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Country Child Brides odiscipline!!xlAmp4BJLj 18/04/13(Fri)20:20 No. 25508 ID: 3093c9

This is another one of those "I have more planned out, I will write it if anyone shows interest in it" deals.

Tags: Mf, mf, ff, urine, cum, light bondage

Susan’s legs began to quiver and shake, as she felt her bladder burst, and the happy warmth that had been building up inside her leak all over her legs and onto her husband’s hand. She grunted and moaned softly, hugging the muscular arm that was almost as big as she was, that was controlling the hand that was diddling her.

When her cookie box had finished quivering, her husband took her off the table, and lay her on the floor. He straddled over the little girl’s face, erect wee in hand. Susan began to compliantly kiss and lick the thick reddish wee, taking its mushroom shaped head into her little mouth, and sucking the syrupy wee juice from it like juice from an overripe peach.

Soon her husband began to quiver and shake. Susan tried to open her mouth to prepare for what was coming, but she was too tiny: torrents of wee milk filled her mouth too quickly for her to swallow, and spilled onto her face.

He squatted over her for half a minute, coating her face and hair with his wee milk. When he was done, he knelt beside her, hugging her, patting her, stroking her blond hair, tangled with dried clumps of wee milk that had been there for weeks. Susan felt a warm quiver of satisfaction that she was able to satisfy her man so well. She couldn’t wait until she began her monthly flow, and could give him a baby.

They kissed softly, as his hands ventured back to her cookie box...


It was dinner time, and the neighbor had brought his wife over. Susan loved it when the neighbor brought his wife – it meant that they would all have fun together, and Lindsay was so beautiful. The girl reminded her of an almond, both with her skin color, and her eye shape. She was such a petite girl: whenever Susan saw her, she was wearing a wee milk stained pink top that barely reached halfway down her tummy, and similarly stained pink panties that rode up her bum. Like Susan, her raven black hair was tangled with clumps of dried wee milk. Susan felt a bit jealous when she saw the dried ribbons of dry milk in Lindsay’s hair: they ran through her tresses like a web, and from far away it almost looked like she had white hair interspersed with her black hair. Her clothes looked a bit more milk stained than Susan’s as well. She knew that men would paint girls with wee milk when they were pleased with them. She wondered if she was as good at making her husband happy as Lindsay was.

The neighbor had also brought three other boys with him from neighboring farms. Susan giggled, and turned warm when she saw the muscular farm boys, shirtless, enter the dining room after the neighbor: she knew that before the night was over, she would have her shirt, hair, and panties coated in wee milk, and she and Lindsay would be diddled out of their little minds.


It felt so good to hold the happy pee in. Of course, happy peeing felt so good, but it felt even better when she finally leaked, after trying to hold it in for so long. She turned to look at Lindsay, to see if she had leaked yet. Lindsay’s eyes were rolling in the back of her head, as her own husband was diddling her.

Susan could feel her legs quivering, and her slim body shaking, as the gush became inevitable. With a squeal, she clenched her legs, and spurted onto her husband’s hand. Simultaneously, Lindsay gave a similar squeal of pleasure, as she too surrendered her happy pee to her lover.

They kissed: Susan didn’t know why she enjoyed kissing Lindsay during and after happy peeing, but it felt good to do so. They kept kissing, while their husbands diddled their cookie boxes, and the farm boys sucked their nipples nice and hard. They made the table wet with their cookie box juice, as their husbands continuously diddled them. The diddling would continue for another hour or so, until both girls were squirted to the point of exhaustion.


Susan lay on the milk stained mattress, her flat chest covered in wee milk. Wee milk ran down her face, her chest, her tummy. She was coated in it, and she loved it. None of the boys or men there could help themselves, and had all taken a turn spurting their wee milk onto her and Lindsay, they loved her such.

Her legs were spread wide, and she didn’t resist as Lindsay’s face was guided into her cookie box. As much as she loved being diddled, she especially loved it when Lindsay would kiss and lick her cookie box. She gave a squeal of delight as Lindsay’s little tongue began lapping at the folds of her tight pink kitty. She tried to hold back from peeing, like when the guys diddled her, but with Lindsay, it was no good: the little almond girl was so good at making her cookie box happy. It was only seconds before her legs quivered, and a torrent of warm happiness burst from her tummy, and flowed down her legs, into Lindsay’s face.

Susan panted, exhausted from the happy pleasure that had just flooded her body. After a few moments, one of the men picked her up by her blond hair, and guided her face into Lindsay’s cookie box. The other men repositioned Lindsay’s face in Susan’s kitty.

Susan knew what was expected of her now: she would lick Lindsay’s kitty the way she herself had just been licked, while Lindsay would continue licking her. The men and boys around her would continue to coat the girls with their happy paste while they licked each other silly. Her hands were bound behind her by her panties, so she wrapped her tiny legs around Lindsay’s head, so that Lindsay wouldn’t fall away at the most important moment. Lindsay did the same, much to Susan’s delight. They began to lap each other, to drink from each other’s cookie boxes, while the males around them squirted with joy.


Hot, sticky warmth shot up Susan’s back, as the man atop her quivered, and pressed her deep into the the dirty mattress with his weight. Now was the honeymoon practice: one day, when she began to bleed, she would be taken to this room, and her husband would fill her cookie box with his wee milk, over and over, until she made a baby. He would stick his hard wee in her, like he was doing with his fingers now, and they would both enjoy it. But right now, she was too little, both to mount, and to carry a baby. So when they were done with their dinner parties, they would practice honeymooning: her husband would lie on top of her, and hump her bum, until he shot his hot, sticky wee milk on her bum and back. While he was doing this, he would slide his fingers in her wet, tight cookie box, fingering her until she peed herself.

The farm boys loved this display, and were milking themselves in front of her and Lindsay. Such joy she felt, to be the center of so much adoration. One farm boy put his erect wee in her face, and she eagerly swallowed it, sucking and licking until he grunted, and shot his milk load down her throat.


The sun had been up for an hour, and the neighbors were going home. The males had taken baths, so as to be clean for their work today and the rest of the week. As for the girls, they would remain coated in wee milk and piss: already the ropes of milk that the males had shot onto them had dried in their hair in a fine web, and hardened their shirts. As Susan kissed Lindsay goodbye, she felt pride that she was covered in as much wee milk as Lindsay was. She envied Lindsay, going back home where she would be diddled and humped and thighed by her husband and several neighbors, but she was happy that they all enjoyed her just as much, and she looked forward to the alone time with her husband. Even though he had been relieving himself on her all night, she could see her husband’s wee start to rise again as he watched Lindsay and the neighbors leave. It would be up to her to drain her husband of wee milk, so he could go about the day’s chores. She smiled to herself: a girl’s work is never done...

Anonymous 18/04/21(Sat)16:37 No. 25518 ID: 8115d2


Anonymous 18/04/23(Mon)12:30 No. 25519 ID: c60b6a

Yes, please continue. Although this isn't normally the kind of story I find interesting, I fascinated to find out where it's going and how this strange world came to be.

odiscipline!!xlAmp4BJLj 18/05/07(Mon)06:52 No. 25533 ID: 3093c9

I will be working on a follow up to this shortly. Nothing too incredibly cruel. I am plotting out several scenarios that I would like to describe right now.

The delay is from trying to get out my Wedding Day story, which actually has an end in my mind. That and another short story that I have let sit on my drive for 5 years, and I am only just now doing something about it.

There will be a follow up to this, and it will be enjoyable. It may just be a couple of weeks before I get to it though.

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