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Young Summer The+Bard 18/07/22(Sun)18:31 No. 25716 ID: 5f9f68

Hey guys. I know I've been absent for a while now that I'm working on an actual book. For some reason my idea of writing Breaking Nancy isn't going so well. I just can't find the inspiration to write it. I have been tooling around with this story for fun when I need a break from writing an actual novel, but I know you guys will appreciate it.

Young Summer is about a twelve year old girl's first summer romance with the boy she always has a crush on. Unlike my other story this one is not pre-planned and will not be updated like the first one.

(Tags: HEA, Romance, Loli and wherever else this will go. Tags are for suckers anyway.)

The+Bard 18/07/22(Sun)18:32 No. 25717 ID: 5f9f68

Chapter 1


Let me tell you the story of my first and only love. It was the day after I turned twelve, when my father took me and my big sister to the lake. We did it every year, but this year was special, so my dad said. Kasey had just graduated High School and was off to college, and it would be the last summer we had together as a family.

“What are you girls going to do first?” My dad said, mostly to fill the void of silence in the car.

Kasey just grumbled something about rock climbing, but I was most excited about going sailing for the first time alone.

“Last year they said I could go out on my own, finally!” I chirped.

“I bet you tip over and get eaten by an alligator.” Kasey sneered at me.

“There are no alligators in Wisconsin, stupid!”

“Girls! Please, this is the last time we will truly have a family vacation. Mom wouldn’t want to see us fighting like this.” Dad said. He always invoked mom to get us to behave, and it worked. We lost mom to cancer four years ago, and the hole she left still hurts. Kasey took it the hardest, which is why I don’t take her being mean personally. She was always like my mom, where I took after dad. She was the sporty type, being a cheerleader and in soccer at the same time. I, on the other hand, was the book nerd type. Dad got me into fantasy and science fiction when I was little, and even taught me to program, but that was before mom died.

Dad tried to keep it from us, but I know that mom’s medical bills took out all of the nest egg they put together, which wouldn’t be so bad if he was able to keep his job, but he lost it in the shuffle when the company he worked for let go key positions in order to meet calls for a “more diverse workforce,” whatever that means.

Things weren’t great, but they were better than most. We had to move into a new, smaller house, and our car went from a nice one with leather seats to a little bit of a rusty one that used a crank to roll down the windows, which also was the only form of air conditioning, but things could be so much worse.

Kasey at least got a full scholarship, which is good because dad couldn’t make enough in his consulting job, but I really wish she would see that things were not so bad, and were going to get better.

When we passed the two fake totem poles that marked the entrance to the campsite, I suddenly got the feeling that this summer would be amazing. I felt it deep in my bones.

Our car snaked up the dirt road past all the cabins. We used to say in them when mom was still alive, but now we are going to set up tents. When dad told us, Kasey threw a fit that could have leveled a small city if dad didn’t promise that she would have her own tent. I had to share with dad, but I was fine with that. At least I wouldn’t get choked out by the gallons of perfume that usually accompanied my sister, and the inevitable enhancement of bug spray that was to come. Instead, I would get the chance to finish my book, a new one about werewolves that I got on my tablet.

This new book was my addiction. I got though half of it on the ride up, and it turns out that it was a romance book to boot. Not the normal, sweet kind of kid romance, but the hot, adult kind that would get me in super big trouble if my dad caught on. Thankfully, while he used to be really hard on Kasey, I was always the good girl. He wouldn’t care even if he caught me hanging out with boys.

Not that I was interested in boys. I mean, there was still a little bit of an icky factor still present, but there was something about this book that made me feel a tingle in my belly. I would love to feel that zing of electricity, like the characters in the book felt when they fell in love. I would like to know what it felt like to feel a boy’s tongue in my mouth, even though the thought of any of the boys in my class doing that was gross. Maybe if I met a boy like the one on the cover of the e-book, the kind with muscles who was rich and strong. The kind who would toss me over his shoulder and carry me back into his cabin in the woods and rip my panties to shreds and put his mouth…

“We’re here.” My dad announced, shaking me from my dirty thoughts. He looked over his shoulder to me. “Gina, you look flushed. Are you all right?”

Oh, crap. “No. I just think I need fresh air, that’s all.” I stammered out.

“Well, then get out and help me with the tent. That should get you plenty of fresh air. Then we can get our swimsuits on and enjoy our time.”

I looked over at my sister. She had that look on her face that didn’t fill me with a warm, sisterly feeling.

“You can help dad, I’m going to look around.”

Before I could protest, she was out the door and off.

It took an hour to set up the tent, but when we were done, dad walked off to get firewood, leaving me to my own devices. I pulled out my backpack from the back of the car and grabbed my new swimsuit, my very first bikini that my dad finally let me buy after weeks of debate. It wasn’t skimpy or anything. It was green and held together with strings, but not very stringy at all. It certainly covered all the things I needed to be covered, which is a good thing because stuff has been growing. My hips in particular have started making my jeans a little tighter than they used to be, and let’s just say the training bra I used to have has been switched out for something that isn’t used for training anymore. While nothing to write home about, it was something.

I grabbed one of the folding lounge chairs and made my way to the little beach near the tent site. Unfolding it, and throwing a towel over it, I relaxed and pulled out my tablet.

“His lips pushed into my folds, sucking my clit and pulling pleasure from every nerve in my body. I gasped as his fingers probed my center until the electric jolts shot up my spine and I moaned out, grabbing his strong muscled arm like it was a branch in the flood of ecstasy that threatened to sweep me away. My boss chuckled at the sounds I was making, and I felt it through my body…”

I could feel the tingle back in my crotch as I read the steamy, forbidden words. I fantasized about being the young intern being dominated by the hot boss. I had an urge to slip my hand to try and smother the heat building between my legs, when a shadow blocked out the sun.

“Hey, long time no see, Gina.”

I looked up. I didn’t recognize the voice, since it was deeper than I remember it, but the face was instantly recognizable. Jack Worrington. Specifically, Jack Worrington the Third. When I last saw him, he was lanky nerd with thick glasses. Now? Holy shit!

He was taller. The coke bottle glasses were nowhere to be seen, leaving his eyes bare to the world, crystal blue and dreamy. His hair is spiky without trying. His jaw line is so sharp I swear it could cut diamond. Where the fuck did those muscles come from! He must be what, fourteen now? No fourteen year old has any right to be sporting a six pack! Where was the dorky friend I made two years ago? Why does he have nothing on but swim short standing in front of a girl who is already hot and bothered? It’s indecent, just like the thoughts he was inspiring involving…

Never mind.

“Jack? Is that you?” I said.

“Who else would it be?”

I blushed. Wait, blushing? When have I ever blushed because a boy was talking to me?

“I don’t know.” I shrugged. He didn’t seem to notice that my body was practically begging to climb him like a tree. If he did it would be super embarrassing. I’ve never had these thoughts before, but I can only attribute them to my new found love of reading romance stories, and I didn’t know if I liked it or not. All I knew is I like the Jack I was looking at right now.

“You look… Different.” I said. I don’t want him to know that my lying before him and him standing over me made me feel vulnerable in a way I have never felt before. He could do anything he wants to me, and I would have let him if it was those things in my book.

He ran his hand through his hair. Dammit, Jack, stop being so sexy!

“Well, my dad decided I should get contacts, and join the wrestling team. Something about following in his footsteps.” Jack sighed. “At least I’m not the only one who changed. You look different too.” He smiled.

“Different how?”

“You look more… Feminine.” At my glare he quickly added, “Feminine in a good way.”

I decided to take the compliment, though I had a strange pull to tease him. I liked that I could fluster him with just a look. It made me feel powerful to have that ability to make this powerful guy who I’m not entirely sure couldn’t just pick me up and carry me off react to me like that.

“Want to swim in the lake?” He offered. I was starting to feel a little hot, in more ways than one, so I nodded. He took my hand and I felt a zing of electricity prickle where he grabbed. Just like in my book.

SRO 18/07/26(Thu)16:38 No. 25724 ID: f7d3f6

Just want to say I'm enjoying your work very much. I confess I started reading your other piece on here, got distracted and forgot to finish it. Definitely going to correct that now.

>Tags are for suckers anyway.

Interesting that you say that. I was lashed severely for neglecting to tag a particular element of my piece, although I did tag the main theme.

Anyway, thanks for the entertaining stories. Looking forward to updates!

The+Bard 18/07/31(Tue)23:09 No. 25729 ID: 0a5437


"I was lashed severely for neglecting to tag a particular element of my piece"

I'm into some weird shit. That only excites me. :P

Honestly I just have no plan with this. So putting tags in outside of what I have will be making promises I can't keep... Like that other story we won't mention. I have the next chapter in the works now. Thank you for enjoying my work. It keeps my motivation up when I just want to be lazy, knowing that someone out there looks forward to my perverted tales of young love.

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