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CL Hookups? 18/01/23(Tue)04:24 No. 100557

File 151667785340.jpg - (61.71KB , 1484x825 , pbox.jpg )

Hey everyone! I'm pretty used to Grindr hookups. Any good, sexy CL stories? I never used it before and I'm thinking of giving it a shot.

What were the guys like? Married? Single? young? Any kinky group stuff? More info the better.

Intergalactic+Planet+Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 18/02/04(Sun)10:58 No. 100561


Yer, I met a bunch of guys off of CL.
Barely member any of it rn. No sexy stories, but most of them were fun. Although, honestly, I think I've gotten pickier/been exposed to better sex over the years so in retrospect most of my CL fucks were probably not great. Can't really complain, though. Mostly.

I don't think I ever got with anyone my age or younger via CL. All single, I think. Some divorced. I think all my group stuff was via other sites.

18/02/18(Sun)22:17 No. 100562

Met a few guys off CL. Some straight, some gay, some cheating, some not. It's like anything - you need to be careful. I met a young guy for a threesome with my ex. It was hot as fuck watching him suck my bf. I still keep in touch with him.

Intergalactic+Planet+Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 18/03/28(Wed)10:11 No. 100571

Well shit, friends.

We need to turn this boat right the fuck around if we don't want to end up in Narcistan.

Skunch 18/04/09(Mon)21:19 No. 100584

RIP american craigslist lol

Glad I live in canada

Intergalactic+Planet+Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 18/04/11(Wed)18:59 No. 100587


Does Canada's CL still have personals?

Lmao we're fucking China over here.

God damn.

Dod gucking famnit.

Intergalactic+Planet+Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 18/06/17(Sun)07:01 No. 100610


Well, you got fucked too now

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