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I don't know what the fuck this is Interwhatever Plan Fahey 15/07/23(Thu)10:13 No. 99737

File 14376392024.jpg - (58.71KB , 412x309 , blacklegion11.jpg )

I guess this isn't the most active board anywhere, now. But still.

So, like... sex. Do you ever wonder if you actually like pictures more than sex? I kind of wonder lately if I just like this sort of set of aesthetics or whatever and sex is just kind of blah the further I get from my ideals. Like, I don't want to be some mid-20s asshole going around fucking, I'd really rather sleep. Or dance. I go out and dance but I'm there to dance and people get all up on me, and I feel like "wow, you must be desperate, because it's not my place to have sex, now, really." Being complimented is better than sex.

Actually, I guess it's just narcissism. Which sucks because I don't even like me. Does everyone get like this circa 20s?

jesus fuckcrust 15/07/24(Fri)00:36 No. 99739

yeah I suppose I've noticed that I generally find sex not to live up to what I always imagined it to be, but I suppose that's inevitable in our culture where inaccessible ideals are so prevalent, especially in the LGBT culture. It's hard to escape the idea that sex is supposed to be the be all, end all to pleasure/etc. Even if you don't buy into it I think it affects you.

IS that what you're talking about? For me personally I'm a very private and solitary person so the idea of sex with a stranger seems really weird and uncomfortable.

Interwhatever+Plan+Fahey 15/07/24(Fri)06:06 No. 99741


Yes, that's part of it, I guess.
The pleasure of sex is definitely overrated... well, of course. I'd rather eat chocolate (or cook pies...) with someone most of the time, I think. But it's kinda like, I dunno. Sex is kind of procedural, and I feel like it's not even my place to be having it. Like, when someone wants to have sex with me I only really wonder why.

What even motivates someone to go out and have sex? Nowadays I feel this longing just to go back to... I dunno... yaoi or something. Idealism. More-or-less, this is about just feeling hold and continuing to regret how little I did in my best years, but at the same time I want to feel around for others who have an ideal they don't live up to and feel similarly because of it. No matter where I am, I feel like a walking corpse slipping into something more comfortable on a well-paved road.

15/08/17(Mon)21:38 No. 99767

I know for a fact that porn is better than the real deal.

15/08/31(Mon)05:46 No. 99783

The porn experience usually trumps casual sex because when you watch porn, you're always imagining the best experience ever. When you're with a random guy, your imagination doesn't really kick so you're stuck with someone who probably isn't very good at sucking dick instead of dreaming about the best blowjob ever from a beautiful man.

I used to be pretty fat in high school, so I worked out and stopped eating sugar so more attractive guys would feel comfortable sleeping with me. My strategy paid off. I went from being this fat weird kid without any friends to a great body and hot guys wanting my dick left and right. Since I spent most of my time alone developing my own interests, my solitary past actually works to my benefit because, thanks to spending days on the internet eating amphetamines and reading articles, I can have a conversation about many different topics. Now I fuck guys who look like they could do porn, and was offered a lot of porn shoots but turned them down.

When I started having sex with people I care about, my experience was much better than anything porn could provide because I was fucking someone who was attractive and wanted to connect with me on a deeper, more visceral level.

So, if you enjoy pictures more than sex, I suggest keep having sex with random dudes because it'll get you better at it, and when you find that special someone you'll have a big bag of tricks you can pull out. Worked for me.

Also work out and eat fruit more

Interwhatever Plan Fahey 15/08/31(Mon)08:48 No. 99784


There are lots of things that are more fun to do with people I care about. About 2 years ago now, I was in pretty good shape... but a consequence of that is now it's almost harder than ever to enjoy sex because I know I've let go more than a bit and looking at myself turns me off. It's not even just a matter of fat, either, it's like... also a lot of muscle that I don't really want that's just there because my exercising is now paired with an excessive intake. Scenarios in my head just don't play out as well when I feel like I could crush the person fucking me in my hand like grape.

jesus+fuckcrust 15/09/01(Tue)08:24 No. 99786



15/09/26(Sat)21:59 No. 99839

>I care about
And therein lies the difference.

Casual sex is masturbation using another person's body. You're just masturbating and you're not even wathching any quality porn with 10/10 supermodel-tier qts while doing it! Terrible.

Nothing can top having sex with someone you love though. Too bad that all love has an expiration date.

Yes, you can still be best friends after the sexual feeling or romantic love expires, but the quality of the sex suffers over time no matter what you do or who you are or who they are. Nobody wants to hear it, but that's human nautre.

Interwhatever+Plan+Fahey 15/09/28(Mon)10:16 No. 99842


Eh. Random sex is boring, too.
Or maybe I'm just not selective enough.

It's weird. Like I've lost touch with cues. I'm not sure I'm capable of viciously rejecting someone, so I end up just kind of being nice-but-not-sexual in demeanor and then I'm in the other room making out with them to be polite. Or I just reject everyone equally, and people I like less than others just don't care as much about it and break on through anyway.

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