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Anonymous 16/11/16(Wed)05:21 No. 24816 ID: 6d7473

I've been looking for this one two, a story that was on here a while ago called "My two mommies"

Anonymous 16/11/18(Fri)19:35 No. 24824 ID: be3796

I remember reading a story about a 16 year old girl, with the whole story from her pov, that is on a family road trip and keeps having her 8 or so year old brother poking her while he says 'poke poke poke.'
Parents are dismissive and never turn around and he quickly accidentally touches her breast and becomes enameled, and things continue to escalate, with her saying he is molesting her until she quickly starts enjoying it. Based on how much I remember it should be easy to find, but I don't think it was on the common elit sites.

Anonymous 16/11/18(Fri)22:09 No. 24825 ID: 00e229


all yours

Anonymous 16/12/09(Fri)11:31 No. 24836 ID: d54b23


Finally found this, in case I lose it again, it's been removed by the author, Fiction Writer #13, but it's in the Internet Archive of ASSTR.


Anonymous 16/12/21(Wed)02:37 No. 24850 ID: 72b835


Wow, fantastic find. Thanks for sharing. Lots to explore there.

Anonymous 16/12/21(Wed)02:49 No. 24851 ID: 72b835

Looks like his stuff is actually still up at Stories Online.


Anonymous 16/12/22(Thu)08:00 No. 24852 ID: d54b23


Just that one story. The rest is removed.

Anonymous 17/01/01(Sun)10:28 No. 24862 ID: b8b788

anyone have
Sandra In The Sun volume 1 or 2

Anonymous 17/01/12(Thu)09:32 No. 24887 ID: 595e00

Can anyone recommend any good cock milking stories? Preferably ones involving human cattle on commercial cum farms. Bonus points if it involves shemales/futas as the farmers or the cattle.

Anonymous 17/01/29(Sun)18:41 No. 24907 ID: e1f83f

Can anyone find the complete version of this Hermione Futa story?

Here's a pastebin of the first chapter:


There used to be an archived version here, but link is broken (robots.txt)


There's partial excerpts from chapter 8 and 9 in this archive, but the full thread-archive is a 404:



Underage Erotica Paraphilia 17/04/28(Fri)08:12 No. 25013 ID: 2599f4

I recently read two books that contained underage sex/desire, and found both fascinating.

The First was Tampa by Alissa Nutting, and the second was End of Alice by A.M Holmes. Both books are highly sexually graphic.

Tampa is about a young female teacher who is sexually attracted to fourteen year-old boys and will do anything in her power to seduce them.

End of Alice is narrated by a middle-aged pedophile who is serving a life sentence in prison. He receives correspondence from a 19-year-old girl who plans to seduce her 12-year-old neighbour. He encourages her and gives her tips on seducing children and delights in the girl's letters detailing her progress.

What I am looking for: A highly erotic book where the main plot is focused on underage sex and/or desire. The more graphic the better.

What I am definitely NOT looking for: Violence or child murder, a book about overcoming abuse or anything that is poorly written or reads like amateurish fan-fiction.

Other books I have read on this theme were Lolita, and books by Anais Nin. Lolita was well written, but obviously lacked any graphic sex scenes, while Anais Nin didn't really captivate me for some reason.

Books that seem to roughly match what I am after, but havent read yet i've listed below:

In Praise of the Stepmother - Llosa
Hecate and Her dogs - Morand
Childs Play - Kia abdullah
Suicide Blonde- Steinke
Notice - Lewis
Under Mr. Nolan's Bed - Kitt
Taming the Beast - Maguire

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

Request of a different sort Clean Freak 17/05/05(Fri)23:30 No. 25024 ID: 88c290

So instead of asking for a link to a story that already exists, I'm doing something... different. I want ot ask for a story to be written, based on criteria. A commission, if you will. My problem is that I like a narrow fetish, so ther's not really much out there for it that I haven't already read. So, all that said, here goes nothing

My thought is this: it starts with a WAM BDSM scene. After that's done, the domme decides he/she needs to clean up the sub, which he/she does by going to the local automatic carwash, tying the sub onto the car, and running them through the carwash until they're clean, no matter what the sub thinks about the plan. (sub resistance is cool!)

The more details about the inside of the carwash, the better! (and for those that don't know, WAM is wet & messy, scenes involving messy stuff like paint, food, etc.) The only other thing is, I don't mind the genders involved, so long as the sub and domme are different genders.

Anonymous 17/05/11(Thu)14:43 No. 25027 ID: 0d0d3c

I am looking for a story I read several years ago, but can't find it anywhere.
It was about a female fairy/elf that searched for shelter and found a human house, got raped there by a dog, and finally used mind control to fuck her own body while being the dog.

Can anybody help with this one?

Teeter Totter Beatdown Anonymous 17/05/31(Wed)23:44 No. 25050 ID: b549fc

Can't figure out what the 'supported file types' are -- the list is blank. So I'm too stupid to figure out how to start a new thread ('submit' won't work without an acceptable file -- so 'reply' is the only thing I can think of to use :-(. If someone can reposition this new story appropriately, that would be great.

Teeter Totter Beatdown

Deep in the woods, Glen was surprised to hear laughter coming from the clearing ahead. He knew there was an improbably-placed playground there, which no one ever seemed to use. Well, someone was using it now.

Shielded by a bush at the edge of the clearing, he took in the scene. Three Vietnamese girls from the high school had ganged up on one of the girls from his school. Amy was in the seventh grade, a year behind him, and had a penchant for ticking off people, especially girls. She had apparently royally ticked off these three, and now she was paying the price.

The first thing he noticed was that Amy's arms were taped behind her back, wrist to elbow. She was straddling one end of the seesaw, and the 'T'-shaped pipe arrangement that had served as a handlebar had been swiveled 90 degrees to align with the plank, pressing tightly along the length of her slit. In fact, her tortured pussy bore all her weight, since her feet were raised off the ground due to her three captors sitting on the other end of the plank. At first, he didn't understand why the plank was tilted barely past horizontal, since the three girls clearly outweighed her.

Then he noticed that her shoelaces were bound to iron re-bar stakes, anchoring her and keeping her legs unnaturally spread; the heavy mallet that must have been used to pound the stakes into the ground was laying nearby. These girls had certainly come prepared, and the effect was that the pipe was actually digging into her crotch with the weight of all four girls.

Though she retained her blouse, her jeans -- or skirt or whatever -- was nowhere in sight, allowing Greg to see exactly how the pipe dug into her tortured flesh. She writhed atop the pipe, presumably involuntarily, since Greg reasoned that any movement had to make the torture all the more intolerable.

"Change your mind yet?" challenged the girl nearest to her. Amy violently shook her head, unable to do anything other than grunt due to the layers of duct tape plastered over her mouth. The girl then raised up and fell back onto the plank, lending a powerful jolt to Amy's stressed pussy. The middle girl then followed suit, and then the heaviest girl, who by virtue of sitting at the far end had the most leverage. The trio repeated the sequence once more before stopping to see if she had had enough.

Their next attempt at persuasion involved each of them jumping up before landing, amplifying their weight as they slammed back onto the plank. Multiple iterations still did not achieve whatever concession they were demanding. All three then stood up, but remained straddling the plank, which then sunk under Amy's weight. It only tipped just past horizontal, stopped by a milk crate positioned under Amy's end, which presumably had been used as a support as they judged stake placement and tied their victim in place.

Amy's useless legs were too rubbery to support her, so her abused pussy still had to bear all her weight. In unison, the three orientals fell onto the plank, rocketing the hapless girl back up into the air until her hyper-extended legs jerked her to a painful stop. It was just as well that she had not been able to stand, or the plank would have accelerated enormously before slamming into her spread and defenseless pussy.

The girls found that standing up rapidly meant that Amy's pussy got a pounding each time the plank slammed back into the crate, since her legs were too weak to stop her descent. After the fifth iteration, the exhausted girl pitched forward, slipping off the pipe and onto the plank itself. This was unfortunate, because the two younger girls then came over and wrestled her back into an upright position, each holding a thigh and an upper arm. "Let's see if this changes your mind," grinned the elder girl, just before dropping heavily onto the plank.

The force of the cruel blow set Amy to nodding, at long last, as she mewled in pain through her nose. "Are you sure?" queried the girl, using that as an excuse to cunt-smash her a second time. More frantic nods. The girl stood once more, and feigned another butt drop, but stopped herself just as she reached the plank.

"I told you that you would beg to kiss my ass," the girl smirked as she sauntered over to join the others. "You're ready to beg, aren't you?" The tearful girl nodded slowly, her body wracked with sobs.

"Damn straight," she continued, straddling Amy's half of the plank and bending over to present her ass to the bound girl. The others had stopped supporting Amy, allowing her to sink back down onto her perch. But when the elder girl hiked her skirt up, they propelled Amy forward, until her nose had pushed the girl's panties deep between the proffered cheeks. "Since your mouth is currently out of commission, you can start by sniffing," she ordered.

With her mouth taped over, Amy of course had no other option, at least not while one of the other girls was holding her head in place. But when the younger girl let go, she didn't dare risk angering them further, and kept her face buried in panty-clad ass.

Now that the physical cruelty had given way to mere mental cruelty, Greg found this very erotic. When the elder girl bent further forward and announced, "Here's something else to sniff," he realized that he was erect.

Now a pair of hands was back on Amy's head, making her nose travel up and down the lewd girl's pussy, with enough force to wedge much of the panty gusset up her slit. They periodically pulled her head back to check the progress, each time revealing more smooth, bare skin along the sides of the ever-shrinking gusset. As awful as it was, it would have been worse if there had been coarse pubic hair scrubbing her cheeks, rather than a mere hint of stubble when she was plunged back into the breech.

"That's what I like, enthusiasm!" exclaimed the bent girl, perhaps not realizing that the other two were periodically pressing Amy's head in more forcefully. But then she abruptly stood up and turned around, sitting directly on the plank in front of Amy. "You might have missed a spot," she prompted, spreading her thighs wide and looking pointedly at their captive.

Amy almost wished that the other girls would push her down, so that she would not be responsible for the new indignity. But no, she was deprived of that illusion, and canted forward until she was almost laying on the plank, with the bridge of her nose pressed against the top of the pussy spread out before her.

"Do you know how to nod?" the elder girl prompted. Amy nodded in response, and the reaction was unmistakable. Amy knew enough anatomy to realize that what was pressed against her nose was the clit of a sexually excited girl. "Don't stop nodding, if you know what's good for you," the girl growled, beginning to pant heavily.

Watching all this, Greg couldn't help but put his hand down his sweat pants and start stroking himself. He noticed that as they looked on, the other two girls had hands under their skirts as well. The elder girl began sporadically snapping her hips upward, increasing in frequency until she ultimately clamped her legs around Amy's head and vibrated to a shattering climax on the humiliated girl's face.

Once she regained her composure, the girl slid back and stood up, leaving Amy in a prone position on the plank. "It's just about time to put that mouth of yours to good use," the elder girl said. "You're still not allowed to talk, even after we take the tape off. Now I'll show you what's in store for you if you so much as utter a peep." As she was talking, she put the mallet on the plank, business-end down, and taped the shaft to the vertical section of the pipe. The top of the wooden handle protruded about 5 inches above the horizontal section of pipe.

The two smaller girls hauled Amy upright, far enough back so that she could look down and see what the elder girl had done. "If you thought getting racked with the pipe was fun, this little baby would likely rip right through your slutty little panties and keep on going." She motioned to the other girls, who pushed Amy forward again until she was standing over ground zero. She had regained some control of her legs, but could not prevent them from positioning her as they wished. "Just a precautionary calibration," she continued, "just in case you have even the slightest memory lapse regarding your non-speaking role." With her foot, she flicked the plank upward, causing Amy to wince mightily. The mallet handle had almost no force behind it, but her abused pussy was so sore that any contact at all was agony. She was sure she would be bruised for weeks.

Then the tape over her mouth was slowly peeled off. "Perhaps we should test it more realistically; I can jump on the other end of the seesaw, just so you know what it's like," she offered. Amy almost said 'No', but caught herself in time and just shook her head. "Smart girl," her tormentor observed, who had been looking for an excuse to use it. "I guess we can assume you have a pretty good idea of what you're in for if you forget."

"You'll do Teri first," she said, which seemed to surprise the middle girl, who nevertheless enthusiastically straddled the plank and bent over in anticipation. The younger girl flipped her friend's skirt up as Teri saucily waggled her butt around.

"You begged to kiss our asses, and now here's your chance. What are you waiting for?" The elder girl wrapped a hand around Amy's inner thigh to keep her legs upright, then hauled up on her bound arms, forcing her to bend at the waist. Teri surged back to meet her, and Amy had little choice but to plant kisses on her panties.

Eventually tiring of fighting Amy's awkward center of gravity, the elder girl eased her down onto the plank, thankfully past the dreaded pipe, which meant that it was her thighs rather than her pussy that supported her weight. The younger girl now took a more active role, straddling Amy's back and pulling her head back by grabbing two handfuls of hair, applying a sort of back-breaker hold. "There's a spot you've neglected," she scolded, and Teri obligingly bent further forward and mashed her pussy against the captive girl's face.

Thoroughly disgusted, Amy nevertheless began planting kisses on the bulging panty gusset, trying to ignore the black pubic hair leaking past the edges. After a minute or so, the elder girl observed, "You're supposed to be kissing her ass, but all you've done is kiss her panties." Amy watched in horror as she worked the panties down, then with relief when she stopped before exposing the girl's ass hole. Teri straightened up slightly, and Amy kissed bare skin with no further prompting.

Presently, Teri turned around and sat in front of Amy, thighs spread with a leering grin on her face. Amy knew all along that it would likely come to this, but faced with the obscene reality, it was hard to go through with it. But she let herself fall forward and plant her face in the waiting crotch, and resumed kissing. Teri, like her predecessor, was soon thrusting her hips in response.

The young girl was still sitting on Amy's back, but no one was actively forcing her into this pussy-worship. At least, not until Teri unexpectedly drew her legs up and whipped off her panties. Amy looked with horror at the wet, hairy spread pussy in front of her, immobilized. Then suddenly there were hands on the back of her head, thrusting her face back where it had been. "No!" Amy pleaded aloud, before realizing what she had just done.

"All right, hammer time!" the elder girl chuckled, moving to set Amy up in the threatened stance.

"NO, wait!" said Teri, adding her hands to the young girl's and humping desperately against Amy's face. With two sets of hands holding her mouth and nose securely encased in the soggy trap, Amy could barely breathe. And then it got even wetter as Teri came violently all over her face.

When Teri withdrew, Amy spluttered and sobbed and tried to regain her breath. She was oddly comforted when Teri put her panties back on, but soon the more pressing concern was the elder girl trying to pull her upright. Her earlier struggles had moved her away from Teri, which meant her butt had slid under the jutting pipe and she was now pinned down, wedged between the plank and the horizontal pipe. "I bet that would go right up her butt," the young girl giggled, noticing how the pipe was embedded deeply between her ass cheeks.

"Only one way to find out," the elder girl responded, and then three pairs of hands were grasping Amy's hips and thighs, attempting to shove the end of the pipe right through her panties and ram it home. There was a brief interlude where the discarded tape was slapped back over the loudly protesting girl's mouth, which almost immediately fell off since she was still soaked in girl-juice. New tape solved the noise problem, and while the youngest girl attended to that, the other two had aligned her optimally and each pulled back on an elbow, merely holding her aloft rather than yanking her backward.

They watched the panty material disappear into the vortex, intent on having the girl's own struggles ultimately impale her. Amy was sure that the flimsy cotton shield was the only thing that was keeping her intact, and prayed that it would hold up under the strain. The protests emanating from her nostrils almost drowned out the older girl's taunts. "How's it feel to be pegged, bitch? That's it, try to get away! But there's only one direction that pipe's going to go, sweetheart..."

Without thinking, Greg burst out into the clearing. "You can't do that to a person!" he shouted. "Leave her alone." His outburst had the intended effect on the girls, who jumped and dropped Amy. Amy narrowly avoided a face-plant by arching her back.

"Let her go," Greg said, a little more rationally and quietly, emboldened by the way he had managed to startle them.

The tall girl recovered first, as soon as she realized that they had not been caught by an adult. "And if we don't?" the elder girl challenged.

He realized that he hadn't really thought this through. "I'll tell," he ventured.

"She'll have a pipe well up her ass long before that happens, don't you think?" she observed. "Try again."

While he tried to think of a retort, Teri suggested, "Maybe you want to volunteer to take her place?"

His main thought now was to run, but the voice had come from behind him, and he realized that he had been surrounded while the eldest had been talking. The youngest kicked at the back of his knee, causing him to stumble and whirl toward her. The eldest did the same to his other knee, and as he attempted to turn yet again, Teri kicked him in the nuts. He began to sink to his knees, but all three girls were upon him before that even happened. The attack lasted maybe 15 seconds and ended with him pinned on his stomach, with his wrists taped behind his back.

The elder girl put a hand under his chin and lifted his head up. "You even think about talking above a whisper, and you can say goodbye to your nuts," she cautioned. "Understood?" He merely nodded, not trusting himself to speak.

They rolled him onto his back, and Teri pressed her hand around the outline of his still-prominent boner. "Looks like he didn't just arrive, wouldn't you say?"

"Maybe he just likes getting nailed in the nuts," the youngest one giggled.

"Is that what you like?" Teri queried, looking him directly in the eyes. "Or were you watching us, and wanking in the bushes?"

"I've been watching," he confessed.

"Oh, wanking in the bushes, very naughty," Teri replied with mock shock, shaking her head. "Not very heroic at all." She ran her hand repeatedly up and down the lump in his sweatpants.

"Now if you were unwise enough to say anything, we'll say that it was us who caught you working her over," interjected the elder girl. "And Little Miss Snot over there is so terrified, she'll back up our story." She looked at him meaningfully, and let the impact sink in.

Given his own state of terror, he had no trouble believing her. "Speaking of her," the young one piped up, "maybe this is an even better choice than the pipe." She prodded his cock with her foot as she made the suggestion.

In the interim, Amy had managed to get enough leverage to separate herself from the on-the-verge-of-intruding pipe, grateful that their focus had turned elsewhere. But when they wrestled the boy to his feet and began pulling him toward her, she knew she was about to become the center of attention again.

They stood him behind Amy, pulled his sweats down to his ankles before making him kneel, and then ignored him for a bit. Greg knew he was not going to be winning any races in his hobbled state, so running was not an option. He focused instead on the panties and spread thighs right in front of him.

The girls turned the milk crate on end, raising Amy's end of the plank further, then pulled her back toward Greg. The added height meant that pipe end prodded her sore pussy as they wrestled her into position, as did the end of the mallet shaft. Ultimately, Amy was effectively standing in a very wide stance, bent over so far that the mallet end dug uncomfortably into her stomach, and the pipe end pressed against her rib cage. Her forehead rested on the plank, tears streaming onto it as well.

The elder girl knelt behind Greg and put a hand over his rock-hard cock. "Bet you've never seen girl-meat this close before, right?" she asked. "Much better view than from in the bushes." She started wanking him over his briefs. "I can tell you like the show," she chuckled.

The youngest girl improved the scene by first giving Amy a wicked wedgie, then lowered the waistband to half-mast. When that didn't reveal the target pucker very well, she hooked a finger in the elastic leg band and drew it aside, revealing to Greg his first bare pussy.

The tall girl's hand had worked its way into his underwear, and now she pulled his briefs down past his hips. "See any place you'd like to put this?" she asked, giving his cock another squeeze.

She helped him to his feet, and he (rather enthusiastically) straddled the plank and let the youngest girl guide his cock under Amy's panties. He immediately pressed it along the valley formed by her ass cheeks, and began some heavenly rutting.

"Don't let him waste his spunk on her panties," the elder chided, pulling his hips back a few inches. "Get him up inside her."

Amy had been mewling through her nose all along, and this escalated dramatically each time she felt the head of his cock prodding her back door. "Pipe down, or it's going right up your smelly cunt instead," Teri threatened. Amy reverted to sobbing uncontrollably.

Little progress was made, in part due to the general tightness, but mostly because the intended target was obscured. Teri produced some hand lotion, squirting out some with the nozzle right up against Amy's pucker, then lathered up Greg's cock as well. Although she could see no better, observing when Amy tensed up made it easy to tell when they were knocking on the correct door. With her guidance, along with some push from the older girl, Amy was claimed by her first cock.

The corking was not as unpleasant as she had feared, but on the whole it was still quite terrifying. Greg, on the other hand, was in seventh heaven, and enthusiastically pounded into her until he came. His excitement was amplified considerably by the youngest sitting on the plank in front of him and giving him quite a panty show as he humped the bound girl.

Once he had emptied his load inside her and his animal instincts were no longer in the driver's seat, Greg's apprehension came to the fore. But he was not treated as roughly as before, not for the moment, at least. He was made to kneel on the ground again, right up against the end of the plank, putting him directly in front of Amy's forcibly-spread crotch. It was a very erotic sight, but one he only could enjoy for the few seconds before his head was pushed forward, plastering his face against what he had just been looking at.

"Here, practice on her before we put you to work on those who actually deserve it," she commanded. "And don't you dare even think about coming up for air." He knew then that kissing ass and pussy was likely to be a future demand, but technically that was not explicitly part of his current orders, so he did little more than press himself solidly against her spread crotch.

Where he had been placed allowed him to look past Amy's butt at the youngest girl, who was emulating what the others had done, bent over in a spread stance and waggling her cute butt at their captive[s]. Watching her twitch was even more erotic when she flipped up her skirt and bent even further.

That scene was regretfully short-lived, as Teri grasped the neck of Amy's blouse and hauled her upward, guiding her nose in between the proffered ass cheeks. But it was sufficient to make his cock stand at attention once again.

Presently the tape came off the mouth of the whimpering girl, who dutifully but silently set about kissing the little ass that was pushed back into her face. From what little he could see, Greg inferred that it was predominantly pussy that demanded those lips.

Teri seemed about to lower those panties, but the young girl was too impatient to go through the entire ritual. She abruptly turned to face Amy and spread her legs wide as she sank down onto the plank. Teri merely had to release the blouse to drop Amy's head into the lap of the expectant little girl. Her reactions made it clear that the unspoken demand for resumed kissing had been satisfied.

Listening to the young girl's responses only heightened his excitement. He discovered that his lips had taken up emulating what he imagined was going on between the little girl's legs. By the time she clamped her spindly legs around Amy's head and climaxed, he was at maximum hardness once again.

Amy was bounced from one indignity to the next with barely a pause in between. The eldest hauled him up and made him stand just to the side of Amy's head, and Teri took two handfuls of her hair and brought her head up to crotch level. "Your new boyfriend," Teri drew out the word as disdainfully as possible, "has been very attentive. Don't you think you should show your appreciation?"

The eldest pushed Greg forward until Amy was wearing his rod like a fake mustache. She make little kissing noises while Teri dragged Amy's mouth back and forth along his shaft. Their captive remained tight-lipped until the youngest rained escalating swats down on Amy's butt cheeks. Then the kisses started flowing, as infrequently as Amy hoped she could get away with.

But of course they just upped the ante. Teri twisted her head to the side, forcing her to look at his erection straight on. "Open wide!" she prompted. The eldest was about to scold Greg when he appeared to be pulling away, but he only twisted enough to swing a leg over the plank, so that he could straddle it and face her head on. He was in fact cooperating whole-heartedly with what the trio was trying to achieve.

Amy was most emphatically not cooperating, keeping her jaw clenched tight despite the youngest resuming her spanking. "Hit her where it counts," suggested Teri.

A stinging slap to her horribly bruised pussy got quite a yelp out of Amy, and Greg immediately surged forward into her mouth. Teri prevented the girl from pulling back, and indeed pushed her forward, forcing her to take even more of him inside. Amy spasmed in reaction to the next wicked slap, and that included biting down on what was in her mouth.

Greg jerked back and howled in pain. The eldest clamped a hand over his mouth. "That wasn't a whisper," she growled.

"Sorry," Greg said through gritted teeth, his erection melting rapidly away. When they taped over both their mouths, he knew that was a very, very bad sign. Amy was forced upright once more, and threatened with the end of the mallet. Greg was made to lie on his back on the plank, his head nestled under the horizontal pipe until the end came almost to the bridge of his nose. A long strip of duct tape secured his forehead to the pipe, each end overlapping under the plank. He tried twisting his head, and couldn't.

He knew that with his head immobilized, falling off the plank might mean a broken neck, so he kept his legs spread on each side of the plank as far apart as he could manage. Leaving his crotch wide open with these three around seemed very risky, but it was better than the alternative.

The risk of falling was removed when they untied his shoelaces, then tied each to the opposite wrist underneath the plank. He could no longer close his legs, and his arms were totally useless. While he was being trussed up, the youngest dragged Amy forward again until Greg was staring directly up at her crotch from a couple of inches away. He expected them to plop her down on his face, and he panicked. With his nose squashed and his mouth taped, he would have to quickly learn to breathe through his ears to avoid being smothered to death.

But they had much more in mind than just that. Amy remained standing, but the two heavier girls hopped on the other end of the plank, raising his face up to meet the waiting pussy. He was left there for a bit, and then let back down. He was now a bit farther away from the smothering flesh; apparently the youngest had turned the milk crate onto its shorter side.

Due to the greater distance, his face slammed into the smothering crotch a bit more forcefully on the second trip upward. It stung his face, but Greg realized his discomfort couldn't compare to the effect on Amy's abused pussy. But at least she could breathe, he thought in passing.

After a few more upward leverings, he was returned to just about knee-level; the crate had gone upside down, to its shortest dimension. The crotch slams were even more powerful now; he wondered if his nose would survive the beating.

He was getting quite light-headed and couldn't think straight. It slowly dawned on him that he had been dropped to ankle-level now. That meant no crate at all. The girls couldn't just hop straight on at this height; in unison they pulled it down somewhat and then jumped to land on it as it came within reach. Greg's 'ride' thus started slowly but was followed by high acceleration, followed by rapid deceleration as his face lifted Amy clean off her feet.

After several such violent face-into-pussy slams, they left Amy permanently dangling in the air, perched on his face. Some added pressure meant that the third girl had joined the other two. The only way Greg got any air was when they all briefly pushed with their legs to let the seesaw momentarily tilt in the opposite direction.

It wasn't long before even this didn't work; Amy's legs buckled under her so that she continually rode his face. The youngest was dispatched to hold her up when needed, but she solved the problem more elegantly by simply ripping the tape off Greg's mouth.

The trio then took up a seemingly endless series of face-slams, using leg pushes to simultaneously launch their end into the air. Amy purposely didn't try to stand as their end went down, minimizing the impact when they went back up by staying seated on Greg's face the whole time. That way, the jolt her tortured pussy received was minimized when her legs were jerked taut at the apex. The placement of the stakes tended to drag her backward, which meant the pipe taped to Greg's forehead would slam into her unless she actively stayed out of its way, so she was smothering him for much of the time.

When they finally tired of this game, the crate was placed so that most of it jutted out beyond the end of the plank, leveling it off again. Greg's frantic movements and muffled cries tipped them off that he was being pussy-smothered while they were making these adjustments.

To much laughter, Amy was pulled backward until she was perched on the pipe. "What did you do to make your girlfriend punish you like that?" Teri asked mockingly. "Forget to buy her flowers?"

"Maybe it has something to do with stuffing his cock in her mouth," grinned the elder girl.

"Oh, well then," Teri said, appearing to consider this 'new' revelation. "Maybe another dose of her will improve your manners."

The two older girls each took an arm and lifted Amy, setting her down on his face once more. They left her there as long as they dared before moving her back to the pipe. When he reoriented himself, Greg found that the youngest girl had straddled his chest and was standing over him, close enough so that he could see all the way up her skirt.

"Do you want to be smothered again, or are you going to play nice?" she asked.

Greg tried to shake his head, but he was securely immobilized. "No smothering!" he whispered.

"Good choice," she confirmed. Greg's world went dark as she moved forward so that her skirt came down around his head, and she pressed her pussy down on his mouth. "Now let's see if you know how to play nice." He probed her panties with his tongue, and she grunted approvingly.

The other two bent the stricken Amy backward, laying her on the crate, though her head and shoulders hung off the end. They raised her hips and positioned her so that the pipe end was pressed solidly against her pussy. "Now listen up," the eldest said, "unless you want to find out what being raped by a pipe feels like, your lips and tongue are going to do exactly what we want when I take that tape off."

"Or maybe we'll let lover-boy do it," Teri said. "I bet he'd love it. "And unless you've got a set of teeth up your cunt, you're unlikely to dissuade him."

The elder girl loomed over her and peered down into Amy's face. "Understood?" When Amy nodded, she made a show of taking off her panties. Legs spread wide, she straddled the girl and pulled up her skirt, using her other hand to draw her head up for a close-up view of her freshly-shaved pussy. "Are you sure?"

Amy closed her eyes, but nodded. She felt the tape being pulled off, and then her head was raised further and mashed against already-damp flesh. "You know what I want; don't make me tell you what to do," the girl warned. Despite that, as Amy began to lick and suck, she was given plenty of directions about exactly what to do. The elder girl soon was holding her head in both hands, grinding wildly against her face.

Greg likewise had a very young pussy on his face, grinding just as enthusiastically. Her panties were bordered with a prominent lace edging that irritated his cheeks, but having his face used as a saddle otherwise involved little discomfort. He felt Teri sit on his hips, scrubbing her panties along his bare cock, which felt very good indeed.

Then the train moved forward. Within seconds of the younger girl vacating his face, Teri happily claimed his mouth. The only real difference was that she reverse-sat him, as did the elder girl, who came down on his hips while facing his feet. This time, it was naked pussy that was grinding against his grateful cock.

The youngest demanded that Amy keep her eyes open as she shed her panties, then prolonged the torture by putting one foot up on the crate and fingering herself at close range. Like her predecessor, she used both hands to draw Amy's face into her hairless immature crotch, and rode her just as hard.

On the next rotation, Greg had to service his first bare pussy. A total novice until today, he had already become quite adept at it, and received no further promptings. The very wet little-girl cunt shimmying against his cock made for a very good tradeoff, he reasoned.

Teri lifted Amy, pulling her until her butt rested uncomfortably on the end of the pipe, and repositioned the crate diagonally, which left her head resting at one corner. Any delay suited Amy just fine; the memory of her face being pushed into that hairy wet gash was the most disturbing thing that had happened to her so far. She was thus amazed when Teri faced her feet and sat on her face without first shedding her panties.

Nor did she demand any tongue; she just hunched against her until she came wetly on the bound girl's face. But when Teri got up, she leered down at Amy as she removed her soggy panties, then saddled up once more. This time, she turned to face away from Amy, and this time, there were plenty of directions about what the girl's lips and tongue had to do. And it seemed to just go on and on, with pubic hair invading her nose the entire time.

"Look what I made him do!" exclaimed the youngest, referring to the stream of jizz that now covered his shirt. But a tongue up a slit and lips on a clit trumped her show-and-tell, so her achievement went largely unacknowledged. But once they drenched their two captive's faces, there seemed to be an unspoken agreement that playtime was over. The two eldest set about picking loose the various shoestring knots, while the youngest concentrated on rubbing herself to completion. She soon realized that his face would be a better vehicle for a quick thrill, and moved forward to ride his mouth.

As they freed Amy's legs, Teri pulled their captive's panties aside to examine her battered crotch. "Ooh, that's nasty," she said with some satisfaction. "If anyone asks about that, you jolly well better say he did it," she warned, referring to Greg. "Or you'll be gang-raped by more than you could count."

Once the youngest climaxed on Greg's face and dismounted, the warning was repeated for him, and Amy confirmed that she would go along with the fiction. Lastly, they freed the mallet and pounded the stakes out of the ground, then removed all the tape. With a final warning, they left the two victims to recover as best they could.

Anonymous 17/06/16(Fri)09:55 No. 25062 ID: c67c39

I'm looking for the full "my little sister is a futa" story. I'm able to find the first 12 chapters on pastebin with google, but I explicitly remember more of it. I don't remember how many more chapters exist, but I do know that in the last one I remember reading, the futa character had just had a sexual experience with a bunch of girls at a sleepover. If there's even more chapters following that, then I'd be thrilled, but currently I'm just looking for the missing half of the story because it bothers me that what I CAN find is incomplete. The futa's name is Robin and the protagonist's name is Barry.

Anonymous 17/06/16(Fri)10:07 No. 25063 ID: c67c39

I found it. I don't know how I managed to find it, I spent 5 hours looking for it last night and at least two tonight. It's super ironic that as soon as I make a post about it, I find it on my own, less than ten minutes later.


Interestingly enough, google seems to refuse to display it as a result, even if I paste the exact name of the pastebin into google. I'm going to clone the paste and see if that helps boost its searchability.

Anonymous 17/06/20(Tue)19:42 No. 25068 ID: ac9b69

Someone please find cookies. I have a craving.

Dog story Dumbhead 17/06/28(Wed)22:47 No. 25080 ID: 337774

Hey, I'm looking for an old story that I read on here. It was about a girl and the neighbor kid with his big dog. She was sunbathing and he bugged her and she got stuck in a box (or something like it) and the dog fucks her. Then the boy fucks her.

After that she becomes a dog slut, fucking a dog in the forest and some other stuff.

Any help would be awesome.

Anonymous 17/07/05(Wed)19:43 No. 25083 ID: 2002e1

I incorrectly made this its own post a while ago cause I didn't read this like a dumbass. So here it is, properly.

I'm looking for a Zatanna story, where a kid meets her or a cosplayer of her at a convention and gets a private photo session. I haven't read the story myself, just heard about it elsewhere and was interested.

Anonymous 17/07/06(Thu)07:28 No. 25085 ID: 300f4f

Looking for the story "Last Summer" by Blueboar that used to be on literotica. The only archive I can find is incomplete, as the wayback machine only has the first three pages of the first chapter. I'd be extremely grateful to anybody who could provide the full story.

Anonymous 17/07/28(Fri)09:09 No. 25106 ID: 3e565e

Anyone know a series where a guy babysits 2 girls multiple times? At one point the older girl uses his phone to take nudes of herself, and the younger girl usually does not like babysitters except she likes the auth.

Anonymous 17/08/07(Mon)19:55 No. 25116 ID: 3779aa

Curious if anybody knows where I can find this or has it saved. I forget the title, but I'm pretty sure it was on either Hentai Foundry or Literotica. It was basically a guy is a huge fan of an all transgirl rock band and got invited backstage after a show and fucked by some of them. His girlfriend is cool with it but tells him not to do it again, but obviously he goes and does it again. It was 2 or 3 chapters long. Either I'm an idiot and don't remember where it was hosted or they deleted it.

Anonymous 17/09/04(Mon)09:55 No. 25136 ID: ea2918

Two stories hosted on Futanari Palace, which is currently unavailable (hacked apparently).

First story: one of the oldest on the site, called A Girl's Needs (I'm pretty sure). A bunch of girls are sleeping over or at a house party or something. One of the girls goes to bed early and wakes up soon after being fucked by someone she can't see. Next chapter it's revealed that someone was a girl (named Alex?), who sneaks downstairs to the bathroom to masturbate and relieve herself and is caught by another of the friends, who she also ends up fucking.
There's more chapters later on involving a cheerleader and a teacher but this is the part I remember most clearly.

Second: I don't know the title, apparently it came from the (now defunct) f3 forums (Please let me know if an archive of this exists, I see traces leading from it nearly everywhere I look.), but I read it on FP. A girl and her futa roommate make a phone call to a hypnotist and wake up at the same time every morning with simultaneous+powerful orgasms and eventually end up sleeping together and getting blackmailed by a third person. There was a lot going on with this story, but the premise was the most distinct.

Raceplay or religionplay Jim 17/09/26(Tue)22:05 No. 25152 ID: a02f96

I am trying to find any stories of raceplay or religionplay. Preferably white men as the doms. I cant seem to find any online. Its all black power and shit like that. Any help would be awesome. Thanks fellow pervs.

Anonymous 17/11/14(Tue)07:18 No. 25195 ID: d02999



No religionplay, but a dominant white male x black/Oriental/Indian harem race play.

Anonymous 17/12/04(Mon)01:53 No. 25210 ID: be0f1b

Trying to find a story from the old xnxx.stories before they did the purge.

its called "Kimmy, my cumslut" by Doomcock

If anyone has it, please post. Thanks

Anonymous 17/12/13(Wed)01:13 No. 25223 ID: 49ccd1


Here you go. Web Archive has chapters 1 through 7.


Anonymous 17/12/25(Mon)12:04 No. 25250 ID: fd43bb

I’m looking for a story i saw on a forum long ago about a girl and her brother who are bought/taken in by a rich man. The brother gets sent to train with a man to learn how to fight and eventually fucks his trainer while the girl stays with the rich man and is his toy. At one point he puts her up for public use alongside many other girls. I can’t remember the name.

Twincest Anonymous 17/12/26(Tue)00:00 No. 25251 ID: d17ba6

Looking for a story that was on /sm/ a while back. About twink boys who mess around with their male babysitter.

Anonymous 17/12/30(Sat)10:28 No. 25264 ID: 2aec79

Does anyone know any good futa loli stories?

I’ve already seen the "my little sister is a futa" post here.

Summer Camp RedBlue 18/02/09(Fri)00:50 No. 25349 ID: c02888

I'm looking for a story I've read where a brother and sister go to summer camp, and it ends up being a sex slave camp. The sister first goes through training with another girl as her mistress before her brother becomes her master.

Anonymous 18/02/10(Sat)12:54 No. 25352 ID: e3aff3

You are looking for 'Sibling Camp' and 'Sibling Camp Alternate Ending' by Kenna.


Anonymous 18/02/17(Sat)00:23 No. 25372 ID: 04a10d

Still looking for Tabitha, the neighbours niece. Was posted on this board some time ago

rewdius minime 18/02/17(Sat)22:44 No. 25379 ID: 4c409c

I would like to find rewdius standalone stories

stories, Rewdius Dave 18/02/20(Tue)14:12 No. 25388 ID: 40bcf9

I would like to recieve Rewdius stories or get info. on where I can get them?

Thanks appreciate it.

Anonymous 18/02/24(Sat)12:21 No. 25405 ID: 64e444

By Uninvited/Uncle Rick

Anonymous 18/03/07(Wed)14:02 No. 25438 ID: b04411


Anonymous 18/03/10(Sat)07:08 No. 25442 ID: 0eb53f

Searching for an old, old story. It starts with this guy with religious parents, who just won't let him fap. So he goes to the forest to masturbate, and he meets a girl who turns out to be a futa. They go to her house and bond for a while before she fucks him. Can't remember where I read it.

Anonymous 18/04/07(Sat)16:02 No. 25501 ID: 138b4e


Pretty sure it's Loving Yvonne by Jokermon. It's floated around a bit, but is currently on Literotica.


Although I swear there was a version where they have a similarly endowed daughter at the end, but that may have been a different story.

25501 Anonymous 18/04/10(Tue)07:53 No. 25502 ID: 0eb53f

Much obliged. Indeed, it was this story. I think the author might have actually changed a bit at the end rather than being another story.

Against my will by unknown Anonymous 18/04/25(Wed)10:38 No. 25522 ID: 2c115c

I have seen this story in the past but it dissapeared. A few people have mentioned it but have not seen a link. Anyone got a copy? Its about a girl getting attacked by her neighbor kid with a squirt gun, she fucks his dog and him and it carries on from there. Story one on your list.

Anonymous 18/05/19(Sat)18:45 No. 25549 ID: b49259

Trying to find stories where F/m F/f M/f is enslaved full time against their will like this story http://www.bdsmlibrary.com/stories/story.php?storyid=9317 "My Very Own"

Anonymous 18/05/22(Tue)11:39 No. 25551 ID: b12e00

A writer by the name Monkeyspank used to have a ton of stories, mostly centered around incest and family sharing, but I can not for the life of me find any of them. Anyone know where?

Anonymous 18/06/08(Fri)00:42 No. 25594 ID: 53bc13

Looking for a very old story about a man whose relationship to his wife/girlfriend changes to a BDSM one. His wife ends up pulling in another woman to be his slave. The other woman is happy to join because her former husband abused her mercilessly.
Part of the abuse the other woman suffered left her cunt completely ruined and the man suggests reconstructive surgery for it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kris 18/06/10(Sun)18:25 No. 25597 ID: 74c1b4

Looking for a story where someone invades the home blindfolds the mother and daughter and subjects them to sexual acts unknowingly for revenge. Also, any good stories where someone (father/ stranger) rapes daughter with mothers help.

Anonymous 18/06/14(Thu)03:29 No. 25609 ID: bc6b7f

So asstr is fucking dead. Where do we go now?

Anonymous 18/07/01(Sun)19:57 No. 25677 ID: e660e5

Does someone have the pdf of "my sons cumrag" by kinkybelle. The links are dead.

Anonymous 18/07/14(Sat)15:48 No. 25700 ID: 349f46

Is there a story archive, list, or database somewhere that collects stories that are specifically relevant to this thread (/elit/res/8547) or board (/elit/)?

Ideally, an archive that would collect stories both from here and from other ~similar imageboards (e.g. 8ch, gurochan, fchan, etc).

Anonymous 18/07/17(Tue)10:26 No. 25706 ID: b34f8f



Wayback has Against My Will

Anonymous 18/07/19(Thu)17:23 No. 25709 ID: 5dcf7e

I've lost this then found this one before, it was on storiesonline.

Kid is hot for his mother, a lawyer, who is strict, and who has an identical twin sister. The twin has been in a mental institution, but comes to stay with them, and seduces the boy having him call her "mom."

She takes a job in the mothers office as like a paralegal, she tells her nephew that shes been in a mental institution because of his mom, she replaces her sister, and they keep her in the basement as if she were the one who had been in an institution, so the aunt replaces the mother.


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