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13/06/30(Sun)07:23 No. 98123

File 137256978680.jpg - (88.80KB , 500x471 , 137065684550.jpg )

What's the best method to remove hair from your anus ;_;
I feel like I definitely couldn't shave it, most chemical hair removal solutions would probably burn (like veet) and I feel like waxing would require a professional or something.
Please, someone with experience, helppp.

13/06/30(Sun)07:53 No. 98125

I used to use Nair, would slather it all over my entire ass, wait the allotted time and shower off. Worked great.

wow malickai 13/06/30(Sun)08:11 No. 98126

Dat Ass hit me up some time

13/06/30(Sun)08:38 No. 98127

Do you know which bottle/type

CandleJack 13/06/30(Sun)20:27 No. 98128

Shaving works, but not for very long. It gets prickly after half a day, and prickly is not something you want where your partner is sticking the most sensitive part of his body. Also, utmost care must be taken: getting a nick on your face while shaving is no big deal; getting a nick on your anus while shaving is probably the worst thing ever (not to mention no sex for like a week). I don't really recommend it unless you can't afford something else.

There isn't any reason you can't wax yourself. There are kits available in drugstores and online, and plenty of recipes to make it yourself (melt together sugar and honey with a bit of citrus juice, cut up old cotton shirts to make strips... voila). Having a partner do it for you would help, but it's not a requirement. You just need a mirror.

13/07/01(Mon)07:31 No. 98129

I shave back there every six months or so, the itching drives me crazy afterwards though.

13/07/03(Wed)05:22 No. 98136

I keep seeing people recommend nair/veet but their instructions specifically say that you shouldn't apply them to your genitals or sensitive areas because it will burn. Is it really safe?

13/07/21(Sun)07:39 No. 98179

How do you guys deal with the feeling of no hair there? I tried once and it felt awful.

CandleJack 13/07/21(Sun)23:42 No. 98180

>it felt awful

In what way? I always find smooth skin to be wonderful to touch.

13/08/07(Wed)09:42 No. 98211

How do you even get no hair back there, I don't want to try shaving because it'll feel bumpy, hair removal cream isn't ever recommended for areas like this and it seems like the only option is to get it waxed but I'm too insecure/uncomfortable to do that T_T. How would I even go into a place and ask them to wax down there?

13/08/10(Sat)22:46 No. 98227


13/08/11(Sun)02:53 No. 98228

Epilator is best. If you shave it will grow back faster.

13/08/14(Wed)02:34 No. 98245

File 137644044071.jpg - (1.51MB , 3264x1840 , 2013-08-11 00_14_05.jpg )

personal results using epilator

13/08/14(Wed)08:42 No. 98247

Not bad

13/08/15(Thu)10:39 No. 98256

Congratulations on looking prepubescent you stupid shit.

13/08/16(Fri)04:35 No. 98262

d-dat ass

13/08/16(Fri)04:35 No. 98263

People have different tastes man. Don't get angry at him for taking the effort to make his body look its best.

13/08/20(Tue)20:34 No. 98275

What do you use on your balls

13/08/24(Sat)10:10 No. 98284

My god, the butts in this thread. I do believe I'm getting the vapors.

13/08/25(Sun)08:38 No. 98285

I recommend using a Venus disposable razor. No nicks, and no ingrown hairs/zits as long as you use very, very light pressure for the first four or five shaves.

13/08/27(Tue)06:57 No. 98290

File 137757943223.jpg - (613.26KB , 2036x1750 , IMG_0045.jpg )

I just carefully use hair clippers as close as possible. Wouldn't dare use epilator on balls. In fact I don't even use epilator on my pubes cause I get ingrown hairs...I just shave there.

13/08/27(Tue)08:54 No. 98292

omg I think I'm in love, do you have an email? :D

13/08/27(Tue)20:41 No. 98293

any more?

CandleJack 13/08/28(Wed)00:15 No. 98294


I'm not usually into adults... but UNF! I like this.

13/09/03(Tue)00:59 No. 98311

>I'm not usually into adults

excuse me?

13/09/03(Tue)21:37 No. 98313


You must be new here.

CandleJack is the board's resident shotacon.

neverheard 13/09/10(Tue)17:44 No. 98330

Actually nair doesnt burn..put it on leave it on for about 8 mins then shower it off. :)

13/09/11(Wed)01:27 No. 98333

File 137885566866.png - (77.56KB , 295x221 , Schermafbeelding 2013-09-11 om 00_36_54.png )

nair/veet works great for buttocks, wouldn't reccoment it for the area in between, bad things happen if it gets on your anus...

13/09/23(Mon)09:27 No. 98357

I used nair on my ass a couple days ago and it stung like hell. It also get that nasty used nair smell whenever I take a shit. I'm taking a shit right now and my bathroom smells like nair mixed with shit. But my butt is so smooth I'd do it again.

13/10/05(Sat)10:26 No. 98370

Once my face razor is too blunt for that anymore it goes in the cupboard to be used on my anus. I do it on my back on the floor in front of a mirror in good light. Works very well. Little chance of cutting myself.

My ass as a whole I do in the shower from time to time with my regular razor and soap.

I use clippers to keep my leg hair short.

13/10/08(Tue)15:39 No. 98377

I use nair EVERYWHERE. It stung on my balls the first time I use it, every now and again it stings on my anus but usually a cotton ball in the hole is enough to stop anything from getting it. I usually wait two minutes more than required just to make sure it's all gone. Occasionally i'll get ingrown hairs but one or two exfoliations will deal with that. Just shower it off, clean it with soap (unless you have super sensitive skin) and you wont smell anymore. Sorted. Stop being a little bitch and complaining when it stings a little.

13/10/10(Thu)06:34 No. 98380

Dont use nair, its not good at all for sensitve skin, Witch men have if your using it on your ass/crotch Use VEET, or the Clay Nair shit, Veet will smell like lotion, and it works well, But if your removing a big fuckin Bush, it will burn like fuck because you will need to do it a second time, So to avoid that, Shave with a electric, or scissors first, Then apply Veet, Leave on for like 9 min, DO NOT EXCEED 10 MIN, or you will want to stick your crotch in a diper filled with ice.

Just take some veet, apply to ass, Wait 9 min or so, 5 min if you dont have much hair, And wipe away with a moist wash cloth, It smells and works a hell of a lot better then Nair.

13/10/21(Mon)17:09 No. 98424

Im pretty hairy. When I veeted my ass it looked like I was wearing hair leggings;_;
Im gunna get rid of my leg hair and my chest soon so I don't look stupid

CandleJack 13/10/22(Tue)05:14 No. 98427


That's a problem, yeah. For some guys, who have no body hair except for cute little patches under their arms and around the base of their dick, total removal is fine. But for guys that are hairy basically everywhere, wat do? Like the guy in 98333, who is hairy except for a triangle of smoothness around his anus. It looks retarded.

Once, I decided I didn't like how a collection of sparse, scraggly little hairs went a third of the way up the shaft of my dick, so I plucked them out. It looked stupid, like sasquatch wearing a skin-colored condom as the hair just... ended with a stupid border. So I went and plucked the hairs from my balls and around the base of my dick a little. Then it looked like sasquatch wearing a skin-colored condom that is way too large. Fuuuuuck! So I spent like five hours spread over a few days literally plucking every single fucking pubic hair out.

Now it's sasquatch wearing a skin-colored bikini. A vast improvement!!

So should I buy like $500 of VEET and bathe in the shit, or just save up for laser treatments?

(Captcha: "for aditev". I don't know a guy named Aditev, but he sounds Russian and cute. I would totally bathe in VEET for a cute Russian guy.)

13/10/26(Sat)05:05 No. 98435

im gunna go get waxed everywhere this weekend. i wanna see how it all grows back. maybe even use the method. the problem is, im fucking scared to go. going with someone would make me feel better, but how do u ask someone?

Ducky 13/11/25(Mon)10:58 No. 98523

What is your ethnicity? Laser Hair Removal is more expensive if you're black. I'm not even dark-skinned but I would still need that one black-people-laser.

I don't really recommend LHR anyway. It's super freaking expensive (quadruple digits from my research) and not so much hair ~removal~ as it is hair reduction. Very effective hair reduction, but bottom line its iffy. Electrolysis is cheaper and permanenter. Trade-off is it takes a little longer, so more time but less money.

If you're going to bring another person into the matter, you might as well get a do-it-yourself kit and wax each other. Just find a local guy on Jackd, Grindr, NewStupidGayApp, etc, COMMIT to your "just friends" status, form a pretty good friendship (meet in person) casually bring up hair, and then get him to agree to it. If you succeed, you can screw him after (and that's another topic).

Full disclosure, I have pretty much made up everything said in this post; I have no physical, real, live'd experience with anything I have said. I happen to be working on that "be friends" step, so maybe eventually I can give yall homos some more details someday. It's 3AM and I have school 2moro so later losers.

13/11/26(Tue)05:19 No. 98528

Finally! I thought I was alone thinking about this. I like the feeling of smooth balls and dick, but since I have a hairy chest and belly I'm never sure where to start and where to stop.

13/11/27(Wed)01:13 No. 98531

should i get a no-no? it sounds the cheapest, and even if i had to use it more often then going to electrolysis, it would still be at home and i wouldnt feel so uncomfortable

F/+I_S//h-y 13/12/12(Thu)01:31 No. 98581


B 14/09/18(Thu)07:15 No. 99314

Any of you sexy asses have Skype? Would love to see more of that

16/04/18(Mon)06:21 No. 100227

DON'T REMOVE IT. Anal hair on skinny guys is hot.

Chaosmasterdelta 16/05/13(Fri)12:02 No. 100265

File 146313376715.jpg - (62.78KB , 320x240 , Picture 87.jpg )


Chaosmasterdelta 16/05/13(Fri)12:06 No. 100266


I thought this was a show off your ass kind of thread. sorry

16/05/20(Fri)07:08 No. 100276

Some guys like keeping themselves smooth, and other guys like it. It's no big deal.

19/02/24(Sun)22:05 No. 100696

I hope I don't necro this, but I usually just rip the hair out in the shower. I'm not able to get 100% of the hair off, but it's enough to convince my roommate to eat my ass while I jerked off, so I guess it does the job (that happened just before I wrote this).

All you need is a dry soap, some cheap, non-moisturizing stuff, as you want that to make it a lot easier to get a grip on the hair to pull it out. You may want to wait until the hair is long enough to grip, so I usually do this every few months if I feel masochistic. You can also get a latex or nitrile glove to help you, as pulling so much hair may make your fingers sore.

Grab what you can and go to town, do it fgt, stop being such a pussy and rip that hair out so you can get ridden like a bitch. Throw on some 91% alcohol after you finish your shower, because you're a man. Give it about an hour, then put on some lotion or whatever (you're a masochist, not stupid). Give it a day, or go to town right after and jump back in the shower, then repeat above.

You get a few days to a few weeks of no hair, and then a few days to a few weeks of slight irritation, but it's a whole lot less than shaving down there.

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