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Milking time odiscipline!!xlAmp4BJLj 18/03/18(Sun)20:22 No. 25458 ID: 3093c9

Hi all. Perverted writer here. Going to give this a try, as asstr seems to be permanently closed to new users, and most other sites will not take some of the subject matter I write about.

I hope you enjoy this story of mine and the ones that follow.

It was time to joipee. Claudius could feel his wee wee getting stiff – it always got stiff around this time, when mistress would come to help the young male slaves joipee.

They needed the help, because their hands were always chained behind them, so they couldn’t go joipee by themselves, and unlike regular peeing, they needed to be able to touch their wee wee’s to make it happen.

When mistress opened the gate, Claudius and the other young male slaves scrambled up to her on their knees, their pee pee’s raised in stiff tribute. Mistress beamed at them, and patted them each on the head in turn. Like dogs, they rolled onto their backs, legs spread, pee pee’s up.

Claudius hoped that mistress would pick him to joipee first. Hearing the moans and grunts of the other little males as she joipeed them made him anxious and frustrated, and he could hardly keep still from the anticipation.

To his dismay, she picked one of the smaller boys first. The boy scooted onto her lap, and spread his legs extra wide so she could fondle him easily.

She kissed the boy, not on his cheeks or face, but by slipping her tongue into his mouth. Claudius enjoyed it when she did this to him, and he enjoyed the sound it made when she did it to others. The boy was enjoying it too. Then she took his wee wee into her mouth, and sucked on it for about a minute. The boy’s eyes were clenched shut, as though he were in terrible pain, but he knew that in fact, he was feeling wonderful. He was about to joipee – his pee pee and balls feeling like it was full of hot pee, so anxious and ready to burst.

When mistress was done sucking the boy, she began to stroke his pee pee, like one polishing a fireplace poker. The boy panted and gasped, squirming like a worm in her lap, until finally he arced his back, and gave a soft moan of pleasure, as a tiny spurt of jelly shot from his pee pee onto mistress’s white dress.

The young boy had just joipeed, to Claudius’s envy. It was hard to tell from where he was lying, and it seemed like different boys of different ages joipeed different ways. The younger boys would not squirt anything at all, or if they did, it would be a tiny little clear jelly worm that would shoot onto their tummy. Claudius, and the boys his age would shoot jets of clearish, sticky joipee that would be filled with more of the little clear jelly worms. The older boys, the ones that had thin tufts of hair growing on their tummies by their pee pees, would shoot ropes of whitish pee pee, all over their tummies and onto mistress’s white dress. From their emissions, it was hard to tell that they were the same thing, but all of them gave the same characteristic tensing and grunting when they finally did joipee.

When it came time for Claudius to be milked, he eagerly scampered into mistress’s lap. Her lap was damp now, and a slight musky scent seemed to come from her dress. Somehow, Claudius liked this. Mistress didn’t bother sucking on his pee pee: her hands were already slick from the joipiss of the other boys she had milked. Her hands were so soft, so warm. It was seconds before he gave an animalistic grunt, and arced his own joipiss onto his tummy, and the front of mistress’s dress.

Mistress smiled at him, patting him on the head as she said something in her language. He didn’t know what it was, but it sounded sweet and encouraging, so he smiled. He hadn’t meant to squirt on mistress, but it wasn’t uncommon, and two of the boys before him had also spurted onto her white dress.

Mistress undid the top of her dress, exposing her smooth, pale white breasts, lined with blue veins. Like a suckling babe, she pulled Claudius’s head to one of her nipples. Claudius obeyed, suckling the stiff, pink, rising nipple as mistress tugged and stroked his still stiff pee pee. When he squirted again this time, she didn’t stop, continuing to milk him, as the boy suckled at her teat.

He squirted into mistress’s dress three times before she gently rolled him off her lap. In post coital bliss, he lay on his side languidly as mistress patted him on the head, his limp cock, dripping onto the floor, already restiffening.

By the time mistress had gotten to the older boys, Claudius was uncomfortably erect again. With his hands bound behind him, there was very little that he could do to satisfy himself, save to rub himself against the rags that served as bedding.

The older boys were almost as tall as mistress, and she didn’t take them into her lap the way she had with the others. Instead, she spread her legs, and lifted the hem of her dress. She would pull on the chain of the male she desired, and his head would disappear beneath her dress.

Claudius had no idea what the older boys would do when their heads were beneath her dress, but whatever it was, mistress seemed to like it. He would hear clicking and popping sounds, and mistress would make a funny face, almost like she herself were wanting to joipee. She would clench her hands, and scoot on the floor like an animal. After a couple of minutes of this, she would give a pleasurable grunt, and motion the male away.

When the males’ faces came away, they were usually wet, as though mistress had joipeed on them. He didn’t understand how this could happen: he had seen naked girl slaves once or twice, and they didn’t have pee pee’s. He couldn’t fathom how girls could make joipee if they didn’t have pee pee’s. He didn’t much care, whatever it was that mistress was doing, he enjoyed watching her do it, and the other male slaves enjoyed doing it to her.

When all of the older male slaves had had their turn under mistress’s dress, she would draw up her hem, exposing her pale smooth white legs. She would then motion towards a male, and he would scamper up to her, mounting her shin. He would then begin to hump, like a dog humping a table. While he did so, mistress would pat him gently on his head, whispering words into his ear, coaxing and praising him, until finally, with a tremendous quiver, he would arc his back, and give a grunt of relief, as he spurted onto her pale white leg.

With this accomplished, like a dog, he would begin to lick the cream he had surrendered off of her leg. When it was sufficiently clean, he would be sent into the corner, for the next male to begin his turn on the mount.

After about an hour of this, all of the remaining males had been satisfied, and mistress’s white dress was a soaked mess. Now came the best part. As mistress left, she disrobed fully, taking the dress, and tossing it in the middle of the cell, to be used as slave bedding. Claudius and the other males scampered over to it, anxious to begin relieving their sexual frustrations on the sweet scented silken dress that had been gifted to them.

As he shot another load of his tribute into the fabric, Claudius couldn’t help but be grateful for the kindness that mistress showed her animals, and longed for the day when he too would be allowed under mistress’s dress hem.

Anonymous 18/06/25(Mon)07:35 No. 25660 ID: e08c08

Fuck that was hot thank you!

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