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Jumping Hotdog's Stories JumpingHotdog 19/02/13(Wed)19:25 No. 25953 ID: c27a6c

I've been posting my stories to ASSTR for a while now, but since ASSTR is pretty much dead as far as comments go, I'm trying to branch out and post in some new places too.

Chiefly my stories focus on mind control, BDSM and young girls.

My ASSTR archive is here


And I'll post my new stories below.

Home Sweet Home JumpingHotdog+ 19/02/13(Wed)19:28 No. 25954 ID: c27a6c

==Home Sweet Home==
< fF, gb, cd, Mg, gF, Mf, bd, anal, ds, ws, rape, inc, mc

> Katie invites the new kid in school to visit her home, but her family is anything but normal.

I've been trying to start writing again and so forced myself to sit down and finish this idea. This fic is in the style of a Nicholas Fellheimer / Phil Phantom story, meaning its filled with badly justified (hopefully) hot, somewhat abusive sex that sucks in a whole family.

The basic plot is: a gender unspecified 'new kid' is invite by 15 year old Katie to visit her house. They then visit each family member in term, where sexy things happen. Ages range from 8 to milf and features straight and lesbian cake.


"Here it is, home sweet home," said Katie as she pushed open the front door. "Come in. Don't be shy, new kid. Changing schools can be hard but I just know we'll be best of friends."

Katie slipped off her black patent leather shoes, walked inside and looked around. A dark frown swum across her pretty face. "Mom! Mom! Get your skank-ass here right the fuck now. We have a guest."

A terrified yelp came from a side room and a woman dashed into the hallway. She fell to her knees before Katie and bowed her head. "I'm sorry, Mistress. I was—"

Katie slapped her across the face. Hard. A red hand print glowed on the middle aged woman's cheek. "I don't fucking care what you were doing," screamed Katie. "You're to be here when guests arrive to greet them."

Katie turned back around. "I am sorry, new kid. Daddy says she's a particularly stupid bitch but if we don't teach her, she'll never learn. Anyway, new kid, this is my Mom. Mom, this is the new kid from school."

The woman was in her early forties and seemed to be made from tits and ass. Her voluptuous body barely fit into a provocatively cut french maid's outfit. A minimalist top left most of her cleavage bare, with a lace ruffle only just covering her nipples. The accompanying skirt barely covered her sizable ass and left miles of creamy white leg bare.

"Punishment position," said Katie, voice cold.

Her mother shivered but complied. Still kneeling, she spread her legs slightly and tucked her hands into the small of her back. She looked up and met her daughter's eyes. Katie sniffed, drew back her foot and punted her mother right in the cunt.

The wet fleshy sound echoed in the hall and something like an electric shock went through the abused woman. Her face scrunched up, tears glittered in her eyes and she rocked back and forth for several seconds. Finally she mastered herself and let out a breath.

"Thank you, Mistress, for correcting this dumb cunt."

"And you should be. Hey, new kid. Want to punish her too? It's really fun. No? Well, doesn't matter."

Katie shut the front door and then turned back to her mother. "Mom, tell the new kid what you pretend to be?"

"I pretend to be a lawyer, Mistress."

Katie laughed. "A lawyer? Can you imagine it? This bitch not only pretending to be a person but a lawyer. I don't know how she got away with it for so long. If I was a judge and saw her strutting that ass down my court room, I'd slap her face, throw her over the nearest table and corn-hole her ass hard. Luckily, Daddy set her right. What happens to your lawyer money now, Mom?"

"I throw it away, Mistress."

"That's right." Katie's laugh was like chiming crystals. "A pretend lawyer can only earn pretend money, so it would be like stealing to spend it. Sometimes we stuff it up her cunt, the twins and me, or make her eat it. That's great fun. Hey, cunt. When's your next paycheck."

"Not for two weeks, Mistress."

"Shame. New kid, you'll need to come back then. It's great fun. Now, Mom, tell the new kid where you get your non-pretend money?"

Again tears beaded in the older woman's eyes. "I'm a whore, Mistress."

"Yep." Katie smiled wide. "A dirty prostitute. Daddy sends her out every night and if she doesn't come back with enough cash, well, she doesn't get to eat the next day. Not that a little starving would hurt this bitch. Just look at those tits and ass. Nothing like my body at all." Katie spun in place. At fifteen, she had a youth's beauty. Her body was hard and tight, with just the hint of a bubble butt under a short skirt and a set of nicely sized tits under a button-up top.

"You are very beautiful, Mistress."

Katie slapped her mother again, adding another glowing hand print. "If I wanted the opinion of a tired old whore, I would ask for it."

"Yes, Mistress. Sorry Mistress."

"I think we're done with her for now," said Katie and took the new kid's hand. "Come on. I'll introduce you to the others."

Katie scampered up a steep set of stairs and then began poking her head into a series of rooms. "Nope. Not here. Ah, here they are."

She threw open the door fully and strode inside.

"New kid, meet the twins. Twins, meet the new kid at my school."

They both waved without turning around.

The twins, both girls, sat in front of a huge TV. They mashed away at a pair of game pads as they blasted through a two person shooter game. A chat box hung at the side of the screen, holding a scrolling tide of messages. They were streaming?

The twins appeared at most twelve years old and wore matching catholic school uniforms — tight blouses and pleated skirts. Their matching blonde hair was cut short, save for their twin pig-tails, and they had wide cherubic faces. Both wore a mic and headphone combo.

"This is April and Jamie," said Katie, pointing from left to right. "And no, they are not identical. They just look a lot alike. They're also some of the hottest Twitch thot on the dark web. Maybe you've heard of them? No? Well, don't worry. I'll give you the onion link before you go."

"Ah, fragged you!" said Jamie. On the screen, an explosion bloomed and April cursed. "Now suck it, sis."

"Fine," she huffed and set her controller down. She rolled her eyes, flipped up Jamie's skirt and fished out her (his?) cock. It was hard inside a tight set of plane white panties and precum created a wet spot on the front.

"Yeah," said Katie right in the new kid's ear. "Jamie use to be James before Daddy realized the truth. But Jamie's much better now, much happier. April and James used to fight all the time. But then Daddy got Jamie some cute little tits, a makeover and a new wardrobe, and now they spend all their time together."

"Well, you pervs," said April into her mic as she held her sister's pink twitching cock in her small hands. "I lost. That means I need to take my sister's slab of meat into my little loli mouth."

The chat went crazy. "Suck it. Deep throat. Paint her face." More vulgar things still.

She opened her mouth wide, showing the small cavity filled with tiny teeth. She probed her darting tongue with a finger.

"You want me to take this hot cock in here? Will it even fit?"

The chat's consensus was "Yes!!!"

"Less talking, more sucking," said Jamie and pushed her sister's head down. April moaned as the head of Jamie's cock pushed past her cherry pink lips. She bobbed up and down, sucking for all her worth.

"Nothing to say, new kid? You're not freaked out by a little incest, are you?" Katie draped herself over her new friend's back. "I thought you were cool. You are right? Well that's good."

"This is what losers get," hissed Jamie, her eyes half shut. "Bet you wish you got me. Then I could be sucking that strap-on of yours. But, no, I won. And now you're a slut with her sister's cock down her throat." Jamie thrust her tight skirt covered ass up, driving her cock deep. "Going to break your throat. Going to fuck you stupid."

Jamie let out a long feminine moan. She raised her hands and pulled her blouse open. Hidden inside was a cute pair of tits, little more than tea-cups but headed by bubble-gum colored nipples that seemed to jump off her chest. She rolled her left nipple between her fingers, pressing, squeezing, teasing.

"Fuck, you give good head, sis."

April pulled back, a cat-and-cream smile on her face. "I was born to suck your cock." She sucked her again, long and slow and deep. The cock disappeared between her lips and she kept going until her nose touched Jamie's hairless crotch. Then she popped back up. "I was born sucking your cock."

"Let's give the stream something else to look at," said Jamie. She reached forward and flipped April's skirt up and over her ass. The stream got a clear view of April's white panties. They hugged her not-quite-developing hips and outlined her tight coin-edge cunt. April shook her ass for the viewers.

Jamie took a tight grip on her sister's pigtails and set to work for all she was worth. She forced April's head up and down, faster, harder. The blow job became a hard face fuck and slobber dripped down April's chin.

"Going to cum down your slutty throat," Jamie hissed. "Going to fill your mouth with my cum."

April rubbed her thighs together as a wet spot grew on her panties.

"Slut loves it!" crowed the stream. "Fuck her harder. Fuck her deeper."

The room grew hot with the twins' passion. Jamie began to gasp, short sharp breaths.

"I'm cumming!" she screamed as she forced April down as deep as she would go. Jamie's small hairless balls twitched and she thrust her hips. Once, twice, thrice, four times. And then she let out a long sigh and went limp.

April pull back, a wide smile on her lips. She turned to face the camera and opened her mouth wide. A pearly pool of sperm filled her mouth. She closed her mouth, made a show of swallowing and then opened again. The cum was gone.

For a few moments neither twin said anything. They just watched the chat declare this there best show yet, the hottest thing ever and how hard they would rape both twins if they ever found out where they lived.

When the storm finally died down, Jamie asked, "Ready to go again?"

"You know it." April's eyes glinted with evil light. "But if I win this one, I want your ass. I think the stream will love you cumming your little balls empty on my strap-on."

"You're on," said Jamie. "But when I win it's going to be my cock in your ass. I hope the viewers like your screams."

They both took up their controllers and the match started in earnest.

"Let's leave them too it," said Katie as she led the new kid out of the room. "They'll be busy for a while and there are plenty of people still to meet. Let's go see Janet next."

Janet's room had a lock on the door — the only one anywhere in the hallway. Katie slid the large bolt open with a loud clunk and skipped inside.

"New kid," she said with a flourish of her hand, "this is my older sister Janet. Janet, this is the new kid in my class."

Janet screamed and flailed.

The woman on the bed was a mess. Her hair looked like it hadn't been washed in months. Sweat, grime and sex juices clung to her naked body. Her eyes were wild and bloodshot.

She was also tied, gagged and fully airtight.

Bungee cords held Janet's arms, legs, hips and neck to the fuck-stained mattress. She strained at them and the elastic material gave only slightly as it dug into her flesh. An immense ball gag strained her lips, a huge dildo plugged her matted hairy cunt and a smaller silver vibe buzzed away in her ass. Clamps dug into her fat nipples and her large breasts flopped as she struggled to escape.

"Miss me, sis?" Katie jumped up onto the bed and knee walked over to her sister's head. She popped the ball gag free.

"Oh God!" screamed Janet. She looked at the new kid. "You've got to help me. They've all gone insane. He's—"

Katie let out a long suffering sigh and forced the gag back into place. "Daddy says Janet is a bad girl and needs to learn the hard way. Not like me. I'm a good girl. But she'll become a good girl too if we all work hard."

She reached down and unstrapped the dildo that filled Janet's cunt. The thing was huge and seemed to never end as Katie drew it forth. The black rubber dripped with cunt slime, every inch, until the huge head burst forth with a wet gulp. The thing looked bigger than a fist!

Bereft of its former occupant, Janet's cunt gaped. It was an angry red cave of abused flesh rubbed, raw by much abuse.

"Watch this," said Katie. She raised her hands, wiggled her fingers, and then made a fist with her left. She placed that at the entrance to her sister's cunt and slowly pushed her hand inside. Honestly, as stretched as Janet was, it wasn't even hard. First hand, then wrist and then most of Katie's arm disappeared into Janet's depths. Then Katie placed her second hand next to the first and began to worm that in too.

That was a step too far as far as Janet was concerned. She screamed into her gag and fought her bonds. The elastic cords around her limbs had some give but not nearly enough. She shook from side to side, the heavy metal clamps doing terrible things to her nipples.

"Look, new kid. No hands!" With a final wet slurp, Katie forced her second hand completely inside her sister's cunt and made her fingers into a fist.

If the initial assault was too much, this second indignity broke poor Janet. The shape of arms distorted older the sister's mons and stomach. Janet went dead in her bonds, a long low whine escaping her gag.

"You have to be a good girl, sis," said Katie as she shoved forward with her arms. As tight as Janet's cunt was, that didn't result in deeper penetration as much as rocking Janet on her bed. "Be a good girl and you can come out and play. Be a good girl and we can be a family again — you, me, April, Jamie and little Beckie."

She continued her double fist fuck — thrust, thrust, thrust. The violation was immense, beyond comprehension. Janet just lay in her bonds, her mind gone somewhere far, far away.

Finally Katie grew tired of her game. She forced her fists free of her sister and shoved the dildo plug back into place. Cunt slime dripped from her arms, in places almost up to the elbow. She cleaned herself up using her sister's hair, then jumped off the bed.

"I think it's time you met Daddy," she said. "He'll probably be with Beckie down in the living room. Well, what are you waiting for, new kid. Let's get going."

Katie led the way back down the stairs and through a side door. A rhythmic yipping yelp came from inside.

"I'm Daddy's good girl but Beckie's his special girl," explained Katie. "Sometimes I'm super jelly but I just have to focus on being the best good girl I can."

And there, inside the room, was Beckie and the man who must be Daddy.

He was not a large man but rather of average size, slightly gangly, with a high domed forehead and thinning black hair. He sat naked on a high backed leather chair and speared on his cock was Beckie.

If Daddy wasn't big, Beckie was tiny. She barely looked eight years old — as flat as a board and completely pre-pubescent. She was fit too. Her small body was without any fat and even had a hint of muscle in places. Her cunt looked completely untouched, an un-plucked flower. Her ass was another story.

Daddy's cock speared Beckie's ass and the young girl rode him up and down. She pushed with her muscular thighs, rose until the cock was only just inside the rosebud of her pre-teen ass and then dropped, letting gravity do the work. She released a yipping sound each time the meaty invader struck home.

"New kid," said Katie, "this is Daddy and Beckie. Everyone, this is the new kid at my school."

"Welcome to our home," said Daddy. The dark pits of his overshadowed eyes seemed to drink in the light.

Beckie didn't say anything. Her eyes were closed and she bit her lip as she focused on ass fucking herself. The cock speared her colon good and deep.

"Why don't you come greet me properly," said Daddy.

"Of course!" Katie skipped forward and kissed her Daddy hard on the lips. Her tongue danced inside his mouth as she macked for all she was worth. Finally she pulled back, panting for breath but with a loopy grin on her face.

"Present," said Daddy.

Katie widened her legs, stood up straight and slipped her hands into the small of her back. Even as Beckie continued to ride his cock, Daddy reached forward and popped open the buttons on Katie's shirt. Once all were undone, he flipped the shirt open, revealing Katie's baby blue bra. It just hid her breasts — large perfectly formed handfuls.

Daddy's fingers were long, knobbly and almost spider like. They popped open the front catch of Katie's bra and it fell away. Whatever else she used the bra for, it wasn't to support her breasts. Katie's tits didn't move at all. They stood proud, perfectly formed mounds on her fifteen year old chest. Her nipples were hard nubs and her areolas the lightest shade of pink.

"Beautiful, isn't she?" said Daddy. "The perfect teenage sexpot." He rolled her nipples between his fingers. Katie moaned, her hips rolling forward slightly as if to fuck a cock that wasn't there.

"I've worked very hard on her," said Daddy. He squeezed her tits, fingers digging deep into the taught flesh. "I can do anything to her and she'll love it."

"Katie," he said, his voice a touch harder. "What would you do if I told you to fuck the entire football team?"

"I'd fuck them," she said without a moment's hesitation. There was a catch in her voice, though, one of raw arousal.

"And if I told you to seduce all your little cheerleader friends?"

"I'd eat out every single one. Dumb bitches wouldn't stand a chance."

Katie was panting now, raw need filling her body as her chest heaved.

"Cum for me," he said and squeezed down on her nipples hard. Katie did.

"Oh God!" she wailed. Her body shook, a quiver going from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. A flush turned her face red, her knees almost gave out and she only caught herself on the edge of Daddy's seat. Girl-cum dribbled down her thighs. For long seconds all she could do was stand there and gasp through the aftermath. Daddy smiled a self satisfied smile as he continued to play with Katie's tits.

And all that time Beckie continued her backdoor cock ride. The cock slammed in and out of her tight asshole. It seemed impossible that it would fit. Beckie was a tiny girl and this was an adult's cock. But somehow it did.

Sweat glittered on Beckie's body, tiny beads that made her almost glow. Her front teeth, slightly to large to start with, bit down hard into her lower lip.

"Almost," she moaned. Yip. "Almost." Yip. "Soon." Yip. "Cum." Yip. "Soon."

"Mom!" screamed Katie. She pushed herself upright. "Mom! Get in here now. Beckie needs you. If there's a mess, I'm using your hair to mop it up while the twins whip your ass raw."

A commotion came from the door and then Katie's mother was there. One tit popped free of her french maid top as she rounded the corner — a well used fuck-bag with none of her daughter's youthful resilience.

Beckie let loose a cry like a strangled animal, as she let herself fall one final time. Her pre-teen body grounded out and Daddy's balls twitched. Red hot sperm vomited into her colon and that was enough to tip Beckie over the edge.

The little girl came. Her ass spasmed around the invading cock. Her legs gave out completely, as she fell back against Daddy. Her prepubescent cunt twitched.

And then she lost control over her bladder. An arc of golden piss shot from Beckie's untouched cunt. The girl's mother let out a terrified yelp and dove forward. She just got her mouth to Beckie in time. Pungent golden liquid splashed her face and then her lips sealed over Beckie's piss hole. Her throat throbbed as she drank and drank and drank.

It seemed to go on forever — Beckie's orgasm, the long stream of piss and Daddy's cum. The smells of hot cunt filled the room, so heavy it seemed almost physical. But even Daddy's special girl's orgasm had to end at some point.

With a tired sigh, Beckie kicked her mother away (the blow sent the older woman stumbling back onto her ass) and lifted herself off Daddy's cock. Free of the intruder at last, her ass gaped but youth is an amazing thing and her rosebud soon closed. Equally amazing, Daddy's cock was still hard. It stood tall and proud from his lap — not very thick but long and very hard.

"I think that's for you, new kid," said Katie, eyes locked on the cock. She licked her lips but finally forced her attention away.

"You don't like cocks much, right?" she said. "I can see you don't in your eyes. It's girls that do it for you. Well, you can fuck me and April and Jamie all you want, even Mom and Janet if you feel like slumming a bit. All you need to do is give Daddy's cock a little kiss. Don't even need to suck it, not properly. It's a respect thing more than anything else."

Katie's clear blue eyes focused on the new kid.

"So what's it going to be, new kid? All the pussy you could want, my friendship, a home sweet home away from home when you need it and all for one little kiss? Seems like a deal to me."

Behind her Daddy smiled and his dark eyes seemed to eat the world.

Anonymous 19/02/17(Sun)22:18 No. 25965 ID: 5815ef

As a long-time, olde-skool Phil Phantom / Nick Fellheimer fanboy, this is goddamn fantastic. Well done; I would love, love, LOVE to see more!

JumpingHotdog 19/02/18(Mon)19:56 No. 25970 ID: ed0746

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed. I'm trying to make myself write at the moment, to get back in the habit, so hopefully I'll have more soon. I don't think it will be a direct squeal to this but I have a few ideas. I'm aiming to write a peace about time travel and selfcest next, still short but hopefully a bit longer than Home Sweet Home.

Anonymous 19/02/19(Tue)00:36 No. 25971 ID: d2cee5

Anything that has the extreme style of Phil Phantom, Nick Fellheimer or PuppyLoverDawn is PURE FUCKING GOLD in my book. :)

Keep writing whatever you damn well please, and i’ll Look forward to seeing it!

Anonymous 19/02/27(Wed)18:13 No. 25989 ID: db4adf

I absolutely loved skater girl are any of your stories written in the same style?

JumpingHotdog 19/02/27(Wed)19:26 No. 25990 ID: 42c724

The Game of Bones and Camp Mentempuer — Day One (day two coming eventually, promise!) are the closest, more so Game of Bones. But neither are exactly the same. Skater Girl has a rather unique flavor in its downwards spiral that my other stories lack.

Anonymous 19/03/01(Fri)19:31 No. 25992 ID: db596b

I’m really digging the Primrose Primer story. Can we get one of those that’s even more extreme?

Anonymous 19/03/02(Sat)09:50 No. 25993 ID: adc925

This is some fucked up shit, I love it. Any recommendations for authors you like?

7chan.org JumpingHotdog 19/03/02(Sat)12:06 No. 25994 ID: 21eace

What type of extreme do you like? I'm more into the emotional side that out and out torture porn but I do have an idea for the latter.

Main idea is this: main loli character wakes up in a strange bed in a strange place. She goes out the bed room, sees no-one and wonders down the hall. And is then brutally killed by a trap. An indeterminate amount of time later, she wakes up back in bed. The basic idea is the main loli save scrumming her way through a tower filled death traps. She can also get power-ups from some of the death-trap challenges, but loses them each death. So to get the Rose-sword she has to fight the Rose Garden Loli, which means a hard fight and getting ripped up, at least a little, by rose thorns.

As luck would have it, I have a recommendation page.


I particularly recommend Programming by The Pediatrician and the Libertarian Utopia stories by Bernd Lauert.

Anonymous 19/04/13(Sat)19:33 No. 26049 ID: 4ea7b8

Great recommendations! Any chance of seeing more from you here?

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