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Anonymous 13/02/13(Wed)07:32 No. 11344

File 136073714648.png - (80.33KB , 300x262 , 1354666636818.png )

No weights. No nothing. Just a good diet and exercise. Tips for gaining muscle mass?

Anonymous 13/02/13(Wed)07:51 No. 11345

Try Convict Conditioning.

Anonymous 13/02/13(Wed)18:40 No. 11351


Anonymous 13/02/14(Thu)03:23 No. 11353

Try the synthol.

Anonymous 13/02/14(Thu)16:35 No. 11359

no weights gives no muscle. very least, you need bodyweight. look into that

Anonymous 13/02/17(Sun)08:46 No. 11370

Push ups


Just do these you're working out your entire body.

Anonymous 13/02/17(Sun)18:58 No. 11373

Mh, no. You're just working chest, triceps and legs with that. You need the pull-ups too al the very least.

Anonymous 13/02/22(Fri)02:14 No. 11394

If you're poor, grab heavy rocks to lift.

Anonymous 13/03/02(Sat)06:26 No. 11426


Youll need a pullup bar at least

work towards one hand pushups one hand pullup and pistol squats. Try to do a bridge from standing position for back strength and flexibility.

The only thing missing IMO from body weight training is a move to emulate the deadlift, try kettlebell swings or pick something heavy from the ground to complete.

also walk 30 mins + per day, do sprints and
pick something heavy and walk (farmers walk - carry it in one hand, with both hands overhead etc...)

Anonymous 13/03/04(Mon)04:21 No. 11438


Google bodyweight fitness and calisthenics.

>Dem handstand pushups

Anonymous 13/04/23(Tue)16:35 No. 11599

Not OP, but can anyone recommend a stand alone pullup stand (or whatever it's called) to a poorfag like me? I've been looking all over and have no idea what to buy.

Thanks in advance.
Sincerely, Anon.

Anonymous 13/04/23(Tue)23:01 No. 11600

I used to do my pull ups on a tree, and now I do them on a ladder. Try to find somewhere to hang from if you can't afford a real bar, it's not that hard if you are creative and ready to fuck the skin of your hands up a bit.

Anonymous 13/05/14(Tue)18:56 No. 11693

Any playgrounds near your home?
Some of them do great for sports. Just try going on low-attendance hours, that will make it a lot easier to use them.

Anonymous 13/05/14(Tue)20:03 No. 11696


Look for pdf(piratebay has it for sure) called "Convict Conditioning." Really good book on free form work-outs with no equipment. Most of it is high repetition and muscle toning.

Anonymous 13/05/16(Thu)17:37 No. 11708

> Most of it is high repetition and muscle toning.
No it's not, it's low repetition and strength training.

Anonymous 13/05/30(Thu)02:24 No. 11806

File 13698734415.jpg - (281.36KB , 920x1385 , cwI2Z.jpg )

squats 4xf
pushups 4xf
pullups 4xf
incline pushups until you can do hand stand pushups 4x4
chinups 4xf
burpees 5x1 min 30 second rest
abb roller 4x25
hanging leg raise 4x10

do that 4-5x a week

after about 3 weeks add another set

Anonymous 13/05/30(Thu)21:25 No. 11815

I can't help but feel that guy is cheating by having the wheel chained to him rather than supporting it with his own legs.

Anonymous 13/05/31(Fri)14:10 No. 11823

File 137000224123.jpg - (32.55KB , 504x500 , 1337650547881.jpg )

100 pushups
100 sit-ups
2k run

Every day and you're gonna be shredded like Zyzz in no time!

Billy Ocean 13/06/04(Tue)09:42 No. 11841


This, torrent The Naked warrior.

Anonymous 13/06/12(Wed)19:13 No. 11865

What's the difference between pullups and chinups?

Anonymous 13/06/12(Wed)20:46 No. 11866

Long discussion on that subject. Paul Wade says there's none. Some others claim that chin-ups are those performed with your fingertips pointing at you, and work biceps better; and pull-ups are the ones with fingertips at the front, and more focused in the back muscles. I for one agree with this second definition, but there's a lot of (pointless if you ask me)controversy on the matter.

Anonymous 13/06/14(Fri)13:29 No. 11872

Seems like >>11866 has already answered that question. The discussion is not really relevant to this thread, so what are you trying to do?

Anonymous 13/06/19(Wed)04:20 No. 11886

File 137160841410.jpg - (662.54KB , 3060x1628 , convict-conditioning-summary.jpg )

OP, See attached image

Anonymous 13/06/25(Tue)09:31 No. 11899

File 137214547379.jpg - (28.16KB , 300x300 , seal.jpg )

Get this book.

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