her over some time. For dinner. Now that you're finally ready to show off these mystery cooking skills you've been hiding... well, you were already a catch, but so much more. Girls love guys who can cook. "

"I don't even have her number, Mom."

"You know where she works. You can take Susan and... oh, right, she's sick." Ha, Susan thought. "Well, you can go on your own one of these days, send Susan off to one of her friends. I have no doubt that if you just go over to her and have confidence, you could have her agreeing to come right here on her day off."

"Here?" Susan asked. It was one of the dating rules that, at the time, seemed to apply to both of them... no opposite sex 'friends' in the house when the parents weren't home. A rule that didn't seem to make sense at first because Susan had girl friends of hers over when only Keith was there, but they explained that that didn't count because it wasn't one of his friends, but that if he wanted to bring a girl he knew over he wasn't allowed to, without supervision. Suddenly, though, that rule was out the window. She suspected it would still apply to her.

"Well, he's still got to watch you, most days, so if he wants to hang out with a girlfriend, it only makes sense that he brings her here. You don't want to cramp your brother's style, do you?"

"I don't even know what that means," she said, although really she had a sense of the term. "He doesn't even have a style."

"Doggy," Keith said automatically, then grinned, and added, "Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl."

"Don't be gross," Mom said automatically, but didn't chastise him any more than that. "She doesn't even know what any of that means."

"You'd be..." he started, but Susan reflexively kicked him, not full-force, but the side of her foot against the side of his leg, just to remind him to be careful, and he did in fact stop, though she couldn't stop from blushing. Mom already knew she knew way more than she probably 'should,' was this just a case of family all lying to be polite? "Yeah, you're probably right."

"And you shouldn't either."

"Sure, Mom." He finished off the last bite of his meal, then said, "Anyway, I'm done. I'm gonna go up and play some games, I think." He slipped out of his chair without even asking to be excused. "You can come up and play with me later, if you want," he added to Susan, ruffling her hair. "If you're not sick of shoving meat in your mouth."

Susan held her breath, but her parents didn't seem to notice, acting like he'd said "When you get sick," which would suggest that he meant when she was done eating, instead of "If you're not," which suggested that that was going to be part of their 'playing together.' Then again, maybe it was another instance of everybody knowing what was going on and yet pretending not to. It was so hard to be sure, and it mattered a lot. If she knew everyone was pretending, she could just relax and pretend along. But if they just hadn't noticed, then it was another close call and something she had to put a stop to before they finally did catch on.

The only thing said about it after he left was when Mom took his plate, and her own, into the kitchen, she stopped by Susan and said, "I don't want you sleeping in your brother's bed tonight. You don't want him catching your cold, do you?" She shook her head, and Mom moved on, and Susan spent a few minutes trying to figure out what THAT meant. She finally decided that it must mean they didn't realize what was going on, otherwise wouldn't Mom have advised her not to shove her brother's meat in her mouth? That was good, in one way, even if part of her wanted to just believe things could continue with everyone pretending.

Susan picked at the rest of her food, leaving a couple bites of the pasta and most of the salad, before looking at her dad and asking, "May I be excused?"

"Sure," he said. "Give me your plate." Dad often finished off anything she left behind, though rarely had that included slices of a cucumber she'd cum on. So although she'd been excused, she stood off by the wall and watched fascinated as he dug into the salad like it was more than a chore, and she couldn't help picturing him licking her with the same enthusiasm. It was something Keith had only done briefly a couple of times, just enough to let her know that it felt really really good... maybe if Daddy did wind up treating her like the fuck toy she was, he'd be more eager.

Her thighs squeezed together and she realized her hand was on her stomach and almost ready to sink below her pants right there, and she shuddered, then reminded herself of the problems it would cause, and started up the stairs. She really had to have a talk with her brother.


Anonymous 18/02/17(Sat)00:19 No. 25371 ID: 04a10d

I just don't know what it is with Magic Marker - it just doesn't have any sort of charm like your other stories - pointless situations strung loosely together around the "magic marker". Maybe the perspective just isn't for me, though I've never had a problem with it on any other of your similar stories.

On a lighter note, what I read was well written, keep on writing and I look forward to your other stuff. Good luck Anony.

Anonymous 18/02/17(Sat)05:42 No. 25374 ID: 85c6e1

Part one of this story is probably my favorite of all your stories. This part hasn't got me as much because I though making him continue writing jerk on himself closed off more story options than it opened.

So far this story has a much darker tone than any others. It's well written, but the psychological torture she has to endure gets borderline uncomfortable for me. That's not a bad thing because it keeps me coming back to find out more.

Thank you very much for all your hard work, and please keep writing!!!!!

Magic Marker Book Two, Chapter Fourteen AnonyMPC 18/02/17(Sat)13:15 No. 25375 ID: a609fb

Chapter Fourteen:

Susan had a plan when she entered her brother's room, and even how she got there was part of the plan. She knocked quietly, waited for him to invite her, better to not make him mad. Unfortunately, the moment she stepped inside was where the plan she had seemed to evaporate into a million conflicting threads of plans as she second-guessed every course of action she'd been so committed to before. Now she wondered if maybe it'd be better to try to have sex with him first, so he could think about what she had to say without his mind clouded with horniness, or if it would be better to talk to him first so she could use her pussy to tempt him into agreeing. If she should just bring it up suddenly or wait until he got close to the topic, make it look like it was a natural part of the conversation. If she should use reverse or regular psychology.

After telling her she could come in, he ignored her at first to finish up a task on his computer game, then looked over his shoulder at her, with a smirk, and said, "Dad really seemed to enjoy your special salad dressing, huh?"

"You need to stop," she said. It just slipped out, far more angrier and confrontational than she intended in any of her plans.

He spun his chair to face her, eyes looking suddenly dark and angry. "Oh, I do, do I?"

Deliberately softening her voice, trying to sound submissive, "I just mean... please, would you listen to me for a second?"

"Do I look like I'm not listening?"

She sighed. "It's just... look, I'm not saying stop what you're doing with me. I don't mind it." No, honesty would be better here, she thought. "Okay, I like it. A lot. But... it's starting to get dangerous, what you're doing, like, you're trying to show off or push things further and further and..." She took a breath, changed direction, decided now was the time to ask the burning question. "Have you had sex with her yet?"


Who else? "Mom. You were alone with her, and you were like so late, and..."

He smirked. "What's the matter, jealous?"

"No." She wondered if honesty was the best policy there, but it was too late, and besides, he was a jerk, so knowing she was jealous might make him more likely to do it. Reverse psychology, she decided, would be the best play here. "I don't care who you have sex with, but, just tell me..." If he had, then maybe this was all for nothing.

"I haven't," he said. "Promise."

"Okay, good. I'm just saying you shouldn't. And you need to stop shoving us in their faces, too."

"I need to, do I?" Again, it seemed like he was starting to get angry.

"This is for your sake as much as mine!" She took a breath, then said, "Look... I'm still your fuck toy and I'm also your sister, and the sister part isn't going to change no matter what... and even if we lost the marker right now, okay, I could still have fun being your fuck toy after the marker ran out, I think." Maybe she'd suddenly change her mind, but she didn't think so. "But with Mom and Dad... if they find out what you're doing, it'll change everything, forever."

"Relax, you've seen how easily I can manipulate them."

"Because of the marker," she pointed out. "What happens if it runs out?" The marker itself said 'never runs out,' but before he could point that out she added, "Or you lose it? Or something else happens, and the marks fade away and you can't control them anymore? If you had sex with Mom, or made Dad have sex with me, or even if they just knew we were doing it. They're not going to forget that. It'll be indelible." She stretched out the word, savoring it now that she'd finally hit on the right word it felt like lightning. The marker had warned it all along, it wasn't just about the words themselves, but about the changes that came from what you did under its influence. "Who knows what they'd do, to you, to us, to themselves even?"

"It won't run out. And what makes you think I'm ever going to be dumb enough to lose it?"

Finally she was able to break out one bit of the argument she'd planned in advance. "I bet that homeless guy we got it from thought the same thing." Keith tilted his head like he was considering the point. "All I'm saying is we don't know. This is magic. With a capital M." Although she didn't actually know if it should have a capital M if she were writing this. "Maybe it's like one of those magic things in the stories, where whoever has it is cursed to lose it eventually, no matter how hard they try to hold on to it. And you're acting like you don't care if you keep what we've been doing a secret and that's going to get us in trouble, you especially. I'm never going to tell on you, I promise, but... let's just keep doing things the smart way and keep Mom and Dad out of this, okay?"

He seemed to be thinking it over. "But it's so fun teasing them," he whined.

"There are other ways to have fun," she said, and tugged down the front of her pants. He didn't seem to be too impressed, unfortunately, but maybe he was still thinking over what she'd said. "And if you promise not to push things with them, I'll let you use the marker on me again."

"You'll 'let me'," he said, although this time he seemed more amused.

"Some of the stuff you wrote is starting to wear off." This was a big exaggeration. They weren't looking quite as fresh but they were still easily visible, only a couple days old... although somehow it felt like much longer. Still, it was all she could think of to offer. "I'll get naked right now and let you fill it all back in. No fighting or trying to get out of it. Even the stuff I don't like, I'll go through another few days and then promise to do it again whenever it starts to fade."

"And what about new stuff?"

She shrugged. "Well, I can't stop you can I? Just... maybe you could ask me just in case I think of something you don't. Like when you almost made me literally brainless." She actually didn't know if it would happen like that, but thought he could use the reminder.

"I still think you'd be cute brainless," he said, and then made a point of correcting himself, "Figuratively brainless. But you do come in handy now and then. So you have a deal. If you submit yourself right now."

He barely had to say the words and she was shedding all her clothes. While she sat on his bed to pull her socks off, he went for the lockbox that he kept the marker in. "We'll do the back first."

Without a word of complaint, she lay on his stomach, although it was only then she realized how nerve-wracking it was. It wasn't that she was afraid of the words staying on her... she was starting to get used to them, and the effects they had on her, and she really did feel she could stay like this... but when she had her back turned, he could write anything and she wouldn't know until after, couldn't try to talk him out of it. It was exactly the kind of jerky thing he might do, surprise her with some new rule, despite his promise, which wasn't even actually a promise now that she thought about it. She just suggested it and he hadn't said no.

Susan flinched when she felt the cool tip against her skin, but it seemed to be in roughly the same spot as "Super-Horny," and the letters, as best as she could follow them by feel alone, seemed to match. He moved on and made sure she "Loves Anal Stuff" again. If he was doing it all in order, cum addiction would be next, and though she curled her leg back so he could have easy access, she decided to press her luck. "You know, you don't HAVE to rewrite everything, if you don't want."

"Oh? And you'd like to do without this one, would you?"

"It might be better to just let it expire... or even cross it out, just to see what would happen."

"Really? I mean, I'd love to, but doesn't it kind of go against your whole argument?" He seemed genuinely puzzled for some reason.

Did he actually think she'd want to keep it? Even if she sort of liked sucking him now the addiction was inconvenient. "What?"

"You just gave me a big speech about keeping it all secret, right?"

"Yeah. And me not being addicted to cum will make it easier to keep it all secret."

"Oh!" He let out a snort of amusement as he put it together. "You meant this one." He tapped her foot with the side of the marker.

Susan herself was still confused for a moment. "What else would I...?" Then she remembered, the other one on her back, that read 'Infertile,' so she couldn't get pregnant. He thought that she was suggesting they cross it off to see what happened. And... wait, he also said he'd love to. Did that mean he wanted to get her pregnant? Her face flushed and she felt the cleft between her legs start to get wet at the idea. "No, it's probably best to keep that one then."

"Yeah. Let's keep both of them, in fact." She felt him mark on her back, again, and then moved to her foot and, just like that, she was forced to live with her cum addiction a little while longer. When he was done, Keith slapped her other butt-cheek, said, "These other ones are still pretty fresh, so we'll skip them." She was still rolling over the idea in her head, that her own brother might want to get her pregnant, and trying to deny how much that turned her on despite feeling her body respond to the thought and make her own internal monologue a liar. "That means turn over."

"Oh," she said, and quickly rolled over, bent her legs and drew them up beside her so he could have easy access to rewrite "Cock Sucker" when he chose. The position made it obvious that her slit was wet and slimy with arousal, especially when he leaned in close to write on her inner thigh. Less obvious was the sudden hardness of her nipples, but he had to know she was horny... she just hoped he didn't piece together why, or she might never live it down.

Maybe it wasn't even because that, she told herself. He'd wrote "Super Horny" on her, and even if the words were already there in the same spot, maybe it counted as writing it twice, and made it twice as powerful. She should have thought this through.

"I still haven't decided what new to write," he said. "But I think I decided where. I think you'd look good with one right here." He traced an arc over her mound with the back end of the marker. "It's got to be short and punchy and to the point though. Maybe I won't do it right away... you're going to submit for me whenever I decide to, right? No fighting?"

Susan nodded. "As long as you keep your promise."

He made a sound, like a "hmmm" that sounded sort of like agreement but infuriatingly without actually saying it, as he went to fill in "Fuck toy" across her chest. "You know, I was never going to let Dad fuck you."

That was a surprise. "Sure seemed like you were going that way." It seemed bizarre to be disappointed he wasn't when she'd struggled so hard to prevent it, like she was losing the fantasy that he might break their agreement and do it anyway.

"Nah. You're MY fuck toy. I just thought it would be hilarious if he really wanted to." He suddenly reached out to her breast, or rather to her nipple on a mostly flat chest, and pinched it roughly, making her gasp with pain, pleasure, and surprise, all at once. "Sure seems like the idea turned you on, too, though."

"Don't be ridiculous," she lied. Turned out she hadn't entirely lost the fantasy. "That's just my super-horniness."

"And I wasn't going to fuck Mom, either." She felt her body relax with that news, though her skin tingled with electricity, especially around her nipple. "Probably."

Her heart sank again, not just at him teasing her like that, but also for what it meant. "You mean I agreed to all this for nothing?"

Her brother flashed her a grin. "No. You actually did change my mind. I was working up to getting Mom and Dad to accept me fucking you right in front of them." He'd now finished remarking her as a fuck toy, and she'd been holding still as he did... now that the marker was pulled away, she let out a deep breath that sounded like a breathless sigh of someone who found that idea really hot despite knowing it would be an incredibly bad idea. Which was fair, because that's exactly how she felt... a part of her even told her it wasn't a bad idea, it would make it that much easier to deal with her cum addiction and super-horniness. "I was hoping to make them catch you giving me a blowjob when they got home from church tomorrow." She pictured the scene, her parents walking in on her, jaw dropping, as she sucked on Keith's shaft like a shameless whore... and she realized how easy it would be, too. Ever since she'd been given the "Cock Sucker" mark, she couldn't keep herself from sucking a cock Keith's cock when she saw it close to her mouth, at least until she was physically pushed away, so all he'd have to do is pull down his pants down and expose himself right as they walked in the door and she'd not stop until he'd cum down her throat with their parents watching. Possibly not even then. Now that would be an indelible event in the family history. "But you made some good points, so we'll play it your way. Maybe if we're still going strong in a year."


Anonymous 18/02/17(Sat)14:00 No. 25376 ID: 0cf92e

>I still haven't decided what new to write
Oh come on.

Magic Marker Book Two, Chapter Fifteen AnonyMPC 18/02/18(Sun)13:30 No. 25380 ID: a609fb

Chapter Fifteen:

Keith clicked the cap back into place, done with all the remarking that was more than a day old, and apparently he still hadn't thought up a new mark for right over her pussy. That was okay. Susan couldn't count on her brother being nice and letting her get away without one, but she could hope he might forget about it.

Especially if he got distracted. "So you feel like using your fuck toy?" Her eyes grew wide with an idea. "We can do it while I've got the vibrator Mom got me in my ass." Nobody to suck on, unfortunately, but two out of three wasn't bad.

"Whatever happened to keeping a low profile?" He took a second to put the marker back in the lockbox, which Susan had to think was a good thing. Out of sight, out of mind. "They could easily walk in on us, you know."

"No they won't. They'd at least knock, and then believe any story you gave."

"Still, it's a risk. Maybe we should wait for tonight, after they go to sleep when they won't hear anything."

Susan knew her brother was teasing her now. "Come on, you know I can't wait that long," she whined. "We have to take some risks, unless you want to cross out some of these marks. Besides, we can do it in my room. Mom won't interrupt if she thinks I'm using it by myself, and she'll never think you were in there with me." Even if she couldn't find him anywhere else, Susan bet Mom would think he'd just gone out with friends without her noticing.

"Fine. But if we're going to risk..." He grinned. "Dare you to run from here to your room naked." He held up one finger. "And by dare, I mean if you don't I won't follow."

She glared at him, but she needed it too badly, and the risk didn't seem all that bad. As long as their parents weren't already upstairs during the few seconds it would take to get out of his room and into her own, there was no chance for them to see anything. And she was pretty sure they were still downstairs. "Will you be lookout?" she asked.


"And carry my clothes?" Mom or Dad finding what she was wearing at dinner on her brother's floor had to raise some suspicions no matter how much they trusted him.

"You're asking a lot," he said, even though she really wasn't. It's not like they weighed anything. "But okay."

A half-minute later, she was breathless, in her room, and excited enough at the thrill that little bit of danger provided that she hopped on her bed and began rubbing her pussy with one hand while waiting a few seconds more for her brother to follow. He smoothly closed the door behind him when he did, then tossed her clothes in a sloppy pile on the ground and began to undress. "Where's your toy?"

She scurried along her bed until she could reach her nightstand drawer where she left it, then retrieved it and, while she was there, the gag as well. It might come in handy. With her legs spread, she worked the head of the device around her rectum, which was already magically lubing up, and then pressed it halfway in, hoping he was turned on rather than disgusted by the act, which seemed like something a raunchy porn star would do.

The size of his dick seemed to indicate that was a quality he liked, though he did say, "You know, I don't think that's supposed to be an anal vibrator."

Her forehead crinkled in confused consternation. "What's the difference? It vibrates, and it fits in my ass."

"Yeah, but anal ones are usually bigger, with a wide spot on the end to make sure it doesn't slip inside."

She'd noticed that danger too, before. "I'm careful with it."

"Still can't believe Mom got you that." He shook his head in amusement. "You don't even know how to use a vibrator properly. It's like handing a gun to a monkey."

"I know how to use it," she said indignantly, and to demonstrate, turned it on, allowed the waves of motion to emanate out and roll over her whole ass.

"Even a monkey can flip a switch."

"Great, so you can use it too," she said, hoping he wouldn't be too angry at the playful teasing. "And I'm sure it'd feel nice on you too. Come and see." She spread her pussy lips with two fingers, and smiled as he got into position.

As she felt the head of his penis push past her pussy lips and inside, and it seemed almost like he was vibrating inside of her just as much as the toy in her ass, and so much better than a cucumber, especially because she could feel his whole body, warm, powerful, and connected to her by something magical. A thrust pushed that connection all the way. "Heh, I can feel it a little too. Pretty nice, actually."

"It feels really good when you cum." She squinted at him. "I'm allowed to cum, right?"

"You can cum when I do." That was all right, and she smiled, let him slide in and out of her a few more times, squeezed back up on him to intensify the vibration, when he let out a loud grunt. Finding it a chance to needle him, she reached around on her covers, then picked up the gag and held it towards him while he fucked her. "What's this?"

"Just in case you're going to be loud," she said. "Don't want Mom or Dad hearing you in here."

He held her just under her arms, thumbs playing with her erect nipples, and said, "You'd need that more than me."

"You can just tell me to be a quiet fuck toy," she pointed out, and then tried to remember what she was the last time he told her. She didn't feel an urge to be particularly loud or quiet, so maybe it had been long enough that she "reset" to her normal self.

"If I feel like I need to be quiet, maybe I'll just stick my tongue down your throat. Fix the problem for both of us."

That got her even more aroused than before. She still couldn't cum until he did (and, as a fuck toy, would regardless of how horny she was), but the thought of him making out with her again inspired more impassioned movement, her legs hooking behind his back and pulling herself on and off him even as he pushed in and out. "Works for me," she said, trying to hide how much she wanted it in her voice, though with her need to take a hiccuping breath between words it seemed less than convincing to her own ears.

"Maybe I should make you cum every time I kiss you," he said.

She said "Okay," before he had a chance to continue, but he did anyway.

"That way if you're bugging me I can just take care of you quick."

"Okay," she said again, now a higher pitch.

"Of course, you'd still have to be my fuck toy whenever I wanted it."

"Always," she said, and she meant it, if he wanted her to be his fuck toy, available whenever he wanted it, for the rest of her life, right now, that sounded like a pretty good deal to her. She'd still rather do without many of the marks, and others relocated to more easy-to-hide places, but she liked being important to her brother, even if only as his favorite thing to fuck whenever he wanted. And it sure was fun for her. A little squeal escaped her as the force of his motion against her, inside her, suddenly crossed some threshold and although she didn't cum, a wave of pleasure struck that was stronger than she was prepared for.

"Hey, weren't we supposed to be trying to be quiet?" he teased her, but he didn't seem worried at all. He didn't actually have to be, from the squeal alone. It didn't matter if Mom heard her squealing in pleasure... or Dad, probably, as long as he wasn't an idiot and thought she was in danger or something. And Keith didn't seem inclined to stop, or even slow down. The real danger came from someone hearing their conversation above the sex sounds, but he didn't seem particularly concerned about that, and to her surprise, Susan wasn't either, at least not right then... she'd liked what was being said so much that she hadn't even thought about it until then, and even once she did... some distant part of her told her it should be a lesson that when she got too horny she got stupid, but the stupid part of her wanted to enjoy it as long as possible.

And then the stupider part of her had a brilliant idea. "So shut me up then," she grunted, hoping he'd take the bait. A few more seconds of vigorous thrusting combined with some intense eye-contact, and he did, leaning in close, and she stretched her neck up to meet his lips, opening to admit his tongue which forced its way inside her as he slammed into her from below.

It was exactly what she wanted, although she also would have been satisfied if he just used the gag, or better yet, covered her mouth with his hand. It was surprisingly enjoyable needing to make noise and being physically stopped from doing so, her voice beating against an overwhelming resistance, like being totally possessed... but when it was done with a kiss, and all the feelings that went along with it, it was even better. She imagined what it'd be like to orgasm every time she kissed her brother like this... it seemed surprisingly plausible, and then suddenly she didn't have to imagine anymore, as she felt an orgasm explode upon her as Keith's cock started jerking and squirting off inside of her pussy, something she couldn't feel but could only imagine, the feeling was lost in the other sensations. Her entire lower body, seeming like it was made of pure vibration itself. Her moaning into her brother's mouth, the hungry moan in return, pulling away into a bite on her lips. Both of them melting away into nothing but one writhing mass of pleasure.

Keith broke it to take a breath, one right in her face that smelled like meat burps... the romance was gone. His breath probably smelled that way all along, but she only noticed it when they were out of that perfect moment. Even now she didn't mind it, would have put up with it to stay near him except that he seemed to be pulling away against the legs on his back. She disentangled them and they parted, in silence except for the still faint buzzing of the vibrator. She reached down, found that it was in deeper in her ass than she thought, almost like a few more bumps and it would have slipped all the way, her ass closed up around it.

Keith noticed it too, after he stepped away and she started working her muscles to push it out and hit the switch that would turn it off before her butt went completely numb forever. "Jesus, Suze, you gotta be careful with that thing."

Her fingers snagged on the switch, hit it, and started to pull, so now instead of taking a vibrating poop it felt more like removing a part of herself, a malfunctioning part, resetting herself back into the version of herself that could think of stuff other than sex. Mostly, at least, for her fingers still worked to feed herself with the cum dribbling out of her while he got dressed. "It's your fault, you pushed it in more than it should've."

Keith pulled his shirt back on, making him once more presentable to go outside a closed room, as if their parents weren't now wired to trust him even if he left his little sister's room naked and smelling of sex. "Wait here," he said, and she continued feeding on his cum while he left, checking only for a minute to see if the hallway was clear.

A minute later he returned, magic marker in hand, and Susan's heart started thumping with excitement again. Her cumgathering turned into an eager rub of her pussy, near but not on her clit, as she wondered if she was going to bear a new mark, maybe one she even liked this time.

Instead, he grabbed the vibrator, and began writing on it. When he was done, he showed it to her. It now read "Always sticks partly out." "There," he said. "That should help. Anything else you want on it? Maybe I can make it wiggle or something, too."

Wiggling might be fun, but she didn't know how it would happen, maybe it would move weird like a snake or something. She liked the hard vibrating feel well enough not to mess with it, but she stared blankly and tried to think of something to ask for just so this rare opportunity didn't go to waste. Her mind seemed empty. "Not right now." After a second, she added, "Thank you," because now that she'd thought for a second, it was really sweet and completely unselfish, something he must have done because he cared about her, even though he was a jerk.

"No problem." He tossed the vibrator back to her, then ruffled her hair and turned to leave again. "Try not to bug me until bedtime."

"Um..." Once she had his attention again, she was going to tell him that Mom said she wasn't allowed to sleep with him tonight because of her being 'sick,' but then realized it wasn't important, she could just come after they fell asleep and leave before they woke up. It was always a little thrill disobeying your parents. And besides, she had a more important concern. "Aren't you going to write what you said?"


"You know, about cumming every time we kiss?"

He made a scoffing sound, like a soft chuckle, "Nah, that was just sex talk. You seriously think I want to be kissing you all the time just to cure your horniness? When it's so much more fun to watch you need it more and more, and then fucking you when I think you've suffered long enough?" Her heart sank, and he left, shaking her head. "You don't get off that easily."

After he left, she reflected about how that might be the first time that her brother left her disappointed to not be getting a magic mark, and fell back onto her bed with a sigh. When she was done moping about that, she rolled over, felt the vibrator on her side, a sting of pain as it pressed against her the wrong away, and fished it out, looking at it, then smelling it, and she remembered her mother's advice and realized what she should have gotten Keith to write on it. Self-Cleaning would help a lot... maybe she could ask him when he was in a better mood, but until then, she really should remember to wash it.

Her nightly routine seemed to be the best time to do it... she could sneak it in after brushing her teeth or in the shower, maybe hide it in a towel or something if her parents were around. Until then, she tossed it and the gag in her drawer and started to put the clothes she was wearing before her last fuck toy session with her brother back on. She had just pulled the shirt over her head when there seemed to be a weird shuffling sound that made her freeze in fear, solely because there shouldn't be anything making a sound at all. When she finally got her head through the neck hole, she looked in the direction of the source and saw her drawer partly open... and the head of the vibrator dangling out.

She pulled the rest of her shirt on and walked over cautiously, picked it up, and read again what her brother wrote on it, this time aloud. "'Always sticks partly out.' Oh, shit."


Magic Marker Book Two, Chapter Sixteen AnonyMPC 18/02/19(Mon)01:21 No. 25381 ID: a609fb

Chapter Sixteen:

It wasn't as bad as she first thought, Susan decided after she did a few experiments. Like most of the marks, there seemed to be some compromise with the needs of reality. Just as she couldn't be super horny every second, the vibrator couldn't always stick partly out if there was no physical way for it to do that without defying gravity. It was only because a little bit of shuffling could push the drawer open and there were some notebooks inside to for it to stand up on and poke its head out. If she secured it carefully, she could hide it, but it seemed partly alive, as well. When she tried to shove it in an old school pencil bag, it wouldn't fit all the way in even though there was enough room, like it was somehow fighting back. If she wrapped it in anything remotely loose like a towel, it would slowly squirm its way to a gap. But sometimes it seemed to be content to be sticking out of something while hidden by something else. Wrapping it in a shirt in a drawer, for example, where it was sticking out of the shirt, seemed to satisfy the condition, which would hide it well enough unless someone opened her drawer and then saw a vibrator sticking out. Even sticking it in a nearly empty drawer seemed to work, as though it stuck out enough by being the first thing you saw when you snooped around. She'd have to be especially careful if she ever invited friends over now, they always thought looking through drawers was perfectly innocent.

Exploring the boundaries of this mark was even sort of fascinating, like playing with magnets and feeling them move with an almost supernatural force. It was almost as though there was somebody intelligent evaluating the words and deciding whether it 'counted,' and if it didn't, fixing it. The thought amused her as she pictured some weird overworked angel watching everything she did and made sure it violated the condition, although she really didn't think that's what was going on. It was probably just magic, maybe the power of words themselves.

The vibrator's new condition did make sneaking it to the bathroom a mortifying adventure, though, because her dad was upstairs in his room with the door open and possibly could come into the hallway at any moment, and she didn't seem to be able to completely hide the vibrator in any way while she went to the bathroom. She ended up walking there with it sticking out of her waistband, but when she tried keeping her shirt over the vibrator it kept slipping out completely and onto the ground before she got out of her room, and she mentally cursed at the imaginary angel and then grit her teeth and let that side of her shirt be tucked under the toy, so the edge of it could be seen from anyone on that side.

She sweated every step, even walking on the side of her feet so as to make less noise just in case it made her father come out and wish her good night, see the vibrator and leave him with another indelible image of his little girl being a super-horny sex fiend, assuming he knew what it was. But she passed his door quickly and he didn't even have time to look up before she was out of sight and, seconds later, behind a safely locked door in the washroom.

Washing the vibrator, after she took a quick shower and brushed her teeth, took up more time than she planned on, mostly because she spent some effort trying to see if she could erase the mark. It was more curiosity than anything else, she really didn't expect it to work but she remembered so-called permanent markers didn't stick on everything, and even the magic marker faded from skin, eventually. A few minutes of vigorous scrubbing with soap didn't seem to make a difference, though, and it cost her in another way, when she heard a soft knock on the door. "Sweetie, you going to be long in there?" It was her dad's voice. "Your mom's monopolizing our bathroom and I just need to go quickly."

"Uhh, yeah, just a second." Her eyes cast around the room looking for somewhere to hide it. She was wearing her towel, and if she tried to swaddle it out in a bundle of clothes it might slip all the way out trying to stick out.

Only one solution presented itself, and that had its own risks. She planted one foot on the toilet seat, pulled the towel up, and inserted the freshly-clean vibrator into her also freshly-cleaned (but, she felt, by definition only mostly-clean) pussy, pushing in all the way and letting out a choked-down squeal of pleasure when it reached the point where the vibrator's mark seemed to take effect and it would no longer penetrate. Instead, it seemed to cling to her pussy lips and resist any force sending it deeper. She dropped her leg and used every muscle she could down there to hold it in place while she smoothed down her towel, grabbed her clothes, and, taking a deep breath, unlocked the door.

Her father was, of course, waiting, and his eyes seemed to focus on the part of her chest above the towel, the part that read "Fuck toy" even though he couldn't see it, but his gaze seemed to be full of hungry longing all the same, for a second or two before he became very fascinated in the corner of the bathroom doorjamb. Susan slipped past him, praying as she did that the vibrator wouldn't come loose and clatter to the floor between her legs right in front of him, clenching tight to prevent that possibility.

She got four steps away when her father said, "Something wrong?"

"Uh, no?" It was definitely still inside her. "Why?"

"You seem to be walking funny."

She shrugged, not sure how to answer that, wondering how he noticed that without turning back to look at her after she was already walking away, and then wondering why he'd do that other than to watch her towel-covered butt swaying as she walked. "Don't you have to use the bathroom?"

"Right," and now he seemed embarrassed, and slipped into the bathroom and she breathed a sigh of relief and escaped to the safety of her room.

Keith, in his typically jerky way, thought it was hilarious when she later explained the situation, after their parents were safely asleep and she snuck into his room to spend the night with him, and he refused to try and cross out or amend the mark. But, after a little persuasion, which involved her performing a strip show at his request with the vibrator in and active the whole time, he did agree to mark the device with the words "Self-Cleans When Not Being Used."

The longer phrase was her idea, after he agreed to just "Self-Cleans," she realized, "Wait, what if it cleans when it's inside me?" Would it consider her dirty, and vaporize her or push her away or sweat out cleaning chemicals or whatever it was going to do to clean itself? "We gotta think about the consequences of these things," she reminded him as he wrote down the additional words she suggested. "You never know when a poorly-thought-out mark is going to get us into trouble."

Turned out, that would be the very next morning. Mom seemed to decide that, since she and Dad were going to Church that morning, a big family breakfast was too much effort to indulge in, so they just had waffles, which was okay in Susan's book. Mom and Dad were dressed for church, which for Dad meant a suit much like the one he worked in and for Mom meant a long dress with a pink floral print and hardly any cleavage. "You can still come along, you know," she said to Susan, who was stuffing her face with a sweet syrupy mouthful. "You seem like you're feeling all right today, maybe a good night's sleep, alone, was all you needed."

She was hardly alone, but of course Mom didn't know that, because she blearily snuck back to her own room just as the sun was getting up, with a bellyful of her brother's cum but still far more horny than she'd like, since he hadn't wanted to give her one last fuck before she left, under the theory that they'd have the whole morning together. "I'm still not feeling right," she said after swallowing, and then shot a look at her brother for assistance before Mom decided that she was just faking.

"Yeah, I saw you needed to lubricate your throat this morning," he said with a smirk. "Probably best you stay home with me." He turned his gaze to Mom and added, "Don't worry, I'll take good care of her."

Mom nodded. "If she gives you any trouble about watching the church channel, you let me know." Susan had forgotten her brother made that promise, casually... but of course Mom would believe he meant it. She must have made a face when she was reminded of it, because after that came, "It's only fair, Church should be done as a family and if you can't come along the least you could do is watch."

"I won't even be watching you," she said. "It's just some dumb megachurch."

"It's all God, that's what matters."

"If you say so," she muttered, only partly able to keep the dubious tone out of it. Susan's own opinion of God had changed since the marker came into their lives, to a level she wasn't even aware of until she thought about it... before He was this vaguely comforting entity that she wasn't entirely sure she believed in for real, or if it was just a good story. Now, it was hard to imagine Him allowing this business with the marker to go on, so if he was real, either He wasn't very powerful, or He was a kinky pervert even bigger than Keith.

"She shouldn't have to spend her whole morning watching religion," Dad said, which surprised her. He'd been mostly quiet, almost zombie-like, and skipped breakfast entirely except for a coffee. "Kids are supposed to have fun, do kid things, like, watch cartoons."

"I think she's had more than enough time to watch cartoons," Mom said. "She could use a more wholesome influence."

"She's not the only one," Keith said.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Just that I'm sure everyone in this family's got some things they need some divine forgiveness for." He leaned back cockily. "Except me, of course."

"You have been pretty good lately," Mom conceded, and part of Susan wanted to say "In what universe?" but she kept her mouth shut, knowing it was the unnatural faith at work. "But you don't want to rest on your laurels."

"Oh, don't worry. In fact, I plan to do a good deed this morning."

Mom looked up from her now empty plate, and even Dad looked up. "Really? What's that?"

"Guiding Susan, of course. Mark my words, this morning she'll be on her knees and calling out to God." The interest vanished as this no longer seemed to be new information. Keith then leaned over to Susan and added with a whisper to her ear, "Of course, not necessarily at the same time..." which made her blush and give him a warning jab with her foot. It was the sort of thing that her parents might one day notice if the marker ever disappeared.

They didn't seem to think anything was unusual at the moment, though, as her mother took that opportunity to take her dish to the sink and then asked Dad, "Are you just about ready? We need to be on the road soon if we're going to get there on time."

"Yeah." Her father was normally pretty cheerful, but he seemed to be especially grumpy on weekend mornings when he felt deprived of sleep he felt entitled to... having to wake up earlier than usual to go to Church seemed to bring that out in him today. "Just let me pour the last of this coffee down my throat." He drained the cup with a grimace, then stood, leaned over, said conspiratorially to the two of them, "Honestly, I'd much rather be here with you guys." Mom had left for the living room and could be heard getting her shoes on.

"I'll bet," Keith said. "Certainly would be a lot more fun, right Suze?"

She glared at her brother, but said, "Sure."

"I'm sure your mother will get over this new obsession soon," he said, then seemed to suddenly remember he was supposed to be setting a good example, so he added "Not that I have anything against Church." He put his coffee mug in the sink, then also left to get ready to go.

As soon as the door closed, after they'd said their goodbyes, Keith got up from the table and went to the window, watching to made sure they actually left and didn't come back to get one last forgotten item, then came back and said, "Okay, they're gone."

"Good. Weekends are gonna be so hard," Susan complained. "It's hard enough waiting till you want to do it, without having to worry about them being home all the time."

"Awww... is somebody jonesing for her sperm fix?"

"A little," she admitted. She'd blown him early in the morning, then slept a little in her room. It wasn't bad, but if he was offering, it would be good to get it out of the way.

"I better take care of you, before you turn into a dirty Snickers ad or something." He stood beside the table, but not near her, and pointed to the floor at his feet. She shot him a look, annoyed that he wouldn't just come to her but instead had to have her get out of her seat, when he said, "Hey, I promised I would have you on your knees today."

She rolled her eyes but slipped out of her chair. "What, don't tell me you're going to make me watch the Church service too?"

"Oh, I have to. I promised. You don't want me breaking promises, do you?"

He had a smug look on his face, like daring her to suggest it... and Susan had a feeling that if she said he should, he'd just use that as an excuse to break some promise to her... she wasn't sure which one, and considering he was a jerk, he might well break a promise just for kicks, but she wasn't going to give him an excuse. "Fine."

She got on her knees, staring at his bulge, feeling the cocksucker compulsion start to rise in her but knowing it wouldn't take completely over as long as the cock was still in his pants. Meanwhile, he reached over to the table. "Here, I'll sweeten the deal for you." In his hand, when he returned, he had the syrup from the waffles, cap up. With his other hand, he pulled his shorts down while he started to pour the syrup.

It's an idea that must have worked better in his head than in practice... or maybe Keith was learning to be subtler about being a jerk. She was already on her knees in front of him, and the moment she saw his cock come out, she couldn't help herself, she took it immediately in her mouth, heedless of the fact that a glob of syrup was on its way down. It hit her, instead, on her hair, the side of her face, , although yes, some of it did manage to get on his dick. "Jesus, Suze. Learn some self-control, you're a mess."

Can't talk, Susan thought. I'm a cocksucker, and she just shut her eyes to avoid getting any stickiness there, and kept on her duty until he pushed her away. Though, when she was able to taste the mapley syrup on his dick, it did improve the flavor... for about ten seconds, then her body seemed to remember how much she ate of that on her waffles and it became almost sickly sweet. Worse, because it was all over her face the smell of it filled her nostrils as well. She started to feel sick, but couldn't help but power through.

"Heh," her brother said. "It is kind of hot seeing you all sloppy like this," and she concentrated on moving her tongue with an energetic frenzy to try and push him into finishing as quickly as possible, to make his cock throw up before she did.

She just barely made it. When her brother grabbed her by the clean side of her head and forced himself down on her, she knew it would be soon, and sure enough, seconds later her mouth filled with his warm, rich seed, which somehow combined well with the sweetness, at least enough that she no longer felt in danger of throwing up.

After he was done cumming, he gently pushed her away which let her finally take breath, close her eyes while he put his cock away, and then move for the orange juice by her plate. "Jerk," she said after a swig. "Next time ask before you do something like that."

His face darkened. "I was trying to do something nice."

The orange juice gone, she went to the kitchen sink and filled it with water, and also start cleaning the side of her face, feeling guilt start to win out over her rage. The thing was, he probably was. He just didn't think things through. It was a big problem with him. "Yeah, but you know I can't control it when your cock's that close. And I'd just had like a buttload of syrup on those waffles."

"A buttload?" He dangled the syrup bottle between two fingers. "I could make that happen literally, if you wanted."

She tried, unsuccessfully, to get the syrup out of her hair by running it under hot water in the sink, but even on her tiptoes she couldn't get the right angle and felt like she was just getting herself messy... and dangling her butt in front of her jerky brother, which might be dangerous depending on how much he wanted to torture her. "More like if you want," she said, with a bit of a sigh, hoping that her admitting she was at his mercy would make him think twice about the teasing threat. It wasn't even sexy in any way she could think of... he was probably just being a dope. "I'm going to have to take a shower anyway."

He put the syrup down on the table, then waved his hand dismissively. "Go clean yourself up properly," he said. "But when you come back, wear something hot."


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