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Crusade Gone Awry TaterChips 18/06/20(Wed)02:22 No. 25636 ID: 2d17a2

I think I posted this a long time ago and it dropped out, but I guess I'll post again since I wrote another chapter for fun.

Summary: Crusaders arrive in a foreign land haunted by a demon king...or so they think. Instead they find a desert full of monsters not hungry for flesh, but for sex. As they traverse the land of madness they find sex sorcerers, pigmen, men-luring cockatrices, alarunes that feed on sperm, hellhounds, centaurs, egg-laying insects, and even a lust demon. Will the crusaders be successful, or will they fall into debauchery like all the rest?

Tags (here we go): Rape, anthro, bestiality, drugs, slavery, magic, transformation (doll), creampies, rimming (male and female), anal fingering (male and female), anal, pegging, oral, impregnation, body control, underage (in appearance), insects, egg-laying, threesomes, foursomes, moresomes, trap (as in m/m surprise), lactation, death, blood, gore, toys, orgasm denial, maledom, femdom, and probably more that I can't think of at the moment.

ALSO: this story is VERY long. Prepare to read a lot if you want to follow it. I never write short things.


Chapter 1

(This chapter contains: virgin, magic body control, sex with dolls, oral, handjob, creampie, and human doll transformation. You have been warned. BE SURE TO LEAVE A COMMENT.)

The first ship arrived at the port. It was a longship and as it rolled up to the pier a man jumped out. Like all the people on his boat, he was dressed in plate armor, decorated with a bright, flaming bird on the breast plate. He knelt down onto the wood and thanked the goddess for his safe trip. Many of the other men and women on the boat did the same as they stepped onto the pier. The first man, clearly the leader, scanned out across the ocean. He could see countless other longships, rowing rapidly towards him. Many of them would have to anchor around the port and walk over the boats, but they made it. The last human stronghold on the continent. The man turned towards the city. He thought he might have been seeing a mirage when he first got close, but he wasn't. The city was much larger than he thought it would be. There were buildings with ornate domes crammed into high walls that covered a semi-circle around the coast. There were thousands, perhaps tens of thousands living in this city. It certainly didn't look like a place on the verge of being annihilated. Instead it looked like a paradise, with palm trees, a beautiful coast and colorful domes on some of the larger structures. Moreover, the entire place looked intact and untouched. Still, it was not his place to question the High Priest of Vordan. He was on a mission from the goddess and he intended to fulfill it. He turned to the common soldiers in the boat.

“Secure the ship.” the commander stated. “Tie all the rest of them together so they will be secure.” A hail of acknowledgment came from the soldiers as they got to work. The commander and his officers began walking down the dock. At the end of it was a simple fish house. The moment they rounded the house they discovered someone sitting behind it. They all stopped abruptly and stared. It was a very, very old man. In the desert environment he was wearing only a pair of shorts and was sharpening a trident. He was tan almost to the point of being black. He had terrible bags under his eyes, making him look like a raccoon. He had wrinkles not only down his face, but also his chest, stomach. As if he didn't look old enough already, he had a long, white beard. The ancient, grizzled man briefly gazed up at them. His eyes met with the commander's. He then turned back to his trident.

“Finally got bored over there?” the old man said. There was barely a tooth in his mouth.

“Pardon me?” the commander asked.

“Another one of them crusades.” the old man stated. “I suppose it was about time.”

“So you know why we are here? They still tell tales of the previous ones?”

“Not really, I was here for the last one.” The commander then appeared taken aback.

“That would make you...”

“I lost track, but it's got to be over a hundred.” There was more silence as the ancient man continued sharpening his trident, as if his age was no big deal.

“You have my congratulations on living so long.” the commander finally said. The old man scoffed and gazed up from his work, grinning with his two teeth.

“Well, that's the nicest thing I've heard in a while.” The old man put down his tool and sharpening stone. “Who might you be?”

“I am Colonel Marcus Lionheart, commander of the Fifth Legion of the Holy Phoenix.” The commander said, striking a bold pose.

“That's a long name.” the ancient man replied, unimpressed. The colonel ignored him and motioned towards the six armored people standing around him.

“This is lieutenant Colonel Marisa Steinem, my second in command. This is major Oren Ackler, major Sam Ageril, captain Tay Rainground, captain Talia Fenner and first lieutenant Eliza Bevens.” The five companions stood at attention, four of them proudly.

“Adrum. Charmed I'm sure.” the old man replied. “What can the fair citizens of Tarbat do for you today?”

“We are here to relieve the burden of the Demon King from your lands.” All that followed was silence. Adrum then clicked his tongue on the top of his mouth.

“You came all the way here, disrupted my livelihood with your boats to do something we don't need?” Colonel Lionheart once again appeared surprised.

“What do you mean?”

“As we always tell you crusading sorts, the Demon King isn't trying to kill us. We worked out a deal with him ages ago. We provide him with food, workers and women and he leaves us alone.”

“You appease him!?”

“We are here, you are across the ocean. We do what we have to do. The system has stood for ages. We have no deal with him about you crusaders, so you can gallivant off to the desert if you want.”

“How do you deliver your...goods to the demon?”

“I'll tell you, but it won't help. Halfway through the desert the Demon King's servants take it over. It wouldn't do you any good anyway. His servants would see you, tip him off and you would be stuck in the middle of the desert.” Colonel Lionheart appeared massively annoyed. These weren't beleaguered people under siege, but citizens who were basically taxpayers.

“Who is the leader of this city?” he asked. Adrum gazed up with his old, bloodshot eyes.

“I suppose you could say I am.”

“Suppose in what way?”

“Most people do what I tell them.” The colonel merely sighed, already feeling exhausted.

“Do you mind if we buy supplies and camp outside the city?”

“Knock yourself out.” Adrum then picked up his trident and sharpening stone. He resumed working on his fishing tool. “Word of warning, most people here are human, most.”


“Basically, watch your back. You newcomers will look like fresh meat.”

“We are trained to fight demons and their ilk.” The old man gazed up yet again.

“Have you ever met one?” Uncomfortable silence followed. The colonel didn't know to reply to that with his pride intact. “It's your funeral.” The old man once again returned to his trident. The colonel scoffed and began marching away. His lesser officers followed after him. Once they were sufficiently out of listening range the colonel turned to them.

“I don't know what they cooky old man is going on about,” he began. “But he does have a point about watching our back.” He turned to his second-in-command, Marisa. “Lieutenant Steinhem, I'm going to need you to find a weapons dealer. See what they say about our weapons and how they will manage in this heat and sand.”

“Yes sir.” The lieutenant colonel said, briefly saluting by putting her hand over her heart. She began marching away. The commander then turned to Oren.

“Major Ackler, as the commissioner of supplies, I want you to secure a food and water source for us in case this turns into a long-term campaign. Go to the food market.”

“Yes sir.” Oren stated, giving a more half-hearted salute and marching away.

“Major Ageril, I'm going to need you to scout the defenses of this town. Examine the wall, look for weaknesses and see if it has any positions from where we can scout or shoot.” Sam then gave a salute and went about his task. “Captain Rainground, I want you to see if there are any horses we can buy. We don't need to give a horse to every soldier, but having a division of cavalry will be useful.” Tay saluted like the rest and walked away. “Captain Fenner, I know the old man said these people don't want our help, but go and see if any of them will join us anyway.” Talia saluted and left. “Finally, lieutenant Bevens, I'm going need you to finish securing the ships. Hook them all together and let the soldiers step from ship to ship and get them on the ground.” She saluted and walked back long the pier. The colonel stared out at the city, suddenly feeling old.

His decisions in giving tasks weren't just random. Marisa Steinem was his right-hand woman. They had risen through the ranks together. She had always worked hard and supported him in everything he did. She was an attractive woman, with unusual blue eyes and black hair. He had no idea why she was so loyal to him, but he was glad to have her around. There was the possibility that her loyalty ran deeper than just the military, but he was too old for her. She was still young and spry, so he would never consider it. Still, he would trust no one else to deal with the weapons. He trusted her more than anyone else in the world.

Major Oren Ackler originally worked as a food seller. He knew how the business worked and how to secure supplies. He was drafted rather roughly from the streets under a vague law from a lord looking to score points with the church, so he wasn't particularly motivated. He was still young and handsome, with brown hair and eyes. He usually sported a goatee and had a habit of either hoarding or stealing food. Still, he was chosen for this mission specifically for his ability in trade and meals. He was so good at what he did that he was promoted, despite his terrible attitude.

Major Sam Ageril was an incredible soldier. He fought against bandits and cutthroats from a crumbling fortress for years. No man knew about fighting against odds like him. He had a scar across his forehead, through the area between his eyebrows and down his nose. His hair was an auburn color and it was slicked back, giving it an almost spiked appearance. His eyes were an icy blue, and he distinctly lacked a sense of humor. He was also tall, muscular and quick, an all-around perfect soldier.

Captain Tay Rainground grew up on the steppe, surrounded by horses. He fought wild, savage beasts his whole life, making him perfect for the terrible monsters in the desert yet to come. He was becoming disheartened by the campaigns back at home, killing heretics. He was a bit of an unknown element in that regard. He didn't sign up for the royal corps to kill people, only monsters and beasts. He might already have a degree of disillusionment with his job. He appeared to be a handsome boy, appearing much younger than he actually was/ His hair was an almond-brown color and his eyes were bright green. If he wasn't so busy he could have probably snagged a young and beautiful wife by now.

Captain Talia Fenner was a beautiful woman, there was no doubt about that. She had perfect golden blonde hair, without a single bad root or discolored area. She had an excellent hourglass body, with large breasts and wide hips. Her eyes were the perfect shade of blue and her face was in that beautiful diamond shape. She had a soft nose, puffy lips and balanced, small ears. In short, she was an absolutely gorgeous woman. Why she would sign up for a military corp was beyond the colonel's knowledge and his care. Women weren't his concern, war was. Still, her beauty had uses. With her soliciting help, some men would join up, either to be around her or hope to get with her, either way they would be roped in.

Finally there was first lieutenant Eliza Bevens. She was an odd one. She grew up on ships and had bizarre obsessions. She carried around books with her at all times that described fantastical creatures, both real and fictional. Her eyes only brightened when she found something unusual and she thrived on adventure and discovery. She was a small, young woman, with long red hair, blue eyes and a slim body. She was cute, but didn't care about men. She only joined the corp to find those rare creatures out in the world.

Someone walked right up to the colonel from behind. He put his hand on his sword as they stood beside him. It was Adrum, now gripping his sharpened trident. Colonel Lionheart relaxed a little, but didn't take his hand off his sword. The old man had an odd, squatting kind of walk that reminded the commander of someone who desperately needed to go to the bathroom.

“City's a thing of beauty, isn't it?” he asked.

“As beautiful as any other.” Colonel Lionheart replied curtly. He wasn't much one for architecture.

“Best get used to it. You're either going to be here for a long time or you're going to die here.” The commander glared at the old man, contemplating whether that was a threat or not. “Do you know what happens when a demon has a child with a human?”

“An abomination is created.”

“That isn't untrue. Monsters come out, the kind that stalk the desert and hunt humans.”

“We are aware of that fact.”

“Are you also aware of why those monsters hunt humans?”

“To eat.”

“And to mate.” The colonel turned his full body towards the old man, his eyes wide.


“The Demon King is a demon of lust. His power is passed to his children. All the races of the desert are such creatures. Most of them seek humans for their energy and get it through sexual means. Many of them want to reproduce with humans, considering them superior mates to other monsters.”

“Why are you telling me this?” The old man didn't reply to that. He merely turned around, putting his trident on his shoulder.

“The desert is vast. The Demon King's palace is across the endless desert, in an oasis paradise. You will have to make your way through his never-ending descendants.” The old man began walking away. “Watch your back. Sometimes, it's difficult to tell who the real monsters are.” The commander watched the man with a dire expression. What was that old cook talking about? Sex monsters? A lust demon? Real monsters? It was all preposterous. Before the colonel could continue his thoughts, the second boat of men finally arrived and it was chained to the first one. More men poured out onto the pier, praying in thanks, stretching and gazing at the city.

“We have no time to waste.” the colonel said, walking to his men. “This is a land of madness.”

Lieutenant Colonel Marisa Stein walked down the crafting section of town. Judging from the pictures on signs, there were many different kinds of artisans, tailors, dyers, potters, spinners and even ropemakers. Still, she couldn't find any smiths. There weren't any people on the street, which somewhat worried her. It was the peak of the day and yet the streets were empty. Back home the craft district would be packed this time of day. As she rounded another dead street she wiped her brow with her armored hand. It didn't really help, as the gauntlet only smeared the sweat on her face. It was blistering in this metal armor, but she was on duty. She came to one store with a sign that puzzled her. It was a person, but in an odd stance with strings on their limbs. She had never seen anything like it before. Despite the fact that she was on a mission, she couldn't quite put down her curiosity. Besides, someone could tell him where the armor or weapon smith was. She sighed and opened the door.

When Marisa walked inside she instantly stopped and gazed around with wide eyes. The entire store was covered with shelves. The shelves were stocked with tiny wooden people with stings attached to pieces of wood. They were very life-like, and somewhat haunting. Someone else entered the store from a backroom, separated by beads hanging from the doorway.

“Welcome!” the store owner said. “Please close the door!”

“Oh.” Marisa said, closing the door behind her. She was shocked to discover that the inside of the store was cool. “It's cool in here.”

“It's designed that way. You're not from around here are you?” The store owner grabbed his chin and gazed up and down her. “Hm, you must be a crusader. I've heard about them, but there hasn't been any in my lifetime.” He looked up to her face. “Yes...lovely...” Marisa felt a little creeped out under his black eyes.

“I was looking for the armor and weapon smith. The streets were empty so...”

“It's the peak of the day, no one is out during then.”

“In the middle of the day?”

“It's hot here. People are active during the morning and evening. The armor and weapon smith is a few streets over, in that direction.”

“Thanks.” Marisa turned to leave, but something caught her eye. It was a wooden person, an unusual one. It looked like an angel. It had black hair, blue eyes, wings and a halo. There was even a pristine white dress on its body. Her curiosity peaked, Marisa walked over and leaned close.

“You like that one?” the shop-owner asked. Marisa turned to see he was much closer now, standing only a few paces away from her.

“What are these?” she finally asked.

“They're puppets.”


“They don't have those in your country? Puppets are usually in the shape of people and can be manipulated with the strings.”

“Why would people want that?”

“Some like them as toys. Some of them use them as actors in little plays. Others...perhaps...simply like the idea of people being on strings. Gives them a sense of power.” Marisa became a little creeped out again. The shop owner had a wide smile that showed a lot of his teeth. Marisa had always been taught that people with wide smiles weren't trustworthy. “Where are my manners? My name is Hamid my fair lady. I'm sorry if I have disturbed you in some way. I have mannerisms even my mother found uncomfortable.” Marisa realized that she must have given some signs that she was uncomfortable around him.

“It's alright, I am new to this country.” she said. She turned back to the angel puppet. Apart from her longer nose, it looked a lot like her. If it was her, it showed a sensitive, gentle side, one she never showed anyone.

“Would you like that one?” Hamid asked.

“I...don't have money. At least none I can spend on myself. It's all for the campaign.”

“Ah yes, crusading and whatnot. Since you are new to this country and you seem to be interested in puppets, I'll just give it to you.”

“R...Really?” Marisa asked. She was surprised that he would be so generous. She had heard this was a harsh land with harsh people who would just as soon kill you then give you the time of day.

“Why not, I have a lot of them, and perhaps you could recommend me to the others.” He briefly held up his finger. “Actually, wait a moment.” He quickly walked over to the counter at the end of the store. He reached under it and removed tiny sets of clothes. He held up a set that looked like armor. “This look familiar?”

“What...how did you...?” The tiny suit of armor he was holding had a burning phoenix on it, just like their armor. It even had the same luster and chainmail underneath it.

“I have had this for a while. I modeled it after an old puppet I saw as a child. Apparently, your order has been here before.”

“We have...” Marisa had heard that the order had come to crusade, along with many other groups, ages ago. What were the odds that he would have their specific order's armor?

“Bring the puppet over here. We'll try it on.” Marisa obeyed, taking the puppet by the strings and carrying it over. Hamid took the pupped and undressed it. Marisa got a good look at the naked doll. It had a feminine figure, ball-joints and even what appeared to be genitals. It bothered Marisa a little, but she decided to let it go. He was giving her part of his livelihood for free. She was hardly in a position to complain. He put the pieces of armor onto it one by one. When the suit was finally complete he held the strings up by the controlling piece of wood. “There, it almost looks just like you. In fact, would you give me a string of your hair?” Marisa flinched a little and became incredibly uncomfortable.

“What? What for?” Hamid had that wide smile he had before. It made her even more uncomfortable.

“Just a little puppeteers trick. What harm could a single hair do?” Marisa stood very still for several moments. His wide smile still made her uncomfortable, but he did have a point. It was just a hair, was he going to do, strangle her with it? Marisa reached up and pulled a single strand of her black hair. She handed it over to him. He took the strand, put in into the doll's hair and whispered at it. There was a tiny flash of light and the doll changed. Marisa's eyes widened as the doll's nose and hair style changed to hers. It was now in her complete likeness.

“What was that?” Marisa asked.

“Just a little magic.”

“Magic!? That's demon's work!”

“Relax, everyone in this land can do a little magic. Look! It's you!” Hamid held the puppet up. Indeed it was her in every way, from the armor, to the face, hair and even stoic expression.

“Yes, it's very lovely.” Marisa was now more uncomfortable than ever before. Magic was forbidden in her country and it made her very nervous. She was grateful that he would go that far, but she now just wanted to leave.

“You want to see something really neat?” Hamid asked. He was grinning wider than ever.

“I...should really go.”

“It'll only take a moment. Watch.” He then said something akin to gibberish. It must have meant something, as Marisa felt her body tingle all over. She stumbled backwards, gazing all over her body. There didn't seem to be anything wrong.

“What...what did you do!?” Marisa shrieked.

“Take a look.” Hamid tilted one of the strings on the control bar. Much to Marisa's horror, her arm popped up just like the puppet.

“What...what is...?”

“I told you, magic.” Hamid began puling the strings again and again. Marisa's arms flailed against her will, just like the puppet. “Didn't they tell you not to trust people over here? If not, they should have.” Marisa fought with all of her might, trying to resist, but her muscles wouldn't obey. It was like her orders wouldn't go to them. Hamid carried the puppet as he walked around the counter and towards the door of the store.

“You are certainly a beautiful woman.” he said. He reached up to the door and locked it. “The way you tie up that gorgeous black hair is almost criminal. I also have no doubt that the armor you have on is hiding a beautiful figure.” He walked towards the door to the back room. He turned and smiled again. “Come along.” He began walking the puppet. Much to Marisa's horror, she began walking awkwardly towards the door. She tried yet again to resist, but her body wasn't her own anymore. She followed Hamid into his back room.

She emerged into what must have been a work room. Standing around the edges of the room where four giant puppets, the size of humans. They were faceless and had ball joints, but were wearing underwear and had a male build. Hamid walked her to the middle of the room and stopped her.

“Stop this immediately!” Marisa shouted, sounding panicked. “My commander will come for me!”

“He can try.” Hamid said, with a wide smile. “I doubt he will succeed. No one saw you come in here and everyone in this city keeps their mouth.” Hamid hung Marisa's doll from the ceiling. She was stuck in place, unable to resist or fight. “Now, let's see if it's still as powerful as it used to be.” He reached up and grabbed the puppet's arm. Marisa gritted her teeth as she fought it in vain. As he raised the puppet's hand up her own hand obeyed. He lifted her hand to her shoulder. To her horror, he began undoing her armor.

“What are you doing?” Marisa asked. Her terrified eyes stared at him manipulate the puppet's hands.

“Taking your armor off.” he said flatly. “I could do it directly, but I need the practice.” The connector on her shoulder came loose. Her breast plate sagged off of her shoulder. “There we go, now the other.”

“Please stop this!” Marisa was now beginning to sound desperate. Her hand came up to her other shoulder. She was about to be completely defenseless in front of the puppeteer. She resisted with all of her might, but her muscles refused to obey her. She helplessly watched as he removed every piece of her armor, from her breast plate to her grieves to her metal skirt. She began to panic as she removed her own chainmail. All that remained was a thin pair of pants and a shirt.

“Stop...stop it...” Marisa said, beginning to shake. She was all but naked. Hamid stopped manipulating the pupped and gazed her up and down once again.

“Very nice. I new you had a proper figure.” He began walking around her, kicking her armor away to the sides of the room. “Oh yes...yes...why would you ever hide such a beautiful body under so many pounds of armor?”

“You have to let me go...” Marisa said, her voice trembling. “I...I have to report back...”

“My dear, you may be new to this country, so you might not be familiar with what's going on. Allow me to elaborate.” Hamid stepped back over to the puppet. He once again began manipulating it. With her hands shaking in fear, Marisa reached for her shirt.

“No! No, please!”

“You see, that part of your life is over. You're about to embark on a new journey.” Marisa pulled her shirt over her head, exposing her amble breasts. “Don't worry, it won't be so bad.” She reached for her pants and pulled them down. “I think you'll enjoy...oh my!” Hamid stopped in mid sentence the moment he saw Marisa's nude body. “You...are truly beautiful! I knew that black hair and blue eyes was something special...but your body! Perfect hips, breasts, legs and stomach, I am impressed. Must be all that exercise you get.” Tears were beginning to stream down Marisa's eyes. She hadn't cried since she was a child, and certainly not since joining the corp. Now she was exposed, helpless and at the mercy of some bizarre puppet-wizard.

“Please...no more...”

“No more? We're just beginning!” Hamid lifted his hand and snapped his fingers. For a few moments, there was nothing but silence. Then Marisa heard the terrifying noise of wooden objects clacking together.

“What...what is...?” Her voice was trembling. She gazed around to see that the large mannequins in the room were creaking to live, trembling and jerking. “What are you doing?”

“And ruin the surprise? I'm afraid not my dear.” The faceless mannequins began lurching forward, getting more mobile with each step. They surrounded her on all sides, as if waiting for something. Marisa couldn't even cover herself. She stood nude, trembling and crying. A few minutes previous she was a proud soldier, ready for a prolonged campaign of combat. Now she was a helpless girl, stripped of everything at the mercy of some evil sorcerer.

“What...are they doing?” she asked.

“Boy you really are a soldier of the church.” Hamid said, sounding a little disgruntled. He took the puppet off of the ceiling and brought it to the ground. As the naked puppet dropped to it's knees, so did Marisa. Now on her knees, she watched as the giant puppets around her removed the undergarments on their crotch. Her eyes widened as wide as they could go. Protruding from their wooden bodies were very real-looking erect penises and testicles.

“You see, I made these things from the sap of a rubber tree. I whipped it around for a while and low and behold it turned into this soft, skin-like substance. I call it latex. I figured I could sell it to men who have lose their dicks or lonely women. Of course...it needs to be tested first.” Hamid grinned as he manipulated the puppet. Marisa began gasping and whining in horror as her arms raised up without her consent. She squeezed her eyes shut as her hands wrapped around two of the erections. Much to her surprise, they felt like skin and were warm. She kept her eyes closed as tight as possible as her hand began to pump the dicks.

“No, no, my dear.” Hamid said. “An important part of the experience is to keep eye contact.” He snapped his finger again. Much to Marisa's disgust, her eyes opened. Equally to her disgust, there was one of the white, fake dicks now in her face. “Open up dear.” Marisa kept her mouth shut as tight as she could. “Come on, it won't be so bad. Don't fight me. Alright...” Hamid snapped his fingers again. Despite using all of her strength, her jaw opened, shaking with effort. The puppet's dick shoved into her mouth, earning a distressed whine from Marisa. The shaft in her mouth began pumping back and forth. She could feel the cock in her mouth throb and pulse, like it was a living thing. It pierced deeper and deeper. The puppet reached up and grabbed the back of her head. It bobbed her back and forth on its faux dick. Its wooden body was shuddering, as if the puppet could actually feel pleasure. Maybe it could, she wasn't sure. Abruptly and without warning, it pulled hard on her head. She gagged loudly as the prick pierced the back of her throat. It held her there tightly for several moments, not allowing her to breathe. She desperately fought for air, but her hands never stopped moving.

“Now, now, Arthur, be gentle.” Hamid chided. The puppet named Arthur released her head and pulled back, letting her gasp for hair. “I do apologize my dear, these sensations are new to them. Oops, better stop.” Marisa's hands stopped moving and dropped away from the latex dicks. She could see that all of their erections were visibly pulsing. “They almost blew their tops.”

“They...they can...?” Marisa said, getting a terrible feeling in her gut.

“Of course, it wouldn't be any good for selling if they couldn't.” Hamid said, as if it were obvious. “Now, on all fours.” Marisa was forced to obey as the puppet moved, assuming a humiliating position more fitting for a dog. Her tears were now dripping onto the ground. “Oh Balthazar, go grab that bottle over there. Yes, that one.” Marisa couldn't see what they were doing, but she could hear something being opened.

“What are you doing?”

“This will help you feel better.” Hamid replied, smiling wide. Marisa shrieked loudly at feeling something touching her nethers. She shook in humiliation and fear as the wooden fingers of the puppet probed inside of her. It had some kind of gel on its fingers. It spread it around inside every part of her, from her outer lips to her cervix. Once it had finished, the puppet removed its fingers. Marisa waited, feeling the cold substance sitting on her most sacred part.

“What is...?” Marisa was cut off as she shrieked and began shaking. She was now quivering for a different reason. The gel inside of her canal suddenly began to heat up and produce a tingling sensation. Almost immediately, she could feel juices drip from her. Her pussy felt as if it was itching terribly and needed to be scratched. “No! No! Make it stop! Make it stop!”

“As you wish my dear.” Hamid said. The puppet called Balthazar that had given her the gel knelt behind her. It lined up its erection with her slit, preparing to shove it inside.

“No! No! Anything but that!” Marisa fully panicked. Much to Hamid's surprise, she managed to move a little under her own power, shaking her ass just out of position so Balthazar couldn't push himself in. “I have someone I love! Please don't!”

“Wait a moment.” Hamid ordered. The puppets obeyed, standing, or kneeling, as still as statues. Marisa breathed a sigh of relief, but continued to shake and drip. The burning inside of her was spreading and now seemed to cover her entire torso. Hamid walked over and lifted her chin, so that her blue eyes could see his black ones. “Who might this man be?”

“M-Marcus Lionheart. Colonel Marcus Lionheart.” Marisa admitted. There seemed to be a smidgen of actual sympathy in Hamid's eyes. She would say anything to get him to stop, especially considering Balthazar's hands still had a grip on her hips and his erection was still pointed at her entrance.

“Colonel? He wouldn't happen to be the commander of these forces would he?”

“Yes! Yes he is! I followed him all this time...hoping he would retire some day. Then I could tell him! I admire him for his determination, kindness and fairness! I've loved him for a long time.” Hamid tilted his head and appeared genuinely sympathetic.

“Oh, that's so sweet. You can't be together because you're in the same unit, yet you still pine after him. Oh well, it's hopeless anyway.” Balthazar thrust forward. Marisa screamed as her virginity was shattered. The puppet buried itself up to the hilt and shuddered while it did so. Blood dripped from around its latex erection. Marisa gazed back with tears in her eyes, seeing that it was indeed true.

“It...it hurts...”

“It won't for much longer, I assure you.”

“But...why did you ask...you...?”

“My dear, he's not going to live much longer.” She gazed back up at him, this time an angry expression on her face.

“He is not!”

“Sweetheart, how many crusades have there been?” Marisa did not answer. In truth, she didn't know. “A lot. How many have succeeded? None. You have no idea what monsters lie in that desert or how much power the Demon King has.” Balthazar suddenly drew his erection out of Marisa and shoved it back in. The woman shrieked, but only half out of pain. It was beginning to subside and that tingling was taking over. “You should be thanking me, I'm saving your life.”


“The pain should be gone now. Go ahead Balthazar.” Hamid stepped away and the puppet began thrusting its hips slowly. Marisa bit her lip as tears streamed out of her eyes, but not out of pain anymore. With every movement of the erection inside of her the tingling melted into sparks of pleasure. Against her will, her juices coated the white prick every time Balthazar pulled it out. The puppet was now pulling her hips with his thrusts, allowing him to pierce deeper with each of his movements.

“Let's not deprive the others of attention.” Marisa's upper body lifted up, with Balthazar helping her by holding her up by her stomach. His thrusts never stopped however. Her hands came up and she began pumping on two of the puppet's dicks again. She shook her head back and forth. The sparks of pleasure inside of her were building. She could feel the tension around her pussy increasing, ready to blow.

“Oh my, are you about to cum?” Hamid had a twinkle in his eye at the display. “Well go ahead, cum as much as you like. I think those puppets you're jacking off are about ready to burst too.” Marisa watched them. Their hips were shuddering and their dicks were pulsing. She tried her best to close her eyes and feel nothing, but failed miserably. With every thrust Balthazar made, a new wave of pleasure washed over her. The tension inside of her grew and grew. It felt like a dam was breaking She gasped and turned her head up to the ceiling.

“No! No! I don't...I don't...!” Then she screamed in unwanted bliss. Her canal clamped down on Balthazar. The puppet wrapped its arms around her like a lover and held her close as her insides coiled around him. Juices gushed on his latex dick. Marisa gasped each time her body quivered in pleasure. Her hands tightened around the erections in her hand while she was pumping. The two puppets shuddered and pumped their hips for a few moments before erupting. Warm jizz gushed onto her hand, covering them. Marisa let out a few more weakened gasps as she twitched with the last blasts of pleasure. Balthazar let her go and she collapsed onto all fours again.

That was when she felt a shocking sensation. Her hands felt different, as if they were covered in something hard. As soon as the tears cleared from her eyes she saw that the white release of the puppets was quickly absorbing into the skin of her hands. From her wrist to her fingertips her skin was turning oddly reflective and felt much heavier.

“What...what's happening to me?” Marisa asked, her voice panicking.

“Ah, that.” Hamid said nonchalantly. “Since I cant use real testicles, as I don't have any at the moment, I instead have them ejaculate what they have for blood, enchanted puppet stuff and whatnot. Curios thing, when it comes into contact with human skin it turns the human into a puppet hybrid of sorts. Your skin is going to have a harder more sheen-like consistency. It won't hurt, I assure you. My ancestors used to have whole armies of these.”

“A...a puppet?” Marisa finally felt the true terror of the situation hit her in the pit of her stomach. He was changing her into a puppet. “Please...you can't...I...I don't want...”

“My dear, I'm saving your life! Besides, it's not like you won't enjoy it.” Balthazar turned her over onto her back. It lifted her hips so he could get a better angle. It placed both of its hands on either side of her stomach. “All it has to do is get inside of you.”

“No! Stop it! I don't want...!!” She was silenced. The puppet called Arthur put its own erection back inside of her mouth. Both of them began pumping their hips in rhythm with each other. Marisa wanted to fight with all of her might, but instead just lay there as the puppets had their way with her. Worse still, she could feel those sparks of pleasure jumping around inside of her canal again. Despite her terror, despite her fighting and despite not wanting any of it, she was getting off on this again. She whined in distress, but her hips began shaking in pleasure. She could feel her body building to another climax. The puppets were bucking their hips wildly. Arthur's shaft was piercing her throat as the puppet shoved its entire girth into her mouth each time. Balthazar was now gripping her hips again, pulling her hips with every thrust. The tension inside of her built with every movement until she couldn't take it anymore. She could feel their dicks swelling in her canal and mouth. They were going to cum, and she would be no more.

'I can't...' she thought desperately. 'I...I don't want this...make it...make it stop!” She screamed against the prick in her mouth and arched her back. Her juices gushed around Balthazar's shaft as her insides clamped around him. Both of the puppet's hips twitched as their dicks pulsed, they pushed themselves as deep as they could and then burst. All three of them quivered with pleasure. In her orgasmic bliss, Marisa could feel their jizz gush into her. Her canal was coated with hot spunk and it poured down her throat so she had no choice but to swallow it. For several moments, all of them bucked against each other, bathing in pleasure. Finally it was over. Balthazar pulled out, his release gushing out of her. Arthur did the same, with Marisa coughing a little of his spunk out of her mouth. She could feel that heavy, hard feeling spreading around her body.

“No...make it...” Her voice faded as her face became still and her skin became shiny. It quickly melted over her whole body as her skin absorbed all of the puppet's magic. In a few moments, she was completely changed. She no longer moved and no longer spoke. She was a living doll, unable to do anything without her master. That person walked over to her as he shooed the puppets away.

“Aren't you perfect?” Hamid said, grinning. “You are by far the most beautiful puppet I have ever seen.” He lifted her up into a sitting position. Hamid ran his hand over her smooth stomach and gripped one of her breasts in his hand. It was large enough that it filled up his entire grip. He pulled some of her black hair away from her face and whispered into her ear. “Don't you worry. It doesn't take any of your sensitivity away.” He pinched her nipple, causing her to gasp through her nose. Her face showed no emotion however. “Oh the fun we will have my sweet puppet.” He licked her shoulder, causing her to shiver a little. “You are mine. Now and forever.”


That night, Colonel Lionheart was pacing back and forth nervously. Almost all of the ships had docked and the camp had been set up outside of the city. Everything was moving smoothly except for one thing. His second-in-command, his right-hand woman was nowhere to be found. A blacksmith showed up and offered his services soon after they scattered, for a fee of course. The colonel would trade every weapon in the world right now to have Lieutenant Colonel Steinem back. She was a one in a million soldier, loyal, capable and strong. Now she was missing in this large city. He was pacing by the docks, waiting for the one person who would know anything about this to arrive. Just when he was about to order the city sacked and was beating his sword into the ground, the old man returned. Adrum emerged from a cliff surrounding the docks, a bucket in one hand and a trident with a fish still on it in the other. Despite his advanced age, his container was full to the brim with clams, oysters and fish. He approached the colonel, receiving a death glare as he did so. He still had that bizarre, squatting walk that already bothered the hell out of the colonel.

“I take it everything is going smoothly?” The ancient man asked, putting the bucket and the trident beside his fish house. He was clearly sarcastic and Lionheart was in no mood for it.

“My second in command is missing!” he shouted at the top of his lungs.

“What was she doing?” Adrum asked calmly.

“Looking for a blacksmith!”

“How many were with her?”

“She was alone!” Much to the colonel's fury, the old man laughed. It was a dry, croaking cackle.

“Did I not tell you to watch your back? How can one watch one's back alone?” The decrepit man sat in his chair beside his house, picked the fish ofg the trident and began cleaning it with his bare hands. “I tried to warn you, be glad it only cost you one soldier.”

“I want her back!” the colonel shouted. His hand gripped his sword so tight that his fingers were white, even through his armor. Adrum stopped cleaning the fish, his hands covered in guts. Their eyes met. The old man appeared serious all of a sudden.

“In all likelihood, she is either dead or not human anymore.” Adrum said coolly.

“What the hell does that mean!?” Adrum threw the fish and its guts onto the ground. He stood up, using the trident as if it were a walking staff.

“It means that this is a land of madness, as I told you before. Even if she is alive, which isn't guaranteed, some manner of magic has probably taken her. She was a strong, armed soldier, so it isn't likely someone robbed her or enslaved her. Which means that magic must have been involved. She might not even be in the city anymore. She might be with the creatures in the desert, or dead, or some sort of monster herself. I warned you young man, don't come crying to me if you didn't heed my advice.”

“I will ransack every house in this city until I get my answer!” the colonel shouted at the top of his lungs.

“Don't be a fool.” Adrum retorted, pointing his trident at the colonel. “I've been watching your boats come in all day. You have eight hundred soldiers at most. This is a city of tens of thousands. If I rally them we will simply overwhelm you, not just with people but with magic.” Colonel Lionheart gave the ancient man a deadly glare. He could cut the man down where he stood, but the population would become incensed. The commander of these forces cutting down such an old man who still lived off of the ocean? They would murder them in the streets. Still, how was he supposed to let this go? His second-in-command was likely being tortured at that very moment.

“What am I supposed to do?” the colonel finally asked. “Nothing? Let her disappear? She was one of my best soldiers and one of the few people in this world I would trust with my life.” Adrum seemed to growl at himself. He gazed off at the sea for a few moments. After gathering his thoughts he turned back to the colonel.

“The longer you are here, the more aware the Demon King will become to your presence. It would take you at least a week to ransack this city if we resist and that's assuming we aren't effective. By that time, the king will have organized an army of monsters and you will be annihilated without fail. The only hope you have is to catch him before that happens. The longer you wait, the more powerful he becomes.” There were a few more tense moments between them. Somehow, despite the man's endless wrinkles, hunched stature and squat legs, he was intimidating.

“I swear to the goddess that when this is over I will return. I don't care if I have to burn this entire city down, I will find out what happened to Lieutenant Colonel Marisa Steinam. I swear to you.” Adrum stared at him for a moment.

“I'll find out for you.” the ancient man said. “By the time you come back, I will have you an answer.”

“I'm going to hold you to that...old man.” The colonel then turned and marched away, heading for the city gates. Adrum watched him as he walked away, making sure he was leaving. The moment he disappeared into the buildings the old man scoffed and returned to his chair. He picked up the fish from the ground and began cleaning it again. He then grinned and began chuckling

“So confident.” Adrum muttered. “Just like all the others.”

Colonel Lionheart walked out of the city gates and emerged into the camp his soldiers made. They had hastily put up tents and were setting fires as the temperature was rapidly dropping. The colonel's officers were waiting near the entrance, warming themselves by one of the fires. They had taken off their plated armor and were in their chainmail. The colonel walked up to them, with each of them standing to attention when the saw him. Major Ackler was a little slower to come to attention than the rest of them.

“Be on guard at all times!” Colonel Lionheart shouted immediately. “Never for a moment think you are safe! There are threats everywhere!” The commander then spat into the sand. All of his officers gazed at one another. It was Captain Talia Fenner that spoke first.

“Sir, have you found Lieutenant Steinem?” She asked, sounding genuinely concerned.

“No.” The commander replied bitterly. “Unfortunately we don't have any time to waste. The old codg...I mean Adrum believes that she is likely already dead or sold into slavery or something. The longer we wait, the more time the Demon King has to get his defenses ready. We have far fewer soldiers than any crusade before, but we are the most elite the church has. They have faith in us and we can't squander that faith for one person.” Colonel Lionheart gazed down at the sand on his feet. “No matter who it is. I don't like this one bit, and once it's over we will return and find out where she is, dead or alive, and make the person responsible pay. For now...we have a mission to conduct.” The colonel gazed back up and came to attention. “Each of you report.” Although his officers appeared appeared unsure of his decision, they obeyed.

“Well,” Oren began, not looking as interested. “It was easy enough to find some vendors. I'm not sure our stomachs will be entirely happy with it, but I've got us food. All you have to do is pay them.” The major fell silent as the commander glared at him. For a few moments, tension hung in the air. Then Oren's eyes lit up. “Oh, sorry sir.” He finally said with respect. “Apologies sir. Did not mean to offend you sir.” He seemed disgusted with the word “sir,” but having him say it was probably good enough. The commander let it go and turned to the next person.

“The defenses of this town are surprisingly good sir.” Major Sam Ageril stated. He was more matter-of-fact and a lot more respectful. “The walls do not have any major structural weakness, there are archer holes every few feet and it is designed to be manned and fled from in a matter of minutes.”

“Very good.” the commander said. “I doubt we will be taking to the defense of this city, but it's good to know what it's capabilities are.” He turned to the next person.

“Unfortunately, I couldn't find any horses the people would part with sir.” Captain Tay Rainground began. “The horses they do have are used for farming along the coast and are not suited for long distances or battles. They also possess camels, but as we are not trained with those I don't think they would serve us sir.”

“Horses would probably be poor in this sand anyway. Thank you for looking.”

“I scoured the residential district sir.” Captain Talia Fenner stated. “Most of them wanted to lure me into their homes. The vast majority of the people laughed at me when I asked if they wanted to join.”

“So there are no recruits?”

“Well...there is...one.” Talia had a cute squeak in her voice when she said “well.” The commander didn't notice.


“He says he can help guide us through the desert. It's just...he's...not entirely human sir.”


“He seems to be...how should I put it? Part fox.”


“Desert fox to be precise...sir. Still, he seemed eager to help us, for the right price sir.”

“It seems we've been getting a lot of that.” The colonel rolled his eyes. “Beggar’s can't be choosers. We're here for the Demon King. We'll accept help from anyone.”

“Yes sir.” The captain said in acknowledgment. The colonel turned to First Lieutenant Eliza Bevens.

“Almost everyone is off the boat sir.” She stated. “There are only a few more. Everyone knew the drill and there were no incidents sir.”

“Good job everyone.” The colonel said, although he gave the disaffected Oren a glare. “Make sure everyone is prepared for battle at all times. We will move out immediately at dawn tomorrow. I will have to meet our...unusual guide immediately.”

“Yes sir.” They all said, saluting with their hands on their hearts. Oren was a little slower than the rest of them.

“Dismissed.” They all scattered except for Talia. She stood in place, staring at the colonel. “Is there something else captain?”

“Sir, Marisa had a sister.” she said bluntly. The colonel flinched, abruptly uncomfortable.

“I see. We will have to send her a message once this is over.” the commander said, trying to defer any feelings he had for later.

“That's just it sir, she's on this campaign.” The colonel took a deep breath as he suddenly felt a tightening in his gut. He had an obligation to the soldiers under his command, Marisa's sister included. “She's a private on the last boat. The lieutenant colonel made sure of that in case we had a rough landing. She should be here shortly.” The colonel lifted his gauntlet hand and put it to his head. This situation was one of the worst he had ever been in. All the battles were nothing compared to what he was about to have to do.

“I'll break the news. It's my duty. You tell our guide to wait in my tent, and make sure he is unarmed.”

“Yes sir.” Captain Fenner saluted and marched away. The colonel felt even older than he did that morning. This was already the longest campaign in his career and it was just beginning.

The colonel waited by the gate for the last soldiers to arrive. He had asked his quartermaster, who apparently knew both Marisa and his sister, to point out when the woman arrived. When a group of soldiers marched through the entranceway, carrying their possessions on their back, the quartermaster pointed. The colonel marched forward. The moment the group of soldiers saw him they stopped. Some of them dropped their packs in surprise, but they all saluted very quickly. The colonel saluted back to them.

“At ease soldiers.” he said. It didn't do him any good to say that, they all appeared just as nervous as before. “I am looking for a Private Steinam, sister of Lieutenant Colonel Marisa Steinhem.”

“Huh? Oh, that's me sir.” A young woman stepped forward. As the commander examined her, he saw some resemblance. They had the same nose and jaw, but this woman had a much gentler expression. Her eyes were brown and her hair blonde and short. She was also smaller and judging from the way she moved and her smaller hands and feet, she was much more slender than her sister.

“The rest of you may move on. I must speak with Private Steinam alone.” The other soldiers saluted nervously and quickly marched away. The young woman appeared very nervous, completely puzzled as to what this was about.

“What is your name private?” The colonel began.

“It's...Catarina Steinam sir.”

“Catarina. I have...unfortunate news to deliver to you.”

“What is it?”

“Your sister has gone missing.” Abruptly the nervousness disappeared from Catarina's face. She appeared very dire and very worried.

“What? What happened?”

“I sent my officers into the city to acquire supplies and scout. I sent her to secure a blacksmith for our armor and weapons. She never reported back.”

“Have you organized a search?” The colonel felt the knot in his stomach tie tighter. Families frequently didn't understand the need to put the mission before their loved ones. The commander did not enjoy being yelled at by emotional people.

“I would like to do nothing else. She was my best soldier and I would trust her with my life. However, there is no time. The longer we wait, the more time the Demon King has to prepare for our attack. I threatened to search all of the houses in the city, but we were threatened with retaliation and it would take us at least a week to search the city by force. We cannot wait that long. The plan is for us to strike hard and strike fast. We are the elite soldiers, hand-picked from combat veterans and high scorers during training. We are the best and we have to act like the best. As much as it pains me, we must wait to put forward a search or else the entire operation will suffer. I swear to you, once this over, we will get answers. For now, we must press on.” Throughout the whole explanation, Catarina stared at her feet. She showed no emotion through all of it. The colonel continued to brace himself for the inevitable yelling.

“I understand sir.” she finally said.

“You do? Well...great. I appreciate your professionalism in this matter. I care for your sister a lot, and I will not rest until I find her or get answers.” The colonel saluted and began walking away.

“Sir!” the private shouted. He turned back towards her.


“If possible...I want to help fill her void in some way.” Catarina's eyes were filled with determination and will. She greatly resembled her sister all of a sudden. “I know I can't be your second in command, but I have to help in some way! I can't let my sister just be a footnote in this campaign. I have to help her legacy. She's...” The young woman abruptly looked down at the sand on the ground. “She's...all I have. Our parents...were killed by bandits.” The colonel stared at her silently. With that determined look on her face she looked so much like her sister, that fire, that intensity, the loyalty to duty. The commander gazed up at the night sky, thinking.

“It's true. I can't make you my second in command.” he said. “However, I can make you my personal aide.” Catarina's face lifted, a bright expression on her face. “It was one of her functions as my second. I don't think Major Ageril would be willing to do that.” The young woman stood at attention and saluted.

“I would be happy to be your personal aide sir!”

“Very well. Put your things away and meet in my tent. You will need to keep a record of what happens here.”

“Yes sir!” Catarina dashed away, eager to cast off her luggage. The commander watched her run away, eager to begin her new job. The colonel then gazed out into the desert.

“How much more will you take from me I wonder?” The desert did not answer. It never did. It only sweltered and killed. The commander took a deep breath, regained his professional composure and began marching to his tent.

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Please do continue

SRO 18/06/20(Wed)18:29 No. 25639 ID: c062b3

I confess this type of erotica is not to my personal taste, which of course is not your fault. I’m just not into anything non-consensual. Otherwise, I’d say you’re off to a very good start. I give it high marks for setting, characters, plot, dialogue, writing style; pretty much the whole package. If I was a first reader for an actual publisher, I’d probably say it needs some proofing and polishing; otherwise I’d seriously be considering it based on the first chapter.

TL;DR: You have my attention.

TaterChips 18/06/21(Thu)07:30 No. 25641 ID: 3840b5


Not all of them will be non-consensual, but you do have to be patient.

SRO 18/06/22(Fri)01:22 No. 25647 ID: f7d3f6


Excellent! Patiently looking forward to them. :)

HotPocket 18/06/23(Sat)17:29 No. 25656 ID: a9098f

I'm digging the chapter-level tags if your story is going to cover so many of them.

TaterChips 18/06/24(Sun)07:07 No. 25657 ID: c7f013


I'll cover all the tags and probably more. The next chapter is kind of a typical orc on woman thing, but after that it veers into weird sex insanity.

TaterChips 18/06/28(Thu)07:31 No. 25668 ID: 710c4b

(When I have posted this chapter before, I received some pushback as it was “overdone,” “generic,” and “meh.” If you feel that way, just hang with me. The insanity will return next chapter.)

Chapter 2

(This chapter contains: drugs, orcs (pigmen), titjob, blowjob, kidnapping, slavery, and creampie. You have been warned.)

Colonel Lionheart entered his tent and paused. Standing in the middle of his pavilion was their guide, a fox man. Unlike the vulpines back home, his fur was a cream color and very fluffy. He was wearing the loose-fitting clothes that all the desert people were wearing, albeit it had a hole in the back where his puffy tail poked out.

“You must be the commander!” the fox man said, grinning. He had a fox's face and teeth. As disgusted as the colonel was by this, he needed him. The commander walked over to his desk and sat behind it. “Oh I don't have a chair...but that's fine!” Colonel Lionheart glared at the smiling fox. The animal-man was going to be a problem, he could see that already.

“What is your name?” Lionheart asked, not a single ounce of humor in his tone. The fox man bowed.

“My name is Renard sir, of the Fennec tribe.” He rose up, that toothy grin on his face. “Might I say, I am so happy there is another crusade here. Our economy has been in a slump lately. It's so good to have people come and spend money...”

“Can you lead us to the Demon King's palace or not?” the colonel said, interrupting Renard's monologue.

“Well...no. None of us know where it is exactly, but my tribe has spent years traveling the desert. I can show you the paths we use to deliver supplies to the Demon King and warn of the dangers yet to come.” The colonel wasn't sure if Renard was telling the truth or not, but it had to be better than waltzing into the desert blind.

“Very well, you have to job.”

“Excellent. There's just the small matter of my payment.” The colonel was getting very tired of people in this land asking him for money. “I was thinking in the realm of...say...fifty gold coins.”

“Ten.” The colonel said flatly.

“I suppose I could drop it down to...forty.”

“You will take twenty or I'll enslave you and you get nothing.” Renard then grinned once again, although this time he appeared much more nervous.

“Twenty it is. I have some bar debts so if I could get an advance...”

“I will give you ten now, ten when we get to the Demon King's mansion.”

“There's no guarantee that...”

“I know.” The colonel's voice continued to drop lower and lower with every response he gave to Renard. The commander reached into a satchel hanging on the wall and extracted ten gold coins. He slapped them on the table.

“I'm sure it will go well.” Renard stated, picking up the money. He had fingers, but there were canine-like pads on his palms as well as fur. The fox man took the coins and shoved them in his pocket. “I must go take care of some business before we leave.”

“Be here by dawn or I will track you down.”

“Of that I have no doubt colonel. Say...you wouldn't happen to know where Captain Fenner went...?” The colonel glared at the fox man once again.

“Captain Fenner has her own duties to attend to and you will not bother her. If you do, I will not be responsible for any damage done to you.” The colonel turned back to the papers on his desk. “And she is capable of doing significant damage to those that bother her.”

“You lot sure are a fun bunch.” Renard then shrugged and walked out of the tent, his tail flicking as he left. The colonel sighed in exhaustion. He didn't know whether the fox would be an asset or a hindrance. All he knew was, tomorrow as going to be a long day.

A little later, Renard walked into a local tavern. He leaned against the bar, a wide grin on his vulpine face as he waited for the barkeep to see him. Once she finished handing a mug of ale to one customer she turned to Renard. He bat ears twitched and she bared her fangs.

“You've got some nerve coming back here Renard.” She hissed. Apart from the ears and fangs, she appeared to be an attractive woman. It was probably the reason Renard gave her an alluring look.

“Don't be that way Hesta! Is this the way you treat me after all those long nights over watered-down ale?” Renard said, as if he were flirting.

“So you insult me by acting like we have a relationship and then you insult my ale?”

“We did have a relationship!”

“It was one night and I was drunk.”

“Doesn't mean you didn't like it.”

“Either pay your debt or leave.”

“Believe it or not...” Renard placed the gold coins he was paid on the table. Quite surprised, Hesta walked over and picked them up.

“This is the gold of those crusaders.” She gazed up at him, looking suspicious. “You didn't steal it did you? I want not part of stolen gold. You know what happens to thieves in this city.”

“No worries. They hired me.”

“For what? Having drunken sex with their females?” Renard put his thumb to his chest proudly.

“I'm going to be their desert guide.” Hesta abruptly laughed in a very shrill manner, reminiscent of a bat.

“They must want to die more that I thought!”

“Don't be mean. Come on, I paid you off.” Hesta looked at the gold in her hand and bobbed it up and down, measuring the weight.

“I'm pretty sure this only covers about half.” she said.

“What!? Don't add interest!” Renard complained. Hesta gave him another glare.

“I'm not, you mutt. You owe me for one hundred forty-seven drinks. I wrote it down because I was going to put it on your tombstone.”

“You are so cute when you're mad at me.” Hesta gave the grinning fox a pathetic stare. Silence hung between them as Hesta wasn't sure if she wanted to hit him. Renard only grinned like a fox who got away with theft.

“Is there something else you wanted?” The barkeep asked.

“A drink?” Renard asked hopefully

“Are you kidding me?”

“I might die tomorrow. Come on Hesta! You can put on my tombstone that I owe you...let's see...minus...add one...seventy-four and a half drinks!” Another silence hung in the air. Hesta was waiting to see if Renard was serious about all this or whether he was just a gold thief.

“One drink.” she said firmly.

“You are a wonderful woman, I don't know if I say that enough, and beautiful too!” Renard said.

“Don't push your luck.” Hesta quickly filled a flagon of ale and shoved it at him.

“Don't spill it! Geez!” Renard sighed and then grinned at the liquor in front of him. “Aw, tastes just like Hesta's...”

“If you open your mouth again, I'm going to nail it shut!” Hesta cried, interrupting him.

“Your a wonderful woman Hesta!” Renard then chugged back the ale, savoring the alcohol he had been denied for some time.

“You always have a way with women.” Renard spun around. He then grinned and raised his mug.

“Hamid! So good to see you again! What have you been up to?” The fox man asked.

“Oh you know.” Hamid said, shrugging his shoulders. “This and that.” Renard turned back to the bar.

“A round for my good friend Hesta, on me!”

“Go to hell Renard!” Hesta shouted in reply. Renard turned back to his friend, a grin still on his face.

“We have such a good relationship.” The fox said.

“I can see that.” Hamid replied. He walked up and sat at the bar. “Why the hell did she let you back in?”

“Paid half my debt.” Renard said.

“And...you did that how?” Hamid asked, cocking his eyebrow

“I work for the crusaders at the moment.” Renard declared proudly. Hamid laughed at that statement.

“Now there's a bright move. You want to die?”

“I assure you that I can fair a lot better in the desert than they can.”

“You haven't been in the desert since you were fifteen.”

“Well it's still hot, still brutal and still full of monsters. Don't imagine it's changed much.”

“Why would you even agree to that? You hate working.”

“Maybe I've found my spirit of adventure.”

“There's a cute crusader isn't there?”

“I'm not sure what you're implying good sir and I take it as an affront to my honor.” Renard then took another drink of an ale.

“Uh-huh. Well I've already taken a good sampling of the crusaders already.” The fox man put his mug on the table and gave Hamid his own version of a disbelieving stare.

“Good heavens, what did you do?”

“A gentlemen never tells.”

“Good thing we're not gentlemen.” Both of them chortled at that.

“Come on, tell me, what did you do?”

“Yes, tell us. What did you do?” said a new voice. Every spine in the entire place went rigid. Hamid and Renard jumped up and spun around. The fox man didn't even care that his ale tipped over. Everyone else in the room jumped to their feet and shuffled to the edges of the room. Standing in the middle of the bar, with his trident in his hand and still half naked was Adrum. Hesta put up her hands nervously from behind the bar.

“Adrum, I assure you that nothing illegal is going on here.” she said, her voice shaking.

“I have the utmost faith in you Hesta.” Adrum said flatly. He pointed his trident at Hamid. “What did you do?”

“Well...I...uh...uh...um...” Hamid stammered. He was quickly beginning to sweat and fidget. “I just...saved a poor soul from certain death.”

“And how did you do that?”

“I introduced her to...a new way of life.”

“You turned her didn't you?”

“It was...just one soldier.”

“That soldier was their second in command!” Adrum was now shouting at the top of his lungs. “Their commander had feelings for her! He was going to sack the city to find her! I had to threaten him and put everyone in danger for you!”

“I...I...she...she failed to mention she was...”

“Give me one good reason I shouldn't hand you over to them.”

“Whoa, whoa Adrum, don't be so angry! She was going to die in the desert and now she's not! I'm not going to treat her badly, I swear!”

“Can you give her back?” Adrum said, his voice full of venom. The people in the bar were slowly edging their way out of the door.

“I...really, really, really would recommend against that. In her current state she would...incite their anger.” Adrum growled and grimaced, showing that he was boiling under the surface.

“If I hadn't watched you grow up, I would hang you high from the city gate right now.”

“And believe me, no one appreciates that more than I...”


“Yes sir.” Hamid hunched down, as if expecting a terrible blow.

“Since you have to take care of this woman, I don't suspect that you'll be visiting the bar at nights since you will be so busy, hm?”

“Yes sir...” Hamid looked at the ground. It was like he was being grounded.

“I would suggest you stay home and take care of your new charge from now on. I don't want to see you on the street unless you're selling a puppet, buying food or chasing a robber, is that clear?”

“Yes sir.”

“Renard, I expect you to guide them to the best of your ability. If you come back and I suspect that you led them to their deaths on purpose I will hang you from the city gates instead.”

“Whoa, hey, they're paying me. I had every intention of helping them from the beginning!”Renard said defensively. Adrum glared at the fox man, his trident still pointing forward. “...Sir.”

“I don't want your friendship or past hardships you faced with Hamid to taint your ability. If they manage to return I will tell them what happened to their second in command. Is that clear?”

“Yes sir.” Both Hamid and Renard muttered. Adrum finally put his trident down. He then turned to Hesta, who was standing nervously behind the bar. Other than the four of them, the place was now empty.

“I apologize for running off your customers Hesta.” Adrum said. “I will get some gold and pay for your lost business tomorrow.”

“That's quite alright.” Hesta said, her voice still trembling. “You don't have to...”

“I insist.” Adrum turned and began walking out of the bar. “Both of you should go and get some rest. You have a lot to do tomorrow.” Adrum then exited the bar. Renard and Hamid both exhaled for the first time in a long time.

“Well...Adrum's mad. We're fucked.” Hamid said.

“Ugh...” Renard turned around and saw that his drink had spilled. He groaned and picked up the mug, seeing that it was indeed empty. “Oh Hesta!”

“Not a chance mutt!” She shouted back.

“Yeah, that's how this day would end.” Renard said bitterly, slamming his mug on the bar. Both Hamid and Renard stared at each other in silence.

“Ready to get to work?” Hamid asked.

“Don't have much of a choice now. Let's get some rest.”


At dawn the next morning, Colonel Lionheart ordered his troops to move out. Renard came as well, although later than the colonel would have liked. After stocking water and food onto pack camels the troops mobilized. Renard instructed them that there was a common route his people took through the desert. They could hop from one oasis to another and reach the middle of the desert. After that, they would likely have to split up the force and search the desert for the Demon King's palace. The colonel didn't like splitting a small force to even smaller units, but he could at least follow Renard until they reached the end point. Before they set out, Renard only had one piece of advice.

“Don't. Touch. Anything.”


They had been traveling in the desert for most of the day. The colonel was walking in front with his officers scattered in the long line of troops behind him. Major Ackler, now his second in command, walked with him him. Ackler had an expression that reminded everyone of an eagle, hunting for prey. He intimidated most men and wasn't attractive enough for most women. He loved to fight however, and his skill inspired men in battle. Lagging a little behind them pulling the pack camel that carried their official documents and struggling to keep up was Private Steinam. She was determined to make up for her missing sister. The colonel felt a little bad for her, as she was only a private and expected to keep up with the officers, but it was the route she had chosen. If she was half the woman her sister was, it shouldn't be a problem. The other two captains and the first lieutenant were busy keeping the soldiers in line. In front of the great line of troops was Renard. Unlike all of the others who were boiling in their armor, sweating and feeling sand in uncomfortable places, he was merrily walking along, sweat-free and sand-free thanks to his fur. They traveled over dune after dune, each one looking exactly the same. The fox seemed to know exactly where he was going, despite the lack of any discernible landmark. Without him however, they were completely lost. The colonel didn't like leaving the entire crusade in the hands of some half monster human, and it was affecting his temper.

As they topped yet another dune Renard abruptly stopped. He lifted one of his ears and twitched it. The entire column of soldiers came to a grinding halt. The colonel narrowed his eyes and walked forward.

“Is there a problem?” Colonel Lionheart asked, clearly irritated.

“Maybe.” Renard admitted. “I think something's coming.” Now the commander was alerted.

“What is it?”

“Not sure yet. Some kind of thumping. Won't be sure unless...” Abruptly, Renard's nose twitched. He sniffed the air. His head jerked to one particular dune in the distance. The colonel followed his gaze and saw some figures standing on the top of the pile of sand.

“What are...?” the colonel began.



“Those are pigmen! Draw your swords!” Renard reached into his clothing and took out a curved sword that no one was aware he had. Although briefly alarmed, the colonel followed his order.

“Draw swords!” The commander shouted. His officers and soldiers down the line began shouting the same thing. In rapid succession, everyone drew their blades.

“Hold them up!” Renard then said.


“Just hold them up! Let them see them!”

“Hold them up!” The entire line of soldiers obeyed. Hundreds of blades gleamed in the sunlight as the figures on the distant dune didn't move. After a few moments of silence, the colonel was compelled to speak.

“What are we doing?” he asked Renard, again sounding annoyed.

“Showing them that we armed.” Renard said.

“And...what are they doing?”

“Seeing if we'll run.”

“What? Why would we run? There are five of them.”

“They're pretty stupid, but they know when to strike. They won't attack a group with such huge numbers unless we flee so they can run us down. They think everyone is weaker than them. Why wouldn't we run? They're better and stronger.”

“Are they?”

“Against you guys? No. Against peasants? Yes. They don't know the difference.” The figures on the dune began moving. They seemed to fidget amongst themselves for a moment. They then disappeared back over the dune. “Good, they decided it wasn't worth it.” Renard put his sword away.

“At ease!” The colonel shouted back to his men. They all obeyed. “You didn't tell us about the sword.” Renard gave him an unbelievably incredulous look.

“All of you have swords and armor. Why can't I have half of what you have? Besides, I'm not a fool. The person who walks into this desert unarmed is the person that dies first.” The fox man then began walking again. “Let's get moving. The first oasis isn't too far from here. Watch your back, something must be up. Pigmen don't usually come this close to the city.” The commander growled a little at Renard giving the orders, but signaled for his troops to follow them.

A few hours later, they arrived at a rather large oasis that made the colonel's soldiers groan with relief. It was surrounded by palm trees full of fruit. Renard seemed bothered by something, but the colonel's soldiers were so excited the sight that they ran forward without permission. Lionheart didn't stop them as many of them jumped into the oasis with their armor still on. Renard gazed up at the sun, then back to the oasis. He reached up and began scratching his ear. The commander did his best to ignore him. Since it was late in the day, the colonel began ordering his men to make camp. The only person who seemed to notice that Renard was bothered was Captain Fenner. She walked up to him and watched as he looked around and seemed a little lost.

“Is there a problem?” she asked. The fox man turned and grinned a toothy smile.

“Why no madame, why should there be?” he asked. He was clearly trying to be smooth. “Might I say, even with the sweat, you are just as lovely. In fact, I think the sweat adds to...”

“Cut the bullshit.” Talia said abruptly, appearing angry.

“Oooh, feisty.” Renard replied, raising his hands up. “I was just complimenting you. If you have a problem with...”

“You're bothered by something. Tell me what it is or I'll tell the colonel.” That seemed to take the wind out of Renard's sails. He exhaled, seemingly deflated.

“You guys aren't fun at all.” Renard said. “It's going to be a long walk, you guys should lighten up.” Talia off-set her jaw, showing she didn't care. “Fine. In truth, the reason I'm bothered is the fact that there isn't anything wrong.”

“That doesn't make any sense.”

“Doesn't it? We've gotten here much faster than I ever remember any of my people's parties. On top of that, we saw pigmen far closer to the coast than usual. Now we come to a fertile oasis. There's nobody else here, the trees are full of fruit, unpicked and there doesn't seem to be any activity. It's highly suspicious.”

“Is it a trap?”

“No, pigmen aren't that clever and I doubt the Demon King could prepare for you guys in a day. Something else is going on, something natural.”


“Nature has all kinds of cycles. Often if there's an infestation of an animal, say locusts, there's a cause. The previous season was probably a good one for their breeding. The fact that the pigmen showed up so soon and that this place is untouched must have a natural cause. Perhaps something is pushing the pigmen out. Perhaps there's a reason this oasis is abandoned.” Renard scratched his ear again. “Maybe a new species is in the desert that I don't know about. The Demon King could have started having children again. If there is some species I don't know about and people die, your colonel will blame everything on me.” Throughout his entire explanation, Talia stared at him. He abruptly started spouting very intelligent analysis of the natural world. Up until then all he had done was flirt with women and ask if anyone had any wine. Perhaps he was far more intelligent than she thought before. The two of them were silent as Renard kept scratching his ear. He finally shrugged. “Maybe it's nothing. It's been a while since I was in the desert, maybe I'm worrying too much.” He turned to Talia and grinned the same smile he had before. “Care to help me put up my tent?” The captain didn't respond. She merely walked away. Then again, perhaps he was just a dumb wannabe player. Regardless, she didn't have time to deal with any nonsense. “Jeez, you could have at least said goodbye.”

Two of the army's soldiers were walking around the oasis. They were searching for oranges, which they had heard existed in the desert.

“See anything Hector?” One of the male soldiers said to the other.

“Nah, just more of these brown, hairy things that look like balls.” Hector replied. “I don't suppose you know what these things look like James?”

“No, my fiancee just said they were a light green or a dark yellow.” James explained. “She said you could sell one for at least fifteen gold coins back home.”

“Fifteen? We should get a bushel.” Hector said. He used his sword to cut part of the brush away. There was a small forest around the oasis and they were in the thick of it. “Holy...what are those?” James lifted his head before following his friend. When he looked through the clearing he too appeared surprised.

“Those are...giant flowers.” James said. In the middle of the small forest were massive flower buds. They had thick roots that spread over a large area on the ground. Apart from a short, fat stem there was only a massive, closed flower. They were well over seven feet tall and had to be ten feet around. The giant pink petals occasionally twitched, as if something was stimulating them. There had to be dozens of them.

“What do you reckon those are?” Hector asked.

“No idea. I bet we could get a bundle for one though.” James replied, grinning and stepping forward.

“Uh, wouldn't do that. That fox said we shouldn't touch anything.” Hector said as a warning.

“He's a monster! He's probably working with the Demon King anyway.” James drew his sword and began marching towards one of the flowers.

“James! Don't do that! I'm serious!” James didn't listen. He crept forward silently, as if he expected the flower to jump out and attack him. Just then, First Lieutenant Eliza Bevens came through the trees.

“There you are!” She cried. Hector turned his head to see his commanding officer. “Come back to the camp! You can't go wandering off!”

“Private James found this weird flower.” Hector said. The lieutenant, always interested in odd things, walked forward to gaze at them too. James had stopped his walking and waited to see what the officer thought. She knew about all kinds of wild species, perhaps she could tell him how much it was worth.

“That...is an odd flower.” she said as her expert assessment. “You guys hang back, I'm going to get our guide.” She turned and began jogging back through the forest. Both men were still for only a few moments.

“I'm not waiting for that monster.” James said, turning back to the flower. “He'll probably tell us to leave it alone and keep it for himself.”

“Lieutenant Bevens told us to hang back!” Hector said, beginning to sound a little desperate.

“Yeah well, she's a nut anyway.” James resumed his slow march to the flower.

“James, seriously! We shouldn't be messing with it!” James didn't listen. Hector fell into nervous silence, watching his friend move forward. When he was only a few feet from the giant bud, someone came through the woods again. This time, Lieutenant Bevens returned with Renard, Colonel Lionheart and a few soldiers. When Renard peered through the thicket, his eyes widened and he gasped.

“No! Don't go near that...!” Renard shouted. James turned his head around. Just as he did, his heavy foot hit one of the flower's roots. The flower suddenly shot out a cloud of pink haze. It blew into James's face and he fell backwards.

“James!” Hector shouted, attempting to run forward. Renard grabbed him by the back of his armor and, with surprising strength, jerked him back onto his ass.

“It's too late! Stay back!” Renard shouted. Everyone then watched as James got to his feet. He was wobbling on them and his eyes were glazed over. Everyone's eyes widened as the huge flower bloomed open. Sitting in the center, was a woman. At least, it resembled a woman. Her green hair had a stem coming out of the back and was attached to the flower. Her skin was blue and her eyes were reflective and completely black. She was also nude and had an ample body. James's eyes set on her. She smiled wide and held her arms out, beckoning him. James then began desperately taking his armor off, doing it with surprising efficiency.

“What are you doing!?” Colonel Lionheart shouted, trying to rush forward and save his man. Renard held up his arm and held the colonel back by the chest.

“Don't be a fool.” the fox man said bluntly. “It's too late! If you go over there you'll just end up like him!” They all turned back to see that James had removed all of his armor and was now in his thin underclothes. He leaped onto the flower excitedly. Lieutenant Bevens covered her mouth as she saw a large erection through his thin clothes. The woman in the flower giggled with delight as she enveloped him in an embrace. The petals of the flower began to close. James desperately ripped his shirt off and began to fiddle with his pants. As the petals covered the view up to his chest he apparently managed to get them off. He then threw his head back and moaned in sexual ecstasy. His body gyrated against the woman in flower. The last view they had just before the petals closed completely was the woman pressing their lips together. There was one final moan of bliss and the petals closed completely.

Hector stood up and drew his sword. He took one step towards the scene before Renard grabbed him again.

“Stop being stupid! Don't go near those things!” the fox shouted.

“We can't leave him in there!” Hector said, turning around. “He has a fiancee! He'll die in there!”

“He'll outlive us all.” Renard said bluntly. “Plus look at the other flowers, they're hyper-stimulated. If take one more step they'll probably all spray.” Every eye turned to see that he was right. The other flowers were quivering excitedly, as if they were about to burst. A few of them were already spraying the pink dust. “Besides. You couldn't get him back if you wanted to. Look.” The flower that had swallowed James was turning a different color. It was dull gray, and looked as if it had the consistency of granite. “It's hard as a rock now. You couldn't get it open with a catapult. We have to leave, now.” Renard dragged Hector away, as all the other soldier followed him reluctantly.

The moment they were clear of the trees, Renard threw Hector onto the sand. The soldier jumped up and reached for his sword.

“At ease private!” The colonel shouted. Hector stopped, his sword in mid-draw. He growled for a moment before putting it away.

“I said to touch nothing!” Renard shouted. “Did you not hear me!? You got your friend captured! He's gone forever now! Are you happy!?”

“I told him to stop!” Hector shouted, complaining.

“Did you drag him back?” Renard asked. “Did you go get the colonel? Did you shout for help?”

“I..I...” Hector gripped his fists tight as his eyes began to tear up. “He just...wanted some money...so he could buy a house for his fiancee...”

“Private, go back to camp.” the colonel ordered. “Talk to no one. Go straight to your tent and stay there until something comes to get you.” Hector saluted quickly and marched away. His hand came up to his face, attempting to hide his eyes as he went away. The moment he was out of earshot the colonel whirled around to Renard. The fox man beat him to the punch however.

“Let me guess, you blame me.” he said quickly. The colonel glared at him, contemplating hitting him.

“What the hell was that?” the commander asked, pointing into the woods.

“It was an alraune.” Renard replied.

“And that is?”

“A plant. It captures people and uses them for nutrients.”


“He's not being digested and I can assure you he's in no pain. He'll live for decades in that thing.”

“Can you get him out?”

“No. Even if I could, I doubt you would want to.”

“Why not!?”

“His brain is probably already gone. Did you see that kiss when the flower closed? The flower began pumping him full of mind-altering substances. Pretty soon, he's going to be like an organ.” The colonel's eyes were twitching as his closed fists were shaking.

“Why...did you not tell us about those?” the commander said through gritted teeth.

“I've only seen two in my entire lifetime.” Renard replied, sounding offended at the commander's anger. “I've never seen that many before and I've never seen them in groups. It's unusual.”

“Any other threats you...failed...to mention?”

“Do you literally want me to go through the entire list of species I can name off the top of my head?” They both glared at each other angrily. The soldiers still with them looked back and forth between them, wondering if they were going to fight it out.

“Take care that we don't lose any more soldiers to ignorance.” the colonel said.

“Certainly will.” Renard said, smiling insincerely. The colonel marched away grumbling under his breath. Most of the soldiers following him. “Maybe you could remove that stick from your ass first.” The fox turned to see that Lieutenant Bevens was still standing beside him. “Uh...uh...you didn't hear that.”

“Tell me more about those alraunes.” she said, sounding excited. There was a special twinkle in her eye. She looked as if someone were about to give her candy. Renard blinked a few times, a little stupefied. She didn't seem bothered by the loss of a soldier. She just wanted to know more about the flowers.

“Well...they appeared over a thousand years ago.” Renard began, feeling a little uncomfortable. “Up until today, they've only appeared alone, near water sources. That pink mist they send out stimulates sexual urges. The flower then opens and a female appears to lure the person in. Regardless of male or female, the person jumps into the flower and starts having sex. The petals close around the prey, the plant pumps them full of chemicals and the petals harden.” Lieutenant Bevens had taken out a notebook and began writing in it with a charcoal pencil excitedly. She gazed up at him with a wide smile.

“Go on, go on.” she encouraged.

“Ahem...well. The person inside is transformed through the chemicals and the sex. Instead of producing normal fluids they begin to produce nectar that the flower feeds on. The chemicals that are given to them sustain them and they live for decades inside the flower. They never stop having sex. In olden times, people would wonder out into the desert, purposefully looking for an alraune to get caught by so they could enjoy it for the rest of their lives.”

“What happens when the person dies?” Bevens asked, almost looking like she's going to drool.

“The petals open up, the flower releases seed spores to germinate elsewhere and it dumps the body. It then waits for a new person.”

“Fascinating.” The lieutenant said happily. “How could such a thing have come to be?”

“Uh...we assumed the demon king had a funny offspring. Don't you have stuff to do?”

“Sure, whatever. What else can you tell me?”

“I'm a little uncomfortable and I'm going to leave.”

“Oh come on! Aren't there any male alraunes? Is it just humanoids? Do they come in different colors? Where are you going!?”

“You're creeping me out!”


The camp of soldiers fell silent as night approached. Many stayed up late, muttering about man-eating flowers and men that looked like pigs. One by one, all of the fires went out and the soldiers fell into sleep. The winds began picking up during the night, sending sand through all of the tents causing restlessness. Restlessness was soon the least of their problems.

The colonel was awakened to yelling, screaming and sounds of blades. He instantly sat up, seized his sword and ran out of the tent. For a few moments, all he could see were people running around, swords in hand. Then came another scream, or more appropriately, a squeal. A pack of creatures rushed into the area, throwing soldiers in all directions. In the pale moonlight, the colonel's blood ran cold. Pig-like faces with the bodies of men were swinging clubs and axes at his soldiers. The colonel rushed forward, with his sword at the ready. He cut down one across the middle and parried with another. The terrible pig people had no form, style or structure in their attacks. He only had to block two swings of the club before he was able to get a clear stab at its chest. Apparently inspired by their commander, a huge group of soldiers rushed forward and swarmed the invading monsters. In a matter of moments, they were all cut down, squealing like slaughtered pigs. Once the commander was sure that they were all dead he looked around his camp.

“What the hell is going on!?” the colonel shouted.

“We're under attack!” one of the soldiers shouted.

“I can see that!” the commander shouted back. “Where are the ones who on guard!? Where's Renard!?” There was ear-piercing squeal. A pig man jumped up from the ground, swinging his stone ax. It was to the colonel's back, and he didn't have time to fully turn around. As he rose his sword to block the ax from the mangled creature an arrow darted past the colonel's head and struck the monster in the forehead. It gasped before collapsing back on the ground. Lionheart turned to see his savior and instantly felt a sour taste in his mouth. Renard walked forward, a bow in his hand.

“Pigmen.” The fox man said. “What the hell are they doing?”

“Attacking us!” the colonel replied, as if it were obvious. Renard gave him an incredulous stare.

“Pigmen don't attack larger armed forces like this. We slaughtered them.” The fox began stepping over the pig bodies, examining them. “Why would they be so desperate? Unless...” Renard's head popped up, as if the circuits in his head connected. “Colonel, do a head count!” The commander was going to do that anyway, so he didn't feel the need to argue with the fox.

“Unit commanders! Report!”

It took a few minutes for the soldiers to get organized and recount exactly what happened. The entire time, Renard was undressing the pigmen, apparently studying them. Lieutenant Bevens was hovering over him, making his uncomfortable. The colonel decided that was the best place for her then. When the unit commanders approached the colonel, Renard approached as well.

“The guards on duty were rushed by the monsters.” Major Ackler began, summarizing what he had been told. “Ironically, since they were fully armored they were uninjured, just merely knocked over. The monsters then rushed into the camp. Little damage was done. There is one fatality, three injuries, and one missing.”

“The one that is missing,” Renard began, interrupting. “It wouldn't happen to be a young woman would it?” Major Ackler glared at the fox man and said nothing. He was intent on not answering the beast man.

“Was it?” the colonel finally asked.

“Yes.” the major said, turning to his commander. “A Private Helena Burks.” Colonel Lionheart turned to Renard, who didn't appear very pleased.

“Well? Care to explain?” the commander asked, already sounding annoyed.

“They do what pigmen usually do.” Renard replied. “They raided the camp to capture a female.”

“You didn't tell us this they do this why?”

“Because there were eight hundred of us and like five of them, at least there were. Pigmen don't ally, so I don't know why we have thirty bodies here. None of this makes any sense.”

“What are they going to do with Private Burks?”

“What do you think they're going to do?” The colonel off-set his jaw. He turned to his new second in commander.

“Major Ackler, organize a party and...”

“Don't bother.” The colonel clenched his fists so tight that it hurt through his armor. His teeth were ground together and his eyes were wide and bloodshot.

“Why not, pray-tell?” the colonel said.

“Pigmen run twice as fast as you and it's windy. The wind will fade their footprints and scent. I can't even track them and my sense of sight and smell is much better than any of yours.” The colonel waved his men away. They instantly scattered, knowing that the commander was about to blow his stack.

“You saw fit to not explain how those creatures behave, even when we encountered them?” the colonel asked. His eyes were as wide as they could go.

“This isn't in their behavior. They are little more than wild animals. Wild animals don't attack other animals that are stronger than they are.”

“It appears you were mistaken. Now, because of you, one of my soldiers has been sentenced to a fate worse than death!”

“There are a lot of fates worse than death in this desert.” The colonel marched forward and put his face right into Renard's. The fox man didn't budge. They were eye to eye, both apparently furious.

“You aren't doing your job.”

“On the contrary. I led you to the oasis, I warned your soldiers about the alraunes and drove off the pigmen the first time. This desert is unpredictable. Even if this attack was my fault, you still owe me for two things.”

“Do you honestly feel no remorse for the woman who is now lost?”

“This place has no room for moping or weakness. The moment you stop and cry is the moment it eats you.” Apparently finally having enough, the colonel put his hand on his sword with one hand and seized the collar of Renard's clothes with the other.

“It's been two days and I've already lost four soldiers!” the colonel growled. Renard reached up and removed the commander's hand from his clothes. He took a few steps away before bursting out laughing. He reached up and scratched his ear as he gazed at the ground. He seemed very amused. It took every ounce of willpower from Colonel Lionheart to not draw his sword and cut the fox down. Renard finally looked at the colonel again.

“Would you like to hear a story colonel?” he asked.

“What are you...!?” the commander began.

“You'll like it. It's about the previous crusade.” Instantly, Lionheart's stance relaxed and he appeared surprised. “Oh we remember it, but not for the reason you probably think. Would you like for me to tell you what happened to your dear King Bradley? It's not as nearly a pretty a tale as you've been told, I assure you.” The commander instantly became suspicious. King Bradley's valiant struggle against the Demon King was one of the driving forces behind this crusade. They were going to defeat the evil monster or die valiantly. Of course, the story had been told by troops that had retreated from the battle.

“He died fighting the Demon King.” the colonel said firmly.

“Never even got close.” Renard replied. “He showed up here with eight thousand troops, ten times what you have. He marched out into the desert for a day. The next day he came running back with half of his troops gone. You see, back then we had an infestation of these things we call “snapping trees.” I think the official name is intelligent trees, but over time they all developed a terrible attitude and were known for picking people up and “snapping” their bones. When your king came running back my forefathers shut the door on him. He threatened to burn the city down if they didn't let him back in, but they refused. The next day, the living trees followed them to the city. The trees ripped the rest of them apart, including your glorious king. We remember it as the day of burning trees. Once the battle was finished, the trees set up shop around the city, apparently content to wait my forefathers out. The citizens shot flaming arrows and boiling oil over the walls. They burned the lot of them, pushing the trees close to extinction. In a way, we like your king. It made the desert a little safer.” The colonel waited for several moments, seeing if there was more to the tale. There apparently wasn't.

“The point of that story was?” he asked. Renard laughed again. The commander decided to let it go.

“Commander, you sure are thick.” the fox said. “In the last crusade, how did the king fare with his troops? He lost four thousand the first day and four thousand the second. The fact that you have been here for two days and lost only four is a huge compliment. Take heart dear colonel, so far, you are doing a hell of a job!” The colonel tilted his head and his eyelid twitched. Renard told that whole story just so he could be a smart-ass? He didn't have time for this nonsense. The colonel turned and began marching away. “You're going to have to get to losing people colonel!” Lionheart stopped. The fox man suddenly sounded very serious. “There's going to a lot more of it the further we go.” The commander stood still for a few moments more. He then resumed walking away. Renard sighed and shook his head.

“He's too high-strung.” he said to himself. “He's going to be the death of all of us.”


Private Helena Burks awoke in a very unusual position. When she opened her eyes she saw the moon-lit desert moving under her at an incredible speed. She was moving backwards so quick that she thought she was on a horse. She looked and saw that was not the case. Instead, there was what appeared to be the back of a person, but it was covered in fur. What could appear like a man but was covered in fur? Then she remembered.

Earlier at the camp, shouting had woken her up. Without even putting on her armor, she grabbed her sword and ran outside. The moment she stepped outside of her tent something struck her head and it all went dark. Helena tried to speak, but found that her mouth had been gagged. She tried to move her arms, but they were bound. She tried to kick her legs, but they were tied together as well. She gazed around to see that there were two other creatures apart from the one carrying her charging through the desert. They were covered in brown fur, were bulky and were in the shape of humans except for one glaring factor. Their faces were those of pigs. The woman then realized that she had been kidnapped by the pigmen that they had encountered earlier. Helena screamed and began kicking with her bound feet. The pigmen that was carrying her abruptly laughed in a manner similar to a squeal. The others gazed over and joined their comrade in the laughter. The arm holding Helena onto the creature's shoulder was strong and no matter how hard she struggled, it wouldn't budge. She was unarmed, alone and rapidly moving away from the army. Considering the fact that Colonel Lionheart was willing to leave his second-in-command behind, it wasn't likely that she would be pursued.

The pigmen didn't stop running until the sun had risen in the sky. They finally slowed down as they approached a collection of giant cliff rocks in the middle of nowhere. They marched into the center of the formations where a tiny pool of water was sitting. There were also mud buildings, fire pits and bones of animals. Helena knew that this had to be their den. The creature carrying Helena dropped her onto the ground. She tried to crawl away, but with her feet and hands bound she didn't get very far. The pigs howled with laughter yet again, apparently incredibly amused. Helena could feel her insides burn in anger. It was like she was some jester to them. She was panicked, afraid and desperate to escape, yet it was all hilarious to these monsters. They were mocking her. They let her try to crawl away as one of them entered his mud dwelling. The other two followed her around, pretending to stalk her before snorting, laughing and kicking sand in her face. They were toying with her.

Finally, the third reemerged with a waterskin. It had a hallowed out horn on the top of it. The pigmen chuckled as the one with the waterskin grabbed Helena by her long, brown hair. He lifted her up by it, causing her to scream against her gag. The grinning pig face infuriated her, but there was nothing she could do. She could only glare at him with her brown eyes. One of the other pigmen removed the gag from her mouth. Helena screamed once it was removed, only earning chuckles from the pigs.

“You won't get away with this!” She shouted. “The army will come for me! You...!” She was rudely interrupted. The horn from the waterskin was shoved in her mouth. It must have had a hole at the end, because liquid was poured into her mouth. At first, Helena thought it was water. She was very thirsty and considered drinking it. However, the moment it filled her mouth she tasted something else. It was somewhat bitter. There was something else in it. She refused to drink it, snorting through her nose in displeasure. She spat it out, with water spewing from around the horn. One of the pigmen reached out and pinched her nose. Helena thrashed around, much to their amusement. She held her breath as long as she could. When she couldn't hold it anymore she tried to gasp through her mouth. The horn of the waterskin was then shoved into the back of her throat. Her eyes were as wide as they could go. She coughed and gagged as the water was poured down her throat against her consent. She had no choice but to swallow it. She hopelessly floated between suffocating and vomiting. Finally, the pigman pulled the horn out of her mouth. They let her go and she collapsed onto the sand. Helena coughed and gagged. She wanted to throw up, but her hands were tied around her back and she couldn't get her fingers to her throat. Instead she writhed, trying to free her hands so she couldn't be poisoned. The pigmen only laughed. She glared up at them. The one with the waterskin appeared much older than the other two. He had gray streaks in his fur, wrinkles around his snout and scars all over his face. The other two were younger and were busy chuckling to themselves. For several minutes, they kicked her, snorted at her and groped her, much to Helena's fury. They appeared to be waiting for something, although she had no idea what it was. She didn't have to wait too long to find out.

It hit her all at once. A burning sensation shot through her body. Her vision glazed over and her thoughts turned to mush. Her muscles went slack and her cries of anger melted into gurgles of confusion. Her entire body felt like it was on fire and was itching. She was now writhing for a different reason. Her clothes were scratching her body and giving her slight relief, but not near enough to sate her. The three pigmen laughed again. They snorted and squealed at each other, apparently communicating. One of the pigmen reached down and removed Helena's gag. Instead of screaming, she grunted and moaned. She grit her teeth, arched her back and began to drool. The heat inside of her body reached the area between her legs. Her groin tingled and burned. Her canal began to itch painfully and the folds began to drool. She gyrated with weak motions, desperately trying to satiate her desire. The pigmen laughed once more. One of the young ones picked her up. He sat her up against one of the rocks. Helena tried to focus and realize what was happening, but her mind was a haze of desire. They had given her some kind of aphrodisiac...and now she was helpless. A hand grabbed each side of her face and squeezed. She instinctively opened her mouth. Then something long and hard was shoved into it.

The rod pierced the back of her throat, choking and alarming her enough to briefly snap her out of it. She was staring at a furry abdomen and there was a hand on the back of her head. She could smell a sickening scent of sweat, musk and stink. Helena gagged and tried to bite down. There wasn't any power in her jaws. It only amused the pigman, who grinned widely. He held her there, only allowing her to breath his scent through her nose. Slowly, the haze began to set in again, despite her every resistance. Her brain numbed, her vision blurred and the burning overwhelmed her body. The foul scent around her nose suddenly began to smell good. It was virile, sweet and made the tingling in her loins worse. Seeing that Helena was again lost in her desire, the pigman began drawing his erection out of her mouth before pounding it in again. Thanks to whatever they gave her, her throat was relaxed. Using his hand as leverage, the creature began thrusting forward and pulling her limp head back onto him. Every time he did, Helena's nose filled with the heady scent. Helena's eyes rolled as the tingling and burning inside of her was reaching a fever pitch. The pigman began rotating her head around, getting different angles to his thrusts in her mouth. The salty taste of his dick began to be delicious. Helena's tongue coiled around it, tasting every nook and cranny. The pig began moaning at the new pleasure. He held her head back so the crown of his shaft could rest inside her mouth. He let her tongue freely move around dick. The muscle then poked under his foreskin and circled the sensitive flesh underneath. To make sure she got all the taste, Helena sucked on the dick, intent on making sure the saltiness completely filled her mouth. He pigman gritted his teeth. He grabbed both sides of her head and began pounding into her mouth harder than before. Helena gagged, but offered no resistance. After a few moments of the powerful thrusts he squealed and gave one final push. His shaft swelled and he kept it at the back of her throat. A hot liquid gushed into Helena's windpipe, giving her no choice but to swallow. It cascaded with every throb of the pig's cock. The creature's hips twitched and he shuddered with each powerful burst of seed. When the climax began to subside the pigman began pulling out. Two more weaker spurts coated her mouth. The creature held his wet shaft at her open mouth as one final squirt came out and landed halfway out of her mouth.

Helena's mouth and nose filled with the salty, musky odor. The sperm was thick and smelly and made her head spin hard. Her tongue swirled the spunk around her mouth. In her haze she loved the consistency and taste. She swallowed what was in her mouth and then licked around her lips, getting every last drop inside of her. The pigmen laughed again. The one that had been pleasured had to gasp between chuckles. The other young pig grabbed the limp girl and laid her on the ground. He ripped off her shirt. Lacking any gentleness, he opened his mouth and stuffed half of one of her large breasts in his maw. Helena gasped, moaned and arched her back. She could feel the tingling inside of her erupt into pleasure. The creature sucked and licked her mound, focusing on her sensitive peak. He also gently bit down on the sensitive flesh. It all felt like pleasure to Helena, whose tongue was now hanging out of her mouth. The pig then released her breast and went for the other one. This one he bit on the nipple, also eliciting groans of pleasure. He suckled on it, as if he expected milk to come out of them. He licked a few more times, tasting her milky skin. He then buried his face between the mounds. He began licking and drooling. He covered the crevice in his spit, as if he was salivating over her mere taste. When her breasts were completely coated in slobber he lifted his head and wiped his mouth. He put both of his knees on either side of her stomach. He undid the animal skin pants around his waist and pulled out his sizable erection. He gripped her breasts together and stabbed the rod through them.

In her haze, all Helena could feel was something hot and hard rubbing against her sensitive chest. The pigman began thrusting his dick through the slick mounds, which barely wrapped around his huge shaft. Helena could hear the pig grunt with each thrust. The skin around her breasts had always been covered and was untouched. Because of this, the flesh was pale, soft and supple. The pigman growled, seemingly in frustration. Helena could feel her hands being unbound. They were then brought to the sides of her breasts. The pigman began thrusting again. She could feel her breasts jiggling from the friction. She gazed down to see the head of the dick poke up into her face. Fascinated by it, she didn't stop holding her breasts, even after the pig released her. Now with much more leverage, the creature began moving much harder. Helena's fuzzy mind stared at the erection shoving between her mounds. It was covered in fur at the base, was as tan as the rest of the pigman's skin except for the purple head and was searing hot. Every time it pierced through her crevice he head of it poked her face. Remembering how good the last one tasted, she opened her mouth and allowed the head to enter her mouth. The pigman growled in pleasure, shoving through her breasts farther. It allowed the head of his dick to linger in her mouth, where she happily swirled her tongue around it. The creature's movements began to become erratic as his panting increased. Helena could feel the dick twitch between her breasts as the pigman began snorting. After a few more thrusts the creature squealed. It erupted while between her breasts. It coated the crevice before poking through them and coating her chest. Seeing the gushing seed, Helena opened her mouth and wrapped it around the head. Between squeals, the pigman groaned, feeling her suck the sensitive head as each flood of spunk flowed out of him. It went on for what seemed like forever. His prick flowed like a faucet, continually flooding her mouth with boiling seed. Finally, his dick stopped twitching and the pigman was left panting. He pulled his prick free from her mouth. He stepped off of her, letting her glassy eyes search for the now-missing shaft. She saw that there was still sperm all over her chest. With her weak hands, she began scooping the seed up on her hands and sticking it in her mouth. The pigmen laughed yet again, immensely amused.

Finally losing patience, the older pigman flipped her over. After untying her feet he lifted her ass into the air and spread her legs. Helena didn't seem to care that her face and breasts were in the sand. The pigman stuck a finger inside of her already wet folds. Helena shrieked through her clenched teeth. An eruption of pleasure shot through her. Her hips quivered as more juices flowed onto the pigman's finger. With a chuckle, the creature removed his finger. Helena whined and wagged her ass back and forth with what little strength she had. The old pigman undid his own pants and positioned his large dick at her entrance. With her breasts, knees, face and hair in dirt and with a pig creature she lost her virginity.

The pigman thrust inside of her without a hint of gentleness. An explosion of both pain and pleasure shot through her body. Helena groaned loudly. She was actively drooling and shaking, her body completely overstimulated. Without waiting a single moment, the pigman resumed moving. Helena went between moaning and screaming. Pain and pleasure swam around her body, unsure of which one would win. The pigman simply held onto her hips and pounded away. He chuckled, seemingly enjoying himself. After a while the pain began to diminish. The screams subsided and Helena's eyes rolled into the back of her head once again. With every stab of the dick a surge of pleasure shot through her. Her juices gushed onto the creature's dick. The prick felt massive and blazing hot inside of her. It was the most pleasurable thing she had ever felt. The pig grinned. He lay his body across hers and began toying with her breasts. With a sudden, new pleasure shooting through her she began moaning louder and louder. Her body stiffened as each thrust pushed the pleasure further. It built until finally, with a loud scream, it burst. She screamed like a whore as her fluids gushed around the rod. Her entire body shook helplessly as the pleasure overwhelmed her body. She spewed out saliva as she yelled as loud as she could. The creature didn't stop for a single moment. He continued to pound into her, enjoying the hot juices gushing out and the way she clenched around him. She screamed for what seemed like an eternity. Finally she slumped, twitching helplessly. The pig chuckled. He turned her over onto her back and lifted her legs without even removing his shaft.

The pigman began thrusting again. He grinned as he stared down at her folds. They bulged around his massive prick, yet continued to coat him in slick juices. Every time he pumped inside it would widened and he could even see his girth bulging in her lower stomach. With better leverage, he began pounding her more powerfully and deeper. Helena moaned loudly every time their hips slapped together. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth and she drooled more than ever. Every thrust built pleasure inside of her once again. She began arching her back and her juices were actively dripping onto the sand beneath her. Unable to hold back the pleasure again, her body erupted again. She screamed with her tongue out and her eyes in the back of her head. Her fluids cascaded onto the pig's dick. Her body flailed helplessly, drowning in pleasure. She went completely limp, unconscious and unable to move. The pigman only laughed. He now stood up, still gripping her hips. Helena hung limply onto the ground. He thrust away at her slack body, treating her like a ragdoll. After a few thrusts he began grunting and snorting. His hips quivered as he shoved as deep inside of her as he could and erupted. He squealed with each powerful gush of his seed. He threw his head back and shook as he emptied torrents of sperm into the limp woman. After a few throbbing floods it overflowed her insides and surged out around his shaft. It pooled onto the ground before being absorbed into the sand. With one final snort the pigman finished.

He unceremoniously dropped the unconscious woman onto the ground. He stepped backwards and all the pigmen laughed, intensely amused. They snorted and squealed amongst themselves, communicating. The older pigman redid his pants and then marched back into his mud hut. When he reemerged he was holding what appeared to be a metal collar, a lock and a chain. The younger pigmen hooped and hollered riotously. The older pigman picked the limp woman up and snapped the collar around her. It was made of solid iron and couldn't be removed except by being heated and then beaten with a hammer. He then dragged her body to a nearby huge rock. On the rock was a circular, closed metal hook. The pigman locked the chain onto the metal hook. They laughed one more time and then scattered, going about the rest of their day.

Helena's eyes opened to a dark sky and cold air. She sat up, her entire body feeling very sore. She reached up and gripped her forehead. She had a killer headache and her thoughts were fuzzy. For a few moments, she wondered why she didn't wake up in her house back home. She glanced around and saw only sand, mud huts and a small pool of water. She felt something around her neck. Her fingers traced around it, only feeling a ring of metal with no indication of a lock or a latch. She looked down at her body to see that she was naked and caked in an odd substance. Then she remembered. Her eyes widened as wide as they could go. She bent down at her nether regions. Since she had been laying in the sand so it was covered in dirt. She dusted her lower lips off and opened them. Her insides were inflamed, swollen and tender. There was also more of the caked substance inside of her. Helena began to shake as she remembered snippets of what happened. She had lost complete control of herself. Those disgusting parts and substances of the pigs tasted good and all she could think about was pleasure. She had become a beast, no, worse than that, she had become a complete whore. All it took was some water. Helena curled up into a small ball. Tears began to leak out of her eyes. Her skin was burnt from the sun, her muscles were sore and she was covered in dry semen. Yet she knew it was far from over. No one would rescue her. The pigmen would use her tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that. Soon she would be covered in red marks from their grasps, she would be caked in their cum, smell like their sweat and her pussy would become wrecked from overuse. In a few weeks, she would be completely ruined. She would lose her mind and love it every time. She was a slave, and nothing was coming to save her. She sobbed in dismay, lamenting her terrible fate and ever coming to this land.


Back in Tarbat, it had turned night as well. Despite that, someone opened the door to a shop. That someone happened to own the shop. Hamid locked the door behind him. He had a bag with him and an excited skip in his step. He quickly went to the back room. There dangling from the ceiling by strings in a cross-like position was Marisa. She truly looked like a lifeless puppet, albeit one who was breathing.

“I have returned my dear!” Hamid cried with a smile. He dumped the contents of the bag onto the table. It was what appeared to be torture equipment. In reality, the only kind of torture it would be was pleasure for his new puppet. “Oh, we are going to have so much fun! My friend left the city and a certain...grumpy old man...grounded me the other night, so there's nothing to stop our fun!” Marisa groaned in distress. “Oh come on now! Don't fret! This has got to be better than death right?” She moaned again, this time in apparent anger. “What? You still think they'll win?” Hamid shook his head. He walked around the other side of her. He ran his hand along her now silky-smooth body. “Do you want me to tell you a story? You'll like it, it's about the first crusade.” Marisa stopped making noise, seemingly very interested.

“You see my dear, when the first crusade arrived there were tens of thousands of men. They didn't allow women in the army back then. So they boldly marched out into the desert with their aspis shields, their doru spears, their xiphos swords and their bronze armor. Do you know who they met? None other than the demon king himself. He killed them, all of them. Tens of thousands of men dead, all in a single day. He cornered the rest of them on the coast and destroyed their boats. He offered them a deal. He would let them go, in exchange for building his palace. They accepted and built a grand, massive mansion in the middle of the desert. However, once they were freed they couldn't leave this place. There were no trees suitable for boats and no one ever came looking for them from your country. Instead they settled down and founded a city.” Hamid's hands traced up her stomach and he gripped her breasts. He began groping them turning the smooth, pillowy mounds around in his hands. Marisa gasped, apparently trying to hold back. “That city is Tarbat. Do you get what I'm saying? The person who is caressing your body right now is a descendant of the first crusaders.” Hamid kissed her neck. He then ran his tongue along her unique skin. “There are three ways these crusades end. First, they give up and go home. Second, they give up and settle here in Tarbat. Third...they all die. If the desert doesn't kill them, the demon king will, very easily. Which do you think your precious commander will choose?” Marisa didn't make a sound. Hamid knew what she was aware of the answer anyway. He pulled her head back and kissed her full on the lips. His tongue pierced her mouth and swirled around inside of it. Marisa groaned in disapproval, but was powerless to stop him. Hamid parted away from her, briefly leaving a bridge of saliva between them. He then grinned, the wide kind that Marisa shouldn't have trusted in the first place. “You taste delicious. Ready to start our wonderful night?”

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oh man that was really good, looking forward to more

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Well done! Enjoying the story with some good erotica in the mix, which is my preference to just a steady diet of stroke stuff.

>(When I have posted this chapter before, I received some pushback as it was “overdone,” “generic,” and “meh.” If you feel that way, just hang with me. The insanity will return next chapter.)

Well obviously tastes differ, and you can’t please all the people all the time. (Preaching to myself here as well.) Anyway, things in this chapter are pretty insane already, if you ask me. Wondering if this crusade is going to survive, and how they’ll do it. Looking forward to further chapters!

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still waiting for more

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Next chapter will be posted tomorrow. BE WARNED: it is different. Instead of maledom, which all of the chapters have been before, it is FEMDOM. A female dominates a male.

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Chapter 3

(This chapter contains: Femdom, nonconsent (at first), oral, rimming (on a guy), anal fingering (on a guy), anthro, slight bondage, orgasm denial, creampie, and toys, you have been warned.)

The day after the raid, the army was on the move again. Renard led them, but he seemed troubled by something. Colonel Lionheart was becoming less and less convinced that the fox knew what he was doing. So far his soldiers had either disappeared, been eaten by flowers or kidnapped by pig creatures, none of which Renard had warned them about. He claimed it was different than what he remembers. It sounded like an excuse from an inept person. Still, as angry and untrusting as the commander was, he didn't really have a choice. Renard was the only person to sign up for the job. It was either follow Renard or walk blindly.

Talia was with a unit further back from the front. The first unit was being guided by the colonel, the second one by Major Sam Ageril and Talia the third. Despite the fact that Talia was lower ranked than Major Oren Ackler, he wasn't in charge of anything but the pack camels. Major Ackler would likely drive morale down if he were in charge of actual people, as he didn't want even be in the military anyway. Talia wasn't interested in the colonel's decisions in the chain of command however. She found herself gazing forward along the line at their guide.

She kept telling herself to just ignore him, but something was pestering her. All the men she had ever met had tried to hit on her or were too nervous to talk to her. The only exception seemed to be Colonel Lionheart. Although initially she was thrilled and happy that he didn't care about her looks, after a while he began to use her looks to their advantage, like getting people to sign up for the church's army or negotiating with her present to distract people. It left her bitter about people who flirt with her or talk about her looks. She should have been just as bitter at Renard...but there was something nagging her.

She spent her entire life around roughneck men. What he said was one of the most intelligent things she had ever heard. He hit on her like all the other men, albeit in a sillier fashion, but at the same time seemed incredibly intelligent. She wanted him out of her head, but she couldn’t do that until she knew for certain that he was just like any other man. So now she was left watching him as he walked along, annoyed and at the same time intrigued.

The army crested a dune. Renard was gazing at his feet while he did it, watching his step. When the first line of men followed him over, they instantly began muttering. Renard gazed back at them before looking forward. He gasped and held up his hands.

“Halt!” he shouted. Colonel Lionheart hadn't quite cleared the hill. He marched up the dune and prepared to yell at Renard, but instead stopped and stared.

Marching through the sand on the other side of the dune was...something. It resembled a human, albeit one that was very old. It was hunched over, as if was suffering from terrible arthritis. It was wearing tattered draping for clothes that covered everything but its eyes and hands. In its hand was a staff that it was using to shamble along. It's fingers were incredibly bony, almost looking like talons. It's skin was ochre in color, with what appeared to have square scales of an uneven patterns on its skin. Its eyes were milky and appeared to be rotting. It ignored them completely.

Colonel Lionheart gingerly walked over to Renard, trying not to disturb whatever creature this thing was. He stood beside the fox-man, seeing how nervous he was.

“What is that?” the colonel whispered.

“It's a desert witch.” Renard whispered back. “They are quite powerful and dangerous. It's best not to anger them.” The witch apparently heard that she was being referred to. She stopped and turned, her milky eyes glaring at them. Renard bowed and swept his hand in the direction she had been walking.

“After you madame. We shall kindly wait.” he said, sounding incredibly polite. The witch scoffed and continued shuffling. The fox turned to the colonel. “Let's wait patiently, shall we?” The colonel didn't like yielding anything to some sort of demonic entity, even a path. Still, he shouldn't waste his men fighting anything but the Demon King.

All of the soldiers milled about, watching the witch shuffle along at an incredibly slow pace. The soldiers began gathering on the crest of the hill, all of them trying to see the creature. The commanders of the companies also did as well, all of them muttering. As the witch finally rounded the dune Major Oren Ackler joined the group of soldiers at the top. The moment he arrived he stopped, not because of the sight, but because of the smell. He sniffed in the direction of the witch. Once the witch was past the colonel signaled for his men to fall back into line. They all began to obey, except for Major Ackler. Instead he marched over to Renard. The fox was breathing a sigh of relief and was oblivious to the approach.

“Excuse me, Renard?” Major Ackler asked. The fox jumped and turned with wide eyes. It was the first time someone in this army had been respectful to him.

“Huh? Oh, yes? Major...Ackler, right?” Renard asked.

“Yes. I was wondering, what was that smell?” the major asked.

“Smell? Oh, the witch's smell?” Renard asked, pointing at the shuffling creature. “Actually, I'm not quite sure. I think I heard it was a plant that they cover themselves in. I never bothered to ask.”

“I see.” Major Ackler stated. He turned and abruptly began marching in the direction of the witch.

“Hey! Hey! What are you doing!? Don't do that!” Renard shouted, agitated. Colonel Lionheart jerked his head around to see his major walking towards the shambling creature.

“Major Ackler! What are you doing!?” the colonel demanded. His major ignored him. Oren walked right up to the witch.

“Excuse me, Miss Witch?” he asked. The witch turned around. She squinted with her milky eyes, looking slightly incredulous. “I was wondering what that smell is.” The witch was silent for several moments.

“Garlic.” the witch croaked. Major Oren Ackler's eyes brightened and he smiled.

“Garlic?” he asked excitedly. “You...have garlic!?”

“Major!!” Colonel Lionheart bellowed. Oren turned his head irritably. “I order you to come back here! Now!!!!”

The major growled. He then turned back to the witch, who was still staring at him skeptically.

“Sorry. I have to go.” he said politely. He then turned and marched back up the dune, where the colonel was waiting to ream him out. The witch continued to watch him as he traveled. There was something new in the milky eyes. The witch then turned and resumed her journey.

The march continued uneventfully for the rest of the day. Major Ackler grumbled the whole way as he traveled with the pack camels in the back. Captain Fenner continued to glare at Renard, as if her curiosity about him were his fault. Colonel Lionheart continued to fume about both Major Ackler and Renard.

As the sun was setting, Colonel Lionheart's men were completely exhausted, dehydrate, and constantly tripping. The commander shouted at Renard, who didn't seem bothered by the day's travel at all.

“We have to stop!” the colonel yelled. “You are driving my soldiers to exhaustion!”

“We're almost there!” Renard shouted back. “Just a few more minutes!”

“In a few minutes some of them will die!” Lionheart replied.

“Don't be so dramatic.” Renard said. He ran ahead a bit and climbed a nearby rock with surprising ease. He was nimble and quick enough for the Colonel to be taken aback slightly. Renard didn't come back down, even as the army was marching past. He was squinting in the distance. Eventually he jumped back down and ran back to the front of the army.

“Well?” Lionhear asked irritably.

“Something's wrong.”

“Dare I ask what?”

“I don't know, some new structure or something. If we can't use the oasis we'll have to stretch our water supply until we get to the next one.”

The closer the army got, the more Lionheart could see what Renard was referring to. There were three tall buttes in close proximity to one another. In the area between the buttes was something blocking the view of the oasis. As they got close, Renard held up his hand to stop. He scanned where the oasis should have been.

“Well? We're tired, make up your mind.” Lionheart complained.

“It's a stone wall.” Renard stated.

“A what?” the commander bit back.

“There is a giant stone wall in between the buttes.” Renard said.

“What made it?”

“I have no idea.” Renard admitted bluntly.

“What?” the colonel demanded.

“I said I don't know.”

“How about make camp?”

“Out in the open sand? You'd be asking for it.” Renard reached up and scratched his ear. “I don't know who walled off the oasis...the pigmen might attack again as well.” Renard growled and scratched his other ear. “Okay, take a break, I'm going to go look. If I don't come back...well...you're on your own.” Renard began jogging towards the oasis. Lionheart watched him leave with a sour expression. Perhaps he really wouldn't come back. The commander would count that as a blessing. Lionheart turned around to his column of troops.

“Take a break! Stay on alert!” he shouted. Most of the soldiers either fell onto their butts or backs as they groaned in relief. Now they had to sit and wait.

Just as the sun crossed the horizon, Renard returned. The fox had an odd grin on his face. He seemed to be chuckling and talking to himself. The colonel was standing with his officers, receiving reports of his men's morale. The fox walked up to them, still scratching one of his ears. All of the officers stared at him, appearing confused. That was all except Major Ackler. He was staring out into the desert, seemingly deep in thought.

“Well?” the colonel asked. Renard shook his head and chuckled.

“Um...commander, we should talk alone.” the fox man said. All the other officers muttered, except for Major Ackler, who, again, was staring out in the desert contemplating. The colonel appeared even more irritated, but walked with Renard away from the other officers. When they were out of earshot Lionheart stopped and crossed his arms.

“What is it that is so important that you can't tell my officers?” he asked.

“Well...the thing this, this oasis is now inhabited.” Renard said chuckling.

“By what?”


Instantly, the colonel appeared alarmed. “Do they mean to attack us?” His officers stirred among themselves, hearing the agitation in their leader's voice.

“No...no no, the exact opposite.”

“I...don't understand.”

“Here's the thing...pigmen females, colloquially called pigwomen, hate pigmen males.”

“I can understand that.”

“You can probably also understand how desperately they seek males who...are not pigmen.”

“What are you saying?”

“We could waltz in and get water...but...just how well do you trust the men in your army to control their urges?”

“....Are you kidding?”

“A bunch of men, among women they can't touch, under a lot of stress, far from home? I wouldn't put it past them.” For once, Lionheart actually agreed with Renard. He gazed over at his men, many of them who were already struggling with low morale. They were stressed and morale was low. Although not specifically forbidden in their texts, the High Priest spoke against consorting with monsters vehemently before they set out.

“What should we do?” Colonel Lionheart asked.

“Honestly? We should avoid it. Pigwomen are pretty desperate for men. If we send women they'll just get angry and refuse them entry.”

“Where do we go?”

“I saw a gathering of rocks on the other side of the settlement. It's probably a more defensible position than the open desert. It's only a few more miles of marching. If we ration the water we should make it to the next oasis.”

Colonel Lionheart didn't look as if he liked that idea, but he turned to his officers. “Prepare to move out! The oasis is infested! We're going around it!” A chorus of groans from the army could be heard, but everyone rose to their feet. Renard began walking away to assume his position at the front of the army. The colonel reached out and seized his arm. The fox man turned his head to see angry eyes.

“I don't want anymore surprises.” the colonel ordered. Renard scoffed and tore his arm away.

“Tell that to the desert.” the fox man replied. He resumed walking. The colonel glared after him. His faith in this half-monster was dwindling by the second.


Once the entire army had settled down at their camp for the night, Talia Fenner got a surprising request. Just as her tent was up and secure the colonel's new assistant, Private Catarina Steinem, came by and ordered her to report to the colonel's tent. This had never been done before. Normally when people called her to a private audience they wanted...you know what. Although the colonel had never been such a man, he seemed...unstable since they arrived in the desert. When Talia entered his tent she saw that the colonel was sharpening his sword. She instantly gulped and stood at attention.

“Captain Fenner, reporting.” she said.

“I have a new assignment for you.” he said without looking. “I don't trust this fox monster that's leading us. He seems to have a thing for you, like most men. I want you to keep an eye on him. If he acts suspicious at all, kill him.” Talia flinched. The idea of killing Renard for some reason...bothered her. “Is that a problem?” This snapped Talia out of her thoughts.

“No sir.” she said. “I understand sir.”

“Good, dismissed.” he said. Talia briefly put her fist over her heart as a salute before walking away.

Talia found Renard relaxing at his tent. She waited by it as the night ticked on, annoyed that he wasn't doing anything. Sometime during the night after the camp went quiet, Renard emerged from his tent. Through some uncomfortable acrobatics around tents, she managed to stay out of his eyesight. Finally he reached the edge of camp...and kept going. Talia stopped by a large rock at the edge of camp. Renard was marching towards the pigwoman settlement, as if it were a casual stroll.

“He's betraying us!” Talia growled to herself. “The colonel was right!” The captain knelt down behind the rock. She gripped her sword. Once he returned, she planned to chop him to bits. She couldn't believe she thought he was something different!

After what seemed like another eternity, Talia could see Renard returning. His arms were full with something wrapped in cloth, likely a bribe. Talia drew her sword and waited as Renard approached. Right when he strolled beside her, she leaped out from behind the rock. Renard calmly took a leap backwards. He didn't appear surprised in the slightest.

“Oh, you're still following me?” the fox man asked. “Don't you ever get tired?”

“You might as well surren...wait...” Talia began, her voice falling. “You knew I was following you?”

“I wasn't supposed to?” Renard asked. “I thought you were following me in an obvious fashion around so that the colonel knew I was being watched. That was you sneaking? Wow...that was terrible.” Talia flinched at the insult. She quickly regained her composure. She gripped her sword and held it up.

“Nevermind that!” she yelled. “I saw you go consort with the enemy! What are you carrying? The gold you got for selling us out?” The fox man laughed. He unwrapped the cloth. Inside was not gold or jewels, but fruits, the kinds of which Talia had never seen. The captain slowly lowered her sword.

“If you think I can be bribed with just fruit, I am insulted.” Renard replied. “I was just using the pigwomen's generosity to score some sweet food.” The fox man couldn't help but notice that Talia's eyes were transfixed by the colorful fruit. Renard laughed and reached into the mess of produce. “Want one?”

“What...is that?” Talia asked reluctantly.

“It's a tangerine.”

“It...it's really a tangerine!?” Talia's voice was picking up.

“You sound really excited.”

“Only the ultra-rich can afford them back home. Can I...really have it? It sells for like fifty gold!”

“They're cheap here. Go ahead.” he said. He tossed the fruit towards her. Talia dropped her sword to catch it. She instantly turned it over and began looking at it as if it were a piece of gold. Renard grinned. Without thinking, Talia sat beside him on the rock. She looked for opening on the fruit.

“How do you eat this?” Talia asked.

“You have to cut it up into eights.” Renard explained. “Here, hand it to me. I'll use my claws.” Talia handed the fruit back to him a little reluctantly. With his claws, he easily cut the fruit into pieces and handed it back to her. She once again gazed over it. Her eyes studied the juicy insides, more fascinated than hungry.

“Now what?” she asked. Renard chuckled again.

“Stick one of pieces in your mouth and suck on it.” the fox man instructed. “Gently though.”

Talia nodded and lifted one of the pieces to her mouth. She stuck it inside and softly sucked on it. After a few moments she made a sour face. She instantly pulled the piece out.

“Wow, it's sour!” she exclaimed.

“I warned you.” Renard replied.

“You always have to have the last word don't you?” she asked.

“Only when I'm right, which is always.”

Talia rolled her eyes and motioned with her free hand. “You ever think that maybe the reason you have such a problem with people is that attitude?”

“You ever think that maybe the reason all of you are on a suicide mission is that you never argue with authority?”

Talia flinched and gazed down at the ground. Her eyes rested on the sword in the sand. She totally forgot that she was about to kill him. There was something about Renard that lowered her guard.

“Renard, can I ask you a question?” Talia asked.

“Of course you can, beautiful.” Renard replied with a smile.

“Don't do that.”

“I was just...”

“Renard, if you want to be my friend, you will never mention my looks.”

That statement instantly made Renard frown. His green eyes stared at her hard. She could tell he wanted to ask why, but decided to let it go.

“Fine. We'll just have a boring, adult conversation.” he replied.

“Thank you. That thing you were talking about before, about the balance of nature. That sounded really smart. Where did you learn it?”

“I can't be smart and flirt at the same time? If you must know, it's common knowledge among the Fennec Tribe. Our livelihood used to be based on wandering the desert. You learn about how the desert moves and changes.”

“You haven't been in the desert for a long time though, right?”

“Yes, not since I was fifteen, about twelve years ago.”

“Well why...wait, you're twenty-seven?”

“Yes, is that a problem?”

Talia stood up from the rock.

“You are twenty-seven and you act like that?”

“Like what?”

“You hit on women like you're sixteen!”

Now it was Renard's turn to look slightly offended.

“What's the problem with the way I hit on women?”

“Renard, you are a grown man, why are you acting so immature?”

“Excuse me, I've had plenty of women interested in me.”

“Any of them feel like staying more than a night? You think you can find a wife that way?”

Now Renard's face fully fell. It was more than just being offended. Talia could tell that she hurt his feelings. She regretted it the second she saw it.

“It's not like a don't want to. It's just...no one is going to want to, okay?”

“Okay.” Talia's voice fell. She instantly knew she hit a nerve, and didn't want to press it further. Silence hung between them for several moments. The captain felt terrible, but was unable to think of a way to make it better.

“I only have one friend.” Renard said abruptly. Talia briefly jumped, almost dropping the pieces in her hand.

“One...friend?” she asked.

“Yeah he's...really nuts. Has this creepy thing about dolls.”

“Can't you...get more friends? Like...from the Fennec Tribe?”

“That's not really an option. I cannot be a member of the tribe..”

“Why not?”

“Because of my caste.”

“Caste? What's that?”

“Back in the desert my people had castes to divide the labor. My parents were of...shall we say...the pleasure caste.”


“They were the prostitutes of the tribe.”

Talia was instantly taken aback. “Wha...really?”

“Yes, really.” Renard said, gazing up at the sky. “Everyone in the city knows about it. No woman will ever take me seriously so...why even try? Why shouldn't I take everything casually? I can't go back to the tribe because they'll expect me to bend over backwards...literally. I'm just...stuck.”

“That's...pretty rough.” Talia admitted.

“I thought if I went out into the desert I could just...just...” Renard closed his eyes. He sighed through his nose.

“You could what?” Talia asked quietly. Renard turned and gazed at her. He grinned slightly

“Oh, it's nothing, I'm sure you have your own problems.” he said. “Try this, it's a kiwi. It has a much softer taste.”

Talia stared at Renard. He was holding something back, but she had already upset him tonight, she decided not to push him any further. She smiled slightly and took the fruit.

“Thanks.” she said. “You know, you're not so bad Renard.”

“Well, I think that's the nicest thing anyone from your army has said to me this whole trip.”

Unknown to everyone in the camp, as darkness came Oren Ackler left the camp. He didn't want to be there anyway. He retraced the army's steps back to where they met the desert witch. Although wind had taken the prints away, he remembered the direction she was going in. There was a large rock in distance. After walking half of the night, he arrived at the formation to find it was a butte. At the base of it was a cave, which he strolled inside like he owned the place.

Oren sniffed the air as he wound his way through the caves. It was actually incredibly large, with a lot of twisting pathways. Oren, however, followed his nose. He was skilled at finding ingredients back in the marketplace, simply by his sense of smell. That was before a church soldier forcefully recruited him because they lacked a cook in their unit. He was baffled that they made him a major, but they might have done so to send him on this mission, as it was lacking officers. They had to get rid of his morale-destroying attitude. Whatever. He didn't care.

The major finally arrived at the entrance of a large room. He peeked around the opening to see the desert witch in her home. The place was lined with shelves, stocked with glass jars full of all kinds of substances. There was a cauldron in the middle of the room that was currently empty, but looked as if it were frequently used. There was also a bed made of straw off to one side. The witch was bent over a chest which she appeared to be searching through. The major couldn't see any garlic. He gazed up to see that there were strings with bones on them hanging from the top of the archway. He reached up and rattled one.

With amazing agility, the witch spun around, he talon-like hands at the ready. Her milky eyes were now filled with a fiery light, showing that she was about to use magic.

“Whoa! Whoa!” Oren called, his hands up. “I'm not here to fight!” The witch cocked an eyebrow and lowered her hands slightly.

“You.” she croaked. “The soldier. What do you want?”

Oren stepped into the room, his hands still up. “I was just wondering if I could trade with you?”

“Trade? With me?”

“Yeah.” Oren reached into a bag at his side. His hands emerged with various ingredients: radishes, carrots, and a stock of broccoli. “I brought some plants from our land you might not have, so I thought you could trade me for some garlic.” The witch lowered her hands all the way and squinted her eyes.

“You walked all this way for some garlic?” she asked.

“Yes, I love cooking with new ingredients. Cooking is the only joy I have since these assholes forced me into this army.”

The witch stared at him, blinking dumbly. She calmly reached into her rags of clothing and pulled something out it. It looked like a tiny onion.

“This is a clove of garlic.” the witch explained. “You may have it for free. None of those things looks appetizing.”

Oren's eyes brightened and he smiled. “Really? Thank you! Thank you so much!” The major stuffed his vegetables back into his back. He walked over to the witch and stood beside her. He paused for a moment and flinched, as if realizing this was a bad idea for a moment. He flinched again, then reached out and took the garlic. “Thanks a lot.” Owen took a step away from the witch and took a deep breath of the garlic. It smelled just as potent as he remembered.

“You have a thing for garlic do you?” the witch asked.

“I've eaten it only once.” Owen said excitedly. “Someone put it in butter and spread it on toast. It was delicious. I'm hoping I can make some of that before I get killed on this mission.”

“You think you're going to die?”

Oren lifted up his eyes and cocked his eyebrow. “No one lives through a crusade. I knew that before they even sent me. They forced me into the army and when I complained they sent me to die because I annoyed them. So hang me if I want some garlic bread before I die.”

The witch paused for a moment, blinking with her milky eyes. “Sounds like you don't want to be on this mission.”

“That would be the thick of it.” Oren said. He stuffed the garlic bulb into the pack on his waist. “By the way, are you a basilisk?”

The witch flinched and didn't immediately answer. Everything but her eyes was covered in tattered cloth, so her expression wasn't easily readable. All the same, the expression in her eyes read surprise.

“Why do you ask that?” the witch asked.

“Just a story I heard.” Oren replied. “Over here in demon land there is a species of snake people called basilisks. They like to ambush prey, so they hide their scent with something strong, like garlic. That's why I remembered the story.”

The witch took a step back. One of her cheeks raised, as if she were smiling.

“Close human, but not quite.” she said. She then reached up with her talon-like hands and grabbed at the cloth around her body. She ripped at them and they all flew off, as if by magic. Oren jumped a little and covered his eyes as there was a flash of light. When he lowered his hands he got a rather big surprise.

There was no witch anymore. It was a woman, bigger and taller than him. She was over six feet and had scale-covered human legs that were very long and had sharp claws instead nails on the toes. Her arms were covered in white feathers that came down to human hands with long nails. Around her backside were a plume of feathers, some of the red. The rest of her body was human, with brown skin, large breasts, and a beautiful face. Her silky black hair cascaded down her back and her dark eyes, no longer ugly and milky, stared directly into Oren's brown ones.

The major stood dumbfounded for quite some time. Not only was the witch not a witch, she was a beautiful, naked woman, albeit with feathered arms and scaled legs. Oren tried not to ogle her beautiful body. It had been a really long time since he was a woman.

“I'm sorry,” he began. “I'm a little out of the loop here. What are you exactly?”

“I'm a cockatrice.” the woman replied. She held her arms out, as if presenting herself. “I disguise myself as a witch to make foraging easier. I'm really good at illusion magic. Impressed?”

“I um...wow...” Oren's eyes shot to her large breasts and back up to her face. “I guess so. What...uh...what exactly is a cockatrice?”

The monster human turned her head and squinted, as if looking for something. She held up her finger, as if asking to give her a moment, but kept talking.

“A long time ago, there were two monster species living in the desert.” She began picking her way through bottles, clacking them together loudly. “There were these female creatures called the basan. They were basically chicken-women who lacked any real defenses. There were also these male creatures that you know, basilisks. It's rare for there to be an only-male species in this land.” She pulled some bottle from the shelves and put them onto the floor. She continued searching along the shelf, running her hand along it. “Most of the monster tribes wandering the desert settled in the city of Tarbat. Getting males to mate with is difficult enough, but getting females for the snake basilisks became impossible. They were dying off, sooooo...” The cockatrice put her shoulder against the shelf and reached deep into it. Oren's eyes were treated to the site of her round ass and crevice below, sitting under a crown of feathers on her lower back. He began to sweat and turned to stare at the cave wall. “...the basan invited the basilisks into these caves to protect them. That was how the all-male basilisks and the all-female basan combined together into one tribe. I am the result, a cockatrice.”

“Interesting.” Oren said, sounding a little uninterested. “What exactly are you looking for...um...I didn't catch your name.”

“Mirat.” the cockatrice replied.

“Right, what are you looking for Mirat?”

The cockatrice stood up and held something up. It was a round, disc-like rock with a symbol on it.

“I was looking for this.” she said with a smile.

“What for?”

“So I could do this.” The rock in her hand glowed. Then there was a loud rumbling sound behind Oren. The major turned around very slowly, already feeling a sense of dread. It was as he expected, the entrance to the room was now closed by a large boulder. He very slowly turned back to Mirat, his eyes widened.

“What are you doing?” he asked weakly.

“Using magic to close the door.” Mirat replied flatly. “It's a trap stone, originally meant to seal off people trying to kill us. I knew I kept it back there, but it was under a bunch of stuff. Say, you wanna know a secret?” She grinned wider and dropped the rock.

“Probably not, but since you have me cornered...”

Mirat launched into a lecture anyway. “The basilisks covered their scent with things like garlic so they could hunt, but the basan did that too. It had nothing to do with hunting however. The scent of a basan is highly alluring to males of any human-like species. You see, the basan would run around the desert laying their scent, and the males would follow it. When they didn't want a male, they would cover the scent with something else. When they wanted a male, they would spread their own scent everywhere. They would make the males travel long distances to test their fortitude and when the male would find the basan they would mate.”

“That sounds well and good but I don't think...” Oren stopped dead. His face went a little pale. Mirat had been traveling through the desert, leaving the scent of garlic around. He had smelled it, and followed her over a large distance. Now he had found her. “Uh...listen, Mirat, this wasn't really what I meant...”

“I don't fully understand why,” Mirat began. “but my whole body has been tingling since you showed up here. My insides are aching.” She reached down with her hands to between her legs. Much to Oren's shock, she spread her lower lips apart, revealing bright pink flesh inside. There was even some liquid beginning to drip out of her.

“Uh...listen Mirat, this...this isn't...”

She began stepping toward him.

“You know I'm bigger than you.” she announced.

“I...I know that it's just...” Oren reached back for his sword. He briefly turned his head to make sure his hand was on it, but when he returned his eyes to the cockatrice he found she was right in his face. “Oh wow you're quick.” Her hand seized his wrist and twisted. Oren let out a shout of pain as she effortlessly lifted his hand away from his weapon. “And...REALLY strong!”

“Won't need this anymore!” Mirat announced. With her free hand she seized his sword, sheath and all. She ripped it from his belt, as if it were held on by paper. She gripped it tightly, her hand lighting up. She then tilted the sheath down and what was left of the sword poured out onto the ground, completely melted.

“Fat lot of good all that training did me!” Oren complained. The cockatrice jerked him over to her bed. “Come on Mirat, I'm sure we can discuss some of this. I just wanted some cooking ingredients, not a mate for...AH!” With ease, the cockatrice flipped him over onto the bed. She then grabbed both of his hands and pulled them over his head. “Look, I'm sure if we just talk this over you can...” Oren's hands abruptly felt cold. “What did you do to my hands?”

“Used magic to put them in the rock wall.” Mirat replied. The major looked up to see that was indeed what she did. His wrists were now attached to solid rock, and were trapped.

“Oh come on! I didn't want...!” Abruptly, Mirat's hand covered Oren's mouth. She grinned widely and her black eyes had a twinkle in them.

“You talk too much.” she said firmly. “Basans are pretty docile, but basilisks are the opposite. It's probably the basilisk blood in me that's enjoying this. Now then, let's get that armor off!” With surprising dexterity, she began unhooking his armor with her free hand while keeping her other on Oren's loud mouth. In a short time, he was down to his raggedy shirt and underpants. Mirat grinned even wider, staring at his crotch, which was standing up at attention. “Well, well, well, not interested are you?” She finally lifted her hand off of his mouth.

“That...um...I just...I haven't been around a naked woman in a while...”

Mirat moved down to the foot of her bed. She laid herself between his legs. She reached up to his underwear and hooked her sharp nails into the cloth. She slowly lowered it to his ankles, somewhat pleased to see he wasn't resisting.

“Lost your will?” she teased.

“Well, if it's gonna happen...” Oren began. Mirat opened her mouth and her tongue tumbled out. It was pink and had the texture of a human's, but was long and twisty like a snake's. The muscle coiled itself around Oren's shaft, effortlessly. “Ho...Holy...wha...” The soldier was instantly lost for words. He had never felt a sensation like that in his whole life. Her velvety tongue coated his dick in her wet saliva, and spun around it like a whirlwind. Every inch of his shaft was delightfully simulated. Oren's hips bucked a little as she stared up at him with her dark eyes, twinkling. She opened her mouth wide and engulfed his entire erection.

Inside of her mouth she sucked on his dick while her skilled tongue continued to coil around it. Hit with a double attack Oren began to moan and squirm. His legs twitched with every movement of the muscle in her mouth. He tried to jerk his hands down from the wall, but failed. They were stuck, hard. The soldier arched his entire body, feeling waves of pleasure wash over him. She was good, unbelievably good. He was being given pleasure only a monster could give. Just as Oren felt he might lose his mind, the cockatrice lifted her head, her coiling tongue trailing after her. She grinned and let it hang out of her mouth for a few moments, dripping with her spit. She sucked it back into her mouth before speaking.

“Have anything to say now?” she asked.

“What...was that?” Oren asked weakly.

“Basilisk tongue. It drove the basan women wild. Wanna have a better feel of it?”

Oren didn't immediately answer. His dick was throbbing in the air, begging for more attention, which Mirat could give. The major tried to steel his will, but he could practically feel his balls aching. When he said he hadn't been with a woman in a long time, he meant close to seven years. He had always been around sweaty men, so it wasn't like he could get much alone time either. All the pent-up frustration, which likely also contributed to his bad attitude, was begging to be released. He was told he wasn't supposed to be consorting with monsters. Then again, these were the same people that forced him here in the first place.

“Yes. I want a better feel of it.” Oren said.

Mirat giggled giddily. “Your wish is my command.” She grabbed him under his hips and pulled his legs up toward his stomach. Almost instantly Oren yelped. It was a very humiliating position, almost one that a man would take with a woman.

“What are you doing?” he demanded.

“You wanted a better feel. You're getting one.” Mirat unfurled her tongue and leaned down. She wasn't aiming for his dick, however. Her tongue began swirling around his anus, as if coaxing it into relaxing.

“Hey! Stop that!” Oren cried in a high voice. This only caused the cockatrice to giggle even more. The basilisk in her loved seeing him squirm helplessly under her. Her deft tongue wiggled against his entrance a few more times, making sure it was coated in her saliva. Then the sharp point began poking against the hole. Oren, flushed with humiliation, did his best to resist her intrusion, but after a few moments the slippery muscle poked through.

Oren yelped and his legs twitched. His dick throbbed at the air excitedly, delighted. As if it didn't bother her at all, Mirat shoved her face against his balls. Her long tongue was fully inside of him, coiling around his insides. The major made high-pitch noises as sensations he wasn't familiar with washed over him. It wasn't pain, and Oren tried to tel himself it wasn't pleasure. All the same, his throbbing erection was rock hard, and twitching excitedly. As if looking for something specific, the cockatrice's tongue began whipping it's way around the flesh inside. After a few moments, it brushed up against something. Oren yelped and his dick leapt several times compulsively. Mirat pulled her head away, a bridge of saliva briefly following. She sucked her long tongue back into her mouth, as if it were nothing.

“Did you like that?” she asked.

“That was weird.” Oren replied flalty, his face still flushed.

“Well, it's about to get weirder.” With her superior strength, Mirat put his legs together and bent them up near Oren's head. If it were at all possible, the major went even redder. Now he was even more exposed, with his anal opening right in front of her face. The cockatrice kept one of her arms over his legs, holding him place. She stuck her middle finger of her other hand in her mouth, getting it wet with her spit.

“Hey! What are you doing? Stop!” Oren shouted.

She took her finger out of her mouth, grinning from ear to ear. “I'm enjoying myself.” She put her large middle finger against his entrance. “And so are you, whether you like it or not.” Her digit pierced inside of him, her slick spit allowing it easy entrance. Oren let out another high-pitch squeak, trying to ignore any feeling of pleasure. Mirat's finger shifted around inside of him for a few moments, before it found the spot her tongue had before.

Oren yelped and his whole body twitched. A few waves of pleasure, as if he had orgasmed, shot through him. Once it passed, he lifted his head a little to look at his dick, which was practically near his face. Nothing had come out it, but it was throbbing painfully.

“Found it!” Mirat sang. “I always heard human males had this tiny organ inside of them that controls when they cum. Turns out it's real. I know how to play with this all day, and never give you an orgasm. You want me to?”

“Wha...what?” Oren asked weakly.

“Pay attention!” she sang again. Her finger rotated in a small circle around the organ. Oren let out a little moan and jerked his body. His dick wagged in the air, as if squirting off it's load. Nothing came out however, and the pleasure fizzled before he could be satisfied. Oren turned his head towards his arm and covered his face, trying to hide his embarrassment. She was toying with him. She was humiliating and manipulating his body for her own amusement, and Oren would have given anything for it stop. All the same, he couldn't deny his throbbing erection. His whole body was crying out for a release, something it wasn't going to get it.

Mirat saw his attempt to hide his face and only giggled again. “If you're not honest with me, I'm just going to keep playing!” The cockatrice woman pushed hard with her finger. Oren's body jerked, he moaned against his arm, and his legs quivered helplessly. His dick became even harder and twitched heartily, as if trying it's hardest to cum. It failed, and ended up throbbing painfully. It was screaming for release.

“Now then,” Mirat began, her eyes twinkling and her mouth smiling. “Do you want to cum?”

Oren grit his teeth for a few moments before muttering. “Yes...”

“Can't hear you! Turn towards me and say it.”

His face burning in humiliation, the major turned his head towards her. “Yes!”

“Yes what? What do you want me to do?”

Oren felt her finger circle lightly around his organ. His dick throbbed painfully. “I want you to make me cum!”

Mirat giggled delightfully, as if someone had told her a great joke. Then, abruptly, she pulled her finger out and leg go of his legs. His body flopped back out, finding that she had left the position at his feet. Oren craned his neck around the room, terribly confused. The cockatrice hopped across the room, her ample ass cheeks wobbling. She went to a shelf, grabbed something, and then returned. She stood over him, grinning from ear-to-ear. There was a metal ring in her hand.

“Well you can't cum. I won't let you.” she said.

“Huh?” Oren asked weakly. She leaned over and slipped it around his throbbing erection. Once it reached the base she muttered some magic words. The major then yelped as the metal ring tightened around the bottom of his dick. In a matter of moments it was incredible tight.

“Wha...what did you do?” the major demanded.

“It's a little ring I can control.” Mirat replied. “Now then, it's time for me to get some attention.”

Oren blushed again as Mirat slithered over his body. She pulled her human-like folds apart, exposing her pink inner flesh. It had been dripping before, but now it was soaked. Her entire crotch was slick with fluids. While she had been teasing and toying with him, she became even more turned on. Dominating and controlling him made her hot. She began grinding her pink flesh against his rock-hard dick. The heat from her loins was intense, almost burning. Her slick fluids coated against his shaft.

“How does it feel?” she asked.

“Hot...” Oren said.

“Want to feel what it's like on the inside?”

The major gulped and turned red again. “Yes.”

“You're gonna have to beg for it!” she sang.

Oren grit his teeth, not wanting to give in to her again. Mirat ended up grinding against his shaft again, causing it to throb eagerly. His whole body was screaming for an orgasm, and his dick was literally harder than stone. All he wanted at that moment was stick it inside her hot, sticky folds.

“P-please...” Oren muttered.

“Can't hear you!'” she said melodically.

“Please! Let me put it inside you! It's killing me!”

Mirat giggled once again. “Just what I wanted to hear!” The cockatrice lifted herself up by her powerful reptile legs. She aimed his engorged shaft at her folds and slowly lowered herself onto it. Oren gasped and his back arched. Her insides were a tight, fleshy furnace. Every inch he went inside of her was a new level of pleasure. After an eternity, her hips met his and his full shaft was inside of her.

“Feel good?” Mirat asked with a smile.

“It's...amazing!” Oren admitted. “I don't think...I can last long!”

“Go ahead.” the cockatrice said gleefully. “I don't mind.” She began grinding back and forth, his dick twisting inside of her wet canal. The slick flesh writhed around his sensitive rod, teasing him ruthlessly. Oren could feel sparks going across his body as his dick pulsed relentlessly. His balls were twitching and he could feel the tingling in his legs.

“I'm gonna...I'm gonna...!” he shouted. He could hear Mirat giggled as he arched his back and moaned.

Then he felt it clamp, hard. Oren let out a yipping noise as the ring around his dick tightened, instantly choking his orgasm. His dick twitched in agony, unable to allow his sperm to escape. There was just a deep throbbing, and a wash of both pain and pleasure. Then it stopped, and there was no relief. His dick somehow got even harder, begging for relief.

“What...what was that?” the major whined.

“You honestly think I would just let you cum so quickly?” the cockatrice asked haughtily. “Like I said, you don't get to have all of the fun. Now, it's time for me to enjoy myself.” The woman moved herself forward a little, and then began popping her hips back and forth. Oren grit his teeth as she bounced on his shaft. She was biting her lip, enjoying herself immensely. “You're pretty big. I really lucked out!” Oren could feel her pussy pounding up and down on his dick. Her hips were working furiously, and her juices were hot and slick. The parts of her body that were flesh, and not feather or scale, flushed. She reached out with her hands and gripped his body. Oren gazed up at her with a terrible expression of wanting and lust. This only made her smile and lick her lips. She was enjoying his torment.

Each time Oren's tortured erection stabbed into her wet vice, a wave of pleasure washed over him. He could feel his dick pounding with blood, eager to let out another release that wouldn't be satisfied. As much as Oren wanted it to stop, he couldn't control it.

“No! Please stop!” the major begged. Mirat gasped and threw her head back, moaning.

“Don't think so!” she shouted. “Yeah! Right there!” The cockatrice slammed her pussy down, his dick completely buried in her. Mirat shrieked and shuddered, her juices gushing around Oren's shaft. It was too much, and Oren gasped as another orgasm tried to wash over him. Instead, the ring clamped and he yelped. The familiar mix of pain and pleasure washed over him, as his orgasm was stopped dead. He thrashed, hoping to get some relief. It didn't help, and somehow his dick seemed to get even harder. At this point, he could probably beat someone to death with it.

Mirat meanwhile, rode on his hard shaft through her orgasm. She bucked her hips against him for several moments as her juices squirted around the rock-hard dick inside of her. She floated in a blissful afterglow, enjoying every moment. When she finally lowered her head, she grinned at Oren's terrible expression. He looked as if he were going crazy. His entire body was completely flushed and there were tears in his eyes.

“Please! Please make it stop! Let me cum! Please!” he shouted. Mirat smiled and giggled.

“Maaaaaaybe.” she said delightfully. She rocked back and forth for a moment, causing him to whine pitifully. “There's something you should probably know.” Oren cringed, expecting her to do something else to him to tease him. “In terms of mates, cockatrices are the same as basan.”

“Wha...what does that mean?” the major asked weakly.

“When a mate cums inside of a basan, they are linked together. It's a magic spell. The mate can never escape. If they try, the basan will track them down and bring them back. They will inherently know where they are. If you cum inside of me, it will be the same. You will never be able to escape me. You can run, but I will always find you. In essence, we will be married, now and forever. Still want to cum?”

Oren's face fell and actually became pale. A creeping feeling of horror washed over him. She had been planning this the entire time. She wanted to endlessly tease and torture him until he couldn't take it anymore. Then he would beg to become her mate for life. She wanted to dominate him in every way, even his future. Now he was trapped, a ring around his dick.

“Oh...you seem to be unsure!” she sang. “Looks like you need a little convincing!”

“N-no! Don't!” Oren cried. The cockatrice ignored him. She shifted backwards and put her feet on either side of his hips. She then began to pump back and forth, her pussy gushing juices around his dick. Oren whined painfully as her folds grind against his shaft, practically milking it. Mirat tilted her head back and moaned. Her large breasts bounced up and down alluringly. Any man would have loved the scene and pleasure he was being given, any man but Oren. He tensed up every muscle in his body, trying to control his body's impulse. He was failing miserably. His dick trembled in incredible pleasure, quickly building to another orgasm. Mirat lifted one of her fingers to her pussy and she began to rub her love button as she pistoned her folds on his abused dick.

“Fuck your dick is so hard!” she cried. “These basan urges are amazing! No wonder they're obsessed with this!”

“Please...” Oren whined, tears coming down his eyes. “Make it stop.” She lowered her head and smiled, never stopping her pumping hips.

“Only one way to make it stop!” she said. “Beg to cum inside of me and be bound to me forever, then I'll let you cum!”

“No! I don't want...!”

“Suit yourself!” The cockatrice bit her lip and tilted her head back. Her fingers furiously rubbed her button as she slammed herself down on him, hard. She pumped her hips back and forth as she screamed against her lip. Her pussy clamped down on his shaft and a new flood of boiling juices came out. Oren couldn't take it anymore. He gasped and bucked his hips. Then the breath caught in his throat and his body thrashed under her. She was bigger and stronger than him. His movement made no difference. The pain and pleasure went over him as his dick throbbed in vain.

Mirat twitched and quivered, whining as her nipples went hard and pleasure went over her. She had never cum this many times in her life. She didn't just enjoy this, she LOVED it. The two instincts inside of her, basilisk and basan were melting together, giving her pleasure the likes of which she never had. She loved mating with Oren, which fed her basan side. She loved dominating him, which fed her basilisk side. Every orgasm was amazing. When she finally finished she sighed in her afterglow and gazed down at Oren.

He was pitiful. His entire face was painfully red. Tears were coming out of his eyes and he was beginning to drool. There was terrible desperation in his eyes. His dick was so hard and was throbbing so painfully that she could feel pound inside of her. Rather than give him relief, she rotated her hips around, teasing him.

“I could do this all night!” she announced gleefully. “Every time I see that look on your face...”

“Please...” he croaked. She leaned forward a little and cupped her feathered hand over her ear.

“Hm? Can't hear you!” she sang.

“Please let me cum inside of you! Please! I'll do anything! Anything to cum! I don't care!”

Words could not express the supreme pleasure Mirat felt. It was as good as an orgasm, no better. The satisfaction of knowing that she had dominated and controlled this man filled her with joy. She could tease him like this not just today, but every single day, for the rest of his life. She would do it all gladly.

“Finally.” she said. She leaned forward, her ample breasts dangling in his face. Her hands came over his wrists. There was a tingling sensation and she leaned back to her normal position. Oren suddenly found that his hands were free. He brought them back down and stared at them. There was nothing wrong with them. They were the same as they had always been. He leaned up and got an eyeful.

Mirat was on her back. She was holding up her knees, giving him a perfect view of her engorged folds. They were gaping open, showing her pulsing pink insides. Her fluids were drooling out of her. Everything about her screamed that she was ready to go.

“Well? Come on.” she said in a sultry voice. “Cum inside of me. I'll let you this time.”

Oren could have tried to get away. He could have struck her over the head, tried to grab that trap stone, or even go for a jar as a weapon. He didn't consider any of those options. His painfully pulsing dick wouldn't let him. The only thing he wanted to do was cum, and the perfect place for that was open in front of him. With manic desperation, he leapt at Mirat. He laid his body on top of hers. She giggled and enveloped him, her arms across his back and her powerful reptile legs around his waist. For a few moments, Oren struggled to get his rock-hard dick into her. Finally, he managed to aim it right and the head began to push past her engorged lips. He then thrust with all of his might.

The major moaned loudly, both of his hands shooting to the sides of Mirat's body. Her folds coiled around him, milking, teasing, pleading with him to give her what she wanted. The cockatrice leaned up to his ear.

“Go ahead.” she whispered. “Pound away. Give it all to me. Cum inside of me and become mine.” That was all the encouragement he needed. With desperation, he began wildly pounding against her. He lacked any grace or form. He simply thrust his hips as hard as he could. It wouldn't take him long, that much he knew. He could feel her clamp down around him, as if to give him added incentive. He could feel the familiar tingling, amplified by all the denials she had given him. He balls twitched so hard in hurt. He could feel a torrent of sperm shooting through his dick, eager to flood whatever it was wrapped into.

“I'm going to...here it comes!” Oren shouted. Mirat tightened her grip on him, as if he had any indication of escaping.

“Do it. Bind us together forever!” she shrieked. Oren obliged. He slammed his dick into her one last time, and then yelled at the top of his lungs. There was no clamping, it was like the ring wasn't even there. He felt pleasure the likes of which he had never experienced. Stars exploded in his eyes. His whole body quivered and flailed. Mirat held him in place, not allowing him to flop out of her. She shivered in delight at feeling the first powerful squirt hit her canal. Her insides began clamping and pulsing, pulling on his dick as he came. It was as if her body were trying to pull the sperm deeper. Oren pumped his hips a few more times feebly. He squirted over and over again, each one just as powerful as the first. Mirat felt her insides fill up with every powerful gush, then her canal would quiver and pull his sperm deeper, likely into her womb for the magic spell. His dick ejaculated over and over again, six, seven, eight times, each one with a gush of his seed. Finally, with a weak whine, his dick twitched one last time, emptied. Then he went limp against her, gasping for breath.

Mirat gently pushed him off of her. She stood up, suddenly feeling herself full of energy. Her womb was burning, likely using his seed for the magic she spoke of. A pleasant tingling was going over her entire body. Then something like an electrical shock went through her. She quivered as juices shot out of her, her pupils expanded, and a great sensation of pleasure washed over her. Stars went across her eyes for a few moments. When it stopped she panted, her hands going over her body. She turned towards Oren, who was just beginning to gather his wits. He sat up and stared at her. Her eyes were glowing with magic and all her feathers were standing on end. Then he flinched as he felt some sort of tingling go through his own body. He couldn't explain it, but he felt as if his body were drawn to her, like a magnet. He felt that the further away from her he went, the stronger the pull would become, until he wouldn't be able to take it anymore. She had been telling the truth. He had just completed a ritual to bind them together. It was too late to take it back now.

“Oooooh, I can feel you.” Mirat said. “I know where you are, like it's a homing instinct. I can sense you. I can smell you. I can feel you. I love this.”

Oren gulped and went a little pale. Mirat only sighed with contentment. Then she stretched as if she had just woken from a good sleep.

“Well, that will be it for now.” she said happily. “I think I'll keep that ring on you for insurance.” Oren's eyes widened and he dropped his eyes. As his dick shrunk, the ring had as well. It wasn't choking his dick anymore, but it certainly didn't look like it would come off. It likely never would.

“Hey?” Mirat asked. The major's eyes snapped back up to her. “Want to see something cool?” Oren didn't answer, but she did it anyway. She walked over to her trap stone and picked it up. “This trap stone is an illusion.”

“What?” Oren asked flatly. Mirat only giggled. She walked over to the boulder blocking the entrance. She reached through it, like it wasn't even there. She stepped into it, and then back into her room. Then she threw up her hands, as if she had performed a trick.

“See? You could have left if you wanted.” she said. Oren flinched and felt himself go red again. She had tricked him into basically marrying her, and then she rubbed his nose in it. He had forever attached himself to this sadistic woman, and there was nothing he could do. For her part, Mirat only giggled again, enjoying his expression. The trap stone in her hand glowed and the boulder disappeared.

“I'm going to go tell my mother I have a mate now.” she declared. “You can run if you like, you won't get far!” She giggled one more time and waltzed out the room.

Oren sat on the bed for a few moments, his expression blank. He was trapped again, except this time it was worse. Being forced into the church's army was one thing, being forced to live with a monster that loved to sexually torture him was another. If he tried to escape, she would know it. She would drag him back, and likely punish him for it. There was nothing he could do. She had won.

Oren groaned and laid back upon the bed of hay. He put his arm over his eyes, trying to hide the fact that he was crying.

“I just wanted some garlic...out of one cage and into another. Fuck.”

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Chapter 4

(Warning! This chapter contains: non-consent, impregnation, anthro (rabbit men), gangbang, kidnap, cunnilingus, titjob, handjob, blowjob, creampie, analingus, anal, and like a ten-way with a single woman. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!)

Far too early in the morning, Renard was forced to wake up. Considering that he spent the majority of the previous night flirting with pigwomen and eating fruit, he had less than an hour of sleep. He was summoned to Colonel Lionheart's tent. The fox-man instantly knew this couldn't be good, especially considering every meeting he had with the leader of this army was an unpleasant experience. Captain Fenner, for her part, didn't seem bothered by her late night. Sleepless nights were a common experience for soldiers. Renard however, seemed to be greatly affected.

As Renard entered the tent, he yawned mightily and rubbed his eyes. Talia followed after him, a wary look in her eyes. The fox-man didn't appear to have his wits, and the colonel's face was red with anger. This could be a very bad situation. He only other person in the tent was Catarina Steinem, who appeared to be writing in the army's daily log in a book. Renard marched in front of Lionheart, sighed, and stared at the colonel's furious face.

“What?” Renard said. His tone was sarcastic, and it sounded as if he expected the colonel to bother him over something trifling. Lionheart practically snarled at him.

“One of my majors went missing last night.” the colonel said through his teeth.

Renard paused for a moment, then shrugged and shook his head. “And?”

“Where were you?” Lionheart demanded.

“In my tent.” Renard snapped.

The colonel turned towards Talia, who flinched before answering.

“He's telling the truth sir.” she lied. “I watched him all night. He never left.” If she told the truth, Lionheart might cut Renard down where he stood. The fox-man had only visited the monster women for some fruit, but Talia had no doubt that the colonel would think otherwise.

“So you were sleeping away when another monster came and took some of my soldiers?” Lionheart demanded.

“Why do you expect me to do everything?” Renard demanded irritably. “You want me to guide your army, have the gift of prophecy to know what's going to happen, stay awake all night on watch, and defend all of your troops? You're not paying me nearly enough to do all that.”

The colonel's hand gripped on his sword tightly. Catarina had stopped writing and stood up. She was now nervously glancing between the colonel and their guide.

“I hired you to take us through this desert, unharmed!” Lionheart shouted.

“You hired me to take you to the Demon King's palace,” Renard bit back. “which is what I'm doing. So far, I've been doing my job. Perhaps you should be doing yours.” Both Talia and Catarina tensed up. Lionheart was clearly a proud man, hitting his ego like that was a bad idea. With his face growing even redder, the colonel stepped forward until he was in Renard's face.

“Don't tell me how to run my army!” the commander barked. “I have lost two of my commanders and a private! You haven't protected us from anything! First Private Helena Burks! Now it's Major Oren Ackler! If you honestly think...!”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.” Renard said. He took a step back and raised his paws. “Ackler, the food guy?”

“Yes. The food guy.” the colonel replied with venom in his voice.

“The guy who chased after that desert witch for garlic?”


“How do you know he didn't wander off on his own?”

The colonel flinched and his jaw dropped. “Are you trying to say a soldier of mine would abandon his post!?”

“He didn't want to be here anyway, anyone with eyes could see that. The moment he smelled garlic he chased after a dangerous witch. He probably went after her in the night. He's either a captive or dead now.”

“You don't know that!”

“And you don't know either Commander Stick-Up-His-Ass!”

The colonel partially drew his sword and stepped back up to Renard.

“I will not take this kind of disrespect from...!”

Catarina had seen enough. She jumped forward and got in between them. She actually pushed the colonel back a few paces.

“Okay! Okay! Stop! Stop!” she cried. “Renard hasn't had much sleep! That's why he's being disrespectful! You remember what sleepless night were like at first, right colonel?” Lionheart didn't take his eyes off Renard, and his face was beet red. For several moments, a tense silence hung in the air, as neither no one dared to move.

“I suppose.” the colonel said through grit teeth. “I'll give the monster-man a break, for now.”

“That'd be a pleasant change.” Renard muttered. Now it was Talia that came between them. She began to push him out of the tent.

“That's enough!” she declared. “Out! Out!” Renard allowed her to shove him out of the tent, ending the argument. Catarina breathed a sigh of relief, and backed away from the colonel. His eyes had a lethal glare in them, and his hand still had a death-grip on his sword.

“Sir,” Catarina began. “I know that Renard is a monster, but he has guided us to the oases so far. We can't get rid of him or we won't know where to go. He's lived as a monster all of his life. He doesn't know anything about the ways of humans. We just need him to guide us to the palace, then we can get rid of him.”

The colonel paused a moment. “I suppose you're right.” He finally sheathed his sword all the way. “Tell him we better get to the next oasis very quickly. Our water level is low.”

“Yes sir. Please sir, you have to lead us. Try not to become too angry.”

“I will try.” That was all he was willing to promise.

Talia pushed Renard a good ways out of the tent before she finally stopped. Once she did, she gave him a hard glare.

“What the hell was that?” she demanded. “Are you trying to get killed?”

“I'm not doing anything wrong!” Renard retorted. “I'm doing what I'm supposed to do! Have I not led you guys to every oasis so far?”

“Yes, but that's not the point!”

“No! That's is the point! That guy,” The fox-man pointed to the colonel's tent. “is a giant blowhard. He's going to blame every mistake you guys make on me!”

“You're a monster! You have the Demon King's blood in you! Of course he blames you-” Talia stopped dead. She hadn't meant to blurt that out. She had been building a relationship with Renard, and she had a feeling she just sunk it. For his part, the fox-man's expression fell. He took a few steps away from Talia, his face completely sour. “Renard...I didn't mean...”

“No, you did mean it.” he snapped. “I'm just a monster from the Demon King, is that it?”

“No! It's not like that!”

“But that was in your head, or you wouldn't have said it.”

Talia flinched, her voice catching in her throat.

“That's what I thought.” Renard said. He pointed at the colonel's tent. “Mark my words. There's something really wrong with that guy, and he'll be the death of all of you, and it WON'T be this monster's fault.” The fox-man then turned and stomped away. Talia felt something drop in her guts. Just when she was getting somewhere with Renard, she had to open her big mouth. He was just grumpy from lack of sleep, that was all. With a good night's rest he would be back to normal, but even so, he would remember what she said. She cast her eyes toward the ground and sighed. Perhaps she wasn't meant to have friends.


Much to everyone's pleasure, the trip to the next oasis was uneventful. It took them half of the day, and once they arrived, they were pleasantly surprised. It was huge, with a rather large forest around it. Most of the troops cried out in joy upon seeing it. After a quick scouting by Renard revealed that there were no alarunes and no pigmen, the army happily pitched it's tents. Colonel Lionheart could see that his troops were both exhausted, and their morale was incredibly low. Although he was loathed to do so, he ordered a respite for the rest of the day. Fighting the Demon King with bottomed-out morale was a terrible idea anyway. For the rest of the day, all of his troops drank, ate fruit, and even bathed in small groups. Lionheart didn't want a certain someone to get off easy, however.

Renard once again entered Lionheart's tent, this time not accompanied by Captain Fenner. Catarina stood at attention over to the side, tense that another argument would break out. The fox-man didn't say anything, he merely stood in front of the colonel's makeshift desk. Lionheart ignored him for several moments, writing his own notes. When he was finished, he gazed up at Renard. His face, at least was calm.

“I have realized you are right about certain aspects of your job.” Lionheart said.

“That's refreshing.” Renard muttered.

“It has occurred to me that I haven't been letting you do your job properly.”

Renard paused, blinking. “Okay...”

“So, as a guide, you seem to be lacking proper knowledge of what's to come. You should scout ahead to the next oasis, and make sure you are up to date with all we will be facing.”

The fox-man's face fell. “That's a whole day's travel! I won't be back until tomorrow morning!”

“Then might I suggest you get going now. And I wouldn't think about ditching, if you still expect to get paid.”

Renard narrowed his eyes. The money wasn't worth all this trouble. In truth, he was more worried about what Adrum had told him before he left. If he didn't help the crusaders to the best of his abilities, it would be the old man he had to answer to. If they didn't have a guide, their only choice was to march back to the city...where Adrum would be waiting. Renard felt a shiver down his spine at the prospect.

“Fine.” the fox-man said. “I will scout ahead and see what obstacles we face. Do me a large favor so you don't yell at me when we come back? Tell your troops to, literally, touch nothing. Not an odd-looking plant, not another creature, not a single thing that isn't something normal. Can you do that?”

“I will make sure they all know.”

“Good. When I get back, I don't want you questioning my methods or arguing with me. I will know everything in our way, and I will know how to deal with it. Can you at least do me that courtesy?”

“If you truly know what will happen, there will be no questioning or arguing.” Lionheart said tersely. “Now get going. Catarina, go and tell all the commanders. Touch nothing.”


A few hours later, a group of ten women were bathing in the oasis. They didn't really have anything to worry about. Most of the other troops were guarding against attacks. Among the group bathing was First Lieutenant Eliza Bevens, the woman obsessed with new and interesting creatures. In truth, she had been somewhat disappointed so far. She had been expecting to see a menagerie of odd and unusual monsters to whet her excited appetite. Instead, all she had seen were some pigmen and a giant flower. While she found that fun, it wore off quickly.

As Eliza came up from washing her hair, she saw that most of the other women had finished and were laying about in the cool water. They couldn't hog all the time at the oasis. There were eight hundred other soldiers waiting for their turn.

“Okay!” the first lieutenant shouted. “Out of the water!” The group of women groaned a little and waded their way out. They began to pick up their clothes and put them back on.

Then a bush rustled. All of the women threw each other worried glances. There was always the possibility of a man peeping, or even monster. Then again, the rest of their forces were supposed to be guarding the oasis. What could it be? Eliza motioned for the women to grab their weapons, which they did. She walked over to the bush, her sword at the ready. She, ever-so-gently, poked at the bush. Instantly, three small creatures dashed out of the leaves, gazing around, confused. Eliza yipped for a second in surprise, then her eyes widened excitedly.

“Desert lagomorphs!” she shouted excitedly. They were basically small rabbit people, usually between two and three feet tall. They still had bunny-like faces and legs, but their upper body was more like a human. Their eyes were incredibly expressive and they had human-like hands. On top of that, they were known to be adorable. Unlike what Eliza had heard, the three of them were white, not brown. It must have been a new colorization. The lagomorphs glanced around nervously. One of them was carrying a piece of fruit in his small hands. They must have been searching for food. Eliza excitedly bounded over to her things and began digging through them, trying to find her notebook she wrote in.

“Um...” one of the other female soldiers asked. “Are those things...dangerous?”

“Oh! Not at all!” Eliza declared, pulling out her booklet. “Desert lagomorphs are harmless. They're one of the few creatures that are.” She turned toward them and quickly began sketching. “We even found some white ones! I wonder if they're an albino of some sort? I think they're all male. Male's have smaller ears.”

The three lagomorphs gathered together in a group, oddly staring at the humans. They seemed to be communicating quietly. All of the women put their weapons down, staring at them.

“The first lieutenant said they were harmless.”

“Yeah, but she's obsessed with dangerous monsters.”

“They are awful cute...and they're only a few feet tall. What harm could they do?”

The lagomorphs turned toward the women. With tiny rabbit hops, they began to stray closer. Eliza was too busy sketching to give any orders or anything. One of the women glanced around at the others, and then she knelt down and stuck out her hand.

“It's okay.” she said. “We're not going to hurt you.” A single rabbit-man hopped forward a few more paces. He then began sniffing her hands, inquisitively. Getting a little bolder, it hopped closer and began sniffing her body. The woman cooed and pet the lagomorph on the head, which it didn't seem bothered by at all. “Awww! They're adorable!” The other women also knelt down, holding out their own hands. The other two lagomorphs, including the one holding the piece of fruit, began hopping over. They began sniffing all of the women, allowing the crusaders to pet them.

“What are they doing?” one of the women asked.

“I guess they're just checking us out!” another cried.

“Hey! Watch it!” one said. The lagomorph with the fruit and hopped between her legs, and was sniffing. The woman took a step backwards, but the small rabbit-man stepped after her, still smelling. Eliza walked over and kept drawing.

“Wow! That one really likes you!” the first lieutenant cried. The lagomorph circled her for a moment, still sniffing. “What's your name? So I can record it!”

“What are you writing in that thing?” the one being sniffed asked.

“Oh, they're just observations! Come on! Where's your sense of discovery?”

The woman being sniffed sighed and shook her head, staring at the other girls with an exasperated look. They all giggled at her. “Corporal Dinah Miller sir. At your disposal.”

“Dinah...Miller...” Eliza said, quickly writing the name. “This is all great information!” All of the girls rolled their eyes. There was a reason people called the First Lieutenant “Crazy Eliza.”

Abruptly, the lagomorph stopped circling. Instead, he stood up on his hind legs and stretched out his hands. It appeared as if he was offering her the fruit.

“Wha...what is he doing?” Dinah asked, a little flabbergasted. Eliza licked her lips and her eyes were full of fire. She was sketching away, frantically.

“Desert lagomorphs are incredibly intelligent! He must like you!” she cried.

“Aww, that's so sweet!” Dinah said. She smiled, reached out, and took the fruit. “Thank you so much.” She reached out to pet him. The rabbit-man took her hand and began rubbing his face on her palm. All of the women let out similar sounds of “aw.” The lagomorph continued to rub his face against her, going up her bare arm and onto her shoulder and chest. Dinah giggled for a second before giving the lagomorph a little shove. “Whoa! Easy boy!” The rabbit-man leaned back on his feet. He stared at her for a moment, with his expressive blue eyes. Even Dinah could see there was something behind them, some kind of intelligence. It twitched it's nose for a few moments, then turned and began hopping away. The other two followed, and they disappeared back into the bushes. All of the women, save for Eliza, then stood up and began laughing among each other.

“That was adorable!” one of the women shouted.

“Yeah, it's nice not to have something attack us!”

“And I got some fruit!” Dinah declared, holding it up in the air. “What is it, anyway?”

“Pomegranate.” Eliza said off-handedly. “I gotta finish drawing. You gals do whatever.”

All of the women glanced at each other and laughed again. They then began wandering back to camp, glad they were finally able to have a pleasant experience for once.


Much later that as night fell, Dinah was preparing for bed in her tent. It was empty at the time, as the other girls who resided in it were taking their turn with bathing. It had taken the army most of the day, but almost all of them had taken a bath. Everyone was feeling a lot better, and morale was back up. Dinah was wearing her armor to sleep. They had learned that the hard way after the pigman attack. As she yawned and set her head on her pillow, she heard something. There was a scratching noise.

The corporal lifted her head and grabbed her sword. She craned her neck around, acutely aware. Considering that the camp was heavily guarded, she doubted that some monster could sneak in. She got to her feet, drawing her weapon. Then her tent flapped on one side. She spun around, her sword at the ready.

It was one of the lagomorphs. It stood in her tent, sniffing the air. It had dug through the bottom of the tent, so it could come inside. Dinah put her hand to her chest and sighed. It was probably the one from earlier, coming to give her a visit. She sheathed her sword and knelt down.

“What are you doing here?” she asked. “It's not safe!” The lagomorph hopped over to her. It sniffed her hand, as if confused. “Oh, you can't smell me with my armor on!” She quickly took off her gauntlet and held her bare hand out. The rabbit-man leaned over, sniffed it for a moment, and then began licking her fingers. “Hey! Stop that!” The lagomorph leaned back. He stood on his feet and let out a high-pitch squeak. “Aw, that's adorable. Did you miss me-”

Something hit the back of Dinah's head, hard. She could hear it crack against her skull, like she had been hit with a hammer. Stars exploded in her eyes, and then blackness enveloped her. The last thing she felt was herself hitting the ground. Then it was all blank.


As the sun rose, Renard shuffled his way back into camp. His feet were dragging in the sand. His eyes were notably glassy, and bags were forming under them. As he approached the nearest guard, they drew their sword and approached.

“Renard!” the guard shouted.

“What?” Renard growled harshly. It was so hateful that the solider actually flinched, afraid he was going to be attacked.

“The...the colonel wants to see you, immediately!”

“That's a shock.” the fox-man bit. He growled and began shuffling toward the colonel's tent. The guard was supposed to follow him, but he suddenly felt apprehensive. Instead, he stayed at his post. There was something suddenly lethal about the previously jovial fox-man.

As Renard entered the tent, he saw that it was filled. All of the officers were in there, including Sam Ageril, Tay Rainground, Eliza Bevens, and Talia Fenner, the whole gang. It had apparently been called in a hurry, as Talia wasn't wearing her armor. They all turned and looked at Renard as he entered. The fox-man stopped, groaned, and slumped a little.

“Alright, what happened?” he asked. Colonel Lionheart stood up from his table, his face red again.

“A corporal went missing last night.” he snapped.

Renard paused, blinking a little dumbly. “Should we start putting bells on you people?”

Lionheart's eye twitched. “She just disappeared! No one saw or heard anything!”

“I wasn't here, what do you want me do? Our path is free of hassles, by the way. You're welcome.”

“You said this place was safe!”

“No, I said that it was free of alarunes and pigmen. I told you guys not to touch anything.”

“We didn't!” Eliza cried. Renard's tired eyes turned to her.

“What do you mean “we?”” he asked. Eliza flinched. Now everyone turned to her. She began to sweat.

“It wasn't...it wasn't anything dangerous!” she cried.

“What wasn't?” Renard asked. “I told you not to touch anything! It was an order! What did you do?” He put his hands on his waist. Talia began to sweat as well. Renard's sword was at his waist.

“There were just...some desert lagomorphs!”


“And...that's it.”

Now Renard furrowed his brow. “Desert lagomorphs are harmless. It must have been something else.”

“There wasn't anything else! The three of them came out of the bushes-”

“Desert lagomorphs don't travel in groups.” Renard interrupted.

“But...there were three of them! They were carrying fruit, and they were really friendly! They had white fur so I thought they were a subspecies-”

“Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa! STOP!” Renard shouted. Everyone in the room jumped. “White fur? They had white fur!?”

“Y-Yeah...” Eliza said, shrinking down a little.

“Those aren't desert lagomorphs! They are LUNAR lagomorphs!”

“What's the difference?”

“THERE'S A HUGE DIFFERENCE!” Renard suddenly bellowed. Eliza shrunk down a little, abruptly feeling incredibly guilty. Dinah had trusted her at the oasis, and she had fed them incorrect information.

“Enough!” Colonel Lionheart shouted. “What's the difference?”

Renard off-set his jaw, showing his clear displeasure. “I told all of you to touch nothing! How hard is that to do? Desert lagmorphs are harmless. They live alone. They avoid any other living creature. Lunar lagomorphs are the exact opposite! The males live in large groups. It's mating season and they have VERY specific mating practices! They offer a female a piece of fruit and if they accept, they rub their scent all over them. Then later, a large group of them come and take the female to their den. They then spend the whole mating season with them. When they can't find a female lunar lagomorph, they will choose a human woman. They're smart enough to know they have to kidnap them to make them go with them.”

Eliza began to go pale. She could feel her guts tie into knots. Renard gave her an angry stare.

“Did this corporal take the fruit?” he growled.

“Y-yes...” Eliza said weakly.

“And did the lagomorph rub all over her?”

“Yes...” The first lieutenant shrunk down so low that she actually look a foot shorter. This was all her fault. She had handed this woman over to some monsters.

Renard rolled his eyes and threw up his hands. “Touch nothing! And what did you guys do? You pet the rabbits that find people by scent! You wanna blame me for all of these mistakes? You guys are...!”

“Okay! Okay!” Talia shouted. “We get it! We messed up!”

Renard shut his trap, but still glared at Eliza. Colonel Lionheart watched the scene carefully. He didn't know who he wanted to yell at more, Renard for not warning them, or Eliza for not following orders. Before he could blow up, another soldier entered the tent and went around Renard.

“Pardon me for interrupting!” he declared. He was carrying a breastplate, the symbol of a burning phoenix on it. “We found this, along with a whole suit of armor at the edge of the camp.” Lionheart's eyes gazed over the breastplate, as if it were an insult.

“What does this mean?” Lionheart asked, his eyes going back to Renard.

“She's lighter without her armor.” the fox-man replied simply.

The colonel growled a little under his breath. His eyes shot to Eliza, whose face was completely white. “Lieutenant Bevens. Organize a search. We've lost enough troops to incompetence, I'm not willing to lose another. If they're small, they couldn't have gone far.”

Renard let out a grunting laugh. Every eye turned back to him again.

“Have something to add?” Lionheart demanded.

“Lunar lagomorphs are incredibly smart.” he replied as he turned to the soldier who brought the breastplate. “Did you see any tracks around the armor?”

“No.” he replied.

“That's because they covered them, and considering there are twenty to thirty per den, I'd estimate they can move pretty fast with a human body.”

Lionheart narrowed his eyes, feeling his guts boil. Everyday he lost someone else. The monsters were picking them off, and there was a monster right in front of them.

“Eliza, organize the search.” Lionheart ordered. “You better find her.”

“Yes sir.” Eliza said quietly. She turned and dashed out of the tent, eager to be away from this.

“All officers dismissed.” the colonel said. The rest of the officers filed out of the room. Talia felt incredibly afraid to leave. Renard's lack of sleep had made him a supremely unpleasant person, and the colonel looked ready to pop. She was actually terrified they would come to sword blows. She lingered a little longer than the others, but ended up leaving just the same. The only people in the tent were Colonel Lionheart, Renard, and his incredibly terrified assistant Catarina.

“Lunar lagomorphs.” the colonel began. “You knew about these things and didn't tell us.”

“Oh come the fuck on!” Renard said, rolling his eyes. “I told them to touch nothing! Had they ignored those things they would still be here, safe and sound!”

The colonel's eyes lit up with angry fire. He had enough of Renard's disrespect. He drew his sword completely, holding it in front of him.

“How dare you speak of my soldiers like that?” Lionheart demanded.

“They acted stupid, and disobeyed orders that you gave them! How are you angry with me?”

“You are supposed to guide us through this desert!”

“I can't stop stupidity!”

Lionheart came around his desk, marching hard towards Renard. Likely risking her life, Catarina jumped in front of him, for the second time in two days.

“Colonel! Colonel! Please! Don't!” she shouted.

“Out of my way!” Lionheart shouted at her. “I'm sick of this ugly monstrosity disrespecting me, my soldiers, and this campaign!”

“Did you call me “ugly?”” Renard demanded.

“Sir, if he's gone, then how can we find the next oasis?” she asked. “We'll be stuck in the middle of the desert! The Demon King will find us eventually, and we'll be lost! Sir, please, I'm begging you, for the sake of my sister, don't do this!”

Lionheart didn't move for several moments. His furious eyes were glued to Renard. The fox-man had his hand on his own sword, apparently ready to fight. The colonel wanted nothing more than to cut this monster-man down...but he had to keep perspective. This was about more. It was about Marisa, who was still missing, it was about defeating the Demon King, and ridding the world of evil. He was given this task personally...and without completing it he couldn't be forgiven for his past sins.

“I want him out of my sight.” Lionheart said.

“I'll remove him!” Catarina replied. She turned to Renard and walked over to him. “Please leave. This situation won't get better.”

“That's for sure.” Renard barked. Catarina grabbed him by the arm and pulled him out. He went along willingly. The moment they were out of the tent, she turned toward Renard.

“I'm sorry about the colonel.” she whispered. “He's lost without my sister. You haven't slept in days. Please. Go get some rest.”

Renard stared at her for a moment, as if surprised by her politeness. Then he scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“Fine. I want sleep anyway.” he replied. Then he began marching away. Catarina put her hand to her chest and heaved a sigh. She felt a heavy weight come off her shoulders. Her sister had always spoke incredibly highly of Lionheart, but all Catarina had done since becoming his assistant was put out the fires he started. He was short-tempered, hostile, and unable to put up with mistakes. This wasn't the man Marisa had raved about. All the same, it wasn't like Catarina could quit. She was the only thing keeping Lionheart from killing their only guide. The private steeled her will, turned around, and marched back into the tent. She had work to do.

A good ways from the tent, Eliza stood by herself. She was taking deep breaths, trying to calm the anxiety inside of her. The other disappearances had nothing to do with her. They were either soldiers who were alone, ambushed, or in Oren's case, likely stupid. Lionheart had let the others go, but not this one. His pride couldn't take another loss...and it was Eliza's fault. If she had followed orders, Dinah would still be with them. Eliza tried to keep her tears down as she gazed at the horizon.

Then she stopped. Out in the desert in the setting sun, on top of a dune, was some sort of the creature. The heat haze made it difficult to see, but it was large, and appeared to be on four legs. Something began tickling in Eliza's memory. For a moment, she forgot about all of her pain and humiliation. It couldn't be...it couldn't be! Right at the moment, Renard stomped by her, heading for his tent. Seemingly forgetting their animosity, she ran over to him and grabbed his arm. The fox-man spun around, his teeth bared.

“WHAT?” he shouted.

Eliza ignored his snarling and pointed at the dune in the distance. “That. What's that?” Renard turned his head. He blinked a few times, and then squinted. Even his desert-attuned eyes were having trouble seeing.

“It appears to be...a large dog.” he said.

“Dog?” Eliza asked, her eyes sparkling again. “Maybe...a hound?”

Renard cocked his eye and turned to her. “A hellhound? Those have been extinct for centuries. It's probably just a desert wolf.”

“That thing looks seven feet tall!” Eliza retorted. “It has to be-” She turned back to the dune. It was gone. “...where did it go?”

“What did I tell you?” Renard asked. “It was just a normal wolf. Leave it alone.” The fox-man continued his march. Eliza continued staring at the dune, hoping it would come back.

A hellhound, legends of it had reached the lands across the sea. It was intelligent, incredibly powerful, and capable of fighting up to ten men at a time. It was used in heraldry, flags of armies, and coat of arms. Many children had toys of them, pretending they were fighting alongside them. A hellhound was the first animal Eliza Bevens wanted to chronicle and draw. Renard said that they were gone, but maybe...just maybe...he was wrong. The first lieutenant licked her lips excitedly. She now knew where she wanted to begin her search.

Talia didn't feel good about just leaving Renard in that deadly situation. All the same, she couldn't defy orders and refuse to leave the tent. In the end, she went to Renard's tent, not even bothering to stop and get her armor, hoping he would show up in one piece. Thinking he would be gone a long time, she sat down in the middle of the temporary structure. She was already fearing the worst, that soldiers would come by dragging Renard's body, and the last thing she said to him was something awful.

Much to her surprise, Renard entered the tent a short time later. Talia flinched and gazed up with wide eyes.

“Oh!” she shouted. “Y...You're back!”

“Yeah.” Renard grunted. Talia could see that his eyes were even more glassy. He looked as if he were completely out of it. He had likely burned his last bit of energy.

“Well...you should get some rest...and I should go...” The captain stopped talking. Without a word, Renard sat beside her. Then he practically fell over, his head landing in her soft lap. Talia jumped, and she darted her face back and forth, terribly confused. “Wha...wha...what are you doing!?”

“Make sure Colonel Blowhard doesn't kill me in my sleep.” Renard muttered.

“O...Okay...” Talia replied weakly.

“It's nice to have a friend that isn't a weird doll-man.” Renard muttered even quieter. He was going to sleep rather quickly. Talia didn't move for several moments. The fox-man was just exhausted, that's why he was acting weird. More than that, she was pretty sure he had called her his friend. She wasn't a doll-man, or whatever he said. Talia slowly lowered her hands, and a smile came over her face. Renard actually looked pretty cute while he was sleeping.

“Yeah, it's good to have friends.” Talia said. Renard didn't reply. She raised her hand up and began stroking his head repeatedly.

“I'm not a pet dog.” Renard said.

“Sorry!” Talia cried, raising her hands again. Renard didn't say anything the rest of the night, he only quietly snored.


Eliza organized a few search teams. She sent them out in every direction, telling them to stay together and look for signs of rabbit-men. Eliza, however, took her group to the dune where she had seen that giant creature. As she went over the top of the dune, she had hoped to find signs of her mythical creature. She was disappointed however. There was a light breeze going through the desert, and by the time she got to the dune, the tracks were gone. As the other crusaders in her group were searching the ground for lagomorph tracks, Eliza was scanning the horizon. There had to be some sign of it somewhere. Even if it were a giant wolf, it couldn't disappear that easily. As the lieutenant craned her neck, she spotted an outcropping of rocks, some distance away. If the hellhound was coming for water, it was probably scared away by the army. It could be hiding nearby, waiting for them to leave...

“Hey!” Eliza shouted to the other soldiers. “Let's split up and go in different directions. I'll head over to that outcropping! You guys heard that way, that way, and that way.”

“But you said we shouldn't split up...” one of the soldiers began.

“I changed my mind!” Eliza cried abruptly. “Meet back here in twenty minutes! Go!” The lieutenant turned and ran, bolting as fast as she could toward the rocky outcropping. The other soldiers watched her go for a few moments. Then one of them grunted and rolled his eyes.

“Crazy bitch.”

When Eliza reached the outcropping, she was sweaty and out of breath. All the same, she was too excited to stop. She began searching around the large rocks, trying to find signs of any canine activity. There weren't that many rocks to begin with, and she quickly discovered that there was nothing there. Eliza suddenly felt a great weight on her shoulders. The pain of losing Dinah was hitting her again. If she could obsess about hellhounds, she didn't have to think about it. Suddenly feeling bad that she wasn't looking for her subordinate, Eliza sighed and sat on a rock. She put her hands on her chin, and prepared to mope. She casually turned her head to the side.

All the breath left her body. Somehow, it was only ten feet from her. Standing in the desert sand, staring right at her, was a huge dog monster. It was indeed seven feet tall. It was completely black, down to it's eyes. It's mouth was open, panting in the heat. It's eyes were glaring right into hers. It was intelligent, so very, very intelligent. It was like she was staring into the eyes of a human. It had muscular shoulders, and huge front paws. According to legend, those paws were prehensile and they could use them to grab as well as fight enemies.

“Oh...my...god...” Eliza said weakly. They stared at each other for a few more moments. Eliza suddenly couldn't feel her legs, and she was very dizzy. She might even pass out.

Then the hellhound made a grunting noise at her. Casually, it turned and began walking away, as if it didn't have a care in the world. Eliza watched it trot away, still completely numb. When her senses returned, she hopped off the rock. She glanced between the hellhound and where the army was camped several times. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This could be the last hellhound! Eliza gulped, wiped the sweat from her brow, and began running after the huge dog.


Dinah slowly opened her eyes. There was something cold on the back of her skull, and her head was throbbing. Slowly, the crusader began to regain senses. At first, her entire vision was filled with black dots. When those faded, it was fuzzy for several moments before her sight returned to normal. She was staring at a stone ceiling. Dangling from that stone ceiling were several crystals that were glowing. That was weird. Wasn't she supposed to be in her tent?

She slowly lifted her head up, groaning as she did so. The cold left the back of her head. She turned to see what it was. It appeared to be a bag...filled with ice. Ice? In the desert? How!? Dinah blinked and looked around. Then she immediately became uncomfortable.

She was surrounded by those lagomorphs. There were dozens of them, and they were slowly noticing she was awake. They were surrounding her, giving off their high-pitch noises. Dinah gulped, lifted her hand up, and rubbed the back of her head. There was a knot there. That was right! Someone hit her there! Someone...or something.

A streak of fear went through the crusader. She was petting one of these rabbit-men, and then they hit her over the head. Why? Why would that do that? The dozens of lagomorphs were shuffling forward, step by step. Dinah quickly gazed at her surroundings. She was in a cave, and the only light was from the crystals above her head. She was either deep in the cave, or they had blocked the entrance, as everything else around was dark. The cave also had to be pretty deep, considering these rabbit-men had access to ice. Dinah attempted to curl up a little, so the lagomorphs wouldn't touch her. That was when she realized something even more worrying, she was naked.

“Uh...” Dinah began. “Uh...good rabbit...things. Niiiiiice rabbit things. Um...how about you just let me go, huh?” That was a long shot, but she had to try. There was an abrupt, loud squeaking noise. The dozens parted. A single lagomorph hopped through. This one was taller than all the others who were two feet tall. This one was three feet. It hopped right up to Dinah and began bobbing it's head back and forth. It then hopped over to her head. Dinah cringed, but the lagomorph's hand gently began running over the knot on her head. The crusader flinched in pain, but was surprised by the rabbit-man's gentleness. Was it...checking on her?

“It's...it's fine.” Dinah said nervously. “It's just a little sore.” The large lagomorph's blue eyes met hers. He let out a squeak and twitched his nose. It understood her, she could tell. “Okay, I'm fine. Now if you guys could just let me go...”

Then they all leapt at her. Dinah let out a shriek, but she was instantly overwhelmed. She tried to flail her arms, but in a matter of moments, they had seized her and held her down. They were small, but they were strong. She was suddenly pinned against the ground.

“Hey! Let me go! Let me...” Dinah got a rude surprise. One of the lagomorphs leaned over her face and mashed it's lips against hers. The crusader was so surprised, she didn't even fight it. The creature's tongue instantly began flicking inside of her mouth. It was such a human action, that she was briefly confused. For several moments, it continued the deep kiss before pulling it's mouth away, a strand of saliva following after it. It was the big one. He licked his lips and wiped his mouth. Dinah appeared more confused than ever. Then the big one turned it's head and let out a squeak.

Dinah yipped as all the other lagomorphs moved. One of them hopped over to her face and mashed her into another kiss. Two went for her breasts, wrapping their mouths around the mounds. Two others went for her lower body. Much to her shock, all the lagomorphs moved in unison, lifting her legs and waist off the ground. Dinah could feel something fuzzy shove it's way into her folds. Something else furry spread her ass cheeks apart. In a matter of moments, she was completely covered in tongues.

At Dinah's mouth, the lagomorph was expertly kissing her. The crusader was loathed to admit it, but it was actually one of the best kisses she had ever received. The way the creature moved it's lips and tongue against her was perfect...and filled with passion. It even gripped the sides of her cheeks, as a lover would. The lagomorph's tongue gently kneaded hers, as if begging to play. Perhaps by instinct, Dinah reciprocated. Her own muscle danced with the rabbit-man's, getting some weird joy out it.

The two lagomorphs at her chest ran their tongues over her sensitive nipples. They were gentle, making sure not to irritate the sensitive flesh. As goosebumps ran over Dinah's body, her peaks hardened in their mouths. One of them circled his tongue around the sharpening peak. He teased it expertly, sending tingles down Dinah's body. The other wrapped his lips around his own point and sucked on it. He pulled his head back slightly, yanking the flesh gently. With both of them working in tandem, Dinah's chest was sending sparks of pleasure up her body, whether she wanted them to do it or not.

One lagomorph had it's furry face shoved into her pussy. Another had shuffled it's way under her ass, and was running it's tongue against her anus. The one at her folds spread them apart with his tiny hands. He shoved his nose into her slit. His tongue began rotating around the sensitive flesh. The woman's canal began to quiver, unable to ignore the pleasure her whole body was experiencing. As her juices began to ooze from the hole, the rabbit-man lapped at, as if it were some sweet nectar. He then put his lips against the flesh and sucked at just the right intensity. The pink flesh of the canal quivered again, greatly pleased.

At her ass, the lagomorph rotated his muscle around the sensitive hole, which was, at the time, resisting him. Slowly, the pleasure that was overwhelming Dinah's whole body made her relax. The gentle coaxing his tongue was giving the sensitive orifice caused the muscles around it to relax. The hole began twitching open and closed. The lagomorph didn't waste the opportunity. His tongue gently pierced through her anus. His appendage wiggled around the insides, teasing the delicate flesh. He coated her in his saliva. He pressed his lips against her hole, allowing his tongue to reach even deeper. With both the lagomorphs at her pussy and ass, the pleasurable tingling had taken over her completely.

In a very short time, Dinah's entire body was dancing with overwhelming pleasure. She tried to resist it, but it was beyond useless. Each and every one of the lagomorphs was incredibly skilled. Moreover, they were holding her arms and legs, not allowing her to cover any of her vital areas. Feeling the heat inside of her build, the crusader knew that an orgasm was coming. She whined against the lagomorph against her mouth. She attempted to kick and swing her arms. Instead, the rabbit-men doubled down, holding her even harder. An additional one hopped onto her stomach. He leaned over to her engorged clit, which was throbbing for attention. He happily obliged, extending his tongue and gently rotating around it. Dinah screamed and bucked. The tingling pleasure washed over in waves, bigger and bigger. There was no escape from it. Instinctively, the crusader began bucking her hips against all of the rabbit-men. She gasped through her nose and shrieked against the tongue in her mouth. She arched her back, as her inner canal began flexing and throbbing. The rabbit-men let go of her enough for her to thrust her hips up. Her fluids gushed against the lagomorph at her pussy. He opened his mouth and happily drank.

None of the rabbit-men stopped their pleasurable actions through her whole orgasm. Dinah's climax seemed to go on forever, as orgasmic bliss came in waves over and over again. Stars exploded in her eyes as she lost complete control of her body. For several moments, she felt as if she had melted, and her brain was mush. Until after what seemed like an eternity, she finally slumped.

She couldn't feel her legs at all. Her entire body was like jelly, limp and tingling. It took her several moments for her wits to return. It was then that she realized that most of the rabbit-men had gotten off her body, at least all the sensitive parts. They were only holding onto her arms and legs...and they had spread the latter apart. Dinah lifted her head to see that the big lagomorph was now between her hips, and he was sporting an erection.

Dinah's eyes widened. It was surprisingly large, considering it must have been in his body when he wasn't aroused. It was also very human-like, meaning that these creatures were likely descendants of the demon king. This three-foot lagomorph was probably the leader, ordering the others around. He got the first turn. The crusader began to buck, trying to get free. More of the lagomorphs leaped onto her limbs, rendering her unable to move. Dinah grit her teeth angrily.

“Why are you doing this to me?” she growled. “All I did was take some fruit! You sniffed me and I...” Something clicked in Dinah's brain. Where had the lagomorph sniffed her? It was between her legs. She thought it was just being curious. What was it smelling for? A horrific thought went through the crusader's head. When was her last period? About two weeks ago. That meant...that right now...that was why they wanted her!

“No!” Dinah screamed. “No! No! No! Don't!” With all of her might, she managed to moved her arms and legs. The largest rabbit-man let out a high-pitch squeak. Several more of the lagomorphs jumped on her, grabbing her stomach, hips, and head. She was completely paralyzed. The large lagomorph grabbed his sizable shaft. He began to position it at her slit, which she was trying to keep away from him. She wasn't succeeding, as the head of his erection entered her lips. He motioned a few of the lagomorphs away and grabbed her hips.

“No! NO! DON'T!”

The rabbit-man thrust forward. Dinah let out a shriek and contorted her body. It didn't hurt, at all. Her pussy was completely soaked from her previous orgasm, and it wasn't her first time. All the same, she could feel the lagomorph's hard dick inside of her. He held her still for a few moments. Then he leaned his head back and let out a satisfied sigh, as if he were letting off a great weight. The crusader didn't have time to ponder it too much. The big one lowered his head, licked his lips, and began thrusting.

That was when Dinah realized something she should have before. These rabbit-men had powerful legs. She gasped when his first few powerful thrusts hit her. The pleasurable sparks had returned. Each time their hips met, there was a wet, slapping noise that echoed around the cave. All the other lagomorphs stared at her with hungry eyes. All of them were now sporting their own erections, throbbing eagerly. She couldn't worry about that however, as every time the rabbit-man's shaft pierced through her canal she let out a gasp. It was not out of pain, but pleasure. She couldn't control it. With every slippery thrust of his dick into her folds, a hail of sparks went up her body, hitting her brain. She could feel the heat from the other lagomorph's all around her. They were becoming heavily aroused.

The big rabbit-man lowered one of his hands. His small fingers found her love button, still engorged from the last pleasure she received. As he pounded into her, his nimble digits played with her clit. Dinah bit her lip and tried to hide her whining voice. She could feel the build-up of a climax once again. The tingling in her folds intensified with every invasion of his hard rod. His delicate teasing of his fingers only made the pleasure even more intense. Against her will, Dinah began to arch her back and her brain numbed.

For the very first time, the big lagomorph appeared to smile. He squeaked something out, and shifted his position. The rabbit-men released one of her legs. The big one lifted it up, wrapped his arms around it, sat on her other leg, and began pounding into her at another angle. Rather than fight with her newly-released leg, Dinah's entire body was quivering. Her legs were tingling and her hips twitched against his thrusts. Having completely lost her senses, she was moving in concert with his actions, trying to reach another peak. Knowing how good the last one was, her numb brain only wanted another. She didn't notice that the lagomorph's thrusts were becoming erratic, and his own body was quivering. Dinah whined louder and louder with each passing thrust. Finally, she opened her mouth and screamed. The warmth exploded inside of her and she was washed over in pleasure.

As if it were planned, all of the lagomorphs let go of her at once. Her body acted on instinct. Her arms shot up and wrapped around her three-foot mate. Her legs locked around his lower back. She ground her hips against him, as her juices gushed and her eyes exploded into stars. Her inner flesh throbbed and coiled around his dick, gushing her hot fluids. Dinah continued bucking her hips, trying to prolong the pleasure as long as she could. Finally, she relaxed, still clinging to the big rabbit-man.

She heard a loud moan. She turned her eyes downward. The big rabbit-man and thrown his head back, which was right in her face. His eyes were closed in bliss and he was letting out a very adorable squeaking noise. His entire body quivered, including his adorable bunny tail, which was twitching excitedly. In her very sensitive afterglow, Dinah could feel his dick swell and throb. Before she could gather her wits enough to do anything, she felt something warm gush into her canal. The crusader froze, holding the lagomorph like she were his lover. The rabbit-man thrust against her over and over, coating her insides in an impressive amount of cum. She could feel her pussy fill up with the hot magma, as he never seemed to have an end. Finally, however, he collapsed, resting against her chest and panting. Dinah felt a chill go down her spine. He had cum inside of her, and she held him while he did it. She slowly let go of him, her entire body suddenly feeling cold. The lagomorph backed away. He pulled his shaft free, making a small popping noise after it. Dinah leaned up and gazed down at her folds. There was a healthy amount of white cum, oozing out of her. These lagomorphs were fertile. They were rabbit people after all.

“No...I didn't mean...you can't...get it out!” She reached down to spread her folds open, to let more of it out. She didn't get the chance to finish. The big lagomorph had backed away, and all the smaller ones instantly jumped her. Dinah suddenly found herself on her back again. She tried to wrench herself free, but she had little strength after the two orgasms. One of the rabbit men sat on her chest and seized her head. She gasped, suddenly seeing a dick in her face. Opening her mouth proved to be a mistake as the shaft was shoved into her. She also felt two small hands on either side of her breasts. Something hot and hard went between her pillowy mounds. She then felt something on her ass cheeks and between her legs. Before she could react, two boiling hot rods were shoved up her ass and into her already-soaked folds.

Before the crusader could do anything, they all began thrusting at once. Her anus, which had been teased into relaxing, easily accepted the lagomorph dick piercing into her. The rabbit-man at her folds didn't seem to care that she was already full of another one's cum, he began to pound her with the reckless abandon the last one did. She could feel the shaft between her breasts began to poke through with every thrust of the rabbit-man's hips. The one at her face began slapping his hips against her lips. His dick beat against her tongue. She tried to move it out of the way, but only ended up licking the head of the shaft. Dinah whined pitifully as she felt the familiar sparks of pleasure beginning to go up her body. Even her ass, something she hadn't used before, seemed to add to her pleasure along with the rest. The crusader could even feel her hands being wrapped around hot dicks, pumping them. She was completely helpless as she was fucked from every conceivable side.

She could feel the lagomorph at her face begin to shake and quiver. He was about to cum! Resisting the climbing pleasure as hard as she could, Dinah jerked her face to the side. The shaking rabbit-man couldn't hold her face well enough, and his dick pulled free. This turned out to be to Dinah's detriment, as he came anyway. She cringed as rope after rope of his semen coated her face, no matter where she attempted to turn it. In a matter of moments, her entire face was soaked. The lagomorph collapsed against her face, not allowing her to see what was happening to her body. This only seemed to add to her pleasure as she felt a tongue teasing her clit again.

The tingling and warmth washed over her. Her body was betraying her, as it reacted to all of the stimulation she was receiving. With the added stimulation of her sensitive button, her back arched again and her legs quivered weakly. The same waves of pleasure went over her yet again. Her juices gushed out of her, a mix of her own fluids and the first lagomorph's semen. She screamed against the stomach of the rabbit-man on her face. As Dinah was lost in unwanted bliss, she could feel the lagomorphs around her legs shake and quiver. Her insides were flooded with warmth, as she was filled with their ample jizz from both ends.

Dinah collapsed, gasping and covered in sweat. It was useless. There were too many of them, and she was too exhausted. With every climax she was losing strength. At this point, she could barely move. Someone moved the rabbit-man on her face. The moment her face was free, the lagomorph at her breasts was pounding out his own climax. Her breasts were coated in his semen in a matter of seconds. For his final few squirts, he pushed the head of his dick through her mounds. A few strands of his cum splattered on her face, further soaking it. She could even feel the dicks in her hands expand and then coat her with their own semen. Dinah was beyond fighting. Instead, she was laying limply, trying to catch her breath.

She wasn't going to get a break. More lagomorphs leaped onto her body. Much to her horror, the big one had jumped back in too, heading for her pussy again. They could go more than once!

“No...please...I can't move...” Her whining was ignored. A shaft pierced into her mouth, silencing her. She could feel their dicks pierce into her pussy and ass. Two lagomorphs each positioned themselves on either side of her breasts. Both of them were thrusting inside, brushing their own dicks together. None of them seemed to care that she was covered in semen. They were all moving in once concerted effort. She felt the unwanted tingling welling again. This time her body only weakly twitched under all of their furry bodies. All she could feel was pleasure wash over her, as their hot essence poured all over and in her. All she could think before her she lost her senses was: she shouldn't have pet the rabbits.

SRO 18/07/12(Thu)16:57 No. 25699 ID: f7d3f6

Reading. Good writing, compelling story. Character development is key for me, enjoying the developing relationship between Renard and Talia. An imaginative setting and interesting hazards/adventures for the army. I’m wondering how much of the crusade is going to be left to confront the Demon King. I know, it’s the journey, not the destination.

Anonymous 18/07/20(Fri)03:08 No. 25710 ID: c30b50


enjoying the story, im liking the extreme aspect of it, don't be afraid to go crazy

TaterChips 18/07/21(Sat)06:46 No. 25715 ID: 646271


Well gear up bud, because next chapter is going to be FUCKING weird.

TaterChips 18/07/23(Mon)08:54 No. 25721 ID: 6bb8bf


Chapter 5

(WARNING: This one is WEIRD. This chapter contains: mind control, dolls, creampies, impregnation, latex, toys, a detachable penis, body modification, piercings, gender-bender, transformation, anal, M/F/F, and uh...ejaculating with someone else's sperm. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.)

Just like Renard had fallen when he slept, he abruptly sat up awake. It was so sudden that Talia practically jumped out of her skin. For a few moments, the fox-man made a series of high-pitch chirping and whining noises. Then he opened his mouth and gave out a huge yawn. As he rubbed his eyes he turned to look at Talia.

“Oh? You still here?” he asked.

“What was that?” Talia asked, half-laughing.

“Fennec noises.” Renard replied flatly. “Sometimes my tribe makes them when we first wake up. Apparently real fennec foxes make ear-splitting noises like that too, though I've never seen one. Is it morning?”

“Yeah, just daybreak.”

Renard cocked his eyebrow. “You sat there all night?”

“It's fine. I can sleep sitting up.”

“Wha...? You can!?”

“It's a soldier thing. You get so busy for days and nights at a time that you learn to fall asleep in all kinds of positions. I got a few hours, I'll be fine.”

“You continue to amaze Talia.” The fox-man stood up and began dusting off his clothes. Then to Talia's amusement, he began to seemingly preen himself. He began to carefully pluck each hair of his fur, trying to get the sand out of them. It must be how he groomed himself.

“Hey, listen.” Talia began. Renard turned to look at her. “I'm sorry for what I said yesterday.”

“Hm?” the fox-man asked, his eyebrow back up. “Oh. The monster thing. It's fine, don't worry about it. Hamid called me way worse and he's basically like my brother.”

“All the same, I shouldn't have said it. I apologize.”

“Well if you insist, you're forgiven. My people don't handle lack of sleep very well. I've heard stories of members of my tribe that have lost their mind after only four days of no sleep. I got plenty now, so I'll be fine.”

At that moment, the flap of the tent fluttered open. Talia instantly went stiff as a soldier marched inside. The captain was dressed in little clothing and she was with Renard first thing in the morning. It didn't take a genius to draw the wrong conclusion. As if to illustrate that fact, the soldier froze, staring at her with wide eyes. There was an uncomfortable silence.

“Got a problem?” Renard snapped.

The soldier flinched and turned to the fox-man. “Oh...uh...no sir.”

“Captain Talia was ordered to keep track of me.” Renard continued. “That's what she's doing here. Do not go spreading any unnecessary rumors, or you might have to explain to Colonel Lionheart why you're slandering a soldier following orders, got it?”

“Yes sir, sorry sir.” the soldier replied. “Colonel Lionheart wants to see you immediately.”

“Let me guess,” Renard began. “someone else is missing.”

“Yes sir.”

The fox-man closed his eyes and sighed. “Of course. Alright, I'll be there shortly. Go about your business.” The soldier bowed and then left. Renard turned back to Talia. “You better get going before more soldiers get the wrong idea.”

“That's probably wise.” she replied, standing up. “Thanks Renard. I'm glad we're still friends.”

“Me too Talia. Now I've got to go meet Colonel Grumpy.”

A short time late Renard entered Colonel Lionheart's tent. The only two people inside were the colonel himself and a very nervous Catarina. Fortunately, Renard was in much better control of himself this time.

“You called for me colonel?” Renard asked, putting on a smile.

“First Lieutenant Eliza Bevens did not return from her search mission.” Lionheart growled. “I have lost another officer.”

“That one did seem a tad unstable.” the fox-man replied. “Colonel, you might not like this idea, but I think we need to keep moving. Your troops have this habit of wandering off by themselves and getting picked off. I'm not saying it's their fault, but it's probably going to keep happening if we stay in one place.”

Lionheart narrowed his eyes. He had prepared for a fight, but Renard was calm and collected. What he said mostly made sense as well. He didn't trust the fox-man, but it wasn't as if he had a choice otherwise.

“I don't like losing my officers.” the colonel finally said.

“I don't suspect you would, all the same, your army is still intact, and we have somewhat of a long journey to the next oasis. I know you hate abandoning them, but sending out more search parties will lose you more troops.”

“On that, at least, we agree. You said the path to the next oasis is clear?”

“I walked there without a single trouble.”

“Let's pray that remains true. As soon as we complete the muster call, you will lead us there. Now prepare to move out.”


Eliza Bevens had followed the hellhound for the entire day and into the night. For his part, the hound didn't seem to regard her with any suspicion or aggression. He merely kept plodding along, as if she was nothing to worry about. When they came to a collection of cliffs and rocks however, he rounded a corner, and then he was gone.

The lieutenant stopped for a moment and her jaw dropped. She whipped her head around, but didn't find a single clue of the legendary monster. All of those hours of following the hellhound, hoping to get a chance for him to stay still so she could sketch him, seemingly came to nothing. Despite the fact that it was night, she decided to search around the large rocks, some as big as a castles. The more she searched, the more aggravated she became. There was now sign of him, no hair, no tracks, nothing. He had completely vanished. Could hellhounds use magic? She had never heard of anything like it.

Finally defeated after hours of searching in the blackness of the night, Eliza sighed and sat on a nearby rock. She had gone very far out of her way, ignored her search mission, and basically disobeyed orders to get a look at this hellhound, for nothing. She could return to the army, but she would need a good explanation for running off. Maybe she was captured? But by what? How did she get away. She sighed again, then heard a slight sound off to her left. She turned her head.

Pigmen, four of them, heavily armed, were attempting to sneak up on her. One of them had briefly tapped his foot against a rock by mistake. Everyone froze. Eliza could feel something cold run through her. These creatures were big and bulky, larger than most men back home. On top of that, each of them were armed with axes and swords. She couldn't possibly fight all four of them at once. Ever so slowly, she began to shuffle off of the rock, and onto her feet. Each of the pigmen turned and looked at each other. Then one turned towards her and let out a squeal.

They all charged at her at once. Eliza turned and began bolting as fast as she could through the desert. After running for some distance, she turned her head to see how close they were. They were gaining on her, fast. Despite their huge size, their pace was inhuman. Their feet kicked up huge plumes of sand behind them as their claws dug into the ground with every step. They were built for this, she was not. Eliza's desperate eyes scanned the rocks as she fled through them. She needed to place to hide, a place to defend herself from. As she rounded a bend, she spotted a hole at the bottom of a cliff. Knowing this was either the right decision or the worst decision, Eliza dove for it.

It was just big enough for her to fit through, and once she got her head inside, she saw the tiny cave beyond it was barely enough for her. She shimmied and scuttled until she popped inside. It was so small, she had to stay on all fours. She managed to turn herself around, hoping that the pigmen didn't see her.

They either had seen her or they smelled her, as the first thing she saw was a pig-like nose snorting at the entrance. Feeling panicked, Eliza took her sword and jabbed it forward. It struck the pigman in the nose, causing it to squeal. Much to her shock, the pigman didn't fight back. Instead, she saw fingers. They were clawing at the entrance of the tiny cave. They were trying to make the opening bigger! Eliza stabbed at the digits, earning more squeals. They pulled away, and then there was silence. The lieutenant tried to catch her breath as she waited for their next attack. They could easily stab at her through the hole, why didn't they try? It would probably kill her eventually...

She felt her gust tighten as she came to a realization: they didn't want to kill her. They wanted to take her...as a captive. If they stabbed into the cave they could gravely injure her. They didn't want that. They wanted her whole...and ready to go. Eliza could feel fear seize her gut as she heard loud banging noises on the rock all around her. They were trying to chisel into the cliff, so they could get to her. For many tense minutes, Eliza expected the tiny cave to crumble and for their grubby paws to seize her. Instead she heard the sound of something metal snapping. One of their weapons must have broke. There were then many grunts, growls, and squeals. The pigmen were talking, probably forming a plan. Eliza gazed out of her tiny opening, expecting some sort of attack. Instead, she heard the sound of heavy creatures hitting the sand. She could see from their shadows that they were sitting, trading things around that could be water skins or food.

They were waiting her out. Eliza groaned and put her face to the ground. How was she supposed to get out of this? All they had to do was wait until she was too exhausted to fight back, then they would just pull her out. That would only take a few days in the blazing heat. She would be nothing but their plaything. Eliza turned and put her cheek against the floor, lamenting her fate. All that effort to find a hellhound, and now no one would ever know that they still exist. It was all she ever wanted, to discover new and interesting creatures, and now she was trapped.


The crusader army moved on without Eliza. They crossed the desert, guided by Renard to the next oasis. Just as he promised, there were no problems, just dunes of sand and the occasional rock outcroppings. Once they arrived, the crusaders were a little disappointed with what they found. It was small, with only a few palm trees and some grass. It would do for refilling their water supplies, but little else. Shortly after they arrived, the sun set and the crusaders made camp. That was when Renard gave them an exhaustive list of instructions: Don't leave camp. Don't touch anything. Don't pet the rabbits. Don't take off your armor. Finally, don't eat anything you can't identify. With that, the camp fell into sleep, most of them anyway.

Talia entered Renard's tent, this time wearing her armor. She made sure no one would see her, so those rumors wouldn't spread. When she crossed the tent flap, she found the fox-man sitting on the floor, studying a map. The captain paused for a few moments, a little confused.

“Is that a map?” she asked. Renard lowered half of the parchment and gave her a cocked eyebrow.

“Yeah? And?”

“You had a map this whole time!?”

Renard narrowed his eyes and turned the piece of paper around. Talia could see that it was a rough sketch, and it wasn't complete.

“I'm making a map.” Renard stated. “The fennec tribe never drew maps because we didn't want people horning in on our business. I've decided to change that.”

“Oh.” Talia said. “Sorry.”

Renard flipped the map back around. “There are some problems with it though...”

Talia walked over and sat beside him. “Like what?”

“Well, believe it or not the oases change every few decades.”

“Wha...for real?”

“Yep. They dry up in one place and pop back up some where else. This one here is about dry. Pretty soon, it won't be a pit stop anymore. On top of that, the dangers constantly change. Fifty years ago, pigmen weren't even a problem. Now they are everywhere. A map might not be so useful after all.”

“Huh.” was all Talia said.

Renard sighed and lowered the map to his lap. “You didn't come here to talk about maps though, did you?”

“No. I didn't.” she admitted. “While we were marching I was thinking...about stuff.”


“Yeah, the demon king in particular. Renard, do you think we stand a chance against him?”

There was a pause before Renard answered. “I have no idea, I've never met him.”

“You have to have some idea of how powerful he is.”

“Powerful enough to make everything in the desert yield to him I guess. Honestly, I've only heard the legends.”

“What do the legends say?”

There was another pause. “They're not important.”


“Listen, Talia, they make up all kinds of stories. Some say he's ten feet tall, others say he can fly, and some others even say that he's a myth we made up. In all honesty I don't know what to believe.”

“You're leading an army to him. Won't he be mad at you?”

“...He might be.”

“You're not worried he'll kill you?” There was yet another pause. This one made Talia's guts twist in a knot. She remembered what Renard had told her before. His lot in life had been chosen for him. Everyone viewed him as a philandering fox, and even if he went back to his tribe that wouldn't change. He was stuck in his life...unable to escape. “Renard...do you want him to...?”

“Don't be ridiculous.” Renard scoffed. “I just wanted to brush up on my desert skills!”

“What for? You live in the city.”

“Hey, do I question you about why you're here in the desert?”

“Actually you have.”

“Well I shouldn't have.” Renard lifted his map back up, trying to end the conversation. He desperately tried to ignore the fact that Talia was staring at him with her sapphire-blue eyes. He licked his lips nervously and his eyes raced all over the map. Talia continued to stare. Finally, she leaned over and put her head on his shoulder. Renard jumped, but didn't do anything.

“You're my only friend Renard.” Talia said. “Friends don't leave each other, right?”

Renard gulped. “I guess.”

“If you die, I'll never forgive you.”

The fox-man's eyes glanced upwards for a moment. “The desert makes no promises.”

Much to Renard's shock, Talia raised her hands, grabbed his face, and turned him towards her. His brown eyes stared into her blue ones.

“Renard. Why did you come out here?”

The fox-man's mouth twitched for a few moments, words escaping him. “You were cute so...”

“You don't follow a cute girl to certain death. Why did you come out here?”

“My people came from the desert, why can't I just go back to it? What? I need some deep, emotional reason I want to come back here? I just went! What difference does it make?”

“It makes a difference to me.” Talia inched her face closer to his. Much to her surprise, Renard scooted away, putting enough distance between them that she couldn't reach him anymore.

“There's...there's this other tribe!” Renard spat.

“Other tribe?” Talia asked.

“Yes, another fox-man tribe. We are the fennecs. They were the dark-eyed tribe. They were darker in color, with black fur around their eyes nose. They...they don't have castes. They were known to accept runaways from the fennec tribe. I wanted to look for them, okay? Happy now?” Renard turned back to his map, trying to ignore her staring at him again.

“And if...you couldn't find them...?”

“Talia, I don't nag you, don't nag me.” Renard said firmly. The captain could see that the fox-man was actually becoming angry. His face had turned a little red. It didn't matter how many times she poked at the spot, Renard wasn't going to give her anymore information. Talia cast her eyes to the ground for a moment. Then she scooted a little closer to him, tilted over and put her head in his lap. Renard lifted his hands and gazed down at her with a confounded expression.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“If you die Renard, I'll be sad.” she said. “You don't want to make a cute girl sad, do you?”

The fox-man blinked a few times dumbly. “Are you using your looks to try and get something out of me?”

“I want you to promise me that you won't die.”


“Promise me Renard, or we're not friends.”

The fox-man's jaw snapped shut. He seemed to debate it for a few moments.

“Fine Talia. I promise I won't die.”

“Good.” she said. She then turned over, so that she wasn't looking at Renard anymore, but still laid in his lap. It almost looked as if she were mad at him. Renard scoffed and returned to his map. Talia didn't move for a long time.


The next day, the army was on the move yet again. This time, at least, they didn't lose anyone in the night. There was something Renard was hiding from them however. They were about at the point where the people of Tarbat stopped. Sure, the fennecs knew of some oases beyond, but that information was decades old. The oases may have disappeared. As the army marched by a rather large rock, Renard, quite nimbly, jumped up the side and climbed it. At the top he put his paw over the top of his eyes, trying to get a better view. He was hoping to see another oasis, but instead only found more desert. He really hoped he could have an answer for where to go next, rather than a guess. Colonel Lionheart was liable to try and slice him up.

“Renard!” a voice cried. The fox-man whipped his head around to see that further down the line, a group of soldiers had stopped moving. They had gathered around something. Equally as nimble, Renard jumped down the rock and dashed over. When he went through the crowd, he found they had congregated around a skeleton. It appeared to have a human upper body, but a horse-like lower body. The fox-man trotted over to it and gazed down at it, actually kind of somber.

“Is that...?” one of the soldiers asked.

“Yeah. It's the skeleton of a centaur.” Renard admitted.

Abruptly, someone tore through the crowd. They ran over to Renard, an excited expression on his face.

“Centaurs? We finally found centaurs!?” It was Tay Rainground, the captain who was in charge of the pack animals. Much to Renard's horror, he had the same expression that Eliza had when she found a new creature.

“Uh...not exactly.” Renard said.

“But these are their bones!” Tay cried. “They have to be around here, right!?”

“Look, clam down. I hate to tell you this, but the centaurs are gone.”

Tay looked as if someone had just crushed his hopes and dreams. He slouched and his mouth gaped open. “What? What do you mean? Everyone knows there are centaurs here!”

“I hate to break this to you, but they went extinct a long time ago. In the last crusade, these evil snapping trees rampaged through the desert, and nearly wiped them out. The pigmen wiped out the rest.”

“But...but you don't know for sure!” Tay cried a little petulantly. Renard sighed, marched over to Tay, and put his hand on the crusader's shoulder.

“Listen, I don't want to be the killer of dreams, I know you're the horse guy and everything, but trust me. My tribe was allied with literally the last twelve of them. They went down fighting, as centaurs loved to do. They're gone. It happens in the desert.”

Tay gazed at the ground. Renard actually felt a little bad. It really did look like he crushed the poor guy's greatest desire. The crusader finally nodded, turned around, and walked away. When Tay was finally away Renard gazed up at the sky and gave a deep sigh.

“Good grief these people!” he shouted. He turned back around to the centaur's bones. In truth, the fennecs and the centaurs had an understanding between them. If they were to find the bodies of any fallen, it was their duty to bury them. Even though there were no longer any centaurs, that didn't mean the promise was broken. Renard sighed again, marched over to the bones, and began scooping sand onto the body. It wasn't proper, but the bones would at least be under the ground. Then his claws scraped against something hard.

The fox-man stopped. It felt like bone, but it was not from the centaur's body. Curious, Renard dug all around it to find a long line of bones. It almost looked like a spine. The fox-man picked them out of the sand, and surprisingly they were still stuck together. At the very end of them was an incredibly hard spike, that almost appeared to be made of metal. An ever-so-slowly look of horror began to come over the fox-man's face. It wasn't a spine. It was a...!

“Oh no...!” Renard said. Sweat began to pour down his face. He turned and bolted towards the front of the army. He was so fast that many soldiers gawked after him, shocked that he could truly move that fast. In an incredibly short amount of time, he arrived at the front. He even brushed by Colonel Lionheart.

“Watch it!” the commander shouted. Renard ignored him. He climbed a nearby dune, giving him a better view of the direction they were going. He instantly felt a tight pain in his stomach. Littered all around the desert in front of them...were the bones of many people and creatures, glittering in the sunlight. Renard's stomach turned over. This was bad, very bad. He turned and bolted back to Colonel Lionheart, who was glaring at him angrily.

“I hope you have a good explanation-” the colonel began.

“Colonel! You have to stop!” the fox-man shouted.

“What? What are you babbling about?”

“Assassin weevils! We're marching into the territory of assassin weevils! You have to turn back!”

Lionheart flinched and looked offended. “Are you mad!? We've come this far, we're not stopping!”

“You don't understand! I already found the bones of one of their rostrums, their mouths! They can pierce through any armor! If you walk into them, you'll be slaughtered!” Renard then paused, then gazed off to the right. “Oh my god...that's it! That's why the desert is so messed up! The assassin weevils pushed the pigmen out of the central desert...they attacked all the other species...it was in front of me the whole time!”

“Start making sense!” Lionheart demanded angrily.

“Listen! Assassin weevils are creatures that live under the sand. They have these mouths that look like tails, but they are strong and sharp! They can pierce through armor and they will drag you under the sand and eat you! If you go over that ridge you'll see all the bones they left behind! You have to go back! You can't keep going!”

Lionheart scoffed, a wave of his hand. “Animals die all the time in the desert. You don't know for certain!”

“I found some of their bones! You don't understand! These things are lethal!”

“We are soldiers! We can take it!”

“Don't be a fool!”

The commander took a step forward and put his face in Renard's. Lionheart's face was turning red. “Don't you dare insult me, you monster! What is it? Lost your nerve? Afraid of meeting the demon king?”

“Lionheart, you hired me to guide your troops! Listen to your guide! Those assassin weevils will rip you to pieces! If you keep going you will all die!”

“We are prepared to die fighting the demon king!”

“You won't even make it to the demon king! You're going to be lunch!”

The column of soldiers had stopped during the argument, and now they were gawking. Renard and Lionheart were having a screaming fight in front of everyone. Their voices echoed around the area so loudly that many of the troops further back heard them. Captain Fenner was running up the line of soldiers, trying to get to the arguing pair.

“I've had it with you!” the colonel bellowed. “You have disrespected me, my troops, my mission, and now you expect us to quit!”

“I'm trying to save your life you idiot!”

Lionheart's hand darted towards his sword. Renard took a step backwards and put his hand on his own weapon. Talia was still a few paces away. She shrieked as the colonel drew his blade, knowing she would be too late...!

Lionheart cut something off of his belt. He raised it up and slammed it onto the sand below them. Gold coins slithered out of a bag, onto the hot ground.

“There's your pay!” the colonel shouted. “Your services are no longer wanted! Now get out of my sight!” He then turned and began marching through the sand. “Company move out!” After a few moments of hesitation, the column began to move, following after their commander.

“Colonel!” Renard shouted. He was ignored. The crusaders moved on without him. “Dammit!” The fox man turned around to see that Talia was right behind him, a worried look on her face.

“What happened?” she asked. “What's going on?”

Despite being in obvious view of everyone else, Renard stepped forward and seized Talia's hands. He held them in front of him and stared into her eyes.

“Listen to me!” the fox-man cried. “That man is leading you to certain death! There are these creatures under the ground, called assassin weevils! They will pick you people apart! You have to turn back!”

Talia flinch. “Renard, I can't. I'm sworn to follow Colonel Lionheart until the end.”

“He's leading you to the end!”

“I have a duty!”

“Your duty isn't to die!”

“Actually it is!”

Renard gazed up at the sky for a moment. He took a few deep breaths before turning back to the captain. “Talia please. You guys are marching into certain death. You won't even make it to the demon king, you're going to be ripped apart by some underground monsters. You can't be that foolish.”

Talia stared into his brown eyes for a few moments, turmoil going on deep inside of her. She believed Renard, but at the same time, she had a duty to perform. She swore to go on this crusade until the end, no matter the cost.

“I'm sorry Renard. I can't-”

“You made me promise!” Renard shouted so loud she jumped. “You made me promise not to die! You can't do that and then just waste your life like that! You're the one who said that friends don't leave each other!”

Captain Fenner tightened her jaw. He hit her where it hurt. She had forced Renard to make that promise, and yet she was obeying orders to go off into certain death. The captain tried to think.

“I can't just run off, that would be desertion. Plus you could be wrong. You don't know.”

Renard slouched and lowered his head. He briefly let go of her hands. He paced back and forth for a moment, puzzling her. Then he stood off to the side and showed her. He had trailed his tail in the sand, making a waving pattern in it.

“This pattern in the sand means the assassin weevils are nearby.” he explained. “If you see this, I don't care what anyone says, you run. You're crusade will be over soon anyway. Find a reason to get away, and live. You made me promise, and I expect you to do the same, you got it?”

“Okay Renard, I will, but only if I see this.” Talia said, pointing.

“I suppose that's all I can ask for.” Renard replied.

“Where are you going to go?”

“Well I can't go back to Tarbat, Adrum will kill me.”

“Adrum? He's just a hundred year old guy. What threat is he to you?”

“You crusaders continually amaze me with how much you underestimate this place. No one here is “just” anything here. It doesn't matter. I'm going to head for the coast, see if I can find some tribes to hang out with.”

“But you're not going to...?”

Renard's eyes snapped back to hers. “Are you?”

There was a tense silence.

“I'll try not to.” she admitted.

“I guess...that's all I ask for.” Renard muttered. “Good luck Talia.” He turned and began marching in a different direction, lacking any and all energy as he climbed a dune.

“Wait! What about your money?”

“Don't want it. It's blood money.” Renard cleared the dune, and disappeared into the desert. Talia stood and watched the point in which he vanished. She bit her lip and let her worry wash over her. She didn't know what would become of her, or Renard. She finally found a friend...and he was gone.


Back in the city of Tarbat, things were going along as usual. In Hamid's puppet shop, the last customer of the day was getting what she had requested. Hamid handed her the puppet which bore a striking resemblance to her husband. The woman, who had many features similar to a mouse, grinned, revealing her buck teeth.

“Finally!” she cried, taking it from over the counter. “I can finally get back at that cheating bastard!”

“Yes.” Hamid replied with his own smile. “Just remember, you can control him with the puppet, but it's not capable of killing him.”

“Don't need to. He just needs to suffer for a while!” the mouse-woman replied.

“I completely understand. Just remember, make sure Adrum NEVER finds it.”

“Don't worry. I have a place I can keep it out of sight. Thank you so much!” The mouse-woman spun around and quickly marched out of the store.

“No problem!” Hamid said, following after her. The moment she left the store the sorcerer locked the door behind her. He took deep breath and sighed it out. It was always a risk selling an enchanted doll. If Adrum found it he would instantly know who made it. At the same time, if Hamid only sold regular puppets, he would barely be getting by. Puppet sorcerers used to be formidable and even commanded armies of dolls, but those days were long past. In fact, only Hamid himself actively used the magic. It had isolated him from nearly everyone but the outcast Renard...but it had also brought him such joy.

Hamid grinned and strolled into the back room. Dangling from strings coming from the ceiling was his own personal doll, Marisa. She was expressionless, as a doll usually was, but she could still feel everything. With a chuckle, Hamid squatted in front of her. There was a quiet humming coming from her nether regions. An enchanted device was stuck inside, vibrating. It had been there all day and was coated in the woman's juices. So much had come out that a puddle was below her feet.

“My, my, did we have fun today?” Hamid sang. “You must have cum at least ten times!” He reached out and grabbed the base of the device. He rotated it around. Marisa moaned and her legs quivered, showing that she was feeling pleasure. Hamid chuckled again. “You seem far more sensitive than before. I suppose this phase of the training is over. Want to move on to the next?”

Marisa didn't respond, mostly because she couldn't. She could moan, quiver in pleasure, and move ever so slightly, but Hamid controlled everything else. She was truly nothing more than a puppet. Hamid marched over to a box and extracted several things before returning. He grinned and held them up so Marisa could see. She let out a little groan. They were piercings, and a chain.

“I think it's time we decorate you, just like you're supposed to with a doll! Don't worry my dear. They have been enchanted to be clean and heal instantly. No possibility of infection!” Hamid grinned with his pearly teeth. “Now then, stick out your tongue.”

The doll complied. Marisa opened her mouth and extended her tongue. Hamid grabbed the muscle with one hand and held up a barbell piercing with the other.

“On three my dear. One...two...three!” A streak of pain went through the paralyzed Marisa. Hamid stabbed the small needle through the middle of her tongue, and it came out the bottom. He screwed the other ball onto it. There wasn't even any blood. Just as he said, it healed instantly and she had a tongue piercing.

“Perfect, now, let's take a look at these breasts!” Marisa moaned, possibly out of protest. It didn't do any good. Hamid ran his hands over her large mounds and then cupped them. “Such lovely mounds. I think they deserve some gold as well!” Hamid took out two ring piercings with one hand. His other began to gently twist one of her nipples. It became hard in his hand, giving him an easier target. He opened the ring piercing and put it up to the hardened peak. “Ready my dear? One...two...three!” Another stab of pain and goosebumps broke out across Marisa's shiny flesh. Hamid's eyes lit up as he saw it.

“Oh! Are you enjoying the pain too? My, my, my! I had no idea you were such a masochist!” The sorcerer leaned over and took her newly-pierced nipple into his mouth. After soothing it with his tongue, he bit down onto the ring. He tugged it, pulling on her sensitive nub. Marisa gasped and more goosebumps flushed out over her body. Hamid chuckled and released it, enjoying the way her breast rippled when it snapped back into place.

“Now for the other.” Hamid lifted the other piercing. Much to his surprise, the nipple was already hard. “So you are enjoying this! Well, no time to waste...one...two...!” Hamid stabbed it through her peak early. Marisa's body jerked and she moaned loudly. Hamid only cackled in delight.

“Ready for the next part? Let's get you down own off the ceiling shall we?” The sorcerer snapped his fingers. The strings instantly released Marisa, and she landed on her feet. Hamid still held a single ring piercing in his hand, as well as the gold chain. “Get on your back, and hold your legs open.”

His doll moaned, but instantly obeyed. She laid on the floor and lifted her legs up, giving Hamid a perfect view of her folds and the vibrating device inside. Hamid reached out and seized it. Painfully slow, he drew it out of her. It was a long rod, made of the latex stuff he had invented. When it popped free of her pussy, one could see that it was long, constantly shuddering, and was practically dripping with her juices. The sorcerer licked along the long shaft, tasting the fluids of his puppet.

“Lovely taste.” he said. He reached out with his fingers, and found her clit, happily engorged for attention. He obliged, twisting the tiny button with his index finger and thumb. It throbbed under his digits, enjoying the attention. Hamid grinned once again and brought the piercing forward. Marisa moaned loudly, know what was going to happen.

“Let's see how my masochistic doll enjoys this! One...two...three...” He didn't do it. Marisa seemed to relax for a moment. Then he stuck the needle through the sensitive organ. Marisa shrieked from her throat. Her pussy seemed to throb as a tiny squirt of her fluids came out and her entire body jerked for a few moments, before stopping

“Oh...that was just beautiful. Now, let's hook up the chain...” Hamid connected the chain between her clit ring and the two nipples ones. “Perfect. Now, stand up and let me get a good look.” The doll instantly obeyed, standing in all of her naked glory. “Strike some poses for me.” Marisa obeyed, alternately sticking out her chest and hips. She even turned around and spread her hips apart, giving him a perfect view of her asshole and pussy. “So lovely! I don't think I can hold back anymore.” The doll turned back around. Hamid undid his belt, and his sizable erection popped free. “Let's put those piercings to good use! Let's start with the one on your tongue.”

Without any resistance, Marisa dropped to her knees. She reached up with her hands and gripped the shaft. She opened her mouth and put the bulbous head inside. With a surprising amount of skill, she swirled her tongue around his glans, the bead of the piercing circling it alluringly. Hamid leaned his head back and moaned, incredibly pleased. The sensation of the piercing seemed to add another dimension to her blowjob. After coating the head in saliva, Marisa dropped her hands to his balls. She gently caressed and massaged them, as if they were precious. She began bobbing her head back and forth, all the while her pierced tongue coiled around the shaft. Soon his entire shaft was completely soaked in her spit.

“That's good.” Hamid cooed. “Let's give the two boys some attention, huh?” Marisa lowered her head to his sack. One of her hands came up and began pumping his large shaft, keeping it hard. She opened her mouth and took one of his balls inside. She sucked it delicately, her beaded tongue massaging it. Her lips released it with an audible pop and her tongue swirled the area betwee . She then sucked the other, making sure she covered both.

“You've gotten so much better at that.” Hamid said with a chuckle. “Alright, let's test out your throat.” The doll obediently moved her mouth to the head of his shaft once again. Her face was completely flushed, likely out of humiliation. The sorcerer gently stroked her dark hair, as if she were his lover. He then seized the sides of her head. Lacking any kind of gentleness, his shaft pierced through her lips and stabbed into her throat. Hamid's balls slapped against her chin and the doll's nose was in his pubic hair. Marisa instantly gagged, but didn't fight at all. Her hands gently held onto his hips, as if anticipating more. The sorcerer pulled back, letting his human doll cough a little. He smiled, allowing her to catch her breath. Then he began pumping his hips against her face. His huge dick repeatedly pierced the back of her throat, giving him an amazing feeling. Marisa continued gagging, but didn't fight at all. In fact, her tongue teased the head of his shaft with every violent thrust. She ensured that the new piercing brushed by his sensitive flesh every time. It didn't matter if it hurt or she didn't like it. Her body wouldn't obey her. Hamid was in complete control. With one especially hard thrust, Hamid stayed in her throat. He groaned for a moment, then pulled his shaft free of her mouth. His doll panted, but said nothing. His dick pulsed eagerly, moments from blowing.

“Wooo! I really lucked out with you!” Hamid sang. “Why don't you get all all fours for me? That's your favorite position isn't it?” He was referring to the first time she had been taken in the shop, when his puppets filled her with their spunk and turned her into this doll. Marisa blushed once more in humiliation. She instantly assumed the position, her ass pointed to her master. She reached back with one of her hands, and spread her pussy lips apart. Her new piercing glimmered in the faint light and her juices dripped onto the floor, as if she were incredibly excited.

“Your pussy is so pretty...” Hamid said in a low voice. He brought his dark shaft to her entrance. The head of his dick rubbed against the pink flesh, coating him in her fluids. “No matter what I do to it, it stays such a pretty color,” he pushed the head into the tight canal. “and tight!” His large dick slowly pierced into his doll, inch by inch. Marisa moaned and her body quivered as she felt the rock-hard shaft spread her insides apart. Finally, their hips met, and his erection rested against her cervix. Hamid laid his body over hers, so his mouth was next to her ear.

“Your insides are clamping around me.” he whispered. “You truly love this, don't you?” Marisa only moaned in response, which made Hamid chuckle. He pulled his shaft out of her, until only the head was inside. His dick was completely coated in her juices, as if her insides were begging for him to come back in. Hamid slammed his dick forward so hard that Marisa's body jerked. A small gush of her fluids came with the slapping of their hips. Hamid then began a steady pace. His large dick rubbed every inch of her sensitive canal, causing her to moan in pleasure uncontrollably. Her insides tightened and contorted around his shaft, as if trying to milk him. The sorcerer began moaning, his hot breath going into her ear.

“You're enjoying this aren't you?” he moaned happily. Marisa could only groan in response. He could feel her insides shuddering and clamping down on him. He laughed and reached around to her breasts, pulling on the rings. “You're about to cum! Go ahead! Cum around my dick!” His doll began to pant and whine, louder and louder. The added sensation of her breasts send pleasurable sparks down her body, and it was too much. Her insides were practically quivering around his hard dick. Her back arched and she let out a scream as pleasure surged across her body. A deluge of her fluids flooded around Hamid's dick. Marisa continued to scream over and over, her body clenching with every wave of her orgasm. As it began to subside, she realized that Hamid had not stopped his pounding. He had lifted himself off her body so her could thrust into her even hard. His hips began to quiver like hers, as he was approaching his own climax.

“Get ready Marisa! Here it comes! Take it all in!” He pounded his hips against her so hard she almost fell over. The head of his dick kissed against her cervix. Marisa could feel his shaft twitch and swell, but was helpless to stop it. A split-second later his hot magma poured into her. Hamid groaned at the sky and kept his hips pressed against hers. Every throb of his dick gushed sperm inside of her. Marisa shivered as her canal completely filled with his cum. The sorcerer gave a few ineffectual thrusts to prolong his climax, before heaving a sigh and pulling himself free.

“Turn over. Show me.” Hamid panted. Without delay, Marisa turned over onto her back again. She spread her legs, showing off her inflamed folds for her master. Hamid grinned and with one hand separated her lower lips. The inner flesh twitched a few times before a gush of his semen came squirting out. The sorcerer admired his handiwork.

Then he whispered some words. Marisa had no idea what happened, but she stopped feeling the sperm leak out of her. Hamid's dark eyes glanced up at her glassy, doll eyes.

“Curious about what I just did?” he asked. His doll, of course, couldn't answer. “I stopped my seed from escaping. You see...” He crawled on top of her body and put his face over hers. He stoked his hand on her cheek delicately. “I can literally control everything about you. I can tell you to stop breathing and you'll suffocate. I can tell you to stop blinking, and your eyes will go dry and fall out. I can even tell you to ovulate...” Marisa abruptly shivered. “...oh! Do you like that idea? You want to give birth to my child? You know...I could even make you give birth to a puppet, just like you!” She shivered again. Hamid cackled. He leaned back and stood up.

“Actually,” he began, walking away. “Let's have a little...fun, shall we?” When he returned, there was something in his hand. It was similar to the latex dicks he had on his puppets, but this time it also included balls. It was clear to see it was a copy of his own. On top of that, there were tiny strings on the side where the body was supposed to be. They were wiggling, like they were alive. Marisa broke out into goosebumps again.

“A puppet maker doesn't make much money, but someone who can fix a broken dick? I will be rolling in the dough. This is one of my newest creations, as well as this.” Hamid snapped his fingers. Marisa could hear the sound of squeaking. The last time she heard that, those puppets of his had surrounded and fucked every part of her. Indeed, a puppet walked up from behind Hamid, but it was different. It's entire body appeared to be made from that latex. On top of that, it was female, complete with breasts and a vagina, both of which looked very real. The most creepy thing, however, was it's face. It was white, but it was shaped exactly like Marisa's. In fact, the whole body looked like her. It was a puppet copy of her, made of the white latex.

“You like my little project?” Hamid asked with bright eyes. He turned and put his hand on it's stomach. “Even better? I put a working womb in this one, and should it become fertilized, a puppet much like yourself will come out, albeit more on the puppet side than human. My ancestors made armies of these. I'm going to see if this new dick of mine can actually work before I sell it. Now...where could I possibly find some sperm of mine?” His head slowly turned towards Marisa. The human doll shivered yet again, and Hamid cackled yet again. He knelt down and placed the wiggling half of the dick to Marisa's folds. The doll could feel the tiny strings wiggling around her skin...and then start to go into her flesh. It didn't feel painful, but it made her break out into bumps nonetheless. Hamid muttered some more magic words. Then something began to happen.

Even if Marisa could speak, she doubted she could describe it. She could literally feel her anatomy changing around her crotch. Her insides, her bones, all of it began to change. There wasn't any pain, but at the same time her entire body shuddered and shook. Finally, it stopped. Hamid stood up and grinned.

“Stand up and take a look.” he ordered. Marisa instantly obeyed. She gazed down at her new parts. Her pussy had changed, or rather, it wasn't there. Her skin was attached to the latex dick. She could even see it throb with her blood. Even her clit piercing was at the base of the new dick. The human doll continued to shudder, and her face was completely red. “Aw, shocked? Don't be my dear. It's only temporary, but for right now, you are a male, albeit one with amazing hips and a lovely pair of breasts. Those testicles you have are filled with real sperm as well.” The sorcerer gave his widest grin yet. “Mine, that is. I wonder where you'll put it?”

Marisa's head lifted, likely by Hamid's will. She stared at her doll copy. The puppet lifted it's hands and spread it's pussy lips apart. Some juices, just like Marisa's own, began to ooze out of the folds. Marisa began to breathe heavily.

“Excited?” Hamid asked. “You are going to fuck and impregnate yourself with my own dick! Sounds exciting right?” His eyes fell to her new shaft. It was flaccid. He could order it to stand up, but that wouldn't be as fun. He slipped behind Marisa and put his mouth to her ear.

“Ah, think you can keep it limp?” he asked. “We'll see about that. Oh Marisa 2!” The white puppet lifted it's head. “Give us a show!” The copy instantly obeyed. She spread her legs, giving them a perfect view of her folds. She lifted one of her hands up and began fondling her breast. With the other she stuck her fingers into her latex folds. Her fingers poked and kneaded the inner flesh, juices trailing down the digits. Meanwhile, she pinched and pulled at her nipple. Marisa breathed heavily through her nose, trying to quell the new and strange desires welling up inside of her.

Hamid didn't wait either. He knelt down behind Marisa and spread her legs. He pulled her ass cheeks apart, revealing her other hole. The sorcerer then paused for a moment.

“I wonder if this counts as having sex with a man...” he mused for a moment. Then he shrugged and pressed his face into her ass. His tongue began to circle around the sensitive orifice. He could feel it twitch under his muscle, as if trying to resist. He delicately circled the outside, enticing it to relax. Marisa moaned, trying to ignore the sensation. Her new dick began to twitch to life, as her blood engorged it. The copy of her began to moan. She reached down with her other hand and spread her pussy lips apart, giving Marisa a good view of the twitching insides. The copy's free hand began to play with her button, causing her juices to drip out of latex pussy and down her legs. Marisa's dick began to lift up to the sky. She moaned and blushed harder, unable to stop it. Abruptly, Hamid's tongue slipped past her orifice. The human doll went stiff and her dick twitched again. His muscle circled the delicate inner-flesh of her ass, giving her a twisted and perverse pleasure. Marisa's hips twitched, and the dick was only a little short of a full erection. Hamid pulled away, laughing.

“Losing your will to resist?” he asked in delight. He lifted one of his fingers and pushed it inside of her anus. He rotated it around, letting the tight hole widen. Then he plunged a second digit inside. He scissored it open and closed, loosening the flesh even more. Marisa let out a squeal, and her new dick popped into a full erection, hard and throbbing with her own blood. “Looks like your eager to knock yourself up!” Marisa let out a little squeak and if it were at all possible, turned a little more red. “Let's get started. Oh Marisa 2, let's have sex like newlyweds! You on the ground and your new, virile mate on top!”

The copy instantly obeyed. She laid on her back and spread her legs. She parted the pussy lips, which were engorged and dripping. Marisa's dick throbbed excitedly.

“Well Marisa? It isn't nice to keep a fertile, horny women waiting! Get to it!”

Shuddering constantly, Marisa knelt on the ground in front of her copy. She gripped her dick, and brought it to the copy's folds. Her copy put it's legs and arms around her, like a real lover. With a whine, Marisa slowly shoved her dick inside of the latex doll. Then she began shuddering for a different reason. She wasn't prepared for what it would feel like from the male side. She could feel the hot and wet insides sucking on her shaft. Her hips twitched as she slowly went deeper and deeper into the copy of her own pussy. Finally she bottomed out, feeling what must have been a cervix. Behind that was a ripe womb, waiting for Hamid's sperm.

“Look at you two!” the sorcerer cried. “Just like perfect lovers! I would hate to miss out...” He reached to his crotch and stroked his dick, which had sprung to life. He got down on his knees behind Marisa. His fingers reached between her ass cheeks and once again poked through her anus. Marisa squeaked again, realizing what he was about to do. “Let's all work together!” He spread her ample cheeks apart and lined his own dick against her ass, which was slick with his own saliva. “And noooow...”

Despite her resistance, Marisa couldn't hold him back. He head of his dick popped into her anus. Her body jerked and she let out a loud moan. Her copy, however, held her tight. Ever-so-slowly, Hamid pushed his dick inside of her tight hole, giving it enough time to adjust to his girth. After what seemed like an eternity, his hips met her butt cheeks. He leaned over to her ear again.

“Wow. It's soooo tight, it's like you're trying to choke my dick.” He gazed past her at the copy. “I bet her dick got harder, didn't it?” Much to Marisa's humiliation, her copy nodded. “Well, let's see if we can all work together. Let's pull out...” Both Hamid and Marisa pulled their dicks back, wet and throbbing. “And...in!” They thrust at the same time. Marisa' dick felt as if she had thrust it into a wet, hot vice, which was enticing her dick into erupting. Meanwhile, Hamid's shaft inside of her ass sent sparks of pleasure all up her body. He would hit a spot inside of her that made her dick throb even harder. Meanwhile, her copy moved her hips in sequence, meeting Marisa's thrusts. The copy's pussy greedily swallowed up the shaft, hungry for it.

They began to build up a rhythm. Marisa was helplessly sandwiched between them. Her dick continued to be sucked into the copy of her own folds. The latex doll held onto her tight, moving her hips around to add even more sensation to the thrusts. Every time Hamid's dick stabbed into her anus, a surge of pleasure went through her own rod, and it twitched in delight. It was all too much. Her body quivered as she felt a tingling go through her legs. Her hips began to buck erratically, desperate to reach it's peak. She could hear Hamid laugh in her ear.

“Enjoying it aren't you? You love this, my perfect little doll. Everyday will be like this. You drowning in pleasure, as I experiment with you endlessly. Doesn't it sound great? Doesn't it just make you hot?” Marisa moaned as her dick began to throb. She could feel her balls twitch, ready to release Hamid's sperm. “Go head, my dear. Cum. Launch my seed into your own pussy and womb. Knock yourself up!” Marisa whined as she thrust as deep as she could into her copy. The copy squeezed her tightly as her pussy clamped down onto the dick and squirted hot fluids. Maris let out a long moan as her shaft swelled and pleasure shot across her body. Then she felt the first pump. Hamid's seed gushed out of her dick, coating the copy's insides. With each pump, her anus clamped and tightened around Hamid's dick. The sorcerer growled and gripped her body as well. He shoved his own shaft inside as it gushed his second helping of sperm. For several moments, they all ground against each other, sperm and fluids flowing into all of them. The three of them twitched against each other for what seemed like forever.

Finally, Hamid flopped off of Marisa, panting. He grinned smugly. Marisa and her copy were stuck together, as the latex doll wouldn't let go. Marisa's dick remained inside, despite the fact that it had emptied his load. His cum inside of her ass dribbled out, going down the latex dick and dripping onto the copy's pussy.

“She's making sure she got all of it.” Hamid said to Marisa. “That the sperm stays as deep inside of her as it can get! You must have really enjoyed knocking yourself up!” Marisa only moaned in response. Hamid stood up and stretched, feeling a lot better. “You know, I want her to make sure it takes root as well. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of puppet comes out! Why don't the two of you stay like that for a while? Hold each other like real lovers.” Marisa's arms came around her copy, and the latex doll squeezed her arms and legs tighter. They were holding each other as if they were desperate to not let go. “I'm going to go get ready for bed. You two make sure that semen doesn't escape..”

Hamid whistled as he walked away. His two dolls, one human and one latex, continued to hold each other, as the sorcerer's sperm wiggled it's way deeper. Marisa moaned and her face burned...but there was nothing she could do. She was now Hamid's doll, bound to only to his bidding...forever. How she would feel about her life knowing the crusaders were walking to certain death, no one could say.

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