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14/09/14(Sun)02:13 No. 99285

File 14106535997.jpg - (35.83KB , 328x345 , ThePoseTAv.jpg )

I'm not a lifestyle gay. I'm not a cookie-cutter bi. I'm not sure how to classify myself, I'd like to know. But here's a fantasy, with a preamble.

I like cock, and I like vagina.

I don't have romantic cuddly feelings with guys.

I do have romantic cuddly feelings with girls.

I like to get fucked HARD in my ass, I like to take cock in my throat. I like to be manhandled and basically raped by a guy - one of course who I have had some talk with before to establish the rules, because I do like to have very rough gay sex.

But I don't like "guys" the way I like women.

With women, I want to service them. I want to go down on them, yes, but I also want to make it an experience. I want to massage them, caress them, and make them feel good beyond the sexual aspects. I want to impress women, to surprise them with things that they only fantasize about. I love women, and I want them to feel extraordinary, passionate, and powerful connections.

With men, I want to be submissive. I want to have them rape my throat, rape my ass, cum in me, use me HARD, but I also want them to be men who I trust, who I know are acting as they wish, but who would never actually harm me. They would rape me - hard, violent and mercilessly, but who would, if a safeword was spoken by me, would stop the whole world at that moment to be sure I was OK.

I love women. I am romantically entwined with women.

With men, I just want to be raped, used, fucked like a rag doll. No strings attached. Fuck me hard, cum in my ass, and then I put my clothes back on, slap you on the back, say thanks, and head home. Maybe, if we share some interests, we get together once in a while for a lunch or to just hang out - but mostly, when we get together, I want hard cock in my ass, thrusting like an Atlas rocket.

My fantasy? A group sex club where there are women and men, and while I am going down on a woman, a guy is raping my ass as hard as he can.

How would I be classified? (OK, I know this is 7chan, so I expect a certain amount of post-raping here, which, actually, I'm ok with :) )

Matchbox Prince 14/09/15(Mon)10:54 No. 99293

Possibly, you're bisexual but heteroromantic. It's also possible that you're completely gay but being in a world filled with heteronormativity has made you incapable of even considering the romantic outlet with another man.

It would help if I knew whether all of that was fantasy, or if not, which parts are and which parts are not. What kind of relationships have you had with each gender; what kind of sex; what kind of platonic friendships?

14/09/17(Wed)11:26 No. 99307

Where are you from? I'd totally wreck you.

15/11/20(Fri)02:57 No. 99950

Pretty sure you're just a straight guy. I think orientation is just your body's preset, but you can cum with anyone as a social mechanism. As a gay guy, if I cum with a girl it feels more like masturbation than sex. Try to pay more attention to how your body reacts with both genders I'd say.

15/11/20(Fri)03:09 No. 99951

I think that straight repulsion by gay sex is a myth equivalent to racial superiority.

15/11/28(Sat)05:51 No. 99971

File 144868631272.jpg - (152.40KB , 1024x683 , 1410962105072.jpg )

As first responder said - you're bisexual but heteroromantic with a side of male-aligned masochism. But aside from going on Dumblr's ranks, there is really no need to label yourself as such; just tell any male partners you plan to be with that your needs are purely physical and make it clear nothing romantic will happen.

It's not that uncommon. My ex was this way - tried to have a relationship with me but just wasn't into men beyond the sex/into me romantically.

We are still really good friends today and he still loves dick, just doesn't want a husband - he wants a wife.

Could this be society's doing? Possibly but it could also just be the way you are wired too.

16/03/02(Wed)14:01 No. 100147

it sounds like you're bi and on the passive, submissive side. With women it seems to only show as a pronounced desire to service, pleasure, please, be warm, passionate, attentive etc.

The more overtly submissive side of your sexuality seems to shine with men where you can totally give up control and feel that primal passion unleashed on yourself. I enjoy both the lovey dovey and rough and tumble stuff with dudes. Do you like fucking gals in the same way you like getting fucked?

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