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need help finding perfect size dildo mud+man 15/05/28(Thu)03:47 No. 99672

File 14327776273.jpg - (408.62KB , 900x719 , dildos.jpg )

34 years old and secretly bi/gay (straight to the outside world including family & friends) so need to keep my in-bedroom activities quiet (I live alone but I do have family over from time to time so I need to make sure all my goodies are locked up and out of sight) I own 3 dildos... a foot long double header (my first toy, and it gave me my first 'gay' orgasm), a big boy that is thick and long (the purple one in the picture) and I recently acquired a monster dick rambone dildo from amazon... however my eyes were bigger then my stomach (or my asshole, in this case) and i cant even get several inches of this behemoth into my ass even with a ton of lube. I want to, the desire is there, but after a couple inches it really starts to hurt.... so I need to find something that works for me. big enough to get me off, but not too big that it will cause my colon to explode. Im not a noob because the purple one goes in pretty easy with some lube and I can get it all the way in. but i need something bigger. longer then 8" and thicker then 1.75".... I would love some help with my dilemma....

mud+man 15/05/28(Thu)04:02 No. 99673

also... would prefer it to be realistic (veins, balls), with a little bit of squishiness (the rambone is too firm and solid) and either brown or black (I love BBC!!!!)

huge mud+man 15/05/28(Thu)05:11 No. 99674

it sure is sexy looking...

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