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17/10/24(Tue)12:01 No. 100528

File 150883927895.png - (3.80KB , 229x229 , 444.png )


I've been masturbating by putting a tube inside my ass, and wanking it off to r34. It works fine, but I kinda feel bad about myself.

Should I stop? It will take about a week for ass to stop craving for tube, but I've been fapping to rule34 for so many years (way before ass play), so I literally can't fap to normal porn anymore without a hard and long adjustment - I simply don't feel the pleasure.

What's your advice?

17/11/01(Wed)07:00 No. 100532

Do what you want and don't feel bad about your pleasures!

17/11/02(Thu)08:28 No. 100534

File 150960771368.jpg - (21.32KB , 806x250 , bimetallic-tubes--336794980-rszww880mh250-90.jpg )

Come on babe

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