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Sophie 15/06/02(Tue)19:16 No. 99679

File 143326538430.jpg - (329.63KB , 960x648 , 91a3ab94-5ca5-4e0d-8dcd-5aeb5b360f32.jpg )

So this guy kik'd me and we swapped nudes and all (im a girl) after awhile i realise that he sent my pics to his friends soo you guys enjoy this

Sophie 15/06/02(Tue)19:18 No. 99680

15/07/05(Sun)16:31 No. 99715

More of him and give me his kik will get more of him.

Sophie 15/07/16(Thu)06:47 No. 99724

Dont have any more of him, i do got a video but i cant upload vids here.
this is his kik: kristyyyyyjo

He's not gay btw. just thought you guys can enjoy this

15/07/17(Fri)13:12 No. 99726

vid.me lol his names seems girly. bait smell.

Sophie 15/07/18(Sat)11:00 No. 99728

i know the username sounds girly af, but anyways heres the vids he sent me vid.me/3nrG & vid.me/U54T

15/09/25(Fri)21:02 No. 99837

Nice genital warts

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