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Mutt Ms. Lizzie 18/08/06(Mon)07:13 No. 25736 ID: 17aae3


(teen girl solo; bestiality)

When she got off the bus, there were no cars in the driveway. When she lingered in the foyer, there were no sounds echoing through the house. When she called out to announce that she was home from school, nobody answered: She was well and truly alone... and, as usual, she planned to take advantage of that! During summer break, Riley's parents tracked down somebody to check in on her throughout the work day—but when school was in session, they found it easier to let her play latchkey kid for two or three hours following the end of a school day. After all, how much trouble could a 14-year-old girl get up to on her own?

Riley hurried up the shag-lined stairs to the second floor, spinning around the banister at the second-story landing and bustling into her room at the end of the hallway. She nudged the door open and deposited her backpack on the ground, kicking her shoes into a lonely corner while she unbuttoned her jean shorts and wiggled out of them. She lingered for just a moment in front of her full-sized hanging mirror, turning this way and that in her pink polka dot undies.

It had been a summer of changes: No longer was her body a flat line! Her hips had flared noticeably, and she'd grown a small A cup's worth of chest practically overnight. There were bigger girls at school, for sure, but the jiggly new boobs she'd cultivated between June and August earned her plenty of attention at school. Just the other day she'd worn a bright blue bra beneath a white tee, and she'd noticed a boy in her history class eyeing her and fidgeting in his seat every few minutes. Riley decided that it was nice to be appreciated.

She'd also managed to wear her mom down over the better part of three months, and just before school resumed she'd cut her chest-length hair short—into a cute little pixie 'do—and bleached it a very flattering blonde. She thought the platinum matched her blue eyes nicely.

Riley peeled her panties off and tossed them in a wad into her half-full hamper, scrutinizing her sex in the mirror. She thought it looked nice, with tiny little lips tucked neatly together—though her clitoris was a little more pronounced than she'd have preferred. A little tuft of dark-brown hair had started to come in at the top of her vulva, and she regularly waffled between shaving it and letting it grow out. Riley thought it made her look sort of... mature? And besides, nobody else was getting a look at it anytime soon, right? Who would she even be shaving for?

Right. Deciding she'd dithered long enough, Riley climbed into bed and settled her back against the wall of pillows that dominated the head of her bead, spreading her legs apart and hiking her knees up. She shut her eyes and let one hand wander down to the tippy top of her sex, planting two fingers just beneath her clit and working them in slow, firm circles. Pleasure radiated out from between her legs, and the rest of her body reacted accordingly: Her nipples stiffened beneath her bra, begging to be tweaked; her cheeks, pale as porcelain, flushed; the slit beneath her fingers began to moisten, eager to be parted and filled by something. She'd only dabbled in penetration a couple times, as clitoral stimulation was usually enough to bring her to climax... but perhaps she'd grab her fattest-handled makeup brush before she finished.

In her haste to pleasure herself, Riley had forgotten to shut her bedroom door. This was mostly unimportant: If somebody were to come home, she'd hear the garage door open long before they entered the house. There was, however, one member of the family that she'd forgotten—a fact that she realized only when she heard his tags jangle against his collar as he hurried upstairs. Riley paused her ministrations and glanced at the wide-open doorway just as Jake padded into her room.

Jake was a handsome boy: A mixed-breed dalmatian that her parents had received from a family friend four or five years prior, he was a little under three feet tall, and weighed at least seventy pounds. His coat was short and spotted black, and he had the biggest, sweetest brown eyes... and, presently, they were peering up curiously at the half-naked girl massaging her sex in bed. Riley wondered briefly if he could smell her... sex pheromones, or whatever. Then she considered shooing him out and shutting the door. But what would it hurt to let him stay? Besides, it was sort of exciting—the idea of somebody watching her get off. Even if it was just Jake!

Riley carried on, tilting her head back and incorporating the rest of her fingers as she rubbed sloppily at the upper half of her vulva. She was really getting into it now: A little wet spot had stained the sheets beneath her butt; her breathing was quick and soft; and a nice blush had settled into her cheeks. Quiet little grunts and groans and yelps escaped her throat unbidden as her hips began to twitch, and she wondered if she'd even have time to break away and grab her makeup brush before she came.

Her eyes opened as she felt and heard the springs of her mattress shift and groan. Jake had climbed onto the bed just beneath her feet, lingering on all fours and staring curiously at her wet sex. She again considered kicking him out, but... well, this was weirdly hot! She wondered if that was weird, or if perhaps something was wrong with her—and then decided it was easier to just finish herself off and remember to close her bedroom door next time.

Shutting her eyes, Riley began to rub at her clit again, now pinching and rolling it between thumb and forefinger, coaxing heady little moans out from between her lips. It was her typical end-game strategy, always guaranteed to carry her across the finish line.

She yelped a little louder than usual as—apropos of nothing—a large, wet, spongy thing dragged itself across her whole sex and fingertips. Riley opened her eyes, bewildered and confused... only to find Jake's head between her legs, eyes locked with hers, looking as dopey as he always did. She opened her mouth to speak—to order Jake out of the room, maybe—but changed her mind as he began to lap at her slit. It was, without a doubt, the most fantastic stimulation she'd ever received in her short life. That big, wet tongue split her lips apart and drank her juices happily, all warmth and excitement. Jake's nose was cold against her crotch, but she didn't mind. She could only grunt and roll her eyes back as he happily licked her pussy.

Already well on her way to an orgasm, Riley's climax came on in no time at all, thanks to Jake! A wave of pleasure blossomed out from between her legs, encompassing her whole body in a warm, dreamlike cocoon that tightened most of her muscles for several tense moments. She moaned loudly, clutching at Jake's head, and then went limp.

Riley had to snap her legs shut and push Jake's head away from her sex to get him to stop eating her out. He sat back on his haunches in the bed and panted jubilantly—pleased with himself for a job well-done, she imagined. Still catching her breath, Riley leaned forward to scratch his head, feeling strangely fond of the dalmatian... until she noticed how fond HE had become. Because Jake had been adopted from a friend's litter, Riley's parents never bothered to get him fixed. He was an inside dog, after all, and they had no other pets. Apparently his brief encounter with Riley's sex had excited him terribly, for the first couple inches of his doggy cock were now poking out of the sheath between his legs!

Her lips parted gently. She was... surprised, maybe? But it was understandable. There weren't too many options for passing time when you were a dog, and... well, fucking was one of them! Riley shut her mouth and chewed her lip for a moment, sudden curiosity overtaking her senses completely. But hey—Jake had helped her out, right? Maybe she should... help him out? She'd never handled a cock of any sort before, much less a dog's. And, frankly, it looked a little scary! It was already as large as her makeup brush, and slick and slimy and a sort of angry-looking red.

Riley pushed the dalmatian onto his side, at which point he promptly rolled onto his back in hopes of receiving belly rubs, that swollen dog cock jutting out above two oversized balls. She could feel a sort of fuzzy excitement swelling in her chest as she reached out one hand to cup the base of Jake's cock. It was extremely warm to the touch, and sort of slick... and VERY firm, she realized, squeezing it! Jake only panted and stared at her, apparently unmoved by her amateur groping.

Riley peeled back Jake's sheath as she ran her hand down his cock, exposing the full length of the beast. It was sort of terrifying. Unbidden, images of the dog mounting and fucking her dominated her thoughts, both delighting and frightening. What sort of girl let her dog fuck her? And... could she, even... ? He was so big! A little exploration by hand would suffice for now. She began to stroke his big doggy cock gently, glancing up at his face every now and then to see if he'd even noticed. For his part, Jake was very still, totally relaxed as Riley jerked him off.

The pointed tip of Jake's cock began to spurt in earnest, and Riley wondered if he was finishing—but he never seemed to lose steam, little squirts of doggy cum landing on his belly and the sheets beneath him. She placed her free hand in front of his tip, surprised by how warm the cum was as it sprayed across her palm. Riley lifted the hand to her face, sniffing, and realized that it didn't smell like much of anything... so she took a little taste, licking up some of the watery liquid. It was a tad salty, and maybe sort of bitter, but otherwise unremarkable.

Staring down at Jake's twitching, squirting cock, an idea formed that deepened the blush of her cheeks. Today was a day of firsts, apparently, so... why not? Riley leaned forward, lowering her head until she could feel the warmth of Jake's cock on her lips... and then tentatively licked his shaft, dragging her tongue in quick strokes from tip to base. Like his cum, Jake's cock tasted of nothing in particular. Warm flesh, maybe. She wrapped her lips around his tip, feeling slick between her legs as Jake's cum began to shoot into her mouth. It was just a little bit every few seconds, but it was hot and salty and it made her feel naughty. Soon enough, so much cum had pooled beneath her tongue that she felt compelled to swallow, and her head swam as she thought of Jake's doggy cum settling in her belly.

Riley had watched porn before on her laptop. It didn't do much to excite her, but if nothing else it had taught her the basics of sex—including oral sex! She pushed Jake's cock further into her mouth, spreading her lips around that red, bulbous dog cock. It felt even hotter in her mouth, and now the hot spurts of dog cum landed on the back of her tongue. She stopped halfway down, her mouth full of Jake's throbbing meat, and slid her lips back up towards his tip. Then she went back down, settling into a slow rhythm of cock sucking. Jake started thrusting his hips, that already impressive cock swelling inside her mouth. For just a moment, Riley was terrified that he might get TOO big, and that he'd get stuck inside her—but she knew that was absurd. She kept suckling.

The frequency and volume of his cumming increased, a constant thing that forced her to swallow every few moments. She wondered how much of his cum was in her belly now... and then realized how intensely wet she was—the insides of her thighs were coated in her own wetness! She worked her free hand between her legs, opting to push two fingers inside of herself instead of squeezing her button. She imagined that the warm red dog cock between her lips was inside her snatch, pumping away, squirting hot doggy cum inside of her. Human girls couldn't get pregnant with dogs, right? Surely not. She'd have to Google that later.

The quiet, wet noises of Riley's self-gratification drew Jake's attention, and he clamored up on all fours, his cock slipping out of Riley's mouth. A few squirts of doggy cum painted her lips and chin as it left. Jake circled around behind her. Her tiny butt was up in the air, sex exposed, and he quickly took advantage of this, lapping at her cunt. She groaned, burying her face against her mattress and slumping forward, letting Jake's big doggy tongue work its magic. She gripped her sheets in both balled-up hands as he spread her apart, licking hungrily at her sopping wet sex. She wiggled her hips reflexively, whining and moaning as her dog tongue-fucked her.

As before, her climax was swift and powerful. Her butt tilted forward just a bit and her whole body seized, a lustful little cry escaping her mouth as she came, Jake's tongue guiding her all the way through to the other side. She rolled onto her side and drew her legs up to her chest to discourage Jake's attention, panting as she pulled the dalmatian closer and massaged his back.

"Good boy... good boy," she murmured over and over again.

Anonymous 18/08/11(Sat)16:42 No. 25741 ID: b21c41

fun so far

Anonymous 18/08/18(Sat)08:10 No. 25749 ID: 4d9126

Tell me more...

Anonymous 18/09/02(Sun)22:10 No. 25773 ID: 23842c

Please continue.

Anonymous 18/09/27(Thu)08:27 No. 25796 ID: 4337f4

I do hope you continue this. Will she take the knot?

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