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Make sure that you check out http://asstr.org or http://storiesonline.net, or any other of the fine erotic literature sites, or GOOGLE IT! THEY MAY HAVE THE STORY ALREADY THERE!…Where ever that may be….Also, any plagiarism will result in a BAN!

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Anonymous 17/07/05(Wed)19:43 No. 25083 ID: 2002e1

I incorrectly made this its own post a while ago cause I didn't read this like a dumbass. So here it is, properly.

I'm looking for a Zatanna story, where a kid meets her or a cosplayer of her at a convention and gets a private photo session. I haven't read the story myself, just heard about it elsewhere and was interested.

Anonymous 17/07/06(Thu)07:28 No. 25085 ID: 300f4f

Looking for the story "Last Summer" by Blueboar that used to be on literotica. The only archive I can find is incomplete, as the wayback machine only has the first three pages of the first chapter. I'd be extremely grateful to anybody who could provide the full story.

Anonymous 17/07/28(Fri)09:09 No. 25106 ID: 3e565e

Anyone know a series where a guy babysits 2 girls multiple times? At one point the older girl uses his phone to take nudes of herself, and the younger girl usually does not like babysitters except she likes the auth.

Anonymous 17/08/07(Mon)19:55 No. 25116 ID: 3779aa

Curious if anybody knows where I can find this or has it saved. I forget the title, but I'm pretty sure it was on either Hentai Foundry or Literotica. It was basically a guy is a huge fan of an all transgirl rock band and got invited backstage after a show and fucked by some of them. His girlfriend is cool with it but tells him not to do it again, but obviously he goes and does it again. It was 2 or 3 chapters long. Either I'm an idiot and don't remember where it was hosted or they deleted it.

Anonymous 17/09/04(Mon)09:55 No. 25136 ID: ea2918

Two stories hosted on Futanari Palace, which is currently unavailable (hacked apparently).

First story: one of the oldest on the site, called A Girl's Needs (I'm pretty sure). A bunch of girls are sleeping over or at a house party or something. One of the girls goes to bed early and wakes up soon after being fucked by someone she can't see. Next chapter it's revealed that someone was a girl (named Alex?), who sneaks downstairs to the bathroom to masturbate and relieve herself and is caught by another of the friends, who she also ends up fucking.
There's more chapters later on involving a cheerleader and a teacher but this is the part I remember most clearly.

Second: I don't know the title, apparently it came from the (now defunct) f3 forums (Please let me know if an archive of this exists, I see traces leading from it nearly everywhere I look.), but I read it on FP. A girl and her futa roommate make a phone call to a hypnotist and wake up at the same time every morning with simultaneous+powerful orgasms and eventually end up sleeping together and getting blackmailed by a third person. There was a lot going on with this story, but the premise was the most distinct.

Raceplay or religionplay Jim 17/09/26(Tue)22:05 No. 25152 ID: a02f96

I am trying to find any stories of raceplay or religionplay. Preferably white men as the doms. I cant seem to find any online. Its all black power and shit like that. Any help would be awesome. Thanks fellow pervs.

Anonymous 17/11/14(Tue)07:18 No. 25195 ID: d02999



No religionplay, but a dominant white male x black/Oriental/Indian harem race play.

Anonymous 17/12/04(Mon)01:53 No. 25210 ID: be0f1b

Trying to find a story from the old xnxx.stories before they did the purge.

its called "Kimmy, my cumslut" by Doomcock

If anyone has it, please post. Thanks

Anonymous 17/12/13(Wed)01:13 No. 25223 ID: 49ccd1


Here you go. Web Archive has chapters 1 through 7.


Anonymous 17/12/25(Mon)12:04 No. 25250 ID: fd43bb

I’m looking for a story i saw on a forum long ago about a girl and her brother who are bought/taken in by a rich man. The brother gets sent to train with a man to learn how to fight and eventually fucks his trainer while the girl stays with the rich man and is his toy. At one point he puts her up for public use alongside many other girls. I can’t remember the name.

Twincest Anonymous 17/12/26(Tue)00:00 No. 25251 ID: d17ba6

Looking for a story that was on /sm/ a while back. About twink boys who mess around with their male babysitter.

Anonymous 17/12/30(Sat)10:28 No. 25264 ID: 2aec79

Does anyone know any good futa loli stories?

I’ve already seen the "my little sister is a futa" post here.

Summer Camp RedBlue 18/02/09(Fri)00:50 No. 25349 ID: c02888

I'm looking for a story I've read where a brother and sister go to summer camp, and it ends up being a sex slave camp. The sister first goes through training with another girl as her mistress before her brother becomes her master.

Anonymous 18/02/10(Sat)12:54 No. 25352 ID: e3aff3

You are looking for 'Sibling Camp' and 'Sibling Camp Alternate Ending' by Kenna.


Anonymous 18/02/17(Sat)00:23 No. 25372 ID: 04a10d

Still looking for Tabitha, the neighbours niece. Was posted on this board some time ago

rewdius minime 18/02/17(Sat)22:44 No. 25379 ID: 4c409c

I would like to find rewdius standalone stories

stories, Rewdius Dave 18/02/20(Tue)14:12 No. 25388 ID: 40bcf9

I would like to recieve Rewdius stories or get info. on where I can get them?

Thanks appreciate it.

Anonymous 18/02/24(Sat)12:21 No. 25405 ID: 64e444

By Uninvited/Uncle Rick

Anonymous 18/03/07(Wed)14:02 No. 25438 ID: b04411


Anonymous 18/03/10(Sat)07:08 No. 25442 ID: 0eb53f

Searching for an old, old story. It starts with this guy with religious parents, who just won't let him fap. So he goes to the forest to masturbate, and he meets a girl who turns out to be a futa. They go to her house and bond for a while before she fucks him. Can't remember where I read it.

Anonymous 18/04/07(Sat)16:02 No. 25501 ID: 138b4e


Pretty sure it's Loving Yvonne by Jokermon. It's floated around a bit, but is currently on Literotica.


Although I swear there was a version where they have a similarly endowed daughter at the end, but that may have been a different story.

25501 Anonymous 18/04/10(Tue)07:53 No. 25502 ID: 0eb53f

Much obliged. Indeed, it was this story. I think the author might have actually changed a bit at the end rather than being another story.

Against my will by unknown Anonymous 18/04/25(Wed)10:38 No. 25522 ID: 2c115c

I have seen this story in the past but it dissapeared. A few people have mentioned it but have not seen a link. Anyone got a copy? Its about a girl getting attacked by her neighbor kid with a squirt gun, she fucks his dog and him and it carries on from there. Story one on your list.

Anonymous 18/05/19(Sat)18:45 No. 25549 ID: b49259

Trying to find stories where F/m F/f M/f is enslaved full time against their will like this story http://www.bdsmlibrary.com/stories/story.php?storyid=9317 "My Very Own"

Anonymous 18/05/22(Tue)11:39 No. 25551 ID: b12e00

A writer by the name Monkeyspank used to have a ton of stories, mostly centered around incest and family sharing, but I can not for the life of me find any of them. Anyone know where?

Anonymous 18/06/08(Fri)00:42 No. 25594 ID: 53bc13

Looking for a very old story about a man whose relationship to his wife/girlfriend changes to a BDSM one. His wife ends up pulling in another woman to be his slave. The other woman is happy to join because her former husband abused her mercilessly.
Part of the abuse the other woman suffered left her cunt completely ruined and the man suggests reconstructive surgery for it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kris 18/06/10(Sun)18:25 No. 25597 ID: 74c1b4

Looking for a story where someone invades the home blindfolds the mother and daughter and subjects them to sexual acts unknowingly for revenge. Also, any good stories where someone (father/ stranger) rapes daughter with mothers help.

Anonymous 18/06/14(Thu)03:29 No. 25609 ID: bc6b7f

So asstr is fucking dead. Where do we go now?

Anonymous 18/07/01(Sun)19:57 No. 25677 ID: e660e5

Does someone have the pdf of "my sons cumrag" by kinkybelle. The links are dead.

Anonymous 18/07/14(Sat)15:48 No. 25700 ID: 349f46

Is there a story archive, list, or database somewhere that collects stories that are specifically relevant to this thread (/elit/res/8547) or board (/elit/)?

Ideally, an archive that would collect stories both from here and from other ~similar imageboards (e.g. 8ch, gurochan, fchan, etc).

Anonymous 18/07/17(Tue)10:26 No. 25706 ID: b34f8f



Wayback has Against My Will

Anonymous 18/07/19(Thu)17:23 No. 25709 ID: 5dcf7e

I've lost this then found this one before, it was on storiesonline.

Kid is hot for his mother, a lawyer, who is strict, and who has an identical twin sister. The twin has been in a mental institution, but comes to stay with them, and seduces the boy having him call her "mom."

She takes a job in the mothers office as like a paralegal, she tells her nephew that shes been in a mental institution because of his mom, she replaces her sister, and they keep her in the basement as if she were the one who had been in an institution, so the aunt replaces the mother.

Anonymous 18/07/26(Thu)04:41 No. 25723 ID: b8ad8b

Clockwork's Crazy on You


Anonymous 18/07/28(Sat)03:28 No. 25726 ID: 71be8e

Four years too late.

Anonymous 18/08/16(Thu)02:01 No. 25743 ID: 66291a



Anonymous 18/08/16(Thu)02:14 No. 25744 ID: 66291a



Anonymous 18/08/16(Thu)18:47 No. 25746 ID: 8457f0

Looking for a story where a guy tricks some girls into joining him in a bomb shelter and sets up a harem of sorts.

Anonymous 18/08/19(Sun)17:32 No. 25752 ID: 67f114

ASSTR seems to be dead. Any other alternatives?

Anonymous 18/08/20(Mon)00:15 No. 25754 ID: 92f5f7

ASSTR can still be uploaded to by authors, so it's not quite dead, but their basic page is fucked up and so you can't discover new stuff there unfortunately.

Anonymous 18/08/24(Fri)00:47 No. 25756 ID: bc76ab


Any good active authors to check out?

tSade!O9S.2cqv5k 18/08/25(Sat)08:26 No. 25757 ID: 179c0d

I'm still hanging around, just post mostly on my website and to Patreon these days.

The Storyteller!5XbE4VjR8E 18/08/26(Sun)00:22 No. 25761 ID: aeb004

>>25752 You could try Storiesonline.net

>>25756 Hi there tSade, long time no see.

Anonymous 18/08/29(Wed)12:02 No. 25768 ID: 383b17

I'm looking for an old story where a woman who owns a remote farm sets herself up to live as a dog for a few weeks/months with an anti-speech/standing collar. By the end of her time she's fucking the dogs and barely realizes that she can remove the collar, though she does manage to set herself free.

Anonymous 18/08/29(Wed)12:05 No. 25769 ID: 383b17

I forgot to mention, there's a good chance it's on BDSMLibrary, Literotica, or Gromet's Plaza, but I'm not actually sure.

Full copy of stories on mister double dot biz Anonymous 18/09/14(Fri)16:25 No. 25779 ID: fb7a5b

anyone have a full copy of Incest Planet by 'OneSickPuppy'?

Anonymous 18/09/15(Sat)06:43 No. 25781 ID: 150aa2

I'm looking for a story that I saw literal years ago that involved a girl with a dick and her sister. I'm almost certain it was on 99chan's elit board in the late 2000's or early 2010's, but I can't find anything on wayback.

The most distinctive features I remember were the younger sister peeping on the older sister masturbating, and later on, the two of them getting snowed in at their house. The story was pretty wholesome, no like, cock worship stuff or any other weirdness like that. Just two sisters who loved each other.

Anonymous 18/09/15(Sat)08:05 No. 25782 ID: 1b00a5

you say you found the mother/son camping in a sleeping bag story. can you share it?

there were two versions iirc and one was better and more detailed

Anonymous 18/09/15(Sat)09:03 No. 25783 ID: c3a665

I'm trying to find a story where a guy moves in with his futa sister. She does all the cooking, but one day he catches her cumming in all his food and obviously it escalates from there.

Anonymous 18/09/17(Mon)00:50 No. 25786 ID: 84801b

Yes! Looking for this- Has it been found yet?


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