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royal jelly jellydonut 18/03/29(Thu)08:56 No. 25472 ID: b3d45b

Hey (knock knock) this board still alive? if not I guess I'll just rant and rave into the void.

This series, which I'm titling 'Royal Jelly' is a pseudo-interview style series that goes across multiple characters and their beginning sexual experiences, desires, and encounters.

prevalent themes include, (but aren't limited to): masturbation, voyeurism, incest, and young sexual encounters.

I'm new-ish at writing this stuff and Spoiler: I tend to have some long paragraphs at times (I'm working at it I promise)

constructive criticisms and comments are always appreciated :)


royal jelly: Ethan 1 jellydonut 18/03/29(Thu)08:58 No. 25473 ID: b3d45b

It started when I was 12 and my sister, Emma, was 16. It was a Saturday night so me and my dad were staying up, eating popcorn, and watching some western movie. I was laying on the couch in my pajamas, a blanket over me, my dad in his lazy boy chair and starting to fall asleep. My sister Emma came down about 20 minutes into the movie, fresh out of one of her famously long showers. Now, Emma is a great sister, active and funny and willing to play games with me. She's skinny, has long brown hair that she likes to keep in a braid and wears glasses. But she's also pretty awkward and unusual and oblivious to things at times. Might be why she hangs out with me so much, she's had a hard time making friends all her life. Anyway, she comes down wearing her favorite pajamas, some fuzzy blue button up ones with matching shorts. She asks my dad what we're watching and he sleepily mumbles the name in response. He loves westerns but seems to fall asleep each time we watch one. She watches it with me for a bit while standing up next to our dad as he dozes off. She immediately seems engrossed with it. She walks over to the kitchen and returns with a bowl.

That’s when, with her eyes glued to the tv, she bends over to get some popcorn from the coffee table. I'm not sure why I was watching her beforehand and not the tv, but I see that her pajamas weren't buttoned up all the way. I get a view down her open top as she bends down, a single tit clearly visible in front of me. It was as pale as the rest of her, maybe a little larger than an a-cup, ending in a pink perky nipple. I stared and could feel my cheeks blush and my heart start to race as she was scooping popcorn into the bowl, totally oblivious. My version of pajamas under my blanket were boxer shorts and a white t-shirt. My penis poked out of the fly, growing as I stared at her. With the blanket over me I was able to creep my hand down between my legs without anybody noticing and started to slowly stroke myself. She stood back up, bowl in hand, and sat down the couch opposite of the coffee table from me. I watched as she slowly ate her popcorn, her pajama top still slightly open and revealing a good portion of the top of her chest. I could see the outline of her braless tits still, her firm nipples clearly defined under the soft fabric. For the rest of the movie I watched her, masturbating slowly, the still fresh image of her breast in my head. I was really hard and totally engrossed in what I was doing when she went for a popcorn refill several minutes later. From this angle I saw both of her tits, pink tips in front of me. I started stroking faster.

They weren't large for sure, but seeing them hang down from her chest made them much more notice-able. I came, just a few feet away her, staring at her and thinking about her sexually for the first time. Cum spurted onto the inside of the blanket, over my hand and underwear as I kept moving my hand up and down imagining what her tits would feel like, what she looked like fully naked, what it might be like with her mouth around my dick. She never noticed despite my involuntary squirming. She went back to watching the movie, oblivious, as I tried to hide my heavy breathing. I sat there, covered in my own cum, smelling it, for the rest of the movie. It ended and she headed to bed while I raced towards my bathroom to try to clean myself off.

jellydonut 18/03/29(Thu)08:59 No. 25474 ID: b3d45b

gonna put the beginnings of some characters here first and continue on as the days go on

royal jelly: Lily 1 jellydonut 18/03/29(Thu)09:00 No. 25475 ID: b3d45b

When I was nearly 13 my mom remarried, his name was Brad. He was fit and nice and I immediately developed a crush on him when I met him, but of course he only had eyes for my mom. When they were first dating I would love it when he would stay the night. My mom would send me and my little brother Skylar to bed and I would wait a little while before sneaking out in my pajamas. I'd creep down the hallway, sit down by her door, and quietly take off my pajama bottoms. I'd wait, hand down my panties, thinking about him and slowly playing with myself until I started to hear them have sex. I would then pull down my underwear all the way and rub and finger myself to the sounds of them fucking. I would sit there, legs spread with both my hands between them, imagining that it was me he was fucking. On nights like those I would cum multiple times or until they were done and then crawl back to my bed satisfied. Things only ramped up after they got married.
They both sold their places and bought a new 2 story house that was big enough for the 5 of us; my mom Kim, step dad Brad, me, my little brother Skylar, and my step brother Arthur. Arthur was 14, almost 15, and we hadn't hung out much except for the occasional family trip when Brad and my mom were still dating. He was skinny, a little nerdy, and had fluffy brown hair that I always wanted to play with. He was a bit awkward with me and my brother at first, not being used to other siblings and all, be we quickly grew to like each other. Anyway, like I said, my mom and Brad got even more frisky after marriage.
Day or night they would randomly sneak off to have sex and one day my little brother had some friends over for a pool party. I was out there playing with and supervising them until I decided to go back inside to get something to eat. I walked across the grassy yard to the sliding glass door and stopped. Inside Brad had my mom bent over the kitchen island counter, her pants were down to her ankles and her black underwear at her knees. My mom was pale with black hair, like me, and she loved wearing red lipstick. Brad was fucking her from behind, both hands grabbing her hips as he thrust inside her. I was going to back away and leave them their privacy, they hadn't noticed me yet, until I saw Arthur inside as well.
I ducked behind some lawn furniture and stayed to see what Arthur was up to. He was around the wall that led from the hallway to the living room/ kitchen area. From there he would be mostly obscured to our parents but I had a full view of him. He was spying on them having sex, one hand on the wall and jacking off with the other. His pants were undone and his dick was poking out his briefs, he was stroking his hand up and down then length of it with what seemed like the same rhythm that Brad was going in and out of my mom. I was reminded of the days I would masturbate to them fucking too and I knew what he was thinking about. Arthur was fantasizing that it was him who had my mom bent over the counter, dick going in and out of her pussy as she moaned in pleasure. I found myself getting wet thinking about it. Brad, still fully engrossed with fucking my mom, took one hand off her hip and started pulling up her shirt. Arthur started masturbating faster as this happened, his eyes clearly aimed right at my mom's large chest. Brad pulled it higher and higher while still pounding her against the counter, she straightened up with it and raised her arms. He yanked the shirt above her head and threw it aside, her tits dropped as they were released from the shirt. Brad groped one of her breasts while the other one continued to bounce to the rhythm of their fucking. I looked back at Arthur right as he came. Sperm shot out onto the wall, his eyes were still focused on them, thrusting into his hand as more spurts shot out. By the time he was done cumming he was on the floor leaning against the wall, cum dripping down his hand.
I decided to leave before he saw me. I returned back to the pool area and grabbed a towel off the table. My brother and his friends were playing marco polo as I sat on a pool chair and draped the towel over me. I pretended to supervise while my hand went between my legs. I pulled aside my bikini bottoms, a finger going up and down the wet slit of my vagina as I replayed what just happened in my head.

odiscipline!!xlAmp4BJLj 18/03/29(Thu)09:31 No. 25476 ID: 3093c9

Nice stories, nice format. Nothing really bad to say, you know your problems with paragraphs, and we can all improve our word choices. I particularly liked the story about Lily.

royal jelly: Orion 1 jellydonut 18/03/29(Thu)19:55 No. 25478 ID: b3d45b

I had the stereotypical nuclear family growing up. My mom Claire who had red shoulder length hair and was a little more on the plump side; my dad Steven who was tall and thin but still had muscles; my tom boy sister Emily who was 1.5 years younger than me and had inherited my moms red hair, although she liked to keep it much shorter; and of course me. Our house was 1 story but still vary spacious and beautifully decorated, with a big back yard and a pool that me and my sister loved to use growing up. Our parents were also very popular, they loved to host parties for the neighborhood, meet new people, and host couples dates too. It was nice for me and my sister too since we got to meet a lot of new kids, if the adults decided to bring theirs over.
Growing up, this was the norm for us, a get together of some kind every weekend. It usually followed the formula of dinner, drinks, and us kids being sent to bed at our bed time while the adults got to stay up. I would occasionally hear odd noises after we went to bed, but I never gave it any thought. Until I was about 11 and a half. At that age I wanted to stay up later and would get upset when I would be sent to bed on weekends at the same times as my younger sister. Plus curiosity had gotten the better of me over the years and I wanted to know what I was missing out on. I decided that next chance I got would sneak out of my room after being sent to bed.
The weekend came and my parents were hosting a double date night. They were a younger couple (probably mid twenties) the woman was athletic with dark skin and her partner was this buff looking guy with a goatee. I hadn't ever seen them before but my parents both greeted them like they were old friends, the Watsons, Alexa and Francis.
We had a barbecue that night out in our yard. Me and my sister were doing cannon balls into the pool while the adults stood around the grill, chatting and laughing with wine glasses in their hands. We had dinner together on the patio since the air nice and temperate. Alexa and Francis were nice and chatty people, they told jokes and interesting stories about their lives. As soon as we were done with desert my mom shooed me and my sister to bed. It was a little earlier than normal I thought, but I played along for now. We got into our pajamas and brushed our teeth and each headed to our rooms.
I got inside, turned the light off, and waited in the dark for a good 10 minutes before slowly opening my door. The hallway lights were off. I looked down the hallway, which lead to the kitchen, and noticed the kitchen lights were off too. The only lights left on seemed to be coming from the living room, not visible from outside my door. I was trying to be as sneaky as possible as I entered the hallway, closing my door silently behind me. On hands and knees I snuck down the hall, making my way towards the kitchen. I headed under the dining room table, knowing I would be able to see the living room from their. I would also be hidden in the dark kitchen, partially obscured by the table cloth. When I got there I began spying, still on my hands and knees.
The four of them were sitting around the coffee table, both the men on one and the women on the other. I was pretty let down at first, they weren't doing anything new, just chatting and laughing and drinking more wine. 5 minutes passed and I started to get bored. I was thinking of heading back to bed when I noticed the atmosphere change. Mrs. Watson and my mom gave each other a look, exchanged a few words, then set their drinks on the coffee table at the same time. They then both took their tops off, my interest was fully revived.
My mom had a pretty black bra underneath that was covering her large boobs. Alexa didn't have anything on underneath. Her breasts hung out in the open, small and perky with dark nipples. My mouth hung open as I stared, shocked. She was beautiful I thought. The men were leering from the other couch. Mr. Watson said something to my mom and she laughed, reaching her hands behind her back. Her black bra came loose and fell down in front of her. Her breasts were big, round, and had large and very light pink nipples at the end of them. As beautiful as I thought Alexa was earlier, I now thought that that my mom, Claire, was at least twice as beautiful. My heart was racing, blood pulsing hard and fast throughout my body. My penis began to rise on its own, getting bigger each time a pulse of blood went to my crotch. I reached between my legs and felt that it was standing up on it's own. It felt good as I rubbed the bottom of it.
The adults laughed together, then my mom and Alexa stood up. Alexa pulled down her dress, my mom her jeans, both showing off their undies. The men then started to frantically undress themselves when this happened, trying to get naked as fast as possible. The women dropped their panties, my mom had a small tuft of red hair above the slit between her legs, Alexa had no hair down there at all. The men were naked now too, their dicks standing straight up like mine. My dad went to Alexa and began kissing her, his hand on her naked waist. Francis did the same to my mom, but his hand went to her tits instead, taking a greedy handful. My dad then sat down on the couch, his cock standing straight up. Alexa got to her knees in front of him and put her mouth over it. Francis was still kissing and groping my mom, her hand reached down and wrapped around his erect cock, slowly stroking it back and forth. There was so much going on I didn't know who to look at, my eyes darting from one couple to the other. I pulled my pajama bottoms down just below my thighs until my dick was out in the open. I grabbed my dick just like I saw my mom grab Mr. Watson's and I started stroking it back and forth as well. Everything seemed so perverted somehow but I couldn't stop, it felt too good.
Alexa took her mouth off my dad's cock and stood over him. She straddled him on the couch and slowly sat down, his dick disappearing inside her. She rocked back and forth on top of him for a while, then started bouncing on top of him. He put his mouth over one of her nipples and started sucking. Francis lead my mom to the carpeted floor of the living room and she got on her hands and knees, facing me. He kneeled down behind her, cock in hand, and pushed himself inside her. My moms mouth gaped open and she let out a pleasurable moan as he did this. He put his hands on both sides of her ass began thrusting himself in and out of her repeatedly, I could hear wet slaps every time he did so. My mom had her eyes closed and continued to moan out loud, her large breasts swinging back and forth to the motion.
It was all too much, I felt something well up inside me. I was thrusting my dick in and out of my hand, keeping rhythm to sound of them fucking. My pleasure began reaching a peak. My mom's eyes opened and she looked ahead while still getting fucked from behind. I thought I saw her eyes right on me, but it was too late and I couldn't stop. I closed my own eyes as I orgasmed, a quiet groan escaping my lips. My dick throbbed as warm liquid shot out of it and onto the kitchen floor several times. I had never done this before, the pleasure was almost more than I could handle.
I opened my eyes when it was over, there was a white gooey liquid dripping out the tip of my penis, small spurts of it on the floor below me. I looked back up to the grownups, they were still fucking undisturbed. Mr. Watson had grabbed my moms hair and was pulling her head back with it, her eyes closed and raised to the ceiling.
I stayed and watched as they continued fucking, changing positions and moving around the living room. I ended up cumming a second time when my dad had Mrs. Watson on her back, her legs around his body and her small tits moving back and forth on her chest as he pounded his dick into her. I was exhausted by the time they were done, drops of silvery semen on the floor in front of me, on my hand, and on my pajama bottoms. I used my sleeves to clean up what I could while the 2 couples got dressed and said their good byes.
When the lights were all off and my parents in their own rooms I finally crawled back to my own. I collapsed on the bed, exhausted and too tired to clean myself up.

royal jelly: Orion !Bonus! jellydonut 18/03/29(Thu)20:04 No. 25479 ID: b3d45b

Years later, while sharing some stories over some drinks with my friend Corey, I told him about how that was my first time masturbating. He had a story for me in return.
"My first time, I was about 11 I guess, and it was the week leading up to xmas and I was searching around my parents closet trying to get a sneek peek at what they had gotten me. I'm looking around and I see this shoe box sort of hidden away near the back and I think that's got to be hiding one of my presents. I open it and there's photos, lots of them, I take a look at one and it's this woman, naked and posing. She's probably about 20 with blue and purple hair and nice plump tits. I take a look at another one and it's her again, in a bikini this time smiling with white stuff all over her face. The next one was of her riding somebody on a bed with the same bikini top on, one of her tits hanging out of it.
My dick starts growing and I get to my knees, pulling down my shorts. I start playing with my dick, not sure what I'm doing but knowing that it feels really good when I rub it. I'm going from one photo to the next with my free hand when I hear the bedroom door behind me shut and my mom ask 'What are you doing?'.
I look behind me and have this deer in the headlights moment, shorts and undies pulled down, erect dick in one hand and a naked photo in the other. I can't think of anything to say or do and I stay like that frozen. Then my mom walks over to the bed, pats it, and says 'come here.'. I pull up my shorts and walk towards the bed, thinking that I'm about to get punished. I sit down and my mom goes into the closet and picks up the still open shoe box of photos. She sets them down next to me and says 'here'. I'm not sure what she means at first, but then she gets on her knees in front of me and pulls down my shorts and underwear again.
My naked dick is in front of her, still slightly erect. She bends down and puts her mouth around it. I'm surprised at first but then I feel a pleasure that overwhelms me. It felt much better than playing with it myself. My dick gets rock hard in her mouth as she slowly bobs her head up and down. I let out a little cry of pleasure and look at the shoebox next to me, there's a picture face up on top with the girl fully naked on a bed. That’s when I finally realized that the girl in the picture was my mom, with different colored hair and younger than I'd ever seen her before.
My mom then starts doing this thing with her tongue, circling it around the tip of my dick and I let out another soft cry. She keeps doing it and I start to feel like I need to grab onto something. I grab her head and get fistfuls of hair in my hands. My body convulses and I feel this amazing pleasure run through me, and seemingly out my penis. I let out little 'Ah, Ah' sounds as I felt liquid rush out of my dick and into her mouth, she isn't fazed and keeps sucking. After I'm done I feel limp and I fall backwards onto the bed. My mom takes her mouth off of me and stands up. She takes the box of photos and puts them in my lap and tells me that I can keep it.
I jacked off to every picture in that box at least once over the year, cum stains splattered over my favorites. After my 12th birthday we started taking showers together in the morning. I would get an erection looking at her naked body and she would always kneel down and either suck me off or give me a hand job and let me cum on her tits. On my 13th birthday she woke me up with a blowjob, fully naked. When she saw I was awake she climbed on top of me and we had sex for the first time, her amazing DD tits bouncing in front of my face the whole time. After that she started to wear a lot more skirts and dresses and a lot less underwear. Whenever I got horny, before or after school, I would just bend her over something and start fucking, cumming inside her for easy clean up."

royal jelly: Maya 1 jellydonut 18/03/29(Thu)20:11 No. 25480 ID: b3d45b

I was 14 and an only child when I got my first babysitting gig. That was also the same age that my parents and friends would teasingly call me a "pretty girl". I liked shopping for clothes, styling my long strawberry blond hair, buying make-up and watching hours of youtube tutorials on how to properly contour and put on eye liner. I had been used to boys staring at me for a few years by then but it definitely increased with the make-up and cute clothes. I was a big fan of skirts too, living in a hot place like phoenix, and I had caught a few boys at school trying to take pictures up my skirt. For some reason I kind of liked it.
Anyway, I started babysitting my mom's friend's 10 year old son Mikey as my first paying job. The odd thing was that he had a 16 year old brother that I thought could have done it instead for free. On my first day over I asked Mikey's mom, Janet, why his brother didn't just babysit instead.
"Ugh, I've tried." she said, "Last time I told Jessie to watch his brother I came home to find that he had given him a whole carton of ice-cream for dinner then went back up to his room to play videogames!" I gave her an understanding nod and told her that she didn't have to worry about me doing the same. Plus, it was obvious that the household had a bunch of extra cash they didn't need, so hiring help wasn’t an issue.
She left and I set up Mikey with an action movie. We watched it, me on the couch and him on the floor with a big bowl of popcorn between us. I wasn't paying much attention to the movie, mostly trying to decide on how I would spend the babysitting money, when his brother Jessie came down stairs.
Jessie was tan, athletic, had short blond hair and was instantly the most attractive boy I had seen. I watched him as he walked over to the fridge and grabbed a soda. I continued to watch him, while making it seem like I wasn’t, when he came into the living the room. "What you guys watching?" he asked, taking sip of root beer. Mikey told him, some sequel to a super hero movie franchise or something. He said "Huh." took another sip, and headed up the stairs, all without even glancing at me. Mikey's mom came home 3 hours later, paid me 40$, and my dad came to pick me up.
That night in the bath I couldn't stop thinking about Jessie. I thought of him looking at me, noticing me. I brought out my phone and found him on facebook. There were pictures of him playing soccer, hiking, and one of him at a lake with friends wearing nothing but swimming trunks. I thought of touching him and him kissing me as my free hand crept between my legs.
I knew about sex and how it happened but this was my first time touching myself while fantasizing about it. I had my middle and pointer finger go up and down the open slit of my vagina, it felt really nice, the opening getting slick as I continued. I propped the picture of him in nothing but his trunks on the toilet next to my bath so I could have 2 hands free. I spread my legs and sank further down into the warm bath, exploring my self and thinking about Jessie.
About 10 minutes later I was close to cumming, both legs spread wide with one hanging out of the bathtub. I had one hand rubbing my clit while the other was making loud splashes in the water as I my middle and ring finger were moving in and out of my pussy. I had my head back, mouth agape, eyes closed when my body convulsed. I let out a choked but audible gasp as I orgasmed, spilling some water out of the bathtub. It was amazing, it was beautiful. As I calmed down and finally got out of the bath tub I realized that I was addicted to it now, and I wanted the real thing.

royal jelly: Ethan 2 jellydonut 18/03/30(Fri)18:22 No. 25481 ID: b3d45b

I went to my bedroom after that but I couldn’t fall asleep, I kept thinking about Emma. I had seen boobs on the internet before, I had a tablet, but it was different somehow in real life. Different somehow with Emma. I had known her all my life, and that seemed to make it hotter. I couldn’t think of her now without thinking about her chest, my penis getting harder. I wanted to see her tits again, to cum again, badly. Without me knowing why at first, I got out of bed. I checked my tablet, the clock showed 11:48, my parents and Emma were surely asleep by now. I took the tablet with me and opened my door quietly, the rest of the house was dark and quiet. My room was the only one on the 1st floor, it used to be a spare bedroom before I was born I heard, next to the laundry room. I made my way into the living room, everything was eerily dark. I used the light from the tablet screen to guide myself. I wasn't used to how quiet the house was at night, I was almost sure the sound of my steps would wake everyone as I crept up the stairs. I got to the second floor hallway after many agonizing steps and creeped towards my sisters room. I grabbed the door knob and turned it, millimeters at a time, the logical side of my brain telling me to stop now and turn back.

I pushed open the door and saw her room. She had a habit of sleeping with the dull lamp by her bed on, afraid of the dark still I figured. Her room was a little more spacious than mine, full book cases around nearly every wall, a desk with her apple laptop on it, her walk-in closet currently closed. She was fast asleep, partially on her side facing me, pajamas on with her blankets only up to her waist on the bed. Her mouth hung slightly open, breathing in and out slowly. I let out a breath of relief when I saw that she had fallen asleep with her earphones on, a faint tune coming from them. 'this will make it easier' one half of my brain thought, while the other half asked ' make what easier?'. I approached her bed and laid my tablet on the carpeted floor.

She had one hand rested under her cheek while the other was draped over her stomach, her chest left mostly open. With trembling hands I reached towards her top-most button, positioned right in the middle of her sternum. It took longer than it needed to, nerves having me stop and restart a few times, but eventually I had it free. I gulped as I pulled the 2 parts of fabric apart. I saw the middle of her pale chest, the edges of her breasts peaking out of each side. I felt my penis flex and more blood rushed into it, I was visibly getting harder in my boxers. I wanted to stop and stroke myself right there while staring at the edges of her tits, but something made me keep going. The next button was just above her arm, it was pinning her top to her stomach. Even if I undid the next one I wouldn't be able to open it up more. Want won over reason as I reached towards the hand that was draped over her stomach. ' this is going to wake her up' I thought. She'll open her eyes and see me with an erection over her with her top unbuttoned. Regardless, I put my hand on hers and held her fingers as I tried to lift.

She moved. My heart jumped up my throat, thinking that I would be found out, but by a miracle her eyes stayed closed. She moved onto her back, raised both arms over behind her head, and coughed. I stayed frozen for at least a minute after that, not wanting to move a muscle and risk her opening her eyes. Her breathing was still slow and steady and she seemed no more awake than before. I forced myself to relax, and thought that this was the 2nd chance ive been given to leave without getting noticed. 'but, her chest is open and free' I heard that deviant part of my mind say. And like all the times before, I let it win, blood rushing back to my crotch, I started to get a boner looking at her almost fully exposed chest again, the tip of my penis peeking out my fly. My hands, trembling just as much as before, went to undo the next button about an inch above her belly button.
My nervous and unexperienced hands fumbled again, but eventually it was undone. The sound of my pounding heart would have woken her up if it wasn’t for those earbuds I thought as I slowly opened up her top. Her chest was being exposed centimeter by centimeter as I moved slowly and silently trying not to wake her. The fabric seemed to snag for a fraction of a second, I kept pulling. They unsnagged and revealed light pink nipples as firm as erasers. I let out a tiny gasp as I instantly became fully erect. With reckless speed I pulled open the rest of her pajama top and stared at her naked chest, her breasts rising and falling with each breath. I yanked my boxers down to the floor. I was still young and not fully grown, my penis was thin and only about 4 inches. I started masturbating over her and her exposed tits. Unlike last time I could gaze all I wanted with no time limit, though honestly I didn’t need much time.

I was masturbating furiously and before I knew it the orgasm hit me like a train. I came, shooting transparent and watery cum diagonally over her tits, onto her pajama top, and onto part of her bed. I kept cumming, more silvery and goopy spurts landed between her tits, on her sternum, on her belly. Eventually I was done, cum over her naked torso, on her bed, dripping down my hand. I was tired, I felt like I was floating. I pulled my underwear back up, looking at her cum covered chest and thinking about what to do. 'just button her back up and pretend like nothing ever happened' said the deviant part of my brain, I thought that was a good idea. But before that I had another idea, an idea that was solely my own. I picked up the tablet that was still on the carpet and opened up the camera app. I faced the camera towards Emma, still asleep and clueless, her pale tits still exposed and covered in cum. I took a picture, then another, and set it back down on the floor as I softly buttoned her back up.

With tablet in hand I crept out of her room, into the dark and silent hallway and down the stairs. I decided to make a detour before I headed to my room though. I walked passed my door and into the laundry room. Everyone else in the house lived on the 2nd story so I turned on the lights without fear and started digging through the dirty laundry. I found a pair of cotton white panties that I knew were Emma's and I turned the light back off and finally retreated to my room. Once in my bed again I opened up my tablet to the picture of Emma with cum on her tits. I masturbated to her for the 3rd time that night, cumming straight into her panties.

royal jelly: Lily 2 jellydonut 18/03/30(Fri)18:29 No. 25482 ID: b3d45b

It was on a day when our parents took Skylar to some appointment when me and Arthur got to know each other better. We were sitting at the counter talking about music and bands, eating snacks, when I mentioned that, "Hey, I think this is the first time we've had the house to ourselves." He replied, "Yea… I think It is." About 3 minutes later I was on my knees in the living room and he was unzipping his shorts in front of me.
When his shorts fell it was obvious through his briefs how hard he was. He brought the top of the elastic down until his erection sprang up in front of me. I hadn't gotten a good look on the day I caught him masturbating to our parents, but now I could see all the details. His dick was about 5 inches and he was circumcised, a messy tuft of brown hair right above it. I grabbed it near the base, it felt firm and warm in my hand. I looked up at him, his face seemed so desperate and wanting, his dick flexed in my hand.
I wrapped my mouth around the head of his dick. I moved my lips down his shaft until I could feel him at the back of my throat, and then back to the base of his head. My tongue moved around the tip of his penis, tasting it, wet with precum. He let out an audible moan and put his hands on both sides of my head as I continued to go up and down. His breathing got heavier as I continued.
"That feels… so… good,'" he said with a breathy voice. Then, he started thrusting, grabbing my hair and moving my head so his dick went deeper in my mouth. I gave up control and let him do what he wanted to me, keeping my lips tight around his shaft and massaging the rest with my tongue. He continued to moan louder as he was face fucking me, desperate and full of pleasure. With my free hands I grabbed the straps of my tank top and bra and pulled them down. His eyes widened as he stared at my still budding tits, ending in small light brown nipples. He closed his eyes and let out a rough moan, his head raising up to the ceiling.
His dick throbbed as warm cum shot into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat. That was my first time interacting with semen by the way, Arthur cumming in my mouth. It was thicker than water, almost gooey, with an earthy taste that for some reason reminded me of royal jelly. His thrusting slowed, dick still throbbing and dripping cum onto my tongue. I hadn't swallowed yet and my mouth was full of his jizz, I could feel it start to drip out the side of my mouth. He slowly pulled his dick out of my mouth, it was still erect but definitely softer, glistening with my spit and his own cum. A tear shaped drop was hanging off the tip. I felt myself gag as jizz creeped down my throat, spitting most of what was left in my mouth out. It poured down my chin and dripped onto my naked chest. Arthur was panting, watching the cum make its way down my sternum. It was then when he kneeled down, put a hand over one of my naked budding breasts, and open mouth kissed me. He took his mouth away and we both ended up laughing for some reason.
He buttoned back up his shorts and I headed towards my bathroom so I could clean off my chest. By the time our parents came home we were clean and dry, him playing videogames on one couch and me on the other reading.

odiscipline!!xlAmp4BJLj 18/03/30(Fri)18:40 No. 25483 ID: 3093c9

Could have had a bit more setup before the blowjob in Lily 2, but it doesn't hurt the overall flow of the story. I came.

I hope Arthur is mature enough to want to return the favor.

jellydonut 18/03/30(Fri)21:34 No. 25484 ID: b3d45b

I can totally understand that. The Lily portions were one of the first i wrote so i kinda just went straight into the action.
And you know how teenage boys can be...

royal jelly: Orion 2 jellydonut 18/03/30(Fri)21:40 No. 25485 ID: b3d45b

I had just turned 13 and my parents were getting ready for the big Halloween party they were hosting. Throughout the week they were stocking up on food, getting together our costumes, and buying lots of alcohol. Halloween was on a Friday this year and I was excited, I would be able to stay up as long as I wanted finally. After school me and my sister rushed home and got our costumes together. Our family was doing a pirate theme this year. My dad had a big black beard and an eye patch and my mom a big heavy skirt, a red bandanna, and a white blouse that showed off a lot of cleavage. I had a fake hook hand, an eye patch, and a frilly open white shirt (drawn on chest hair included) with soft brown "pirate" pants. My sister Emily, ever the tomboy, chose an admirals coat and a big pirate hat with a bandana over hair. Emily by the way, 11 and a half now, had started to develop earlier and faster than most girls at our school and already had a reasonable bust. Her small admirals jacket looked tight around her chest.
We had plans to meet up with a group of friends as soon as it started to get dark, we bided our time by telling pirate themed jokes to each other and munching on party snacks on the patio outside. The sun was still up when the first of our parents guests arrived.
A cheerful woman appeared at the door with long dark hair in pigtails, holding a bottle of light brown liquor. "Claire!!" she yelled as she went to hug my mom, "Lizzie!" my mom yelled back. "Look! We're almost matching!" said Lizzie, showing off her outfit. It was also nautical themed: a white sailor hat, a short white and navy blue dress that had an anchor symbol on it (also showing off a good amount of cleavage) and white knee length stockings with velvet red high heels at the end. They chatted for a bit when the doorbell rang again, more costumed guests, and my mom excused herself. Lizzie came back to the patio.
"Hi, I'm Lizzie" she said, my sister and I introduced ourselves back. "ooh, what a bunch of attractive young pirates you all are!" she sat down across from me and pulled out a cigarette and lighter from her purse. "You must be quiet the ladies man." she said winking at me, "And I bet you must already have all the boys interested in you too!" she said to Emily. We both blushed and mumbled awkward replies. She lit her cigarette and said " I don't know about you kids, but I'm ready to have some fun tonight." My sister and I cheered an agreement. Lizzie then pulled out her phone and smoked in silence for a bit. I looked down and blushed, I could see up her short dress. Her underwear matched her outfit, white with navy blue stripes. Blood started to rush to my groin and I thought about excusing myself to the bathroom when my mom came out and reminded me and Emily that we should be heading out soon. We grabbed our trick or treat bags and headed out the door.

It was a few hours later when me and Emily made our way back to the house, bags full of candy. One of my friends from school had invited me to his house for a sleep over, but I had decided that I wanted to check out how the party was back at my house instead. I knew full well how exciting they could get near the end. We opened the door and there were a lot more people than when we left; talking, drinking, and laughing all over the house and in many different costumes. Me and Emily decided to head to our rooms. I saw our parents when I passed the sliding glass window to the back yard, they were by the pool laughing with other guests. Emily scurried to her room down the hall as I headed towards mine, but on the way the bathroom door opened up in front of me and someone stumbled out.
It was Lizzie, she had a glass in her hand and was in high spirits as usual. "Oh hey! Handsome pirate boy!" she bowed in front of me then leaned up against the wall, mixing her drink with her pinky finger. " So how was tricker treating?" she asked, raising her pinky to her mouth and sucking it. "G-good!" I said, nervous for some reason. I raised up my full bag, "I made out like a bandit!" That got her into a fit of giggles for some reason. "You're not a bandit though silly!" she bent over and put a hand on my face, my eyes instinctually wandering down her cleavage, I could see a navy blue bra. "You're a pirate, and you got the booty!" she stood up, in another fit of giggles. She put out her butt and slapped it. "Booty!" she said, I laughed as well. "Hey," she said, bending down again, "You got any Paydays in there? I would kill for one right now!" "I'm not sure," I said, " Trick or Treating is mostly done in poor lighting." She giggled and snorted, "Well lets go check!". I said sure and headed towards my room where I was going to inventory all of it anyway. "Wait!" she said as she turned around and headed towards the kitchen, " I need to refill my drink!"

royal jelly: Maya 2 jellydonut 18/03/30(Fri)22:14 No. 25486 ID: b3d45b

That Friday I was babysitting again. As soon as I came home I ran to my room and stripped down to my underwear. I laid out my sexiest clothes on my bed, trying each of them on with each other and staring at myself in the mirror. Time passed by faster than I expected and before I knew it was 15 minutes till my mom would be home from work to drive me to Mikeys place. I gave up searching for the perfect combo and settled with one that showed off a lot skin, one of my black tank tops with lacey straps and a short pink skirt.

I stared at myself in the mirror, I was thin but not skinny, a black headband keeping my long strawberry blonde hair behind my ears. I thought my outfit looked cute enough but my blue bra strap was clashing with the top pretty obviously. 'I should change it' I thought to myself, when an idea hit me. I pulled down my tank top so it exposed my light blue bra, then I unhooked it and let it drop to the floor. I was staring at myself, my B-cup breasts exposed, my pink nipples already getting harder in the cool air conditioned room. They were round and perky I thought, definitely enough to get attention without a bra. I lifted my straps back on, the tight tank top left little to the imagination. I heard the front door open and my mom calling for me. "I'll be right there!" I said, grabbing a jacket and stopping by the bathroom to put a bottle of ambien in my purse before leaving.

I was pleased to know that both mikeys mom Janet would be out late tonight and that jessie was home this Friday. Plus the 60$ I would be making tonight was nice too. Once Mikey's mom left I took off my jacket and tossed it onto the couch. "ready for more popcorn and movies tonight?" I asked, mikey gave me an excited reply and was putting the movie on as I went to the kitchen to microwave some popcorn and pour us some soda. I poured 2 cups and reached into my purse. Some ambien would make sure mikey was safe and stayed in the living room tonight. I broke open my last 2 capsules and poured them into one of the glasses of root beer. The microwave beeped that it was done with the popcorn and I turned around to take it out and put it in a bowl. I came back and realized I made a huge mistake. Both the glasses were exactly the same and I had no idea which one had the ambien in it. I stood there silently cursing at myself when I heard the movie start and mikey call. Once again, I had an idea. I mixed the 2 glasses together so they would both be spiked and I headed towards the living room, snacks in tow.

The movie was more colorful superheroes fighting aliens. I watched as mikey idly sipped his rootbeer, glued to the screen. I kept mine in my hand untouched and waited. When it started to get dark outside I finally heard footsteps coming down the stairs. I turned around and it was Jessie, my heart skipped. He was about to head to the kitchen when I pulled one of my tank top straps down my shoulder and called to him. "Hey Jessie, wanna watch this movie with us?" he came into the living room to see what we were watching then replied. "Nah, I'm good. Saw all these movies in theaters anyway. I just came down for a soda." and then, for the first time, he looked at me. He looked me in the face but then I saw his eyes start to travel down and take in the rest of me. I held my soda up to him and said "you can have my soda then, I only took one sip and didn't really like it." His eyes were on my chest when he looked back up to my face. He said "uh, yeah sure, thanks." and grabbed my soda, walking back up the stairs. I wasn’t sure but I thought I saw him blushing.

I laid back down on the couch, watching the movie and waiting. I let my hand creep under my skirt, softly stroking myself over my underwear. Mikey was watching the movie in front of me so he wouldn't notice anyway. eventually his blinks started to get longer, another few minutes and he was starting to nod off. He was fully asleep 5 minutes after that, the movie still playing. I waited another 15 minutes before getting off the couch.

royal jelly: Orion 3 jellydonut 18/03/30(Fri)22:15 No. 25487 ID: b3d45b

We were sitting the floor of my room, the empty contents of my bag spilled between us. "Ugh, I feel like I hadn't sat down all night! Hold on I need to take these off." she raised up a knee and brought one of her red velvet high heels towards her and started taking it off. Her legs were spread in front of me, the white and blue striped panties clearly visible again. Blood was rushing to my groin again as I stared obviously at her crotch, lucky for me she was too busy with the shoes to notice. She got both off and closed her legs as she tossed them across the room. "Costume heels are NOT comfy, let me tell you." she took a gulp from her large drink and said, "Alright, let's get to business." She sat criss cross while going through the candy, flashing me her panties again which did nothing to alleviate my boner.

We went through the candy organizing it in piles while she took frequent pauses to take sips from her drink. She was separating them by type, selecting a few choice ones that she put in a pile right next to her. "I used to do this as a kid separating the good from the bad, secretly switching the bad ones with my little sisters good ones when she wasn't looking. The paydays were always my fave though." Just when she said that I spotted a payday in the pile. "these you mean?" I said teasingly holding it up. She squealed in delight and with lightning speed she tackled me. I went to the ground and she straddled me as she yanked the candy bar out of my hand. She stayed on top of me as she began unwrapping it, she was right on top of my crotch, both her legs on each of my sides with her knees touching the carpet. She didn't seem to notice the erection I had. She took a bite and yelled out a "Yes!" with her mouth still full. She looked down and said "Thanks a million."

She then, much to my surprise, leaned over and gave me a kiss on the lips. My mouth stayed open as she took her lips off mine, "That’s your reward for the payday." She winked and leaned back up to continue munching on her payday. My dick reflexively throbbed. She stopped and looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh?" she asked me, my cheeks went red and I didn't know what to say. She wiggled her butt on top of me and my dick throbbed again, responding to the movement. She giggled and leaned back to grab her drink. She took another long gulp, finishing it, and sat the cup and her payday down next to us. "Okay." she said looking down at me, grinning, as she began to rock her hips back and forth, grinding up and down my dick.

It felt good, really good, the warmth of someone else rubbing against it. she lifted up her dress so I could see those white and blue striped panties moving up and down the outline of my erection. She dropped the dress and put her hands on my stomach while continuing to grind. She bit her lip and closed her eyes, letting out a soft, happy, moan. I felt the shaft of my dick start to get damp as she continued moving up and down the length of it with her crotch, applying a bit more pressure every time she traveled up it. I put my hands on her soft, warm, thighs and began to rock my hips with hers, applying more pressure as I liked. She opened her eyes again and stared down at me. She smiled, "I told you we were gonna have some fun tonight."

She brought her hands behind her back and did something. Then with lightning speed (while still grinding) she pulled down just her navy blue bra straps and then pulled them around her arms. She shoved a hand down her cleavage and pulled out the rest of her bra. She said "Tadaa!" I actually smiled, letting out an exasperating laugh. "I'm an expert at taking my bra off and nothing else." She then took my hand in hers and leaned down. She moved my hand in hers, traveling up her thigh. She brought it so it went to her panties, then over them and over her dress. She brought my hand up the length of her the rest of her dress until it was on her tit, nothing but a thin piece of fabric between it and my hand. She squeezed my hand and left it there, putting her hand back on my chest. I could feel a hard nipple in my palm. I squeezed it harder. I was about to cum, short gasps escaping my mouth.

She put her mouth on mine, her tongue creeped in and swirled around my own. I forced my crotch into hers as I came in my pants. My underwear became wet and warm with jizz, it having nowhere else to go. Both of my hands squeezed while I continued to thrust until I was finally done cumming. I let my hands linger where they were as I panted, looking up at her. She sat up and lifted up the bottom of her dress. The top of my pants at the tip of my penis was soaked, as well as the bottom of her panties.

She grabbed the payday and rolled off of me. "I'm gonna crash here, I'm in nooo state to drive." She headed towards my bed and laid down on it, eating her payday. She scooched back and patted the bed, "C'mon, cuddle with me." I got up, turned off the lights, and laid down next to her. Her arm draped over me. The party continued outside my room, laughing and talking and shadows dancing under my door. I heard her start to snore, asleep, and before long I was asleep too.

royal jelly: Maya 3 jellydonut 18/03/30(Fri)22:16 No. 25488 ID: b3d45b

I creeped up the stairs, trying not to make a sound. Once I got to the top of the dark hallway I saw that one of the rooms had a faint light glowing beneath the door, I figured that must be Jessie's. I inched towards it, my heart beating loudly, and opened it. Inside there was a tv, a dresser, a bunch of posters, and a desk with a bright computer monitor on top of it. In the corner of the room was a full sized bed with jessie sleeping on his back on top of the blankets, fully clothed. I closed the door, the computer monitor was the only thing illuminating the room. I approached Jessie's bed and put a hand on his shoulder and shook. "Jessie you awake?" No answer but a soft snore. I let my hand trail down from his shoulder, onto his pecks and down his firm stomach, ending at the top off his jeans. I looked back up to his face, his breathing slow and steady with eyes still closed.

I undid his belt. After that I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down and off. He had dark grey boxers on with little guitars all over them as decoration, I smiled at how cute it was. I went back to his t-shirt and pulled it up and over his head. He was naked now except for his boxers, my heart raced as I grabbed the elastic and pulled them down. His dick was big I thought, even when soft. It was uncircumcised with a patch of dark hair at the base of it. I pulled the boxers off all the way, my panties were starting to get wet.

He was fully naked now and I straddled his legs. I grabbed his dick in my hand, it was still soft. I knew that boys liked it when you licked it so I did just that. I bent over and licked the tip, and then I began sucking it, pulling the skin farther down as I worked my mouth farther down. As I slowly went up and down his dick with my lips I noticed it growing and getting harder. I kept doing what I was doing, getting faster as I felt him grow in my mouth. His dick was firm and stood straight up on its own now, I tasted precum. I pulled my mouth off his dick and continued to stroke it as I looked up at him. He was still asleep, I couldn’t help but notice how cute he was when he was sleeping. I climbed off the bed and stood up next to it. His pecs were rising and falling with each breath. A small trail of hair started from his firm stomach and lead down to his dick, fully erect now. My heart was racing as I pulled my panties down my legs and tossed them on the bed near his head. They had a small wet patch at the crotch.

I lifted up my skirt and straddled him. I reached between my legs, grabbed his wet dick, and guided it into my wet pussy as I slowly lowered myself. His dick went in easy and slowly, I gasped as he began to fill me up. When I had the full length of his cock inside me I let out a low moan and just lingered there for a bit, feeling him. I put my hands on his stomach and began to rock myself back and forth. It felt better than in the bathtub, deeper and warmer, pleasuring spots I couldn’t have known about. I allowed myself to moan out more, knowing that Mikey was downstairs asleep. I pulled down the black lacey straps of my tank top and let it all fall down to my waist. I grabbed his hand and squeezed it over one of my breasts as I continued to rock back and forth. It felt amazing and I started rocking faster. I needed more. I dropped his hand and put both of mine on his chest as I started to bounce on top of him. The bed was squeaking and shaking now as I continued to ride him harder and harder. A great pleasure was welling up in me and I new I was getting close.

I sat straight up, bouncing up and down hard on his hard dick. I lifted up my skirt and put a hand between my legs so I could rub myself while fucking him, I used the other to squeeze one of my bouncing tits hard, pretending it was him. "Oh, God!" I gasped to the quiet room as I started rubbing my self more furiously. My pussy was wet, really wet, I started to feel something dripping down my leg. I started to cum, letting out an agonizing moan while doing so. Shivers were travelling down my body, I had goosebumps. I brought myself down harder on him as I came, trying to get him even deeper inside me. I pushed my self down on him again and again until I was done cumming and I eventually fell down on my back, panting and exhausted. I felt his dick slide out of me, leaving a wet cavity.

I laid there on the bed, my legs on top of his, making a diamond shape between us. I stared up at the ceiling, catching my breath, coming down from the high. I'm not sure how long I was laying there when I noticed something start to leak out between my legs and onto the bed. I lifted up my skirt and looked down, Jessie's dick was soft now and wet, little white drops around it. I put a hand between my legs and brought it back up to my face. Semen, jessie had cum inside me while I was fucking him. I let out a huff of air, surprised and almost proud of myself. ' my first time' I thought as I licked the cum off my hands like honey, although in hindsight it tasted more like royal jelly.

I sat up, kissed him on the lips like he was my sleeping beauty, and started dressing him without cleaning up first. 'I'll let him think he had a pleasant wet dream' I thought. Once he was dressed I grabbed my panties and was about to head back downstairs when I had a nice perverted idea. I looked for his dirty clothes hamper, found it in the closet, and took a pair his boxers with me. A souvenir.

I went downstairs and found Mikey right where I left him, a little bit of drool dripping down his mouth. I went to the dvd player and restarted the movie we were watching then headed back to the couch. I put both pairs of underwear in my purse and spent the rest of the night intermittently watching the movie and masturbating, licking my fingers during so I could taste Jessie again.

Janet eventually came back home, dressed nicely and obviously a little tipsy, a guy I hadn't seen before accompanying her. I told her how Mikey fell asleep watching movies and that Jessie only came down once for a soda. She reached in her wallet and pulled out a 100$, I'm guessing not wanting to figure out change that moment and ushered me out. I sat outside on their lawn furniture in the warm phoenix night as I waited for my mom or dad to pick me up, occasionally hearing moans from Janet's bedroom window. I had sex tonight, and I loved it. I knew what all the hype was about. My dad's SUV pulled up and I got in, being sure to cross my legs since my underwear was still in my purse. As we drove home I sighed, content. This is what I want to do.

royal jelly: Ethan 3 jellydonut 18/04/01(Sun)07:05 No. 25492 ID: b3d45b

The next morning I went into the dining room for breakfast and tried my best to act casual. Emma came down a little while after and sat down next to me. She was still in her PJs and obviously hadn't taken a shower yet. I flashed back to me cumming on her last night, my dry semen was still on her chest and she hadn't noticed (thank god). I started to get a boner thinking about it.

She was chipper and happy as normal, talking about how she was planning on spending the upcoming spring break. I hadn't changed out of my pajamas either yet and was having trouble keeping my growing erection from poking out of my fly again. I wasn't listening when she said something and stared at me. I scooted closer to the table to try to keep my crotch out of view.

"What was that?" I asked.
"I said did you want to go to the watering hole with me next week? With school out we can spend the whole day there if we wanted." The watering hole she was talking about was one of our favorite summer spots, just a 45 minute hike from our Californian mountain home. We loved to cool off in it on hot days and swim around chasing after tadpoles, me in my trunks and her in her old one piece swimming suit. It wasn't on any maps so it was kind of like our own private swimming pool.

"That would be fun." said my mom as she sat down next to my dad at the table, clad only in her bathrobe as usual in the mornings, "It should be warm enough by now."
"Uhh, sure." I said, still distracted by what was happening in my boxers. Emma then turned to our mom.
"I need to get a new swimming suit though, my old swim team one doesn't fit anymore. Also I need to pick up another prescription refill too." My mom nodded while sipping her coffee.
"Prescription?" I blurted out, I didn't know she was taking anything.
"Yeah," said my mom before Emma could, "Your sister was having trouble sleeping so we got her one a while back to help." I thought for a moment. Is that the only reason why she didn't wake up last night? My stomach turned thinking about how badly things could have gone if she hadn't been on a sleep aid.

The conversation had distracted me enough for my boner to go down and I was able to eat breakfast in peace. That was until Emma finished her cereal and brought it to the sink. I noticed her pajama shorts were riding up again. She bent over to wash and rinse off her bowl, the outline of her ass clearly visible. I excused myself and tried to hide my growing boner as I headed to my room. When I closed the door I grabbed my tablet and her panties that I had hidden in my pillowcase, they were still a little damp from cumming in them last night. I sat on my bed, opened up the picture of her topless and started masturbating to it again. I heard the shower turn on upstairs and I knew it had to be Emma. I thought about her ass in the kitchen, and her in the shower right now naked. I Imagined seeing the rest of her naked body. I came, blowing another load into her soft white panties.

The next week of school before break came and went without nothing interesting happening, except for me constantly masturbating to the idea of Emma that is. I would see her at breakfast, get horny, and masturbate to her topless picture while I was in my room getting dressed for school. After school we would walk home from the bus stop together, me getting a boner on the way. Once we got home I would head straight to my room to masturbate again to her picture. Sometimes while I was taking a shower I would randomly think about cumming on her tits again and I'd masturbate right there standing up, leaning forward on the tiled wall and cumming all over it. It couldn't avoid thinking about her sexually it seemed.

By Wednesday morning her panties were covered in crusty yellowish stains. I waited for my mom to start a load of laundry. Once she did and walked out of the laundry room I sneaked in and tossed the cum filled panties in with the rest of the load. I rummaged through the dirty hamper, found another pair, and went back to business as usual. She only had plain white panties, I guess she didn't anticipate anybody seeing them so there was no reason to get cute ones. Little did she know.

The school week ended and spring break began. It was Saturday morning and we were all eating breakfast together again. I looked out the dining room window as we ate, green trees and a cloudless blue sky. Our mom was on her phone when she said, "Record highs for today, but it looks like it's gonna start raining end of tomorrow." She looked at me and Emma, sitting next to each other as usual. "If you guys wanna swim this looks like the perfect day for it." Emma beamed and looked at me. "Yeah, totally." I said back. A grin spread across Emma's face, I ended up smiling too. Even though I'd almost had nothing but sexual thoughts about her the last week, seeing her excited to hang out with me while swimming reminded me of how good friends we were too. "I'll set up the picnic basket so we can eat lunch there without having to trek back all the way home." I smiled back, excited to have a nice innocent day with her again. That feeling didn't last long.

royal jelly: Orion 4 jellydonut 18/04/01(Sun)07:07 No. 25494 ID: b3d45b

I woke up a few hours later to a dark and quiet house. Everyone had either left or passed out I figured. I stirred and felt something behind me, I looked and there was a 20-something year old woman sleeping in my bed. I quickly got my memory back as I looked around the room. Candy on the floor, red heels in one corner and a blue bra in another. I had fallen asleep with her fully clothed. My pants and underwear felt uncomfortable, crusty and damp with semen. I decided to change and I stood up, taking off my pants and underwear.

I looked down at the bed, she was fully asleep in her slutty sailors outfit. Still braless, her legs slightly open. My dick grew on its own as I stared at her, dirty thoughts running through my head. I stood over her for a good few minutes, pantsless and fully erect, while she slept peacefully and occasionally snored. I got back on the bed and put a hand on her thigh. She didn't stir at all. I shook it and whispered her name, still no response other than light snores. I rubbed my dick on her leg then slowly moved my self over it. I was between her legs now, I held one knee and raised it to the other side until she had her legs spread in front of me.

I crawled towards her and lifted up her dress. In the dim light I could see those panties that I had grown to love. With nervous hands I reached towards the top of them. I wanted to yank them down, I wanted to put my dick inside her and start pumping, to pull down her top and stare at her jiggling tits as I came inside her over and over. What I did instead was hover over her nervously, my hands just above the elastic of her underwear. I gulped and grabbed the sides of them, no movement yet, and I began to slowly pull them down. I saw more of her skin, then, a few tufts of dark hair poked out. I wanted to fuck her badly. I continued to pull down and saw more dark hair, a nice little tuft of it. I pulled down more and stopped. Her pussy was there in front of my face, a clean slit at the gap between her legs.

Lizzie stirred and I jumped back, she closed her legs and rolled onto her side away from the edge of the bed. I chickened out and laid back beside her and pretended to be asleep. A minute later I heard her continue snoring, just tossing and turning in her sleep I guessed. Still, I didn't have the courage to continue. I laid there looking at the ceiling pantsless, my dick still standing up still wanting sex. I started masturbating, thinking about fucking her. My free hand went between us on the bed and I started to grope her ass, she didn't seem fazed. I laid on my bed groping her ass and masturbating until I came, jizz shooting up and then back down onto my stomach and hand. I felt sleepy again and closed my eyes, just for a second.

I woke up to the sound of birds chirping, sun peeking through the blinds into my room. I looked next to me and found the rest of the bed empty, a blanket was draped over me. I sat up and looked around the room again. Her shoes and bra were gone, as well as her pile of candy. I looked at the alarm clock next my bedside table but found something else instead. A pair of blue and white striped panties were hanging in front of the alarm clock.

Shadow 18/06/24(Sun)22:55 No. 25659 ID: 44728f

The pov changes were jarring at first, but now I find this an interesting way to cover more stories at one time. Though one question keeps bugging me: what's the connection? What ties these characters and their separate stories together?

I hope to see you keep posting so that I may find out.

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