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17/06/20(Tue)05:25 No. 100483

File 149792911752.gif - (2.94MB , 540x270 , tumblr_oorh2rmKnZ1w327e8o1_540.gif )

alright, tops of /fag/ be honest with me

what are your secrets for lasting longer?

I saw a documentary recently where porn star guys talk about how sometimes they don't know whether they'll cum at the end of a shoot or not. WTF, how is that possible? 5 mins into someone's mouth & I'm ready to blow.

The answer is out there. Don't fail me, /fag/

17/06/24(Sat)11:55 No. 100485

Not a top at all but I know the answer to why they say that. Short answer is it's in the mind.

Long answer is when you've got a camera and studio crew watching you and stopping things occasionally and so on even if the sex would normally be fantastic, you have all these other people and shit going on distracting you and basically making you worry that you're not going to deliver, which can be a huge stressor for tops especially in porn. Not cumming is like not doing your job well and a good way to stop getting jobs in porn. So your mind makes it hard to cum. Because it's in the mind primarily is why the old adage of “thinking about baseball“ was used. Basically distracting yourself.

Other than that, tips I've heard from guys who cum too fast is to use a lube that desensitizes your dick (usually they come with benzocaine in it), jerk off an hour or so before sex, and/or learn to edge when jerking off.

Few bottoms like me cum all the time hands free and that makes prolonging things difficult but I'm ready to keep going if the top is.

Hope it helps, dude.

17/06/29(Thu)23:48 No. 100487

I'm a top and I usually last around an hour and a half, or whenever the bottom orgasms. This was not always the case though, I used to be just like OP and would cum within five minutes, maybe ten minutes if it was a really good day. So, to solve the issue, I practiced Tantra yoga for a while and learned how to control when I orgasm. It boils down to using breathing exercises and yoga poses daily to become more unified with your body. It also makes your muscles more defined, which makes you more desirable to your partner.

Before you look it up and get more complete information elsewhere, I'd start to breathe into certain parts of your body. Like breathing into your neck, your ass, your balls, etc., to open up pathways that can give you more control of your body. Yoga is a study of breath as much as it is a system of stretches and most teachers neglect to teach the importance of breath because of the Hindu spiritual beliefs they don't want to address in the class so yoga is more palatable for us westerners who never think about these things. You won't become Hindu or anything and there's no need to but you can find really good reading and it makes the stretches go better while you breathe correctly.

Most guys tend to tense up right before orgasm. If you're topping, and there's good chemistry after you get hard, you can usually totally and completely relax your body and still maintain an erection. That's my trick to lasting a long time. You can look up daily yoga routines too that increase blood flow to the root chakra to make your dick larger and harder.

During sex you can control your breath as well. Use the meditation techniques to breathe into the root chakra of you and your partner. Also make sure you don't breathe too fast or restrict airflow until you are ready for orgasm, or your partner is. When you learn these techniques you can orgasm at the same time as your partner, which is always the most fun, right?

On another note, I actually worked at a sex club and met a lot of guys who do porn. They are simply not wired like other guys.Most boyfriends I had and partners and hookups came within ten or fifteen minutes and could only have sex once or twice a night. These guys, the ones I played with at the sex club, can potentially fuck all night. I once saw a guy go eight hours straight with around twenty different guys.

Usually, a one hour movie took a full eight hours to shoot, so they pump them full of meth, boner pills, and vicodin/heroin if needed to keep the guys going. Then, the filmmakers edit the videos down to the hottest parts and make a narrative out of it. So it makes a lot of sense that the guys will worry about shooting or performing. You have to be a special kind of person to do porn. A mix of very hot, and either so desperate for money you'd do nearly anything, a sex addict, or totally lacking self awareness to the point that having an entire camera crew watching you and positioning you is no issue while your dick is out. Most of those guys are prostitutes, too, and they use the films to market themselves to new clients.

17/07/02(Sun)06:50 No. 100492

>Most boyfriends I had and partners and hookups came within ten or fifteen minutes and could only have sex once or twice a night. These guys, the ones I played with at the sex club, can potentially fuck all night. I once saw a guy go eight hours straight with around twenty different guys.

I'm the bottom dude who posted prior to you. And man, this is totally true and my experience is very close to this. Most guys are only able to go 10-15 minutes and can only handle once or twice in a night. It's a special kind of guy who can go an hour and a half like you. I've gone about 12 hours straight in a night before with the same guy. I've never been to a sex club but have had plenty of group sex and when it lasts a long time as a group, there's either guys coming and going constantly or there's just a lot of guys there just staying and willing to chill - a hot tub or swimming party are ideal for something like this. I find more commonly though with group sex there's one dude there who's magnetically attracted to me, and what starts off a group ends up with one dude who can't stop boning me - and the group isn't put off, they've all had turns and can have more, but they're happy to just watch.

I'm glad I am able to last for a while myself. I mean, I usually tend to cum anywhere from a half hour to 2 hours after I start getting fucked - I wish I had more control over this, though. I usually only know I'm about to cum only seconds before I start to do it. I shoot a huge amount of pre-cum for some reason right then, and then I've got a few seconds, that's it, I'm cumming hands-free. The only thing I can do possibly to prolong things is get the top to stop right then either by saying STOP MAN or by pushing him hard, which they usually understand. As I said though, even if I cum, the dude can keep on fucking me and will get me hard again. This is pretty rare for bottoms to let a top keep going like that. I know because tops comment on how awesome and rare it is that I let them keep going. And I know several other bottoms (they're tops with me0 and they comment on how they couldn't do it if they were bottoming for me.

A number of guys have a "post-orgasm panic" meaning once they orgasm they suddenly feel the need to end everything right then and there and call an end to everything, so if I haven't cum, oh well. They're done, they feel awkward as hell, they put their clothes on,and they're out the door. Not gonna get multiple sessions out of those guys. I try to avoid guys who get this as much as possible, which is one reason I tend to like hookups that are repeat rather than one time deals.

But yeah, OP, Top Dude and me are definitely the exception as far as guys are concerned as far as duration and so on are concerned. Regarding porn stars, everything both of us said is entirely true. I have known, been friends with, and gotten with porn stars, and this is all true. I was invited to come along for a few of their shoots basically with the intention of me ending up in porn too. I never went, probably for the best thankfully because I'd probably need lots of drugs to shut my brain off, and then I'd make terrible decisions. Though, man I was tempted, hearing how much I could make bottoming.

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