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Tinder Advice 14/12/26(Fri)02:18 No. 99455

File 141955672930.png - (12.72KB , 442x373 , tinder-flame-e1405623730426.png )

So i made a tinder a while ago, and I'm having very little luck. I have 183 matches, and I'd like to say I've failed most of them. I'm shit with conversation, I have no social skills, I just don't ever know the right thing to do. I'm looking for anything I can get; I would be fine with a one-time hook-up, I would love a friends with benefits thing, and if I could find it I'd be pretty damn happy about an actual relationship. I mean anything would be fine. But to date I have met 1 person from tinder in the real world. HALP!

A few specific questions, but any advice would be cool too.

1) If I haven't spoken to someone in a while, is it acceptable/appropriate to re-start a conversation? If so, how long ago would I have to have last talked to them to make it okay to talk to them again still?

2) How forward should I be about what I'm looking for? I honestly want to have sex, if they do too it should be simple to get to that, right? But it isn't. I can never make it through beginning polite conversation to proffering myself for sex. On the other hand, I feel like just starting outright would be too...weird...am I wrong? Is that something I should be doing? What about in my about space? I've thought about putting that right in there, but I'm afraid anyone who I know who sees it would think ill of me.

3) I have no car or place of my own. Aside from public transportation (which, where i live, is woefully inadequate) I can't get to anyone, and I can't have them come to me. Would you be upset, or would it turn you away from someone, if they needed you to pick them up and bring them back to your place? As long as I'm either in a shared dorm, or at home for the holidays with my parents, I don't have my own place and own no car.

Thanks for any help I can get. General advice is helpful to, I feel like I was sick and missed out on the fire semester of "Social interaction 101" and am having to pick up where the class left off.

jesusfuckingchrist!!HlLmOuZ2Z5 14/12/29(Mon)11:03 No. 99460

sounds like you have nothing going for you. and you can't do anything since you expect someone else to be the host and driver in every situation.

good luck, asshole. learn 2 b social.


eh 14/12/29(Mon)11:16 No. 99461

if you're just looking for sex, i'd say craigslist or even here on 7ch would be a better bet than that site..
for a relationship... um.. go out and go to an event where you can meet someone with similar interests. similar interests really get things going.
um.. idk what else to say.
good luck~
do you have anxiety or are you just really awkward when talking?

Irrational+Porcelain+Fetus!ekwPIlr00s 14/12/30(Tue)04:41 No. 99464

Isn't Tinder straight and/or Bi?

Whatever. The answer is YES!

Talk to 'em. Let 'em do stuff for you. Whateverwhahaha.


People drive and host me all the time. I'm not even 18 anymore. I mean, yer hunting gay flames barely stalk me at all anymore, yet somehow despite the fluctuated supply/demand ratio, I still enjoy accommodations for my poor laziness.

N7 15/02/10(Tue)09:22 No. 99535

Seeing as you're a broke student with no car, I'd venture to say unless you're a 12/10. anyone who isn't also a broke student won't bother, or if they like the hassle, or if they're a little on the control freak side, or have a or an axe murderer

oh, and if you haven't talked for a while, don't act like it, pick up where you left off or pretend like you've never met, yet they're familiar

15/02/12(Thu)09:42 No. 99538

Craigslist is a good place to get STDs, AIDS or maybe even murdered on the wrong day. I wish they'd just shut that whole section down. Nasty as it gets right there, I'd not fuck someone from there with someone else's dick.

Irrational+Porcelain+Fetus!ekwPIlr00s 15/02/20(Fri)23:45 No. 99559


Craigslist is lovely. Never gotten any death or disease from it.

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